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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features a character under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

New Master

Act I

Driving to the scene the Detective mulled over what little he heard through dispatch.  Apparently an officer found something unusual during a routine traffic stop that required someone with greater authority and decision making.  Detecting the odor of marijuana and finding a half smoked joint, the arresting officer used probable cause to search the vehicle.  Arriving at the scene he observed three patrol cars surrounding an unmarked white van and three officers milling around waiting for him.  A suspect was cuffed in the back of one of the patrol cars.  Getting out he strolled over.

Detective:  What do we have here?
Officer:  You have to see to believe.

The officer led him around to the back of the van and opened the cracked doors.  Inside to his astonishment was a petite girl obviously still very much in her teens kneeling in a locked cage.  He was stunned at her beauty; she was feminine beyond femininity, demure and exquisite, and she was obviously intensely interested in his presence.  She seemed to try and straighten her already very straight back as he looked at her.  Her knees were widely spread, and her hands seemed to be crossed behind her back with long slightly curly light brown hair cascading down her shoulders.  Her breasts were perfect round gravity defying globes with erect nipples and areolas easily visible through the shear yellow silk garment she was barely wearing.  Glancing down from her gorgeous hazel eyes and full breasts he could clearly see through the shear golden silk a hint of her slit.  Her full lips parted as she started breathing harder with eyes slightly glazed but riveted directly on him in what he was sure must be sexual arousal.  He spoke to her and her nipples seemed to become even more prominent as she replied to him.

Detective:  Who are you girl?
Girl:  Are you my new master?
Detective:  AhhhÖÖoh my.
Officer:  Yeah, I nearly shit myself when she asked me that too.
Girl:  Iím sorry Master for asking without permission.
Detective:  AhhÖ.huh?  What is your name?
Girl:  Sarena, if it pleases Master.
Detective:  AhhÖOK.  *Turns around* Do we have the key to that cage?
Officer:  No, the guy driving doesnít have any key but the ignition.  We had to use a crow bar to open the back of the van.  I asked the guy about the girl, and he reacted in surprise saying ĎWhat girl?í
Detective:  Get some bolt cutters, so we can get her out of there.

Leaving the officers to figure out how to get the girl out of the cage, the Detective went to question the driver.

Detective:  Where did you get the girl?
Suspect:  Like I keep telling them, I donít know nothing about no damn girl.  I was just supposed to drive the van and drop it off.
Detective:  Who hired you?
Suspect:  I donít know.  I got a phone call to pick up the van.  The key was on a magnet in the wheel well.  I was supposed to drive it a few hours from outside New York to here.
Detective:  Whereís here?
Suspect:  Not more than a couple blocks down, I was to put the key back under the wheel well and grab a cab.
Detective:  You sure you didnít know about the girl?
Suspect:  *shrugs and looks confused* I thought it was drugs.

Bolt cutters had been procured, and a blanket was wrapped around the girl as the Detective led her to his car.  She was silent as he drove head tilted down in the back seat looking lost and scared, and he was quiet too trying to figure out what was going on with her.  The whole situation was so surreal.  Social Services had been called, but he wanted to ask her many questions before letting her go with them.  At headquarters he led her blanket wrapped past leering officers several times having to close the blanket as she was letting it open and almost fall.  Her head down she smiled glancing up at men as she walked, obviously pleased they were looking at her.  He took her to an interrogation room to avoid distracting her by all the other officers.  Sitting the girl in a chair and taking one across from her, the Detective saw the girl intentionally drop the blanket around the chair exposing her scantily clad body and decided to let it go.  She had been trying to drop the blanket ever since he put it around her.

Detective:  OK Sarena is it, what is your last name?
Girl:  Master?  Oh, my master before the last one called me Tela.
Detective:  Huh?  You changed your name?
Girl:  Iíve had three masters so far Master.  They all named me something different.
Detective:  *Pauses* Where are you from?  And, stop calling me master.
Girl:  Master, Iím confused.  Are you angry with me?  Are you going to punish me?
Detective:  No, of course not.  Why would you say that?  Just call me Detective.
Girl:  Yes MmmaaÖDetective.  *tears roll down her cheeks*
Detective:  Itís OK, donít cry.  Where are you from dear?  No one is going to hurt you anymore.
Girl:  From MmasÖ.Detective?  Iím from my last Masterís house?
Detective:  No, where were you before anyone made you call them master?
Girl:  Oh, you mean when I was with my sisters learning to be a kajira?
Detective:  Kajira?  Whatís a kajira?
Girl:  Some people say slave girl.
Detective:  *pauses eyebrows raised*  But, who made you be a slave first?
Girl:  I donít understand?  Iíve always been a slave.
Detective:  Where were you born?  How old are you?
Girl:  I donít remember being bornÖ..sorryÖ.Mm.ÖahhÖ.Detective.  I just remember my sisters, who I donít see any more, and the trainers who were older slaves.  Iíve heard Masters talk about girls being a certain age.  I donít remember anyone saying how old I am.
Detective:  I guess we wonít figure this out tonight.  Iíll make sure you have a place to sleep and other clothes to wear.
Girl:  Yes Detective.

The girl stood in her yellow silk and pulled a cord on the side and the shear garment slid from her body and fell in a pile at her ankles leaving her totally nude before him.  He jumped from his chair glancing at the one-way mirror knowing officers were crowded around it watching and quickly grabbed the blanket wrapping it around her.

Detective:  Holy shit!  Damn girl you canít do that!
Girl:  Iím not to serve you tonight?  *looking up at him from well below his chin and placing her hands on his chest*
Detective:  No, you will go with some nice people who will give you a place to sleep.
Girl:  *pouting and rubbing his chest* But, I want to stay with you Detective.  Detective must be a new word for master, like kajira and slave girl.

He left her in the room bringing her water, which he had to give her permission to drink before she would.  He continued questioning the girl realizing there was a large conspiracy to enslave girls, and as many as a hundred girls might be involved.  The astonishing thing was the girl remembered being extremely young but had no memory of not being a slave.  After a few hours and very late, a woman from Social Services arrived with clothes for the girl.  She helped the girl get dressed, but the girl was very unhappy about the clothes.

Girl:  *looking with obvious distaste at the panties jeans and loose sweat shirt*  Why canít I put the pleasure silks back on or just not wear anything?
Social Services woman:  Dear, you have to be dressed in proper clothes, and we will get you more soon.

Social Services woman:  We have a foster family that has experience sheltering abused girls.  The man and wife have two children of their own now in college.  They have dealt with some difficult cases and have turn many girls around.
Detective:  Iím glad you have a place so soon, and she wonít be a room like that terrible cage we found her in.
Social Services woman:  She will be OK.  The family is very godly and care deeply about the girls we have fostered with them.
Detective:  How old do you think she is?  I still canít believe she doesnít know.
Social Services woman:  Sheís no more than 16, and I would guess probably only 15.
Detective:  *shakes his head in disbelief*  We will need to talk with her often over the coming days.  She has been taken across state lines, and this is obviously a far reaching criminal enterprise.  The Feds will need to be contacted tonight.

The Social Services woman took the unhappy girl who kept looking back at the Detective as she was led out of the police station.

Foster father:  The poor girl.  May God damn the horrible people who did this to her.  She will be safe with us.
Foster mother:  Yes, she will find solace in our home.

The girl was shown the bedroom she would sleep in, and she looked very confused.  She understood she would be sleeping in the bed alone and was very unhappy.

Girl:  If Iím not to sleep with youÖ..*looks at foster father*Ö..whereís the cage to sleep in?
Foster mother:  Oh, Lord in heaven?
Foster father:  Sweet Jesus?

The next morning,
He was having a wonderful erotic dream about the new foster girl.  It was so real and he reached out feeling her hair as her head moved up and down on him.  He opened his eyes to see the foster daughterís mouth making his penis disappear her head bobbing rapidly.  He could feel her lips gripped tight around him and her tongue creating incredible suction as he blinked sleep from his eyes.  Reflexively he grabbed her head hard and thrust upwards into her throat watching her accept his entire length easily like a greedy leech sucking on him and sighing in contentment around the flesh in her mouth at his thrust.  Before he could think straight, he felt his orgasm build to almost excruciating heights and then exploded in her mouth with a scream.  She continued sucking and swallowing taking every drop as he gasped and stared at her in a combination of wonder and shame.

Foster father:  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh my god yes!
Girl:  *lifts her head from his rapidly softening penis*  Is Master pleased?  *licks her lips catching a dribble of cum and swallows*  I saw the older slave leave and hoped I could convince you I was worthy of your attention too.
Foster father:  AhhhÖahhhÖ..what?
Foster mother:  *standing in the doorway*  What the name of Jesus is going on here!!!

Authorís note:  This will be continued obviously.  On a whim I did this as a play, or maybe a screen play for a movie.

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Act II

Detective:  Yes we need to talk to her more, but something tells me thatís not the only reason you brought her back in.
Social Services woman:  I came to ask if the girl can stay temporarily with you?
Detective:  Huh?  Why, what happened?
Social Services woman:  There was an issue in the foster care we placed her in.  *pauses*  I have seen how chaste you are around her.  This is an unusual circumstance with no good solution.
Detective:  I donít think thatís a good idea.  What happened in foster care?
Social Services woman:  How can I put this?  SheÖahÖ.woke the foster father with her mouth.
Detective:  OK, forget I asked.
Social Services woman:  *places a hand on his shoulder that is not completely platonic*  I know you are a very good man, and I trust her with you.  I will help you as much as I can.  *pauses*  Can I see where you live?
Detective:  ErrrÖI suppose you could, but Iím still not sure about the girl staying with me.
Social Services woman:  Iíd take her, but I have been staying with my sisterís family recently.  This job doesnít pay well, even if I do love it.
Detective:  Canít she stay at Social Services?
Social Services woman:  She could, but it would be like putting her in prison.  The rooms are awfulÖ..almost like that cage you found her in.
Detective:  OK, but it can only be a couple days.
Social Services woman:  Thank you.

The Feds have been contacted, but it will be a couple days before someone will arrive to interview the girl.  It seems there is some sort of terror alert going on.  In the meantime, the girl is questioned more by the detective about her background.  Police sketches were made of the girlís three Ďmasterísí, although it was difficult as she kept describing them and all men as Ďhandsomeí.  It was determined that there were probably nearly 50 Ďsistersí with her when she was growing up.  They were in a large building and slept communally in a large room, but they had access to the outside and sunshine in some type of enclosure and were outside often.  It was warm year-round where they were.

The young girls spent most of their waking hours learning to please men, but rarely seeing any man.  Older Ďslavesí that were probably, based on the girlís description, to be in their late twenties to early thirties taught the girls to please men.  Although as the girls started to develop, men became involved in this process.  By the descriptions of the older Ďslavesí, it was clear they were often pregnant.  Upon further questioning, all the Ďslaveí teachers had multiple pregnancies disappearing during late term and reappearing a couple weeks later to teach again.  The infants must have been nearby to nurse, but were kept separate.  The Social Services woman was present during questioning as it continued.

Detective:  We want to try and understand how old you were when a man took you.
Girl:   You mean when I was sold to my first Master, Detective?
Detective:  *grimaces*  Yes, I suppose so.  How developed were you?  *embarrassingly points at her breasts*
Girl:  *looks down at her breasts*  When I got my first wonderful Master, they werenít this big, but they had been growing for a while.
Detective:  *looking even more embarrassed*  Did you have hair down there?  *points at her crotch, which he vividly knew was completely bare of hair now from the first questioning, when she dropped her yellow silk in the interrogation room*
Girl:  Yes, my first Master had me waxed, and so did my third Master.  My second Master liked me to keep my pussy neatly trimmed but not bare.
Detective:  *obviously extremely uncomfortable with the questions and responses*  Then you had hair down there when the first man took you with him?
Girl:  Yes, I had hair there for a while before I got waxed by my first Master.  I wasnít a child any more.
Detective:  *mumbles under his breath*  Yes, you were.

Social Services woman:  I would guess she was only 13 and maybe even 12 when the perverts decided she was old enough for sex.
Detective:  You donít think 14?
Social Services woman:  No, she is very young still, but she is a well-developed girl.  She probably started developing at least by the time she was 11 possibly even younger and certainly earlier than most girls.

He made the girl sit in the back, so he would not be distracted by her when driving, but she kept positioning her beautiful face with hazel eyes framed by her gorgeous brown hair, where he could see it in the rear view mirror.  She asked twice during the ride if she would be sleeping with him, and he kept saying that she would not getting a very disappointed look from her.  Arriving at his house outside of the city, he watched her look around with extreme curiosity at the surrounding countryside of rolling hills outside the medium sized mid-Atlantic city.  He had inherited an old farm house from his grandfather approximately 35 minutes drive from the station.  Once inside he showed her the spare bedroom she would sleep in, and she got unhappy again.

Girl:  But I want to sleep with you DetectiveÖÖ.pleeessassseee DetectiveÖ..Thereís not even a proper cage.
Detective:  No, I keep telling you that wouldnít be right.  This room is yours until we can find a permanent solution.
Girl:  My room Detective?  Itís your room?
Detective:  Letís see what I have to eat.
Girl:  I can cook.
Detective:  You can?
Girl:  Of course I can.  May I see what you have Detective?
Detective:  OK?
Girl:  You sit and get comfortable Detective.  I will make you some food.  I need your permission before Iím allowed to use a cooking knife Detective.  *looks at him waiting*
Detective:  OKÖ.ahÖ.yeah, you can use a knife.

He got a beer and sat at the kitchen watching with wonder as the girl showed knowledge and skills in the kitchen.  Soon she served him a plate of food that looked really good despite mostly coming from cans which was all he had.  She gave him too much.  He waited for her to get a plate for herself, but she knelt near him and waited.

Detective:  Whereís your food and get up?
Girl:  I must only eat what you feed me from your hand.

The detective stares in wonder for a moment, then gets up and forces the girl upright and then into a chair.  He gets a second plate, knife and fork, and then scrapes some of the food from his plate to hers.

Detective:  *points at the food*  Eat.
Girl:  Yes MasterÖ.Detective.  *begins eating with her hands*
Detective:  No, use the utensils.
Girl:  *crying*  I donít know how Detective.
Detective:  Huh?  I just saw you using a knife in the kitchen?  OK, watch me and try to do the same thing.

He watches her struggle with the fork and knife together watching him and trying to imitate.  She can cut food to prepare it, yet she doesnít know how to use the knife to eat he wonders.  Finishing the dinner, the girl seems happier clearing the table and washing the dishes.  Later he makes her go to bed, and retires himself.

Much later in the dark he could sense her even before her knee pressed on the bed.  He turns the light on.

Detective:  *jumps seeing the girl is nude*  We keep going through this Sarena.  You canít sleep here, and you must wear clothes around me and other men.
Girl:  No one has used me in days.  It hurts not being used.  *pouting with tears rolling down her cheeks*

He pulls his t-shirt over his head and forces the unhappy girl to put it on pulling it down past her waist.  She immediately pulls the neck up inhaling deeply.  He could see her eyes dilate and could sense she was getting even more aroused.

Girl:  MmmmmmmÖIt smells so goodÖ a Master is supposed to smell.  I really want you to be my Master.
Detective:  *pulls the covers over his shorts, which had started to Ďtentí up*  Iím sorry Sarena, but that canít happen.
Girl:  *notices the Ďtentí before he can hide it*  You do want me.  I know you do Detective.  *smiles looking down where he just hid his erection*
Detective:  That is just a natural male reaction.  It does not mean I want you, or that I will ever do anything with you.  Iím nearly three times your age, and you are legally underage.
Girl:  *smile turns to a frown and more tears*  If you donít want me, you will help me find a master?
Detective:  I will help you, yes.  When you are older and after counseling, you will find a man that will treat you with respect.
Girl:  I donít want a weak man Detective.  I want a strong man like you.
Detective:  Go back to bed.  Weíll talk in the morning.

The detective had a very restless night barely getting any sleep.  He let the girl stay three nights, and she never gave up trying to seduce him.  Finally from sheer exhaustion and lack of sleep, he called the Social Services woman saying she couldnít stay with him any longer.

Detective:  It was nice having her cook for me.  She is actually a really good cook.  I bought fresh food and she made some excellent meals.  My house is also spotless.  It has never been this clean.
Social Services woman:  But even with those advantages, you wonít let her stay.
Detective:  We both knew it could only be a temporary solution.  Iím just not getting sleep.  She wonít stop trying to get in my bed.  Iím only human.
Social Services woman:  Well, most men wouldnít be able to resist her.  I admire your ethics.  Unfortunately, the only place for her is those small rooms at Social Services.

Johnson hated his job cleaning at Social Services but was unable to find a better one.  Social Services paid its employees terribly, but he expected he was paid the worst.  He just turned 40 and had never been married and no girl went out with him more than a couple times, and even that was years ago.  He wasnít very good-looking either, being somewhat overweight and with a face most women found homely.  He was a big man though and fairly strong.  He looks up from mopping and sees a vision of youthful loveliness in front of him rendering him briefly speechless.  The girl stares hard at him.

Janitor:  Sumtin wrong wit you girl?
Girl:  Itís been days since a master has used me.  I need it bad Master.
Janitor:  Huh?

The girl reaches out and begins kneading his cock through his pants.  The shocked man releases his grip on the mop and it clatters to the floor.  After a moment he reaches out and fondles the girlís breast.  Squealing with delight the girl releases his cock and begins rapidly stripping off her clothes heading for the bed looking lasciviously back at him.  The Janitor looks around before following her into the room and shutting the door.

The Social Services woman goes one last time to check on the girl before leaving for her sisterís.  Alarmed, she hears outside her room a male grunting, the girl moaning and squealing with pleasure and the bed springs creaking rapidly. 

Social Services woman:  *flings open the door viewing the scene of the janitorís naked humping buttocks*  Get off her Johnson!  Get off her immediately!

Social Services woman:  There was another incident.
Detective:  She seduced someone again?
Social Services woman:  Yes, a janitor at the Social Services.  Heís been fired.  I felt bad knowing most men are not like you and just canít resist a girl like that.  Please donít bring him up on charges.  Itís bad enough he lost his job.
Detective:  OK, Iíll pretend I didnít hear that happened.  What are you going to do with her now?
Social Services woman:  Well, other than wanting to see you again,Ö*blushes*Ö.I do have a professional reason to be here.  *gets a serious look on her face*  Sheís disappeared.
Detective:  What happened?
Social Services woman:  She wasnít a prisoner locked up.  She just walked out when nobody was looking, and we canít find her.
Detective:  Damn!  Sheís at high risk to be exploited again.  Iíll take care of putting the word out to find her.  Thereís no telling who might get a hold of that poor girl and take advantage of her naivety.

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Social Services woman:  So thereís no sign of the girl?
Detective:  She has just vanished.
Social Services woman:  I know youíve been trying very hard to find her.  *places a hand on his knee*
Detective:  *looks down at her hand*  You are a very attractive woman, but I still hope my wife will come back to me.
Social Services woman:  You said sheís been gone a year.
Detective:  I know.  I still hope she will come back.  Iím sorry.
Social Services woman:  *slowly withdraws the hand*  Iím sorry too.

FBI agent:  There are those in the agency that think the Goreans are a myth, and that Iím wasting my time.
Detective:  Goreans?
FBI agent:  Well I donít know if they have a name for themselves, but I know they have borrowed some concepts from a book series.
Detective:  Tell me what you know.
FBI agent:  Most of the knowledge of the Goreans is anecdotal with very little of it verified.  I think the group got its start sometime during the Second World War with displaced girls from the war kidnapped by wealthy individuals.  Sometime in the 1970ís they began adopting terms like Ďkajiraí for slave girl from a book series by a guy named John Norman, although thatís just a pen name.  I have investigated him, and he has no knowledge of the group.  I read all 30 something of these books as part of the investigation.  Itís all rubbish actually.
Detective:  How wide spread is it?
FBI agent:  I think itís worldwide now with thousands of girls involved.  They do something to prevent pregnancies until they reverse it when they are older.  Itís clear many physicians are involved.  They breed them like cattle selecting for beauty, submissiveness and quickness to arousal, going on for generations now.  The girls are usually born into slavery knowing nothing else, but Iím sure they kidnap a few here and there to strengthen the blood lines.  We think any boy babies are sold through adoption agencies.  Girls that donít meet the highest standards are not bred.  Girls that meet those standards are bred as they approach 30.  They breed them with men that are deemed genetically predetermined to make gorgeous girls.
Detective:  Diabolical!
FBI agent:  Indeed.  This is why losing this particular girl is so unfortunate.  She was the best lead weíve had in years, and now she has vanished.
Detective:  Weíve been working hard on her recovery and welcome any help from the Feds.

Detective:  *on the phone*  Hey, itís me.
Wife:  I know itís you.  I can see my caller ID.
Detective:  Iím ready to sign the divorce papers.
Wife:  My boyfriend will be glad to hear that.
Detective:  Yeah, I bet.
Wife:  Donít worry about the house.  It was yours and paid for when we got married.
Detective:  Thanks.  It did worry me.  I know you are fine financially, but you could have made that an issue.
Wife:  You know my family has money.  I donít want anything of yours.  My boyfriend is half your age by the way and loves me dearly.
Detective:  Good for you.  Are we done now?
Wife:  Yes, bye.  *click*
Detective:  *holds the phone for a few seconds listening to the dial tone*  Well, that went well.

The search for the girl became wider and wider, but no clues or witnesses to her whereabouts were found.  Eventually the case went back to the FBI with the local police winding down their efforts.

It had been a long hard Monday work day with him getting home well after 8PM.  The detective was tired and plops down on the couch with a sigh thinking of all the cases he was working on.  Monday night football was coming on soon, so he picks up the remote clicking to watch the pre-game show.  Taking the beer proffered by the kneeling nude girl with her head down and arms out, he begins sipping while the beautiful girl opens his pants.  He lifts slightly allowing her to work them down off his hips.  She takes his shoes and socks off, and then completely removes his pants. Resting her forearms on his thighs, she gently takes his nearly erect cock in her mouth and slowly sucks him to full turgid erection.  The girl is a delight licking him with delicate lapping touches of her tongue, then gripping his cock hard with her lips moving her head up and down creating incredible suction with her tongue.  She sucks and licks until he feels the approach of his orgasm, and then she resumes the gentle lapping and teasing at his cock holding him near orgasm but not bringing him further.  When the urge to cum starts to slip away, the girl starts moving her head rapidly up and down again sucking strongly on him massaging his cockhead with her throat muscles.  It doesnít take long before she brings him to the edge yet again, just to let it slip away as she licks, hazel eyes looking up at him gauging his responses.  This time when she resumes the strong sucking, she doesnít stop.  Twice he had felt himself come close to cumming just to have it fade.  This time it seemed to build forever to unbelievable heights of pleasure.  When the orgasm comes he jerks and moans for nearly a minute on the couch.  The girl grips his cock with lips, tongue and throat muscles sucking the cum out of his balls.  Just as his cock begins spasming in her mouth, she pulls him out of her throat until just the tip is in her mouth, as it sprays her tonsils with cum filling her mouth full.  Keeping his drained cock head in her mouth, she holds his cum in her mouth rolling it around, and then slowly it gulps it down in three swallows smiling and looking at him.  She sucks a few more times on his rapidly softening cock pulling the last few drops of cum out of him before letting it slip from her mouth.

Detective:  Thatís my good kajira, Lorelei.  *pats her on the head*
Lorelei:  I love my new name Master.  *moves her head to his hand*
Detective:  Sarena was a pretty name, but youíre mine now.
Lorelei:  Yes I am Master.
Detective:  Why do you always pull my cock out of your throat when I cum?  Is it because you will choke on it?
Lorelei:  No Master, I wonít choke.  I was trained not to choke.  I will leave you in my throat for now on.  Iím sorry I displeased you Master.  *gives him a sad look*
Detective:  You didnít displease me, except that you didnít answer my question.
Lorelei:  Oh, please forgive this slave Master.  Please donít punish me.  *glances quickly at the whip handy on the end table*  I pull you out of my throat Master, because I canít taste my Masterís wonderful seed if it goes straight down my throat.  I love the taste of my Master.
Detective:  OK, thatís fine then.  Keep doing that.
Lorelei:  Yes Master.  *relaxes a little*  Is Master hungry?
Detective:  Yes, bring me dinner.  At half-time Iím going to fuck you really hard.
Lorelei:  *squeals with pleasure at hearing that*  Oh yes Master!  *gets up and runs with short little steps for the kitchen*

The girl brings him a perfectly seared medium rare steak with sauteíd mushrooms and onions on top, a small baked potato with sourcream and fresh chives, steamed cauliflower with butter, some fresh berries and cream and a glass of cabernet.  He eats while watching the game absently hand feeding the girl who gratefully takes each morsel delicately with her teeth arms behind her back.  When finished she licks his fingers clean, then licks his lips instead of using a napkin.  She goes to the kitchen with the empty dish and utensils and returns, proffers another beer and waits kneeling for further instruction.  He gestures she should climb onto the couch, and delighted she does and placing her head in his lap.  He begins fondling a full breast and tweaking a hard nipple, while the girl slowly takes his soft cock back in her mouth with a faint moan of pleasure.

Detective:  Donít finish me off yet.
Lorelei:  *holding his cock in her hand, pulls her mouth off it*  I know Master.

She returns to slowly sucking on him keeping him hard but not bring him towards another orgasm.  His hand fondles her breast absently.  Early in the second quarter of the game he goes to the bathroom, and the kajira brings him another beer.  She resumes her place in life with his cock in her mouth.  As the second quarter winds down, he releases her breast and slides his hand down her back slipping a finger down her butt crack finding her slit.  She lets out a moan around his cock and starts sucking harder as he fingers her pussy to full sloppy wetness.

Detective:  Get on the floor on your hands and knees kajira.
Lorelei:  *releases his cock from her mouth, moans and looks at him with eyes glazed over with arousal*  Yes Master.

The slave girl gets on her hands and knees on the carpet.  He kneels behind her rubbing his cockhead on a very wet slit to coat it.  He grabs a handful of brown hair and wraps his wrist around it to hold her in place, and then jerks his hips forward shoving deep into the girl.  She lets out a scream of pleasure at his powerful thrusts driving her hips back at him moaning loudly her pussy muscles squeezing him hard on every outstroke.  After about a minute her arms collapse to her elbows as she moans continuously, and then her elbows give way.  Her face is turned sideways rubbing on the carpet still driving back at him but with more difficulty.  Her moans get even louder, and then she bucks back against him shrieking with an orgasm that lasts half a minute.  She only goes limp for a few seconds before bracing herself to push back meeting his increasingly urgent thrusts.  A few minutes pass and she has another loud orgasm her body shaking violently.  The detective groans slamming into her extremely hard and discharges his cum into the quivering girl.

Lorelei:  OhÖwonderful Master *sighs and pants*

The third quarter was well under way when he sits back on the couch the girl kneeling again at his side.  He can tell she wants to ask him something, but she waits for a commercial to speak.

Lorelei:  Master, may this slave ask a question?
Detective:  Yes kajira, what is your question?
Lorelei:  When this slave first saw her Master and many times after that, she wanted him to be her Master badly, but Master did not want her.  What changed my Masterís mind?
Detective:  I just wanted you to be happy from the beginning.  I finally figured out making you my slave will make you happy.  Are you happy?
Lorelei:  Oh yes, this slave is very happy Master.  You are the best and most handsome Master I have ever had.

November 21, 2014, 12:07:09 AM
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I just love all of your stories so much :)

November 21, 2014, 07:34:57 PM
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Offline Jed

Thank you Nyx.  On a whim I did this one as a play.

November 21, 2014, 10:35:37 PM
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Oh man! How I love this one!!!!! I'm almost a little ashamed to say, Jed, that I'd kinda forgotten all about this Thank You for posting it again!

November 22, 2014, 12:30:26 AM
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Jeez Vile... quit following me around and work on that story.

November 22, 2014, 10:06:45 AM
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 ;D Hehe, I'm not following you, I'm just walking behind a safe, inconspicuous distance. Keeping outside the 100 ft. court-ordered radius. And the story is coming along.

November 22, 2014, 10:28:40 AM
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As long as you stay back 100ft you are safe

November 22, 2014, 12:05:30 PM
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Yeah but then you shout out that you're behind me so you lose the element of surprise. Admirable, but not the wisest choice lol.

November 24, 2014, 04:32:51 PM
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Get back to work vile and stop stalking nyx. 

November 25, 2014, 12:30:11 AM
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l want to like this story but l just haven't been able to read it . . .

November 25, 2014, 10:24:33 AM
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What's the problem darling it's a story by Jed thought you loved all Jed's stuff lol

November 25, 2014, 11:55:00 AM
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It's a good story just wrote a little different

December 01, 2014, 06:52:53 PM
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l want to like this story but l just haven't been able to read it . . .

What?! That's complete crazy talk. I think a couple of us should get together and we can do a dramatic reading for you haha.

December 01, 2014, 10:33:34 PM
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She'll read it eventually.....

November 10, 2016, 12:34:27 PM
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I love this! When is casting? Lol

November 10, 2016, 01:40:16 PM
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Offline Jed

What female part were you thinking of trying out for, the woman from Social Services or the ex-wife of the detective?  Or was there some other part you were thinking of?

November 10, 2016, 04:01:36 PM
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Yes!  I did finally read it!

November 10, 2016, 05:46:10 PM
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I may have had another role in mind...