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November 22, 2017, 07:38:37 AM

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WARNING: This is a story about rape. Rape is bad; don’t do it, OK?

Natalie pulled at the hem of her dress, regretting her decision to take the dare of her friends and go out without wearing any underwear. She’d always been one to accept a dare, but now, standing in the dim lights of the crowded bar and with a dress that only went a few inches below her ass, Natalie was thinking that she’d made a bad decision. Especially as she was attracting glances from a lot of men; Natalie was convinced they could tell she was wearing nothing underneath her dress.

Natalie looked around to try and see where he friends were but they were nowhere in sight. Hoping to gain a respite from all the stares she was getting, Natalie pushed her way through the crowd towards following the signs that pointed in the direction of the toilets. As Natalie moved amongst the throng of people, she tensed as she felt hands reaching out to grab at her ass; amidst so many people, though, Natalie had no way of knowing who was grabbing at her. As each hand touched her ass, Natalie felt increasingly self-conscious, her sense of feeling violated not helped by the fact she was wearing nothing under her dress.

Finally, Natalie made it to the corridor where the toilets were, with the men’s and women’s toilets directly opposite each other. Natalie walked down the corridor towards the toilets, but as she went to enter the women’s toilets, a hand was suddenly placed firmly over her mouth whilst an arm grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into the men’s room. Natalie started to panic but there was nothing she could do as she was marched over to a line of sinks that went down the middle of toilets.

Natalie found herself being bent over the sinks; suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed her wrists, pulling them across the sinks and Natalie was totally helpless as someone behind her hiked up her dress to expose her bare ass. Natalie tried to struggle but was clipped around the head with several heavy slaps, the blows stunning Natalie, leaving her unable to defend herself as a rock hard cock was jammed forcefully into her pussy. Natalie thought about screaming but her resistance had been broken; there were at least two people involved, and they’d already shown a willingness to get physical. She feared that if she caused any more trouble that she’d suffer more than a few slaps around the head.

So Natalie just stayed there, tears streaming down her face as she was raped. The stranger raped her for several minutes before pushing into her as far as he could go and unloading several waves of cum deep into her pussy. Natalie felt warm breath on her neck as the stranger withdrew himself from her; for a moment, Natalie wondered if her ordeal was over, but that idea was soon dispelled when Natalie felt a second cock being shoved into her pussy and she was now being raped again.

As the second assailant was raping her, Natalie raised her head to looked in front of her; whoever was holding her arms, keeping her pinned down, was too close for Natalie to see anything but a plain black shirt. When the second rapist was done, he pushed into Natalie as far as he could go as he unloaded his cum into her, Natalie tensing as she felt every wave of the warm fluid hitting the walls of her pussy. True to her risk-taking nature, Natalie was not on any kind of birth control, and she dreaded the idea of getting pregnant as a result of this ordeal.

But such thoughts were soon pushed from her mind as she heard the men’s room door opened; was this her chance to be rescued?

Far from it, as whoever entered the toilets just laughed and Natalie heard footsteps as this new stranger approached. Natalie was frozen with fear as she heard the sound of a zipper, and she tensed up again, dreading the feeling of a third cock being rammed into her pussy. But that dread grew into pure horror when Natalie felt the stranger spread her ass cheeks to expose her asshole; the stranger spat on the asshole a few times and before Natalie could brace herself, a rock hard cock was being rammed into her ass, its owner shoving it inside Natalie as hard as he could. Natalie screamed, a high pitched yell, but a hand was quickly clamped over her mouth to stifle any sound.

Natalie still screamed, though, as this third stranger began anally raping her. With each thrust of the stranger’s cock, Natalie felt excruciating pain coursing through her body, the agony almost too much for her to take. Over and over again, the stranger jammed his cock into Natalie’s ass, and over and over again Natalie felt agonizing pain throughout her body. After several minutes of this torture, the stranger pushed himself as deep into Natalie as he could go before firing off a tremendous load of cum into her. It was like nothing Natalie had ever felt before; Natalie had never experimented with anal sex. This was the first time Natalie had felt a cock in her ass. She didn’t like how it felt.

As the third stranger withdrew from Natalie, she found herself being pulled to her feet, her dress slipping down to cover her up. With tears still in her eyes, Natalie could barely see as she found herself being marched out of the men’s room and down the corridor, but instead of going back towards the main area of the bar, Natalie was being taken down the other end of the corridor. They came up to a door that led to an alley behind the bar. In the event of a fire, it was to be used as a means of escape. Someone reached ahead of Natalie and opened the door before a pair of hands shoved Natalie out of the door and into the alley, the door then slamming shut behind her.

Outside, Natalie burst into tears, the emotional trauma now starting to hit home. What had turned into a simple case of taking a dare had turned into a horrific nightmare. After several minutes of heavy crying, Natalie wiped the tears from her eyes and looked around, trying to figure out which way to go. The alley was long and the way out didn’t seem obvious, so Natalie went towards the direction of the sound of traffic. As Natalie passed a dumpster and a garbage can, she stumbled over something, but before she could fall, hands reached out to grab her and stop her from falling.

Natalie turned to thank whoever it was that had caught her, but before she could say anything, Natalie found herself being pushed forward and bent over the garbage can. Natalie could sense the presence of people either side of her, and this was confirmed when she found her arms being held down tightly to keep her in place and unable to move.

Whoever was behind Natalie pulled up her dress, her ass now exposed.

“Oh no”, thought Natalie. “Not again”.

The End

November 22, 2017, 10:13:19 AM
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Poor poor little Natalie! Good job DirtyPrincess, happy to see you back.

November 22, 2017, 10:45:14 AM
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Loved it DirtyPrincess.

November 22, 2017, 02:51:51 PM
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This was a really hot story.

November 23, 2017, 09:03:03 PM
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WOW from Bad to worst and I have the feeling that it's only beginning!