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August 14, 2017, 06:00:22 PM

Offline humper

I have been married to my beautiful wife for 30 years, and I have always had a fantasy to watch her fuck another man. I knew that this would never happen since my wife was such a prim and proper church type woman. My wife would have a kinky side once in a while if she were drinking and let me take nude photos of her which she thought I would delete them after our fun in bed together, which I didn't ever do, and I had quite the collection of her naked photos.

I started posting my wife's photos on adult wife sharing sites and she was exposed to many horny perverts who wanted to have a chance at fucking her. One day I was chatting to a older man on a rape fantasy site, the mans name was Earl, he ask me to send him some of my wife's naked photos, which I did. Earl told me that he would love to fuck and abuse my wife bad, and that he couldn't believe that my wife was 59 years old with a body like hers.

Earl asked me if I were ever in Florida that he would love to abuse and rape my wife. I told Earl that my wife and I were going to be in Fort Myers Florida in two weeks for our vacation and it would be a great turn on for me to watch, but I would not want her hurt in any way. Earl said that he lived only 15 minutes from Fort Myers and if he was to set my wife's rape up would I be ok with it. Man was I turned on by this idea, and I told Earl yes only if I was in the room with a video camera to film the action. Earl told me that he had some date rape pills that we could use on my wife and she would be unconscious and would never know what had been done to her the next morning. I told Earl that when I was in Fort Myers that I would contact him.

Two weeks past and my wife and I settled into our vacation condo in Florida, I went down the street to buy some beer and left my wife at the condo. I called Earl on my cell phone and told him that we were in Fort Myers and if he was still up for my wife's rape. Earl said that he wanted to meet my wife first and told me to take her to a bar that night just down from our condo. Earl told me that he would be the oldest man in the bar sitting in the corner by the rest rooms. I told Earl that my wife and I would be at the bar around 9:00 pm.

I went back to our condo, and I told my wife to get ready, and lets go to the bar down the road for a few drinks. My wife got dressed in her dress and blouse more like she was going to church than a bar, but maybe that would be better that she was dressed so innocently.

 My wife and I walked in the bar and I noticed right away Earl sitting in the corner by the men's rest room, he was sitting with two older black men. I ordered my wife and I a stiff drink, I told my wife that I needed to use the men's room. As I walked in the men's room Earl came in also and asked me if I was the guy with the wife that needed to be fucked, and I said yes that you must be Earl, he said yes he was. I asked Earl to wait until my wife had a few drinks, and he could join us.

When my wife wasn't looking I motioned for Earl to come over to our table and he did, he asked us if we would like his company and my wife said sure sit down. Earl was a older man in his 70s grey hair very thin and had the look of a old pervert. We enjoyed a few drinks and I could tell Earl was getting worked up by the idea of fucking my wife because he was flirting with her and not getting anywhere with it.

 My wife was becoming very uncomfortable with Earls advances the more we drank. I left my wife at the table with Earl and went to use the men's room and when I got back Earl had his arm around my wife hugging her. I could tell that my wife didn't like what was going on and she asked me if I was ready to leave. I told her ok only after another drink, that led to another and then another, Earl the whole time flirting with no results. My wife got up to use the ladies room and Earl gave me the rape pills and told me to give her one crushed in her drink and to call him when she was unconscious.

My wife and I left the bar and on the way home, my wife said that Earl was a dirty old pervert and that he tried to feel her tits when I was in the rest room and that he smelled awful as if he hadn't bathed in weeks. I was so turned on by what was about to happen to my wife, that I couldn't get home fast enough. When we got back to our condo, I fixed my wife a drink and crushed a pill in her drink, my wife already tipsy drank it all down, and in 5 minutes was out cold. I pinched my wife hard and she didn't budge, I shoved my hand in her panties and stuck my finger in her pussy, still with no movement from her. I got my camera out and set it in the tripod. I called Earl and told him that she was knocked out and ready for him. Earl asked for me for my address and was knocking on my door 15 minutes later.

When I answered the door, I saw Earl and the two older black men who were at his table. I asked Earl what was up, and that I needed to speak with him, that I didn't think that he was bringing his friends along to use my wife also. Earl told me to chill out that everything would be ok and all three of them pushed their way into the room, my beautiful wife was lying on the couch. My wife would freak out if she ever found out she had been fucked by a black man, she never had much use for them since she was brought up a southern girl.

Earl went over to the couch and was amazed at how well my wife looked. My wife was 59 years old, brunette small b cup tits, 135 lbs. and looked to be in her 30s. Earl and the two black men picked my wife's limp body up and took her into our bedroom and placed her on the bed. Earl ask me her name and I told him Susan.

Earl looked down at my wife as if she were awake and said, Susan me and my black buddy's are going to rape you tonight you fucking whore. I started my camera and stood back as all three of these men took their clothes off. I was amazed to see the size of cocks on the two old black men and I noticed that all three men had uncut cocks. Earl started by pulling my wife's skirt down and the two black men unbuttoned my wife's blouse. My wife was now dressed in her pantyhose, panties, and bra, as Earl took some rope and tied my wife's hands over her head and tied her legs to the foot of the bed. Earl then took a knife and cut my wife's bra off, the two old black men went to work sucking my wife's long nipples, one on each tit. Earl then cut the crotch out of my wife's pantyhose, and then the crotch out of her panties exposing my wife's hairy pussy.

Earl stood back and so did the two black men looking at one of the prettiest woman that they had ever seen naked before. Earl told the black men named Buck and Ben to watch as he made a fucking whore out of my wife. Earl wasted no time in licking and fingering my wife's hairy pussy, after he did this, Earl got on top of the bed and lowered his pail wrinkly ass down on my wife's face, rubbing his nasty smelly balls, cock and his asshole over my wife's face. Earls 6 inch uncut was now erect and out of its for skin as he placed it in my wife's mouth. Earl worked it back and forth and he let out a grown as he shot a load in my wife's mouth.

Earl got off the bed and sat in the chair and told Ben and Buck to do the same to my wife as he had just done to her while he recovered. Ben who was in his late 60's and so was Buck got up on the bed and started to slap my wife in the face with their 12 inch uncut cocks. I wanted to stop them but it was to late for that now, as Ben shoved his black dick down my wife's open mouth jerking madly his old big black cock, getting harder and harder, until he let out a grown and shot his load of cum in my wife's mouth. Now Buck had his chance at my wife and lowered his nasty smelly asshole down on my wife's face, along with his jet black balls and cock, he did this for several minutes and then he also jerked off a big load of cum in my wife's face.

By now Earl was ready to fuck my wife, he got up on the bed between my wife's legs, and looked down at her, and said, I know you didn't like talking to me at the bar tonight Susan, but I am going to rape your hairy pussy good, you fucking miserable whore. Just then Earl took his now very hard leaking cock, and pushed it hard into my wife's hairy pussy fucking her hard and deep for several minutes, his old pail wrinkly ass humping, and humping, until I noticed his asshole start to wink as he unloaded deep in my wife's hairy pussy, when he pulled out of her pussy a flood of cum oozed down her ass crack.

Earl then told Ben and Buck to have all the fun that they wanted to with my wife that he was leaving. Earl thanked me for the use of my wife and left the condo, leaving me with the two black men. I asked the two black men to leave with Earl, but they both said no way. That they both knew that I had set my wife's rape up with Earl and that if I didn't let them have their way with my wife that they would tell her what I did when she awoke. With this I had no choice but to let them have a go at my wife also. Ben started first buy pushing his 12 inch cock deep in my wife's hairy pussy. I was standing behind them with the camera aimed watching his coal black nuts slapping my wife's asshole with every stroke like a wreaking ball whacking away, this lasted 15 minutes of very hard fucking until I herd Ben let out a groan and saw a flood of cum oozing out of my wife's pussy, and when he removed his big shrinking cock even more cum came running out of my wife's gapping pussy hole.

Buck now had his turn ramming his big black uncut cock deep in my wife's hairy pussy. Buck had coal black nuts, much larger than Bens. Buck humped my wife very hard, he didn't last as long and I noticed his asshole winking as he shot cum deep in my wife's hairy pussy. By now I was ready for these two black men to leave as I was concerned  that my wife would awake soon. The two black men said that they had fun and that they may call me up one day to ask me to do this again with my wife. I told both of them, that it would never happen, and they both told me that they could use this for blackmail on me and to never say never or they would tell my wife what I had done to her. These two black men then left my condo, thank god. I took my wife untied her from the bed, I took her to the bathroom and cleaned her up good, placed her in the bed. The next morning my wife awoke and asked me how much she had drank, that she didn't remember going home from the bar and why her pussy was sore. I told her that she got very drunk, and I fucked her. My wife never found out what I had done to her, and I had a great video of her fucking total strangers taking their nasty loads of cum.