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October 16, 2014, 02:14:04 AM

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This Is my Own Story:

This happened middle of july, Amy was my wife's youngest sister she is 18 years old that time living with us in the city as she was studying college. Before staying with us she usually came over for a week vacation when she still on highschool and living with mom at province. Knowing her since she was 12 years old i always notice how beautiful she is. But considering she was my wife's sister i never really give a serious though about. I remember one time i was sleeping and woke up seeing her naked while changing clothes as we share the same room. Maybe she thought i was sleeping. That Moment i had seen her small pussy gave a dirty thought of fucking her. Everyday i always try to get up late as we couple had a small grocery and i would let my wife go to the store earlier and i tend to follow afterwards. Well this is just to have the room cleared up and i was waiting for her to come into the room and change clothes, while i pretend to be asleep. Daily my lust for her grew stronger as i do this daily routine. I would peep at her when she was looking the other way changing clothes, but oneday i noticed while having this same routine. I was looking at her back and of course pretending to be asleep. I never knew that she was staring at me through the Mirror while my eyes where open looking at her full ass and sexy legs. I wanted to close my eyes in shame but the weird thing is she bent over to get a panty on the drawer which is just in front of the bed, and this gives me a clear view of whats in between those sexy legs. Which i said to myself " did she do it knowing i was looking?" Then glanced at the mirror and she stared at me again with a little smirk. But anways, i felt ashamed and just closed my eyes until she went out going to school... To Be continued

October 16, 2014, 01:00:47 PM
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Then sunday we usually watch films me and my wife at home. So while at the living room watching amy came down stairs wearing a short shorts. And it did distract me lot and can't even focus on the movie now, as she went to the opposite sofa and sat down to watch movie with us. She hang her legs on the sofa and god i can't keep my eye out of her sexy legs. I also noticed she looks at me everytime i didn't if its just me thinking but i always catch a glimpse of her staring at me. So anyways i can't fight the urge so i went up and my wife came after me on the room. Leaving amy on the living room watching, She asked why i went upstairs and i told her we should take the chance her in our room while amy is downstairs. And i Pulled my wife and slowly removed her clothes, I guess she was thinking of getting laid  too that's why she came after me instantly. So slowly kissed her and carry her to bed, i was licking her body all over and i was getting down there to give her some good oral. While i was down there i was looking at her now wet pussy and i was thinking this is amy's pussy It should fell the same they are sisters i said to myself. Hmmm.. I licking it good now, My wife starts to moan slightly. Ahmmm, yes.. fells good she was whispering. I went on to focus on her clit and put my finger inside while licking with the tip of my tongue on her cute peanuts.. she crazy at this moment already jerking her body and i can see her stomach wave and she was moaning louder now. Ahhhhh yes.. its good fuck me now.. she was begging. So i went up and my cock was so hard at this moment and i point it in her pussy. I slowly played it on the lips of her pussy first. And my wife is shivering, Slowly i slid it inside her pussy was so wet now her sweet juice was dripping to her legs..and it did feel so good.. I was pumping it slow and hard. Ahhhhh this is good, i was still thinking of amy. And i didn't go on too long and i felt the tension building on my abdomen, It wants to burst now, and im pumping fast on my mind it was amy who i'm fucking. And my wife and i was moaning.. And i cum so hard i filled my wife's pussy with so much cum she was laughing and saying WOW!!! What happened to you today? that's a lot.. And i said maybe i'm just on the right mood..

October 16, 2014, 04:15:56 PM
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October 16, 2014, 08:09:47 PM
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It was really nice specially in second part as first part was just start up only and I waited for climax. Thanks for sharing it buddy.

October 16, 2014, 11:25:55 PM
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Another week went by and my wife needed to go to her mother as they needed her for some papers signed, and she said to me i might stay for a day or two on the province it's been a while since i haven't been with mom. And i agreed i said yes honey you needed a break of city life take care and enjoy your stay at home. So that night i was kinda free so i decided to visit some friends as i can't do it if she is around the city. So i went to dempsey and we go out for a drink in our old hangout. We had a good time catching up to each other had a few good drinks. I said to my AHHH... I miss being single. I can't ever do this if my wife is around. Anyways it's time for me to go home and dempsey and I had a goodbye chat and i drop him off at his house. And i went on, going to the house i noticed that the living room lights was on, and i've seen some girls and guys on the sala and i think amy has a visitors. But when i went inside i seen 2 girls and 1 boy and AMY was drunk on the sofa they are trying to fix her up. And one of the girl is apologizing, saying one of there friend is having a birthday and they invited amy over and its her first time to drink and got drunk real bad. I told them it's ok and normal to students. Anyways i told them to leave her there so she could rest already. And they agreed to go home also as it was really late. I checked my Cellphone and my wife had a lot of sms already. Texted her back that i was home but i didn't mention her sister was drunk. Then I said Goodnight Honey.. I love you. I went up to get a blanket so she won't get cold. She still wearing her school uniform which is a skirt as she is taking up accounting course. While i was to put her blanket she suddenly opened her legs maybe unknowingly. And suddenly i got curious i was a bit tipsy too. I looked on her on a close view and went up and i could see her panties, my breath started to shallow and my heart beat dead fast. So i tried to just touch her legs lightly, and she has no reaction. I tried to wake up. Amy! Amy! Wake up go upstairs.. And she wasn't responding so i thought she is really drunk and wasted. My lust is growing stronger i was saying to myself its my chance to fuck her. But I was scared as this is my wifes sister. Anyways i went on to fondle her legs and went up slowly to touch her pussy and i'm feeling its a bit wet?. What i did was i slowly put up her skirt and then revealed me a good view of her panties. I slid my hands inside her underwear and for the first time i touched her pussy lips. I was trembling in nervousness and also lust, I thought to myself its her pussy. And i felt the juice sticking in my fingers and i smelled it. It's one of the most exciting moment i ever felt. And her juice was soo sweet. I then went on to remove her panties and in my mind i will get her tonight whatever happens. I spread her legs and she is still not waking up. I tried kiss her legs all the up to her pussy and i heard a light moan.. uhmmmm and she closed the legs i was worried she will wake up fully. So i stopped a bit then i was observing her and nothing happens so i went on to open her legs again and eat her pussy slowly and i could hear her moan and i looked in to her face..What a beautiful girl she is, and i'm now eating her cunt. Her eyes closed but moaning slightly i didn't care anymore my lust was too much to hold off. So i put my dick into her pussy lips rub it little by little i could hear her moaning.. ughmmmm and she was breathing faster now. But her eyes still closed. And i slowly slid in and i heard her moan harder aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.. But she was still sleeping, then i was fully inside now and the feeling was just too good.. I keep on fucking her slow and hard, then i would go faster and slow again. Then i suddenly seen her arms pushing me but her eyes is closed and she was like moaning and crying.. But i didn't care i was on ecstasy this time. I continued to fuck her but i didn't make any sound at all. Then i felt it was going to blow up.. I looked on her face seeing this beautiful girl i lust over and now i'm finally fucking her, I was holding her legs up and her arms below at the same time. I could hear her crying and moaning but she was too drunk to resist and then i came hard. Ummmp.. Ahhhh... And all my juice flowed inside her pussy and i didn't removed it for a second feeling every moment in that pussy i always lust and now i have taken it. Then after that i removed it when my dick was alrady flaccid. I looked at her one more time and she was  now not moving and sleeping. I fixed her up put on her panties and place the blanket on her and went up stairs to sleep. While at bed i was thinking wow i did it. But i was also worried that she might now and tell to her sister it would been a disaster, i could get to jail for this i was saying to myself. But then i went up to sleep waking up I went out and immediately i think of amy instantly. I went out and check on her and she wasn't there.. Now I got really worried.

October 16, 2014, 11:31:50 PM
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So i fixed myself and went to my shop, what really surprised me is she was there? I tried to act normal but i couldn't look into her directly. But to surprise me more she greeted me GoodMorning! And i looked at her and she was smilling the sweetest smile i've ever seen on her. And i said goodmorning too, And she went on that her sister texted her to come and help as she knew i was gonna get drunk last night she knew that all long because she wasn't around and i have the privilege to go out. And she said she is sorry for being drunk last night  as its her first time drinking hard drinks, and plead that i won't tell it to her sister, which i smilled back and said of course that's normal. She also mentioned that she has hangover and her head still aches and Wew! my body aches too like i workout never had been drunk before she was saying i won't get too drunk the next time. And she says thank you for last night. Now one got me thinking if she is talking about the fucking or the blanket...

October 18, 2014, 09:41:27 PM
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October 29, 2014, 05:57:20 AM
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Thanks vile8r, It's my first but will try to improve the next time..  :D

November 01, 2014, 08:56:32 AM
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That's good stuff, really, you somehow got lost in the details at the end, but the main part of the story was hot.