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February 11, 2018, 08:59:02 PM

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Once there was this woman that visited me at my apartment every so often.I told her the first time we meet how strongly attracted I was to her and I felt helplessly drawn to her. When I gave her that information she felt it was of her best of interests to start calling me almost everyday and come over and spend hours at my apartment with no tv in the living room only in my bed room laying on my bed next to me. I would occasionally brush my hands on her thighs or slide my hands on her stomach. She would get upset that I canít listen to her talk and not touch her. She would treating me that she would not visit me anymore if I canít keep my hands off her, I felt so rejected looking at her and how serious she was about it, I Told her fine you shouldnít come visit me. She stormed out.

It had been months since we last talked on the phone then she called me (probably thinking she made me suffer long enough) asked how am I told her I was fine just got home. She said she was missing me and would like to come over, I told her there is no one stopping you from coming here. She asked about me always touching her, said it makes uncomfortable. Asked her if she heard a word that I said the first time we meet? She told me if I care about her I would respect her.