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August 18, 2015, 01:15:33 PM

Offline jessica

He’s back in town, arrives at his hotel room, and calls me. He says he’s running late and convinces me to meet him at his hotel room before we go out to dinner. I am wary of this request, knowing that he is unpredictable, not to mention I have a husband waiting for me at home clueless about my where abouts. I chose to ignore my suspicions, secretly wishing my ex would act on his desires.
I knock on the door, it opens with my ex looking sexier than ever. I say a nervous hi, bite my lower lip, and look down. In a quick sequence of events he grabs the back of my neck, starts kissing me, pulls me into the room, slams the door close, and pins me up against it.
I instantly start resisting, trying to push him away but he just presses harder into me. I start to melt in his arms, no longer protesting, kissing him back just as fiercely. He starts unbuttoning my blouse and I start mumbling no, we can’t, please stop. I grab hold of his hands trying to stop him. He responds by securing my hands behind my back with one hand and continuing to unbutton with the other.
I break free from his aggressive kisses by turning my head but he takes pleasure in caressing my neck, teasing me with gentle bites and tugs. My blouse is now open with my black lace bra exposed and he pauses to examine me. I can’t look at him, my eyes are closed but I can feel his hungry stare all over me.
He grabs my hair and forces me to look at him. “I like it when you beg me to stop. I like it when you struggle. Only makes me want to have you all the more. But let’s get one thing straight. I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to have my way with you. And you’re going to enjoy it even though I know you’ll fight it. I’m not asking, you have no choice in the matter. First you’ll beg me to stop, but soon you’ll beg me to make you come. I want to hear you scream my name in pleasure and forget that pathetic excuse for a man you have back home. He could never fuck you like I do.”
He could see it in my eyes, I knew everything he said was true, and that yes I wanted him but I did feel conflicted. He was never the type to follow the rules, care about convention, or let anything or anyone get in the way of what he wanted. He took what he wanted with no remorse and I was what he wanted that night. It was that arrogant, masculine energy that I just couldn’t resist.
He reached under my skirt and started rubbing his fingers above my panties just over my clitoris. I was embarrassed by the burst of pleasure and had to break his gaze. “I can tell you’re already wet. You always were wet for me.”
He spined me around and I landed face down on the bed, my hands still clasped behind my back, him holding me down with one hand as he undid his tie with the other. “I’m sorry my love but I have to tie you up, I need both my hands free.” I did not like that idea one bit so I started to struggle but he had no trouble keeping me down as he binded my hands together. Once my hands were tied he let me go, I instantly rolled, sat up, and pushed back till I was against the head board.
At this point I was scared, I felt I lost too much control, wanted out, and he could see that. I looked away from him and said, “This has gone far enough, you have to untie me.” He made his way to me, gently pulled at my chin so I would face him, but I wouldn’t look up. He started softly kissing me, “Oh how I miss your lips, I have never been able to stop thinking about kissing you.” One hand tugged at my neck then traced down to my open blouse. He started squeezing one breast as his other hand found his way between my legs, rubbing like he did moments before.
I started to soften and kiss him back. He responded by gently guiding me on my back, as he shifted to my side so he could have access to my entire body. He slipped my bra straps down and pulled my breasts out. He dove down and started to suck, nibble and bite one breast while he tugged and fondled the other. My lips finally free I found my self trying to speak, trying to pull my hands free from the binds. I pleaded, “Oh God, please stop. You have to stop. We can’t do this.”
He chuckled and traced his hand down from my nipple to my panties, pulled them to the side and slid a finger inside me, then two. His speed rapidly increased, pressing into me harder and harder. His mouth on my breast getting rougher, alternating from one to the other. I started to moan in pleasure. “You always liked it when I was rough with you.” he said with a mischievous grin.
He stopped before I could come, stepped off the bed, pulled of his shirt, belt, pants, and briefs to expose his erect penis. He stood there naked with no shame, hunger in his eyes, looking down at me, hands bound, on my back, breasts exposed, skirt pulled up, my eyes filled with uncertainty.
“Now that you’re nice and wet, it’s time for you to wrap your pretty full lips around my cock.” I blushed and turned my head. He grabbed my waist and pulled me down to the floor on my knees, grabbed my hair and pulled my face up against his erection. “Lick my cock, take it in your mouth.” I resisted trying to pull back but he had a firm grip with my hair. He pinched my nipple hard and I let out a scream, “Please stop, please, please let me go.” He shoved his cock in my mouth and pulsed backed and forth, holding my head firmly in place with my hair in his fist.
He fondled my breasts, slamming his cock in my mouth faster and faster. “Good girl, I always liked the way you sucked my cock.” He stopped, laid me on my back on the bed with my head hanging over the edge, and forced his cock in my moth. One hand around my neck, the other grabbing at my breasts, and his cock slamming into my mouth faster and faster. I struggled, tried to free my hands and get off my back but he had a good hold on me. I finally stopped struggling and surrendered to his will. My heart was beating out of my chest, my breasts were exploding with erotic sensation, lifting up at the response of his rough tugs. His hold on my neck made me tingle between my legs, I wanted him to claim me. His cock slamming in my mouth, pushing to the back of my throat was intoxicating. He had complete access to my body and I wanted more, I wanted him inside me.
He stopped, kneeled down so his face was above mine, and started caressing both my breasts with his hands as he kissed my lips softly. “Thank you my darling, that felt amazing. I love your lips. I love your lips wrapped around my cock.” He pulled away, stood up and looked down at me. “I’m going to fuck you now my sweet.” He grabbed my panties, wripped them off, spread my legs wide and entered me.
He wasted no time, we were both wet and ready, he slammed into me hard and fast, I had no time to react. I felt dizzy at this point, my hands still bound behind my back, my head hanging off the bed, my whole body being rocked violently.
He grabbed the back of my neck, pulled me up so I was sitting upright straddling him, put his hands around my waist and started slamming me up and down riding his cock. His mouth wondering from one breast to the other sucking and biting. I was lost in ecstasy, pleasure I had never experienced before.
He flipped me face down, knees bent so my ass stuck up in the air, and he took me from behind. “Such a great ass” he slaps it “I love fucking you.” I whimpered and moaned in pleasure, pushing back against him as he slammed into me.
He finally came, semen filled me. He reached down with both hands, grabbed my breasts and pulled me up so this time I sat on his lap with my back to him, his cock still erect inside me. He grabbed my hair and yanked my head back against his shoulder. His lips roamed my ear and neck, his other hand gently massaging my breasts. He whispered “Did you enjoy that my sweet?”. I let out a quiet moan. His hand slipped from my breasts down between my legs, rubbing at my clitoris. “I can’t wait to fuck you again.”