Author Topic: My baby sitter, My Horns comes out.  (Read 1938 times)

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August 29, 2018, 11:10:22 PM

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Itís been months now Iíve been having sex with my baby sitter and my mom has not catch on yet. My baby sitter has been the love and everything I ever wanted in my short life of 13 years, I canít think about anything else but her, she is supposed to be spending the night tonight and Iíve been waiting for my fix since the last night she spent. I was just dying to hear her voice when I finally heard the knock on the door then she spoke, my senses were on over drive. As soon as my mom left I waited till she went in the kitchen out of my younger brothers eyes then I was all over her kissing her on her mouth, pulling her against me tightly, squeezing her ass, then she told me to calm down she wasnít particularly as into it, so I did leaving her in the kitchen and going to watch the tv. The night went on try talking to her how she was doing is everything ok and she said sheís fine just not really in the mood today, (now I think back on this I realize how insensitive I was) her words just went in one ear and out the other. I just couldnít bear the thought of not having her tonight.

It was about bedtime my brothers and myself went to bed and told her good night going to bed seemed like I was leaving something behind or forgetting to bring something along, I stayed in my room even fell asleep then waking at two thirty, three oíclock I sneaked outside through the hall to look out into the living room to see her sleep in the couch I didnít even have the decency to see if she was awake I kneeled at her side kissing her on her lips and slipping my left hand under her shirt to squeeze her tits, then crawling on top of her slowly spreading her legs Iím already Hard and between her legs pulling her panties on the side then pushing my dick inside of her she wakes up and I lay all my weight on her so she couldnít push me off her pinning her down and fucking her while she tried pushing me off as Iím cumming inside of her and she stops struggling with me and watches me in my eyes and I try kissing her then she looks away I hold her head and kisses her sticking my tongue in her mouth sucking and drinking her saliva out her mouth pulling out my dick.

August 31, 2018, 01:36:14 PM
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Should have roofied her every time