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All Participants of the following are 18 years or older. Still Rape is a crime and in my opinion the rape of someone who cannot alert anyone of their plight is even more deplorable. Rapists are despised by society that's why we put them away behind bars!

“Raped while I slept in my room, yeah right, who did you hook up with last night Teri?

Signing to Sherry ‘I’m not lying. Joe and his friend held me down in the basement and raped me!” Tears in my eyes as the look of disbelief on the face of my so called best friend tells me she doesn’t believe my story.As if she can’t help but see the bruises  all over my arms, the dried cum on and between my thighs or the torn night gown I was wearing when I went to bed.

“Okay say I believe you, just how did they find you alone, in the basement dressed only in a nightgown?”

How indeed! My mind drifts back over the past two days as I begin to shake remembering the events I’m about to describe


Sunday May 28th

It began much like any other Sunday with my pillow alarm vibrating me awake at seven forty-five am, in time to watch “The Ernest Angley Hour” at eight. I love the way he would bend down to a suppose deaf person and say ‘bebe’ after allegedly healing the damage ear. Wondered what he would do to someone what was mute like me! Maybe make them swear on the telecast!”

Just as the show credit were rolling the TTY flashes at the same time the wrist band starts to vibrate. Going to the keypad/ modem I see  my bff Sherry Urston is calling to see If I wanted to spend Memorial Sunday at her place  for a sleepover and Memorial day picnic leading to a firework show. I was so excited just to be asked since Sherry was about the only person who treated me like I wasn’t handicapped, so of course I accepted.

Of course it didn’t hurt that her brother Joe would be there. Six foot of sculptured abs and muscles that I wouldn’t mind painting in the nude if he was willing. We agreed that I would get to her place by noon,giving me three hours to pack an overnight bag  consisting of a night gown, bikini  a couple of t-shirts, couple pairs of shorts, some thongs and socks. Necessary toiletry items were put into  a smaller bag and then into the overnight bag. When I’m ready I hop the bus and make it to the Urston’s at 11: 58.

Pressing the doorbell, I wait then the door is opened by Joe and my knees start to shake. He moves his palm to the side of his head, folding his thumb in front of the other four fingers  then moving it away from his head and smiling. In my mind ‘oh my god he knows American Sign Language!’

“Sherry told me you agreed to spend the weekend here so I thought I learn to at least sign hello!”  What I nice thing to do is all i was thinking as Sherry came running down the front stairs. Throwing her arms around me, hugging me and welcoming me before leading me up to her room.  Her room overlooks the backyard and most of the pool deck, where i just happen to notice Joe lounging shirtless.

Sherry notices and follows my path of vision “Oh god not you too!”Shaking her head as I sign “What?” She shakes her head “Oh nothing , just that he as empty headed and a hand puppet is that’s all!”

“But what a body to hoist that empty head onto!” I sign  only for Sherry to just shake her head and go “pshawww! As my eyes return to Joe’s body wondering just what he looked like without his swim trunks on. As if sensing my thoughts, Sherry grabs my hand and leads me to Joe’s room. Opening the door I see a six foot cutout of him shirtless and holding a protien shake canister. I had no idea that he was a model, but seeing that made me want to have one for myself.

Signing “Any chance I could get one for myself?” receiving the comment that I was hopeless!. After an hour we finally have her room ready for a two person sleepover so we retire out to the pool but by the time we get there Joe is back inside. For the next three hours we sunbathed, gossiped and watched video on our Iphones. Inside I was hoping Joe would come back outside and join us, but he never did. Just as we were both laying there our bellies started to rumble so we when in to get something to eat.

Inside there was Joe with two friends in front of the TV watching the Indy500. Bottle of beer and bowls of chips  on the coffee table “Gee Joe what did mom sy before she left this morning about keeping the living room clean?”  huffing as she walk through to the kitchen

“Relax Sher, Keith and Rob have manners to clean up their messes!” rolling his eyes at us  but hitting his friends with a pillow across the sole of their shoes. “Hey guys try to keep it clean will you so my little sis has nothing to blab to mum about!”

In the kitchen Sherry, asked me to make a green salad as she started working on egg white omelets with white cheddar cheese.  Just as I finish tossing the salad, I move to take it to the table as Keith butts the swinging door open knocking the bowl out of my hand. The bowl shatters on the floor and the salad joins the glass shards all over the place.

“Hey look you done!” then holds the door open  “Hey Joe can you believe this they’re in her tossing lettuce all over the floor!” Joe comes in ,spotting a large shard of glass

“What happened here?” he staring straight at me “Well i asked you a question!”

Sherry jumps in “You stupid friend Keith just rammed the door open and knocked the bowl out of Teri’s hand that’s what and can  the attitude, you know she’s a mute!”

I could tell he forgot and that he was trying to cover it up when he turned to Keith “Hey get the broom and dustpan and help clean up will you?”

“Why it’s the dummy’s fault not mine? Keith blurts out.

“Just do it or you can get out!” then turning to Teri and taking her hand “Sorry I came off  like I thought you did this!”  Teri signs to Joe  then stops turning red as she remembers he doesn’t know sign language. Turning to Sherry signing for a few minutes.

“Joe!, Teri wants you to know she’s not offended by your question and wants you to know she feels partially responsible for what happened!” Sherry relays then adds a comment of her own “And I believe Keith owes Teri an apology!”

Hearing that Keith tosses the broom to the floor and walks out making Joe say “I’ll apologize for him, since he’s not man enough to admit he’s also at fault!”  taking Teri’s hand and brushing his lips to it before dropping it. “Tell you what I’ll take the guys down into the rec room, so neither of you two have to deal with us okay?”

Sherry tells him that they were going up to her room for the rest of the night. So neither group of people intermingled with the other. Around ten Sherry and Teri change into their night gowns, Sherry donning a sport bar under her’s while Teri goes commando. By eleven, Sherry is on her bed drifting off to sleep while Teri still had energy to burn. Not to wake her friend Teri goes down to the living room determined to catch the Tonight Show before calling it a night.

Quietly creeping down there is a muffled bang from somewhere below her. Wondering if she should go and get Sherry, Teri decides to check out thing first. Moving towards the dining room, going through it to the door leading to the basement and the rec room. Opening it , the light flood out along with the sound of empty bottles spilling over, then laughter.

Quietly Teri slowly goes down until she can see the back of two heads on the couch in front of a large screen TV, where a pornographic movie was playing. Behind the couch facing her a pile of empty beer bottles  and chips, obivious what the last thing she heard was. Turning to go back up.

“Hey what’s the rush pretty girl, come down and spend some time with us!?” Teri is grabbed in a armlock and forced down the steps. “Hey guys look who wants to party with us!”! Rob brings her in front of the couch.

“Well Dummy if you wanted some why don’t you just say so!” Keith gets up and tries to kiss her on the lips by grabbing her chin. Touching her breasts through the thin fabric of her night gown. “Damn these feel nice, just got to see em!? Grabbing the neck of her gown and tearing down, ripping it open enough that it falls to the floor.

All three at one “God damn nice tits and pussy!

Teri wants to scream out but she can’t! Hoping beyond all hope that Sherry will wake up and notice her gone and come to find her as she’s lifted onto the couch. Her legs pulled apart and Joe climbs between them. “Always wanted to know what a mute tastes like!”
                                                                                         To be Continued

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Under different circumstance having Joe between my legs would have been heaven. But with Keith and Rob holding an arm and leg each and the reek of beer and weed in the air and coming off them it was like a nightmare come true. I try to squirm away from Joe’s lips as he moves to kiss my pussy, only for him to grab me around the waist and pull me onto his lips.

As his lips touch my outer labia I shiver from his warm breath touching my cold skin. His tongue traces my lips then “Oh she kind of sweet and metalic at the same time, either that or I’m really wasted guys!”

Rob speaks up “Quiet isn’t she, mustn’t be turned on being with the three of us he-men!”

Keith laughs “Look at the look on her face!” leaning in closer “Ah what’s the matter, Tell your next boyfriend all about it!” Closing my eyes so I don’t have to see his face, screaming inside loud ‘ Sherry come find me!” Then I feel the slap of a palm across my cheek!

“Why the hell did you do that Keith?” Joe’s looks up from my Venus mound. “She a mute you moron! Crossed “Why do you think she moves her hands so much?”

“Well I just thought she was a typical Italian, that’s what!” then proving his ignorance “So what a mute anyway?”

“Well moron she can’t talk. Open her mouth and nothing comes out just like your when you try to think!” Ouch that must have hurt Keith cause he let goes on my right arm and leg. Not that it help any for Joe was pulling me hard onto his face, his tongue pushing inside my pussy lips  finding my clit  making my body rebel against my wishes. In side “Please leave me alone!”

“Damn guys she wet down here. In fact she wet enough to fuck!” hearing his words i try harder to pull free, thrashing with all my strength. Opening my mouth and a whispered ‘No!’ leaves my throat but none of the three pay attention to it. Joe moves up my body  until he’s in position to press the tip of his cock to my pussy.

“Well then fuck her Joe so I can have my time with her!’ Rob slurs only for Joe to reply

“Hey she can’t talk but that doesn’t mean she can’t suck cock Robbie!’ No I won’t suck anyone’s cock I want to say but  my disability prevents it. Rob makes his move and lowers his cock to my lips, shaking my head I block it until i’m struck once more  by Keith across the face.

“Listen asshole once more and I’ll kick you in the nuts, I have fucked that face yet!” here I thought Joe was saying that it help me instead it was just to prevent Keith damaging my ability to suck cock!. Then I’m in pain as Joe thrust completely inside me. The only thing I can do is burst into tears as he rapes me,opening my mouth to instinctively cry out only get Rob’s thick six inch cock in my mouth.

Grabbing my head Rob forces his cock in and out of my mouth, blocking my breathing, making Joe comment “Through your nose Teri, god is this your first time having sex?” my eyes glaze over with tears and shame. Joe begins to thrust faster into me, going deeper into my burning sex passage. Then the warmth of some hot liquid begins to flow in me. ‘ No he didn’t just cum in me, I’m not on the pill!”  he pulls out and I hear “Oh Christ I think this is her first time guys! Look at the pink twinged cum leaking from her pussy and the smear of blood on my cock!”

“And don’t forget on the pillow Joe!” Keith seems turned on “Mine if I fuck the little mutie princess now?” not waiting for a reply


Okay that’s strike two  in your story!’ Sherry stops me as I was going to tell her of my second rape. “My brother considers himself to good to smoke cigarettes let alone weed!”

Getting a bit pissed at her I signed “Oh and what about drinking beer? Is he to good to do that?” She just motion for me to continue!

With Rob still in my mouth, Joe rolling off me, grabbing my left arm and leg, I was once more penetrated by a cock, this one not a long or thick as Joe’s but just as unwanted! Keith didn’t wait until before he started thrusting hard in and out of my just fucked pussy.  Grunting as he moved my body up and down the pillows of the couch.

In my mouth a salty taste of something thick, as Rob finally unloaded his cum into my mouth and throat. When he pulled out i turned my head away from him and Joe, cum dribbling out the corner of my mouth.

“Damn good little cocksucker there, you should give her a try Joe!”

“Don’t mind if I do!” Coming up to my head. Grabbing the back of my neck and twisting my head until I open my mouth to take him in. once in I notice a different taste in my mouth, realizing it was his and my cum covering his cock. I wanted to puke right there but Joe pushed his seven inch cock deep into the back of my mouth.

Meanwhile Keith was pounding my once virginal pussy with long hard strokes, making me feel like my pussy was swelling around his invading member. His hands grip my pert little 34b breasts and mashes then against my ribcage, making them throb like my pussy was. Then only sound from him being grunts in time with his inwards thrusts.

Joe established a rhythm so he pushed in as Keith was pulling out making me seem full at all time. Without a verbal warning Keith dumps his load into me, rolling off me when he softened enough and onto the floor “Not bad, may be her ass will give me more pleasure than her dead fuck pussy did.
Rob comes for his turn, surprising me by asking if he could fuck me “If no just shake your head and I won’t!” The bastard, knowing that Joe had my head immobilized with his cock down pinned deep in my throat. “So I take it that you don’t mind?” Climbing on and pushing in completely lasting longer in me than either Joe or Keith.

When Joe has been stimulated enough he added his seed to the cum already in my stomach. Then Keith at my face, I’ don’t try to stop him, just open and let him use me like a sink drain. With him in my throat and Rob in my pussy I’m no longer being held and put up no resistance. Rob finally spills into my pussy as Rob places his next load into my stomach.
When both are soft and off me I just lay there on the soiled couch staring at the ceiling as they gather and have another beer. Bringing me a bottle.
Opening it and putting it by my lips, but i’m too dazed to sip so they leave it on the floor beside me.  They finish their beer then come back for more sex with me.

Rolling me onto my stomach once again my legs are grabbed and split apart , keith has my right, Joe my left meaning i was about to be fucked once more by Rob. Next thing I’m aware of is a pressure against my asshole as something big is trying to go in.  I want to struggle but they prior fucks has taken my resistance from me. In I feel it go, crying out in pain in my mind as he didn’t use any lubricant before going in.

“Oh fuck her ass is so tight guys!” Cause it’s never had anything bigger than my fingertip and toilet paper in it before. For fifteen minutes he assails my ass with his thrusting before finally using tem to collect his latest load of cum.  Keith goes next and twenty minutes later Joe uses my ass!” Then once more they break for a beer and to smoke another joint.

As I lay there throbbing from my ass, pussy and throat, praying that they were through with me I hear “Well I want her throat(Keith), me her pussy(Rob) and Joe well I get her ass then!” The come back pulling me off the couch and onto a prone Rob. His cock standing erect even though he’s cummed twice tonight. Joe and Keith grab me and lift me onto it, my pussy once more sheathing it. Then Rob pulls me onto his chest and I feel a pressure once more at my ass. Then Joe is back in my ass as Rob is in my pussy,once again I instinctively I open my mouth only for Keith to stuff his cock into it.
All three use my at once. Grunting as they fuck my like animals, enduring more cum being spewed into my orifices. My head rolling sees a clock- two thirty am, twice more they use me all together until they have finally sated their sexual urges with my now limp body. Leaving me on the floor they go up as I black out.

Coming too the clock showing ten am, I stumble my way up to Sherry’s room only to have her say I wasn’t raped.


Sherry in a bikini, string looking at me torn gown, grabs me by the elbow leaving me towards Joe room. “Only one way to get  the truth!’ opening the door to Joe, Rob and Keith  getting up from sleep, Without waiting until they’re covered “Guys!,  Teri claims you raped her in the rec room.”

“No way!”Rob and Keith both exclaim at the same time, Joe stays quiet for some reason. The two make their way over to Sherry, Keith saying “It was purely consensual  as he leans in and kisses sherry on the lips, shocking her, Rob cupping her left asscheek while undoing the string on her hip.

Suddenly Keith has Sherry in an arm lock , forcing her onto Joe’s bed on her stomach, Joe is up and off it going beside Teri as Rob strips Sherry’s bikini bottoms “Damn nice ass Sherry, ever been fucked in it!” Laying down on her back aligning his cock to her asshole.

“Let me up you fuckers or I swear I’ll stab you both!”

As she struggles then screams as her asshole is penetrated “Stop it asshole!” then a high pitched scream of Noooo! And tears greet the morning.

“Well Teri seems Sherry going to be busy for a bit, so why don’t you and I go to her room!’ Joe leads me out, shaking knowing what he plans to do to me again!

                                                                                 More to come

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Finally have part three

With Sherry’s screams of pain, sobs of crying and threats in my ears, Joe backs me out into the hallway whispering in my ears “They guys said they want Sherry just as bad as they wanted you!” then he disgusts me with his statement “But I find the little bitch unappealing sexually!” backing me up against the wall before pressing himself hard against me. “Now you! I find exciting even more after what you let us do last night!”

Leaning his head into my throat, tracing it with his tongue, then along my chin and finally onto my lips where he closes his mouth on mine. His right hand holding the back of my head as he kisses me, his left down groping between my legs. Then once more he humiliates me

“Tell me to stop and I will Teri!” an evil smile on his face.

Extending my left hand out then bringing my open right hand sharply down to meet my right hand, I keep repeating the motion only to have Joe mock me.

“No not that sign crap I mean say it!” laughing at me “Say it out loud dummy!” ‘Unn Unn Unn’ is all I can manage as I try to push him off me.

“Know why you can’t say it, cause you want this as much as I want it!” Grabbing my hand in his and dragging me along the hall into Sherry’s room, letting go of my hand he turns and shuts the door, locking it. Turning back to me “So you going to take that rag off and get onto the bed or do you want me to strip you and fuck you where you stand?”

Shaking, not looking towards him I reach up and draw what remains of my night gown up and over my head, Standing there once more naked when he comes over and lifts my head “Damn you have a great body!” Placing his hands on my shoulders pressing me down onto my knees before him “Go on you know what to do!” One hand grasps the back of my head pressing my towards his hardening cock. With no choice and tears in my eyes I open my mouth and take his cock into my mouth.

For more than an half hour he makes me debase myself  by saying “Tell me to pull out and I will!” More tears flowing down my face as he burst out laughing. Then he once more empties his balls into my mouth, making me gag on the amount of cum. Collapsing to the floor I curl up into a fetal position as Joe moves to the bed and picks up her phone and makes a series of calls.


 Meanwhile back in his room Sherry is done being fucked by Rob. Now Keith is taking his turn with her, thrusting without mercy into his best friend’s sister. Rob not wanting to stand with a combination of drying cum on his cock gets on the bed lifting Sherry’s crying face and forcing his cock into her mouth

Sherry wasn’t a virgin ,but neither was she a whore so she didn’t do anything with the cock in her mouth until Rob slapped the right side of her face and said
“Clean my cock bitch!’  Getting frustrated by the minute “Fuck even the mutie knew how to use her tongue to clean a cock!” Sherry then started to slide her tongue along the shaft in her mouth like she would a popsicle.

Keith gives an loud “Oh yeah!’ then starts to spew his seed into Sherry’s ass, as Rob pulls his cock out of her mouth

“So you think Joe is done screwing that mutie again?” Keith Asks Rob as sherry lies on the bed in a daze. Leaving her there they go out nude to find Joe and Teri. That’s when the  three of them meet in the hallway ,exchanging evil  greetings

“Good news guys “Dan, Barry and Les are on their way over!”

“Gonna let em?” Is all Keith gets out before Joe nod his head and  goes into the room with Sherry.

“So bitch, looks like you have to be a hostess and party favor for three more of my friends today!” Looking down at her in disgust “Christ go clean up, don’t want my friends to think you’re a dirty whore now do I?”  Then from another room

“Mind if we use the mutie for a while Joe?”

“No she’s all yours, just make sure she not harmed so she can have three more guys fucking her all day!” Then turning back to Sherry “Say any chance of you making a pasta dish for when we get hungry from gangbanging the two of you?”

Sherry doesn’t say a word as she drags her battered body off the mattress and staggers her way to the bathroom locking herself inside. I make my way downstairs to make sure the living room is clean and the deck around the pool is equally clean. Forty minutes later I’m joined by Rob and Keith both who needs a shower in the worst way. As I comment about their stench they both remark the only shower is behind a locked door

Heading back up I pound on the door until Sherry unlocks it! She comes out the same way she went in dazed but at least she smells less skanky than before. Looking in as I hear water still running, I see Teri just standing under the cascading water a blank expression on her face. Going in, I reach in and turn the shower knob close. As the water from the shower head ebbs, Teri remains there  like a zombie as the tub fills with water around her feet. She doesn’t move until I grope her pussy, then she jumps and tries to becomes one with the tiled wall.

“Either shower or get out before more friends show up!” All she does is move back into the center of the tub, standing there like a statue, so I take off my pants and get in behind her, grabbing a loofah glove and give her a quick wash. As me hand comes closer to her breast she finally acknowledge my presence, tensing up as my hand brush her nipples with the loofah. When I get below her waist, she trembling until my hand glides the loofah down her legs. “There now you’re clean! Go get dressed in something that show off your body and be ready to entertain a few more of my friends!” She swings her head looking at me with dread in her eyes.

As I help her out of the tub, Rob and Keith show up to get a shower of their own. Keith seeing Teri leans in and nips her left nipple, releasing it then “Oh I love the way your skin taste, remind me to get your number before leaving!” For some reason that comment makes Teri rush into Sherry’s room,closing the door fast, locking it then I hear the scrape of a chair coming towards the door. I can just imagine where the back is in relation with the door knob.
Returning downstairs after warning Rob and keith to leave Teri alone after their showers,I find Sherry in the kitchen with a butcher knife in her hand “If any of your fucking friends lay a hand on me or Teri again I won’t hesitate to use this!” Swinging the knife in front of me, on the backward swing  she moves closer to me.

“You started this so you’re the first one i’m knifing Joe!” 

Backing up until I hard against the fridge, I don’t  dispute her words, if given the chance, which i have no plan on doing. Taking my eyes off her long enough to grope the cabinet door beside the fridge, my hand comes to the flat cookie sheet mom bakes with. Pulling it out then up in front of me I use it as a shield and parry weapon. As Sherry swings the knife towards me I swing the flat surface towards her, blocking and knocking the knife out of her hand.
With her defenseless, Rob and Keith Comes down and the three of us overpower her and take her down to the basement where all our fun began a few hours before.  As she struggled against us i threaten her “Quit it or Teri won’t leave her unless it in a body bag from being fucked to death!” hearing that she quit struggling completely as we waited for my friends to show!

                                                                                       To be Continue

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Things get crueler for Teri and one of the guys!

“So what the plan Joe?” Keith asks as she secure Sherry in the basement before returning to the kitchen.Going to the fridge opening the door seeing what we have on hand that can feed six strapping men after a marathon of sex with a mute. Finding nothing that would suffice,I turn and start detailing our next few hours!

“First I need one or both of you to go shop for food!” The look on their faces as i continue is hysterical “You know burgers, frozen pizzas and what eer else you guys wants to eat when you get back with it!” And to let them know I mean it “Oh and make sure to get something to drink while you’re out! They nod their heads

“When you get back  Gary, Dave and Peter will be here and the true meaning of memorial day will really begin If you get my meaning!” They do but they wonder where they were going to get food and drink on the holiday Monday! “Try the chink market you know they have no respect for our holidays!” Finally they leave giving me the opportunity to check on the main attraction of our upcoming event!

Making my way up to Sherry’s room knowing that the door is locked and block with a chair I decide to make an alternative entrance to the room. Going through mom’s room i open the window and swing my legs out onto the trellis that ran up the wall to the roof so mum could grow her prize roses. It’s been awhile since I used this method to get around the house without anyone knowing but i make it to sherry’s window without incident.

Looking in I see Teri, nude on the bed curled up in a fetal position as I climb into the window.” Well look who presenting my with my favorite view of her?” Teri doesn’t move or appear to have heard me. Moving closer  I touch her, still no response from her, reaching between her legs, finding her outer labia with my fingers, penetrating her with all four fingers finally earning me a response when she tries to strike me with her free hands.

Swinging wildly she tries to go for my eyes but I pull my hand out of her fast making her gasp in pain. She pulls her leg into her chest, rocking side to side, tears streaming down her face, so i decide to tell her what in store for her and Sherry in a little bit.

“So Teri just so you know three more friends are coming over and they want some sex and guess who’s going to be supplying it for them?” The look in her eyes is pure fear “Oh and Rob, Keith and I are still looking for more!” Then a blatant lie “If you want Sherry to get away without taking any fucking you’ll take us all willing you understand?”

She nods her head more tears flowing  “Good then you know what to do to prove it to me!” she stretches out and spreads her legs as I drop my pant  take hold of my cock and starts to piss on her, spraying from her chest  to her pubes. Laughing at her as she tries to protect her face with her hands

“Now who needs another shower! Go clean up once more then get your ass down into the basement dressed sexily unless you want Sherry fucked into a body bag!” Kicking the chair away from under the door knob then opening it and leaving her on the bed reeking of piss and fear! Walking down the stairs I wait at the bottom until I hear  the sound of movement then a door opening and closing

Taking a set on the couch I wait fifteen minutes then i hear teri coming down the stairs in one of Sherry’s teddies set. Damn she did look sexy in it but i knew she was even sexier when a cock was pounding her. To buck up her spirits  “Looking sexy Teri damn it all i can do not to rip that off you right now and fuck you through the floor! But I need you to get into the kitchen and make some food for our little party!” Slapping her on the ass as she walked by me on the way to the kitchen.

No sooner is she in the kitchen than Rob and Keith enter with the food for our little gathering.”Well Joe you were right the Haung Kwon place was wide open for business on Memorial day no less!” Placing the plastic bags of fresh ground beef on the table both of them grope Teri ass and tits before taking her in their arms and kissing her on the lips “I like mine rare babe!” Rob informs her after breaking off the kiss.  The three of us guys go out to the pool leaving her alone in the kitchen.


I wait until the three guys goes out before I try to find Sherry. She isn’t in the closed off dining room nor the living room. Sneaking a peak I can only see the guys out by the pool. I want to go into the basement but the memories from there prevent me even going to the door itself. Going back I do what I was told and start to prepare food for their coming guests.

With my back to the patio door, Rob opens the door standing there long enough to say “Just going to piss then i’ll be right back out!” Hearing that I drop the tray of frozen pizzas I had ready for the oven, making him jump. “What the hell was that for?” coming over to help me clean up!” Shaking like a leaf as he comment “Man my snake need to hiss!”

He finally leaves but not before he gropes my breasts. Going down into the basement leaving the door open where I hear “So Sher you ready for your big night?” She’s in the basement, they’re holding her there to make me cooperate with their sex demands. Rob makes his return, walking past me leaving the basement door open. Getting my nerve up I go down, finding Sherry on the couch where i was gangbaned ,ties up. Rushing over to her, trying to untie her before anyone else comes in, I succeed in get the gag around her mouth off then her hands free

As she massage the blood back into her arms and hands, I manage to get her feet free. We both make our way up to the main floor, over to the front door and get it open  and almost make  get away but Joe’s friends chose that moment to show up. Escorting us back inside then out to the pool “Hey Guys look at what we found outside!” Joe’s face darkens as he sees us, getting up and grabbing Sherry by the arm. Leading her back into the house along with two of the new arrivals . Rob and Keith come over and lead my to a lounger before introducing me to Joe’s friend Peter.

“Well aren’t you the cutest  and what’s your name?” As I start to sign it, he slaps my hand “I don’t need to know your ethnicity, just your name!” that’s when  Rob informs him that I’m a mute. “No shit but she can suck cock right?” Rob and keith force me to sit on the lounger as Peter drops his pants. His cock looks like a mini sizzler sausage link, all brown, greasy and small.

As he shoves his crotch into my face, Joe return giving Peter a high five as his cock enters my mouth. Unlike the others this cock makes me want to puke, it’s the taste of rancid food  as it slides back and forth over my tongue. God why  can’t this horror show be over, then movement from my right as Keith get up and leaves while Joe takes his place. “So was I lying about her ability with her mouth?

“Hell no if her pussy and ass match her mouth then I think we can forget about that little debt to us!” 

I can believe what I just heard, Joe using me as a way to get out of debt. He raped me then let his friends use me anyway they wanted, now he expects me to let more fuck me until I”m raw and they’re sated. I have to try something to get away from here. As peter’s cock slides out of my mouth i make my attempt. Back it coming so i bite down as the tip enters past my teeth! A coppery tang enters my mouth as the air is shattered with the loudest “She fucking bit my cock off!”

Peter falls back in shock as blood drips down his thighs, Joe and Rob stand there like stunned statues, seeing my chance I try to make a break only for Joe to grab me by the back of the throat “You little bitch just for that Sherry is going to be fucked beyond her capacity to take cock!

In my mind “Oh shit what have I just done to my best friend!”

                                                                                             To be Concluded

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And now the conclusion

“Rob I’m going to trust you with my car, get Peter to the hospital while i make sure this thing knows what she’s done!” Sneering at me through clinched teeth. I’m shaking at his threat to Sherry, knowing if it does become true that I’m the reason for it. Oh why couldn’t I just let them fuck me and be done with it! Then I realize that Joe is talking to me “I said if you move before I get back, Sherry going to be told about your actions and why she’s being made to pay, Understand mutie?” I nod, then thy carry Peter out between them, then Joe returns grabbing my by the arm and dragging my towards the basement

Opening it my senses are assailed with the scent and of sounds of sex. As he forces me down I see two guys sitting naked in the chairs drinking from cans of beer, the third guy fucking a crying Sherry in doggie position. Joe calls out and the others comes to meet him.

“Go sit in the fucking chair and don’t make a fucking move Mutie!” Doing as he says I can’t help but notice the side profile of Sherry’s current rapists which seems so familiar to me. Not lingering to long I take a seat and try to determine who he is.

“SHE FUCKING DID WHAT?” My head snaps to the three of them as, getting my first real good look at a hulk of a guy. At least six foot four and easily well over two hundred pounds, between his leg a cock that I swear reached his knees . The look in his eyes tells me if given the chance he will rip my head off for what I did to their friend. Joe restrains him and I have the feeling that the only thing keeping me alive.

“Oh yeah Baby you feel that!” The guy fucking Sherry cumming in her pussy, pulling out “Oh I would love to take you with me and fuck you forever!” my mind instantly registers the voice and I know why his profile is so familiar Dave Millhouse, my next door neighbor. As he turns to get a can of beer, “Hey Teri, nice tits girl!”

Taking my chance I start to sign a plea for help, the hulk guy rushes over, grabbing my hands and squeezing hard, cracking some bone in my right hand. Dave jumps to my defense swatting  the hands away from me. “Hey lay off  Gary! Teri is a mute and need her hands to talk with!” Standing head to shoulders, poking gary in the chest “What she ever do to you?”

“That little bitch, bit Peter’s cock and he at the hospital bleeding as we speak!” Pushing Gary out of his way he moving towards me once more only to have Dave tackle him from behind. The two roll around before Gary launches a right hook that snaps Dave’s head back. Joe and Keith Rush over and grab Gary pulling him off Dave.

“Relax Gary as I said she hurt our friend we fuck hers!” looking to Sherry laying splayed out, her pussy leaking copious amounts of cum onto the couch. With everything going on around her she hasn’t shown any signs of movement, oblivious to the things Joe plans to have his friends do to her.

On the floor Dave shows signs of finally getting up, Not caring about myself anymore I go to him, getting down and cradling his head in my lap. Keith and Gary eyeing me, Joe going over to Sherry and breaking something under her nose, making her instantly jolt up, choking.

“Get up bitch!” Sherry rolls over, trying to cover her breasts with an arm that hanging at an angle it was not meant to hang.

“Please no more, I swear i’ll tell no one what’s been done to me!”

“Oh shut up, you loved every moment of it and you know it bitch!” Slapping her ass hard enough that the sound echoed for a minute. Then he tell her what i done “And since she hurt him, I don’t give a damn if they fuck you to until you’re ruptured by the amount of cum in sprayed you!” if it was possible, her face blanched even whiter than it already was, her eyes wide as a dinner plate.

Upstairs a loud knocking comes to the door along with “Police, open up!”. Joe rushing up, then silence before “Fuck guys get out of here!” Down the stairs comes four officers their handguns drawn, held out in front of them, at the windows more faces and guns barrels

“Nobody move unless you’re told to!” Two female officers check on Sherry and me, leading us up to a waiting medical team. Sherry is placed on a gurney, a I.V. hook to her arm. I”m walked out a blanket wrapped around me  and led out to the same ambulance. Signing  what is going on to the officer accompanying us to the hospital we’re given the circumstances of our rescue.

“As I understand it  a gentleman was brought to the hospital with wounds to his manhood and under strong medication for pain started detailing sex assaults against you two ladies. An officer at the hospital overheard his so call confession and called it in after getting it confirmed by the guy who brought him in.

Thank god someone took his drugged induced ramblings as the gospel truth. As the ambulance pulled into the emergency bay  at the hospital, Sherry’s mom is standing there with an officer and a doctor. “Oh Sherry I can’t believe what’s happened and that Joe was behind it all!” Tears streaming down her face “Teri we contacted your parents and they’ll be here before you’re
One year later and the trial of Joe and his friend is over. Joe, Keith And Rob were sentenced to ten years in jail, Gary and Dave were sentenced to four years, Peter was given a one year jail term. Sherry and her mother couldn’t handle the publicity the trail brought to their neighbourhood and moves clean across the state,to start a new life. Me!, i’m still in therapy over the rape and rarely see the outside of the apartment i live in, too scared to go anywhere where people who read the newspaper. Always thinking they’re looking and talking about me! I’ve become a prisoner of my rape experience!