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October 13, 2018, 05:01:52 PM

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This is a one off story. Rape is a crime punishable by jail time. The author of this story does not condone nor suggest that this scenario ever happened in real life!

In the store, my white cane tapping in front of me as I try to make my way to the express desk when the first incident occurred. A wide open space, my cane swinging and tapping in a half moon in front of me. I hit someone earning  “Hey watch it asshole!” With my head looking straight ahead, what I can only guess is a look of pity as I hear “Oh shit I’m sorry sir!”

A female’s voice ,very melodic, a scent of flowery perfume  “Here let me help you get your items to the checkout!”

“Thank you Miss that would be very helpful!” The voice sounded young to me, the flesh of her hand warn as she takes me by the bare elbow. I sense the cold metal of the counter as we stand before it. The basket in my right hand getting lighter by the second as she empties the contents onto the belt.

“Did you get what you were after sir?”

“I hope so but then it wouldn’t be the first time I ate something I didn’t mean to buy!”

“Well let me tell you what I putting up!” Pausing  then “Chocolate ice cream, a 4 liter bag of milk , a carton of eggs and a tub of Imperial margarine!” I feel the basket handle leaving the palm of my hand then “Did you get everything you wanted?”

Shaking my head “No as per usual I forgot to get half and half for my coffee!”

"No problem I’ll get it while the cashier cashes you out!” She moves me to where the cashier is “I’ll only be a moment!” Then she off, I feel the slight change in breeze as she passes me. Hearing the beeps as each item is scanned.

“Do you need any bags sir?

“No I have my own!” digging into my back pants pocket for the reusable bags I carry. Taking them out flicking them open I pass the to where I think the voice came from. A “thank you!” tells me i handed them over correctly for once.

“I’m back with a liter carton of half and half, is that okay sir?”

“Oh god yes!” My right hand reaching out hoping to find my helper. Touching bare flesh, praying to god that it was her arm “How can I thank you for all your help miss?”

"Forget it after what i call you it was only right to help!"

"I can't forget it for once I’m going home with everything I actually meant to buy!” The cashier says “$21.11 sir!” I dig out my interac card, the cashier direct my hand to the machine. A beep  later, I was ready to start the trip home. Turning my head to the girl who helped me “Thank you for your help Miss, I really appreciated it!”

I hear concern in her voice “Is someone waiting to help you get home?”

“No I’m pretty confident that I can get back to 165 Mapleview Crescent on my own”

“Oh I just live a block over from there!”  A beep then I hear the crinkling of paper  as it’s passed from one hand to another “Just let me pay and I’ll help you get back to your place with no problem!”

Well with the construction going on around the neighbourhood how could I say no “Well if it’s not out of your way- okay!” transferring my cane to hy right hand, extending my left hand out “I’m Graeme Cartier!” Microseconds pass then i feel the soft, warm flesh of her delicate hand clasp me in a hand shake.

“I’m Lisa Cooper, please to meet you Mr. Cartier!” The rustle of a paper bag as the product inside settles as it’s lifted off a counter tells me that she is ready to leave also.  My bags don’t block her from taking me by the elbow, leading me in the direction of the exit door. As they part I feel the refreshing breeze of the mid September day on my face, a warmth from the sun only matched by the warmth of her palm on my elbow as we make our way to the intersection of Mapleview and Throton.

Along the ten minute walk we chit chat about the weather, how long we both lived in the neighbourhood and of course about the annoyance of the neverending construction.  As we are about to come to my walkway “Well here we are, my place?”

“I know this is going to sound condescending but how do you know?” Quickly adding “If you don’t mind me asking?”

“Well I counted it’s 175 steps from my walkway to the corner!” turning onto the concrete path leading to my front door “And i just finished my internal count!” going on to tell her how it was twenty steps to my front door. I couldn’t believe that she was actually walking my right to the door. “Well here I am, now all I have to do is get everything into the fridge without spilling or breaking anything.

“If you wouldn’t mind I could take some more time and put everything away for you!” As I rummage for my keys, finding the large headed one, sliding it into the lock at heat level on the door “If you don’t think I’m interfering too much that is!”

“Oh god no that would be another first for me!” Turning the key and the door knob, opening the door onto the entrance hallway. Stepping aside, motioning to Lisa to enter first. “The kitchen is the room at the end of the hall!” I feel the weight of the bags leave my hand, pressing a button on my cane that separates the hidden taser from the rest of the cane I follow her into the kitchen.

I can feel the difference in temperature between the kitchen and the immediate area in front of the open fridge. “Would you like me to place the eggs on the door or just put the carton on top of the crisper?”

“Oh the top of the crisper would be okay for now!” Anxious to get her way from the fridge door. Again I can feel the temperature rising as the door swing close,trapping the cold back inside once more. Taking a step towards the door I bump into Lisa, my hand comes up touching her arm with the taser, pressing the switch, sending just enough voltage into her to knock her out for a few minutes.

I hear her sink to the floor in a heap, moving my boot out I come into contact with her. Bending at the knee I pick her twitching form off the floor and move her to the room on the other side of the kitchen. At one time it was a pantry but since my blindness set in I use it as a bedroom, inside a old fashioned king size bed made from a metal frame and head rest.

Carrying her to it I gently lay her on the mattress, spreading her arms up over head and to the corresponding post. Taking my shoes off, taking my socks off and using them to tie her wrist to the bedposts.  Little moans of pain escaping her lips after I run my fingertips over her facial features getting a sense of what she would look like if i could see.

A high forehead if the distance between her eyebrows and her hairline was any indication. A pointy nose above moderately sized lips when were over a pointy chin. Getting up Taking her shoes off then undoing  her pants button and zipper then sliding then down her legs. With her pants off I feel for any underwear, surprised at not finding any. With my left hand on the side of the mattress I move around to the right side of the bed to the chair I keep there with towels draped over it. Taking two I secure her legs to the bedposts like I did her arms.

Now it was only her top and possible bra blocking me from preparing to take care of another problem being blind had- getting laid! Going back into the kitchen, making my way to the counter with the knife block in the upper right corner I get a butcher’s knife and return. I hear creaking from the bed springs, telling me that Lisa was coming to! “Oh good I wondered if I held the taser on you to long!”

On the mattress Lisa tries to move her arms and legs. In my mind’s eye she glaring right at me “What is going on?” Going immediately to the guilt factor “All I done is help you and this is how you repay that!”

Putting the sound of hurt in my voice “No I just though since you been so helpful so far that I thought you wouldn’t mind helping me with a long standing problem I’ve been having!” Moving closer to the bed, my hand out to make contact with the mattress, finding the outside of one of her legs, caressing the flesh, using it as a guide to get me to the top of the bed.

“You bastard, if I was free!” Trying to break free from the cloth I’ve tied her with. Shutting up as I run the thin edge of the cold knife along the top of her leg. What i could only imagine as the look of fear and revulsion in her eyes as the knife traverses her leg along with my hand on the outside. She tires once more “Please if you let me go now I won’t say anything I promise!”

My hand continues to move along her side soon coming to the hem of her top, the knife’s edge following. Turning it flat, sliding it under the hem then turning it so the edge was running along the fabric, parting it like a fish’s fin through water. Up i ran it, my hand gathering the material, taking it off her side, the top of fingers coming in contact with the next layer of material that had to go- her bra.

“What to modest to go braless but not modest enough to care who sees your bare ass in those pants!” she doesn’t answer me, no all I hear is sniffing that oftens accompanies tears! Letting go of her top i move my hand to her face and sure enough there the tell tale swet track of water down the side of her face. “Oh please don’t spoil what I think is a very pretty face with tears!”

“Go to hell!”

“Oh I probably will but not before getting laid one last time!”  moving my hand back down to her bra, lifting it up, sliding the knife under and slicing up, dissecting it in two parts. Finding the straps Slicing them apart, then finishing cutting the top open, in my mind’s eyes she laying there totally exposed a wanton smile on her face.

“Well what are you waiting for lover, I’m all yours!” A sensation in my crotch that I haven’t felt in a long time begins.  It’s not stopped even when I hear a puthew and a gob of wet phlegm lands on my cheek. Stepping away, taking the knife with me, I let it drop to the floor, where it’s soon is joined by my pants and top.

In my mind’s eye she is so impressed with how endowed I am that she once more purrs sexily “Come on lover boy, don’t keep me waiting any longer!” Instead the reality was a laugh followed by “You call that a cock?” Now i was enraged, moving back to the bed i reach out, contacting with her upper thigh, pulling my hand back behind me back then letting it come down on the flesh of her thigh resulting in a loud slapping sound. “Owwwwwww!!!!!” them more tears

“Say that again and it will be the last thing to come out of that mouth!” crawling up on the mattress, placing myself between her splayed legs. “I was going to be nice but you just shot that all to hell!” Holding my cock, lining it up then surging forwards into her dry pussy. Her screams reverberated in my ears for a good five minutes or more as i forced my cock into her. “Where’s you insults now bitch!”

Her screams dies down to whimpers as I continue to thrust in and out of her. Retreating to the vision in my mind’s eye once more, she screaming ‘harder stud!” and ‘fuck my so i’ll want no other man again!’. Forgetting reality I do as the vision Lisa says and start fucking her harder and faster. Between her thrashing trying to get an arm fre and me pushing her up and down on the mattress one sock starts to tear.

At the pace I was going I couldn’t last much longer and I didn’t crying out that I was cumming as I felt it stream out of me into her. When i’m spent i roll over her leg and onto the floor, where unbeknownst to me the sock that tore was not only a few strands from parting. Getting to my feet i go back into the kitchen to get something to drink, leaving Lisa on the mattress.

She ties to close her legs to no avail then tries each arm, surprised and shocked when one comes to her side, a piece of sock falling away. Hurrying she loosens the other wrist, then moves onto her legs. When she free she gets up. Spotting a glint of something on the floor, bending down, picking it up.

As I come back inside “Well what you say want to help me get laid once more?” The answer was something I’ll never forget, a cold slicing sensation in my lower abdomen, something deep, drawing something warm and wet from my body. The rest of me going cold as i sink to the floor. I think I hear through sobs “Maybe I’ll be nice and call an ambulance!” The sound of her footsteps getting farther away from me.

I call out “But I’m cut!” The door opening and closing is my reply.

                                                                                             The End