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What follows below is pure fantasy, the author doesn't condone any type of violence in real life against women. Many different laws were broken in this story,if you cannot comprehend what ones then please look at the laws of your land to make sure you are not breaking them!

I watch her come up the walkway from the second floor window in her bedroom.She has no idea that I’m anywhere near the stuck up little cheerleader. Oh to good to talk to a guy like me. Trust me your going to have an intimate talk with a part of me before I leave.

I hear the Masterlock deadbolt  ratchet back, a tell tale light reflecting up the stairs as the door open. “Mom i’m home!” Getting no answer I can picture her taking off her blue varsity bomber jacket, hanging it up. Then I hear her footsteps on the stairs coming up. Quickly entering the closet. Closing the door so my little hello to her will have the full effect, I wait in almost total darkness.

In she comes “Maureen don’t play your music too soft! Sure thing mom!” The stereo comes on, the bass beat rattling the closet door and the windows. The music muffles the sound of her moving, but a sudden stream of light answers my question of where she’s got to and what she doing.

Thanks to the welding goggle I’m wearing my eyes adjust very fast. Too bad she had no idea that I was here, as she moves a few hangered pieces of clothing I grab her by the arm quickly twisting it up behind her back “Well hello to you Maureen! Are you willing to talk now?” A piece of steel flashing in the light touches her left breast “Well?”

“Please my mom is downstairs!, One scream and she’ll have the police here faster than you can count toes and fingers!” A little bravado in her voice as she thinks she scaring me.

The tip of the knife pokes through the cotton nylon mix of her t-shirt “Nice try Maureen but I scouted the entire place before you got here!". Suddenly she trembling under my touch and the tip of the knife as I use it to tear her shirt.

As I force her out of the closet, back into her room “Now your going to be a good little girl aren’t you Maureen?” Going to stop her, a little movement of her right catches my peripheral vision, her foot coming back towards my leg like a mule kick . Side stepping it she miss and goes off balance. The knife rips more of her t-shirt as she struggles to get away. Reaching out, getting a hold on the collar, just as Maureen recovers her balance, swinging an elbow back towards me, giving her a chance to shake my hold on her arm.

As she bolts for the open door her t-shirt tears open but she doesn’t stop racing for the stairs, about a third of the way down before I recover my balance. Moving fast, not wasting time going down the stairs, I jump over the railing, landing just behind her, catching the heel of her right foot, sending her crashing to the floor and the first two steps . Stunned she tries to fight as I grab her pants pulling her back towards me.

Turning onto her back, kicking out with her good left leg while trying to undo her pants. Getting them open, kicking once more, me pulling hard, she escapes leaving me her pants in my hands. Clad only in a bar and thong she bypasses the front door going deeper into the hallway. I drop the pant and I’m after her quick. She tries to make the kitchen, going through the door to the island with the knife block on it, taking one about to come back out as I kick the door flying open, catching her on the left side, spinning her around then to the floor.

I’m on her in an instant after stepping on her hand holding the knife, making her drop it. “Oh Maureen that just earned you a punishment!” Grabbing the front of her thong yanking it up hard wedging the thin back into the crack of her ass , once more the knife flashes in the light, slicing the fabric like it was a laser going through a pat of butter.

“Now Maureen are you finally going to behave or should I just thrust this into you here on the floor?” Holding the blade directly over her heart, her eyes wide in fear.

“I’l-l-l-l-l behav-e--e-e!”

“Prove it, take your bra off and give me it!”

Trembling hands reach under her, doing what i imagine is unhooking the bra. As I see the side pieces loosen , holding out my hand only to have the piece of white silk thrown at me, her right foot shooting out jamming into the front of my leg just above the knee, buckling my leg under me.

She’s up like a light skirting me, trying for the door and the hallway leading to possible freedom. Her hand comes into contact with the door as I reach out slashing the back of her left leg just above the ankle “Oh godddddddddddddddddddddd!” crashing to the floor her cut leg bleeding. Getting up on her hands and knees, crawling away, leaving a trail of dark red blood behind her.

Getting back up trying to put my weight on my injured leg, almost going back to the floor before transferring most of weight to my other foot. Knowing I handicapped her severely, I get rid of my pants and begin to stalk my prey. Following the smear of blood into the hallway towards the front door, seeing Morgan trying to pull herself up by the door knob. “Going somewhere Maureen?” She turns seeing my limp towards her, slowly sinking back to the floor.

“Why are you doing this?” tears streaming down her face “What have I ever done to you?” Finally making my way to stand in front of her, her head level with the top of my thighs

“You don’t know do you Miss Maureen Denane, Senior Varsity Cheerleader who refuse to come to a tutorial with me because it interfered with a stupid game!” Moving closer pulling her up to her knees “Well now you can learn about Human biology the hard way!” Grabbing her by the hair, pulling her tight against my crotch, pressing my hard cock into her lips “Suck it Maureen!”

Twisting her head trying to break my hold, giving up when with my other hand I slap her across the face just hard enough to stun her into obedience. Pressing my cock back against her lips they part enough that I enter her warm mouth “Bite me and the next thing you’ll feel is the blade ripping it way across those find tits of your..!" That did it , she knows she can’t fight me anymore, accepting her fate, sucking on my cock  halfheartedly.

For a few minutes I let her suck me, when I begin to feel my balls churn I pull out. “Crawl into the living room Maureen.” She does as she told “Go rest you chest on the couch!” Again she does as told, lying across the seat as I move behind her. Kicking her legs open than settling into them, aligning my cock to her dry slit.

Shoving in hard and deep, Maureen lifts her head crying out in pain as my cock tears into her dry pussy passage. I don’t care if I’m hurting her in my mind this is what she deserved for her treatment of me!.  As her head returns to the  fabric I hear her cry in pain weakly say “I’m sorry!”

I’m not moved, continuing to a rapid short thrusting of her pussy then changing to slow long deep strokes. Minutes pass then I return to the short rapid thrust making her jerk across the fabric of the couch, burning her cheeks, upper chest and breasts. Seeing that makes me even more please! Then it happens, I cum into her pussy firing long ropes of cum deep into her.

When I pulled out, Maureen slowly slides off the couch to the floor lying there in a dazed, cum slowly leaking to the floor from her abused pussy!

“So will you be attending your next tutoring session or should I just come looking for you again?” Leaving her there curling up into a fetal position. Going to collect my clothes, putting then on and leaving but not before returning to Maureen. Grabbing her by the hair  pulling her up , kissing her then dropping her back down “No don’t worry I’ll see myself out!”

                                                                         That's All!

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Great start.  Can't wait for more.

July 12, 2018, 12:31:51 PM
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Well brokenwing I really didn't see this one going further until your comment got me thinking!

Part Two:

The door closes, minutes pass before Maureen tries to pull herself up onto the couch in front of her. Looking down at her legs, a rivet of cum slowly making it way down the inside of her legs, blood still flowing down the back of her left leg. Dazed,a little light headed Maureen sat down on the couch trying to make sense of what just occurred and that’s how Bill found her when he came to visit

Knocking on the door, calling out “Hey Babe it your man open up!” Maureen fearing that her attacker has returned cowards on the couch, her arms around her chest weakly about to speak when she hears the door knob turn. The door opens a crack “Maureen?, Mrs  Denane? Hello anyone home?” Walking in closing the door behind him, looking around , seeing nothing on the stairs, or in the hallway leading to the kitchen. Turning his head to the left, he spots Maureen sitting on the couch hugging herself

“Hey babe why didn’t you let me in?” going into the living room “Or at least call out come in?” Getting no reply even when in standing in front of her, reaching for her chin, lifting “Hey Maureen what’s wrong?”  Noticing for the first time that she was naked “Oh i get this is your idea of a come on right?” His hands grasp one of her arms “Let’s see what your hiding behind these arms!"

Suddenly Maureen jerks her arm out of his hands “No! leave me alone!”  She tries to jump up only for her leg to give out, she would have fell back onto the couch if it wasn’t for Bill reaching out and grabbing hold of her.

“Hey babe it’s me Bill!”

The name penetrating  “Bill!” throwing her arms around his neck, holding on for dear life “He broke in, chased me, cutting me, then fucked me!” Tears begin flowing down her face again. Bill immediately became concerned at her words.

“Who?, What?, Why?”  Letting her keep her hold on him “Mauren why don’t you start from the beginning?” Helping her sit back down on the couch. Once seated Maureen opened up telling him everything she could remember. The more he heard the madder he became. As she finishes a loud smack is heard as Bill's left fist strikes the palm of his right hand.

“The bastard I’ll kill him when I get a hold of him!” Once more moving to Maureen, lifting her up from the couch ‘First let’s get your leg looked after!” Carrying her out to his car then driving her to the hospital. Bill calls Mrs Denane and relating everything to her. An half hour later he’s joined by Mrs. Denane

“Any word Bill?”

“Not since they took her inside Mrs. D!” She goes to the nurse’s station where after five minutes she finally gets some answers. Turning to Bill motioning him to follow her, a nurse leads both of them through a maze of hallways to an isolated room where they are met by a female doctor and a female police officer

“You’re daughter is going to need some counselling to cope with her ordeal, the gash on her leg will require stitches, past that she seem in perfect health!’ the doctor states then walks away. The officer takes it from there “I’ve got the gist of the incident and understand her hesitation to press charges, maybe the two of you can change her mind about doing so!” Handing her card to Mrs. Denane then leaving them to enter Maureen’s cubicle.

Mrs Denane parts the curtain, seeing her daughter on the gurney, in the hospital gown the look of despair in her eyes “Oh god Maureen what did that bastard do to you?” Both burst into tears as they hug, Bill waiting outside, respecting their privacy or what passes for it.

“Whoever did this i’m going to make them pay for hurting you Maureen!” Her mother gripping her hand in hers gently squeezing “That school is going to regret assigning that bastard to my little girl!”

Outside the curtain Bill is on his phone “Yeah Jim i want to know who was assigned to tutor Maureen, why the third degree?” getting more pissed off by the second “Just tell me who and i’ll hang up!” A few seconds then “Glen Harrison, now was that so hard!” Closing his phone just as the curtain parts.

“Bill she wants you!” Mrs. Denane drawing back the curtain enough to admit him. The sight that greets his eyes breaks his heart and fires his inner anger. Maureen, his girl lying on a white sheet , her left leg bandaged in gauze and tape, the look of shame in her eyes Inside all Bill can think of is how Harrison is going to regret every hearing the name Maureen Denane.

“Bill! I don’t want you doing anything stupid like trying to get revenge for what he did to me!” Her lower lip trembling as the words comes out. “The officer said unless there is evidence at home, it will be a case of his word versus mine!” Now tears form in the corner of her eyes “I don’t want to see that bastard again so let’s just drop it here and now!"

Biting back his anger, Bill grasps Mauren’s right hand “Whatever you want babe, you got it!” Inside ‘Right after I rearrange his internal organs that is!’, gently squeezing her hand “You know I would do anything for you Maureen, including forgetting this!” Kissing the back of her hand before releasing it! Catching a glimpse of the time on the small digital clock on the wall in front of the head of the gurney “Damn babe I got to get to practice or coach will have my balls for breakfast!” Making to leave, I’ll call you when I’m done practice before coming over!”


Looking up at the clock above the DVD player “Well another one that not serious about getting a passing grade!” closing and collecting the various books and binders off the desk, then going to flop down onto his single bed. “Why did I ever sign up to become a tutor?” A  knock on the dorm room door then it opens a crack.

“Hey nerdstrom coast clear?”

Great Grant is back time to suffer more of the neanderthal's ribbing about ‘what a waste of testosterone” I was. “All Clear another one didn’t show up, sorry for asking you to leave Grant!”

“Hey don’t let it bother you Glen, maybe they hears about the reek of testosterone coming from here and got scared!” Coming in flopping onto his bed, I found something to do this afternoon to keep busy!” Winking at me as he undressed,tossing his pants onto the floor when i first spot the smear of blood on his leg

“What happened to your leg Grant?” pointing to the blood,his eyes following the direction of my finger, then shrugging his shoulders.

“No idea, good thing I came back to grab a shower before the party tonight over at the Delta house!” Reaching for the bathrobe and towel hanging over the headboard of his bed. Sure you won’t come over nerdstrom, I’m sure they could use a doorstop!”

“No I’m just going to stay here and study!”

“Whatever nerdstrom!” Out he goes leaving me to my books and solitude!

                                                                   To be continued

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Sorry this took so long

Part Three

Practice goes like usual and I concentrate on it rather than what happened to Maureen. As soon as the coach blows the whistle I bolt to the showers and gets changed so I could go find this Glenn Harrison guy and get some revenge for what he did to Maureen. Before I could get through the door “Hey Bill you going to the party tonight?”

Grant Stockard coming out of the locker room, slightly limping on his right leg. Damn forgot all about that party “I don’t know! I’ll see if I can make it!”  noticing his limp, “What’s up with your leg?”

“Took a charley horse early this afternoon, but it ain’t going to stop me showing up!” Making his way past me as I entered the locker room. Twenty minutes later I’m out and on my way to the dorm building where Glen Harrison is. Another ten minutes past before I get there on my bike. According to Jim he’s in room 413, taking the stairs two at a time, I’m in front of his room in a minute.

Taking a deep breath I launch a kick at the handle like they do on the TV cop shows, the door doesn’t fly open like TV but it does show cracks in the wood. Another kick and the cracks widens and from inside comes a voice “Jesus Grant can’t you knock!”

As the door open “Hey your not Grant!” What a genius “If your looking for him he gone to the party at the Delta house!” Trying to close the door, but I block it with me shoulder

“I’m looking for Glen Harrison!” I get out stopping the door from closing any further,

“I’m him!” now it was my turn to be surprised as he let the door swing open “Are you here for a tutorial?”
Stepping back into the room giving me a full look at him. My thought *This little twerp cut Maureen and raped her. No fucking way Maureen would have kicked his balls into his skull before he got the chance!*
“If your here for a tutorial I’m sorry but you’re not on my official time schedule!”

“No I’m here to talk about what you did to Maureen Denane this afternoon He looks at me with a queer look on his face, pissing me off big time when he said

“I didn’t do anything with her, she never showed up!”

“Oh I know !” grabbing him by the front of his shirt, bunching it up in my fist. “You went to her place terrorizing her before raping her you fucking little prick!” my left hand curling into a fist, rearing back about to launch it into his face.

“I don’t what your talking about but I been here all afternoon!” I Keep a hold of him, my fist ready fly to go as he continues “You can ask Tom Dalton the floor monitor!”

Pulling him towards me “I’ll do that and your coming with me!” Turning around dragging him by the bunched shirt with me. Hollering “I’m looking for Tom Dalton!”

Two doors down opens and out comes a tall lanky guy “I’m Tim Dalton, what can I do for you?” Noticing my hold on Glen “Ah I don’t know what’s going on here but can you let go of Glen please?”

“Depends on what you tell me!” Pulling Glen closer to me “Where has he been all afternoon to your knowledge?”

“In his room waiting for his tutorial students to show up only to be stood up!” backing what Glen told me “Why what’s it to you?”

I let go of Glen  “But Maureen said she was terrorized and raped by the guy she was supposed to be tutored by today!” I couldn’t wrap my head around what was going on “But if he never went to her house, then who was there?” Here I thought I have it all figured out but now learning this I had no idea how to help Maureen out.

Christ the way I acted I didn’t know if I should ask  him to do something for me or not but I took a chance “Hey look sorry but I hope you understand that Maureen means a lot to me!” Offering my hand to him, he takes it and shakes my hand “Can I ask you to come see Maureen with me, maybe she can describe the guy and you might recognize his description!”

“Hey if it fully clears my name from your suspicions sure!” Moving away from me, Just let me get my coat and lock the door!” He leaves me and Tim alone, standing there both feeling awkward in the other’s presence. Finally he returns, wheeling a bike with him “I hope you don’t mind but I can’t afford a car”

“No problem neither can I and it’s a perfect form of exercise!” Turning to go basically ignoring Tim, my mind on what I would do if Glen was lying to me. Before i realize it I’m out side unlocking my bike “Okay she over at the Medical center still or at home, let’s try the medical centre first!” Keeping to myself,  *That way you’ll be able to get treatment before the cops arrive!* Hopping on setting off I was really surprised that Glen was able to keep the pace I set all the way to the hospital.

Pulling up we both place our bikes in the bike rack, locking them before entering and going to the information desk “Is Maureen Denane still here?”” The candy striper check on her computer screen

“Yes she just been stitched up so she should be discharged within the hour!”

Making my way back to her with Glen a few steps behind me, anxious to see her reaction as she sees him again. Coming to the white curtain, hearing her mother’s voice i slide it open “Hey babe up for another visitor?

“There you are Bill!” happy to see me but the look in her eyes was so happy “Where have you been mom has been trying to call you for the last half hour?”

“Had to meet someone, after practice!” my hand on the curtain sliding it back so Glen came into view “I think you two have already met babe?” She looks past me to Glen,a questioning look on her face, same with her mother’s

“Hello! Are you a friend of Bill?”

Glen steps up holding out his hand “No I’m Glen Harrison, I understand you are Maureen Harrison who I was suppose to tutor today?”

Her mom is on her feet in an instant “Your the son of a bitch who did this to my daughter!”

“NO MOM,HE’S NOT THE ONE WHO ATTACKED ME!” Maureen “I’ve never seen him before now!’

“Really I sit right in front of you in Science Lab!” Glen sounded hurt but Maureen continued

“The one who attacked me would make three of this one!” Pulling the blanket up to her neckline. Besides I kicked the one who attacked me so he was limping on his right leg and I sure I must have bled on him after he cut me!"

"Hey my roommate came in with blood on his leg earlier today!” Glen told us

“Who’s yours roommate?” I ask

“Grant Stockard!” my mind instantly return to me talking with Grant at the locker room, remembering he was limping on his right leg

*That fucking bastard I’ll kill him!*

                                                                       To Be Concluded