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October 01, 2018, 06:45:51 PM

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With Dirty Serenity's kind permission  I'm posting a story I wrote for her as a thank you for all the likes she's given my work

                              The Meeting

Wednesday afternoon

I’m so excited after getting notification that I won the contest to meet my favorite author from Forced Forbidden Fantasy when we have a connection convention in Chicago at the end of the month. Even more exciting was that all my expenses were going to be paid by Gscamr64, which was great since I couldn’t afford the trip on the measly amount I make as a waitress at work!

God I couldn’t wait for Friday to finally get here and I got my first limo ride to a big city. Until them I’m going to go through what passes for wardrobe trying to pick out an outfit that will be sophisticated enough for Chicago but remains true to me


“Dirty Serenity just posted in your latest about you teasing her by posting daily like you do?”

“I know, I can read!”

“Still say it mean what you have planned!”

“Are you going to the convention Carol?”

“No! But she been nothing by nice to you with her comments and all the like for your stories!”

“And that’s why she's  the only one I considered meeting was her.”  Looking at her profile page “That reminds me did you send that package as I asked you to?”

“Yes! But I still wonder just how you got her measurements to pick out that outfit?”

“Well that’s for me to know and for you not to care about!” Holding up my hand to ward off anymore conversation, Turning my attention to the contract for the limo i rented and the map from here to Diana’s place.


Thursday morning

A knock at my door just as I was about to leave for work caught me by surprise. Cautiously I open the door a crack and see a UPS driver holding an oblong box along with his package meter. “Package for Diana Spencer!” Opening the door wider he hands the box to my “Sign on line 13!” Taking the meter I do as told then taking the box I close the door and look for a sign of who sent it.

Seeing nothing I open it cautiously, cutting the packing tape i open the flaps and fins a card on top of the vellum inside. Opening it gasping as i read

                              Diana just want to make sure that you are the prettiest
                              girl at the convention when we walk in together

Lifting one piece of vellum I see a gorgeous sky blue prom dress, lifting it by the neckline I find the tag and my bulge out it my size but how would he know what dress size I wore? Placing the dress back in it’s box, refolding the vellum and refolding the flaps I put the box on my bed then get myself off to work!


From across the road I watch the UPS guy deliver the package, minutes later she rushes out, locking the door, off to work giving me the opportunity to once more enter her place and snoop around. As soon as she’s around the corner I make my move , making sure I have the keys that the private detective managed to score for me.

Letting myself in, I once more go into her bedroom, seeing the package the seal broken on the bed bringing a smile to my face. This time i concentrate my search to her drawers, starting with the bottom drawer of the dresser. Opening it i find both black and blue jeans size two along with a pair of cut off jean shorts. Closing the drawer then moving to the next one up, this one containing medium size t-shirts which seemed fitting since she was at my guesstimate a 34C  chest.

The next drawer confirmed my guesstimate as it was loaded with her unmentionable, all folded with care, the bras and thongs separated by her socks. As interesting as the contents were i was looking for something different but I won’t lie I did take a couple of her bras and the matching thongs for my personal use.

Opening the top drawer I hit paydirt, her birth control pills, a tube of KY jelly and a package of twelve condoms, with only two missing, proving my theory about Miss Spencer that she wasn’t very promiscuous., digging a little more brought to light a navy blue velvet box about eight inches long and about three inches wide. Opening it “Well now this isn’t what I thought I would find!” Inside a silicone dildo complete with replica balls attached. “

“So if she plays with herself with this then I’m not going to have any problem with her!” Putting it back then walking out to her kitchen to rummage around her fridge, Opening the door I  kind of shocked to see a bottle of milk and a pound of unsalted butter as the sole occupants of it. Must eat out a lot or at work before coming home. My curiosity sated I lock up and leave counting the minutes in my head until she and i meet in person!


Friday Morning

“Sir we are approximately one mile from the young ladies residence!”

“Thank you Giles!” Getting my phone out I call the number that I made sure was right. It ring five times before i hear a click on the line, a groggy “helo!”

“Would this be Miss Diana Spencer?” Waiting for a reply, getting one “Well this is Graeme Cartier, I’ll be at your resident in under an hour to whisk you away to Chicago

“But I haven’t even shower yet or packed!” I could tell she was coming awake!

“Well by all means shower and don’t worry about packing, I’ve already took care of that!”


“Well by all means shower and don’t worry about packing, i’ve already took care of that!” just what the hell did he mean by that, then I remember the dress. Once more I question how he know what size I am?  Twenty five minutes later i’m showered and about to pour myself a glass of orange juice when my phone rings again

“If your ready I’d like to start the trip, afterall it three hours from here to Chicago!” Pausing before continuing, “And of course I expect we’ll have to stop for a suitable breakfast!” It was like he had a camera trained on me the way he seemed to know exactly what I was doing. With a towel still wrapped around me I go to the bedroom to get dressed.

Grabbing a pale yellow t-shirt, a beige bra, blue thong and a pair of blue jeans, I’m ready to go ten minutes later. A text message from gscmar64 reminds me to pick up the dress he previously sent me. With it in hand i ready to go, opening the door I see someone whom i assume was the limo driver stand on my front steps.

Taking the box from me, presenting his elbow to me, i’m escorted to the limo where the door is opened by another. Peering inside i see a guy dressed in a pair of black jeans, a white shirt and a sky blue jacket  “Gscmar64?”

“Please call me Graeme!” holding out his hand to me “Graeme Cartier and you would be Dirty Serenity i presume?” his eyes travelling from the top of my head down to my shins before they return to my face after spending more than a five count on my breasts.

Please feel free to climb in anytime you would like, I don’t bite unless you ask me to!”
For some reason i feel very comfortable with him, so i get in. As soon as I’m seated and belted in he offers me a glass of iced orange juice and aa iced cinnamon danish


She gets in and I give her a hold over snack until we get to the best breakfast bar in Illinois. I watch intently as she devours the danish and drink down the juice in five long drafts. As she settles back into the seat I notice her eyelids begin to droop. Good the little dose of Ambient I dissolved into the icing and orange juice was already taking effect, thirty minutes later i knew she was out.

Rolling down the partition “So there has been a change in plans, take us back to the airfield you collected me this morning!”

“Right away sir!”

The car moves a few more yards forwards before it turns the other direction. So far it was all going to plan, soon the two of us will be in Canada, one legally the other so disoriented that they have no idea that she is now an illegal immigrant dependant on her kidnapper to stay out of jail!

                                                    To be Continued

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Part Two

An half hour later and we are flying across Lake Michigan, twenty minutes more and we are approaching Billy Bishop Airport. Landing at a private hanger I watch as Diana is carried off the plane on a backboard and brought to the limo I hired to drive us to our love nest. Unbuckling the straps I easily transfer her inert form to the back seat of the car, getting in with her I can’t help but cop a feel of her ass through her jeans. Oh god it felt so firm to my hand.

“To the warehouse sir?”

“No John!, I think I’ll take her straight to the house” Closing the partition and pulling the blinds as I begin strip my prize. First her shoes then her jeans, god the sight of her bare legs makes my mouth water, long lean lower leg with just the perfect amount of muscles to form a perfect curve. As my eyes take in her muscular but very feminine  thighs I couldn’t help but to kiss the front of them. Then the hint of something dark blue catches my sight from the corner of my left eye, a thong covering what I can only believe will be the most perfect pubic mound I’ve ever had the chance to see.

Checking to make sure she was still out of it, I take the thong off, bringing it to my nose to inhale her scent deeply. Then even I can’t believe how I start to act when my tongue licks the fabric up and down. I put her thong into my right jacket pocket ad get on with stripping her. Taking out a knife i cut off her t-shirt and beige bra, the sight of her breasts comes as no surprise to me. To say they were perfect was like saying the Grand Canyon was a natural wonder.

A gently curve of flesh topped by tan areolas and brown nipples had me rock hard in an instant but now wasn’t the time nor place to take her. Reaching into the footwell I pull out the box with the dress I plan for her to awaken in. Shimming it down her torso after getting her head through the opening was quite easy, trust me more easy than denying myself a chance to finger fuck her. God this part of the trip was turning into pure torture for me but I wanted our first time to be perfect.

Suddenly the intercom phone rang “Yes John?”

“We’re pulling up to the gate sir!’ Jesus about time I thought “Shall I pull up to the front door?”

“No pull into the east garage and make sure the garage door is down before we get out.!” From the rear window I see my orders are being carried out by my loyal driver. When we are safely in the enclosed garage, I open the door and carry my prize through it  into the house and to what will become our bed. Gently laying her on the bed I  leave her to come to naturally. Taking the last look at her, biting my lower lip as just a hint of cleavage can be seen above the bust line of the dress.

As I turn to leave I vow to myself that before the night was over I would plant my face between those breasts while I bury my cock into her pussy whether she want it or not! Making my way to my den I turn on the monitor to watch my prize sleep and to open my laptop to do some writing for Forbidden Forced Fantasy. As the words begin to flow, on the monitor I see her eyes ficker open.


My eyelids flicker and partial open, a thin ray of light penetrate past my lashes making me sht my eyes tight once more. Eventually I rub them and keep them open as they get use to the bright sunlight coming through a floor to ceiling window. Looking around I’m on a king size bed, shocked I look down at myself, seeing that I’m in the dress that Gscmar64 sent me. But how, when and most importantly where the fuck am I?

Swinging my legs to the edge of the bed I slowly try to stand, okay so far so good. I start with small steps trying for the door,  getting near enough i reach out with my left hand and pull back in shock. On my ring finger is the biggest stone I’ve ever seen up close, it’s setting on a gold band, now where the fuck did that come from?

Once more reaching out for the knob I try to turn it, surprised as it turns and the door opens onto a lit hallway. Craning my neck out the door I look both ways, seeing nothing nor no one. Getting a little bold I call out “Hello is anyone here?” There’s no response so I start up the hallway towards the stairs. All the way there i don’t realize that I’m holding my breath, hoping to hear something before I’m heard.

The stairs are carpeted, masking my footsteps as i make my way down to the ground floor. As I clear the last step I see him, in a doorway a giant smile on his face. For some reason I can’t seem to remember who HE is and that frightens me. I’m about to turn around and go back up stairs when he calls out to me

“Well I was beginning to worry if the fall down the church’s steps hurt you more than you let on?” He starts to walk towards me.

Church steps, a fall, I have no recollection of either  as he nears me, his arms out as if he expects me to hug him. Then he closes his arms around me, his hand going to the curve of my back, drawing me into his warm embrace, shocked i stand there as his lips touch mine in a kiss. A few seconds pass before I push out of his arms

“Really Mrs Cartier, you’re not going to kiss your new husband in our home?”

I have no idea what he’s talking about, wait a minute did he just call me ‘Mrs. Cartier’! “What did you just call me?”

Taking me back in his arms “I called you Mrs Cartier, as in Mrs. Graeme Cartier. Kissing my right cheek “You know the name you took in from of the priest was the people gathered in the church yesterday afternoon!”

“Why don’t I remember marrying you?” The look in his eyes confuse me, it not concern for my plight it was more like lust. I couldn’t think straight as I feel his hand drop to the cheeks of my ass. Even through the fabric of the dress I could feel the warmth of his hand as they squeezed my ass.

“Well the doctor in the ER said they maybe some short term memory lost as a result of hitting your head on the concrete step!” Letting go of my ass, backing away from me, his left hand entwining my right hand “Look why don’t I show you the video that was shot of our wedding?” Leading me to the door I first saw him coming out of. As I enter I see a large screen tv hanging on a wall, currently it was turned off.

There was a couch in front of it, behind that was a large wooden desk. He led me to the couch, saw me seated then went to the desk. I hear buttons being pressed, the light dim and the TV comes to life. On the screen is a picture of what i believe is us standing in front a another man dressed in black with a white collar around his neck.

The volume is low but I hear the words of the marriage ceremony clear as day.
As I watch mezmorized, I hear the sound of a zipper going down then I feel a slight breeze on my bare chest as the top of my dress falls to my waist. Warm hands reach around and cup my breasts, a thumb and finger closing on my nipples, rolling the between them. One leaves and I feel the hair on the back of my neck sweep aside then the warm sensation of lips kissing the flesh as the remaining hand continues to manipulate my nipple.

On the screen the priest turns to me and asks me if I take him as my lawful husband. As I’m about to reply I feel the hand on my breast let go and slide inside my dress, going on a clear path to my pubic mound. As The words “I Do!” is to be heard I sigh  as a warm finger touched my clit, sending sensations throughout my body.

As the on screen image changes to a front shot of the priest I hear  “And do you Graeme Cartier take Diana Spencer as your lawful wife?” Suddenly i can hear everything as if I was right there “I Do!” then “Well Then in the eyes of god and those present today I am happy to pronounce you husband and wife and what God has brought together, may no man tear asunder!”

As the picture fades I feel myself swung around on the couch, my back lowering to the pillows, my dress sliding down my legs, then the slight breeze flowing over my bare skin before I'm covered by a warm body “And now Mrs.Cartier The only thing to do is to consummate our wedding!”

I can feel his hard cock touching the inner sides of my thighs before he parts me legs with his. “No this can’t be right?” Squirming under his weight, trying to prevent what he wanted from happening “Why can’t I remember any of this?” Then i’m screaming!

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I feel his cock savagely plowing it’s way into my pussy, splitting me apart with it’s girth. He’s taking me deeper than any man has before, not giving me time to get wet or to adjust to him in me. In my mind I’m thinking *Is this his idea of love making?* In and out he thrust like I was just a piece of meat for him to fuck as hard as he wanted to not his beloved new bride.

“Oh god please your hurting me!” beating his shoulders with my fists but nothing I was doing seemed to affect him. Over and over he thrusted into me, all I wanted was  for him to finish.I feel him grab my chin twisting my head so I was looking into his eyes.

“Look at me as I cum in you and claim you as mine!”

I didn’t want to experience him cumming in me let alone watch his eyes as he did it. I try to close my eyes only for him to strike me across the face. “Keep your eyes open, and locked on mine or so help you god you’ll regret it!” I feel him thrust deep and hold in me, I swear the tip was tight against my cervix as I feel the heat of his cum flow through me. My insides feel warm matching the feeling of the side of my face from my tears.

“Oh quit you bawling or so help me I’ll take your ass with a broom handle!” He gets up, going away from me, then the TV turns off and I hear “Alright go clean up and get my dinner ready!”  With that he dismisses me from his presence. As I'm about to go through the door “After dinner I plan to fuck you again, try to show me some pleasure and not the dead fuck I just experienced!”

                                                      To be Continued

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Part Three

Pulling my dress back in place, I stumble my way out into the hallway my thoughts in a shamble *Make him dinner, fuck me again afterwards, right now all I want to do is go home and forget I ever heard of Gscmar64. And what did he mean by dead fuck? How did he expect me to react to him basically raping me, give him the pornstar treatment of oohing and ahhing with each thrust. Right now he should consider himself lucky that i couldn’t find anything in that room to cut his ball off with!*

Wandering aimlessly not realizing that I had no idea of where anything was in this place, nor am I aware just where this place was to begin with. The last thing I can fully remember was the limo coming to take me to the convention in Chicago. I maybe wrong but this place sure doesn’t look like a convention center to me. Still i was away from that asshole I supposedly married so that counted for something.

Aimlessly walking I eventually come to the kitchen after passing doors to the left and right that the door was closed. A quick look around, I had to say I was impressed by the layout and the abundance of utensils to use. Going to the fridge, opening it to see what I could at least make myself, to hell with the fucking bastard in the den. Taking out the making for a salad I set about making one.

“I hope you plan more than that for dinner!” Damn I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts that i didn’t hear him come into the kitchen

“Well I didn’t see anything in the fridge  besides salad fixings!”

He comes behind me, his palm pressing hard onto my asscheek “What have you never seen a two door fridge before?” Opening the right side door, revealing steaks, pork chops and small rosats of both beef and pork. “Now do I have to do everything for you Mrs. Cartier? Insulting me “a lousy fuck and probably a lousy cook also!” Well that sure as hell made me not want to show the bastard what I’m capable of.

He takes out a pair of steaks, turning around and tossing them onto the countertop “Now I’ll make it very simple for you, two steaks one medium rare and a lite salad, think you can handle that?” Slapping me on the ass, pressing me into the closed door of the fridge, nuzzling my neck then the reminder to me. “Remember we eat then I’m going to enjoy fucking you again!”

He’s off me and walking away from the kitchen before I realize that I was holding my breath the whole time since I heard his voice. Turning I see the door close, another turn and I see the steaks, trembling I move to unwrap them. Hunting through the cupboards I finally fine spices and seasons the steaks before taking them to the stove to cook. All the while thinking *The longer this takes the longer before he fucks me again*


I watch her in the kitchen wonder if she was deliberately taking her time making dinner, all the while my cock twitching as I watch her. Her hips and ass swaying as she moved back and forth from the countertop to the stove. I wonder what’s going through her mind as she making dinner. Well soon I’ll find out, seeing her take the steaks from the oven i make my way back to the kitchen

Entering I watch her from just inside the door. She spots me, two plates, one in each hand “Dinner is ready!” taking a step towards me “Where is the dining room?”

“Through the blue door to your left!” She makes her way there as I do the same. I get there just before her and hold the door open for her, then I go in and get her chair for her, pulling it out and pushing it back in when she’s seated. The aroma off her plate was heavenly “Well if that taste as heavenly as it smells then I can’t wait for you to cook more for me!”

Gently turning her head up to meet mine as it’s comes down I kiss her before going to take my seat. Once seated I start with a piece of steak, the taste as i start chewing was only surpassed by the thought running through my mind of just what i was going to take for dessert. “My god this is the best steak I’ve ever had before!” Devouring it while she barely touched hers, oh no I wouldn’t let her delay my plans like that.

“Eat up or I’ll take that chair away and fuck you while you finish eating!” Her eyes widen, she drops her fork when I push my chair back and stand.

“I’m eating!” the urgency in her voice tell me she understood that i wasn’t kidding. Ten minutes later her plate is clean. Getting up i collect it from her along with the cutlery, taking them to the kitchen, returning with two sniffers of cognac.

“Shall we retire to the parlor before going to bed?” She gets up without saying anything letting me direct her to the parlor where a fire was going in the fireplace. Motioning her to a chair I take one opposite her. Passing a sniffer to her, she looks at it hesitantly “One does not do anything to such a fine vintage my dear!”  That must has reassured her as she took a sip, swallowed then she caught me off guard with her question

“Why don’t I remember anything after getting in the limo until i was in the upstair room?”

I must have still been savoring the meal, before I knew what I was saying “Why that the effect of  the Ambient pills I dissolved in the orange juice and sprinkled on top of the danish!” No sooner are the word out of my mouth than she up, dashing to the fireplace grabbing the poker.

“You fucking bastard you drugged me!” swinging the poker in front of her, preventing me getting near her. “Then that video of our ‘marriage’ was a sham?” Moving a little closer to me, still swinging the poker. “Then our consummation was nothing more than pure rape!”

Swinging for my head, I duck and step in getting her arm, preventing it from swinging back.  Jamming her arm against my side until I make her drop the poker, then i flip her onto the rug. Before she can recover I’m on her tearing the bottom hem of the dress until it tears up, exposing her bare ass. As I try to undo my zipper he manages to get out from under me, reaching out for the poker, I grab her leg pulling her away from it, giving her rug burn doing so.

“You had to fucking ruin everything didn’t you?” Getting a hold of her hair i pull her head up off the floor , then ramming it back down dazing her. Her arms falls to her side and I know she’s just out of it enough that I can once more take her. Undoing my pants, sliding them down to my knees, I turn her onto her stomach and mouth her.

Grabbing her wrists I pull her arms up onto her back, not giving a damn if i’m hurting her or not. Pressing then onto her back with one hand I align my hardened cock with her asshole Slowly forcing the sphincter to part  I manage to get the head into it before she raises her head and screams at the top of her lungs

“FFFFFUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” Well who knew she was an anal virgin, the report from the detective didn’t say anything about her sexlike outside of lies to read rape fiction. Slowly I force more  and more of my cock into her tight dry orifice. “Oh fuck you’re tearing me apart!” uttering the classic line from every story. After a few minutes of forcing I’m finally buried in her asshole, so I begin the reverse, pulling back faster than going in. The sound of her sibbing increased in volume the more than empties from her bowels, turning to loud wails as I ram back in before the tip pops out.

Over and over i screw her ass all the while continuing my questioning harassment of her “Why couldn’t you just accept that someone out there wanted you for something?” letting go of her wrists pinning her arms with my chest. “Why don’t you bitches just accept that some writers needs more than just praise to get by one?” Reaching under her to fondle her mashed breasts ‘Why can’t you bitches just give it up and accept that your going to star in my next story!”

The incredible tightness of her bowel were almost strangling my cock, making it nye impossible not to tense up and unload everything into her. “FUCK YES TAKE IT ALL YOUR LITTLE BITCH!” I felt stream after stream of cum drain out of my cock into her, a large smile on my face as her ass held my deflating cock until it was back to its normal size. Due to the gaping hole my hard cock opened the flaccid cock slide out easily along with a small stream of cum. Getting off her I couldn’t help but roll her onto her back and taunt her “So was it what you thought it would be like dear?

No reply, looking at her, dazed from having her head slammed onto the floor combined with the effect of her first ass fuck seems to have made her semi lucid. Looking down her body, the site of her nipples jutting straight up excited me again, the flesh of her inner thighs covered with cum that was still dribbling from her fucked asshole, glistened in the florescent light of the ceiling fixtures.

My cockstarted twitching once more, the blood returning to it by the second. With it growing, internally wondering Pussy or mouth, ny decision made I roll her onto her side “Open wide and clean every inch or what happened in the den will seem like a party compared to how i’ll fuck your pussy now.”

Give the bitch her due she tried to suck my cock into her mouth, her tongue running down the length of my shaft, but the apparent tang of her ass didn’t suit her taste buds and once more she vomited her contents of her stomach over the floor and almost my cock if I hadn’t managed to pull it back out in time.With a string of vomit going from her lips to the floor I hop over her legs, lifting the right one up then aligning my completely hardened cock to her pussy opening I ram home until the hair of my crotch is flattened by the skin of hers.

Holding her leg tight to my chest I thrust short and fast getting  her body to slide over the surface of the rug. Even now I could see the skin of her left side turning red from the friction,but I didn’t give a damn, she deserved this and much more for getting my distracted enough to say what I did to her. Watching my cock go in and out was almost as fun as watching the tears from her eyes race down the side of her cheek.

“Tell me to fuck you harder!” Getting no response i grab the back of her neck and twist her head so I could look into her eyes,one pupil was slightly larger than the other, a good indication that when I slammed her head into the floor I probably concussed her. Letting go I concentrated on fucking her pussy until it squeezed my cock, making me cum in her once more.

Minutes passed before that happened, when I finished cumming in her pussy I dropped her leg and watched as she rolled onto her back, staring straight up at the ceiling, a string of vomit down one side of her face, a dark stain growing  from under her ass and pussy region “What a fucking mess! “Getting up, pulling my pants back up “No fucking way am I going to let you in our marital bed tonight!”

Grabbing her by the ankles i drag her out into the hall towards the door to the basement. Opening it, turning on the light I half carry, half drag her down the steps and over to an open cage on the floor. “You can stay here with the others why ruined my love for them!” Turning I see the others in the three cages there cowering, calling out to them “Look I brought you another newbie to talk with!” Making my way back up the steps before any of the four said anything to me,deciding to turn in for the night!

                                                      More To Come

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Warning this part contains female on female sex!

Part Four

“What a fucking mess!“ He gets off me, pulling his pants back up. “No fucking way am I going to let you in our marital bed tonight!”

Grabbing me by the ankles he drag me into the hall towards a door. Opening it, turning on the light he half carry, half drag me down the flight of steps and over to an open cage on the floor. “You can stay here with the others who has ruined my love for them!” Turning to other cages, ““Look I brought you another newbie to talk with!” No one replies as he makes his way back upstairs, the light goes out as the door is closed.

I don’t know how many minutes pass before I hesitantly call out “H-h-h-e-e-l-l-o-o?” A few seconds pass before I hear just above a whisper.

“Not so loud, he may have left you down here but the whole room is bugged with listening devices and night vision cameras!” Someone to my immediate right across from me “Even with us down here the bastard wants to know what we are doing and saying!”

The semi darkness is helping my head to return to normal. Something inside me made me want to know more, even after her warning about the cameras and listening devices “So he locks you in a cage?” For some reason I thought that was important to know trying to turn around so I might be able to see who I was talking with. Getting my fingers into the mesh of the cage, the reply comes.

“Well he does mine at least, not sure about the other two!” Whoever she was she was talkative about whatever was going on. “They haven’t talked much since I got here in May of 2018!”

Shit May! The last date I remember was September 20, oh my god she been here for at least five months and according to her the other two even longer than that. It must have been a combination of the shock and my head hitting the floor but i blurt out

“So for the last five months or more he made you…?” I couldn’t bring myself to say it out loud, hoping that whoever she was would get the gist of my question.

“Oh he’s made me think that we were married, showed me a video of our wedding ceremony!” Christ! I bet I could take over what she was about to say from this point on, but she surprised me. “I believe him so I willingly went to bed with him!” She pauses then, “At first I loved when he would fuck me, then he left for a couple of days and I found that the wedding was fake!” I hear the sound of her cage rattling

“That when I tried to get away but he was coming in as I was leaving!” I hear a loud swallow “He stopped me, pulling me back into the house, stupidly I swung out, hitting him in the face.” More rattling and as my eyes adjust to the low light I can see a form shaking. “Then I remember him striking me driving me to the floor, tearing my dress and him raping me in the living room!” She’s sobbing and I know what she’s going to say next “I don’t remember him finishing nor do I remember how I got down here!”

My hand on what I take to be the cage door, I want to reach out and tell her everything was going to be alright but even I didn’t believe it. “Donna Spencer, what’s your’s?"

“Heidi Morrison!”

Our eyes meet for the first time, I can’t tell anything because of the low light but I feel like I seen her face before. Then it came to me I seen it as an avatar of Forbidden Forced Fantasy under Gamegirl 2000. God I couldn’t believe what just went through my head- the bastard been choosing girl from F.F.F. to be his personal fuck toys. Oh shit I wonder if I was right and if so how long he’s been at it?

“Heidi I have to know! Did you post thing on Forbidden Forced Fantasy?” She responds even before the final syllable is out of my mouth

“Yes! I was thrilled when Gscamr64 contacted me saying he wanted to personally thank me for all the likes and comments I gave his stories!”Her head droops as she says “Now all I want is to be set free and forget this ever heard of Grahme Carterson!”

“Grahme Carterson, don’t you mean Graeme Cartier?” I asked

From my left a weak voice “Grayham Carteer is what he told me his name was!”

“No Grahame Cater!” the final voice from Heidi’s right. “His fucking name is Grahame Cater!”

Oh christ! We’ve all been victims of his sick fucking mind. I couldn’t understand how he’s gotten away with it for this long. My hand starts to tremble with rage and i feel the door start to move away from me. Looking at it I see a gap widening as the door swing away  “YES!!!!”

“Don’t yell! He’ll hear and come to investigate!”

Ignoring the speaker i exit the cage and go to the stairs, going to the top, turning the knob, but it don’t move. Searching the near wall for a light switch, I find it and flood the basement with incandescent light from two bare overhead bulbs. Going back down I wait until my eyes has adjusted to the light before looking at the others in their cages. A padlock secures their door close, looking all around I spot what looks like a set of keys hanging on a nail jutting up at a forty five degree angle.

Racing to them, grasping them I return to  the cage directly opposite mine and try each key in the lock. The second one pops the lock’s shackle open. “Heidi your free, try to find something to use as a weapon in case Graeme comes!” Heidi moves to the back of the room as  I go to another cage. I try the first key when the door at the far end of the room opens and Heidi screams out


Turning to look I see him slide his left arm around the throat of Heidi. “Drop those keys or I throttle her!”  A wild angry look on his face and in his eyes tells me he isn’t kidding! Plink! As the keys hit the concrete floor “Is it not enough to accept my love for you but now you want to ruin the other’s love for me also?” Forcing Heidi towards me “Get on the floor you bitch!” Cinching his arm tighter around Heidi’s neck “Get down and spread your fucking legs!”

I do as he says, the cold concrete felt through the torn dress  and on my bare legs. Suddenly he pushes Heidi towards me, tripping her so she lands between my spread legs “You bitches don’t think I’m good enough for you?”  His foot coming on top of Heidi’s head “Then you two can show me how much you like each other! The screaming at the top of his lungs “EAT HER PUSSY BITCH!”

I’m shocked at his words and Heidi’s instant reaction as the tip of her tongue darts out to touch my outer pussy lips. As it touch I feel it begin to move up and down exciting me. Then it leaves and I feel her whole lips touching my pussy lips as she starts to kiss my womanhood. I lose count of the number of times she press her lips to me, but I can feel the build up in my loins, the wanton desire to have more put pass those outer lips.

I close my eyes and bit my lower lip as Heidi slipped her tongue into me, I don’t want to moan or show any outwards sign of pleasure but she was making it super hard not to. Then the fucking bastard helps both of us to only show disgust with what is happening “That’s it’s you fucking lesbos show why you don’t want a real man!” Lifting his foot off Heidi

Going over to the keys on the floor, picking them up “Wonder what would happen if I…?” Not finishing his sentence, coming back to us “Switch bitches!” Heidi is up and off me in a hurry, lying down on her back beside me, spreading her legs, motioning me to mount away. Before I begin to move Graeme reaches out and grabs me pushing me over onto Heidi “I said switch you goddamn whore!”

As I land between her legs I see that she is only dressed in a thong. “Start licking you goddamn whore!” His foot now pressing my head to her pussy. Hesitantly I pass my tongue between my lips and touch my first woman’s sex ever. The taste was slightly revolting but no worse than what I’ve tasted on my fingers when i’m done masterbating! Getting a little bolder I run my tongue up and down Heidi’s outer lips. But I don’t stop like she did after I cover the last inch I work my tongue into her inner lips seeking her clitoris.

Slowly getting into it I hear Graeme “Well why waste a good end?” Lifting his foot off my head and moving behind me, I feel him lift my hips up until I’m on my hands and knees. A hand grabs the back of my neck and forces my head back down into Heidi’s pubic mound.

“Keep licking you whore while I show you how good I am!”

Like I had any choice in the matter as he drove his cock into my pussy thrusting me forward, mashing my whole face into Heidi’s sex. If I felt he raped me the first time in the den that was nothing compared to what it felt like now. Over and over he pushed in and out of me, always going as deep as possible. Considering I was already stimulated by Heidi’s tongue, I couldn’t help but moan low in my throat as me raped me once more.

Heidi was already openly moaning as I worked some fingers into her along with my tongue. Good that she was happy because I lifted me head a screamed out as Graeme thrusted  what felt like a fist into my asshole “Oh what’s your problem whore? You should be used to having your ass stuffed!”

God for more than fifteen minutes I’m rocked between the two of them. Then the worst thing happened, Heidi cum from the combined  tongue and finger fucking I gave her almost at the same time Graeme cummed in my pussy.  A minute after them I came also, pleasing the bastard while adding to my shame. I collapse between Heidi’s legs , only to have that fucking bastard grab my arm and one of Heidi’s legs

“Since you to like to eat muff. You can share the same cage!” Dragging us to the open cage that Heidi occupied before I let her out. Letting go he aims a kick at both of us, which we avoid by going into the small enclosure. Once there we hear the door close, along with the lock Turning to the other two “Enjoy the show whores? Then going up the stairs, turning the light out “I’ll decide in the morning who is going to please me!”

Great a few hours before one of us would be raped again!

                                                      More to Come

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Part Five

Try as we might neither Heidi or I could
get comfortable in the small cage,but somehow we managed to pass the night. As the sun came through the small gap between the door and the frame all four of us were thinking the same thing- who was going to be made to pleasure the fucking bastard this morning. Then we all held our breath as the door opened the light came on and down the steps came Graeme.

Naked, his cock already sticking straight out “So as promised one of you four will be enjoying me once more inside them!” Moving to stand in front of our cages. “The only question is who is the lucky whore?”

I don’t know why I did it, but I spoke out “We are not whores and none of us will enjoy your pencil width cock in us!”


“Oh pencil width is it? Coming to my cage, the key dropping down from my finger “I’ll show you what a pencil width cock can do!” Unlocking the door, swinging it open and reaching in grabbing her by the arm, dragging her out over Heidi, who reaches out and tries to pull Donna back into the cage. Heidi’s action infuriates me making me drops Donna’s my arm and turns my attention to her.

Before either Heidi or her can react I stomps down, barely missing Donna but my foot landing squarely on Heidi’s arm. A sickening crunch is head as the bone of Heidi’s  forearm breaks from the weight placed on it. Heidi screams out in pain, the blood in her face drains from the shock, Donna scooping her into her arms to try to comfort her.

“Are you going to come out now or do I stomp down once more!” Donna looking to Heidi, nods her head, moving carefully so she doesn’t jostle Heidi’s arm.

“Alright I’ll come out just don’t hurt Heidi anymore!” Coming out of the cage she tries to appeal to my humanity “Please you can fuck me all day but please, please Heidi needs medical help first!” Like I cared if the whore was hurt, hell it served her right for trying to prevent me my right since I owned them! Donna falling to her knees, looking up at me “Please help her?” Begging with her voice and her eyes!

Grabbing her by the chin, forcing her to look at me “I’m going to fuck you so raw when I get back. Slapping her across the face, driving her to the floor before I open the cage door “You Out!” using my left foot to prod Donna back “You in!” As they pass each other I hear low whispered words that I can’t make out, I let it pass thinking nothing of it.

To show that I still have all the power I grab Heidi by the broken arm “You worthless bitch, you’ve just sealed that’s one fate!” Pushing her in front of me to the stairs, my hard cock deflating with each step up. When we’re both in the hall I take her to the den “Stay here while I get dressed!” Locking her in as I go, returning in jeans and a t-shirt,over my shoulder a pair of female jeans, t-shirt and a bra for her to wear, helping her into the clothes.

Locking her back in the den “Stay here while I feed the others!” Going to the kitchen getting a tray of protein muffins and milk before going down to the basement again. Quietly I place two muffins and a glass of milk in front of two cages, as I come in front of Donna’s I place the muffins stomping then flat before leaving a glass of milk for her. As she comes to the front of the cage I rear back and launch a kick into the mesh of the door, scaring her to the back once more “I’m so going to own your ass!”

Leaving collecting Heidi, my morning plans shot to hell as I take the whore to the hospital! Heidi is seen, x-rayed and placed in a fiberglass cast than we are on our way back to the house. As we leave the parking lot blending into the northbound traffic I look over to Heidi. motioning with my head, her eyes plead with me as I go to open my mouth. She gives up and moves, trying not to hit me arm as she bends down her head in my crotch after I open my zipper releasing my cock from my pants.

She sucks it into her mouth, slathering it with saliva before she started rhythmically moving her lips up and down the hardening shaft. Most of the way home she sucks my cock, me pulling her head up and off a few times to prevent me cumming. As we pull into the driveway I force her head down my cock and flood her filled mouth with rope after rope of hot salty cum.

She swallows as much as she can, having to lick the crotch of my pants clean before being allowed back in the house. Once inside I strip her of every stitch of cloth except for the sling, herding her into the den, so I could check the surveillance tapes from the basement. Before turning them on “Get your ass over here!” she trembling as she comes to me, pushing the chair out of the way, forcing her down onto the flat surface of my desk.

She in pain from her broken arm hitting the wooden surface and in more pain as I ram my rehardened cock into her unprepared ass. Taking the remote pressing review, on the screen the picture rewinds to the beginning of the morning. Stopping it at the point just before I broke Heidi’s arm I grab her head making her watch as there I am stomping on her arm. Starting to fuck her ass with passion Heidi is screaming as the picture moves forward


The basement, just after Heidi and I left.

“Oh god He’s going to fuck you to death!” The one in the farest cage speaks “He’s going to be in such a foul mood I’ll bet that Heidi returns gaping!”

Well what do you know seems someone actually may have learned something about me. Grabbing a handful of heidi’s hair jerking it backwards making her head raise. “Please master fuck this worthless bitch harder!” Well she asked so why not!, amping up on how fast I thrusted in and out of her tight ass.

“Well what is he going to do to me that he hasn’t already done before!” The little bitch will find out soon enough I feel myself about to cum so I turn off the TV and pull out of Heidi.

“Get up whore!” Her face wet from the ears she shedded from the pain in her arm and ass. Leading her to the basement, down the stairs, one hand slowly jerking my cock, grabbing the key from the hook just inside the door, passing it to Heidi “Unlock the cage whore!” Heidi with help from Donna does what i say, as the door open “Get in there and you get the fuck out and kneel in front of me!” The trade places quietly, as Donna gets down in front of me I let go of my cock and press it against her lips.

Without being told Donna opens her mouth and takes in my cock, spitting it out “Oh fuck that taste gross!”

“What you don’t like the taste of Heidi’s ass?” Pulling back as I see Donna begin to heave, a little gob of yellowish spittle appear  on her lips then a small stream of it hits the floor as she vomits bile. Grabbing her by the hair pulling her towards me, dragging her through her own vomit I lead her to the stairs, waiting long enough for her to get her feet finally under her.

“You wanted her to get medical help, she got it, now it time you learn what that help is going to cost you!” Up the stairs I pull her by the hair, strands coming loose in my hand. In the hallway I let go “You know where the den is! You better be there  when I get there!”  my hand on the back of her neck, propelling her forwards as I turn togo about what I had planned. I turn and see her make her way to the den. I’m taking a chance but I think I got her figured out.

Going up to the bedroom I get a collar and a length on chain before making for the den. Once there I swing the door open then hug the right hand wall as a chair comes sailing out of it. Well seem the mashed muffins still gave her the energy to try some form of resistance “How did you like that you fucking bastard?” Sticking her head out of the door, I know she was hoping to find me crumpled under the chair!

Quickly before she could recover from the surprise that went wrong I get the chain around her neck, pulling it tight, cutting her supply of oxygen off. Her hands comes up to the chain trying to pry it loose, as she starts to sag i gently release the tension, as she sitting on the floor swaying as if about to topple over I drop both ends, letting her gulp large mouthful of air into her lungs.

Pushing her onto her stomach, still breathing in deep lungfuls of air, I mount her from behind, aligning my cock with her ass. Surging forwards I split her tight orifice muscle ring in one fast hard thrust. Her scream was quick, quietened by her lack of oxygen in her lungs. Lowering my head to the side of her left ear , whispering, “So was Heidi getting treatment so important now?”

She tries to speak but all I heard was a low moan of pain as I continued thrusting in and out of her asshole.  I hoped I was tear her ass apart , would serve her right for how she thwarted my plans to ravish her this morning  “Ohhhh goooooooddddd ittttttt hurtsssssss!” her words slurred from the pain and lack of breath.


In the basement, I still feel my ass burn and the pain in my arm, so I fail to notice that in his haste to punish Donna Grahme failed to relock the cage. Even better he failed to take back the keys!. Armed with them I let my fellow caged victime free “Get something you can use like a club and follow me!” Picking up a wrench in my one good hand, watching as the other two grab a two by four and and shovel. As we gather at the bottom of the stairs "Where do you think he took Donna?”

“The den was where he always fucked me after I came too!” The other nodding her head “Me Too!”

“Then we’ll start with the den!” Turning and going up the stairs, then to the den, getting there in time to hear.

“Aaaarrrgggghhhhhh!!! Please your hurting me!”

Opening the door, I see the most disgusting sight ever! Donna lying on top of Grahme, his cock in her ass and what looked like a stapler being  used to penetrate her vagina. I’m pushed aside by the one carrying the shovel

“Oh yeah I’m going to fill your ass with the first load of……”  A clunk then the hand holding the stapler falls to the floor, the one hold Donna in place follows suit. 


Rolling her so that she is on top of me on the floor I grab her around the waist, holding her tight to my chest.Pushing the stapler from my desk into her opened pussy I start to move it in and out while continuing to fuck her asshole.

“Aaaarrrgggghhhhhh!!! Please your hurting me!” Like I fucking cared, what part of fucking her raw didn’t she understand.

“Oh yeah I’m going to fill your ass with the first load of……” All goes black!

                                                              To Be Concluded

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Part Six: The conclusion

“Oh yeah I’m going to fill your ass with the first load of……”  I hear a clunk and I feel whatever has be jammed in and out of my pussy stop moving. Opening my eyes, trying to blink the water drops from them I feel hands lifting mine up.

“It’s over Donna, that bastard been knocked out cold!”

I feel whatever was in my pussy being pulled out gently. Then another clunk as whatever it was was dropped to the floor. His cock being pulled out of my abused asshole, then I’m brought to my feet, supported by someone’s shoulders as they walk me over to the couch.

As I sink to the pillow, I flinch from the contact, rearing up before returning to the surface of the pillow. As i adjust to the slight feel of it I look around, seeing the one from the far cage sitting beside me, Heidi and the other girl standing beside the inert body of Graeme, a shovel lying just in front of his head!

“Oh I’m Lisa and the one who hit Grahame is Regina!”  Regina smiles at me and I instantly like her as she and Heidi  makes their way to the open door. Leaving  Lisa and me alone “They have gone to find rope to tie that bastard up with. Minutes later the clink of chains can be heard coming towards us.

“Well look what we found in the garage!” Regina holding chain linked chain, padlock with keys in them and what looked like a dog collar for a large breed of dog., She moves to Graeme and starts with his hands, wrapping lengths of chain around the right one first, then keeps it there by passing the shackle through the links, locking it closed before proceeding to do the same to the left hand.

Moving onto the legs she does a similar treatment except she loops the chain up around the one holding his hands together. When satisfied with her work she get’s up and comes over to us. “That should hold Grayham until the police can get here!” putting into words the one thing we were all thinking “Wherever here is?”

Lisa gets a glint in her eyes, an evil smile comes to her lips “Do we have to call them so soon?”

Heidi answers her “Why?, What do you have in mind?”

“Well you know how he keep calling us Bitches!” I think we had an idea what she was going to say “And of course they say payback is a ….!” Getting up, moving to Graeme, rolling him onto his stomach, the links clinking as they move. Bending over his legs, picking up what look to me to be a stapler “This is what he was using in your vagina!” my eyes widening in shock as she brought it over to me, passing it over to me “Seem only right that you place it somewhere in his atnamony!"

The evil look that came over her and the faces of the other two was just too much for me to look at. But inside I agreed!, it seemed so right to do to him for what he did to me and the others. Looking at him lying there bound, I noticed his head move, he was returning to us. Getting up going over to him I heard a soft moan of pain come from him.

“Oh guess why has decided to rejoin us?” Stomping on his ass, driving his crotch into the floor.

“Oh fuck that hurts bitch!” Trying to move to relieve the pressure on his crotch. “Let me up or you’re going to fucking pay you bitch!”

“By you and whose army asshole!” Kicking him in the ribs, the chains clink loudly in response

“What the fuck!”  It finally dawns on him that he can’t move his arms or legs much. "Get these fucking chains off me or I’ll do more than break bone of them bitches downstairs!”

Regina,Lisa and Heidi just laugh at that. Graeme’s head swivels, seeing the three of them sitting on the couch

“Oh you won’t be doing anything to any of us anymore you fucking bastard!” The stapler in my hand coming down like a catholic nun would bring a ruler down over a impudent child’s knuckles. Thiwik and a sharp “Oww!”  comes up to meet the stapler as I raise it for another swing. “Your best bet would be to start grovelling  to each of us before the police get here

“Ha! That will be the day you don’t even know where you are or who I am!” The fucking bastard still felt that he was holding all the card, even trussed up like he was.

Bring the stapler down again and again slowly made his change his tune. “Fuck stop it!” quickly followed by “Okay I’m sorry for how i treated you all!”

“Ladies would you like to come here and help me?” Regina and Lisa gets up and join me, Heidi looking on with a giant smile on her face. “Now would you be so kind as to part his hairy asscheeks!” They do and there was the brown sphincter that wasn’t meant to receive anything into it, especially a stapler!

Pressing it to his asshole, pushing it forwards, at first it resisted letting it in, a few seconds of more pressure and it parts just like his lips only there wasn’t any sound coming from his asshole “Jesus Christ don’t force anymore into me!” Heidi gets up with a pillow in her hand, coming over, Lisa pulls his head back, bending his neck as I pushed more into him. Once more he screamed but this time Heidi shoved a corner of the pillow into his mouth, effectively shutting him up.

As I forced more into him he squirmed, but no matter how he moved it didn’t dislodged the stapler. “Ah does it hurt Graeme?” Like I gave a damn, hoping that I was tearing his ass apart like he wanted us to be “I hope this teaches you what you did was wrong!”

His body shudders and then goes limp as i finally get all of the stapler inside his ass “Shall we leave him like this?” The other three look at me and nod their heads in agreeance. As we all get to our feet. That’s when Heidi suggests that we go up stairs and find something to wear before we call the police. We do and each of us find, jeans, t-shirts  in our size, dawnin then we go to the living room

From there we call the operator, asking for the police

“Peel Region Police, Sgt, McWilliams speaking how can I direct your call?


Epilogue One

We’re interviewed individually for what feel like hours after being taken from the fucking bastards home in squad cars. Graeme taken out in an ambulance under guard of two officers but two EMT’s.

“So one more time, Miss Spencer you are a American who was suppose to have entered Canada with no idea of doing so whose been held captive by one Graham Carter, aka Graeme Cartier, Grahame Cater, Grayham Carteer and Grahme Carterson who you met on an website called Forbidden Forced Fantasy!”

“For the millionth time yes Detective Wright!”

“Well that’s quite a tale that the four of you are telling, the one thing in your favor is the evidence recovered so far from the basement backs up part of your story!” A phone rings Wright answers it, remaining quiet before “Excuse me Miss Spencer I’ll be right back.

Leaving me in the small room once more For a few minutes before returning “Miss Donna Spencer I’m placing you under arrest for the suspected murder of  Graham Carter!’ Going on to explain me my rights under  Canadian law

“But he was alive when he left his house by ambulance!”

“Yes Miss Spencer but he succumbed to injuries which tore his bowels causing paratenonitis resulting in a painful death!” Asking me to turn around, Handcuffing me before leading me from the room to be booked in, like a criminal!

In my mind * the fucking bastard could get the last laugh even from the grave!*

Epilogue Two

Two years Later

The four of us await the jury’s verdict after nine days of deliberating. As the file into the packed court house, my eyes looks at each member wonder what i was going to hear and how it was going to change my life.

When all is in, the bailiff calls the court to order and in comes the judge. Taking his seat “Has the jury reached a verdict?”

A juror stads “We have you honour!”

“Will the four defendants rise and face the jury!” We do as he says

“Will The jury read their verdict?”

“We the jury finds Regina Black, Heidi Morrison, Lisa Murphy and Donna Spencer not guilty of murder in the second degree!”

The relief between us was instantaneous, turning and hugging each other and our lawyers. Even the gallery erupted in cheers as our plight became the talk of Ontario

“Order in the court, Order!” As all quietens back down it is the decree of this court that you be released and allowed to returned  to the United States as soon as possible. Know you go with the apologies of this court for your ordeal but let it be known that the court doesn’t condone your actions in this matter!”

I couldn’t care less what the court condoned all i wanted was to be back home all away from this nightmare!

Epilogue Three

Forbidden Forced Fantasy comes up with a banner welcoming back Dirty Serenity, MisTaken2013, RBMaine and Gamergirl2000 back to our fold!

I promptly brought up my profile page and clicked the delete button!

                                                                      The End