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With the most valued assistance of Brokenwing who unselfishly edit this for me- my eternal thanks

North Somerset Maine: 20 Kilometers from the Canadian Border and 20 Kilometers from The Forks Maine:
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He hands me a painter smock to cover up my naked chest. My jeans are buttoned back up minus underwear “Remember I’m going to be close by, give any indication that I’m here and it’ll be your dead body they drag me back to prison over" he says with a very seriously frightening look in his eyes!

I cannot help but believe him as the state trooper car comes to a stop in my driveway. The young trooper gets out, placing the round hat on his head as he makes his way up to the verandah. Before he knocks I open the door, “Good morning officer something I can help you with

“Miss Gina Thompson?”  Holding his hand out “I’m Trooper Wilson, I’m here to warn you about the escape of one Grahme Collins from Custody two days ago. We believe that he is on his way to the Canadian border if he hasn’t already made said border!”

I do my best to feign innocence at hearing the name and answer trying to hide the terror I'm feeling, “I heard about him on the news but I haven’t seen anyone here in the area matching his description!” I so wanted to scream out that he was in my house but the feeling of the cold blade he held to my throat when he first entered my house last night still had me in it’s cold grasp.

“I’m sure it's nothing to worry about but please be vigilant when it comes to strangers over the next few days!” He says with a stern yet friendly expression as he hands me a card “Call in if you see anything strange!”  Doffing his hat to me as he turns and makes his way back to the car.  The moment I go back inside I’m met immediately by Collins.

“Get that damn smock off!” his hand immediately going to the button of my jeans once more jerking my pants down my legs as I remove the smock. I want to cover up but for some perverse reason Collins finds my lack of breasts so sexy I can feel the stare of his eyes drilling into my rather flat chest.I swear I can feel his drool slobbering all over my left breast from across the span between us

“Please let me cover up!,” I beg as he moves closer to me “I’m so embarrassed being naked like this!"

“Nothing to feel embarrassed about!” He replies then once more his left hand moves between my legs, cupping my sex like he’s done three times since he broke in last night. He’s hasn't yet penetrated me with anything but his middle finger and tongue, but the way he manipulates me makes me nauseous almost wishing he'd do something more cruel rather then make me suffer the shame and humiliation of my bodies reaction to his sick actions.

“Now where were we before the boy scout interrupted us?” An evil look in his eyes as he moves me once again back against the wall, then he kneels down in front of me and roughly forces my legs apart as he settles between then once again “Oh that's right," he says looking directly in my eyes, "about to get my milk for my morning coffee!” Pressing his lips hard onto my moistened slit, his tongue once more darting in and out then all over and around my clitoris, making me squirm in a shaming pleasure.  The way he holds and pins my body against the wall the only reason I don't collapse.

Even though he’s holding my hips hard to his mouth I try to squirm away from his manipulating tongue, not wanting to feel so dirty and humiliated again. Then I feel it happen once more, the world narrowing down to just his tongue and my bodies own betrayal. Then I’m flooding his open mouth with my juices for the third time since he came into my life. I hide me face in my shoulder not wanting him to see my expression as Collins gets up, his mustache soaked with my juice, So ashamed that he made my body betray me once more.

Once more he cups my right breast “Why pretend?, you love every time I make you cream don’t you Gina?

Weakly I manage to answer in barely a whisper “I feel so dirty and disgusting!” looking anywhere but his cum covered face. With him no longer holding me I try to reach for my pants only to have his hand grab mine.

“Oh no I didn’t say you could get dressed!” a camera appearing once more taking more pictures of both my soaked pussy and my jutting nipples. Remember what i told you when I found you in your room- I’m going to make you cum for me four times before I take those precious tits and suckle then for hours!”

I feel the heat of my blush travel up my head as he tells me that he’s had his morning cream now he wants something solid. Taking me by the left hand he leads me naked into the kitchen “I want some bacon to eat!”

“May I please wear an apron then so I don’t get splattered by hot bacon fat?” Getting the bacon out of the fridge, then the frying pan, I go for the apron only to have Collins push the drawer closed.

“No apron, I’ve got a better way to protect you” Moving me in front of the range he cups my breasts in his hands covering my small 32B cups with his full palms. “Damn this feels so right!” Collins say and leans in nuzzling the side of my neck from the base of my shoulder up to the bottom of my earlobes. Sucking in my earlobe to the point that once more he’s got me feeling ashamed for how my body once again betrays me and reacts to his actions. What was I becoming?

As the bacon finished frying Collins finally removed his hands from my breasts “Wasn’t that so considerate of me?” Leaning into my chest his tongue darting to my nipples, stimulating then to begin to harden and jut out once more

“You haven’t made me cum for a fourth time!” I remind him.

“You’re right but they are just so perfectly gorgeous that I’m more than willing to jump the gun and start sucking them now!!” Again I feel his hand cup my pussy mound, “You know what would taste just right on my bacon?”

Oh god he wasn’t going to make me cum on his bacon was he?  He prepares us each a plate and takes them to the small breakfast nook I use each day, motioning me over. Hesitantly I go over and he makes me sit with my legs spread wide, Once more touching my pussy lips with his fingers making them moisten to his touch.

Picking up a piece of bacon, he lowers it under the table until I feel something touch my sex.  I feel the rough piece of crispy fried bacon rub over and even push between the lips of my sex. Over and over I feel it move and poke at my sex until I'm horrified when he moves it to my lips “Eat it Gina, eat it just like it was my cock!”

Moving behind me Lowering his head to my ear “Eat it or i’ll eat you where you sit!” I open my mouth and nibble at the piece of bacon. It feels disgustingly sticky and tastes extra salty, I think I’m going to throw up if he tries to make me chew any more. Oh my god he is sick as he places more in my mouth

“You taste good don’t you Gina" he asks rubbing another piece along my pussy lips then popping it into his mouth?  Chewing like he's eating the bacon cooked to his ideal of perfection. Within seconds I’m up and rushing to the sink before he can stop me. Heaving what little bit is in my stomach

“Oh my, can’t suckle on those breasts if you have an upset stomach!"

He roughly drags me to the bedroom making me lay down as he climbs on with me Tying himself and me together “Tell you what, take a nap and I’ll finish off eating you before starting the main event of those gorgeous tits later!"

                                                  To be Continued

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Part Two:

No sooner did he settle in beside me than he drifted off to sleep, or at least I hoped he was sleeping.  For what I'm sure was only a few minutes but felt like an eternity I couldn't stop feeling the disgust, shame and humiliation of what he inflicted on me.  But I knew I had to at least try to get free.  With very little movement I started to undo the knot in the rope he’d bound us together with.  The years as an ER nurse untangling I.V. tubes finally paying off. As I finally manage to get myself free I carefully as to not wake him move off the bed trying to make for the door. 

But just as my hand tightens around the knob I hear a sound I'll never forget as long as I live, his voice, “Well if you wanted something hard to grip why didn’t you just grab my cock?” He pats the mattress beside himself and as if in complete surrender I collapse to the floor a crying mess.

“Why don’t you leave and go to Canada to escape?” I say trying to convince him to leave tears streaming down my face as Collins gets up his cock swaying as he steps towards me.

“Oh Canada holds no interest for me right now?” Coming to stand over me  “Nothing seems to mean anything to me since I first spotted you out in your backyard, putting out your laundry topless yesterday afternoon!” 

My mind wanders back to the time when I was hanging out a basket of laundry, the day was turning humid so that I took off my halter top, not that my minuscule breasts would draw anyone attentions.

He continued, “When I saw those perfect nipples jutting out I wanted then between my lips before I died!”

Reaching down to me, picking me up under the arms and carrying my limp body back to the bed  he tosses me on the top sheets before positioning himself once more so his head was between my legs.

His sickening voice commands me, “This time I want you to work me  while I eat your magnificent pussy out!”

“No don’t make me do that!” I bed as his hand grabs my right hand, guiding it to his hardened shaft.  He makes my hand traverse the length of his shaft, as the tip of his tongue once more begins tracing my outer pussy lips. Besides his lips and tongue this was the first time Collins made me touch him in a sexual manner.

As he begins the exact same rhythms and patterns that first made me cum for him the first night in my bed when he broke in and told me he was going to claim me, I couldn’t help but to do as I was told and grip his shaft without thinking. No man had ever made me feel this way or have me so disgusted with myself in so short of time like Grahme Collins did.  Why did my body react like it was to something I had no desire to do.

As he parted my pussy lips I felt a new sensation wash over my exposed clit a stream of heated breath as Grahme sighs and I began to move my hand up and down his shaft “Yes Gina!, just like that!”  I hear and feel more sighs of hot breath before he moves atop me so his cock is right in my face. He doesn’t say anything just flicks the tip of his tongue hard against my clit as I copy his ministrations by flicking the tip of my tongue over the tip of his cock.

My mind is screaming, “No Gina don’t give in to him!” but my need for self preservation and I just want this to be over so my physical being ignores my own thoughts. The more he works my inner passage the more of his cock I take into my mouth, until I’m willingly talking his entire six inches into it. Not even my ex had the ability to make me take all of him in my mouth without some sort of monetary incentive but something about Collins has a power over me I can't comprehend.

Once more Collins has me tensing, then giving him what he wanted from me. He pulls his cock back so only the tip is still between my lips as I cry out  in pleasure. His head raised, “You going to finish me off while….?” His words stop but my mind continues to fill in the silence with thought while his cock glides back into the back of my throat

‘Oh god he's not done with me!” as his mouth once more ensnares my clit. Licking it like it was a Tootsie pop he couldn’t get enough of. As I pick up my rhythm lavishing his shaft with the base of my tongue. He quickly bring me to another climax then his mouth leaves and I feel his fingers penetrate my sopping pussy.  'Oh god he’s planning to finger fuck me to another orgasm and i’m starting to want more than a finger buried deep in me' my mind thinks with shame and horror yet unfulfilled lust.

“Gina I’m going to cum" he exclaims pulling back so only the tip remains in my mouth but then asks me, “But where?”

Around his cock, I hear myself say  “In my mouth!” then more shock “I want to drink all I can!”

Collins wastes no time pushing his entire length back into my mouth, along my tongue until I feel the throbbing of his flesh against my tongue as his cock tenses up and a sudden salty taste splashes against the back of my throat. Then more fluid comes gushing out, more than I could swallow immediately giving me what I asked for.

Grahme pulls out and squirts a few ropes over my face and my upper chest, before rolling off me and turning around so he could hold me.

Like a limp child I lay there his cum slowly running down the side of my neck, his right hand back, fingering my pussy and  clit until I cum once more hating that I have no desire and make no attempt to fight him off or pull away.  As I tense up and start to flood my passage for the fourth time since he caught me trying to get away.  When I come down from my orgasmic high I’m too exhausted to do anything but roll over so I could bury my face in the pillow, ashamed at myself for being in this position and for giving in to nature.

The last thing I remember as I pass out “That's four, now I'm finally going to play with those darling breasts!"


On the dresser the digital clock reads 8:38 pm as my eyes adjust to the slight darkness of the room. As I become fully aware, I’m still on the bed between my legs feel natural and only slightly inflamed. My nipples are jutting and slightly red as if they have been slightly abused while I was out. Abused, jolting to full consciousness, Collins! He's not on the bed with me nor as I look around the room is he anywhere I can see.

Moving my feet, surprised that I’m not tied to the bed, My bladder lets me know that I have to drain it before anything else. Getting up rushing to the bathroom, barely making the seat before me bladder begins to drain. Grabbing my hand mirror I put it between my legs looking at my pussy lips, slightly red and swollen but no signs of dried cum on or around them, no tell tale odor of sex

“Yes Gina I washed you while you slept!” Collins voice comes in from the hall and I made you a dinner also?” His head comes between the door and the frame “Why didn’t you tell me you had a camcorder?” He asks as an evil smile comes to his face “I’ve even had time to make you some dinner viewing while you slept!”

Oh god what has he been doing while I was unconscious. Suddenly a scarlet evening gown is thrusted in towards me “You have to dress for dinner, undergarment optional." Taking the dress, I pull it on over my head letting it flow down my body. The cold red silky fabric making my nipples poke out  as I step out of the bathroom, finding Grahme in a black pants and a white shirt, his hand held out to escort me to the dining room.

“After you Miss Thompson!”, his left hand coming to rest in the small of my back, making the fabric tighten across my chest. His eyes zeroing in on the bulging material surrounding my nipples.  “Oh I missed the taste of those darling little buds!”

Leading me into a room with a table set for two, a candelabra lit in the center.  He guides me to a chair, pulling it out before seating me and slowly pushing it in. Leaning down kissing the back of my neck then turning my head and kissing my lips and then says, “You look gorgeous!”

He moves away to serve me a covered tray “Smoke Salmon in Maple sauce, baby vegetables and Parisian potatoes!” The aroma that moves up from the plate makes my stomach growl. “Feel free to start eating!” Taking the seat at the other end

My mind spins, like if this is romantic consensual date.  Confused I start to nibble at the food on my plate but ask, “Why?, Where did?, what’s next?”

He has a look of confident satisfaction on his face as he tries to answer my questions, “You must be hungry from all your climaxing today!,”  then he takes a mouthful of fish and continues,  “From the next town, while your slept after cumming from my suckling your breast and as for what’s next well that's for nature to decide?

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A little change from this point on these are my words, exclusively, if the part is edited I'll post them ASAP!

I just stares at the plate in front of me as Collins Speaks ‘Let’s Nature take its course!” Meaning what? Does he truly think Nature wants him to rape me. His every move has me jumpy with the expectations of his taking me right here in the dining room

Oh where are my manners, you probably would like some dinner entertainment to go with your meal!”

Getting up going into the living room and bringing the LCD tv and my laptop into the dining room with us.
Setting it up so both of us had a perfect view of the screen starting the file from the laptop called
“Nature’s course” It opens with a scene of Collins holding my camcorder before the mirror in the bathroom

“So while Gina recovers from her excessive morning of pleasure!” laughing at his comment about to be spoken “Must teach her that moderation applies to climaxing also!” I can’t help but glare at him as he sit there eating his fish. Then on the screen he enters the bedroom, panning the camcorder up and down the length of my naked body from behind “Goddamn look at those ass cheeks, so tight and tones I bet I could play a bongo solo on them without reddening the flesh

A new screen shot of placing the camcorder down then him gently rolling me into the middle of the mattress onto my stomach, him kneading my asscheeks, separating them exposing my asshole to the camera “So enticing! Followed by his head lowering between my widen cheeks and his tongue flicking out and touching my asshole “So sweet, wonder if she an anal virgin?” From his end of the table “Well care to tell me?” My blush must have given him his answer Oh god damn something else to take care of before departing!”

As his hand motions my eyes back to the screen, where I’m once more being rolled gently onto my back, the gentle curve of my 32b cup breast  being bathed in the light from the window. Through the speakers and live from the other end “What a sight to behold!” Feeling his gaze boring through the scarlet silk fabric, exposing my breasts to him again, my hand dropping down to make sure the fabric is still in place.

Brushing my nipple under the fabric to his comment “Oh yes rub away, if you need help just breathe hard!”

Again I’m blushing and feeling dirty at the same time, not noticing how his chair is getting closer to me every time I look away. On screen Collins is lying beside me on my left side, his right hand caressing my breast flesh until the nipple is like an island in the middle of a sea of pink. His head lowers and his tongue dart all around and over my nipple. Eliciting gently low moans of pleasure from the back of my throat.

“That’s right Gina, tell me how right this feels to you?” Suddenly the footage fast forwards as he manipulates my breast so long that subconsciously I start to finger myself, his middle finger on his right hand joining mine. I’m shocks as my voice issues from the screen “Oh yes make me want your cock Grahme!'

From right beside me “Oh and I do plan on making you want it!” Turning my head but failing to see him. Returning my attentions to the screen as the sound of fabric ripping can be head as Grahme is once more manipulating me so that my hands art above my head, tied to my bed post. More sound of fabric tearing then a gentle breeze waffs onto my exposed vagina, under the table as I feel my legs being spread.
No not again, not while he making me watch how he played with my breast until I started self pleasuring.

Trying to keep my legs closed, I feel an arm travel along the flesh of me stomach to my left breast,as i try to swat it away, On screen I hear myself moaning as my fingers dig into my crotch and Grahme’s lips  latch onto my nipple.

As the fabric of my dress continues to tear I find I’m sitting in my chair with the silk fabric pooling around my waist, on screen I’m orgasming once more as I’m trying to fight off Grahme’s advances , making me fall off the chair onto the floor when he’s one me in a heartbeat, His mouth latching onto my right nipple as his right hand once more begins to once more grind my vaginal defenses down.

The combined assault along with my moaning and groaning in pleasure on the screen soon has me once more cumming for him but this time he doesn’t stop. Instead he reaches between us and undoes his fly releasing his hardened cock against my thigh. Trying to divert my eyes, I spot the screen where he has me in a similar position, rubbing his cock up and down my moistened slit. Then as if the image on the screen was being filmed live I feel the tip of his cock tracing my outer pussy lips

Just the touch of his fleshly tip sends shivers up my spine as i weakly say “Please not like this!” Of course Grahme ignore my plea, penetrating the outer lips with only his tip, making it stop at my clit, where he rubs it all over the sensitive nub. Grahame seem to be getting perverse pleasure from teasing my inner passage with his tip, pulling back then sending it in a little more with each return trip.

Closing my eyes so I don’t have to watch the action on the screen, a build up  of my next climax, making me move me body tighter to him. I can’t  believe the word that comes spilling out of my mouth as he once more removes his cock from my pussy. “Please you proven that you can make my body respond whenever you want!” Tears coming to my face “Please don’t tease me anymore!”

With an evil sneer on his lips “I’m sorry Gina I don’t have enough experience with Women to understand what your saying?” More than half his cock buried in my hot passage “Could you simplify it for me?”

“Take me!’ the words of shame spill out as more of his cock enters my depths. The sensations were something I haven’t experienced since my husband left me years ago.The the words I never even used with my husband “Fuck me!, Fuck me  until I cum!"

Hearing my cries, Grahme starts with long deep thrust into me, the tip of his cock coming to rest against my cervix. Then short rapid thrust  making my breath go from steady to short pants of pleasure, returning to the long slow thrusts that end with his pelvic bone grinding into my overstimulated clitoris

With tears staining a pathway down my cheeks i cry out “Yes fuck me, make me your bitch!'

Whispers in my ears “I knew you wanted my cock Gina!” Quick kisses to my earlobe, “Bet you can guess that I’m going to fuck you  in every position I can think of!” Pulling out and gently rolling me on my back before settling into the opening between my legs, thrusting fast and deep. My hands coming up off the floor grabbing his ass cheeks pulling him deeper into me. His head lower to mine, as his lips finds mine and starts to kiss me long and hard. His left hand finding my left breast, tweaking the nipple helping to drive my sexual stimulation past the point of no return, making me arch my back, lifting him up as i cum for him once more.

“So fucking sexy Gina!” Both of his hands grab my hips, pulling me hard to his crotch, then the warm sensation of hot fluid splashing my steaming passage. All the muscles in my rarely used pussy grabbing his cock and milking every drop out of him.

Laying under him, sweaty, sexually satisfied, deeply ashamed that I enjoyed what he made me do. Seeing him get up and go to the hall closet, getting something out of his jacket pocket, returning to me
“Gina you are going to be my willing little slut for the rest of the night aren’t you?” Shaking a little vial of blue pills at me before opening the vial and popping one.

My sensible mind screams no!, but in my core being I hear and vocalize weakly “yes!” Cum leaking from my freshly fuck pussy, Grahme reaches down and helps me to my feet before scooping me up and taking me back to the bedroom

“I’m going to ravage your body until you look like you can only stand with a hard cock deep in you!”  And I had no doubt that he would!

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Part Four

Wrapping my arms around his shoulders, seeing that he is staring at me like I just agreed to be his wife. I know I said I would be his willing slut but there is something I’ve never done before and I don’t want him to realize it. As he carries me down the hall, his right hand is cupping my ass in a way that his middle finger is between my ass cheeks  rubbing my tight sphincter

Oh god no he couldn’t want to do that to me could he? Looking up at him, seeing the wanton look on his face and in his eyes, almost confirming my worst fear. His finger traverses the short distance to my still leaking pussy, entering it and moving all around before exiting and returning to my asshole.

I finally  find my voice “No please, I’m…”

“Shhh Gina! I told you when i first found you in your bed that I was going to claim everything about you!"

“But not even my husband has…”

The viciousness in his words surprise me “Never mention that bastard in my presence again!,” the look that came to his eyes made me believe that he was capable of murder “How that blind bastard could leave a sexual goddess like you, is beyond my mind’s capability to comprehend!” Entering the bedroom and lowering my onto the bed so gently that I wonder if the bed was actually under me.

Joining me on the bed, gently rolling me onto my left side, molding his body to mine. His right hand now having access to both my openings, which he readily takes. His thumb starts massaging my clit and his middle finger presses gently against my asshole.

Whispering into my ear “Until the little pill takes full effect I’m going to make you cum and open up to a new experience.

The tracing of the infinity symbol all over the surface of my clitoris was having the desired effect, It was like I could feel every pore of the skin on his fleshy thumb, then I felt his middle finger push inside the tight ring of my ass about a quarter of an inch.  He doesn’t move to force anymore into my ass, nor does he pullback any, it’s almost like he wants me to adjust to this invasion. All the while I’m slowly building to climax once more how could he learn how to control my sexuality so fast.

“Oh your ass is so tight gripping my finger!” Kissing the back of my neck, his left hand sliding underneath me until it comes out touching what passes for the side of my left breast. His thumb and middle finger finding my nipple rolling it between them. As if I’m not over stimulated enough I feel the fleshly tip of his cock poking the flesh of my thigh.

Faster, harder his thumbs manipulates my clit, the fingers on my nipples spins the sensitive flesh, turning me into a drooling cumming parody of myself. His thumb exists, his finger leaves my asshole then I’m turned onto my stomach and Grahme lifts my hips up until I’m in a doggy position, my legs being spread so he could settle in.

As his cock penetrates my pussy, I moan in extreme pleasure  as his entire length moves through my sopping insides. As he pulls back I feel his finger return to my ass then it like I’m being fucked in both hole. Five long strokes and I feel something else entering my ass applying pressure to the tight ring stretching it wider. More strokes and more is added to my ass.

I feel my cum building once more when he pulls completely out of both orifices. Then my ass cheeks is pulled wider and my worst nightmare is about to come true. The tip of his cock is pressed against my closing anal orifice then enters, sinking in an inch, making my head jerk up and a scream renders the air in the room “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  Tears coming to my eyes as he lowers himself onto my back.

“Relax Gina, and it will become easier!” Easier my burning asshole it will! He waits before pulling slightly back then moving forwards sinking a little more with each repetition. With my head buried into the pillow I whimper at the burning in my ass as Grahme buries his complete length into my newly stretched asshole. Rolling my head side to side, wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Please take it out!” trying to get him to compromised “You can fuck me hard all night and tear my nipples off with your teeth, just take your cock out of my ass!”

“Oh no Gina this cements how much of a sexual goddess you are!” Amping his fucking of my ass, not caring how he damaging me inside. I lose track of exactly when it went from a painful sensation to one of pleasure, but even then I wanted him out of my ass. With the cover well buried into my mouth I scream into it.

The I couldn’t believe it! Grahme pulled out and rammed his entire six inches deep into my spasming pussy, making me instantly cum over his thick shaft. The blanket drops from my mouth as I raise my head and cry out “Yesssssssss!” Collapsing to the mattress with Grahme still buried deep in me. Turning my head barely able to speak through my panting breath “Why?”

“As great as your ass was, I couldn’t stand to see you in pain!” Rearing back and thrusting in fast and deep instantly making me build to orgasm again.  He’s only fucked my pussy once before but I’m thrusting back to meet his forwards thrust making this the hardest fuck I’ve had in a long time.

Grahame wraps his arms around my waist pulling me hard onto his cock when soon his cock is  spasming  in my pussy,  launching rope after rope of hot cum deep into my unprotected depths. Then it registers in my mind Oh god he fucked me twice without a condom or my diaphragm in place. Out loud “No! You might have impregnated  me!”

“Oh god I hope so Gina!”. Once more turning me , this time onto my back and climbing back between my legs, my eyes noticing that the effects of the pill had complete hold since his cock was still rock hard.

Without warning Graham thrusts back in my, fucking my for all I was worth. Making me cum twice more before unloading his balls in me again.

Then Grahame bolts off the bed and out of the room. I hear water running then he returns with two wet cloths one in his left hand wrapped around his cock, the other in his right hand. Getting back onto the bed and in essential me, his cock at my mouth, his right hand cleaning my crotch with a warm gently touch. I don’t have to be told opening my mouth and taking his shaft in. As he clean me, I feel myself building once more. It’s like just having his cock in one of my orifices was making me slut out for him.  As the time on the clock turns from single minutes to tens of minutes, I finally feel his hot cum launch into my throat.
As he pulls out, I barely manage to get out “Please no more! I can’t take any more!”

“Oh Gina, you realize I started fucking you shortly after 9 and it’s now midnight!” my eyes travel to the clock, widening in horror as the giant red numbers turned from 12:00 to 12:01. Grahme gets up, reaching his hand out to me. I take it and let him help me up, then once more scooping me up in his arms and carrying me out, this time to the bathroom. Gently sitting me on the toilet as he runs a tub of warm water.
When it’s filled, he once more lifts me, stepping into the tub lowering himself down, settling before helping me to find the bottom of the tub. With a washcloth in hand he cleans me, letting me lay against him, not lifting a finger to help. As the water cools, he takes us out then towels me dry, then himself. Taking me by the hand leading me out, where we are both through the door when he suddenly spins me to the wall. Back first, spreading my legs and before I can say anything burying his hard on back into my well fucked pussy.

Thrusting like a madman he soon has me once more on my tip toe crying out for him to use me like a bitch in heat. As he unloads more of his baby making seed in me I’m too exhausted to do anything but slowly slide to the floor. The sensation of being lifted, drifting in the strong arms around me then a soft surface under me. Then as i wrap the blanket around me

“Tell me Gina, what am I to you?”

Weakly  “You” the words coming out one at a time “own”, tears coming to me eyes “me-e-e-e-e-e!”

Grahame settles in beside me, draping an arm over me waist “That right and I have plans for us, which I’ll tell you in the morning!” Kissing the back of my neck before turning my head enough to kiss me hard on the lips. “Goodnight Gina! Sweet dreams! Slowly everything turns black as I shutdown!

                                                              To Be Continued

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Part Five

It’s a little after ten Am when my eyes open and I cry out at the burning sensation in my ass. Gingerly probing with my middle finger, finding  it hard to touch without a flare up of the burn. I don’t understand why it feels like my ass is burning, Then a horrible thought comes to me ‘Did Grahme fuck my ass while I was  sleeping?” Surely his did take advantage of me in my exhausted state!

Into the bedroom Grahme comes in with  a tray laddled with food, cups of coffee and glasses of orange juice. “Good morning Gina and how are you feeling today?” Placing the tray at the end of the bed then coming to me leaning in and kissing me on the lip. Scooping me up and carrying me to the bathroom where a tub of lukewarm water waits me.

As he sets he in the burning in my ass eases. Looking to him “What you’re not the first anal virgin I’ve taken!”

“Then you did fuck me in the ass while I slept!”

“Well to be fair, you were grinding your ass against my cock and I’m only human!” A wet washcloth in his hand as he comes and sits on the side of the tub and wipe from my jawline to the surface of the water. Paying special attention to my sore nipples, all the while kissing me.

Fifteen minutes he makes me stay in the water before he lifts me to my feet and towel dry me from head to toe. Walking me to the vanity sink, making me bend over it as he spreads my legs God no he’s not going to fuck my here, like that! About to speak

“Relax Gina, I’m only going to apply a thin coat of Polysporin to help relieve the burning!’ A tube on the counter, picked up and i feel his finger  gently pushing through my asshole  moving against the inner flesh before being pulled out. Then he leaves only to return with a pair of silk panties I’ve never seen before, matching bra, a sky blue polo shirt, a pair of socks  and a pair of jeans.

Hesitantly I start to dress starting with the panties. Grahme takes the bra and encases what I call breasts, then fastens the bra without feeling me up Taking the polo shirt shimmying it down my chest, then sliding into the jeans. Once more scooping me up into his arms grabbing the socks and returning me to the bedroom, laying me on the bed and bringing the tray of food and beverage up to me.

Confused, since the night he broke in he’s kept me naked or barely dressed at best. This morning he wants me fully dressed. Climbing on the bed with me, taking his share of breakfast, I look to him, “Why?”

“I’m worried that I stayed here to long and that the troopers will find me!”

What I’m hearing is too good to be true “So your leaving!” A little over enthusiastically

“Yes!” That one word lifted all the weight off my instantly only for his next words to slamming it back in place “And the best part is you’re coming with me!” Getting up after draining his cup of coffee, leaving the bedroom then returning handling me a blue booklet.

On the cover I see  “Passport United States Of America. Opening I find a photo of me staring at some point above my line of vision and the following:

Name- Regina Clarissa Edmonds
Sex - Female
D.O.B. February 29, 1984
            Husband- Thomas Gerald Edmonds

I also find a tourist visa in the above name, to enter Cuba. On my god he thinks I going to go with him.

“Don’t look so surprised Gina!. The first night I said I was going to claim all of you, now that I have I want you forever!”

“But i don’t want you!” Apparently the wrong thing to say, for the next thing I’m looking at is the open end of a gun.

“Your choice Regina, with me in Cuba or here with a third eye? Some choice a dead end life or death! So I took the only option where i had a chance of escape

Weakly shaking inside and out “I’ll go with you!”

“Oh Regina you just made me the happiest man on the face of Earth!” The gun disappear as Grahme goes on telling me how we were going to Bangor International, board a flight for Havana  as soon as I felt up to leaving. He told me not to pack since he would buy me everything i needed.

An hour later we’re at a private hanger,walking towards a Learjet, Bypassing customs and up in the air within the second hour where i hear “Comoros Here we come!” after the flight captain came over the intercom “We’ve just left Us Airspace for international waters in seven hours we’ll be landing in Comoros!”

“Seven Hours, what are we going to do for seven hours Thomas? I stupidly ask

“Oh you can forget the silly name now that we aren’t in Us airspace Regina!” Unbuckling his seat belt, reaching over doing the same to mine, winking at me “Ever wanted to join the mile high club Regina?"

I hope he was kidding! But as his hands started unbuttoning my jeans, I knew he was serious.I was going to join the Mile high club whether I want to or not. “No please don’t do this to me!”

“Please Regina, it’s been over been over ten hours since I’ve indulged my addiction to your body! Sliding my jeans down, then my panties. His hand immediately going to the cleft present from the missing clothing, rubbing the upper flesh as he slides my legs open. Oh god again i can feel myself responding to his touch, moisture beginning to produce in my dry passage. With my legs wide enough, his finger moving all over my outer pussy lips as he lowers his head between my legs and start tonguing me. Squirming under the feeling he been able to create inside me since the moment he first touched me. With his mouth firmly attached to my pussy slit, his hands moving the hem of the polo shirt up, exposing my silk bra and my responding nipple. His fingers sliding under the material homing in on my nipple like heat seeking probes. As he twirls then between his fingers, his tongue lashing my clitoris, my body arches and sends rivers of cum over his tongue and fingers. As his head comes ups “Please Grahme fuck me!

In from the front comes the female attendant  “swirling around fast “Oh please excuse my bad timing!”

Oh shit! she seen me cumming like a little slut I’m blushing thinking about what she’s thinking when Grahme adds to my embarrassment.

“Never fucked a gorgeous blushing girl before!” His cock aligned and stroked deep into my steamy passage. His face coming to mine, licking the heated skin of my cheeks. Oh the taste of your heated skin is almost as pleasurable as the tight grip your pussy has on my cock.

In and out short rapid thrusts then long slow strokes of his complete cock sends me into sexual overload once more. As I climax Grahme whispers into my ear, “ Shall i call the attendant back, I’m sure I caught her checking you out sexy before she left pretending to be sorry!”

As he gets off me, I replace my bra and polo shirt, yanking up my panties and jeans hiding my face from Grahme’s gaze, using the fabric of the polo shirt collar to try to hide behind. “Leave me alone, haven’t you done enough to me?

“Oh Regina, I’ve just started to do things to you both perverted and non perverted!” getting a blanket out of the overhead compartment, covering me  Did i ever tell you why I chose your way to escape too?”

                                                             To Be Continued

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Part Six

The jet suddenly dives and I’m jolted out of a deep sleep. Coming to the last thing I remember is Grahme whispering to me “After seeing the your picture of you on John’s desk I just had to see the real thing.

Looking around I see that I’m the only one in the lounge, in the seat besides me an open laptop. Reaching for it, picking it up and bringing it to where I could read it, finding something that made me gasp out

“ Doctor Robertson, It’s with sadness and deep regrets that I Regina Thompson humbly submit my letter of resignation. It has been a honour and extreme pleasure to have worked at St. Joseph. I have developed a medical condition that requires me to move to a climatic zone where sun is readily available year round. Please don’t tell my former coworkers since I don’t want them to worry about me. Just pass along my words of thanks and best wishes for them in the future- Sincerely Regina Thompson”

Seeing one more message was sent from this laptop. Clicking on it, waiting for it to open, looking up to see if I was still alone. When it opens. My eyes bulge out of their socket, it to my sister Jenna and mom Anna!, not just to her but to her proper name LaJenna! Reading it takes my breath away!

“J it G- I know this is super sudden but I met the man of my dreams! As you read this he’s flying me somewhere outside the continental US. All I know is he kind, wealthy and very much in love with me. When we are settled, I’ll call you and tell you everything, got to go running out of battery power Love forever G!”

The email to mom going pretty well line for line but instead of “J it G!” read Mom it’s Gina. Ending with “You know I love you and I hope you can be happy for me and my new husband. When we are fully settled in I”ll send you a ticket to come visit! Love Gina xxxooo!

How could Grahme do this me? Effectively cutting me off from work and my only family. Worst implying that I went willingly. Starting to type a response  to mom and Jenna  my fingers flying over the keyboard asking them both to report to the Maine state troopers that I was kidnapped by Grahme Collins and that I’m being held against my will, no better than a sex slave! Pressing enter to send a box popped up asking for the password. NO! who password encrypts the send button on an email program?

From the front, Grahme comes back “The pilot apologizes for the sudden turbulence, he was trying to out run a small hurricane!” Eyeing me “Why is my laptop on your lap?”

“I was looking up where we’re going?”  taking the laptop from me, reading what was still on the screen

“Oh you feel like a sex slave do you?” his eyes bore into mine “Do you know how a sex slave is treated?”

Sitting down in the seat beside me, grabbing my arm and pulling me over onto his lap, barely audible

“Maybe I should show you how a sex slave is treated?”

His hand worming it’s was into the waistband of my panties and jeans, coming to rest on my Venus mound. More audible “A sex slave can be made to  made to fuck every male in sight, shall I call the cockpit crew and tell then you want to be gang fucked?”

His finger sliding inside me, instantly rubbing my clit as i weakly answer “No please, don’t do that!”, just like the first time he fingered me, he works me expertly until I’m cumming over his finger and his lap. And just like the first time I moan in sexual pleasure  as he makes me cum

Then he proves that in a way I am his person sex toy “Should I leave it at that Regina Marie or do you want me to fuck you?”

Oh my god the words that came out of my mouth proved that he truly owned me. “P-p-p-lease fuck me-e-e!” I could believe how submissive I became, actually unbuttoning my jeans and sliding the down giving Grahme all the access he wanted. Slutting out for him even more by turning to face him, pulling my panties aside as I crawled higher up his crotch. When I felt his hardened cock against my slit, it’s all I can do not to grab his cock, hold it upright and penetrating myself completely!

As I lift my hips to do that Grahme stops me cold. “I’m not throbbing yet!,” reverting to Gina “You know what to do to make me throb!”.  Without being told I adjust myself so his cock is staring me right in the eyes, opening my mouth, running my tongue all over his shaft, flicking the tip in, out and all over the tip before taking him completely in my mouth. Bobbing my head up and down his cock, his sighs telling me that i’m doing what he wants.

Gaining speed I’m sure I’m going to make him throb, when Grahme lifts my head up and off his cock, rolling out from under me, making me lay down on my stomach, parting my ass cheeks. “No please not there!”

Pressing the tip against my sphincter until it pops inside, making me bite my lower lip as more follows. God it burns as he leans into my side, whispering “Cry out and i’m going to let whoever comes to investigate to have you also?” Would he really do that to me? I don’t want to take the chance so I bite down on the cushion to prevent anything escaping my lips as he sinks his entire length into my ass.

Oh god it burns as he moves in and out of me, tears free flowing down my cheeks. His tongue licking down my neck to my shoulders, then he’s kissing his way back up my flesh, the conflicting sensations rockin' my mind. Below burning pain, above goose flesh inducing touches all from the same person at the same time. For over ten minutes Grahme thrusts before emptying his cum deep into my bowels.

As he pulls out, getting off me, I lay there like a floppy rag doll, praying under my breath that he was sexually sated. Not wanting to move I sense Grahme beside me  his breath in my eyes “So did my slave like how her master  pleased himself!” I don’t move nor do I answer him, I just cry myself back to sleep.

When next I’m awaken  it’s to be told that we are on approach to our destination and made to sit upright. Feeling the plane descend, then land and taxing down a long runway to a hanger where we taxi straight inside. As the door to the jet opens Grahme help me up, taking my hand and walking us towards the steps down. At the base of the stairs a black limo awaits,Grahme doesn’t hesitates walking us down the stairs  helping me into the back of the limo. Talking to the driver before he climbs in joining me.

“Well Regina it’s only an hour to our new home!”. Reaching his hand around my shoulder, the tips of his fingers coming to rest on the top of my left breast “Since you can’t get away I’ll tell you know that we are multimillionaires here In Comoros. By now your ex John should be under indictment for Embezzlement from the firm, the money being untraceable. Unless some hotshot can trace all the transactions from his desktop that I did. Trace then to the central bank here in Comoros !

“You set John up for Embezzlement charges? Why?”

“Well for leaving you!,” rubbing his fingers on my breast. “ That’s why when I was arrested for suspicion of embezzlement and with those boy scout  were being shown around the police station I started a commotion that one scout had a gun!” Smiling as he relives that time “As the cops went haywire, searching every kid, I slowly made me way out as if I was there to pay a ticket and made my way on foot to you!”

Removing his hand from my shoulder, snaking it between my back and the back of the seat until he could grope my breast fully “When I say you topless hanging out the washing i just knew what I had to do to protect you from John’s lies

“But I didn’t do anything!”

“Oh that not what four of the transactions will say!” smirking at me “They will be a clear line showing that John got you to help transfer the money from the firm’s accounts to an offshore bank, thus making you an accessory to Embezzlement and an equally wanted person as me.

“Then can’t they trace the money to here?’, his fingers kneading my flesh through the fabric of the top and bra underneath it.

“Maybe but there is no extradition treaty between Comoros and the States!”  his right hand working its way into the waistline of my pants “And with a little more 1.9 billion Comoros dollars we are stinking rich, they wouldn’t send us back if the States paid them too!”

The phone goes off Grahme picks up “Yes, already great, no to the front door if you don’t mind!” hanging
up “Well it looks like traffic was nothing so we here at our new home Mrs. Edmonds!” As the limo comes to a halt outside of a white house, Grahme gets out then help me out. Scooping me up and carrying me over the threshold of the house. Kicking the door closed with his heal “Say why don’t we go up and christen our new bed?

                                                                       To be Concluded

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The Conclusion

Setting me down “Oh I forgot I have something to check on in the kitchen, tell you what why don’t you go up and wait for me!” His hand undoing my jeans, sliding them down my legs along with my panties, then removing my polo shirt and bra “It’s the door i the middle of the hall between the stairs. Turning to look, seeing on massive stairwell,a way up on both side leading to a long hallway with three door

Patting me on ass Grahme smile at me “Go on, you are the mistress of this manor!” leaving me to go attend to whatever is so important. Taking the left side I traverse the stairwell then the Hallway coming to stop outside the middle room, inside, the latest music can be heard playing at a moderate volume, sort of like how my niece Marie played it.

Opening the door I enter only to be grabbed in a bear hug “Aunt Regina!”, A head lowered to my exposed breasts and a hand finding it way to my pussy. As the lips start to tongue my right nipple, the opposite hand is tracing patterns all over the outer pussy lips and than onto my clitoris. Oh god whoever had me was doing the same technique that Grahme does and before long I’m on rubbery legs. The person stops long enough to lead me wobbly over to a giant bed that could hold four people easily and still have room to move around on.

Before the person changes position i get my first glimpse of their face, oh my god it was my niece Maria, making me drip with moisture like Grahme does. “Wha…? All I get out before Maria tell me

“Haven’t I learned a lot in my month here with mom and Grahme?” Lowering her head so she could completely ravage my pussy inside and out with her tongue and fingers. Barely able to comprehend anything my mind narrowing down to my pending orgasm at the fingers and tongue of my sixteen year old niece. Oh god Grahme been the only person who could make me cum like this. This feels even more wrong than when Grahme does it, at least he a male and I’m a female.But my niece about to make me cum was making everything in my universe seem backwards.

As Maria makes brings me past the point of no return she buries her mouth hard onto my pussy, drinking in my juice, leaving me a quivering mass of jelly in pink flesh."Oh Aunt Regina you taste so different than mom does!”

“That because Marie she doesn’t get a regular fucking like mommy does!” Turning my head my eyes comes to focus on LaJenna, my twin sister

“How? Why?”

“Regina I first got confused with your twin!” Grahme following LaJenna in. “I first saw her and her delightful daughter at a mall and brought then here a little over a month ago!” Coming to the bed licking his lips at the sight of my sopping pussy. "Marie did you do that to your aunt?” Marie nod her head a wide smile on her glistening lips

“Just like you did to me and taught me to do to mommy!” saying so proudly as she moves closer to Grahme a look of desire on her young face. While this is happening LaJenna lies down between my legs and commences to lick my pussy like her daughter did. Before long my twin is not only licking my pussy expertly but she drilling two fingers in and out of my asshole. Soon she has me equally spraying my juices all over her lips and panting like a dog in heat. Grahme smiling motioning LaJenna away, taking her place between my legs, sinking his throbbing cock into my overheated passage and fucking me like a man possessed!

Not to be left out LaJenna sucks my right breast into her mouth while Marie kisses all over my face and upper chest.  Oh my god I’ve never been this sexually stimulated before and I can’t prevent my third climax from happening, flooding hot cum all over Grahme’s thick girth. It doesn’t seem to phase him as he fucks me through two more climaxes before splashing his cum into my steaming passage.harder than I’ve ever breathed before

Laying like a limp rag doll, breathing so hard that i wanted to go to the hospital to make sure my lungs were still working right. “You to remember what i said was going to happen if I got Regina here

Both nods their heads and reply “yes!” together before LaJenna elaborates “ Until Regina comes here with you I am the number one girl to share your life. When Regina gets here she becomes your number one, and Marie and I can sleep with other males without penalties!"

Looking to me, rolling me into his side “See Regina you were the woman of my dreams,Even through I had your twin sister, I didn’t have you, but now!...” kissing the back of my neck as I try to get my breathing and pulse back under control. “Ladies would you leave me and my girl for the evening. They left and that was the last time for two days that I saw my niece and twin sister. For more than a day I sleep recovering from both jet lag and the over sexual stimulation I received since Grahme entered my life!


Six months later

LaJenna and Marie are both pregnant , LaJenna by Henri Mansure the house manager. One one is sure who’s Marie’s child father is since being released from being with Grahme it was estimated that she has sleep with every guy who showed her the least bit of interest. At last count that was over thirty males.

As for me with CNN reporting how I was under indictment for fraudulent Embezzling and on the F.B.I.’s wanted list being here in Comoros was the best thing. Grahme barely lets me lift more than a finger. I have a staff of over twenty to run the mansion and he has backed off the taking me against my will. And in the long run i have to admit he was and is the most attentive lover I've ever had.


One year later

Lajenna is up most of the night with little Roger, her bouncing seven pound baby boy. Marie and her twins boys are settling into a schedule , giving relief to the whole household. A DNA test showed that the head Gardener Mawab Desmond was the father of both children, doing the right thing Mawab asked for her hand in Marriage which Marie refused since married women couldn’t fuck anyone they wanted to at anytime.

The biggest change was me being found guilty in absentia and sentenced to 25 years in a federal
penitentiary . Somehow we were traced to Comoros and the US government demanded that Comoros hand Grahme and me over and to freeze our accounts which were refused since there was no formal extradition treaty between the two countries. On the love life front, Grahme has a local doctor do an Comorosan fertility rite on me, after four weeks of treatments and two solid weeks of fucking  I work up with a case of morning sickness. Three Pregnancy test later and Grahme and i are both staring at two solid blue lines

"Well Mister Collins looks like your going to be a father!”

“And you Mrs. Collins are going to be a mother and together we will be a family!”

                                                                   No more!

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Outdid yourself on this one!

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That's a hell of a compliment coming from you sir! The young lady i originally wrote it for thought I  wrote a female's perspective for good for a male!