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February 13, 2016, 12:22:19 PM

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Short story and as usual it is only a FANTASY

Growing up in a predominantly Asian neighbourhood Carl Jones was a typical B student from the local high school. Being a 6 foot 5 and regularly working out in the gym it was easy for Carl to get laid especially with his good looks and strong muscular build meant many girls flocked for him and he regularly had sex at least once a week if not more.

Nonetheless, despite his ease in getting laid he was always attracted to the Asian minority of the opposite gender whom are not as liberal as his fellow whites. His neighbourhood of 25 families at least 6 were of Asian origin with many families having at least one daughter in his age group. In particular one such girl was his next door neighbour 20 year old Venese Chan. Long black hair, accompanying her slender figure plus her pretty Asian features Carl had always desired her ever since she moved in 2 years earlier.

His big break came during the upcoming Lunar New Year in February when he was invited over to the family for the celebrations. His family despite getting invited was on a road trip to visit their sick grandmother in Alabama leaving him alone to man the fort. Hence, when Venese came over to ask him over during the Lunar festivities, Carl immediately agreed without hesitation. Dressed only in her singlet and hot pair of shorts, her lustful figure sent Carl into ecstasy, ogling her long sexy legs and shapely figure he was determined to bed the Asian beauty.

When the day arrived, having made prior preparations Carl gotten himself a bottle of sleeping pills, his digital camera and tripod set up in his own bedroom he walked over to his neighbour's house. Greeted by the parents and three daughters, Carl entered and sat down as they began chatting freely. All Carl was fixated upon however was Venese as he could not take his eyes off her, dressed in a traditional chili red dress it magnified her attractive features

The chatting went on for about half hour before the teapot had to be refilled. That's when he decided it was time. Following Venese into the kitchen he had a bird's eye view of her shapely ass and was tempted to give it a tight squeeze but refrained from doing so. After she refilled the pot Carl offered to bring it back to the living area when her phone rang. Seizing the opportunity, with noone watching and his beautiful prey on the phone, Carl emptied half the bottle into the tea pot before returning to the living area.

When Venese finally returned Carl offered himself to help the family refill their tea cups and his own. The conversation lasted for another 15 minutes when the pills were starting to have its effects. With the entire family knocked out Carl licked his lips and proceeded towards the object of his desire asleep on the couch. Lifting her by waist excorting her back to his room next door while leaving the rest of the family asleep in the living room.

Reaching his room he laid his prey on the bed and proceeded to turn on the recording on the camera. Stripping off his clothing letting his proud 8 inch erection spring free, he approached the bed where the sleeping beauty lied upon and gave her a soft kiss while running his hands over her smooth body. Turning her around, unzipping the dress and pulling off her back revealed her white undergarments. Unclapsing her bra and  removing it, Carl proceeded to strp off her panties revaling the soft shapely ass, he caressed it softly before giving it a kiss, turning the young beauty upward again. Now caressing her long shapely legs, kissing and licking her soft breasts Carl was ready to sample his first Asian pussy.

Spreading her legs apart, Carl gotten himself atop her and rubbed his now raging cock at the entrance of her pussy, rubbing his body onto hers he slowly pushed his dick into her vaginal opening savouring the experience while kissing and licking her neck. Slowly but surely Carl was finally able to bury his entire length inside her. Feeling her tightness, congratulating himself Carl slowly began humping the beauty with increased rhythm bringing pleasuring moans from the asleep beauty. Her cunt juices began flowing freely and Carl realized her legs began wrapping itself on his ass indicating she was achieving her own orgasm while he  increased the speed of his thrusts.

Carl was on the point of no return, feeling the pressure building up in his balls he buried himself inside her as he exploded his load in her tight pussy while Venese simultaneously reached her orgasm. Lying atop her after their mutual climax, Carl began cleaning her up with a wet towel removing any incriminating evidence evident by the continuous streak of his cum now flowing out of her vagina.

Cleaning both the beauty and himself thoroughly, putting back his own clothes on he began redressing the beauty first with her undergarments then her dress. Just as Carl was about to bring her back, the sight of her in that sexy red dress gave Carl other ideas. Pulling out his dick which had gotten erect again, he pulled off her panties and wanted to fuck her while she was clothed in the sexy dress.

Getting himself into position, he placed each of her legs on his shoulder as his dick was at her entrance once again, grabbing her soft ass, he thrusted again into her for the second time penetrating her fully. With that he began his second fuck session in her vagina humping her at jackhammering speed, thrusting into her at rapildly it did not take long before he was about to unleash a second load.

Almost reaching a second orgasm, he released his hold of her legs and collasped onto the beauty as his dick began exploding  his seed into her womb. Totally depleted at this point Carl had to make sure none of his seed would land on her dress as he cleaned her thoroughly. Slipping her panties back on, he bought her back to her home and laid her on the sofa where he first took her.

Resting there, he also pretended to have been knocked out by the herbal tea as he sat on the couch fast asleep after an eventful afternoon with his sweet pretty neighbour

February 13, 2016, 01:08:50 PM
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Offline vile8r

Well done, Delaware! Glad to see another story from you!

February 18, 2016, 11:59:54 AM
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Thanks Vile.......jsut a short one....working on sequel to jonas haahha