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August 23, 2017, 10:11:30 PM

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You wake up out of it downstairs on your couch, to find yourself bound, face down, bent over on my new worktable and blindfolded. You try to move and find yourself well fastened down. Your hands are fastened on the other side of the desk, while your legs are pulled apart, with your ankles fastened to the legs of the work table.  You are naked. You cry out for me asking me to help you and I don’t.

You must feel groggy and realize you had been drugged again but when? Your breathing is heavy from fear. You hear from upstairs and your heart starts pounding heavy. You try to talk to me even though you can’t see me. You know I am close to you. You beg desperately for me to answer you, to talk to you. You keep emphasizing the word “please” and that you love me. I don’t love you, never did. I say nothing, just looking at your body.

I walk back out of your kitchen, leaving you alone with all your thoughts and fear, as you scream out to me. Now you are alone again. Time probably seemed endless. You can’t see, you don’t know what time it is, or even if it’s day or night. The rohypnol did its job well leaving you alone with your terror and blanked out. Your vulnerable position adds to your fears, as you cry, and plead.

You hear my footsteps again, coming up behind you. I watched as your body tightened in fear, your body tenses as you try again to talk to me. I love ignoring you and making you crazy. Finally you scream “Why won’t you talk to me? Please?” as you break into sobs, of fear and hopelessness. I say nothing.

Your whole body flinches when my hand touches your back gently. My hand runs down your back and over your tight ass, sticking my hands in and making you yelp, then pulling back out and putting my hands over you again and feeling your quads. My hand feels rough on your skin. You are horrified.

 You feel my rough fingers sliding right up your inner thigh, and I grab your penis. Under any other circumstances this might feel nice, but right now all you feel is terror, revulsion and humiliation.

My fingers move inside your tight ass now and spreading you open and using a thick veiny 13” dildo to enter your hole. You cry out, screaming in pain. You could never in your worst nightmares imagine such vulnerability, such fear. To be tied like this again, bent over, naked and blindfolded with your ass and penis sticking out is beyond humiliating again. You know I can see your penis and ass again clearly, that I am inspecting it. Pointing out every flaw of your body to you. Your quads were shivering as the dildo vibrated and entered inside of you. It was now 6 am. Good morning! Your abs were fluttering. You still can’t fully come to terms with the fact that this is actually happening.

I pull it out after pushing it in and out of you and getting the entire thing inside of you. Just as the fluids abrade, the dildo is no longer needed, and it is pulled out rapidly as you scream from the burn. The moisture makes you feel a chill. You hear me pull my boxers down and hear the snap of the cotton against my skin. Your pleading starts again. Sheer terror gripping you, at the inevitable fate that now closes in on you. You repeatedly cry the word “please stop”. You feel my rough hands on your ass again, spreading you. Your whole body tenses, in response to the violation, and the fear. You start pleading desperately, babbling incoherently.

Then, you feel my cock head touching your tight asshole. You shake at me slapping the head of my cock on your tight asshole, tapping your fluids a bit. You know penetration is seconds away, and you sob, and cry pleading desperately with me. 

For a brief instant, you feel my weight shift, and tense knowing the thrust is coming, and then you feel your flesh parted violently as several inches hardened flesh are shoved deep inside you, stretching you, opening you up as you cry out from shock and discomfort. You are not sufficiently lubricated, so the roughness of the thrust caused you a lot of pain. You then feel my weight on you as I thrust and twist my hips, forcing the rest of my flesh into you, causing you to hiss, and as your hole is abused damn. It is so hot. You are stretched open again. 

Then the violation truly begins. You feel the flesh pulled back, and then you feel my shaft start thrusting into you, violating you as you feel the size and hardness of my cock, passing through your tight  asshole, and plunging into your insides, filling your space fully with each thrust. I pull your neck back and choke you. I know you are loving it.

You feel my weight on you, hear my moaning and feel my breath on the back of your neck as your body is repeatedly forced open by the shaft being hammered into it roughly. You feel my hips repeatedly slamming into your asshole. There is really no relief. Each thrust goes deep, opens you up, fills you as you are forced endure the rape of your body. You try to block out the shame, the humiliation and the disgust, of having my cock raping the inside of your body and the shame of you moaning and liking it, taking what is most intimate and private to you; turning what should be an intimate act, into this horrifying, degrading assault on your body, your dignity, and your soul.

You feel my pounding speed up, and know what is about to happen obviously. You feel the pounding suddenly stop, as the invading flesh is planted deep inside you and held fast. You feel it expand, and then feel the fluids pumping out, deep inside your asshole, inside of you dripping. I look down and see you had cum everywhere too. I know you enjoyed it too. 

I push in to you one last time. I am not done yet. You feel me collapse on top of your back, breathing heavily, as my weight presses down on you, and my flesh is still in you, stretching you open. Gradually, it starts to soften, and you feel it start to recede.

I pull you off the chair and let you out. I take the blindfold off. You are up now. You asked to shower, and scrub yourself clean, again and again, to remove any trace of me from you. Your heart still pounds, wondering what I am going to do with you. Then you feel my fluids, leak out of you, and start dribbling down your thigh, and this pushes you over the edge, as you break down completely, crying, sobbing loudly, wailing in despair, shame, disgust, and fear. Your cries echo off the wall as you cry alone in the dark. I pull you back. And we go again.

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Great read!

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