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September 25, 2014, 12:04:48 AM

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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features a character under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

Locked Bedroom

Kara sat on the edge of the bed doing nothing and waiting.  There was a TV in the room, but she wasn’t allowed to turn it on unless he was here.  There was nothing to do but look around an extremely uninteresting bedroom on the third floor.  It was master bedroom with a bathroom that she used.  There were two windows to the bedroom and one in the bathroom, but they all had heavy metal bars on them.  Two windows faced the brick wall of an empty warehouse only two feet away, and the other faced towards what she knew was the backyard of this ugly row house.  That window was blacked out with paint, so she couldn’t see anything outside.  She knew that the other houses around this former industrial neighbor were abandoned and in various states of decay.  It didn’t matter how loud she screamed, no one ever heard her.  She also knew no one knew she was here.  The door to the bedroom was locked.  She couldn’t get out.  In fact, she had not left this room for nearly two months as a prisoner of him.

Kara was a 15 year old very pretty blond girl not much over 5 feet and just under 100 pounds.  Her long blond hair was in a braided ponytail.  She didn’t like the braid, but he did and made her wear it most of the time.  Her growing breasts were showing signs of future voluptuousness.  Her blue eyes were striking, but he said her best feature was her full naturally red lips.  She gave a wry unhappy smile thinking of how he liked her lips.  She looked down at her nude body remembering when she could wear clothes.  She wasn’t allowed to wear anything anymore with him.  At least it was summer, and she was never cold.  She had just taken a bath, as he insisted she be clean and smelling good.

Kara jumped as the lock clicked and the door creaked open making those sounds that always sent a chill up her spine.  She knew it would be him.  It was never anyone else.  He had her dinner in the fast food bag and set it on the worn basically empty dresser.  He would have eaten already, and she knew that whatever was in that bag was already cold, dry and probably had bites taken out of the sandwich, chicken or whatever else was in it.  She didn’t know if he did that to disgust her, or if he just liked to taste everything.  The door clicked again locking behind him.  She didn’t know how he opened it from the inside, and she tried many times to figure it out.  She watched hard each time trying to figure out how he opened the door from the inside.  One day maybe, she would find the secret and get out and run.

He was nude too and leering with that ugly face down at her nude body as he approached.  His ugly thing was starting to rise up from his body.  His hand raised up and she saw the spray.  She hated the spray and knew what it meant.  It didn’t matter how many times he used it, she knew she would never get accustom to it.  It was just so humiliating, the second most humiliating thing he used on her that wasn’t part of him.  He smelled and needed a bath.  He made her keep clean, but he didn’t extend the requirement of cleanliness to himself.

“Open up girl,” he said the spray already aimed at her mouth.  He never called her by her name; it was always ‘girl’.  She clinched her teeth shut for a few seconds looking up at his face, but seeing the face quickly grow stern, she reluctantly opened her mouth wide not wanting to chance a beating from those large hands.  The spray hissed three times as he pressed the plunger coating the back of her throat.  The nasty tasting substance began dripping down her gullet making her gag a couple times, which ironically was exactly what it was supposed to suppress.  The spray was supposed to numb her throat to keep her from gagging from what he called a throat fucking.  He reached down gripping one of her tits hard squeezing it and pinching the nipple.  Her skin crawled at his touch, but out of fear she didn’t pull back.

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She had to suck on his thing very often, more than once a day.  Sometimes he would sit on the edge of the bed and watch TV with her kneeling in front of him with it in her mouth forcing her to keep sucking even long after he already finished; making her keep doing it for what seemed like hours until he got hard again.  Her lips and tongue would get so tired and sore, but he wouldn’t let her stop.  When he first made her do it with her mouth, she scraped him with her teeth a couple times.  She never did that anymore.  The punishment was too severe.  Being forced to suck it and him pushing her head down too far was degrading and horrible, but the throating fucking was the worst.  He always pushed her mouth on it too far making her heave, gag and retch.  The spray did seem to help a little, but she felt so ashamed at being forced to open her mouth for it knowing why he was doing it.

Kara could feel her throat numbing a little as she swallowed uncomfortably knowing what was about to happen.  It wasn’t yet as numb as it could get, but he was impatient reaching behind her head for the braided ponytail he made her wear mostly for this purpose and saying those same words again, “Open up girl.”  Kara used to beg and plead with him not to do this, but after two months she knew he was going to get what he wanted one way or another.  He pushed her head down lower as she sat on the bed making her lean forward.  He said it lined her mouth and throat up.

She stared hatefully at it as he moved it towards her mouth.  When it bumped her lips, after a brief hesitation she reluctantly parted them letting it slide past her full lips and along her tongue.  She felt his grip tighten on her hair and he pushed hard.  She wasn’t ready, and when it hit the back of her throat she gagged horribly on it.  He pushed hard again, and she felt it enter her throat despite the numbing spray.  The panic that always happened set in as her air was cut off.  She raised her hands to push him away, and then forced herself to drop them knowing the beating would not be worth it.  In the countless times he did this, he always let her breath soon enough.

After what seemed like a long time, he extracted his thing slowly from her throat and pulled back until just the tip was in her mouth, just to slam forward all the way in again her nose in his pubic hair.  Kara heaved as it penetrated her throat again just now numbing from the spray.  It took a very long time for her to be able to handle it this well….many, many throat fucking sessions.  He began this throating fucking with the usual rhythm, plunging deep the head entering her throat and pulling nearly all the way out.  She worked her tongue on him and gripped it with her full lips doing her best to make this as short as possible.  She could hear his grunts of pleasure and hated how she was pleasing him.

The thing pistoned in and out of her mouth plunging into her throat and back out while her tongue labored to bring him off.  Her hair hurt as he pushed and pulled on her braid forcing her head back and forth on his thing.  She could tell it was coming and worked her mouth on him even harder to end it.  Her tongue was getting so tired, but she forced herself to keep sucking.  His humping of her face lost some of the rhythm as he jerked against her face.  She felt it swell and convulse in her mouth as the foul viscous fluid squirted in her throat.  She swallowed and swallowed again trying to get it all down still sucking to milk all of it out of him.  She had tried to spit it out a couple times when he first made her do this, but he beat her for doing that.  With a satisfied sigh he finally pulled it from between her lips.

She was hoping he would leave, but he strode to the dresser to get it.  The thing that she found the most humiliating, even more than the spray.  Grinning he walked back holding up the red dildo and said, “On yer belly girl.”
Wincing already in anticipation, she slowly turned around shaking in fear and lay belly down on the bed her bare butt sticking in the air.  She jumped feeling the baby oil he used as a lubricant drizzling in her butt crack.  She shuddered thinking about how bad it would be without the oil.  Even though he had done this so many times she couldn’t count them anymore, she couldn’t help but whimper when he started rubbing the dildo between her butt cheeks coating it with the oil.  Then he started to nuzzle it on her butt hole as she sobbed quietly.  She screeched as he pushed hard opening up her hole pushing it in twisting it to get it deep.  He worked it all the way inside her cackling with enjoyment at the violation of her body.

He told her it was for her own good.  She didn’t dare remove it without permission.  The dildo was smaller than him, and he said it made it hurt less when he butt fucked her.  HA!  It always hurt a lot no matter what.  Admittedly, nothing hurt as bad as the first time he did it.  She had fought hard and screamed loud struggling desperately, so he tied her up the first time.  Bound and barely able move he rammed the cruel dildo in her ass to her screams.  To make sure she couldn’t push it out, he put several pieces of duct tape on her butt to hold it in.  It hurt so bad when he pushed the dildo in her ass, but that pain was nothing in comparison to the agony that occurred soon after he pulled the dildo out of her.

While she ate the cold half a burger and mostly gone cold fries, Kara could still remember and even feel him pulling off the pieces of duct tape, and then rotating and pulling the dildo out of her.  He had untied her probably because he liked her struggles.  Just seconds later as he held her in place, she could feel something else being pushed at her butt and knew it was that thing he had forced in her mouth earlier, when he first locked her in this bedroom on that first day.  She remembered that blood curdling scream she made when shoved that huge thing of his in her ass; the immense jamming feel of it tearing her insides followed by the pounding in and out as he butt fucked her.  She lost consciousness at some point, but woke just in time to feel him ram her even harder, and then stiffen and fill her insides with a vile wetness.

She remembered laying on her stomach for a while after he left feeling blood and his semen drip down her crack and start drying.  He came back and pulled her up by the hair.  There wasn’t much fight left in her as he forced her to her knees in front of him.  She remembered being shocked that his thing still had streaks of her blood on it, but that was nothing to the shock of realizing he wanted to put it in her mouth like that.  She tried to fight, but he forced it in her mouth anyway.  She didn’t taste the blood, but she could taste and smell her own shit on it.  She was no longer shocked that he didn’t clean it after butt fucking her.  She was sure it was intentional to humiliate her that she had to clean it with her mouth.  She soon learned it was best to generate as much saliva as possible and keep swallowing to try and get rid of the awful taste of her own shit.

Kara was jolted back to the present as he came back in again with a cooler of ice and beer and turned the TV on.  Oh baseball, she thought.  She hated baseball not that she would be watching anyway, because she knew what was coming.  He pulled her over to him making her wince from the dildo still in her butt.  She knelt in front of him and took his limp thing in her mouth at the same time he popped a beer tab.  That’s how the afternoon went; she sucking on his thing and him popping one beer after another.  He drank with his right hand and either forced her head with his left or sometimes fondled one of her tits like it was a pet cat.  The only breaks she got during the game were when he went to pee.  There were always a few drips of pee she could taste when he forced it back in her mouth.  He alternated between being hard and soft while she sucked, but only spurted in her mouth once during the game.  He left after the game pissed off the Tigers lost.

Kara was sitting mostly on one butt cheek because of the dildo in her butt when he came back in again in the evening.  She waited hoping he would just want her mouth again but he said, “On yer belly girl.”
She turned over on her stomach and tried to stay still, and he spoke again, “Pull it out.”
She reached back with disgust and gently pulled the dildo out of her ass.  Somehow when he made her put it in or pull it out was worse than him doing it.  She felt so ashamed being told to do it and knowing she had no choice.  She felt him get on the bed and pour more baby oil on her tiny butt hole.  She knew it would be worse for her, but she couldn’t help herself and tried to get away crawling across the bed.  He laughing and grabbed her long braided ponytail and pulled her back.  He entered her ass roughly to punish her for crawling away as she started screaming.

“Don’t know why you always make such a fuss after all this time.  Yer mom got used to it a lot faster.”
His hand gripped over her mouth stifling her screaming as his thing scraped roughly in and out of her ass.
She thought, ‘Daddy, is that why mommy threw herself in front of that bus two months ago?  She got use to it?  Her body was splattered all over Franklin Street.’
The night of the funeral was when it all started.  The constant monotony of suck, throat fuck, suck, butt fuck, suck, throat fuck, suck, butt fuck….over and over again.  As long as she was still a virgin, it wasn’t incest he claimed.  She almost wished daddy would take her virginity, just for it to be different.  She knew school would be starting back up soon, but everyone was told she was staying at her grandparents, his parents.  They actually died years ago.  Mommy had no family.
‘I’d kill myself just like mommy if I could figure out how, but I still have some hope….I just need to figure out how that fucking lock works!’ she thought while his huge thing continued to saw in and out of her ass.

Author's note:  I apologize if you read this and were offended by the incest content.  I did not include that in the warning at the beginning because part of the point of the story is supposed to be that you didn't know or weren't sure if it was her father.  I felt an incest warning might ruin the surprise for some readers.

November 20, 2014, 01:49:06 AM
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Omitting the warning was for the best. It really would have ruined the twist. I was like WHATTTTTT!!! Awesome story!

November 20, 2014, 02:25:35 AM
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Thanks for posting this Jed! This story always blew me away!

November 20, 2014, 03:17:40 PM
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Yes this is a very good story Jed

November 20, 2014, 09:32:36 PM
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Well thank you Nyx, vile and Fancy.  This little story sat at the bottom of our site for a while.  Nice to see it get noticed.  I know vile read it before.....LOL

November 20, 2014, 11:39:03 PM
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It's easier to find your stories now. Vile's too. Das freut mich.

November 21, 2014, 09:26:44 AM
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Yeah not hard to find them at all.  But that's kind of a good thing.

November 21, 2014, 01:37:30 PM
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Jed, you are a great writer.  Enjoying your stories.

November 21, 2014, 07:36:06 PM
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Thanks Dark, glad you liked it.

April 01, 2017, 07:47:35 AM
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I remember reading this one like forever ago. Loved it then, love it now.
Though somehow I immediately assumed that it is his daughter and was quite surprised by the note at the end.