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June 05, 2015, 08:50:46 PM

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I have not written in some time for a number of reasons, so I thought I would give the keyboard another workout so I do not get too rusty.

Synopsis:   A female is raped by three mobsters in front on her boyfriend who owes them a bunch of money.

Jon was unusually quiet and withdrawn as he drove the car.  The relationship had soured in recent weeks and Rachael was just waiting for the right time to call it off.  Jon was sweet and loving at first, but he made the wrong friends who introduced him to the wrong people. 

Unbeknownst to Rachael, Jon had taken a loan from a notorious mob figure and had defaulted on the payment.  He was out of time and out of options. 
“Where in the world are we going?” Rachael inquired as the car turned onto a gravel road that led to unfamiliar territory.
“I have to meet some people.  Just don’t worry about it.”

Rachael bit her lip in disgust as she peered out the window. “I thought I made it clear. I will not be any party to your drug deals or whatever the hell you are involved in.”

“Shut up!” Jon snorted angrily as the car slipped further into the foreboding darkness of the remote road.

Coming to a stop, Jon exited the vehicle and walked slowly forward.  In the distance Rachael could make out the shadowy forms of three males.  Jon approached them and began talking.  She silently hoped that what brought Jon out here was soon over and they could leave.   This was as good a time as any to tell him that it was over between them as it was obvious he was not going to change. She leaned back on the car and shut her eyes for just a few moments when she could hear the conversation in the distance take on a more heated tone.  As she peered through the front glass she gasped.  The men were holding Jon and beating him.  She could hear the sound of their fists making contact with Jon and could hear is agonizing groans.

She fidgeted in the car seat wandering what to do.   Jon dropped to his knees and she drew a sigh of relief in thinking the men would stop beating him now.  She could hear Jon pleading with them and then saw the men looking towards the car.   Her heart began to beat faster as she wandered if they saw her and what would they do to her if they did.

Still on his knees, she saw Jon motion for her to come.  Her hands trembled as she slowly opened the door and made her way towards the scene.   Rachael was a stunning girl in her appearance.  At the age of 26, she still had the radiant appearance of a high school girl.  Her hair was wavy locks of deep red that lay lazily on her back.  With gorgeous eyes and facial features, her beauty was accented by a trimmed and athletic body, shapely but tight ass, and 36-B tits.

The three men drank in the sight of Rachael as she approached them dressed in a sleeveless red shirt and skin tight white jeans.   Her eyes remained glued to Jon, who crouched on the ground, his eyes bruised, nose bleeding, and a cut on his lip.

“What you have you done to him…what is this about?” Rachael screamed.

“Your boyfriend here owes us a lot of money.  We have been patient but business is business. He either pays up tonight, or he suffers the consequences.”
“What does that have to do with me. I want no part of this. I demand you let us go.”

“You demand?” One of the men said as they all laughed.  Picking Jon up by his hair the man held a gun to his head and pulled the trigger as he looked at Rachael.
“You want to help your boyfriend; you have one chance.  Fail and we will kill you both and drown your bodies in the river.  It’s up to you sweet cheeks.  Does he live, or does he die?”

“I…I don’t understand.  What do you want me to do?”  Rachael stammered.

“Jon has kindly offered you as payment for his debt.  Before we take him up on his offer we want to see if you are even worth the trouble, so strip…naked!”
The words struck Rachael like a sledge hammer.  She shot an angry glare at Jon who hung his head, not having the courage to look her in the eye.
She looked at each of the three men and found nothing but cold hearted, lusty stares greeting her.   Her thoughts were again interrupted by the angry shout of the man with the gun to Jon’s head.

“Five minutes’ bitch and the clock starts now.  If I don’t see you butt naked in five minutes I will blow his damn brains out right in front of you and we will rip those fucking clothes from you ourselves!”

“They aren’t kidding Rach. Do as they say, or they will kill us both,” she heard Jon sob.

She could feel the warm tears begin to form in her eyes as he trembling hands lifted the shirt over her head.  She let it fall to the ground, revealing a white lace, low cut bra that hugged her tits seductively.  She kicked off her shoes and ankle socks then began slowly unzipping her jeans.  Every eye was on her as she slid the pants down her shapely legs and stepped out of them.  Clad in matching bra and panties she stood shivering and weeping before the man’s angry words were again heard.

“Those too bitch, get em off!”

She summoned every ounce of courage and will power and reached behind to loosen her bra and let her naked breasts go on display.  Peeling the panties down her legs, she stepped out of them and wept in shame as she stood completely naked before them, her creamy white skin in contrast to the dark night.
“Let’s get lover boy tied up, so we can inspect this package a little closer,” she heard one of the men say.   Rachael was at this point so fearful of her own situation and what was going to happen to her that she did not even notice the men had stripped Jon naked and bound him to a nearby pole, a black leather belt fastened tightly around his neck to further prohibit him from doing nothing but watching her be defiled.

The three men approached her and she got the first real look at them.  The one with the gun, was stocky, full faced with slick black hair and dark, piercing eyes. He spoke with a definitive jersey accent. The other two were tall and lanky, both with thick black hair and the same cold, piercing eyes.  They circled her like animals stalking their prey.  She felt their hands on her breasts, tweaking and teasing her nipples, rubbing her ass, even slipping between her legs and rubbing her private areas.

She shivered with disgust as she sobbed for them to leave her alone.  Moments later she was being dragged against her will and laid upon an old wooden picnic table.  She could feel a jagged splinter sticking her ass but was unable to move.  Pinned down by the arms, she felt her legs pried wide apart and held there.  It was then that she saw Jon, bound in the distance, staring directly at her.

The stocky male wasted no time in taking off his clothes.  Rachael gasped and wept as she saw his thick and meaty cock sway back and forth as he strode to take his position between her legs.

“Ready for a good fuckin?” cause that is what you are getting,” he growled as he pressed the head of his cock against her tender slit.
“NOOOOO!!” Rachael’s piercing scream filled the night as he forced himself inside and began fucking her mercilessly as her face grimaced in pain and agony.  The other two looked on in twisted amusement as they pinned her hands roughly to the table.

Jon wept in shame and anger as he watched the man violate Rachael; yet in an inexplicable turn of events he felt his own cock begin to harden and felt sickened by it.
“Help me turn her over. I want to fuck her in the ass!” the man growled, his voice deep and laden with lust.   Rachael wept and struggled but soon found herself pinned face down on the table. She felt her ass being pried apart then felt the stiff and brutal cock of her assailant press against her tight hole determined to force it inside. She felt as if she would pass out from the pain before the sphincter relaxed to allow penetration.  As before, the man plowed her ass unmercifully.  With no lube the sawing motion caused her unbearable suffering as the sensitive skin turned red and raw.  She eventually heard him groan and felt his cock stiffen as it prepared to unleash its hot load.  He pulled out of her ass with a plopping sound and moaned loudly as his cock shot jets of thick, hot cum onto the creamy globes of her ass cheeks.  He jerked his cock roughly, summoning every drop of cum from his balls before stepping back and looking proudly at his conquest.

Not bothering to dress, he walked to the man holding her right hand on the table.  “Your turn. Make the bitch suffer, he’s got a heavy debt to pay.”

The man grinned as they turned Rachael over and again she was on her back, her arms pinned. The one that had just crudely fucked her now held her hand in a tight grip as the second man began undressing. Showing no compassion for her he drove his throbbing cock into her abused hole and began sawing it as roughly as the first man.

Again, Jon watched, horrified at the feeling of his own arousal when he clearly found the whole thing sickening.  He could actually feel the cum churning in his own balls from watching Rachael being fucked and he fought the urge as strongly as he could.

The man plowed her with reckless abandon until he stiffened and filled her gaping hole with shot after shot of hot cum.  As he slowly withdrew from her, his spent cum oozed from her swollen cunt in a lewd display.  The man walked towards the third man and took his place holding her arm to the table.  Rachael wept and trembled in pain and humiliation as the third man began undressing and prepared to violate her once more.  Having no remorse for her swollen and bleeding sex, he thrust into her with all he could muster.  She felt as if a thousand needles were cutting her insides as he savagely raped her for the third time.

She was half conscious when she felt him stiffen and felt the hot jets of cum fill her insides once more.  She lay limp, her body racked in pain as he slid out.   As he stepped from view she saw the image of Jon bound and struggling.  As the pain racked her body to feverish heights, she lost consciousness and passed out.

She awoke some time later, shivering in the cool night air.  Sore and barely able to move, she opened her eyes slowly and the image she saw was crude and revolting.  The men had spread her legs wide and had positioned Jon in front of her and forcing him to masturbate at the image of her gaping and abused holes.   As he shot his cum from the tip of his cock she felt a new and deeper sense of revulsion for him.  Like putting salt on an open wound, it was a new form of abuse as far as she was concerned and the new found repulsion for him only underscored the need to distance herself as far from him as she could.

Rachael crawled on the ground, her body racked with fiery shots of pain as she gathered her clothes and slowly dressed herself.   The men had retied Jon to the pole in the distance and left the scene.  Rachael ignored his pleas for help as she sought among his clothes for the car keys.   Leaving Jon bound naked and alone, she drove his car back to his place, left the keys inside and walked home, leaving a note that warned that any attempt to ever contact her again would result in a restraining order.  The last three words she signed in bold letters.


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Great to see you back Darklord! Love the story!

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Thank you so much vile8r.  Coming from  the master story writer that is quite a compliment :)

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FISTPUMP!!! I missed you so much!!