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The author of the following does not condone any sort of violence towards women. Rape, Kidnapping, Forcible Confinement, Assault are all crimes and the person performing them should be locked up in a prison cell. Seek medical help if you fail to understand such a concept before the law forces treatment onto you!

The beginning scenario has been creative borrowed from Stuart MacBride's "A Dark So Deadly" chapter 23, as published by HarperCollins Publishing 2017(hardcover edition) and 2018 (mass market edition) { Highly recommend the book to anyone who like police procedurals a fantastic read!}
In The Past

“Now Slugger you know what to do right?”

I nod my head to daddy, turn looking up and down the street, no traffic either way so i cross to the strip mall. It a dingy mall, litter all over the parking lot, three stores with bright signs in the window, but i can’t read what they say. It the last shop that daddy wanted me to go, a candy store, where he said something sweet was waiting for us.

Looking back, daddy has already went away. I knew where he went but it still brought tears to my eyes, this wasn’t the first time he had me do this. Since mommy went to live with Jesus i’ve had two new mommies who also went to live with Jesus! He must be a very good man to need so many mommies!

Opening the door the shop smelled like mommy’s garden used to smell like. Behind a wooden stand i see her. A golden hair lady with those sticky out things that daddy likes to play with when i’m suppose to be in my room sleeping.

“Well hello little man!” The lady notices me and comes out from behind the stand “And what can I get for you today?”

“Ohh are you an angel?” She dressed in a blue dress the colour of the sky, Before she gets closer i do what daddy has made me say before “Has my daddy came in here?”

“No, you’re the only one who came in since I opened!” Then like daddy made me practice, my lower lips begins to wobble, thinking of mommy helps my eyes to make water “Oh don’t cry I’m sure he close by!” Now like the others she moving closer to me, getting down on her knees “Tell you what why don’t I lock my door and we’ll go see if we can find your daddy!”

All I do is nod my head then she gets up returns behind the stand, I hear keys rattle then I see a lid of a jar lift and her hand dips inside, a sound of a paper bag being flicked open then the plink of candy hitting the paper. Coming back to me the lady hands me the bag “ Your daddy can’t be far away, so we should find him soon!” As she walks me through the door, locking it behinds us.

For some reason daddy like to meet the ladies who help me behind the mall where the garbage cans are so i lead us that way. All the way she telling me that she has a newphew, whatever that is and that I remind her of him. As we come around the corner of the wall there is daddy’s car, it’s trunk open, the hood in front up. He spots us and immediately he drops the tool in his hand.

“There you are slugger,where have you been and who is your friend?” As i run into his arms “I was worried sick, then the engine quit!” As the lady got closer he turns and smile at her “Thank you for my son!” moving me aside so he could go and hug the lady like he did in the past.

The lady blushes like the others did too when daddy says “Bless you!”

“It was nothing!” backing up when he lets go just like the others did “He was a perfect little gentleme-e-e-e-e-e-e……” like the others daddy’s fist strikes her in the face, making her head move backward then one to her middle and she soon laying on the parking lot. Daddy wasting no time hollers at me to get in the car as he takes out a roll of shiny tape and wraps it around her hands and feet. Tearing of a long piece he places it over the ladies mouth before picking her up and putting her in the trunk.

Going to the front, closing the hood then getting in behind the wheel. “Hey slugger what say we stop and get some Kentucky Fried chicken for dinner before we go home?”

“Can I get a breast and a leg daddy?”

He reaches over and ruffles my hair “Those are some of daddy’s favorite pieces too!” He also mentioned pussy which I thought was funny because I’ve never seen daddy with a cat before. With a big smile on his face daddy drives us to get the chicken then home.

As we pull in I know I’m expected to go straight to my room, while daddy takes my new mommy to the basement. I do as I’ve been taught , staying there looking at the funny books some older kids threw into our yard one day as the men in white shirts and green vests were chasing them. After a while i heard daddy going outside, his car starting and driving away.

Getting bold I left my room and went to the top of the basement stairs, reaching out to turn the handle of the door I been told I was never to open. As it swung open I saw her in what little light came from a bulb hanging down. Her dress was gone, her head was lowered until she heard me gasp. Looking up i could see the side if her face was covered with something read, her eyes were red and wet, something glistened in the light under her nose and on her chin

“h-h-e-e-l-l-p-p  m-m-m-e-e-e-e!’ Then her head lowered again! I closed the door and started back for my room when outside i noticed blue lights flashing in my yard. The front door bursts open, men and ladies comes in rushing all over the play. One lady grabs me and ad tell me that everything will be alright as she takes me outside.

As I watch I see the lady carried out on a bed and placed into a square truck. Red lights start flashing and it drives away. Turning to follow the truck I glimpse daddy’s car, four men in coats holding something in their hands standing in front of it, two more on the sides opening the door as daddy gets out with help from one of the men.

Then the door of the truck I was in starts to close a voice saying “He shouldn’t see this another agreeing with the one who spoke.

That was the last I saw of my daddy


The shrink the government made me go see doesn’t say a word as I finish telling him for the umpteenth time the last thing I remember about my father “So doc what the verdict am I a threat to society?”

He continues writing on his pad, almost like he’s blatantly ignoring me. Then out of the blue “Well Justin that depends how do you feel about what your father made you do to those women?”

“That was over thirteen years ago!” Sitting up in the armchair i was slouching in “Damn I now know what he did was wrong on multi levels!”

“But knowing it and agreeing with it are two different things Justin!”

“And so isn’t saying a son is going to repeat the actions of his father!” Jumping to me feet “As you yourself keep mentioning every session!” Walking to the window “Thirteen years I’ve been given a proper education, mental help and been allowed to live around females of all types!” turning to direct my next comment to the doc. “And I think I've proven to everyone that I’m not my father’s son!” Hopefully driving my point home “Little Joanie should have made that obvious!”

The doctor drops his pen. “Well she wasn’t really a test Justin but i have to say you very well could have had her anytime you wanted her she was that submissive around you!” Getting up and meeting me halfway, holding out his hand “It’s my medical opinion that you are indeed not your father’s son no do you need to be kept here anymore!”

I couldn’t believe it after thirteen I was going to be allowed to go out of the orphanage and live like a real person!

                                                                                To be Continued

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Another great start to a story. I can't wait to see where it goes

November 07, 2018, 03:44:17 PM
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Looking forward to more.  Maybe even a father and son reunion.

November 07, 2018, 07:38:37 PM
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Like father, like son, like goddamn great! Love that you've decided to post this story on the site!

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So someone doesn't say I'm teasing her  and to please the two gentlemen here's ...

Part Two

One Month Later

I’m settling in nicely at Crestwood Estates, the first place willing to accept me as a resident after I reveal that I was fresh out of an orphanage. The people across the street at 1133 have, The McCormacks have  bent over backwards to make me feel welcomed, even their daughter April. She been so helpful, even getting me an interview at the office where she works as a receptionists.

Coming out of the orphanage the government gave me a voucher to get furniture from the Salvation army store. My place  has a table, two chairs in the kitchen, an armchair and a coffee table in the living room and a twin bed to sleep on. Thanks to the McCormacks I have an 14 inch TV, a bookcase and bedding for the bed. The TV is only capable of getting three stations but it didn’t matter i would rather read than watch what’s on now a days.

The only thing I felt I was lacking to prove that I could make it on my own was a girlfriend. Being at the orphanage wasn’t very beneficial to a social life nor did it help teach me social skills. Fortunately April has been helping me in that department, well her and a couple of her coworkers Mary And Janet that is.

Take tonight when they all came over with what they called excess leftovers from their evening meal. I wouldn’t say that I was starving but the three dishes they brought over was the first true food I had in my stomach since I left the orphanage.

“So Justin, what’s it like being out on your own?” Mary asked me for the second time after learning where I’ve been the last thirteen years. I knew she meant well that why I answered her with a smile on my face, which was helped by the beer she supplied. Before I could say anything, Janet call out “Hey let’s get a picture of us together!”

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Janet setting her smartphone against the tv screen And that’s what we did, April on my right, my right hand looking like I was trying to grab her breast, my left hand around Mary and Janet  on her immediate left. I was happy when i saw the photo “Justin I’ll print it at work tomorrow so you’ll have a copy!

"Thanks Janet I’ll get it framed and treasure it everytime! I look at it!” it suddenly dawns on me that I never answered Mary’s question. "Oh And Mary it been kind of lonely! Outside of the time spent at work and the occasional visit by April I’m all alone!” The girls look down to the floor as I continue
“See at the orphanage the only time I was alone was when I was put in solitary time out!”

All three of their heads looked up to me as solitary comes out. Mary couldn’t resist “But what about a girlfriend, someone as handsome as you must have had girls whenever he wanted them!”

“On no the people who ran the orphanage made it crystal clear to everyone, we were only allowed to talk to the others if we were of the same sex and must never be found alone with the opposite sex or solitary would seem a wonderland compared to where we would be placed!” Shivering as I remember the hour I was made to spend in the basement for talking with little Kaitlin while she was in the bathtub taking a bath, even though I was in the hallway.

Mary wraps her right arm around me shoulders. “Well just remember in the real world it’s perfectly alright to talk with the opposite sex!”  leaning her head close to my right ear, whispering to me “And I do mean it’s perfectly alright to talk with me anytime!”

Her closeness, the warmth of her skin penetrating the nylon mix of the shirt I was wearing. The way her voice sounded so sexy to me as she whispered in my ear was making my cock grow. And just as fast as it rose It shrivelled when Sister Heloise’s shrill voice came back to me “And what immoral thoughts were you having Mister Huson!”

Janet and April gets up, hauling Maryl to her feet “Come on you the club is calling!” Janet turning to me “Don’t suppose we can talk you into coming with us Justin?”

I wanted to seem like a real guy by Sister Heloise kept returning to my mind, making me feel like a little boy. As the three of them left i was sitting on the couch quietly saying “I’m a good boy Sister, not a bad boy like daddy was!” A line my daddy coming to me from the depths of time

“Trust me slugger, they all want it, you just have to give it to them enough so they realize it!”


I’m awaken by someone hammering on the front door, getting up looking out I see the gate standing open, my curiosity piqued I grab the robe tossed over the back of the bedroom door. Looking out the spyhole i see a swaying Mary in the hallway. Opening the door, i’m pushed out of the way by Mary and she
shoulders her way past me.

“So widdle Justie can’t talk to girlies!” Turning on me as I get the door closed. Swaying as she stands, her left hand reaching out to the wall for support “So i’mm goinggg to make you talkie to meeee!

Then it hit me as to why daddy always struck first, it wasn’t to overpower mommy it was to make her shut up! As Mary started to move closer to me, I balled my left hand into a fist,

“First I wanna kisss!” Oh I kissed her, I kissed her with a left jab to the face quickly followed by a solid jab to her stomach. She buckles in two, sinking to the floor, in my mind ‘where am I going to take her, then once more daddy answered my dilemma, of course the basement!

                                                                                      To Be Continued

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Part Three: Understanding Dad

With Mary over my shoulder in a fireman’s carry I made my way down to the basement. What a desolate place, the previous owner/renter obviously had no use for the place but there was one thing I found use for. On the left hand wall were eyelets embedded into it which still held lengths of hemp rope which ended in small nooses. Going over to them I laid Mary gently down and used two of the roped to secure her on the floor. To make sure she couldn’t get out I passed a padlock through the two nooses, closing it.

Looking at her lying there, the top buttons of her top open revealing a gentle curve of breast to me. I’ve never seen them this close up before and I couldn’t help but notice that there was a sensation in my crotch I’ve only felt before in the Orphanage. Something inside me made me reach out and unbutton more buttons, there they were covered by a white bra, two fleshy globes that held my fascination.

Sure I’ve seen breasts in magazines and on video on the internet, but these were the real thing. Pinkished in colour, and warm to my fingertips as I gently poked them. I just knew I had to take that bra off, once more my lack of experience showed, not knowing how it fastened I just took the front and lifted it up over the flesh. Moving the bra up to her neck I saw that her breasts were conical in shape topped in the center by a small bud of flesh that was very pink.

As I touched it, pressed it between my thumb and first finger i was surprised when it started stand out. Once more something in deep in my mind told me to kiss it, to take it in my mouth like it was some sort of gummy. Hesitantly I lowered my lips to it, feeling it’s warmth on my lips, the tip of my tongue slowly moving to it. It tasted salty but in a sweet kind of way, the more i rubbed my tongue over it the sweeter it became.

Then a long forgotten image came back to my mind, one of my new mommies with no clothes on, tied like Mary was. Well if daddy kept mommies naked I should keep Mary that way to. Sliding her top off, working her bra off one arm then the other it easily came off from around her neck. Sliding her pants down I was surprised when I didn’t see any form of underwear.

But what I did find have my cock growing hard and the old bitch who acted like sex was a crime bellowing through my mind. Ignoring that memory, I reached out and cup between Mary’s legs, like her nipple it was warm to the touch. As I when to move my hand my middle finger slid into her it was warm and kind of moist. Pulling it out, I sniffed my finger, tasting it kind of sweet almost like an pineapple. But Mary is known for drinking pineapple schnapps and seven up.

I wonder if daddy tasted my new momies before they took him away from me? Spreading her legs as wide as i could get then I moved between them to find out is she really tasted like my finger did. Hesitantly I stick out my tongue, touching her privates with it,up and down i sent my tongue until like my finger it slid inside. But unlike my finger, Mary started to moan the more my tongue moved inside her.

All the while my cock was getting harder and harder, actually beginning to throb like a pulse. Removing my pajamas bottoms, releasing my cock so it could point straight ahead. Remembering the video from the internet i moved up Mary’s body until my cock touched her wet mound. Like my finger and tongue it parts the fold and is inside, A “Ohhh!” escaped Mary’s lips as I move higher up her body, more of my cock disappearing into her.Oh god it felt like whatever was inside her wanted to keep my cock there.Something squeezing my whole cock, I moved back to take it out. Losing traction I slide back inside making Mary “Ohh!” louder.

Was I doing something she liked, experimenting I moved back and forth once more as she responds I keep it up! The more I moved the more she moaned as if in pleasure. Was this what that bitch wanted to prevent us from learning in the Orphanage. Mary’s head was rolling side to side as I moved in and out of her, her eyes opened and she screamed “WHY ARE YOU FUCKING ME JUSTIN?” Trying to push me off her but I had more leverage than she did so i keep up moving in and out of her.

“Justin stop it!” tears coming to her eyes as I kept up  my pace. A funny sensation coming from my balls  and within a few more minutes it feels like i’m pissing inside of Mary “You bastard you cummed in me and I’m not on the pill!”

Why was she worried about being on pills “Well I have aspirins if you need pills?”

“Not aspirin! Birth control pills you asshole!” her tone was making me mad “I don’t want to get pregnant with your fucking kid  That’s when health class came back to me, as well as Biology and why daddy keep getting new mommies all the time, he wanted more children.

Looking as the tears flowed down Mary’s face “Now it all makes sense to my, daddy was lonely with just me!” Getting off her
“What the fuck are you on about you fucking bastard?” trying to get up and move away from me, only to be prevented by the locked ropes. “What the fuck is this fuck tard?”

That really got to me, getting up I once more ball my fingers up into a fist and swing at Mary’s head. Catching the side of her jaw, he head snaps to the right and she sags to the floor “I’m not a fuck tard!” seeing her on the floor limp like a rag doll, between her legs glistening  in the light. As my eyes watch my cock starts to rise once more. I would show her who was a fuck tard!

Moving between her legs again I push in as soon as I was hard and started moving in and out of her again. This time was different I didn’t hear Mary Oohing as i moved in and out of her. For some reason the sensation in my balls took longer to come to me that it did the first time, But i didn’t mind for it was feeling really good to me so i didn’t care how long it took to what did she call it, oh yeah cum again!

Again Mary starts making noise but this time it “fuck not again!” and “Your a fucking rapists! you bastard!”  Rapists I heard that before it’s what the Doctor said dad was with the mommies he kept. They never explained the term to me and I never looked it up since I was told it was a bad thing, but now I felt if this was a rapists then it’s was what I wanted to be!

So just like last time I stayed in her until I felt  the flow of something warm leave me. “Again your fucking cumming in me again!” more tears from her. As my cock shrinks back to it normal size I get off her and make my way to the stairs

Well if this was what daddy did with the new mommies, be a rapists I have to say it felt good and I planned to follow in his footsteps, making Mary my first! As I climbed the stairs I heard her scream out “Fucking untie me you bastard!” then more sobbing followed by a new tact “Please Justin! Untie me and I’ll let you fuck me again!”

As I closed the door behind me I couldn’t hear her as she cried and screamed, by the time I was back in bed I couldn’t hear anything as I drifted back to sleep contented from my first two fucks!

                                                                                  More To Follow

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I'm so enjoying this story. I can't wait to see what else you have in store for it.

November 09, 2018, 06:50:41 AM
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Well the best way to do that is...

Part Four: The Next Day

The alarm clock goes off at 0730 hours and of course I reach over and shut it off, stretching then up into the loo to relieve myself. Gripping my morning wood, scratching my chest I relieve myself. Still groggy I return to the bedroom,something in the back of my mind trying to get me motivated this morning, grabbing my towel I set the course like every other morning, quick shower, watch a bit of Good Morning Britain, couple slices of toast and marmalade and a cuppa. And hour and a half later I’m out the door, April and Janet waiting for me at the bottom of the walkway

“What no Mary today?”

“She didn’t answer when I rang this morning!” Janet replied, April pipes in “Well maybe she found that basement club she was going on about!”

“Oh yeah I can just picture Mary in a basement!”  The image of her in my basement runs through my thoughts as the events of last night comes crashing back to me. That feeling that I was forgetting something suddenly  vanishing *Oh shit she in my basement tied to the wall like dad keep my new mommies!*

“What the matter Justin?” Janet giggling “You look like someone who just remembered something naughty!” Damn it like I needed to hear that as I felt the heat rising from my feet to the top of my head. “Look April I think he is remembering something!” Yeah I was but I had no intentions of telling either of them what it was.

"Aren’t we going to be late if we don’t get going?” I know not the most original comeback but I wanted them both as far away from my place as possible, in case Mary found a way to get loose. Taking the initiative I take the initiative and start walking faster, soon three slabs are between me and the two of them.

"Jesus Justin what have you in a hurry this morning?” April asked as I make the but stop a good two minutes ahead of her and Janet “Got someone you want to see before work?” Janet joining in “A special lady maybe?”

The number 208B bus pulls up and we get on taking a seat on the upper tier. Sitting in silence watching the rest of the morning traffic whizzing by. Ten minutes later we’re just south of the office building as we exit the bus “And another day starts at the wonderful world of McIntyre Imports!”. Getting to the front door I hold it open for the girl then we separate, going to our own positions  and places inside.

The rest of the morning, my guilty conscious take over, as I delivered the morning mail through the building, normal images suddenly remind me vividly of how I left Mary as I returned to bed. Miss Patrickison, laying down on the couch in her office her hands behind her back of her head as if tied that way. Mrs Henderson wiping ice cream off the crotch of her pants as it dripped its way down between her legs. The worst being Mary Livingston dictating her office voicemail “I’ll be tied up for sometime, Please release me…” I bolted from the front of her door before the urge to scream no overtook me.

At the end of my rounds, I returned and faked feeling ill. Going to Miss  Tweed, booking out, getting outside just as a black cab disgorged it’s passengers “Hey you willing to take another fare?"

“Where to sir?”

“1132 Crestwood Estates” The cabbie nods his head and I climb in. Just before we can pull away from the curb Janel comes out and notices me, coming over to the cab.

“You wouldn’t happen to be going home would you Justin?” I tell her I am and she climbs in beside me

“Oh great! I forgot my wallet and I have nothing for lunch, would you mind dropping me off?” I didn’t mind at all, as long as she didn’t interfere with my I had to do at home then everything would be alright. But of course my luck didn’t play that way. As we finally turned into Crestwood Estates “Oh god I’ve got to use the loo!”

As the cab pulls up in front of my place she bolts the cab after grabbing my keys. Paying the driver I’m off like a shot after her, by the time I catch up she already got the door unlocked and she’s running up the stairs. Waiting in the hall at the base of the stairs I keep praying the Mary doesn’t do anything to alert Janet that’s she is in the basement. Five minutes Janet comes down “Oh man I just made it!” Moving to go “THanks for the ride and the use of your loo Justin!”

She leaves and I immediately go to the basement door, opening it, flicking on the light before I descend. There she is covering her eyes from the light “I’m sorry Mary I forgot you were down here!”  turning to go back up, “Let me go get you something to eat and drink!”

“Please I need to clean up!” For the first time I see that the concrete around her bottom is a different colour than the rest, Oh Christ! I never took that into account when I tied her up down here.

Moving past her I go get another length of rope to use as a leash for her. Coming back towards her, careful not to step into her wet spot “Stand up!” fashioning a noose to slip over her neck to lead her up to the loo. As she tries to stand I can smell the ammonia  from her piss coming off her flesh, taking a step back away from her. “Put this over your head!” She moves her hands tied with rope as if to remind me how i left her. “Ah christ!”
Moving closer to her I reach for my keys to undo the padlock keeping the ropes together. God the stench coming off her almost made me gag. How did dad put up with it from my new mommies. Slipping the nooses off her hands, then the one I just fashioned goes over her head dropping down onto her shoulders before tightening up around her neck. “You try anything and I swear I’ll strangle you and get rid of your body somewhere!”

Pushing her by the shoulder she starts a strange walk towards the stairs, jerky motions up the stairs me keep far enough back so I wasn’t able to be struck. As we exit the basement, making our way to the bottom of the steps the front door opens!

“Justin!, I’m sorry but I left my bag in your bathroom!” Janet comes in without knocking, stopping dead as she see a naked Mary, the rope leading from her head area back to my hands “What the bloody hell is going on here?”

Mary calls out “Janet get out of here fast!” A kick to the back of her legs brings her crashing down to the floor. Turning my attentions to Janet

“You shouldn’t have come back Janet, I didn’t want anyone to see this!” Dropping the makeshift leash and lunging for her. “Now that you know I can’t let you leave here!” Catching her in the mid drift with a should tackle, driving her onto her back through the open door, knocking the wind out of her. Extracting myself from her, standing up looking every direction to see if anyone was watching I pick Janet up and carry her into the house.
Going beside Mary, delivering a swift kick to her ribs before dropping Janet down beside her. Bending down, grabbing the end of the rope tying it to the banister. “You call out while i’m taking Janet down to the basement and you can kiss cleaning up goodbye!”  Mary doesn’t responds to me. Clutching her side, trying to draw air back into her.

Once more picking up Janet, I make my way to the basement, securing her to one of the eyelets that I used to keep Mary. Tying and locking her hands together, I leave her to go take Mary to the loo. A half hour later I bring Mary down to find Janet trying desperately to break free. Securing Mary to the other eyelet like I did with Janet, adding a rope to tie her ankles together. When done I stand up, taking a step back and survey my two friends, thinking what was I going to do now?

                                                                                          To Be Continued

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Part Five: Differences

Looking between Mary and Janet I realize that this was getting more serious by the minute. It didn’t help that someone at work or worst the damn CCTV cameras might have caught Janet getting into the cab I hailed. There was no way I could keep Janet here and I couldn’t let her go, fearing she would scream to the authorities about Mary and what I’ve done to her. I Wonder if dad ever had dilemmas like this to deal with?

Looking down at the girls I immediately think that it would be better if Janet was naked too. Bending at the knees, Mary Flinched thinking that I was once more going to have sex with her. The look in her eyes was one of relief as I started to undress Janet. Getting bolder the longer I don’t touch her “Don’t you have no shame for what your doing to me and plan to do to Janet?”

Turn my head to her, in a sharp voice “Did I say you could speak?”, raising my hand towards her, making her believe that i was going to strike her. Immediately she cowers and shuts up, leaving me to my thoughts of how I was going to solve my problems. Getting her dress pants off her, revealing a reddish thong, her legs were a little more fleshy than Mary’s were.

Starting to undo the buttons on her blouse I see it wasn’t just her legs that were more fuller than Mary’s. Getting up going over to the bench to get a knife, I return to cut off the blouse and Janet’s bra, The breasts covered by it were slightly larger than Mary’s and more teardrop shaped than I thought. Pushing Mary over a bit I sit down on the piss stained floor so i could lean in and take a taste of Janet’s tits, the first thing I notice is that her flesh has a slight salty tang to it and that unlike Mary’s!

The other thing that stuck me is how responsive her nipples seemed to my finger’s touch or my lips. I swear it only took a couple of flicks over either of them to start then pointing proudly up.  “Oh Christ can’t you put a blindfold over my eyes so I don’t have to watch you raping my friend!”

Without any warning I swing my arm back and strike her across the face “Shut your fucking mouth unless spoken to!” Tears in her eyes she squirms as far away from me as she can. Returning my attentions to Janet I knew that I had to take a taste of her pussy, hoping that it tasted as good as her tits did. Spreading her legs, pulling her thong aside I start to rub my fingers over her slightly puffy pussy lips, raising them to my lips when I felt they were coated enough with her essence.

Oh what a difference in taste, Mary slightly acidic, Janet a slight more saltier tasting. Wondering if it was the fact that there was a film of sweat on my hand, knowing the only way to know for sure was to get between her legs and let my tongue and lips decide. Maneuvering between her legs I settle in and starts kissing her outer pussy lips. Oh yeah the taste was so different on my lips compared to my fingers, Now it was almost like a strawberry ice cream, sweet and creamy.

After that taste I wanted more, I wanted her juice all over my lips and chin. Mary trying not to look as i went at it on our friends pussy.  A low “ You fucking amoral bastard you no better than you old man was!” I heard it like she was screaming it into my ear. Incensed I bolted up rushing to the table getting something to shove in Mary’s fucking mouth. Nothing but some packing tape, as I turn back towards her Janet’s thong catches my eyes. In a flash I’m back down, stripping them off her then over to Mary, my left hand grabbing her throat in its grip.  Getting my knee in place I let go and close her nostrils so she had to breathe through her mouth, as her mouth open to take in air I stuff Janet’s thong into her mouth, then a strip of tape over her lips, four more pieces to hold it in place.

“There that should shut your fucking mouth!” Turning back to Janet, noticing that she was beginning to come too. “Great see what you fucking mouth let happen!” Turning back aiming a kick towards Mary, catching her just under her armpit. She raises as the toe of my shoes force its way up, her cries of pain muffled by the thong and tape.  Leaving her, I go and get another length of rope to fashion yet one more leash then I return th Janet. Placing it around her neck before releasing her from the the eyelet on the wall.

“We are going to go somewhere so we can be alone!” Pulling up on the makeshift leash “Don’t give me any trouble and this will be enjoyable for you!” She on her feet “Cause me trouble and….” I let her imagination take it from there as I lead her to the stairs. Ascending them then the set that led to my bedroom, over to the bed, Janet knew what was going to happen.

“Oh god Justin! what’s gotten into you!” Pulling her to the bed i grip her shoulder forcing her down to the mattress

“Nothing gotten into me but I know what’s going to get into you!” I tie the leash to one wrist, then to the head board, her other hand already tied with the rope from the eyelet,goes to the other side.  “Mary was a accommodating as you are going to be, right Janet?” The look of fear and disgust on her face as I climb onto the bed with her. “Right Janet?” My right hand gripping the soft flesh behind her knee.

“Pp-p-p-please don’t do this-s-s-s Justin-n-n-n-n!” Tears coming to her face At least-t-t-t-t not like thiss-s-s-s-s!”

“Spread your legs Janet!”. Up and over  Softly crying she does what i say. Up and over her left leg I go, settling back between her legs and immediately grabbing her hip as I press my lips against her outer pussy lips. Since I had her in the basement it didn’t take long before Janet granted me what I desired, a face full of her sweet tasting juice. “Oh that is  heavenly tasting!”

Her look of despair  “How could you do that to me Justin?” Tears flowing down her face, unable to look me in the eye, instead looking at the top of her tits, talking to them instead of me “How could you make me do that?”

“Oh Janet I need to know something else about you!” Moving higher up onto her, until my hard cock made a bit of contact with her pussy lips. Her head raises looking me in the eyes as my head as she feel my cock at the entrance to her.

“No!” A look of horror in her eyes “No Justin don’t fuck me!” What better words to enter her with, thrusting forwards I penetrate her swiftly and deep “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I swear she was loud enough that i think Mary in the basement could tell exactly what just occurred up here. Another difference between her and Mary, Mary was a bit of an inactive fuck, whereas Janet tried to squirm under me making my cock strike different places in her, exciting me to a great fuck of her pussy.

“Oh god Justin!” She didn’t elaborate as I fucked her “Oh god no!”

In and out over and over I worked my cock, noting how I felt that Janet was going to be a better Mommie than Mary would be. Her head rolling side to side, her face turning a shade of red that I’ve never seen before. Something else that made her more special to me, after about five minutes she seemed to change, becoming more responsive, raising her hips to meet my downwards thrust.

“You bas-s-s-s-tard-d-d-d-d!” Wrapping her legs over mine! “You fucking-g-g-g-g raping bas-ss-s-s-tard-d-d!” Her cries getting a bit louder. After ten minutes she was breathing hard, her heels grinding into my legs, then “Oh fuck no not that!!”

I didn’t know what she meant but it seemed to excite me that I started to cum in her. “Oh god Janet you are so much better than Mary was!” In my mind I was damn determined to keep Janet even if it meant getting rid of Mary in order to keep her. Once more wondering if dad had felt similar with my new mommies?. Also wondering if that’s why dad keep them in the basement of our old house?

Of course that was it, I couldn’t keep them here but I could keep them in dad’s old place, But how to get them there without anyone discovering them or me?

                                                                                        To be Continued

November 11, 2018, 11:34:25 AM
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Part Six: Problem Solving

The problems just kept getting bigger for me!  Getting up leaving Janet tied to the headboard I went to the bathroom to clean up and to think. Mary was my first and no one really knew that I have her down in my basement, nor do they seem to be actively searching for her. So if I took my time and didn’t draw any unwanted attention than I should be able to keep both.

With the water running I couldn’t hear anything, hopefully Janet was crying instead of screaming out.  My biggest problem was the cameras at work may have picked up Janet getting into the cab with me, hell there was a Black Cabbie who knew she got out and entered my place. Add that after fucking her, Janet is the one I truly want to keep as long as possible.

There just had to be a way I could get her over to dad’s old place without anyone finding out. Getting out of the shower, turning it off, all I hear is silence. Going back to the bedroom I see Janet turned so her ass was facing me, her head looking at the right side of the room. God damn she had a damn nice ass, getting closer I could tell that she was sniffing from crying so much. Grabbing a kleenex, placing it in front of her nose “Go ahead and blow Janet!”  The clock on the bedside table reading 16: 32 hrs but i couldn’t think about that now.

“Janet if you promise not to do anything foolish I’ll let you stay up here!” My right hand resting on the flesh of her hip. She flinches from my touch, the only form of recognition that she gives me. Taking that she doesn’t mind my hand I let it slide down until it’s covering her asscheek. So soft, so warm to the touch, my cock stirs the longer I hold her asscheek. Thinking that I would  fuck her once more when I was fully hard my plan was interrupted by the sound of a phone ringing somewhere in the house.

Going out to the hall i hear it a bit louder, by the top of the stairs I could tell that it was below me. Looking down i spot Janet’s purse on the floor, just inside the door, making my way down I get there just as the ringing stops. Picking up her purse, opening it searching for her phone, finding it, pulling it out i see on the screen that April called. The phone vibrates and a message comes onto the screen.

“Hey we still on for darts in the pub tonight?”

Oh shit just what I needed a deadline to get Janet away from here, sight unseen.  Putting her phone back, dropping her purse back to the floor, now my mind went into overdrive. Me and dad lived on the other side of the city, so taking the bus was out of the question, so wasn’t a cab. Fuck why was life being so unfair to me! If only Tom was around, he always had answers while I was in the orphanage.Of course, digging out my wallet. Looking for the scrap of paper that has the ten digits that could be the answer to my current problems.

Finding it, going to my phone and dialing the digits, waiting for someone to answer “Well this have better be good to get me up before six!” Tom Glover the only one who, ever showed my an ounce of kindness in the orphanage before he was released into society when he turned eighteen.

“Tom it’s me Justin from the orphanage!” Waiting  for it to register in his mind before continuing “I need your help!”

“Hey Justin! Long time since I’ve heard from you!” laughing “You still in that place?”

“No I was released and I now live at the Crestwood Estates!” Answering because it would be the only way Tom would let the conversation go, even if I was under the gun so to speak.

"Hey great I’ll come visit you sometime and we can catch up on old times!” The ‘phsst’ of a bottle cap being twisted off from a bottle of beer then
“So you need my help do you?”

“Yeah I want to take something to the Cancer Research Uk store”

“Well isn’t that good for you. “So what do you want to take there

“A bed and an old chest  that I don’t need here!” Not telling him my real destination and that Janet would be in the chest.

"No problem you happen to have caught me between shift so I can be at your place in a half hour!” Fist pumping and *yesing* in my mind “You ‘ll be ready to move thing by then?”

“Sure will!” Ecstatic that one of my problems were going to work out soon. Then he hit me with another problem  how would I pay him for his help? God I was hoping he would do it for old time sake then it came to me. He could have Mary!”

“Oh I think we can come to an agreement!” Remembering how much of a pussy hound Tom was!

“Okay see you soon Justin!” He hangs up and i rush up to the spare room i was using as a storage space. Getting the chest out, opening it and leaving my old coat and some threadbare clothing, the only things that survived my time at the orphanage. Dragging it to the bedroom I leave it inside then I go to the basement. Getting the roll of tape, I look down to Mary snickering as I think of her getting fucked by Tom while I had Janet to myself.

Back up in the bedroom I bend Janet’s Legs and tape them together , I untie her hands and place then in front of her before tying then together once more. Four bands of tape around her mouth should muffle her cries as we move her in the chest. I lift her up off the mattress and carry her to the chest, fight to get her into the chest so I could get it closed, finally succeeding as Tom pulled up in front.

Dragging the chest to the top of the stairs I go and get the bed frame and a box mattress that I found in the house when I moved in.  I haul it down the stairs and out to the box truck with “Delilah's Flowers” on the side a quick look and he just shrugs  “What can I say it a job better than being on the dole!”

“I’ll need your help with the chest it’s one of those old  heavy duty types that the old people keep forever!” Going back inside we go up and grab it between us.

“Man you weren’t kidding when you said it was a heavy one. Between us we wrestle it down and out to the box truck. “You need a hand unloading it?”

“No the store has people who do it for you!”

“Great then maybe I can stay here and relax while you take the truck and deliver the stuff!” my god someone up there must be smiling down on me, of course I accepted the keys as he held them out to me.  My mind made up that I wouldn’t be coming back here, anytime soon. Getting in behind the wheel I listen to his instruction of how I was expected to return the truck so he didn’t get into any trouble.

As I was ready to pull away I stick my head out “Oh before i forget you’re payment is down in the basement!” A smile on his face as i duck back in and pull away. Next destination dad’s old place and once more between Jant’s legs!

Watching in the rearview mirror i see Tom go into the house and the door close.!


He said my payment was in the basement and I made my way straight there hoping he was talking cold beer and money. Opening the door the faint stench of piss comes to my nose. Just what was Justin doing down here! Turning on the light i descend. My eyes opening wide as i begin to see a pair of legs before me on the floor.

Coming completely off the stairs I see her in her full glory, naked as if just born, but there was no way you could mistake her as a newborn. She tied to something, looks up at me  and tries to pull her legs into her chest. Her eyes wide as I come closer to her.

“Well well Justin what have you been doing since you left the orphanage?” sinking down so I was sitting on my lower legs, reaching out to touch her
leg. Firm to my touch. My hand travels up liking what I was touching.

Trembling “Please he’s keeping me here to be his sex toy!” Well who knew that Justin was more like his father than he ever let on! Well if he was holding her here then this place must be better constructed than it looked.

"Oh I’ll get you out of here in good time but first why don’t we come to an agreement on how you’re going to repay me!”

                                                                                   More to Come

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Part Seven

As the streets passed my vision I wondered if Tom has found Mary yet and if so was he fucking her? As the scenery out the windshield became more familiar my thoughts turned back to my younger days. How I use to sit in my room or in the living room while dad would go visit my new mommie. In the distance I catch my first glimpse of dad’s old place, looking even more weather beaten than I remembered it.

The whole property has been placed behind a fence to keep the morbid people out at first, in laters years it was used to keep the drug addicts out. Pulling up to the gate across the driveway I get out and unlock the lock keeping the gate closed. As the gate swings in I return to the truck and drive in, going to the garage, getting out to open the door before driving inside. With plenty of room I shut the door before trying to move that chest containing Janet out of the truck.

Slowly I drag the chest from the truck, leaving it on a forty five degree angle  before letting it gently settle on the floor. Opening the chest I see Janet blinking her eyes as the light penetrates the inner darkness. Once more my thoughts turns to what Tom and Mary would be doing now?


“Please Justin raped me and left me here so he could do it anytime he wanted to?” Tears coming to her eyes as I run my hands up the outside of her fine looking legs. She trembles under my touch the higher up her leg i get. Please you have to help me before he gets back and finds you here!”

“Oh don’t worry your pretty head about that!”  My hand now cupping her pussy. “He’s well aware that I’m here!” The look in her eyes turned me on for some reason “Hell he told me that my payment for helping him was down here!” Have to give Justin credit, he sure grabbed a real looker!”
“Please if your not here to help me at least help Janet get away from Justin!”

“And who’s Janet?”

“The girl Justin took up stairs!”

“I didn’t see anyone but Justin up there and before you ask no I wasn’t looking for anyone either!” Establishing very quickly why I was here “All I did was help him move a real heavy chest from the upper floor to my truck out front!”  Then it came to me, the chest was so heavy because of this Janet person was in it. Was Justin sneaking her out of the house  and if so where to?

Looking back to Mary “Say you got any pictures of this Janet on you?” Realizing how stupid that sounded to a naked girl tied to a wall in a basement.


Everything was covered in plastic. Looking around I notice how dinghy the paper on the walls looked in the light coming in through the window. As I dragged the chest into the middle of the living room floor, I decide this would be the place I held Janet for the first night. Open the chest, with my hands under her armpits I lift Janet out of the chest and place her on the plastic covered couch. Leaving her bound I returned to the garage and unload the truck, getting it ready to return to Tom.

Making one last check on Janet before getting in and driving off, I make it back to Crestwood Estates just as April came out of her place. Waving to me she sets off in the direction of Janet’s place. Watching her ass as it walks away from me, I can’t help but wonder what it would be live between
her legs. Walking to the front door, wiping my feet in the mat before opening the door, finding Tom sitting on the lower step.

“So does Janet like her new place?” Flipping him back his keys, I pretend that I didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Who’s Janet and what new place?”

"Don’t play dumb with me Justin!” Getting up coming to me, grabbing me by the front of my top. “Mary and me had a little talk about what you’ve been up to lately!” Once more I feign innocence! “Look come clean with me or I’m taking Mary straight to the police and you can come clean to them!”

It probably won’t work but I have to try “Look I don’t know what she told you but there has been no one called Janet here ever!”

"Don’t give me that Justin, Mary told me how she came here and you raped her, made her sit in her piss and shit until this Janet showed up and you took her !” That fucking bitch I’ll deal with her after I get Tom off my case. Going into the kitchen, over to the fridge, opening it taking out a bottle so soda, offering one to Tom.

“Well I have to say that some story she spun you!” Closing the fridge door as I take a sip of my soda. “And why am I keeping her in the basement Tom ment if I’m raping her?” A sound on the stairs captures our attention, Tom turns around  giving me time to grab the heaviest thing i had a pan that I use to cook everything in.

“In here Mary!” The last syllable leaving his mouth as i bring the pan down hard on the top of his head. He crumples as Mary standing tere wrapped in a towel, screams out, giving me the chance to get the traitorous bitch.

“So you thought to get away did you bitch.!” Dropping the pan to grab her before she recovered from the shock of watching Tom taken down so fast.

“Oh someone going to have to pay for making me hurt my friend!” Forcing her back onto the stairs , turning her around, forcing her down onto the stairs, tearing the towel off her. Using my weight to hold her down I twist the towel around her throat, choking her until she passes out.

Getting up I go check on Tom, blood dripping from his ear canal, his breathing a bit slow but it appears that he would survive. Rushing down to the basement I get rope to tie Tom up. He talked to Mary instead of fucking her than he could spent the time I decide to give them tied up in the basement with each other for company. Dragging then one at a time to the basement then carrying them down I tie Tom down first. Stripping him I then set Mary on top of him so her parted legs were separated by his head, her head directly resting on top of his cock. Apparently it was up to me to show them how there were meant to get to know each other.

Looking at them I watch as first Mary comes to then a low moan of pain comes from Tom. as Mary became more aware she lifted her head as high as she could. “Oh sooner or later you’ll drop your head onto his cock Mary” I could see even her breath on his cock was having the desired effect as his cock began to rise “Shouldn’t be long before his instincts take over and he tired to face fuck you!” Turning to go up the stairs “If you two just accepted I wanted him to do, you probably would have been taken out of here by him!”

Bursting out laughing as I open the door “Taken from one basement to another that is!” Making my way out I plan to take the bus back to dad’s place. The walk of three blocks in would hopefully through off anyone who might remember me, if I ever was caught! From the open basement i head.

“Oh no Tom gawkkkkkk!!”

                                                                                     To Be Continued

November 12, 2018, 09:15:22 AM
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Oh I'm looking forward to what you have in mind for Tom and Mary. And Janet as well.

November 13, 2018, 07:01:58 AM
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Somehow i feel someone is not going to be happy with me!

Part Eight: Beginning Of the End

Walking away from the house *So Mary couldn’t resist sucking Tom’s cock could she?* Ignoring the mental picture of the two of them going at each others privates.  I make it to the bus stop just as the bus crests the top of the street. Giving myself a mental pat on the back, *Great thirty minutes and I’ll be back with Janet!* I get on the front door as April  looks out her window at my place.

Still no answer from either Mary or Janet! Mary must have really tied one on last night is she still unable to answer her phone and I have no idea why Janet wasn’t answering her phone. I even tried Justin’s home phone only to get his machine. Oh well since it only across from me I’ll drop in on Justin before going home.

Ten minutes later. Rapping on his front door, no answer, I lift up the mail flap call in “Hey Justin you home?” No reply but i swear i hear someone calling out In the basement. Putting my ear to the flap I listen a little closer than before.

“In the basement!” the voice calls out “We’re in the basement!” Oh god has Justin fell and is lying there hurt. Standing up i try the door. Locked of course, sinking back to my knees, lifting the flap.

“Hello can you hear me Justin?” Alternating between talking and listening “Are you hurt Justin?” the same in the basement comes to my hearing.

“The door is locked but I’ll call 999!”

Getting my phone out, pressing the emergency buttons into then send, almost instantly it’s answered. “What is the nature of your emergency?”

“My friend has fallen down the stairs of his basement and needs help but his door is locked!”

“Alright i’ll dispatched an ambulance and the police to you, what is your location

“1132 Crestwood Estates!”

“Alright!  Stay on the line until help arrives!” I do only lowering my phone long enough to call out “I’ve got help coming Justin


Twenty minutes later Iexit the bus two blocks from Dad’s old place. Walking like I belonged there  I’m surprised when I see that I was the only one on the various streets in the neighbourhood. Bloody hell was that normal? I didn’t want to stand out like a sore thumb by being the only person walking and i couldn’t afford a car either. Going about my business like I belong here I eventually make it back home.

Unlocking the door, going in I find Janet lying in front of the plastic covered couch. Closing the door before calling out “Janet what happened?” Rushing to her, gently bending down to see if she’s hurt. Gently lifting her under the arms, i get her back on the couch. Trying not to hurt her too much i take the tape off her mouth.She gulps in large lungfuls of air, turning her head so she didn’t have to look at me.

 “Are you hurt Janet?”

Without looking at me “As if you care you bloody bastard!”

I sit on the edge of the couch, caressing her upper thighs “Of course I care!” She doesn’t say anything just flinches at my touch “I care so much that I brought you here so we could be together without interference!” She turns her head towards me “Pthp!” a large gob of spit hitting my lower jaw “That wasn’t called for Janet!” Getting up leaving her “Until your ready to apologize for that you can stay on the couch!”

Moving across the room, stopping in front of the book case that dad would never let me take a book from, I scan the titles. “Mommy In Chains”, “Mom’s Rape Cure” and a whole bunch of faded magazines with pictures of women on their hands and knees, cocks in their mouths or a man behind then holding their hips. Picking up a book i open it, reading.

‘He was behind her forcing his cock into her used pussy. She was moaning in pleasure “Oh yeah just like that stud!”  His as cheeks clinched as he stuffed his cock into her tight cunt!” My cock was hardening the more I read. Looking to Janet wondering if she would let me take her like the woman in the book was taken?

She turned her head making eye contact with me, her face a sign of mixed signs as i start back towards her, the book still open in my hand “Janet I want you to read something!”


The police and ambulance finally show up after ten minutes. An officer replaces me calling into the flap “This is Constable Direson  can you hear me?”. Looking up at his partner “I can hear voices but they seem faded!”  Placing a part of his high viz vest over the glass on the side of the door he used an extendable baton to smash the glass. Putting his hand in he gets the door unlocked then enters “Police call out if you can hear me!”

From down the hall “Here in the basement!”  The officer and his partner rush to the open down,looking down into the darkened basement. I’m just inside calling out Justin everything is going to be alright! Help is here!” An officer turns on the light and descends into the basement

“Bloody Christ John you not going to believe this!” Shocked at the sight of two naked people bound on top of each other in a sexual position. “We’re going to need bolt cutters to release them!”

In my mind *THEM!* I call out again “Justin!”. The one officer goes out and comes back in with what I think are hedgecutters, rushing into the basement a few seconds past then Okay we need you paramedics down here!” My mind racing wondering how hurt Justin was.
Fifteen minutes pass before one officer comes up asking me if I could find some blankets to cover the people coming up with. *People?* I’m frozen on the spot as the first one is carried up in the arms of a paramedic. A girl who is familiar to me.

“Mary?” The paramedic and officers looks to me

“You know her miss?”

“That’s Mary Partland a friend of mine!”

“Well can you find a blanket to cover her up with please Miss?”

I race up to Justin’s room, stripping the blanket off his bed. Going to where I think he keep spare bedding I open the closet door looking into a empty shelved space. Racing back down i hand over the blanket to the paramedic who covers Mary trying to make her comfortable while his partner bring up a man I never seen before.

Constable Direson asks me if I know who the guys was and I shake my head. No I’ve never seen him before now?” The constable get on his two way radio and call in, while I fade into the background to give them room to work. Mary spots me and holds her hand out.

“Oh April it was terrible, Justin snapped, he took me into the basement and fucked me after tying me up!” I couldn’t believe what Mary was saying, Justin would never do such a thing, then Mary said something that scared me “He wasn’t contented with just me, he grabbed Janet when she came to use his bathroom!”

That’s when the guy speaks up “I think he used my truck to take this Janet somewhere else?” The police officer writes everything down asking for his name “Tom, Tom Glover. Justin and I use to be in the same orphanage while growing up!”

Okay and just who is this Justin?”

“Justin Huson!” The guy Tom blurts out to the officer You may have head about his father Wade Huson, he used to live on the other side of here, where he kidnappec and raped women before being caught 13 years ago!”

Both officers look at each other then Direson call into his superiors. Relating what he’s been told. ‘Okay sarge we’ll take them to the A and E then go pay a visit to that address you gave me!”


Janet refused to read, so I read it to her. She blanches as i ask if she would let me do her like that. Kicking out with both legs  catching me with the outside of her left leg enough to knock me onto the floor. Sitting there i see her swing her legs as if to kick me in the face. I catch her legs rearing up I ball my right hand into a fist, driving it into her midsection.

She doubles up, mouth open trying to suck air into her lungs. “That’s twice you been a bad girl!” Leaving her on the floor i stood “I was going to let you stay here in the living room tonight but that just earned you a trip to dad’s basement!”

                                                                                     More To Follow

November 13, 2018, 08:28:01 AM
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Aw you ruined my hopes for Tom and Mary.  Still looking forward to the end of the story.

November 13, 2018, 03:03:09 PM
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How did I guess?  I'm sorry DirtySerenity, I should have taken into account that someone would want to know what happens between them, but when I originally wrote this the thought never crossed my mind. But since it was already finished, to add something to it was super easy!
Part Nine: Interlude

Getting up I go check on Tom, blood dripping from his ear canal, his breathing a bit slow but it appears that he would survive. Rushing down to the basement I get rope to tie Tom up. He talked to Mary instead of fucking her than he could spent the time I decide to give them tied up in the basement with each other for company. Dragging then one at a time to the basement then carrying them down I tie Tom down first.

Stripping him I then set Mary on top of him so her parted legs were separated by his head, her head directly resting on top of his cock. Apparently it was up to me to show them how there were meant to get to know each other.

Looking at them I watch as first Mary comes to then a low moan of pain comes from Tom. as Mary became more aware she lifted her head as high as she could. “Oh sooner or later you’ll drop your head onto his cock Mary” I could see even her breath on his cock was having the desired effect as his cock began to rise “Shouldn’t be long before his instincts take over and he tired to face fuck you!” Turning to go up the stairs “If you two just accepted what I wanted him to do, you probably would have been taken out of here by him!”

Bursting out laughing as I open the door “Taken from one basement to another that is!” Making my way out I plan to take the bus back to dad’s place. The walk of three blocks in would hopefully through off anyone who might remember me, if I ever was caught! From the open basement I head.

“Oh no Tom gawkkkkkk!!”

Damn he was right my neck was really hurting from the strain of trying not to take his friends cock into my mouth “Tom can you hear me?” A low moan comes from him, I see hit cock starting to rise. My head dips, my lips brushing the top of his cock before I managed to pull back up. Oh my god his cock is fully erect as once more my head dips, but this just like Justin said Tom’s natural instincts took over “Oh no Tom gawkkkkkk!!”

Oh god I couldn’t believe it his cock was deep in my mouth, the tip striking my tonsils making then strike the back of my throat. I so wanted him to stop but not even a gurgling sound could pass between his girth and my mouth. It like the muscles of my mouth molded around his shaft, to keep from choking I slather it with all the slavia I could produce. Up and down my tongue went as he used my mouth Like justin plotted when he posed us like this.

Wait what happening to me now! Oh god Tom must be coming fully back, I feel something wet and rubbery run along my outer pussy lips, up one side and down the other! Oh god no Tom was licking my pussy and I as responding to it like a wanton little slut

"Don’t give me that Justin, Mary told me how she came here and you raped her, made her sit in her piss and shit until this Janet showed up and you took her !” I watch as Justin goes to the fridge  taking out a bottle so soda, offering me one.

“Well I have to say that some story she spun you!” He closes the door as I take a sip of the soda. “And why am I keeping her in the basement Tom  if I’m raping her?” A sound on the stairs captures our attention, I turn around  and unbeknownst to me Justin used the distraction to get something I call out,

“In here Mary!” Then I feel something hard and heavy come down  on the top of my head.

From there I know nothing, until a warm sensation coves my hardening cock. Oh god it felt so good to my confused mind, so good that I started thrusting up into it like I wanted to do. Slowly I try opening my eyes, the sudden influx of light hurts so I close them once more. By now the warm feeling on my cock turns wet, once more I try opening my eyes only a little bit, stunned by what I think I see!

Then I figure it out I’m dreaming of a girl going down on my like I was told that Justin was doing to some broad called Janet. Again my instinct takes over and I extend my tongue to the plump pussy in front of me. As the tip touches the outer lips I glide it up and down them. God how active was my imagination, I could have sworn that they were real and tasted like pussy should taste.

Let it never be said that Tom Glover ever held back when performing cunnilingus. I went at it with all my ability, which according to many other women was nothing to be ashamed of let me tell you! Soon I entered the inner lips tonging them just like the outer pair, stoping only long enough to tickle the clit. Oh ever I was dreaming about liked that as she began to wiggle, giving me more chances to play over the entire surface of her clit.

Lifting my head I try to speak as the mouth working my cock was making me tense by the second “OH damn just like that!” Pulling back so only the tip was in her mouth, I finally heard

“Tom stop fucking my mou…!” Thrusting back in wondering where I’ve heard that voice before? Oh well I figure that out later, returning to tongue fucking the pussy on my face. Then the familiar tingling sensation from my balls that tells me I was going to cum, If it wasn’t for the fact i thought this was a dream I would have stop and told the girl what I was about to do!

Then a river of warm wet cum was blasting up and out of me, less than a microsecond passing before it returned all over my crotch and down between my legs. As my cock shrank back down the person was finally able to sputter and returning the favor to me by cumming onto my tongue, lips and chin.

“Oh fuck that was heaven!”

“What *spit* were*spit* you trying *spit, hurak* to do*spit* kill me!*spit*” Then it came back to me who it was and where I was!

“Oh jesus christ I’m sorry Mary!Shifting my waist so my cock wasn’t directly in her face as she shifted the opposite way. “I had no idea what was going on!” Her head coming to rest on the side of my hip “Where Justin?”

A one word response, “Gone!” followed by big inhales of air. Minutes past before we hear

“Hey Justin you home?”

We both call out get a response of “Hello can you hear me Justin?” and “Are you hurt Justin?” Then “The door is locked but I’ll call 999!”

Time passes as we keep calling out, our replies this time coming from a man, “This is Constable Direson  can you hear me?”. Then the sound of footsteps, someone at the top of the stairs, then footsteps on the stairs followed by “Bloody Christ John you not going to believe this!” The cop stood there shocked at the sight of two naked people bound on top of each other in a sexual position. “We’re going to need bolt cutters to release them!”

More minutes pass as we wait to be released, first the un chain Mary taking her up first, naked  ten they work to free me. They get me free and take me upstairs in time to see another girl who Mary is talking to.
“Oh April it was terrible, Justin snapped, he took me into the basement and fucked me after tying me up!” Pausing for a breath  “He wasn’t contented with just me, he grabbed Janet when she came to use his bathroom!”

That’s when I speak up “I think he used my truck to take this Janet somewhere else?” The police officer writes everything down asking e mys name “Tom, Tom Glover. Justin and I use to be in the same orphanage while growing up!”

“Okay and just who is this Justin?”

“Justin Huson!” I blurt out to the officer “You may have head about his father Wade Huson, he used to live on the other side of here, where he kidnappec and raped women before being caught 13 years ago!”

Both officers look at each other then Direson call into his superiors. Relating what he’s been told. ‘Okay sarge we’ll take them to the A and E then go pay a visit to that address you gave me!”

That was the last I seen of Mary. She was released before me and had friends there to take her home. Me I was released after giving a statement to the police. In my mind Planning to meet Mary to apologize for what I did to her accidentally!

                                                                                  The End To Follow

November 13, 2018, 09:56:04 PM
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Thank you gscmar64. That was what I was looking forward to. Now on to seeing how you end this story.

November 14, 2018, 06:08:20 PM
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You're welcome DirtySerenity, can't have a dedicated reader feeling gypped on a story of mine!

And now  the final chapter

Making my way to the door that to me represented the sacred place that I was never to venture to as a child, I could feel myself begin to tremble in a combination of fear and anticipation. Even now I could hear my father’s voice in my head “Justin you never go into the basement nor ever open this door!” I can still see myself standing in front of him nodding my head as he spoke.

But here I was going to the very door I been told never open, to not only open it but to venture down into the space hidden behind it. My hand is shaking as I reach out for the knob, grasping it and turning. Images of my last mommy, her dress was gone, her head was lowered until she heard me gasp. Looking up the side if her face was covered with something read, her eyes were red and wet, something glistened in the light under her nose and on her chin. “H-h-e-e-l-l-p-p  m-m-m-e-e-e-e!’ come flooding back to me after I turned on the lone bulb.

Shaking my head to clear the memories, I half expected that the police were going to kick the door open and arrest me as I turn back to collect Janet off the couch. The closer to her I get the more my mind plays tricks on me, as I come over her I swear I see her dressed in a police uniform, handcuffs in her hands. I recoil from her, blinking my eyes then look back down seeing Janet as I left her. Lifting her up over my shoulder I carry her to the basement door, then down into the basement I’ve never been in before. All around I see pulleys hanging from the walls and ceiling, but no ropes, nothing to tie Janet down with.

Putting her on an old mattress about halfway in I go in search of rope or anything I can tie her up with. In the very back i find a cabinet with handcuffs, fake cocks, an assortment of switches and on the bottom of it a large spool of three strand cord. Well seems dad was very diligent when it came to keeping mommies. Well I was going to be just as diligent as him. Cutting a couple of lengths of cord with the knife on top of the spool I return to Janet.

The mattress was positioned perfectly that four pulleys were available to use, securing Janet on her stomach I cut the tape that held her legs closed after tying the cord around her ankle. With her legs secure, “Last chance Janet will you let me take you from behind?” Another large gob of spit flies up at me, this time I block it with my arm “Maybe taking a switch to you will make you more receptive to pleasing me!” Returning to the cabinet , picking out a blonde looking switch, swishing it back and forth in the air as I turn back to her. “Oh yes this should make you very receptive indeed!”

The look of horror on her face the closer I get to her made me wonder if mommies acted like that with dad? Was that why dad kept them down here away from me? “I’ll give one final chance Janet, will you please me like I want?”Dropping and stepping out og my pants and underwear.
A weak “Please let me go and I swear to god that no one will ever learn anything from me about you!” Still defiant! so I flick my wrist sending the tip of the switch into motion until it came in direct contact with her asscheek, making her jerk in response “Owww!”

“That wasn’t what I asked you Janet!” Making like I was going to hit her again “Will you please me like I want you to?”

“Please I don’t want to be fucked by you at all!” Tears flowing down her face, not sure if it was from the switch or her predicament. Nor did I give a damn, my cock was hard and I wanted relief, Pushing her legs apart I look at the promise source of relief

“Well that’s too bad Janet because I want to fuck you, like the guy did in that book!”


Tom and Mary are loaded into the ambulance, a set of officers accompanying them to the A&E. Constable Direson looks to me “In your opinion is this Justin dangerous?”

“I wouldn’t know what to say!” pausing to collect my thought about him “He’s never given me any indication that he was capable of something like this!” Not really sure if I was a good one to judge him “I’ve only known him for a month, after my parents welcomed him to Crestwood Estates

“You wouldn’t happen to have a picture of him would you Miss?”

“Not on me but at home I do!’ indicating that I lived across the street from here. Direson escorts me home, waiting as I go in search of my purse and the picture. Finding it i hand it over “That was taken last night before we girls left for the club!”

“Any Idea how mary came to be tied up in Mr. Huson’s basement?”

“None! Mary said she was a little tipsy and that she was going to catch a cab to home.” Looking Constable Direson in the eyes. “And that was the last Janet and I heard from Mary!”

The other officer comes over to us “Dave we got the address from records “1666 Everly Rd, a place registered to one Octavius Huson, currently serving 20 years in HMP COTSWOLD on multiple sentences for Sexual Assault and manslaughter!’ Looking up at us “Get this! When caught he had a woman ties up in his basement, a search on the property found the bodies of three others!”

"Well looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree doesn’t it John?” Direson  Turning to me “Can I keep this photo Miss Barlowe?

“Yes!” I knew they would want it “Officer Direson is it possible I could go with you and your partner, in case Justin does has Janet?’ Hoping the look in my eyes would get through to him “In case she need help?”

“It against regulations Miss but you might be able to distract Huson long enough for us to get him under control!’ Motioning me towards their car “I’ll allow you to come along!”


Positioning myself between her open legs I lift her hip up so her ass was high in the air. I saw the welt that the switch cause when it hit her skin, all red and raised. For some reason i reached out and kissed it as if that would stop the pain. With my left arm around her waist, my right hand stroking my cock , I stop as I move my hips forwards, the tip of my hard cock parts the outer folds of her pussy.

“No not like this!” Trying to buck me away from her, Janet squirmed hard, only succeeding in making my tip pop out. Pulling back with my left arm, aligning myself once more I manage to penetrate her so when I’m done my forward thrust I’m buried balls deep in her pussy. Loud sobs comes from Janet mixing with contented sighs from me. Oh this was even better in my mind than when I laid on top of her fucking her. I couldn’t see why Sister Heloise didn’t want us doing this? I mean if we were happy wouldn’t we be easier to look after?

Over and over I thrust in and out of her pussy, enjoying the way her inner walls would grip me, trying to push me out before I wanted to be. Eight minutes pass before I feel the tingling sensation in my balls telling me I was going to cum once more. I don’t bother telling Janet what’s about to happen, she hasn’t been treating me right in my mind. Pulling her tight against my crotch as I feel the cum flow from me into her I can’t help but think that this was so natural a sensation!

Sobbing gently “You fucking bastard what if I become pregnant?” Collapsing to the mattress “I don’t want a daily reminder of an asshole like you!”

“Well I’ll have to think about that someonther time!” Giving her the truth “See that never happened to the mommies dad kept down here!” Now she had me wondering if such a thing did happen? No it couldn’t or wouldn’t I have a little brother of sister to look after when dad went away? Getting up going for my underwear, putting then back on then going up stairs to make a cup of tea “Going for tea want a cup Janet?”

“Fuck off and die Justin!” If that was going to be her attitude, then the hell with her. Going up leaving the door open, going into the kitchen, looking around the cupboards I find the teapot that dad said belonged to my birth mom. Taking it down, filling it with water before setting it on the range, a few minutes past before the burner under it begins to heat. While I waited I looked around the place that I barely remembered in my childhood.

Going to the living room I look out and see a white car come to a stop in front of here, Two police officer get out from the front and to my shock April gets out of the back seat. Why are they here?, have they already found Mary and Tom? Scenes of the door flying open comes back to me. Looking out the living room window I see that the big police officer see me, his lips move and I wonder what he is saying?


The trip was twenty minutes long and done in silence except for the voices from the airwave radio. Finally we come to the address the officer gave then 1666 Everly Rd. It was slightly overgrown but there was no mistaken that someone was inside. The officers gets out after asking me to wait in the car until they had Justin outside of the house. But something in me said to get out that if he saw me he hopefully would cooperate with the police and leave Janet alone!

Constable Direson approaches the door calling out to a shape in the large window  “Mister Huson this Is the police can we have a word with you?”


“Mister Huson this Is the police can we have a word with you?” Why they have no right to be here, nor did Janet, this was my dad’s place and my place to keep Janet all to myself in. Going to the door I stand calling out

“Go away I don’t want you here!”

“Mister Huson! Justin this is Constable Direson, I would like to ask you some questions about Mary Partland and Tom Glover!” Waiting for a reply from me “Surely you wouldn’t mind answering some question would you?!”

Then I hear April’s voice calling to me “Justin I know this is all a mistake!’  Even closer “Just come out and tell these police officers that they have it wrong!”

It must have been the way she said it but I opened the door  “I didn’t do anything April, I promise!” Standing in the middle of the doorframe staring at them gathered in front of me, April moves a bit closer to me, holding out her hand.

“I told then Justin that you would never do anything to Mary or Tom but they want to hear that from you themselves!”  The look on her face  makes me think that she was going to help me, going to make sure everything turned out right, like she did when I moved in across from here a month ago!  I come out in my underwear, towards her only to have one of the officers raise his hand. I then feel something hit me, a sharp pain of something stick into me followed by a strong tingling sensation that made me fall to the ground. I couldn’t talk as April rushes past me into the house.

I don’t feel anything but a tingling in my body, my hands are pulled behind me  then I’m lifted up and carried towards the house, from inside I hear “Oh god Janet what has he done to you?” I’m left on the plastic covered couch as the officers join April, and that’s all I remember as everything goes black.

Epilogue One

Three months later

I’m once more in  front of a desk sitting across from shrink i saw in the orphanage. The look on his face was one of concern but i had no idea why. He scribbling down notes from our session, finishing before looking up at me “Well I have to say Justin that my last diagnosis might have be a trifle misinformed!” Taking a sip of tea before continuing “I have no course but to tell the police that you were under diminished responsibility when you kept Miss Partland and Mister Glover hostage like you did!”

“But I can see Janet right Doctor Sorensen?"

“Oh god no from what I understand she been placed under the car of a fellow doctor after the way you treated her!” Another sip from his mug “You’ll be lucky if the crown doesn’t demand you be sentenced to  prison for what you did Justin!”

Five Months after my arrest

“Trust me Mister Huson my client is more than ready to go to court and seek the right to dispose of this unwanted pregnancy!” The man in a high price suit looks at me “My client doesn’t need your permission to abort the fetus, I’m just doing this as a courtesy to you that’s all!”

“But she the one I chose  to be the mommy of my children?

“Well sir I can tell you that is a choice she wants no part of!” Pushing a piece of paper across the table to me “Now will you do the honourable thing and sign that you dissolve your parental right, or am I wasting my time here?”

Inside *she doesn’t want my child!* as I draw the pen across the line

A year and A Half Later

“This court finds Justin Huson was of diminished mind when he kidnapped and sexually assaulted Janet Llewellyn but he was fully aware of what he was doing when he assaulted both Mary Partland and Tom Glover!” Looking up over the rim of his half bifocals at me “Therefore it’s the opinion of the court that Justin Huson be sentenced to 10 years in prison for his actions!”

I stand there staring out at nothing in particular barely understanding the words “The sentence will be carried out in HMP Cotswold!"

Two Weeks After Sentencing

I’m in the yard when a grey haired man approached me, there was something oddly familiar about his stance as he stood in front of me. “I followed your trial daily on the TV news channel son!” The way he said the last word brought back memories. Then it hit me who he was with his next statement “I hope the police didn’t take the pulleys out of the walls and ceilings this time!”

Looking up in astonishment “Dad?”

“Hello Slugger!” as he turned and walked away from me “Come see me after diner tonight before light’s out!”

                                                                                     The End

November 27, 2018, 03:28:47 PM
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Yikes! I liked it alot. Great storyline. I really like how you left it open ended. So will there be a sequel after Justin does his 10? Maybe Dad and Son will team up!

November 27, 2018, 05:40:59 PM
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I'm glad to read that you liked it shannyfries! Much like you I never know when I might get in my mind to revisit Justin and his dad. So keep your eye on here every now or then and who knows! ;)