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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy

Lennie's Fucktoy: A Sequel To Not the Perfect Guy

An original story by Vile8r

In this story we see the private hell Rachelle finds herself in as the unwilling girlfriend of Lennie.

Rachelle stared blankly at the ceiling as she felt Lennie work his hand slowly inside her cotton panties. His other hand pushed her t-shirt up, exposing her bra.

He moved his body so his rock-hard penis was pressing against her right leg. Rachelle closed her eyes and took a deep breath as Lennie began finger-fucking her, stimulating her pussy to get wet. He was rough and impatient, forcing his fingers in and out of her. Then he stopped.

“Come on, we’re gonna fuck,” he whispered in her ear.

It wasn’t a request. Rachelle knew it was a demand. Lennie was opening his pants and sliding them down off his hips. His erect penis was straining against the confines of his underwear.

The teen girl twisted around on the couch and leaned over top of his lap. With her left hand, she reached into his underwear and pulled out his swollen cock.

Lennie leaned back on the couch and let out a sigh of pleasure as Rachelle leaned forward. She ran the tip of her tongue in tiny circles around the exposed head of his tool, as she grasped his balls. She grasped his rod firmly, stroking it slowly as she sucked the head of his penis into her mouth.

Rachelle slurped noisily as she bobbed her head, sucking hungrily on his cock. Popping it out of her mouth, she licked the length of his shaft in long, delicious strokes. Then she had her mouth back on it, as she slurped and sucked, bobbed and stroked.

“Yeah, that’s it…..fuck yeah……suck me like a little slut…..” Lennie moaned.

He felt the familiar tingle in his balls, as his pleasure increased. Lennie wanted his cock inside her and now! Usually when he was this horny, he’d just push her onto her back and plow his cock into her. But tonight he decided, he wanted her to fuck him.

“Ride my cock,” he simply said.

Rachelle stood up from the couch and removed her shoes and socks. She unsnapped her tight jeans, and began to slide them down off her hips. Lennie stared at the outline of her wet cunt through her yellow cotton panties. Rachelle continued to undress, removing her t-shirt and bra, exposing cute teen breasts and erect nipples.

Lennie drank in the sight of the cute, sexy teenager standing before him. His erect cock ached to enter that hot, wet pussy between her tender, pale thighs.

"Mmmm, yummy!" Lennie said, licking his lips.

She pulled her panties off, showing her bald pussy. Lennie always insisted she keep shaved down there.

Rachelle climbed on top of him, straddling his waist, and rubbed her pussy against his hard-on. She guided him to her waiting hole. Slowly, she lowered her hips, taking his manhood inside her hot, tight cunt. Lennie watched as his dick slowly disappeared inside her hairless vagina, feeling her hot pussy walls tighten around his rod.

Her face contorted, as if in pain, as her snatch expanded to accept his eight-inch tool. Lennie let out a grunt as her bald pussy lips finally reached the base of his cock.

"Oooh, that feels good," he said.

Rachelle sat motionless, feeling the length and girth of cock inside her. Slowly, she  began to move her hips up and down in short strokes. She inhaled sharply as she quickened her pace, sliding up and down on Lennie’s stiff dick.

He thrust his hips at her, driving deeper inside her sweet snatch with each delicious thrust.

“Come on, baby! Fuckin’ ride me…..ride me good!” Lennie said, her petite young body moving faster. Her tits jiggled as she fucked him. Lennie thrust deep into her tight twat, grabbing her hips and pulling her down onto his cock. Her body shook and her pussy contracted madly around his dick.

“Now…turn around!” he ordered.

Breathing hard, Rachelle spun her limber body and legs around, still clenching his dick tightly with her pussy, into a reverse cowgirl position. Lennie watched her cute ass as she continued sliding up and down on his penis. He placed his hands firmly on her hips and pulled her further down on his dick with each stroke.

Rachelle looked across the room. She glared at the teen boy sitting on the other couch. Her ex-boyfriend, Colin! The one responsible for her being in this situation in the first place!

She knew this was why Lennie made her turn around. It was humiliating as it was, having to let Lennie fuck her whenever he wanted. But he added to it, by making Colin come over and watch. Part of Colin’s ‘punishment’, as Lennie always put it.

At least today, it was only Colin. Sometimes Lennie would have a couple other friends there as well to watch. Rachelle hated that, as they’d sit there stroking their cocks, and making lewd comments, as Lennie fucked the high school girl. He wouldn’t let them touch her, but he’d let them watch.

 Lennie felt his excitement building, as her tight box pounded onto his rock-hard cock. Her fine body bounced up and down on his dick, as she reached down to hold his nut sack. His balls tingled as she gently massaged them.

With each stroke, he thrust hard into Rachelle's tight wet pussy.

“Get ready to swallow, bitch!” Lennie suddenly yelled.

Rachelle jumped off his penis and spun around. She began to suck him hard, making loud slurping sounds. Lennie felt his dick twitch in her mouth, as she grunted and moaned, encouraging him on. A bolt of electricity shot through his loins as his dick jumped in her mouth.

He furiously fucked her face as he pumped his load down her throat. Rachelle wrapped her mouth around his dripping dick, sucking him dry. As he finished, she slowly licked his cock and balls.

"Damn girl, you are one fine piece of teenage cunt!" Lennie announced, as he pulled his pants back up.

He looked over at Colin and smiled. “And to think she’s all mine! How was that, loser? You gettin’ tired yet of having to watch me fuck your little honey?”

Lennie laughed aloud as he pushed Rachelle off his lap. “Go get me some beer, sweetie. Let me have a rest and we’ll do it again, doggie-style this time!”

As Rachelle walked to the kitchen, she thought back to how this had all started. She and Colin had met in high school, just shortly after she had moved here to Port City. They had hit it off, right from the beginning. Rachelle had really liked Colin.
Things had progressed quickly with the young couple. Rachelle had eventually let Colin take her virginity. It was a night she’d never forget. But there was also another night she’d never forget.

She was soon to find out, Colin led a secret life, and was not the boy she thought he was. He dealt drugs and he owed a bunch of money to a local lowlife by the name of Lennie Campbell.

To pay off his debt, Colin had let Lennie and a bunch of his friends, gangrape Rachelle one night. It had been a horrific ordeal. They had raped her vaginally, orally……and anally!

The aftermath had been terrible too. A couple weeks after the rapes, Rachelle had discovered she was pregnant. She told her parents a made-up story that Colin’s condom had slipped off and it was all a bad accident. She told them nothing about the real story.
Her parents, her mother especially, had been furious that she was so careless. But she had told them she wanted an abortion and they consented. Afterwards, her mother had immediately put her on birth control.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Not by a long shot. After he had raped her, Lennie informed her, she now belonged to him. Now he would make Colin go to her house, pretending he was picking her up for a date, then bring her to Lennie. Rachelle didn’t even want to see Colin’s face, yet had to endure being picked up by him and taken home as well.

Lennie was still mad at Colin, trying to rip him off. As Colin’s punishment, he was now made to watch as Lennie would fuck Rachelle in front of him, and make her suck him off. Rachelle absolutely hated it. Lennie, who was six years older than her, treated her like shit. He rarely called her by her name, usually referring to her as ‘bitch’, or ‘little slut’. He was rough and callous as he fucked her, being only concerned with his own pleasure.

Lennie would also constantly text her, sending her all kinds of lewd messages. And he would make her send him nude pics of herself.
Rachelle brought back a beer for Lennie and he cracked it open. He took a big swig and leaned back on the couch.


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Great sum up of the original story, brings back the memories of reading it. Now go out and quickly  make new memories for me to read!

January 11, 2018, 05:52:01 PM
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I'm so glad you decided to do a sequel. I love the humiliation that she's forced to ensure. Can't wait for more.