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September 22, 2017, 11:04:57 AM

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The Author of what follows does not condone any violence towards women. No matter what the age of the perpetrator it's a crime not allowed by society, Before considering it, seek help from professionals. The following also contains underage sex between a female and four pre-legal teens if that offends your sense of decency please return to the main menu before continuing to read

Story codes: mmmmF, light bdsm, oral, rp


Sunday morning am I”m doing as the mysterious call said to do. Hand on the doorknob, turning it, opening the door walking into the darkened room. Something not right, nervously calling out “Hello, is anyone here?” Closing the door hearing a voice

“You’re late!” there something different about the voice but I can’t place why. A hand grasps the back of my neck “You remember what I said would happen if you were late?” A sharp crack against my skirted ass

“Sorry but it’s only a few minutes!” Another crack! I realize my mistake “Sorry Sir!”

“That’s better, now drop the laundry!”

Wow he’s never told me that before, but i go with the flow. “Bur sir I’ve nothing on underneath!”

Two hard slaps to my ass makes me jerk in response, something really different is going on! Trying to turn around earns me two more. My hands shake as they  undo the buttons on my polo shirt, then pulling the hen up over my head, dropping it to the floor. Hesitating to touch my skirt I hear the zipper being lowered fast, a slight shake oh my hips and it’s down by my ankles

“Step out of it!”

Doing as commanded “Yes Sir!”  A hand runs over the smooth stinging skin of my ass!

“Wondering why you’re here?”

“Yes sir!”

“That little display last night at the pool was shameful and it’s time you learn how wrong it was!” This time something cold and leathery connect with my bare flesh. I stand tensely fearing what would happen if I cry out or move. All I do is “Sorry sir!”

The hand on my neck pushes forwards make me walk deeper into the darkened room then it releases me when we’re in the centre of the room. Settling onto my shoulder forcing me down onto my hands and knees . Two fast hard strikes to my left ass cheek  makes me wince  in pain. A few more and I can feel the skin warming . My tormentor moves on to the right cheek, striking it a much as he did the left. Soon I can feel the redness of my bottom

“Now to teach you where you went wrong!” move strikes to my already red ass

“So..” is all I get before a cock is shoved into my mouth. A pair of hands grabs the sides of my head holding me as the cock moves in and out of my violated mouth. While still being held, a hand slaps my left asscheek. What the fuck it’s only ever been one on one before!

The cock in my mouth doesn’t last long before squirting some cum into my mouth. As it leaves I sense someone else approaching then another cock is pressed against my lips. Another crack to the ass has me opening  my mouth, taking the second cock of the day. Like the first this one doesn’t last long either at best I would say eight thrusts and i’m getting another load of cum to drink down. All the while a hand has been playing with my clit while another continues to slap my asscheeks alltrenatively

“Fuck that was great!”

“Shut up you’re suppose to remain quiet while we use her!”

Use me! What the fuck is going on About to get up when my head is grabbed once more ad a bigger thicker cock in pressed against my lips. Trying to shake my head side to side all I doing is rubbing that fleshy tip of my next cock along my lips. A sudden penetration of my pussy makes me cry out, giving the cock at my lips the perfect opportunity to enter my mouth.

Hands on my head, arms wrapped around my waist as I’m being fucked at both ends. Im being controlled by unknown males and it’s got me so fucking hot that I give in and start fucking and sucking like it was the last thing I was ever going to do! The two that’s using me now knows what they are doing and has the stamina to keep me on edge for what feels like an hour, in reality about twenty minutes.

As they fill me front to back with their cum I forget what I’m doing, accepting the cock from my pussy in my mouth when i’m told to clean me. When I’m done doing that hands grabs me lifting me off the floor and half dragging half carrying me to the couch. Placing me on my knees , my breasts mashed into the back of the couch then something thin and small enters me.

Just like when it was in my mouth it barely last enough to trigger my orgasm. As I feel it shoot what passes for it’s load into me , I’m left wondering if I will get to cum  or will I have to play with myself to do that. Now empty, I try to turn around only to receive another slap on my ass. Turning my head back I’m enter by the second small  cock, like the other at best maybe six minutes passes before I feeling more warm cum flow into my thrice fucked passage.

Unlike the other two the one who just fucked me leans in and kisses the side of my neck. Whispering into my ear “Thanks Miss Dewer, I’ll remember this morning forever!” I hear the crack of the slap but don’t feel it!

“What part of keep your mouth shut didn’t you understand Harry?” Harry? The only Harry I know is thirteen years old like his twin brother Henry. Oh fuck no it couldn’t be then, the ones with the small cocks, not the Dyson twins!” A sob reaches my ears

Hand on my hips move me backwards until I just on the edge of the couch then a big thick cock shafts home into me. This one has me so close to cumming  just from his size alone. Thrusting motion begins and I can feel the sensations that usually means I’m going to cum. Fifteen minutes later I arch my back and finally release  then the one fucking me does the same!”

As he lets me go I sink down onto the couch only to be swung around so my head is free. Hands lift it presenting me the last big cock that hasn’t been in my mouth. Needing not to be told I open my mouth and let that cock use my mouth.  He uses my mouth for a quarter of an hour before anointing my throat with his cum. Pulling out swinging me back so I can collapse into the couch  “Well have you learnt why it’s wrong to tease at the pool?”

“Yes!”  then a quietly “Sir!”.

The light flare on, temporarily blinding all in the room. “What in the name of hell are you four doing?” As my eyes adjust I see Marcus Wilson, my dominator standing in the open doorway, looking around I see his grandson Dwayne standing just to my right, his friend Nikos sitting on the pulled back coffee table, his head bowed in shame. I couldn’t help but look at his cock, one of the two bigger cocks that tool me today, Dwayne being the other. Sitting up to my horror I’m correct there behind the couch are the Dyson twins.

Getting up running into the bathroom, slamming the door, listening to the haranguing Marcus lays onto the boys. A door closes, then a knock on the bathroom door, t opens and a hand enters with my clothes in it. Dressing then coming out Marcus greets me from the kitchen.

“Sorry Julie I didn’t know that they were going to do that to you!”

“Well I wasn’t expecting the Dyson twins but I can’t say I didn’t like what they did!”

“Well if I didn’t know better I would say that Nikos and Dwayne would mind having you alone one more time!” Coming into the living room with a glass of wine for me and himself. Sitting down on the couch, patting a space besides him. As I sit he hands me the glass “ Bet the Dyson Twins tell all their buddies what they did today!”

Nodding after I drain my glass Marcus takes my arm “Julie can you tell me why you let them do that to you?”

“He sounded like you and I got confused!” Putting my glass on the coffee table, joining his only for Marcus to grab my arm and pull me across his lap.

“Well then I think i have to teach you how to tell the difference between our voices!” Lifting my skirt, raising his hand and….

                                                                                The End!

October 31, 2017, 11:11:57 AM
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After reading this story and what happened it makes me think I should not continue to go to the apartment complex pool as much as i do.  Thankfully the weather is getting colder and I won't have this issue to think about until next early summer when the pool opens again.  But I am thinking that the men that live in the apartment complex have seen me many times at the pool and nothing has happened so I might be worried about nothing.  I don't really purposefully tease the men but I do like to think they notice me and appreciate me being down at the pool.  I might walk slow and take time to dry myself off at the side of the pool when I take a few laps but it is just kind of like feeling good inside that men are looking at me.  It is not to tease them.


November 01, 2017, 12:40:39 PM
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Kathy by the pool in a little bikini oiled up tanning herself, until  she notices she's laying in the shadow of a group of guys gathered around her. The teasing was too much, and now it's time to have some fun