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July 09, 2017, 12:53:59 AM

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It was saturday and it was 2am as she laid there on the couch in her red briefs and white bra as she was texting on her phone when she heard the door bell ring she softly let out a sigh as she looks down at what she was wearing, her big breasts where half way out and her briefs hugged her ass just to cover a little as she quickly sat up and wrapped a thin blue blanket around her as she quickly walked to the door, when she got to the door she slowly took off the locks and opened the door to find him there she backed up in shock as she spoke ''W..what are you doing here, its really late..'' He replied '' That's not how you talk to me!, Also you haven't been texting ME!'' she gasped in surprise as he pushed her till she hit the wall next to the door as he shut the door and got closer to her, the closer she got she shivered as she replied to him ''I'm sorry master  forgot too..'' she  blushes red and looks away as he pulled the blanket off of her as she whimpers feeling her boobs almost all the way out of her bra as she tried to pull away he just slammed her back into the wall as she whimpers as she felt his hand slide up from her left breast to her neck as she felt his hand tighten around it his other hand was on her right breast and started to squeeze it as she lightly bit her bottom lip as she felt him roughly pull down her bra and started to pull and twist her nipple she gasps in surprise as she moaned loudly as she quickly covered her breast as he forced her to look at him as he growled and screamed '' Don't you dare cover up you slut!'' she whimpered as he slapped her hand away from covering her breast as his hand moved to pull out his cock to rub it on her thigh as his grip on her neck tightened she gasps and looks down at his cock rubbing against her as she blushes red as she tried to wiggle away he growled at her loudly and slammed her against the wall hard as he started slowly dry humping between her thighs against her covered pussy as he ripped off her bra her large breasts flop out as she whimpered and stayed still as she didnt wanna get slammed against the wall again as she spoke '' hey uhm uh it's late and I wanna go to sleep, uhm c...can you leave and we can maybe continue later?'' she turned her head to look at him as he began to get angryer as he moved his hand and moved her briefs to the side as he spoke ''No slut, I will do this when I want I OWN you. And its your job to pleasure me.'' he moved the tip of his cock to rub against her slit as she moved her hand down slowly to try to cover herself , as she did he let go of her neck and backed away as he grabbed her hair and guided her down onto the flood on her belly as he moved behind her and got down and grabbed her hips and pulled them towards him as he slowly pulled her pantied down to uncover everything as he started to move his cock to push against the entrance of her push as she gasps and tries to get away he grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head down onto the hard wooden floor two times as she started to cry and shiver as she spoke ''o..oww im s..sorry master please s..stop'' he harshly snarled and forcefully started to shove his cock into her barely wet pussy as she started to whimper loudly as she felt him start to slam into her hard as she gasps and moan out saying ''owww that hurts s..stop please!'' she moves her hand back slowly to try to push his hips away as he only slams into her hard hitting the deepest part of her womb as he moved both hand up then slammed them down on her ass leaving deep red marks on her ass as he spoke ''Stop resisting slut, you will take care of me one way or another! you belong to me!'' he slammed into her harder as she kept trying as she started to feel his cock twitch inside of her she quickly tries to crawl away as he quickly grabs one of her ass cheeks and her back into the floor as her breasts pressed more into the floor as she gasps and says  ''p..please stop not inside!'' he ignored her plead and picked up the pace going as fast as he can as he grabs her hips and goes as deep as he can and cums hard his thick cum filled her womb as he groaned and the cum started dripping out as he stayed there till he completely finished filling her as she cried more as she said ''i...i told you not to cum in came so much w..why inside of me..'' he slowly backed away and slid out of her as it started to drip out as she fell all the way onto the floor as she panted and whimpered as he was on his knees as he watched her he started to rub his cock as he was already for wrong two as he slowly moved on top of her and guided his cock to her ass as he slowly rubbed the tip in slow circles before slamming it balls deep into her as she screeched and tried to crawl away as he quickly pounded her ass pushing her down with every sharp thrust inside of her as precum started to leak inside of her as she whimpered and tried to crawl away as he then grabs her by the hair an pulled her back making her arch as he kept slamming inside of her balls deep as he goes as fast as he can slamming all the way in and stopping as he cums hard and groans in her ear as he lets go of her hair and he falls onto her as his cock twitches and continues to cum as she keep crying and lays there motionless he pushed her down as he used her to get up onto his feet and starts zipping his pants as he walked over to the door and left

July 09, 2017, 01:51:16 PM
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Very good story, going to keep my eyes out for more from you in the future!