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December 11, 2017, 02:02:55 PM

Offline humper

I had become board with setting up my wife's rape, and wanted to set out finding some other woman to watch getting raped. I had used date rape drugs on my wife and watched her be abused by older men while past out in the past. Then there was one woman that I have always wanted to fuck and she was my bank manager, her name was Ann and she was in her late 50s, brown hair, nice tits, and every time I saw her she was always dressed in a skirt and blouse, and very professional looking. I was trying to figure a way to use my knock out drugs on her and I could never find a place or time to use them on her, without her finding out what I had done to her. So I put together another plan, and this time without using drugs on her.

I figured since I could not get to fuck Ann, that I could get another man to fuck her and I could watch. I started chatting on adult sites with many men about fantasy's of rape and I struck up a conversation with a old man named John, the adult site that I was chatting on was a camera site. I was acting like I was Ann while chatting to him. I told John that I was a single woman and that I had a fantasy to be tied to the bed and raped. John told her that he would be glad to do this to her. While I was chatting to John he was jerking off his big uncut cock thinking he was chatting to Ann. This went on for a few weeks and I gave John, Ann's address and town she lived in, and set up a time and date for this event to happen, which was on a Monday night at 6:30. when she would get home from work. John told Ann that he would be there to give her what she wanted.

 I have always had a key to Ann's house to feed and take care of her cat while she was away. So I drove to Ann's home while she was at work. Ann lived out in the country in the middle of the woods with no neighbors nearby. When I got to Ann's home I went to her bedroom and cracked her window blinds open, I then went outside and set up my camera to film her getting raped. I then drove up the road and hid my car and walked back to Ann's home and waited for her to get home from work.

It wasn't long and I heard Ann pull up to her home she went in and turned on her lights. I then snuck around the front of Ann's home and unlocked her front door with the key that I had, as I was doing this I heard John park his car and I noticed him walking in the dark to the front of Ann's home. I went back behind the house to Ann's bedroom and I looked in and saw Ann who was getting ready to take her clothes off for the night, start back towards her front door. I heard Ann scream as I saw John grab her by the hair and he dragged her to the bedroom and threw her on the bed.

Ann was petrified as this old man started to take his clothes off. Ann was crying and John told her to shut the fuck up that he was going to give her what she had asked him to do to her on the rape chat site. Ann told John that he must be mistaken that she had never chatted to him before. John then dressed only in his boxer shorts grabbed Ann by the hair, he bent over and told her, you listen to me you no good lousy fucking whore, I am going to rape every fucking whole you have tonight, and quit trying to back out of what you told me while chatting on the rape site.

John then smacked Ann very hard and he pulled out four ropes and tied Ann to the post bed, the whole time Ann begging for him to stop saying that it wasn't her that had been chatting to him on a rape site. By now John had heard enough he reached in his pants pocket and pulled out a knife and put it to Ann's throat, John told her to shut her fucking mouth that she was going to satisfy him now. John stood by the bed and dropped his boxer shorts to the floor, Ann turned her head away as not to look at this old man now totally naked.

John jumped up on the bed and grabbed Ann's head and lowered his ugly old shriveled uncut cock to Ann's face and he told her to suck it. Ann crying and shaking her head back and forth was screaming, no, please no, don't make me do that. John then took his knife and put it under Ann's skirt towards her pussy, and he told her he would stick this knife up her pussy if she didn't suck his dick and now. Ann then tearfully opened her mouth and stated to give John a blow job.

 I was outside of Ann's window filming her sucking this old mans dick, Ann the beautiful bank manager being used like a whore. Ann sucked Johns cock from soft to hard, by now John wanted to see Ann naked. John took Ann's white blouse and ripped it open, and buttons went flying across  the room. John then cut Ann's skirt from her waist and threw it to the floor. Ann was now lying tied to the bed spread wide only in her pantyhose, panties, and bra. John the took his knife as Ann was crying for him to stop, John then cut her bra off. Ann's nice c-cup tits sprang out, she had hard quarter sized nipples that John then started to suck and bite on. Ann was crying even more as John then cut the crotch out of her pantyhose, he then reached in and cut the crotch out of Ann's panties, revealing one of the most beautiful hairy pussies that he had ever seen. John then started to suck on Ann's pussy, fingering and pushing his fist hard up Ann's hairy pussy as far as he could, Ann was screaming for him to stop that he was hurting her. John did this to Ann for 10 minutes and I could see that his dick was now very hard and pink. John then got on top of Ann and told her to suck his dick.

By now Ann would rather do this, than to let John keep fisting her pussy and hurting her so bad. Ann then started to suck on John's dick in a useful manner, she did this until I heard John let out a grunt, and I noticed Ann try to pull back, but it was no use as John emptied his big nuts in Ann's mouth, Ann tried to spit John's cum out and he only pushed his cock choking deep in Ann's mouth, as I saw Ann's throat contracting knowing she was swallowing this old mans cum.

John then rested for a while asking Ann was this what she wanted when she was chatting to him on the rape site. Ann said again that she had never been on a rape site and that it must have been someone else and not her. John now getting hard again started to prep Ann's pussy with his tongue, licking and roughly, biting Ann's clit very hard for 5 or so minutes. He then got on top of Ann, and took his pink now leaking pre cum cock and shoved it balls deep in her, John fucked Ann very rough and hard for 20 minutes until I noticed him grunt, I could see his asshole contracting as he emptied his big balls into Ann's hairy pussy.

John rested again and he told Ann that she had one more hole for him to enjoy before he left. Ann was now crying as John untied her legs and arms from the bed post, turning her over face down on the bed, John then tied Ann back to the bed spread ass up. Ann knew what was about to happen now and was pleading for John to stop as John pushed his 12 inch greased member deep in Ann's asshole, Ann was screaming for him to stop John reached to the night stand and put his knife to Ann's throat and told her shit on my dick or blood on my blood on my blade, you are mine now bitch as he violently raped Ann's asshole very hard until he again emptied his big balls up Ann's sore asshole.

John asked Ann again is this what she wanted while she was chatting to him on the rape site and she said again she didn't ever chat to him before and never on a rape site, John got up got dressed and told her right, you wanted this you bitch and untied her.He reached over and kissed her roughly and told her thanks for everything and left the house. I quickly cut my camera off and left also running to my car.

I went home and watched this beautiful woman, the prim and proper bank manager getting her body used as a whore on my computer of the video I had made of her and the old man over and over. Ann not knowing what I had done to her and the old rapist not knowing what I had set up. I would go to my bank and look at Ann in her office working later and know that I was the guy that made her a prim and proper whore. :)