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The tap-tap-tap of a pair of leather flats sounded along the open-air campus walkway, and pairs of male eyes turned to watch their brisk clip. Not the flats themselves, so much, but the lithe, toned legs that rose so gracefully up from them and the lithe, marble-white 20-year-old female body to which they led. Katie, all 5’9 inches of her, soaked up the attention and paid it no mind. Her glossy red lips reposed in the same contented half-smile that lit up her round, pretty, marble-white face. And her dreamy blue eyes kept their gaze somewhere up ahead to the parking lot at this walkway’s far end. There, where she would climb into her red Honda Civic and zoom home to her parents, and an hour or two of de-stressing cardio at the neighborhood gym.

She walked briskly, making the shiny gold tresses of blonde hair flowing down her shoulders bounce atop the form-fitting maroon blouse that accentuated every rounded curve and dip of her slender backside, bountiful round breasts, and flat, firm tummy leading down to the short white shorts just short enough to tease the males she passed by with glimpses of the sculpted thighs and hips underneath.

Those four workouts a week kept Katie in perfect form. All the better for the modeling shoots that her agent at "Dynamic Model Management" set her up with from time to time. Modeling wasn’t Katie’s life aspiration—that was marketing, the degree program she was ensconced in studies for here at the University of Melbourne. And for which she’d been putting in long, caffeine-fueled hours in the library all week, as one does. It was mid-November, and for Australia’s university students that meant “examination period” was in full sway. So many tests to cram for and boring lectures to sit through.

Still, when time allowed for it, she made an appearance here and there in local runway shows and a few magazine photo spreads, and even won a local “best young talent award” once or twice. While not a celebrity by any stretch, Katie had made herself a legit portfolio and wasn’t above expanding it with a few more gigs. If nothing else, it was a fun way to bring in some extra pocket change. More pocket change is always nice—those hair-care products and high-end outfits Katie liked to buy didn’t pay for themselves.

Her phone buzzed. Katie fished it from her indigo purse and read a new Facebook message. From Justin. “Hey. How you going?,” he’d typed. Katie’s fair, baby-smooth cheeks perked up in a bright smile. She’d met that super-cute, super-suave guy at a dorm party yesterday, where they’d danced, shared a few shots, and enjoyed a few savory-sweet kisses out on the patio that night. There was no doubt in her mind she’d find time between her studies and her workouts for some sweaty, naked “de-stressing” time under the sheets with him before the week was out. It was a bear of a week, and Katie’s young body was oh, so in need of some release.

“Hey, know where can we get a coffee?” an unknown male voice cut in. Katie looked up and spotted two young blokes she’d never seen before. They looked to be a little older, but not by much. Maybe 24 or 25, were she to guess.

The one who’d just spoken had piercing green eyes, olive-oil skin, and a subtle, smooth-cropped hint of a beard and sported a snazzy blue designer shirt—with some firm pecs and biceps under it, Katie noted approvingly—and slicked-back dark hair. Could he be Persian, maybe Indian, Katie wondered. Whatever he was, he was kinda hot.

“We’re new,” the other fellow said, with a heavy Russian accent. “Not know campus.” Short, spiky brown hair and intense blue eyes, with chiseled, angular cheeks that bore a trace of stubble. And a blue-and-black sweatshirt that was form-fitting enough to give away his sturdy, muscle-bound physique. He’s not bad-looking either, Katie thought to herself.

“Well, there is a café just off the path,” she replied, pointing behind her. “You’ll want to go that way a bit, make a left at the—”

“Your face,” the dark-skinned guy interrupted, smiling. “I like it.”

Katie stepped back, giggling awkwardly, her fingertips delicately grazing her chest. “A little forward now, are we?”

“Always,” he said. “I like to be forward. I like to get right to the point.”

“I see that,” she said.

“I’m Reza. Call me Ray,” he said, extending a hand. “And my friend is Dmitri.”

“Nice to meet you,” Katie said, gingerly taking Ray’s hand and giving it a quick, courteous shake.

“And I mean it,” Ray continued. “We photograph so many women models for our fashion lines. And you have it. You have the look.”

“Fashion, you say?” Katie said, her hand drifting down to her pocket and settling there. They definitely had her attention now.

“Yes. We shoot for the stars. We were over in the States until last week. Ever hear of a little something called Project Runway?”

“Oh my God, yes! I love Project Runway!” Katie squealed. “That must have been so much fun.”

“Awesomest gig of our lives. Heidi Klum throws the best house parties. The best,” Ray continued. “The stories we could tell you.”

“Well I’d love to hear them,” Katie said.

“Then you will. Come, walk with us, talk with us. How do you like your coffee?” Ray said. He put a hand on her shoulder and gently turned her toward where she’d just pointed at moments ago.

“I’m personally quite fond of their latte,” she chirped.

“Latte it is, then. On us.”

Fifteen minutes later, the three of them were seated at a café table, the two men each clutching a flat white and Katie sipping a latte. Ray regaled her with stories of Heidi, Harvey Weinstein, and all the other famous or infamous people they’d been working with while in America.

“So what brings you to our humble campus?” Katie asked, all smiles.

“We’re scouting for new talent, is what,” Ray said.

“Want to be model?” Dmitri said. “We can make happen.”

“I’d love to,” Katie replied breathlessly.

“I thought so. We’re staying in town,” Ray said. “Why don’t we bring you by later and snap a few pics? I promise, our clients will love them. You’re going to make all of us big money.”

Of course, there were a few important details Ray had left out. Such as, his named wasn’t really Reza—it was Farhad. And he was wanted for arrest in four other countries. And he’d never met Heidi Klum, nor had he set foot on a runway, much less any Project Runway. “Ray” and his mobster sidekick Dmitri did make a living shooting photos and video, that much was true. And women were their preferred subjects. But the women they shot were invariably undressed, not dressed. And most of them were not paid. Most, frankly, were not even willing.

But Katie, none the wiser, readily agreed to a rendezvous later that afternoon. She would go home, do her gym thing, change into something alluring, and they’d pick her up and take her to their studio at 4:30 and get down to business. They shook hands again, Dmitri slipped her some business cards, and out the café door she skipped, all sunshine and rainbows inside. Today was shaping out to be a wonderful day!

Katie inhaled, exhaled, deep and steady, while a sheen of sweat glistened on her bare back. Just five more minutes, you can do this, she said to herself. The Nautilus’ gears droned on and on, and her hips swung and flexed in a rhythmic to-and-fro to keep pace. Finally, the buzzer dinged, and she wiped her brow and made a beeline for the locker room. “Oh shoot,” she muttered—her phone said 3 p.m. It’d be modeling time soon. She scampered to her car, dashed home, and rushed through the front door to make a spring up the stairs, peel out of her sweaty gym halter top and shorts, and lather herself up in the shower. Her body cleansed, and her hair blow-dried, she rummaged through her closet and settled on a sky-blue sleeveless summer dress. Its color matched her blue eyes, and its short hem length and skimpy shoulder straps showed off just enough of her flawless skin and athletic curves to be appetizing and camera-worthy. Now for footwear. She fished out and shimmied into a pair of classy red pumps. 

Just in time to hear her phone buzz again. A new text message. Dmitri—whose number she’d already saved—showed on the called ID. “We’re here,” it read.

Mouthing a silent “Yippee!” Katie rushed down the stairs and out the door. At the curb, a black Toyota Prado SUV awaited her. The SUV’s driver waved, and Katie eagerly waved back as the front passenger door opened and she climbed in.

“You look even more beautiful. I’m impressed,” Ray gushed. “But you surely get that all the time, a pretty girl like you.”

“Oh, stop,” Katie said, giggling again.

Ray drove them up the main drag, passing the campus. Katie watched the white concrete slabs and arches of the Business School roll into view and fade away. As the SUV rode on, she watched the other sights of downtown Melbourne pass her by: tree-shaded sidewalks, quaint little shops, cafes, bars, and old-world houses and churches. Streams of pedestrians meandering up and down the sidewalks. Five minutes rolled by, turned into 10. And the pedestrians grew fewer and fewer. Katie realized with a faint shiver of apprehension that their studio, wherever it was, was further out than she’d expected.

“So, erm, how much farther are we going?” she chirped.

“Patience, my dear. Patience,” Ray replied with a grin. Katie shrugged and quietly watched more scenery go by.

A few more stoplights and about five or six minutes after, and Katie’s eyes spied signs for residential streets. Ray made a hard right turn, then a softer right, and a boxy grey, seven-story high-rise decked top to bottom with rows of matching white patios rose into view, surrounded by stretches of grimy but reasonably smoothed-over asphalt parking lots.

“Is home,” said Dmitri. “We work from home and wait for new office.”

Ray and Dmitri led her to the building’s glass double-door entrance and led her in through a drab, red-carpet and yellow-walled lobby, and up a flight of stairs to a door that creaked open onto the first floor.

Down a hallway they walked, down another, and then Ray turned a key in a lock and opened a door leading into their apartment.

“Boris! We have guest,” Dmitri called out. “You come. Say hi. Be social.”

A big, barrel-chested bull of a man, shirtless and clad in dirty black trousers, stomped out of the kitchen. He was beardless, bald, and had a hulking mountain of bulging muscle all over his body and a mishmash of faded tattoos coursing the lengths of both his meaty arms. He looked to be older, maybe mid-40s, and a layer of beer gut hung about his mid-riff, but Katie could tell there was enough raw animal strength underneath the flab to break her in two. And judging by the surly, joyless scowl that he greeted her with, Katie felt like she best not tempt him.

“Boris is our techie,” Ray interjected. “Works on our gear all day. You might say Dmitri and I are the front end of our operation, and Boris keeps us humming in the back.”

“Yes,” said Dmitri. “Boris like the back end. He very good at back end.” Katie caught a wicked smirk flash across Dmitri’s face as he mouthed these words and saw Ray give him a wink.

“Hey,” was all Boris said. His face softened a bit as he looked the blonde 20-year-old up and down, and a faint smile flickered on his lips. But it was a smile that didn’t feel friendly in the least. Lusty, yes. But not friendly.

“He… not talk much,” Dmitri said.

“Because Ray talks enough for all three of you,” Katie quipped, chuckling to herself. Trying to stay mirthful, she was. All the while, wondering why her spidey senses were tingling. Why something just didn’t seem right.

“I guess a pretty girl like you just brings out the gab in me,” Ray said, smiling back. “Now, let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? Here, have a seat.”

Dmitri guided her to the living room’s leather sofa, and she sat down, crossing her legs and clutching her purse. The young Russian sat down next to her, draping an arm behind her, not quite touching her. In front of her stood a coffee table. Ray was plopped down on a lounge chair across the table from the two of them.

Katie spied a pair of cameras on tripods standing at opposite corners of the room, their lenses trained on her. Tiny orange lights shone at a top corner of each, which Katie knew meant they were on.

“We record our interviews, if that’s all right with you,” Ray said. Katie nodded.

“And like we discussed,” he continued, “we’ll snap a few pictures today. I’ll send it to the producers. And if they like them, we’ll fly you out to their studios, which I can assure you are much bigger and nicer than ours. Are you okay with going to, says, Paris for a photo shoot?”

“I could go to Paris?” Katie exclaimed. Whatever unease she’d felt a moment ago quickly went au revoir.

“Paris, Rome, Tokyo, wherever they say you’re needed. There’s no telling with these people,” Ray went on. “First, though, we’ve got some paperwork. This is our contract.” Ray fished a two-page form out of a satchel. Katie spotted blocky paragraphs running up and down all of the first three sides of it and started skimming the first page when Ray abruptly took it and turned it to the last page, which ended in a signature line. “Don’t worry about reading it all now. We’ll give you plenty of time to pour through it and ask any questions you like later.”

Boris lumbered over and snatched up the contract. Katie watched him take it to a photocopier on the opposite side of the room and run off a copy of it, then uncap a highlighter and start roughly swiping at various lines on the second page, just out of her view.

“That out of the way, why don’t we move on to the good stuff? Ready for some pics?” Ray said.

“Am I ever,” Katie answered.

“Good answer. Let’s jot down a few stats. What’s your height?”

“1.73 meters.”

“Stand up for me,” he said, unfurling a roll of measuring tape. Katie rose up off the couch and let him wrap and unwrap the tape around her waist. “Hips are 86 centimeters. Very nice. Go ahead and sit back down.

“Your hair color is blond, eyes are blue…” he droned on, jotting down more notes. “Weight?” he said next, smiling at her annoyed side-eye. “Sorry, I’m supposed to ask.”

“50 kilos.”

“Any tattoos? Piercings?”

“Nope. And nope,” she said.

“Shoe size?”


“Perfect,” he said and put his pen down. “And now, Katie, let’s talk about what you want to do. What do you see yourself modeling in? Athletic wear, fancy dresses, summer clothes, business wear?”

“Yes, all of those things,” Katie replied.

“Sure. How about swimwear?”

“Hmm, sure. Yes, I work out. I don’t mind showing off my body.”

“Right on. How about lingerie?”


“It’s just like swimwear. Think of it that way. And I can assure you, that’s where the real money is made.”

“Well, maybe, okay, sure, if the price is right.”

“You’re doing great, Katie. You’re saying all the right things. You’ve got the personality we’re looking for, you’ve got the attitude, and you’ve definitely got the looks. But tell me now: How far are you willing to go when you’re in front of the camera? What are your limits?”

Katie cocked her head, a confused look on her pretty face. “How do you mean? I don’t follow.”

“I’ll be blunt: Would you be willing to be nude for the camera?”

Katie’s smile vanished. “Mm-mm,” she said, shaking her head. “Not for me.”

“Why not?” said Dmitri, gliding his outstretched arm forward and clapping his hand on her shoulder. “You have beautiful body. You should show off.”

Katie twitched and leaned her body forward out of his reach. “Erm, no. Not interested. I’m not about to be anyone’s porn star.”

“How about you be our porn star?” Dmitri said. His other hand grasped her knee and started to rub. Just some photos special for us, no one else?”

“Ew, stop!” Katie yelled and swiped his hand away. “No!”

“Katie, honey, calm down. Let’s just talk about this, like reasonable people, okay?”

“Do you understand? I came here today to model clothes,” Katie snapped.

“Sweetie, sweetie, just hear me out,” Ray said.

“My name is not ‘sweetie.’ It’s Katie.”

“Katie, listen. Do you want to be a top model? Do you? We can make it happen, okay? We know a lot of names. Can open a lot of doors for you. But, er, maybe you do this nice something for us. We like your face. We like your look. We want to see the whole package. You do that for us, we’ll do things for you. You’ll see.”

Katie rose to her feet again and fumed. “Did you just call me a package?”

“Sweetie, sweetie—”

“That’s it. I’m leaving.”

“No, come on, we’re just having fun,” Dmitri cut in. He flung his arms around her in a gropey hug, his fingertips tracing her hips.

“Thank youu. Good-byeee,” she said and pushed past him to the door. Only to run smack into Boris, who had planted himself in front of the doorway with crossed arms.

“Let… me… go,” Katie hissed at the bald Russian giant.

He simply curled up his lips in a cruel smile and snarled, “Nyet.” And shoved her with all his might. Katie’s light, lithe body doubled back three meters and crash-landed into the arms of Dmitri.

“Got you!” Dmitri shouted. And he flung her to the floor, seizing both her wrists, while the other Russian grabbed both her legs and raised them into the air, making her butt lift half a meter off the carpet. Katie’s dress cascaded downward, revealing her lily-white midriff and the thin white strands of cotton panties enwrapping her hips.   

“Let me go! Let me go! Let me gooooo!” Katie screeched, thrashing with all her might. But the four-hand grip entrapping her limbs was iron-clad.

Boris craned his neck and latched his teeth around the leather strap of the shoe on her right foot. With a little jerking of this mouth, he pried it up off her heel. His tongue guided it the rest of the way off her foot, and it fell to the floor with a loud clap.

He moved on to the next foot and pried the other shoe’s strap loose. Up off the heel, off the soft underside of her bared sole he nudged it. It, too, dropped off, and Katie’s bare foot wriggled and twisted wildly on its ankle. It brushed against Boris’ lips. And he grunted in pleasure and opened his jaws, clamping his lips around her foot and darting his tongue to and fro all about the fleshy soft slope of its outer rim.

“Uuunnnggh!” she squealed and thrashed more furiously. Her limbs bound fast in the two men’s sturdy grips, she threw her torso up and down, arching her spine in near-perfect bridges. All this did, of course, was to further shake her dress off her body. The fabric clumped around her shoulders as the round white cups of her bra rose into view.

Ray swooped down and grabbed her right arm from Dmitri. And the two of them each grabbed up as big a clump of her dress as they could and yanked it up over her head and neck. They raised her arms upward and slid the dress up and over them. “Upsy daisy,” Ray chuckled, as he and Dmitri stripped the dress away from her and chucked it aside.

“Stop it! Stop it! Please!” Katie’s motions grew more frantic, but no less futile. As the two men clutching her arms reached in and cupped the big, fleshy orbs of her breasts as they strained and pressed at the confining bra straps. Ray’s fingertips were on her back. Crawling up her spine. Then they found the clasp of her bra and pried it loose.

The bra straps fell away and slid fast down her shoulders, down her arms, as her big, bountiful breasts popped open into full, unveiled view of all three men’s eyes. Dmitri reached out and took one of the quivering orbs of girl-flesh in his hand and clamped down into it, savoring its spongy softness as his fingertips rolled and massaged its gentle slopes. He ducked his head down and fastened his lips around the nipple and sucked on it vigorously and deeply, eliciting more shrieks of rage from the pinned-down girl. Ray nodded approvingly and dropped his free hand on Katie’s other breast and began to rub and squeeze it in turn. His fingertips found the nipple and closed down on it as he started to roll it and rub it between his fingers and thumbs.

“I don’t want this! I don’t want this! No!” she cried.

She kicked up her left leg, but that leg was right then held fast in the meaty hands of Boris, and his iron-like grip wouldn’t give it an inch. Nor would his mouth, which had moved up her foot and now closed around several toes. His tongue swirled and lapped at their sweet soft flesh, darting and lapping at the fleshier ball of her sole. The sensations of his tongue set bundles of nerves under Katie’s skin abuzz, and the poor girl’s reflexive yelps and shrieks flew to ever-heightening pitches.

Then the big bald Russian paused and brought both his arms together to clamp both her legs in between them as he tucked her feet over his shoulder. Satisfied that his grasp was firm, he trailed one hand down her thigh and clasped the elastic band of her panties. He started to tug.

Katie knew exactly what was next. “Noooo! Please, please, please, no, pleeease!”


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Part 2

Dmitri raised his head up from her breast and grabbed a handful of her hair. “Shut up, bitch,” he growled, and he jerked her head up by the hair and slammed it down. The flash-fire of pain as the back of her head hit the floor was sudden and swift. “Oww!” Katie yelped, hot flood tears welling up in her eyes.

She momentarily ceased fighting, and Ray took that moment to fling off his pants and undies and spring his fully erect cock up in her face. He jabbed it at her lips. “Go on. You know what to do,” he said.

She did, but was not about to give in. Instead she clenched her lips shut and turned away. Until Dmitri pinched her nose, hard, sealing her nostrils between his thumb and index finger. Her mouth fell open, and the Russian jutted several fingers into her cheeks to prop her jaws open and roughly turned her head back toward Ray. With Dmitri now holding her mouth open for him, Ray straddled her neck and shoved his dick in through her lips, grunting as the wet warmth of her mouth enclosed his cock.

“I’ve got this, mate,” Ray said, and Dmitri returned to teasing Katie’s breasts. Ray’s fingertips clenched tight, imprisoning both sides of her face in between them, and he yanked her head up toward her chest and shoved his groin forward into her. Katie retched as the taste of his cockmeat invaded her mouth. His hands swiftly shoved her head back, giving her tongue a half-second of reprieve. Only a half-second: He jerked her head back into his groin and stuffed her palate with his cock again. He shoved her head back, then forward, back, then forward, working up a brutal seesawing over her mouth along his cock.

Katie felt her neck strain as he flung her head back, forward, back, forward, at rapidfire motions, forcing her tongue to crash-land around his cock with each thrust and envelop it in an unwilling wet embrace. He guided her mouth shut around his rod and laughed in ecstatic pleasure as the full effect of her tongue and lips enwrapping and stimulating his hard, pulsing dick put him in throes of orgasmic pleasure.

Dmitri, meanwhile, now straddled her trunk, his hands roaming the slopes of her breasts, the feathery touch of his fingertips tracing this way, that way, and making her skin shiver all over, everywhere. But it was another sensation altogether that had Katie’s attention at that moment—cold air and carpet grazing her bare buttocks as Boris pried her panties off her hips.

“Mmmmmph!” she screamed, but was helpless to stop him. The fabric rode up her thighs. Now it was clumped around her knees. Now it was edging up her calves. Over her feet they slid and then fell away uselessly to the floor. The young blonde had not a stitch of clothing left to her. There was nothing, nothing, between her unveiled flesh and the three lustful ruffians whose tongues, hands, and cocks had set upon her.

Ray stripped off his shirt. His cohorts followed. She heard another pants zipper unzip and realized it was Dmitri’s. Soon the young Russian was as naked as she was.
“You gotta get a load of this mouth, mate,” Ray said, rising to his feet and letting Katie’s poor neck get a few seconds of rest. “G’ahead. Have at it.”

Dmitri took his place atop her chest and dropped his body forward. His face and hands met the carpet as his cock plunged down into Katie’s mouth, the cockhead punching the back of her throat. He raised his hips, dragging his cock back across her tongue. Then slammed back down, punching her throat again. Up, and down, sliding and punching, he lifted and dropped his hips in fast jackhammer-like shoves, brutalizing her mouth with abandon. “Errgh… ughh… gahh,” she garbled and groaned, but her already-aching neck and jaw had no more real fight left to give. She closed her lips around his hard-on and let him poke and stuff the cave of her mouth at will.

Then she lurched. Another shriek welled up in her throat. Down between her legs, Boris’ stubby fingers had landed on her bared, shaved pussy. She squirmed as his index finger bore down on her quivering slit and started to rub slow, steady circles, first in the valley of her labia and then moving up, teasing at her clit. His thumb was moving underneath and tapped at the rim of her ass crack. “Mmm!” she whined. The thumb dove in, dove in more, dipping freely and fully into her rectum. And the finger wove deeper, deeper, and sank bit by bit into the folds of her pussy lips. The middle finger joined it, and now two fingers were probing and weaving inside her. Katie bucked her hips, and in so doing accidentally drew him in to the base. His finger, fully inside her, began to saw in and out.

The double invasion of her orifices sent Katie into a tizzy, and she wriggled her hips furiously back and forth. He moved his digits faster, harder, touching more and more places within her canal. “Mmmm!” she cried out, but there was no dislodging the Russian’s fingers and thumb or stopping their awful probing and rubbing of her body.

And her body began to respond. Katie gasped as she felt her whole torso tense up, and her vaginal walls tighten around the fingers. He moved even deeper, twirling it, touching every corner of her labia, and flitting at the nub of her clit. All three men heard Katie let out a small, weak moan.

Currents of pleasure were flickering in her loins, and she could do nothing about them. Her hips raised themselves up and down without her say-so. Then Boris smirked. “That’s it. Thaaaat’s it,” he said: Trickles of her fluids sopped his finger and dribbled down to his thumb.

Dmitri withdrew his cock, and Katie drew in a hot, heavy breath. And looked up at Boris, her eyes wide with helpless resignation, as he stripped down and unfurled a fearsomely wide eight-inch rod. He gripped her knees and spread her legs out as he threw himself to the ground, slapped his hard-on down on her still-moist pussy lips, and with a few rough heaves shoved it down inside. “Oooph,” she yelped at the sudden impact. Then, “ohhhh,” as he yanked back, and rammed forward, back, and forward, stuffing her and un-stuffing her with strong, steady to-and-fro thrusts. His girth filled her to the brim, and every back-and-forth movement of him inside her made her loins overload with raw stimulation.

He grunted and moved in and out of her, faster, harder, his rough motions moving her body back and forth over the carpet and making her tremble as shock waves of sensation rustled through her. She lay on her back, her arms sprawled out passively at her sides, and felt her legs reflexively curl around his trunk. And bit her lip, suppressing an urge to moan. The urge won out. Her lips fell open and hot, quick breaths came and went. “Uhhh… uhhh… uhhhhhh” she cooed, waves of unwanted delight overtaking her struggling body.

Ray crouched down and slid his cock back inside her now-gaping mouth. Her lips closed around it and he sighed with pleasure as her defeated tongue enfolded it. Ray leaned in and began to sway his hips and grind himself against her mouth, sliding his cock right and left around her tongue and poking every corner of her mouth with his bulging cockhead. Katie’s cheeks puffed as his cock pushed and jostled them from inside her mouth. Then he returned to a steady, strong back-and-forth gliding over her tongue. He moved faster, then faster still, and finally roared out loud and spewed his seed all over her palate. Katie coughed and hacked as he pulled out, a wide grin on his face. “Fuckin’ hell, she’s good!” he shouted.

Boris’ face was reddening, and his breaths were growing heavier and louder. With a loud grunt, he pulled out of Katie, stood back up, and grasped both her calves, raising her feet up to his pulsing, throbbing dick. The ball of one of her feet touched his member, and he grunted again. And brought her feet together around his cock as he gyrated his hips back and forth some more. Katie felt the soft soles of her feet become hot with the friction of his cock sawing in and out between them, and her leg muscles tire as he pumped her legs back and forth.

Finally, Boris let loose, and drizzled hot cum all over her feet. Katie crinkled her nose in disgust as his sticky goo dribbled down, coating her ankles, heels, and toes.

“You’re doing great, sweetie,” Ray, now sitting beside her, murmured into her ear as he tenderly stroked her hair. “Really, really great.”

“Nnngggg!” she shrieked in response.

Boris stepped back and wiped his brow. Dmitri raised a thumb and pointed to Katie, then to the sofa. He sat down on it, and the other two men picked Katie up by her arms, carried her over, and hoisted her, face-forward, up onto Dmitri’s lap. His erect cock was waiting for her. And she was plunged down onto it, its girth parting her wet, warmed-up pussy lips effortlessly. He stuffed her to the hilt and clasped his hands on her hips to lift her up and down on him as he began to pound into her with short, fast thrusts. Up and down she bounced, her breasts jiggling right in front of his face and her golden-blonde tresses flapping against her shoulders as her torso waved back and forth with the exertions.

“Uh… uh..uh uh uh uh” she panted, more little moans escaping her as he held her body in place and fucked her with sweaty, arduous rattling of his trunk into hers. He could feel his muscles strain with the workout. And he could feel her body shudder as more waves of unwanted pleasure coursed up deep within her hips and spread up her spine and down her legs, which unconsciously started to clench more tightly around Dmitri’s.

“Hey, Dmitri, got room for one more?” said Ray. Katie turned her head just in time to see Ray, his cock newly erect, dive into them and guide his cock head to her already-filled pussy.

“Heh… we see,” panted Dmitri. He threw and arm over Katie and pulled her tight against him, locking her in place, while Ray fingered at her pussy and stretched it an inch or so more. Dmitri’s cock was still lodged in her. But with that extra little space, Ray dipped his own cock in through and with a heave, another, a third, he drilled his cock almost all the way in.

Katie gasped. Two cocks stuffed her pussy. More than she’d ever fit inside her. And those two cocks began to thrust. Ray rammed in, Dmitri drew back, Dmitri rammed in, Ray drew back, and then, on the count of three, the two men thrust in all at once and crammed her passage to the near-breaking point.

“Ahhhh!” Katie cried out. Not entirely in pain. Never, ever, had her pussy had so much stimulation. The men lunged again. Arousal lit up in her like a wildfire. Every corner of her labia and clitoris feeling the onrush of hefty cock all at once. They lunged again. And her legs shook. “Ohhh Godddd,” she groaned. They lunged again. Again. Again. “Oh fuck!” Again.

The men picked up pace. Katie’s body flapped back and forth in between them, their dual lunges and her own exploding waves of arousal overtaking her. “Fuck… fuck….. ooooh Goddamit!” she cried in rising pitches. “Oh God oh God oh my Godddd!” The oncoming orgasm hit her like a tidal wave, making her breathing stop, her back arch, and her eyes roll her pupils all the way up past her eyelids. She collapsed, gasping and heaving, onto Dmitri, burying her head in his shoulder as he and Ray drove on, and on, stretching and straining her pussy canal and bringing more shivers of pleasure coursing up and down her torso.

“Hoo, fuck!” called Ray, and he finally pulled out and sprayed Katie’s back with a volley of cum. Dmitri was still going, still bouncing the tired girl furiously on his cock while his tongue and lips clamped down on the nape of her neck and licked and kissed them with abandon.

“Oooh God oooh God Ooh God,” Katie moaned breathlessly, eyes glistening with tears. Bewildered with the pleasure that her mind was powerless to stop. Not even sure anymore she wanted it to stop.

It stopped. Dmitri took in a long, deep breath and shoved her off him. Katie fell limply onto the sofa cushions, her legs sprawled across his lap, as his cum gushed out and nailed her left thigh and butt.

Katie was sweaty. And sore. And drained. And something else: unbound. For a split second, none of the guys was holding onto her. Fight-or-flight kicked in, and the girl made a run for it. She sprinted across the room, toward the door… and tumbled to the floor, just inches shy of it, as Boris leaped and tackled her.

“Dammit!” she cried out, as his weight fell down onto her.

“Stupid bitch!” he hollered, and smacked her hard across the face. Then he grabbed her hair and dragged her through the kitchen.

“We’re going to bedroom,” he said. Dmitri and Ray scooped up one camera each and followed him.

“Nooo… nooo… no, please,” Katie mewled.

“Yes! Yes! Yes, please,” Boris replied, his cruel grin returning. He scooped her up and threw her onto the bed. She landed on her tummy, and Boris was again on top of her. “You try to escape? No. Now we punish! Now we teach you lesson!”

He slid forward, fully covering her body with his. And Katie felt that same bulging hard-on. This time, it was probing at her ass.

“Oh, no no no no no,” she begged. “No no no no… owww!” she screamed, as his rod battered its way through her ass cheeks and punched deep into her rectum. “Stop it! Stop it! It hurts! It fucking hurts!”

Katie was bawling and pounding her fists into the mattress. The Russian was impervious to her cries and went on drilling her, unfazed. Up and down, up and down, he thrust, raking her ass with a new shot of searing pain with each downward push. She kicked, she wailed, but there was no stopping him.

Minutes passed. Then he pulled out and shoved her aside, sending her rolling across the mattress. “I want more pussy,” he said, laying down on his back. The other two men lifted the limp, exhausted girl and hoisted her onto his cock. And he started to pump, bouncing her on his cock as Dmitri had. Her feet twisted and locked around his thighs and her hands reached down and gripped his chest for balance as she again felt her body dip back and forth and her hair flop to and fro as a more powerful male body took her over. The bed underneath them creaked with both their exertions, the only sound in the room save for the sloshing of Boris’ cock in her drenched pussy. And after a minute or two, panting and groaning coming from Katie, her body laboring to keep up with this non-stop use.

Ray and Dmitri climbed up onto the bed. Though Katie’s up-and-down motions made for a tricky target, Ray got hold of her head and pulled her face back onto his cock. His meat again lay claim to her tongue, and as Boris pistoned her up and down, Ray used the motion to bob her mouth up and down his cock, base to tip and back, over and over.

Dmitri leaned over, and Ray let Katie go to let Dmitri take her mouth. The Russian wove his hips to and fro, ducking in and out of her mouth. His hands clenched her hair and steered her head back and forth over his cock. Then he nudged her over to Ray, who took his turn before pushing her face back toward Dmitri.

“Mmm… mmmm…. Mmm..” she groaned through lips sealed around the two men’s dicks, another surge of orgasmic pleasure taking hold of her overwhelmed little body. Finally, Ray let loose his third and final load of the day, this time all over her face. Dmitri, not yet done, took her hair and bobbed her up and down his cock some more.

That’s when Ray took a break from the fuck session and headed back to the kitchen. Through her tangled strands of hair and beads of dripping sweat, Katie watched him pick up her purse and snatch her phone, then plunk it down on the kitchen counter next to another smartphone and start tapping buttons at will on both. What in the bloody fuck is he doing now, Katie wondered helplessly.

At length, Dmitri got his fill. And he coated her face with a wallop of his own cum. Casadee’s next and final release was mere seconds behind. “Oooooh Goddddd,” she cried out and her body lunged forward as a gush of hot fluid left her pussy and flowed down over Boris below.

“Yeah yeah yeah!” grunted Boris, suddenly picking up his pace. Katie rattled and shook all over with the force of his accelerated pounding, and then he flung her aside and sprayed a drizzle of cum across her heaving chest. Katie tried to pick herself up, but had just enough strength left to move to the pillows and prop herself up on a few of them.

Dmitri wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her body into his, planting a sloppy wet kiss on her cheek. “Mmm-aah!” he exclaimed. “The best girl we’ve fucked all year! The best!”

“That’s all for today, mates,” Ray said. The three men scooped their victim up off the bed and carried her to the shower room, where they rinsed the sweat and cum off her and their bodies. Dmitri and Boris propped the weak-kneed blonde up between them, and while the overhead shower stream coursed over her skin, Katie simply stared at the tiles, blinking, all her emotions on a momentary freeze.

There’d be time enough to cry, to scream, to come to terms with this utter ransacking of her innermost self and her body. She felt like her psyche had been ripped up from within and left strewn about in pieces on the living-room floor. There was just too much to feel, so her mind shut down and felt nothing.

Ray shut the shower off, and the men toweled her down and led her back out to the living room, where they lifted up her arms and legs and guided her back into her panties and bra. Then they shimmied her dress back onto her weary frame and led her out the door, Dmitri holding her pumps and purse. Down a service elevator they went, out a quiet backdoor exit and out into the crisp early-evening air.

Katie was aware of the SUV door opening and the two Russians guiding her with all four of their hands into the front passenger seat. Boris helped himself to a few generous feels of her, his fingertips clamping down on her rump as he lifted her into the seat. Only three hours ago, the sensation would have outraged me, Katie thought weakly.

Out the parking lot they drove, passing through one stoplight, then another, and then the familiar sights of downtown arose into view. The two Russians in the back seat guffawed and bantered in their native tongue. Probably about me, Katie thought, cringing with disgust.

“You never took three cocks in one shag, have ya? It’s a lot, ain’t it?” Ray said to her, that nasty smirk returning to his face. “Well, you took it like a champ.”

Katie looked back at him with smoldering hate in her eyes and said nothing.

“Oh, don’t sook. You gave us a damn good time. Our clients will fucking love this vid,” crowed Ray.

“I think we tire her out. She will sleep well tonight, da?” Dmitri said.

Katie’s eyes narrowed, tendrils of rage reawakening. “I will call the police, is what I will do! You’ll not get away with this.”

All three men laughed uproariously. Katie gaped at them, dumbfounded. “What… is… so… funny!?”

Ray smirked. “You’ll want to check your phone before you do that.”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“Your heard me. Check your phone.”

Katie exhaled an exasperated gust of breath and picked up her phone. “What in the…” she gaped. There was a new string of text message conversation between. Katie began reading, and as she did her free hand clasped her mouth to suppress a scream.

The first message, time-stamped 6:30 p.m.—i.e., an hour and a half into their gang rape. It was Dmitri.

Dmitri: How you feeling?

Katie: A little sore. LOL

Dmitri: But you have fun?

Katie: Oh gods, yes! You guys are AMAZING!

Dmitri: You were fun too.

Katie: (kissy emoji)

Dmitri: Maybe we make another vid soon. We call you?

Katie: Please do! (smiley emoji) XOXO

“You… you fuckers!” Katie screeched and slapped at Ray, who laughed again and batted her off.

“Looks like you had yourself a good time, honey babe. Your phone says so.”

“I didn’t fucking type this! It’s bullshit!”

“Well, who’s gonna know? The cops? Are they gonna believe you, or your phone?”

“EEEEEH! Damn you! Damn you!” Katie buried her face in her hands. Her whole body was shaking.

 Ray fished a wad of dollar bills and stuffed them inside her purse. “Go on, sweet thing. Buy yourself something nice. You earned it.”

“I have present for pretty girl, too,” Boris piped up. He handed Katie a two-page form. Morbid curiosity momentarily getting the better of her, Katie took it and recognized at once that it was the photocopy of the contract. Complete with Boris’ highlights. 

“Ah, yes, the contract,” Ray chimed in. “I suggest you take a moment and read those highlighted parts. They’re important.”

Katie flipped to the second page and read. And a deep, dark pit fell open deep in her stomach. “Ohhh…. Oh my Godddd,” she mewled pitifully.

There it was, all yellowed, halfway down the page: “I acknowledge that I am about to participate in an adult video production.”

And a few lines down: “I acknowledge that the aforementioned production may involve simulated sexual acts of an extreme and even violent nature.”

And then: “I freely consent to all of the above and absolve the producers of any liability and any adverse personal events that may arise as a result of my participation in the production.”

The SUV ground to a halt. “A contract’s a contract, Miss,” Ray said. “That’s all she wrote. Or should I say, signed.”

Katie felt sick. And helpless. And suddenly wanted nothing more than to go home, curl up in bed, and not come back out for days.

“Now get out!” Ray said. The passenger door swung open, and Ray undid her safety belt and pushed her, sending her tumbling out the vehicle down to the pavement below. The Russians tossed her shoes out the window after her, followed by her purse, whose loose change, lotion and fragrance bottles, phone, and other contents all spilled out all over the pavement around her. Katie made no move to scoop them up, though, as the SUV drove off and she listened meekly as the sounds of the engine and the men’s cruel laughter faded into nothing. Desolation around her, Katie hugged her knees to her chest, buried her face into her crumpled dress’s fabric, and cried and cried until she was too tired to cry any more.

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Love how easily duped she was when they started putting stars in her eyes! And the contract on her cell was ingenious!

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MMMMM very well detailed! Loved the stripping scene! And Boris fucking her mouth......very hot!

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