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What you are possibly about to read is the warp fantasy from a mind that's getting more warped the older he get! It contains scenes of rape along with a very warped version of religion if either offends you feel free to return to the main menu. RAPE is a serious crime that not only earns the rapists a jail sentence but also a sentence for the raped person. If you can't figure that out seek professional help!

Part One- No full sex just Courtroom preamble!

*Oh god he about to cum in me, I know he doesn’t care but I have to try to appeal to his good side* “Please sir I was saving myself to serve our lord better!”

“Well trust me sister the good lord doesn’t give a shit about you or your fucking precious virginity!” Thrusting in as deep as he can get his six inch cock into her newly deflowered cunt “Oh yeah here I commmmmeeeeeeeee………………………………………………………”


Why do they always feel that I don’t give a damn about the people who devote their life to me? Looking at the rooster of new recruits “John contact Peter we have another one coming, oh and tell him to ask Judas Nomore and that newbie Robbins girl to be on the panel with you two!”

“Yes God’ry!


Must have fucked her harder than I thought! Clearly remember spraying my cum into her cunt then nothing until my eyes popped open here a white room. Harp music playing through hidden speakers. “Where the fuck am I?”

“You sir are in the defendant room waiting the start of your trial!"

"Shit you mean I was caught?” Looking all around trying to find the person talking to me “So what jurisdiction finally got me? The States?,Canada, oh don’t tell me it was the Federales?"

“Oh no sir, it’s not my place to say this but I want all the people in front of this court to have an understand of what’s about to happen!” The speaker finally materializes into view “Your are Thomas Saxon, once of no fixed address from Earth correct?”

“Yeah but what’s with the of earth crack?” Getting up from the bench he was laying on. Suddenly the music changes to a version of  a televised court show “And what’s with the music? Is it time for “The People’s Court?”

"Well you can call it that!" Moving to Thomas, “No you’re not presentable to go out yet. Snapping his fingers and Thomas is standing there in a blue serge suit, light blue shirt and black loafers “Oh yes much better!” A little broom and dustpan appearing in his hands which he used to dust some dandruff off Thomas’s shoulders

“Now Thomas Saxon I want you to listen without interrupting me!” The broom and dustpan vanishing “You are about to have your day in “Judgement Court” the number one show here in Purgimbo. How convincing you are will determine just where you will end up!”

Saxon just stared at the guy dressed in all white. “You’re in luck today the court will consist of Saint Peter, Saint John along with Judas Nomore and a former sexual crime convert Kylie Robbins!”

“Robbins! Didn’t she die in getting into the paddy wagon in New Mexico after hollering that ‘god wanted me to teach them the ways of sin!?”

“Yes but she proved that she was just a pawn of Lucifer so she got a partial pardon, until the Norse Ragnarok occurs she has to keep the peace of face eternal damnation!”

Over the speakers the music lowers “Today Saint Peter and Saint John along with Judas Nomore will preside over the Judgement day proceeding of Thomas Saxon who been charged with many mortal sins towards his fellow man! Joining our esteemed panel will be the newly pardoned Kylie Robbins so settle in and get ready for another episode of Judgement Court!”

Suddenly clapping and cheering is head followed by the sound of someone  welcoming the heavenly viewers “Hello faithful one Darcy Barrows welcoming you to Judgement Court and what a time to be turning in today Thomas Saxon will be brought forth to tell us why he did what he did and how he can atone for his actions. Although I have a feeling his dying before finishing his climax was the big guys way of saying he wasn’t deserving of being here!”

"What the hell is he talking about i’m not dead!" Saxon outraged at what he just heard!

“Ah yeah about that well technically you are!” putting his arm around Saxon’s shoulders

“You see when you started to cum that’s when God’ry stopped your heart for that blasphemous statement that he didn’t care about her devotion!” Taking a step away “The big guy can be a little touchy about talk like that!"

A knock comes to the wall “He ready yet Orel?” Orel looks to Thomas,’mouthing you ready’

“Okay someone gone out of their way to punk me, so i’ll play along!” Shrugging his shoulders “Yeah i’m ready!”

Instantly the wall disappears and the celestial court room appears.  A booming voice “All rise and welcome the presence of Saint Peter, Saint John, Judas Nomore and today’s special representative Kylie Robbins!” up from what passes as the floor floats a wide desk with three men and one female.

The one behind the placard ‘Saint Peter’ picks up a gavel tapping twice “All be seated and come to order!” Looking out over the assembled masses “Well seems this case could prove to be an open and shut case of guilt to me!"

“Now Saint Peter isn’t that the same thing you told me when i was in this very courtroom!”

“Well Miss Robbins there are exceptions to every case!” turning to her “And I hope you have reviewed the case in front of us today?”

“Oh indeed Saint Peter I have and I for one am looking forward to hearing why he did what he did!” Turning her gaze onto the defendant
“Shouldn’t we let Mister Saxon know what the charges against him is?”

Judas Nomore in a long flowing brownish robe stands “ Mister Thomas Gerald Saxon, you have been charged on this day of Judgement with over four counts of rape, sodomy, speaking blasphemy and ... “ Looking up to his fellow judges Really "I’m to read that last one out to the court?”

“Yes! Judas now get on with it!” Stifling giggles his three fellow judges await the last charge against Saxon

“Oh very well! Shaking his head “And your also being charged with plugging the bathroom at The Heavenly House of God Church in Saint John’s Newfoundland Canada!” Looking to the assembled masses who were also stifling fits of the giggles “How do you plea!”

                                                                   To be continued

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Part Two:

“How do I plead, I’m still trying to understand that I’m dead!” Standing behind the defendant podium “I mean how did I die?”

“Well the understanding we were given when you started to climax in Sister Catherine, God’ry snapped his finger and you can figure it out from there!” Judas Nomore explained to Thomas

“God’ry! Who the fuck is God’ry?”

A boom voice and a pair of sky blue eyes appear in the court “I AM GOD’RY, YOU EARTHLINGS CALL ME GOD!”

Judas without thinking “God damn it! Pardon the expressions my lord!” Bowing to the spectral impression “Now you done it Saxon, you got God’ry mad enough to come to the courtroom!” Sitting down in his chair “The last time that happen we heard a sermon for six days before he rested on the seventh!”


“Begging your forgiveness God’ry!”

“Look just how hard did the cops hit me when they arrested me?” Saxon spoke out loud “Like I would believe there’s a god or that he is here!” A thunderclap a flash of light and Saxon jumps knocking his head off his shoulders.

“WELL DOES THAT PROVE THAT I INDEED DO EXIST!”  Saxon’s headless body bends down to pick up his head, trying to return it to his neck. Turning his attention to the four person panel “I DECREE THAT THOMAS GERALD SAXON SHALL HEREBY STAND TRIAL HOLDING HIS HEAD IN HIS HANDS!” The eyes and voice dissipate leaving everyone shaking their head and cleaning their ears with their first finger.

“So as I was saying Saxon How do you plea?” Judas Nomore trying to get the trial underway

Thomas’s head wobbling on the stump of his neck before falling to the podium in front of him ‘Jesus Christ I’m innocent,he’s got the wrong guy!”

“No I’m Judas not Jesus he’s currently working on “To Tell The Truth, So Help Me God!” once more coming to his feet, coming around to help Saxon to retrieve his head “Here just hold it like God’ry said and we can get through this faster!”

As Judas returns to his seat, Saint Peter stands. “So without any further outburst let’s get the charge of plugging the bathroom out of the way!” Looking to Saxon “If you plead guilty we can on to the more serious charges!”

“Yeah whatever gets my head back on my shoulders faster!” Finally getting his head to rest in the cradle of his arms “But in my defense, that fish taco was raw!"

“Noted!” Saint Peter makes a check mark in the air “So onto the first of the serious charges!” Looking to Saxon “The rape and eventual death of Mary Louise Jamison! How do you plea?”

“Well let me see!” Saxon with a smug smile on his face “She was the red headed Irish girl wasn’t she?”  the smug smile goes into one of satisfaction “Yeah she was a great piece of ass I got at college!” then as if he just understood what Saint Peter said “Hey what do you mean and her eventual death, she was alive when I rammed that silicone dildo into her mouth!”

“Yes but that’s what killed her!” Kylie Robbins spoke up “apparently she was allergic to silicone and her throat swelled around the dildo cutting her air supply off!” Looking up from her notes “By the time the police found her she had already expired!”

"Well that’s not my fault!” turning to her “Blame God’ry for giving her an allergy to silicone!” Low Oohs filled the court and there was a small rumble in the air Saint Peter  bangs his gavel and all becomes quiet instantly.

“So am I to take it that you are proud of what you put the poor girl through?”

"Well not proud but I sure as hell didn’t mind doing it to her!’ Trying to justify himself “I mean that sweet little ass just begged to be fucked by my cock, teasing my all the way up to her dorm room!”

“Please excuse me but didn’t she say no and stop well over fifteen times before you put that dildo into her mouth?”

“I wouldn’t know I lost track when my cock tore through her cherry”

Turning to Kylie “Well Miss Robbins, still want to claim this isn’t going to be an open and shut case?”

“Please Saint Peter he hasn’t faced his victim and her her impact statement!”

“Well then shall we call her forth!” Turning to the Bailiff “Call Mary Louise Jamison to the stand please

“Mary Louise Jamison present yourself to the court” When she comes forward “Right hand on your heart, Do you promise what you are about to say will be wholeheartedly the truth and nothing but said truth?”

“Of course, to lie is a sin!” Flicking her red hair out of her face, her flowing white robe moving on a gently breeze. Taking her position at the witness podium she look Saxon right in the eyes then right through him

“What? No hi baby, good to see you again!” Saxon taunting her as she stood there.

“No Mister Saxon!’ turning to Saint Peter “Shall I begin Saint Peter?” A nod of his head then she commenced her tale

“It was June 6th and graduation just finished when I returned to my dormitory. On The front step I saw the defendant standing, like he was trying to get inside. As I approached he turned and say a crude remark that I ignored. Letting myself into the dorm I went straight to the stairs with all intentions of going to my room!”

"To save the witness any distress that court will now take the memories straight from her memory!” Saint John speaks out!

A screen came to life over her head,on all three sides her thoughts were broadcast for all to see. He going up the stairs, saxon right behind her, as they came to a landing she made her way to her room, reaching it locking herself in only to have the door fly open as a foot is seen returning to the floor.

“Now that wasn’t nice, I just want to give you your graduation present!” Then images of Saxon tearing her flowing graduation gown off her forcing her to the floor and his stripping out of his clothes.

“Wow just like watching a porn video isn’t it?” Saxon breaks the tension in the court as those assembled watch him force his cock into the young redhead. The entire event ran on the screen as Jamison stood silently praying. As her testimony came to a close the screen showed Saxon going to her roommate’s dresser, extracting a six inch violet dildo and return to Jamison. Laying on her back adjusting his cock angle then thrusting forwards into her ass.

As she raised her head to scream in pain, Saxon is seen shoving the dildo into her mouth . A few minute more than Saint Peter Bangs his gavel, turning to Saxon “So you think that was just?”

“Well maybe you have to be there from the beginning!”  Even Robbins seemed disgusted by his statement, just shaking her head

"Does the defendant wish to dispute what the court just saw?” Saint Peter asks!

                                                                              More To Come

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Part Three

After getting no reply  “Well Mister Saxon?” Judas Nomore draws his attention  to him “Do you want to dispute her recalled memories?”

“Look all I can say is I didn’t know the bitch would snuff out on dildo!”  Turning to Louise “So tell me what did you use when you wanted to get off?”

Louise refused to even look to the side of the court room with Saxon in it “Do I have to answer that?”

“No Miss Jamison you don’t nor does the court require your presence anymore!” A flash of light and she disappear from the courtroom. “I must say Saxon for someone on trial for his immortal placement you don’t seem to understand your predicament!”

“Oh hey look I’m the one holding onto my head while she  blamed me for her dying!”  Setting his head on top of the podium “Why didn’t she pipe up before I shove it down her throat to begin with?”

The men on the panel just stare at him, Kylie Robbins took the offensive with him “Oh did you give her a chance to say anything Mister Saxon” The screen behind then comes back to life, showing Saxon ramming his hard cock into Jamison’s asshole. The image freezing as she starts screaming at the intrusion “So was this the time to tell you not to put that dildo in her mouth, what with your cock in a hole God’ry never designed to be used as an intake system!”

“Hey blame God’ry for his design flaw not me!” A smirk on his face “All I did was use the hole like many before me has done!” All in the room gasped at that making Saxon pick up his head and turn to race the gallery “Oh don’t bull shit me that none of you guys sodomized your wife or girlfriend when you were alive?”

“Mister Saxon you know that the good book tell men that sodomy is a sin no matter what gender he has it with!”

“Oh yeah show me where it said that and I’ll show you a Tijuana Bible where it done to a girl, guy and an ass!” Realizing his pun “And i don’t mean the one you shit comes out of!”

All on the panel and most of the room are appalled by Saxon’s behaviour. Once more God’ry takes a hand in proceedings The podium in front of Saxon changes into a flat top table and an unseen force makes Saxon’s body lay on it’s flat surface chest first. His head almost directly in front of the stump of a neck, the unseen force forcing his mouth open as a long gourd is shoved into his newly exposed ass.

As he goes to scream, something blocks his cries of pain “WELL HOW DO LIKE HAVING A PHALLUS IN A DUCT NEVER DESIGNED TO ACCEPT INPUT FROM THE EXTERIOR!"

The court spectators gasp as the unseen force leaves allowing Saxons cries of pain to echo throughout the realm “Jesus Christ that hurts!"

“DON’T TAKE MY SON’S NAME IN VAIN SAXON!” God’ry’s eyes dominates the room, flames flaring in them “HE A BETTER MAN THAN YOU EVER WERE OR WILL BE!”

Saint Peter interrupts “Please God’ry you set this court up to be the authority over these type of matters!” Holding up a hand before God’ry can speak “How can we be taken serious if you interrupt the proceeding whenever you feel slighted?”


“Well with that said, will you restore Mister Saxon’s head to his shoulders God’ry?”

A thunderous “NO” resounds as his features fade out. The court gallery burst out in fits of laughter, angering Saint Peter all the more “The court will be in recess until mister Saxon can  comfortably stand once more, Say ten minutes!”


Back in the defendant room Saxon ties to sit “I can’t believe that bastard shoved a gourd up my ass!” Orel just shakes his head

“You should consider yourself lucky that God’ry didn’t change your anatomy that a tree would fit up there!” A smile comes to his face “I can still remember Jeffrey Dahmer's face when a sequoia was shoved home!” Shaking his head, turning all serious “Now Thomas I can only advise you to start treating this serious!”

Moving towards him Orel continues “When the court reconvenes you will be allowed to defend your actions with Miss Jamison!” The little dustpan and broom reappearing in his hand “Just answer their inquiries as honest as you can and do nothing else!” Dusting Dandruff off his hairline, seeing Saxon flinch as a bristle catches his right eye. “Sorry, didn’t mean to do that!”

“So tell me something this God’ry, he on a power trip or something?”

“God’ry loves everyone and he detests anyone who harms anyone who has devoted their life to God’ry or his some Jesus!” Orel straightens Saxon’s tie “Take my advice and plea that Lucifer made you do it and do so convincingly and then only speak when spoken to!”

Once more the court theme play over the hidden speakers “Oh they seem ready to reconvene, please remember my advice, trust me you really don’t want to be sentenced to Hellenica!” The walls fade and Saxon is back in the courtroom, behind a podium once more, his head in his hands.

“So shall we continue?” Saint John standing, looking to his fellow panelists. Getting their nods of consent, then turning to Saxon “Are you prepared to answer the court’s questions?”

“Yeah!” placing his head on top of the podium “Go ahead fire away!” Receiving a glare from Saint Peter “Sorry I meant to say Yes sir!” Then even before being asked anything “God Damn That Lucifer what has he done to me now?”

                                                                     More To Come!

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Part Four

“Oh No Mister Saxon, Lucifer had nothing to do with your actions!” Saint John informs Saxon, holding up a thick file of paper “See Lucifer has to submit his files on each individual on Earth and your name doesn’t appear in them outside of an incident in high school that lead to you along the chosen path you took!”

“Hey I was just doing what Orel suggested to me back in the other room! Saxon didn’t hesitate to throw Orel under the bus. “Should have guess even up here legal advice is full of shit!”

“Language Mr. Saxon!” Saint Peter speaks  before looking to Miss Robbins “Are you ready to cross examine the defendant?” She nod her head, standing

“So Mr. Saxon, am I to take it that you have no morals over how Miss Jamison dies at your hands?”

“Hey all my hands did was put that fake cock in her mouth so i could concentrate on fucking her without hearing her!” smiling at her “I claim Extenuating Circumstances she never said she was allergic to fake cock!”

Saint Peter looks to Miss Robbins “Oh yeah he’s deserves a trial before us doesn’t he!”  As she sits back down “Why don’t we call the next witness to testify about Mr. Saxon’s actions!” The other three nods their head in agreement.

Calling Miss Tabitha Flores to the stand in Judgement Court. As she materializes behind the podium she turns to look towards Saxon and let’s fly with a giant wad of phlegm, striking him dead on the side of the head just below the hairline around his earlobe.

“Hey can she do that!”

Judas Nomore snickers “Well she just did so what do you want us to do about it?” Saxon just stares at Judas seeing the smirk on his face. Judas speaks up “Miss Flores would you please refrain from spitting at the defendant while testifying please!”

“Si Judas!”

“Good then can you tell this court how you came to know the defendant?”

“I know this friggin pig as the so called father of my niece Yolinda Sanchez!”  crossing herself as she said the name. “And I know him as the bastard who on Cinco de Mayo 2010 behind the rectory of Saint Bernard raped me and threatened to kill me niece if I said anything to anyone?”

The panel turns their gaze on Saxon “She want me, like she wanted all her sister’s boyfriends!”

“You friggin pig!” rushing at Saxon from behind her podium, guards materialize in her way, preventing her from getting to Saxon. Instead she swings a well aimed kick, connecting with the first guard’s testicles, he just stands there as if nothing happened. Flores instantly stops confusion on her face. Everyone erupts in ohhhs, the four panelists banging their gavels like toy monkeys that play the drums

“Court guards have their nerves in certain places deadened to prevent escape attempts from succeeding” Judas explains when the court is brought back under order “But Miss Flores I must advise you that assaulting a court guard is an offense that can earn you time in Purgatory!”

“I apologize to the court Judas , but this pig deserves to be assaulted for what he did to me!”

Saxon couldn’t take anymore “Look I know she was alive when I got done in her so how is she here now!”

Once more God’ry voice booms throughout the courtroom “BY SPECIAL DISPENSATION!” The screen show Flores laying in her bed, apparently sleeping, a golden aura surrounder her form. “MISS FLORES IS HERE BY MY REQUEST!” Materializing beside her, looking like Lorenzo Lamas making eyes at Tabitha, pursing his lips at her, making her swoon in desire.

“Oh please is he going to get away with influencing the whore!” Saxon cries out. God’ry eyebrow arches, he flicks a finger towards the defendant and Saxon cries out “Ohhhhhaaagggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!” grabbing miss balls as he crumples onto the courtroom floor. His head rolling to the base of the panels podium.

Saint Peter jumps to his feet, in outrage! “God’ry I must concur with Mister Saxon, you are deliberately tampering with the witness and this proceedings!” Coming down from the panel “If this continues I will have no choice but to rule this case over and send Mister Saxon back to earth and the life he was leading!"

“YOU BEST REMEMBER WHO I AM PETER AND WHERE I CAN SEND YOU!”  Through God’ry does move away from Miss Flores, waving his hand towards Saxon who instantly recovers but wisely decided to remain on the floor until God’ry makes his absent known.

Walking over to Saxon, offering him his hand “Please God’ry let us finish this trial in peace, then he’s all your’s to play with aas you see fit!”

Turning to Saxon “Can you continue or would you like time to collect yourself?” Saxon just shakes his head and motions go away, as he moves to retrieve his head. “Let’s just get this over with before that asshole does something else to me!”

Saint Peter takes his place back behind the podium “Before anything else disturbs this proceeding Miss Flores why don’t you relive the event that brought you here to testify.

“Si! Saint Peter”, closing her eyes, the screens all around the courtroom comes to life with the events of Wednesday May 5th, 2010. A church function in the rear yard of Saint Bernard celebrating the Mexican Cinco De Mayo finds Thomas Saxon screaming at Tabitha Flores “I don’t care if you are the father you pig, I want you to stay away from my sister!”

“Fuck off Flores, I’m going nowhere, so you better get used to the fact that I’m here for good!” A slap to his face by Flores has Saxon incensed “You puta someone has to teach you your place!” Then his fist is rocketing into the chin of Tabitha, snapping her head back, leaving her dazed as she slowly sinks to the grass “And i’m just the man to do that!!”

Dropping onto her waist grabbing the front of her top, tearing it apart “Damn and here I though Maria had the tits in the family!” Grabbing her bra lifting it up, producing a jackknife, cutting it apart “Oh yeah just look at those!” Driving a fist into the top of her stomach, the breathe expelling as he gets up and turns around. Grabbing the hem of her skirt  slitting it with the knife as the blade’s edge traversed through the fabric. With it cut clear to the waist band Saxon pulls on the thong underneath, slicing his way through it like it wasn’t there.

Then the court watches in disgust as Saxon took off his pants and underwear “Oh yeah i’m going to teach you right here and now what your place in life is Tabby!” Pulling her legs apart as he moves off her waist, settling between them as his cock hardens  “Wonder if you’re like your sister?” Thrusting in completely with his six inch causing Tabitha to cry out in pain.

“Oh shut your mouth you puta!” Finding the remnant of her thong, stuffing it into her mouth to quieten her up. Humping up and down like a deranged piston Saxon shudders and empties his balls into Tabitha “There puta what you should be used to by now!” Moving off her, looking at the mess he left her in “Damn you know what, you been a pain in my ass since i met you sister so why don’t I return the favor!”
Rolling the still dazed girl over, pulling the cheeks of her ass apart, his hand grabbing gobs of his cum to lube her rear entrance with. Putting some into and around her sphincter Saxon is viewed shoving it in as deep as he could get it. “Goddamn what are you an anal slut you puta?” Five minutes past as Saxon sodomized Tabitha, when he’s obviously cummed in her bowels the scene changes to a view of his ass walking away a he pulls up his pants

“You got the body but your sister got the technique!” the scene fades to black to the sound of his laughter. Silence reigns in the courtroom only to be shattered by “Damn that gave me a hard on anyone want to help me get rid of it?”

                                                                    More To Follow

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Part Five:

All four panelists gavels are banging like toy robotic monkeys, the gallery is getting louder by the moment as Saxon turns and drop his pants, his hard cock  standing straight out like “Hey ladies anyone like what they see?” John screaming for order!

Then all goes silent as everything and everybody is surrounded by a black void. The only light coming from a pair of eyes on the ceiling “YOU HAVE MADE A MOCKERY OF THIS COURT AND YOUR LIFE IN GENERAL AND I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!” A hand reaching for Saxon, grabbing his erection and pulling it completely off his body! “PETER I SUGGEST THAT THE REST OF THE WITNESSES MEMORIES BE VIEWED AT ONCE!”

The courtroom is once again lit, all are stunned by what they are witnessing. Peter and John looking shakened, Judas and Kylie trembling, Saxon quietly standing in the middle of the courtroom holding his head once more with what appears to be a strap around his mouth.


Peter finally able to speak “God’ry I appreciate what you’ve done to secure us no more crude interruptions but Mister Saxon will need to speak to defend himself!”

“AND HE WILL WHEN THE TIME TO DO SO IS UPON THE COURT!” God’ry affirms to Peter “UNTIL THEN HE CAN DEEP THROAT HIS OFFENSIVE ORGAN!” A bolt of lightning hitting the ends of the strap fusing them into one. “CALL LOUISE GAIMATTI TO TESTIFY!”

John looks up, “Well you heard God’ry! Call her to the stand!” Instantly she appears in scrubs and surgical mask, tiny splotches of blood dotting her crotch both front and back of her green pants. Looking around confused, spotting the panel taking the time to read each placard before going onto the next, finally getting to Saint Peter, her jaw drops.

“I died and gone to heaven!” her eyes never leaving Saint Peter, “Tell me did Mrs. Bartello’s triplets arrive before I died?” On the monitor wall an image of a surgery, people standing like statues in various poses around a bed where a lady lays with her feet up “How am I there and here at the same time?”

Miss Robbins tries to explain “God’ry stopped time and removed you from your reality!” Getting a questioning look from Louise “A problem?”

“Who is God’ry?, how did he remove me and more importantly…” looking around and recognizing Saxon “Why is that fucking asshole here!?”

“Dr Gaimatta, all will be explained given time!” Judas Nomore tries to satisfies her question so they can continue before God’ry interferes again. “God’ry is who you know as God!” Looking her straight in the eyes “Please accept this as he’s a little touchy over some human getting it wrong all those many years ago!”

“Alright I but that but that doesn’t explain why the asshole is here thought!”

Saint Peter takes over “Please we don’t use such language up here like ‘asshole’, Suffice to say Mr. Saxon is on trial for his immortal soul and we need you testimony to help decide his fate!”

“Send the fucking bastard straight to the flaming pits of hell!” Mrs. Gaimatta  cries out! “For what he did to me he deserves nothing else!” on the wall images of the night in question flares to life. A timeline in the lower left hand corner showing 23:43, Dr. Gaimatta exiting an elevator in the underground parking bays of Prince Victoria’s Hospital after a long double shirt. Still dressed in a polka dotted scrub set, it was a particularly busy day, six babies delivered naturally another three by c-section!

As she approached Bay number C-forty- one, a hand  comes around her throat “Fight and I’ll leave you here in a pool of blood!” She’s pulled back against a male body and dragged into a section of the lot that is curtained off, the view changes to one of a concrete dust filled air cavern with holes in the wall. She’s pushed face first against a wall that is still whole.

“I know your type, parking down here so no one would see you shooting up an the meds you stole!” The man’s face is able to be seen  but there is no mistaking Saxon’s voice. “Now if you want to see tomorrow, you’ll share!”

Trembling, nervously says “You’ve got it wrong I’m a pediatric doctor, I don’t have access to any drugs that isn’t injected into the spine!”

“You’re shitting me right?” her face pushed harder against the wall.  Her cheek bone baring the brunt of Saxon’s assault. He scrapes it along the rough wall “ Your trying to hold out hoping security comes down on their rounds right?” Giving her a short jab to her back, making her cry out in pain

“No I’m telling you the truth!” Tears coming to her eyes, she hears the sound of a zipper  “Oh god no not that!”

“If I can’t get high tonight then I’m going to get laid!” As his pants drops to the dust covered floor, Dr. Gaimatta feels the pants of her scrubs being dragged down her legs, in her mind she was cursing choosing today to go commando. Her feet are kicked apart “Grab my cock bitch and get me hard!” Trembling she searches for his cock , finding it, rubbing her fingers up and down the shaft until her hand is swatted away by his hand.

She’s determined that this bastard wouldn’t have it easy, kicking like a mule,hoping to crush his balls up into his pelvic bone but all she managed to do is to hit his outer leg. Grabbing handfuls of her hair he pulls her head back then rams it into the wall, dazing her, possibly concussing her. Then she feels a searing pain in her ass, a burning sensation that she’s never experienced before, as his cock forces its way into her anal opening.
Her head is throbbing in time with the burning of her ass, tears spilling down her his, mixing with the dust in the air, presenting a picture of a proper abused victim. What felt like hours only lasted a few minutes before she feel his cock leave her ass and ram into her pussy. The way he fucked into her make her head rebound off the wall many times. All becomes black as she passes out from the combination of the abuse and desire to feel nothing

It’s close to 0800 when she’s found by the construction workers just arriving to start their day. Dried cum caked by concrete dust, no signs of her attacker. The workers panic calling security, the police , their boss in that order. It’s close to a month before Dr. Gaimatta is able to return to super light duties.

The images fade from the wall, but the fire in her eyes was still burning very bright. “Only my therapists and my mother knows what happened that morning, so pardon me if I use colourful language to talk about him!”

The panel looks to Saxon, who is standing there his nostrils flared, looking like he wanted to explode and say something. Three male contingent of the panel smirks, the lone female asking “Are you proud of what you did?” A look of disgust in her eyes “Just nod if it’s a yes!” Saxon moves his head up and down in his hands. “My god have you no sense of decency to at least try to appear remorseful?”

Setting his head down Saxon lets her know how he’s feeling flipping her the finger with both hands. Dr. Gaimatta disappears from the court , the wall coming back on to show everyone moving again and a few minutes the first of identical triplets is heard crying! Everyone in the courtroom is smiling at the sight of a new life.

All but Saxon whose left hand is cupped like a fist with a hole in it, the fingers of his right hand bent down except for the middle finger. It ramrod straight and it’s thrusting in and out of the hole!

                                                                                    More To Follow

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And Now The conclusion

A bolt of lightning shatters the air, striking Saxon’s hands, slicing then off,instantly cauterizing the wound as they fall to the table in front of him. The gallery claps in approval as Saint Peter cries out “And now the final Witness to call Sister AnnaMaria Leone!”

In front of the panel appears the young sister on her hand and knees, lost in prayers. “And my lord if you see fit to punished me with a child then know I still praise you in all your glory!” Crossing her hands in front of her “In god’s holy name, Amen!” Looking up seeing the strange sight before her, confusion on her face as stands up.Looking around seeing Saxon, cringing away from him.

Kylie Robbins speaks up “Sister Leone don’t worry Mister Saxon cannot harm you here in Judgement Court!” Saint John takes over “Sister Leone be aware that God’ry has no plans to punish you by making you bear the child of that animal!” Pointing to Saxon “Nor does he plan to make you suffer anything at all about the incident that’s why immediately after you give your testament all memories will be erased and replaced with happy thoughts!”

More confused than ever Sister Leone backs away from the panel, coming in contact with the railing separating the gallery from the court proper. “May god have mercy on my soul!”

“I WILL MY CHILD!” Appearing in front of her,reaching out to her, placing his left hand on the top of her head “NOW DON’T BE AFRAID MY CHILD FOR I AM HERE TO PROTECT YOU!”His hand begins to glow a golden hue, suddenly on the screen of the court the beginning of her testimony.

“Really God’ry I must protest this improper interference in these proceedings!” Judas nomore coming to his feet “First you try to intimidate the defendant now we are to believe that you haven’t tampered with the memories of this witness!"

“I HIGHLY ADVISE YOU TO REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE ACCUSING OF IMPROPRIETY, JUDAS!” Looking to the other members of the panel “DO ANY OF YOU ALSO ACCUSE ME OF IMPROPRIETY WHEN IT COMES TO THIS TRIAL?” Saint John and Kylie look to the ceiling, twilliding their thumbs. Saint Peter just sighs before taking a drink of mead from his golden chalice in front of him.

“I THOUGHT NOT!” Disappearing once more as does Sister Leone. The image on the screen begins in motion

“Sister Leone why don’t you use this time to sweep the nave.”

“Yes Mother Guccionie!” Sister Leone is then seen making her way to a small room, getting a push cart of cleaning implements and making her way to the nave of Blessed Mother Mary Of Seneca Church. As she enters from the north, she’s seen taking a mop and pail from the cart and singing “All Are Welcomed” As she finished the floor in front of the first row of pews a commotion from the back catches her interest.

The doors open and a man comes inside, something black in his gloved hands “Now this place should be good for a few things to hock!” Looking towards the front spotting Sister Leone “Oh shit I thought the place was deserted, after all it a Thursday!”

Sister Leone calls out “Are you here to see Father Michael?” Leaning the mop against the side of the pew she was cleaning  “I could call him for you sir!”

Saxon is seen running up the nave to Sister Leone “I don’t want to talk to no molester!” Grabbing her by the right bicep “Why don’t you take me to the good stuff!”

“Good Stuff sir?” Confused Sister Leone  “Maybe Father michael or Mother Guccionie can help you?” Saxon turns her sideways getting a hint of her figure  for the first time.

“Oh don’t bother them seem i found some good stuff right here!” pulling her tight to him “Why don’t you bless me with those lips baby?” Puckering up ,letting go of her bicep and circling her waist with his right hand, holding her close to him.

“Please sir I’ve dedicated my life to our lord and saviour!” Her hands flailing away trying to block his lips touching her

“And what did that get you?” Slapping her across the face, stunning her with his actions. She stop flailing her hands then finds herself being pushed to the floor by the man. A knife flashes  as she land on the floor, tearing through the side of her habit, being pulled down from under the arm to the hem. “Let’s get a look at the good stuff you’ve been hiding!”

Slicing through the arm sleeve, saxon pulls the ruin habit to the side,leaving the naive sister lying there in a beige bra and panties. Once more the knife comes close to her skin as her bra is cut off, her puffy B cups breasts exposed to the man “Damn look at those sweet looking titties!” as his hand grabs the front waistband of her panties, slicing through it like saw through balsa wood. Soon she whole body is on display to the man

“God Damn if I was you I’d be stripping so every guy in town could see what you got!” Dropping his knife his left hand diving between her thighs , finding the treasure between them, making her gasp out loud. Never before had a man touched her private place let alone pushed a finger into it.

Her fight instinct took over but to no avail as the man had her in such a position that he easily controlled her. Removing his fingers from her, then spreading her legs “Now time to try out this cunt!” Moving so he could open the front of his buttoned closed pants. As it opened his hard cock came into view Sister Leone gasped again, tears began to flow down her face as Saxon mounted her, shoving his cock into her virginal opening without mercy.

For ten minutes he rutted the virgin sister, Sister Leone tried once more “Please sir I was saving myself to serve our lord better!” The tears reddening her eyes making her seem puffy around the eyes!

“Well trust me sister the good lord doesn’t give a shit about you or your fucking precious virginity!” Thrusting in as deep as he can get his six inch cock into her newly deflowered cunt “Oh yeah here I commmmmeeeeeeeee………………………………………………………”

 The screen goes black and a roar of thunder shatters the air in the courtroom. A bolt of lightning strikes Saxon, flinging him to the floor. As he stand his hands are back attached as is his head, his mouth is free of his cock. Saxon drops his hands to his crotched “Great right where it belongs!”  Looking around the courtroom ‘Hey anyone got a breath mint?”  turning back to the panel Now i know what girls means when they say i got penis breath!”

Judas No more jumps to his feet “Mister Saxon is what the court just viewed the god honest truth?”

Saxon stars him right in the eyes “Fuckin’ A boy!” a large smile on his face “If i didn’t buy the farm I would have fucked a kid into that prime piece of pussy!”

All the members of the panel are shocked by his reply Saint Peter looks to Miss Robbins “Still thinks he can clear himself?” She lowers her eyes and begins to recite the lord’s prayer. “Well then are we in accordance that Thomas Saxon deserves the fate of eternal damnation for the action he perpetrated while on earth ?”

The three fellow panelists nod their head so Saint Peter stand and point to Saxon, his voice rises to the level of God’ry’s. “THOMAS SAXON IT IS THE JUDGEMENT OF THIS COURT THAT YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY IN THE ETERNAL DAMNATION OF HELL, WHERE THE LORD WILL HAVE NO MERCY ON YOUR SOUL!” Banging his gavel on the table “THIS COURT STAND ADJOURNED!” The gallery explodes in applause as Saxon disappears into the ether


“Well there you have it Lucifer, Saxon is yours!” Taking a drink from his chalice  “I trust our bargain remains in effect”

“I told you give me Saxon and Jorgie Porter is yours Godfrey!”taking a sip of his boiling drink “Though why you would want her is beyond me!”

“My reason are my own and need not be made known to you!”

"Well if you’re going be like that!” laughing as he eyes the scorecard in front of him “I believe it’s your turn to bowl!”

Godfrey stand, picks up his ball and rolls a strike “And that completes our current game ending in a tie once more!” Looking to Lucifer “Maybe someday we should both just actually let the lanes decide if we strike!"

“What and not cheat!” Tipping his hand to godfrey “Hey i’ve a reputation to uphold!” Making the score down “So same time next week

“Afraid not I’ve got that george Burns tribute show to attend next Tuesday, can we make it Wednesday?”

"Damn I got the “Hell’s Belles” concert then what about Thursday night?

                                                                                                The End!