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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy. This story contains depictions of graphic physical and sexual violence, which some people may find disturbing or offensive.

It Was Self Defence

An original story by Vile8r

   “We are gonna have SUCH a blast tonight!” said Nikki excitedly to her friend Caitlyn.

 The two teen girls had just stepped out from a taxi onto the busy sidewalk. They looked around at all the bright lights and neon signs in wide-eyed wonder. They were in a section of the city commonly referred to as ‘Sin Street’. An area of dance clubs, bars, and strip joints that stretched for several blocks.

  “This is awesome!” exclaimed Caitlyn. “I just hope I don’t get in a bunch of trouble for coming here.”

  “Caitlyn!” Nikki admonished to the other girl. “We’re 18!  We are not little kids anymore. We’re out of high school and we’re going to college this fall. Your parents have to start realizing you’re a young woman now. They can’t control you forever!”

  “I know, I know!” said Caitlyn with a sheepish grin. “But you know how my parents feel about partying and drinking. They’re just very old-fashioned.”

  “Yeah, and they figure you’re gonna go out, get drunk, get fucked and end up pregnant!” mocked Nikki. “They need to start giving you more credit for your intelligence. You’re too smart to let that happen. Now let’s go! We‘ve got partying to do!”

  The two girls began walking down the sidewalk. The teenagers drew several leering stares and whistles from men as they passed by. It was no wonder. Caitlyn and Nikki were extremely attractive girls and they made an impressive sight walking side by side down the street.

  Nikki stood about 5’ 10”, 115 lb., with long dark curly hair. She had a firm, athletic body toned from years of high school sports and cheerleading. Her short black spandex skirt and high heels accentuated her slender, tanned legs. Covering her upper body was a tight-fitting, bright pink tank-top that was cropped short to show off a bit of her navel.

   It had spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline that showed off her ample cleavage. Nikki had been blessed with a larger-than-average bust from an early age and had always been very popular with the boys as a result. Her breasts now, at the age of 18, were a 36D, and she considered them one of her best physical assets.

  She also had a very pretty face with high cheekbones, big blue eyes and full red lips.

  Caitlyn was slightly shorter at 5’ 8’’ and 110 lb. Her silky strawberry blonde hair stretched halfway down her back. She too was very slim and toned at around 34C-24-32. Like Nikki, she had also been quite involved in high school sports such as volleyball, track and field and swimming. She had been assistant captain of the senior cheerleading squad.

  She had long athletic legs and a beautiful firm round butt that were showcased quite nicely in the denim Daisy Duke shorts that hugged her body tightly. On her feet she was sporting a pair of white faux leather boots with little silver buckles on them and two-inch heels. They came up to about mid-calf. She was also wearing a black and white striped halter top that allowed her to show off her flat, firm tanned stomach.

  Her blonde hair framed her gorgeous oval face. Her sparkling green eyes, smooth skin, and beautiful innocent smile made her seem to look younger than she actually was. Many of her friends told her she resembled Julianne Hough from the “Dancing With The Stars” TV show. She didn’t think so, but if other people wanted to think that, she didn’t care.

  The two girls had met in high school and had become very good friends. They had participated in sports together, been on the cheerleading squad together, graduated together and had been accepted to the same university.

They had even found jobs at the same clothing store for the summer.

   A lot of their other friends couldn’t understand how the two of them had developed such a close relationship. Caitlyn and Nikki were almost like day and night when it came to personalities.

 Nikki was a very outgoing, wild-child kind of girl. She had always been getting in trouble with her parents over one thing or another. Breaking curfew, taking the family car without permission, throwing big parties in her parents’ basement when they weren’t home. Caitlyn always joked to her that it was no wonder Nikki’s dad had white hair at the age of 40.

  Caitlyn on the other hand was more timid and shy. She had been raised in a very conservative Christian family. Her parents had always been very protective and overbearing. They had not even approved very much of her being involved in cheerleading. She had not been allowed to date until she was 17 and even then her father had insisted on coming along as a chaperone.

They had let her attend the odd party in high school but she had always had an 11 p.m. curfew and they were VERY strict about it. Once she had arrived home at 11:05 and was grounded for a week afterwards.

   Her parents had no use whatsoever for Nikki and had many times over the years, tried to discourage Caitlyn from being friends with the troublesome girl. But the two had maintained a good friendship over the years. Their dissimilar personalities seemed to complement each other.

 Caitlyn was a bit of a moderating influence on Nikki, a voice of reason at times. Whereas Nikki was a lot of fun to hang around with and allowed Caitlyn to have a bit of adventure every now and then. Like tonight!

  Both girls had turned 18 just a week before graduation. Their birthdays were only 2 days apart! Because of graduation and studying for final exams, they hadn’t really had an opportunity to fully celebrate their coming-of-age birthdays. So Nikki had come up with the idea of the two of them going partying down on “Sin Street”.

   Caitlyn had naturally been a bit apprehensive and knew her parents would hit the roof if they found out. But Nikki had talked her into it. Caitlyn told her parents they had made plans to go out for pizza and a movie. They wanted to celebrate the end of the school year and the fact they were heading off to bigger and better things at college in the fall. She also told her parents she was going to spend the night at Nikki’s. Caitlyn’s parents weren’t overly enthusiastic about her spending the night at Nikki’s but had conceded to her plans.
  Nikki had taken her out shopping to find some nice sexy clothes to wear.

  “If we’re going clubbing, girlie, knee socks and church dresses ain’t gonna cut it!” Nikki had lectured to Caitlyn. “You need to show a bit of skin if you want the hot guys to pay attention. And believe me, there’s gonna be LOTS of hot guys. Wayyyy hotter than the meatheads we dated in high school!”

   So now here they were! As they strolled down the street, Nikki looked over at Caitlyn.

  “Goddamn it, girl! You look like a million bucks tonight! I told you you’d look good in those shorts. I can’t figure you out. I’ve always said you have a killer body, you just have to show it off a bit more!”

  “Thanks Nikki!  I gotta admit myself, I do look pretty good! Still can‘t believe I‘m dressed like this though. My parents would have an absolute coronary if they saw me!” laughed Caitlyn, her face blushing.

  Nikki stopped for a moment and turned to Caitlyn.

 “Well, what your parents gotta learn is you are a woman now! And a damn pretty one too. There is no shame in showing off your body a bit, especially when you have a nice one to show off. As the saying goes, ‘if you got it, flaunt it!’ And you Caitie-baby, have got it!”

  “Thanks Nikki,” said Caitlyn as she hugged Nikki. “You’re looking pretty damn good yourself!”

  “Of course I am!” laughed Nikki. “I ALWAYS look damn good!”

  Caitlyn gave her friend a playful slap on the arm as they continued walking, laughing and joking to each other.
  They headed towards a dance club with a large neon sign above the doors that read “Teasers” in bright orange and red letters.

   “Here it is! The club my uncle works at,” said Nikki as they surveyed the long line of people standing on the sidewalk waiting to get in. “He’s one of the bouncers. Said if we came here he’d make sure we were looked after good.”

  “How do we get in?” asked Caitlyn. “We’ll be standing here for hours in this line-up.”

  “That’s just it,” Nikki said with a sly grin. “WE don’t have to stand in line! My uncle said to just come up to the doors and he’d let us in.”

  They pushed their way through the line-up until they could see a large burly man in a white t-shirt standing in front of the doors. He immediately spotted them and waved them over as he pulled the barrier chain back.

 “Hey! There’s my girls,” he yelled. “Nikki! Caitlyn! Come on in! You don’t need to stand out here with the riff-raff.”

  A voice in the line-up yelled out. “Yo, what the fuck, man? Those little tramps promise to suck your dick so they can jump the line?”

  Nikki’s uncle whirled around shaking a menacing fist at the person who had yelled out.
  “Listen, fuckhead! That’s my niece and her friend! You just cooked yer goose, buddy. You ain’t getting in for that remark, you sick pig!”

  He turned and gave Nikki a big hug just before they went in.

  “Hey! How’s my favourite niece doin’? Way to go! All done high school and off to college! Seems like just yesterday your mom was changing yer diapers.”

  “Yep, all grown up now Uncle Brian,” giggled Nikki.

 “Well, these are for you two!” he handed them each a bright yellow plastic tag with the letters ‘VIP’ stamped on it. “You girls go to the VIP section. Tell Marty at the bar, Brian’s lookin’ after ya! Yer drinks are on the house tonight!”

  “Oh, cool!” squealed Nikki as she gave her uncle another big hug. “You’re the best uncle!”

  “No prob!” he replied. “And if anybody gives you any trouble, they’ll be dealing with me! Now go have some fun. I gotta get back to work!”

  Another voice yelled out from the line-up.

 “Hey, you gonna let some of us in, or you just gonna stand there feeling up that hottie?”

  “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” shouted Uncle Brian. “I swear to God I’ll come out there and kick some ass!”

   The girls walked into the club. They stood for a moment, taking it all in. It was the first time they had been in such a place. The loud, booming music, the lights, clouds of dry ice, and the mass of people. It was all very intimidating but also filled the two teenagers with an intense feeling of excitement like they had never felt before.

  “Oh my God!” yelled Caitlyn over the music. “This is like the most awesome ever! Let’s get a drink!”

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 Nikki smiled at her blonde friend and the two of them made their way hand in hand up a flight of stairs to the VIP section. They flashed their cards at the doorman who held the door open for them. “Have fun you two!” he yelled.

  They entered the VIP section. It was much quieter than the rest of the club, although there was still loud music playing. The large room was dimly lit. In one corner was a bunch of large red leather couches, recliner chairs and tables. Along another wall was a row of tables that overlooked the dance floor down below through a set of large windows. Directly ahead of them was a long, brightly lit bar. They headed directly to it.

  The bartender, a young fellow in his mid-20s, with spiked blonde hair and a muscular physique smiled at the two of them as they plopped themselves onto two stools at the bar.

  “Well, what have I done to deserve such two beautiful girls in my bar tonight?” he said as he looked at them across the bar.

Nikki smiled back.
  “Brian at the door? He’s my uncle! He said drinks are on the house tonight!”

  “Holy crap!” the bartender exclaimed, faking a shocked look. “You’re Brian’s niece? How’d that goombah end up being related to you? Let me guess, you’re adopted?”

  “No!” laughed Nikki. “I’m NOT adopted!”

  “Okay! Hey, my name is Marty. What would you girls like?”

  “I’m Nikki and my friend here is Caitlyn,” said the dark-haired girl. “I’ll have a Screwdriver. What do you want Caitlyn?”

  “I’ll have one of those too!” smiled Caitlyn.

  “All right! Two Screwdrivers comin’ right up!” said Marty as he picked up a bottle of vodka and began mixing their drinks.

  “This place is sooo cool!” gushed Nikki as she slapped Caitlyn on the leg.

  “Yeah, I know!” the blonde girl replied. “I’m so glad you talked me into coming here.”

  “Told ya!” said Nikki, blowing a kiss at Caitlyn. “You need to listen to me more often.”

  For the next hour or so, the two girls sat at the bar chatting with Marty the bartender. They had several drinks between the two of them and were starting to get a good buzz on. They watched all the other people coming and going through the VIP lounge.

  Then Nikki leaned in toward Caitlyn and whispered to her.

 “Hey! Don’t look right now, but I think we’re being checked out!”

  “Where?” Caitlyn whispered back.

“Look over by the couches, There’s a guy over there. I’ve seen him staring at us for like a long time now!”

  Caitlyn surreptitiously peeked over her shoulder. Sure enough, she could see the man gazing intently at the two girls. He looked to be in his early to mid-twenties. He was black and very muscular and handsome-looking. He smiled and waved at them.

  Caitlyn immediately spun around, her face blushing. “Oh my God, Nikki! You’re right! And he saw me. He’s hot! He looks like Usher.”

   The guy suddenly got up and began to walk over to them. The girls laughed giddily and quickly turned around on their stools pretending nothing was going on. He walked up to the bar, leaning against it closest to Nikki. His eyes wandered over her body.

  “Sweet fuck!” he said. “Dey fo-got to close the gate up at heaven and a couple angels got out!”

  Nikki and Caitlyn giggled shyly.

 “Well yeah,” said Nikki. It was quite obvious she was starting to feel the effects of the liquor. “They sent us down here to keep an eye on guys like you.”

  “Guys like me? What you talkin’ ‘bout?” He flashed the girls a big smile.

  “Guys like you that come up talking to strange girls!” joked Nikki.

  “Well, give me a chance sweetie, and we won’t have to be strangers anymore,” he replied coyly. “I would love for you and your pretty friend to join me on the couch for a drink.”

  “You want to?” asked Nikki looking at Caitlyn.
  Caitlyn gave a shrug. “Yeah! Sure!”

  The two girls got off their stools and made their way over to the large couch where the black man had been sitting. He ordered more drinks at the bar before he followed them over. He sat down between Caitlyn and Nikki.
  He looked over at Caitlyn.

“Girl, I swear to God Almighty, you had to have painted dem shorts on you! That is one fine-looking ass!”

Caitlyn blushed and giggled. She too was beginning to feel the inebriating effects of the vodka.

  “Yeah, well did anyone ever tell you, you look like Usher?” she said biting her lower lip.

  “Usher?!” he said with mock astonishment. “Of course! That motherfucker ain’t got nothing on me! ‘Cept of course he gots way more money!”

  That elicited a burst of laughter from the slightly drunk teenagers.

  “So tell me, what’s your names and how old are you? Don’t mean to sound like all preachy but, goddamn, you sure don’t look like you’s old enough to be in here!”

  “My name is Caitlyn and I’m 18,” said Caitlyn with a shake of her long blonde hair.

  “I’m Nikki and I’m 18 too!” asserted the dark-haired girl.

 “Holy shit! 18? Goddamn! Ain’t never seen a couple 18 year-olds look as good as you two! Hell, you put a lot of girls to shame! Oh, by the way, my name’s Richie. I’m 24” He held his hand out and shook hands with Caitlyn and Nikki.

  They continued to make small talk for the next little while. Richie told the girls he was an entrepreneur in the restaurant business. “Opening a new place next month. You girls be lookin’ for jobs you come see me. I love to have a couple hot girls like you workin’ fo’ me. Customers be lined up at the door!“

  Richie continued to buy them drinks. He also took each of them out to the dance floor for a couple dances.

  After coming back from the dance floor with Nikki, he sprung the question on them.

  “How’d you girls like to go somewhere REALLY wild to party?”

 “Like where?” said Nikki playfully. “This place is pretty fun!”

 “Howz about The Crystal Cloud?” he replied.

  “The Crystal Cloud” was THE premier party place in the city. It was located at the south end of “Sin Street”. Only the crème de la crème of high society got in there. It was the place for celebrities to visit when they came to town. Nikki and Caitlyn looked at each other incredulously.

  “You can get us in The Crystal Cloud?” they both asked simultaneously.

  “Hey, hey, my girls!” chuckled Richie holding his hands out in front of him. “One at a time! Yeah, you bet I can getcha in. They know me dere. It’d be no problem.”

  “That would be SOOO awesome!” gasped Nikki. “We’d never get in there in a million years on our own!”

  “Well, then. Let’s go!” said Richie, standing up.

  “Okay, but just a minute,” said Nikki straightening out her skirt as she stood up from the couch. “I gotta go pee first. You need to go Caitlyn?”

  Caitlyn looked up at her friend. “Nah, it’s okay. I went while you guys were on the dance floor.”

 “All right, well wait for me, okay? I’ll just be a few minutes,” Nikki said hurriedly as she rushed off to the ladies’ washroom.

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 Richie took Caitlyn by the hand and pulled her up from the couch. “Hey, you look like you could use a bit of fresh air, girl. You wanna go outside fo’ a bit?”

  Caitlyn smiled weakly. “Yeah, I think the drinks are starting to hit me. I could use a bit of fresh air. But we gotta wait for Nikki.”

  “Nikki can meet us outside. She could be a while. Dere’s always a line-up at the girls’ can!” he said as he pulled her along behind him.

  Caitlyn’s mind was getting very fuzzy and she was having trouble moving her feet as Richie walked with her across the VIP lounge. They walked right past  the bar and headed for a side exit.
 “We’ll go this way,” said Richie. “It’s quicker.”

They stepped outside and down a flight of stairs to the alleyway below. The cool fresh air felt good on Caitlyn’s face and she took in a deep breath. She could still hear the loud thumping of the music inside the club.

Richie spun around and Caitlyn caught the sound of something making a clicking sound. The knife blade he held in front of her face glinted faintly in the dim light of the alley. His other hand grabbed Caitlyn by the shoulder shoving her hard against the brick wall of the building.

  “Okay, white bitch! Time to put out for Richie!” he growled.

“Ya got 5 seconds to get dem shorts down ‘round yo’ ankles or I cut the fuckin’ things right off ya!”

  Caitlyn opened her mouth to scream but Richie pressed the knife hard against her throat.

  “Don’t even dare!” he hissed. “You make a sound, I slit your throat and fuck ya while ya bleed to death. Now off wit’ da shorts!”

  Caitlyn couldn’t believe this was happening. It was all like a dream. Her mind, in an alcoholic fog, made her feel like she was watching a movie in slow motion. Except she was in it!
 Tears rolled down her cheeks and her hands trembled and shook as she fumbled with the button on her shorts.

  “P-p-please d-don’t h-h-hurt me!” she pleaded tearfully. “J-j-just l-let me g-g-go!”

  “Fuckin’ bullshit!” Richie snarled, his face only inches from Caitlyn’s. She could feel his hot breath on her cheek.

  “You little suburban white-bread bitches parade yo’ sweet l’il bodies ‘round, ya get me all fuckin’ hard. Then you think you can just walk away? Well, that ain’t gonna happen tonight! I’m gonna collect what’s owed me. Fuck yo’ tight 18 year old cunt ‘til it fuckin’ bleeds, you little fuckin‘ prick-tease!”

 Richie ground his hips up hard against Caitlyn allowing her to feel the large lump under his pants.
  Caitlyn began to sob uncontrollably as she undid her shorts and slowly slid them down her smooth thighs. Where was Nikki? Why, oh why had she gotten so drunk and let herself get into such a situation?

  Richie glanced down, his tongue running across his lips as he watched Caitlyn push the tight shorts down her tanned legs and he caught a glimpse of her pink silk panties. He began to push her halter top up over her tits as he continued to press the knife against the soft flesh of her throat.
   Richie shoved a hand down between her legs and inside her panties. He forced two fingers inside her. Caitlyn squealed in pain and terror.

“Son of a bitch! I think Richie hit the jackpot!” he sneered. “You’re a fuckin’ virgin! I’m gonna get to pop the cherry on a little white bitch! Daaaammmnn!”

“OHHHH! NO! NO!” she cried.

    Meanwhile, Nikki had come out of the washroom and back into the VIP lounge. Caitlyn and Richie were nowhere to be seen. Nikki had a bad feeling about this. She began to panic. Where the hell had Caitlyn gone? She ran up to the bar and waved Marty over.

  “Caitlyn! Where the hell did she go? Have you seen her?” she asked Marty frantically.

  He pointed to the side exit. “Yeah. She went out the door there with some guy. Black guy, I think. Wearing a white muscle shirt.”

  “Thanks!” Nikki called over her shoulder as she rushed to the side exit.

 She burst out into the night air. Looking around she could see nothing in the dark. Then she heard something at the bottom of the stairs. Looking down she could make out two people along the wall.
  In the darkness, she made out a flash of blonde hair. Caitlyn! But what the hell was going on? Then Nikki could faintly hear sobbing sounds. Her blood ran cold as she realized what was happening.

  She rushed down the stairs, two steps at a time. As she got closer she could make out more. She could see Caitlyn’s shorts pulled partway down and Richie with his hand between her legs. Nikki could also make out the shimmer of tears streaming down Caitlyn’s cheeks and the faint glint of the knife blade held to her throat.
  “Motherfucker! LET HER GO!” shrieked Nikki as she launched herself at the black man. She slammed into him, her fists pummelling into his back.

  Richie spun around, his left arm catching Nikki across the temple. She fell to the ground with a hard thud.

“Crazy fuckin’ bitch!” he yelled as he kicked her hard in the stomach.

  Nikki squealed in pain as the air exploded out of her lungs. He landed another kick in her stomach, the dark-haired girl rolling away from him, clutching her mid-section.
  Richie turned back to Caitlyn who stood against the wall, petrified with fear.
  He began to unbuckle his pants.

  “Get on yer knees, bitch! Time to find out what you can do with that sweet mouth of yo’s!”

  Caitlyn shook her head, sobbing and pleading.
“NOOO!NOOO!NOOO! Not that! P-p-please! NOOO!”

  From out of nowhere, seemingly, the metal pipe struck him across the back of the head, making a sick wet-sounding thud. Richie’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and his mouth fell open as he collapsed onto the ground in front of Caitlyn.
  At first she just stood there, staring in disbelief at the limp, lifeless body lying at her feet. Then she looked up and saw Nikki.
  Nikki stood clenching the piece of metal pipe in both hands. She slowly let it fall from her hands. It made a loud clanging noise as it hit the ground.
  Caitlyn looked with horror at Richie, her mouth open in a silent scream. Nikki leapt across the prone body and wrapped her arms around her friend.

  “It’s okay, Caitlyn! It’s okay! I‘m here now. He won‘t hurt you anymore,” she whispered.

  “N-N-Nikki! He-he was g-g-going to r-r-rape me! He had h-h-his f-f-fingers in-in m-me! And he-he said horrible th-things to me. I was s-so scared!“

  “I know, baby, I know,“ said Nikki as she hugged the sobbing, hysterical girl. “But now, we have to get out of here! Do you understand?”

  “What did you do to him,Nikki? Is-is he dead?” asked Caitlyn, looking down at the black man. A small pool of blood was forming on the ground from where it was seeping from the gash on the side of his head just above his left ear.

 “I don’t know!” replied Nikki cautiously, as she turned and looked down at Richie.

  “We need to go to the police!“ Caitlyn blurted out. “ We have to tell them what happened. It wasn’t our fault! It was self-defence!”

  Nikki spun around. “NO! We cannot go to the police, Caitlyn!”

  Caitlyn looked at her with a puzzled look.
  “Wh-why the h-hell not? We HAVE to, Nikki!”

  Nikki grabbed her by the shoulders and looked intently into Caitlyn’s eyes.
  “NO! We cannot! I’ll end up in jail!”

  “What are y-y-you talking a-about?” sputtered Caitlyn.
 Nikki looked at her impatiently.
  “Remember when I got into a fight with that girl and broke her nose at Cindy Spencer’s big party last year? And then she pressed assault charges against me?”

  “Yeah, I remember that,” replied Caitlyn. “But what about it?”

  Nikki continued. “Well, I had to go to court, remember? And the judge gave me one year’s probation.”

  “But that was a year ago,” said Caitlyn.

 “No, it hasn’t been a full year yet,” said Nikki. “My probation doesn’t end for another 2 months. AND one of the conditions was that I’M not supposed to be drinking or be in a drinking establishment! If the cops find out, I go to JAIL! And I’m 18 now, Caitlyn. So it’ll be adult jail, NOT juvey!”

  Caitlyn stood for a minute with an astonished look on her face. Then she responded.
 “Nikki! You IDIOT!” she shrieked. “Why didn’t you tell me? I would have never let you talk me into coming here if I had known that! And what the hell? You’ve been drinking and partying ever since last summer. You’ve been violating your probation the whole time?!”

  Nikki gave a sheepish look. “Well, yeah, kinda. It’s hard to go to parties and NOT drink, Caitlyn!”
  “Well if I was gonna end up in jail because of it, I think I would make an effort to try NOT drinking! God! You are so goddamn selfish, Nikki. And now look at what’s happened!” cried Caitlyn.

  “Don’t worry, okay?” reassured Nikki. She tried to hug Caitlyn again but the blonde girl just pushed her away.

  “We’ll just get the hell out of here and keep quiet about it. No one saw us. I think he’s just knocked out. I didn’t hit him THAT hard.”

  “What about your uncle? We should tell him what happened!” said Caitlyn.

  “Caitlyn! Did you not hear anything I just said?” asked Nikki exasperatedly.

“I’m not SUPPOSED to even be here! If the police find out my uncle let me in to the club, he’ll be in a bunch of shit too! He could lose his job! I’m not getting him involved. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE can know what happened. We just have to get out of here.”
  “So get yourself together and let’s go!” Nikki ordered.

  Caitlyn suddenly looked down at herself and realized she was standing there with her shorts still halfway down her legs and her halter top over her breasts. She blushed as she put her halter top down and began pulling her shorts back up.
  “Okay, let’s go then!” said Caitlyn nervously as she grabbed her purse lying on the ground by the wall.

  Nikki reached down and picked up her purse too that she had dropped when she tackled Richie.  She picked up the metal pipe and the two girls began hurriedly walking down the alley towards the street. As they passed a trash dumpster, Nikki tossed the pipe into it.

  As soon as they came back out to the busy street, Nikki waved down a passing taxi and the two girls got in. The taxi sped off into the night.


   Back in the alley, a figure emerged from the shadows of a doorway, directly across from where the inert body of Richie lay in a growing pool of blood. The figure, wearing a dark-coloured hoodie and baggie jeans, walked over to the body and knelt beside it.

  “Oh Richie, Richie, Richie!” he said in a low, deep voice. “What da fuck didja get yourself into this time? You dumb fuck. Always thinking wit’ yo’ dick!”

  He pulled the wallet out of Richie’s back pocket. Removing the large wad of money from it, he strew the rest of the contents of the wallet on the ground around Richie. Then just as he stood up, something on the ground caught his eye. He reached down and picked it up. A cell phone in a pink, jewelled cover.

  “Well, well, what DO we have here?” the man asked with a note of excitement in his voice. He turned the phone on and immediately his heart jumped as he saw a picture on the screen of two very attractive, white teenage girls in prom dresses smiling back at him. One blonde, one brunette. He felt his cock grow hard. “Caitie & Nikki! BFF 2011!” was wrote across the screen in pink letters. It was a picture Nikki had taken of her and Caitlyn on the night of their graduation prom and had saved as her wallpaper on her phone screen.

  “Caitie and Nikki, huh?” the man whispered in a lascivious tone. “Looks like we gonna have to have a little talk ‘bout what you did to Richie!”

  He looked down at the motionless body.
  “Yep! Don’t worry, bro. I’ll make sho’ these two little bitches pay fo’ whats they did to you. With their fuckin’ asses!”

  He walked down the alley with a contented, evil smile on his face. Continuing to stare at the picture on the phone, he rubbed his throbbing crotch. He kissed the screen. Yep, he thought to himself. It was time for a party! And he knew EXACTLY who the guests of honour were going to be.

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Ooo and now things are getting much more interesting! Can't wait for more!!!  ;D

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 The girls rode in silence, saying nothing to each other. Caitlyn was both furious and scared. Furious at Nikki for being so selfish and dishonest with her. Scared at the prospects of what could happen to them if the police found out what they had done. Actually, not just scared. Terrified!

   Her college education could be forever jeopardized. And her parents! Oh God! She didn’t even want to THINK about what her parents would do if they found out.
  Nikki was also deep in thought. She was trying to put a brave face on in front of Caitlyn, but deep down inside, she was terrified like she had never been before! She was hoping she hadn’t killed that guy, but she wasn’t sure. He was bleeding a lot when they left him in the alley.

  Surely, the police would believe them if they told them it was just self-defence. After all, the scum was trying to rape her friend!  But Nikki didn’t want them to find out she had been violating her probation.

   At her assault trial last year, her lawyer had negotiated with the prosecutor. Nikki would plead guilty to the assault and receive one year of probation and 100 hours of community service. And she would not receive a criminal record so it wouldn’t ruin her prospects of getting into college.

   The prosecutor agreed, on the condition, however, that if she violated her probation, she would receive a 60 day sentence in a juvenile detention facility. If she violated her probation AFTER she turned 18, her time would be served in an adult facility. AND she would be given a criminal record!
  Nikki knew that no matter what happened with the matter of her killing somebody, whether it was determined to be self-defence or not, she would still be in trouble with the police! And then, good-bye college! Her parents would be furious with her. This was just not a good situation!

  The taxi soon pulled up outside Nikki’s house and the girls got out. They paid the driver and stood on the curb, watching him drive away. Nikki reached into her purse to get her house key. She suddenly got a sick, horrified look on her face.

  “Caitlyn! Where the hell is my phone?”

  Caitlyn frowned at her.
“I don’t know. Isn’t it in your purse?”

 “NO!” the dark-haired teen said, panic edging into her voice as she dumped the whole contents of her purse onto the sidewalk. The cellphone was not there!

  “I had it in the club. I KNOW I did! Because when I was in the washroom, I remember checking my messages. But now it’s not here!”

  “Maybe you left it in the club?” offered Caitlyn, shrugging her shoulders.
  “No, I didn’t!” yelled Nikki impatiently. “I distinctly remember putting it back in my purse!”

  She paused for a moment, a look of horror creeping across her face. She looked at Caitlyn, her eyes wide.
 “Holy fuck! You don’t suppose I lost it in the alley, do you? When I was trying to fight Richie?”

  Caitlyn too, suddenly had a look of panic in her eyes. She put her hand up to her mouth.
  “We’re in total shit Nikki, if you did!”

  “Well, I DID drop my purse,” said Nikki, squinting her eyes as she tried to remember the sequence of events. “It COULD have fallen out. I remember picking up my purse when we left, but we were in such a rush I never thought to check if everything was still in it!”

  “Maybe it fell out in the taxi!” said Caitlyn cautiously.

 Nikki shook her head. “I had my purse on my lap the whole time. I would have noticed if it fell out in the taxi.”

  Nikki began to curse.
 “Fuck, fuck, fuck! Caitlyn, we are in shit! If I lost my phone in the alley, and if the police find it….Oh God!”

  “Maybe we should go back to find it?“ Caitlyn offered.

  Nikki looked at the blonde girl. “That would be smart, Caitie!” she said derisively. “By now there’s probably police there. That would look REALLY good for us two to show up at the scene of the crime looking for a cellphone. Grab a brain! We CAN’T go back there!”

 “What do we then?” asked Caitlyn tearfully.

  “Don’t worry, okay. I’ll deal with that problem. I can come up with some story that it was stolen and I don’t know how it got there. That might work!”
  “Maybe,” mumbled Caitlyn.

  “Come on, let’s get in the house. We need some sleep and then we can worry about things in the morning,” said Nikki.

  The two teenaged girls went up the walkway to Nikki’s house and entered. Just as they got inside the house, Caitlyn’s cellphone in her purse, suddenly began to ring.
 The two girls looked at each other, panic on their faces.

 “Oh Jesus! It’s probably my parents!” said Caitlyn fearfully.

 Caitlyn reached slowly into her purse and pulled her phone out, looking at the screen. Her eyes widened in horror.
  “I-I-It’s your number, Nikki! Someone’s calling from YOUR phone!”

  Nikki snatched the phone from the blonde’s trembling hand.
  “Let me talk!” snapped Nikki.

  She hit the “answer” button. “Hello?”

   At first there was no response at the other end. Then a deep male voice spoke.
  “Hey! Who da fuck am I talkin’ to? Is dis Caitlyn?”

 Nikki breathed a sigh of relief for a second. Whoever it was, it wasn’t the police! No way would they talk like that on the phone.

  “No, this is Nikki! Who is this and how did you get my phone?”” asked Nikki back.

She wondered for a second how this man knew their names, then realized they were right on the screen of her cellphone!

  “ Nikki, huh? The dark-haired one. Right on! How I got yo’ phone, that ain’t none of yo’ business. But I do know something that IS yo’ business, girlie. I saw what you and yo’ li’l friend did tonight!” the voice hissed menacingly.

  “Listen!” said Nikki. “It was ALL an accident. We were just protecting ourselves!”

  “Well, maybe ya was, and maybe ya wasn’t. All I know is, I gots yo’ phone and I know ya want it back. I also knows ya don‘t want no cops involved. I heard everything ya said in the alley tonight!” the mysterious voice sneered.

  “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?” yelled Nikki.

 “Ya wanna find out, ya listen to me and listen good. Ya be at the corner of 54th Street and 8th Avenue at 10 a.m. sharp! Both of ya’s too. And no one else! I’ll be watchin’ and if I see anything funny, I go straight to the pigs with yo’ phone! Same fer if ya don‘t show up.”

  “Okay, okay,” said Nikki. “Don’t worry. We’ll be there! By ourselves!”

  “Now when ya gets dere, you go into da back alley. Ya see a door right away on yo’ right. Ya go in dere and ya go up to da second flo’. Ya go to Room 2D and ya knock on da door 3 times! Ya hear? Three times and dat’s all! Den I‘ll know it‘s you.”

  “O-o-okay,” replied Nikki. “I got that. We’ll see you at 10 sh-sh-sharp!”

  “Dat’s right!” the man said. “So don’t be late! We gots a lot to talk about!”

  The phone suddenly went dead as he ended the call.
   Nikki looked wide-eyed at Caitlyn.

  “Who the hell was that?” asked Caitlyn

  “I don’t know, but he has my phone! He sounded like he was a friend of Richie’s. AND he said saw everything that happened!”

  “Oh no! Is he mad? What does he want? Is he gonna give you your phone back?

 “Jesus Christ, Caitlyn,” snapped Nikki. “One question at a time! I don’t KNOW what he wants. He must have been somewhere in the alley to have seen us. He told me he heard everything we said too.”

  “OH NO!” cried Caitlyn. “What are we gonna do?”

 “I don’t know,” answered Nikki, pacing the floor. “He just said we’re supposed to meet him in the morning at 10 o’ clock at some apartment building. Said we had lots to talk about. AND we’re supposed to come by ourselves or HE goes to the cops! He didn‘t sound like a very nice guy.”

  Caitlyn covered her mouth, looking like she was ready to start crying.

“Don’t worry, Caitlyn!” said Nikki, as she wrapped her arms around the other girl.

“We’ll get through this, okay? We’ll go see this guy tomorrow and I’ll get my phone back. It’ll be fine. He’s probably just some drunk that was sleeping in the back alley. Probably didn’t see anything! He’s just saying it to scare us.”

  “Well, I sure hope so,” sobbed Caitlyn. “I’m so scared, Nikki. I don’t want anything to happen to us. We didn’t do anything bad!”

  “I know, I know, Caitie,” reassured Nikki, patting Caitlyn on the back. “We’ll be okay.”

   The girls went up to Nikki’s bedroom and after undressing, climbed into bed. Surprisingly, they quickly fell asleep, physically and mentally exhausted after the night’s events.

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The next morning, both girls were up at 7 o’clock. They showered and dressed.

    Nikki put on a pair of denim jeans and a white t-shirt along with a pair of sneakers. Caitlyn had on a white button-up short-sleeved blouse with a pair of khaki Capri pants and some brown sandals. She put her long blonde hair into a ponytail. Nikki let her hair hang down her back.

   They ate some breakfast. Actually just a couple strawberry Pop-tarts. Then prepared to leave the house. But first Nikki went to her parents’ bedroom and came back with something. She opened her purse to stuff it inside.

  “What’s that you got?” asked Caitlyn  curiously.

  “My Dad’s gun,” replied Nikki matter-of-factly.

  “A fucking gun?!” cried out Caitlyn, incredulously. “Are you nuts? Haven’t we got ourselves in enough trouble already and now YOU want to carry around a gun!?”

  Nikki looked straight at Caitlyn.

 “Yes, a FUCKING gun! Okay? We are going into a rough part of town, Caitlyn. Plus, I don’t totally trust this guy we’re supposed to meet. It would be a good idea if we had, you know, a bit of ‘protection’.”
  “Well, I don’t like it,” stated Caitlyn.
  “I don’t like it, either, Caitlyn. But I will just feel safer if I have it, all right?”

 “Okay,” said Caitlyn, shaking her head in disgust.

  The two girls stepped out into the bright morning sunlight. It was going to be a beautiful day.  Then Nikki happened to glance down and saw the morning newspaper lying where the delivery boy had tossed it onto the front step. She picked it up. There it was on the front page!

  It wasn’t the main headline but it was a small blurb towards the bottom of the page. “Man Killed Outside Popular Nightclub”. Nikki continued to read out loud.

 “Police were called to a popular city nightclub at 48th Street and 12th Avenue early this morning after the discovery of a body in a back alley adjacent to the club. Police said a young black man in his early to mid-20s was discovered in a pool of blood. He was known to police as a local gang member but they are not revealing his identity. He had apparently been struck in the head with a blunt object. A police spokesman stated they have no firm leads, as of yet, although it is believed robbery may have been a motivation for the killing. There were apparently no witnesses. City police continue to investigate.”
  “The area where the nightclub is located is in the popular entertainment district commonly referred to as “Sin Street”. The area has developed a reputation with police over recent years for being the site of several murders, as well as numerous gang beatings and sexual assaults.”

 “Oh my God!” said Nikki slowly, staring at the newspaper. “I DID kill him! And now the police think we were trying to rob him!”

  “Robbery?!” exclaimed Caitlyn. “We didn’t try to rob him. He was trying to RAPE me!”

  “At least the police have no leads”, said Nikki. “That’s a good thing! There’s no mention of us and no mention of any witnesses.”

 She set the paper back down on the step and they made their way down the front walk.
 They walked down to the corner and caught the bus. After about a half-hour and a couple bus transfers, they stepped off onto 8th Avenue.
  “Sin Street” was only a few blocks away to the west. But this area was full of decrepit, rundown apartment buildings, boarded-up stores and old warehouses. The girls walked along until they reached the corner of 54th Street. There they saw the large brownstone apartment building. It didn’t look like anybody even lived in it anymore.

   Quite a few of the windows on the bottom 3 floors were broken and the front of the building facing the street was covered in graffiti. Garbage and trash littered the sidewalk.
They saw the alley and approached it.
  Caitlyn gripped Nikki’s arm as she looked into the dark depths of the alley.

  “Are you really sure we should be doing this?” she asked nervously.

  Nikki shook her away.
  “Come on, Caitlyn. You can’t chicken out on me. We HAVE to meet this guy! If we don’t, he’s gonna go to the cops and then we’re screwed.”

  “I don’t know,” whined Caitlyn. “I just have a bad feeling about all this.”

  “Don‘t worry,” said Nikki. “It’ll be all right.”

  They entered the alley and spotted the door to their right. They opened it and stepped inside. The foyer at the foot of the stairwell was dark and the girls struggled to see as their eyes adjusted to the dim light. The air stank. Nikki and Caitlyn’s noses turned up at the musty, mildewy smell of the place. The reek of urine and vomit was almost overpowering.

  They slowly walked up the creaking stairs to the second floor landing. As the girls started down the long hallway, powerful hands suddenly grabbed them from out of the darkness. Their arms were painfully yanked behind their backs. Before the two teens even had a chance to yell or scream, cloths were slapped across their noses and mouths. The cloths were soaked in some type of powerful-smelling chemical that filled their nostrils and penetrated into their heads, instantly making them dizzy. In a matter of seconds, both girls had drifted off into unconsciousness.

  Nikki slowly came to. Her vision was blurry at first, but she could make out that they were in a large room. She tried to move but her arms were immobilized. It took her a moment to realize she was tied to a large pillar by her arms. There was also a cloth gag tied tightly across her mouth.

  She turned her head to the left. About 6 feet away from her, Caitlyn also had her arms pulled back behind her and tied with ropes around a pillar. She was also gagged. Caitlyn looked over at Nikki, with a look of wild fear in her eyes.
Nikki could only look back at the scared girl with a frightened look of her own. They were in a serious fix now, she knew.

  Walking in a slow circle in front of them was a black man in a white muscle shirt, just like the one Richie had also been wearing. He also wore baggy jeans. He was about the same height as Nikki but probably weighed around 200 lb. and looked to be in his early 20s like Richie. He was very muscular. His arms looked like small tree trunks and he had a very broad chest. He had very intense eyes that made him look like a tiger ready to pounce.

   There was also 3 other men in the room standing along the far wall. Two were blacks and one was white. All in their early to mid-20s and all wearing much the same attire. Hoodies, baggy jeans and baseball caps. They all stared lecherously at the girls.

  Nikki felt a ball of cold terror form in her stomach as she realized the black man in front of her was holding a gun in his left hand. The gun she had had in her purse!

 He looked up, noticing that both girls were now awake. A cruel sneer crept across his face.
  “Well, well, looks like my guests are awake,“ the black man said, his eyes roving over the bodies of the two girls.

 He strode up to them so he was only a couple feet away.

 “Allow me to introduce mahself. My name is Lamar!” He pointed to the other three men. “And those are my friends. That’s Eddy and Tyrone. And the white dude, that’s Travis. I take it you must be Nikki? And the blondie there is Caitlyn?”

  Both girls nodded. Lamar gave a satisfied smile.

  “Well, very pleased to make yo’ acaquaintance, Nikki and Caitlyn! But what da fuck is DIS all about?”

   He waved the gun in front of Nikki’s face, only inches away from her. Nikki squeezed her eyes shut, sweat beading on her forehead.

 “Did you think you was gonna pop a cap in me, bitch? Then take yo’ phone and run? Huh? Leave me bleedin’ like ya did to Richie?”

  He reached up and yanked Nikki’s gag down uncovering her mouth.

  “Answer me, bitch!” he yelled.

 “N-N-NO! We weren’t going to shoot you! Please let us go. We don’t want any trouble. I just want my phone and we’ll leave! We won’t say a-a-a thing to anybody!” Nikki blurted out.

  Lamar smiled at her.
 “Sorry, girly! You ain’t goin’ nowhere! And as fo’ trouble, well, you already found dat last night, when you offed mah buddy, Richie.”

  “We-we’re really sorry about your friend, b-but it was an accident,” Nikki said apologetically. “Just a r-r-really bad accident! And he-he was trying to rape Caitlyn. I was j-just trying to help her.”

  Lamar looked over at Caitlyn’s slender form as she strained against the ropes holding her arms. His tongue ran across his lips.

  “Well, lookin’ at yo’ friend, I can’t say as I could blame him for wantin’ to tap that! Any homie with a heartbeat and a set o’ balls would wan’ a piece of her!”

  Caitlyn flashed Nikki a panicked look, tears in her eyes.

“MMMMMMFFFFFFFF!” she tried to scream through her gag.

Lamar turned back to Nikki.
  “So dere was Richie, just tryin’ to have some fun and along came you and had to go all Wonder Woman on his ass!”

  “I told you! I’M SORRY!” cried Nikki.

  “Shut da fuck up!” snapped Lamar, his face seething with anger.

“I’m talkin’, bitch! I seen da way you and Caitlyn here were dressed last night. You little white sluts, ya go out partying, showin’ off yo’ asses and den somebody try to grab a piece and you all freak out! I say Richie was just gonna give you girls what you deserved!”

  “We didn’t deserve anything!” sobbed Nikki. “Caitlyn didn’t do ANYTHING to Richie! He just attacked her!”
  Lamar paused for a minute, looking thoughtful.
 “Well, ya see, dat might not be da story I tell da cops. Maybe what I saw was two young girls, dey take some poor guy into da alley, dey tell him dey gonna fuck him. Den when he tries to do one of dem, da other one nails him in the head with a fuckin’ pipe! He’s on da ground bleedin’ and dese two cold-blooded bitches take his money and fuckin’ run.”

  “That’s NOT what happened!” yelled Nikki.

  “Like I said,” continued Lamar, “ as far as the cops know, dat could be exactly what happened. After all, dey did find his wallet beside him and everything was ripped out of it.”

  “We never touched his wallet!” said Nikki.

  “Hey!” snarled Lamar. “I’m da one dat saw all dis! It gonna be yo’ word against mine, bitch. And I heard you don’t really wanna get in trouble with da law! You on probation already. Dey might throw yo’ ass in jail!”

  Lamar stepped right up close to Nikki. He stroked her cheek with his right hand. She recoiled in revulsion.
  “Young, sweet thing like you, dey just LOVE you in da joint. You be some dyke’s cunt-lickin’ bitch in no time!”

 Lamar stepped back and rubbed his chin. He began to speak slowly.

 “Ya see, girls, what da problem here is, you two owe me! Cuz ya see, Richie weren’t just a friend. He also worked fo’ me. He was one of my best dealers and he did a lot of other things fo’ me too. If someone owed me some money, I could always count on Richie to collect it fo’ me. He was a good breadwinner and now he’s gone! I gotta replace him and it’s gonna be hard!”

  He looked first at Nikki and then at Caitlyn.

 “So, if I was to just give you yo’ phone back and let you go on yo’ sweet way, that wouldn’t really fix anything now, would it? Cuz Richie would still be gone and I’m still out all da money he made fo’ me! And you two would still be out dere, in yo’ li’l perfect world, thinking it’s okay to be li’l fuckin’ prick-teases.”

  “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM US?!“ screamed Nikki.

  Lamar suddenly grabbed her, his large hand closing around her throat, pushing her back hard against the pillar. He pressed the gun tightly against her cheek. Nikki’s eyes bulged out in terror and her mouth opened as she gasped for air.
  “What I want from you, is fo’ you little sluts to learn some lessons!” he hissed. “To learn dat dere’s consequences fo’ da shit ya do. To learn dat you are gonna pay fo’ what you did to Richie and you are gonna pay HARD! You and little Caitlyn are now in a world of SHIT!"

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 8) ;D Oh my god..can't wait for more Vile!!

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He took the gun and pressed the barrel into Nikki’s mouth.

 “NOW, start suckin’! Like it’s a cock!” he ordered.

  Nikki began sliding her mouth back and forth along the barrel of the gun, tears streaming down her cheeks. Lamar took his hand away from her throat. He snapped his fingers and pointed at Caitlyn.

  “Do ’er, boys!” he yelled out. “And Nikki here, is gonna fuckin’ watch!”

  The three men standing in the shadows suddenly came forward. One of the black guys, Eddy, spoke.

  “Sonuvabitch! Ain’t never fucked a white girl before and ‘specially not one dis fuckin’ hot!”

  “She’s nice and young, too!” said Travis, leering at her. “Should be fuckin’ tight!”

  Caitlyn began to scream, shaking her head back and forth, her body straining at the ropes around her arms.

  Nikki glanced over in horror as the 3 men formed a circle around Caitlyn. Travis untied the ropes holding her to the pillar. He then wrapped an arm across her throat and twisted her left arm up behind her back. Caitlyn squealed in pain.

  Eddy grabbed the front of her white blouse with both hands and ripped it open, the buttons flying in all directions. Kneeling down in front of her, he undid the button on her Capri pants and pulled down the zipper. Hooking his thick fingers in the waistband, he began to yank the pants down over her slender hips. Caitlyn fought desperately, trying to twist away. She kicked out with one of her long legs.

  “Let’s get the little bitch down on da mattress!” yelled Eddy.

  Travis took his arm away from around her throat and grabbed her left arm with both hands. Tyrone moved in and grabbed her right arm. Eddy wrapped his arms around both of Caitlyn’s legs. Caitlyn threw her head back, screaming and squealing as the three men carried her over towards a filthy mattress in the center of the floor. She frantically twisted and flailed as they pulled her down onto the mattress.

  Travis and Tyrone held her down by her arms as Eddy straddled her. Grabbing the fabric with both hands and savagely tugging, Eddy finally succeeded in yanking her pants down off her legs. He threw them into a corner. The three men stared hungrily at her slim, tanned teenage body. She continued to struggle against the ones holding her arms.

  Caitlyn was now clad only in a pink bra and matching pink bikini panties. Reaching into a back pocket of his pants, Eddy produced a switchblade knife. It made a loud CLICK as the sharp blade popped out. Caitlyn’s eyes grew big and she screamed.


Running his tongue across his lips, Eddy grabbed the front of her bra and slid the blade under it, slicing it open.

  “Holy fuck!” exclaimed Tyrone breathlessly. “Those are some fuckin’ nice titties!”

  Eddy wrapped his fingers in the waistband of Caitlyn’s panties, pulling them away from her body. He slipped the knife blade inside the leg of her panties and gave a sharp tug, cutting them away from her.


  Eddy glanced down, an excited smile on his face as he saw the small triangle of wispy blonde hair between her legs. Caitlyn continued to twist and struggle as Eddy pushed a knee between her thighs to force them apart. Quickly, he undid his pants, pulling them down.

  Caitlyn’s face paled as she saw his large 9 1/2 inch erection jutting out from between his legs.
  Eddy nodded to Travis. “Take ‘er gag off. I wanna hear her scream when I stick it in.”

Travis took a hand and pulled the gag down off Caitlyn’s mouth. Immediately, a blood-curdling scream erupted from the blonde girl.

 Meanwhile, Lamar had removed the gun from Nikki’s mouth. He turned to watch the horrific spectacle unfolding on the mattress.
  “LET HER GO, YOU BASTARDS!!!” screeched Nikki. “She didn’t do anything!”

  Lamar gripped Nikki by the throat with a powerful hand.

 “Shut da fuck up! They’re just finishin’ the job Richie tried to do last night ‘til YOU fucked it up.”

  Lamar turned back to the 3 men. “Fuck ‘er Eddy! HARD!” he ordered.

  Caitlyn continued to thrash and buck as Eddy reached down between his legs and guided his big cock to her vagina.

 “NNNNNOOOOOOO!NNNNNNNOOOOOOO!” pleaded Caitlyn hysterically. “I’M A VIRGIN!”

  Eddy’s eyes lit up as he heard that.
  “A virgin, huh? Well, say good-bye to yo’ cherry, bitch!”

  Eddy put his hand up to his mouth and spit into his palm. He wiped it across her pink slit as she continued to buck and thrash. Raising his left hand, Eddy backhanded her viciously across the face, the slap resounding loudly through the room.

 “OWWWWWAAAAAIIIIIIEEEE” Caitlyn squealed in pain. Blood dribbled from a cut under her eye.

  “That’ll fuckin’ settle ya down!” he snarled.

  With Caitlyn still half-dazed from the savage slap, Eddy grabbed the young girl by her slender hips and dropped his weight down onto her, the thick shaft of his cock tearing her hymen open in a single savage thrust. Caitlyn’s whole body went rigid, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. She let out an inhuman shriek, as though her very heart were being ripped from her chest.

  “CAITLYNNNNNNNN!” screamed Nikki.
  Eddy hesitated for a moment, then ground his hips into her, giving a satisfied grunt as he felt the tight walls of her virgin pussy gripping his entire length.

  “OH MAN!” he exclaimed loudly. “I ain’t NEVER fucked nothing so tight in my fuckin’ life!”

  He began to vigorously pump in and out of the screaming, sobbing teenager, revelling in the feeling of his body slapping against the silky smooth, tanned skin of Caitlyn’s inner thighs. Her body came up off the mattress with every thrust.

  “NIKKI! HELP ME! MOMMY! DADDY!“ Caitlyn pathetically pleaded.

  “Awww, she wants her daddy!” laughed Travis.

  The other two men continued to pin her arms down above her head as Eddy dug his hands into her hips. Sweat began to run down his face from exertion. He leaned down, his mouth over her face.

“I’m her daddy now!” he panted.

   His tongue snaked out and ran across her cheek and across the bridge of her nose.
Caitlyn shrieked with revulsion.

 Nikki watched with a look of absolute horror etched across her face, as the black man brutally raped her friend. Suddenly, she felt Lamar behind her, untying the ropes on her arms.

Grabbing her by the back of the neck and placing the gun against her cheek, he said, “ Come on! You comin’ wit’ me! Da boys got dis situation undah control.”

 “NO! CAITLYN! I CAN’T LEAVE HER!” cried Nikki, trying to pull away from Lamar.

  He tightened his grip on Nikki’s neck and yanked her back towards him.

  “I said, let’s go!” he growled menacingly. “’Fo’ I blow yo’ fuckin’ brains out on da floor, bitch!”

  Nikki tried looking back as Lamar dragged her across the room towards a doorway. Caitlyn’s screams continued to reverberate throughout the room as Eddy’s savage assault on her body ensued.

  Caitlyn could hear Nikki but couldn‘t see her.


  Lamar pulled Nikki through the doorway into an adjacent room. The room was smaller than the one they had just left. It was dimly lit from the light coming in from two windows. Lamar pushed Nikki face-first up against a wall. He shoved the gun into his back pocket.

  He reached around in front of Nikki and began to undo her jeans. Nikki tried pushing his hands away as he began tugging at her pants.

  “NO! NO! PLEASE! NO!” she begged.

  “Shut up, slut!“ Lamar hissed in her ear. “You gonna get a fuckin’ and dere ain’t nuthin’ you can do!”

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Keeping her pressed against the wall, Lamar managed to get Nikki’s jeans pulled halfway down her hips. His hands moved up her body and under her t-shirt. He found her bra and ripped it open with one yank. Then he shoved her shirt up over her tits.

  He wrapped his big hands around them, squeezing and pinching. Nikki squealed in fright and pain as Lamar mauled her soft breasts.

  “Fuck, white girl, you got a nice set o’ tits!” he breathed in her ear. “I might just have tuh fuck’em later!”

  His hands moved back down her body, enjoying the sensation of her smooth skin. With both hands, he tore her thong panties from her. He shoved a rough hand down between her legs, running it across her shaved pussy.

  “AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” Nikki gasped as Lamar forced two thick fingers inside her. She could feel them probing inside her.

  “Yeah, I could just tell you weren’t no virgin!,” commented Lamar. “You’ve had cock before. But I bet you ain’t NEVER had black cock. Well, Lamar got some NICE meat for ya, baby!”

  “Oh God, NOOOOOO!” pleaded Nikki, tears beginning to stream down her face. She could not believe the nightmare she was finding herself in. And to think she had dragged her friend into it as well. Poor, innocent Caitlyn!

  She could clearly hear the blonde girl’s frenzied screams and cries from the other room. Nikki could only imagine the horror and pain Caitlyn must be going through as the three men savagely gang-raped her!
  Caitlyn had never hurt anybody in her whole life and had certainly done nothing to deserve the horrific fate that had befallen her. Why, oh why, had they even decided to come to Sin Street last night? wondered Nikki regretfully. Now look at the mess they were in. And it was ALL her fault!

   She suddenly heard the sound of a zipper. Lamar had pulled his fingers out of her and was busily pulling down his own pants. She felt his thick penis brush against her leg. Her whole body tensed and her heart pounded with fear. He was massive!

“Yeah, dat’s right,” Lamar breathed in her ear. “It’s fuckin’ big! Eleven inches! Just made fo’ fuckin’ little white girls like you!”

  “PLEASE!” gasped Nikki. “Let us go! We-we‘ll just l-leave! I don‘t even care if I get my phone back. Just let me and C-Caitlyn go. PLEASE! I BEG YOU!”

  “Only thing you gonna be beggin‘ fo‘ is mercy, bitch!” snarled Lamar.

  He grabbed one of Nikki‘s arms and twisted it up hard behind her back, slamming her face against the wall. He tried to kick her legs farther apart, but they were restricted by her jeans. He guided his monster cock up to her pussy.
  Tears began to stream down Nikki’s face as she felt the thick head part her outer lips. Bracing herself, she prepared for the inevitable.

  Lamar clenched his buttocks as he thrust upwards into Nikki, the force driving the helpless girl into the wall. The rough plaster scratched and dug into her face.

  “UUUUUGGGHHHHAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!” she screamed as Lamar‘s thick shaft tore at the tight, dry walls of her vagina.

  “Dat’s fo’ Richie!” he spat. “And so’s dis one!”

  He pulled back so the head of his cock was almost out of her and thrust into her again with unbelievable force. To Nikki, it felt like he was going right up into her stomach! The whole wall seemed to shake.

  Lamar let out out a satisfied grunt.

  “AAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!“ Nikki screamed again.

  “Only just getting started, girlie!” Lamar panted. “Dat tight cunt o’ yours puttin’ me in heaven! Damn you feel good!”

  Lamar began a steady, savage rhythm, his muscular thighs flexing as his thick, long cock slammed in and out of Nikki. He looked down to see her pussy stretched wide around his large, black shaft. His cock was streaked with her blood.

   In the neighboring room, Eddy was close to climax as he hammered in and out of Caitlyn’s firm, tight cunt. She continued to scream and sob. Eddy increased the speed of his thrusts until, finally, his whole body shuddered as he dumped his load deep into the squealing, bucking young teen.

  “NNNNNOOOOOO! OH GOD! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO! NOT INSIDE ME! PLEAAASSSSSE! NOT INSIDE ME!” Caitlyn hysterically cried as she felt the thick stream of cum shooting into her.

  “Too late, bitch! You ‘n me gonna make a beautiful little baby!” sneered Eddy as he ground his hips hard against Caitlyn, holding himself inside her. The agonized look on her face was priceless.

  He finally, reluctantly, pulled out. His penis made a grotesque, slurping sound. Eddy looked down at Caitlyn. Her inner thighs were horribly smeared with a mess of blood and cum, oozing out of her.
  Eddy was dripping with sweat as he stood up.

 “Like a fuckin’ Barbie doll, bro’s! She’s just like fuckin’ a goddamn Barbie doll! Damn sweet ‘n tight!”

  “My turn now!” yelled Travis excitedly. He and Tyrone let go of Caitlyn’s arms. Travis grabbed her by the shoulders and flipped her onto her stomach.

  “Oh God! N-n-no m-m-more! Pleasssse!” Caitlyn feebly begged. Her voice was hoarse from screaming.

  “Don’t worry,cunt!” chuckled Travis as he proceeded to push Caitlyn’s legs apart. “We just getting started!”
   A loud thumping noise caught the mens’ attention and they turned to look. A loud scream came from the adjacent room. The scream was followed by a second large thump against the wall. Tyrone turned and gave Eddy a high-five.

 “Goddamn, sounds like Lamar is givin’ dat bitch a GOOD fuckin’!”

  The two men laughed and then turned back to watch Travis.
   Travis positioned himself behind Caitlyn and hurriedly pulled his pants down to his knees. His erect penis stuck out menacingly from under his shirt. He was not quite as large as Eddy, only about 8 inches, but very thick with a shaft that had a peculiar upward curve.
  He grabbed a handful of Caitlyn’s long blonde hair as he jammed his hips forward, his cock driving effortlessy into her.
Caitlyn wasn’t even able to scream this time. She simply stared straight ahead with a glassy look in her eyes. In her struggles, her ponytail had come loose. Her hair hung down over her face and around her shoulders.
   Her mouth was open, slobber running down her chin. Painful groans escaped from her mouth as Travis pounded furiously in and out of her.


 Travis laid his whole weight down onto her as he put her into a half-nelson hold. He licked the side of her face.

 “Mmmmm! You taste good!” he whispered in her ear. “And you are SO fuckin’ hot! You‘re like one of them girls wouldn‘t give me the time o‘ day back in high school. Now‘s time fer some payback!” 

   His balls slapped hard against Caitlyn’s bruised thighs as he jackhammered her cunt mercilessly. The walls of her pussy squeezed him tightly  It wasn’t long before he too, spewed a hard stream of gooey semen up into the beautiful blonde. Tears streamed down her face as she felt his cock jerk and spasm inside her.

  Tyrone was pulling his pants down before Travis was barely even finished.
  “Outta mah way, muthafucker!” he yelled. “I wanna fuck dis li’l blonde ho’ so hard, gonna split her in half!”

  His massive, black, ten inch erection dangled between his legs. Drops of pre-cum glistened on the tip of the large purple head!
  Travis had pulled out of Caitlyn and began pulling his pants up. He looked over his shoulder at the black man standing there.

  “Yeah, yeah, I’m getting outta the way fer you and yer horse-dick!” he joked.

 “You might have to plug yo’ ears,” Tyrone said with an evil smile. “I gonna make this little hottie squeal!”

  Caitlyn lay on the mattress, too weak to even make an attempt to crawl away. Her legs were partly spread and her arms hung limply by her sides. Her eyes were red and blood-shot from crying and had a distant, dazed look. Her torn blouse and bra still clung to her body.

   Tyrone grabbed the remains of her blouse and bra and tore them off her. He used the blouse to wipe the cum and blood off her inner thighs, then rolled her onto her back. Tyrone took the shirt and pushed it into Caitlyn’s mouth, gagging her once again.
  Staring with wide fear-filled eyes at the black man’s mammoth penis, Caitlyn found a new reserve of energy. Letting out a muffled squeal of terror, she tried to bring up a leg to kick at Tyrone. He slapped it away and grabbed her arms, pulling them above her head.

  “Grab ‘er ankles!” he shouted as he wrapped one meaty hand around both her wrists.

  Eddy and Travis each grabbed one of her ankles and pulled her long, athletic legs wide apart. Tyrone began to guide his huge erection up to Caitlyn’s red, swollen vagina opening. He slowly began to force himself inside her, rotating his hips as he pushed. He gave a sigh of ecstasy as he felt her tight cunt wrap around him.

  Caitlyn’s face turned pale and her eyes rolled back. Tyrone’s large penis continued to spread the walls of her pussy apart. He suddenly drove his hips forward, impaling her with the entire huge shaft.


 “OHHHHHHHHHH!” groaned Tyrone! “Fuckin’ heaven, man!”

  With the other two men holding her legs, Tyrone let go of Caitlyn’s wrists and lifted her up off the mattress by her slender waist. He looked down, his eyes roaming across the girl’s athletic, tanned body. Slowly, he began sliding his cock in and out of the teen as she arched her back and screamed. Her arms flailed wildly at her sides as she dug her fingers into the filthy mattress.

  Caitlyn suddenly went limp, her head flopping to the side. Her eyes went shut and her mouth hung open.

  “Holy shit!” exclaimed Travis. “Did we kill the little tramp?”

 “Fuck that shit!” sneered Tyrone. “She ain’t getting out of it dat easy. I think da bitch just passed out!”

Tyrone leaned down and took one of Caitlyn’s bare breasts in his mouth. He bit down hard.

   Caitlyn’s eyes suddenly flew wide open and a muffled scream burst from her. “MMMMMMMMMMMFFFFF!”

   Tyrone began to increase the force of his thrusts. His huge cock made a wet, slurping sound as it pistoned back and forth. The tight walls of Caitlyn‘s young cunt seemed to squeeze and pull on him, increasing his pleasure.
Caitlyn dug her fingernails into his shoulders and tried to push the large black man off her, to no avail, of course.
  Eddy and Travis let go of her legs as Tyrone suddenly pulled Caitlyn in tight against him. His legs slapped against the smooth flesh of her thighs making a loud FWAP! FWAP! FWAP! sound.

  He threw his head back and let out a loud bellow, “OHHHH FUCK YEAHHHHH!” as he felt his balls tighten.

 His cock spewed a large load of cum into the battered, sobbing girl. Tyrone continued to thrust savagely as his body shuddered in the throes of orgasm. After a couple minutes, he pulled out of her, a long string of cum dangling from the head of his cock. He looked down at the blood-streaked shaft.

  “Damn, girl! I ain’t had a fuckin’ like dat in a LONG time! Man, you is tight!”

 He wiped his slimy dick on the mattress.
  Caitlyn rolled up into a fetal position on the mattress. Her long, blonde hair hung loosely around her face.
  Eddy reached down and pulled the wadded-up shirt out of her mouth. He grabbed her by the wrists and began to drag her across the floor towards an old couch along one wall.

 “Time to put yo’ pretty li’l mouth to work!“ he said with a lascivious grin.

“Let’s see how good you is at takin’ black cock down yo’ throat!”

 “N-n-n-nooooooo! Pl-pl-please! N-n-nooooo!” Caitlyn frantically pleaded, her voice barely audible.

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  Nikki could still hear the sound of Caitlyn’s screams and the laughter and jeers of the men as her friend’s horrific ordeal continued. Her own rape at the hands of Lamar also carried on. The muscular black man’s thick cock pistoned in and out of Nikki’s pussy. The walls of her vagina gripped him tight like a silk glove.

  “AHHHHHH!……..AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!……..AAAAAHHHH!” she squealed in pain with every thrust.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as her face was mashed against the wall. Lamar’s large hands grabbed at her tits, squeezing and mauling them. He had his mouth by her right ear.

  She felt his hot breath on the side of her face.
  “OHHHH……YEAHHHH!” he panted. “Oh girl, you feel soooo good! SO fuckin’ tight! Da way I like it! Too bad Richie didn’t get to do dis! Oh, he woulda loved you!”
He began pumping harder as he approached climax. His balls slapped against the back of Nikki’s legs. Suddenly, he let out a loud gasp as his balls released their load into Nikki.
   The dark-haired teen let out a wail as she felt the hot stream of semen coat her insides.


  Lamar pulled out of Nikki, his cock glistening wetly in the dim light. Her legs too weak to hold her up, Nikki slid down the wall, collapsing in a heap on the floor. Her jeans were bunched around her knees, her t-shirt still pushed up over her ample tits. She sobbed uncontrollably as she looked down at her blood-streaked thighs.

  Lamar wiped himself off using her shirt, then zipped up his pants. He grabbed Nikki by the hair and yanked her to her feet.

 “AAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE!” she shrieked in pain.

  “Come on, you crackuh slut! Fun ain’t done yet,” he growled. “Let’s get back to da party!”

 Lamar pulled Nikki along impatiently by her hair as they went back into the other room. With her jeans around her knees, Nikki could only shuffle her feet as she tried to walk. She noticed she no longer heard screams coming from the room. As they entered, she saw the reason for the silence.

  Over along the far wall, she saw an old tattered couch. One of the gang members was sitting on the couch, his pants pulled down around his ankles. Nikki saw the slender form of Caitlyn kneeling down in front of the black man, her head between his thick black thighs. Her blonde hair hung down her back.
  The man held a hand on the back of Caitlyn’s head as it bobbed up and down slowly. Nikki heard faint choking and gagging noises coming from the blonde teen. Caitlyn’s hands were also between the man’s legs wrapped around the large shaft of his penis. With a sick feeling in her stomach, Nikki knew exactly what was happening.

  The three men saw Lamar and Nikki enter. Eddy, sitting on the couch, raised a hand and gave a thumbs-up sign.

 “Yo man! Hey! Dis li’l girl sucks cock like a pro. Says she ain’t sucked dick before but ah don’t believe her!”

  Lamar smiled. “Well Eddy, you get all finished dere, and den I’ll find out fo’ mahself.”

  He let go of Nikki’s hair and gave her a push towards Travis and Tyrone! “Here!” he said. “She’s yo’s!”

  Tyrone grabbed Nikki by the arm and pulled her towards the mattress on the floor.

  “LET ME GO, YOU PIG!” shrieked Nikki, as she tried to pull away from him.

  Tyrone backhanded her hard across the face, knocking her to the floor. He gave her a hard kick to the mid-section, making her squeal in pain.

  “Get on that fuckin’ mattress, you white cow! Before I kick your goddamn face in!” he yelled.

   Grabbing her wrists, he dragged her across the floor towards the mattress that had earlier been the site of Caitlyn’s savage gang-rape. Travis grabbed her wildly kicking legs. As Tyrone pinned her arms down, Travis pulled her shoes and pants off her.

  “Sonuvabitch! Lookit them tits!“ exclaimed Travis, staring with wide-eyed excitement at Nikki’s 36D breasts jutting up from her chest. He pushed her white t-shirt farther up over them.

  Travis bent down and ran his tongue across Nikki’s flat stomach and up across her tits. He took one large breast in his mouth and sucked and bit on the nipple. Nikki’s body twisted and bucked. As Travis began pulling down his pants, Tyrone lifted her up so her head and shoulders were resting against his chest. He held her tight to him with his arms under hers. In this position he was free to squeeze and maul her tits.

   Travis had his pants down and was pushing her slim, tanned legs apart as he moved in between them. Lifting her by the hips, he thrust his thick cock into her tight opening.


  Travis gave a smile as his hips slammed forward, penetrating her right to the hilt.
  “OH…..YEAH!” he grunted. “Fuckin’ tight just like the other one!”

  Travis began fucking Nikki with long, hard thrusts, his balls slapping against her inner thighs.
  Tyrone squeezed and pinched her soft nipples as he kissed and licked her neck. Nikki tried to twist away from him, squealing and whimpering.
  Over at the couch, Caitlyn’s torture continued. Her mouth was  stretched wide around Eddy’s hard cock. Slobber ran down her chin as she furiously sucked and licked on the first 3 or 4 inches of his large penis. She had both hands wrapped around his shaft and stroked up and down. Eddy looked down at the pretty blonde teen, his mouth hanging open. He ran his hand through her silky blonde hair.

  “Ohhhhh!” he sighed. “Yo’  sweet mouth sure feel good on my cock, honey!”

   Caitlyn had never had a man’s penis in her mouth, much less one this big. She gagged as Eddy pushed deeper into her mouth. His cock suddenly jerked as he blew a large load into her throat. Caitlyn instinctively tried to pull away but Eddy put both hands on the back of her head, holding her as he lifted his hips off the couch.

  “Come on girl! Swallow dat cum, like the li’l cum-eating ho’ dat you is!” he snarled.

   Caitlyn coughed and gagged violently as the vile liquid sprayed into her throat. Driblets of cum seeped out of her mouth and down her chin. Eddy grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth off his cock. Caitlyn’s chest heaved as she coughed and gasped, trying to catch her breath.

  “See,” Eddy said. “Dat wasn’t so bad. I told ya, ya’d like suckin’ cock! You was pretty good, too. Ya got a real nice mouth!”

 Lamar unzipped his pants and pulled them down. He plopped down on the couch beside Eddy. Caitlyn’s eyes grew big at the sight of his eleven-inch monster standing erect. She began to shake her head back and forth.

  “N-n-no! I-I-I can’t p-put th-that in my m-mouth!” she whimpered.

  Lamar grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face towards his crotch.

  “Okay, den!” Lamar said menacingly. “ I get a couple guys to hold you down and I fuckin’ RAM it down yo’ throat! You want it dat way? Huh?”

  “NO!” replied Caitlyn. “I-I-I’ll do it!”

 She heard Nikki scream and glanced over her shoulder at the two men violently raping her friend on the mattress.
   Lamar grabbed her head and turned it back towards him.

  “You jus’ worry ‘bout yo’ problems!” Lamar snapped. “Now git suckin’ on mah balls!”

   Caitlyn eyed the large black man’s hair-covered ball sac with disgust. She reached out and took one of his balls in her small hand. Closing her eyes, she dipped her head down and slid the ball into her mouth. The tangy taste of his sweat made her gag a little bit.
  She began to suck on it, running her tongue around in circles. After a few minutes she moved to the other testicle and did the same. Lamar held his hand on the back of her head, keeping her face pressed into his crotch.

  “Dat’s it, Caitie,” Lamar sighed. “Now, you can start on mah dick.”

   Caitlyn moved her head up to Lamar’s massive shaft. Her tongue began moving up and down its length and she wrapped her hands around the base. Tears streamed down her face as she looked up at Lamar with her big green eyes.
  Slowly, her trembling lips wrapped around the huge head of his cock. Lamar sucked in his breath at the sensation of her warm, wet mouth enveloping him. She began moving her head up and down on his rock-hard cock, taking in the first couple inches. Her hands stroked the shaft.

  “OH! Baby!” Lamar whispered, his mouth hanging open and a small drop of slobber running down his chin.

 He looked down at the slender, tanned teenage girl kneeling between his legs. Her moist, pink lips were wrapped tightly around his cock and her long, blonde hair hung down over her shoulders and her eyes. “I think you was BORN to suck cock!”

Lamar lifted his hips slightly as he tried to push himself farther into Caitlyn’s mouth. Her cheeks bulged out and her face turned red as she felt his giant penis restricting her airway. She gagged.

  “Through yo’ nose, girl!” Lamar instructed. “Gotta learn to breathe through yo’ nose!”

   As Lamar felt himself getting closer to climax, he suddenly wrapped a handful of her long hair in his fist and pulled her head down onto him. She gagged violently as she felt the head of his cock forced into her throat. She put her hands on his thighs and tried to push herself away from him.
  Lamar’s hips bucked and he groaned as a deluge of cum shot down the struggling girl’s throat. Lamar could see the muscles in her neck straining as she fought to swallow it all. She gagged loudly and her chest and stomach began to heave.

  “Fuck, bitch! Don’t you be pukin’ on me!” Lamar growled.

He quickly pulled her off him, cum and slobber dripping from her mouth . She crawled away to a corner beside the couch and began to vomit.

  “Dat was close!” chuckled Eddy.

“Better get used to havin’ a gut fulla cum, girl,” said Lamar as he watched her with amusement.

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 Over on the mattress, Travis slammed his hips hard against Nikki as he came deep inside her. His mouth hung open, eyes shut as he felt her vagina involuntarily contract around his hard cock, squeezing and gripping it tight.

  “Sonuvabitch!” he gasped, sweat running down his face. “That was awesome!”

   “Come on, man!” said Tyrone impatiently. “Let me have a go at dis li’l slut!”

   Travis pulled out of Nikki, his cock making a wet sound as it slipped free of her tight cunt. Tyrone released his hold on her and came around so he was between her legs. He quickly pulled down his pants and pulled out his large erect cock. Pinning her wrists down above her, he rammed himself into the helpless teen.
   Her eyes rolled back and she screamed as she felt the massive shaft spread her pussy wide.


   Tyrone’s hips worked back and forth as he raped her viciously and relentlessly, each thrust lifting her body off the mattress.

Lamar had pulled Caitlyn back up on to the couch. He forced her to straddle his lap.
  “Come on, bitch!” he said. “You gonna learn how tuh ride cock now!”

  Caitlyn pleaded in a small, barely audible voice.

 “P-p-please, m-m-mister! I-I can’t d-d-do this! P-please l-l-let me go!”

  “Shut da fuck up, you l’il whining cunt!” Lamar hissed. He had Nikki’s handgun lying beside him on the couch. He picked it up, shoving the barrel between her lips. The blonde teen’s eyes grew large with terror, her mouth wrapped around the cool metal.

  “Now fuckin’ ride mah cock or get yo’ fuckin’ head blown off. Ah’m getting tired of yo’ cryin’ and bitchin’! AM I CLEAR?”

  Caitlyn nodded her head up and down, tears running down her cheeks.
  Lamar pulled the gun out of her mouth.
 “Dat’s good! I’d hate to have tuh get rid of a fine piece o’ ass like yo’s.”

Setting the gun back down, Lamar placed his hands on Caitlyn’s slender hips as he positioned her over top his cock. As she braced her hands against his chest, he pulled her down on top of him. Caitlyn sucked in her breath and let out a sharp squeal of pain as she felt the large head of Lamar’s penis enter her. She tried to pull up off him but Lamar dug his hands into her ass cheeks and forced her down farther on his member.

   “Holy mutha-FUCK!” he exclaimed breathlessly. “You’s even tighter ‘n yo’ friend!”

   “Like I told da other guys,” piped up Eddy. “She’s just like  fuckin’ a Barbie doll!”

 “You got dat right, Eddy!” beamed Lamar.

He gripped Caitlyn firmly by the ass cheeks as he started to move her up and down on his cock. He pulled her body closer to him and his tongue snaked out to lick across her nipples.
  Caitlyn squirmed and whimpered in discomfort. The black man’s massive cock pushed the walls of her cunt out as far as they could stretch. Lamar grunted and groaned with pleasure.

  Tyrone pumped furiously in and out of Nikki. She had ceased her screams and now just lay with her eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling, just wishing for the vile man’s assault to come to an end. Tyrone continued to keep her wrists pinned down above her head as he pounded her body into the mattress. His face was right down by hers, his hot breath against her cheek as he grunted with exertion.

  Suddenly he stopped and pulled out of her, letting go of her wrists. Moving up to straddle her chest, he pressed his slimy cock between her breasts. He began moving his body back and forth, holding her tits tightly around his cock. The head was almost poking against her chin.
   Nikki grimaced in revulsion as she realized what he was doing to her. She was being tit-fucked! The head of his cock suddenly erupted, spraying a deluge of cum across her upper chest and her chin. Nikki whimpered and sobbed in utter humiliation.

   Tyrone picked up Caitlyn’s ripped blouse lying beside the mattress and wiped himself clean. Eddy gave him a high-five as he stood up.

   “Okay, boys! Now we gonna have some REAL fun! “ said Eddy to Travis and Tyrone. “I gonna need you two to hold ’er down. And hold ’er down good, too! I gonna bust that sweet little ass WIDE open!”

  “OH GOD! OH GOD! NOOOOOOO! NOT THAT!”  screamed Nikki.

She tried to scramble up off the mattress. Travis grabbed her by the hair and yanked her backwards. At the same time he gave her a brutal slap across the face.

  “You ain’t goin’ nowhere, bitch!” he growled.

  He and Tyrone flipped the struggling, squirming girl onto her stomach. They each grabbed one of her legs and pulled them wide apart as Eddy pulled his pants down and kneeled on the mattress behind her.

Lamar leaned back on the couch as he admired the beautiful curves of the eighteen-year-old riding his cock. He slid his hands up her tanned thighs, across her buttocks and up the gorgeous curve of her back. He put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her towards his face. He forced his tongue between her lips and into her mouth. She tried to pull back but he held her there, probing the soft warmth of her mouth, his tongue pushing to the back of her throat.

   Taking his tongue out of her mouth, he began to suck and bite on her small pink nipples, causing her to gasp in pain. Then he pulled her off  him and pushed her down onto her back on the couch. Lamar pushed Caitlyn’s long legs wide apart and bent them at the knees.

  “Time fo’ the fuckin’ o’ yo’ life now!” he said.

   Kneeling on the couch, he lowered himself onto the terrified young girl, guiding his large cock into her effortlessly.

  “OHHHHHHHH!“ he sighed in sheer ecstasy.

Her vaginal muscles,  becoming more accustomed to the monster dick, contracted around him, almost as though it was pulling him in. He pulled his hips back and thrust into her brutally, slamming her body down into the couch cushions.
  A painful scream erupted from Caitlyn’s throat.


 He began a slow steady rhythm of savage thrusts. The old couch shook back and forth, groaning under the stress. Lamar pinned her arms above her head as he pounded into the screaming girl.
   Lamar heard an ear-splitting shriek coming from Nikki. He looked over to where the 3 men had her held down on the mattress. Tyrone and Travis were holding her legs and Eddy had his large black cock buried halfway into her tight ass. Eddy twisted his hips side to side as he forced his hard cock deeper into her.
  Nikki’s head was thrown back, her eyes rolled up towards the ceiling. Her screams echoed off the walls of the large room. Eddy put his hand on the back of her head and pushed it down into the mattress.


 With a hard thrust of his hips, he finally buried his cock all the way into Nikki’s ass. She continued to scream, her hands digging into the mattress. Her body bucked and jerked as Eddy began driving in and out of her.

   “I know how to keep her quiet!” said Tyrone.

  Letting go of her leg, he moved around in front of the girl. His large cock was hard once again. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up.

  “Open yo’ mouth, slut!” he ordered.

  Before Nikki could react, Tyrone was pushing the huge head of his cock between her lips. He shoved his hips forward, pushing to the back of her throat.

   “GGGGGAAAACCCCKKKKK!” Nikki gagged violently.

A stream of snot shot out her nose as she struggled to breathe. “Yeah! Gonna give you a good face-fuckin’!” sneered Tyrone.

   “YEAHHHH!” whooped Travis at the sight of the hot dark-haired teen being assaulted in both her ass and mouth.
   Eddy wrapped his big hands around Nikki’s slender waist as he continued pumping his cock into her ass. Tyrone held her head in both hands as he raped her mouth.


 Nikki gagged and gargled as slobber ran down her chin and she fought to keep from choking to death from Tyrone’s large cock filling her throat.

  Over on the couch, Lamar continued his relentless assault on Caitlyn. His thrusts increased in tempo as he felt his balls tighten. Picking her up by the hips, his muscular thighs made a loud slapping sound against Caitlyn’s body. His buttocks clenched  as he held himself inside the young blonde girl, feeling jets of semen gush from the head of his cock. He collapsed on top of her, sweat running down his face, continuing to revel in the tightness of her cunt gripping his black penis.

   “Whoa, girl! You is one FINE fuck!” he panted. He licked up the side of her  neck and face. Caitlyn stared straight up at the ceiling, emotionless.



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After a couple minutes, he finally pushed himself up and pulled out of  her. He flopped back on the couch with a satisfied grin across his face. Lamar watched as the action over at the mattress came to a climax. He pulled Caitlyn up into a sitting position beside him and wrapped a big arm around her. He motioned towards Nikki and the other men.

  “Ya see dere? She getting everything she deserves. She killed Richie and now she payin’ for it! BIG time!” he laughed.

  Caitlyn stared with horror at her friend being sandwiched between Eddy and Tyrone. Eddy had her body lifted right off the mattress as he savagely sodomized her and Tyrone slid his cock in and out of her mouth. Nikki’s body was bathed in sweat. Her hands pushed against Tyrone’s legs. Travis stood behind Tyrone, his own erect cock pulled out as he awaited his turn in her mouth.

  Eddy arched his back as his hips slapped against the back of Nikki’s smooth legs.


  He reached under her and grabbed and squeezed her tits as he reached climax. His thick black cock sprayed a deluge of cum into her incredibly tight anus.

   Tyrone came in Nikki’s mouth at the same time. She gagged and choked as thick gobs of his semen shot into her throat. Tyrone held her head firmly on his cock, handfuls of her silky dark hair wrapped in his fists. He thrust his hips into her face.

  “Fuck, yeah! Swallow it all, bitch!” he said as he looked down at the girl, a small dribble of drool running from the corner of his mouth.

   Tyrone pulled his cock out of Nikki’s mouth and wiped it off in her hair. Slobber ran down her chin. Nikki barely had time to catch her breath and Travis was in front of her, pushing his thick penis into her mouth. She made a small gagging sound as he shoved his hips forward.

“OHHHHHHH!” he sighed.

Eddy slipped his cock out of her anus. His shaft was streaked with Nikki’s blood. He wiped it off on her jeans, which were lying on the floor beside the mattress. As Eddy stood up, Lamar got up from the couch and walked over to the mattress.

  He clapped Eddy on the back. “Good job,brothah!”

Eddy turned and smiled at Lamar. “Oh, she got a sweet ass, Lamar! Fuckin’ TIGHT!”

  Lamar kneeled on the mattress behind Nikki and grabbed her by the hips. He began to push his massive cock into her ass. Her eyes grew big and she tried to scream.

 Caitlyn sat on the couch, her legs pulled up to her chest. She knew there was absolutely nothing she could do to help her friend. She looked up fearfully as Tyrone and Eddy approached the couch. Caitlyn  tried to scoot across the couch, away from them.

  The two of them grabbed her arms and legs and dragged the kicking, struggling girl over to the mattress. They stretched her out facedown beside Nikki.
“I need mah cock down yo’ throat, girl!” Tyrone growled.

   Kneeling on the mattress, with his knees on either side of Caitlyn’s head, he forced her mouth open. He pushed his large cock into the helpless girl’s mouth as she violently gagged. Hovering over her, the black man began sliding his cock in and out.

“Dose guys was right!” Tyrone moaned. “You DO got a sweet mouth!”

  Meanwhile, Eddy had positioned himself behind her. His eyes wide with anticipation, he guided his hard cock up to her pussy lips. With an animal-like grunt, he slammed his hips forward, driving himself inside the blonde teen.

  “MMMMPPPPHHHHHH!” Caitlyn squealed, muffled by Tyrone’s cock inside her mouth.

 “Holy shit!” gasped Eddy. “Can’t get ovah how tight yo’ pussy is, girl! Ah could fuck you fo’ hours!”
  Next to them on the mattress, Travis suddenly mashed his hips against Nikki’s face as his dick gushed cum into her mouth.


  Nikki’s throat muscles worked hard as she was forced to swallow.

  Lamar continued pumping in and out of her ass like a madman, lifting her knees off the mattress with every savage stroke. As Travis pulled out of her mouth, a painful cry escaped from her throat. It was more similar to the  sound a wounded animal might make, than a human being. The pain of Lamar’s savage assault becoming too much to bear, Nikki’s eyes suddenly rolled up into her head and she collapsed unconscious on the mattress. Lamar kept on pumping, oblivious to her.

   Tyrone pushed his thick cock in and out of Caitlyn’s mouth. He looked down to watch her lips wrapped around his large girth. The head of his cock pressed against the back of her throat. His hips bucked as he felt himself release into her mouth. By this time, Caitlyn’s throat was so sore, she was barely able to swallow. More than half of it ended up running out her mouth and down her chin. She coughed hard, a small stream of cum shooting out her nose.

  Behind her Eddy was vigorously pounding at Caitlyn’s battered vagina. He was pulling back each time so he was almost out of her and then driving his whole length back into her. Her whole body shook and shuddered with every thrust. Pressing her down onto the mattress, Eddy laid his whole weight onto her as he exploded inside her tight confines.

  Eddy and Tyrone got up from the mattress, looking down at the bruised and battered form of Caitlyn. She lay on her stomach, panting and gasping, her body drenched in sweat. A dribble of cum dripped down her chin. Thick white cum also oozed out of her pussy, smearing her inner thighs and pooling on the mattress. Her eyes stared straight ahead, as though looking at something far in the distance.

  Lamar finally reached climax, slamming his hips against Nikki’s limp body as he buried a load deep inside her ass. Sweat dripped from his face and chin. He looked up at the other men and grinned.

  “Shee-it! Best ass-fuck I had in a while!” he exclaimed.

  He pulled out, his cock making a SLOOOSH! sound. Nikki’s anus was a gaping maw, horribly distended and bleeding from the abuse it had just received.  After a few minutes, Nikki began to stir, waking from her pain-induced stupor. Her entire lower body felt as though it was on fire. It felt as though someone had ripped her entire insides out of her. Her mouth opened in a silent scream of intense agony.

   Lamar walked around in front of her. His cum and blood-streaked cock jutting out in front of him.

“Glad to see you woke up, Nikki! Just in time fo’ you to clean mah dick!” he smiled.

  He kneeled in front of her, pushing his slimy member between her lips. Nikki gagged as she felt it enter her mouth.
  “What’s wrong, bitch?” Lamar sneered. “Don’t like the taste o’ yo’ ass?”

  A burst of laughter came from the other three guys. Lamar slid his huge dick in and out of Nikki’s mouth, listening to her gag and choke. After a few minutes Lamar pulled his cock out of her mouth and got up from the mattress. He pulled his pants up and motioned to the other men to grab Caitlyn and take her off the mattress.

  Pulling the gun he had taken from Nikki out of his back pocket, he walked around behind her. Nikki lay motionless on the mattress. Her legs were sprawled out behind her, unable to function. A large pool of blood had gathered between her legs, oozing out of her anus. Lamar and Eddy had caused some severe internal damage during their brutal anal rape of the teenager. Lamar straddled her body and grabbing a handful of her hair, yanked her head back.
  “Just wanna thank you fo’ the lovely time, Nikki! You was such a hot l’il thing. Sure loved fuckin’ yo’ ass! But we got rules here on da street. It’s called ‘eye fo’ a fuckin’ eye’. Richie died, and now you gotta die, slut!”

  He placed the barrel of the pistol against the back of her head. Nikki, still in a semi-catatonic state from the vicious attack on her body, did not register what was about to happen to her. Her eyes suddenly grew big with horror as the realization clicked in her brain. She opened her mouth to scream but it was too late. Lamar pulled the trigger.

  The sound was loud in the room. The gun barked once and Nikki’s whole body shuddered and jerked. The front of her face exploded in a spray of blood and teeth and brain tissue as the bullet exited, leaving a gaping hole where her mouth and nose had been. Lamar let go of her, letting her body drop onto the mattress. Her eyes were still wide open, staring lifelessly at the floor.

  Caitlyn began to scream hysterically as Tyrone and Travis held her arms tightly.


  Lamar walked over to her. An evil smile crept across his face.

 “Fuckin’ right we killed her! She killed Richie, now she got da same! It’s da way it works on da street,” he said.

  He reached out and stroked Caitlyn’s cheek. She spit at him. Lamar just smiled as he wiped it off his face.

  “Ahhh, Caitlyn. Nikki was da lucky one. I think you gonna wish YOU was da one who got shot. I said before, dat Richie used to make me a lot o’ money. Well, now YOU gonna do dat fo’ me!”

  Caitlyn looked at Lamar, an expression of terror etched across her face.

  “Wh-what are y-y-you t-talking about?” she asked, her voice shaking.
  Lamar grabbed her face in his hand.

  “I gonna take you to a fuck-pad and sell yo‘ sweet l‘il body, girl. You gonna be my ho’!”

  “NOOOOOOO!” cried Caitlyn, shaking her head, tears beginning to run down her face. “OH GOD! NOOOOOOOO!”

  “Yah know what a fuck-pad is?“ asked Lamar.

  Caitlyn slowly shook her head, tears running down her cheeks.
 “I got a place a few blocks from here. I put you inna room and guys come dere and pay to fuck ya! I got a few othah girls dere too. None of dem is as hot as you, though. I put out da word I got a hot blonde 18 year-old, dere be ev’ry sick mothafuckah fo’ miles around comin’ to get a piece o’ you! Da ol’ guys, dey like the young meat. Ah’m gonna be rich! ‘Specially after I auction yo’ ass off tonight!”

 “A-a-auction?” asked Caitlyn tearfully.

  “Yeah”, said Lamar. “Ya noticed we didn’t rape yo’ ass like we did to Nikki, didn’t ya? Well, dat was ‘cuz I was savin’ you. Tonight, I gonna have an auction. Some lucky bastard gonna pay me top dollar to get the privilege of bustin’ yo’ ass cherry!”

  Lamar grabbed her by the arm and pulled her away from Travis and Tyrone
  “Time to get ya cleaned up and get ya some clothes fo’ tonight.”

His eyes wandered up and down her nude body. “I think you’ll look good in some sexy school-girl outfit. That’ll get all the old buggers worked up!” He laughed and then motioned to the still form of Nikki’s body. A large pool of blood was forming around her body and soaking into the mattress.

  “You boys do something wit’ dat,” he ordered.

 “What you wan’ us to do?” asked

“Fuck, I don’ know,” replied Lamar impatiently. “Take ‘er out and throw ‘er in a dumpster for all I care. She ain’t no good for nuthin’ but garbage anyways!”

   Travis yanked an old drape off one of the windows and the three men began to roll her battered body into it. Lamar pulled the sobbing, screaming Caitlyn along with him down the hallway.
  “I LOVE YOU, NIKKI!” Caitlyn called out as she watched her friend’s body be unceremoniously carried down the stairs towards the back alley.
  “Come on, bitch!” ordered Lamar. “You got a long night ahead o’ ya!”

Epilogue: Later that night.

   Lamar sat in the large recliner watching a baseball game on a big screen TV in the apartment. He turned as he heard a door open. The man stepped out of the bedroom, still tucking his shirt into his pants. He looked to be in his early to mid-fifties, clean-shaven and slightly balding. He was slightly overweight. He adjusted his tie and began to pull his suit jacket back on.
  Lamar stood up as the man entered the room.

  “Holy shit”, the man exclaimed, a contented smile spread across his face. “You were right! She was awesome! Reminded me a lot of my oldest daughter. Same age too!”

  “A pleasure doin’ business wit’ you, Mr. Donnelly,” said Lamar. “Anytime you wanna come back, she’ll be available fo’ you!”

  “Oh, it was five grand well spent!” said the man. “I’ve never had a virgin ass before. And wow! What a body on that girl! And she sucks cock pretty damn good too.”

“I heard some pretty good screamin’ dere”, remarked Lamar with a grin. “Musta been givin’ it to ‘er good!”

  The man smiled. “Oh yeah, she was a fighter, for sure! Sorry, but had to get a little rough with her once. She’s got a couple bruises on her face from when I slapped her.”

 “Ahhh, bruises heal!” Lamar said. “Sometimes, ya gotta get a bit rough. Show’em who da fuck da boss is!” He clapped the man on the back.

  “Uh, just one thing,” the man asked. “That school-girl skirt she was wearing? Could you have her wear that again next time I come here? And the knee socks too! Wow! She looked SO fucking hot in them. I fucked her with it on. I didn’t wanna take it off.”

 He gave a sheepish smile and blushed. “M-my daughters wear school uniforms l-like that. Always…. kinda been a…. fantasy of mine to fuck a girl wearing one.”

  “Anything you want, Mr. Donnelly!” said Lamar. “You is the customah and I aim to please!”

  “Okay! That’d be great!” the man said. “But I better get going. I told my family I’d be late with work at the office but I don’t wanna be TOO late!”

   Lamar watched as the man exited out the door. He turned and looked at the rest of his gang lounging around the room.

  “What I like tuh see. A satisfied customah!” Lamar laughed.

 “Still can’t believe he paid us five big ones to do her ass!” said Eddy. “Kind of a creepy bugger, if ya ask me!”
  “Told ya dat girl was gonna make money fo’ us,” said Lamar. “And ain’t no business o’ mine to judge. It’s dem sick ones dat ‘er da best customahs!”


Two days later: A TV somewhere in the city.
   “This is Sandra Porter with the 6 o’clock evening news. City residents are shocked after garbage collectors earlier today discovered the nude body of a young woman in a dumpster in an area of the city known for it’s gang and drug activity. Police are not making a formal announcement yet, but it is believed the body could be that of 18 year-old Nikki Travis, a missing teen girl who recently graduated from Westlake High School in the upscale Northwood neighbourhood. Her parents, who just returned from a vacation, had reported her missing yesterday. Detectives with the Special Victims Unit say she had been shot in the head. Police cannot say until an autopsy has been performed, but sources at the scene say the condition of the body indicates that she may have suffered a brutal sexual assault.

  Police are also searching for 18 year-old Caitlyn Parker, a friend of the dead girl. She had also attended Westlake High where she was an honour student and well-known athlete. She has also been missing for the last two days. Her parents say she was with Nikki on Friday night, the last time they saw her. They say they have not been able to contact her by her cellphone and are pleading for anybody with information on their daughter’s disappearance to please come forward to police, noting that her disappearance is completely out of character. A detective with the Special Victims Unit fears she may be a victim of foul play as well. There have been no suspects arrested in the murder of Ms. Travis or the disappearance of Caitlyn Parker and police say they have no firm leads. We will keep you informed of any new developments in this case.”


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