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January 31, 2018, 08:57:26 AM
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Sandy has told the truth, Bennet did order her to come to his room the moment the pool guy would have blown all his cum, so she quickly puts on her dress again and rushes over to him. Bennet makes her tell him every detail and then to her surprises, sends Sandy to his bathroom to take a shower. When the young mom is scrubbing herself, she thinks she hears the door opening, but when she is done, there is no one but Bennet in the room, she must have been mistaken.

“Now that you are nice and clean again, you may suck my dick” he announces benevolently and makes her swallow his full load.

“Ok go and get ready for dinner. I will meet you in the restaurant at 7:30 pm. You may wear whatever you like, but NO bra.” Bennet orders as he pushes Sandy away from him.

Amused he watches the young nurse looking around in search for her dress.

“What are you waiting for? I said go.”

“I can’t find my dress Sir”

“Oh, yeah, when you took a shower I gave it to the maid to get cleaned, it was pretty soiled you know.”

Sandy pales, how is she supposed to get to her room now. “May … may I borrow your bathrobe Sir?” she asks, knowing very well that he will not allow it.

“Of course not, I might need it later. What are you waiting for? Go to your room, you should have plenty of dresses there. And don’t worry, I kept you key card, here you go” he says and shoves it forcefully up her aching pussy.

Sandy has no choice, she exhausted all her options by asking for his bathrobe, now she has to obey. Opening the door just a bit, she looks down the long corridor. It is empty, so she sprints out and runs to the stairwell, not wanting to risk taking the elevator. Two flights of stairs down and another run to her room, her soft titties really bouncing around like mad, and always afraid that the key card might fall out, but Bennet has shoved it up her cunt pretty far so it stays put. She has trouble getting the key card out, quite unused to use her fingers in her slit, but finally she does and then she makes it to the fragile safety of a room that she has been forced to share with a stranger not an hour ago.

When Sandy shows up at the restaurant, several men and a few women turn their heads. At first she thinks it is because her soft boobies bounce freely under her blouse, but then she sees Pete sitting at the bar, excitedly talking to a group of salesmen and she realizes, he has told everyone in the hotel, maybe even called everyone he knows. Blushing deeply she follows the waiter to her table and hides in the menu until Bennet comes. Of course her boss has heard everything already, in fact two guys coming down in the lift with him had openly discussed the “hippy girl” with the hairy cunt and the saggy tits who fucks anyone who wants to put his dick into her dry pussy or her tight ass. He is amused, but begins to think that too much attention isn’t good for what he has planned. Sure, publicly humiliating the prudish bitch is fantastic, but if every guy in the hotel starts to line up to fuck the cute nurse, he wont have time to play the games he wants to play with her. He has to find a way to humiliate Sandy publicly without every Tom, Dick and Harry lining up in front of her hotel room.

“You made quite an impression Sandy” he says when sitting down “I know you are a popular girl, but this is definitely an overkill. I am very disappointed in you, and when I am dissatisfied, you know that you will have to be punished, don’t you?”

“Punished?” Sandy is caught by total surprise. This is all Bennet’s fault, not hers. He made her walk around with no underwear, forced her to take Pete to her room and let him abuse her. How can he twist that around to make her look guilty? And anyways, what does he mean by punished? This whole day was the most horrible punishment already.

“Yes Sandy, punished, am I talking Chinese or what? After dinner we will go to my room and I will teach you what it means to upset me, but now, we eat.”

He calls for the waiter and orders for both of them, not caring that Sandy really doesn’t want Salisbury steak and french fries. She is a vegetarian, not a radical one, she does eat fish and sometimes even chicken, but definitely not ground beef. Bennet doesn’t care that she doesn’t touch the Salisbury steak and just nibbles at her fries, if the dumb bitch doesn’t want to eat, let her go hungry, but he makes sure Sandy drinks the wine he orders for her, even though she protests that it is too much. He knows of course that the young mom usually has enough when she has 2 glasses and 3 is the absolute maximum she can take, so he insists that she does drink those 3 glasses. It will be fun to see what it does to her. 

Even though his cute assistant must feel awful, she begins to giggle a lot for no reason. Bennet grins, so that is what 3 glasses of wine do to her, very interesting. For all those interested men watching Sandy it looks as if she has a wonderful time, probably flirting with her boss during diner. What a lucky guy having an assistant who practices free love, and such a cute one too. Ok, she has a hairy cunt and saggy tits, but hey, you can’t expect a model when the fucking is free.

On the way to the lift Bennet notices that the pool area is almost deserted, just a few men are still out there, everybody else is probably having dinner right now. Even though he decided earlier that too much attention is to be avoided in the future, he can’t let an opportunity like this slip by, 6 men, no kids, now women, that is too good to pass it up. Turning to Sandy he orders

“Go to the pool, get completely naked and jump in. If anyone objects, apologize, get out and get dressed again but without drying yourself. If anyone likes to play with you, let him.”

“I … I don’t think it is allowed to be naked at the pool” Sandy points out in panic

“Did I ask you for legal advice? Get the fuck going you dumb bitch!”

Whimpering in fear and shame the young mom has to obey. Of course those men at the pool look up when she walks up to them and they openly stare when she undresses, seemingly without any care that she is not wearing a bathing suit underneath. And then she actually jumps into the pool, NAKED!

While most guys just stare at the naked nurse, one of them decides that he better acts before the others get to Sandy. Without even saying a word he quickly grabs her and takes her right in the pool, not giving a shit that they are in a public place. And that naked bitch isn’t resisting, so it must be alright.

Sandy knows that she has to do something when the first guy is done with her. The chlorine in the water is burning in her aching cunt, she really doesn’t want to be raped in the pool again, so she quickly swims over to the guy who has already taken off his trunks and before he can get in the pool, she starts to lick his rock hard cock.

It does work, he is absolutely fascinated with her oral skills, but from the 6 men who were at the pool when Bennet forced her to go skinny dipping, only two have left, probably married or maybe gay, so she will have to deal with at least another two before she can get dressed again. Sandy desperately looks around when one of the remaining 2 pulls her out of the water, lifts her up as if she is weightless and impales her on his dick. Sandy has to hold on to him if she wants or not, or they would both fall on the hard tiles surrounding the pool.

3 down, 1 to go, hopefully before security or hotel management will know what is going on. Luckily for Sandy the last guy has been impressed watching her suck off the second one, so again she gets away with “just” another blow job.

Bennet has watched everything and actually guarded the double doors leading to the pool. As much as he enjoys letting Sandy get raped by every guy who wants her, he also want to get her to his room quickly, because he is really looking forward to teach Sandy her very first BDSM lesson. As soon as the last guy explodes his load into the whimpering mom, he signals her to get dressed again. Not a bad day at all, he joined the “mile high club” made Sandy fuck 5 strangers and humiliated her thoroughly all day long and now she will learn what BDSM is. Bennet grins when his cute assistant comes running. She is still quite wet and her blouse has turned transparent from all that water, displaying her soft, saggy tits without hiding anything. Well, she better gets used to that, because Sandy’s body will be openly displayed quite a lot during those next 13 days.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

January 31, 2018, 09:28:47 AM
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Offline vile8r

Another classic story from you Evil. Love the artwork.

January 31, 2018, 12:10:34 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Time for the hotel clerks to get some Sandy action, catches her action on the security cameras  and threatens the cops if she doesn't put out!

February 01, 2018, 12:15:09 PM
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Another classic story from you Evil. Love the artwork.
Thank you :) .Since I am the only one who knows what Sandy looks like, I like the draw a few pics for you to see what I see in my mind. Of course I'm no artist, so my scetches fail to show the real thing, but at least I can give you an idea.

February 01, 2018, 12:15:56 PM
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The moment Sandy steps into Bennet’s room she realizes that he had housekeeping do some changes. But it isn’t the comfy leather arm chair that makes the young mom cringe, even though if she would have known its purpose she might have, it is that Bennet had the standard hotel landscape picture over the bed changed to now show a photo her getting double penetrated by Bennet and Richardson for the first time. He notices her shock and grins happy.

“I thought you might like that Sandy. You know I have tons of more pics of you in my house. Most are in my bedroom, but the best of you working out are displayed in the living room and the entrance area, you know those were you stretch your legs so wide that you can look right up your ugly cunt. Maybe I should invite you and your husband for dinner sometimes.” He laughs happy about his joke bringing immediate tears to Sandy’s eyes. “Oh don’t cry now, I know that you are ashamed about your revolting cunt and your pathetic udders, but your husband already knows that, so he wont hold it against you more than usual.”

When that awful man talks about her husband, the only man she loves, Sandy can’t hold back her tears. She has learned to take all his insults without crying by now, but this is definitely going too far. If it wasn’t for the hypnotic block, the young nurse would have attacked Bennet and might have scratched his eyes out, but of course she is unable to do that, no matter how much she wants to. Her face shows it though and Bennet actually takes a step back, making a mental note only to talk about Sandy’s husband in the future when she is tied up. And tied up is the cue, he grins, after all, he has ordered her to his room for a purpose.

But first things first, she needs to be punished, and for that he doesn’t want his cute assistant to be bound yet.

“What are you waiting for, get out of those wet clothes” he grumbles, still amazed how Sandy is completely unable to disobey his orders. Every woman should get such a post hypnotic block, it sure would make life easier.

As soon as Sandy is naked, he makes her bend forward, hand on her thighs and then he takes out a bamboo cane from his luggage. Unfortunately he has not been able to bring most of his toys, with all those stupid security checks at airports is isn’t possible, and many of them would have been too big and heavy anyways, but ones Sandy hubby will be on his next business trip, he will have her in his house, especially the basement, where he keeps everything that is made to hurt and humiliate.

“You will get 10 lashes with the cane for disappointing me Sandy. Let that be a lesson to you. Oh, and don’t you dare to scream, if you do that, I will lose count and we will have to start over again, do you understand that?”

Sandy nods, what else can she do. She wills herself not to scream and hopes it will work.  The pain is severe, and that is what Bennet loves so much about bamboo. It hardly ever breaks the skin, so there is not great risk of scaring, but the thin, flexible cane has a mighty sting to it and Sandy will feel it for days to come.
Sandy takes all 10 lashes without screaming, even though her ass burns like fire. Bennet seems satisfied with that because he smiles at her now and says

“I know you are having a spot of trouble with going braless Sandy, understandable, I mean your pathetic little titties really bounce like crazy. I cannot and will not allow you to wear a bra out of principle, no women should ever be allowed to deceive a man by hiding her saggies in that devil’s device, but I hate to see you that embarrassed all the time, so I came up with a possible solution.”

Still in great pain from the caning, the young mom looks up at Bennet. He seems serious about it, but after that last week, she doubts that he really wants to help her. Still, it can’t hurt to ask what he means, or can it?

“How Sir? How do you think you could help with my … my saggy tits, Sir?”

“I am so glad you ask” Bennet grins “Let me show you what I mean.”

He takes some rope out of his suitcase and orders Sandy to stand very still. Then he ties the cord extremely tight around the base of her left tit, then the same on the right and finishes it off with a sailor’s knot.

“Voila” he grins and Sandy winces. The rough rope is really cutting deep into her soft flesh, she should have known better than trusting Bennet. He steps back and smiles proud, looking at his handiwork. It looks quite nice, the rope has forced her soft tit meat out and stretches them to the max, even Sandy’s nipples and areolas have been smoothed out flat. Yep, he is pretty good with ropes.

“Walk around Sandy, and jump a bit, let’s see if your udders still bounce that much.”

Obediently the young nurse does as she is told, and, though there is considerably less wiggling and leaping, it hurts quite bad and the ropes sit so tight that her tits start to discolor already.

“How is that, huh? Pretty god, I’d say. Effective bounce control without a bra. What do you say Sandy?”

“I … I … it hurts a lot Dr. Bennet, and it cuts off the circulation in my breasts … I mean tits Sir”

“YOU UNGRATEFUL BITCH” Bennet yells at her, pretending to be really angry “I spend all that time and effort to help you and instead of thanking me, you complain? I will teach you what it means to disrespect me. Get on that chair, legs spread wide and high. Hands on your ankles, NOW!”

He does remove the rope from her aching titties but just because he needs it to tie her elbows to her knees and her wrists to her ankles, making the poor mom sit there awfully exposed. It has been no oversight on his part to allow Sandy to wear panties for dinner, he had planned all along to get mad at her for any reason, or without one if she would have refused to give him one, because what will come next is what he really wants to do to his helpless assistant.

“Open your mouth wide” he orders and the stuffs her panties into it, knowing how Sandy feels about germs and used underwear. Next time he will top it by using his own briefs after wearing them for a few days, but today her used panties will suffice, since they have been soiled by the cum of two guys who fucked her by the pool earlier. He finishes the gag off with clear duct tape and grumbles

“We will need that, since I can’t trust you to stay quiet this time.”

Bennet really wants to enjoy this, so he undresses completely before he takes a riding crop out of his suitcase, kneels in front of his squirming victim, takes aim and then thrashes Sandy’s exposed cunt with brutal blows. He has been right about her not being able to stay quite this time. The poor young mom screams into her gag at the top of her lungs. Again and again the crop comes down on her most sensitive body part and she almost passes out from sheer agony, but Bennet knows what he is doing, and inflicts as much pain as he can without allowing his victim the mercy of unconsciousness.

Only when his arm begins to tire Bennet stops to take a look at his handiwork. Sandy’s cunt lips are swollen and bruised so bad that they look almost twice their normal size, her inner thighs are nicely colored too. Perfect! In combination with the welts on her ass she wont be able to sit without pain for days, if at all. Time to take care of his throbbing cock now, because nothing makes him harder than the fear and agony in his victim’s eyes, and a badly abused cunt is a welcome bonus.

Bennet grabs Sandy and throws her on the bed, still tied up and gaged, just for the fun of it. He usually prefers to fuck a cunt over an asshole any time, in fact 9 out of 10 times he would go for the cunt, but this is an exception. Sure, it would be great to add to Sandy’s pain by fucking her badly bruised pussy now, but then he wouldn’t be able to see a job well done in all its glory, so this time Bennet shoves his pulsating cock into Sandy’s tiny rosette and uses his fingers to roughly explore the damage done to her cunt. It is the perfect ending to a glorious first day of this fantastic business trip with his new assistant. Life is wonderful!

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

February 01, 2018, 02:28:14 PM
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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Another classic story from you Evil. Love the artwork.
Thank you :) .Since I am the only one who knows what Sandy looks like, I like the draw a few pics for you to see what I see in my mind. Of course I'm no artist, so my scetches fail to show the real thing, but at least I can give you an idea.

Well you could offer to send a picture of her to those who support your work and leave it to them if they would like to see the real person!  ;)

February 01, 2018, 03:55:08 PM
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Offline EvilBastard

Ok sure, I can do that

February 01, 2018, 03:58:05 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Personally I would have left the bdsm angle to the second night, make her sweat it out with hints of what he wants to do. Like having her unpack his bags and discover things!

February 02, 2018, 05:34:49 PM
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Bennet dislikes conferences because when, as a young assistant he had wanted to attend as many of them as possible, his old mentor and boss, a total cheapskate who didn’t want to waste his budget on sending his assistant to any symposium at all, had told him that those were only done by has-beens who tried to attract would-bees to kiss their asses.

Now Bennet doesn’t want to belong to either group, so to cover his ass, he came up with a plan to make Sandy look like a would-bee. He made her memorize all the more important people at the San Diego symposium and ordered her to talk to all of them, flirt with them and make damn sure to tell them that she had begged him to come to San Diego with her, so she could meet all her idols. Of course, if any of those will want to fuck her, she will have to let them, and to make sure that at least some of them will abuse his cute assistant, Bennet had bought her the perfect dress and her first pair of high heels. He also made Sandy practice to walk in those, because she really didn’t lie about not being able to. She still is a bit unsteady now, but at least she no longer look like a baboon on stilts when she wears them. 

The conference begins at 10 am, but the hotel lobby quickly fills with all kinds of participants around 9 am, and Bennet stays way back to watch the cute nurse mingle in her low cut dress and high heels, of course without wearing underwear so not to spoil the appearance. She is under orders to smile and behave like she adores all those people and it works perfectly. Being 1 of only 3 women at the symposium, and the other 2 are over 40 and wearing pantsuits, she quickly has the attention of every straight male in the lobby.

The opening statements are as boring as Bennet expected, but he does notice that 2 people have developed quite an interest in his cute assistant, one is a professor at a prestigious medical academy, probably in his 60s, the other the young assistant of one of the organizers here in San Diego. During the first break the younger guy approaches Sandy and before Bennet gets close enough to hear what they are talking about, they vanish into a storage room behind the stage.

Poor Sandy feels really awkward when that guy, without saying even one word, takes off his jacket, tie and shirt and carefully folds them up on an empty shelf before he pushes her into a corner, unceremoniously lifts her dress, pushes his pants down and fucks her tight ass. He doesn’t even seem at all interested, he uses her the same way he might be eating lunch or taking a piss, more like he is fulfilling a necessary task because his body demands it. He also doesn't comment about the welts on her ass and bruised, swollen pussy, he just fucks her mechanically. As soon as he has flooded her asshole with cum he pulls out, pulls his pants up again and puts his shirt, tie and jacket on.

“I will be in touch” he says “I mean, like I said earlier, I will arrange a private meeting with Doctor Winters, just like I promised. Wait at least 10 minutes before you walk out, I don’t want anyone to see us together.”

Finally alone Sandy can drop her fake smile for a while. This is so very degrading! Of course she always had men interested in getting into her pants, ok, bad choice of words since she isn’t wearing any right now, not even panties, but at least then those men had tried to impress her. They have complimented her, asked her to dance, given her flowers, anything to get her attention, but this guy just assumed that she would do anything he wants to arrange a meeting with one of the most noted doctors in the country, so he has abused his position to satisfy his needs in her without any care. Sandy wipes away her tears of shame and humiliation, straightens her dress and, forcing the fake smile back on her face, steps out of the storage room.   

During the next break the old professor walks over to Sandy, obviously in a hurry to get to her before she vanishes again. This time Bennet is much closer, not wanting to miss anything again, so he hears the quite conversation between those two.

“Hello again lovely Lady” the professor smiles “I am quite eager to continue our conversation. So you are interested in learning everything one needs to run a major hospital, are you?”

“Oh I am professor Milner and since you are one of the leading experts on that subject, probably THE leading expert, I would really love to get some insides from you Sir.”

Bennet grins, she is playing her part very well, like a real actress in some horrible B movie. It does pay now that he has forced the young nurse to learn everything she could about the participants at the symposium.

“Well young Lady, I could tell you quite a bit, that is true, but not here. Too many people who might listen you know. Let’s find a quiet place for this, do follow me inconspicuously, let us not arouse any attention.”

Bennet follows them into the hotel basement, this can only be good. Either the old geezer will really tell Sandy something worth knowing which he will surely be able to use that for his own job, or the professor will use the privacy to fuck his cute assistant and that would be fun to watch. Either way Bennet can only win.

The prof walks into an employee washroom, how does he even knows where to find it? Sandy is quite a bit puzzled about that, but as soon as they are both inside the old gentleman loses everything gentlemanly about himself. His hands are everywhere, he pulls Sandy’s dress down to get to her soft mommy titties, squeezes them excitedly and even bites her nipples, then forcefully turns the young nurse around, lifts her dress up and within moments enters her dry pussy. He grunts heavily, pulls out again just to ram his cock back in, out and in, out and in.

“Naughty girl” he chuckles, “Very naughty girl. I thought you fucked Winter’s assistant earlier, but your cunt is all dry, so I guess that young boy hasn’t been quite as successful at it. Not bad for an old man, am I? But do tell about those welts, and why are your pussy and inner thighs all bruised? Was it that young man? I do like a good spanking like the next guy, but your skin looks damaged quite severly, are you a masochist? Or did you deserve to be punished for some reason?”

Luckily he doesn’t expect Sandy to answer that, he just continues fucking the helpless young woman and babbles on about all his female conquests in the past. According to himself he must have been quite a ladies man in his youth and even now he does enjoy to fuck whenever he gets a chance. When he is finally done Sandy’s cunt is drenched in cum and hurts really bad, but not because the professor was that big, just because of what Bennet had done to her the night before.

“Come and see me at the university when this conference is over” the old geezer tells her with a satisfied smile on his face “I will be happy to teach you everything you need to know running a hospital then.”

He leaves the trembling young nurse to make herself presentable again and doesn’t even notice Bennet hiding behind the washroom door. Sandy’s dress is quite wrinkled now and no pulling or smoothing is getting it to look like it should, so Bennet decides that they shall take the afternoon off. After all, he does want to have some fun with his assistant too, and there is so much to do in and around San Diego.

Sandy’s first task, before she is allowed to go to her room and take a shower, is to go to the front desk, arrange for a rental car and ask where the nearest nude beach is. In her low cut, crumpled dress and with the new age hippy reputation she already has at the hotel now, the clerk can’t help to grin and stare down her cleavage.

“There is a nude beach at Palomar Miss, about an hour down the coast, that is traffic permitting, might take a bit longer though. It’s a nice beach though and the nudist community down there is very well organized, lots of security and they make sure that peeping Toms are not permitted and they have a strict no photography rule too. But if that is too far for you, there is a clothes optional beach not that far off, I’d say 20 minutes by car. It is not patrolled though, no security and you will have to park at a cliff and walk all the way down to the small bay where the beach is located. Let me mark both places on a map for you. Would there be anything else?”

“Yes, I will need a rental car, nothing special, just to get around.”

“Sure Miss, I will arrange that for you. Come back in an hour and I will have your car waiting outside. Anything else?”

“No thank you. I will be back in an hour then.” Sandy manages to smile at the clerk and then tells Bennet everything she just learned.

“Definitely the clothes optional beach then” Bennet decides. He doesn’t want stupid rules and security patrols, that would only spoil the fun of displaying Sandy and maybe getting some guys interested enough to gang bang her in the dunes, or cliffs, or whatever.

Bennet accompanies Sandy to her room and when she goes into the bathroom to take a shower, he realizes that he has never used her there and corrects that, really enjoying the added pain he is causing the young mom by viciously thrusting in and out her bruised and swollen cunt. There is nothing better than a slaves pain.

Since they have time to kill before the car will be here, he makes Sandy go out on the balcony naked and orders her to look down at the people around the pool. Should anyone notice her, point at her or whatever, she is instructed to smile and wave, but is not allowed to leave until Bennet will call for her.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

February 03, 2018, 01:44:19 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Some of the guys at the conference should try to get Sandy alone in the elevator where they rock the elevator off it's pulley system effective jamming it in place until  they can be rescued of course leading to Bom chicka wah waa!

February 05, 2018, 09:14:29 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

Oh yes, there will definitely be an elevator scene, excellent idea

February 05, 2018, 09:14:45 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

It takes almost 30 minutes to get to the parking lot on the cliffs and Bennet gives Sandy very clear instructions

“You will follow me in 10 minutes, I don’t want people to think that we belong together. As soon as you are at the beach, you will look for me and put your towel down about 10 paces away and then you will immediately take your dress off. Get settled and, so people will notice you, walk up and down the beach for a while before you go back to your towel and lie down on your back, legs apart. You will talk to everybody who will approach you, and you will be very sociable! If they want to fuck you, you will let them, no matter if they want to do that right in front of everyone or go to some hidden place. Is that clear?”

Swallowing a few tears the young mom nods and Bennet walks down the path by himself. The beach is a disappointment, there are not more than 30 people around, and more important, no one is naked. Only 2 older women are topless, and they really shouldn’t be. Withered, wrinkled tits dangling from their chests, definitely not very erotic, but at least there will be no competition for Sandy. Bennet notices that a lot of fat people are around, really fat people, he wonders if the minimum requirement to be on this beach is 400 pounds plus, but then, there are a handful of normal sized people too. Maybe it is just coincidence. He chooses a spot close enough to the water, but still quite central and waits for his assistant to come down.

Sandy has trouble to walk down the steep path, she is only wearing a t-shirt dress, no underwear and more important, no shoes and the path is not just uneven, but also full of pebbles and sharp rocks, so she has to choose her steps carefully. She passes a sign saying “You are entering a clothing optional area and may encounter nude bathers”. About 15 minutes after Bennet she finally arrives, looks for him and, just as instructed puts her towel down within easy listening distance of her boss. Since it is very obvious that she is not wearing a bra under her tight fitting dress, a lot of eyes have followed her from the moment she got to the beach, and when she takes her dress off, showing that she isn’t wearing panties either, it gets so quiet that you would have heard a pin drop for a minute or two.

But even before the young mom can get settled, a few guys, all definitely overweight, come closer to get a better look at the cute new arrival who actually goes to the very limit this beach has to offer. Nobody can remember the last time someone has been completely naked here, if at all some of the women have dared to be topless, but not even the regulars can recall anyone taking all his or her clothes off. And Sandy is a sight for sore eyes too, compared to all the other bathers, she is most definitely the cutest and prettiest women they have seen here, so she soon has a fan club of men, most of them fat or old or both.

If Bennet had known that she would attract so much attention right away, he would not have instructed her to walk up and down the beach, but too late for that now, Sandy has her orders and even if she doesn’t want to do it, she has no choice, the post hypnotic block forces her to obey, no matter how embarrassing it is for the adorable nurse. And it really gets humiliating ones she starts walking around. A group of men closes in on her immediately and, feeling strength in numbers, they begin to insult Sandy

“Hey there, my tits are bigger than yours” a fat guy calls out to her

“Yeah, and mine sag almost as much as yours” another adds

“Let’s have a tit contest” another laughs “I will squeeze yours and you can squeeze mine.”

Even though Sandy tries not to listen, the hurtful comments do get to her and soon a few stubborn tears start to roll down her cheeks and that changes everything. To Bennet’s horror one of the fat guys rushes over to her and says

“I’m so sorry honey, I didn’t mean it. I could kick myself for what I said. It is just that I am so fucking insecure when I see a beautiful young woman like you and I try to overcome that by stupid remarks. Please don’t cry, I am so, so sorry.”

All the other guys blush and apologize too and moments later they all sit around Sandy’s towel and chat happily, talking about anything and everything, making Sandy feel better than ever since this horror trip started.

Bennet would have loved to get Sandy out of there, give her some new instructions or take her someplace else, but there is a wall of fat flesh between him and her, and those guys have adopted the young mom now, and seem ready to defend her against anything or anyone, so he opts not to get involved. Dammit, this is no fun, and Sandy will have to be punished for that later, but for now he can only wait and watch.

After about an hour the first guy gets up and tells Sandy that he has to go to work now, and within 20 minutes everybody but one leaves. Just when Bennet decides it is time to go now his patience gets rewarded. The only fat guy who stayed grunts

“Finally, I thought they would never leave. Don’t get me wrong, they are my friends, but they are all way too soft when it comes to bitches. And that is what you are, aren’t you? A bitch who loves to flaunt her saggy tits and hairy cunt in front of men.”

Bennet chortles amused, loud enough for Sandy to turn her head to see what is going on, but he immediately signals her to pay attention to her new “friend”.

Sandy gulps, she has not seen this coming. This guy has been so nice before, but now he is showing his real colors, and not only his colors, but he also takes his bathing trunks off, sprouting an extremely long, fat and rock hard cock.

“On your fucking knees bitch, You better make me happy, or else.” He barks and as soon as Sandy is on her knees, he forces his dick into her mouth. Sandy never had any troubles with Bennet’s or Richardson’s cocks because both, though good sizes, are smaller than her husband’s almost 10 inches, but this guy has not only 11 inches in length but it is also so fat that Sandy’s mouth is stretched quite a bit to take it in. It takes her more than just the usual adjustments to allow that dick into her throat without gagging, but he doesn’t care at all and doesn’t even allow Sandy to use her skills on him, he just fucks the cute nurse’s face as if there is no tomorrow.

He cums so hard into her throat that Sandy is unable to swallow fast enough and a good portion of his sperm flows out of her mouth and nose, but much worse than even that, the moment he is done he calls out loud

“I’m done with that bitch, NEXT!”

While Sandy is still trying to catch her breath again, a bald old guy comes over, pushes her on her back and enters her dry, unprotected cunt with one hard trust.

“Wrap yer legs around me fucking slut” he growls at her “Show them people how much ya love being fucked by a grandpa.”

Whimpering in shame and fear Sandy obeys and for an old geezer her sure has a lot of stamina. Bennet grins happy, finally Sandy is getting abused like she should. Ever since she has turned all his advances down when all he really wanted was a quick fuck in the hospital, he has dreamed of humiliating the young mom publicly. It’s her own faulty, if she would have let him fuck her then, he would have lost interest in her soon after, but now he wants his revenge and that has just started.

Ones the bald guy is done, another makes Sandy ride him. He is fascinated by her smallish soft titties and crushes them in his large hands, making poor Sandy scream in agony while he is using her overflowing cunt. Bennet grins even brighter now, not just rape and humiliation, but some solid extra pain, what a great day this has turned out to be.

But it gets even better, when the tit crusher is done and young boy approaches the whimpering mom, he can’t be older than 16 or 17, so barely half Sandy’s age, but his dick is hard and ready. Of course the cute nurse tries to refuse him, but the post hypnotic block doesn’t allow that, so moments later the boy is fucking her ass after lubricating it with all the cum flowing freely out of her abused cunt.

Once he is done he gets up and tells Sandy “Not that bad for an old slut, but do shave your cunt will you, it looks hideous.”

Since no more guys seem to be interested in sloppy seconds, the onlookers lose interest and stop taking pictures and videos, so Bennet decides it is time to get back to the hotel. He congratulates Sandy on all her new friends and he can’t stop himself from taunting her about the boy

“How old is your newest fan Sandy? 13, 14 (even though he knows well enough that the boy is at least 16). And how old is your oldest son now? 11, isn’t he? Soon you will be able to teach your own son how to fuck, doesn’t that make you proud?”

Satisfied that Sandy starts to cry uncontrollably now they drive back to the hotel in silence. Bennet is still contemplating if Sandy deserves punishment for more than an hour of just chatting with all those obese guys or if he should let her get some rest this evening so she will be fresh for tomorrow’s torment when they are back at the hotel. Sandy wants to get to the lift quickly, her t-shirt dress a cum soaked mess, but the guy at the reception calls for her the moment she steps into the lobby.

“There is a message for you Miss, please call you husband at home as soon as possible.”

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

February 05, 2018, 12:48:51 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Can the clerk deliver another (Fake) message to Sandy, earning him a good hand(job) out!

February 07, 2018, 07:20:00 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

Poor Sandy is in panic, something must have happened to the children, why else would her husband ask her to call right away? But the kids are fine, the reason for his call is that he has to leave on another business trip 2 days before she will be back and he wants her to ask Bennet if she is allowed to return a few days earlier than planned.

Of course Bennet denies her request, why would he let his perfect victim escape him, especially now that he knows that he doesn’t have to take it easy on her? With nobody at home who might see welts, cuts and bruises all over her body, he can really have some fun with Sandy until the very last second. The only thing he has to watch is her face, neck, arms and legs, in short, everything that will be visible when she runs about in the short dresses he bought for her, the rest of her body will have to suffer double, after all, the only people who will see those parts will be the people who will use her, and they wont complain.

But it gets even better for Bennet, when Sandy has to tell her husband that she wont be able to return in time, he decides that, school summer break starting a week after he has to leave, he will take the kids out of school a week early and drive them all the way over to his parents for a nice and fun vacation at their farm. Sandy would have nobody to look after when she will be back, Bennet can’t help but feel fantastic about that. But then he receives a call too and that makes him scream in frustration. Richardson has used his new data from Sandy and has presented it to his army contacts and although they are still not convinced that his hypnosis therapy is of any value to them, the next day he is contacted by a 3 letter government organization. They are VERY interested, but demand more prove, so he tells Bennet that he has to borrow Sandy for a few days. In fact he is on his way to San Diego now, to prep her for a very different test.

Knowing that he has just a few more hours to humiliate his cute assistant, Bennet decides to order her to do what he has planned for the last day of the symposium.

“You will go to the shadows of the conference” he tells her “Those people who work tireless to make everything work, but will never get any credit for it. And you will thank them for all their efforts and hard work by sucking their dicks or lich their cunts if they are women. Call it a relaxation therapy to relieve the stress and strain they are under. Don’t take no for an answer, even those true hubbies or wives, who would never cheat on their spouses or the gay guys who don’t care for you at all, you will convince them that this is not sex, but just a very normal way of stress reduction and they deserve that. If anyone wants you to get naked, you will, but it is not a requirement this time. If anyone wants you to undress them too, you will, but again, it isn’t necessary for the task. You will be back at noon and report to me for further instructions and don’t expect lunch, by that time you should have swallowed enough cum to carry you over for the day.”

He makes Sandy wear a quite conservative skirt and jacket combination, but instead of a blouse she has to wear a silken undershirt which is totally transparent and he even hands her a pair of silken pantyhose for appearance sake and to round it all off high heels. Of course no bra or panties, that would only slow her down and Bennet wants his assistant to do as many men and woen as possible in the short time.

The young mom has no trouble at all to get to the back offices, all she has to tell them is that she is an assistant too and wants to talk to those who have been organizing this fantastic event. The first guy she finds is gay and he just smiles when she approaches him.

“Hun, I am sure you mean well and you are all cute and cuddly, but I am gay, so don’t waste your time with me, I don’t want sex with women, even if they are as nice as you are.”

But Sandy has her instructions and she has to give it her best shot, so she smiles and says

“Sex? Oh my god, of course not. I am not that kind of woman, I am here to help you relax and with all your responsibilities and the chaos out there you surely need that, don’t you? Anyway, I have been told that I can really make a man feel great and laidback with my tongue, so why don’t you lean back, close your eyes and think of Chris Hemsworth or maybe  Zac Efron and let me do what I can to help you unwind?”

“You are serious about that hun, are you?” he laughs a bit embarrassed “Well, as long as you are convinced that this isn’t sex, I might as well let you try, but don’t feel bad if I wont respond.”

Moments later Sandy has him sitting on a table, his pants down and his eyes closed and when she starts to pleasure him, he responds to her oral skills in seconds. It doesn’t really take very long and he explodes into her throat, mumbling “Oh god David, that was wonderful!”

Sandy wishes that all of them are gay, but the next guy isn’t for sure and he is so eager that he rips the delicate undershirt, damaging it beyond repair just to get at her soft titties. He also doesn’t need very long to cum, and insists that Sandy takes his business card “Just in case you feel the need to relax me again” he chuckles.

The next one insists on her taking off her blazer and plays with her mommy titties and fat nipples for a while before he gets hard enough to let Sandy suck him off. “Sorry sweetness, but I am a tit man, I need ‘em to get my juices flowing. But thanks, that was the best blow job I ever had in my life. Maybe you can teach my wife how to do that.” He laughs and turns back to his desk.

The one after him takes her jacket off too and pulls the tight skirt up as high as possible when the young mom blows him. While playing with her ass and cunt he uncaringly rips the expensive panty hose so bad that she can only throw it away and poor Sandy has one less item to wear now.

It is 11:30 am when Sandy steps into the supervisor’s back office. “About time you come to see me” he grunts “Everyone is talking about your skills, so take off yer jacket and skirt and show me what ya can do for me.”

At 10 minutes after 12 Sandy reports back to Bennet who is in a foul mood, and soon she learns why. Richardson walks in and tells the young mom to follow him into her room. The moment they are alone he says “Timbuktu Mali” and then fills her mind with a lot of strange information and very clear instructions. The next thing that Sandy notices is that she is in a small house, she has no idea where it is, but she knows that she is hiding from very dangerous people. She also knows that she has specific information that should never fall into the hands of those people, no matter what.

The scenario created by Richardson is quite easy, his new employer wants to find out if his post hypnotic block will prevent their own people from breaking down and revealing information to the enemy if and when they are caught. And to find that out, they want poor Sandy to go through hell, firmly believing that she is serving her country and should never let anyone know what she knows. Richardson has implanted some nonsense information in her mind and has given her orders not to reveal that to anyone even if they will torture her. He and his new employer are waiting for the game to begin.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

February 08, 2018, 12:16:20 PM
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Here's your chance to install a killer instinct into Sandy  overriding Bennet's control

February 13, 2018, 03:57:48 AM
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Offline EvilBastard

Sorry y'all, I am suffering from writers block big time. I wrote half of the next chapter and then bang, couldn't go on any more. I hope it will pass soon, but until then the story has to wait