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January 21, 2018, 11:59:17 PM

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And here we go with another story about my prudish, sweet Sandy. I hope you will like it.

Sandy loves her job, she has never wanted to be anything else but a nurse. Her grades and her quick grasp of everything had almost all her instructors in college tell her that she really should become a doctor, but she just smiled and told them that she wants to be a nurse and nothing else. She is working nightshift right now, the 4th night out of 10 and she likes that too. Most nurses hate nightshifts, either there is nothing to do but paperwork or, if something happens, they are all alone and need 12 arms to handle the situation. But Sandy likes it, the floor is peaceful and quiet, patients are asleep and she has time to do whatever the dayshift left behind.

She still does her rounds at night, even though it isn’t required. The patient board at the nurses’ station should alarm her if anything is wrong, but Sandy prefers to check on every patient personally. Quietly she slips into every room on the neurology floor and takes care of all the little things the patient board will not tell, like fluffing up a pillow, wiping sweat from a forehead or gently putting an arm back into bed that is hanging over the edge. Sandy cares, and that is very obvious to everyone.

The young mom of three kids is just working part time right now, because the children are still a bit young. She is very popular with her colleagues, friends and neighbors and really easy on the eyes too. Just 5’4’’ tall her body is slim and fit, her long blond hair is usually braided or worn in a ponytail at work and her big blue eyes with those long eyelashes are just darn beautiful. If anyone has anything negative to say about the cute nurse then it is that she is rather squeamish when it comes to anything and everything sexual. She has the annoying habit of referring to body parts in neutral or medical terms, like she would say chest or breasts instead of tits, behind instead of ass or vagina instead of pussy. When anyone tells a naughty joke Sandy blushes and turns away, so I guess you can say that this beautiful young mom is a stuck up, prudish bitch.

Sandy is just on her way back to the nurses’ station when 4 men suddenly appear. They definitely don’t belong here, so she walks up to them and confronts them.

“Excuse me, you shouldn’t be here. Are you lost? Let me call security to help you.”

But before the cute nurse is able to do anything at all, 3 of the men grab her and the fourth pulls out a syringe and injects her with something that takes her out in less than a minute. They put the unconscious nurse down on the floor and whisper quietly amongst each other.

“Damn I told you someone will be here.”

“Calm down, she will be out for at least 2 hours, probably much longer than that. She can’t do any harm now.”

“Check if she has the keys to the medical cabinet.”

One of them bends over and searches Sandy’s pockets, finding a set of keys and they all grin happy.

What happens next remains a mystery, but according to the preliminary police report those men, who had come to steel as many drugs as possible must have undressed the unconscious Sandy and raped her right there in the corridor, or at least that is what it looked like to the first officers who arrived at the scene after being called by hospital security. The facts are a bit sketchy, since the only witness they have is the unconscious nurse, but they puzzled out the following events.

The intruders must have stripped Sandy completely naked and, apart from one shoe, her clothes were never found. Then all of them, the crime lab was able to determine that at least 4 different kinds of DNA were found in the cum oozing out of the young mom’s cunt and ass, raped and sodomized her several times. Unfortunately the crime lab was not able to separate the different DNA strands, so it was impossible to assign them to a person.

They tried to open the medical cabinet with Sandy’s keys, just to find out that she doesn’t have the one key they would have needed and finally fled the scene of the crime. About 1 hour later the young nurse was found by a janitor.

He then called security and 2 guards arrived only moments later. They took the precaution to wear gloves before they examined the naked nurse and, after determining that she was alive, called a paramedic who managed to revive her.

When the first officers arrived, Sandy was conscious and able to tell them what she remembered, but when they asked her to sign her statement, she refused.

“Please, please officers, I don’t want this to go anywhere beyond this room. It is too humiliating to even think about it. Please just let me forget what happened as soon as possible. I will not go to court, not even to tell what happened before I was unconscious. I don’t ever want to be reminded of this horrible night again. Please.”

Of course it was not up to Sandy to decide this. Hospital administration filed charges and the police was able to catch 4 junkies, trying to sell used hospital items. They confessed to breaking and entering, to drugging Sandy and trying to steel drugs and when they couldn’t get into the medical cabinet, they took anything they believed could be valuable. But they refused to confess to the rape, which was quite odd, because it would have probably not carried a longer sentence. Still, they kept declaring that they didn’t touch the young nurse.

A young police officer had a theory he could never prove. He thought that, when the janitor found the unconscious nurse, he stripped and raped her, then called security and those men took advantage of the helpless nurse too. Maybe even the paramedic was part of it all, because it is quite strange that in a hospital full of physicians, security would call a paramedic to help. But, alas, this could not be proven and so Sandy’s rape stayed a mystery.

But this is just the beginning, because when the hospital administrator heard that Sandy had refused to file charges and didn’t want to talk about being raped out of shame and humiliation, he smiled happy to himself. That young nurse had refused all his advances with the silly excuse that she is married. As if that would matter, after all, he only wants to fuck her, not marry her. But knowing that she is too ashamed of being raped to tell anyone is really a valuable piece of information. Now what can he do with that? A devious plan begins to form in his mind.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

January 22, 2018, 07:29:18 AM
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Nice start up! once more lots of potential to take this one forwards. Going to love seeing how it develops!

January 22, 2018, 10:28:43 AM
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Thank you :D I am trying to explore a totally different angle this time so it wont be too similar to the last story. Not really that easy since Sandy is the very same person and always will be :-[

January 22, 2018, 10:29:04 AM
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Dr. Bennet contacts his old Alma Mata buddy Dr. Richardson the very next day. At first they chat about old times and acquaintances from way back when, but then Bennet can’t hold back any longer and has to ask
“So, how is your program coming? Any luck with funding?”

“If you mean the alternative hypnosis, I had a few interested parties look into it, but no decisions yet. There is no money in it for corporations and, to tell you the truth, the only ones still undecided are government agencies. You know the type, they don’t want to commit themselves if something goes wrong.”

“Yes, I see. But you are still working on it, are you?”

“I am, with volunteers. Not really interesting, I mean it is like help one idiot to get rid of his fear of flying and another wants to lose the pain at the dentist, or the next guy wants to quit smoking. The worst part is that I can’t work with anyone without a chaperone. The law makes me ask any volunteer to bring someone along they trust before they go under, so no clucking like chicken or anything fun. I always have to stick to what they came for.”

“But it works, doesn’t it?”

“Well, my success rate is 72%, so that’s pretty good. I still don’t know why 28% are completely unreachable. They don’t seem to have anything in common, but I can’t get to them at all.”

“Say George old buddy, I’m changing the subject here, but you will soon understand why, are you still into dark stuff? I mean BDSM and whatever. I remember seeing you at the Hellclub a few times back then.”

“Geez Michael, that was 12 years ago. It was just, uhm, kinda interesting. Something to experiment with. What the hell are you going for?”

“Relax George, calm down. I still am into that, so I thought I just ask if you are too.”

“Oh, well, ok, I don’t say I’m not, but I got bored with all the same players around and I don’t know, it isn’t much fun when the bitches thrive on pain and humiliation, you know. I like to see them suffer, not orgasm every time someone whips their cunts.”

“I hear you old buddy, I so hear you. Nothing more boring than some maso bitch begging for pain and degradation. So, would you be interested to try this with a real innocent, say even prudish kinda victim?”

“That sounds like you are talking about something illegal Michael. A scandal like that would cost both of us our licenses and worse, even jail time. As tempting as that thought might be, I am not ready for the consequences.”

“What if I tell you that I know someone, really perfect for it, and she will be too ashamed to tell anybody?”

“Oh come on Michael, this is the good old US of A, not some Asian country full of docile girls. You can’t tell me that there is someone here who will not cry “sexual harassment” if you just compliment her on her looks. I have seen it too often.”

Dr. Bennet grins and tells his friend the whole story. At first he doesn’t want to believe it, but after Bennet mails him a copy of the police report, including the part were Sandy refuses to press charges, he gets quite excited.

“You know I have to see that with my own eyes before I commit to anything” he says.

“I have expected no less from you and I am prepared to arrange a little test scenario for you. But for that you will need to be here. Are you willing to travel George?”

"This better not be one of your practical jokes Mike, ok, I need a few days to cancel some appointments, so expect me by the end of the week.”

“Scouts honor, this is no joke. I will prepare something for Saturday then. See you soon George.”

Bennet rubs his hands, he does need Dr. Richardson for his long term plan to work, he is not someone who will be satisfied with a onetime fun happening, nope, he wants this to be a very long and satisfying relationship (for himself of course, not satisfying for Sandy for sure). 


Dr. George Richardson arrives on Friday afternoon and already regrets that he agreed to meet his old friend. He is convinced that this must be a hoax, but he is too curious not to come. Dr. Bennet meets him at the airport but the real interesting part comes when they sit in his office at home and he hands his buddy a file.

“What is this?” Richardson asks

“It’s her personnel and medical file.” Bennet replies with a grin.

For the better part of an hour Richardson reads all about the intended victim and from time to time he smiles quite happy. Once he is through it all he puts the file on the table and shakes his head.

“This is all real?”

“All copies from the original files” Bennet nods serious “It pays to have access to everything, believe me.”

“Holy shit” Richardson says more to himself than to his old friend “I heard of cases of neurotmesis during birth of course, but correct me if I am wrong, after all I am a psychiatrist, not a surgeon, doesn’t that usually affect fingers and toes?”

“Yes, 89% of all known cases are in that area, another 10% affect joints like elbows, knees, wrists or ankles. Even shoulders have been documented. This is the only case I have ever heard of were the complete vaginal region is affected.”

“She can’t feel anything but pain in her cunt and ass? Are you serious? It says here she has 3 kids. Is she a masochist after all?”

“I don’t think so George, but you know that there are tools like lubrication and lotions to numb the pain, don’t you? I am willing to bet that she is using those to have sex with her hubby. But we wont do that, will we?”

“Ok, and this here, let me find it again, oh yes here it is Galactorrhea, she is really producing milk even though she isn’t pregnant and her youngest kid is 6 years old already?”

“Apparently, yes. Her gynecologist thinks it is hormone related, but it could also be a side effect of the nerve damage. It isn’t much though, but I bet she can be stimulated to produce more.”

“Ok Mike, I am almost convinced now that this isn’t a practical joke. If it is, you sure spend a lot of time and effort on preparations. So what do you have planned for tomorrow?”

“Just a little field study” Bennet laughs evilly “Let’s say I have been in contact with certain elements that will do pretty much everything for their next shot. Don’t worry, they only know me as the weirdo in a hoody with sunglasses. Not only will nobody believe them if they talk, they don’t know where to point their finger if they want to rat out anyone. Our victim is extremely predictable, every morning she is not working night- or early shift, she jogs at the very same park at 5:30 am. At that time hardly anyone is up and I have never seen anyone but a few sleeping bums in that park. But tomorrow she will have a bunch of junkies waiting for her when she gets out of her car. They have clear instruction of what to do and what not to do, and they know they wont get their reward if they screw up.”

5:15 am finds both distinguished doctors sitting in Bennet’s car waiting just barely in viewing distance of the park’s northern parking lot, the one Sandy always uses when she goes jogging. At 5:32 am the young mom arrives at gets out of her car. She immediately starts her stretching exercises, completely unaware of the group of dubious men who quietly walk towards her and when she notices them, it is too late. The young nurse never has a chance, 5 crazy junkies, high on dope assault her, rip the clothes off the screaming mom and within minutes one of them enters her unprotected cunt while the others hold her down and masturbate. It doesn’t take long for her rapist to explode inside her, and immediately another takes his place. Sandy has stopped fighting them and just weeps in pain and horror.

Within 20 minutes 2 of the group have raped her, while the others have shot their cum all over her face, hair and body. They take her purse, watch, wedding ring and the golden necklace with the pendant and all the clothes they ripped from her body, but strangely take her keys out of her purse and leave them next to the whimpering young mom before they leave.

Bathed in cum Sandy trembles uncontrollably for a few minutes before she forces herself to get up. She looks around fearful, but her attackers are gone. Crying hard she pulls up her panties that are still dangling from her right ankle. Other than that all she has left is one sock and both her jogging shoes. The young mom can’t believe her luck when she spots the keys, quickly she takes them and unlocks her car. She looks around one more time, making sure that nobody is around who might have seen her and then drives straight back home.

“I told you she would not go to the police” Bennet grins satisfied.

“That might be because she is practically naked, love those smallish saggy tits though and that hairy snatch is a nice touch too.” Richardson is still skeptical “Let’s wait for a while, if no police car or ambulance arrives within the next hour, I will start to believe it. But I still want to wait for a few days to see if there is any change before I will commit myself to your plan.”

They wait for almost 90 minutes and then Sandy comes out of the house, walking with a slight limb and drives off. They follow her and Bennet almost laughs, she is going shopping. Grocery shopping! If that isn’t prove of her being too ashamed to tell anyone that she has been raped by crazed junkies, nothing is! Even Richardson whistles silently and has to admit that no woman who has just been brutally abused, and for the second time in a week at that, would go to a supermarket unless she is determined to ignore it and get on with her life.

Back at Bennet’s house he asks

“Ok Mike, tell me about your plan. I will not agree to anything for the next 2 days, but I might as well hear it all so we can discuss details and be ready to act when the decision stands.”

They use the next 2 days to go deep into every aspect of Bennet’s plan and when, by Monday there is no news about any kind of rape anywhere, they decide to go for it. On Tuesday Sandy receives a friendly invitation to see administrator Dr. Bennet in his office at 10 am, in the middle of her day shift. She isn’t thrilled about it pretty much guessing that the subject will be her being raped during the nightshift, something she doesn't want to discus with absolutely anyone, but he is her boss, so, with mixed feelings she walks in a few minutes early, to find that his secretary isn’t at her desk. Meekly she knocks at his office door, somewhat hoping that he might not be there either.

“Come in” his voice destroys her last hope and the young mom opens the door.

“Ah nurse Sandy, how good of you to come. Please, have a seat” he greets her and points to a comfortable leather chair.

He waits for Sandy to sit down then he introduces the other man in the office “May I present a friend of mine, Dr. Richardson from Washington. He is here on my request, Dr. Richardson is a well-known psychologist and I asked him to come over to help you after that awful incident during that horrible nightshift.”

Sandy blushes deeply, it is obvious that she doesn’t want to talk about it, but then, it is very nice of the administrator that he invited someone over to help her deal with the aftermath of her traumatic experience. She does wish he wouldn’t have, but it is too late for that now. With a real effort she forces the professional nurses’ smile on her face and greets the visiting psychiatrist.

Dr. Richardson smiles benevolent at the obviously uncomfortable nurse. “Do not worry, this is nothing you need to fear. Your name is Sandy, isn’t it? May I call you Sandy and please do call me George.”

The young mom doesn’t mind him calling her by her first name, but she really doesn’t like calling him George, she always tries to keep superiors and their friends and relatives at arm’s length. But he has offered it, so it would be impolite to refuse. Keeping the fake smile on her face she nods

“Thank you George. I do appreciate that you are willing to help me and I am very grateful to Dr. Bennet for the offer, but I assure you both that I have my own way of dealing with … uhm … with what has happened and I would rather not talk about it anymore.”

“That is exactly what Michael, uhm, Dr. Bennet has told me Sandy“ Richardson smiles at the nervous nurse “and that is what worries me quite a bit. I know everyone deals differently with tragedies, but it is very unhealthy to ignore what has happened to you. I do understand however that you feel extremely uncomfortable talking about it, therefore I can offer you my help with a little hypnosis technique that I have developed just for people like you.”

Sandy’s eyes open wide “Hyp … hypnosis? Dr. Richards… uhm, I mean George, that is highly unconventional, isn’t it? I mean, should I not bring my husband, or … or a friend to a hypnosis session?”

“Oh, of course Sandy. Don’t get this wrong, of course you are entitled to have a trusted person in the room when you are hypnotized. Forgive me for assuming that Dr. Bennet is a person that you trust, my mistake. We can schedule another meeting and you bring someone of your choice.”

Bennet pretends to look hurt and poor Sandy is torn now. She doesn’t trust him at all, he has a reputation of trying to get every half decent looking nurse or female doctor in his, but he is her boss and humiliating him in front of his friend and colleague is definitely not what she wants. With a deep sigh she finally says

“Uhm, yes, of course Dr. Bennet is here. I didn’t think about him, sorry. I … I do trust him of course. But … but I am not sure I want to be hypnotized at all.”

“Oh come on Sandy” Richardson smiles at her “We don’t even know if the procedure will work for you, but at least we should give it a try. Now we are all here, so why not give me 5 minutes of your time. If it doesn’t work, no harm done, but if it does, I am positive I can help you and we will undo any psychological damage that your horrible experience might have caused. How about it?”

What choice does the cute nurse have? Saying no now would be quite an insult and Sandy always has problems saying no to people who seem friendly and helpful. Very reluctantly she nods, 5 minutes isn’t that much to ask, and hopefully it will turn out that she can’t be hypnotized at all.

“Excellent, do sit back and concentrate on me and my voice, will you. I promise you we will know within minutes if it will work.” Richardson begins his hypnosis routine and Sandy seems to be quite relaxed indeed. Carefully he tests her with a few easy questions which Sandy all answers truthfully, but she could fake those responses, so he finally touches the subject he knows she doesn’t want to talk about.

“When, during your last nightshift on Thursday the 18th, you were revived on a corridor in neurology, what were you wearing?”


“You were completely naked?”


“Were you alone?”


“Who was with you?”

“Thomas, a paramedic and two security guards.”

“How did you feels naked with 3 strangers looking at your body?”


“Tell me what was the worst of that moment that you remember.”

“I must have been physically abused”

“How do you know that?”

“There was semen flowing out of my vagina and my anus and the pain was very intense”

“But you do not remember having been raped, do you?”

“No … not at that time”

“Ah, but you do remember having been raped some other time then?”


“When was that Sandy?”

“Last Saturday”

“Did you report that rape to the authorities?”


“Did you tell anyone about it?”


“Why not?”

“I am too ashamed.”

They both grin. Bingo, this nurse is just too good to pass up.

“Take off your shoes Sandy”

Without hesitation the young mom slides her feet out of the comfortable clogs she is wearing.

“Stand up and undress, and do put your clothes on the chair.”

2 minutes later Sandy is completely naked, standing in front of 2 men she would never ever allow to see her body. Her facial expression is blank, she doesn’t know what she is doing, but Richardson knows that so far the hypnosis is still quite shallow and will not hold for very long so he motions Bennet to keep quiet as he begins to take the cute nurse deeper and deeper into the state of her trance.


Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

January 22, 2018, 07:11:48 PM
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And now it truly begins any plans to include any of the old gang?

January 23, 2018, 07:19:00 PM
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I haven't thought about that, probably not the guys, but maybe one or two of their dads

January 23, 2018, 07:19:18 PM
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“You will not hear anything spoken until you hear me say candelabra Sandy” Richardson finally says after about 20 more minutes and then he turns to Bennet. “That went well. We can talk openly now” he grins.

“Holy fucking shit yes” Bennet agrees staring at the naked nurse, his pants bulging out quite a bit.

“Ok, I will put on a few final touches, but, as we have agreed upon, a hypnotized victim is little better than a willing submissive, so I will only put in a post hypnotic suggestion into her mind that she will not be able to disobey either one of us while still knowing absolutely everything and she will be herself, feeling every bit of shame and humiliation and she will also know that she hates us and everything we will do to her. And just to be on the absolute safe side, I will also plant a word into her mind that will turn her into a total state of obedient trance the moment she will hear your or my voice say it. Any suggestion what that word should be?”

“How about slave? That is hardly a word used in casual conversation.”

“Hmm, yes, but a little too common. Someone with a similar voice as you or me could trigger it accidentally talking about the civil war, the Roman empire or whatever. Let’s make it Timbuktu Mali, Timbuktu is a small town in the African country of Mali, so you can include this in any kind of conversation without being too obvious and it is more than unlikely that anybody will ever say that to Sandy.”

“Ok, sounds good to me, I could just say something like <<That reminds me somehow of Timbuktu, Mali>> and Sandy will be under my spell. Can I fuck her now?”

“Give me another 5 minutes and after all the work I have done, I should be the first to enjoy her body.”

“Yeah, but I found her, without me all your work would have been for naught. Ok, I propose a deal, whoever fucks her first will use her dry cunt, the other gets that tiny asshole that hasn’t been used until her first rape. How is that?”

“I accept and since I am not much into anal sex, I will do her first.”

“Shit, ok then. Do finish with her.”

Richardson doesn’t even need the 5 minutes and then he tells their helpless victim

“I will count down from 3 to 1 now Sandy and when I snap my finger after that, you will be right awake and perfectly aware of who you are, where you are and how you feel about that. You will be yourself in all aspects except that you will be completely unable to disobey Dr. Bennet or myself, no matter what we will order you to do. 3 … 2 … 1”

He snaps his finger and Sandy’s eyes flutter open. A soft cry escapes her lips as she realizes that she is completely naked in a room with 2 men who should never see her this way. Quickly she tries to cover her soft, saggy mommy titties and her hairy cunt with her hands.

“Are you ashamed because you are naked or because your tits sag that much Sandy?” Richardson sneers amused by her reaction.


“Yes what?”

“Both” Sandy tries not to reply, but for some reason she is unable to ignore his voice.

“You will answer in complete sentences Sandy and you will call Dr. Bennet and me by our title and names or Sir. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I do understand that.” The naked nurse wants to bite off her tongue in frustration, but for reasons she doesn’t understand she is unable to refuse that hateful man.

“So again Sandy, are you ashamed of being naked or because your smallish tits sag so bad?”

“I am ashamed for both reasons Dr. Richardson. I feel very exposed because I am naked and I am ashamed of my breasts because they are very soft and sag a lot even though they are not very big.”

“You will no longer use anatomically correct terms for body parts Sandy, you will from now on call your breasts tits, or udders, titties, boobs or boobies. Your vagina you will call pussy, slit, pleasure cave or cunt and your anus is your asshole, shitter or your rear cunt. Now tell me exactly when you first became ashamed of your tits.”

“I have been ashamed of them from the moment they developed Sir because the tissue all around my boobs have been quite weak from the start and even when I was just a teeny they sagged quite a bit. After breastfeeding my children it got even worse.”

“So you are aware that your udders are substandard, are you Sandy?”

“Yes Sir, I am aware of that.”

“Very good, then you will apologize for their size and shape and for your fat, ugly nipples to every person who will see them from now on.”

“I will apologize for my substandard tits to everyone who will see them Sir, I understand.”

“Start practicing your apology with Dr. Bennet.”

Tears of shame and frustration roll down Sandy’s cheeks but she is unable to disobey and turns to Bennet. “I am so very, very sorry Dr. Bennet for making you look at such substandard tits and those hideous fat nipples. Please forgive me.”

Seeing the tears in her eyes, hearing the total humiliation in her trembling voice is almost too much for Bennet. This is fantastic, even better than anything he has dreamed off. This innocent, prudish wife and mother has to disgrace herself in front of him against her will. Unable to contain his pulsating cock in his pants any longer he opens his zipper and lets it jump out, being rewarded by absolute terror in Sandy’s eyes.

“You know that this cock will fuck your tiny asshole very soon, do you?” he croaks

“I didn’t know that Sir” she whimpers in panic “But I do know now.”

Richardson feels like throwing their frightened victim a bone and so he tells her

“Oh don’t you worry you ugly little duckling, you will be your prim and proper self with everyone but the two of us. Nobody else will make you say and do what you don’t want. But now be a good slave and get down on your hands and knees. I want to fuck that dry, aching cunt of yours doggy style so it will make your pathetic little udders bounce and leap with every thrust.”

Sandy hates herself for obeying, but no matter how hard she fights it, she is unable not to do what her tormentor orders and moments later she is down on all fourths, her ass turned to Richardson. 

The psychiatrist keels behind her and opens her cunt lips with his fingers, he examines Sandy’s pussy almost with medical curiosity. His fingers pulling the outer and inner labia apart and then he bends forward and pokes his nose in

“Looks, feels and smells like a cunt” he chuckles “Her clitoris is real tiny though, but I guess that makes sense with her condition. There is no reason for anyone to stimulate it cause she wont get wet this way or another and she wouldn’t masturbate because she can’t get any pleasure out of it. We shall give it some special attention to get it stretched to a more visible size. I am thinking clamps and weights, or a very thin fishing line, connecting the tiny knob with her fat nipples. How about taking your nurse to a tattoo shop and have it pierced?”

“Whatever” Bennet grumbles “Just fuck her, I can’t wait much longer.”

Shaking his head about his impatient colleague Richardson shrugs, places the head of his throbbing cock against Sandy’s dry hole, grabs her hips and, with one brutal thrust enters the whimpering young nurse, getting rewarded by a high pitched scream of agony. Her cunt never had enough time to recover from Saturday’s rape and some of the barely healing tiny arteries inside Sandy immediately burst open again, covering Richardson’s cock in blood. Confused he stops pulls his dick out and then begins to laugh.

“There I thought the bitch is getting wet and now I see it is just blood” he tells Bennet and then drives his cock back into the sobbing nurse.

With merciless strokes he plunges in and out of Sandy, but though it is “just” another rape, it is very different than the two she has already endured. During the others before the men had used her body for their pleasure and nothing else, Richardson is fucking her more like she is a test subject in one of his medical experiments. It seems he is much more interested in Sandy’s reactions than in his own satisfaction, or maybe both are connected. But every experiment has to end sooner or later and all of a sudden Sandy feels his dick twitch deep inside her aching cunt and then, with a roar that sounds almost like Tarzan, the psychiatrist explodes his load deep into the crying young mom.

“That was interesting” he smiles when he pulls out of her and looks at his softening, blood covered cock. “Very interesting indeed. Did you get all on tape?” he asks Bennet.

“Shit, I forgot. Sorry buddy.”

“It’s ok I guess” Richardson replies “There will be plenty of opportunity later. But I must say I am a bit disappointed in you Michael, you behave like a 2nd semester student and not like a seasoned physician. Oh well, blow your load in her ass then, maybe after that you can look at our test subject without a testosterone clouded mind.”

Bennet actually blushes, his old friend always had a way of making him feel inferior, probably because he is a trained psychiatrist and knows exactly were his weak spots are. But it doesn’t matter now, he finally gets a chance to fuck the one cute nurse that always denied him the pleasure. He makes Sandy get on top of him on the couch, her legs spread indecently wide open, so Richardson can get a good shot at her cum leaking and bleeding pussy while he pushes his fat cock into her tiny asshole.

Sandy whimpers in pain, though it is not the first time her ass gets penetrated, mercifully she had been unconscious when her rosette was abused the last time, so for her it is like a new experience that she would rather not have at all. Tears roll down her cheeks and her cute face distorts into a mask of shame and agony. Richardson grins, now that is what he likes to see and he tapes every second of the young mom’s torment, making sure that his feet are in the picture to demonstrate that there is at least one other person present.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

January 25, 2018, 07:42:29 AM
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This one has so many possibilities, the best thing about mind control themed stories!

January 25, 2018, 09:03:00 AM
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The mind control is just a temporary effect to get Sandy and to prevent her from doing anything that will expose those two. The want her to feel, see, taste all the pain and humiliation they have planned for her and a hypno-zombie would not be able to do that.

January 25, 2018, 09:03:31 AM
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Once Bennet is done and feels much better, they go into the next room to talk about what will happen next. They order Sandy to squat on the couch table, her knees wide apart and she has to stay on her toes so they can watch how their cum drips out of Sandy’s ass and cunt and forms a nice puddle on the table. The cute nurse is extremely distressed, not understanding why she is obeying every humiliation command when all of her instincts scream at her not to do what they tell her. She doesn’t know what a posthypnotic suggestion is and that she can’t fight it, all she knows is that she is unable to resist even though she loathes everything those men order her to do.

The men don’t care that their unwilling victim is listening to every word they say, if they don’t want Sandy to know what they are talking about, Richardson will just erase it from her memory later. It is just too much fun to watch the terror in her eyes while they discuss what they will do to her in the future.

“Say George” Bennet starts while chuckling happy watching the cum dripping out of the prude nurse “I like that she does what we tell her, but can’t you fix it so she is able to argue when we order something that she may have a valid reason not to do? I mean, there could be real reasons we don’t know about.”

“Hmm, yes, I can do that and I see your point. Alright, I will allow her to argue her case if and when she is ordered to do something that is physically or mentally impossible or dangerous for her. Something that could jeopardize her marriage for example. After all, we don’t want her depending on us once we get bored of her. Anything else you have noticed? ”

“No, that is everything for the moment. I think it is time now to prepare our saggy titted nurse for her new job, don’t you think?”

“Ah yes, excellent idea making her apply for the job of being your assistant by the way.” Richardson grins bright “Everyone will understand that, after being raped on station, she doesn’t feel safe there anymore and you are such a nice boss, offering her another job, so she wont be unemployed.”

“Aren’t I?” Bennet laughs “Instead of working just a10 shifts a month, she will now have a nice, comfy job only during those hours her kids are at school. She will be working close to me every day and best of all, when I go on a business trip, she will come with me wherever I go.”

“That is a nice bonus, and don’t forget that her new job doesn’t have the strict dress code for nurses. She will not be forced to wear underwear and instead of a boring uniform, your assistant will be able to wear short dresses and skirts with sexy tops. Oh, damn, let me do this before I forget.”

Richardson turns to Sandy and says “Timbuktu Mali” immediately she is in total trance again.

“Do you own a cell phone Sandy?”

“Yes Dr. Richardson”

“Is it able to take pictures?”

“Yes Sir, it is.”

“Excellent, whenever I, or Dr. Bennet call you and you hear the word Selfi you will go to the next washroom, take one picture of yourself dressed, another of yourself topless and one more completely naked and immediately send those to us.”

“I will take a picture dressed, one topless and one naked in a washroom and send them to you, yes Sir.”

Richardson turns back to Bennet and explains “That way we can always control what she is wearing and if she has found a loophole to disobey the dress code we will impose on her.”

“Damn, you really think of everything” Bennet laughs. He also turns to Sandy and asks

“Your hubby is an engineer, is that right?

“Yes Dr. Bennet”

“He installs and maintains machine worldwide, doesn’t he?”

“He does Dr. Bennet”

“So he is on business trips a lot, isn’t he?”

“Yes Sir, about 7 or 8 month a year.”

“When he is gone and you want to go out in the evening or when you work nightshifts, who is watching your kids?”

“I only work nightshifts when he is here Sir and when, for some reason I cannot be at home at night while he is on a business trip, I will get a babysitter.”

“How about during the summer holidays, do you have someone who can watch them should you be gone for a longer period of time?”

“Yes Sir, I can always ask my parents to come over and babysit or I can bring them to my in-laws.”

“So basically you are free to go, even for weeks, and your kids will always be in good hands?”

“That is possible, yes Dr. Bennet.”

Bennet laughs satisfied. “I think I will go to that boring symposium in San Diego after all. Two weeks all expenses paid on the West coast doesn’t sound that bad when I can take my new assistant along, don’t you agree George?”

“You are so right Michael. I hear they have nude beaches there, Sandy could really use some public exposure. Not that her empty skin bags will really get much attention on the West coast with all the perfectly blown up tits to compete with, and I bet she will be the only one with a hairy cunt there too, but the experience should humble her and teach her to be grateful to us that we allow her to be our entertainment unit.”

Bennet laughs out loud “Entertainment unit, now that is rich! I have to keep that in mind. Sandy the entertainment unit, very funny George, very funny indeed. But she is no longer dripping, so let’s give her a nice assistant task to get used to her new job.”

“Ok, but take her out of trance first, we want her to feel the humiliation, don’t we? Do you remember how, or should I?”

“No, I know how, just say the same word again, right?”

Richardson nods and Bennet turns to Sandy and says “Timbuktu Mali”. Instantaneously Sandy is back, still squatting naked on the couch table of course, but now she feels the humiliation of it again.

Sandy, there is a small kitchen next to my secretary’s office, go make some coffee and serve us.” Bennet tells her and she has no choice but to obey.

Naked as she is Sandy can only hope that the secretary has not returned yet, little does she know that Dr. Bennet’s secretary has gone on vacation on Monday, but even though there is nobody in the office who might see her, the kitchen window faces the park surrounding the hospital and the drapes are not fully closed. Not that it would have helped much, since they are transparent and the best they could do is blur the view but not block it.

The coffee maker is ancient, luckily Sandy’s mother had one very similar when she was little, so she is able to manage. Sandy always drinks her coffee black, and under the spell of the posthypnotic block she doesn’t think that the two doctors might want sugar or cream when she walks back to them with two cups of coffee. Both men grin at her when she sets the cups down.

“How thoughtful of you not to bring any sugar” Richardson says “It is quite bad for us, so we wont need it, and since you carry two perfectly fine milk jugs, we don’t need any cream either.”

Both laugh aloud when Sandy pales in shame. So they know that she is still producing milk, even though it is just a little now. They really love this and watch with great amusement when Sandy clumsily tries to squeeze milk out of her breasts into their cups.

“We will have to work on your milking skills” Bennet observes after licking some of the spray of milk from his hand “But don’t worry, I have already ordered a pump for your udders. After all, when you own a cow you should get at least some milk out of it.”

“You ordered a pump?” Richardson asks “I would have thought you have those in your newborn ward.”

“Oh, hand pumps, yes we do, but I wanted something special for my new assistant, so I ordered it from a BDSM catalog. Very nice suction that one and so Sandy will be comfortable, a quite efficient pillory to strap her into. Or is that thing a stock? I am not too familiar with medieval devices.”

“Will she kneel, sit or stand in it”

“Stand, bend forward and her hips and arms secured, she will give us great access to her cunt and ass while the machine will suck every last drop out of her pathetic little tits.”

“Sounds wonderful Michael. I must say, I am impressed. You are such a caring boss. Always the best for your employees. But while we enjoy our coffee, shouldn’t Sandy write her application for the job, so you can approve it and she can start as your assistant tomorrow? ”

“Ah yes, good thinking. Sandy, go to my secretary’s desk, use her desktop, the password is 74359Mordor, silly yes I know, she is rather old to be a Tolkien fan, but what can I say. Write a nice application, something about you have always admired me and that you really want to work with me, print it out, sign it and bring it over.”

For a moment it looks as if the naked nurse would actually refuse, but the posthypnotic block is stronger than her and though fresh tears run down her face again, she obeys. There is a big bay window to the right of the desk, and of course it faces the park, so Sandy’s nude body is prominently exposed to the world again as she types up the hated application for a job she really doesn’t want. To make it even worse, Richardson comes by while she is typing and demands not 1, but 3 different applications. The first as Bennet has told her, the second as if she would actually really want the job and the third he wants her to write that she will offer sexual favors to get the job, honestly and detailed describing her body as she sees it and honestly describing what she thinks is her best sexual skill.

Sandy wants to scream in frustration and anger, but instead she hears herself saying

“Yes Dr. Richardson, right away. Please forgive me for being a slow typist, I will do this as fast as I can.”


Bennet is happy with the application he ordered Sandy to write, they both are not very impressed with the honest version, but the third one is delicious. They make Sandy read it to them out loud while they laugh a lot, making the naked nurse blush in shame and humiliation.

“Dear Dr. Bennet,

As you know I am a registered nurse working in neurology, but when I heard you are looking for an assistant, I decided to apply for that position.

I am aware that you have gone to some length to get me, like many other nurses, to sleep with you, and should you decide to hire me as your assistant, I will gladly let you use my body for your personal pleasure whenever and wherever you wish.

I have to confess that my body is not exactly what you might expect from a casual sex partner. Though I am slim and fit, my tits are relatively small, just a c-cup, and they sag very much. I have also been recently told that my nipples are fat and quite ugly, so you might want me to wear a top of some kind while you pleasure yourself inside me. I also do not shave my pubic hair, but you will soon understand why that doesn’t matter much, since it would be no use to lick my cunt to stimulate me.

My best feature that is not readily available to be seen anywhere is certainly my ass. It is round and firm and rather small, compared to most women my age. I am also quite proud of my legs, they are rather long and fit and I know you have already noticed them.

Unfortunately my pussy is unable to get wet or feel any pleasure due to a nerve damage during birth, but it is still usable, and I am quite sure that a man of your standing doesn’t need to hear a woman moan in pleasure while he uses her, and you can still satisfy yourself inside me. It will cause some pain for me, but that shouldn’t concern you.

Should that not be sufficient, during a recent rape my asshole has been successfully deflowered, and though it is still very tight, you would be welcome to fuck it any time too, even though as a medical doctor you should know of the dangers of anal use, with all the germs (e.g. E-coli) that are inside a person’s intestines.

My best feature, sexually speaking is my mouth though. I have been told that my oral skills are much, much better than average, and, because of my pussy’s condition, I have taught myself to take any size penis all the way into my throat while pleasuring it with my tongue and using my hands to stimulate a man’s balls. As an added bonus oral sex can be performed almost anywhere without people noticing it, I could even crawl under your desk while you are working and satisfy you without you having to interrupt anything.

If you are considering hiring me, I will gladly come over for a personal job interview so you may test the above described skills.

Sincerely Sandy”

Both men are quite amused to hear from Sandy what she thinks of herself, but much more important for them is, that Sandy believes she is a good cock sucker, the one natural hole of her body they haven’t used yet.

“Well Sandy, I am willing to put your skill to the test” Bennet grins. “Come here and suck my dick and prove to me that you are really better than average.”

“Hey, I want to test that too.” Richardson frowns.

“You have been first the last time, but if you are in need of relieving the stress on you balls, why don’t you fuck her cunt or ass while she sucks me?”

“Well, I guess I could poke my dick deep in her, what did she call it, germ invested asshole while you test her throat, so when you are done, she will be a good nurse and clean my cock with her tongue so I wont get sick” Richardson grins evilly.

Sandy can’t believe that those men are trained physician. They of all people should know about the dangers of anal sex. They don’t even use condoms, for Pete’s sake. No wonder that the world is going down.

“Alright,” Bennet orders her “Give me one of those famous blow jobs so I can judge for myself.”

And there it is again, an order she can’t refuse, even if she would want to convince them that her oral skills are not that good (which she doesn’t because oral sex isn’t painful to her like vaginal or anal), she now has to give it her very best. Sandy gently encases the throbbing cock in her left hand, stroking it softly she bends forward and begins to lick the hairy balls, sucking each of them into her mouth one by one, teasing them with her tongue. Bennet moans in pleasure. One of his ex-wives had sucked him off sometimes, but what Sandy is doing to him is so much better. She places hundreds of soft, wet kisses all over the pulsating cock now before her tongue darts out and with just the tip of her tongue she tickles the pee slit. Bennet groans loud, this is amazing, he never felt this before.

Meanwhile Richardson enters her tight asshole, he has a little less trouble to get inside than Bennet, but it is still an effort to spread it wide enough. Sandy whimpers silently, but stays concentrated on Bennet’s dick, no matter how hard Richardson is fucking her now.

The young mom has sucked the head of the cock into her warm, wet mouth and teases it with her tongue. Bennet rolls his eyes in total pleasure and doesn’t move at all, he wants this talented nurse to take total control, it is heavenly. Adjusting her head slightly Sandy begins to take his monster deeper and deeper inside and it begins to bulge out her throat. She doesn’t seem uncomfortable with it, no retching or gagging at all. When all of his manhood is inside her, Sandy’s tongue comes out again and teases his balls. Bennet groans real loud now, but as wonderful as this is, he will soon need to cum, and for that he definitely needs more movement.

As if Sandy has read his mind, she start to raise her head, and then dances down again, gently at first, slowly, but in time she picks up the pace and soon enough Bennet is face fucking the young mom, but without moving as much as a muscle. She is doing it all for him and he absolutely enjoys every second.

When his dick begins to twitch violently, Sandy knows that he is about to cum. She also knows that all men like it when their sperm will be swallowed, and even though she never really liked the salty, slimy taste, she takes the thumping cock deep into her throat and gently squeezes both his balls with her hands. That does it, with a scream that could have woken up the dead he explodes in her throat. Waves and waves of cum bursts flood Sandy’s    throat and pharynx, way too much for her to gulp down and sperm begins to flow out of her mouth and nose. She endures it bravely, tries to swallow as much as possible, and stays unmoving in position until Bennet finally moans one last time and pulls his, now limp, dick out of her.

Richardson pulls out of Sandy ass the very second, pushes his colleague away and grabs Sandy hair, forcing her to look at him.

“Whatever you did to Michael you will do to me too now” he orders exited and the poor nurse is again unable to refuse and starts all over, this time with a dick that has just been deep up her ass.

Richardson is quite breathless after Sandy has sucked him off too and silently he congratulates himself for having had the idea of making her list her sexual skills in the fake application. He is a total cunt man and might not have tried her mouth for a long while without that. Both men grin at each other, this is indeed a very delightful bonus, who would have thought that a stuck up prude would have hidden skills like that.

“You might as well implement the changes we talked about George. I have to make a phone call now.” Bennet zips up his pants and walks into the other room. They can both hear him on the phone when Richardson puts Sandy under again.

“Yes, this is Dr. Bennet” a small pause and “THE hospital administrator you moron, you might recognize my name from your PAYCHECK!” another small pause and “There is some trouble with the water pressure in my office, send someone over right away will you.” He hangs up and joins Richardson and Sandy again grinning evilly.

“What was that all about Michael?” Richardson asks “I’ve been to your washroom and the water pressure is fine.”

“I know, I know” Bennet chuckles “But I want a janitor to come over to check it out. Sandy can show him where the washroom is.”

“You are mean, Mike” Richardson laughs “I love it. But you shouldn’t expose her naked here, it would start rumors immediately and not even an administrator is untouchable by rumors.”

“Don’t you worry, I have it all thought through. She will wear this” Bennet takes a flimsy hospital gown out of a drawer “But only the upper strap will be tied. She will tell him that she had a patient puke all over her and since I have a washer and dryer in my office, she is getting her clothes cleaned and while she is waiting will wear a standard hospital patient gown.” He laughs happy and Richardson joins him.

“You are a sly devil Mike, that’s what I really like about you.”

He finishes Sandy’s programming and they make her wear the patient gown and just when they are done instructing the young mom, someone knocks loud and clear.

“Ah yes Sandy” Bennet grins “That must be maintenance. Be a good assistant and show him where the toilet is. You will stay with him at all times, I don’t trust those guys, so make sure he will do his job and tidy up afterwards. Go Sandy, don’t let the man wait.” And he slaps her ass that is still clearly visible.

Feeling sick to her stomach the poor nurse has to obey and opens the outer office door. The janitor nearly drops his tool box seeing her almost naked.

“Uhm, maintenance Miss, I am here to fix the water pressure problem” he says while looking her up and down.

“Yes, very good” Sandy replies “Don’t mind the gown, I am not a patient, I am a nurse, but one of the patients puked all over me earlier and Dr. Bennet kindly lets me wash my clothes in his machine. If you will follow me now.”

She turns and shows her bare ass to the guy who now really drops his toolbox, standing there with his mouth wide open. It takes a while before he recovers and is able to follow Sandy into the restroom where he immediately gets on his knees pretending to check the toilet, but in fact uses his new vantage point to look up at Sandy’s hairy pussy. Of course he has recognized her as the prudish nurse from neurology, nobody is ever going to believe this. He wishes he could take pictures, but that would be too obvious, so he just enjoys the view.

To make things worse Bennet comes over and casually tells Sandy

“Dr. Richardson and I will go to the cafeteria for a while Sandy. When the janitor is done with the water pressure, be so nice and offer him a cup of coffee, or something. Hard work should always be rewarded, shouldn’t it?”

They are leaving her alone with this guy? Practically naked? Sandy is very close to panic now, but the posthypnotic block forces her to say

“Yes of course Dr. Bennet. I will do that.”

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

January 25, 2018, 11:34:37 AM
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Yes Sandy is in need of some maintenance maybe by a team of maintenance men!

January 26, 2018, 07:21:05 PM
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There is nothing wrong with the water pressure and the janitor soon begins to think that Dr. Bennet might just ordered him to come over to get a good look at Sandy in the flimsy hospital gown. Of course he has no idea about the hypnotic block , or why the young mom is playing along, but he couldn’t care less, as long as he is getting a good look at her bare ass and a glimpse here and then of her hairy cunt. The way her tits bounce under the robe makes it very clear that they must sag quite a bit, but there is no way that he can confirm that, or is there? What did Bennet say before he left? “… be so nice and offer him a cup of coffee, or something”, was he hinting at something special? He has to know, so, pretending that the so called problem is fixed he grins at the nurse and says

“Say, you are the one who was raped, aren’t you?”

Sandy blushes deeply and just nods, not wanting to talk about that.

“I am done here” he grins happy to have made her feel even more uncomfortable than before “So I am wondering what your boss meant when he said you should offer me a cup of coffee or SOMETHING. I already had like 10 cups of coffee today, so I am more interested in the something if you could tell me what that might be.”

Blushing even deeper Sandy realizes that by using such an obscure phrase, and her being unable to disobey any direct order from Bennet and Richardson, the evil doctor has left her wide open to anything the janitor would want. Quickly she tries to distract him.

“I think there is orange juice and mineral water in the fridge, that may be what he meant.”

“Really?” the janitor looks very disappointed, but he still has to try. After all, the only risk he will take is getting slapped or at worst another reprimand in his employee file for sexual harassment, and he already has several of those, without ever having to face any consequences other than a stern talk from his boss.

“Maybe he meant that you should offer yourself. I mean, since you have already been raped by what? 4 guys or so, it wont make much difference if you have one more, would it? So why don’t you take off that silly hospital gown, it’s not like it covers you much, and then get down on the floor and let me have some fun.”

Fresh tears appear on Sandy’s face as her hands move to undo against her will the single strap holding her only protective piece of clothing. She just drops the flimsy gown to the floor and lies down on her back as instructed. The janitor can’t believe his eyes, WTF, she does what she is told. That guy Bennet must have some great hold on her, but who cares. The nurse known as prude Sandy from neurology is naked on the floor in the men’s room, so before she can change her mind, or her boss comes back, he better acts quickly.

Her hairy cunt is dry like the desert in summer, but he has no time to stimulate the bitch, so he enters her with one brutal shove, chuckling amused when that gets her saggy tits shaking like jelly. Damn why is that bitch crying? Not that he cares much about that, but it is irritating. After all, she has been teasing him all along, walking about in nothing but an open hospital gown, and he didn’t force her to get naked and on the floor, he just suggested it. Who cares, she is not resisting and that is all he wants, so he keeps plunging deep into her cunt, banging against her cervix with every stab and watches the saggy udders dance wildly in the rhythm of his thrusts.

He explodes his full load into her dry cunt and then wipes his dick in her beautiful long blond hair.

“That was, uhm, not bad” he grins as he is getting dressed again “But I have one last something to ask of you. Since my buddies will never believe this, I want you to come down to the locker room with me to verify my story.”

Sandy wants to scream NO, but all she says is “I am naked, I can’t walk through the hospital like this.” At least now, with the changes Richardson made in her programming she is able to point that out, even though she is not able to refuse.

“Good point” he says and for a moment he considers calling his colleagues to come up here for a good look, but that would be quite awkward if a bunch of janitors would all walk into the administrator’s office, so instead he points to the discarded hospital gown “Wear that again, you didn’t mind me seeing you in it, so you wont mind walking through the hospital wearing it.”

Whimpering in distress Sandy puts on the flimsy robe again and follows the janitor to the basement. She is extremely lucky, not very many people are around and nobody thinks much of it, thinking she must be a patient and since no one takes a close look, they all assume that she must be wearing underwear underneath.

That changes once they walk into the maintenance locker room. The morning shift has just finished their showers and is about to get dressed to go home when her guide comes in with Sandy, wearing nothing but an open hospital gown, cum leaking down her thighs. For a second it is eerily quiet and then everybody starts to talk at once.

“… holy shit is that nurse Sandy …”

“… make her turn …”

“… isn’t that the one who got raped …”

“… is that cum flowing down her legs …”

“Cool it guys” the one bringing Sandy laughs “I just wanted to show you, since you wouldn’t have believed me if I just would have told you.” He turns to the trembling young mom “That are all my something requests, you may go back now.”

Sandy almost thanks him for that, she has been sure he brought her down to be raped again, but he has relived her of the posthypnotic block for this scenario now and before any of those guys get any ideas, she turns quickly and rushes back to the relative safety of Bennet’s office.

“Why the fuck did you let her go?” one of the janitors screams at his colleague.

“Because I wont get into hot water with the administrator. Do you? And then, I already fucked her tight cunt, so take a cold shower.”

Grumbling they all agree that their jobs are more important than a quick fuck and soon they laugh again about having seen so much of that prudish nurse from neurology. And then Juan, the guy who found her unconscious grins and says

“Well, I didn’t wanna say anything before, cause I didn’t know how you would react, but when I found her after the rape, I took a few pics, I mean, it was just too tempting.”

Moments later he is sending all the photos of the unconscious, naked nurse to everyone and now they are real hard.

“Dammit, I want some time with that hairy snatch” one of them grunts.

“You said it bro” another agrees “You said it all.”

Juan just grins. He really did take those pictures after the rape, but he is the only one in the room who knows that those junkies didn’t rape Sandy. They were too busy trying to steal meds and their addictions didn’t leave them time to play with Sandy. Yes, Juan, 2 lucky security guards and a paramedic did have some fun before they called the police.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

January 26, 2018, 08:40:05 PM
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just a little idea, have an emergency happen where he nursing instincts take over while she returning to Bennet's office

January 28, 2018, 06:14:39 AM
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Brilliant idea. I wrote a scenario to make it happen. Evil but realistic, I love it!

January 28, 2018, 06:14:59 AM
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Sandy runs up the stairs, she has no patience to wait for the lift, and the stairwell opens up much closer to the administrator’s office anyways. Again luck is on her side, nobody sees her and she is almost back in Bennet’s office, all she has to do is walk through the foyer, take a left and down the corridor and she will have made it. Trying very hard to walk leisurely so no one will look at this “patient” in her silly gown twice, Sandy gets past the information desk when the double doors of the entrance burst open and a child, about 11 to 13 years old staggers in, badly bruised and bleeding. The girl almost makes it to the desk, croaks “Help me please” and collapses.

Sandy immediately forgets that she is a victim of 2 mean physicians, she forgets that she is only wearing a flimsy gown that barely covers her front but not much of her back, all she sees is a hurt girl, about the same age as her oldest son, who desperately needs help. With 2 steps she is at the child’s side, kneels down, not even realizing that her hospital gown freely flows to the front and completely uncovers her ass and cum leaking cunt. Sandy is nothing but a nurse now, caring for an injured child, nothing else exists. She hardly hears the commotion behind her, she doesn’t realize that people are taking pictures, all that matters is the girl’s pulse and heart rate right.

When two rough hands yank her away from the child Sandy tries to resist until she suddenly notices that those hands are touching her bare skin and in that instant she remembers. Blushing crimson the young mom breaks free from the security guard who is trying to get that mad woman away from the child so the doc who just arrived can take care of her. Luckily for Sandy he is more interested to make room for the doc than to apprehend her, so the completely exposed nurse manages to shake him off and in a desperate sprint gets down the corridor and into Bennet’s office. Oh my God, what just happened to her? Sandy almost has a heart attack realizing that she has been more or less completely naked in the middle of a large crowd of people. She prays that nobody has recognized her and hopes that people have been more interested in her soft mommy titties, her ass and cunt than her face. Crying desperately she rolls herself into the fetal position on the couch, sobbing out of control. What is happening to her life?

Within a week she has been raped twice by several men, Bennet and Richardson have done something to her while she was hypnotized so that she is unable to disobey their orders. They too have raped her and then that janitor has forced himself upon the helpless mom. And it seems this is just the beginning of her nightmare. Once she will be officially Bennet’s assistant, it can only get worse. For the first time in her life Sandy is desperate enough to consider suicide, but for some reason that thought immediately gets foggy and no matter how hard she tries to concentrate, it keeps escaping her. Richardson, being a trained psychiatrist, has foreseen this kind of reaction and made sure that she would be unable to do it. After all, why waste a perfectly good test person when you are still able to abuse it?

Slowly the convulsions shaking Sandy’s body subside and her tears dry up and just at that moment she hears the door of the outer office opening. Still trembling violently the young mom tries to sit up. Bennet and Richardson walk in, Bennet laughing very loudly, but Richardson looks a bit concerned. Of course they have heard all about the naked mad woman who tried to prevent a doc taking care of an injured child. But while Bennet is still laughing his head off, his buddy fears that this could get out of control way too fast.

He immediately begins to question Sandy about everything that happened after they left her with the janitor and he shakes his head a few times while Bennet thinks it is all very amusing.

“No Michael, it is not funny at all. We need to talk.” Turning to Sandy he tells her “Go into the washroom, make yourself presentable and stay there until I call for you.”

As soon as Sandy is gone Richardson continues “Are you crazy Michael? Do you think you are god or what? I must admit that I thought letting a janitor see Sandy in that hospital gown was funny because your cover story was solid enough. Letting him rape her though went too far, those guys will talk, and once talk reaches the hospital board, you can kiss your comfy job goodbye. You will have to put a lid on it right away. And from now on, be careful with what you do, or you will screw everything up what we have!”

“Ok, ok, I see your point George. No more exposure in the hospital. You are right of course, it was just so deliciously tempting to let the world see that prudish Goody-Goody. But I understand now. No more silly stunts here, I promise.”

“Good, now get on the phone and put those janitors in their place. Threaten them with everything you got and make sure they will not talk about this, not to anyone!”

“I’ll do that, but that must have been the early shift. They will all be gone by now.”

“Then get their supervisor to call them back in. We can’t risk those knuckleheads talking about Sandy and that you must have something to force her to obey, or whatever their testosterone infested minds will come up with. NOW Michael, don’t waste any more time.”

While Bennet calls the maintenance chief Richardson walks into the bathroom to talk to Sandy and make sure all those horrors have not damaged the hypnotic block. He finds the young mom sitting on the toilet not because she needs to, but because there is no other seat available in the restroom. Though she has washed her face with cold water, her beautiful blue eyes are still quite puffy from crying and she does look a mess. 

Carefully and gently he erases the janitor and foyer experiences from her mind and reinforces the block. Richardson just hopes that Bennet will really be more careful in the future. For his buddy Sandy may just be a fuck toy, but for himself she is a valuable test person. He could learn so much about the long term effects of his hypnosis therapy from her and still have a lot of fun with her body at the same time. But only if nobody will screw this up now, he needs her desperately, who knows if he will ever be able to find another suitable victim to freely experiment on.

“When are you expecting your kids back home Sandy?” he asks

“Around 4:30 pm Sir.”

It is 3:15 now, not much time at all, so Richardson instructs the young mom to get dressed and then go back to neurology to inform the head nurse that, starting tomorrow, she will work as Bennet’s assistant. He makes sure that Sandy actually believes that Bennet is a wonderful and caring boss who is doing all this to help her. By the time Richardson is done with her Sandy smiles and doesn’t look at all like the wreck he found sitting on the toilet not 20 minutes ago.

“Now go Sandy” he tells her “And do ask Dr. Bennet when he expects you here tomorrow and what you should wear.”

Bennet is busy on the phone when the young nurse, already completely dressed again, interrupts him.

“Some dress” he grumbles “Do you have summer dresses?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Pick the sexiest you have and wear that tomorrow” he tells her before he concentrates on his caller again.

“Are you quite mad” the man on the phone yells “You can’t create new positions without clearing it with the board. Any and all new expenses have to be sanctioned by us first. And what the hell do you need an assistant for? You have a secretary, that should be more than enough.”

“I am saving the hospital a lot of money AND preventing a very damaging lawsuit by hiring her as my assistant. This is the nurse that was raped during the nightshift. She was already talking about how she doesn’t feel safe on the job any more and that it is all our fault. By getting her a renowned psychiatrist who is not working for us, an independent specialist I happen to know, to treat her anxieties, and hiring her as my assistant, she will not sue us for millions in damages. And even if we could win a lawsuit, the damage to our reputation would be irreparable, and our insurer would use this to up our payments by at least 100%. So don’t call me mad, thank me for acting quickly and responsible for the sake of the hospital.”

“Oh, alright. That does change everything. I am sorry Dr. Bennet, you did what had to be done. Very well then, let me have a full, but private report and I will back you in the board meeting. I guess taking her to the symposium in San Diego next week is part of your plan?”

“Of course it is. You know well enough that I don’t like those conferences, I had already decided not to go, but to make my new assistant see how important she is to us, I thought this would be a good way to show her.”

“Yes, very good thinking. Keep up the good work and make sure we will not get sued.”

Bennet grins, he really is an evil genius. Well, he has avoided any stupid questions from the board now and they have accepted his new assistant plus two weeks to humiliate and rape her on the West coast and all because he knows how to bait them.       

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

January 28, 2018, 08:07:34 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Good chapter maybe the board of directors should be introduced to Sandy to learn of her qualifications! ;)

January 29, 2018, 03:35:01 PM
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Offline EvilBastard

Sandy arrives at her new job at 8:45 am, since Bennet never told her when to be here, but the administrator never gets to work before 9:30 / 10:00 am, so she is not late. Patiently she sits down and waits for her boss to come, feeling quite a bit awkward wearing a dress at work now. For all her working life she has worn a nurses uniform, this will take a while to adapt.

Richardson and Bennet walk in at 9:37 am and while Richardson just greets her, Bennet looks at her dress and says “That is the sexiest you own? Geez, we really have to go shopping. And what kind of shoes are that? Don’t you have any heels to wear?”

“Sandals Sir” Sandy replies blushing “And I do not own any kind of high heels, just two pair of semi high ones, 3 ½ inches to be exact Dr. Bennet. I find those quite uncomfortable though and prefer shoes that have flat heels.”

“Alright, I guess we will have to add shoes to the shopping list too then” Bennet shakes his head. How can any woman dislike high heels? “Are you wearing a bra under that?” he asks even though it is pretty obvious that she does.

“Yes Sir, I do” Sandy replies

“Well take it off then. No bras at work, you hear. And while we are at it, I have never seen you wear pantie hoses or stockings, is there a reason for that?”

Blushing more Sandy hurries to take the bra off while answering Bennet’s question

“I have a nylon allergy Dr. Bennet, I can’t wear panty hoses or stockings made out of that material. I do own a few panty hoses made of silk for those occasions I need to wear them. But they are very expensive and delicate and easily rip, so I don’t wear them often.”

“I see, no matter, I prefer your legs bare anyway, I was just curious.”

Without her bra Sandy is very aware that her nipples now poke through the thin fabric of her dress, but she has been ordered to take it off and it doesn’t really present a reason to point out the obvious to Bennet, so she just sighs and accepts it. Both doctors demand coffee and she serves them in the back room as soon as she has made it. Of course they want her milk in it again and the young mom has to take off her dress since it sits too tight to slip out one tit for her task.

But off course once the young mom has taken her dress off, they both feel like a nice and satisfying morning fuck and so Sandy has to get completely naked again and allow them to satisfy themselves in her. While Bennet insist on finally using her cunt as long as it is dry, Richardson is happy to let her demonstrate her delightful oral skills on him again.

They do allow Sandy to put her dress back on afterwards, but she has to stay standing up and not wear her panties as long as she is leaking cum. After all, her cunt and ass will be used quite a lot, and those panties would never be able to soak up that much cum. It is much better to let it dry while dripping down her shapely legs.

“Damn, George” Bennet grunts happily “I own Sandy for not even a full day now, and already I have no idea how I could have survived without an assistant.”

“I guess that is because she is who she is. Imagine your secretary would have to take over her tasks. Would you still think that you need an assistant?”

“Jesus H,” Bennet laughs “I would rather wank my Willy in the men’s room than watch that old dragon undress. Yuck, George, now you painted a picture of dried up, shriveled tits and a wrinkled cunt in my mind. How will I ever forget that again? No way Mrs. B. knows how to get rid of unwanted visitors, types fast and makes better coffee than Sandy, but I would not want to touch her with a ten foot pole. Nope Sandy is a better assistant, you are right, it is the person that counts, not the job description.”

Richardson turns to the blushing nurse “Sandy, apart from your morning jogging, are you doing any other sports to keep fit? And talking about jogging, are you still doing that after being raped in the park?”

Sandy gulps, not happy to be reminded of that day “No to both questions Dr. Richardson.” She whispers embarrassed.

“Well, sports are important and you need to keep fit, but I do understand that the park rape has made you more cautious. You are lucky though, as Dr. Bennet’s assistant you don’t have that much to do, so you can always work out here. Don’t you agree Michael?”

“Sure George. I think that is a great idea. In fact this room is perfect for it. If I remember correctly, there is an old exercise bike in the basement, I will have maintenance bring it up and there is room enough for gymnastics too. Do call maintenance right away Sandy, have them deliver that bike.”

They both watch her closely, she should not remember the janitor incident, so there would be no reason for her to feel awkward calling maintenance and they are relieved when the cute nurse just nods and heads off to make the call.

“You did straighten out those janitors, didn’t you Michael?” Richardson asks

“Damn right I did” Bennet grins “I screamed until my head turned blue. Told them that, out of the kindness of my heart, I tried my best to make the poor rape victim feel safe and comfortable again and then those bastards used her admiration for me to force her into an unbearable situation. I told them that I would fire all of them on the spot for that, but because Sandy is way too embarrassed to press charges, I will leave it at that for now. But if they ever even just look at her with disrespect again, I will fire them and make sure they get registered as sexual offenders.”

Richardson nods “That sounds like it will work. Very good Michael. Let’s see what will happen when they get here with that exercise bike.”

Minutes later two janitors knock on the door. They both lower their eyes the second Sandy opens it and mumble something like “Where do you want this Ma’am.”

They carry it all the way to the backroom and are happy to get out as soon as they are done. It looks like Bennet’s threats are working.

“Excellent” Richardson smiles looking at the old exercise bike. “Clean it up a bit Sandy and let’s start your new work out program right away. This should be fun for all of us and good for you Sandy.”

Once the young mom is done cleaning, she is told to take off her dress again and begin her workout. Both docs are more than impressed when Sandy starts with gymnastics. The young mom can really stretch herself into almost any kind of position, but even more impressive than her skills is the fact that they get to watch the naked nurse going through her exercises.

Bennet is glad now that he thought of involving the hypnosis skills of his old buddy. His first idea had been of assaulting and raping Sandy himself, knowing that she would not tell anyone, but when watching her now, how she is able to bend herself and how extremely flexible the young mom is, he isn’t sure if he would have been able to overpower her by himself.

It is nothing but delightful to watch Sandy. Some of the exercises she does so easily give the two docs a perfect view of her anatomy and Richardson remarks chuckling that not even her gynecologist could have seen any more of her cunt.

Surprisingly even those exercises that need a certain amount of strength are no trouble for the young nurse. She looks so fragile, but it seems she is a lot fitter than both men thought. Sandy finishes with 10 miles on the bike, and when she is done, she is not even sweating. Richardson and Bennet just look at each other and grin. Their cute victim sure has some hidden qualities they haven’t known about.

“Well Sandy, that was quite good” Richardson tells her when she is finished “You will do that every morning. But now you have caused poor Dr. Bennet and I to get painfully hard again, which is your fault, so you better do something about it.”

Unable to disobey Sandy lets Richardson push her into position and both men satisfy themselves in her cunt and throat again. The young mom doesn’t consciously realize it yet, but she begins to accept that for most men she is nothing but a body with 3 holes that can be used for their sexual pleasures, no matter if she likes it or not. Even the pain and shame she is feeling when they abuse her seems to be a turn on to them, maybe even more than her naked body is. At least Bennet seems to like to hurt her, while Richardson seems to enjoy humiliating her more than just harming her physically. 

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

January 29, 2018, 05:10:24 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Bet the janitors are pissed that they can't play with Sandy! Maybe it's time they blackmail Bennet  for her services!

January 30, 2018, 04:33:23 PM
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Offline EvilBastard

Sunday finds Sandy packing for 2 weeks in San Diego, she is quite unhappy about leaving her family, especially because she knows that Bennet plans to abuse her a lot more than he has done so far because he wont have to think about any consequences. There will be no people who know her, who would recognize changes in her behavior. He will not have to think about bruises, welts or cuts that her husband might see when she goes home after work and no Richardson will watch and stop him if he goes too far. Sandy will be completely at his mercy and the young nurse shivers at that thought.

Bennet had planned to drive all the way down in his car, adding 6 days to the 2 weeks just for the trip to the West coast and back, having fun with Sandy exposing herself to truck drivers and in road motels, but the hospital board didn’t approve of that, 14 days is enough for the administrator to be gone, and why waste 3 days to get there and 3 days to get back, when taking the plane only takes just over 3 hours?

Sandy’s husband drops her at the airport at 5 am on Monday and is a bit surprised how she clings to him when he kisses her goodbye, she is never that anxious when he leaves on a business trip, but he just puts it off as nerves. After all, his sweet wife has never been away from the children that long.

The moment Bennet is alone with his assistant, he makes Sandy go to the washroom to take off her bra, panties and shoes and present those to him at the check-in counter. Why waste another second to start the embarrassment? Sandy better gets used to it, the next 2 weeks will be a never ending nightmare of humiliation and abuse. He grins happy, life is good!

Wearing one of the new dresses Bennet has bought her, Sandy feels extremely exposed now. It is not really an indecent dress, a bit shorter than she would usually wear, but Sandy has the legs for it, so that isn’t too bad, but without underwear and shoes it suddenly changes from a little daring summer dress to slut-wear. Her nipples prominently poke through the thin fabric, her soft titties bouncing with every step she takes and the hem of the dress is so close to her unprotected ass that the young mom doesn’t dare to bend down to tend to her luggage anymore. She gets a lot of disapproving looks and the cute nurse constantly blushes, especially when she notices how many men all of a sudden drop something, or kneel down to check their luggage just to get a good look at her ass and hairy cunt. Bennet makes her check in all by herself, just to be able to stand a little back and watch everything. He almost bursts out laughing when Sandy is singled out at the security check point and has to step into a cabin with a female guard and is forced to remove her dress for a body search.

It doesn’t get any better after boarding. As soon as the plane reaches its traveling altitude, Bennet forces Sandy to go the tiny restroom with him so he can finally join the “Mile high club”. When she meekly tries to point out that there isn’t enough room for such activities, he laughs and declares loud enough for a lot of people to hear

“You forget that I see you working out naked in my office every morning. I know how flexible you are Sandy. Now take off your dress, it does pay now that you are not wearing underwear, doesn’t it?”

When they step out of the washroom, a lot of men in business suits applaud while the flight attendants don’t hide their disgust for Sandy. More than ones she hears someone whisper “whore” when she walks back to her seat to hide in shame. But when she gets to her seat an air hostess pushes by her and puts a garbage bag on it and when Sandy looks at it puzzled she says loud and clear in an angry voice

“I don’t care if you soak your dress in THAT, but I will not allow you to soil MY seats!”

Sandy wishes she would die, or at least vanish into thin air. For a week now she has been humiliated by Bennet and Richardson, but at least it has been more or less in private. This is so much worse and the young mom knows that it is just the first day of 14.

For the rest of the flight Bennet busies himself with keeping her nipples erect, at first by scooping up his cum dripping out of her pussy and smearing it on the dress around them,  , later, when she is dried up, by pinching and pulling them. He really wants them to be clearly visible because he knows how Sandy feels about that.

Of course Bennet makes her to pick up their luggage from the conveyor belt, and of course he orders Sandy to bend over in her hips, not go down in her knees when she does, so uncounted men get a great view of her bare ass and hairy cunt. She has to sit next to the cab driver on their way into the hotel, so he can get a few good glimpses too and finally in the hotel, Sandy has to sit in the lobby, her legs open, while Bennet checks them in. He really goes out of his way to humiliate his cute assistant and Sandy needs all her strength and courage not to cry.

The first good news (at least she thinks so for the moment) is that her room in on the 4th floor, Bennet’s on the 6th. Sandy had been afraid they might get connecting rooms, so this must be good, right? Bennet even allows his assistant to put her luggage into her own room before she has to join him at the pool bar, of course still in her cum-stained dress and without underwear or shoes.

Purposely Bennet sits a bit away from Sandy, to make her an easier target, but what might have worked perfectly back home, doesn’t work at the pool bar. There are so many young women in sexy bikinis and bathing suits that for quite a while nobody notices Sandy’s dress or the lack of her underwear. Bennet is almost ready to take the cute mom into the indoor bar, hoping she will attract more attention there when a middle aged man attempts to get out of the pool just in front of the bar. The moment he is heaving himself out of the water his gaze by chance meets Sandy’s long legs and then … With an open mouth he forgets where he is and plunges back into the water. He is no longer interested in the bar, or getting out of the pool, he just grins very happy and stays right there at the edge of the pool, where he has a perfect view of Sandy’s hairy cunt, no matter how the young nurse turns. Of course Bennet notices it and he orders Sandy to get up and walk to the edge of the pool, stand there a moment and then ask her new fan how the water is. No matter what he will answer, she has to sit down right there, and dangle her legs into the pool, of course her thighs are not allowed to close, but stay open as far as the dress allows.

Sandy is very close to tears now, but naturally she still is unable to disobey, so she walks right to the spot where the man staring at her pussy waits, her legs open wide enough to give him a perfect view and then she asks

“Hello, how is … is the water?”

“Water?” the guy is totally dumbfounded. Is she talking to him? Maybe she is a hooker, or a call girl. But who has ever heard of a hooker with a hairy snatch? While he is still trying to think of something clever to say, this beautiful bitch sits down at the edge of the pool and dangles her feet in the water, her legs nicely open, allowing him to see absolutely everything, not even 2 feet away from his face. He doesn’t even realize that a few tears begin to flow down her cheeks and of course Sandy wipes those off right away.

Slowly the guy is able to begin a conversation with her, without ever looking at the cute nurse’s face though, his eyes stay clued to the meaty cunt lips that are so close to him that he can smell them now. Sandy tries to keep up with him chatting away when Bennet walks up to them. The guy almost panics, thinking Bennet might be her hubby or boyfriend, but the doc smiles and just says

“There you are Sandy. I see you are making new friends, very good, very good indeed. Could I just borrow my assistant for a minute or two sir? I promise it wont be long and she will be back before you know it.”

“Ah, of course, sure, your assistant huh? Ok, no problem, I will wait here.”

Bennet takes Sandy out of ear shot and gives her some very clear instructions and when he is done, he adds

“And dammit bitch, SMILE. I know you are a nurse and you can smile on command. No more tears, make everybody feel like you are enjoying yourself.”

Without the hypnotic block that might not have worked, after all, Sandy feels every second of her humiliation in every detail, but Bennet is right about nurses being able to put on a fake, but quite believable smile, it is part of the job to calm scared patients whenever necessary. So, when Sandy returns to the pool guy, she really is smiling now, and she knows exactly what Bennet wants her to do. Sitting down again to give the guy an even better look at her cunt, she says

“So sorry for the interruption, but the symposium starts tomorrow and my boss had a few last minute instructions for me. So, where were we?”

“Um, oh, yes, well, we were talking about …, about, damn, I forgot.”

Sandy, as instructed, looks down at him and gasps “Oh my, is that my fault?” she points at his bathing trunks that bulge out quite prominently.

The guy blushes and tries to hide it by pressing closer to the edge of the pool, mumbling “Never you mind, just, um, a natural reaction.”

“I am so sorry” Sandy says with a professional nurses voice, sounding absolutely real “I had no idea I would make you feel so uncomfortable. If you like I will be happy to take care of it.”

“Take care of …? Oh, fuck, I mean, um, how much?”

“How much? Oh, you think I am a …, no, I am not, I just feel responsible for you obvious unease, so if you like, but only if you really want that, we can go to your room, or mine, and make you feel more comfortable again. I am so sorry that I did that to you.”

The poor guy can’t believe what he is hearing. She doesn’t want any money, but still offers to let him fuck her just because he has a raging hard-on from looking at her cunt? Is that a trick to get into his room and rob him? No, can’t be, she also offered to go to her room. Maybe she is some sort of a new age hippy, free love and shit like that. No matter, she offered it and he would be crazy not to accept.

10 minutes later they are in Sandy’s room, he drops his shorts, almost rips off her dress and without even trying to engage in any foreplay he pushes Sandy on the bed and fucks her like there is no tomorrow.

Twice he comes into her cunt, then he scoops up his cum flowing out of it, lubricates her tiny asshole with it and satisfies himself in there too. Breathless he leans back and to his total surprise Sandy immediately turns to him and licks his softening dick and balls until they are clean again.

“Feeling a lil’ better now?” she purrs

“Shit girl, I feel like a million bucks” her grunts, still trying to catch his breath “By the way, I’m Pete, and you are?”

“Nice to meet you Pete, I am Sandy. I am sorry, but I have to run now, my boss is waiting for me. I don’t want to be rude, but you are such a stud that it took a lil’ longer than expected. Is that ok if I ask you to leave now?”

Pete can’t believe this. Not only did she let him fuck her 3 times, licked his dick and balls clean, but she is not even forcing him to stay for some silly cuddling or after fuck chat. This bitch is too perfect to exist. Quickly he gets up, puts on his shorts again and, mumbling something like “Sure, gotta go myself” he hurries to his own room.

Do keep encouraging or criticizing me, it really helps me write more

January 30, 2018, 08:18:22 PM
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Offline gscmar64

So many ways you can take this. Going to wait and see where you take this!