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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.



The man in white scrubs had her on a gurney wheeling her down a hall that reeked of sweat, urine and feces.  In addition to the stench, there was a cacophony of noise in the hall of screams, grunts, moans and every sound you could imagine a human being might make and many sounds that seemed that only an animal could make, except there were no animals here.  Nancy could see some of the unwashed people making these noises as they passed by in her peripheral vision without darting her eyes towards them, and they were even more disturbing to see than the sounds they made.  She couldn’t see where the man smirking down at her was taking her, but she was determined as always to show no reaction to any of her surroundings despite how much it all terrified her.

Established in 1859, the Cravenwich Insane Asylum was built to house 260 patients, but there were nearly 2000 of the worst lunatics in all of New England housed in the facility in 1956 when Nancy was admitted.  It was horribly understaffed by low paid uncaring personnel up to and including the two medical doctors.  Patients sometimes died and weren’t noticed for a week until their rotting corpses finally emitted an odor foul enough to be detected in a place that always stank.  Both doctors on staff had nearly lost their licenses to practice medicine numerous times before accepting positions here.  They were as indifferent to the patients as the rest of the staff.  However, in Cravenwich being ignored by the staff was often better than capturing their attention.  Abuse of all sorts was rampant and never investigated.

Nancy was a few months shy of her sixteenth birthday when her parents driving home from a party smashed through the guardrail and careened tumbling down a ravine killing them both.  Nancy refused to believe they were dead screaming at everyone it wasn’t true.  The morticians at the funeral home did their best but finally insisted a closed coffin funeral would be prudent.  Still in denial at the funeral, Nancy before anyone could stop her ran towards the two coffins and forced one open.  Inside she recognized her mother even with the huge gashes in her head.  She flung the other coffin open to see her father.  What was left of his head was obviously not attached to his torso any more.  It was then that she collapsed in a heap.

From that moment on Nancy refused to acknowledge her surroundings.  She had checked out from the world and reality.  If fed, she would eat, but other than that she made no attempt to interact with the outside world.  If left too long in bed, she would foul it.  The doctors her aunt took her too had no answers for why she was catatonic.  The only stimulus she would respond to was pain, and that the doctor’s said was just her body trying to protect itself.  Her screams were interpreted as reflexive as she returned to a stone face immediately afterwards.  She would also blink if objects were thrust at her eyes, but again it was chalked up to just reflexes.

Everyone said it was such a pity for a beautiful girl blossoming into womanhood to be afflicted in this manner.  She had gorgeous long nearly black hair that ran straight down to the middle of her back and a figure other girls envied.  Her sickly aunt said she couldn’t take care of her anymore and no other relative wanted her either, so it was decided she needed the professional care of a mental hospital.  Nancy overheard what they said and understood it all.  Inside her mind she was fully functional.  There was just a part of her that refused to let anyone see that she was still there.  You could call it faking except Nancy had convinced herself that she had to be this way.  To acknowledge the outside world meant she would have to acknowledge her parent’s deaths, and she was incapable of doing that.

The place they took her to seemed like a house of horrors from the first moment.  A weaselly doctor puffing on a cigarette examined her briefly.  To demonstrate Nancy only responded to pain, he took his cigarette and burned the bottom of her foot making her briefly shriek, followed immediately by returning to her withdrawn state.  Two nurses undressed her and put her in a soiled loose smock and nothing else.

The wheels on the rusty gurney squeaked in protest as the orderly bumped it across broken floor tiles and into a small room.  There was a dirty mattress on the floor and nothing else in the bleak room.  Unbeknownst to Nancy, this was probably one of the cleaner and nicer rooms in the entire asylum.  The orderly wasted no time and rolled her off the gurney dumping her roughly onto the mattress.  Nancy couldn’t help herself and made an ‘ooooffff’ sound when her back hit the mattress.  The orderly stared at her hard looking for signs she was alert.

Nancy lay their staring at the ceiling of chipping paint and fallen plaster ignoring the orderly.  He got his face really close to hers and snapped his fingers.  She blinked but otherwise made no sound or motion.  He moved his face even closer a mere inch from her mouth, and Nancy could smell his putrid breath.  She steeled herself nervous at his motives and wondering if he would try and kiss her.  She resolved herself she would endure whatever he did in limp silence.  His tongue protruded from his mouth touching her cheek.  It felt sickeningly slimy, and like a snail he slowly trailed his tongue across her mouth completely covering her lips watching her eyes the whole time.  She didn’t even blink, but internally she wanted to vomit in disgust.

He stared hard at her eyes, and she could feel his hand brushing the smock they had put her in.  The hand moved until it was in contact with her breast.  The beast of a man began smiling as his hand squeezed her breast.  She stoically lay there not moving while he kneaded and fondled her breast through the smock for about a minute.  Abruptly he stood up looking at her with a sinister smile.   On the way out he turned off the single dim bulb in the room but left the door open.  It got darker but not completely dark due to the ambient light from the hall.

Nancy was confused by his groping of her breast.  Boys and even grown men had been staring at her this past year, and she figured out they were looking at her breasts through the dresses she wore.  She knew they had grown rapidly and her mother had always been large in the chest, but she didn’t know why she was being stared at.  It made her feel like a freak being look at that way, and she wished they would stop.

Nancy wasn’t sure how many hours had past when the orderly returned.  He hit the light switch causing the dim bulb to flicker to life.  Unlike earlier, he shut the door this time causing her to become uneasy.  He took hold of her left ankle and moved it aside until it fell off the mattress striking the cold floor.  He then gripped her right ankle moving it to the other side until it too was on the floor.  Both her knees had bent when he spread her legs wide apart.  The position was mildly uncomfortable, and made her feel incredibly vulnerable.

He took the hem of the smock and began moving it up watching her face.  Her uneasiness increased knowing she had nothing on underneath the smock.  As he raised it up past her waist she wanted to kick at him screaming but lay limp while he exposed her nude body.  He forced her arms up above her head and pushed the smock above her breasts covering her face.  Nancy could hear rustling as the man made a few low grunts doing something she couldn’t see.  She felt something pressing on the mattress between her legs, and then heard the man mumble, “No, she’s too much of a looker to have her face covered.”

He pushed the smock up her arms until her face was exposed.  Once Nancy could see, what she saw made her anxiety spike alarmingly.  The orderly was also nude kneeling between her legs.  His thing was standing out from his body.  Nancy wanted to scream in terror but was still unable to move, as the awful man lowered himself between her legs.

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Nice to see some new work from the master!

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Thanks vile, I have more for this already but want to wait some more and proof it at least one more time.

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The trouble all started when her grandfather died.  He had never changed a will that left the vast majority of his wealth to his oldest son John, who had been Victoria’s father.  John died somewhere in France during WWII.  The entire Baltine family thought John’s decision to join the Army was idiotic, even more idiotic than his decision to marry Victoria’s mother.  The fact that he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for heroism posthumously did not negate the fact in their minds joining the Army was stupid.  He was dead after all.  Victoria never met her father.  He had married her mother and left for the Army only a couple months later.  He was in Europe by the time he found out his wife was pregnant.

The Baltine’s thought of Victoria’s mother Kimberly as an interloper that John had married just for her long curly golden blond hair, bright blue eyes, gorgeous face and stunning figure.  However, the couple had loved each other deeply and were both good people.  Kimberly raised her daughter mostly without and refusing the majority of help from the Baltine’s.  John’s father wanted to help more, but he was a little indifferent about his granddaughter still grieving over the loss of his favorite son.  Had Victoria been a boy things probably would have been much different.  His other son Gregory was a bit of a dilettante never taking anything seriously except the family fortune and the different ways he could spend it.  Even before he knew about the will, he had spread rumors that Kimberly was promiscuous and spent time with all sorts of men even before his brother died and implied on a number of occasions Victoria could be anyone’s child.  In truth, Kimberley had one brief liaison more than 10 years after John’s death with a young college professor that only lasted a couple months before she broke it off to focus entirely on Victoria.

Victoria didn’t like her Uncle Gregory she saw on their frequent visits to her grandfather.  Ever since she was a young girl he would stare at her with an expression partly of distaste, but also partly of something else she couldn’t quite put her finger on.  As she grew older looking more and more like her mother, his gaze would linger on her in a disturbing way.  Victoria asked her mother about her curves that began developing before she was even 12.  Her mother said she had been the same.  Now that Victoria was approaching 15, she was often mistaken for a grown women of about 20.  Her full breasts were as large as her mother’s, and she had the same long curly blond hair.  Just as he did with her mother, Gregory whispered to those that would listen about his niece’s boyfriends expressing concern she might become in the family way.  Victoria hadn’t had a single boyfriend yet, although men sometimes mistook her for older and tried to talk to her.  Kimberly would be nearby to sweetly inform them of her daughter’s actual age and shoo them away.

Gregory was incensed finding out that most of the family fortune would go to Kimberley and Victoria.  When a week after the reading of the will Kimberly fell from the cliffs into the Atlantic Ocean, the police with due diligence checked on Gregory’s whereabouts due to the will contents, but he was able to prove he was over a hundred miles away at the time of her death.  Kimberley had often walked those coastal cliffs, so it became reasoned she must have slipped in the fog.  It was not a high fall, but her head hit the rocks right where the surf crashed in.

Victoria was hysterical after her mother’s passing and could not be consoled.  The Baltine’s insisted she stay at the family mansion and hired a doctor and a nurse to care for her in her grief, paying them both hansomely.  Victoria was given frequent injections of sedatives and tranquilizers and spent much of her time sleeping.  Even when she was awake, she was groggy and often incoherent.  The doctor hired by the family wrote notes about the girl’s mental state often indicating neuroses that others would attribute to the heavily medicated state he kept her in and not of any real mental incapacity.  Kimberly had no immediate family, which was why she stayed so close to the Baltines.  It was easy for Gregory to have himself appointed guardian and to gain control of the wealth in trust supposedly for the girl’s future.

Victoria was extremely confused most of the time.  She had brief moments of lucidity where she asked what was going on and did her mother really die.  The doctor refused to let her grieve normally and would sedate her once more.  Often Victoria thought she felt hands on her body squeezing her breasts and even working fingers between her legs, but when she woke no one was there.  At least twice but maybe more times she thought she had waken to be choking on something soft yet rigid in her mouth.  Her head was sideways in the bed and someone seemed to be standing very close to her face forcing something in her mouth.  She would try to wake completely just to black out again.  She would wake later with something slimy in her mouth and would try to spit it out.

Then she had the worst dream of someone getting on top of her.  Her legs were forced painfully wide apart.  She came to near full awareness and screamed feeling her body pierced between her legs.  A sheet was over her face so she couldn’t see anything, and the sheet was pressed against her mouth keeping her from screaming again.  Wavering in and out of consciousness she could feel something or someone pressing on top of her, and something was pushing hurtfully inside her body.  She was sure it was a man, as she could hear him grunting as he thrust something repeatedly between her legs and inside her.  And then she was sure it was her Uncle Gregory on top of her.  The sensation seemed to go on a long time before she blacked out again.  Later she woke in a different bed feeling very sore between her legs.  The nurse was giving her a sponge bath and then helped her to the toilet.

Gregory had lusted after the girl’s mother when John first brought her around, but it was nothing like his obsession with his niece.  It was when she was probably 11 and showing signs of developing that he really started thinking about her and watched her during their visits.  As the next three years past, his lust for the girl increased.  He had a plan to gain control of his father’s wealth, but in the meantime he saw no reason not to indulge himself in a few pleasures with the girl.  After groping her a few times and shoving his cock in her mouth until he came, he finally decided to start screwing her.  He actually believed his own rumors and was rather surprised to find out the girl was still a virgin.  While he enjoyed stripping that from the little tart, it was a damned inconvenience afterwards.  The bloodstain in the middle of the mattress was a dead giveaway.  While the servants were well paid, they would love some juicy gossip to spread.  He cleaned up her crotch wrinkling his face in mild disgust at his own lust leaking out of her mixed with blood.  The girl was a petite 5’2” and probably didn’t weigh a 100 pounds soaking wet, but he huffed and puffed carrying her to another room and bed.  He threw out the bloodstained sheets and flipped the mattress thinking it would be a while before the stain was discovered and by then the girl would be gone.

The feeling that someone, and Victoria was sure it was her Uncle Gregory, was climbing on top of her and violating her was a nightly occurrence.  She would wake sore between her legs, and there would be this nasty slimy wet feeling down there.  She tried to talk to the doctor about it, but he told her it was all in her head and sedated her again.  He knew Gregory Baltine was raping the girl, but he was being paid too well to care.  Several times he was tempted to get on top of the gorgeous girl himself, but he had to draw the line somewhere with his morals and Hippocratic Oath.  The nurse was also aware, but Gregory took her aside and gave her a huge bonus ensuring her silence.

Stan did things for the Baltine family.  It started with the father, but even more so now with Gregory.  He had pulled Gregory out of more jams than he could count at first the old man calling him, but now Gregory enlisting him directly.  Twice pregnant girls had accidents, and more recently his sister in-law had a nasty fall.  The task he was assigned now was rather different, find the worst insane asylum in the region, take pictures and report back.  He was sure he had found the place.

Gregory was more than pleased at the asylum Stan had found.  He made an appointment insisting both doctors be in attendance.  In the end, the Cravenwich Insane Asylum received a large donation with promises of more to come.  The donation was not used for any improvements and ended up lining the pockets of the administrators.  The two doctors were given bribes and told to keep the girl as drugged as possible during her stay but otherwise give her no special treatment.  He also told the doctors that before her mental breakdown his niece had been running around with several boys, and he was concerned there might be ramifications from her promiscuity and asked if they could handle that situation surgically tapping the brides on the table.  The doctors nodded their understanding and assured him any pregnancy would be dealt with.  Little did Gregory know, a female patient becoming pregnant was appallingly common at Cravenwich.  Rather than investigate and take appropriate actions, the pregnancies were resolved just as Gregory suggested.

Gregory was reassured by the doctors.  The last thing he wanted was a pregnancy somehow being traced back to him.  He was going to miss screwing Victoria, but then maybe Uncle Gregory would visit his niece every so often.  The last thing he did was talk to two surly brutish orderlies and suggest they give his niece some ‘special’ treatment handing them each $20.  That was partly to further cover his tracks.  If the girl ever tried to claim he had raped her, arrangements could be made to place the blame on the staff here.  He also wanted the girl to suffer and hoped she would be subjected to continuous assaults in this place.

Victoria was mumbling trying to understand where she was.  It was noisy and she could tell she was moving.  Two men were walking and talking, and one of them seemed to be pushing something she was on.  She tried to listen to the two men, but it was hard to focus.  They were also whispering, so it was hard to follow.  One said something about he couldn’t believe what they were paid to do.  The other said something about how he would do that for free.  Like the girl Nancy that came in an hour earlier, she was given a room to herself slightly better than most patients got who often slept on the cold floor.  It was still dirty with nothing but a mattress on the floor.

The men left her alone, and having just been injected with more drugs Victoria lost consciousness.  When she woke later with her head very fuzzy the two orderlies were back looking down on her grinning.  She felt cold air and looking down, she could see the smock they had put her in was gone.  She was nude with her legs spread wide, bent at the knees and her feet were touching the cold floor.  She tried to close her legs, but they were secured by the inside of her knees to a strap under the bed.  She tried to lift her arms, but her wrists were also secured, the straps taunt and under the bed.  The orderlies were naked and arguing about who would go first.  It seemed like a dream, but then the dream got very familiar when the larger of the two orderlies climbed on top of her.  She knew it was real and tried to scream, but the smock she had been wearing was shoved in her mouth.  The man on top of her looked in her blue eyes and said, “Your uncle said you were a dirty little slut that needed screwed as often as possible.”
The man standing chuckled and spoke, “And we here at Cravenwich always try and accommodate the wishes of our patient’s relatives.”
The man on top of her laughed and said, “Good one, Frank.”

At that same moment in a different room on the next floor up, the girl Nancy was also trying to scream as a different orderly was climbing on top of her.

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Nancy knew about what men and women did together and realized with horror and revulsion that was what this dreadful man intended.  She expected him to do it immediately, but instead he lowered his face down onto one of her breasts.  She groaned inwardly but did not emit a sound as she felt him sucking and licking her nipple.  His other hand began mauling her other breast squeezing it hard and painfully.  This went on for at least a couple minutes while he fondled her and slobbered on her breasts, until he finally lifted up and uttered, “You got some nice tits girl, I’m gonna enjoy them.”

His left hand still gripped her breast painfully, but he took his other hand balling it into a fist.  He got his face very close to hers and moved the fist close too.  Nancy wondered if he was going to punch her and steeled herself to just take it.  She winced slightly as he lowered his fist and saw him watching her close.  Abruptly and a little hard but not as a punch, he rapped his knuckles on her skull and asked, “Knock, knock, anybody home?”

Nancy blinked as he knocked his fist on her head, but otherwise gave no indication she felt it.  It hurt a little, but not enough to make her cry out.  The man waited as if expecting an answer and then said, “I think you are in there and know exactly what’s going on.  Well, you just relax and enjoy ole Joe’s attention.  Lots of crazy women and girls here have gotten to know me this well, but you’re by far the prettiest and youngest I’ve seen in here.”

His speech done, Nany watched him spit in his hand and then move it down.  She wanted to scream feeling him touch her most intimate place.  He rubbed his saliva along her special place even slipping a finger just inside.  Within herself was a war between wanting to push him away and kick and scream and the inability to move or let anyone see her move.

The orderly on top of Nancy had seen her scream from the cigarette the doctor used to burn her foot, so he covered her mouth tight with one hand while he fumbled with the other.  The girl was extremely tight, and he had to spit again and rub it on his cock head before he finally got the tip in.  She just lay there scaring at his chest, when he suddenly jerked his hips forward.

When the horrid man abruptly pushed into her, Nancy screamed through his fingers as she felt something rip and tear inside her.  It hurt so bad, and then he grunted as if surprised mumbling, “Didn’t expect a virgin…”

With a series of painful thrusts Nancy felt him forcing more and more of himself inside her body.  It was rough, abrasive and hurt, but he wouldn’t stop.  Soon he was breathing deep and thrusting rhythmically plunging his thing deep inside her.  After a couple minutes it seemed to get easier for him and less abrasive, but it still hurt in a dull achingly sore way now.  She didn’t know, but it was her blood and some of her natural secretions that made it easier for him.

Nancy stared into his hairy moving chest for what seemed like an hour but was much shorter.  Her whole crotch was throbbing painfully now at the forced invasion of her body.  She wanted to beg him to stop, but remained silent during her rape.  The man who called himself Joe began grunting louder and his thrusts got faster.  Suddenly he stiffened on top of her and groaned really loud.  To her disgust Nancy could feel something spurting inside her body and knew it came out of his thing.

He lay on top of her catching his breath for several minutes.  Nancy felt as if he would crush her with his weight, but he finally lifted himself.  He dressed slowly watching her and smiling.  To her surprise he gently lifted her and took her to the toilet and seemed pleased when she went.  He cleaned up the blood on her thighs and just as Gregory Baltine had done recently in the Baltine Mansion, Joe flipped the mattress to hide the evidence of him taking her virginity.  Before putting her back on the mattress, he gave her some water to drink.

As he left and turned off the light, Nancy felt so used and wretched laying there wondering if he would do that again.  The other problem she had besides a very sore crotch was that she was famished.  No one had fed her here all day.  When her aunt talked about committing her to the insane asylum, Nancy has refused to eat for a few days hoping she would change her mind.  That plan backfired, as it made her aunt more convinced she needed professional help.  She was so hungry her stomach hurt.

Nancy couldn’t help but blink when the light came on the following morning.  She had been awake for hours, her crotch was still sore and her stomach rumbled demanding food.  Her initial reaction at seeing Joe was one of horror until she smelled something.  He was carrying a small bowl of warm oatmeal with a little milk.  Nancy began salivating with intense hunger trying not to look directly at the bowl.

Joe lifted her into a chair and strapped her on it around her waist so she wouldn’t slide to the floor.  He got really close holding the bowl and dipped two fingers in the oatmeal.  When he pressed the oatmeal covered fingers to her mouth, she opened letting them in and began sucking the oatmeal off his fingers trying to get all of it.  It was warm but very bland with no sugar.  It still tasted wonderful to a starving girl.  She didn’t like the way Joe smiled as she sucked on his fingers, and then he spoke, “I heard you could eat, so at least you can move your mouth.  I’m not as surprised now about you being a virgin.  I figured you for 20 to 22, but I just saw your records say you’re only 15.  I had no idea a busty girl like you would be that young.”

Joe pulled his sucked clean fingers from her mouth, and set the bowl down.  Nancy did her best not to look longingly at the oatmeal on the floor.  It was a meager portion, but she wanted to yell at him for more, and that she was starving.  Joe stood very close to her, and she couldn’t help but blink and emit a little gasp.  Joe was undoing his pants.  When he pushed them down, it was standing out from his body looking huge.  She didn’t see it this well last night, and it terrified her.  To her disgust he reached down, got a little oatmeal and smeared it on his thing.  He took a fistful of her long dark hair pulling her head down towards it forcing her face very close and said, “Now you suck real nice on this just like you did my fingers and I’ll give you the rest of the oatmeal.  If I feel any teeth, I’ll beat you to a bloody pulp.”

He pushed it at her lips and she sealed them shut in disgust.  As if the man had done this before and probably had, he pinch her nose shut cutting off her air.  He mouth popped open in surprise and before she could prevent it, he forced his flesh in her mouth.  Nancy could taste the oatmeal on it, and despite her revulsion began sucking the oatmeal off it swallowing.  The horrid man said, “That’s it girl, keep sucking like that and you’ll get all the oatmeal.  The better you do this, the quicker you’ll get that oatmeal.”

It took only a few seconds to suck all the oatmeal off his thing, and Nancy wanted to stop, but the promise of more kept her doing it.  It was an appallingly disgusting act.  She knew men urinated out of their things, and now it was in her mouth.  She couldn’t fathom why this awful man wanted her to do this, but then considered that it didn’t hurt and at least he wasn’t shoving it between her legs again.

He began breathing deeply and with a firm grip on her long dark hair pushed it hard at her mouth.  It was going in too deep making her choke and then gag, but he wouldn’t stop.  She wanted to lift her hands to his hips to shove him away, but they stayed limp at her sides.  There was almost nothing in her stomach, but what was there threatened to come up while Nancy continued to gag around his dreadful flesh.  He got even more insistent, thrusting hard and fast into her mouth groaning.  Hoping to end the shame of the shocking act as soon as possible, Nancy never stopped using her lips and tongue sucking on it as strongly as possible.  Thoughts of more food were gone; she just wanted this gross deed over with.

Abruptly and with no warning, something nasty and slimy began squirting into her mouth.  Nancy retched in disgust thinking at first he was peeing into her mouth, but it was too thick and gooey.  Nancy was nauseated by the experience and realized it was the same ghastly fluid he shot into her private area last night.  It pooled in the back of her throat, and she wanted to spit it out, but his flesh filling her mouth was in the way.  She tried to push at the fluid and his thing with her tongue but couldn’t clear her throat.  She needed to breath and desperate for air, she began swallowing down the revolting viscous mess.  She heaved and gagged and fully expected to puke, but the man refused to pull his thing from her mouth and even seemed to be milking more of the foul fluid into her throat.

It wasn’t until she had swallowed down most of it that the man chuckling finally pulled his softening flesh from her mouth.  She could feel the slimy fluid coating her throat heaved a few more times, but it stayed down.  She had to swallow a few more times to get it all down letting out a moan of misery as she did it.  He pat her on the cheek smiling and told her she was a good girl.  Nancy didn’t feel like a good girl.  That was an awful experience, and she was afraid the man would be doing that again.  True to his word he slowly fed her the remaining few spoonfuls of oatmeal now stone cold.    He lay her back down on the mattress and just before he left said, “You’ll get lots of practice at that and will get even better.  When I come back later we’ll see how you fared since last night between your legs.”

Nancy knew now that he would not only make her do that with her mouth again and often, he would be raping her sore crotch again very soon.  She lay there feeling wretched, used and despondent for a couple hours until a nurse came in.  She was hopeful seeing the white uniform and wanted to yell out what the man Joe had been doing to her, and then she saw the nurse had a small plate in her hand.  Sniffing and looking, she smelled and saw a small piece of yellow cake with white icing and began salivating in hunger.

The nurse was a woman in her 30’s rather husky and a little masculine looking but otherwise looked pleasant enough even with her indifferent expression.  Nancy wanted to ask for some cake and watched with yearning as the nurse took a large bite.  The nurse watched her for a few minutes while torturing Nancy by slowly eating the cake.  When the cake was nearly gone, the nurse moved closer and knelt down holding an icing covered fork.  She moved it near Nancy’s mouth, and Nancy licked at the fork feeling a wonderful sugar rush run through her body.

The nurse gradually started to smile watching Nancy eagerly lick the frosting from the fork.  Nancy got hopeful while she searched for every particle of icing running her tongue between the tines of the fork, but then the nurse’s smile began to look less pleasant and more disturbing until she finally spoke, “I’m Nurse Crippen.  Joe told me he taught you to suck, and now I know you can lick.”

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It's different but I like it, its good.

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In absolute terror, Victoria could see it up close.  She knew what it was, but never knew they could be this huge.  She kept trying to scream, but something was shoved in her mouth and muffled all her attempts to cry out for help.  She was positive Uncle Gregory had been raping her, and these men said he told them to rape her as well.  The man kneeling between her painfully wide spread legs began smearing something on his maleness.  She could see the jar to the side and recognized it as Vaseline petroleum jelly.

When you make a habit of raping the mentally ill, they can be dry, rough and unresponsive inside.  Just like Joe upstairs with Nancy, Frank and his pal Walt had been raping mentally ill girls and women for years at Cravenwich.  Walt in particular found using Vaseline petroleum jelly helped him get inside his victims.  He didn’t mind them screaming, but when he first began raping patients he tore the insides of a couple of them causing bleeding sometimes severe that was difficult to hide even in a place where the nurses and doctors just didn’t give a damn.

Shaking her head in disbelief, Victoria watched as the large man aimed his enormous thing between her legs.  He paused briefly to roughly maul both her breasts with his hands, and then gripped his thing moving it forward.  She tried to retreat from it, but the straps held her firmly in place.  It touched her most private place, and he nuzzled it around slowly forcing her open.  He gave a steady push, and Victoria could feel the walls of her insides stretching to the point of tearing her apart.  It was a hideously strange feeling yet eerily familiar too.  Victoria again knew for sure her uncle had been raping her, and she could tell this man was much bigger.  Her Uncle Gregory was a little prick in more ways than one.

Grunting with effort, Walt began thrusting getting a little more of himself inside her with each hurtful plunge of his hips.  Victoria could hear herself making little squeaking grunts that matched her rapist’s louder gruff ones.  It felt like he was stabbing her repeatedly between her legs, and it especially hurt now that he had fully penetrated her womb.  It felt like her organs were being pushed up inside her body.  She was disgusted by what was being done to her and wondered how both her uncle and these men could be so heartless.   She could hear herself whimpering and could feel tears welling in her eyes, as the man began raping her in earnest.  He took a very long time, and the initial sharp pain gave way to a dull aching soreness.  He was mechanical just grunting and thrusting at her like she wasn’t even a person.  Eventually his thrusts got more insistent, and then he jerked a few more times on top of her, and Victoria could feel something squirting inside her body.  It felt so nasty and dirty.

The one named Frank took his time cupping her breasts, squeezing and fondling them, and then kissing and sucking on her nipples.  He was less mechanical than the one named Walt and even gentle in comparison, but Victoria found him to be even more repellent.  While he was using her he whispered disgusting things like, ‘You love it don’t you’ and ‘If you weren’t gagged, you’d be begging me to give it to you harder’.  It was a sickening feeling when he also stiffened and fill her body with an awful slimy wetness.  They pushed her legs together without cleaning up the mess and covered her with a blanket.  Almost immediately afterwards a nurse came in and gave her a shot making her pass out.

Victoria woke to Frank on top of her again, and then Walt came in.  It was a never ending cycle of the men using her body.  Sometimes she was barely conscious and aware of it, and sometimes she woke with that horrid sliminess between her legs without remembering who used her, but the men seemed to prefer her to be awake and alert.  She figured out they wanted her to struggle against the straps moving under them, to weep and whimper and to be humiliated.  Her life had become a constant nightmare of pain and grief.

Gregory rolled off the young woman he had been screwing and went to the bathroom.  She was a pretty blond waitress of 20 he met working at the country club.  He had been seeing her for about 4 months.  The girl was dazzled by the gifts he gave her and the expensive places he took her.  She was sure he was going to ask her to marry him soon.  She got a little worried when he said he was too busy to see her because he was taking care of his niece, but then he came around again a few days ago after the niece was committed to a mental institution.

In the bathroom of the motel Gregory looked at himself in the mirror.  When he took up with this waitress, he would often picture Kimberley or her daughter Victoria while he was screwing her.  The girl looked a little like both of them.  The image of Kimberley had faded, and now all he could see was his niece.  It had been 5 days since he had that little bitch put in that awful place.  He had an itching need to screw that blond tart again, and this time he wanted her conscious and completely aware it was her Uncle Gregory using her.  He wanted her struggling and screaming.  It was time to visit his niece.

Although she couldn’t see with a towel over her face, Victoria heard the door shut and could tell it was both of them.  They would often come in to use her together, and just as often it would only be one of them.  They would use her body whenever the mood struck them.  She could feel one of them spread her strapped legs even wider and lower himself between them.  She knew he was too small to be Walt, but it didn’t seem like Frank either.  He entered her roughly, and then pulled the towel off her face.  To Victoria’s shock, it was her uncle grinning down at her, and he taunted, “Did you miss your Uncle Gregory?”

He began moving inside her and she wanted to scream at him but it came out muffled by the cloth gag.  Victoria already knew her uncle had raped her and then put her in this terrible place to be raped repeatedly, but she didn’t expect he would come back to do it again.  Walt and Frank were beyond dreadful, but it was her repugnant uncle that brought her here and encouraged the men to rape her.  The hatred for him exploded and made Victoria furious.  She yanked at the straps holding her down trying desperately to throw her evil uncle off her body, but grinning down at her like a demon he kept moving between her legs plunging his thing inside her.  She flailed her head around in misery making her curly blond hair fly in all directions.  Her Uncle Gregory commented chuckling, “It’s so much better when you are awake and struggling.  It was like screwing a corpse before.”
He paused and continued, “Stop acting like you hate it.  You know you love your Uncle Gregory.”

At his comments she tried to lay still and ignore him, but her body kept trying to retreat from him, and she was shaking in grief.  Just as they always did her Uncle Gregory eventually stiffened on top of her and groaned, and she felt his loathsome fluid pumping into her body.  The absolute worst part of being defiled by the men was when they filled her with their hateful slimy lust, that awful feeling of it squirting into her womb.  But feeling her uncle’s vile incestuous seed polluting her body and soul was beyond abhorrent.

Victoria tried unsuccessfully not to cry, and looked to the side as her closest relative lifted himself from her quivering violated form.  He called for the men, and the one named Frank wasted no time getting on top of her.  Walt soon showed and waited for Frank to finish.  When Walt was readying himself exposing his huge manhood, Victoria made the mistake of looking again at her uncle for any signs of mercy.  But he was smiling and when he saw her glance, and crudely said, “Fuck the little bitch really hard.  She loves it.”

Looking at Walt’s equipment made Gregory feel more than a little inadequate, and he was glad he put his shorts on before the men came back in.  He saw the man dip his fingers in some Vaseline and was about to suggest the girl didn’t need it wanting the rape to hurt her as much as possible, but the sight of the Vaseline trigger memories, humiliating memories.  When he was a small boy, a nurse would take his temperature.  He remembered her using Vaseline on the thermometer and the embarrassment of the woman pulling his pants down exposing his bottom.  He would begin crying in shame, and then the nurse would push the thermometer into his butt.  It felt so demeaning and strange going in, and he always could not look in the nurse’s eyes afterwards.  As Gregory watched the giant orderly rape his petite shapely niece with punishing thrusts, those memories wove through his mind and an idea began to form.

Gregory knew he wanted to use the girl one more time before leaving and told the satiated men to strap Victoria down on her belly.  Walt and Frank curious at what the wealthy man was going to do didn’t leave this time, and he didn’t ask them to.  Gregory’s hand was shaking a little in anticipation as he scooped a gob of the jelly out and began smearing it between Victoria’s upraised butt cheeks.

Victoria had never felt so wretched when Walt and Frank turned her over and strapped her down again and was beyond offering any resistance.  She had endured five rapes already today the orderlies both having used her early in the morning before her uncle showed up.  She was in agony, her crotch feeling as if it was on fire.  She could hear herself whimpering as her uncle smeared the Vaseline on her butt.  Abruptly his finger penetrated her anus, and her whole body jerked in surprise.  She moaned as he worked his finger around pushing it deeper.  Soon something else larger was pressing against her butt-hole.  Suddenly realizing what her uncle was intending, Victoria began screaming through the gag trying to beg him to stop.  He slammed his hips forward, and she felt unbearable pain as his thing pierced her bowels.

Gregory was in heaven.  The girl was always wonderfully tight between the legs, maybe loosened up a little since she’s been here in the asylum, but her ass gripped him in a way that was beyond pleasurable.  Her screams and obvious agony increased his gratification.  He soon got a good rhythm going rooting in the girl’s ass as deep as he could.

Victoria knew what men and women did together, but this act was an abomination only a fiend like her uncle could invent.  Her outrage was only exceeded by the excruciating pain she was feeling.  She weakly pounded her fists on the floor and shook her head in disbelief such an act could be perpetrated on her body.  Within minutes her struggles had grown feeble, and she sobbed praying for it to end.  He finally did stiffen in that familiar way, and she felt her rectum flooded with that same horrid mess she hated.  She groaned briefly feeling him disengage from her body and lay there gasping around the gag that seemed to be choking the breath out of her.  Her body still heaving from the violation, Victoria suddenly felt something warm and wet splashing on her back.  She was briefly confused until the smell hit her.  With shock she realized her uncle was peeing on her.  He aimed it down her back until it sprayed directly on her gaping open butt.  The warm foul liquid burned as it spattered on both her raw aching openings.

Walt and Frank looked silently at each other with raised eyebrows when the rich guy began sodomizing his niece, but when he stood and urinated on the sobbing girl, they almost moved to stop him and then looked at each other with incredulity again.  It was only the money he paid them earlier that stopped them.  They just stared at a mess they would have to clean up, when Gregory turned to them and commented, “You got to try her ass out.  It was fantastic.”

Gregory saw the man Walt shake his head saying that his size would kill the girl.  Thinking to himself Gregory mused ‘Of course it might kill her you dolt.  I want the little bitch dead.  No matter how much fun I may be having, she’s still a threat to my inheritance and has to go eventually.’

Frank offered to clean the tiny blond, and Walt was relieved and left.  Frank unstrapped her and moved her closer to the sink using a wet towel to wipe her clean.  Victoria offered no resistance still stunned and devastated by what had happened.  Her frequent rapist was actually gentle as he slowly cleaned her uncle’s filth from her nude body.  She began to relax to his soothing touch.  Victoria jolted in pain when he gently wiped her butt, but otherwise made no protest at his touch.  She wanted to be clean but wasn’t sure she could ever be clean enough again.  Victoria thought with relief how the one named Walt had refused the idea of repeating the dastardly act of her uncle, but she didn’t see the glint in Frank’s eyes as he stared at the pert shapely ass of the teenager he was tenderly sponge bathing.

January 30, 2016, 09:58:15 AM
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Offline Jed


Nurse Crippen had a sinister smile on her face when she commented on Nancy being able to lick.  The nurse set the fork down on the plate, and then leaning against the table lifted the hem of the white skirt of her nurse’s uniform up from her knees to her waist.  She unhooked her garter from her nylon stockings and pushed it up.  Nancy watched helplessly while Nurse Crippen deliberately showed her what she was doing.  She pushed down to the floor a large pair of panties that later generations would call ‘granny panties’, and Nancy tried to look away when the nurse exposed her bare extremely hairy crotch, but her eyes wouldn’t obey.

Nurse Crippen paused to light a cigarette before standing.  Nancy watched as she walked over to her straddling her shoulders.  The nurse began lowering herself lifting her skirt high with one hand while taking a puff on the cigarette with the other.  Nancy stared hopelessly at the nurse’s hairy crotch as it slowly lowered towards her face.  The nurse shoved it directly against her mouth, and the first thing Nancy noticed was the stench.  It smelled like the table her father had used in back of their house to clean fish.  Nancy wondered if the woman ever bathed.  Nurse Crippen did bathe every Saturday night prior to church the next morning.  Unfortunately for Nancy, today was Saturday afternoon.  Nancy struggled to breath with the nurse’s crotch flush against her mouth, but otherwise didn’t move.  Nurse Crippen took another puff of the cigarette and then held it towards Nancy’s face.  The burning cherry of the cigarette hovered over her right eye making Nancy blink, and then the nurse moved it over her left eye saying, “Start licking you little slut, or I’ll burn both your eyes out.”

Tentatively Nancy slid her tongue across the nurse’s privates.  It tasted worse than it smelled.  The cigarette hovered over her eye again, and Nancy in fear licked faster.  The nurse let out a little moan and pushed her crotch flush against Nancy’s face adjusted a bit until Nancy could feel a hard knob against her tongue.  Nancy was licking desperately, the cigarette always very close to her eyes.  The nurse began moaning again and thrusting her crotch more insistently at Nancy’s face the cigarette now forgotten in her hand.  Nancy licked and lapped at the women’s genitals until her tongue was getting extremely tired.  Nurse Crippen’s moans got louder, and she was shoving her crotch so hard at Nancy’s face, Nancy was afraid she would be smothered.  And then Nancy thought she might drown in the amount of wetness that was running into her mouth and nose.  Suddenly the nurse let out an even louder groan that lasted several seconds, until she relaxed with a long sigh.

Eventually the nurse got off Nancy’s face and called her a good girl.  Nancy didn’t feel like a good girl at all.  She felt awful.  That didn’t stop her from willingly eating the last couple bites of the cake the nurse offered.  That she so eagerly ate the cake made Nancy feel very dirty as if she was being paid to do that nasty thing.  Her mouth and tongue felt so tired after being forced to pleasure both the orderly and the nurse.

After Joe had left a couple hours ago, he said he would be back.  True to his word, he did come back just as Nurse Crippen was leaving.  Grinning like a fiend he wasted no time, first pulling the smock up over her head exposing her entire nude body.  He used his feet to roughly kick her legs apart until they were spread wide.  He opened his pants and pushed them to his knees.  Nancy managed a slight whimper seeing it and knowing he was going to force it inside her again.

Just as before he used spit to aid his entry, but it wasn’t enough and Nancy’s body arched off the soiled mattress and she cried out at the stabbing pain.  She lay under his moving body with tears forming in her eyes, enduring the miserable throbbing soreness.  She soon learned this was only the beginning of constant abuse by both the nurse and the orderly.  Her crotch eventually hurt her less from the endless rapes, and her mouth was often sore and tired from their relentless requirements for her to please them.  The days rolled by and blended together as they forced themselves upon her over and over.

The doctor she rarely saw came in one day with an unfamiliar doctor.  They exposed her body and examined her in a clinical manner.  Nancy did not detect any nonprofessional touching during the examination.  They discussed her interesting case of hysterical paralysis and briefly watched her reactions to difference minor stimuli.  The asylum’s doctor was apathetic and suggested they move on to another case.  The visiting physician asked to stay and further examine the patient.  Nancy had some hope he would discover the constant rapes she was being subjected to despite the indifference he showed to her condition.

The doctors went to the door discussing her as if she was a recently dissected frog.  The asylum’s doctor left, and the new physician waited briefly before locking the door.  Nancy swallowed with uncertainty especially when he turned and approached her with what appeared to be a slight leer.  Just as she had begun to fear it, the doctor opened his lab coat and unfastened his pants.  He threw himself down on her body and fumbled until he found her opening.  Nancy groaned in misery feeling him penetrate her body in what was an all too familiar manner.  She lay under the wheezing humping doctor wondering if all men were sick pervert rapists.

One afternoon Nurse Crippen and Joe were discussing her as if she was some ragdoll they played with.  They were comparing notes in front of Nancy on the different reactions they could get depending on how they were enjoying her body and mouth.  Finally Nurse Crippen said, “I wonder if we can get her off?”

Nancy grew anxious wondering what the dreadful nurse meant.  When Nurse Crippen approached her, Nancy expected to be forced to pleasure her with her mouth again, but instead the reverse happened.  Nancy felt her entire body jolt in response to the contact of the nurse’s tongue with her genitals.  She could see Joe kneel down watching with fascination, as the nurse began rapidly lapping at Nancy’s crotch focusing on that hard sensitive knob above her opening.  It was a sick perverted act, but Nancy couldn’t help noticing her body began moving slightly in rhythm to the nurse’s licking.  Nancy could hear herself making little moans and whimpers, but the sensations were anything but painful.  The nurse licked and teased her crotch until Nancy was writhing uncontrollably, and she could feel something building within her.  It kept building inside her as if her body was begging for some sort of release.  Abruptly the sensations and the contact with her crotch ceased, and Nancy let out a strange groan of disappointment.  Laughing at how Nancy was moaning, the nurse said, “OK Joe, you finish her off.”

Whimpering with a mixture of dread and anticipation, Nancy saw Joe quickly position himself between her legs.  To her surprise, he entered her easily with none of the usual abrasive roughness.  He slid deep inside her and began moving.  It not only didn’t hurt, but to Nancy’s horror her body began responding to him just as it had to Nurse Crippen’s tongue.

Joe was no stranger to female responses, and he lifted somewhat to make sure his cock was rubbing the girl just right as he screwed her.  She let out a loud, “Oooooohhhh!”, and both Joe and Nurse Crippen laughed.

Nancy realized her body was lifting ever so slightly meeting Joe’s thrusts and was disgusted with herself, but she couldn’t stop it.  The thing that had been building inside her had subsided a little, but now it reappeared with a vengeance.  She tried to will herself to stop reacting to the terrible man’s insidious pumping and rubbing, but just as she couldn’t move when she wanted to, now she couldn’t stop moving.  To her shock Nancy realized she would be wrapping her legs around her frequent rapist and clutching at him with her hands and arms if those parts of her body obeyed her, but they didn’t.  She was still moving under him and moaning continuously now.  It built inside her to excruciating heights until finally it exploded, and then Nancy’s arms and legs did inexplicably crutch and wrap around Joe, and she screamed out loud as waves of pleasure coursed through her body.

Joe and Nurse Crippen laughed manically and began telling her they knew she really was a slut.  Nancy was despondent and humiliated, as she wept in misery underneath a still moving Joe.  Her body still quivering with aftershocks from the intense sensation she just felt, Nancy suddenly realized she had moved her arms and legs on her own.  She tried to move them again, but it was as before, they wouldn’t budge.  Thinking furiously, Nancy became determined that she would try to move again and be normal.  Just then Joe stiffened on top of her, and Nancy could feel his repulsive seed spilling yet again into her womb.

That there was abuse going on all over Cravenwich was known to most of the staff.  Those that didn’t participate in it, just pretended in didn’t happen ignoring anything suspicious they saw.  Joe and Nurse Crippen jealously guarded the little plaything they had in the beautiful dark haired voluptuous Nancy, just as Walt and Frank didn’t let on about what they were doing to the gorgeous diminutive shapely blond Victoria.  Men being what they are, eventually someone started bragging, and soon the three men were discussing Nancy and Victoria as possessions they might be willing to share.  Getting a peek at Victoria, Nurse Crippen was willing to share too.

Joe would use her mouth in various positions.  Sometimes he would hump her face sideways on the bed or her head upside down hanging off the edge of the mattress, but the most frequent was as he first forced her to suck on it with her strapped in a chair.  Supposedly she would be strapped in a chair to be fed, but the usual requirement would be for her to pleasure him with her mouth before being allowed to have food.  The implication being if she didn’t do a good job, she would not get any food.  Nancy was in the chair when an orderly came in she never saw before.  She was briefly hopeful until he stood in front of her and began fondling her.

Frank studied the tall stunning dark haired girl strapped nude in a chair undecided if she was prettier than his blond Victoria.  Reaching down he gripped and then began kneading her breasts making the silent observation they were even bigger than the blonde’s tits.  The girl’s eyes changed from hopeful to despondent as he watched.  Frank heard she couldn’t move much except for using her mouth.  This was something he hadn’t really considered before, but always willing to try new things, he began unfastening his pants.

Nancy closed her eyes briefly in misery knowing she now had a third tormentor.  Her eyes were half shut when he bumped it into her lips.  Not knowing what else to do, Nancy opened wide letting his flesh inside her mouth.  She began sucking on it using her lips and tongue.  The new man’s hands were gripping her long dark hair forcing it deeper in her mouth.  Adjusting to the depth, Nancy tried not to gag as her mouth labored on him.

The door opened and to Nancy’s alarm and disbelief, Joe and another strange man brought in a pretty blond girl around her own age.  The blond girl stared and her jaw dropped in shock seeing what was in Nancy’s mouth.  Nancy felt her cheeks burning red with unbearable shame, and she was so mortified she wanted to die.  At that moment her new tormentor thrust way too deep making Nancy choke horrifically around the male organ entering her throat.

February 01, 2016, 01:08:25 AM
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Offline vile8r

Nice to see some more action at Cravenwich! Nurse Crippen and Joe are totally despicable creatures and Walt and Frank are also extremely loathsome. I love how you've developed their characters to the point that I despise them, and yet I eagerly await to see how they will next abuse poor Nancy and Victoria.

February 02, 2016, 07:16:59 PM
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Offline Plaything

Great story Jed . . .can't wait to read what comes next!

February 02, 2016, 08:35:32 PM
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Offline Jed

Thank you vile and Plaything, I know what happens next....just got to get it written.

January 14, 2017, 12:49:03 PM
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Offline brokenwing

Very nice Jed. 

You and Vile have to stop this I keep becoming your characters in my mind.  Sigh!

January 14, 2017, 01:22:17 PM
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Offline Jed

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Very nice Jed. 

You and Vile have to stop this I keep becoming your characters in my mind.  Sigh!

I think people are supposed to put themselves into the story.  I'm really not a foul lecherous rapist, but I like that fantasy.

I have been thinking about this one lately, and my plan is to continue it in the coming weeks.

January 14, 2017, 09:31:23 PM
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Offline Plaything

Looking forward to more of this one!

January 17, 2017, 04:17:52 AM
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Offline shannyfries

OMG! I got all excited thinking there was finally more to this story. Oh well it got me re read it that was good. Really hope you have plans to finish soon. This is one of my favorites.

April 01, 2017, 06:48:53 AM
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Offline Nolongerinnocent

Rapes in mental institutions and asylums have always been a big fetish of mine... no wonder I like this story so much and would love it to continue :)

April 01, 2017, 08:24:36 PM
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Offline Plaything

Ohhh . . .another one I would like to see more of . . .

July 09, 2018, 09:25:09 PM
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Offline shannyfries

It's been weeks......