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  the author of this fictional piece does not condone violence towards any females, both rape and stalking are crimes if you can't figure that out please seek professional help! All person portrayed are 18 or older                                       

                                                                           Part One:

She was standing at the reservations desk of the fancy restaurant when my eye happened to spot her through the window. The light playing off her darkish brown hair as she escorts a couple to their seats. I linger hoping to get a better glance at her,when she returns. Her she comes back, a little on the short side maybe five foot  four at best , her hair just caressing her shoulders,she turns too fast so i can’t tell about her facial features.

Thinking to myself, ‘damn want to see her up close, maybe even talk to her, just so i can check her out more!’ And that’s just what i do,entering behind another couple. She looks up and greets them like they’re regulars, i can see the light reflecting in her dark eyes surrounded by smooth slightly blemished skin. Walking way i’m treated to a view of a perfect little ass in black dress pants, no panties lines, making me wonder if she commando?

She returns to the counter smiling at me “Table for one sir?” i can just make out her teeth behind her smile, a little crooked, making her seem all the more adorable to me.

“Actually miss i’m trying to find a drug store, i’m new in town and don’t know my way around!”

“No problem sir, it’s just three doors down!’ stepping outside in the cold, her nipples slightly indenting her pure white blouse  through her bra. The sight of them and her smile makes me begin to harden. In my mind i wanted her right then and there but i controlled myself

“Thank you miss!” Then i spot her name, “Karen” “Thank you Karen you’ve been very kind!” Smiling, you return to the restaurant, my heart melts at the sight of you walking away. Looking around I spot the perfect place to watch you from. Times flies as i think of what you look like naked, laying on a bed, your arms open, reaching out to hold me as i come to you. Finally your shift is over and you plod your way back to your apartment, not realizing that i’m only a little way down from you.

Entering a brownstone apartment i wait hoping to see you turn a light on in an apartment. Not seeing any, i venture in and go to the call up board, searching for anyone named Karen i find only one, in apartment 306. Someone comes in and opens the security door so i walk right in behind then, finding the steps i make my way to the third floor, coming out just before 308 looking around i easily find 306, no noise coming from inside.

Finding the door slightly ajar i look in seeing a set of keys on a small telephone stand just inside the hall. Reaching in i can just get my fingertips on to the little cat fob holding the keys. Lightly tugging it to me i rush away to make a spare key before returning to replace the keys.

Finding no light on i sneak in for a look around, on a living room table a picture of you with an older gentleman, obviously your father. Making my way further in i find your bedroom, you covered up under a sky blue duvet, your clothes hanging on the back of a chair, moving gingerly i take you bra and panties then leave, plotting what’s going to happen when i return to you next!

Getting back to my small apartment on the other side of town, a small batchelor one room divided into four room by the use of  screens. One for the kitchen, the bathroom  and the bedroom. The living room just wide enough so two people could comfortable share the room without interfering with the other. On the coffee table in front of the television stands a small Kodak C330 digital camera, checking if it’s still working before turning in for the night.

The alarm rings at eight am and i roll out of bed ready to set my plan of action. Grabbing the camera and a flask of hot coffee i make my way back to Karen’s building, cursing myself for not looking out a window to get my bearings  on her surroundings. For over two hours I’m waiting for her to walk out the front door, making her way to work. Then another blunder hits me, what if this is her day off. In my mind “Stupid fucking idiot why the hell didn’t you wait at the restaurant for her to show! At least there you could get something to eat in a warm establishment instead of freezing your ass off out here!”

Checking my watch, 10:30 am, i’m just about to call it when the door opens and there’s my angel, dressed in black pants and a black knee length leather coat that seen better days. Walking off after pulling the coat tighter around her,me a quarter of a block behind her we make our way back to the restaurant. Inside she removes her coat and takes her place just before the place is scheduled to open at the front desk. From across the street i see she’s dressed in a white blouse, like yesterday.

Getting bolder i check the camera and take a  take a telephoto shot of her throught the window. A bit blurry but it proves the battery still works, so i decide to go in and order something to eat. Karen greets me at the door “Table for one or would you prefer a seat at the bar?

“Table for one please! She turns to escort me to my table, i take the chance and snap a picture of her from behind. Again like yesterday there are no panties lines. She seats me leaving a menu for my perusal, after she leaves and before the waitress comes i take another chance and check the picture i snapped. A decent shot, considering i didn’t aim or set the picture.

The waitress comes and takes my order,delivers my food and then comes to bring me the bill. As i’m about to leave i overhear Karen and the waitress talking “Well i’m on to six tonight then i’m off for two days,back on Saturday!” The waitress snapped back “Good for you Karen,Plans?”

Faking trying to find the proper change to pay with i hear Karen reply “No plans,as usual, the same old story, no money for anything besides bills!” Then “Hummmp, maybe i should ask if there’s any shifts available.could use the money!

“Well you know how things are here Karen, no extra shifts and no one will call you if there was,they jump at the chance themselves to pick up extra money!”

“Don’t i know it!” She sighs “Looks like it just going to be me alone with a book from the library for the next two days!”

In my mind, ‘No Karen i’ll keep you company,maybe you’ll even come to love me like i do you!’ then thinking that i got a few hours to set up our little love nest. Leaving a generous tip I once again chance snapping a photo of Karen. Going outside and walking up the block towards her place before checking. A perfect upshot of her face and the wall behind her.Seeing her face I start to rush to her place making sure the key is in my pocket!
                                                                    To Be Continued

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Part Two

By a little after one thirty, i’m in her apartment having a good look around. Not much in her fridge,a cup of yogurt,a bottle of ketchup and two fast food containers. Making a mental checklist in my head, grocery tops it. Moving on into her bedroom i find a partially made bed,the sheet crisp and straight but the blanket is a hodge podge mess,balled up just under the pillow.

Grabbing it i  spread it out and smooth it in place before leaving to check out her dresser. A three drawer affair from Ikea by the look of it, easy a press board assembled with screws only, that comes apart if you overstuff them. Finding her panties drawer, I find only thong style underwear which explain the no panty lines. Digging a little deeper i find a package from containing a suppose realistic six inch cock and ball dildo in a satin draw string bag, laying on top of a pack of of 48 AAA batteries. Interesting!

Closing the drawer, I leave her bedroom and enter her bathroom. In the medicine cabinet i find the usual, aspirins, birth control pills, a lady’s shaver,shaving gel and a roll of tums on the lower shelf. On the upper shelf i find a tube of KY Jelly that’s nearly empty. A tube of Gynol II spermicide jelly equally emptied  and a diaphragm. Looking on the toliet tank top i find a flip mirror, two brushes and a makeup case. Inside the sink there’s a cup with a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush.

The only thing i find funny in the living room is a pair of men size 11 loafers under the couch. Outside of them,all there is is a black and white tv with rabbit ears and a copy of James Patterson’s “The Beach House” with the corner of page 205 bent down,marking her place.Taking a seat on a threadbare couch I pick up a pen off the wobbly coffee table and make my list of what i need to make her mine! Getting up and leaving, making sure i lock the door behind me.

Going to a local market i buy enough groceries to make many meals over the next two days. Then i went to the drugstore where i picked up a tube of KY Jelly and Gynol II. one isn’t going to be needed but i buy it to show her my intentions. Next a trip to the liquor store,for a bottle of champagne then a little side trip to pick up some tapered candles,candlesticks and a red and white tablecloth  Returning by four pm i set about preparing  a meal to impress her. 

With it ready i do the dishes and clean up before setting the table, a quarter to six by my watch in my mind forty five minutes from now i’ll be dining with the most gorgeous woman i have ever seen.
As the time rolls on, i listen from the small kitchen for footsteps in the hall,when i hear her and someone else arguing in the hall “No Mr. Jessup,i’m not that kind of girl!’ then a slap of flesh on flesh then “No leave me alone or i’ll scream!” The door knob shakes as i open it, in she comes followed by a drunken man “Please just leave me alone!”  Pulling her inside, i launch a left hook into the bastards large gut. He doubles over then i knee him in the face while bringing my elbow down on the back of his head.

He collapses in a heap on her floor and i get my first look at the guy i later is told is her landlord. Rolling him over i get my first look at him, fat slob dressed in a green bathrobe covering a pair of blue shorts and a stained white wife beater.

“Know him Karen?” She answers me like i was invited here

“My landlord, lives on the first floor, apartment 101!” she looks up to me before continuing. “He been drinking and wanted me to have sex with him!” From the smell coming up to meet my nose i would have guess he drank since getting up this morning. Lifting him under the arms i get her to open the door while i half carry, half drag his drunken ass to the elevator. Taking it down to the first floor i deposit him in front of his door and make my return to Karen’s apartment.

Knocking on her door, getting no answer i try the door, it’s locked. Taking out my key i open it and enter to find her standing in the middle of the kitchen staring at the table set for two and a bottle of champagne on ice. Looking up “H-H-H-ow did you get in and who are you!

Grabbing a butter knife she hold it before her about chest high. Walking over to her i easily disarm her with a quick chop on her arm. Dropping the knife,she grabs her hurt arm “Now Karen is that any way to thank the man who just  saved you from a drunk bastard?”

“T-T-T-T-hank Yo-u-u-u!” shaking as  I take her by the left arm, relieving her of her coat then leading her to a chair at the table. Like a gentleman i pull her chair out, motioning her to sit then i push her closer to the table. As if nothing happened i take her coat and hang it up in the hall closet. Returning to her i offer her a glass of champagne before telling her of our evening meal, Chicken Kiev with vegetables and roasted potatoes.

“Please, don’t hurt me! If you just leave i’ll never say anything to anyone about this!”

“Oh Karen, i’ll never hurt the one i love!” She looks at me in horror,as i serve her then take my seat. “All i want is to dine with you then later talk about us!” I start eating like this happens everyday. She shaking so hard that her fork is playing taps against the plate, i reach over holding her hand “Trust me nothing is going to happen Karen, just a evening meal and some talk!” Letting go i return eating, Karen nervously starts nibbling at her plate,eyeing me suspiciously.
                                                                        To be Continued


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Part Three
With the main course finished. I get up to clear the dirty dishes before bringing out dessert. A palate cleansing lemon Granita. Karen can’t believe what’s going on, as I sit her dish in front of her. “Why are you doing this?” More tears as i return to my seat. Pushing the dish into the middle of the table “Please, just leave,I’ll never tell anyone you were here!”

“But Karen there’s dishes to wash and the after dinner drink to look forward to!” Digging in savoring the taste. “You should really try this Granita,my best one yet!” She ignores it ,starting to stand but I stop her. “The meal isn’t over yet young lady, now sit down and finish your dessert!” She stands there defiant. “Sit down or we’ll go straight to the bedtime activities!”

Seeing the seriousness on my face she returns to her seat and pulls her Granita back to her. Eating some she shaking at the words las spoken by me. Finally when the dessert is finished I once again clear the dishes and return to escort Karen into the living room. Having her sit in a special prepared chair I zip tie her to it!. With her secure i go and wash the dishes, dry then and put them away. Making two cups of after dinner blend coffee, mine with a little sugar, her with something special

Handing her cup over “What’s this?” Her hand shaking with fear “Relax Karen it’s just a cup of coffee, a polite way to end a day, a good coffee to promote digestion!” Talking a long sip,making her see that i swallow each sip! “What you don’t think i doctored this splendid brew do you!” Feinting disgust at the thought of spoiling the coffee. Finally she takes a tentative sip, then a few more.

“So Karen how was your day, when last i saw you, you were trying to get some extra shifts!” Her eyes widen at me. “How do you know about that!’ Then my face comes to her “You, you left a tip for me,a twenty dollar bill!”

“That’s right Karen i left you a twenty dollar tip and the day before that i talked to you about a drugstore!” This jogs her memory, shaking her head

“But you were so nice to me!” struggling to get free “Why are you doing this to me, before yesterday i never even saw you before!”

“Because i love you Karen, from the moment my eyes landed on you through the
window!” Taking a seat across from her so i could watch her eyes. “ You excite me Karen, your beauty, your ,poise and demeanor fascinates me to no end!” Finishing my cup, seeing your’s half full, “Drink up Karen the night is young, and there’s much to talk about!”

She does and i take the cup and wash them and put then back in the cupboard. Returning to her, finding her about to tip over from trying to get free. “Now Karen have I done anything but treat you like a queen! Have i done anything to make you believe i have any plans to harm you?”

Weakly “No! But you’re scaring me!” the question starts flooding out of her “How did you get in my apartment?” sobbing “What do you want from me?”. I decide to come clean with her!

Reaching into my shirt pocket, producing a key, holding it up in the light. “I followed you home last night, found your door open,saw  your keys and borrowed them to make a copy!” She stops sobbing, staring at me shocked  “You what!” As if she can’t believe what she just heard!
Almost twenty minutes since she finished her cup of coffee she seems unable to move. Only her eyes can follow me around as i come to release her. Picking her up i take her to the bedroom, laying her on the bed, striping her of her clothes before taking my own off.

“Oh Karen to make sure i had you tonight i dissolved an Ambien pill in your coffee!’ laying down beside her on the mattress..”For the next couple of hours i will  have complete control of you,forgive me darling for what i’m about to do!” Spreading her legs i climb between them and start to manipulate your vulva and clitoris for over a half hour i play with you, licking everywhere around you crotch fingering you with one then adding more fingers after a few minutes.

Your body responds and your wet when i can’t take it anymore. My cock is so hard that i think i’m about to tear the sheet underneath it! Getting up i see you eyes follow me to the dresser where i pick up a tube of Gynol II and your diaphragm. Applying it liberally i insert it into you making sure you were protected. Returning to the dresser i pick up the tube of KY Jelly I bought, smearing enough on my cock before returning to your bed,getting between your legs “OH Karen how I wanted this since I first laid eyes on you!”

Diverting your eyes, I penetrate you fully thrusting in and out while you could be nothing to prevent it. For a half hour i use your body before cumming in you. “You see Karen, I only want the best for you!” Your eyes blink, telling me that the Ambien is beginning to wear off. Getting up i get a long length of rope, a noose at both ends. Placing one around your right leg, the other around my left, tightening both

“Now Karen i’m going to spend the night sleeping with my love!” climbing in behind her, rolling her onto her side, my arm around her waist. “The rope will prevent you from leaving. I’m a light sleeper so the littlest tug will alert me.” Snuggling down “If you want to have sex again before morning just wake me!

She lays there, tears rolling down the side of her face!

                                                              To be Continued

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I am loving this story!! I love the details! I excited to read more!

January 12, 2017, 04:45:09 PM
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Thank you Emmy, hopefully what follows will keep you excited to read more!

Part Four

Just like the past five years at three o’clock i’m wide awake, so use to getting up to help make the morning meal for the rest of the inmates. Oh well, checking on Karen finding her sound asleep, dried trails of tears down her face i gently remove the rope, hoping for the Ambien to make her forget everything after the coffee. Without waking her, i go into the kitchen and start preparing a breakfast fit for my princess- egg benedict, hollandaise sauce, fresh baked blueberry muffins and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Everything is ready when i hear her stir a little after seven.  She comes out naked, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, making her way to the washroom. A flush sound then she returns, finally spotting me by the table, finishing setting it!

“Who are you and how did you get into my apartment?”

“Morning to you to Karen,I’m Jim, i help you with that drunk last night!’ I see that she’s remembering. “I stayed and made you dinner and did the dishes.”

Her eyes widen, stammering “Did, did, did we have se….?” rushing back into the bathroom before i could reply. Seems the ambien lived up to it’s claims of amnesia for some people, i decide to play on that! “She returns with her diaphragm in her hands a look of relief on her face.

Looking at me, i start my spiel “Hey look i understand we hit the bottle hard last night, but i’m not the kind of guy to have sex with a lady and disappear before morning!” She looks to the floor ashamed at what she’s thinking. “I mean i may not wake up besides them but i there with a homemade breakfast ready for them upon waking!” Motioning to the table. Walking over to her,taking her hand “So if you want to go hide your little friend,i’ll begin serving your breakfast!”

She looks confused, until i point to her diaphragm, then going to put it away, returning in her robe, tied tightly closed around her. Pulling out her chair “Milady!” She takes her seat and i serve her her plate. Eyes widen as i place a basket of hot muffins in the middle of the table,pouring her a glass of juice. “If i have a piece of toast and a glass of milk i think i had a good breakfast!’ Looking at everything “I don’t think i can eat all this and go to work!”

“Good thing then it’s your day off then!” Smiling at her “If we eat too much, we could always go back in and burn off a few calories to make you feel better?”

“Yeah, about that i’m sorry for freaking out like i did!”

“Understandable, you come out to a stranger in your place and all!’ Trying to ease her mind “I’m just glad you didn’t scream police or rape!” Chuckling at my private joke.

“No it’s just that i don’t remem…”

“Shhh! Not exactly proper conversation for breakfast!”  Stopping her fast. “But if it’s any consolation, you’re the best i had in the past seven years!’ Didn’t mention she’s the only one i had in that time!  She blushes as she cuts her egg open.

“Thank you for the lie!” Taking a bite, “Oh my god this is heavenly! , my compliments to the chef!’

“Now i need to say thanks for the lie!” But in her case it wasn’t much of a lie. Between us we polished off the benedicts, four of the six muffins and drank all the juice. Pulling our chairs back  i undo a notch on my belt while she loosens her robe’s belt, reveal a little skin. Blushing at me as she quickly closed her robe again before remembering we slept together.

“What am i thinking, we had sex together,so you’ve already seen me naked!

In my mind ‘seen you, used you and plan on doing it again multiple times before leaving!” “Does seem kind of silly considering last night doesn’t it?”  Unhooking my belt and unzipping my pants “Mind if i join you, nearly nude?” Shaking her head no, i strip until i’m just in my boxers, My cock making a bit of a bulge, her eyes drift to it, the a blush returns to her face!

I can see it in her eyes, she’s trying to remember last night and failing miserably “I’m so sorry but i can’t seem to remember how we met!

“You were being accosted by a drunk in the hallway. I was on my way out and came to your rescue!” That much she already accepted from me, now i start to lie! “Afterwards you invited me in to talk and i made you a meal that we ate by candlelight, then we talked more over coffee and you motioned to the bedroom and the rest you know!”
She seems to fall for my lies. “Then why can’t i remember your name?”

“Oh why i can solve that!” standing up, holding out my hand to her “Hello there my name is Jim Tomlinson and you pretty lady are?”

She stand,her robe opens a bit more “hello Jim I’m Karen Mitchell!’ Shaking my hand, then i turn her hand up and bring it to my lip and kiss it! “Charmed i’m sure,especially after last night!’

Looking her right in the eyes “May i kiss you, Karen?” she nods yes, then i lean in and kiss her on the lips. She responds and i pull her in close, kissing her on the side of her neck, opening her robe and kissing the top of her chest. She starts to pull away, scared to go any further. I’m not going to be thwarted by her, grabbing her by the waist i pick her off the floor and start walking her to back to the bedroom.

Tossing her onto the bed,i’m on her in a flash tearing her robe wide open, holding her down with one hand, the other working my boxers off.  Struggling just makes it easier to force myself between her legs. Starting to scream i backhand her across the face “Shut up and take it like you did last night!’

“Please!, i don’t have my diaphragm in!’ Trying her best to force me off her. Whyyyyyyyyyyy!’ As i penetrate her in one thrust “Oh god please you’re too big for me!’ sobbing uncontrollably  as i start to fuck her. She turns her head away from me, so I grab it and twist it back making her look into the eyes of her rapists.

“Don’t worry Karen, you took it last night without any complaints!” Fucking her roughly, making her scream in pain,tears once again making her eyes well and turn red. For twenty minutes i force myself in and out of her before thrusting in as deep as possible and cumming in her.

“Nooooooo Not in Meeeeeeeeee!!” She rolls her head to the side “i don’t want to get pregnant!” Rolling off her, she sits up pulling her knees up to her chest, crying and gently rocking back and forth, staring straight ahead!

“Thanks  Karen really looking forward to the next round after i shower!” Reaching under the bed and pulling out a bag of zip ties, binding her ankles together, then her wrists . Forcing her jaw open, i force a ball gag into Karen’s mouth. Leaving her on the bed,cum dripping out of her i go shower thinking where i’m going to fuck her next!

                                                                                       To be Continued

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She did not see that cumming lol.  You have me wanting more!!

January 14, 2017, 07:45:12 PM
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More you shall get then!

Part Five

With warm water running streams down my body I can’t help but think of Karen in the bedroom, my cum drying on her vulva and thighs, my angel doesn’t deserve that., Getting out drying my feet and tossing down dry face clothes to use as slippers i glide my way across the floor to her bedroom.  Seeing me come in ,she trashes on the bed, almost falling off the other side.

“Relax, Karen,!’ Laying a hand on her thigh, “I’m not going to fuck you now,just going to take you to the shower so you can clean up!” Reaching under the mattress, pulling out a hunting knife,slicing the zip tie from her ankles. “Now i’m going to slice the tie on your wrists, keep in mind, try anything i don’t like and i’ll gut you like a fish!” Her eyes widen in fear as the tip of the knife touches her wrists. One swipe and she’s freed, rubbing her wrists, all the while watching me as i reach to undo the ball gag.

Taking her by the elbow, i lead her to the running shower “See just like i said,a shower not sex!” Drawing the curtain back so she can get in. “Would you like me to wash your back?”
Quietly, “No thank you!” getting in pulling the curtain closed Her silhouette through the curtain moving slowly as the rhythm of the water changes. I can’t help it , picturing the water running down her sweet body, just gotta peek! Drawing a bit back i see the arch of her back just about her sweet ass. Looking lower i start to drool as i take in the sight of her wet ass cheeks.

With my cock hardening,all my being screaming do it! I give in and stepping in behind her, grabbing her waist, spreading her legs with mine, stepping to her so that my cock slides into the crack of her ass. “Nooooo! You said only a shower no sex!” Struggling to get away from me, my cock nestled between her asscheeks starts to press against her sphincter. Realizing where it was “NO Not there, no one ever been in there!” Her next statement,shocks me but not enough to stop me taking her. “Not even my dad!” Pushing her upper torso down i force my cock into her tight ass. She screams into her stomach as i begin to penetrate her. God her pussy was good but this is even better in my mind

“Damn something to remember our first time together,losing your anal cherry!’ reaching around groping her breast

“Thank you for that honour Karen, it’s something i’ll always be proud of!”

She crying from both the pain and humiliation of her first anal experience.i can only last ten minutes before i empty into her bowels. Pulling out with a discernable pop, she fold to the floor of the shower, her head touching the floor as i take a face cloth and wash both asscheeks then the cleft between them. Turning the water off i help her stand and towel dry her,paying especial attention to her breasts,pussy and ass. Leading her back to the bedroom,she hasn’t spoken a word to me since revealing her dad fucks her.

“So your dad, he comes by often to fuck you?” She barely whispers her reply “yes!”

"Does he know you have the next two days off?” another whispered ‘yes”

Fuck!, that changes everything! Wanted to spend our time together here but i don’t want daddy coming in finding me fucking his daughter senseless now do I! Picking the knife up again “Okay, get dressed, then pack a change of clothes,don’t bother with a nightie, you won’t need it! You got twenty minutes then we’re going to take a trip together!
Karen, shaking, looks up, seeing the knife does as she told, Dressing a halter bralette, black Rush t-shirt, black thong and tight bootcut skinny jeans. Like a robot she goes to the closet and takes out a ratty old suitcase that’s seen better days, and packs bra,thong,a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, all the while not saying a word or looking at me. Hen we’re both ready i open the apartment door, sticking my head out, looking both ways, then duck back in.

“Alright now, if you behave everything will be just like we were here, try anything stupid and this goes into you!, understand?” Meekly she nods her head “Alright then let’s go!” Walking  her out first, following her, reminding her to lock the door, taking her to the steps, then through the lobby and out the front door. Were almost off the property when the bastard of a landlord comes walking up the driveway a large brown paper bag in his hand.

Whispering to her “He stalls us and they’ll be picking your dead body off the pavement along with his!” Karen shaking, waves to him then for some reason she finds her voice

“Hi Mr. Bartello,nice day!” He grunts in response to her and brushes past, causing the bottles in the bag to clink together, not stopping to apologize to her. He goes his way and i lead her ours. On the sidewalk, i take the suitcase in my right hand, her hand in my left and commence to take her to my place, the long way! What normally is a twenty minute walk takes over an hour as i dip and dive various roads hoping to confuse her.

Finally we’re home, unlocking the door i usher Karen into our love nest. Setting her suitcase down i help her out of her coat, hanging it up. “I know it’s not much to look at but the tv is colour,no one bothers me at all and we can spend all our tie in bed with each other.

She finally speaks to me again “Why are you doing this to me!” the tears start again. Taking out a kleenex wiping her eyes, kissing her cheeks.

“Why cause i love you,don’t you love me Karen?”

She shakes her head no “Well over the next day we’ll change that!” Pulling her close then kissing her lips. “Such soft lips and skin, shall we go back to bed sweetheart?”

She flinches at my touch, shaking as i tell her to take her t-shirt off. She obeys as i squeeze her wrist,showing her i’ll accept no defiance from her.  It comes off as i unbutton her jeans and unzips them, sliding them down to her ankles so all she has to do is step out of them.She begins to lift her barlette up when i stop her, “No keep it on, so i can take it off in bed!” She lowers her hand and her head as i walk her to the bed. “Please if you let me leave now, i’ll promise no one will ever find out anything!”

Turning lifting her head, kissing her lips once more before scooping her up and laying her onto the mattress. Climbing on,spreading her legs so i can settle in between them, using my teeth to remove her thong, then returning to orally ravage her, making her wet in minutes before she gives me that sweet taste of her nectar. Rising up i move to cover her body. Lifting her bralette and sucking and licking her nippples while she lies there crying softly,then whispered “Please not like this!”

Kissing her on the lip, my left hand guides my cock into her velvet passage and i settle into fuck my sweet princess to an orgasm, making her further ashamed that her body approves of my actions with her. Once again i tie rope to one of our ankles and settle into sleep reminding her if she wants to fuck again just to wake me!
                                                                        To be Continued

January 14, 2017, 09:30:12 PM
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Really enjoying your work!

January 15, 2017, 01:20:35 AM
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January 21, 2017, 05:54:50 PM
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Part Six

Again three am and I’m up ready to start a day. Unlike most where i’m greeted by silence, this time i greeted by my bed partner mumbling, “No Mr. Bartello, I have this months rent!” then “Not my ass!”. Well well what do you know the landlord was fucking her,also, no wonder the tube of spermicide was so empty! Wonder how often she paid the rent and pleased daddy also!

Filing this little tidbit away in my mind i untied the rope from my ankle,retying it to the leg of the bed. Getting up i go piss before dressing in a sweatsuit and making a start on breakfast. By five am the only thing left to do is to squeeze the juice. That’s when i hear her scream from the bed, rushing over i find her on the floor struggling to get free as a stream of piss soaks the floor.

Untying her, grabbing her by the head, forcing her nose into the warm puddle of piss, like i would a puppy in training “Is this how you show your love for me?” Rubbing her nose along the floor “You couldn’t have spoken up and asked to be untied Karen?” keeping you head down in the puddle moving behind you,pulling you up onto your knees. “Breakfast is almost ready and since you’re up, might as well work up an appetite!” Dropping my sweatpants, hard at the sight of her ass high in the air!

With an evil grin on my face “Might as well pack your ass before you shit all over the floor next!” Penetrating you ass with one thrust,then stroking you with long deep strokes. You cry out in pain,then start to spit as some of the piss on your nose drip into your mouth. Thrusting hard,it doesn’t take me long to cum in your ass, pulling out then making you clean my cock with your mouth. “Before breakfast Karen i want you to clean up that piss and then get a shower,you’re a mess!’
Getting up walking back over to the kitchen area, washing my hand before squeezing the juice.

Humiliated, ass throbbing, Karen comes or breakfast, like a gentleman that I am, pulling out her chair placing a thick pillow onto its seat before letting her sit down  and eat. Mumbling “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to piss on the floor!”

“No Karen it was my fault!,I should have anticipated your needing the bathroom!’ trying to come across sincere. “And I shouldn’t have sodomize you like that either!” Getting up walking over to her, taking her hand “How can i make it up to you Karen?”

Lifting her head meeting my eyes “Let me go home!” Leaning down kissing her on the forehead before returning to my seat. “That’s one of the things i love about you Karen, your sense of humor!” picking up a piece of toast, “You are home, silly!’ the rest of the meal is eaten in silence

When done i have Karen return to the bed, once again tying her to it “If you have to use the washroom, Karen just ask,after all i don’t want you pissing the bed!” Turning the tv on so she has something to do while i wash and dry the dishes. It drowns on about the stupid election, before an amber alert flashes across the screen,a girl of 13, missing believed to be abducted by her father, then “Daddy will search from me if he doesn’t hear from me today!”

“Is that so then, he’lll get to hear from his little girl alright but not from here!” My mind whirling as i try to think of a place that she can call from. On tv, that stupid commercial for the zoo comes on, smiling i “Ever been to the zoo,Karen?” Shaking her head no, i knew where the call was going to come from. Going over to her, untying her, “Well then dress in something comfortable, my love because that’s where we’ll be spending the day, sweetheart!”

Stealing a car from the side a parking lot across from my place i drive us to the zoo. A little after ten we’re about to go through the turnstiles when i spot a payphone that’s still working. Taking her by the elbow,leading her over to the booth

“Okay Karen, call daddy telling him everything is alright but you want to spend the day with your friends!” Handing her two quarters, opening the door of the booth for her and closing the door as she lifts the receiver. Punching in  his number, silent then “Hello daddy! It’s me,!’ So far she’s keeping to the script. “I’ve been forced to go with a guy, he got me at the zoo, Help me daddy, help me!” pushing the door open, grabbing her by the arm, yanking her out, the receiver drops and i hear “Karen baby,find a zookeeper, i’m on the way!” walking her back to the car, hot wiring it again, pealing out to attract attention to us.My plan going just like i want it to.

Driving to the interstate i drive to the state line, crossing it as you sit shaking beside me.Seeing a motel i pull in, reaching to Karen, “Now we’re going in and rent a room!” Squeezing her arm hard! “Do anything to jeopardize us and they’ll be sending you back to daddy in a body bag!” Karen pales as i produce a pocket knife, to dumb to know it’s so dull all i could do with it is crease her skin. Getting a room after signing in, registering the license plate, in the wing closest to the road. Pulling up in front of it, parking, making her believe that we were going to stay there, before pulling back out and returning to my place.

Forcing her back inside and onto the bed with the pen knife, laughing at her. “I couldn’t had hoped for a better day than what you just gave me Karen!” Smirking at her “Daddy is even now onto the police believing you abducted,pouring over the zoo, looking for you,reviewing the zoo’s security camera, watching us drive away!” Karen eyes swollen from crying most of the day.  The cops will search,all the while you’re right under daddy’s nose!” stripping bare. “I’m so turned right now that’s i’m going to fuck you right now before making something to eat!”

Karen struggles but to no effect, i have her clothes down giving me total access to her tits and pussy. Making her wet before mounting, taking her like a man possessed, taunting her “Daddy will get you back Karen, when i’m done fucking every inch of your pussy and ass!” Biting her nipples, making her scream in pain as i fuck her rougher than i ever did before. Unloading deep inside her, getting up, watching my cum dribble out of her full pussy. “So what do you want for dinner before coming back to bed? Laying there curled up, tears flowing down her face, not looking at me whispering over and over “Help me daddy!”
                                                               To be Continued

January 23, 2017, 01:46:30 AM
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Great chapter! I can't wait to see what's next for her!

January 24, 2017, 08:30:46 PM
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Part Seven

Up early again,this time removing the rope from both of us, before preparing breakfast. Looking over to Karen, lying there peaceful, a hint of breast showing above the hem of the banket, seeing she’s talking in her sleep. Returning to her side, leaning in hearing “let me suck it daddy!” pursing her lips into an ‘o’ shape.

Well who am i to refuse such sweet thing. Taking it out,rubbing it across her lips until she sucks it in by herself. God i never had a blowjob like this at this hour of the day! or anytime for that matter. I didn’t want to but i couldn’t help myself either letting out a groan of pleasure, waking her up. “Just keep doing ,what you asked for Karen!” Gripping her by the sides of her head, without warning pumping copious amounts of cum down her throat. Gagging, jumping off the bed, rushing into the bathroom, retching into the toilet then coughing while reaching for the bottle of Scoop

Coming out “I almost choked!” Her eyes watering. Handing her a kleenex to wipe her eyes,laughing “A bit dramatic don’t you think?” She glares as she grabs a t-shirt to cover herself, rummaging around  for her panties, not finding them “Where?”

“You don’t need then for the day i have planned for us, first some breakfast, then all-day lovin’ before a dinner of oysters and Fried chicken!”

“Rape me you mean!”  Buttoning up her jeans, zipping them closed,marching over to the table.

“Well one person’s rape is another’s lovin’” smirking at her as i bring her a plate of ham and eggs. Setting it in front of her,she actually starts to eat, not just nibbling like the past two days.”Coffee, Karen?” She accepts it looking down at it before flinging it into my face. Scalding the tip of my nose  and most of my cheeks, screaming out “You little bitch!” as she bolts towards the door. Getting it open, rushing out into the hallway,taking off on the dead run towards the exit sign.

Kicking open the door of the stairs ,rushing up to the next landing before i get out the door. By the time i get up there Karen is out in the middle of the street trying to get someone to stop for her. Spotting me she races behind the apartment building across the street, damn it if she makes the back of that lot, then she able to get the crosstown bus or worst a passing cop car.

Taking off as fast as i can, just a few seconds late, getting there just as a light blue sedan door closes with Karen  in the back seat, Shit,shit, shit!. Smashing my fist into the side of a trashcan,scaring two people passing by walking their dog. Fuck what now!, she’s bound to go to daddy and he’ll take her right to the cops. Jesus what a fucking mess this day has turned out to be!

Going back home, packing quickly, getting ready to hightail it out of town before the cops comes kicking in my door. Walking out like I was going on a trip I made my way down the street without seeing a single cop car. Making my way to a shopping mall parking lot, picking out a car that seems so popular these days, breaking in and hot wiring it before anyone notices me. Even mall security is lackadaisical in its patrolling.

An hour later i out of state  with the radio glued onto some all news station, so far there isn’t any mention of Karen or me. Maybe i was hasty fleeing like i did. Making up my mind i go to an internet cafe, surfing the radio tations of Karen’s state listening for any mention of her or me. Around midnight i go to a all-night dine getting something to eat before driving back reclaim Karen.

Waiting outside her dad’s apartment, no lights on, i make my way to the outside door.Taking a lockpick out,and putting my past skills to use have the door open in no time. Inside,all is dark and silent, sneaking around finding no one, not even a sign that anyone had been there anytime soon either. Making my way out,checking to make sure no cop were around i make my way to Karen’s apartment. There paydirt, a light on in her window and the silhouette of a body on the curtains. Getting out the binoculars i zero in just as the curtain is drawn aside and my angel peeks out.
Settling in for a long wait checking my watch three am, by three thirty the light goes out. Wondering if i should make my move now or wait to later. Impatient to be back between her thighs i do it, her keys still in my pocket i make my way to her apartment only to find a guard on her door. Not a real cop but a wannabe security guard with a little baton in a belt loop and about two hundred pounds stuffed into rayon pants.

Damn, not expecting that, but i wasn’t perturbed by it, nothing was going to keep me from Karen’s pussy any longer.  Making my way back down the stairs finding a trashcan in the lobby, dropping in a match, a fire blossoms within seconds, the building fire alarm ringing. Apartments begin to empty, down the stairs comes many then my eyes spots Karen’s along with her father and fatso. Rushing out the back i get my stun gun from the back seat of the car.
Making my way around to the front i find Fatso and her dad staring as the fire department rolls up to the front of the building. Then there’s Karen a little way off to the left of my position.A thick coat covering her upper body ending just below her naked mid-thighs. My drool begins as i make my way to her side. She’s mesmerized by the flames and doesn’t see me, but she does feel the touch of the stun gun!,going limp in my arms. Crying out “Oh God look a child on the second floor balcony!”

All eyes turn to look and i take that time to walk away with my Karen in my arms. Putting her in the car, duct taping over her mouth, zip tying her hands and legs, opening her coat catching a glimpse of a red satin nightie. Settling in waiting for the fire department to leave, i pull in behind the last truck leaving, making my way back to the interstate. Once more crossing the state line,with her. But this time i have no plans on going back.On the back seat Karen comes to struggling against the zip ties and the seat belts holding her.  Well into the next afternoon I drive the back roads looking for a place that’s boarded up to spend some time before moving on. Finding just a place i pull off the road driving around back, finding an old abandoned garage. Looking over the front seat, getting my first deep smell of a soiled Karen “Christ pissed yourself again did you? Laughing as i get out!

                                                                             To be Continued

January 27, 2017, 12:47:44 AM
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Wow great twist!!  How is she going to be punished she has been so naughty

January 27, 2017, 06:00:39 PM
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Her punishment begins

Part Eight

Checking out the old garage, I find a board loose enough to lift off. Going into almost pitch dark i strike a match, illuminating a pile of beer bottles and chip wrappers. Looking around quick before the match burns my finger,i don’t see much to excite me, thinking ‘after her little antic she doesn’t deserve a luxury suite to tell me she’s sorry!’

Going back out i get in moving the car deeper behind the house so it can’t be saw from the road. Turning the engine so i could listen to the news station on the radio, Karen squirming on the back seat ,a stupid ad for some local supermarket plays. “Quit it Karen, you should be thankful i chose to let you ride on the backseat and not in the trunk!” The announcer drones on until “And in out of state news, police are searching for Karen Mitchell believed to have been abducted by ex-con Jim Tomlinson who previously served seven years for sexually assaulting a mother and daughter in their home.!” The yokel drones on some more before i turn off the engine.

“Well seems daddy didn’t waste anytime going to the police, or maybe fatso reported his failure to protect!” Karen eyes are wide as i got back out coming to open the back door and pulling her out. Putting her over my shoulder i carry her to the garage, putting her down, dragging her by the feet through the gap in the wood. “I need some sleep sweetheart,been running all out since yesterday morning, but first!’ opening my fly taking out my cock i start to piss in Karen’s face then down her coat. “I know it not coffee, but i’m not as mean as you were!”

Settling my watch alarm then settling  in making a little fire in the center for warmth i drift off to sleep. Next thing i know my watch alarm is going off in my ear and it’s barely light outside. The fire has long since died but i pleasantly warm. Sniffing the air i get a scent of piss and that’s all i’m getting, looking over to where i left Karen i see goosebumps on her bare legs,going over I caress her legs to warm them up. Karen wakes up squirming under my touch. “Promise not to try anything foolish and i let you sit in the passenger seat until we get to our ultimate destination!. Shaking her head which i take to mean she’s going to act right i drag her outside before picking her up,carrying her back to the car.

Unlocking the passenger door i get her seated before going to my side. Getting in a start the car, letting it warm up, i reach over and remove the tape from Karen’s mouth. The first thing out of her mouth,shocked me  that i had to stop before answering her “You lied to me, you said i was the best you had in seven years, i was the only one wasn’t I” Christ she sounded so indignant about it, after all it wasn’t a full lie, she was the best!

Just staring at her i finally explode “What no thank you for taking the tape off!,no where are you taking me!, no just let me go!” leaning back into my seat “Maybe i should just tape your mouth back up and drive in peace and quiet!” Putting it in drive, backing out until i could swing to go out nose first. Karen has the sense to shut up at least, while i search both ways for any cops.

Then she act like i expected “So where are you kidnapping me to?”

“Well it’s too hot here so i going to try to sneak into Canada!” Finally on the road going north making for a point in the wilderness to cross the international border. Driving most of the night while Karen slept,we make the border where i wake her, walking her across the field on my shoulder, past a sign saying please report to immigration at the earliest convenience. Coming across a similar sign saying please report to Customs and an address, of it’s location! Yeah like that’s going to happen any time soon!

Finding the side of the road, we hike into the nearest town. Finding a SUV in a parking lot, I breakin and hot wire it, placing Karen in the passenger seat, buckling her in, before driving off into the Canadian night. One hour later we’re at an intersection of the local road and something called the Trans Canada Highway. “Well Karen left or right?” She picks right,so right is where i drive with nothing but flat land in front of us,in the distant snow capped mountains of grey rock. Within the hour we come across a small town with a Wal-mart that hours claim open at 7 am, checking my watch 6:55 am. “Well Karen looks like this is a omen, something to eat and new clothes for you!” Turning her head to face me “Try anything dumb and I’ll leave you dead understand?” She nods as i cut the zip tie from her legs and arms

$45 Us later she’s outfitted with two pairs of jeans and two tops. I didn’t bother with bras and panties,she wasn’t going to need them. Hell she should be grateful that i brought her clothes to wear. Getting back in we come to a small community billboard advertising a motor inn in the next town over.Making our way there getting a room, I tell Karen to go get a shower, caused she stank being unwashed and piss! While she washing up i strip naked ,get the bed ready, it’s been almost three days since i was last between her legs and i didn’t plan on waiting any longer.
Waiting outside the bathroom, the door finally opens, she emerges, her hair wrapped up in a towel, one around her torso. Grabbing her by the arm i pull her to the bed, my hard cock poking her through the towel. “P-p-p-p-lease can we eat first?” Looking at her knowing that she’s going to be eating cock in a moment, forcing her onto the bed. Grabbing her head.

“Sure Karen hear, a nice long hard banana for you!” Rubbing the tip over her cheeks and lips.“Don’t keep me waiting Karen, it’s been too long already!” She slowly opens her mouth taking me in, tears coming to her eyes.Taking the back of her head, pushing her on deep, holding it inside until she started beating on the mattress before releasing  her. “Now blow me before i fuck my cock out of the back of your throat!” She capitulates and settles into a rhythm that soons has me spraying her throat with my cum. Pulling out letting the last few drops roll down her chin, “Damn do i have your dad to thank for your sucking skills Karen?”

Tears flowing down her face, Karen buries her head into a pillow as i position her body to give me the access i wanted. Parting her asscheeks “Now for your punishment for running away!’ One solid thrust and i’m buried into her ass, her head flies off the pillow, a scream rendering the air asunder,like a loud clap of thunder. Fucking her without mercy or any pleasure for her, i taught her the errors of her mistake! For over Twenty i pound her into the mattress before finally emptying my balls into her. Rolling off “So what do you want for breakfast besides a pillow to sit on? Crying she doesn’t answer!

                                                                                    To be continued

January 31, 2017, 07:13:42 PM
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Part Nine

Six times  more she wakes screaming,with my cock buried in her ass. After her sixth ass fuck I see that her hole is closing tighter faster, more puckered tan when i first took her. Testing a theory I read online,I try to force my thumb inside, only for her to scream into her pillow “Damn Karen maybe i should go out and get you a doughnut to sit on!” snickering  “Hell!, no need to tie you to the bed,i doubt you’ll be able to fart let alone walk anywhere!” Rolling over, pulling the blanket up to my neck, going back to sleep, dreaming of what else i planned to do to her.

Rolling over a small beam of light crossing my chest, Fuck morning already! Looking to Karen she’s still on her stomach,flipping the blanket off her,her ass greets me. With an evil grin on my face, raising my hand high, bringing it down fast and hard onto her exposed flesh. A loud slap rangs out into the air followed by “Noooooooo!!!!!!’ “Morning Karen time to get up and at'em!” Adding to the pain from the slap i deliberately roll over her ass getting out of bed.

Controlling the urge to cry out, Karen gingerly eases up and off the bed. Seeing her obvious discomfort i move the pillows so she can sit down on them, placing a wastepaper basket between her legs so she can have a morning piss. Mocking her from inside the bathroom, “Was I a little too anxious last night?” She doesn’t reply, just stares at the stream of piss flowing out into the basket. She’s finished by the time i come out. “Just sit there until i get back!”

Leaving, checking my watch, nine- fifteen, i make my way into the local general store picking up a couple of bags of ice,styrofoam cooler, chips and dip and a tube of Preparation H. Returning, finding Karen still on the bed,sobbing I open the tube of H, lifting her up,applying some telling her it’s to help with the swelling!. Touching the sphincter lightly she cries out “Please no more, it’s hurting so bad!” Easing her back down onto the pillows.

“Relax Karen, here!” Passing her a bag of chips “I know it not what you’re use to from me, but beggars can’t be choosy!” Opening my bag, pouring some into my mouth,chewing like a slob, watching Karen out of the corner of my eye “What now?”

“Something to drink, maybe!”

Standing up dropping my pants “Drink to your heart’s content!” Shoving my cock into her face. Got to give it to her she didn’t even try to rebel, she just open her mouth and sucked on my cock!  In my mind ‘salty chips downed with a salty shake, ah the breakfast of street walkers everywhere!’ before long she had me flowing down her throat, drinking as much as possible before  pulling her mouth off it.

Moving slightly away from me, “Thank you, Jim!” Never looking me in the face. Damn have I broken her spirit, made her finally  realize that she couldn’t do any better than me! A giant smile on my face just thinking about it! Moving closer, putting my arm around her shoulders, giving her a gentle squeeze whispering into her ear “What do you want to do today?”

Just audible enough that i could hear “Go back to the States!”

“Whatever for Karen?” releasing her “Canada is a lovely country, the home of polite people and wide open spaces!” getting up to show her the pamphlet by the phone. “See it says here that from here the City of Lethbridge is only an hour  by car!” Putting my arm back around her! “Sound like a nice place to set up our love nest doesn’t it Karen!”

“Why are you doing this to me?” Gently sobbing “What did i ever do to you?”

“You made me fall in love with you Karen!” gently turning her so she had to look at me, lifting her head “You eyes owned my heart and soul the first moment they locked on me!” Kissing her on the lips then “Your body made parts of me dance like they haven’t  done ever!” Gently making her lay down on her back, her ass still on the pillows, “Your pussy called to me “fill me my love” and i had to answer it’s request!” My cock hard, spreading her legs as i laid between them “Like it’s doing now!” Penetrating her,making her gasp out as i fill her, pressing against the bruised membrane  of her ass. Tears flooding her eyes as i fuck her.

Thrusting hard enough to move her off the pillows, her ass landing on the firm mattress, making her scream in pain. From the other room pounding on the wall then, “Keep it down in there i’m trying to hear the morning news!” Ignoring the voice i start to work her pussy harder like i did her ass. Underneath me Karen, grabs handfuls of the sheets, stifling her screams of pains,as her swollen ass is bounced up and down before long i filling her with my seed once more.

Then through bated breathe “Don’t fuck me again, it hurts so bad!’ almost hyperventilating. Swallowing gulps of air “P-p-p-lease i’ll-ll su-su-suck your c-c-c-c-ock!” Looking at me “J-j-j-ust don’t-t-t-t fu-fu-fuck meeeeeeeeee!!!  Bawling like a child that’s just been spanked she takes the edge of the blanket to wipe the tears from her eyes Then through the wall the newscaster voice “The case of Karen Mitchell has  now been transferred to the FBI after it was reported by an informant  that she was last seen in a stolen car crossing the Montana border early two days ago!”

In my mind ‘So maybe someone spotted us walking over the border!’ wouldn’t be hard to trace us through this place. Looking at Karen “Sorry to have to do this but we’re leaving!” Her eyes bugs out at the concept of riding in the car with her ass so sore. “Don’t worry I’ll steal the pillows, i want back into that ass soon!” And that’s what i did, within the hour she laying on her side on the back seat,the pillows acting a cushions between her and the back. Looking at the map i got from the office when i paid our bill i decide  i decide to make a three and a half hour trip to Cranbrook, British Columbia.
Setting out  at noon we make the trip without incident, stopping only once to get something to eat from a McDonald’s drive thru. Arriving in Cranbrook a little after five, all because i forgot i could travel faster than 55 mphs up here. Finding an out of the way travel inn. I get us a room for the night. Making sure no one was watching i carry Karen into the room, closing the door and drapes  after laying her gently on the bed. Going over to the phone, unplugging it since it was right beside the bed,so Karen did get any ideas overnight!

“Well i take it your ass and pussy is out of bound to me for at least one more day!” Shaking her head yes! ,fear on her face as i move closer to her “Then hope you’re thirsty Karen!” Well past midnight i had her sucking and drinking before calling it a night. Tying our legs once more before drifting to sleep!

                                                                             To be Continued

February 10, 2017, 02:51:47 PM
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Part Ten

Three AM, i’m laying there with Karen, her eyes puffy from her tears, her ass looking a little less puffy. Untying myself, getting up to piss and find the Prep H, before returning to apply a fresh coat to her asshole. Trying to be gentle as possible, I apply a thin coating with my middle finger, swirling it all over her orifice, when i accidentally penetrated. Jolted out of slumber Karen, swats my hand away, poppin my finger out of her.

“Please leave me alone, it’s still too sore!”

“Relax Karen i was just applying a bit of Prep H not my cock!’ Showing her the tube “But since you’re awake!” motioning to my cock. Her face show disgust, but she  moves down and opens her mouth to accept it! Taking it in,sliding her tongue the length of my shaft making me sigh in pleasure. Grasping the back of her head with my left hand i reach for her clit with my right.

Tears comes to her eyes as i rub her love button, whether tears of shame or pain,  I didn’t give a shit, as long as her talented mouth was working my cock. Without warning i force her head deep down then unload into her mouth. Her eyes bulge as i watch her trying to breathe and swallow cum at the same time. Getting a little sadistic i wait a bit more before pulling back enough so Karen could breathe.

Rolling to the edge, just getting her head over the side before vomiting most of my cum onto the room’s carpet. With her lying limply on the mattress, gasping for breath, “So up for some breakfast, then a little sightseeing?” She either doesn’t hear me or she’s passed out because she doesn’t responds to my query. Getting up i dress and go to the door, looking back seeing that Karen hasn’t moved “What do you say an Egg McMuffin and a coffee or a thick shake?” Laughing as i shut the door and lock it!

Getting a map and directions from the night manager i drive to the nearest McDonalds. Finding it in the dark I check the time of operations, Six A.M. to Midnight, going to my watch a little after five, fuck i don’t want to wait that long, then i remember the all night truck stop we passed on the way into town. Stratig the car again i drive for over a half hour before coming to it. Ducking inside i get to all day breakfast to go and a copy of the local paper.
Paying and starting back i see that i’ve been gone almost an hour, turning onto the street when the early morning skies are awashed in red, blue and white flashing lights. Driving closer, i can see that they’re coming from the inn, an ambulance, fire truck and what i’m taking to be cops cars, Driving past i see Karen on a stretcher being loaded into the back of the ambulance, a female cop getting in with her.  Then i see the night manager ovr beside another cop,hands a flailing a mile a minute as he points the way i just came from.

Fuck,little bitch must have been faking! Bet the moment i left the parking lot she when to the office for help. Just fucking wonderful, probably blabbed about the stolen car also.  Picking up speed I continue past and already planning my escape. That’s when i failed to notice a jet black car come behind me, i did notice it when the whoop of a siren went off along with the flashing red and blue lights. In my mind ‘Fuck Jim stay and face jail and extradition back to the states or floor it and hope to get away!’

The answer came real quick, when three white cruisers baring the crest of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police boxed my car in. Cops out with their guns drawn, ordering me out of the car and onto the ground, getting out “Little bitch’s going to pay for this!” as i lay face down on the ground. They move in, cuff me reading me my rights before placing me in the back of a cruiser.

Twenty four hours later i’m in front of a Canadian judge up on charges of auto theft, forcible confinement and sexual assault. The prick in the long black robe also informs the judge that an representative of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is enroute as they speak with an extradition request and a list of charges i’m facing in the states. “Well Mr. Tomlinson  in lieu of  the representatives of the American Justice system  not being here I’m ordering you held in detention until they have arrived and presented their requests. Banging the gavel, i’m removed to a holding cell in the basement,to await my fate.

Two hours later i’m ushered into an interrogation room, to meet with the American Attorney general representative and the Canadian Queen’s Council. For more than two hours they argue over who has the right to try me. “Well he faces more serious charges in the States than here, i sure we can come to an acceptable agreement, gentlemen!”

“Damn right we can, he stands trial here, then gets extradited to the States!”

“No unacceptable, the American charges takes precedence over the Canadian ones!”

“Just one problem with that theory, he’s on Canadian soil,we get him first!” The counselor continues “as stated in the TREATY ON EXTRADITION BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA AND THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- Article Seven”

The American official is pissed, but can’t ignore the treaty ass it’s written. Turning to Tomlinson, “Well after their done with you you’re ours!”

Queen’s Council looks up “Well then see you in 3 to 10 years time!”

                                                                                          The End

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Great job!! Loved it!!