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Author Topic: I Forcefully Took My Wifes Gorgeous Cousin Out Of Pure Lust  (Read 11027 times)

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August 13, 2015, 11:42:43 AM

Offline baruchdavidson33

 She just turned 18. Lauren is just starting college down here in near us, in Orlando Florida. My wife invited her to stay with us during her transition this summer into her new apartment. Our house is popular in the family to stay in because it is near the beach, and newly developed. It is always warm there and always Summer. I remember Lauren being pretty but I never really had a chance to spend time with her like this, and she is so so gorgeous. Plus her Summer fashion choices make me feel so lustful towards her. She mostly wore mini skirts or tiny dresses everyday: Skater skirts, body con skirts, everything hip. I started joking and calling her American Apparel, forever 21, urban outfitters girl. She was always rocking the mini and sometimes a micro. That was her style, and maybe she was excited to be in Florida. That didn't help my lust for her and only increased it.

My job allows me to work from home. I have to admit that I scheduled to work from home a lot more with Lauren staying with us. I just loved getting to check her out everyday. I mentioned she looked amazing in a short skirt. Sometimes young women can hide under their skirt and you don't really know what is under there. Well good thing we have a swimming pool. I have a separate entrance for my office. Lauren wouldn't have an idea if I was home or not. She tended to get comfortable. She would put on the most trendy bikini for her afternoon pool sessions. I then was able to appreciate her perfect body.

Also my wife and Lauren shared a common interest in Yoga. We have an expansive living room with hardwood floors, designated as your Yoga room. I have no interest in Yoga but I sure love Yoga pants, especially on a gorgeous fit 23 year old woman. There were occasions during Lauren's stay that I'd find her exercising sun salutations in our yoga room. I'd stop and look just long enough when she was in a full downward dog pose, or when she was standing.

Yes I was able to conclude from her looks in the bikini by the pool and her shape in yoga pants that Lauren in fact had a perfect body.

Did I mention that when Lauren and my wife were out shopping that I'd go into Lauren's room and take a look through her fashion selection. She was organized and put her clothes in the guest closet and chest of drawers. I couldn't help but open the top drawer with her panties. I was surprised to find a selection of thongs and stringy skimpy thongs. Lauren was really into thongs this Summer. I have to say that her fashion tastes were perfect.

You're probably imagining what she looked like. Lauren was a gorgeous girl. She was 5'6", and weighed around 125. Her hair was thick, straight and black, long past the middle of her back. Her eyes were a piercing green, big, almond shaped eyes. She had real italian, greek or middle eastern looks. Her skin was fair, yet with an olive tint. Her teeth straight, and white. Did I mention that she must have been a firm 36C. She looked yummy in her yoga pants and body con mini skirts because her hips were shapely.

It happened one night. I couldn't believe it. My wife and I had been in a big fight. I was in the dog house. My wife wasn't sleeping with me for over two weeks. She went out of town for the week for a business trip and to visit parents. I stayed behind. Lauren was still staying with us and using our house as a landing pad. She has gotten some girlfriends and started going on some ladies night out. My wife was gone and I offered to let Lauren borrow my car to go out that Saturday night. I was staying home and relaxing.

I noticed the out fit she was wearing when she went out, and made sure to compliment:

This micro mini:

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She had on black open toed heels, a top with her belly showing. She had her nails painted red, and make up on, hair straight.

I was so so aroused. I knew she was wearing some sort of thong under that fitting tiny skirt.

I told her to have a fun time, and enjoy the car. I was so turned on by that outfit that I rubbed my bulge the whole night waiting for her, imagining that she would not come home because she was going to get laid that night.

I heard my car door close looked at the clock and it was around 3 am. I got up and wanted to get something to drink from the fridge and see her walk in. I was curious how Lauren's night went. I was wearing a t shirt, boxers, and feeling a bit stiff after thinking about Lauren all night. I figured she'd be home in the morning. I heard Lauren's heels clicking up the driveway and was aroused just from the sound. I had to adjust my hard erect cock so that she wouldn't see the tip of my cock protruding out of my boxers slit. 

Lauren was struggling with getting the keys to work in door.  I went over and opened the front door for her, and I have to say Lauren had an embarrassed grin on her face.  Maybe she was embarrassed that she was out so late or the about the skimpy outfit she was wearing and the fact that she was so dolled up, or it could have been me in my t-shirt and boxers.  I welcomed her back and asked her how her night went.  Right as I shut the door I moved in on her, and grabbed a hand full of her hair, pulled her waist close to me firmly, slightly taking her off balance since she had heels on and planted a passionate kiss and forced my tongue inside her mouth.  Lauren's smell and feel of her body drove my into madness.  I didn't give her time to protest and I pushed her back against the closed door.  My hand quickly pulled my boxers down allowing my pulsating erection to be free, and I moved up against Lauren securing her standing against the door.  I wrapped my right arm around her left leg and yanked her left leg up opening up her panties and crotch for me.  I immediately started roughly grinding my erection against her silk panties.  I reached down with my left hand and quickly, in a matter of seconds, not wasting any time because I had the advantage.  I yanked her silky panties aside, and roughly positioned the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy.  Lauren screamed as I roughly thrust my cock deep inside of her. I think that Lauren was surprised that she could be penetrated this quickly while fully dressed. I pumped to the hilt of my erect cock deep inside of her resisting, slightly damp pussy.  I was so aroused that I came, exploded inside of her within 30 seconds.  I stepped back, in shock of what I've done, and I felt a tingling sense of relief. 

August 19, 2015, 09:16:52 PM
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Please continue! You have MY erection protruding from my boxers!

October 15, 2015, 12:51:28 PM
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I need help in describing the rape and moment of forced penetration.  How hard is it to forcefully thrust my cock into a resistive virgin 18 year old?  I mean she has been dancing all night at the club.  Would it be one good shove, or would I have to fight for a while to get my head up in her? Would she be tight and dry, or a little wet and easier to get in that I imagined?