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October 31, 2016, 10:41:39 PM

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Itís always been theoretically possible.  Itís just a matter of the essential alleles lining up on the chromosomes for each corresponding haplotype.  For some species, itís not a huge trick.  A mule is the sterile offspring of the mating of a horse and a donkey.  A liger is the mating of a lion and a tiger.  Where it gets tricky is when the alleles donít match up except in rare circumstances, and particularly problematic is when the number of chromosomes donít exactly match.

Speculation of the possibility has been around since medieval times, but the first known attempts were in the Soviet Union in the 1920ís.  The work was interrupted by a change in the political climate, which didnít end the scientistís life as most of those did in the Soviet Union at the time, but it did end his work.  There were also unsubstantiated rumors of attempts in China in the 1960ís, but the animal in the supposed successful attempt perished from neglect before coming to term.  The problem Iíve determined was they went about it backwards.  They used human sperm and female chimpanzees.

November 01, 2016, 01:58:22 AM
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I don't EVEN want to speculate what the "other" option will be! I think I know already! Another great start to another Jed classic!

November 05, 2016, 04:09:54 AM
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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

And if you havenít figured it out yet, this story contains bestiality.


In retrospect becoming a gynecologist was a huge mistake.  My first love was always genetics but the pressure to become a physician was great in a family composed of medical doctors.  My mother insisted I work with her to eventually take over the practice, as my older sister was already working with father in cardiology.

Despite what has been rumored, I do like girls, well young pretty girls anyway.  I suppose if young pretty girls were all that ended up in my stirrups, then I wouldnít have minded so much.  However, it seemed like there were mostly a precession of hags and obese cows coming into my office.  I know Iím exaggerating, but the cute ones seemed to be few and far between.  It got to the point I couldnít stand the sight of the nasty things, but had to look anyway.  Vaginas I mean of course, even uglier than a penis.

Having a domineering mother didnít help either.  That bitch found fault with everything I did, and Iím an excellent physician.  I soon developed a hatred of all women I had to constantly hide.  At least my mother is no longer a problem.  She dropped dead right here in the examine room nearly two years ago.  The autopsy gave heart attack as the cause of death.  In addition to genetics, I exceled at chemistry and had a fascination with lethal substances.  There was speculation and an investigation, but there were no suspicious searches on my computer or any other evidence.  I didnít need to search.  I already had the knowledge.

So how does a man who is heterosexual, but is disgusted by the sight of a vagina and hates women, have sex?  I do like breasts, to squeeze and twist them.  And I like a pretty face with a warm wet mouth.  No woman would tolerate my preferences, and I hate the nasty bitches anyway.  So, I do the obvious and enlist the services of a professional.

I have very few friends, none really.  But I do have a number of acquaintances that are often called pimps by some and human traffickers by others.  I donít really care how they trick the young girls into having sex and giving them the money.  Iím only interested in their warm wet pretty mouths, and torturing their titties.  Thereís plenty of useful services a gynecologist can provide for a pimp, so I mostly get those warm wet mouths as part of a trade.

Woman after woman and girl after girl get in my stirrups, and I scape a few cells for genotyping.  RFLP (restriction fragment length polymorphism) analysis is my most useful tool.  Imagine my surprise after so long finally finding the right combination and location of alleles.  That surprise was replaced with astonishment and lecherous intent when I saw who is was.

When her mother first bought her in, Laney made my cock jump in my pants.  The girl had a very pretty face with full lips I could already feel around my cock.  That face was framed by long slightly wavy dark almost black hair flowing down to her waist.  She had firm gravity defying breasts that I could already feel filling my hands.  In addition to the usual examine, there was a request for birth control for the girl that just turned 16.

Feigning only clinical interest, I inquired about her sexual activity.  I had already noted the girl had a neatly trimmed dark triangle of pubic hair, that to me indicated she had it ready for a boy to see.  The girl with her head down and obviously embarrassed admitted to one previous sexual encounter nearly a year previous.  Raising my eyebrows at only one, the mother explained that she had a new boyfriend and sooner or later something was likely to happen.  I gave my usual spiel about the pill not protecting against STDs and that it would be a week after taking before it would protect from pregnancy.  Laney said she was going to make him wait a lot longer than another week.

It was the aspect of pregnancy prevention that made me act quickly.  I determined she was the subject I needed that very afternoon after their visit.  I doubt they even had time to fill the prescription.  That evening she was with a boy at an overlook sitting on a rock near his car.  For my non-human subjects, I have a tranquillizer gun, but it works equally well on people.  I darted the boy first followed by Laney.  The boy woke in the middle of the night with no memory of what happened.  The police interrogated him on Laneyís whereabouts for 9 hours before finally letting him go home to his parents.

People think chimpanzees are gentle and cute.  Thatís only when they are young.  The adult males can be vicious.  Thatís why when Laney woke that morning very groggy, my five adult male chimpanzees could see her, but they could not get to her yet.  They had been deprived of females for several months now, and I was still unsure how they would view Laney.  I had a large HD TV in their habitat on which I had been playing them scenes of pornography, mostly a girl by herself naked and playing with herself.  I preferred showing the male apes the girls on their hands and knees presented for mounting, just like Laney was now.

Laney began making noises that were an attempt to talk.  I knew she would be extremely disoriented, but that was not the main reason the sounds she was making were unintelligible.  Iím not normally a fan of ring gags, but until Laney is trained to keep her teeth off me, Iíll need to use one.  Her body jolted at the touch of my hand on her bare back.  She emitted more noises probably at the realization she was totally nude.  After I slid both my hands under her and roughly squeezed her tits, she began jerking at the restraints and moaning.

ďItís alright little girl,Ē I say in a calm tone as I come around in front of Laney.  I see the recognition in her eyes at her gynecologist looking down at her pretty face and full lips.  Her head begins jerking away, as Iím opening my pants.  Her head is mostly immobilized, so itís futile.  Her head is shaking as she stares at my cock flipping into view and aimed at her face.  I start winding her long dark hair in my right hand to get good leverage, and with my left hand begin feeding my cock into her warm wet mouth.  I can hear my own moan of pleasure at her hot breath bathing my cock, and her squeals of protest are just as soothing.  I glance up and see all five of my chimpanzees are staring intently at me thrusting at Laneyís face.

November 05, 2016, 06:14:07 PM
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Doing some nice mental imprinting there for the chimps!

Love this Jed! Another of your totally despicable characters introduced to us. And poor, poor Laney, the recipient of your twisted imagination!

November 06, 2016, 04:21:19 AM
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Thanks vile, and here's more.

November 06, 2016, 04:22:31 AM
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Laney will soon learn cooperating will significantly reduce the time it takes for me to cum.  Her squeals of protest around my cock have diminished and been replaced by frantic efforts to get enough air.  I challenge her with the occasional deep thrust making her heave and gag on it.  The alpha male chimpanzee Randall seems even more than the others watching to be both fascinated and agitated.  I begin suspecting he knows something good is going to happen and is anxious.

With a good grip on Laneyís hair and feeling it build in me, I hold back for just a few seconds.  Finally, I grunt and feel my cock twitching in Laneyís mouth.  She gurgles in objection to the slimy introduction of cum to her throat.  I pull back a little as she chokes on it.  Gripping my cock, I milk it onto her tongue.  I force her head up and massage her throat until she has to swallow it in order to breath.  Laney lets out a piteous wail from her tear and saliva drenched face that turns into choking sobs.  I remove the ring gag expecting yelling and insults, but she continues to emit choking sobs.

I lift her head and give her a few sips from a water bottle contemplating my next actions.  I have to admit, Iím not sure what to expect even though this has been planned for some time.  Laney is part way in the habitat in one angled corner.  From her belly forward, she is outside with me.  Her waist, butt and legs are inside the habitat.  I had to modify the bars cutting them making a lockable oval to go around Laneyís mid-section.  The girlís waist is so narrow, it wasnít much of an opening I had her fitted into.  I didnít want her upper torso exposed to them just yet until I know they wonít chew her face off.  Besides, her sweet warm mouth is available for me to use as I please.

Female chimpanzees desiring to mate will present themselves bent over with their crotch in the maleís face, just as Laney is presented now.  Their sex will become engorged with blood, swell and turn a bright dark pink indicating they are in heat.  I already knew how I was going to simulate that.  Reaching the riding crop through the bars, I give Laney a stinging swat directly on her exposed pussy.  This is when Laney does begin screaming and then yelling about why am I doing this. I deliver more smacks on her pussy watching it slowly redden.  The girl is making a racket now mostly unintelligible, but some screams at me to stop and why am I doing this to her.  It takes a dozen or so welts on her pussy to get it a nice noticeable red color.

While I think the red color and slight swelling might be enough to interest the males, Iím nothing if not thorough.  Laney is shaking her head and pleading while I fit the pussy pump over her crotch.  It takes some adjustment to seal the plastic cup, and then I begin pumping.  The girl is caterwauling now feeling her vulva swelling outward at the suction.

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I release the pressure and inspect her pussy.  Itís swollen and even redder, but not enough.  Replacing the cup, I begin pumping again trying to ignore her screams.  The chimpanzees are now hooting knowing something significant is going on.  I pump and inspect, pump and inspect until Iím finally satisfied.  Her mound is puffy, swollen and distended outward, and her labia are enflamed and bright red.  Itís time to see what my alpha male chimpanzee thinks of Laney.

I press a button that releases Randall.  Even Iím shocked at how fast he scampers towards Laney.  The teenager has her head turned around and sees him rapidly approaching too and is shrieking in terror.  As soon as he gets very close he abruptly stops staring intently at the young human girlís enflamed genitalia.  Randallís simian hand reaches out slowly towards Laneyís engorged red crotch.  She has stopped the screeching, and is now whimpering in shock still looking back at the ape reaching for her privates.

I watch with some trepidation unsure how accepting heís going to be.  He could turn violent and begin beating her to a pulp with his arms and fists.  Randall touches Laneyís crotch, and she jerks in response squealing.  Emboldened, he reaches out with both hands spreading Laneyís butt cheeks out looking even closer.  Laney is now screaming for him to get away from her.

Randall is still gripping Laneyís butt cheeks when he has a decisive moment. He leans up with his erect penis aimed at Laneyís enflamed vagina and lunges forward.  Remarkably he hits home with his first try followed by brisk insistent thrusting.  Randall is hooting with joy now, but Laney has begun screaming over and over, ďHeís inside me!..... Heís inside me!.....Heís inside me!..... Heís inside me!.....Ē

November 11, 2016, 09:31:56 PM
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One of the benefits of using the pussy pump is it forces vaginal secretions to occur even in the absence of arousal, so I knew Laney wasnít dry for Randallís entry.  Plus chimpanzee penises range around two thirds the size of human ones and less in diameter too, so despite this only being her second sexual experience, it should have gone in with relatively little pain.  I suppose the fact that I whipped her pussy just before did get it tender enough for it to hurt, but her current vociferous protests seem disproportionate to any real pain she should be feeling.

As Iím thinking this, Randall grunts and abruptly withdraws.  I look around and to my great satisfaction see his simian semen dripping from Laneyís pussy.  I know her fertile womb is filled with that semen.  While a chimpanzee penis is smaller than a human one, their testicles are nearly twice as big.  It was a trait they acquired due to the promiscuous way they mate.  With female chimpanzees mating multiple times a day, the male with the most sperm had the better chance of impregnating the female.  They really do have a big set of balls on them.

I briefly check the recording systems to make sure Randallís mating with Laney was captured.  Satisfied I press a button releasing the male chimpanzee Titus.  Titus bounds over just as fast as Randall did.  Having watched Randall mate with the teenage human girl, Titus doesnít hesitate and enters her immediately.  Laney squalls at the penetration and continues making a huge fuss at the mating activity.  Once Titus finishes, I release Brutus who also wastes no time in getting inside Laney.  By the time the fourth chimpanzee Homer is thrusting into her, Laneyís protests have reduced to a continuous whimper.  Her eyes are still open, but they are glazed over in shock.  I just hope the teen girl doesnít go catatonic.

By the time Homer finishes, I begin wondering if maybe letting them all mate with her one after another was a good idea.  Itís pretty clear by the way copious amount of chimpanzee semen is oozing out of Laneyís pussy, that most of it is being wasted, and her womb is very full.  It would be unfair to deny Clyde the fifth and last of my chimpanzees, so I release him as well.

Clyde being last was intentional.  In the intelligence tests I give, he consistently scores the lowest.  I would prefer he not provide the donor sperm for impregnation, however I donít want to exclude any potentially suitable genetic combination.  Clyde takes hold of Laneyís hips and thrusts into her.  Laney screams louder than she had since Randall mated with her.  Something seems different, so I get a closer look and my summation of Clydeís intelligence is confirmed.  Heís hardly going to be a sperm donor for impregnating the girl by rooting in her anus.

Laney certainly finds the activity objectionable, as sheís protesting vociferously again.  I know girls do sometimes participate in anal sexual activity, but itís likely this is her first experience.  Hopefully the simian semen smeared all over her hunches at this point lubricated Clydeís entry enough to prevent any real damage.  I wasnít about to try and stop a full grown chimpanzee in the middle of mating even though the activity is contrary to my purposes.  Eventually Clyde finishes, and I see Laneyís eyes bug out at feeling her bowels being filled with chimpanzee cum.

Chimpanzees are rather fast, so all that sexual activity took under an hour.  Given their size and how quickly they mate, Laney should be in good shape.  However looking at her, that doesnít seem to be the case.  The girl looks catatonic and completely unaware of her surroundings staring straight ahead and breathing hard.  Iím a little surprised at my own reaction to seeing them mate with her one after the other.  I had an erection the whole time and find myself with one now.  Typically ejaculating in a girlís mouth will hold me at least a day, but my cock is straining in my pants thinking about my apes fucking this young girl.

Thereís no resistance when I force Laneyís mouth open to insert the ring gag again.  I do see some recognition on her part when I open my pants and aim my cock at her face.  She moans around the gag and tries to pull her head back, but my hands in her long dark hair hold her in place.  She makes a feeble attempt to block me with her tongue making gurgling sounds of protest.  I begin humping her mouth and less than a minute into that, I feel her give up and just take it, just trying to breath on each out stroke.  Sheíll soon learn that when I want her mouth, Iím going to get it.  All girls do eventually.

Thereís no more reaction from Laney until I cum, and then she groans and begins choking.  I pull out and lift her head massaging her throat until I feel her swallow.  I always do that.  I love it, feeling with my palm the unwilling girl actually swallowing my seed.  Laney doesnít fight me or resist as I unstrap her.  Sheís still in shock, but Iím no longer worried sheís going catatonic.

It takes some wiggling of her body to get her hips through the oval I had in the bars, sort of like working a cork out of a wine bottle.  Once I get her through and standing on wobbly legs, I close and lock the bar to the oval opening.  The chimpanzees are too big to get through it, but Laney here would be able to squirm though it otherwise.

I get a better look at Laneyís back side and itís an absolute mess.  There is dried and drying chimpanzee semen coating her butt, back and all over both legs.  Itís still dripping out of her well filled enflamed vagina, and while Iím looking some slimy simian cum bubbles out of her red swollen abused anus.

I run a hot bath for Laney, and at some point she takes the soap I had her and finishes the scrubbing of her body herself.  She stares straight ahead while washing herself, seemingly not focusing on anything in particular.  Sheís not acknowledging my presence either, that is until I begin lifting her out of the tub.  The bath has revitalized her and made her more aware of her nudity, surroundings and recent events.

As I drag her over to the gate, she seems to know what I intend and begins begging me not to put her in there.  I unlock the gate and push her into the habitat.  Laney slumps down on the ground looking around at the chimpanzees who are staring back at her.  It becomes a staring contest for about a half hour until I see Brutus start for her ambling slowly.

Randall sees Brutus heading for the girl and howls in protest charging Brutus.  Brutus braces for the impact, but Randall veers off in the direction of Laney.  The girl jumps to her feet and flees the charging alpha male chimpanzee.  Randall is hooting in delight as he chases down the young nubile girl.  He catches Laney by her long dark hair and flings her face down on the ground.  He yanks her hips up and enters her immediately.  As Randall mates for a second time with the human girl, heís grinning with joy.  Laney on the other hand is pounding her fists on the ground in misery and despair.

I see the other chimpanzees edging closer waiting for Randall to finish.  At this point Iím thinking that isolating them from any females for so long may have been a mistake.  Itís likely all they will have on their minds for the next several days is mating, with only Laney to vent their lust upon.  Her survival is important, but itís too late to change things now.  I just hope she can take it.

November 12, 2016, 06:34:49 PM
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Cool! Realy like this story  ;)

November 18, 2016, 05:44:19 AM
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Looking into the habitat, Randall the alpha male chimpanzee has Laney near him holding her by the hair exerting his dominance with the others on his use of her.  While he does manage to mate with Laney a little more often than each of the other four chimpanzees except perhaps one, the rest still manage to take frequent turns with her too.  Randall canít keep her near him all the time.

Randall sees me watching and has a typical alpha male reaction.  He flips Laney over on her belly and lifts her hips up.  After living for nearly two weeks in the habitat, Laney only moans a little in despair at being entered by Randall.  She screamed herself horse those first several days of constant chimpanzee rapes, but it was always futile.  Mature male chimpanzees are incredibly strong, so any puny resistance Laney exhibited was easily crushed.  I had and still have concerns.  My recordings indicate the male chimpanzees are mating with Laney somewhere between 10 and 20 times per day.  Theyíve gotten a little less frantic about it now that a female is continuously available, but those first few days were bad.  Some days Laney seemed so weak, she could barely crawl trying to get away from the next one ready to mount her.

Randall finishes with Laney and leans back with a lazy sleepy look of satisfaction.  I take the opportunity of whistling to get Laneyís attention.  Laney knows what that means and getting up awkwardly from the ground, she stumbles towards the gate looking furtively around at the other chimpanzees.  She gets to the gate before any rush over and grab her this time.  I open the gate, and she quickly sneaks through.

Itís a daily routine, that I allow Laney a long hot bath and some feeling of normalcy.  Laney runs the bath and while the tub is filling looks over the various scented soaps, shampoos and conditioners selecting the ones she wants.  I provide her with a variety of these items.  As usual, Laney is a disgusting mess at this point.  Her long dark hair is filthy and matted.  Sheís covered head to toe in dirt, grime and huge amounts of dried chimpanzee semen.  Slipping into the hot water, she sighs in relief and begins scrubbing the mess off her body.  I allow her to drain the tub once and refill it before shutting off the water.  Sheís allowed to wash and soak as long as she likes, but eventually the water gets cold and she starts shivering.

Laney stands shaking her nude body covered in goosebumps and takes the towel I hand her.  She rubs vigorously drying her body and looks around until she sees which dress I have laid out for her.  A dress is all she gets, no underwear or footwear.  Today itís the pretty yellow one, and she slips it over her head and on.  The yellow accentuates her long dark hair, which Laney immediately begins to brush.  Sheís still brushing as she sits down in front of the mirror.  It takes a while for her to work through all the snags in her hair.  Itís nearly dry by the time her hair begins looking luxurious and tangle free.

A slight tremble goes through her body when I brush her soft dark hair with my hand.  She knows what to do next and reaches for the makeup.  She adds just a little blush to her cheeks, her natural complexion doesnít need it, but it makes her happy.  She works on her eyes next, the lashes and just a hint of shadow.  My hand slides down into her cleavage cupping a breast.  She doesnít jump so much anymore when I do that.  Iím squeezing her nice firm tit and thumbing the nipple while she applies a bright red lipstick.  She gets her lips looking red, full and succulent but itís not enough, so squeezing her tit harder I say, ďMore lipstick.Ē

With a slightly shaking hand, Laney applies more lipstick.  She knows itís too much, a whorish amount actually, but itís what I want.  I retract my hand from her dress to allow her some time to look at herself in the mirror.  Itís Laneyís time to look and feel normal.  She doesnít get much time to do that.  I see her adjust the dress.  Sheís trying to hide the way the one hard nipple is poking through; itís the nipple I was playing with.  Itís a really low cut dress, and with no bra, both nipples are visible.  Even she knows she looks like a prostitute, but for her right now at least she looks human and not like some caged animal mating constantly with apes.

Iíve decided sheís looked at herself in the mirror long enough and begin opening my pants.  Laney hears me doing that and squeezes her eyes shut trembling.  She knows itís time to pay for the bath.  Her eyes are still shut as I turn the chair sheís sitting in away from the mirror.  Sometimes I pull the dress over her head at this point, but this time I work it over her shoulders and yank it down until both breasts are bare.  She knows what coming and opens her eyes and then after a little sign of resignation also opens her mouth and leans forward in the chair.  Her arms are pushed against her body by the dress, but still she is able to reach up and guide my cock into her mouth.  Now both hands hold my hips to steady herself, while she vigorously applies the excessive amount of lipstick to my cock.  I slide my arms on both sides of her head to squeeze her tits as she sucks me off.
I hint to Laney that if she gets really good at blowing me, then I wonít put her in the habitat any more.  Itís a bit disingenuous of me I know, since I have no intention of interrupting my experiment until fruition, that is until she has been impregnated by one of the male chimpanzees.  She thinks the bath and makeup are a gift for her, but they are a gift for me.  I donít want to fuck her face the way she looks after being in the habitat even for one day.  I want her cleaned up and made up to be pretty.  I even like the dresses.  They donít cover her as well as she thinks.

Laney is getting better at sucking cock, but this only ends one way.  I stop mauling her tits and with both hands get a good grip on her hair while she works on me.  I can feel Laney trying to relax and get ready for it.  I start humping her face slowly at first and then with increasing speed pushing deeper with each thrust.  Laney is trying to suppress her heaves, but eventually she canít help gagging at my cock pushing into her throat.  Her helplessness at me face-fucking her is a turn on in and of itself and beyond how delicious her mouth feels.  She doesnít even try and push on my hips any more.  She knows that wonít work, and Iím too strong.

Soon Iím slamming my hips into her face.  I can feel her drool running down and dripping off my balls.  Laney just has to sit there and take it.  I know sheís praying for it to be over, but I hold back as long as I can as my orgasm builds.  Finally, I slam deep and my cock jerks squirting cum into Laneyís throat.  I take hold of her neck and throat to feel her swallow it.  She sucks on it a little longer getting every drop.  With a sigh of satisfaction, I happen to look over at the habitat to see Clyde watching.  Heís a strange one Clyde the chimpanzee, not sure I have him figured out.

When my cock slips from her mouth Laney looks up at me hopefully.  She is a bit of a mess now; all that carefully applied makeup is smeared and running all over her drool covered face.  What lipstick she didnít apply to my cock is spread all around her mouth.  The mascara is running out of both eyes from tears at me pushing my cock too deep and her own slimy saliva smeared upwards.

I make her stand, and then take the hem of the dress pulling it over her head avoiding her streaked face in the process.  I donít want to be bothered cleaning the dress of makeup or having to buy another dress.  Laney knows whatís going to happen and begs me not to put her back in the habitat.  Sheís crying openly as I shove her through the door.

Itís Homer that catches Laney and forces her on hands and knees with his strong hairy arms and is soon rooting inside her from behind mating vigorously.  I see Clyde amble over.  This is weird, as typically once one of them is using Laney, the others just wait for him to be done.  Clyde is a mystery to me sometimes.  Iíve begun to suspect he cheated on the intelligence tests somehow making himself seem less smart than he actually is.  That first time he mated with Laney but did it anally was certainly a mistake, but I think his subsequent anal rapes of the young girl were intentional.  Itís as if he likes sexual variety in the same way a human would.  Laney sure squalls at being used anally, and Clyde is the only one that has done that so far.  Clyde takes her vaginally too, and he mates with Laney even more frequently than Randall.

Iím watching with fascination, as Clyde get very close to Laney.  Sheís whimpering with eyes closed probably praying for Homer to finish with her.  She doesnít seem to know Clyde is in front of her.  To my amazement, Clyde abruptly seizes Laneyís head in both hands.  Both Laneyís eyes and mouth flash open in surprise, and Clyde shoves his penis directly in Laneyís mouth.  I check the camera to make sure this is being captured.

Both Homer and Clyde are humping Laney now at both ends.  I can hear Laney squealing in shock at the chimpanzee penis rapidly pistoning in her mouth.  Homer eventually finishes filling Laneyís womb with his semen and then wanders away.  Clyde continues to robustly slam his hips at Laneyís face ramming his cock into her throat just like I was only moments ago.  They are only a few feet away, so I can see his slim penis fully penetrating her mouth.  Laney is making horrid gagging noises.

Thereís only one way this is going to end.  Suddenly Laneyís eyes bug open just as Clyde slams one last time into her mouth.  Have I mentioned what genuinely big balls chimpanzees have and the copious amounts of semen they produce?  Itís truly a ghastly sight.  All that simian cum had to go someplace.  Laney was swallowing desperately to clear her throat, but it was also shooting out of her mouth and both nostrils.  Clyde continued to hold her head pumping what must be enormous amounts of ape cum into her mouth.  He finally finishes and releases her head.  I can see a little residual red lipstick on his penis as he moves away.

Laney collapses on the ground gagging, choking and then belching at what must be a huge amount of slimy cum churning in her belly including some of my own.  Itís smeared all over her face too.  She heaves several times, and I think sheís going to vomit.  I can tell she wants to vomit, but only a little white cum bubbles up from her lips.  Laney chokes a few more times and then wails in anguish at what just happened.  She doesnít sit there miserable and humiliated in the dirt very long by herself.  Brutus strolls over, and then rolls Laney onto her stomach to take his turn.

November 18, 2016, 11:50:37 AM
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Hell yeah! I may be sick but I realy like this story, the cruelth and humiliation. Way to go Jed!

November 19, 2016, 03:20:00 AM
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Thank you Cath, glad you are liking it.

There will be at least one more chapter. . . . and one more girl added.  Both girls are based on girls on this site.  I got a text from 'Laney' that she liked the last chapter too.

November 19, 2016, 08:44:51 AM
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Yes! I am thoroughly enjoying this story Jed!!

November 21, 2016, 04:52:15 PM
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Nice, looking forward to more :)

November 22, 2016, 03:48:37 PM
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Very good. Cant wait for the next bit!

December 12, 2016, 05:43:18 PM
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Oh I realy wanna have more of this  ::)

December 12, 2016, 09:11:55 PM
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OK blondiecath, I'm positive no one has ever asked me three times for more on a story, before I posted again.  I like this one a lot too, so I'm not going to speculate further on that, other than we both seem to be in the right place.

I have too many things going, but I'll try to get back to this soon.

December 12, 2016, 10:29:59 PM
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Hope you get back to it very soon!

December 13, 2016, 02:29:39 AM
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Wonderful story, Jed.  I can't help but join the other requests for the continuation of the story .

December 13, 2016, 11:05:39 AM
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Offline Ararria

I spent my entire lunch reading about chimpanzee rape and I loved it. Amazing work.

December 13, 2016, 07:35:14 PM
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Offline Jed

OK, that's five beautiful girls wanting more since I last posted.  How can I not get back to this one ASAP?