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I shuffled into the kitchen, turning on the coffee maker on the way by.  I preceded to the front of the kitchen, using my middle finger and index finger, I separated two slats of the Venetian blind.  Just as I peeked out, my neighbour, Zeke, drove by.  Zeke and his wife Sam had moved in next door a few years ago when I was 33.  He was 43, Sam, was 32.  From the moment I’d laid eyes on her, I was determined, I would have her.  Her parents had immigrated from Pakistan before she was born, so she had the dusky complexion, but a North American accent, a most attractive combination.  The couple had a three year old daughter.  He also had two sons from a previous relationship, before he met Sam.  As I saw him drive by, I smiled.  He usually drove to the corner grab a coffee, bring hers back to the house, before heading to work at the airport.  It was a forty minute drive in good weather and light traffic.  I also knew that the airport staff worked four, ten hour days.  He would be all day.  The three year old daughter, I could lock in her room easily enough.  It was a 16 year old son, and a 13 year old son that I had to deal with.  As much as I’m a cold hearted bastard, I don’t hurt children.  I could tie them up while I deal with their hot step mom.  As I sat pondering this, Zeke’s car pulled into the driveway.  I opened the door, stepping out into the sunlight.  I waved and he waved back.  I pretend that I was too occupied with my phone.  Sam opened the door, took the coffee from his hand, and smiled as their lips met in a kiss.  Before the day was out, those lips would kiss mine, and be around my currently  stirring cock.  I didn’t want them to see me staring, so I looked up, glancing around, before going back to the phone.  He got back into his car, and headed to work.  Then it hit me.  I went to the front door.  Taking a moment to get my breathing under control, I rang the bell.  I heard her look out the peep hole.
   “Hey Curtis,” she said with that smile.  Right on cue, the little girl started crying.
   “Do you need to go?”  I asked.  She stepped around the corner and picked her, returning to the door.
   “I was wondering if you wanted to bring your daughter to a play date this afternoon.  I know Drew would like to.”
   “I wish, I could,” she said, “Zeke’s mom is under the weather so I’ve got to take the boys to Quran school at one o’clock.”
   “Well, why don’t you drop her off, I can watch her when you take the boys, then do what you need to do without having to worry about her?”  I could see Sam was warming to the idea.  Just as I was about to seal the deal, I could hear my son begin to cry.
   “Sorry, I gotta see to him,” I said and crossed our joined driveway and went to see why the tears.

I fixed Drew his lunch, just as he liked it.  PB&J without crusts.  Thank God he had no allergies.  He liked peanuts and peanut butter.  My ex would get him on the weekend and I had to write a note saying it was okay for her to take him out of the country.  Her new husband was taking her to Greece for two weeks.  They wanted to take Drew with them.  As I was organizing everything, there was a knock at the door.  I was a little surprised to see Sam at my front door.
   “Does that offer still stand?” She asked.  I could see the boys getting in the van, arguing over “shotgun”.
   “Off course,” I said, eyeing her up and down.  She didn’t seem to notice.
   “You be good for Curtis okay?” She said, lifting her up and putting her inside the front door.
   “Okay mommy,” the little girl said.  Drew came out off the kitchen.
   “Look Drew, Sam brought Sarah over to play.”  Drew took Sarah by the hand and the two of them ran off to play in the living room.  I could watch T.V. and keep an eye on them at the same time.  I wouldn’t be watching much T.V. though.
   “Thanks Curtis,” Sam said, tucking some dark hair behind her ear.
   “No problem,” I said, shrugging.  She walked back to her van, and pulled out of the driveway, the controversy over “shotgun” seemingly resolved.  I waited for almost five minutes, before.  I selected several lengths of rope, then, taking Sarah and Drew next door, using Sam and Zeke’s spare key.  I put them down for nap time and waited for Sam to return.  By the time I heard the key in the front door, both three year olds were sound asleep.  I hid myself as Sam came into the house, humming to herself, her iPod earbuds in her ears.  She went to her fridge and grabbed a bottle of wine.  She poured some and sipped it.  Though they were both on the epitome of moderate Islam, I was surprised that she drank, as Muslim’s are supposed to abstain from alcohol.  She turned as the postman, put the mail in the slot, leaving the wine on the counter.  She leafed through it, dropping some bills and junk mail on the table and opened an envelope.  I silently crept into the kitchen, her music covering the slight creek in the floor.  In a flash my gloved hand was around her, covering her mouth.  Her scream stifled.  Her second one died in her throat as she felt the knife against her throat.
   “Make a sound and I’ll gut you bitch,” I snarled into her ear.  I slammed her face down on her kitchen table.  I undid my belt and pulled my pants and boxers down.  Her pants and panties were pulled down her long lovely legs.
   “No please,” she begged.  I slammed myself into her tight virgin anus.  Despite my threat she screamed.  I yanked her arms behind her, tying her wrists tightly, as I continued to pound her.  Every time I plunged into her, she whimpered.  It wasn’t long before I could feel myself getting hard and heading headlong toward an orgasm.  I pulled back and eased in again.  I didn’t want this to be over too soon.  She could feel me nearing an orgasm as well.  Her whimpered sobs began to become prayers.  Being fairly well versed in world religions, I recognized the quotes as prayers for mercy from the Quran.  I grabbed a handful of her hair with my left hand, yanking her head back as far as it would go, and kissed her cheek.
   “Curtis, what the hell…?” I slammed her head into the hard oak table.  She gasped in pain.  That was enough to push me over the edge.  I came dumped what felt like gallons of baby batter into Sam’s colon.  I pulled out and yanked her backwards off the table.  She landed hard on the hardwood floor.  I didn’t care that she yelped in pain.  In fact, her pain turned me on.  I knelt over her neck, my cock sitting on her lips.
   “If I feel a tooth, I’ll spend all afternoon yanking them out, understand?” She nodded.  Into her warm inviting mouth, passed her lovely lips.  Her velvety tongue began to run up and down my pole, cleaning off my cum, and her own blood.  When I felt, I was clean enough, I pulled out of her mouth.  Smiling, I gave her a savage slap across her face.  My handprint showing up, even on her dark skin.  I stood up, grabbing her left arm with my right hand, picking the carving knife with my left, and headed into the restroom.  I forced her to her knees as I sat.  Grabbing her by her hair, I forced myself into her mouth again.  She gagged when the first bit of urine hit the back of her throat but managed to swallow almost all of what she was given.  When finished, I yanked her to her feet and walked down into her basement.  After hunting around, I found what I was looking for.  Rolls of plastic and large plastic garbage bags.  I laid her down as I unrolled a large sheet of plastic.  I grabbed her prone body, using the knife to cut away her clothes.  Her panties were shoved into the mouth I’d been in twice and sealed with duct tape.  She looked so pretty kneeling, naked on the plastic, wrists bound behind her, gagged with her own panties and tape.  I stood behind her, stroking her beautiful hair.
   “Well, Sam, you were fun, and I imagine you’d be amazing in the sack, but this is where your story ends,” I said.  She began pleading and begging into the gag, but I pulled her head back and the blade came across her throat.  I let her go and she toppled forward, dead before her body hit the floor.  I wrapped her in plastic, carried her into the back, tossed her over the fence into my yard.  I carried her down to my work bench, went back next door, woke up both kids.  They watched T.V. as I dismembered Sam.  Her remains were separated into several bags.  I placed her in my garbage container and waited till the garbage was collected the next day.  I watched as the truck arm picked up my bin dumped my garbage and Sam into the mulching blades and continued down the street, soon only blood and bone fragments would be left of what was once a beautiful woman, scattered across the landfill. 

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Wow! What an ending, archon!