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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and features the rape of an underage girl. Any similarities to real places, people, or situations is purely coincidental! If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

noncon; rape;anal; oral; torture; bondage; underage

How I Spent My Summer Vacation On Uncle Tom's Farm
( a collaboration with JennifersRipped )

A little background on this story: Several years ago, I befriended a young woman on another site. Her name was JennifersRipped and she was from South Africa. She became a huge fan of my stories and she and I spent a lot of time chatting back and forth and sharing fantasies and story ideas. Then one day she asked if we could collaborate together on a story. I was more than happy to oblige her. So this is our collaborative effort. It was great because she was quite young, her profile said she was 19, and she was able to write from the perspective of a young teen, which really helps the story.  Unfortunately, Jennifer left the site and I have never heard from her again, so we never did finish the story, but I am sharing with you what we did complete.


This story is dedicated to my favourite author, vile8r. He is my rapist in this story.

I like being inside my room, jamming to some tunes, watching movies and playing on my computer. I might come out of my house once every 4 days to go fetch something. I really am against outdoors. For a teenager, that's probably understandable, especially for me, I have bright pink hair and a few facial piercings. I was considered in my school as a scene chick. I didn't mind but labelling is kinda cliché for me. I have a boyfriend named Bennie, he is sooo hot! 10mm Plugs in his ears and covered with tattoos. My dad hates his guts. Probably 'cause he's the old fashioned type of folk that is as old as dinosaurs.

Anyways, every Friday night I visit my friend Izzy and Bennie comes for a sleep over as well. We are sex bunnies on steroids! That's probably the only time I see him and at school. Our group of friends are always together and me and Ben will go to the janitor's closet to have some fun time. All of our friends envy us. We are like the Bonnie and Clyde of our school.

So summer break came, I do hate summer A LOT! The sun is like the worst thing for me and all the sweat you have to deal with just didn't do it for me. So, my parents nagged and nagged on and on about my constant house sitting. I was like,"yeah okay I'll go play in the dirt now." Every time they started with me while I roll my eyes. They got a bit fed up, that's when they both entered my room together. I instantly know I was in trouble.

"Sweety, being so much in the house really isn't healthy for you." My mom said with a soft voice. "So me and your dad decided you'll go visit uncle Tom in Texas for a little while."

"What the FUCK!" I yelled. "Are you serious? Are you trying to make my life miserable!?"

"Hey! Watch your tone young lady! You're 15 not 25!" My dad said with his one eyebrow raised.

"This is for your own good, try to understand that we care about you, its not a punishment." My mom said still in a soft voice.

"Jesus, whatever, okay!" I fell down on my bed, face planting my pillow.

"You will leave in two days. Try to not throw a scene," My dad said.

"Arrhghhhhh" I shrieked into my pillow. This is the worst thing ever! I won't be able to see any of my friends or see Bennie.

So the next day, I visited Izzy and all my other friends to have a kinda of a "farewell". Me and Bennie had the most amazing fuck for almost an hour straight. Kissing, scratching and biting!

 I went home and started packing for tomorrow which I strongly considered doomsday. I packed all my stuff, went to bed and woke up with a knock on my door. I had a far trip ahead of me today.

On our journey to Texas, I sat in the back-seat, listening to Suicide Silence and some other bands with my headphones in my ears. This felt like the longest road trip I have ever had. I was dressed in mini denim shorts and a pink spaghetti top with my Converse sneakers. Soon we arrived at the farm. It smelled like animals and shit. Cows were all over the place and a few chickens ran around. That kinda made me laugh a bit. What a funny sight, I thought.

The old blue station wagon came to a stand. I knew this was it. I got out of the car, fixing my shirt and grabbing my hand bag with my metal music still playing in my ears. Uncle Tom stood there with a smile on his face, with a brown cowboy hat, a red and navy check shirt, filthy denims, and some kind of old people shoes. My dad greeted his stepbrother with a hug. I can see they're very close actually. Even though they aren't even related. I plugged my headphones out of my ears and gave a silent sigh.

"Well hello missy! Look how big you've got! I saw you the last family Christmas when you were only 9!" he said in a ridiculous Texas accent. I called it hillbilly language.

"Well now I'm not nine anymore!" I said with a sarcastic smile on my face.

"Kids!" Both Dad and Uncle Tom laughed.

I raised my eyebrows and walked straight into the house. I went to the bathroom and then switched on the shitty old tv. I plopped down on the leather couch and started texting my friends about the hell I have to endure on the farm. Two hours passed and my dad kissed me goodbye and left. Uncle Tom brought my bag into the house.

"So missy, have you decided which room you wanna sleep in?" He asked.

"The attic" I said flatly, without looking away from my phone.

"Alrighty then!" He said chirpy.

After he took my bag up into the attic, he went back to work, telling me there's food and stuff in the fridge. Still I ignored him and kept on texting.

Two days went by where I only texted, watched TV and listened to music. I could see Uncle Tom getting a li'l frustrated with me. He asked me about 4pm if I'd help him out, inside the big red barn. I sighed and walked towards him. I was wearing my Nirvana tank top and white short denims with some pumps. My pink hair was loose and hung down till just above my ass. I was quite irritated by him at the moment. Why couldn't I just be left in peace?
He told me to pick up some bags while he threw some hay into it for the horses. I was bending down to pick a bag up, when I felt something very hard hit me over the head. I fell down on top of the heap of hay. Lights out.

I woke up with all my limbs being tightly pulled by something. I focused my eyes and saw I was completely naked, hanging about 30 cm from the ground. I'm tied up forming a X. I couldn't talk, my mouth had a ball gag in it. I looked around frantically. Uncle Tom was standing on the other side of the barn, busy with something, I couldn't see what. I tried to talk but all that came out was whimpers.


I couldn’t believe my luck when my stepbrother phoned me up and asked if my 15 year-old niece, Jennifer, could come and stay for a few weeks out at my Texas farm. I hadn’t seen Jennifer a lot in the last few years. But I had followed her on Facebook, she just didn’t know.
  Yeah she had grown into quite the hottie! Long hair dyed pink, a slim tight little body with nice legs and breasts just starting to grow. I knew we’d have a lot of fun together. My wife died 5 years ago and I gotta admit, I’ve been pretty lonely.
  My own two daughters don’t come home anymore. Can’t say as I blame them. As soon as they turned 18, they were both out the door. The youngest, Maureen, she pulled a gun on me the last night she was at home. Don’t know where the fuck she got that!
  I tried coming in her bedroom, you know, just one more for old time’s sake. The little bitch pulled a piece on me and told me if I came even one inch closer to her, she’d blow my nuts off!
  Proceeded to tell me, she was making a deal with me. She wouldn’t go to the cops, which she had been very tempted to do several times over the years, so long as I agreed that she was no longer my daughter. She didn’t want me to try to make contact of ANY kind with her. She would not be coming for Christmas, Thanksgiving, nothing! I wasn’t to send her birthday cards or try to email her or anything. As far as she was concerned, I was dead!

  She told me I was a piece-of-shit-father and I didn’t deserve to have family. I shrugged. What the hell you little slut. I know you really liked all the fucking I gave you, you just don’t want to admit it! I made you into a woman!

I fucking near blew a load the first day Jennifer arrived. Wearing tight denim cutoffs and a pink tank top! Fuck! What a sweet body! And what a shitty attitude. I had never met a more ill-mannered, rude, spoiled little shit!

  Well, I decided, before the summer was over, little Princess Jennifer was going to learn some good lessons.

  She sat in the house for two days, the lazy little bitch. Just playing on her god damn cell phone and watching TV. And listening to that godawful music of hers! What a bunch of noise! Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, it wasn’t!
  Even at mealtimes she’d have those fucking headphones plugged into her ears. She would barely talk to me. I was getting mad.

 Finally one day I strode into the house.
“Jennifer, you’re coming outside! It’s a beautiful day and you’re gonna help me at the barn!”

 She looked at me like I was retarded, but she gave a disgusted sigh and the old, “OOOO-kay, I will.”

I followed her out the door. She was wearing some white denim shorts that looked mighty fine on her and her long pink hair hung down her back. I couldn’t wait to have that hair wound around my fist.

 Down at the barn there was a big pile of loose hay and some canvas sacks lying beside it.
 “We need to put some hay in these bags and we’ll carry them over to the stable for the horses,” I said as I picked up my pitchfork.

 Jennifer bent over to pick up a sack. I cracked her over the back of the head with the handle of the pitchfork and she dropped like a sack of shit! It was a little crude but, hey, it worked.

  Quickly, I picked her limp body up and carried it over into a nearby stall. I laid her on the straw and began to strip her naked. I yanked her tank top up over her head and slid it off her arms, then undid her black lacy bra. Fuck! What sweet titties! I paused for a second to run my hands over them.

  My heart pounded as I unsnapped her shorts and tugged them down off her hips and slid them down her toned thighs. She was wearing matching black thong panties. They came off in a hurry too. She was totally shaved! What an awesome hot little body! My cock was hard as fuck!

Continuing to work fast, I grabbed some ropes. I tied one rope around her left wrist and yanked it up and around a post on the side of the stall and tied it off. Then did the same with her right wrist. Then did the same with each of her legs until I had her tied up across the end of the stall in a standing spread-eagled position. The final touch, I had a red ballgag and I jammed it in her mouth, tying the leather straps off behind her head.
  I walked over to the work bench along one wall on the other side of the barn and rummaged through some drawers looking for my cattle prod. I looked back over my shoulder at the beautiful nude form of my teen step-niece. Sonuvabitch, I was gonna have some fun!


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A great beginning even if it's not finished. maybe someone her can pick up the ball and help you finish this!

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Uncle Tom walked over to me with some sorts of sex toys. Me and Bennie didn't really use them so I didn't really know what all of them were. My uncle was gonna rape me!!!

Tears started pouring out of my black make-up covered eyes. I shook my head violently as he approached me. My limbs felt like they were gonna be torn out any second as I went hysterical! This was so sick! How can a family member rape me?! Although he isn't blood related, but still! He had my laptop there on his desk. He was snooping through my stuff! The fucktard.

"Well, I see you aren't a virgin anymore Jen." He said almost laughing at me.

I knew he saw the video me and Bennie made. Bennie had thought it was a kinky idea to film our fuck session. I agreed and stored it on my laptop. There were a bunch of naked photos as well I took for him. I could feel my cheeks flushed red in shame. I should never have done all that stuff.

"Wonder what your daddy would say about all this stuff hmmm? I think I found my way of keeping your fucking mouth shut, bitch!!!" He spat on me.

"What a little whore!" He laughed.

I shook my head violently. He even looked like a perv! His facial expression scared the shit out of me as his eyes run up and down my tiny body. I don't deserve this! I kept saying in my head.

My limbs were numb and pins and needles ran over my wrists. He squeezed my right breast very hard and I squealed in pain. He twisted my tiny pink nipples and pulled on them and started biting. I have extremely sensitive breasts. No one ever touched them. He started smacking me across my face and then rubbed his dirty hands all over my body, to my pussy.

He started pulling my pussy lips apart and played a little with my clit. I screamed into the gag, throwing my head back. Uncle Tom had this large black dildo and I felt him poking it where my pussy opening is and roughly shoved it straight inside of me. He twisted it around inside me. I shook my head trying to move away, but there's no use. Uncle Tom is gonna rape me!


I came back over to Jennifer. Her eyes were wide with fear and she could see the items I had in my hands. A large black ten-inch long studded dildo, an electric cattle prod and tapered butt-plug. Her little slender body shook and shuddered in fright.
  I liked it when they showed fright. It made me harder. I walked around behind her, surveying her exquisite tight little body. I reached down between her legs and ran my fingers across her hairless pussy. At least my sexy niece kept herself shaved. It was one less thing I’d have to do. I pressed the head of the dildo against her pussy lips. She whimpered.

“Oh shut the fuck up!” I growled. “After seeing that video on your laptop of you and yer slacker boyfriend , we all know yer no fucking virgin. And that kinda pisses me off. You shoulda been savin’ yerself fer yer Uncle Tom, not handin’ it out to all the boys in yer neighbourhood, ya fuckin’ whore!”

I shoved the dildo inside her as far and as hard as I could.

Her head flew back and she screamed through the ball gag.


I pulled back and plunged it in again, eliciting squeals from her as tears ran down her face. I licked the side of her face and said, “Just wait until that’s my cock, Jennifer!”
 I did that about five times before I just left it there inside her.

“You clamp yer pussy down on that and don’t let it fall out or I’ll beat yer ass to a bloody pulp!“

Then I pulled her small round ass cheeks apart and began to work the end of the butt-plug into her. Her body squirmed and twisted but she could not escape me. The ropes around her wrists and ankles were tight.

I got the butt-plug inside her and stepped back. There she was with a dildo up her pussy and a butt plug in her ass. Her chest heaved from all the screaming and bawling she had done. But I wasn’t finished.

I picked up the cattle prod and touched it to her flat tummy.

Her body jumped and her head flew back again.

I touched her again, this time just under her left tittie.

Then the right tittie. KKKZZZZAAAAAAPPPPPPP!

I made my way around her body, touching the cattle prod to her nipples, under her chin, behind her ears, her back and her ass and the backs of her legs.
She was going crazy from the pain. Her voice went hoarse from screaming and I noticed I had left little red welts all over from the electric torture.

Her eyes were red and blood-shot from crying.
I laughed contentedly. “That is what I call an attitude adjustment, you little city cunt!”

I began to undress. I took my shirt and boots off and unbuckled my denim jeans. I undid the ball gag and took it out of her mouth. It was absolutely soaked in her slobber.

“Pl-please Uncle T-Tom! ST-STOP! PL-PLEASE! I’LL B-BE GOOD!” Jennifer bawled and whimpered.

I let my pants fall to my ankles along with my underwear. My cock wasn’t long, about maybe seven inches but was thick. Ungodly thick. It looked like a beer can between my legs as it stuck out from under my beer gut.

Jennifer saw it and began blubbering and sobbing again.

I pulled the dildo out noticing that it had gotten her nicely lubed up. I glared at her and smiled, showing my yellowed teeth.
“Mah sweet little Jennifer. I am goin’ to show you some good ol’ Texas hospitality. I am gonna fuck you so hard, yer gonna need a wheelchair afterwards. Ya don’t know how long ah’ve waited to sink myself into that sweet cunt o’ yers!”

I positioned the glistening fat head of my rape rod at her pussy entrance. Jennifer screamed and bawled and tried to twist away but it was no use.

“UUUNNNGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!” I bellowed as I drove into her awesome tightness. I literally felt the walls of her pussy tearing as her tight channel fought to stretch around the girth of my shaft. Wrapping both my hands around her tiny waist, I began a savage and animalistic pounding of my 15 year-old step-niece. It was the greatest fuck I’d ever had! Even better than when I broke in my two daughters, Betsy and Maureen.
  I knew Jenny wasn’t a virgin and I wanted to punish her for that. I strived to make each thrust harder and more painful than the one before. I wanted this snotty little punk to know what a real fuck felt like!
  I felt her body stop twisting and fighting and I realized she had passed out. Her head hung to the side and her long pink hair was plastered to her tear-streaked cheeks. I didn’t care. I continued to pump in and out of her for a good 15 minutes before finally, I let out a roar like a boar in heat.
  My balls dumped a load deep into her. I hadn’t cum that hard in a long time. I felt my hips and shoulders spasm with the force of my orgasm. It seemed like I shot a gallon of cum in her. My cock wouldn’t stop spurting.
Finally I was done and I pulled out of her, my cock making a wet squelching noise. The shaft was streaked with blood and cum. I wiped a meaty arm across my forehead. SONUVABITCH! THAT WAS GOOD!


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Uncle Tom picked up the sex toys, a MASSIVE black dildo. Big enough to make a porn star hurt! He pressed the tip of the black dildo in front of my cunt, and shoved a part in with force. Dildos aren't nice when not lubricate! Its very hard, cold and well HARD! He shoved the massive thing inside my tiny little cunt, penetrating me about five times. The pain was unbearable, that think felt like it was ripping my pussy wide open.

He left that thing right inside of me, then getting a butt plug, pushing it into my tight little ass. Nothing has ever penetrated my ass, and I was planning on nothing will ever penetrate my ass. Bennie wanted to a few times but I refused. My ass was dry of course but still he pushed it inside me.

"Please Uncle Tom, please!! I beg you don't do this!!!" I cried when he took the ball gag out of my mouth. He got undressed and I knew what was coming next.

His dick was so thick! It looked like a beer can hanging under his belly. Bennie was 6 inches and that was big enough for me but that gross filthy thing was gonna hurt me so bad. I whimpered, kicked and screamed but there was no way he was gonna stop. My eyes hurt from all the crying and my nose was blocked. My head was throbbing as well as the painful shocks when he used the cattle prod on me.

He pushed his large cock into my tiny pussy. He was ripping me APART!!! He thrusted forward with such force. My body couldn't take it anymore, my eyes started to blur and everything fell to darkness.

When I woke up, I was tied to a post from my chest to my neck. The robe did cut into my skin, I felt it. It was much later. The barn was darker and my skin was cold. My head to the side, if I laid forward, I'd choke myself.

It would probably feel the way my body did when you're hit by a train and you're still alive. I opened my bloodshot eyes and started to cry again. I blamed my parents for doing this to me, if it wasn't for them, I'd be safe.

"Aaaah my li'l niece is awake!" Uncle Tom said in a happy voice.

My hate for him was astonishing! I have never hated anyone more in my life. I shot him a look that could kill.

"Hmm I feel a bit horny now." He laughed at me.

"Fuck you, you pig! You deserve to die!!" I spat at him, my mouth so dry and my tummy was rumbling.

I knew he heard that.

"Hungry are we? Let's give you something to eat!" He said, now angry.

He unbuckled his pants and pulled them off along with his underpants. He approached me, he smelled horrible. Like someone who hadn't had a bath in four days. I pulled a face, showing I was nauseous. He was already hard again, I knew that was coming next.

He slapped me once or twice across the face, telling me to open my mouth, I knew I had to do it otherwise I'd endure more unbearable torture. He shoved his disgusting prick into my tiny mouth. His thickness made my mouth entirely full, my lips fully wrapped around it.

He started fucking my face, his vile smell just bellow my nose, I wanted to vomit badly. He kept on choking me, I couldn't breathe, as he pulled out a bit, I bit him as hard as I possibly could, I knew I'd pay for this, but it was worth it. Letting him feel a bit of pain. My teeth dug into his skin.

"Aaaaaawhhh! You fucking worthless cunt!!!" He pulled out. I knew I was gonna pay for what I just did. And hard.


I looked down at my dick. Small droplets of blood oozed from the teeth marks she had left.

“FUCKING LITTLE BITCH! YOU BIT ME!” I roared. I was wild, my eyes seeing red. NO ONE! NO ONE fucking bit me!

One of my daughters bit me once, just accidentally, but I had lost it. Punched her so hard in the jaw she had to miss school for a week. I grabbed Jennifer by the pink hair and yanked her head back so violently, I could hear the roots of her hair tearing.

I screamed right in her face, spit hitting her. “YOU WILL REGRET THE FUCKING DAY YOU WERE BORN, BITCH!”

I ran over to my work bench and whipped open a drawer. I pulled out a length of rubber fan belt about two feet in length. I came back to Jen. The look of wild terror in her eyes was awesome.

“Please, U-Uncle T-Tom! I’M SORRY!” she sobbed. She knew she was in a world of shit.

I said nothing as I quickly untied her ropes and grabbed her by the hair. I threw her to the ground and knelt in the middle of her back. Ignoring her screams and squeals, I beat her ass with the fan belt.


I watched as a web of red and purple welts appeared across the pale white cheeks of her little ass. Her feet kicked and pounded the barn floor and her face was pressed down into the straw. I lost count of how many times I hit her but after a couple minutes, I finally stopped. I got up off her. She didn’t move.

I yanked her to her feet again and pulled her over to the stall where I had her tied up earlier. I re-tied her spread-eagled again against the wall of the stall. She bawled and pleaded for me to take mercy on her but I was hearing none of it.
“You’re gonna fucking pay,” I growled. “You ill-mannered little cow!”

I left for a few minutes and when I returned I had a small branding iron and a propane torch. I had made the branding iron years ago. It consisted of a small metal plate with raised letters on it. It was about 2 inches square and was attached to a short metal handle about a foot long. The letters formed the words,”PROPERTY OF TOM”.

Jen saw it and she immediately screamed. “OH GOD UNCLE TOM! PLEASE NO!”

I just smiled as I fired up the propane torch and slowly heated the branding iron. Soon it was glowing red. Tears and snot streamed down my cute niece’s face as she watched me press the hot iron to the soft flesh on the inside of her left thigh.

Her scream pierced the air and scared some sparrows roosting in the rafters.

I stood back as I admired my work.
“Now you’re mine, Jennifer!” I hissed in her ear. “My little fuck toy!”

But I still wasn’t finished with the punishment. I walked to the tool bench and came back with what looked like a plastic tool-box. It was my fishing tackle box. I opened it and took out two small fish hooks.

“What are y-you going t-to do now?” Jen blubbered.

“You’ll see,” I muttered.

I grabbed her left tit and squeezed the nipple hard making her gasp in pain. Before she had another chance to react, I plunged the hook in her nipple, piercing it.


I slapped her hard across the face and did the same to her right nipple.

As she wailed and bawled, I took a roll of fishing line and threaded it through the first hook. I stretched the fishing line out until it was tight, pulling her nipple and her tit out as far as I could from her body. Then I tied the line around a post. I did the same with her right tittie.

My niece was quite a sight. Her ass was red and purple form the beating she had received and now her little teenage breasts were stretched out farther than they had ever been, the fishing hooks in her little pink nipples, causing them to bleed.

“Okay, you fuckin’ brat,” I snarled. “It’s time fer a nap. I’ll leave ya like this for a while. When I come back, we’re gonna finish what we were doing earlier. I’m gonna see just how far mah cock can go down yer throat before ya choke to death!”

I left Jen in the barn and made my way back to the house. Oh yeah, teaching these little sluts lessons was sure a lot of fun!

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My heart pounded with fear. I saw how his face twisted in anger, I knew that I’m going to get it now! He yanked my head back, grabbing so hard i could feel my roots tearing, my eyes started to water from the pain. I saw him getting a fan belt, I felt sick to my stomach! This man was utterly fucked in the head! He can’t  actually beat me with that!

But I was very wrong indeed, he hit my ass with the fan belt about twenty times, the pain was insane. Right there I wished I could die. My entire body jolted with pain with every smack.

The horrible things he had done to me, burned me with a branding iron, fish hooks in my tiny nipples and tying it to a post with fishing line. I almost though they are going to tear out any second. He left me there for almost 4 hours, I passed out from the intense pain soon after he left. When he returned, he slapped me across the face to wake up. I pulled away, causing my tiny breasts to hurt more. I begged for death at that stage. How much more did I have to endure before he would finally stop?

“You’re a sick pig! I fucking wish you could die!” I yelled at him with a hoarse little voice.

“Awwwwh that’s no way to talk to your favourite Uncle Tom now is it, fuck toy?”

He grinned at me, with a credit card in his left hand. I knew what he had in mind, a Chelsea Grin. (For those of u that not know, it’s when the victim has a credit card forced inside their mouth, then the attacker punch the victim in the stomach to make the muscles tighten, making the mouth smaller, the card digs into the skin and makes a ‘grin’ at the sides of the victims mouth.)

He smacked me across my face and shoved the card into my mouth. He stood there admiring the sight of my tortured body. I felt sick to my tummy, he is such an old sick fuck! I could feel the card cutting into the sides of my mouth. I knew i had to stay calm otherwise it will cut my face wide open. He started to pull on  the fish hooks in my tiny nipples, I tried my best to not pull a face. He chuckled as my body twisted in pain. He untied all the ropes then grabbed me on my pink hair to kneel in front of him in doggy-style.

Soon his pants were off again, but this time it wasn’t at my pussy lips, it was at my ass! I tried to crawl away from him but there was no use, he grab my hips back to him and slapped my ass. A soft yelp escaped my lips. I felt something moist on my ass, it was lube. He rubbed some on, then placed is dick at my entrance and started pushing forward.

I would never have imagined he was such a cruel old perv! I hated him with all my guts but that wouldn’t help me at all. He would probably let me die. I squeezed my eyes tightly together. It felt like he was ripping me apart! I  couldn’t even scream with the card in my mouth. I was nothing but a whore to him.

My whole world turned upside down in such a short time. Millions of regrets tumbled thru my mind. What if.. what if i was outside more? What if my parents rather sent me to summer camp? That would have been much better. Fuck! Even a stupid church camp would have been amazing. You think your life can't get any worse then one little action could change all of that. You don’t appreciate what you have until its so far away.
His massive cock tore my ass wide open, it could have been a knife he pushed in there.


A loud animal-like groan escaped from me as I felt my cock sink into the tight little ass of my niece. Holy shit, it felt good! I heard screaming and bawling off in the distance and as I came out of my reverie, I realized it was Jennifer. She was screaming so hard, I was sure her vocal cords would be shredded to pieces. She was so shrill, she scared the barn cats and they went running out the door.

I fucked her little pooper hard. Not so much out of lust and sexual pleasure, but just out of anger and malice. I wanted to hurt her!

As my thick shaft pistoned in and out of her incredibly tight turd chute, I could see it was bright red with blood. I slowed down. I wanted to hurt her but not so bad she might need medical attention. As I prepared to cum, I pulled out and sprayed my load into the palm of my hand.
Cupping my hand to keep it from running on the ground, I held it in front of her mouth. I ordered her to lap it up with her tongue.
With a sneer of disgust, she began licking at the cum in the palm of my hand.
“That’s it, just like a kitten drinking milk,” I said. “Cuz ya know that’s what ya are now, don’t ya? Yer mah cute little fuck-kitten, Jen!”

Jen continued to lap at the sticky goo in my hand. She let out a few coughs and gags and I could tell she wasn’t used to the taste of cum.

“What’s the problem, kitten? Ya never swallowed yer boyfriend’s spunk before? Ya look like the kind of girl who sucked all the boys’ cocks. Surely ya must have let one of ‘em cum in yer mouth?”

She was finally done cleaning up all the cum. Poor little Jen, she was a mess! Her ass and back were covered in painful welts, her ass was oozing blood, her thigh was red and swollen where I branded her and she still had fish hooks stuck in her little nipples.
  I removed the fish hooks and then scooped her up in my arms, cradling her like a baby. I carried her to the house.

I took her in the bathroom and ran the tub full of water. Setting her in the warm water, I scrubbed her and washed her hair. I carried her to a bedroom and gave her a clean white nightgown. It was one of my daughter Monica’s old ones. Then I tucked her in bed.
Before I left though, I put a metal shackle on her ankle and chained her to the end of the bed. I wasn’t taking chances of her escaping, although in her condition, I knew she wouldn’t make it far anyway.

I kept her in the bedroom for a week, only letting her out to use the can. I tended to her injuries and brought her food. Slowly, I could see she was regaining her strength. That was good, because I was getting horny.

One night I came into the bedroom. I stripped down and climbed into the bed. I undid the shackle on her ankle and pulled her nightgown off over her head.

“Wh-what are you doing, Uncle Tom?” she whimpered.

“Yah’ve rested long enough,” I said. “Time fer some fuckin’ with my favourite little kitten.”

“No, no…..please! Uncle Tom! Just let me go home!”

“Fer now, this is yer home. Remember Jennifer, yer branded. Yer mine now!”

I pushed her slender legs wide apart and nestled myself between them as I slid my swollen cock into her tight teen pussy. I hadn’t had any fucking in a week and I pounded her hard. I ploughed her tiny body down into the mattress.
  I licked and suckled at her small tits and pushed my tongue into her mouth. I tried to make it last as long as I could but soon I came in a shuddering orgasm. My prick jerked and spasmed inside her as I filled her tiny womb with my swimmers. I must have spurted half a gallon.

  That was the routine for the rest of the night with my little niece as my personal fuck-toy. Before morning, I would fuck her three more times. I did her doggy-style, on her side, and finally with her riding my cock.
  Oh, it was so beautiful to watch sweet little teenage Jennifer straddling me, her small hands braced against my sweaty chest as she bounced up and down on top of me.

  The next morning we woke up together. I had my arm wrapped around the young girl, my body pressed against her. Instantly, my cock was hard.

“Okay, Jennifer, are you hungry this morning?”
“Yes, Uncle, I am.”

“Then ya’ll suck my cock and ya’ll suck it good. There will be no funny stuff this time. If ya don’t suck it good, ya won’t git any food today!”

February 16, 2019, 09:52:59 AM
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Offline DirtySerenity

This is such a great story. Love him branding her. Looking forward to more.

February 16, 2019, 06:20:29 PM
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Offline gscmar64

Sorry i almost missed out posting. The branding was just nasty wonder what her parents will think of that? Love how this is flowing!

February 25, 2019, 11:03:28 AM
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Offline vile8r


I laid back and watched as Jen’s head bobbed up and down on me. Her soft, warm mouth felt like an angel’s as it wrapped around me. She was very good with her tongue too.
  I knew it all along! This girl had experience! Probably kept all the boys on her block quite happy.

  Over and over, she worked her mouth up and down on me. Her slick tongue flicked along the large vein on the underside of my dick and she dragged her lips across the head, intensifying my pleasure.
  When I finally came, after about 15 minutes of intense cock sucking, she massaged my ball sac, milking it to get every drop out of me. She still made an ugly face as my spooge spurted down her throat and I knew she detested having to swallow it, but she knew what she had to do to keep her Uncle Tom happy.

 I stroked her pink hair softly. I knew I was getting her broken down into my slave.

“That was good, kitten! Really good! Uncle Tom will reward you tonight. No tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches! (Which was what I usually fed her.) Tonight I will make fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy!”

I let Jen spend the day with me downstairs. I let her put on some clothes, a pair of her shorts and a t-shirt. I still kept her ankles shackled.
  I fucked her twice through the day, once right on top of the kitchen table. And she gave me another superb blowjob.

  That evening at supper, she ate like food was going out of style. She had three helpings of fried chicken, mashed spuds and gravy and peas and corn. She wouldn’t even look at vegetables when she first came to the ranch. For dessert she had two large slices of apple pie with ice cream.

  After supper, she helped me clean up and do the dishes. Then I took her by the hand and led her upstairs.

“Come on, Jennifer, tonight we’re going out!”

“Wh-where?” she stammered.

“You’ll see,” was all I said.

I made her bath and when she got out I had an outfit laid out for her on her bed. It was more of Monica’s old clothes. She had outgrown them when she was 12, but Jennifer was so petite, I knew they’d fit her.
  There was a cute pink and white dress with frills along the hem and white knee socks with some black sandals. I also laid out a little white bra and white lacy panties.

  The clothes just fit Jen. The dress was almost too short but that was good, because when she bent over or sat down, I could see her panties. I made her do her hair up in a ponytail and put on a bit of makeup. I stood back and admired her.

“Damn, Jen! Ya look so good I wanna fuck ya right now. But tonight I can’t!”

Soon we were in my old pickup truck and heading down the road. We drove about 8 miles to another ranch. This one was older and more rundown than mine. The old house looked like no one even lived there. But I knew better.

  A friend of mine lived here. Ol’ Baxter we called him. He was a funny old fart. He spent more time drunk than he did sober. His wife had died about ten years ago and his kids never had anything to do with him.

“Well, we’re here!” I announced.

“Who lives here?” Jen asked with a worried tone. She was beginning to realize something was up.

“This is where my friend, Ol’ Baxter lives. I guess I might as well tell you now. It’s Baxter’s birthday today and he’s turning 65. You are gonna be his birthday present!”

Jen had such a look of horror on her face, I thought she was gonna die on the spot.
“Oh God, oh God, NO! No Uncle Tom, you can’t let him touch me!”

Tears were welling up in her eyes.

“STOP IT!” I barked. “Don’t ya start cryin’, ya little bitch, or I’ll take ya back home and put them fish hooks back in yer tits! This time I’ll make ‘em red hot. Give ya sumthin’ to cry about!”

Jen stifled a sob as I pulled her out of the cab of the truck. From behind the seat, I pulled out a big red birthday bow and tied it around her waist.
“Now come on!” I growled as I pulled her by the arm. “Tonight, yer gonna be Ol’ Baxter’s little birthday bitch!”


Just when I thought uncle Tom was showing some mercy, he did the worst thing possible! Lend me out like I'm some kind of toy!! I had never felt so small and cold in my entire life.

The worthless feeling was unbearable.
I did kinda look cute in the little pink dress. But I didn't want to look cute, especially not for another old sick fuck who is gonna abuse my petite body in more ways.

Most of the bruises healed and I didn't look like I was being abused too much anymore. As we got out of the truck, Uncle Tom grabbed my ponytail as usual and dragged me along with him.

I was so scared I nearly puked. Me and Uncle Tom stood on the porch. He pushed the bell in, and in not even 2 seconds the door opened. An obese, bald old man that smelled like beer and sweat opened the door.

"Hello old friend! 'Appy birthday!" Uncle Tom barked.

"Well well, if it isn't Tom! Haven't seen ye in ages! And I'm only gettin' uglier by the day! Nothin' to be 'appy 'bout!" Baxter said, welcoming us inside.

"And this purdy l'il girl? She looks 10! What have ye bin' up te' Tom?" Baxter shot a grin at Tom

"This my friend is your birthday gift. And she's actually 15"

February 26, 2019, 01:13:40 PM
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Wow can't wait until his candle gets blown out!

February 26, 2019, 07:56:55 PM
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Offline DirtySerenity

I'm loving this story more with each new part

February 28, 2019, 06:45:49 PM
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Offline vile8r


Uncle Tom pushed Jen over into Baxter’s arms. The old man was totally disgusting. He smelled of booze and tobacco and sweat and stale urine. He tried to kiss her on the cheek, his rough stubble, chafing her soft skin.

“So yer sayin’ I git to bang this li’l darlin’? “asked Baxter, his eyes lighting up.

“She’s all yers!” I said.

“Hot damn!” Baxter whooped.

He grabbed Jen by the arm and began pulling her to his bedroom. She began to sob and wail, looking back over her shoulder to me.

“Pl-please Uncle! Don’t l-let h-him touch m-me! PLEASE!”

“Git in there!” I just yelled. “Or ya’ll git it when ya git home!”

Baxter slammed the door behind him and Jen as I sat on the couch and cracked open a cold beer. I began to watch the football game that was playing on the TV.

I heard a lot of crying and screaming going on . Then some banging and crashing. A couple times I heard my name called out, but I just smiled. That little bitch was gonna get it good from Ol’ Baxter! I waited about 5 minutes, then got up and walked to the bedroom door.

As I approached I could hear the sounds of sobbing and loud heavy grunts. I could hear the bed creaking and groaning. My heart pounding, I pushed the door open a crack and looked into the bedroom.

I immediately saw Jen’s little white panties, ripped in half and lying on the floor of the filthy room. I looked over toward the bed.

I saw Baxter with his pants down around his ankles, his hairy pale ass in plain view. Whoa! I didn't really need to see that! Jen was splayed out underneath him on the bed. Her legs were spread obscenely wide, the top half of the dress was yanked down to her waist and I could see a glimpse of one of her small titties. The bottom of the dress was also bunched up to her waist. Baxter’s leathery old body was wedged between Jen’s pale slender thighs. He had her arms pulled up above her head and her wrists pinned down to the bed.

I was hypnotized as I watched his thick erection piston in and out of her small pussy. Was that what it looked like when I was doing her? The thought excited me!

Jen was sobbing uncontrollably as the repulsive old bugger worked his cock in and out, in and out, in and out. I could see he was sweating and drool ran down his chin and dripped onto Jen. His eyes were tightly closed as he pumped away. He was in heaven! Probably as close to heaven as Ol’ Baxter was ever gonna get.

I closed the door and went out to the truck. I was smiling to myself as I started up the motor and backed out of the yard.

“Yep, you have yerself a good birthday, Baxter!” I said out loud as I headed back out to the main road. “I’ll be back in the morning!”


As soon as I opened my eyes the next morning, my pussy was on fire and I was covered in vomit, cum and some pee? Oh god! Why?

I really miss my mom and dad and all my friends. I'm so scared and I wish I could just go home and leave this hell. I really hope Uncle Tom would come and get me today. I'll probably die if I had another hour here. I'm so hungry! And I want to bath but I don't even have the power to move.

 Maybe I can try to escape and call my mom from the nearest garage? Even though my body can barely move. The house is very still... Maybe he's asleep or out? Wonder why I'm not tied up with chains..  Here goes nothing!

I get up as softly as I can manage, and walk towards the door.. The house really looks empty. I walk further and no sign of anyone. Yes! I'm in luck.

 The front door is locked but the kitchen window doesn't have bars on! Oh god. My body hurts. Come on! Be strong now! I climb onto the counter and open the window, making a pretty big noise. Well I don't care! I just need to get out of here!

 I climb through and fell straight on my face. Owwwww!!! Fuck!!! Come on! You've come so far! Run! I get up and start running into the corn fields. Yes! I might make it! They won't find me easily now! I ran as quickly as my bruised legs could carry me....

February 28, 2019, 07:55:30 PM
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Oh someone in for a world of hurt when she's caught!

February 28, 2019, 10:36:07 PM
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I'm excited to see how she gets punished when she's caught

March 02, 2019, 10:38:50 PM
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I was just sitting down to my breakfast of fried potatoes, eggs and sausage. I figured I’d eat and then in about an hour, I’d go pick up Jen. Ol’ Baxter would have her fucked out by that time, the horny old bastard! Heh heh.

   I’d let her recuperate for a couple days, then it’d be time for me to give her a good banging. Couldn’t wait to have that tight, warm cunt wrapped around me again.
I was interrupted when the old black rotary phone on the wall suddenly rang. I picked up the receiver. It was Ol’ Baxter.

“She’s gone, Tom! Little bitch up and ran off. She’s goddamn gone!”
Dammit! I was afraid of something like this happening. Baxter had likely gotten too drunk and passed out…..dead to the world.
“How long ago?” I snapped. "How the hell did she git away from ya?"

“Jeezus, I don’t know,” Baxter slurred. “All’s I know is I fucked her jist before I fell asleep. She was right beside me and when I woke up…..she was gone!”
Oh, this wasn’t good! She could be miles away, or hiding out in a cornfield God-knows-where!
“Okay,” I said. “I’ll git in the truck and go east towards the interstate. I’ll see if I kin spot her. You git in yer truck too and head west towards town, see if she went that way.”

Leaving my breakfast half-eaten on the kitchen table, I threw on my hat and boots and jumped in the truck. I headed in an easterly direction, scanning the cornfields and cow pastures. She shouldn’t be too hard to see. A naked teenage girl with pink hair…..yeah, like that’s NOT gonna stand out!
 I crossed a bridge over the irrigation canal just a couple miles north of Baxter's farm and slammed on the brakes. A little light bulb came on in my head. I jumped out of the truck and ran down the embankment beside the bridge.

  Sure enough, there she was! Huddling in the weeds and the shade under the bridge. No doubt figured she’d hide out there during the day where no one could see her.
“Jennifer!” I hollered. “Git yer ass over here! NOW!” I was furious.

The little bitch saw me and I could see the fear in her eyes. She began to run in the opposite direction along the banks of the canal. Quickly, I ran back to the truck and grabbed the lariat rope I had behind the seat. I went after her.

  The little cunt could run fast, but not fast enough. She was still weak from the abuse she had suffered at Ol’ Baxter’s the night before. I had roped many a calf in my day and she was no challenge. I threw the lasso and watched it as it fell around her upper body, then I yanked it tight.
  She was yanked backwards, and landed on the ground with a thud. She was squealing like a little pig as I came up to her and began hog-tying her ankles and wrists together with the rope.

“What the fuck do ya think yer doin’?” I yelled as I tied her up. “Runnin’ away like this! Weren't as smart as ya figgered, though, were ya?"
“NOOOOOOO, Uncle Tom…….let me gooooo! I want my mom…..I want my dad! Pl-please let me go h-home! Ol’ Baxter….he…he fucked me bad l-last night…he was s-so cr-cruel!”

“I know what Ol’ Baxter did to ya,” I said matter-of-factly. “It was why I took ya there. He likes fuckin’ young ‘uns.”
“I-I’ve had enough…..I’ll b-be a good girl…..I’ll b-be good for Mom….and Dad!”

“Too late now!” I snarled. “Ya pissed me off and disrespected me in front of one of mah friends. Now yer gonna pay!”
I picked her up, trussed up like a baby calf, and hauled her to the truck. I threw her in on the passenger side. I saw another old pickup coming up the road. It was Baxter.

“I found her!” I said as he came to a stop beside me. “Gonna take her back to the farm now. Sorry ‘bout all that.”
“That’s okay,” the old man replied. “Jist wanna thank ya, Tom, fer bringing her last night. That was one hell of a birthday present. Man, I worked that little pussy hard! Fucked her in the mouth 'til she puked!"

"Well, she's goin' fer some punishment now!" I snarled. "Little cunt's goin' to find out the hard way she don't piss off Uncle Tom. I warned 'er once already!"
"Ya figger ah might git another go with 'er some day?" asked Baxter.

"Well, we'll see," I replied. "Depends on how bad she pisses me off again."
I drove her back to the farm. Jennifer sat on the floor of the pickup the whole way back. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes, begging me to let her go home.

"And I'm hungry, Uncle Tom......really hungry. I'll be......good.....and-and....if you let me go.....I'll clean the whole house......and do chores for you!"

"You'll git to eat......when I say ya do! And yer lucky if it won't be a bowlful of pigshit. Shove it all right down yer throat!"

You should have saw the look on her face as she reacted to the threat of being fed pig manure. She knew I was serious enough to do it.
I hauled her out of the truck and dumped her on the lawn. I got out my garden hose and washed her down with cold water. She squealed and cried as I washed the filth off her from her night with Baxter. I looked her over. She had teeth marks all over her little tits and even on the insides of her thighs. Her pussy was red and swollen from all the fucking Baxter had given her and so was her ass. I imagined he used that hole too.

  When I was done, I carried her in the house, still all hogtied, and took her upstairs to my bedroom. I threw her face down on the floor. I pulled my thick leather belt off my pants. Kneeling beside my cute little niece, I put one hand on the back of her neck to hold her still, and with the other began whipping her bare ass with the belt. Hard blows rained down on her, the belt making loud cracks as it contacted her skin. Jennifer wailed like a cat with his tail stuck in a door. Her body jerked and thrashed.

  After about 30 lashes, I stopped. I was out of breath and I figured her little ass had had enough abuse. It was as red as a cherry. Tears flowed down her face. But I wasn't finished yet. I pulled my pants right down and yanked out my hard erection. Still holding her down, I mounted the hogtied girl from behind.

Yeahhhhh! I was in heaven as my thick cock sunk into her. I began pounding in and out of her, oblivious to her cries. It wasn't even really fucking. I was just slamming my meat into her as hard as I could, pulling back out and plowing into her again. It was a brutal punishment fuck, is what it was! Not even really fucking for my own enjoyment, just fucking to make her hurt. I banged her for a good 10 minutes before, finally, pulling out and spurting cum across her back.

I got up off the petite girl, panting and catching my breath. I was sweating like crazy. Jennifer, she was just a mewling little baby. I picked her up again and this time carried her downstairs and to the basement. At one end of the basement, could be seen a heavy metal door.

   I swung it open to reveal a small cell. It was about 6 feet wide and 12 feet long. The ceiling was just high enough for me to stand up in it. There was an old mattress on the floor and a tattered blanket. In one corner was a metal five gallon pail. In the center of the ceiling was one 40 watt light bulb. There was no windows. I had built this room quite a few years ago, when my girls were younger. I called it the Punishment Room. When the girls used some sass-mouth on me or were just acting like ill-mannered little cunts, they'd get thrown in the room for a couple days. That would smarten them up! Now Jennifer was going to find out about the Punishment Room.

 "No more cozy bedroom for you, bitch!" I said. "This is gonna be yer room now. At least for a little while. From now on, to earn the right to wear clothes and sleep in a bed and eat decent'll have to fuckin' earn it! I'm leavin' ya tied up for the day. And ya can think about how yer gonna start makin' yer Uncle Tom happy!"

I dumped her on the mattress and closed the door behind me, locking it with a big steel deadbolt and a padlock.


My entire body shook of the pain inflicted on me. Tears kept running down my face non stop. These men are SO cruel! How can anyone be this sadistic? I missed my mommy and daddy. I would do anything to hear their voices again!

I want to be in my own house, and my pretty pink bedroom, cuddled up in my warm fuzzy bed with my beloved kitty-cat laying next to me. But this is nothing even close to what I desire! This is my worst nightmare. My pussy's bruised and there is no single part of me that doesn't hurt when I move. I slowly crawled towards the door, grabbing the handle and started banging on it.

"Please Uncle Tom! Please lemme out! I'm scared!!!! I'm sorry I am really, really sorry!!!"

Tears rolling down my cheeks and my legs are jittery from all the abuse. I fell asleep right in front of the door. I woke up with my head getting hit with the door. "Oouch!" I yelled, holding my head with both hands.

When I came to, I saw Uncle Tom with a little bowl of oats. I HATE oats. The prick probably knew that. I got a bit of my courage back since I've rested, but didn't try to say a word. I'm still very frightened and sore.

"Thank you, Uncle!" I said, trying to grab the plate.

"Uh uh no, first you have to suck my cock and eat my cum."

I pulled up my nose in disgust, but I quickly undid his pants and got to work. I licked and sucked, rolling my tongue around his cock, almost wanting to puke, but kept sucking till he was near orgasm. He quickly took the bowl and he came all over my food!!!

"There ya go, now, don't waste, otherwise I'll starve you for a week!"

I gulped and looked at the porridge. Ewww!!!! He gave me one look, and I knew I had to eat fast otherwise I'll get it. I slowly started eating the disgusting porridge, I slipped the teaspoon full of cum and oats in my mouth, clenching my nose and swallowing. I quickly stuffed everything in my mouth, I just need to get this over with! I had to ask him... Here I go!

"Uncle, how long will you keep on hurting me? I'm scared and wanna see my daddy."

March 03, 2019, 10:13:01 AM
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Offline DirtySerenity

Excellent start to her punishment. I hope you have more coming soon.

March 04, 2019, 03:53:21 PM
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Offline gscmar64

She got off light on the punishment in my opinion. Ol' Baxter should get a bit more time with her  at Uncle Tom's place!

March 07, 2019, 08:20:12 AM
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Offline vile8r


"Well, I think I might keep ya here forever. Your mom and dad think you ran away from 'ere. That's your own fault! You kept treatin' dem like shit and now you got exactly what ye deserved! So, ya'll be stayin' with me for a very long time Jen!"

My blood ran cold and my eyes started to form tears. I pushed my knees up to my chest and my arms around them. Tears kept on streaming down my eyes. It all is my fault isn't it? I should have been nicer! Then they wouldn't have thought I ran away!

"This is your new home Jen! Get it into that head of yours!" His words made me realize reality was no fairy tale no more. There was no escaping!

"Git up! You are gonna get a bath!" He grabbed my hair and dragged me along with him, with my back sliding on the floor, like I was a dead animal. I really shouldn't have made Uncle Tom this angry!!! I managed to get onto my knees and crawled beside him. Up the stairs I crawled and into his bedroom.

"First, I am gonna fuck ye senseless again. I think ya deserve that!" He grabbed me under my arms and threw me on the bed. He flipped me onto my tummy and spat in his hand. I knew what that meant!

"Gonna fuck yer ass now, my kitten!"

My face buried in the pillow and my hands in fists next to my head. He rubbed his spit onto my ass hole and started pushing his massive cock into my ass. He pushed deeper and deeper, my ass burning! Making me want to climb thru the mattress. If that was possible, I would have!

I banged my fists against the bed and screamed into the pillow. Kicking my legs as well.
"Ouuuwwwwww!!! Ouch!!! Awwwhhhhh!!!!!" I screamed into the pillow. He fucked my ass fast and very hard. Pushing my bum cheeks aside so he could be in deeper. He slapped my bum cheeks again and again on the welts. My toes curled up and I bit my tongue.

 Soon he was finished. Grunting and moaning. That was the best sound ever in my opinion! My throat was sore, snot and spit was all over the pillow case on his bed. Without giving me a second of peace, he grabbed my arm and took me to the bath room.

The warm water burned my welts and my abused lady parts. He threw dettol into the bath tub to tend to my wounds. It burned! He washed my hair, pulled out a black summer dress out of my suitcase and no undies. This meant I have to look pretty for someone again! My heart sank at that thought.

But I did as I was told. I was in enough trouble as it is! I got dressed and I was tossed in the basement again. A few hours passed, I think. In came a big fat old guy, a skinny hobo looking guy, a guy that looked much younger than all of them and Uncle Tom. My eyes widened with fear. Oh no!


I'd had little Jenn down in the Punishment Room now for 3 whole days. And she DID NOT like it! Heh heh. Every morning I'd been taking her porridge down to her and getting a sweet suck job. Man, I'll tell you! Nothing like having her wet little mouth wrapped around my meat to start off the day.

 I wasn't intending to keep her down there too long. Her punishment had went on for long enough, but I decided she wasn't getting out too easily. She was going to earn it. One night watching some of my rape porn, I suddenly got an idea! I got on the phone and made a few calls.

The next day I took Jenn out of the basement and brought her upstairs to my room. I hadn't fucked her in a good long time and I threw her on my bed and gave her an ass-fucking she wasn't going to soon forget. It felt so good to have my cock buried inside her small body! She bucked and twisted and squealed and cried underneath me as I pounded her gopher hole and beat her pale ass cheeks with my hand.

Afterwards, I took her to the bathroom and gave her a good scrubbin'. I had to get all the filth of the Punishment Room off her. I also put some Dettol in the water to disinfect the welts and scratches on her body. I had found a cute black summer dress in Jenn's suitcase. It was short, about mid-thigh, and had little spaghetti straps. It had black lace along the hem.

  I gave it to her and told her to wear it. I also let her put on some of her makeup and told her to make her hair nice.
"I.....have no p-panties....or bra," Jenn whimpered.

"Ya don't need 'em, " I said. "You've earned the right to wear clothing again, but I didn't say anything 'bout underwear."
"You're.....t-taking me s-somewhere.....aren't you?" she asked me timidly.
I didn't reply. Just looked at her and smiled. She had a look of trepidation on her face.

After she was all done, I took her back down to the basement.
"B-but.....Uncle Tom! I thought I was a good girl now!" Jenn began to bawl.

"Yer gittin' better.....but you haven't earned yer way outta here yet," I sneered. "Now don't cry too much. You'll ruin yer make-up."

I closed the door behind me and locked it. I went upstairs and got ready for my guests. They arrived about 2 hours later. There was Hank, my neighbour down the road and his son Jeff. Jeff was 16 but had the mind of a 10 year-old. He had been kicked in the head by a horse when he was just little and it caused permanent brain damage to him. The other guest was Stinky Albert, I just called him Stinky. Stinky lived a couple miles over on his parents' old farm. They were both dead and he lived by himself now.

 Stinky was about 40, a little younger than me. But I'd known him for years. He came by his nickname honestly. Stinky was a lifelong bachelor and well, he just wasn't a big believer in personal hygiene.
Hank was well over 250 lbs., with a big beer gut and and an unkempt appearance. He was bald but he had a scruffy moustache. His wife had left him years ago and now he just lived with his boy, Jeff.

"So where's this young city cunt ya got, Tom?" asked Stinky.

"She's downstairs," I said. "Now before we git started, you boys gotta pony up yer cash." I held out my hand.
Stinky gave me $100 and Hank gave me $200, paying for both him and Jeff.
"Now, fer this much, we git all 'er holes, right?" Hank asked.

"Yep," I replied. "And as many times as ya want too."
"Kin I cum in 'er?" asked Jeff.
"Now boy," Hank chided his son. "I told ya before we got here, Tom ain't gonna want no retard gettin' his niece knocked up!"

"Well kin I cum in 'er mouth then?"
I laughed and slapped Jeff on the back. "Of course ya can, boy! Come on fellas, let's git the party started."

We went downstairs and I unlocked the door into the cell. I'm not sure who had the best looks on their face. My buddies as they saw my cute little niece in her pink hair and her short summer dress, showing off her fine, tight body.....or Jenn as she looked with fear and revulsion at the four of us.

I knew Hank and Stinky were pretty disgusting-looking characters and so was young Jeff. It was why I picked them to come here and fuck Jenn. It was to be part of her punishment. To have her be fucked by some of the most revolting people I to Ol' Baxter, of course!

"Wh-who are these....p-people?" Jenn asked, the terror rising in her voice. She had crawled into the far corner of the room and was cowering on her mattress.
"These are my friends, Hank and Stinky, and this young fella here is Jeff. Yer gonna let 'em fuck ya, ya little skank and do whatever the hell they want to! They paid good money to come here."

"P-paid?.....You had men....p-pay to f-fuck me?" she asked me incredulously, tears rolling down her pink cheeks.

"Damn straight I did," I answered her. "Ya been nothin' but a miserable little shit the whole time ya bin here, and now it's time ya earned yer keep!"

Big Hank was the first to grab her. He pulled her onto her back on the mattress, Jenn kicking and squealing. Using his weight, he pinned her down as he opened the zipper on his pants and pulled out a fat eight inch-long cock. Her dress was shoved up above her waist and Hank spit on his hand and rubbed it across her tiny pink pussy lips.


"Ya brought this on yerself," I snarled.

The room was rocked by Jenn's frantic screams as Hank sunk his large cock in the little 15 year-old. He began humping and fucking her hard, her slender legs stretched out on either side of his big body. His fat gut held her down to the mattress.
"Gawd dammit! She's fuckin' tight!" Hank said as he grunted with the effort of working his meat in and out of Jenn's pussy.
Jeff was down on the mattress too. He pulled the top of Jenn's dress down and played with her small tits. Jenn grimaced at the feeling of his sweaty hands on her. Jeff was not really fat like his dad, but he was still a pretty big boy for his age. His face was permanently disfigured from when he was kicked by the horse. He was missing part of his nose and his left eye. Where his eye had been was now just a dark red scar.

 Jenn was horrifed by his personal appearance. She was even more horrified as he leaned down and ran his tongue across her nipples.
Hank let out a big roar as he pulled his cock out and squirted a large stream of cum across her titties. He was sweating like crazy as he climbed back to his feet.

"Yeah! That girlie was sum good fuckin'! Definitely worth the money!"

Stinky had dropped his denim coveralls he was wearing and was stroking his dirty cock. It was smaller than Hank's but Jenn still didn't want such a filthy thing put in her. Stinky's body odor filled her nostrils as he knelt between her legs. He was very skinny and pale.

"NNNNOOOO.....NNNOOOOOOO.........!" Jenn cried as Stinky mounted her and rammed the length of his cock into her small cunt. Her lithe, nubile body twisted and thrashed under him.

At least she didn't have Hank's sweaty gut pinning her down to the mattress any more, but Stinky was worse. His dirty, unwashed body felt sticky against her soft skin. His breath smelled like dead fish and beer.
"Oh yeah, missy!" he grunted and panted. "Ah'm gonna fuck ya hard! Ain't never fucked a purty city girl before!"

It felt so gross as his slimy dick wormed its way in and out of her, pounding and probing at her insides. Jenn so hoped he would not cum inside her. She was lucky. He didn't! Instead he came across her flat tummy, spattering her with gobs of his foul sperm.

"Okay, Jeff! It's yer turn!" said Hank, pushing his boy towards the mattress.
Jeff had a huge grin on his face as he pulled down his pants and exposed his hard cock.

"I wanna do 'er like a dog!" he said to his dad. "Kin I?"

"Do 'er any way ya want, boy!"
Jeff rolled Jenn onto her hands and knees and jammed his cock into her from behind. He humped her with his big hands wrapped around her tiny waist. Jenn dug her hands into the mattress and braced herself as her body was rocked by Jeff's hard thrusts.

"She's jist like fuckin' a doll!" Jeff exclaimed to his dad. "She's so cute! Kin she cum live at our house?"
"Sorry, Jeff, but Jenn is my little kitten," I said. "She ain't goin' anywhere!"

Jeff later got his wish, as when he was ready to cum, he pulled out and jammed his dick in Jenn's mouth. She coughed and sputtered as he pushed in and then he let out a loud sigh as his cum spurted down her throat.

As I knelt behind her and sunk my cock into her tight hole. Hank got in front of her and began giving her a face fuck. It was quite a sight seeing the tiny girl trapped between me and the other massive man. We were like two big cats playing with a little mouse we'd caught in the barn. I could hear her struggling to breathe as Hank worked his meat in and out of her mouth. He was really getting off seeing her bright red lips wrapped around his sausage.

After Hank and I finished up, Hank dumping another load in the girl's throat and me putting a load inside her pussy, I got up. Stinky and Jeff were pulling her down onto her tummy and pulling her legs apart. I knew what Stinky had planned next and I knew it wouldn't be pretty!

I left the room, heading upstairs to get a beer. As I got to the top of the steps, Jenn's shrill screams echoed through the basement. I knew Stinky had just buried himself in her sweet bum.

"Scream you little cunt!" I muttered to myself. "Ain't no one gonna help ya!"

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I'm living her punishment more and more. This is such a great story.

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