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November 02, 2017, 05:31:34 PM

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The following is an exclusive story to Forbidden Force Fantasy

Rape is a crime, even if it's done in retaliation for another rape. This author does not condone any rape. The following is pure fantasy

I’m on trial for raping the bitch on the stand, listening as the prosecutor asks her what she remembers when she returned to my bar. I zone out while they drone on and on, only tuning back in when my attorney slaps my knee under the table. “Our turn to tell your tale!” That’s how I spend most of Friday afternoon, on the stand recanting what happened as I remember it.


“So Mr. Roebuck, you claim that Miss Timmins wanted a discount an already agreed on price?”

“Yes Sir!”

“Did she say why?”

“Something about some of my servers being rude to her and her guests!”

“So how did you handle it?”

“I called in the servers and made them apologize to her only to have her suggest that maybe give her some satisfaction, then she started undressing!”

“So you and your staff thought she was consenting to sex?”

Well what else were we to think!”  Looking right at the jury members as I say it, like my attorney wanted me too. Then he tells the judge and jury that he is through questioning me.

The prosecutor gets up and tells the judge that he’s about to present people exhibit 103. “So Mr. Roebuck can you tell me why one, Miss Juneau, you’re bartender  presented my office security footage of the day in question?”

“She been trying to ruin me since I fired her boyfriend!” adding smugly “That so called video is probably doctored footage cooked up by her and her boyfriend!”

“Well why don’t we let the judge and jury decide if it doctored?” Pressing play on the machine, filling the screen with the view from above in my bar’s pool room. The court goes silent as the the view changes to two guys holding her arms, forcing her back onto the pool table, an easily identifiable me coming into the picture as her legs were being tied to the legs of the pool table by another guy.

Then it clearly shows me flipping her skirt up as my pants fll to the floor. A hand pulling her thong to the side then my hips moving in and out between her legs as her head rolling over the felt surface of the table. Beside me I hear a low “Sweet jesus christ just kill me now!”, so much for my lawyer believing my innocence. As he glares at me I get the hint maybe I should change my plea and prevent any other such pieces of evidence from emerging.

Port Herman Penitentiary 6: 22 PM

“Shocking testimony at the sexual assault trial of Norman Roebuck and three associates as the prosecutor presented video footage of the actual assault.” in behind the female presenter head a pastel drawing of a girl on a pool table  surrounded by four men. “ The court agreed to accept a new plea of guilty from Roebuck. Outside the court the victim Rebecca Timmins was asked  her opinion!” That’s when my head snps up, must have misheard the name of the victim, turning to glare at the tv screen up in the left hand corner of the rec hall, there is my daughter’s face and name for all in here to see

“Hey Ronnie isn’t that…!”

“Turn you head away from the screen or I’ll turn it permanently around!”

The guards heads snap up “Trouble Timmins!”

On screen a car crash replaces Rebecca “No Officer Grudder!” The files in my mind working trying to remember who in Dansens Office owes me favors.


Six weeks later

I’m back in the courtroom in front of the judge dressed in a blue serge suit with a black tie. Just finished listening to victim impact statements, awaiting his honour to pass sentence on me.

“Norman Roebuck you have shown no remorse in the vile attack perpetrated on Miss Rebecca Timmins. In This court’s opinion you are a monster and need to be put away from harming society! I hereby sentence you to ten years in the Port Herman Penitentiary to serve your time.  May your time there help you to reflect on the hurt your actions has caused another!”


Port Herman Penitentiary

It only took promising not to touch Jayson Berg again to learn that Roebuck was sentenced here to serve his  time. Looking at the calendar on my table, one month from now I’ll get even with the bastard for what he did to my little girl. A carton of cigarettes got me phone time from Tiny. My hands are shaking as I dial her number, remembering that it’s been ten years since I last talked with her.

With the receiver to my ear, I hear the other phone picked up, a hesitant “H-h-h-ello?”

“Hello princess, it’s daddy, please don’t hang up!”

“Why are you calling me?”

“To tell you I love you and that daddy is going to make him see the error of what he did!” Hanging up the phone before she could reply. Sure what I have planned for Roebuck will net me more time behind bars but my little princess is worth it.


One month later

I’m in the admitting area when I get my first glimpse of the bastard who raped my princess. He’s not as big as I thought he would be, nor does he look like the type who likes to get fucked in the ass. I know instantly who I’m going to include in his welcoming party

                                                          To be Concluded

November 02, 2017, 09:02:31 PM
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You've got some insidious plan cooked up , gsc, I just know it!

November 02, 2017, 11:04:50 PM
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I can't wait to see what you have planned.

November 06, 2017, 09:08:38 PM
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Well hopefully this will live up to both of yours expectations

Part Two

Approaching Tiny Thunderclef the seven foot Mi'kmaq indian serving a life sentence for killing two white men he caught raping a Mi'kmaq girl  behind a Wal Mart, his bitch Darnell Whitaker a six foot five hulking black man, in for armed robbery and of course my own little bitch Kenneth Jordain a six foot three white male from the west coast in for a rape spree of ten women over a four day period.

“Guys how would like to get even for my little princess being raped by the new guy?” All know exactly who I’m talking about, since they were cleaning up in the newcomers entry lounge when the newbies were ushered in . They also knew who my little princess is since I’m so proud of the only one good thing I ever did with my life

“You mean the one he been found guilty of raping is little Becca?”  I swear I could see Tiny trembling at the thought of my princess being used like that by that bastard “Count me and Dar in!” glaring at his bitch, just daring him to say no! Kenneth just nods his head, knowing what i would do if he refused to help me.

Tiny came up with the extra help I needed to set that bastard up. For over two weeks Tiny’s friends harassed Roebuck night and day. Before long he sought out ways to protect himself, eventually being told to talk with RT in cell block two. No one gave more than my initials to Roebuck,  didn’t want the bastard to have any thing that could clue him in on what was about to happen to him.


“And that’s why I’m here to see you now”

“Well I have to say normally rapists aren’t welcomed into our population when they come in!” looking up
at the nervous Roebuck “But for some reason they are being extremely prejudiced against you for some reason!” Inside I’m laughing at him “Well my help doesn’t come cheap, are you sure you can pay for it?”

“Oh yeah I got money stashed away in various accounts on the outside!”

“Outside doesn’t help you in here, what do you have here that I can use?” In my head ‘besides your asshole you fucker!’

“Well I got over a thousand cigarettes packs!”

“Great that will probably be needed to get you transformed to cell block two!” Pausing before continuing

“After that I’ll need something else if you want my protection while you’re in here!”

“Look I’ll do whatever it takes to get them to leave me alone!” moving closer, holding out his hand to me. I shake it even though I know that soon he was going to be shaking from having a train ran on his ass! He leaves with a smile on his face, totally unaware what i had planned for him.


Two Weeks Later

It was finally all in place, Roebuck was the latest member of cel block two at a cost of four hundred packs of cigarettes. Once there it was nothing for me to get him assigned to my cleaning crew right before we were assigned to clean up the solitary confinement wing of the penitentiary. The only thing i had left to set up was for the correct officer to be in charge of us while we clean, I only had to get Greenberg assigned to us. Three days later all was in ready

That’s how we came to be in Cell 1968  where we found two pair of handcuffs and leg irons.. “Jesus would you look at this!” Roebuck holding up a pair of handcuffs turning to show us then as I swing the handle of the mop at his head. Making contact like a thin baseball bat, snapping Roebuck’s head back  where it’s met by a left hook from Tiny. As he spins around falling to the floor  we use the restraints to shackle him to the frame of the bed

“Hey what’s going on in there?” Greenberg acting like caring guard even though we can see him sitting on a chair a girly magazine in his face.

Doesn’t take us long to tear the penitentiary issue jumper around the crotch, Low groans from Roebuck tells us he about to rejoin us as I take my jumper off, my hand on my cock rubbing it hard. His head beging to roll side to side like he’s trying to shake out the cobwebs from his addled brains.
Moving behind him grabbing a handful of his hair, pulling his head back “Wha? What’s going on?” Slightly slurred from a possible concussion

“Is that what my daughter asked before you and your friends raped her?”

“Wha Daughtr?”

“Rebecca Timmins the daughter of me! Ronnie Timmins!” Lining up, jamming my hard cock into his
asshole. Roebuck screams as I jam into the hilt, pulling back out then jamming back in over and over. With every thrust in he screams, motion for Kenneth to shut him up, accomplished by shoving his cock down Roebucks throat.

“Was it like this while you and those other asshole raped my Rebecca?” Pulling out walking away letting someone else have a turn, Darnell looks to Tiny who nod then he on Roebuck like white on rice, As our bitches makes Roebuck their bitch Tiny and I begin the next stage of my planned revenge.  One mop handle was pretty well bent in two, soon the other joined it companion, then both were busted in half.
Kenneth empties his balls into Roebuck’s throat. Pulling out allowing Roebuck to vomit as much of the cum he just was forced fed before Darnell pulled out of his ass only to jam home into his throat, fucking it like he did his asshole. Tiny looks at me and I nod my go ahead. Moving up, ramming home his 10 in long  harden cock in one thrust.

Even with a cock in his mouth, Roebuck screamed in agony as his abused asshole was torn apart by Tiny’s violation

“If I have to get up from this chair, there’s going to be hell to pay in there!” Greenberg makes no move to get up at all

For over ten minutes Tiny sodomized Roebuck after Darnell pumped his cum into Roebuck’s throat. “Hey Ronnie his mouth is free!”

“So what he not worth me giving him any cum of mine!”  Tiny pulls out of Roebuck’s gaping ass, giving me the chance to ram a set of mop handles into it , ramming it in as far as I could, tearing what tiny didn’t! “As he goes to scream Tiny choses then to unload his cum into Roebuck’s throat.

As Tiny pulls out , Roebuck’s starts to thrash on the bed, then stops, limp on the mattress. Tiny lifts Roebuck’s head, seeing his eyes has rolled up into his head  “Damn Ronnie I think he need medical help!”
“So don’t look at me, I’m a con not a doctor!” Walking out the cell door  “Hey Greenberg something happened to the new guy!”  Going back in, getting my jumper, putting it back on.

Greenberg comes in “Jesus christ Ronnie even i can’t cover this up!” moving to Roebuck, checking for a pulse “I have to call this in!” Using his walkie talkie  then taking the cuffs off Roebuck, moving to Ronnie “Timmins I have to place you under detention!”

“So what, I got what I wanted!”


Six months later

So I’m In front of a penal board, just like I knew I would be when I plotted my revenge for Rebecca. The only difference i thought it would be for rape not Murder one! As the three man panel looked on i gave them the answer i was more than willing to give.

“He rape my daughter, taking some of her spirit away, I did the same thing to him!”
With that statement I knew I sealed my fate.

“We have no choice but to sentence you to life imprisonment!” The gavel comes down and all i do is stand there smiling at the three of them!


November 07, 2017, 12:58:15 AM
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Excellent read! Brutal and bleak......good stuff!

November 07, 2017, 04:27:25 PM
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Glad you enjoyed reading it Vile8r