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WARNING!  You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person. If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

Good Girls Go To Heaven ( Bad Girls Go Anywhere )

An original story by Vile8r

“So….who do you wanna do?” Kari asked her friend, Trisha.

“How about I’ll do Kent, and you do Parker?”

“I don’t know. I kinda like Kent better.”

"Yeah, but you always get Kent! It's my turn today!"

"Okay, can have Kent. Now, let's go!"

The two girls opened the door and stepped out of Kari's bedroom into a larger room. It was the rec room in the basement of Kari's parents' house. On a large plush couch sat two teenage boys.
Both boys sat with blindfolds over their eyes. The two cute girls approached them, neither of them saying a word.

Kari Powell was a petite 13 year-old, standing only 4' 10". Her curly, blonde hair came down to just past her shoulders. Trisha Brown, also 13, stood a little taller at 5' 0". She had wavy, dark brunette hair. Both girls were developing tight, curvy bodies that made them look a little older than their age.
Kari, in fact, already had the largest breasts of any other girl in her class. On her small frame, they looked even bigger than they actually were.

The two girls, both very precocious, knew they fell in the category of what boys considered "hotties". The attention they received from the boys at school, made them quickly realize how their looks could be used to their advantage.

Kari and Trisha were both dressed similarly, in white denim shorts and tank tops. Kari's top was blue and Trisha's was a light green.
They remained silent, as they knelt on the carpet in front of the two boys. Smiling at each other mischievously, they reached out together and each began unzipping the pants of the boy in front of them.

The boy Kari was kneeling in front of was Parker Emmerson. He was 13, like the girls, and blonde-haired. Parker stood about 5' 6". He had that sort of a perpetual grin on his face that, to adults, gave him a look of being a "smart-ass punk". To the girls in his class, he was considered "cool".

Kari helped him as he lifted up and slipped his pants down past his hips to his knees. She licked her lips as she saw his quickly hardening penis pop out of his underwear. He could see nothing, but Parker let out a loud gasp as he felt the warm, wet sensation of Kari's soft lips around the head of his cock. It felt so good he almost exploded instantly, and had to dig his fingers into the arm of the couch, using all his self-control. Kari bobbed her head up and down, taking his whole six-inch cock in her mouth after only a couple tries.

 She took her mouth off him, then slid her tongue down the underside of his shaft and sucked his balls, taking them one at a time in her mouth as she stroked his dick. Her hand slid up and down his hard shaft with ease, from all of her saliva that was still there. Kari sucked on the tip, drawing precum from the narrow slit.

The blonde cutie had been making out with boys since she was 12. Sucking dicks was probably what she did the best. Among her friends, it was almost no big deal and preferable to 'going all the way'. Kari didn't know if she was quite ready for that just yet.

Kari prided herself on being very good at oral sex, she could get most boys off in record time. From the very first time she'd put a boy's penis in her mouth, she'd realized she seemed to have a natural ability for it.

Kari had once overheard her older sister, Skylar, talking to one of her friends on the phone. The gist of the conversation was about boys.
She'd heard her say, that when it came to giving blowjobs, "Some girls got it, and some just don't! Luckily, I do!"

Kari supposed, that like her sister, she also "had it!" The innate talent to be able to pleasure boys with her mouth. She knew Trisha was also very good at blowjobs, and together, the two of them had developed a bit of a reputation amongst the boys at their school.

She looked over at Trisha, who knelt in front of the other boy, Kent Lewis.

Kent, like Parker, was also a good-looking teen boy, with dark hair and the kind of sparkling blue eyes that seemed to make young girls melt whenever he smiled at them. Needless to say, he was also very popular.

He was leaning back on the couch, his head tipped back, as Trisha lathered his stiff cock with saliva. She had one hand wrapped around the tip of his penis, her fingers rubbing and massaging him, while her tongue moved back and forth along the length of his shaft. Then, she opened her mouth, and allowed her lips to playfully slip back and forth across the head, before engulfing him.

"Oh shiiiiiiiit!" Kent exclaimed, his hips lifting right off the couch.

Kari smiled to herself and went back to intently working her mouth on Parker. She slid her hands along his bare legs in rhythm with her mouth.
 Had they not been blindfolded, the two boys would have been treated to quite a beautiful sight. Two cute, sexy 13 year-old girls kneeling in front of them, each with an erect cock in their mouth, their heads bobbing up and down in unison.

Parker wanted so badly to run his hands through the hair of whichever girl was latched onto his dick, but he just had to keep them by his sides, gripping the couch cushions. Another rule of this little game, was that the boys could not touch the girls. It wasn't that the girls didn't want the boys to touch them, but they didn't want to give them any advantage that would maybe help them identify who it was sucking them.
Kari and Trisha had started this little game a few months ago. Kari's cousin, Alexis, had introduced them to the idea.
Alexis, who was a year older than Kari, told her about a game she and some other girls from her school had been playing. They would invite boys over to someone's house, when their parents weren't there, of course. The boys would be blindfolded, so they couldn't see anything. Then the girls would give them blowjobs and the boys had to determine who it was sucking on their dick.

 The girls had to be completely silent, no talking! And the boys weren't allowed to touch any part of the girls. The girls had to be quite creative to try and trick the boys.

Kari's cousin told her the game was a blast, and the boys really loved it!

Kari thought it was the perfect game for her and her best friend, Trisha, to try out. They already knew they were good with their mouths, having demonstrated their skills to some of the popular boys in their class. Several other girls got in on it too, but of them all, Kari and Trisha were the best.
She was bobbing her head faster, her right hand now clenching and stroking the base of Parker's cock in sort of a twisting motion. She had the top 2 or 3 inches of his cock inside her mouth, her lips wrapped around him in a tight sucking motion. She would take a short rest and allow her mouth to slide down on him farther. then pull back up and her lips would tighten around him again.

Parker would make soft sighing noises everytime he felt himself go deeper in her mouth. Kari didn't consider herself experienced enough yet, to try and deep-throat a boy. She and Trisha had watched girls do it on videos on the internet, and she'd heard other girls at school talk about it. But, for now, it wasn't something she wanted to try.

Next to Kari, Trisha closed her small mouth over the swollen head of Kent's cock and moved her head up and down. The sweet little brunette's soft lips were wet around the shaft and he could feel her tongue sliding under the head. He lay his head back against the couch, groaning.

Trisha put her hands up under Kent's shirt, sliding them up and down on his stomach and chest. She bobbed back and forth, faster, sucking harder, until she had maybe three or four inches stretching her mouth and cheeks. She was careful not to let her teeth touch his sensitive dick.

"Oooh, yeah, honey, suck it," she heard Kent whisper, as his pelvis pumped slowly against her sucking.

Instead she kissed and licked the shaft, then slid her mouth on top to suck the head more, while her fist pumped up and down the thick base of his shaft.
The girl began thinking of the wetness in her panties. A boy's cock felt great in her mouth. Trisha really liked giving head and she liked knowing that the boys liked it too. It got her very wet, and she knew that later on, she'd have to finger herself.

Sucking cock was fun, but like Kari, she wasn't too sure yet, if she wanted one in her pussy. Her older sister, Shannon, had told her it would first, anyway. But afterwards, she would get used to it and it was awesome.

Trisha had no doubt it probably was pretty fun. It felt really good whenever she had her fingers up there. But for some reason, the idea of a boy bouncing around, putting his dick inside her, just didn't seem all that appealing at the moment. The best part of sucking dick, for Trisha, was that she was the one in control! And she liked that.

Someday, she knew, it was inevitable. When she got older, she'd want to have sex! But only when she was ready for it. Right now, she just wasn't.
For now, she was just concentrating on giving Kent the best blowjob she could.

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Parker's dick was salty and delicious; it throbbed heat in Kari's mouth. She closed on it with her lips, sucking an inch in, making a vacuum around his peckerhead. Parker moaned in response, increasing her own arousal. His cock was fabulous in her mouth.

She salivated all over its head and shaft until it was slimy-wet, then with her eyes looking up at him, even though she knew he couldn't see her, Kari showed him what a good little cocksucker she had trained herself to be.

The action of her wet mouth sliding along his shaft was proving too much for Parker. He tried to hold on, he didn't want it to end, but being a hormone-crazy young boy, he had no control. Kari braced herself as she felt his dick go rigid, and seconds later a jet of semen hit her tongue.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he moaned, pleasurably.

She busily swallowed it all down, something else she knew a lot of others girls refused to do, but she loved it.

Kari pulled her mouth off Parker, and looked over to watch Trisha finishing up on Kent. He too, had already came and Trisha had dutifully swallowed his load. Now, holding his dick steady, she flicked her tongue over the helmet several times. Then holding his cock up a bit with a hand at its base, she kissed and licked down the soft sensitive underside. Kent groaned and pushed his cock at her face, smearing some saliva on her cheeks, while she nuzzled her kisses and mouth farther down the shaft.

As Kari watched her friend, she became aware of her vagina leaking juices profusely into her panties.

Trisha finished and both of the girls remained kneeling in front of the couch.

"Okay, guys, who do you think sucked you off?" Kari asked.

Parker spoke first. "It was Trisha on me, I know her mouth."

"Yeah," Kent said, confidently, "and I'm pretty sure I had you, Kari."

"You're absolutely sure about that?" Kari giggled.

"Of course," Kent insisted. "You always do the little licks and kisses down my dick after I come."

"Then take off your blindfolds and have a look!" said Trisha.

Kent's eyes went big as he saw Trisha in front of him. "You? Seriously? You were sucking me off?"

"Yep!" Trisha laughed.

"Fuck, I coulda swore it was Kari! You girls tricked us!"

"Hey, it's the name of the game," Kari said. "That was pretty good, Trisha, using my little trick."

Both boys had zipped their pants back up, and now were checking out the two teen girls, in their cute denim shorts.

"So what do we get now?" Parker asked, expectantly.

Kari stood up and took him by the hand. "Follow me!"

She led Parker to her bedroom and looked back over her shoulder to see Trisha nuzzling up beside Kent on the couch.

Inside her room, she and Parker began kissing and necking, as they fell onto the bed. It didn't take long for the teen boy to find the snap on her shorts, and to tug down the zipper. He shoved his hand down inside,  his heart pounding as his fingers worked their way into her panties and her sopping pussy.
Kari bucked her hips against his hand, as he vigorously finger-fucked her. With his other hand, he pushed under her shirt and inside her bra.

"Fuck, you DO give good head, baby," Parker whispered in her ear.

"Thanks," Kari answered back. "Your fingers feel good in me."

"Let me fuck you," Parker said, as he kissed her neck. He rolled over so he was right on top of Kari and began trying to roll her shorts down her hips.

"No Parker, stop it!" Kari said, as she pushed him off her.

"Awwww, come on, baby," he pleaded. "It's not that big a deal. Lots of girls do it."

"I know," she said. "But.....I don't want to, okay? I'm not ready."

"When will you be ready?" he asked.

"How am I supposed to know?" she shot back. "Someday....I guess....just not right now!"

"Okay, whatever," Parker sighed, as he climbed off the bed.

"Well, don't be mad about it," Kari said.

"I'm not mad, just confused," Parker moped. "I can't figure out why you'll suck dick, but you won't go all the way. Just doesn't make any sense."

"We're only 13," Kari argued. "We've got lots of time to do it when we get older."

"You don't understand, Kari," said Parker. "With guys it's a lot different. If we don't get to do it with girls, we ain't popular. There's tons of kids our age that are fucking!"

"I don't care," Kari sneered. "I'm not gonna be one of them. When I decide to do it, I want it to be a special time, not just because I'm helping some guy to be popular!"

Parker gave a little look of disgust and turned to leave. "I gotta go, it's almost suppertime."

Out in the basement, he saw Trisha and Kent having much the same discussion as he'd just had with Kari. She was just buttoning her shorts as he walked up. "You ready to go, Kent?"

"Yeah," his buddy replied. "Not much happening here!"

As they walked up the stairs, Parker asked, "So you got the brush-off too?"

Kent nodded. "Got in a little finger-bang and then that was it!"

The two boys headed out the back door and down the sidewalk.


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Oh what they can be made to do by older guys!

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Wyatt Emmerson and his good friend Reid Lewis were in Wyatt's basement smoking some weed and playing PS4. The two 17 year-olds had been friends for many years, having grown up just a couple houses apart from each other.

Smoking weed and playing video games or watching movies, going to parties on the weekend and getting wrecked, that pretty well summed up their mundane suburban lives. They did have part-time jobs, Wyatt worked at an electronics store in the nearby mall, and Reid bussed tables at a Red Lobster a couple blocks away. It helped them earn enough money to pursue their other interests which were, well.......what I just said earlier.

Neither of them had girlfriends. They didn't have a lot of luck with girls. It wasn't that either Wyatt or Reid were not good-looking. They were probably not the most handsome guys in their school but they weren't mutts either.

However, because they liked to smoke weed, and didn't at all hide the fact, they fell into that high school sub-group known as "stoners" or "potheads". Amongst their high school peers, it was a group to be derided and looked down upon. So of course, no self-respecting popular girl would ever be seen with a stoner!

There was a few girls Wyatt and Reid got lucky with from time to time, but they themselves weren't very popular girls. Usually it was some girls who wanted to buy some weed and had no money, not because they really liked the boys. They weren't always the best-looking girls.

But as Wyatt would say, " A fuck is a fuck, and I'll take it anyway I can get it!"

The boys looked up as their younger brothers, Parker and Kent, came down the stairs.

"Another productive day I see?" Parker said to his brother, as they flopped down on a couch across from the older boys.

"Fuck off, you little piss-stain. You ain't my dad!" Wyatt sneered. "And what exactly have you and your loser buddy, Kent, been up to?"

"Getting our dicks sucked!" Kent retorted.

"Yeah, right!" Reid shot back. "Where at?"

"Over at Kari Powell's place," Kent said.

"Kari Powell?" Wyatt asked. "That wouldn't be Skylar Powell's little sister, would it?"

"Yeah," replied Parker. "She has a sister named Skylar."

"Hmmm, she's pretty hot! What's this Kari like?" Wyatt asked again.

Parker shrugged. "She's not too bad. Pretty cute. She's good at sucking dick, I know that."

"How old is she?" Reid inquired.

"Same age as us," Parker answered.

"So how did you two losers end up over there to get your dicks sucked?" Wyatt said.

"Every once in a while Kari invites some of her friends there and some boys and we play this game," Kent explained. "The guys get blindfolded and the girls suck us off, and we have to figure out who it was who sucked our cocks."

"Man, that sounds kinda fun," Reid grinned. "Too bad none of the girls we know do anything like that."

"How many girls were there, and how many guys?" Parker asked.

"Well, today there was only me and Parker," Kent replied. "And then Kari and her friend Trisha Brown. But some days there's like 5 or 6 guys and the same for girls. Then it's really hard to figure out who's sucking your dick."

"You lucky little shits!" Wyatt exclaimed. "You're not lying about this, are you?"

"No," Kent said, shaking his head.

"How many times have you guys done this?" Reid said.

"I don't know," Parker frowned. "Four or five times, I suppose."

"Jesus Christ!" Wyatt spat. "You've had your dick sucked more times than me!"

"It's not my fault you're a loser," Parker sneered.

Wyatt jumped up off the couch. "You want a face-pounding, you mouthy little prick?"

"Okay, if you two retards think you're so smart," Reid said, with a cocky grin. "These girls that suck your dicks, do they do anything else for you?"

"Like what?" Parker asked.

"Like do you get to fuck them afterwards?" Wyatt said.

Parker and Kent looked at each other, then Parker gave a sheepish grin. "No, we haven't fucked them.....yet, anyway. They’ll make out with us and stuff, but they won't fuck."

"They won't fuck?" Reid chuckled. "Why not?"

"They're kinda stuck-up about that," Kent explained. "They keep saying they're 'not ready' for that yet."

"Oh, that old line!" Reid guffawed.

Wyatt shook his head. "Well, I can see you two just don't know how to handle girls. If they don't wanna do it, you just don't give them a choice! Girls our age, they know better than to pull that shit. It’s either put out or get out! You need to tell your little friends that too!”

"Yeah, you guys need to stop being such pussies, and just lay the law down to them. If they won't fuck you,  tell ‘em you'll find some girls who will!" Reid said.

"Oh, like you're such experts at getting fucked," Parker smirked. "You have a lot of advice for two guys who never get laid."

"Never mind how much we get fucked," Wyatt retorted. "We still know more than you when it comes to girls."

Kent and Parker began heading back up the stairs. "Whatever, we're outta here," Parker said.

"You remember what we told you," Wyatt yelled after them.

"Kids these days," Reid said, shaking his head. "Just a bunch of amateurs!"

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It was Friday night, a week later. Wyatt and Reid were once again hanging out in Wyatt's basement, trying to figure out what to do for the night.

“I don’t know of any good parties happening tonight!” Wyatt complained, as he rolled a joint.

“Well, didn’t you say your parents are gone for the weekend?” Reid asked.

“Yeah,” Wyatt replied. “They went to some party for my great-aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary.”

“Then, fuck, man! Let’s throw a party here!” Reid said.

“I suppose we could,” Wyatt mused. “But it’s gotta be downstairs. Mom just bought new living room furniture. If something happened to it, she’d freak!”

“Let’s invite some people over then,” Reid said.

“Okay, but we ain’t just inviting guys,” Wyatt spat. “If we’re gonna have a real party, I want some hot chicks here too.”

“Well, there’s Barb and Connie,” Reid suggested. “They like to party. And Glenda!”

“Uh, no,” Wyatt snapped. “I said hot chicks!”

“Good luck on that,” Reid sneered. “What hot chicks do we know, and even more importantly, that would want to come here?”

They looked up as their younger brothers, Parker and Kent came down the stairs. Wyatt was in the middle of lighting the joint he’d just rolled.

“Better not let Mom catch you smoking pot down here,” Parker said.

“In case you haven’t noticed,“ Wyatt smirked, “Mom and Dad aren’t home, moron!”

“It’s gonna stink the place up and she’ll know anyway,” Parker shot back. “Duh!”

“I’ll handle that, just never mind,” Wyatt said, inhaling deeply from the joint and passing it over to Reid.

“So what are you two nerds up to tonight?” he asked.

“Not much,” Parker shrugged.

Reid’s face suddenly lit up. “Hey, Wyatt, I know some girls we can invite!”

He looked over at the two younger boys. “What are your little blowjob honeys doing tonight?”

Kent shrugged. “Hell if we know!”

“Why don’t you get them over here? We’re gonna throw a party and we need some chicks here. Some cute ones!” Reid said.

“Uh, they’re only 13,” Parker retorted. “I doubt if they’re going to want to party with older guys.”

“Why the hell not?” Reid asked. “Young girls always want to party with older guys. We’re cool! Now get on the phone and call them over.”

“Tell you what,” Wyatt said to Parker. “You get those sweeties to come over, and you can party with us too.  Seeing as how Mom and Dad aren’t home, I’ll even let you have some beer and you can get drunk.”

“Seriously?” Parker asked, glancing with excitement over at Kent.

“Yeah, seriously,” Wyatt replied. “But you gotta get the chicks over here first! Tell them there’s free beer and weed for them.”

“Oh shit, this is gonna be fun,” Reid smiled.

“If you think they’re gonna suck your dicks, I seriously doubt it,” Kent said.

“We’ll decide about that,” Wyatt said, with an evil grin. “Now get calling those two. I’m gonna call up some people to come over.”

Parker and Kent headed back upstairs to call Kari and Trisha.

Wyatt looked over at Reid. “You know what we’re gonna do, right?”

Reid nodded. “Yeah, we’re gonna get a couple little hotties to suck us off!”

“Not just that, man. We are gonna do the job our pissy-ass little brothers haven’t done yet. Break in those little bitches!”

“You mean fuck them?” Reid asked.

“Yes, that is precisely what I mean!”

Wyatt called up his friend, Trent. “Hey man! Why don’t you grab Marty and Alex and come on over tonight. We’ll drink some beer, smoke some weed……and I’ll get you laid!”

“Yeah? With who?”

“Oh, you’ll find out when you get here,” Wyatt chuckled.

“Okay, man. We’ll see you in a bit then.”

After that Wyatt phoned his buddy, Josh, telling him the same as he did Trent.

“It’s all set up, dude!” Wyatt reached over and high-fived Reid. “Now I just hope Parker and Kent can get their little sluts over here.”

“You really think we’re gonna be able to talk them into letting us fuck them?” Reid queried.

“Hey, come on,” Wyatt scoffed. “They’re 13 year-old girls. Think about what girls were like when we were 13? We get ‘em stoned and drunk, we’ll be in their pants in a flash!”

“They are a little young, you know?” Reid said with hesitation.

“I know, but what the fuck?” Wyatt said. “I’ve always figured hot cunt is hot cunt no matter what age. If girls our age won’t fuck us, we gotta get it from somewhere. And just think of this……they’re cherry! We get to break ‘em in!”

Reid broke into a big grin. “Yeah! Fuckin’ sweet!”


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Upstairs in his bedroom, Parker was on the phone with Kari.

“What are you doing tonight?” he asked.

“Not too much,” she said. “Trisha’s here for a sleepover and we’re gonna watch some movies.”
“Trisha’s there?” he said. “Good.”

“Why? What’s up? You can’t come over, my parents are home.”

“We weren’t planning on coming over,” Parker said. “We want you and Trisha to come over here. You wanna party?”

“Party? You’re having a party at your house?” Kari enquired.

“Well, my older brother is,” Parker explained. “He said Kent and I can be there too, and so we asked if you could come over. He said yeah.”

“Who’s gonna be there?” Kari asked.

“I don’t know. Me and Kent will be here, and Kent’s brother Reid, and a bunch of other people, I guess. There’ll be lots of beer and weed.”

“Weed? So we can get stoned?” Kari said excitedly.

“Sure,” Parker replied.

“I don’t know,” Kari hesitated for a moment. “We’ll have to find a way to get out of the house.”

“Come on,“ Parker urged. “It’ll be a lot of fun. And…..we really wanna see you.”

“Okay, we’ll come over then,” Kari said. “See you in a bit!”

As he hung up the phone, Parker gave Kent a high-five. “Right on! They’re coming over!”


“What did Parker want?” Trisha asked Kari.

Kari, bouncing on her bed, said excitedly, “We just got invited to a party!”

“A party? Where?”

“Over at Parker’s house! His older brother is throwing one and Parker wants us to come to it!”

“Awesome!” Trisha exclaimed. “Are we gonna go?”
“Of course, we’re gonna go,” Kari scoffed. “ It’ll be cool getting to party with older kids. We just need a plan to get out of the house.”

“Tell your mom, one of our friends asked us to go out to a movie with them,” Trisha suggested.

“Hmmm, I suppose that’ll work,” Kari said. “It’s worth a try. Hold on, I’ll be right back.”

A few minutes later, Kari was back in the bedroom, a big smile on her face.

“Wow, Mom must be in a good mood tonight. She said we could go, but we have to come right home after the movie!”

“That’s perfect!” Trisha said. “It’ll give us at least two or three hours! But now……I’m gonna have to go home and get something decent to wear.”

“No, you don’t,” Kari said. “You can borrow something from me.”

She jumped up and began rustling through her closet. She pulled out a denim skirt with a black belt and a pink Hollister t-shirt.

“How’s this?” Kari asked.

“Yeah, it’s cute,” Trisha smiled. “I’ll take it.”

“Then I’m gonna wear this,” Kari said, pulling out a black and white pleated skirt , with a matching white tank top. It had a low neckline that would show some cleavage.

“Parker will love this,” Kari laughed. “I know he always stares at my tits.”

The girls were both wearing t-shirts and pajama bottoms. They quickly stripped down to their bras and panties and put on their outfits to go out.

After doing their hair and putting on some makeup, they decided they were ready.

“Don’t forget! Get home right after the movie!” Kari’s mom yelled at the two girls as they headed out the front door.

“Yes, mom!” Kari called back over her shoulder, as she closed the door behind her.

Giggling, the two girls ran down the sidewalk towards Parker’s house, about two blocks away. They were going to a party, all right. Little did they know, they  were going to be the party!


“So, your little friends are on the way?” Wyatt asked.  He and Reid had made a quick run to the local liquor store to get some beer and had just gotten back.

Neither one of them was old enough to buy beer, but Wyatt had an older friend in his 20s who would bootleg for him. In return, Wyatt sold weed for the guy, to kids at his school.

“Yeah, they’re coming,” Parker said.

“Good,” Reid grinned. “I can’t wait to check out these little sluts.”

“You know, you guys are kinda perverts, wanting to party with junior high girls,” Kent retorted.

“Hey, maybe they’ll learn something,” Wyatt quipped. “Now, do you two babies want some beer?”

He tossed them each a can of cold Budweiser. “You can get drunk, but if you fuckin’ get sick and throw up on the floor, you’re cleaning it up yourselves!”

“We won’t get sick,” Parker said, cracking open the can of beer.

“Yeah, famous last words,” Reid shot back.

They heard the doorbell ring. “That’s probably them,” Parker said. He ran up the stairs to answer the door.

A few seconds later, he came back down to the basement, with both young girls in tow. Reid and Wyatt’s eyes lit up, and their cocks jumped in their pants, as they saw the girls in their cute skirts.

Parker did introductions.
“Kari and Trisha, this is my brother, Wyatt, and that’s Kent’s brother, Reid. They’re both 17.”

Wyatt shook the hand of the little blonde, Kari. “Hey, my little bro was right! You girls are hot!”

Kari didn’t know how to react, getting such a remark from an older boy. She just blushed and said, “Thank you.”

“Well, let’s get you girls some beer,” said Reid. He had been checking out Trisha in her short denim mini-skirt, noting how well it hugged her small, round ass.

He handed cans of cold beer to the girls and motioned to them to sit on one of the couches.
“Where’s everybody else?” Kari asked Parker. “I thought you said there was a party happening?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Wyatt piped up. “There’s lots more people coming.”

As if in reply to that, he heard more people entering the house and coming down the stairs. Soon they were joined by Marty, Alex, Josh and Trent.
Trent pulled Wyatt off to the side.

“So you said there was some girls here that would fuck us tonight. Where are they?”

“Yeah, those two sweeties on the couch,” Wyatt replied.

“Them?” Trent asked, incredulously. “They’re like little junior high girls!”

“Yeah, but don’t you think they’re hot?”

“Well, I guess so. They both look pretty good, but they’re kinda young, aren’t they?”

“They are, but don’t worry about it, man,” Wyatt assured him. “We’re gonna break these little bitches in later tonight. You want in on it or not?”

“Yeah…..yeah, I guess so,” Trent smiled. “They both got pretty sweet bodies.”

“Indeed, they do,” Wyatt agreed. “And hot, tight little cunts!”

The action starts in the next post!

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Offline vile8r

Kari and Trisha looked around the room, noticing at the time, that they were the only females.
“Are any other girls coming?” Trisha asked Kent. “We’re like the only ones here!”

“Yeah, there’s supposed to be more coming, I guess,” Kent said.

Kari and Trisha were sitting side by side on a couch, with Parker beside Kari and Kent beside Trisha.

Wyatt had rolled some joints and began passing them around. Kari and Trisha had some and began to giggle to each other, as they felt themselves getting stoned.

The night wore on. The older boys were gathered around playing video games and getting stoned. Loud music was blaring from a stereo. The young girls began feeling the effects of the beer and the joints. Soon both of them had to use the washroom.

“Where is the bathroom?” Kari asked Wyatt.

“Oh, it’s straight down the hallway and the last door on the left,” he said, as he reached out and gave Kari a little pinch on the butt.

“Hey!” she snapped, slapping at his hand. “Watch it!”

“Sorry, honey,” Wyatt grinned. “Just couldn’t help myself, seeing a cute ass like that!”

When the two girls came back, Reid, who was getting quite hammered, yelled out, “We wanna see your tits!”

“Sorry,” Trisha frowned. “Ain’t gonna happen!”

“I’ll give you fifty bucks to do it!” Josh said, drunkenly.
“Still not going to happen,” Trisha retorted.

“Well at least give us a little panty flash,” Alex goaded  them.

“Your brother’s friends are being kinda pigs,” Kari complained to Parker.

“Ahhh, they’re just getting drunk,” Parker said. “They’re always like that when they’re drinking.”

Wyatt and Reid came over and asked the two girls to dance with them. As Kari danced with Wyatt, he brought his hands around her and cupped her ass, pulling her in close to him.

“No! Don’t do that!” Kari protested.
“Oh, come on, I’m just having some fun,” Wyatt said. “Lighten up a bit.”

“Well, behave yourself,” Kari laughed.

Reid was also trying to get a little fresh with Trisha. He reached out and ran his hands across the front of her shirt, trying to grope her small tits.
“Do you mind?” Trisha said, backing away.

“Oh, I don’t mind at all,” Reid chuckled. “Just let me have one little look. I love little titties!”

“Like I said before, ain’t gonna happen!”

The song was over and the girls went back to sit down with Parker and Kent. But Wyatt grabbed Kari and tried to make her sit down on his lap.
“Sit here, baby! You and me can get to know each other better!”

“Excuse me! I don’t think so!” Kari said, struggling with him until finally he released her and she went back to sit beside Parker.
“Oh, you got shot down!” said Alex.

“I think she wants you, though,” Marty added. “She’s just playing hard to get.”

“No, I’m not!” Kari snapped. She turned to Parker.

“I thought you said more girls were coming here? Me and Trisha are the only ones, and frankly, I’m getting a little freaked out. Your brother and his friends are being really creepy!”

“It’s okay,” Parker reassured her. “Wyatt said more people are coming and they probably are. It’s still kinda early, you know?”

“Well, if some more girls don’t show up soon, Trish and I are leaving.”

“Don’t leave yet, okay?” Kent said. “Here, have another beer.”

He handed both Trisha and Kari fresh beers. They were about the fourth beer each girl had had, and not being big drinkers, they were certainly beginning to feel the effects. Not to mention the several joints they had shared with the other boys.

Wyatt had went to the bathroom and while he was there, he was thinking about  the two hot 13 year-olds, and they were getting his cock harder the more he did. It was time, he decided, for the real party to start.

He came back out to where everybody was partying and sat down in his chair. He looked over at his little brother, who was sitting with his arm around the cute blonde.

“So Parker, weren’t you telling me that these girls like to throw blowjob parties, but yet they won’t fuck you?”

Parker didn’t answer right away. He was taken by surprise by his brother just suddenly blurting this out.

“Come on,” Wyatt pressed him. “Don’t play stupid! Reid and I both heard you say it!”

Parker was visibly nervous, but he finally spoke, noticing Kari glaring at him.
“Yeah…..yeah, I said that.”

“That’s what I thought,” Wyatt smiled.

Kari slapped Parker on the arm. “You asshole! Why would you tell people that?”

“I’m sorry! He made me!” Parker whined.

“Well, maybe you girls should give us all blowjobs, show us good you are! According to Parker and Kent, you really know what you’re doing” Wyatt said, with an insidious grin.

“We are not doing that!” Trisha piped up.

“Yes……no fucking way!” Kari insisted.

She and Trisha were both getting a bad feeling about just why exactly they were invited to this “so-called” party!

“Come on, it won’t be so bad. We’re all nice guys. We can play your little game,” Wyatt suggested. “You blindfold us and we’ll guess which one of you is doing it.”

“No! We’re not doing it,” Trisha said. “We don’t even know you guys.”

“If you do it, we won’t bug you anymore tonight,” Wyatt persisted.

“I think we should leave,” Kari said to Parker.

“Uh, uh!  No one’s leaving yet,” Wyatt said. “Not until we get our dicks sucked.”

“Yeah,” Reid added. “I think after we’ve given you free beer and weed, it’s the least we should expect.”

Kari sat silent for a moment, she glanced over at Trisha, then back to Wyatt.
“Okay, I’ll tell you what,” she said. “I’ll do you, but no one else!”

“Seriously?” Wyatt asked.

“Yes, just you….none of your friends! And not out here, either. Somewhere private!”

Wyatt sat for a bit, thinking. “All right!” he finally spoke.

“Awww, that’s no fair,” his friend, Josh, piped up. “You get your dick sucked and no one else?”

“Hey, it’s my house,” Wyatt stated. He looked over at Kari.

“Okay, we’ll go upstairs to my bedroom.”

Kari gave Trisha a nervous look as she stood up from the couch. “Don’t worry,” said Parker. “Just do it and he’ll be happy.”

Kari took Wyatt’s hand, and he began to lead her up the stairs. Wyatt looked over to the other boys and smiled. Trent high-fived him.
“Is she gonna be okay alone with him?” Trisha fretted.

“Yeah, she will,” Parker said. “Wyatt just wants a blowjob and then he’ll be happy.”

Wyatt entered his bedroom with Kari, walking over toward the bed. She was very nervous, having never been with an older boy. Wyatt could sense her apprehension.

“It’s okay,” he said. “We’re gonna have fun.”

He took off his pants, leaving his boxer shorts on. The young blonde could easily see the large bulge in the front of them. He sat down on the bed, and Kari kneeled down in front of him.

The next thing Wyatt felt was Kari's petite hand slowly running up his thigh, approaching his boxers.

"Fuck," he gasped, feeling each hair electrified by her touch.

Her hand reached up, and stroked his member through the thin fabric. Wyatt took a deep breath, trying to keep his composure. Placing her hands on either side of his boxers, Wyatt lifted himself off the bed so that she could remove them.

Kari held Wyatt’s dick in her hand, squeezing his shaft, slowly jacking him off. He was a little bigger than Parker, but not a lot. He was thicker though. Teasing him, she flicked her tongue over his head causing Wyatt to gasp.

Kari took him into her mouth, feeling her tongue slide down his length. Bobbing her head up and down, Kari clutched onto his thigh with her other hand, squeezing it. Kari let out a little moan around Wyatt’s cock.

Slowly, she moved her hand from his member down to cradle his balls. Wyatt couldn't hold back any longer, he needed to touch her. He stroked her smooth hair, keeping his hand on the back of her head.

Kari was not used to someone touching her when she sucked them off. She was just about to tell him, “No touching,” then she remembered, she wasn’t playing the game.

Wyatt felt Kari's warm wet mouth working on his cock. She was sucking lightly, her tongue swirling over his head, then running it up the underside of his cock, licking the whole length, and tonguing the hole at the tip.

He felt her full lips around his shaft and slowly try to take it all in. Her tongue undulating, her hand and mouth working together to stroke the full length of him. Wyatt tried pushing in until the tip hit the back of her throat, making her gag slightly and stop.

Kari continued sucking and slurping all over Wyatt’s hard cock. His hands were on the back of her head holding her, thrusting in and out, as he moaned in rhythm.

"Oh yeah……Uhhhhh…… oh yeah, FUCK!....... Mmmmmm, yes…….uhhhh……suck me Kari…… harder sweetie……that's the girl!”

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Offline vile8r

Downstairs, Reid had talked Trisha into dancing with him again. He was getting very aggressive this time. His arms were right around her, holding her close, grinding his crotch against her.

To Reid’s surprise, Trisha wasn’t really protesting. She put her arms around his neck.

“You like that, baby?”  he asked.

She quietly nodded. Trisha had had about six beers by now and had been smoking weed. It was becoming rather apparent to Reid that she was getting, well, wasted! Reid was getting excited at the prospect of getting into the young girl’s panties.

 Kent watched, realizing he was actually getting a little jealous at his older brother.

After the song finished, Reid sat down, pulling Trisha onto his lap.

“You might as well sit with me,” he said. “Your friend is gonna be busy for a while.”

“Who knows? Maybe I’ll get a little busy too,” she smiled at him.

Hearing that, Reid feeling a little bolder, began sliding his hand back and forth along Trisha’s bare thigh. His other hand slipped under her shirt and found its way up to her bra. She let out a little giggle as he cupped one of her tits.

“Hey, you should share,” Trent laughed.

“You wanna feel too?” Trisha asked, giving him a playful smile.

She jumped up off Reid’s lap, and went to sit on Trent’s. Lifting up her shirt, she let the blonde boy run his hands across her bra, squeezing her small tits.
“Oh damn, those are nice,” Trent sighed.

As he was doing that, Josh who was sitting next to Trent, reached over and squeezed her small butt.
Trisha figured to herself, none of these boys seemed that bad. What was the harm in letting them have a few cheap feels? She knew how far she would let them go and she would just say no if they started going too far.

After she let Josh and Trent grope and squeeze her ass and tits for a little while, she sat back down between Parker and Kent.
She took turns necking with the two boys, letting them move their hands all over her body. After a few more minutes, Trish looked around with a confused frown on her face.

 "Wyatt and Kari aren’t back yet. I wonder what is taking her so long?”

She hadn’t noticed Trent whispering something to Reid. Suddenly, Trent was standing up and heading towards the stairs. Marty was following him. Trent stopped at the foot of the stairs and motioned for Parker to go with them.

“Where are you guys going?” Trisha asked.

“We’re leaving for a bit,” Trent replied. “We’re gonna get some more people to come over.”

“Oh, cool!” Trisha said.

The three boys headed upstairs. But they weren’t going outside, they were going to Wyatt’s bedroom!

Reid pulled Trisha into the center of the room to dance again. He was joined by Alex and Josh and the three of them began taking turns grinding and rubbing their bodies against the young teen.

Trisha felt Reid’s hands go around her ass and pull her skirt up. As his hands slipped down into the back of her panties, she decided that was a little too much. She tried to pull his hands away from her.

“N-no….Reid……stop….” she whimpered.

Reid pulled her with him over to his chair, and collapsed into it, maneuvering her onto his lap. “You hot little cunt,” he whispered into her ear. “I wanna feel your pussy!”

Trisha tried to squirm away as he pushed her skirt up higher, his hand reaching in between her thighs. Trisha’s heart began pounding, realizing things were getting a bit out of hand.

Upstairs, the other boys  approached the doorway to Wyatt’s bedroom. Trent opened the door slowly, and they peeked inside. They could all see Kari on her knees, in front of Wyatt, her head slowly bobbing up and down.

 Wyatt couldn’t believe how talented the young 13 year-old was with her mouth. She put many older girls to shame! He was in total ecstasy as Kari concentrated on the swollen cock in her mouth.

He saw the other boys, and not saying anything, gave them a thumbs-up, and motioned for them to enter. He and Trent had already planned all this.
Trent, Marty and Parker entered the room and softly walked up, until they were right behind Kari.

"Man, this girl knows how to suck cock!" Trent exclaimed.

Completely shocked at hearing the voice behind her, Kari pulled her mouth off Wyatt and jumped to her feet.

 "What the fuck is going on?” she angrily demanded to Wyatt. “I said I was blowing you only!"

Wyatt stood up from the bed, an evil grin on his face.

 "No, you little bitch, the deal has changed. You’re blowing all of us, and not just that, you’re gonna be fucking us too!"

Panicking, Kari tried to push past the ring of boys around her. She was getting the hell out of there! Until Trent and Marty grabbed her by the arms and she was pulled back towards the bed.

“NOOOOOOOOO! LET ME GO!” she screamed. “I’m not fucking anybody!”

Wyatt pushed her back to her knees.

“Tell you what, you suck all four of us real nice, like when you have your little parties, and we’ll let you and your friend leave, okay?” Wyatt informed her.

“Do you promise?” Kari asked tearfully. “Where’s Trisha? What’s she doing?”

“Don’t worry about her,” Trent said. “She’s downstairs with Reid. She’s okay. You just do like Wyatt asked, and we’ll be happy.”

Kari looked around at the three older boys and Parker. Slowly, she nodded.

“O-okay…..I’ll do it…..but you guys HAVE to promise! You’re not doing anything else!”

“Yes…..we promise,” Wyatt reassured her.

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He sat back down on the bed. “So get back to work, sweetie. You were doing really good before.”

Kari resumed her sucking and Wyatt sighed, feeling the warm, wet mouth surround his shaft again. Her head bobbed up and down in a steady rhythm and she used one soft hand to rub and massage his ball sac, the other stroking him in an up and down twisting motion.
Wyatt was close to cumming and Kari could tell. She began to pull her mouth off him, but Wyatt grabbed her head and held her there. Kari frantically tried to pull away.

“Nuh, uh,” Wyatt said. “You’re taking it down the throat!”

“Uuuuummmmffffffffff…nnnnnooommmmmppphhhhh!” Kari tried to say, the words muffled, as gobs of semen were shot into her mouth.

She had no choice but to swallow, gagging as the gross stuff slid down to her stomach. Wyatt finally let her go, and Kari spit and coughed, trying to get the taste of it out of her mouth.

“Ughhhhhh! That was gross!” she said, wiping the residue off her chin.

“Hey, baby, Parker and Kent said you were an expert cocksucker. You should be used to the taste of it by now,” Wyatt remarked.

Trent had his pants pulled down already and was waiting to be next, stroking his fat, erect cock. As Wyatt moved off the bed, Trent took his spot.

“Okay, honey, do your best,” he said.

Kari’s face was only inches from the tip of his cock. She opened her mouth and began slowly sucking, but soon discovered Trent was going to be much more aggressive than Wyatt. He put his hands on top of her head and began to force her down onto his organ, trying to shove the tip to the back of her throat.

She started gagging but he didn’t stop. He had her by the hair, pushing down on her head, only letting her come back up halfway on the shaft.
He then also began bucking his hips upward into her face, doing his best to force his cock into her throat. Kari could feel his balls tapping her on the chin as she sucked on his cock.

The pretty blonde tried to push away from him, but the 6’2” boy was too strong for her.

“Come on, you useless little cunt! Get my cock in your throat, suck me, you slut!” Trent said.

After a few minutes of his pumping, her sucking, and his insulting her, Trent stood up and began pumping Kari’s face in earnest. She was choking on the long, deep strokes he was giving her.

The other boys watched in excitement, as he basically raped her mouth. Tears ran down her face, as she frantically pushed at his thighs, trying to get his cock out of her mouth. Trent rose up to his tiptoes, taking deep, deliberate strokes, trying to focus and not cum too quickly. After another minute or so, it was a moot point.

“Ahhhhh……ahhhhh, OH GOD YES! That’s it baby, don’t stop now!” He pumped her head furiously and Kari felt the warm gooey fluid fill her mouth. His jizz began to overflow and dribble out from the corners of her lips.

“Swallow it, cunt!” he ordered, and she took a big gulp which made her nauseous as she felt it slide down her throat. He closed his eyes and every muscle was tensed and straining as he gave her everything he could, his cum shooting deep into her mouth and throat.

Finally, Trent let her go and fell back onto the bed. He was panting and heaving after his first orgasm of the night. Kari collapsed onto the bedroom floor, gagging and coughing, trying to catch her breath.

Marty, a tall, gangly dark-haired boy stepped up to be next. He pulled down his pants and underwear to expose an erect seven-inch penis, the swollen head oozing pre-cum.

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna be like Trent,” he said. “I just want a nice slow suckjob!”

Feeling a little relieved, Kari knelt on the carpet between his parted legs, looking up at him, as her hand jacked him off slow and easy. Kari loved the look of pleasure on a guy's face when she had them under her control. It turned her on as well.

 She dipped her head down to flick the tip of her tongue across the head. Just once, but that was enough to send shivers up and down Marty’s cock and spine.

"Oh dear Lord, Kari, that’s good--" he moaned.

She just looked up at him, her young hands massaging his cock. Pushing his cock up against his stomach, Kari dipped her head down to his cock and pressed her lips against the vein on the underside of his cock.

Her wet lips slid along his cock vein, from base to just under the head. He felt himself throb in response.
"Oh shit…" he groaned in pleasure.

 Positioning her mouth above it, she took the head between her lips. Marty could feel her tongue lapping at the tip. She looked up briefly at him, her mouth still on the head, and slowly sliding downward.

Marty couldn't help but groan as he felt his penis slowly slide into Kari's mouth. He was not popular with the girls at school, and had only ever had a couple blowjobs in his life. Getting one from such a hot, cute girl as Kari had him quite excited.

Kari’s sexy mouth enclosed his hard cock and she sucked deeply on it. What she didn't take in, she supplemented with her hand, grasping tightly near the base, stroking and squeezing at him.

Marty used his left hand to hold her hair back so he had a good view of her pretty young face. He watched her lips puckered around his shaft, as her head bobbed slowly, guiding his swollen cock in and out between her red lips.

He didn't thrust his hips, like Trent had done. He just sat back and enjoyed the sensations. The teen looked so good with her pouty lips sliding on his hard cock. Faster and faster, her mouth moved on his shaft, and it became harder for him to hold back.

With a shudder, he felt his balls release their load. This time, Kari didn’t try to pull back. She closed her eyes and braced herself to swallow more slimy cum. Marty was in heaven, as he felt his cock throb inside her mouth, and felt the movement of her throat muscles as she swallowed.

He watched as she pulled her mouth off his cock, leaving his entire member shiny and still erect.

“That was fucking awesome!” Marty rasped, as he pulled his pants up. “Where did you learn how to suck dick like that?”

“Lots of practice,” she smiled proudly.

“Looks like it’s your turn, Parker,” Wyatt grinned.

Parker couldn’t believe how hard his cock had become. His underwear was literally soaked from his pre-cum. At first, he wasn’t sure if this was right, making Kari suck all of them.

But as he’d watched her, he realized how hot it was, seeing her suck older guys’ dicks. Now he was going to get his cock sucked, and it was weird. He hadn’t ever actually seen her suck his dick. He’d always been blindfolded during the game.

He pulled down his pants and sat on the bed as Kari's soft young hand clasped around his naked penis. She stroked him firmly, moving her hand all the way down, and then back up again.

Kari’s hand was getting dry and she spit saliva into her palm so she could stroke Parker's cock more fluidly. She looked up at him whilst running her tongue around the inside of her sensuous lips.

Parker gripped the blanket on the bed, the tempo of his breathing increasing with each passing second.

Pushing his cock up against his stomach, Kari gave a devilish little grin. Then she leaned forward, extended her tongue, running it from the base of his left sac to the top. The young hottie used her tongue and lips to great effect, encircling each of his balls. The older boys watched in awe at her oral talents.

Parker felt a tingly sensation course through the lower part of his body as she juggled his nuts upon the middle of her tongue, and almost lost all self-control when her saucy lips closed around his testicles. He couldn't help but stroke the tip of his cock as Kari lapped at him, a drop of pre-cum exiting his pisshole.

 With her hands now upon each of his hips, she ran her tongue around his balls. Parker could wait no more. He had to feel that beautiful mouth of hers pleasuring his cock.

 He took her right hand and placed his dick in the palm of it, her fingers resumed stroking it as she had done earlier. Bending his cock down, she opened her mouth wide and took him inside. Parker moaned in ecstasy as he felt Kari's wet lips enclose and suck lovingly on his sensitive dick. She even ran her teeth lightly over the soft head, curling her tongue around it as she savored the taste.

"Wow, you’re so fucking good," Parker said.

Kari, with her mouth wrapped around his cock, began bobbing up and down, sucking and stroking his throbbing cock. The slurping sound she made, was a huge turn-on to Parker.

She momentarily took her mouth off him again, licking and sucking on his balls, before her lips made a perfect "O" shape, and she guided his swollen prick back into the warmness of her oral cavity. Kari sensed he was very close to cumming and concentrated sucking on the tip, as she stroked his cock.
Parker let out an involuntary yell as his hips bucked and he felt the warm rush of his sperm. His cock jerked several times, firing ropes of his jizz into her throat.

Kari did choke and cough a couple times as she swallowed it all, then Parker watched as she slid her lips off him, his cockhead making a little popping sound as it escaped from her mouth.

“Damn, girl, you are something else!” Wyatt exclaimed.

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Kari stood up, relieved it was finally over. She had the strong taste of cum in her mouth, but she had done what they wanted. She’d sucked them all off!
“Okay, I did what you wanted, now I’m leaving. It’s getting late and Trisha and I have to get home!”

Wyatt just looked at her, with an evil grin and shook his head. “You stupid little cunt! You really think, after you get us all worked up, that you’re just gonna leave?”

“Come on!” she protested. “You promised me!”

“Well, I changed my mind,” Wyatt said. “Hot little bitch like you, no way we’re letting you go!”

Kari suddenly had a sickening feeling in her stomach, and it wasn’t from swallowing cum. She and Trisha had been set up for a gangrape!
This was why they had been invited to the party! This was why there was no other girls there. There was never going to be more girls!

Frantically, she tried to break for the door, but Trent and Marty grabbed her arms.

“Get her on the bed! Get her naked!” Wyatt yelled.

The boys threw her backwards onto the bed, and they pounced on her like animals.
Kari tried to kick at Trent and Marty as they pulled her shoes off her feet, then proceeded to yank her skirt down off her hips. Wyatt was busy with her tank top, wrestling it over her head.

Parker stood back , watching it all. He wasn’t sure he was into all this, yet as they slowly stripped Kari of her clothes, he felt himself getting hard again. He had never actually seen Kari completely naked, and he was getting very excited.
Getting her shirt off her, Wyatt attacked her bra. She slapped at him, as he reached under her and undid the bra.

“Get away! Get away! Stop it!” she bawled.

“Oh, look at those beautiful titties!” Wyatt yelled out, as he pulled Kari’s bra off her. Kari’s tits were quite a large size for her age, and the firm mounds stood straight up on her chest, topped with quarter-sized pink and brown nipples.
Wyatt held her arms as Trent and Marty worked her pink panties down off her legs. They could all see the pink folds of her virgin pussy, and its soft tuft of blonde curls.

Wyatt let go her arms and began pulling down his pants. He needed to get his cock inside this little honey!
As Wyatt stripped down, Marty and Trent pulled her legs wide apart, exposing her sweet pussy.

“Hold her arms!” Wyatt said to Parker, as he climbed onto the bed.

Parker pinned her wrists down above her head. She looked up, her eyes shooting daggers through him.

“LET ME GO, PARKER!” she screamed. “You’re an asshole! I thought you were my friend!”

“This is your own fault,” Wyatt sneered. “You’ve led Parker on like a little tease, now we’re gonna break you in like you deserve!”

“AAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Kari shrieked as Wyatt settled his body on top of her.

He reached under himself to guide his cock up to her pussy. Kari continued screaming, feeling the pressure of his cockhead pushing at her pussy entrance.
Wyatt put his hand over her mouth and with a heavy grunt, forced himself inside the 13 year-old. Only getting a little way into her, he pulled back and thrust in again, feeling her hymen break this time.

“Yeah!” he said, proudly. “Just popped her cherry!”

Kari frantically squirmed and thrashed underneath him, but the boys were much too strong for her. Wyatt began raping her tight young body, pulling back with each stroke, then plowing back in.

“Fuck ‘er man! Fuck ‘er!” Trent yelled out.


Downstairs, Trisha was also finding herself in a worsening situation. As Reid pushed her shirt up, squeezing and playing with her tits, Josh had his hand up under her skirt, allowing him to fondle and grope her through her panties.

“Get off me! Get off me!” Trisha bawled. “Where’s Kari? I want Kari!”

Things were out of hand suddenly and Trisha realized she was very scared. Reid was hard as hell, and he wanted to have his way with the young girl in every which way he wanted.

“Let's get her into a bedroom!” Reid said.

“NO…….NO…..NO THAT!” Trisha cried out.

She realized the boys intended to rape her. Where the hell was Kari? They needed to get out of here and get home!
“You’re not dealing with Parker and Kent this time,” Reid sneered. “We don’t take no for an answer. You’re getting fucked!”

Josh and Alex picked her up by arms and legs. She twisted and fought, her twin globes of young flesh pushing up against her ivory-colored bra. They carried her down the hallway to a spare bedroom  and threw her onto the bed.

“Be careful you guys, don’t hurt her,” Kent said.

“Don’t worry, little bro,” Reid assured him. “We’re not gonna hurt this little piece of prime cunt. We’re just gonna have lots of fun with her.”

Trisha had jumped up and tried to climb off the bed, but Josh pinned her down. One of her shoes had already fallen off, and Alex removed the other one. Then he was busy pulling her skirt off, as she kicked her legs at him. As her denim skirt hit the floor, they went for her panties next.

“STOPPPPPPPPPP!” Trisha sobbed.

She punched and slapped at the two boys as they tugged her white panties down her legs.
Reid jumped in and held her arms, allowing Josh and Alex to finish their task.


"Oh, shit, yeah!" said Wyatt, enjoying the sensation of his rock-hard cock buried inside the hot little 13 year-old’s tight cunt.
"Ohhhhhhh, yeah.... "

He pushed in and out, in and out, trying to go deeper with each stroke. Kari’s sobs and squeals were of no concern to him. Only his own lustful urges to fuck this young pussy and shoot a load.

Kari’s eyes grew big as she realized he was going to cum inside her.

“No………no……no….nooooooo!” she repeated frantically, but to no avail.

Wyatt gave a couple hard bucks of his hips and his cock jerked inside of her. His warm, wet semen spurted into her depths.

“Right on!” Marty whooped. “Fill the little bitch!”

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As Wyatt rolled off her, totally satisfied, Trent climbed between her legs. 

"Oh, baby!" chuckled Trent as he prepared to fuck the cute girl. 

He grunted as he forced his stiff cock inside Kari’s pussy .
"Yeah, yeah...."

It didn't take long before Trent was pumping his dick deep in and out of Kari.  Her body felt good underneath him, and he squeezed her young tits, using them for leverage.

“Ahhhhhh…..ahhhhhhh…..stop……stop…’re hurting me…….” She whimpered, but like Wyatt, Trent simply ignored her.

Wyatt and Marty kept her legs spread apart, allowing him full access to pound her sweet vagina. Not having fucked a girl in a while, it wasn’t long before he was close to cumming.

He came a little too fast, wanting it to last a bit longer, but his nuts unloaded before he could stop.  He collapsed on top of Kari, huffing and puffing. 
"Ohhhhh…….that was good……” he muttered, pushing himself off her.

“Marty... it's your turn... you gotta get your dick inside this girl! She is soooo tight!"

Kari was disgusted with how these boys so casually talked about her like she was a piece of meat. She saw the other boy, Marty, had his pants pulled down now, and was ready to enter her.  He bent over, kneeling between her legs, and pushed the swollen head of his cock into the opening of her cunt.
"I wanna fuck you hard, baby..." he grinned as he shoved his cock deep into her hole.

 He started driving into her with long, even thrusts. Marty pushed his hands under her ass and pulled her into him. His weight was all on her torso as he humped harder and harder, holding her ass as he slapped himself against the little blonde.

"Oh….oh…..oh…..oh!" Marty started chanting.

"Oh, yeah, Marty, fuck ‘er! Fuck ‘er!"  Wyatt yelled.

Marty was really loving Kari’s  cunt clamped down on his cock. He worked himself in and out, jamming his cock into her like a madman, making the bed bang against the wall.

"Grrrrrr!" he growled as his cock started to spew hot jizz into her.  Marty made more guttural kinds of noises as he held his spasming cock there, pumping into her. He fucked in and out a little bit more, just to get the last bit of cum out of his balls.

"Oh, baby!" he grinned, as he rolled aside.

Kari just lay there for a while, not knowing how to react to the abuse of her body by these older boys. She stared at the ceiling, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Parker! Get your ass on this bed now,” she heard Wyatt yelling. “Gonna be your turn now to give this honey some cock.”

He shrugged and gave his older brother a sheepish look. “I-I don’t know…..I’m not sure about this…..”

“Not sure about what?” Trent mocked him. “Not sure about getting your dick in some hot pussy?”

“This girl’s been toying with you,” Wyatt added. “Been giving you the blue balls! Now’s your chance! Or is this your first time?”

Parker gave his older brother another sheepish grin.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Wyatt scoffed. “Well, get to work! Gonna make a man out of you tonight!”

Parker was having some conflicting emotions. He was feeling a little nervous and apprehensive about how aggressive his brother and his friends were being towards Kari. But on the other hand, his dick was as hard as granite.

He had felt himself getting incredibly excited, seeing Kari totally naked, and realizing how hot a body she really did have for a 13 year-old. And it was also exciting now to think he was going to get to do something he’d been trying to do with her for a long time, but had been constantly shut down.
The prospect of getting to fuck a girl for the first time won out over any other concerns he may have had. He was a little embarrassed to undress in front of the older boys, but soon Parker had his pants and underwear down and was sliding between Kari’s legs.

He nervously lined his erect cock up with Kari’s slit. He looked down at her and said, “I’m sorry Kari…..but I gotta do this.”
She simply glared at him and then looked the other way. Parker settled his body down on top of her, feeling himself slip inside effortlessly. She was so tight and warm. His cock was enveloped by the velvety walls of her fuck tunnel and slowly, he began rocking back and forth.

“That’s right, bro!” Wyatt urged him on. “Stroke her just like that. Give ‘er a hard one every now and then, just to let her know who’s the boss!”

Feeling a little bolder, Parker pulled back and gave Kari a couple hard bangs.
She let out a little shriek. “Owwww…..owwww…..don’t Parker…..that hurts!”

Trent laughed. “When a girl says that……they mean it feels good! Every good fuck hurts a bit.”

Parker had his whole body pressed down on top of Kari, humping away between her legs. He didn’t have much of a rhythm, interspersing slow, long strokes with rapid, staccato thrusts.
It felt so good inside her. Parker couldn’t believe he was actually fucking a girl. He’d made out several times with Kari, but had no idea she would be this fun to sink his cock into.

But being a first time, Parker was not going to last long. He felt the cum racing up his shaft and he began fucking her faster. He slipped out of her, and quickly grabbed his dick to push it back in. But it was too late. He shot cum across Kari’s stomach.
His whole body shook and convulsed with the force of his ejaculation.

“Holy fuck, dude!” Wyatt exclaimed. “You had a big load!”

Parker smiled proudly, looking down at the puddle of jizz pooled on Kari’s flat tummy.
“Damn! That was awesome!” he said, giving his brother a fist-bump.

“See what you’d been missing out on?” Trent said. “You shoulda been doing this a long time ago.”

“Pl-please…..let me go now….” Kari whimpered.

“Hell no,” Wyatt remarked. “This party is just starting, baby!”


Trisha was on her back, Josh holding her wrists, her ankles being held by Kent and Alex. They had her legs spread, allowing easy access to her pussy. All her clothes and underwear had been stripped off her and were strewn around the room.

“Your friend’s got a pretty sweet body,” Reid remarked to Kent, as he took off his pants.

Kent had to admit himself, seeing Trisha’s naked body on the bed, she looked damn good. Like Parker, Kent had never seen a girl completely nude either.
Reid climbed on the bed, stroking his dick. He wasted no time in lining his cockhead up with Trisha’s tight pussy entrance. The scared girl wailed in pain when Reid slammed his prick into her virgin cunt.

He could feel her stomach muscles contract under his. Reid drove himself all the way inside her, until he felt his balls slap against her ass. Her thighs slapped against his hips.
He grabbed for her hair and clamped his mouth down on hers, muffling her screams. There was nothing she could do, Reid slammed into her again and again.

 It was the first time he’d ever fucked a girl so cute and young. And also the first time Reid had ever fucked a virgin. The girls he and Wyatt smoked weed with, and occasionally hooked up with, as well, were certainly not virgins! And not near as cute either!

As Reid forced Trisha to kiss him, his hips pumped up and down on top of the 13 year-old. Her warm body felt so damn good under him.
"You've got some kind of tight pussy,” Reid said.  "Oh God, that feels good!"

He couldn't believe her little pussy could feel so amazing. Reid stroked faster as he knew he was about to cum.
“NOOOOOOO……..please! NOT IN ME!” Trisha screamed out.

Reid buried his prick full in her pussy, feeling the sperm flood her. His balls contracted, and it was almost painful as he pumped her full of his cum.
The boy could feel her small breasts crushed against his chest, could feel her body shudder as she sobbed.

He didn't know how long he laid there on top of her, his dick still hard and buried in the soft warmth of her pussy. But then he heard Josh.

"Hey man, come on! Let the rest of us have a turn!”

Reid rolled off Trisha, seeing his semen dribble out of her little cunt. Her dark hair was disheveled, her body covered in sweat. Makeup was streaked over her face.

May 22, 2017, 08:54:41 AM
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Offline vile8r

“I'm letting Kent have the next turn,” Reid said. “This little slut’s been cock-teasing him for a long time. He’s earned it!”

Kent was busily pulling down his pants. He couldn’t believe he was actually going to get to finally fuck a girl. And Trisha too, whom he’d wanted for a long time.
“Please Kent……don’t do this……pl-please…..” Trisha begged him.

“I want you Trisha, I’ve wanted you for a long time,” Kent told her, as he climbed between her legs.

He fumbled around a bit, getting his hard dick lined up with her pussy. He smiled as he sunk himself inside her. God, it felt so good!
So warm……so tight!

Reid grabbed for Trisha’s wrists, and held them over her head as Kent began driving his prick home in Trisha’s pussy. He loved the feel of her hard nipples against his chest as he slow fucked her. The other boys could hear her grunt every time he buried his dick in her.

Kent wasn’t all that graceful, bouncing and pumping away on top of the young teen. Every third or fourth stroke, he’d slip out of her and have to feed his cock back in. But after a little while, he did finally establish a crude rhythm.

"That's awesome, babe, such a tight little pussy,” Reid said. “I wanna see you wrap those legs around Kent."

Tears were forming at the corner of her eyes. She whimpered, but lifted her legs over his back.

"Good girl." he clamped his mouth down on hers, letting his tongue explore.

Kent’s hands were clamped on her breasts, and with her legs around him, he really got into the experience of fucking a cute girl.
He knew he wasn’t going to last very long. With her tight cunt wrapped around him, it didn’t take long to bring the young boy to the edge.
"I-I'm cumming," Kent stammered as he quickened his pace. He could feel his balls slamming against her ass.

“Not in me, Kent……please…..not in me!” Trisha sobbed.

He wasn’t going to care at first, then had a change of heart and began to pull back out. But it was too late. His dick gave a quick involuntary spasm and Kent let out a sharp gasp as he shot a load of semen into Trisha!

He laid on top of her for a minute or so, just relishing having his cock inside a girl. Then he felt himself begin to soften, and he reluctantly rolled off her.
"Pretty fun, huh?” Reid asked his brother.

“It was the best!” Kent whooped.

“Well, now it’s time for her to get some Josh-meat,” Josh grinned.

Josh was not very tall, only 5’ 6”, but he was quite stout, with a broad chest and shoulders.  He wasn’t what you could call fat, but he sure wasn’t skinny, either.
He also had thick dark hair and bad acne.

Josh worked his heavy frame between Trisha’s outstretched legs. She let out a startled yelp as he fed his hard cock inside her.
"God, you've got a tight pussy!" he grinned with lust as he felt his dick encased by Trisha’s tight cunt. He began to pound into her body like a jackhammer. Josh’s body was filled with adrenaline, and he wanted nothing more than to batter Trisha’s pussy.

“Do like you did for Kent,” he said to her.

Trisha tried to turn her head away from him as he let his tongue run over her skin while he whispered to her. Reluctantly, she locked her legs over Josh’s back like he told her. He loved the way her soft calves felt on his ass.

Josh could feel the sweat forming on his brow as he used her young body hard. He pummeled her sex, slamming his dick deep in her tight pussy, his balls smacking against her ass. In and out, he humped her, pounding into her body.

Josh tried to hold off as long as he could, but finally he felt his balls contract and he shot his load in her belly. He growled as he rammed home a few more times, pumping all the cum he could into her tight snatch. Then, he forced his mouth on Trisha’s and made her kiss him until he collapsed his weight on hers, exhausted and spent.

The tears ran down her cheeks as she felt his cock throbbing inside her.

After Josh climbed off her, the other boys could see her legs splayed open, the cum seeping out of her snatch.

Alex, a tall, gangly blonde boy, dropped the sweat pants he was wearing, exposing a skinny, but fairly long cock. Wasting no time, he slammed his dick forward into Trisha’s tight vagina.

He jerked his hips, ramming his prick deep in her tight channel, surprising her with the suddenness, and violence, of his movements.
"What a perfect little whore," Alex said.

Trisha twisted her head to the side, not looking at him, crying hard as he slid his cock from her pussy, then forced it in again. Alex ran his hand over her small tits, then cupping her chin, made her look up at him.

"You're a cute slut!" he said as he stared down into Trisha’s eyes.

She tried to resist, but her nipples grew hard as his fingers squeezed them. Alex moved in, kissing her neck and sucking at her skin. She smelled and tasted so sweet.

Alex moved his body against her. Trisha whimpered each time he buried his dick in her pussy. He drove his hips forward, slamming the whole length of his prick into her battered cunt. Trisha could only lie there and take the abuse.

She could hear the jeers and hollering of the other boys, cheering on Alex. Quickly enough, Trisha felt his dick to the hilt in her snatch and his warm spunk flooding into her belly.

Alex collapsed on her body, his prick still impaled in her snatch. It took a few minutes for him to catch his breath again. 

"Oh fuck, that was good!" he sighed, as he rocked his hips slowly into the whining girl. Then he slid out from her tight, warm pussy.

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Very few writers can make the reader wish they were there  with your guys like you do vile8r!

May 23, 2017, 10:23:35 AM
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Offline vile8r

Trisha rolled onto her side as the boys let go of her legs. She pressed her face against the bed as she sobbed.

“Wh-why…..did you guys d-do that? You h-hurt me!”

“Oh please!” Reid scoffed. “You were wanting it!”

“No! I wasn’t!” Trisha argued. “Now let me go. Take me to Kari.”

“I don’t think so,” Josh chuckled. “I think Kari’s pretty busy right now, herself!”


Upstairs, Kari’s situation was going from bad to worse.
After a little rest, Wyatt, Parker, and the other boys were getting hard again.

“I wanna fuck her again,” Trent said, looking at Kari’s naked body curled up on the bed. “Damn, she was fun.”

“Oh I wanna do her again too,” Wyatt said. “But we’ve done two of her holes, I think we should break in the third one?”

“What? You wanna bang her in the ass?” Marty asked.

“Yeah!” Wyatt nodded. “I’ve never done it before, but I hear it feels awesome. Way tighter than a pussy!”

“I don’t know,” Marty shrugged. “Seems kinda perverted to me.”

“Oh, so fucking a 13 year-old isn’t  perverted?” Wyatt scoffed. “Believe me, buddy. You’re already down that road, no using turning back now.”

“All right, I’ll give it a try,” Trent said. “Sounds kinda fun.”

“Okay, well, I’ll need a bit of lube,” Wyatt said. He grabbed a bottle of skin lotion off his dresser. “This should work.”

“Get Kari on her stomach!”

“What? What’s going on?” Kari asked, bewildered as Trent and Marty began flipping her face-down on the bed. They pushed a pillow under her hips to lift her ass up.

“NOOOOOOO! STOP! I don’t want to do that!” Kari loudly protested.

“It’ll be fun,” Wyatt laughed. “I’ll bet you anything, you’ll like it.”

As she was held down on the bed, Wyatt smeared a big gob of lotion on the tiny rosebud opening of her butt.. He smeared more on the shaft of his erect dick.
“Here goes, sweetie,” he said.

Kari wailed as the head of his cock popped through her muscle ring. She yelped even louder as he eased his dick in and out of her tight ass slowly. Wyatt loved the feel of her anal muscles holding him tight.

She turned her head to the side as he lowered himself onto her. Wyatt gyrated his hips, helping to ease the head of his cock deeper in her ass.


“It’ll be okay after a while,” Wyatt said, uncaring.
Looking around, he saw a sock lying on the floor. “Parker, give me that sock!”

As Parker handed it to him, Wyatt reached down, wadded it into a ball and jammed it in the young girl’s mouth.
“That’ll help keep her quiet,” he laughed.

Muffled screams continued to be heard as Wyatt began pumping harder into her sweet little teenage ass. He could feel the walls of her pooper close on his cock, squeezing him hard, as he kept pushing deeper.

"You're so tight, aren't you slut?" Wyatt said, as he gripped her tightly by the hips.

Kari could feel him right up in her stomach, her whole body convulsing in pain. It felt like her body would split in half. As Trent and Marty held her legs, she pressed her face down into the mattress of the bed.
Wyatt was all the way inside the bawling girl now, pumping and stroking. This was way tighter than any pussy he’d ever fucked. He wanted it to last but the tightness was too much.

"I'm going to blow!" he yelled out.

Wyatt could feel his prick start to spurt, and he rammed his hips forward, making Kari cry out with the violence of the thrust, as his cock jerked and shot sperm in her guts.

He slowly pulled out of her, his cock streaked with her blood. "I popped your ass cherry, now you're a real whore," he sneered.

Trent was preparing to be the next one to mount the blonde cutie.
“I’ve never done this before,” he said.

“Oh, you’ll love it,” Wyatt grinned. “Tight, like you’ve never seen!”

Trent grunted from the effort of pushing his cock into Kari’s poop-chute. He had to work it back and forth several times, but eventually had himself all the way inside her.

“Oh my God, Wyatt! You’re fucking right! This is heaven!” he whooped.

He began to slowly stroke in and out of Kari, ignoring her muffled shrieks as another cock ripped away inside her ass. Trent grabbed her hair, as he pumped harder. 

Kari’s warm, tight ass wrapped around his shaft. The friction was intense, but felt so wonderful. He could hear her painful grunts as he drove his dick deep. She kept her face buried in the blankets. Trent came in her hard, his mouth hanging open and his eyes tightly closed. It was exquisite, the way her ass squeezed and milked him.

He pulled out with a satisfied smile. “Yeahhhh, that is the way to go!” he said.

“Get out of the way then,” Marty said. “I want to give this a go.”

May 24, 2017, 11:52:21 PM
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The curly-haired boy mounted Kari from behind, as she let out another agonized wail. She was loosened up a bit more now, but it still took effort to force his dick into her. Marty wiggled his hips, and sighed as he sunk in deeper.

Holding Kari by the shoulders, he commenced a slow, hard fuck of her behind. Her body rocked and shook on the bed, as his balls slapped against her.
“Goddamn……never thought ass fucking felt this good,” Marty said, sweat running down his face.

Kari had pulled the sock out of her mouth. The boys were no longer holding her down, as she had lost all her fight.

“St-stoppppp……owwwwww….owwwwww….it-it……h-hurtsssss……..!” she whined.

She could hear the other boys cheering on Marty and couldn’t believe how they acted like it was all a big game.
The final humiliation was when Marty came inside her, like the others. Kari felt the warm stream of his semen spurt into her bowels. It made her feel so dirty.

“Looks like it’s your turn now, Parker,” Wyatt said. “You wanna pork your girlfriend in the ass?”

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Parker retorted.

“Yeah, you’ve probably burned that bridge after tonight,” Trent laughed. “So you might as well give it to ‘er good while you’ve got her here.”

“I don’t know,” Parker shrugged.

“Get on the bed and get your dick in her!” Wyatt snapped. “You know you wanna do it, quit being a puss!”

Climbing on the bed, Parker guided his cock up to Kari’s abused butt. Even though he wasn’t sure if he wanted to do this to her, he still realized he was rock-hard. It made him a little ashamed, but Parker was also very turned on.

Kari was limp as a rag doll, as Parker started to push inside her. It was a lot different than entering her pussy. The walls of her ass were more rigid and gripped him tighter. Parker had to hold her tightly and really make shove his hips forward to force his cock inside.

But once he was inside, it felt wonderful. Her muscles rippled and squeezed him along the length of his shaft. Kari was well-lubed up by this time, and after a couple minutes, Parker was able to slide in and out effortlessly. The sensation of Kari’s anus around his cock was indescribable.

She cried as he slammed himself against her over and over again, Her rear-end slapped against him. Kari’s cries of pain were replaced with calls from the boys for Parker to fuck her harder and faster.

“You like that, don’t you?” Wyatt taunted her. “You like getting ass fucked? Taking cock like a good whore!”

Parker made quite the orgasm-face as he shot his load into Kari’s guts. He grunted several times, as he tried squeezing as much jizz out of his balls as he could.
Downstairs, much the same was happening to Trisha. The boys had decided they too should take turns on her cute little ass. They had Trisha spread out face-down on the bed. She screamed frantically as she felt Reid’s cock head nudge at the entrance to her anus.

He slowly thrust himself in, just a tiny thrust, and then pulled back out. Then came the next thrust, just a bit more forceful this time, wringing another scream from her lips as she felt the fullness, like a baseball bat, enter her tightest hole.

Reid had also found some lotion downstairs that he smeared on his cock prior to Trisha’s assrape. The teenager was thankful for the lubrication as his cock prodded at her again and again, moving deeper with each thrust. Finally, after a few minutes of careful nudges, Reid had his cock all the way inside her ass, his testicles slapping gently against her ass cheeks with each forceful plunge.

“OWWWWWWaaaaaaiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!” Trisha screamed.

"Mmmm…Fuck! You're squeezing me so tight, bitch. It's like heaven around my cock." Reid said.

"Ooohhh…uggghkk!" Trisha groaned. "Stttttoooopppp!"

Josh and Alex helped hold Trisha down as Reid punished her asshole. They cheered him on as he turned her body into a sex toy.
Reid pumped in and out,  slowly increasing speed. Trisha could barely catch her breath from the pain. It was like a white hot spear inside her.
It wasn’t too long before he was spewing his seed into her. Trisha buried her face in the bed as Reid thrust in hard, emptying his balls in the young girl’s pooper.

Josh was ready to be next, as he and Reid switched places.

“Pound her good, dude,” Reid grinned. “It feels awesome!”

Josh pushed into Trisha’s ass slowly, watching his cock disappear into her tight channel.
“Wow, this does feel great!” he said, as her ass wrapped around him.

Trisha’s lithe body shook, Josh’s testicles slapping into her shapely buttocks with each lunge. He gripped the girl's shoulders as he thrust into her, pulling her body backward to encase his cock more completely. Trisha’s constant trail of grunts filled the room, her body trembling as Josh’s penis rammed inside her.

"Does it hurt" he asked her with a sneer.

Josh was totally caught up in raping the young teenage ass. As good as her pussy had felt, her ass was even better.
Sweat was running down his face, when finally, he spurted his jizz into her.

“Ohhhhhhhh……man! Fucking awesome!” he said, as he allowed his slime covered cock to slip out of her.

He cleaned himself using Trisha’s shirt. “Who wants to go next?”

“I will!” Kent piped up.

Until now, he had been standing off to the side, watching in amazement, as Reid and Josh sodomized Trisha. His cock was rock-hard, and although banging a chick up the behind seemed rather weird, he was ready to give it a try.

His body trembled as he placed his cock against her butt hole. Kent slid it up and down her ass a bit before he started to push it in her. At first, it almost seemed her ass wouldn’t open to let him in. It certainly wasn’t as easy as pushing into her pussy. But with effort, he was able to enter her.
It was so tight, that when the head popped in and the sphincter closed around it, it felt like his dick was being pinched off. Kent pushed again and was able to get more inside her.

Reid and the other boys could tell from the wide grin on his face that Kent was really enjoying it.

“Fuck ‘er, man!” Reid whooped.

It was harder to get a smooth rhythm going inside her vise-like ass tunnel, but soon Kent was stroking slowly. The milking and squeezing action of her muscles around his shaft didn’t take long to bring the young boy to orgasm.

"God, Trisha! It feels so good to fuck your ass!" he said, while he slowly built up speed. Kent fucked her faster and used longer strokes, his cock almost popping out of her before pushing it back in. Her ass clenched around his cock and finally he could hold back no longer, and shot his load into her ass.

“Way to go dude!” Alex said, giving Kent a high-five. “You owned her!”

“How’d you like your first ass-fuck?” Reid asked him.

“Hey, it was your first one too,” Kent retorted.

“I know!” Reid replied. “Pretty cool, huh?”

May 26, 2017, 10:53:28 PM
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They turned to watch Alex as he mounted Trisha. She let out a half-scream, half-painful groan, as Alex pushed into her. He had to pull back until just the head was inside and then push back in. He went a little deeper, pulled out again and this time, when he thrust into her, Alex buried his entire dick in her bowels.

“Aaaaiiieeeoowwwwwww!” Trisha shrieked.

Alex started making short strokes in and out of her. Soon he was ramming in until his balls hit her ass cheeks. Trisha sort of reminded Alex of his own spoiled 13 year-old stepsister, Tiana. She had a cute little ass too. He wondered if she would feel this good.

Trisha tried to raise her head, but her body felt so weak from the abuse it was taking. She could only lie there and let Alex do his thing.

“Ohhhhh, gonna fill your ass with cum,” Alex said slamming his meat into her.

Her body started to tense and as he finished his last thrust deep in her bowel, he started unloading ropes of cum into her ass. He could feel her sphincter clenching and un-clenching his dick. As he pulled out, he watched the semen flow out of her ass and onto the bed.

Her once so-tight little butt entrance was now red and swollen.

"How did that feel?" Alex asked her. "I’ll bet it hurt a little, but it felt so fucking good too!"

“I think she loved getting raped in her slutty asshole!” Reid laughed.

”Please let me……go……pl-please?” Trisha tearfully begged. “I-I want to see K-Kari.”

Trisha wasn’t sure, but she could have sworn she heard a scream come from upstairs while she was being ass-raped. Was Kari going through the same ordeal as she?

As if to answer her, Wyatt suddenly appeared at the doorway to the bedroom.
“Well, well, boys! What’s going on in here?” he chuckled.

“Oh, nothing,” Reid laughed. “ We’re just having some fun with little Trisha.”

“You mean like we were having with Kari?” Wyatt smirked. The two friends gave a fist-bump. “Bring her out to the rec room, we got Kari there too.”
Trisha was hoisted off the bed by Josh and Alex and they helped her out of the bedroom. She had a hard time walking.

Kari was sitting on the couch, totally naked, her legs pulled up to her chest. Trent was beside her, his arm around her shoulders. Trisha could see Kari had been crying, and realized the other boys had probably done the same things to her as what happened to Trisha.

Reid sat down in a chair and pulled Trisha onto his lap. He looked over at Kari.
“So you girls see now what happens when you tease boys, huh?”

“We-we weren’t teasing you!” Kari snapped.

“Maybe not, “ Wyatt said. “But you were sure leading our little brothers on. They told us all about you sucking their dicks, but you wouldn’t do anything else. That’s not cool, you know.”

Kari glared at Parker and Kent. “You told them all that?”

Parker shrugged. “You know it’s true, Kari. How many times did I ask you, and you turned me down?”

“Well, I think now it’s time for these girls to clean our dicks,” Reid said.

“Right on,” said Wyatt. “Kari already did us. So she can do you guys and Trisha can do us.”

“Right on,” said Trent. “Make ‘em taste each other’s asses!”

“Please……don’t make us……don’t make us do that,” Trisha started to cry again.
“It’s only fair,” Reid said.

He pushed Trisha off his lap and made her crawl over to Wyatt. Kari was made to kneel in front of the chair where he sat. Reid pulled his dick out of his pants. Once again, it was as hard as a rock.

“You can get it nice and wet first, with your mouth,” Reid whispered. He looked down with excitement at the cute blonde kneeling in front of him.

Kari looked up at him with tear-filled eyes, and bent forward, wrapping her lips around the taut head. Reid gasped, feeling her warm mouth tasting him, sucking up the pre-cum leaking from his cock.

At first, Kari pulled back. He tasted terrible and she remembered the last place he’d had it. The thought was very gross.
“Come on…..get it in your mouth. I know it tastes terrible and I don’t care.”

Reid put his hands on Kari’s head, her blonde hair falling onto his thighs. “That’s it, Kari. Just move your mouth up and down.”

She was slowly bobbing her head up and down, sliding Reid’s cock between her lips. Kari grasped the thick shaft with her small hand. It felt very warm, and it pulsed under her tongue.

He reached down and fingered her nipples. Her wet mouth sucking his dick made obscene slurping noises. His hair hung over his closed eyes as he moaned, gently humping Kari’s face.

Reid looked over to see Wyatt on the sofa, Trisha on her knees, taking a firm grip of his rock-hard fuck stick. She slowly began to stroke the full length of his cock. Wyatt grinned as her hands glided up and down from base to head and back down again.

“Oh Trisha, that feels so good!” Wyatt gasped as she stroked his cock slowly in both her hands, running her thumb across the piss hole to smear his ebbing pre-cum all over.

May 27, 2017, 10:33:26 AM
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A perfect binge read before going to bed!

May 30, 2017, 09:50:29 PM
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Reid heard him take in a sharp breath of air as Trisha took the head of his cock and sank it into the hot, moist depths of her mouth. She made a face at the sour taste of his meat. Slowly, she began to work her mouth back and forth, sucking every time she drew back, and using both of her hands to stroke the hard shaft.

After a few moments, she began to gradually quicken her pace, her head bobbing up and down over Wyatt’s fuck-meat. The other boys could hear him groaning in pleasure, along with the slurping sounds Trisha made with his prick in her mouth.

Reid grinned, watching Kari lick his cock from base to glistening tip, swirling her tongue along the ridge of his cock.

“Damn,” he exclaimed, looking down at her sweet face. “The boys were right! You do suck dick pretty good.”

With the cute blonde on her knees, in front of him, sucking on his dick, Reid felt his balls swell. He held his breath as he unloaded in Kari’s warm mouth. Her eyes went wide, as he came so fast, she was not expecting it. She gagged on his thick cum, but managed to swallow most of it.
Hearing more gagging and coughing noises, Reid looked over to see that Wyatt had also cum in Trisha’s mouth. Trisha had never swallowed jizz before, and she almost threw up, but managed to keep it down.

She gave Wyatt a very dirty look.

“That was so gross!” she snapped.
“Hey, your little friend did it, figured you could too!” Wyatt smirked.

The next two to get their dicks pleasured, was Trent and Josh. Kari was made to do Josh and Trisha was with Trent.

Trisha took the first couple inches of Trent’s cock in her mouth, while at the same time she stroked and tugged on his shaft. Her mouth wrapped around his hardening cock. For the next few minutes, she noisily slurped as she sucked him and Trent gave answering grunts and groans.

Kari was on her knees in front of Josh, running her tongue the length of his shaft. After licking it for a while, as her hand fondled his balls, Kari worked her mouth down and sucked one into her mouth. As she sucked on it, she also swirled her tongue around it, really impressing Josh with her oral talent.

After a few seconds of sucking on one ball, she moved to the other.
“Goddamn! That’s good!” Josh groaned.

Kari pulled away from his balls and took him her wet mouth. Her lips slid along him as her tongue swirled against the bottom of his shaft forcing another groan from him.  Kari bobbed her head as she slathered saliva on his cock.

Trisha hummed around Trent’s dick, sucking and slurping, stroking the base and licking the head. Trent's body was shaking and he knew he was close to spurting. He never thought a 13 year-old girl could be this good at sucking cock.

She fondled his tight, round balls and gave them a small squeeze. He couldn't control himself, it felt so good. He just bucked into her face and let go into her mouth. It all happened so fast, Trisha didn’t have time to pull back before his semen was sliding into her throat.
Kari was vigorously sucking away on Josh. She would pull her head off him, releasing her lips from around his shaft. Then she’d slather his cock with her tongue, before going down on him again.

“Damn girl,” Josh said. You’re pretty good at sucking cock.”

She kept sucking away even as her jaw began to ache.  Josh began breathing heavily as he felt his balls swell. He gave a low groan as he came in her mouth. Kari choked a little, but managed to swallow his jizz while continuing to squeeze the base of his shaft with her small hand.

Just as Marty and Alex were preparing to get their dicks sucked, Wyatt put up his hand. “Let’s give our little suck-toys a rest,” he said.
The girls were happy to give their sore mouths a break. But Wyatt had other plans for them.

“I have an idea. I think Kari and Trisha should eat each others’ pussies!”

“Yeah!” Josh whooped. “Awesome idea!”

“No fucking way!” Kari protested. “That’s gross!”

“I’m not doing that either!” Trisha snapped.

“Oh, I think you will,” Wyatt said. “Because if you girls don't do as we say, we'll all take another turn on your asses, and I know  you ain’t gonna want that!”

 Kari and Trisha looked at each other. The boys were going to make them do something they both found disgusting. But the alternative was something they dreaded even more.

“O-okay…..we’ll do it,” Kari said softly. “Right, Trisha?”

“Yes…..we will,” Trisha whispered.

“Right on!” Reid said. “First thing I want to see is Trisha sucking on Kari’s tits!”

They cleared a spot in the center of the room and had Kari lay on her back, as Trisha knelt above her, straddling her body. Trisha started out rubbing her hands across Kari’s large tits.

She had never done anything like this before. They seemed so soft and squishy. Trisha felt Kari’s small nipples hardening under her fingers, like little pebbles.
She leaned down and began licking across Kari’s tits with her tongue. With one hand cupping a breast, Trisha closed her mouth around the nipple and began to suck on it like a baby.

“Yeah, just like that!” Reid whooped. “That’s hot!”

As Trisha did that, Wyatt directed Kari to take her hand and push it down between Trisha’s legs.

“Rub her pussy,” he said.

Kari placed her hand at the start of Trisha’s pussy lips and slid her fingers down the slippery. She lightly stroked backwards and forwards over her cunt opening.
Trisha was suckling away on Kari’s boobs, taking turns on each nipple. To Kari’s humiliation, she could feel her body start to tense as she realized her friend’s mouth on her was actually beginning to feel good. She let out a soft moan.

“I think Kari’s liking this!” Trent said.

“Let’s see some pussy action,” said Josh.

Wyatt helped Trisha turn around and get positioned so her face was down between Kari’s thighs, while her ass and pussy was over top of Kari.

“Okay, girls! Start lickin’pussy!”

Trisha had tears rolling down her cheeks as Wyatt put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her face into Kari’s crotch. She began to lick at the juices that clung to the edges of Kari’s pussy lips. At the same time, Kari was running her tongue around the outside of Trisha’s young cunt.

Both girls could smell and taste the residue of the boys who had just fucked them.

Parker and Kent watched, entranced, as their friends 69ed each other. It was one of the hottest things they’d ever witnessed, and their cocks grew harder the more they watched.

“Goddamn, that is sexy!” Josh said, rubbing his crotch as he saw the cute blonde Kari, lapping at Trisha’s sex.

The next thing Wyatt did was urge Kari to insert her fingers into Trisha. She slipped two of her fingers in easily, straight up to the knuckle.

“That’s it, baby, just like that,” he said.

Kari slowly started to plunge her fingers in and out of Trisha’s cunt; it was so wet the boys could hear her digits making slurping noises. Meanwhile, Reid made Kari open her legs as wide as possible. He had Trisha’s face pushed so close to Kari’s crotch, Kari could feel her hot breath against her moist lips.

Reid made Trisha use her hands to carefully open Kari’s pussy. Then she leaned in and began to lick her juices. Kari let out another moaned.
As Kari pumped her fingers in and out of Trisha, her fingers were getting coated with her friend’s cum juice. Trisha suddenly, involuntarily, felt her hips buck and jam down onto Kari’s hand.

“Oh, both of these hot little bitches are getting into it!” Marty said.

Wyatt had Kari stop fingerbanging Trisha and start eating her out as well. Slowly she began pushing her tongue inside Trisha. It was a weird sensation, her tongue in the other girl’s velvety little cunt hole.
They now had both girls busily sucking and licking each other’s pussy. It was then that Wyatt suddenly appeared with his phone and began taking pics.

“What are you doing?” asked Parker.

“What do you think I’m doing?” Wyatt sneered. “I’m making sure these two don’t talk about what happened here tonight. A few pics of them lezzing out on each other should do the trick. They won’t want their friends seeing this, will they?”

“Hey, that’s pretty smart,” said Josh.

“Of course it is,” Wyatt replied.

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With Trisha rolling her tongue around inside Kari, it didn’t take long before the blonde girl began to feel a strange stirring throughout her body. She realized her body was beginning to betray her……and she was liking what was going on down there. She didn’t want to like it…..but she was!

Trisha was also having the same sensations and began grinding herself down on Kari’s face. Her whole body shuddered and she moaned around Kari’s pussy as she felt herself come. Her juices oozed out onto Kari’s chin.

At the same time, Kari was also experiencing waves of pleasure wash over her, and she thrust her hips up towards Trisha’s mouth, trying to get her tongue deeper into her.

Both girls collapsed in a little heap on the floor, as their orgasms subsided. They knew what the boys had made them do, and hated them for it. But at the same time, were reveling in the erotic sensations their young bodies had just experienced for the first time.

Kari looked up to see Wyatt taking a pic.
“No!” she protested.”D-don’t be taking pictures….y-you ashole!”

“Oh, you’re gonna love them, sweetie!” Wyatt smiled. “And your friends will love them even more!”

Trisha also gave him a mortified look. “No! You can’t!”   

“Well, we’ll talk about that later,” Wyatt said. “But right now… girls got a little job to finish.”

“Yeah, I want my dick sucked,” Marty said, smiling at Trisha.

Alex pulled Kari over towards the couch and sat down, making her kneel in front of him. “And you can do me.”

With a tired sigh, Kari began licking around the head of Alex’s erect dick. She leaned down closer and licked from the base of his cock, up the underside and all the way to the top.

"Oh fuck!" he yelled.

Kari took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked hard. Alex leaned back on the couch and enjoyed the pleasurable sensations of his dick in the young girl’s mouth.

 Trisha, too, began sucking away at Marty’s dick as she knelt in front of him. She took her hand and stroked his cock slowly. Her mouth then quickly plunged down on his cock and took at least half of it into her mouth.

Marty watched as she slid her mouth down over his penis, her lips locking around his shaft as it disappeared into her mouth. She kept pulling back and then sliding down again, the smooth friction driving him crazy.

Kari’s pink lips were clamped tight around Alex, sliding along his shaft with ease. The teen sucked back and forth on him, bathing the tip with her tongue.
"Oh baby, I’m loving this!" Marty groaned.

As their heads and mouths bobbed up and down on the older boys’ dicks, Wyatt took some more pics and some video.   
It wasn’t too long, and Alex let out a loud sigh as he came hard in Trisha’s mouth. His hand wrapped around the back of her head as he held her. She coughed as she swallowed his warm jizz.

Moments later, Marty was lifting his hips off the couch, and his mouth hung open as he felt himself unload. Ropes of spunk went down Kari’s throat, as she stroked him, getting every drop out of his balls.

“Good job, girls!” Reid said. “You did a fine job.”

“You did,” Wyatt agreed, “but there’s one more little thing for you to do.” He looked over at Parker and Kent.
“What now?” Kari asked.

“Well, Parker and Kent finally got to fuck you tonight. And I know the boys really liked it.” He looked over at them and they gave him approving nods.

“So I think now, you girls are gonna fuck them !”

“Wh-what do you mean?” Kari asked.

“You’re gonna ride their dicks, is what you’re gonna do.  So get over here.”

Wyatt had Parker and Kent sit down side by side on the couch. They stripped their pants off, their erect dicks standing up. Kari and Trisha were brought over to them.

“Okay,” said Wyatt. “Kari’s going to ride Kent and Trisha’s going to ride Parker.”

Kari straddled Kent’s lap. He held his cock steady with his left hand as she guided herself down on top of him.

“Oh wow, Kari! You feel good!”   

Kent had been waiting for a long time to fuck    Kari. It was awesome having his dick inside the cute girl.

Beside him, Trisha had settled herself down onto Parker. She slowly slid up and down on his pole, getting a rhythm going, as Parker rubbed his hands up and down her back. Kent could see from the look on his face, that Parker was also thoroughly enjoying fucking Trisha.
And standing nearby was Wyatt, filming it all on his phone.

“Hey, what the hell?” Parker asked.

“Don’t worry, little bro,” Wyatt said. “I’m just getting some good video to show everyone what little sluts your friends are.”

Kent’s hands held Kari by her hips, setting an easy, slow pace. Her tits were right at his face level and he began running his tongue along them.

Trisha was bouncing faster and faster, harder and harder, on Parker’s cock.

“Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he moaned, as her tight cunt gripped his shaft. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he came again.

Trisha placed her hands on his shoulders as Parker squeezed her small breasts, stimulating her swollen nipples with his thumb and forefinger. She moaned, pressing herself down, harder, against him.

“Yeah, she’s liking it,” Josh said. “The little slut likes to ride dick.”

All the other guys had gathered around in a small semi-circle to watch Kari and Trisha with the two young boys.
Kari was riding and sliding on Kent’s swollen cock, moving faster with more confidence. Kent reached around, squeezing Kari’s ass cheeks, as he raised his hips.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” he exclaimed as he came inside her. He felt his cock jerk and twitch inside Kari’s pussy.

Beside him, Parker also finally came inside Trisha. She had wrapped her arms around his neck and hung on tightly, as he pushed up into her. His balls were ready to explode, and it was such a relief when he spurted into her tight channel.

The older boys all cheered and whooped as they watched the little fuck-show.
“Excellent!” Wyatt grinned. “Got myself a good little movie here.”

“Please ……don’t show it to anyone,” Kari pleaded.

“Oh…..I’ll think about it,” Wyatt smirked.

“What are you gonna do to make sure we don’t?” asked Reid.

“We promise……we won’t tell anyone about tonight!” Kari said.

“Yeah…..we promise!” Trisha added.

“I’d like to believe you,” Wyatt said. “I really would. But I’m gonna hang onto this video just to make sure you do……and all the other pics I took.”

“Can we go now?” asked Trisha. “It’s getting late and we’re past our curfew. We’re gonna be in a lot of trouble.”

“Yeah, we’ll let you go,” Wyatt said. “We’ve had our fun.”
“We need our clothes,” Kari said.

The guys helped them round up their clothes, although they weren’t allowed to put their panties back on.

“You two give your panties to Parker and Kent,” Reid said. “That can be a memento of them losing their cherries.”

Before the girls were allowed to leave, they had to go around and give each of the guys a kiss. Wyatt and Reid were the last they came to.

“You remember now,” Wyatt whispered to Kari and Trisha. “Remember what I have on my phone. And there’s one more thing.”
“What?” Kari hissed.

“That little game you play with Parker and Kent? You’re gonna start playing that with me and the boys, you got me?”

The girls looked at each other, then slowly nodded. “Yes, okay,” Kari replied.

“Okay,” Wyatt smiled. “Parker will tell you when to come over. See you girls around, and thanks for the fun night!”

Their pussies and asses aching horribly, the two young girls started walking home.

                                                                                          THE END