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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy. Any similarities to real people, places or situations is purely coincidental and not intended!

Going To The Wrong Dealer

An original story by Vile8r

   Gil Davies and his friends liked spending Saturday afternoons at Dane’s house. They would sit around, listening to rock music on the stereo or watching movies, and getting drunk and stoned.

  Dane Martin’s house was kind of a local hangout for them. It was out in the countryside, several miles from the town of Ashwood and was quite secluded. It was at the end of a blind road, surrounded by heavy forest and the closest neighbour was two miles away. It was the perfect place to raise a little hell and not disturb anyone.

 It also worked out well for Dane’s line of work. Well, one of his line’s of work. Dane’s legitimate business was a motorcycle repair and restoration shop. He was a motorcycle mechanic and he had a good reputation as a guy who could  fix almost anything.
   He would also restore old bikes for people. Sometimes, he would go out and buy old Harleys and Indians and Nortons, bring them back to his shop and lovingly restore them, then sell them for a profit. It was a lucrative business and he was good at it, in spite of his age.

  Dane was only 28, but he had grown up around motorbikes. He knew them in and out. His father had operated a Harley-Davidson dealership and repair shop in Ashwood for many years. Dane’s dad had died a few years ago from cancer and his mother sold the dealership and moved to Florida.

Dane’s father left him a sizable chunk of cash for an inheritance, and Dane had used the money to purchase this acreage out in the countryside and start up his own motorcycle shop. Like I said, that was his legitimate business!

His other, less legitimate business, was that Dane was a drug dealer. Dane wasn’t a real big time dealer. He stayed away from the heavy stuff like cocaine and heroin and crack. What he mostly sold was marijuana and hash. Once in a while, if he could acquire some, he would dabble in selling ecstasy and magic mushrooms. But his bread and butter was his weed.

Gil and his friends liked buying their pot from Dane. He treated them pretty good and didn’t try to rip them off like the dealers in town sometimes did. Dane was pretty close to their own age too, which was nice. He had went to high school with Gil’s older brother, Randy.

Gil was 24. His buddies, Patrick and Evan, were both 23. His other buddy,  Pete, was 22. They had all grown up together in Ashwood. None of them had attended college, instead just hanging around their hometown and finding work there.

Gil worked at his uncle’s car dealership, where he was apprenticing to be an auto mechanic. Evan and Pete had jobs at the big lumber mill on the edge of town, Ashwood’s largest employer. Patrick worked at a computer and home electronics store.

They were mostly just good ol’ small town redneck boys, who worked during the week and partied hard on the weekends. Getting drunk, getting stoned and getting fucked! Once in a while, if they tired of chasing the local girls, they would make the two hour drive to nearby Grande Pointe and spend a weekend in the big city. It wasn’t really a “big” city, but it was about three times the size of Ashwood, so yeah, to the boys it was a city!

Today the boys had been bored, and not knowing what else to do, decided to head out to Dane’s. It had been payday on Friday, and Gil wanted to buy some weed anyway.

The boys sat around on the huge veranda that stretched across the front of Dane’s house. It was a hot, sunny day, and the boys enjoyed the cool shade on the veranda. Perfect for having a few beers and passing around a joint. Dane’s stereo, inside the house, boomed out some Ozzy Osbourne.

“Fuck man, I love it out here,” said Gil, exhaling a big cloud of pot smoke.

“Too bad it’s so far out of town,” Patrick remarked. “It’s like a ten mile drive!”

“Hey, that’s what makes it so great,” said Dane, lounging in a big wooden rocking chair. “It’s perfect! No nosy neighbours, lots of privacy. I never get bothered out here. It‘s one of the reasons I bought this place.”

“Yeah, lots of privacy, that’s for sure!” said Evan.

“I can throw a fuckin’ house wrecker of a party out here and never have to worry about the cops getting called,” laughed Dane.

“You know what could be really good?” asked Pete. “You could bring a girl out here and do whatever the hell you wanted with her. Let her make all the noise she wanted!”

“Yeah, let the bitch scream,” chuckled Gil as he and Pete high-fived. “Just pound ‘er!”

“Who says I haven’t done that already?” said Dane.

“You have?” asked Evan. “Fuck, tell us about it!”
“I ain’t gonna tell you any details,” said Dane. “Let’s just say, I’ve had my share of fun out here. Might not have been completely fun for them, but I had a good time!”

“Who was it?” asked Patrick. “Any girls we know?”

“Like I said,” said Dane impatiently, “I ain’t telling. What happens out here, stays out here!”

“Shit, that is awesome!” said Gil. He thought for a minute, then spoke again.

“So, hey Dane. What if we were to bring a chick out here sometime and we wanted to bang her? Would you be up for a little party with her?”

“Of course, dude! Who am I to turn down a free piece of ass, especially if she was hot?” said Dane.

Patrick looked at Gil and grinned. “That would be a great idea, bud! Gee, I wonder who we could talk into doing something like that?”

“That’s just the point,” said Dane as he took a swig of cold beer. “You don’t worry about if they’re willing or not.”

“Now Gil, how much of this weed did you say you wanted?”
  It was now a couple weeks later. Patrick was on his coffee break in the employee lounge of the BestDeal Home Electronics store where he worked. It was Friday and he’d be off in a few hours. Thank God! It had been a long week.

  Patrick had worked at BestDeal for three years now. He had worked his way up to Senior Sales Associate and was told he was next in line for an assistant manager position.

He looked up as an attractive girl entered the room. It was Sarah, the new junior sales associate they had hired just two weeks ago. 

Sarah was 24 years old. She wasn’t very tall at only 5’ 3” in height and weighing around 115 lb. She had gorgeous reddish-brown hair and a very captivating face. Sensuous eyes and a smile that automatically lit up the room when she walked in. Sarah had beautiful perky breasts, about a 32B, and a firm toned body.

  The black pants she wore clung tightly to the curves of her hips and her luscious ass. She wore a white short-sleeved shirt and a red vest emblazoned with the BestDeal logo and her name tag.

Patrick didn’t know a whole lot about her, except that she had moved to Ashwood a few weeks ago. She had no family in town and hadn’t made a lot of friends yet, except for a couple of the other girls who worked at the store.

All Patrick knew, she was damn hot! He had had his eye on her since he met her. It was always nice to see a new girl in Ashwood. They were few and far between! And it was even nicer that he got to work with her. Patrick knew if he played his cards right, it would possibly only be a matter of time before he got between her legs.

Sarah got a Pepsi from the vending machine and sat down at the table across from Patrick. He couldn’t help but notice how her tits jutted out as she took a swig from the can of soda.

“Oh God,” she said. “I’m just beat. It’s been a long day with this sale going on!”

“Yeah, I know,” said Patrick. “Everyone’s been working hard. But we moved a lot of inventory today. Stan will be impressed, and that doesn’t happen often!”

Stan Lofgren was the manager at BestDeal.

“All I know is, I can’t wait for closing time,” said Sarah. “I’m gonna go home, put my feet up and soak in the tub for an hour.”

Hmmmm, thought Patrick. I would love to join you in that tub! 

“What I could really use is a good joint,” she said with a grin.

“A joint?” asked Patrick. “Like a marijuana joint?”

Sarah looked at him with raised eyebrows. “No, with cotton candy in it! Of course a marijuana joint!”

Patrick blushed as he realized how stupid he just made himself sound.
“Oh, ummm, sorry. Kind of a stupid thing to say, I guess,” he said. “You just don’t look like someone who……does that kind of thing.”

“And you’re an expert on knowing these kinds of things?” asked Sarah sarcastically. “Let me tell you, I’ve smoked my fair share over the years, okay?”

Patrick looked over his shoulder. “Well, don’t blab that too loud, Sarah. You don’t want someone to hear you.”

“Oh, don’t go all high and mighty on me,” she scoffed. “I know you do it too, Patrick.”

“What? Smoke dope? How do you know?” asked Patrick.

“I’ve heard you talking on your phone with your friends,” she explained. “I know what kind of stuff you do.”

Patrick blushed again.

“So,” said Sarah in a low voice as she leaned over the table towards Patrick. “Where do you guys score around this town?”

“Why? You looking for some?” asked Patrick.

“Yeah, I am,” replied Sarah. “I had some when I first moved here, but it’s almost gone now and I don’t know where to go to get more. I don’t know that many people around town yet.”

“Well, I can probably help you,” said Patrick. “I know a guy. He’s got good shit.”

“Can I get some from him? What’s his name and where does he live?”

“His name is Dane but he lives way out in the country. Tell you what. Me and my buddies know him pretty good, and if you want, I can arrange with him to get you a score.”

“That’d be awesome!” Sarah gushed. “Thanks Patrick!”

“Okay,” he said. “Well, I’ll phone him tonight and make the arrangements and we can go out there tomorrow. I’ll call you later.”

“You bet,” she said. “Now I guess I better get back to work. I probably have customers waiting.”

Patrick watched as she threw her empty pop can in the recycle bin and walked past him out the room. As she swept past him, he caught a scent of her perfume. Damn, that girl smells good!

Patrick was deep in thought as he finished his cup of coffee. His brain was suddenly going into overdrive as the germs of an idea suddenly began to form. He smiled to himself as he got up from the table. Yeah, she’d be perfect!

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What a concept committing a crime while encouraging criminal activity! You sir are a genius!

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Later that night after work, Patrick was over at Gil’s place. He lived in a small two bedroom house, that was basically just a party shack. Evan and Pete were also there. The four boys were sitting in Gil’s messy living room, playing video games on his Xbox and getting stoned.
  “So guys, we gotta go out to Dane’s tomorrow,” said Patrick.

“Why?” asked Gil as he rolled a joint on his coffee table.

“That new chick at work. She wants to score some weed and I told her she could get some from Dane.”

“A new chick?” asked Pete excitedly.

“Is she hot” asked Evan.

“I told you guys about her already! When she first started at the store. She’s a red head….24 years old…..sweet body, remember?

“Yeah, I remember you telling us about her!” said Gil. “Her name’s Sarah, right?”

“Yeah!” said Patrick.
“I thought you said you were going to bring her over some night to meet us?” said Gil.

“I will,” said Patrick. “But she said she’s still getting settled in and isn’t ready to start meeting a lot of people just yet. But man, I gotta tell you, she is seriously bang-able!”

“Well, she sounds like a decent chick if she likes to smoke weed,” said Pete.

Patrick sat quietly for a minute, then spoke up.
“You guys remember that little talk we had with Dane a couple weeks ago? When we talked about how awesome it would be to have a girl out there and we could basically do anything we wanted with her?”

“Yeah, I remember that,” said Evan.

“I think this Sarah would be a good one!” said Patrick, looking at everybody around the small room.

“You mean to bang?” asked Gil.

“Damn right,” replied Patrick. “She’s perfect. She’s fucking hot, which is a bonus right off the bat. Plus she has hardly any other friends around town or any family. And she’s a bit on the naïve side too, I must say. I told her about Dane and she was just like, ’well let’s go see him then!’ “

“Sounds a bit ditzy,” said Pete. “The important thing is, does she fuck?”
“Hey, don’t you remember what Dane said?” asked Gil. “It doesn’t matter if she wants to do it or not. You just fuckin’ make ‘er!”

“Exactly,” agreed Patrick. “We could have ourselves a nice little party out there!”

“Oh shit, yeah!” whooped Evan. “Count me in!”

“Me too,” said Pete. “I’d love to nail some new cunt!”

“Dane would be right into it too!” said Gil.

“Phone him up and tell him,” said Patrick. “We gotta phone him anyway and tell him we’re coming out. You know he doesn’t like people just dropping in unannounced.”

Gil picked up his cell phone and called Dane.

“Hey Dane, what’s happening?” asked Gil as he heard Dane answer at the other end.

“Not much.”

“You gonna be home tomorrow? Me and the boys were thinking about coming out.”

“Yeah, sure! I’ll be around.”

“Good! And do you, ummm, still have some of that good weed you sold me last week?”

“Yeah, I do. You want some more?”

“Well, it’s not for me. There’s a girl… in Ashwood, she’s looking for some.”

Dane’s voice perked up over the phone.
“A chick, huh? Do I know her? Is she hot?”
“No,” replied Gil. “You don’t know her. She’s new in town, She works with Patrick. He says she’s pretty hot. Anyway, we were kinda wondering, would you be up for a little party if we bring this chick out with us tomorrow? Remember we talked about that a couple weeks ago?”

“What the fuck do you think, Gil?” Dane asked sarcastically. “Of course, I’d be up for a party! You, uh, bring this little honey along with you and I’ll, uh, check her out. See what I think of her.”
“Okay then, we’ll be there! See you tomorrow.” Gil hung up and smiled.

“Well, guys! It’s on!”

“All right!” said Patrick, high-fiving Gil. “I’ll call Sarah and tell her we’ll pick her up tomorrow!”

“Heh, heh! She ain’t got a clue about the party she’s gonna be going to!” chuckled Evan.

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Sarah Piper sat on the bench outside her apartment. It was a beautiful Saturday. Patrick had called her last night and told her he and his friends would pick her up about 1 p.m. It was now 12:50, so she figured they would be along anytime soon.

The red-haired cutie was feeling a little apprehensive. She didn’t know these guys, except for Patrick. And she didn’t even really know him. She just knew him through her job, she’d had no other social dealings with him away from work.
  But he seemed like a fairly decent guy. And he had promised her he could help her score some weed. Jumping into a car with strange guys and going miles out into the countryside to buy pot didn’t seem like the safest thing a girl could do. But, Sarah decided, if Patrick‘s friends were like him, they probably weren‘t that bad of a bunch.

  Ashwood seemed like a fairly tame little town. It wasn’t like she was jumping into a car full of gang-bangers.

Sarah certainly never imagined she’d ever end up in a town like Ashwood. She had grown up in the larger town of Haydenville, about 40 miles west of Ashwood. But after the events of the past year, she decided Ashwood was a good place to just get away. She didn’t hardly know anyone, and they didn’t know her. That was a good thing. Ashwood would hopefully be a good place for Sarah to start over and get her life back on track.

A green 2011 Dodge Challenger came up the street and pulled up to the curb. Sarah recognized Patrick sitting in the front on the passenger side. She stood up from the bench.

Sarah wore a pair of faded denim blue jeans and a yellow t-shirt along with some comfortable pink flipflops on her feet. Her long red hair hung down straight over her shoulders. Sarah’s jeans were tight-fitting, but not too tight. Just enough to show off some curves without having the “looks-like-they’re-painted-on” look.
   Sarah liked to look good when she went out, but she figured, she didn’t know these guys that good just yet. She was a little shy with meeting new people. Later, when she got to know them a little better, she would show off 
a little  more.
   Sarah couldn’t deny she had been blessed with a nice body. It was one of the many sources of conflict between her and her two older sisters, Katie and Veronica. They had struggled with weight problems all their lives, and resented Sarah for her slim physique, which seemed to just come naturally to her.

But, Sarah reasoned to herself, there wasn’t much she could do about it! It wasn’t her fault God had given her this body. What was she supposed to do? Let herself get fat just so her sisters could feel better?

The car rolled up to the curb and came to a stop.

“Shit! That’s her?“ asked Gil, as he saw Sarah get up from the bench.

Patrick nodded. “Yep!“

“Damn sweet!“ exclaimed Evan.

“Hey, you’ve been holding out on us, man!“ Pete said. “How come you haven’t introduced us to her earlier?“

“Just keep your tongues in your mouths,“ Patrick laughed as he rolled down the window.

“Hey Sarah!” he greeted her.

“Hi Patrick,” she replied with a little wave of her hand. She walked up to the car.
“Guys, this is Sarah,” said Patrick. “Sarah, this here is Gil. And those two losers in the backseat are Evan and Pete.”

“Nice to meet you guys,” said Sarah with a smile as she leaned down to look inside the car.

“It’s a pleasure meeting you too, Sarah,” said Gil.

Patrick got out of the car and tipped the seat ahead so Sarah could climb in the backseat with Evan and Pete. Evan got a good close-up view of her ass as she squeezed in past him and settled herself in between the two men. He felt her right leg pressing against him and Evan couldn’t help but notice his cock growing hard.

Gil looked over at Patrick and gave him a little smile. Patrick smiled back. The car was put in gear and Gil began driving out of town.

“So Sarah, what do you think of Ashwood?” asked Pete.

She gave a little shrug. “I don’t know. I guess it could be worse. I’m originally from Haydenville, so I’m used to small towns. Even though Haydenville is a little bigger.”

“Ahhhh, a Haydenville chick, huh?” laughed Gil. “You guys used to always kick our asses in football back in high school. You had hot cheerleaders too!”

“Yeah, but they were all bitches!” said Sarah.”
The guys all laughed at that comment.

“Tell me, what the hell brings you to Ashwood?” asked Gil. “I know of a lot of girls who move away, but not too many who move here!”

“I needed to get away from my hometown,” she said. “I had this boyfriend who I was going out with for about two years. I was going to college in Grande Pointe and he’d come see me on weekends. Then he stopped and I found out he was screwing my friend Stacey back at home.”

“Oh that’s kinda shitty,” said Patrick.

“Yeah, really shitty. Seeing as how I also found out she was already four months pregnant with his kid when he broke up with me!”

“Sounds like the guy was a real piece of work.” said Pete.

“He was a fucking jerk is what he was!” said Sarah. “I was so pissed off with the whole situation, I couldn’t concentrate on college so I ended up dropping out. Then my parents were pissed off at me, because they were helping pay for my college.”

“Then my bitch sisters started in on me too. They had told me a long time before, that my boyfriend was an asshole and I should dump him. So, of course, I had to go through the whole, ‘We told you so!’ bullshit!”

“And then they started ragging on me about how I should grow up and get my shit together and how I’ve been such a screw-up all my life and I’m just a spoiled brat because I’m the youngest kid in the family. I finally decided, fuck it! I just wanted to get away from everyone and out of Haydenville. So, I came here!”
“Well, Sarah, on behalf of Ashwood, we’re happy to have you!” said Evan.

“Awww gee, that’s nice,” smiled Sarah, brushing some hair from her face.

It’s gonna be even nicer having my cock sunk inside your sweet cunt! thought Evan.

 The rest of the drive was fairly uneventful, with the boys talking amongst themselves and asking Sarah little questions about herself. Sarah was deciding to herself, the guys didn’t seem like such a bad bunch. She caught Evan and Pete checking her out a couple times, out of the corner of her eye. When their eyes were directed more at the crotch of her jeans or her boobs pushing out the top of her t-shirt, she knew what they were up to! She didn’t mind too much. After all they were guys. She would have been more worried had they completely ignored her.
  But Sarah was getting a bit wary as they continued driving down the highway, getting farther and farther from town. How far out in the country did this Dane guy live? When Gil finally turned off the highway, and began heading up the windy tree-lined gravel road to Gils’s place, Sarah could not hold back any longer.

“Ummm, excuse me, but where the hell are we going? We must be like 10 miles out of town!”

Patrick looked back over his shoulder.
“It’s not too much farther. About another mile or so. I told you he lived out in the country.”

“I know,” replied Sarah. “I just didn’t expect it to be quite this far.”

Yeah, well there’s a lot of stuff that’s going to happen to you today that you’re not gonna expect! Patrick chuckled to himself.

“His place is just around the next bend,” said Gil.

Just as Gil said, Sarah could soon see the big white farmhouse as they rounded the next bend in the road. They drove into a large yard surrounded on all sides by large spruce and pine trees. The house sat in roughly the center of the yard.
  To the east of the house was a large workshop. Several old motorcycles and parts of motorcycles could be seen littering the area in front of the shop. There was a few other smaller outbuildings as well.

 Sarah saw Dane standing on the veranda as they drove up. He was a fairly large guy. Not “fat” large, but “muscular” large. He stood about 6’ 2’’ and weighed just under 200 lb., 185 to be exact. Dane spent a lot of time lifting weights. He had his own personal gym set up in the basement of his house. He had short jet black hair in an almost military-style crew cut and a short goatee.
  Sarah also noticed his bare arms under his white t-shirt, were covered in tattoos. He was a good-looking guy, had that sort of bad boy look about him.

Gil pulled up in front of the house. They all began to climb out of the car, Evan giving Sarah a helping hand. Dane watched with interest as Sarah emerged from the back seat. All right boys! You’ve done good!

As they walked up the steps to the veranda, Patrick turned to Sarah.

“Sarah, I’d like you to meet Dane. Dane, this is Sarah.”

“Hi Dane,” said Sarah sweetly.

“Believe me, the pleasure is all mine,” said Dane.

Gil had taken a box of beer out of the trunk of his car and he now passed some around to everyone. They all sat on the veranda in the cool shade. Sarah found herself on an old couch wedged between Patrick and Gil.

“It’s nice out here,” remarked Sarah. “I like it.”

“Mehhh, it’s a place to live,” said Dane.

“Are all those your motorbikes out by the shop?” asked Sarah.

“Yeah, most of them are,” shrugged Dane. “It’s kind of a little business I have. I fix bikes and I also take old bikes and restore them.”

“Oh, that is so awesome!” said Sarah. “You’re kind of like those guys on TV!”

“I guess so,” chuckled Dane, “ but way cooler!”

“I love bikes!” gushed Sarah. “I want one of my own someday.”

“Well, maybe I’ll take you for a ride later,” smiled Dane.

“That would be great!” replied Sarah.

I’ll take you for a ride, all right, sweetie! thought Dane.

He was checking out Sarah’s slender denim-clad legs as she stretched them out in front of her. He couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have them stretched wide as he ploughed into what had to be a very sweet, tight cunt!
  Her long red hair fell over her face and he loved how her eyes sparkled when she smiled. Sarah was even better than the last one Dane had had out at his place.

They talked about everything from motorbikes to music to cars. A couple joints were rolled and passed around. The weather began to change as they noticed some dark clouds forming overhead and the wind began to blow.

Dane stood up.
“From the Iook of things, I would say there is a thunderstorm brewing. I think, people, we should go inside.”

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Everyone filed into the house as they heard the first distant booms of thunder. Dane brought up the rear and as they entered the house he stopped Gil and Patrick.

“Hey boys,“ he said in a low voice. He gave them a thumbs-up sign. “That Sarah is definitely prime cunt! You did good bringing her here. The party is about to start!“

Gil and Patrick both flashed him big grins.

They all sat down at the big oak table in Dane’s dining room, cracking open more beers. Dane spoke up.

“So, I‘m told you came here to make a purchase, Sarah. Is that correct?”

Sarah blushed a little bit. “Ummmm, yeah, I did. I-I’d like to buy some of your weed. Patrick told me you had some really good stuff.”

Dane gave a cocky smile. “I sell nothing but the good stuff. Those joints we just had out on the veranda, that’s what I got. You like it?”

“Yeah, it was really good!” said Sarah. She couldn’t deny, she had gotten a pretty good buzz.

“Well, I’ll be right back,” said Dane and he disappeared down the stairs to his basement.

He was back upstairs a few minutes later and tossed a small plastic baggie of weed on the table.

“There’s four grams.”

Sarah picked up the baggie and opened it. She took a whiff of the contents inside.
“Mmmmmm, that smells really good! So, how much?”

“One-sixty!” Dane stated.

“Forty bucks a gram?!” Sarah blurted out. “That’s kinda steep, isn’t it? In Haydenville, I can get it for half that!”

“Yeah, you probably can,” said Dane. “But it’s probably shit too. I can guarantee you, girlie, this is primo stuff! Worth every cent!”

Sarah pushed the baggie back across the table to Dane.

“Well, I’m sorry, I can’t pay that much. I was expecting like a couple grams for forty bucks, not eighty!”

“Hey, this isn’t a charity,” said Dane. “I’m sorry if you feel that way, but that’s my price. I have bills to pay too, you know.”

Dane sat in silence for a minute. Sarah looked over at Patrick. She shrugged her shoulders.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I know he’s your friend. But you know how much I make. I can’t afford that kind of price.”

“Well now, just a minute,” said Dane. “The boys here know I’m nothing if not fair. I did give you a price, but it‘s not written in stone. For a nice girl like yourself, I would be willing to negotiate. You know, like maybe a trade?”

Gil and Patrick smiled at each other. They knew what was coming next.

“Negotiate, huh?” asked Sarah. “So, what exactly would this trade be?”
Quite frankly, Sarah didn’t like the direction this conversation  was heading. She decided she suddenly didn’t trust this Dane fellow.

Dane began to walk around the table to her side.
“You and me, baby. Upstairs, in my bedroom, for one hour. Then I think I could give you a deal on that pot.”

Sarah stood up from her chair and backed away  from the table.

“Okay, buddy. If you think I’m going to fuck you just to get some weed, you are seriously deluded! There is NO way I am doing something like that!”

Dane shrugged his shoulders. “Well, that’s my offer. Take it or leave it.”

Patrick then spoke up.
“Dane, that’s kind of rude, ain’t it? That takes a lot of nerve!”

Thank you, Patrick! thought Sarah. At least someone is going to intervene with this pig!

Dane glared at Patrick. “What the fuck do you mean, dude? What did I do that’s so bad? This is my fucking house, you know. I can do or say whatever the hell I want!”

The tension in the room was palpable. Sarah took a couple more steps back from the table. She was sure a fight was going to begin.

Then Patrick grinned. “Well, I’m just saying, man. It’s kinda rude. We brought her here. Now you wanna fuck her and you’re not even gonna share!”

Dane broke into a grin as he slapped Patrick on the back.
“Oh shit, dude! Don’t worry! I’ll leave enough for you guys too.”

Sarah’s mouth hung open. She could not believe what she had just heard. Patrick wasn’t her friend! He was just as much a pig as this Dane guy! She had been set up and suddenly her heart began to pound with horror as she realized what they had set her up for! They were planning to gang rape her!

“That’s it, you assholes! I am outta here!” yelled Sarah. She took off across the dining room towards the door, but suddenly stopped as she saw the threatening skies outside. It looked like it was ready to start pouring rain any second. Lightning flashed and there was a loud boom of thunder.

“Uhhhh, where you going?” asked Gil, dangling his car keys out in front of him. “Did you forget you’re ten miles out in the countryside? It’s a fuck of a long walk. Not a really good thing for a girl like yourself to be hitch-hiking. And it looks like it could be a wet walk too!”
Sarah looked out the window again and back at the men. Her heart sank. Yes, Gil was right! She was stuck out here with no way to get back home. She turned back towards the dining room. All five men had gotten up from the table and were approaching her. Fuck it! She was going to make a run for it anyway.
  But as she turned for the door, Evan and Pete moved fast to cut off her route of escape. They each grabbed one of her arms.

“Guess if she‘s not nice enough to give us some fucking, we‘ll just have to take it ourselves, huh Dane?” asked Evan.

“I believe you’re right, Evan!” Dane smirked. “Get the little bitch in the living room and get her clothes off!”

October 13, 2017, 09:37:37 AM
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Offline vile8r

Evan and Pete pulled her towards the living room. She tried to brace her feet against the floor but they yanked hard on her arms and she couldn’t fight back.


The boys got her into the living room and pulled her down onto Dane’s large couch. In her struggles, her flipflops went flying off her feet. With Evan and Pete still holding her arms, Dane grabbed the snap on her jeans and pulled it open along with her zipper.
 He grabbed her jeans and began yanking them down her legs. The boys felt their cocks getting hard as they caught their first glimpse of her milky thighs. Sarah tried to kick and fight but Dane was too strong for her.

As Dane got her jeans pulled farther down her legs, Gil yanked her t-shirt up over her tits, exposing her flat stomach and her white lacy bra. With the help of Patrick, they wrestled her t-shirt over her head and off her arms.

“Shit! What a hot bitch!” said Gil, looking down at her heaving chest.

Dane had got her jeans pulled all the way off and they could see she also wore a matching pair of white thong panties.
“Holy fuck!” exclaimed Pete. “She’s smoking hot!”

“Let’s check out the goods,” said Dane as he yanked her panties down off her hips.


As Dane tore her panties away from her body, Gil unsnapped her bra and yanked it off her. Her beautiful round globes jutted up from her chest.

“Oh man, I want to suck on those!” said Evan.

“Get a look at this guys,” said Dane.

They all looked down at the perfectly shaved pussy exposed between Sarah’s legs.
“Awesome!” said Patrick. He’d wondered what Sarah would look like stripped naked and now he was finding out.

“We gonna fuck her now?” asked Gil excitedly.

“Yeah, but let’s take her upstairs to a bed,” said Dane. “I was gonna do her here on the couch, but let’s go where’s there a little more room.”

With Evan and Pete still gripping her by the arms, Gil and Patrick seized her flailing legs and she was hoisted off the couch. She screamed and swore.


The guys headed up the stairs to the bedrooms, hauling Sarah between them. Struggling and twisting her body, she tried to break free from their grip, but to no avail. The boys were no match for the petite redhead.

They got to the top of the stairs and entered one of Dane’s spare bedrooms. It had a large queen-size bed with an old wooden headboard. Sarah was thrown on the bed and her arms and legs pinned down in a spread-eagled position.

Dane was quickly undressing, showing off a fit, muscular body and a fully erect cock. It was very thick.


Dane climbed on the bed and wedged himself between her legs, guiding his cock up to her outer pussy lips.

“This is gonna feel good!” he said looking down at Sarah’s tear-streaked face.

“Whoa!” said Evan. “Don’t we like need some condoms or something before we do this?”

Dane looked at him with disdain.
“We don’t use condoms in this house. It’s bareback all the way!”

Sarah said nothing. Thank God, she was on the pill. If this had to happen to her, at least she wouldn’t have to carry one of these bastards’ babies from them not wearing condoms. Still it made her sick to her stomach to realize they would all be cumming inside her.

Bracing his knees against the bed, Dane drove his cock into her tight depths. He gave a satisfied grunt as he felt himself bottom out. Then he pulled back and rammed in again.

“AAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE! AAAAAIIIEEEEEEEEEE! STOPPPPPPPPPP!” Sarah wailed. She was dry and she could feel his thick shaft tearing at her pussy walls.

Dane began a hard pounding rape of Sarah. His buttocks clenched together as his cock worked in and out of her, pulling back and slamming in, again and again. He pressed a hand over her mouth, muffling her screams.
“She’s…..nice….and….tight,boys!” Dane said as he fucked her.


Sarah continued to fight and scream and the men had to work to hold her down. Dane had his other big hand holding her slim waist as he pumped his fuck rod deep into her.
  Dane liked it rough. He always had. It wasn’t that he never got fucked. Hell, Dane actually had pretty good luck with the women and he had fucked some pretty hot ones over the years. But Dane just had a bad attitude about women.
   He felt that women were there for his pleasure and not the other way around. Women needed to be fucked one way and one way only, and that was hard!


   Sarah’s body was rocked back and forth on the bed by Dane’s powerful thrusts. She still screamed but it was getting weaker and more feeble. Dane’s cock felt like a steel piston driving inside her, her cunt stretched tightly around him. Finally, he let out a loud gasp and his whole body went rigid. His heavy body slapped against her as she felt his cock spurt inside her.
  Dane lay on top of her, his dick still throbbing and pulsing inside her. He loved the feeling of her warm body beneath him, her breasts pushing up against his chest as she squirmed and twisted.

“Get….off….me, asshole!” she hissed.

“Ohhhhh, Sarah, you’re a sassy little bitch, and I like that!” said Dane as he pushed himself up off her.

“Okay boys, she’s all yours!” said Dane. “Fuck this little slut raw!”

“I’m doing her next!” said Patrick, with pure lust in his eyes. He began to strip his clothes off as Dane took his spot holding her leg.

“Noooo Patrick! Please….nooooo!” Sarah begged. “I thought you w-were a fr-friend!”

“You thought wrong!” sneered Patrick.

He climbed on the bed and got between her legs. He rubbed the head of his cock across her pussy lips before slipping slowly inside her. He wanted to enjoy this. Fuck, she felt good! Holding her by the chin, he made her look him straight in the eye as he began to fuck her with slow, steady strokes.

He leaned down and sucked and licked at her large brown nipples, one at a time. He began to speed up his thrusts, his hips moving faster between her legs.

“Go for it, bud!” yelled Gil.
“Pound her!” said Evan.

Patrick began to breathe heavier as his cock drove harder in and out of Sarah. He had been waiting for the last couple weeks to do this. Watching her walk around the store everyday, wiggling her ass in the tight black pants all the female employees wore, Patrick got to the point where all he could think about was having his dick inside the cute redhead. And now here he was!

Sliding in and out of her exquisitely tight, wet fuck hole. Patrick felt his balls swelling and he began to fuck her harder and faster.

“Oh yeah….oh yeah…..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned as the pressure released and ropes of thick spooge shot from the head of his cock and coated her insides.

As Patrick pulled out, Sarah spit at him.

“Fucking sick asshole!” she said with a venomous glare.

Patrick wiped his face and laughed. “Oh, being a little bitch, are you? Don’t worry, Sarah. I’ll get you back for that later!”

Gil had his pants down and was ready for his turn. His raging hard-on jutted from between his legs as he mounted Sarah. His hips bucked as he drove into her. He began fucking her with hard, brutal thrusts.

Looking down at her slim, curvy body spread out on the bed, made Gil even hornier. He pressed his body hard against her, his hips wedged between her outstretched thighs. Gil’s arms were wrapped around her as he pounded her non-stop.

SHLUPPPP…..SHLUPPP….SHLUPPPPP! Her pussy made wet noises as it wrapped around Gil’s member. Tears streaked Sarah’s face as she was forced to lie there and allow her body to be used as an amusement ride for these sick bastards.

“Look at the slut,” sneered Dane. “I think she’s liking it!”

“N-n-no…..I’m….n-not!” sobbed Sarah. “I w-want you to….st-stop!”

“Stop now when the party’s just getting started? Fuck that!” laughed Dane.

Outside, lightning flashed and thunder boomed. The sound of the rain hitting against the windows was loud in the bedroom.

“Anyways, looks like we’ll be inside for awhile,” said Patrick. “We might as well have something to do to kill the time.”

“Ain’t nothing better than fucking a hot bitch on a rainy day,” said Dane.

Gil sped up his savage thrusts until he felt the cum racing up his shaft. He stopped as he felt his cock throb inside Sarah and another load of sperm was deposited in her.

“Hol-eee shit! That was good!” he gasped as he pulled out. A large gob of cum dripped from the tip of his dick.

October 14, 2017, 02:15:38 AM
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Offline Plaything

Another one of my favorites!

October 14, 2017, 09:58:34 PM
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Offline vile8r

Now it was Evan’s turn.  His pants were off and his erection dangled between his legs. He told Dane and Patrick, holding her legs, to let her go. Grabbing her ankles, Evan pulled her legs up so he was able to place them on his shoulders. With a savage lunge, he was inside her and pumping away. Evan hadn’t had sex in several weeks and he was ready for a good fuck.

He pushed her legs back so her knees were against her chest, allowing him to penetrate her deeper.

“Goddamn it, Sarah! You feel fucking good!” Evan said, his hips slapping against her.

“St-stop……oh please……stop!” she sobbed.

Evan’s cock hammered away at her insides and her legs ached from being pushed back so far. The bed creaked and groaned.

“Hammer that pussy!” yelled Pete.

“Make’ er bleed!” said Dane.

Sarah could barely breathe as Evan’s forceful thrusts pushed the air out of her lungs. Her slender body was rocked and battered by him.

“Gonna…cum…ohhhh….yeahhhhhh!” he panted as he stroked faster. He ground himself hard into Sarah as his rod jerked inside her and gave one…two…three hard spurts.

Sweat ran down Evan’s forehead as he pulled out of Sarah’s tight pussy-hole. Cum oozed out and pooled on the bed. Pete came around to the end of the bed, pulling his pants down.

“Okay, guys. Time for Sarah to have a little Pete action!”

He grabbed Sarah by the ankles and flipped her on her stomach.
“Gonna do you doggy!” he said.

Sarah was pulled up onto her hands and knees.
“N-no, please, you guys! No m-more!” she begged.
 Pete positioned himself behind Sarah and slammed his cock into her, her body jumping forward.
“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Sarah grunted painfully. “STOP!”

Pete just ignored her protests as he grabbed a handful of her silky red hair and started fucking her with hard jabbing thrusts. His balls slapped against her ass, as his stiff shaft drove in and out. Pete’s heart pounded with excitement as he looked down to see her pussy lips stretched around him, glistening with her juices.

Dane found himself getting hard as he looked at Sarah on her hands and knees. Her body was being rocked back and forth by Pete’s powerful fucking and her mouth hung open as she let out gasps of pain.

Dane climbed on the bed and kneeled in front of her.
“You got that cute mouth open, bitch, you might as well use it!”

Sarah’s eyes grew wide with fear and she shook her head.

“NOOOOO-MMMPPPPHHHHHH!” she began to protest.

Dane put his hand on the back of her head and shoved his cock between her lips. Sarah tried to pull back, the taste of his cock making her gag, but Dane pushed his hips forward, forcing his dick in farther.
“Face fuck her, man!” Gil laughed.

Her slobber coated Dane’s cock as he pushed in and out of Sarah’s warm mouth.
Gil, Patrick and Evan cheered on Pete and Dane as they watched them, Pete pounding his cock into Sarah’s pussy from behind and Dane working his thick shaft in and out of her mouth.

“This is fucking hot!” said Patrick.
He couldn’t wait to have her lips wrapped around him.

“I hope you know, you’re gonna be swallowing!” Dane snarled.

Sarah tried to pull back, but she couldn’t. Pete was still slamming his body against her from behind, his cock like a piston inside her. Her eyes were tearing up and her nostrils flared as she tried to breathe with Dane’s cock filling her mouth.
  Sarah was no amateur when it came to sucking cock. She was good at it and she knew it. But she wasn’t used to having a hard dick jammed in her mouth forcefully like Dane was doing. And one thing Sarah didn’t do, was swallow!

She had tried it once, back in high school. She was dating a guy off the football team. There was another girl, Brandi Hoffman, who also had the hots for this particular guy. She was on the cheerleading squad.
 Sarah wanted to show him she could be just as good as any skank off the cheerleading squad. She wanted to do something to impress him. So one night, while in his car, Sarah had decided to give the boy a blowjob he wouldn’t soon forget. She even decided she would let him cum in her mouth.
  It turned out to be a bad mistake. It was the worst-tasting stuff she had ever had in her mouth and she very nearly threw up right in the poor guy’s lap! Sarah was so embarrassed she felt like crawling under a rock. After that night, she decided swallowing cum was something this girl was not going to be doing anymore!

Now her heart pounded as she realized, Dane was going to force her to swallow. And there was nothing she could do to stop him! Tears streamed down her face as he held himself inside her mouth. Sarah felt his cock jerk as a warm stream of spooge splashed across her tongue and down her throat.

 She heaved and gagged at the taste of the musky, slimy goo as it slid down to her stomach.

“Oh, fuck, yeah! That’s it, bitch! Swallow it, drink all my dick juice!” Dane groaned as he pulled at her hair.

Just seconds after Dane unloaded in the hapless girl’s mouth, Pete let out a yell as he let loose with a deluge of dick mayonnaise in Sarah’s pussy.

“Wow!” he panted as he slipped his slimy cock out of her. “I could fuck her all day long!”

“She was well worth the wait!” said Patrick.

Sarah had collapsed face down on the bed, trying to catch her breath. Cum oozed out of her pussy onto the bed. She wiped the slobber from her chin. The men were all pulling their pants back on.

“Y-you guys are all…..assholes! You’re all g-going to be in…in…tr-trouble for this!“ she said.

“You don’t scare me,” Dane sneered. “Who’s gonna listen to you? A dumb bitch, new in town, hops in a car with four strange guys, goes to another strange guy’s house to buy dope! Yeah, that sounds really good, doesn’t it?”

Sarah closed her eyes in silent disgust, mostly at herself. He was right! They had her over a barrel, so to speak. She was new in Ashwood and it would sure look stupid to the cops for her to and go tell them she jumped in a car with four strangers and went on a road trip to buy pot and ended up being gangraped.

  “Come on, we’ll take a little break,” said Dane. “Let’s go downstairs and have a beer and then we’ll see have some more fun with little Sarah.”
“Fuckin’ A!” said Gil. “Can’t wait to dip my dick into her again.”

“She’s a damn good fuck,” said Evan.

Sarah could not believe the way these boys talked about her. They didn’t even seem to look at her as a human, just an object for their pleasure. Patrick grabbed her arm and pulled her off the bed. She was unsteady on her feet and he had to support her.

“Let’s go.” he said.

October 16, 2017, 10:52:19 AM
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Offline vile8r

Sarah and Patrick walked out of the bedroom first, with the others following close behind. They started down the stairs. About halfway down, was when it happened.
Sarah didn’t know why she did it. At the time she wasn’t even sure what she was going to do or where she was going to go. She just had this impulse that she had to try and get away from these guys. Patrick was holding her by her left arm as they went down the stairs.

She suddenly swung back with her right arm, striking Patrick hard in the lower abdomen with her elbow. The quickness of the attack took Patrick by surprise and he briefly loosened his grip from her arm. When he did that, she was able to pull away from him.
 Patrick fell backwards against the other boys coming down the stairs behind him. Gil and Dane, caught off-guard, tripped over him. That began a domino effect, as the five boys all fell over each other and rolled down the steps landing in a heap at the bottom.

Sarah, in the meantime, had bolted down the stairs as quickly as she could and across the dining room. She looked around frantically. She had no time to grab her clothes, still lying on the floor in the living room. There on the big table, were Gil’s keys for his car. Sarah scooped them up. She knew she was buck naked, but she didn’t care. She was getting the hell out of there!
  She glanced outside as she headed for the door. It was still dark and  overcast but the thunderstorm that had been raging earlier had mostly passed over. She whipped open the door to the veranda and was on her way down the stairs. But the steps were slick with rain and Sarah’s feet slipped out from under her and she crashed down hard on her butt at the top of the steps.

“Ohhhhhhh!” she gasped out in pain, the wind knocked from her lungs. The keys flew from her hands and landed in the mud at the bottom of the veranda steps.
  Sarah was just climbing to her knees, when the door to the veranda banged open and Dane came rushing out.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” he roared.

Sarah tried to get down the stairs but he had her by the hair and yanked her to her feet.

Sarah tried to pull his hands away from her. Dane dragged her back towards the door.
“Fuckin’ bitch!” he stormed. “You are gonna fuckin’ pay for this!”

He pulled her back into the house. Sarah could see the other men standing in the dining room. All of them looked pissed. Patrick was rubbing his stomach where Sarah had elbowed him.

“I caught our little runaway,” snarled Dane. “Don’t know where the fuck she thought she was going, but she didn’t get far! I think she was going to try stealing your car, Gil. Keys are at the bottom of the step.”

“Fuckin’ bitch!” said Gil as he walked past her to go and retrieve his keys from the mud outside.

“What the hell do you think you were trying to do, Sarah?” asked Patrick.

“Pl-please! Just let me go! You guys have had your fun. Take me home n-now,” she sobbed.

“I don’t think so,” said Dane. “Because now we’re dealing with a whole different situation. You were gonna steal my buddy’s car, and I don’t like that! I don’t like thieves.”
Gil came back in the house carrying his car keys.
“So what do ya say, Gil”, asked Dane. “Should we teach little Sarah here a lesson about what happens when she tries to steal somebody’s car?”

“Fuck yeah!” Gil gloated.

“What are you gonna do?” asked Pete.

“Any of you boys ever busted an ass?”

“What do you mean?” asked Evan.

“Come on!” Dane sneered. “Don’t tell me you boys have never nailed some chick’s turd-dumper?”

Gil replied, “Yeah, I have. I did it a couple times back in high school. Becky Connor, she liked it up the ass.”

Patrick smiled. “I’ve done it too, Dane, but it’s been a while. Not many girls around town who like it.”

The look on Evan’s and Pete’s faces was enough to tell the other men they had never engaged in anal sex.

“NOOOOOOO! OH GOD, NOOOOOOO! PLEASE NOT THAT!” Sarah tearfully begged.

“That’s exactly what we’re gonna do to you, you fucking slut!” said Dane as he pulled Sarah over to the oak table in the dining room. “Pete, there’s some duct tape in the kitchen pantry. Grab it!”

“NOOOOOOO!” screamed Sarah.

She tried to twist and pull away from Dane but he was too strong for her. He threw her down on the table. Pete came running up with the tape.

“Tape her legs!” ordered Dane as he held her facedown on the table, one hand in the middle of her back and another wrapped in her hair. Patrick and Gil had grabbed her arms and held them out to her sides.

Sarah tried to kick and struggle. Evan helped hold her left leg as Pete wrapped duct tape around her calf and the leg of the table. He gave a couple wraps around her knee too, securing her leg tightly and then did the same to the other leg.

Sarah bawled frantically, knowing what was coming next. Her ex-boyfriend had pressured her on a number of occasions to have anal sex, but Sarah had always refused. She would do a lot of things for a guy, but taking it up the ass was not one of them!

She screamed aloud as Dane parted her ass cheeks and exposed her puckered anus. There was a cool sensation on her ass and she realized Dane was smearing something on her butt. He had found a bottle of hand lotion and was using it as lube.

“Something tells me you’re gonna be pretty fuckin’ tight!” chuckled Dane as he let his pants fall to his ankles.


She was cut off as Dane slapped a hand over her mouth. With his other hand he positioned his cock at her anal entrance. With a wiggle and twist of his hips, he felt the thick head of his cock pop through her sphincter. He held himself there for a few seconds, relishing the incredible tightness.
  Dane was an old hand at anal rape and knew just what it took to break in a cherry ass. There was nothing like opening up a girl‘s ass for the first time! Dane gripped Sarah’s hips firmly as he pressed his hips forward and felt the shaft of his cock tear at the sides of her turd tunnel. His hand over her mouth was wet with her slobber and tears as she tried to scream.   


Dane stopped and slowly withdrew, then just as it felt like he was pulling all the way out, he drove in hard. Sarah’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and her body bucked against the table. Her legs strained at the duct tape holding them to the table legs.


Even muffled, her painful screams were loud in the room. Sarah felt a stab like a fiery spear plunging into her bowels. Dane grunted as he slowly began to pump in and out. It was slow going at first as his shaft scraped along the sides of her dirt chute. But ever so slightly it began to loosen up as the lotion got worked in.

“Look at ‘er, man! She’s hurting!” said Patrick.

“That’s…..good!…I…want…her to!” said Dane between pumps.
He was going deep enough to feel the head of his cock bottom out. Sarah continued to scream into his hand, her face red and dripping with sweat. His cock sawed back and forth, the shaft streaked with her blood.

“Goddamn! Pound her!” yelled Gil.

The extreme tightness of her ass squeezing him was bringing Dane to a quick climax. He pumped faster.
“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!” he chanted with each thrust. “Gonna paint your guts white, bitch!”

He arched his back as he drove in as deep as  he could to release his load of sperm deep into Sarah’s ass.  The feeling was incredible!   

Dane pulled out, cum dripping  from the tip of his dick and blood and little flecks of shit stuck to it. He wiped it off with some paper towel.

“That ass is tight!” he exclaimed. “But I got her broke in now. Who’s next?”

“I get her next! It was my car she was going to steal,” said Gil. He was pulling down his pants as he got behind her.

“NOOOOOO!” wailed Sarah. “Pl-please! It h-hurts too m-much! Stop! I-I wasn‘t going t-to steal y-your car! I swear!”

“So you were just going for a walk, huh? In the nude? With my car keys in your hands? You lying slut!”

Dane had grabbed a dishrag from the kitchen and he jammed it in Sarah’s mouth.

“This’ll keep her quiet,” he said.

Gil was pressing his hard shaft into Sarah’s anus, wiggling his hips to force it in. He had ass-fucked before, but it was a while ago. About a year ago he had dated a receptionist from the dealership where he worked, incidentally another redhead, by the name of Molly. She was a wild little thing and whenever she got drunk she wanted it up the ass. Gil had been more than happy to oblige her.
But the difference between him ass-fucking Molly and now doing Sarah, was that Molly had wanted it willingly. Gil had tried to go slow and be fairly gentle. But Sarah, he didn’t give a shit about her! He was going to do her rough and hard.

Gil gripped her hips as he pushed inside her. It was a struggle getting inside her entrance, but once he was, Gil began pumping. His balls swung between his legs as his body slapped against Sarah.

She screamed and squealed incessantly through the gag in her mouth. Her head flopped from side to side as Gil’s thick rape-stick plunged into her ass, pulled back, then plunged in again and again. Each time the large head of his cock spread her open.

His hands dug into her waist as Gil propelled his hips forward, fucking her ass like a madman. The table creaked as he drove Sarah against it. Gil’s face screwed up as he felt his balls unloading.

“GGGGRRRRRR…….YEAHHHHHHHH!” he shouted, feeling his cock jerk inside her depths and spurt cum into her bowels. “How do you like that for trying to fuck with my car?”

He slipped out of Sarah and wiped his dick clean, then pulled his pants back up. He switched spots with Patrick, taking hold of Sarah’s arm.

“Do her bro’, “ said Gil. “I think I got her hurting good!”

 “And it’s gonna hurt more,” Patrick sneered.

He was finally going to get to fuck the sweet ass he had watched so much wiggling around the store everyday. He had to admit, she made a lot of sales. For still pretty well being a newbie, she already had the third-best sales record in the store.
  But no wonder! thought Patrick. All she had to do was flash a smile and a bit of cleavage and wiggle her ass, and she could sell some horny guy anything she wanted!

October 17, 2017, 09:30:24 PM
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Offline vile8r

Patrick gave her a hard smack across the ass cheeks, making her jump. He gave her another one, before pulling her ass cheeks apart and stabbing into her abused shitter.  He pushed in about halfway, then pulled back and rammed in again.


The pain was almost more than she could bear, as once more, her ravaged ass was spread open. Patrick’s rape rod tore at the tender walls of her anal tunnel.

“Shit, you feel awesome!” said Patrick as he leaned into Sarah. He had one hand on her hips and the other wrapped in her hair, holding her head off the table. His cock made slurping sounds as it worked in and out of her.

“Pound her hard!” yelled Dane.

“Fuck her guts!” laughed Gil.

It had been nearly a year for Patrick too, since he had had anal sex. He had kind of forgotten how good it felt. The way her ass muscles clamped down on him and held him tightly. It was exactly the way he had imagined it to be.

“Uhhhhh…..uhhhhhh……uhhhhhhh……uhhhhhhhh!” he grunted loudly, as sweat ran down his back.

His cock was like a steel piston driving in and out of her tight ass. The sensation was too much and Patrick felt himself ready to cum.  He sped up his thrusts, slamming Sarah’s hips against the table. She wailed in pain as Patrick’s cock drove hard into her as far as he could go and let his load loose inside her.
“AHHHHHH, YEAH! That was well worth the wait, Sarah,” Patrick panted as he pulled out. He slapped her ass again before he moved out of the way.

Pete was standing there, excitedly awaiting his turn. It was going to be his first time at anal sex. Nervously, he began to mount Sarah from behind. She groaned as she felt yet another dick invading her.

Pete gripped her hips tightly as he pushed in. He watched as his erection disappeared inside her. Her ass was very well-lubricated now from the other three men and he slipped in easily. Sarah’s pooper was still pretty tight though.
 Pete sucked in his breath as he began to pump in and out.

“Sonuvabitch! This is awesome!” he whooped. “So fuckin’ tight!”

“Yeah, it’s something else, ain’t it?” said Dane. “It’s a lot of fun doing a hot chick’s ass!”

Sarah was no longer screaming. She laid her head on the table, closing her eyes tightly in pain as she just prayed the men would be done soon. Small whimpers and moans escaped from behind the gag in her mouth.

Pete only lasted about five minutes, thrusting and ramming into her. His cock jerked and throbbed as thick gobs of sperm shot into her. He arched his back and let out an animal-like groan. Pete staggered backwards as he pulled out of Sarah. It took a couple minutes for him to catch his breath.
“That was…..great!” he said.
Evan was dropping his pants and getting ready for his turn. It too was his first time in a girl’s ass.

He positioned himself at her swollen ass entrance and slowly forced his cock inside. The other guys had let go of Sarah’s arms by this time. She was too weak to struggle any longer.
They all stood back and watched as Evan began to vigorously hump Sarah’s butt. He reached under her and squeezed and mauled her breasts as he fucked her.

 Evan loved how her ass wrapped around and clamped down on his dick. The tightness was incredible. Digging his hands into her soft round ass cheeks, Evan jabbed his cock in and out effortlessly.

“You’re right!” he said, looking over his shoulder at Pete. “This is awesome!”

Evan’s legs slapped against the backs of Sarah’s thighs as he began to fuck her harder.

“MMMMFFFFFF……MMMMFFFF……MMMMFFFFF……!” Sarah bawled. When would this end? Her insides were on fire as Evan relentlessly pounded away at her.

It didn’t take too long and he felt the stirring in his balls. Evan pulled Sarah back against him and ground his hips into her.
“SHIT YEAH!  Gonna give you a load, bitch!” he said. He continued to thrust away even as his cock began spurting. Evan held himself inside her, feeling her ass squeeze and milk his shaft.

“OHHHHHHHH!” he moaned as he pulled out, a string of cum still dangling from the tip. He wiped himself clean on the back of her leg.

“Way to go, guys!” said Dane as all five of them high-fived each other. “Gave her turd-chute a good poundin’!“

They all enjoyed a beer and a joint as Sarah remained sprawled on the kitchen table, her legs still duct-taped and the dishrag stuck in her mouth.
Her ass was a red swollen hole with cum and a small bit of blood oozing out and running down her inner thighs.

Gil and Patrick began to undo the tape holding her to the table and Dane pulled the gag out of her mouth.

“Let’s take her into the living room, boys,” said Dane. “She’s got a little job to do for us now.”

Sarah was barely able to stand and Evan and Pete supported her between them as they pulled her to the living room. She was trying to talk but all that came out was incoherent babbling. Her whole body hurt.

“All right,” said Dane. “Time to see how well little Sarah knows how to use that mouth of hers. She’s gonna clean all our dicks for us!”

Sarah was pushed down on her hands and knees in the center of the room. The men all proceeded to relax on the two couches and two recliners in the large living room.

Sarah looked over at Dane and shook her head.

“N-n-no! I-I can’t d-do th-that,” she tearfully whimpered.

“Yeah, Sarah, you will!” Dane said gruffly. “Either you start sucking some knob, or we run another train on your ass! Now…..Patrick first!”

He pointed to Patrick who was sitting on a couch across from him. Patrick had already started to pull his pants down to his knees and had his cock out, stroking it. This was going to be good, he knew.
He had gotten hard as hell sitting in the lunchroom at work watching Sarah and fantasizing about her having her lips wrapped around his shaft. Now it would happen!

Sarah reluctantly crawled to him and took his cock in her hand. Her body trembling she took him in her mouth. Patrick smiled as he watched her lips close around him. Her mouth was so warm and wet and her tongue rubbed along the shaft.   
  She placed her hands on his legs and began sliding her mouth up and down on him. His cock tasted horrible and Sarah realized in the back of her mind, she was tasting her ass. Patrick wrapped his fingers in her hair and began forcing her to move faster. He pushed his cock to the back of her throat.


Sarah fought her gag reflex as Patrick pushed deeper in her mouth. She tried to pull back but Patrick grabbed her head and held her as he began to thrust his hips up into her face. Tears ran down her face and she felt herself choking.

“Yeah! Ram it down her throat!” yelled Gil.
“You go, dude,“ said Dane. “That’s what a bitch’s mouth is made for!”   

Dane was getting hard as he looked at Sarah on  her hands and knees in front of Patrick, her mouth wrapped around him.  He couldn’t hold himself back. He dropped to his knees behind Sarah, his cock pulled out and ready for action. Grabbing her by the hips, Dane thrust into her from behind.

“UHHHHHHH!” he grunted as he sunk his dick deep into her.

Sarah felt Dane’s cock plough into her but there was little she could do. She was too busy concentrating on breathing as Patrick continued to assault her mouth. Patrick let out a loud sigh and Sarah knew what that meant. She braced herself  and a couple seconds later tasted cum as it spurted down her throat.
  Patrick held himself in her mouth, until he was sure she had swallowed it all. Dane gave him a thumbs-up as he pounded away at Sarah’s sore pussy. It felt damn good getting to fuck her again. He came just shortly after Patrick did, spraying more semen into her.

As Dane pulled out of her, he told her to crawl over to Gil. Immediately, Gil had his  cock out of his pants.

October 19, 2017, 10:50:16 PM
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Offline vile8r

“Come here and get this baby in your mouth,” said Gil with a smile.

Sarah closed her eyes as she wrapped her mouth around Gil’s swollen cock.

She began to slowly slide her lips along his length, but Gil, like Patrick, wrapped his fingers in her hair and jammed her face down onto him. Her chest heaved as his large cock filled her mouth and pushed into her throat.
Pulling her back up, he gave her a few seconds to catch her breath, then shoved her mouth down onto him again.

“AAAACCKKK……GGGGAACCKKK….AACCKKKKKK!” she choked and gagged.

As Gil fucked her mouth, he motioned to Evan to get behind her like he had done earlier.
“Do ’er, man! Slam that cunt!”

Evan lined his cock up with Sarah’s pussy entrance and drove into her. The red-haired cutie’s cunt felt even better a second time and he started to vigorously fuck her. Gil groaned with pleasure as Sarah’s mouth tightened around him with each time Evan thrust into her. Her body was rocked back and forth between the two men.

Gil had her head in both hands as he continued to work his rod in and out of her mouth. He was close to cumming, he could feel it! Shooting his load down this chick’s mouth was gonna be awesome!

“Uhhhhh….uhhhhhh…..uhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh!” he moaned as his cock bucked and jerked in Sarah’s mouth. His spooge splashed against the back of her mouth and down her gullet.

“Swallow it all, cunt!” he growled.

Evan hadn’t cum in Sarah’s pussy yet, but Dane tapped him on the back and told him to pull out.
“Get her to suck you now,” he said. “Pete, you get over here and give that twat a poundin’.”

Sarah looked up at Evan as he knelt in front of her.

“Pl-please don’t do it s-so har-hard,” she pleaded with him.

“You give me a nice slow suck-job and I won’t,” said Evan, his voice heavy with excitement.

Sarah groaned in pain as she felt Pete’s body slam against her, his thick shaft ripping into her. She began to stroke Evan’s cock and ran her tongue around the head. She could taste the juices of her pussy still on him.

She began to bob her head up and down, taking him in her mouth a little at a time. Her hand wrapped around the base of his shaft, stroking and squeezing.

“Oh shit, yeah!” Evan muttered as he looked down and watched his dick disappear between Sarah’s soft lips.
He and Pete high-fived as they double-teamed Sarah. Pete watched his cock as it slid in and out of her tight cunt. Sarah’s mouth made slurping sounds as her head moved up and down on Evan.
 It wasn’t the first time Evan and Pete had done this. Just a few weeks before, the two of them had double-teamed a cute little blonde they knew who worked at the local McDonald’s. Carrie Howell was her name. She was a total slut and had practically begged them to both do her.

  It was fun, but now that Evan thought about it, he realized Sarah was better. Knowing she didn’t want to do it, but they were making her anyway, was really hot!

Sarah kept her mouth wrapped around Evan as she licked and sucked on him, coating his shaft in saliva. Some of it ran out of her mouth and down her chin. She stroked him and rubbed her hand across his balls, trying to make him cum faster.
  It was working as she could hear his breathing getting heavier and after about 5 minutes his cock began to twitch. Suddenly he let out a loud groan and his cock juice flooded her mouth. She struggled to swallow it all, but some dribbled out. She wiped it away with her hand.
  Evan pulled out of her mouth with a satisfied look on his face. His dick still glistened with her saliva. As Pete saw this, he pulled out of Sarah’s pussy and came around in front of her.

“All right, sweetie, suck me like you did to him,” he said.

He didn’t kneel down like the others had, so Sarah had to get up on her knees to reach him. She placed one hand around the base of his cock and stroked it as her lips brushed against the tip. Getting the head slicked up with spit, she slipped it in her mouth.

It disgusted Sarah having to do this for these men but she was deathly afraid of what they would do to her if she refused. That Dane character seemed a little unbalanced in her view. It was hard to say what he might do to her if he got really mad!

Pete rocked back and forth on his heels as Sarah took more of him in her mouth. She was waiting for it to happen and then it did! A shadow loomed over her from behind and she could tell somebody was kneeling behind her.

Hands grabbed her hips and a cock penetrated her from behind, making her body jump. She heard a voice in her ear.

“Having a good time, you slut?”

It was Patrick! God, how she hated him right now. He was the one who had led her into this situation. She had kind of liked him at one time. Had he been patient and played his cards right, she likely would have let him in her pants willingly. She would have given him a hell of a good time. Now as she felt his hard rod pumping in and out of her, she wanted nothing more than for him to burn in hell!

Pete was running his hands through her hair as she sucked and slurped on his meat.
“Oh baby, you’re good!” he muttered. “Best I’ve had in a long time! You Haydenville chicks can sure suck cock.”

Sarah worked him in her mouth, rolling her tongue around him and stroking him with her hand. Patrick had reached around and gripped both her breasts in his hands, squeezing them tightly as his hips slapped againt her.

Pete’s knees suddenly buckled as he orgasmed, and shot a stream of cum across Sarah’s tongue. She lapped and licked at his cock as she swallowed the foul liquid.
“Ohhhhhh God!” he moaned.

Patrick continued to hump away at Sarah. He had cum in her mouth not too long ago already, so it was taking him some time. He didn’t mind. The longer he was able to be inside her, the better! Slowly, though, he felt his balls beginning to build up pressure. This time, however, instead of cumming inside her, he pulled away at the last minute.
  His cum sprayed across her ass cheeks and her lower back.   

Gil and Dane both laughed.
“Right on. Cover the bitch in cum!” said Dane.

He had dropped his pants and he came around in front of Sarah.
“Looks like my turn now, sweet-lips,” he said to her. “But you don’t just get to suck my dick any old way you want. You’re going to beg for it! So let me hear you.”

Sarah took a look at Dane’s hard cock and she reached out to stroke it. He slapped her hands away.

“NO! I said fuckin’ beg! You don’t even touch my dick until I say so.” he growled.

“Is-is it okay f-for me to s-suck your c-cock, Dane?” she stammered.

“Okay? I don’t know if it’s okay!” he sneered. “You tell me! Fuck that ain’t much of a beg!”

“May I…..uhhhhh, s-suck your c-cock? Pl-please?” she asked again.

“All right if you insist,” said Dane. “But first, you gotta kiss it!”

Sarah leaned towards Dane and gently kissed the tip of his cock with her lips. She ran her tongue back and forth along the length of his shaft  and around the head. Then, cupping his balls in her hands, she took him in her mouth.

“That’s right, honey, suck that cock,” he said. “Suck it good!”
As Sarah gulped and sucked on Dane’s rod, Gil moved in behind her. He was hard again and ready to take his turn on her. But Gil had a little surprise for Sarah.
  She tensed her body as she felt Gil behind her. He rubbed his erect penis across the swollen outer lips of her pussy. Suddenly, without warning, he pulled back and jabbed his schlong into her ass. He sunk balls deep into her ass, his thick shaft ripping her open.

Sarah tried to scream but Dane’s cock filled her mouth. He wrapped his hands tightly in her hair and held her as her body bucked and twisted. Her mouth tightened down on his cock.

Dane began thrusting his hips into her face in time with Gil hammering at her ass. Sarah gagged and choked as Dane forced himself into her throat.
Her face turned red as she struggled for air and tears ran down her face.

Gil was lifting her knees right off the floor with each savage thrust into her pooper. She felt his hot breath on the back of her neck and heard his heavy grunting.
  As Dane prepared to cum, Sarah was bracing for another mouthful of spooge. But it never happened. Dane pulled out of her mouth and jerked off, hitting her square in the face with his load. It sprayed across her cheeks and lips and even her nose, some of it being sucked up in her nostrils.
  Seconds later, Gil pulled out of her ass and deposited more cum on her back.

“Yessss!” yelled Patrick. “Way to go guys!”

October 20, 2017, 10:19:59 AM
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Offline vile8r

As Gil and Dane wiped themselves off in her hair, Sarah collapsed on the floor in a little ball. Cum oozed from her ass and pussy and her eyes were red and bloodshot from crying. Her hair was plastered to her face.

“Well, I officially declare this bitch as used!” said Dane.

“Damn, we pounded her good!” said Pete.

“She was great!” Evan agreed. “It’s about time we had some new cunt around Ashwood.”

Dane grabbed Sarah and pulled her up by her hair. He sat her up with her back against the couch and kneeled in front of her.
“Now bitch, you don’t say nothing to nobody about this, you understand?”

“I-I understand,” sobbed Sarah.

“Because no one is gonna believe you anyway, right? I mean, getting into a car with strange guys and coming here to buy weed, that’s not a story you wanna tell the cops is it?”

Sarah shook her head. “N-no, it’s……n-not!”

“And if word gets around to Stan at BestDeal, you’re a pot smoker, your ass will be fired! And good luck finding another job in town,” said Patrick threateningly.

“I’ll be quiet! Okay?” said Sarah.

“Good, then. We’re on the same page! Guys, get her cleaned up and you can take her back to town.”
Evan and Patrick helped her to her feet and they took her back upstairs to shower. While they were gone, Dane and Gil took her pants and cut the legs off them, making them into a super-short pair of denim cut-offs. They also cut her t-shirt so it would barely just cover her tits when she put it on.

“I’m keeping these,” said Dane as he picked her panties off the floor.

“Cool. I’ll keep this then for a little memento,” said Gil, pocketing her white bra.

A little later when Sarah came back downstairs, still walking unsteadily, Dane handed her the altered clothing and told her to put it back on. The cut-offs barely covered her ass and they could just see a little bit of the bottom curve of her tits in the t-shirt.

“Wh-what did you g-guys do to my cl-clothes? I can’t wear them like this!” cried Sarah.
“Yeah, you can,” sneered Dane. “If you ask me, I think you look pretty fucking hot.”

“Yeah!” said Patrick as he stood back and looked at her.

“I-I look like a slut,” she whimpered.

“Oh well, after letting all of us fuck you and take you up the ass, I didn’t figure that was a problem with you,” laughed Dane. All the other guys also laughed.

“I didn’t let you! Y-you all raped me!“ Sarah spat.
“It wasn’t rape,” said Dane. “I told you when we started. It was a business negotiation. You didn’t want to pay what I asked you, so we dickered on the price.”

“We couldn’t help it you’re a fucking skank who uses her cunt to get weed!” said Gil.

Dane walked up to Sarah and handed her a small baggie of weed.
“Here, you earned this,” he said. “It’s on the house for the great time we all had.”

Sarah threw the weed back at Dane.

“I don’t want your fucking shit now!”

Dane picked it up and stuffed it back in Sarah’s hand.
“Yes, you will take it! Or I will shove every bit of it up your ass!”

“That’s not much of a punishment, “ chuckled Pete. “We saw how much she loves taking stuff up her ass!”

Dane laughed out loud.

The boys took Sarah and walked out to the car. The storm clouds had cleared and the sun was shining again. Dane stood on the veranda and watched as she was put in the back of the car between Evan and Pete again.

“You boys bring her back any time she needs more weed,” yelled Dane. “I like having her for a customer!”

He watched as they drove down the driveway and headed back toward town.