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Minnie McFarlane's

Written By: Minnie McFarlane

Editor: Emily Honeywell
Editor: Minnie McFarlane


This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real events or person(s) is purely coincidental. While I enjoy the themes contained herein purely as fantasy, I should stress that I do not condone the violent, reprehensible, and illegal acts found herein.


Girlhood is a first-person account of a young girl's journey through adolescence. It is told by Haley, four years after her abduction and captivity at the hands of an internet predator she meets while working illegally for a shady cam site that specializes in underage girls. During the course of the story, Haley recounts the events that led to her meeting this man, a Swedish millionaire living in the United States named Magnus, and her grooming, abduction, captivity and rape. She begins to develop Stockholm Syndrome as her reliance on him grows, and she soon begins to fall in love with him. Ultimately, Girlhood is an examination of youth deprived, innocence stolen, and the dark bond between an unforgiving monster and a once innocent youth.

Older Male/Teen Female, Non-Consent, BDSM, Extreme.


[Pg. 1, Pst. 02] Prologue
[Pg. 1, Pst. 03] Chapter 01: Rumours


Emily Honeywell:

Thanks for not only being the chief editor and proof-reader of this story, but thank you for also providing the format for all of the information above! You rock, girl!

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Written: 08-24-2017
My name’s Haley. You don’t know me, and I hope to keep it that way. After everything that’s happened, I’ve learned that putting too much of yourself out there can be dangerous. It’s all I can see now; girls just like me, snapping away photos to post on Instagram, or sending ‘nudes’ to a boy they barely know. I want to scream at them. Tell them to think about what they’re doing. To think about the possibilities of their actions, and to tell them what can happen when you’re young and naïve. But I can’t.

I know I shouldn’t say anything. Deep down, I know that what happened to me will probably never happen to them, or even somebody they know. But it will happen to someone. Someone like me or rather, someone like who I used to be.
I try not to think about back then. About how stupid I was. How for so long I blamed myself for the actions of someone else. Before I knew how truly cruel the world and the people living here could be. Before I met him.
My parents always told me when I was a little girl that monsters weren’t real. That they were just stories. Fiction to scare little kids. But they were wrong. Monsters are real. I’ve seen one with my own eyes, and I know that it was real. What happened to me wasn’t some scary story in a book. This monster’s name was Magnus. I don’t know if that was his real name. He probably lied about that, like he did everything. About how old he was, about where he was from, and how he loved me.
It makes me sick thinking of how I ever thought that he was capable of loving another person. He didn’t love me. I was simply nothing more to him then a young girl to feed his sick desires. It took me a very, very long time to realize that he never loved me. Even after everything that happened, I still clung so desperately to the notion that he did what he did out of love. Even after the beatings. Even after enduring a literal hell on Earth. I forgave him. Every. Single. Time.
Maybe it was because he was so good at it. Making you feel loved, I mean. Or maybe it was because I was young and uncomfortable with my body and he made feel like there was nothing to be ashamed of. He played me like a violin. Every time we Skyped together, and I exposed myself to him; he made me feel beautiful and flawless. I once looked at my body with confidence and self-assurance, thanks to him. And now, well, now I can barely look at myself in the mirror without thinking about him. Wondering if he was being truthful, or was it just more lies to groom me. Was I beautiful, like he said, or was I just an ugly, normal girl like so many others?
Of all the scars he left, that doubt was the one I’d wished the most to be free of. Even the physical ones had wounded me less than his cruel torment of my mental state. He took a young girl, who was blossoming and developing at such a critical and volatile time, and threw gasoline on the burning fire that was her adolescent self-doubt. He really was truly evil.
And yet, I still feel some semblance of love for him. How screwed up is that? How screwed up am I? After all these years, and all the pain and torture I endured at his own two hands, and I still can’t help but feel something for him. It’s like an invisible hand on my shoulder. He’s not really there, but I can feel him on my skin. Touching and caressing it, when I’m alone in my bed at night.
He’s gone now, and I’m free of him, but I don’t feel free. He’s always there with me. When I change clothes, I can hear him telling me not to wear panties. When I eat, I hear him chastising me for eating too much and how I’m going to fat. But the worst is when I try to sleep at night. I feel his hands groping me, like an insect crawling under my skin, he’s there. Constantly touching me, making it known that even now, in my place of safety, that he owns me; that I am his.
Maybe I still am, in a way. The things he had done to me, even the things I could be rid of, were still there. He had forced me to pierce my nipples, silver rings that could be pulled and tied to weights. I still hadn’t removed them. Maybe it was because it shamed me so for others to see my body, or maybe I wasn’t as rid of him as I’d thought.
I hope that telling this story can help me heal. That it can help me forget about what happened to me and move on with my life. My therapist keeps telling me that writing can help us cope with trauma. I don’t know if she’s right, but I need to try something. I am uncertain about so much in this world, but there is one thing I do know; I want to free of my monster. This may be the last chance I have to do it. If nothing else, maybe, just maybe, my story could help others like me avoid the mistakes I made.
This world was as cruel as they came, and people like Magnus were the harbingers of that cruelty. Exploiting people like me. Abusing and destroying us, and then after they took all that they could from us, they discarded us like a piece of trash on the street.
I know my story will be hard to read, and that for some, it’s graphic details may be too much. But it’s important. Kids like I was should read this, and not be coddled and protected. They need to be wise to how this world works and that there are monsters lurking in the dark waiting to hurt them. Nobody can protect them more than themselves; but they need the tools to do so, and I hope this story can be that tool.
I’ll start at the beginning. Four years ago, just shortly after my thirteenth birthday. It all began with an innocent rumour shared among friends, on a walk home from school on a cold, autumn day.

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Chapter One: Rumours
Written: 08-24-2017

“So,” Jenny inquired, “Did you hear about Ciana?”
Jenny was my best friend, and if you knew her like I did, you’d know how much she loved rumours. At least, rumours about other people.
“Come on, not another one.” I sighed.
“No, this one is actually true! I swear!” Jenny exclaimed.
“How do know that exactly?” I asked curiously. Though I’d never admit it, I did enjoy hearing about these kinds of things. Especially when Jenny told them so matter-of-factly. She could sell it, even the most outlandish story that couldn’t possibly be true. Even back then, without her yet knowing it, she wanted to pursue marketing as a career.
“I knew you couldn’t resist.” She giggled. “Okay, so, you know Joey, right?” She asked.
“The weird kid with the buck teeth and glasses?” I asked.
“No, Joey Smith. He’s a year older than us?”
“Oh! You mean the weird guy who always hangs around after school talking to girls? Isn’t he in high school?”
“Yeah, that’s him! And yes, he totally is, and that’s the thing. The reason he hangs around after school talking to girls is because of this site he promotes for.”
“Site?” I asked.
“Yeah, it’s like this chatroom. Girls can go on cam for a bunch of guys and they’ll pay you for it. You don’t even have to do anything that dirty or anything.”
“Okay, super shady site. Got it so far, but where does Ciana come into all this?”
“I’m getting there.” Jenny replied in that cute, slightly-agitated tone she had when she became flustered or was interrupted.
“So,” she continued. “I saw him talking to Ciana the other day.”
“And?” I interrupted again.
“Aaaand the next day I overheard these guys in English class talking about the show she put on for them. I guess she even flashed her boobs at them. Apparently, she’s making a killing doing it.”
“Wait, wait, wait.” I stammered, interrupting her story for the third time. “That’s your proof? Some guys in English class said it?”
“If you’d stop talking for a second and let me continue.” Jenny joked, nudging me in the shoulder.
I laughed and socked her one back.
“So anyway, I didn’t believe them at first. I just ignored them for the rest of class, but as the day went on, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So, the next day in class I asked them about it.”
“And?” I asked, teetering on the edge of my seat. Like I said, even thought I pretended to be annoyed with such rumours, even I couldn’t help but care when it was Jenny telling them. She would make a hell of a writer or speaker.
“And,” she replied in a long and drawn out way, “they sent me a link to the site and Ciana’s profile. It’s totally real! I even peeked in on one of her streams to check if it was really her and it was!”
“Seriously?! Could you send me the link, too?” I inquired.
“Way ahead of you!” Jenny laughed, with her phone already in hand, mashing away furiously at the screen as though a hacker in some cheesy action movie.
“And there you go!” She cheered, a smile beaming across her face. I heard my phone ding and without even thinking, checked it knowing full-well what it was. It’s kind of scary how much of a habitual reaction it is.
“Thanks! I’ll check it out when I get home.” I replied.
“Anything for you!” Jenny teased. “So, you thinking about trying it out? That site, I mean?”
I thought she was joking at first. “No way!” I scoffed.
“Oh, come on.” She smiled, “Aren’t you just a little, teensy bit curious about it? I heard Ciana made almost fifty bucks in an hour one day!”
“Seriously? Fifty dollars, for an hour’s work?” I asked. Though I didn’t admit it, the prospect of making so much for so little work and time had crossed my mind as we spoke.
“I can’t say for sure, but have you seen the amount of new stuff she’s bought recently? New clothes, a new phone, new… well, you get the idea.”
I thought about it for a moment. Jenny was right. Ciana had seemingly, with little explanation until now, bought a lot of new, expensive stuff. I knew Ciana’s parents weren’t exactly millionaires, so I knew they couldn’t have bought that stuff for her.
Jenny noticed my silence and continued talking. “Anyway, whatever. If she wants to be a slut and show her boobs to strangers for money that’s up to her. We’d never sink that low, right?” Jenny asked seriously.
I just looked at her and nodded. “Yeah, totally.” Was all I said.
She and I shared a laugh at Ciana’s expense. I realize how mean we were being, judging her like that, but that’s what all of us do at that age. We’re stupid, naïve, and we alienate anyone who isn’t like us. I remember Ciana and some other girls once called us ‘little monsters.’ I laughed it off back then, but looking back I can only think that they didn’t have a clue what a real monster was.
“Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Ciana, I mean.” Jenny said condescendingly.
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t you remember the story about her?” Jenny asked, and after receiving no immediate response from me, she went on to explain. “Come on, how could you possibly forget?! She got felt up by that weird guy at a football game last year. Under the bleachers. Ringing any bells?”
“Oh, yeah!” I laughed. “Second Base Stace!” I exclaimed. ‘Stace’ was referring to her middle name, in case your wondering. Ciana Stacey Williams was her full name. It’s almost funny how far kids are willing to go to come up with a clever rhyming scheme, figuring out her middle name just to give her a hard time about something we all eventually do.
“That’s the one! Credit to Scott for coming up with that one. You know, I always hated him, but if he’s good at anything, it’s coming up with insults.” Jenny giggled.
“I know. Remember when he spread that stupid rumour that I was making out with another girl and he spent the whole week calling me Gayley?”
“Classic.” She replied, trying to hold back her laughter.
“Sure was. If you didn’t have to deal with it, that is.” I moaned.
Jenny looked at me and we both started laughing. These are my favourite memories of back then. Before high school. Before Magnus. It’s the stupid little things like that conversation that make me the happiest. Even now, telling this horror story, I can’t help but smile at how stupid we were back then.
We kept walking for a few minutes after discussing Ciana’s new ‘job’ until we reached Jenny’s house. She and I lived in a small suburb called Cedar Grove. It was essentially a gated community were the richest people in town lived, including Jenny and I. My parents were both surgeons, and Jenny’s parents pretty much owned the majority of the town’s real estate. When I think about how snooty we were back then, I can’t help but laugh at how comically cliché we were. The rich, popular girls making fun of everyone who wasn’t as lucky as we were. I was really terrible back then.
As Jenny walked up the cobbled driveway towards the house, she turned around and said, “See you later, Gayley!” She winked at me as the last word escaped her lips.
I laughed. “See ya’, bitch!” I yelled back.
Jenny smiled at me, then she turned around and went inside. I continued walking down the road. As I walked, I pulled a pair of headphones from my pocket, plugged them into my phone and then into both ears. I swiped through my music until I found one of my favourite songs – Hum by Tiger’s Jaw.
I skipped home, humming the entire way. I ignored everything around me. The Johnson kids playing on their front lawn, Mr. Hinch, a man as old as the town itself, was out mowing the grass. Everything that happened in Cedar Grove always felt like every coming-of-age movie cliché turned to eleven. I suppose I was no different, humming along the road with headphones on, blithely ignoring the world around me.
I soon made my way home and to the surprise of literally no one, my parents were still at work. If there was one good thing about the house I grew up in, it was that they were rarely home. They always seemed to be working, or out doing something. They just seemed to forget they even had a daughter sometimes. As a young teenager, I was just fine with that, but looking back, I can’t help but wish I had a Mom and Dad instead of just ‘parents.’
As soon as I shut the door behind me, I ran up the stairs and into my room. I kicked the door shut with my foot as I threw my backpack across the room and on my bed. I then stripped my jacket off and tossed it alongside my pack. I hopped into the chair at my desk and lifted the lid on my MacBook.
There was a dozen or so things I ought to be doing after I got home like tidying up my room, grabbing a snack, doing my homework, etc. But, for all the things that I should’ve been doing, I could only focus on one – checking out Ciana’s profile on this website. I don’t know if I was looking for something to make fun of her for, or if I was just satisfying my idle curiosity or just simply killing the boredom of suburban life but I knew I had to see it for myself.
I pulled my phone from the pocket of my jeans and checked the text Jenny had sent me. With my eyes darting back and forth between the two screens, I typed the URL into the search bar of my Mac. After I finished, I let my finger hover over the Enter key and I whispered to myself, “Here goes nothing.” I pressed the key and was greeted by a sign-up screen.
Well, that was anti-climactic. I sighed. Well, I’ll just make some shit up and ignore everything that isn’t required. And that’s exactly what I did. I gave a fake name, fake location, fake everything. I ignored the About Me section and checked to be sure that every section marked as required was filled. Finally, I checked the box that confirmed I was over 18. What’s one more lie? I laughed to myself, and clicked Confirm.
As the page loaded, it redirected me to Ciana’s profile. I looked over the information, and with the exception of her age, saying she was nineteen when she was thirteen, it seemed legit. I scrolled down the page and saw an image gallery. I clicked to open it and my jaw dropped at what I saw. It was legit. There were a few dozen or so shots of Ciana in all manners of undress. A few of them showed her topless, wearing only a pair of panties.
Holy shit, Jenny was right. For the first and only time, a rumour of hers was actually true. I backed out of the gallery, and scrolled to the top of the page again. I noticed something I hadn’t before. In the corner of her profile picture, there was a little green circle with the word ‘LIVE’ next to it. She was live streaming right now! I have to check this out.
I took a deep breath and clicked the link. The stream was buffering and I waited in anticipation as I watched the little circle spin round and round. Come on, hurry up! I found myself thinking. God, I’m like the boys in my class. Impatient and horny. I laughed at the thought.
Then, after what seemed like forever, the stream finally loaded and I was greeted by a girl, half naked, sitting in a chair. I looked closely at the screen, and it was definitely her! There was no doubt, that girl was Ciana, through and through! My eyes were glued to the screen, reading the chat pass by at the speed of light as a few hundred people’s comments and donations appeared and disappeared.
HORNYDAD45: Why don’t you take your bra off for Daddy. ;)
HORNYDAD45 SENT: $30[usd]
XSDFDDF123: Holy shit, dude! That’s really Ciana!
TOELICKER69 SENT: $15[gbp]
SOMEGUY543: Show us your tits!
Ciana must have been reading them too, because at the request of a paying customer, she reached behind her and removed her bra. I watched in shock as her admittedly large-for-her-age boobs appeared on the screen. She massaged them with her hands, and pinched her nipples for effect, causing the chat to blow up further and more donations to come in.
I peered up at the top of the screen to the donation box. It compiled all of the donations received in the stream so far, and converted them into her currency. My jaw hit the floor when I saw the total at nearly two hundred dollars and the stream had only been active for about twenty minutes. The donations and requests just kept coming, too! It seemed like it was never ending.
GEMINIJIM44: No way is she nineteen! She looks like a fucking twelve-year old, maybe thirteen or fourteen at best! Oh, well! *grabs lube*
DIRTYOLDPERV: What I wouldn’t give to be fifty years younger!
URMOM69 SENT: $1[usd]
URMOM69: There I paid u whore.
URMOM69: Now why don’t u fist that cunt of urs stupid!
[MOD]ALEXISTHEKNIGHT: *URMOM69 was removed from the Stream*
ANONYMOUS: Buy urself something pretty my little slut!
[MOD]PRINCESSCIANA: hehe, thanks everyone! how about we get on with the main event! :)
Main Event? I wondered what she was talking about. I know I probably should’ve left the stream ages ago, but I couldn’t help it. I tried to move my hand, to try and close the page, but my body wouldn’t respond. I had to see it. Whatever the ‘Main Event’ was, I did not know, but I did know that I was going to watch it. I felt an unexplainable fire burning between my legs, an insatiable itch that begged to be scratched. I needed release.
As I watched Ciana on the screen, standing up and removing her panties, my fingers crept between my legs and with a mind all their own, pulled the button through the hole. I continued to watch as Ciana then proceeded to lay on her bed and spread her legs wide for the world to see. As the scene continued to unfold before my eyes, my fingers pulled the zipper of my jeans down and pulled them down my legs. I kicked them aside and watched as Ciana’s finger disappeared into her bald crack.
My own possessed fingers began to do the same. My eyes were transfixed to the screen and my mind was filled only with lust; with an unimaginable desire for a powerful release. In that moment, as my fingers mimicked the actions of my classmate, I had truly lost control. It was like every inhibition I’d ever had just suddenly vanished in that one moment. Leaving room for only my carnal desire for pleasure to control my mind and body.
I forced two fingers into myself, just as I watched Ciana doing, and I felt helpless. I almost felt like a pure submissive in that moment, and maybe this was the beginning of the end for me. What Ciana had awakened in me that afternoon was the same thing that led me to Magnus, and it’s that submissive, docile nature in a girl that he was so adept at exploiting.
I remember watching that stream for a long time. Watching as Ciana continued to finger herself, and even as she reached an orgasm, I continued to do the same. It’s funny, looking back on this, knowing that had I not done what I was about to do, that my life would’ve completely different. There would have been no Magnus. No self-loathing. No blaming for myself. There would have been no a-lot-of-things.
But I, being the stupid and naïve kid that I was, decided to send Ciana a personal message on the site. With one hand still occupying the space between my legs, and my other on the keyboard, I began to type her a message. I can’t recall what it was I sent her exactly, I do remember sending her my cell number saying that I knew who she was, and that I was interested in getting started in her ‘line of work.’ To my surprise, she messaged me back almost immediately and was actually quite cordial about it.
[PRINCESSCIANA] Hey, so your interested in signing up for the site?
[HAL334LY] Umm, yeah… It seems like a lot of fun.
[PRINCESSCIANA] I need to ask you something before we go anywhere… How is that you know me exactly?
Crap. Okay, relax. Just tell her the truth. I paused with my fingers hovering over the keys for a moment, and then took a deep breath and began typing once more.
[HAL334LY] We go to the same school.
I watched nervously as I saw that she was typing. Damnit, Haley! Why would did you tell her that. I’m such an idiot.
[PRINCESSCIANA] If that’s true, you must know Joey, then?
[HAL334LY] The high school guy who hangs outside of our school, right?
[PRINCESSCIANA] So you are telling the truth… Okay, meet him tomorrow after school. I’ll tell him you’re coming. He’s going to ask for proof so you need to tell him that ‘the grass is greener at Ridgemont.’
What does that mean? The grass is greener at Ridgemont? That was the name of our middle school, the one this high school freshman I was supposed to meet loved to frequent so. I guess I’ll just have to trust Ciana…
[HAL334LY] Okay, I don’t really understand, but I’ll tell him.
[PRINCESSCIANA] That’s a good girl! I’ll let him know shortly. Trust me, you can relax, Joey is trustworthy and this job is so worth it.
I didn’t respond. I simply shut the lid of my MacBook and continued to let my fingers explore deep inside of me. It felt like they were tiny explorers, on an expedition to uncover the unknown; to explore depths untouched by any man before them. I giggled at such a silly thought and leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes. As I felt my body building towards an explosive climax, only a single thought kept running through my mind on repeat: Tomorrow is going to be amazing.

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Great Start. looking forwards to reading more!

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Great Start. looking forwards to reading more!

Thanks! I'm looking forward to writing more, so it works out well for both of us! :)

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This is a very nice start Minnie.  I'll be checking for more and looking forward to it.

Now about my payment for moving the story for you?

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We have a classic in the making! Great start Minnie!

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I sure hope you have plans to continue this story. Its got a great start.

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Great start to the story , can’t wait to read on 👌