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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.  In addition, although persons of distinct nationalities, ethnicities, cultures or religions may be portrayed, no offense is meant to anyone.

Gabriela, La Latina Mimada y Su Torment (Gabriela, the Spoiled Latin Girl and Her Torment)


Gabriela Garcia Padilla glared at the restaurateur and spoke, “If you don’t seat my friends and me this instant, I will call my father and have this place shut down.”
He looked down at the girl simultaneously angry and fearful.  Under normal circumstances he would be delighted to have this gorgeous wealthy girl and her comely friends in his establishment, but the restaurant was completely full and the idea of forcing welcome guests out into the street in the middle of their meal appalled him.  Pondering his choices he tried to avoid looking down the girl’s abundant cleavage in a shear yellow blouse reminding himself she was supposed to be still in her teens.

Shoulders slumped he went over to a table of regulars and explained the situation.  They were very angry as expected giving the four young girls looks of pure hatred.  He whispered the name Padilla, and the patrons got quiet and nodded.  Obviously he did not charge them for the meal they nearly finished, so they were somewhat mollified by that.  When he asked them to come again tomorrow for a dinner on the house, they left a little less angry, but still not happy with the family Padilla, especially since they did not share his politics.

As he seated and served the girls, he couldn’t help continuing to stare at the Padilla girl.  He’d seen pictures of her before with her father, but they were all of a young prepubescent girl.  Some of those pictures couldn’t have been more than two years old, but now the girl had the figure of grown women and flaunted it knowing the men were looking.  Her ample breasts were perfectly shaped gravity defying globes with a hint of large nipples showing despite the lacy white bra visible at times.  She had dark almost black hair down to the middle of her back and hanging over her shoulders stark against the yellow blouse.  Her tanned skin was evident on her legs exposed by a very short black skirt, her bare arms and her plunging neckline.  Her considerable time at the beach was spent topless he could tell by his frequent glances down her blouse noting an absence of tan lines.  He looked repeatedly as he leaned over setting down plates of food.  The girls were obnoxious throughout their meal disturbing other diners, so it was a relief when they paid and left.  They left no tip, but those families never did.  He gave her shapely behind and gorgeous legs a lingering gaze as she left with her friends.  The other girls were pretty too, but he barely looked at them the entire time they were in his place.

Roberto Rodriguez Padilla was beyond wealthy in comparison to most in his country.  The socialists had most of the power, but his wealth gave him considerable influence.  His power and new popularity meant he could give the socialists a real challenge in the coming elections and finally restore things as they should be with the ‘right’ families running the country again.  Things were going well, and he was a happy man with a beautiful wife and several young pliant mistresses.  If it weren’t for the constant frustrations his daughter gave him, he would be without much worry.  After turning 16 a couple months ago, she managed to destroy two cars in that same period of time.  He refused to buy her another and instead had her chauffeured around, although he probably should have checked the politics of the chauffer.

Distracted from talking about one of the girl’s older brother by a sudden turn, Gabriela told the chauffer, “You’re going the wrong way idiot.”
“No, Seńorita Padilla.  I know a quicker way.”
“You’re not paid to think moron,” she responded, but she really didn’t know the streets well and resumed gossiping with her friends.  The girls were all 16 or 17, but Gabriela was the undisputed leader even if she was the youngest of the four.

Gabriella was about to say something again as the large sedan pulled into a dark commercial district in obvious disuse and mostly abandoned, but the car abruptly stopped near a group of about a dozen men.  The doors were yanked open, and the girls screaming were pulled roughly from the sedan.  They soon had their mouths gagged and wrists and ankles tied.
“We just wanted the Padilla girl.  What do we do with the rest?” one asked the man in charge.
“I know a brothel across the border.  We’ll sell them there, and then wait a few months to tell their families where they are and see if they want them back.”
All the men laughed as the girls struggled even harder in their clutches.
He continued, “By that time they will be well trained whores, so the families will probably leave them there.”
More laughter ensued as Gabriela and her sobbing friends were carried into one of the large seemingly abandoned buildings.

Roberto had his laptop open and someone was trying to send him a video feed.  He ignored it at first, but then saw his daughter’s name along with the feed.  When he clicked on it, he gasped seeing Gabriela with her wrists tied above her head to something out of view, mouth gagged with a cloth and legs obviously secured as well.  She had a look of terror in her eyes and seemed to be watching something going on out of view.  He could also hear grunting in the background.  Gabriela was wearing the same clothes she left the house in, but he noticed at least two more buttons were undone on the blouse and suspected correctly she did that herself after leaving the house.

A masked man came into view and spoke, “Seńor Padilla, we are here to discuss the future of our country.”
“I want my daughter back.”
“Sí, I know you do, and you will get her back when you agree to our demands.”
“I never give in to intimidation, and I will have you all killed for this.”
After pausing, Roberto asked, “Where are her friends that were with her.”
“Show him,” the man said.
The camera panned around to show him a scene of horror.  The three girls only had shreds of clothing left on them and all three were being savagely raped.  Other masked men held them down, while their cohorts thrust into the girls making their breasts bounce in rhythm.  He could see them trying to scream through their gags as they struggled against their tormentors.

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The camera came back around, and the man continued, “They wanted to have some fun, and I wouldn’t let them have your Gabriela….yet.”
Pausing briefly he continued, “They are nothing actually.  Their families may have some money but no real power anymore like you.”
The man went around behind Gabriela and put his chin on her shoulder brushing some of her long dark hair out of the way, “Such a pretty little thing, I actually hope you resist us for a time.  Certainly by far the best of the four.”

Roberto watched as the man reached around and began undoing a couple more buttons on her blouse exposing the lacy white bra underneath.
“Don’t you dare!” exclaimed Roberto.
“Oh, but I do dare seńor,” he responded and slipped a hand inside her blouse cupping her firm ample breast gently squeezing through the bra.
Gabriela tried to retreat from his mistreating hand moaning through her gag, but he held her in place while he groped and fondled her breast.  Tears were running down her cheeks.
“Stop touching her!”
The man ignored him but did release her breast, however he then reached down and undid a button on her black skirt.  He pulled down the side zipper, and the skirt hesitated briefly before falling to the floor revealing a hint of the lacy white panties only partly visible in the small opening of her blouse.

“What do you want from me?”  Roberto asked hoping the man would stop touching his daughter.
“You withdraw from the election, transfer all holdings of your company to the current government, and leave the country renouncing your citizenship.”
“Very well,” he said and resumed unbuttoning the last buttons on Gabriela’s blouse.  Pulling the blouse off her shoulders, he pushed it up above her head wrapping it around her tied wrists.  He then undid the bra in the back and soon had it tied with the blouse.

Roberto stared speechless at his daughter’s bare breasts.  It had been many years since he last accidently saw them exposed like this, and he couldn’t help but admire how she had filled out.  He knew she became well developed this past year or so, as there was no way of hiding that.  In fact he often made her go back and change before going out, but it was if he was just now really noticing her sudden maturation.  They were the most magnificent tanned breasts he ever saw with large dark pink areolas and pert nipples.  He blushed slightly feeling himself become a little aroused.  Soon he couldn’t see them so well, as the man had both gripped in his hands squeezing them roughly.  They filled the man’s hands easily and seemed to be begging to be squeezed.  Roberto’s own hands began clutching as if it was him groping his daughter.  The man began pinching her nipples, and Roberto could see them getting hard at his touch.  Gabriela was trying to sob through the gag and twisted in the firm grip of her tormentor.

Roberto shook his head helplessly ‘no’, as the man moved one hand down Gabriela’s bare stomach to her panties.  His other hand still gripped a breast so tight Roberto knew it must be hurting her.
“None of those sluts my men are playing with were virgins.  You rich families raise sluts just as I suspected.”
Faint grunts and moans in the background reminded Roberto of their fate.  Gabriela squirmed in his grip as his fingers slid under the waist band of her lacey panties.  He watched dry mouthed and breathless as the masked man pushed his entire hand in his daughter’s panties, the bulge of it moving around probing. He saw it in her eyes, when he must have got a finger inside her.  Her eyes bugged out and she tried to scream through the gag trying to move her pelvis away from his invading finger.

The man gave a grunt of surprise and spoke, “Who would have guessed it?  It seems your daughter’s virginity is still intact.  Do you want her to keep it?”
“Yes,” Roberto managed to croak.
“Then you agree to our terms?” he said his hand still in Gabriela’s panties.
“I can’t do that.  Por favor seńor, don’t hurt my daughter.”
The masked man pushed his hand down his finger leaving her body, and her panties stretched at first, but then slowly slid down her hips just a little.  He reached first to one hip, and then the other working them past her flared out hips and shapely thighs until the lacey panties dropped to the floor joining her skirt.  Unlike her breasts, thin tan lines of a very tiny bikini bottom were evident in her pelvic region.  They weren’t very pronounced as her skin was a natural caramel color.

His daughter’s pubic area revealed to him for the first time since she was just a baby, Roberto swallowed hard and stared.  Her dark pubic hair was neatly trimmed as if she was expecting to be with a lover this evening.  Her entire body unveiled to his gaze, he found his mouth was not dry anymore as he began to salivate.  When he was younger he had a subscription to the gringo magazine ‘Playboy’.  At this moment he didn’t think any of those girls were as erotically voluptuous as his beautiful Gabriela.  To his shame he felt an erection straining in his pants.

The man spoke again but this time in a low tone in his daughter’s ear, “Your friends don’t know you are a virgin do they?”
She shook her head ‘no’.
“You told them your lover was an older man, and you couldn’t tell anyone about him, as it would get him in trouble with your father.”
Roberto watched his daughter nod her head that it was true.
“You didn’t think any of the boys and men that tried were worthy of you did you?”
She nodded agreeing again.
“Did you want it to be with an older man, like me perhaps?”
Gabriela closed her eyes and didn’t move her head.  Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Times up Seńor Padilla.”
Roberto shaking his head whispered out the words, “I can’t.  It’s my family’s legacy you ask for.  Please, you must not do this.”
“Bring that table over,” the man said to someone off camera.
It was two men that brought a table over.  They were only wearing boxers, and Roberto knew they had recently been raping Gabriela’s friends.  Their mouths visible under the masks were grinning like demons from hell as they took Gabriela struggling nude down from the hook she had been suspended from.  She was placed prostrate on the table shaking her head violently trying to scream.  The leader held her arms above her head while the men untied her legs, and then forced her legs wide apart retying them to the table legs.

Roberto was almost bouncing in the chair as waves of anxiety flowed through him.  He knew they purposely placed Gabriela on the table with her open legs facing him to make him watch.  He wanted to turn away but could not.  Her pink slit below her trimmed mound seemed to be inviting him in.  He had made love to many beautiful women and still did frequently always enjoying seeing their vaginas open and ready for him.  Some men thought that part of a woman was ugly, but he never did, and there was something strangely hypnotic about Gabriela’s forbidden crotch displayed on his screen.  An image of himself lowering his body between her spread legs flashed in his mind, and he shook his head to get rid of it.  She had her head up her beautiful face framed by her dark locks looking around with wild eyes as one of the men replaced the leader holding her arms above her head.  He could see her legs pulling on the rope as she strained against her bonds.  Her torso twisted weakly as she futilely tried to escape.

The masked man who had been taunting him moved between Gabriela’s legs blocking his view.  He moved his head as if to look around him feeling foolish doing so.  As if knowing he was trying to see, the view changed as whoever was operating the camera moved to the side and closer.  He was looking down at Gabriela seeing her heaving chest, quivering breasts and terrified face.  The man began stripping his clothes off, and Gabriela shook her head ‘no’ over and over groaning in misery while he undressed.

When the man dropped his pants, his manhood flipped into view.  Gabriela saw it too and tried to scream again through her gag.  Roberto mentally compared himself to the man and wasn’t sure who was bigger.  He was proud of his equipment and ability to please women with it, and knew instinctively this man felt the same.  Reaching out he took both of Gabriela’s breasts roughly in his hands and groped and kneaded them before leaning down slowly and clamping his mouth on one of her nipples.  The scene got bigger as the camera moved in, and Roberto got a close up view of the man’s mouth licking, sucking and biting on his daughter’s nipple.  He could see it get turgid responding to the man’s activity.  He moved to the other breast and repeated the act causing that nipple to match the other’s erectness.  Gabriela with her head lifted watched the man squeeze and suck on her breasts so very close to her face with huge terrified eyes.

He abruptly lifted his head and released her breasts.  The man grabbed Gabriela’s thighs pulling her butt to the very edge of the table.  Her knees jutting out on either side of the man trembling helplessly.  Spitting twice in one palm, he rubbed it on her cleft.  Roberto could see Gabriela wince at the contact of his slimy saliva.  The man hefted his manhood aiming it at his daughter’s crotch and moved it very slowly closer deliberately drawing out the drama of the impeding violation of his daughter’s body.  He could see Gabriela’s horrified look and entire body convulse as the organ finally made startling contact with her vaginal lips.  Roberto suddenly realized he was kneading his erection through his pants with his right hand, and yanked it away appalled at what he had been doing, but his eyes never left the screen and the scene unfolding in front of him.

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Loving this Jed! What an awesome build-up to Gabriela's cherry popping. And love how the old man is getting turned on by watching the violation of his daughter.

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Roberto was on the edge of his seat breathing heavily in anticipation watching the man nuzzle the tip of his manhood against Gabriela’s vagina.  Whoever was holding the camera zoomed in so he could see her labial lips being pushed aside as the tip entered her body.  He knew from personal experience about how far you could get in before encountering a girl’s hymen.  The view lifted and Gabriela’s agonized face appeared in the view.  She still had her head lifted with sheer panic in her eyes watching everything.  Her heaving breasts had red blotches from the man’s rough hands and mouth.  Remembering he had been touching himself and afraid he would do that again in their view or say something he didn’t want them to hear, Roberto turned off the camera and audio on his end.  He knew they would know he was still there.

Gabriela was not that small of a girl at 165cm (5’5”) and 53 kilos (117 pounds), but she seemed so tiny and vulnerable with the huge man ominously standing over her intending to violate her body and soul.  She was radiantly beautiful too even in this horrible moment.
“Remove her gag.  I want him to hear her screams,” said the man still holding his manhood at Gabriela’s entrance.
Roberto leaped to his feet shaking his fist at the screen saying loudly but trying not to scream, “Why don’t you just fuck her for Christ’s sake and get it over with!”
He sat down just as fast utterly confused at yelling that and glad they couldn’t hear him.  He watched a different man remove Gabriela’s gag.  All the men seemed unusually big.  These weren’t your typical Socialist street thugs, he thought.

Gabriela worked her jaw and tongue trying to talk after being gagged for so long finally pleading, “Por favor seńor, don’t hurt me.”
As if in response to her pleas, the man’s fingers gripping both thighs dug in, and he moved relentlessly forward.  Roberto had expected him to just slam his hips into her, but he seemed to like to draw out every aspect of his daughter’s rape.  He saw and heard the moment her hymen tore, when Gabriela’s back arched off the table and she screamed, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…..PAPA….PAPA…IT HURTS….IT HURTS…..MAKE IT STOP!”

Roberto standing just stared mesmerized at the screen.  It was as if the man stabbed his little girl with a knife pressing it into her body while she screamed and cried for him to help her.  He penetrated her fully and held it there for a few seconds before slowly withdrawing as if playing with her like a cat with a mouse.  He pushed back into her vagina, as Gabriela’s pleading turned to inarticulate choking sobs.  The man’s hips moved slow and deliberate, grinding into his little girl.  Roberto realized his hand was on his crotch again and didn’t care.

The man raping Gabriela leaned forward and began picking up speed with his thrusting.  Roberto could see his organ penetrating her repeatedly.  Gabriela began flailing her head about with long dark hair flying in all directions, as she screamed out her protests at her ravishment, “NNnnnnnooooooooooo…nnnnnnooooooo….Ssssttoooooooppppppp!  I can’t take it papa…..please make him stop……PAPA!”
Roberto just stared at the screen and the man’s humping hips as he screwed his Gabriela watching his cock piston in and out of her.  His own hips were moving in envious rhythm with the man’s thrusting, his fondling of himself though his pants had gone from slow kneading to outright masturbation.

His pelvis still ramming between Gabriela’s widely spread legs filling her over and over, the man despite his great size, managed to bend his face down to Gabriela’s.  Her head was still twisting around in agony and misery, when he gripped it in his hands forcing his mouth on hers.  Gabriela gave a muffled protest at the kiss of her rapist, whining and squealing into his mouth.  The man continued to force the kiss on her, and Roberto knew his tongue was in Gabriela’s mouth.  There was a partial surrender as Gabriela ceased yanking on her restraints and stopped trying to pull her head away from his.

The man lifted up grinning evilly, and grabbed Gabriela’s thighs again ramming his body forward plunging his male member deep inside his little girl.  She was no longer fighting against her rapist with her face contorted in a grimace of anguish at her helplessness.  The camera alternated between close-ups of Gabriela’s weeping face, and the penetration of the man’s merciless pounding organ into his little girl’s vagina.  Gabriela’s defilement went on and on, and still gripping himself through his pants, Roberto was shaking his head trying to think has this been 20 minutes or a half hour of relentless ravishment.

Roberto saw the man’s thrusting get more insistent, and prayed this would be the end.  Gabriela seemed to sense something as well lifting her tear soaked head, as the man slammed into to her a few more times and with a groan jerked his hips against her one last time his body quaking with release.  Roberto saw it in Gabriela’s face and knew she was feeling his filthy seed shooting into her body.  Breaking her near silence, she wailed in despair and shame that this depraved act had been perpetrated on her.

The man slowly withdrew his softening organ, and Roberto could see Gabriela’s virginal blood smeared around the base of his weapon and in his pubic hair.  He spoke in a jeering vulgar tone, “That was one tight cońo.  I’m so happy she saved it for me.”
Pausing he continued, “Shows over for now seńor.”

The camera panned over and he could see Gabriela’s friends again.  Two were curled up in a ball and seemed catatonic.  One of them was moving around moaning in pain through her gag.  A man came over to her kicking her legs apart and then kneeling between them preparing to rape her again.
The leader spoke again, “They will be gone tomorrow, and the only girl for me and my men to play with will be your beautiful Gabriela.  Be sure and be online at 9AM tomorrow Seńor Padilla.  We have plans for her.”
He could hear Gabriela sobbing as the screen went dark.

He was gasping and trying to control his breathing thinking of what depraved acts will be perpetrated on his Gabriela tomorrow.  His heavy breathing had mostly subsided when his wife Marianna entered the room and asked, “Is Gabriela home yet?”
“No, I had a video chat with her, and she is spending the night with friends.”
“They aren’t still out are they?”
“No, they are not out anymore,” he said in a low distant tone.
There was a pause, and Roberto said more firmly, “I need to go out.  I’m not sure when I’ll be back.”
Marianna nodded, and turned to leave.  She knew what ‘need to go out’ meant.  While it sometimes bothered her, lately the 19 year old handsome gardener had been soothing some of those hurt feelings for her nearly every afternoon these days.

After his wife left the room, Roberto pulled out his cell and began dialing.
“Yes….yes, Roberto?”
“I need you tonight.”
“I had plans.”
“Does the person you have plans with pay for your apartment?”
“No……no, I’ll be here for you.”

Roberto thrust into Miranda one last time and groaned collapsing on her.  She caressed his hair for a bit and finally asked, “What got you so worked up?  That was three times in a row.”
Roberto did not respond, but suddenly he realized that of all his mistresses, Miranda looked the most like Gabriela, and he had been picturing Gabriela the whole time he had been fucking her.

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Thanks vile, already working on more for this one.

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This is turning into a real good one Jed.

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Just before 9AM Roberto locked the door to his study and waited.  Promptly at 9AM the video feed started and the man spoke, “Buenas días, Seńor Padilla.  We have so many plans for your little Gabriela today.”
As if on cue two men were dragging her nude form into view.  Her hands were tied behind her back and her ankles were tied together as they pulled her feet dragging on the ground a man with each arm.  Roberto’s heart skipped a beat noting again how utterly gorgeous his daughter was with her narrow waist, generous full bare breasts, exquisite behind and heavenly face famed by her long dark hair.  There were more men visible than last night all leering grotesquely at his Gabriela as she was dragged closer.  They groped her breasts and pat her butt as she was brought among them.  He began counting and including the leader there were nine of them.  Every one of the men were big, and he again thought how these were not ordinary Socialist thugs.

“This morning your little girl is going to learn about sucking cock,” the leader announced as Gabriela was placed prostrate belly down on a large cushion at waist level.  Roberto found himself nodding in grudging acceptance of his daughter’s fate and wondered why he didn’t turn on the mick and scream at them to stop.

“So Gabriela, have you sucked cock before?” the man asked.
He paused before saying, “Of course not.  While I admit to some surprise at finding you still a virgin yesterday, performing oral on a lover is a completely unselflish act, and there is nothing unselfish about your kind.  And you in particular epitomize the spoiled selfishness of the ring-wing imperialist elite and their belief of entitlement.”

He had been opening his pants as he was talking.  Roberto saw that Gabriela was watching closely as the man pulled out the weapon that had so painfully wounded her last night.  When his manhood flipped into view and was aimed at her face, she was seeing it up close for the first time.  Roberto watched his daughter clamp her mouth shut in refusal to participate.  The man rubbed his member on her lips mashing then away from her teeth, but she clenched her teeth together refusing to open her mouth.  With no understanding why, Roberto found himself wanting his beautiful daughter to give in and open her mouth wide for the man.

The man laughed and said, “I anticipated your refusal.  You’ll do this eagerly soon enough, but for now you’ll learn that nothing we want of you can be denied.”
He was handed something by one of the men.  It seemed to be a leather ring with two straps.  Roberto wasn’t exactly sure what this was and watched intently.  Another man helping, they forced Gabriela’s jaws open pressing the ring inside her open mouth.  The straps were fastened under her hair behind her head.  Roberto could hear Gabriela trying to talk, but only pleading incoherent sounds came from her forced open mouth.  Suddenly understanding, Roberto saw Gabriela could not close her mouth or bite on anything placed into her mouth.  He immediately understood what could go into the ring and her mouth and admired the ingenuity employed.
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Gabriela’s eyes were wide and staring directly at the man’s organ.  She was trying to turn her face away, but two men held her head hard.  The man was not small, and it seemed particular big now that Roberto knew it was going to be forced into his Gabriela’s mouth.  He pushed the head through the ring, and Roberto could see it in Gabriela’s eyes the moment it touched her tongue.  The man pushed deeper and Roberto shook in envy imagining what his daughter’s warm wet mouth must feel like.

The man just kept pushing his manhood further into Gabriela’s mouth.  Roberto enjoyed receiving oral pleasures and required that of his mistresses often, however none he had been with could accept much on him and used their hands too.  Gabriela began heaving and making choking sounds as half the man’s organ was embedded in her mouth.  Roberto expected him to begin thrusting, but instead he seemed to be trying to force more of himself impossibly into her mouth.  Both Roberto and the man seemed to know when it was coming, as Gabriela choked violently on his flesh.

He withdrew rapidly and stepped back as Gabriela with a great heave vomited on the floor.
“Don’t worry seńor, she will get used to it very soon,” the man said, while Gabriela heaved several more times with nothing but drool and bile escaping her forced open lips.
A bottle of water was brought and some poured in her moaning mouth to clean it.  They moved the cushion away from the mess.  He would not be denied, and just as she tried to scream through the gag, he plunged his organ into Gabriela’s mouth again driving deep with none of the slow theatrics of before.  Roberto could see Gabriela’s wild pleading eyes just before her body heaved again at his too deep penetration, but there was nothing left in her stomach.

He began slamming his hips into her face, and Gabriela made horrible noises of protest, “GAWK…..GAWK…..GAWK…..GAWK…..GAWK…..GAWK…..GAWK…..GAWK…..GAWK….. GAWK…..GAWK…..GAWK…..GAWK…..GAWK…..GAWK!!!.....”
The sounds went on and on as the man used his daughter’s mouth.  Her eyes were filled with disbelief at the perverse disgusting act.  She continued to heave and choke as he shoved his organ too deep.  He was forcing it past halfway and further than Roberto thought possible, as drool ran down her chin and dripped from his testicles.  Roberto noticed he had opened his pants and was stroking himself.  He felt ashamed at his reaction, but didn’t stop.

Not checking the time, Roberto thought this must be nearly 15 minutes as he watched the man’s merciless fucking of Gabriela’s mouth.  The noises had grown less loud as she seemed to know no amount of vocal objection would stop him.  She just seemed now to be trying to get enough air to live.  The man’s thrusting into her mouth got faster, and then with a loud groan he stopped thrusting and shook with his release.  Gabriela’s eyes which had been nearly closed flashed open, and Roberto knew she was feeling and tasting his ejaculate squirting in her mouth.  He held his organ in her mouth for several more seconds, and Roberto saw Gabriela’s throat convulse as she unwillingly swallowed the nasty mess.

She moaned hoarsely when the man withdrew, a disgustingly thick strand of saliva briefly joined his organ to her mouth before breaking with a splash.  She tried futilely to scream as another man stepped up to her face readying his organ.  He wasted no time and shoved it through the ring into Gabriela’s mouth gripping her long dark hair to hold her in place, as his hips moved forcibly forward slamming against her face repeating the act of the leader.  The amount of saliva smeared on her face was ghastly, and there was a puddle on the floor as he watched the man use her mouth.  Roberto gasped out loud and with humiliation yanked his hand away from himself seeing his own ejaculate spilled on the floor and wondered what was wrong with him being so aroused by the horrific scene on his screen.  It was his own daughter.

The second man didn’t seem to last as long, and he too spilled his seed in Gabriela’s mouth and was replaced by another.  Gabriela’s eyes were closed now, but he could tell she was still conscious.  Her eyes only opened when the third load was deposited in her mouth.  The man made her swallow it lifting her head until she did.  Soon a fourth man was thrusting in her mouth, but then he complained it felt dry.  Considering the copious amount of drool coating her face and hair and the large puddle on the floor, Roberto was not surprised she was dry and hoped this would mean they would stop.

The leader walked over as the man removed his organ.  He took Gabriela’s head in his hands forcing her to look up at him saying, “Poor little girl has a dry mouth.  What will we do about that?”
He tilted her head back even further and leaned down.  Roberto thought confusingly he was going to kiss her with that gag on.  The man got his face very close and made a noise in his throat.  Before Roberto understood what the noise was, the man spit through the ring directly in Gabriela’s mouth.  It was a thick mucus leaden wad of spit.  Lifting his head he announced, “Come comrades help this girl out with her dry mouth.”

One after the other men walked over and hacked up phlegm and spit into Gabriela’s mouth.  He could again see disbelief in her eyes at the nauseating repellent deed.  When all of them had finally spit in her mouth, the man who complained about her dry mouth forced his organ back in.
“Better?” asked the leader.
The man grinned and nodded as his hips gyrated against Gabriela’s face.  Before the fifth man used his daughter’s mouth, the men performed the spitting ritual again into her open mouth and then again after each man went.  His daughter no longer moved or attempted to turn away as each new man stepped up.  Only her heaving chest as she continued to struggle for air told him his daughter was still alive, as they continued to abuse her mouth.  They were all big men between their legs too, and he couldn’t conceive of how his daughter could be taking them as deep as she was and still be alive.

After the ninth and last man ejaculated deep in his daughter’s gullet and withdrew, her labored breathing was all that could be heard in the room.  Roberto was not sure if she was conscious or not.  Suddenly, she had a coughing fit and a gelatinous white mass erupted from her mouth and ran down her chin.  Roberto knew it was the men’s seed she had been swallowing again and again.  He wanting to turn his head away, but was still glued to the screen.  She coughed again and rolled off the cushion her nude form landing on her back on the floor.  Despite all she had been through and the mess on her face, he couldn’t help noticing again how gorgeous she was.
“Seńor Padilla we enjoyed your daughter’s mouth, although she does seem very tired from the whole experience.  I’m betting next time we tell her to suck us off, she’ll be more cooperative.”

The man looking down at his daughter continued, “My men have told me how jealous they were that I got to fuck the prettiest of the four girls last night.  Those other three girls are gone and on their way to being sold to a whorehouse.  The men taking them there will certainly have some fun on the way.  As I said last night, all we have left here is your Gabriela to play with, and I assured them they would have her as well.  Tune in again at 4PM this afternoon, and you can watch them fuck her one after the other.”  The screen went dead.

November 15, 2014, 04:17:14 PM
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Jed just so you know it's now 4:16pm and the show is late.  Not so patiently waiting for next part

November 15, 2014, 04:26:53 PM
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I'll do what I can sweetness dear.  I was thinking there is this spy strapped on a St. Andrews Cross in a dungeon that will most likely get some attention over the next day.  The other issue is this girl Patty that lives in the 1800's out west; the problem with her story is it's just so damn long and takes a while.

But never fear, Gabriela will soon have her torment continue.....  I'm liking this one myself.

November 15, 2014, 09:50:48 PM
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Will someone please pass me the envelope? AAAANNDDDDD......the winner of Best Blowjob Scene in a short story goes to.....*pause to pull piece of paper out of envelope* .......well, I'm sure none of you in the audience will be surprised at this.... the winner is......JED!
*cue for applause*

November 15, 2014, 10:10:06 PM
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Thanks vile, this one is fun to write.  I saw you posted more Mexican Girls.  Get even more of yours posted so sweetness has more to read.  She's getting impatient......LOL

November 16, 2014, 11:57:35 AM
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Offline sweetness

November 16, 2014, 01:13:04 PM
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I think Sweetness must really lIke this one.

November 18, 2014, 01:40:36 PM
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I think jed needs to get his butt in gear and do some writing

November 23, 2014, 02:29:46 PM
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I'll get back to this story soon.  My only excuse is I've been writing other things.  I did find out something interesting.  I sort of pictured the story set in Venezuela or at least one of the other South American countries known for a socialist government.  I decided to look up Miss Venezuela to see  what the girls looked like.  To my surprise Miss Venezuela 2012 became Miss Universe 2013, and her name is Gabriela.

November 24, 2014, 04:22:50 PM
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I was thinking you had put up some more story but noooo it's just pics.