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Forbidden Fruit 8 The Beach House Model for Me  by brokenwing

John was surprised by his own reaction when he heard the door knob turn, the door from the bathroom open and saw Larissa emerge into the bedroom.  He felt a knot well up in his throat and fall into his stomach. 

Her hair was still wet and her skin glistened from dampness.  Her shoulders and neck looked amazing and she looked so vulnerable standing there wrapped only in the towel and barefoot.  Without the heels on she seemed that much more petite. 

John felt a desire in himself he had never felt before, he could not remember ever wanting anyone sexually like he wanted her.  It felt like a crazy urgency, a combination of how it felt to kiss her on the balcony plus how it felt to carry her up to the bedroom the first time and take her virginity.  That combination times one million. 

It took all his will power to control himself.  He just wanted to pick her up and throw her on the bed and fuck her.

Larissa also felt nervous as she walked into the bedroom especially with him sitting there right on the foot of the bed as she walked out the door.  Even though he had seen her in the bikini she felt very self conscious in just the towel. 

She took a deep breath then asked, "I um didn't see my clothes in the bathroom.  Do you know where they've gone?  I probably should be heading home."

John wished he had hidden them but knew they were in the same room just a few feet away.  He struggled to not look in that direction and decided to move forward with his original plan.

He stood up and walked over to Larissa as slow as he could manage but that wasn't very slow. 

He put his fingers to her chin and tilted her head up for a kiss.  The kiss started as a few small pecks but he couldn't resist and before long slid his left hand behind her head weaving his fingers in her hair and started kissing her deeper.

He loved how timid she seemed at the beginning of every kiss like a teen experiencing their first kiss.  He also loved how her mouth seem to surrender to his mouth and tongue as she would timidly open and let his tongue push into her mouth.

He loved the feel of her body as it seemed to nervously tense to his aggression yet despite his strong firm grip on her head she never seemed to try to pull away.

Typically he liked to take hold of her head with his second hand, but he wanted to enjoy how vulnerable she must have felt in only the towel so instead he moved his right arm around her waist carefully not to tug down the towel but once securely around her he tightened his arms grip around her waist and pulled her body hard against him.

He loved the feeling of her losing her balance and needing to lean against him to try to maintain some control of her body.

He kissed her hard and deep for a couple minutes and then while still holding her said, "in the lingerie shop when I asked to come into the changing room you told me I couldn't but..." He hesitated but then emphasized the next word, "PROMISED you would model for me the items I bought for you.  Remember?"

Larissa was a bit caught off guard, even though she should have expected it, by how passionately John once again was kissing and holding her.  She felt so vulnerable wrapped only in the towel and had to use her hands to keep it from untying or opening.  His kiss always seemed to take her breath away and it wasn't any different this time.

She nodded yes to answer his question but then said, "John I really should be getting going, I know I promised but..."

He stopped her by pulling his hand out from behind her head and put one finger to her lips to quiet her replying, "You promised Larissa, aren't you going to keep your word?"

He looked hard into her eyes a serious expression on his face. 

She just couldn't tell him no and said, "Okay, but I don't have a lot of time.  Okay?  I need to get going soon."

"Agreed" he said then continued, "But I want you to tell me one more time you promise to try on what I bought you."

Larissa was a little confused by his question but as she nodded then said, "I promise."

John smiled a huge smile and gave her one quick kiss on the lips, one on the nose and then one on her forehead.  He then carefully made sure she had her balance and then let go of her walked over to the nightstand and grabbed the bag from the lingerie store brought it over to the bed, reached into the bed and pulled a black teddy from the bag handing it to Larissa.

She looked at the teddy taking a deep breath.  It was black lace but quite sheer.  She didn't realize he had bought this one.  She took it from him giving him a quick pout, partly playful and partly nervous and turned and walked into the bathroom to model it for him.

It didn't take her long to put the teddy on and she returned from changing in the bathroom.

John was dumbfounded when she walked out in the block lace teddy.  She looked incredible.

John couldn't speak.  It wasn't that he hadn't seen models in lingerie catalogs before or even women he was with in something sexy but with Larissa's shy innocence he was overwhelmed with sexual stimulation looking at her in just the black lace teddy.

He motioned for her to turn around so he could see her from all sides.  Her body looked incredible and more importantly she was doing as he asked after several minutes of taking in how sexy and amazing she looked he reached in the bag pulling out the next item a pink lace camisole with matching pink panties.

Without hesitation Larissa did as she was asked and took the pink lingerie with her into the bathroom and changed.  Once again John was delighted when she came back into the bedroom in the lingerie.  Again he asked her to turn around so he could see her from both front and back.  This time she looked so amazing he had to touch and reached out for her pulling her in for a passionate kiss. 

The kiss frustrated Larissa a bit as she felt she was running out of time and the passionate kisses made time fly by.  But after a short make out session he handed her a red BabyDoll and panty set.

Larissa hurried to the bathroom to change and within a few minutes once again appeared wearing the red BabyDoll and panties.  Once again John had her turn around looking her over in the lingerie and then pulled her to him for a make out session. 

After several minutes of kissing Larissa complained, "John, I do need to get going.  How many items did you buy?" 

John just smiled and then made another suggestion, "You could reduce the time it takes to change if you didn't go into the bathroom.  You could just change here right in front of me.  I could even help you."

Larissa thought about this a minute but wasn't really sure it would save time. But she made the decision to play along.  She held out her hand for the next garment and when she did before John took one from the bag he started unfastening the fastens on the side of the red BabyDoll. 

Within a few seconds he had helped her take off the BabyDoll and panties and the moment she was naked he pulled her too him again to kiss her.

God he loved her naked body.  He held her tight and kissed her long, deep and passionately.  His hands explored her bare skin starting with her mid back and eventually wandered onto her bare bottom. 

When he finally stopped kissing to take a breath she scolded him, "John this is even taking longer, how many more garments?  What's next?"

John smiled and handed her a white teddy.  It was made of lace and looked to be very revealing.  He helped her quickly get into the garment. 

The moment she had it on, he reached out a hand and spun her like he would on a dance floor so he could see her in the teddy from all sides.  Once he took a good look at her all around he grabbed hold of her by the waist and pulled her to directly in front of him, put his hand on her bottom and then pulled her up onto his lap with her knees bent one on each side of his legs straddling him. 

He then kissed her long, deep and passionately again.  Between kisses she whined and protested, "  Now stop it" she added when he finally stopped kissing her.

But he just smiled at her and then used his hand around her waist to flip her over onto the bed onto her back and within seconds he was now sitting straddling her hips.

She lay on her back looking up at him and he once gain kissed her.  He kissed her several times and then started kissing her cheek, he neck, onto her shoulders and then onto her chest.

Larissa once again whined as he was kissing her body, "John please, I need to get going.  We don't have time for all this."

But he just ignored her and continued to kiss down onto her cleavage.

His fingers hooked into the straps of the white teddy and started carefully working it down her body.  She took for granted he was helping her change into the next item of lingerie.

As he worked the teddy lower his lips followed kissing onto her breasts.  But John was careful not to spend too much time there, then down to her tummy, down to her belly button which he look a moment to lick through, which made her giggle. 

He continued to work the teddy off her hips, down her legs and off her feet.  His kisses worked to lower on her belly and he caught Larissa completely unprepared when his warm lips went down the center of her body until they were kissing her pubic bone. 

When she realized where his mouth was working to she lifted up her upper body and in a serious voice said, "John...I...I'm not ready for that!  No one has ever even seen me there.  Please I...don't want to do that...yet."

John at first seemed like he was listening kissing back up onto her tummy until he was far enough up her body to push her arms out from under her supporting her upper body holding her up.  the moment he had her lying once again flat on her back his mouth quickly kissed back down her tummy onto her public bone and on the visible part of her slit.

"John, please, I'm serious" she once again protested starting to push up onto her elbows again but this time John didn't listen and pushed her knees open and continued to kiss down onto her sex. 

"Shhhh, it's okay Larissa, you did this for me, it's my turn to do this for you.  Just relax and let me have my turn" he said and begin licking and kissing on her vaginal lips. 

He absolutely loved how tight and hidden her lips were. More then anything it just looked like a long slit.  He had to lick and kiss and eventually push his tongue into the opening.

He also was trying to not scare her by going too fast so he carefully started gently nudging her legs wider.  He was delighted when his tongue felt inner warmth and he could smell her scent.  It was intoxicating and his erection seemed to harden much more. 

Larissa couldn't deny that it felt...well...incredible.  But at the same time she felt so very self conscious.  No one had ever looked at her naked like this.  NO ONE.  Yet here she was, lying on the bed, on her back, nude, while he was exploring her naked body with his mouth. 

She tried again to dissuade him, "John, please, I'm serious, I'm not ready for this, no one's touched me down there, let alone what you're doing.  I don't want to do this.  For real!."

But John didn't hesitate, slow down or even pause other then long enough to say, "Shhhhh, It'll be okay, I'll go slow, just relax, I'm not going to hurt you."

The second he finished the word "you" his mouth went to her sex and he pushed his tongue hard up through the slit.  As he did so he firmly but trying not to push too hard pushed her knees wider to help open her sex more to him.  This time his tongue penetrated her vaginal lips. 

She squirmed on the bed and let out a long heavy exhale followed by, "Stop please."

John not only didn't stop, but increased his advances,  He used his right hand to lift her left knee up first by holding her calf and then put his hand under her foot pushing her knee up quite a bit. 

As he got her knee lifted he moved first the bridge of his nose up towards the top of her sex pushing it deep enough to push the lips open.  His tongue licked right behind his nose and he licked from the center of his sex up towards the top.  His left hand quickly moved to her sex and carefully trying not to touch with a finger nail pushed the soft lips open exposing her sex more.  As quickly as he could he worked his tongue onto and all around her clitoris.

While licking and focusing on her sex he tried to remember to look up to watch her reaction.  Despite her protests she was tossing her head from left to right.  He could tell the feelings were something she had never experienced before. 

He then opened his mouth wide and surrounded her sex as much as he could with his wide warm mouth.  The moment he felt he had a good seal.  This time that brought a moan from her. 

He worked his tongue frantically thrusting it deep into her vaginal opening and then up and round and around her clit.  Her entire body was squirming. 

He did his best to use his hands at his waist to work his pants open then down to his knees. 

Larissa was so completely confused.  She felt angry, scared, aroused and confused.  She had told him no, stop, don't and please yet he kept doing what he wanted to do.  Her emotions were such a mix of feelings and emotions and she didn't know what to do.  She really didn't want this to happen.

She tried once again to sit up.  This time she sat, not just up to on her elbows but bent her waist and sat almost fully up. 

But the moment she was sitting up, she felt him push a hand in her sternum and then pushed down hard.  It caught her so off guard she fell back onto her back. 

The moment she was on her back again she felt his tongue thrust deeper into her sex then she thought it could penetrate.  She felt her own body responding and she felt such shame for that.  She once again realized she was in over her head and began to cry. 

His tongue worked through her sex several more times and he kissed and sucked at her sex even puckering between her lips wetting his mouth fully with her juices. 

But he did then hear her soft sobs. 

John feeling bad, but also having other intentions in mind, crawled up onto the bed on top of Larissa, "It's okay" he whispered, "I'm sorry, you're just so beautiful I can't control myself.  It's okay I love you.  Everything is going to be okay."

Hearing his words seeing his eyes looking into her eyes she started to calm down but just as she did she felt him.

Larissa had no idea he had dropped his pants and once on the bed with her he was able to push his sex to hers, her legs still open and the moment he knew he had it at the right place he moved his hips forward and began to push into her.

The moment she started to move her mouth to protest he pushed his mouth hard to hers, kissing her hard, first with lips closed then pushing his tongue at her lips. 

He loved how that felt to try to penetrate her mouth at the same time he was penetrating her sex with his cock.  At the moment his cock was working more to penetrating her deeper. 

With her hips much closer to the edge of the bottom of the mattress he was able to first grab and push up one leg and then the other and within moments he was working his cock deeper inside her.  She felt as tight to him today as she did that first time they had sex. 

He was a little surprised that she moved to turn her face away from him but he didn't hesitate at all with his hips working to penetrate her deeper. 

He decided to work on her mind, "You're so beautiful.  I love you, I have to have you.  Did you taste yourself on my lips you taste amazing."

She wasn't sure she wanted to hear it.  She could feel him penetrating inside her again.  She again was struggling with so many emotions.  Anger, fear, helplessness, frustration, why didn't he stop when she asked him to?

He softly gently kissed her cheek and neck.  Even turning her head didn't stop him.  He even kissed on her ear and ear lobe sucking it gently into his lips.  All while his cock worked deeper inside her and he started stroking in and out. 

It hurt some but not as bad as last time.  It also felt incredibly intimate.  His hands had managed to work her legs up and her knees were close to his underarms.  He seemed to be half standing and half lying on her body. 

John carefully moved his hand under the side of her face down to the mattress.  He carefully turned her face up towards him and the minute he had it facing his face, he moved his other hand to the other side of her face making sure she couldn't turn away.

"You tasted amazing.  You are amazing, I'm sorry I had to have you again.  I can't get enough of you.  I want you every minute of every day" he added speaking very softly.

He then lowered his face to hers softly giving her little kisses on the lips.  "Taste yourself on my mouth, you taste incredible" he added. 

He continued to kiss her lips over and over and occasionally pushed his tongue at her lips trying to get her to accept his tongue. 

Just as he was starting to get scared that she might be slipping back into shock he was delighted when suddenly his tongue was able to push into her beautiful full lips.  Within moments they were once again kissing passionately. 

John did not waste the opportunity pushing his mouth down hard against hers pushing his tongue deep in her mouth.  He also could not resist taking hold of her wrists and he pushed them high above her head.  He couldn't help pressing his arms firmly down hard into her arms. 

The knowledge that his mouth and lips had gotten wet with her fluids and that she now had to be tasting that was very arousing to him.  She was nothing like any woman he had ever been with before and it felt good to pin her down to the bed.

Larissa still felt confused and a mix of so many emotions but she didn't know what else to do.  Should she freak out, scream and try to get away.  He was so strong.  But more he was so self confident. She couldn't help worry that he might not want her anymore if she rejected him and she knew she didn't want to lose him.

It was hard being an adult. 

It was weird tasting herself on his tongue and mouth.  At first the scent and taste made her feel like she was going to gag and get nauseous but it wasn't as bad as when he had cum into her mouth. 

She couldn't believe a guy had given her oral sex.  She realized she wasn't even sure what an orgasm felt like.  For just a moment she thought about conversations with her friends and what she had read online.  She didn't even know if she would know if she had one.  His tongue, nose and mouth was very wet with her fluids, had she already cum?  She didn't think so because there wasn't...well...fireworks.

It was easier once she stopped being a baby and crying. It was powerful to have sex.  The feeling of his body on top of hers, the movement of his body inside hers felt crazy, slightly painful but also intimate.   His kisses continued to intensify as did the stroking of his cock inside her. 

John felt an intense rush of power and he started moving his hips harder against her.  While keeping her left arm pinned under his right his hand reached and grabbed a handful of her hair and he succeeded in wrapping her hair in his hand and found a way to pull her hair as he continued to stroke inside her. 

His body movements got more aggressive and he really started working to push fully inside her on every stroke as well as pulling back almost to the point of almost pulling out, but not quite. 

Larissa was surprised by how hard he was using her and it made her need to open her hips wider which just seemed to let him work deeper.  His pulling her hair hurt and his elbows pressed into her forearms hurt too.

His kisses felt harder and their teeth bumped into one another several times.  His pelvic bones were now really jamming down hard against hers.  It wasn't long before any pleasure she was getting from the sex was fading replaced by the harsh physical way he was using her.

Even his hard kisses kept her from protesting verbally against what he was doing. 

It wasn't too much longer before he exploded inside her over and over.  The expression on his face and look in his eyes changed.  She saw a ravenous hunger in him.  The way he finished seemed to reflect that hunger. 

She was relieved to feel him finish even if it was inside her. 

The moment he finished he collapsed dead weight on top of her.  He lowered his head next to her nuzzling her hair.

She felt like she had been in a wrestling match with someone much bigger and heavier. 

It wasn't long before he was snoring sound asleep on her.  She even tried to say his name to wake him but it was useless.  He was sound asleep.

She was exhausted but really knew she needed to get home. But before long she too drifted off to sleep out of physical exhaustion. 

When she woke she wasn't sure how long she had slept but the moment she thought to do so she looked towards a window and it was dark outside.  She would be home much later then she ever thought.

It took her a while to wake him and she really started to beg him, "John, please I have to get home, now."  He looked up at her groggy, "Can't you spend the night" he asked?

"No, please, I live with my dad, I gotta get home" she pleaded.

"But you still haven't modeled everything I bought for you like you promised." He added.

He heart sunk, she didn't have time to try on more lingerie, "Please John I have to go or I'll be in serious trouble."

He rubbed his chin thinking, "Okay under one condition."

"What" she asked?

"You have to agree but I promise it won't take long." He added.

She looked down but knew she had to go so she nodded her agreement and quietly added, "Okay."

John smiled and then slowly got up, he picked up her naked body and carried her into the bathroom setting her on her feet in front of the toilet and opened the lid then guided her to sit down. 

He then gently nudged her knees apart and kneeled in front of her. 

"John, No.  I can't do that in front of you" she complained.

"Well we can sit here all night as far as I'm concerned.  Of course you can spend the night and I'll let you go on your own.  Or agree to take a shower with me.  Those are your choices."

Larissa felt so embarrassed.  Snd didn't understand why this was what he wanted.  She had never peed in front of another person and it was embarrassing.

John wasn't really that into it.  But he had joked about the same thing last time and got off on her shame, redness and desire not to do so.  So he wanted it that much more.

Larissa sat there several minutes.  This wasn't easy to do. 

It took several minutes and she tried pleading one more time but he did not relent.

Finally, to her shame and degradation she started to let the stream of pee flow.

John watched between her legs smelled and listened to her relieving herself.

He loved that she submitted to something she found so humiliating to her.

The moment she finished he handed her paper to wipe with and then kissed her on the forehead.  He disappeared into the bedroom and returned with her clothes except he brought a new bra and panty set.  He helped her dress, walked her out of the bedroom, down the stairs and to the front door.

"Will I see you tomorrow" he asked?

I hope so but I'm really late I need to get going.  He pulled her face up to kiss him but he knew she wouldn't be into it.  She wanted to get home. 

He opened the door for her and watched her leave.

God he wanted to not let her leave. 

Larissa hurried home but on the way home cried on and off.  She had said "No" right?  What did it mean that he ignored that?

When she made it home, struggling not to cry overwhelmed by the events of the evening she tried to sneak in but it was of no use both her father and the "stepmom" were waiting for her inside.  She was going to be in deep trouble.

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Should just make him come out and say "I own you Larissa!"

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Love it Brokenwing!

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Thank you Gscman and Emmy.

I like the character mix.  They have a self destructive tendency with one another.

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I like the character mix.  They have a self destructive tendency with one another.

That's it exactly.  You just know it's going to spiral out of control.

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Forbidden Fruit 9 The Beach House Confronted by Daddy and the 'Step Mom'  by brokenwing

Larissa stood frozen in front of her father and the "step mom."  They didn't look like they were too happy with her and she was still a bit numb and unsure what to think of the day she had had. 

Her father broke the silence, "Where have you been young lady?" He asked the expression on his face looking stern.  She wasn't sure why she noticed it but Larissa noticed what she thought to be a smug look on the "step mom's" face almost like a "told you so" look.

She surprised herself by somehow remaining calm despite the glare on the "step mom's" face.  Larissa had a feeling that her parents knew she had not been with Jess the entire time, she was getting home too late so she took a gamble that she was right saying, "I was with Jess..." She paused to be a bit dramatic then continued, " for most of the day.  But she and I had a little...disagreement so I needed to clear my head.  It's not like I get to see her often while I'm living here so having a disagreement with my best friend left me...upset.  So I took a long walk down the beach and walked farther then I intended and had to walk a long way back because of that."

She watched both their faces so scared she would be caught in her lie as she had not had the opportunity to talk to Jess to confirm a cover story.  First she watched the "step mom's" expression and then looked at her father.  Larissa didn't take a breath for a few seconds waiting to see if they would state other facts to contradict what she had said but they didn't question what she had said.

Her father started speaking, "Larissa, you are sixteen years old.  You do well in school, haven't used any drugs to my knowledge and haven't gotten into trouble with boys or pregnant..."  Her heart skipped a beat when he mentioned getting pregnant knowing she had unprotected sex twice now, but he continued, "...but we still worry about you and you cannot just come and go as you please."

Larissa took a moment to catch her breath, it wasn't near as bad as it could have been, either they hadn't spoken to Jess or if they had she covered for her.  So Larissa did her best, stayed calm and began to apologize, "I'm sorry daddy..." She decided to use the more loving, affectionate term then continued, "You're right, I shouldn't have gotten home so late or should have called you and let you know I was running behind." 

She then decided to play on his sympathy, "I think you know how hard it has been being away from all my friends staying here at the beach so I was just upset that Jess and I had words and needed to walk and clear my head.  Honestly I just lost track of time, it was nothing more then that."

As she said this she was pretty sure she felt some of John's fluids escape from deep inside her sex and into her panties, if they only knew what she had done giving oral sex outside at a public place, being watched by strangers and then modeling multiple pieces of lingerie for an adult man long graduated from high school and finally having sex but they didn't know and she certainly wasn't going to tell them.  She continued, "I'm sorry daddy, I'll try to be more careful and watch the time, I just lost track of time.  I was watching the ocean and the moonlight reflecting off the waives."

She decided to stop at that point and the room was silent for a moment but of course the "step mom" couldn't let things end, "Well you lady, you are too young to be running around the streets that late at night on your own.  That's not acceptable behavior and will NOT be allowed under my roof.  If you pull something like this again there will be severe consequences.  Do you understand?"

Larissa felt her face turn red.  She was angered that her step mother would speak up like that and have the nerve to say "under my roof" who did she think she was?  But Larissa took a deep breath and knew she needed to control herself if she wanted to have any rights over the summer.  And they had not even given her a punishment for being home so late.  She swallowed her own anger and then decided just to answer, "Yes Ma'am."

After a few seconds of silence she looked exclusively at her father and asked, "May I be excused?"  To her delight he nodded and without hesitation she ran towards the steps up to her room.  The moment she got through the door she shut the door and leaned back against the wall.

She debated, she really wanted a shower bad but she also knew she needed to call Jess.  Regardless of how "dirty" she felt, she decided she needed to call her friend first. 

To make sure she had privacy she did go into the bathroom with her phone and turned on running water and then called Jess. 

The two girls talked a while and Larissa was happy to find out that Jess had gotten home only about an hour and a half before Larissa so if they had been together the timeline would have matched up pretty well.  She made sure to share with Jess the fact that she told her dad that they had a disagreement.  Jess laughed that off but agreed to stick to that story.  Larissa thanked her friend for covering for her.  Jess asked how things went.  While Larissa wanted to share with her friend what was going on she didn't dare take the chance that the "step mom" might be trying to listen. 

So she limited it to saying she had a good time and left it there.  She did admit to planning to see John the next day.  She just needed to make sure to limit the length of time of the visit. 

Larissa was saddened that she was actually relieved to be off the phone with her friend.  Normally they would talk for hours sharing thoughts, ideas and one another's life. She hated that she could not tell her all about John and all that they had done but she just didn't feel safe.  Everything she had done with John was her secret.  She had told Jess very little about him and had no intention to change that. 

Finally she was able to hurry and to get into the shower.  It felt good to wash away the fluids of sex.  She couldn't help feeling naughty and dirty.  It bothered her some that she felt the need to push out of her mind the fact that she was saying the word "No" to him.  She felt conflicted by that.    But he told her he loved her.  He told her that she was beautiful.  He told her that he needed her. She couldn't deny she had strong feelings for him, powerful feelings.  No one ever made her feel like she felt when she was around him.  And while the sex was quite a bit painful, especially the first time, it also felt more intimate and the most powerful feeling and emotion of sharing herself with another person. 

She loved her mom and dad, despite the destructive nature of the divorce.  While she was annoyed by him she loved her little brother, he was a pain but she really cared about him and loved spending time with him, well most of the time.  She had even had a boyfriend before who she kissed and made out with but she knew one thing for sure, what she felt for John was way more powerful then anything she ever felt for any boyfriend she had before. 

When she was with John she felt different then she ever felt in her life around anyone else.  When she was with John she felt beautiful and sexy.  She couldn't remember ever feeling so beautiful and definitely never felt sexy until she met him.  But did she say "No", well she knew she said the word, but did she mean it.  Did he do more then what she wanted after she said the word "No"?

The hot running water felt good and she found herself crying a little as she stood there.  He didn't hurt her.  He didn't hit her.  But he had sex with her and kissed and held her hard.  When she finally got out of the shower and wrapped up in the towel she saw the new panties he bought her lying on the ground.  She made a point to hide the bra and panties and knew she needed to make sure she did a load of laundry herself so the "step mom" didn't discover them.

One thing she knew for sure, she was exhausted.  She picked up her clothes and put them in the laundry hiding the bra and panties.  She then put on a night shirt and a clean pair of panties and crawled into bed.

She couldn't help wonder what John might be doing right now.  Was he thinking about her?  She knew he wanted her to come to his house tomorrow and she hoped she could "go for a run" and stop by his home.  But she felt pretty confident she couldn't stay long and she wasn't sure she could convince John of that. 

She had to learn how to tell him "No."  Because so far she couldn't remember one time he accepted that word from her.

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Forbidden Fruit 10 The Beach House John's Dark Thoughts Fantasy or Possible Reality by brokenwing

John was both exhausted and invigorated by the day he had just shared with Larissa.  He couldn't help dump out the rest of he bag of new lingerie he had purchased for her earlier that day and there were several garments she had yet to try on and even though the bill came to much more then he had guessed he found it worth every penny.

While he had had sex with other woman who were far more worldly and wild, there was something about the allure of the fact that Larissa had little to no experience, that turned him on like never before.  He had been her first partner, she said it and the amount of virgin blood on his sheets that first night confirmed it but there was something else about her that made her different then any woman he had ever been with.

When John thought about it, he couldn't help but feel a little bit of guilt.  Especially yesterday but really even the night he took her virginity, she had resisted his advances saying things like, "she wasn't ready" and even yesterday had uttered the words "no" and "stop."  But despite her whining those words, she still did not seem to resist his advances. 

Maybe she was playing a game?  Maybe she was "playing hard to get."  The one thing he knew for sure was the more she resisted the more it excited him to not listen, to not stop, to not give into her whining.  And every time she would kiss him after.  She didn't seem angry, or had she been just a little bit maybe?

He couldn't imagine a scenario where she was that clever and just playing a game, instead he believed she was just that nave and sheltered.

She told him she wasn't sure if she would make it the next day, but he really hoped she would.  He was very serious when he said to her he wanted to spend every moment of every day with her.  What he really wanted was to spend every moment of every day having sex play with her. 

When he had researched the terms "submissive" and "Dominant" online the images and amount of material that came back was mind blowing.  He saw images of people, but one image that really caught his imagination was a woman crawling on all fours with a collar around her neck being led by a leash. 

If someone had asked him a month ago what he would have thought of stuff like that he probably would have replied "sick."

But something about this girl was so very different, so passive, so willing to please.  Now even as he tried to push the idea out of his head, he couldn't help picture Larissa, naked on all fours with a thick black studded collar around her neck and a strong metal chain leash leading to the collar and held in his hand.  He couldn't help picture her out back in the grass whining as he tugged hard on the leash.  He even delighted in the idea of the neighbors maybe coming out of their home and watching him lead her around like a pet dog. 

Thinking the words made his stomach turn just a little bit but it also made him rock hard with excitement.   It did so much he went to his home office to the computer and began to once again research the topic.  For the next several hours, even though he was tired he was fixated on learning about this type of sex play.  The longer John looked the more things he found that disturbed him, golden showers, needles, restraints, different implements to use to strike with and even objects to insert.  He could hardly believe that people were into all of this.  What was even more surprising was that people submitted to this.  He couldn't imagine himself allowing another person to hit him, hard enough to the point of leaving marks yet there were both men and woman who did so. 

His mind flashed back to the balcony, to holding Larissa out over the balcony, if he had let go she surely would have fallen and either gotten hurt or worse.  Then he thought about the scenic overlook.  Especially when the complete strangers car pulled up and they both heard the car doors close.  He was sure she would pull away and hide her face or something but she didn't.  She kept her head in his lap and keep sucking, giving him head.  Who was this girl and how "submissive" was she really?  Did she even know she was submissive?

As the hour continued to grow later John knew he had to get to bed, to get to sleep so if she was able to come by the next day he would be rested and ready for more time together with her.

As he shut down his computer and headed up to his room he couldn't stop thinking about the idea of putting a collar around her neck and pulling her around on all fours by a chain leash.  He couldn't get the images of some of the more intense things out of his mind like nipple clamps and even hot wax.  He couldn't push the thoughts out of his head of the men using the flogger and striking a woman multiple times on her breasts, buttocks or even between her legs.

Were those things he really wanted to do?  And more important would Larissa even tolerate or accept him doing some or any of these things. Despite having just had sex with her a few hours ago John found himself walking into the bathroom, turning the water on hot and got in and took a shower but the first thing he did in the shower was masturbate to the idea of doing those things to Larissa. 

It didn't take him long to relieve himself.  He hurriedly washed his body after, dried off and then hurried to get ready for bed.

He felt ashamed that he had the desire to try some if not all of those things.  But he knew he had to go slow.  He knew if he rushed he might push her away. 

He thought about earlier that day, something she said, the fact that she lived with her dad.  Many children of people nowadays lived with their parents well into their twenties, didn't they?

John took a deep breath, he didn't want to think of the alternative, that she just might be under the age of eighteen.  That thought lasted in his mind for a few minutes but then the image of her naked except for a studded leather collar, on all fours in the grass at the end of a metal chain leash came back to his mind.  He wanted, no needed to see if he could get Larissa to that point. 

Then his mind wandered to the porn video he watched of the man dressed in an elaborate leather outfit, striking the breasts and ass over and over with the flogger.  The man wasn't hitting her hard but the gasps with each strike sounded erotically feminine and he couldn't help notice how with each additional pass of the flogger the flesh continued to redden more and more.

John couldn't understand how anyone would enjoy being struck like that with a flogger.  But he had read enough to at least understand a little bit it wasn't about liking the pain, but getting off on submitting to the pleasure of another person.  In the porn videos the actresses sex did get very wet to the point they were all but dripping.  But was Larissa the type of girl who would enjoy pleasing him enough to let him hit her with a crop or flogger?

It bothered him that he got turned on watching the leather of the flogger strike the flesh of the porn actress over and over, heard her soft cries and saw the change in the color of her flesh.  But he couldn't deny thinking about Larissa's beautiful D-Cup milky pale white breasts and the thought of watching the color of the flesh turn. 

Her face had turned red when she was sucking his cock and even that turned him on and he could remember the sounds she made when they had sex.  He loved the moans or groans she made and was pretty sure since it was just her first and second time it had to hurt some. 

John didn't think of himself as the type of man who liked to hurt women.  He certainly never hit his ex or anything.  But he was struggling to push these new curiosities out of his mind.  He loved the fact that even though Larissa said no and didn't originally want to do what he wanted after he didn't take no for an answer and did it anyway before leaving she always gave him a hug and kiss goodbye.

He was afraid he was changing.  Larissa was definitely different from any other woman he had ever met.  He knew one thing for sure, she was definitely a people pleaser.  What he didn't know was how far she would go to please him.

He got under the covers hoping to fall asleep soon with images of her wearing the studded collar while he held the leash in his hand and flogged her beautiful round pale ass turning it Crimson red. 

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Forbidden Fruit 11 The Beach House Fun In The Hot Tub by brokenwing

John woke up early to clean up the house and to start working on lunch.  He wanted to enjoy lunch with Larissa but didn't want to waste his time with her preparing food.  While it was fun he had other things in mind to do with her and they weren't wearing clothes preparing food.

Larissa woke up early and still was having some of the same internal debate about her thoughts on her saying the word "no" and John pretty much ignoring it. But despite those thoughts she felt butterflies of excitement at the idea of going to John's beach house to spend time with him.

Her only issue was what excuse to use to get out of the house and how long could she justify being gone.  She knew John would want her there for as long as she could stay.  So she had to come up with a good cover story.

After taking her shower she took a little time to look online at the activities in the area for something to say she would be doing. She found a craft show fairly far in town that she could say she was going to. 

When she approached her parents the "step mom" sounded excited about the craft show asking to come along.  But Larissa came downstairs dressed and ready to go and indicated she didn't want to wait for the "step mom" who looked a bit disappointed that Larissa didn't want to wait.  Her father even tried talking her into doing do but she said she had other errands she wanted to run on the way to the craft show.  She was relieved when they finally consented to her will to leave right away.

Larissa had packed her bikini in her handbag just in case John wanted to go into the ocean or hot tub.

There was one more bit of drama as Larissa walked towards John's beach house she had been taking for granted the path she used walking close to the waters edge on the beach to cross into the private gated "community".  As she walked along the beach, her mind racing with thoughts of the previous day she almost missed seeing the security golf cart driving right along the fence that ended just short of the water's edge.  She was just about to take off her shoes to walk in the very shallow water when out of the corner of her eye she saw the golf cart. 

She quickly dropped to her knees getting the hem of her sundress wet in the saltwater and picked up several sea shells.  She quickly opened her bag placing the sea shells into the bag, got back to her feet, walked a few feet the opposite direction from the "community" and again got on her knees to pick up more sea shells.  She did this three more times only on occasion looking towards the "community" to see if the security golf cart was gone. 

She had to wait fifteen minutes before she felt comfortable taking her normal path to John's beach house.  She found herself walking quickly and got impatient for John to answer the door after she rang the door bell.

John was so excited to see her he moved to give her a hug hello but despite her small size and weight she just pushed right by him.  It caught him completely off guard and he shut the door behind her then asked, "Is everything okay Larissa?"

Still hyper from avoiding being seen by the "community" security guard she said to him talking fast, "I almost got stopped crossing into the gated community by the golf cart guard.  He would have kicked me out or maybe held me for the police for trespassing."

She got mad when John started laughing, "My little criminal" he said and started walking towards her backing her to the wall.  Just as he had her backed up to the wall he grabbed hold of her forearms lifting them up high above her head then leaned into her pinning her against the wall. 

"But you haven't even given me my hello kiss.  Do you think I would bail you out if you got busted?" He asked but as he did he was really using his weight to push her hard against the wall.  He held his face really close to hers but didn't kiss her.  When she realized what he was doing she tried to kiss him but he used his longer reach and height to keep her pinned against the wall and avoided the kiss.

"You look like you've been playing in the sand" he said touching her sundress where it got into the water and sand.  "Were you doing something you shouldn't have been doing with someone else" he asked?

He started feeling around her sundress like he was searching her, "What do you have under here?  Any drugs or weapons"?  As he continued to feel around he was unbuttoning the sun dress unhooking her bra and even tugging her panties working them down her hips.

"John stop" she protested half laughing not sure what he was doing.

"But I don't know what you have under here" he protested sounding serious and now tugging at her clothing more aggressively. 

"John don'ttttt..." She whined looking a little nervous but his height, weight and strength were winning and before long the sundress was at her waist and once there within seconds around her ankles.  He also managed to pull her panties down her legs when he pulled the dress down.  The bra was already unhooked and suddenly in a matter of seconds she was naked with the exception of her sandals. 

Larissa got angry but was caught off guard when John picked her up and carried her through the room to the room where the hot tub is.  When he went through the door there were candles everywhere and a bouquet of long stem red roses.

He set her on the edge of the hot tub and unbuckled her sandals and took them off.  Once he had them off he took off his own clothes got into the hot tub and picked her up off the side and lifted her into the hot water. 

"John..." She whined but he quickly replied, "Where's my kiss?" Before she could think or say anything he pulled her face to him with his hand on the back of her head and kissed her.

Unlike other times when he kissed her hard this kiss was much more gentle.

For a moment Larissa thought about resisting not very happy by being undressed pretty much against her will but the candle light and flowers seem to soften her anger.  Within just a few moments she gives into the kiss and kisses John back.

"I missed you" John said softly then continued, "I couldn't stop thinking of you every waking moment since you left last night.  Now you're where you belong, naked and in my arms." 

John continued to give Larissa several little kisses all around her face but tried to remain gentle.  He was delighted when she seemed to be responding and returned his kisses and holds onto him as he holds her in his arms.

For the next several minutes John asked Larissa how things were when she got home the previous night.  She opens up to him about how her dad and the "step mom" got onto her for being late.

After discussing that for a while he asks her to tell him about her anger at her step mom and she opens up about her father cheating on her mother.  She tells him about her parents heated divorce.  She almost slips and tells him about the ugly custody fight but realizes what she almost revealed and instead talks about the custody battle in terms of her little brother. 

John was moved by all the emotion he saw in her eyes and even more when it brings her to tears.  The two remain in one another's arms as they move slowly through the hot bubbling water of the hot tub. 

He decides to open up about his bitter divorce and how his ex got the majority of the property and money.  Larissa found some of what he revealed a bit overwhelming because it made her think he might be older then she thought.

But after they both shared more about the difficult struggles John started to tell Larissa how amazing and unique he thought she was.  He admitted that he didn't think he would find someone so quickly after the rough divorce but he found multiple ways to tell her he had never met anyone like her. 

With his familiarity with his hot tub he carefully maneuvers her around to where the jets stimulate he body in areas that feel good like her lower back, her shoulders, her bottom and even between her legs.

He even took the opportunity to compliment her for letting him undress her the moment she got inside the door.  He acknowledged that not a lot of woman would be okay with it but he found her so beautiful and sexy he struggled to wait.

That confession was followed by more kissing and then the making out got more intense and he somehow managed to get her legs wrapped around him and continued to move her to the right places where the hot tub jets stimulated her body.

He caught Larissa completely unprepared as they kissed and made out when she completely unexpectedly felt his cock begin to penetrate her.  The buoyancy of the water made it easy for him to pull her in the right position and his strong arms held her in place as his cock found her sex and began to penetrate her. 

Larissa wanted to resist at first but with the passion of John's kisses and all of his attention she only hesitated for a moment.  He took advantage of being in the hot tub and moved their bodies all around in the water.  Sometimes he would move her body against one of the hot tub seats and use it to help him penetrate her fully but he also used the water to slow the pace of the sex helping it last longer then any time before.  He also felt very pleased when he noticed she seemed to be enjoying the sex more then the previous times he had sex with her.

The sex and passion lasted quite a while before he eventually pinned her against one side of the hot tub and came inside her.  He tried to stay inside her as long as he could.  Then when he finally felt himself slide out he teased her saying, "You know you still have much more lingerie to model for me don't you?"  He said this with a smile but was still serious.

"I don't know about you but I'm hungry, will you be ready to eat soon" he asked?

She responded with a bit of sarcasm, "Are we eating without clothes?"

But he chuckled at her question and got out of the hot tub grabbing a towel for himself on the towel rack.  He waited till he was fully dry and then offered her a hand to help her out.  She took his hand and got out of the hot tub. 

Rather then offer her a towel he took a clean dry wash cloth and started to dry her body with it.  She laughed and said, "It'll take forever for me to dry like that." 

He also let out a little laugh but replied, "You are right bit it also keeps your beautiful body naked for me to look at.  That makes it worth ever extra minute of time it will take.  I'm my perfect world you would always be naked do I could see the beauty of every inch of your body.

He tossed the now wet washcloth that he had rubbed her back with into a wicker basket and grabbed another clean wash cloth.  This time he began to dry her right breast.  "It should be a crime to cover perfection.  The color, detail, shape, texture of this breast is almost perfection." He said then started drying off her left breast, "This one as well."  He added as he took his time drying my second breast. 

"Larissa there isn't a straight man alive who would not want this same opportunity to examine and touch every detailed inch of your beautiful body but few men would have the patience to be willing to take the time to notice every contour of your flesh but I would if only you had the time."

Once again he tossed the washcloth into the wicker basket and got another and started drying my arms.  "I am getting hungry so I guess I could get you a towel, but I don't want your beautiful body so covered up, any idea my love or would you be willing to dine naked on my patio?"

I wondered if he was crazy or if maybe I was but then I remembered I had brought my bikini which I had warn the last time we dined on the patio so I asked.  "I brought my bikini.  Will that work?"

He smiled and handed me a full sized bath towel.  He watched me dry off my body.  While I was drying off I asked him for my bag.  He stepped out of the door and got my bag bringing it in and set it down but was holding my bikini in his other hand.

He then walked over to me and placed the bikini top over my chest and then tied the strap around my neck and then the one behind my back and said, "Such a pity to cover perfection but if this is what you want.  He then placed the bottoms between my legs and then brought the front and back up and tied the straps over one hip.  He then did the same to the other side.

"As you request my beautiful lady."  He said then pulled on his own swim trunks covering his sex.  "Now let's get something to eat." He said and I followed him to the kitchen.

He handed me plates and silverware to place on the table on the patio and I did so.  He followed with a large salad and a big pitcher of iced tea.

"Are we just having a salad?" I asked and as I did the doorbell rang.

"Hold that thought sweetheart let me see who's at the door" he said and walked to the front door.

After a few minutes I heard his voice talking with another man's voice and within two seconds John brought another man onto the patio and then introduced us, "Larissa this is my boss and friend Jeff.  Jeff this is the lovely girlfriend I've been telling you about Larissa.

To be continued...