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As Austin headed out to the barn to feed Eva and Carlito, Rusty pushed Marissa off his lap onto the floor. He walked into the kitchen and came back with a large glass jar holding several pieces of paper.
  Standing in the center of the room, Rusty explained what he was going to do.

“I’m going to pull a piece of paper from the jar. On each piece of paper I’ve written a certain activity that Marissa will perform for us. SHE will decide who she is going to do that particular activity with!”

“Right on!” yelled Kent, pumping the air with his fist. “That sounds awesome!”

“Leave it to you, Rusty. You always come up with the best party ideas,” said Morris.

Austin came running back into the room, panting.
“Did I miss anything?”

“Not yet,” laughed Rusty.

He explained the rules of their little game to Austin.

“All right, then! Let’s get started!” he whooped.

The men watched with anticipation as Rusty stirred up the pieces of paper in the jar with his hand, then pulled one out. He unfolded it and read slowly:

“Marissa must let someone fuck her doggy style.”

“Okay, you heard it, Marissa. Who you gonna get to fuck you like that?”

“Wh-what is d-doggy style?” she asked.

“On your hands and knees!” said Morris.

Marissa couldn’t believe what a sick game she was being forced to play. The men were going to rape her again, and basically make her ask for it!

She looked around the room and finally pointed at Kent. He was on his feet in a second.

“Hot damn! Yes!”

He pulled his shorts off to reveal his turgid cock. He pulled Marissa out into the center of the living room and dropped to his knees behind her. He parted her pussy lips with the head of his cock and gave a hard thrust with his hips. Marissa let out a painful squeal as he buried himself in her fuck hole.
  Wasting no time, Kent started pounding in and out of Marissa.

“Yeah……oh yeah! Fuck, girl! You feel good!” Kent panted.

His shaft glistened with her pussy juices. Marissa braced her hands against the floor as her body was rocked by Kent’s hammering thrusts. It only took about  5 minutes for Kent to cum but to Marissa it felt longer.

Kent pumped a load of thick baby goo into Marissa, then pulled out. Sweat ran down his face. Rusty was already pulling a new piece of paper out of the jar.

“Marissa must lay on the couch and let someone fuck her on her back. They can fuck her in any way they want but she must remain on her back.”

Marissa thought for a moment then selected Austin. Austin motioned for her to come to the couch where he sat. She laid down and Austin pushed her legs apart. He pulled his shorts off.

“Ready for a good fuckin’ ?” he snarled. “My cock’s been hard since you came downstairs.”

He took hold of Marissa’s legs and pushed them as far back as he could. Her knees were beside her head. Holding her by the ankles, Austin ploughed his cock into her.

“OOOOOWWWWWWWWW!” Marissa yelled out.

With her legs pushed back, Austin drove into her farther than he ever had. To Marissa, it felt like he was inside her stomach. Austin began humping away on the poor girl. His balls slapped against her loudly.

“Yeah! Fuck the little bitch!” Morris cheered him on.

“Just don’t break my couch!” laughed Rusty as he watched the couch shaking and creaking.

For Austin, it was the best fuck so far of the beautiful Latina.  His cock was buried as far as he could possibly go with each thrust.. The air was being pounded out of Marissa’s lungs. After he came, he laid on top of the sobbing girl, relishing the sensation of her tight cunt channel still wrapped around his throbbing dick.

Rusty read the next piece of paper.

“Marissa must ride someone’s cock.”

“Oh, who is gonna be the lucky guy?” asked Zach.

Marissa, still lying on her back, pointed at Rusty.

“I-I will do th-that for you, Senor Rusty.”

“Oh, no fair!” Zach protested with mock indignation. “I think she’s getting a crush on you, Rusty.”

“I thinks she just likes cock,” said Rusty as he led her over to his recliner chair.

He sat down in it and slid his shorts down off his legs.
“Okay, Marissa, baby! Ride my dick!”

Marissa straddled Rusty’s lap, her body hovering over his raging cock. The anticipation was almost too much for Rusty as he positioned his cock against Marissa’s pussy. He could feel the warmth from her cunt as he slid the tip of his cock up and down her juicy slit.
  Marissa groaned, feeling Rusty’s hard cock near her pussy. She moaned as he slowly pushed into her, his thickness filling up her wet cunt, stretching her out. She panted as Rusty began to thrust in and out of her slowly, fucking her with long, hard strokes.
  He breathed deeply, trying to keep himself from coming as he felt his dick glide in and out of Marissa’s wet twat, her pussy lips circling his shaft. Rusty instructed her to move her hips, creating more pressure and tightness.
   Rusty fucked her faster, their bodies slamming together wetly. He could never get tired of feeling his cock in her young pussy.

“Fuck, yeah...oh...oh yeah!“  he moaned, rubbing her breasts with his hands, pinching her nipples.

Looking up at Marissa’s pretty face and exquisite body was almost enough to make Rusty cum as he continued to stroke into her, grasping her hips and slamming his dick hard into her pussy.

“Arghh....I'm going to cum….,” Rusty grunted in pleasure as Marissa milked his cock with her pussy, grinding her hips against him in small circles.

 “God....Oh fuck! I'm cumming!!“

Rusty gasped as he felt his dick jerk in Marissa's warm cunt. It jerked once, twice, three times inside her as he spurted his cum into her receiving cunt.

 “Oh, wow,“ Rusty gasped, out of breath, his dick sliding wetly out of Marissa’s cunt with a schlorp!

Rusty reached for the jar. He pulled out another piece of paper.

“Marissa must ride a cock in reverse-cowgirl style, and then let the person cum on her tits.”

Marissa looked nervously between Morris and Zach. They were the two men she had to pick between. She pointed at Zach.

“Him,” she said.

“Oh, you got it, honey! Get over here and ride my joystick!” Zach exclaimed.
 He had his shorts off and was waiting as Marissa crawled over to him.

Zach helped her position herself over his cock, with her back to him. He held his cock as she lowered herself down onto it. Leaning back, Zach gripped Marissa by her hips. He yanked her down onto him, his thick shaft opening her up.
  She had to brace herself with her hands on his legs. Zach bounced her up and down on his fuckrod. He reached around and squeezed her soft tits.

“Fuck yeah, baby! Ride that cock!” he said. “Ride it like a horse!”

Zach grabbed one of Marissa’s arms and pulled it behind her back as he also pulled on her hair.

“OWWWWW…….OWWWW……Stoppppp!” Marissa wailed.

Zach continued hammering away at Marissa, thrusting his cock up into her. He still couldn’t believe a girl this young could look this fucking hot! He was ready to cum and he reluctantly had to push her off his lap. He quickly made her turn around and face him as he vigorously stroked his dick. Cum shot forth from the tip and deposited itself across Marissa’s lovely tits.

“Ohhhhhh!” Zach sighed contentedly.

“Hey, looks good, Marissa,” Kent said.

“Our little cum-whore,” chuckled Austin.

“Well, let’s see what Morris is gonna get to do,” said Rusty, reaching into the jar. He pulled one more slip of paper from the jar.

“Marissa must let someone fuck her up the butt on top of the coffee table.”

Marissa’s heart dropped. Not THAT!

“Pl-please, Senor Rusty. Don’t m-make me….do that! I-I will suck…..I will suck! Really good too!”

Rusty laughed.
“Sorry, Marissa. I can’t change the rules of the game. I know you’d rather suck cock than take it up the ass, but I think Morris really wants your ass.”

“Damn right, I do!” said Morris as he pulled Marissa over to Rusty’s large oak coffee table.

He pushed her down onto the coffee table and pushed her legs apart. Marissa wailed and sobbed as Morris pushed himself inside her, inch by inch.


Morris began an enthusiastic fucking of Marissa’s sore ass. His body slapped against her. FWAP! FWAP! FWAP!
  He loved how her ass wrapped itself so tightly around him. After watching her shake and wiggle it while doing her little dance, Morris had wanted her ass SO bad!
  Marissa gripped the sides of the coffee table, squealing with each powerful thrust. It wasn’t quite as painful as when she was sodomized in the barn, but was still extremely uncomfortable.

Morris huffed and panted as he powered in and out of the gorgeous teen ass. He felt himself approaching orgasm and he sped up his tempo.

“AAAARRGGGGHHHHHH! YEAHHHHH!” he shouted, dumping a load of hot spooge into Marissa’s tight hole.

He laid on the floor of the living room, trying to catch his breath.

“Sonuvabitch, Rusty, thanks for picking that one,” he said breathlessly.

“You’re welcome,” Rusty said. “But we have one more little job for Marissa.”

He laid a large fuzzy blanket on the living room floor.

“Now what you’re going to do is lay on this blanket and put on a little show for us, Marissa. We wanna see you play with yourself.”

Marissa shook her head. “N-no, I cannot do that,” she whined.

“Oh come on,” sneered Austin. “A girl with a hot body like you. You can’t tell me you’ve never diddled yourself.”

“You better do it, or I’ll let these boys fuck you for the rest of the night,” said Rusty.

Marissa gave a look of resignation and crawled to the blanket. She laid on her back and spread her legs. Tears rolling down her cheeks, she began to rub her fingers over her swollen pussy lips. She looked up and saw Rusty had his video camera going again.

“That’s right, honey, gonna get it all on video!” he said.

The other four men gathered around as they watched Marissa dip her fingers inside her and flick her thumb across her little swollen clit. They cheered her on, as she raised her hips off the floor and gave herself an energetic fingerfucking.
  She rolled her fingers around her nipples as she kept on probing and fingering herself with her other hand. Marissa’s face was getting flushed and sweat was beading on her forehead. Her breathing became shallow.

“That’s it, come on, baby!” said Rusty. “Cum for us!”

Marissa was bouncing her hips up and down as her body shuddered and she let out a loud squeal. She collapsed on the blanket, her hand dripping with pussy juices right down to her wrist.

“God, that was hot!” said Kent.

“Yeah, that was good!“ Rusty agreed.

He pulled Marissa to her feet. Passing her around, he made her give all the guys a goodnight kiss.

“We’ll give little Marissa the rest of the night off. She was a good girl. She can rest, because we got another big day tomorrow.”

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What's next?  You gonna force her to fuck her daddy?

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What's next?  You gonna force her to fuck her daddy?

Ohhhh, you'll see.

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Time to double or triple up on her while starting her mother's experience

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Rusty and his gang are back for more fun in the barn!

Marissa woke up and looked around. She wasn’t in the closet. Slowly, as she shook the sleep out of her eyes, she realized she was in a bed. With blankets and a soft pillow……and…..a man! The man was was Senor Rusty.

  She squeezed her eyes shut in concentration, then the memories came back. He had brought her upstairs to the closet and chained her up like before. Marissa had fallen asleep, totally exhausted.

A little later, she wasn’t sure how late, the door had opened and Rusty had taken her out of the closet. He had told her to be quiet and he unchained her. She was taken to his bedroom and he put her in his warm bed.

“You’re spending the night with me,” he told her.

Then he had fucked her. He had rolled her on her back and slipped his cock inside her. He had fucked her slowly, seeming to enjoy each inch of her pussy as his shaft slipped in and out. He took time to kiss and lick all over her.

Rusty had whispered in her ear about how she was so pretty and had such a hot body, how he wanted to spend all night with his cock inside her. Finally he had came, ejecting his seed deep inside her. Afterwards, Rusty rolled over and went to sleep. He chained Marissa’s collar to the headboard of his bed.

 Twice more he woke her up through the night. Once more to fuck her, and then for her to suck his cock. The second time he fucked her, Rusty made her climb on top of him and ride his stick.

Yes, it all came back to Marissa now. Her oh-so-sore vagina and ass were not going to let her forget for a long time.

Rusty also woke up and looked at the girl in bed beside him. Nothing like waking up next to a hottie! His mind also wandered back to the previous night and his time with Marissa.

  He vividly remembered the nude form of the Latino girl straddling his cock, illuminated from the moonlight shining through the window. Her soft curves, her long dark hair falling around her shoulders, her perfect round breasts pushing out from her chest. Like the perfect teenage dream. And Rusty had had his cock buried in her!

  If only he could keep her there forever. But he knew that couldn’t happen. So he was going to make his time with her worthwhile. Today, he and the boys would have some more fun with Marissa and then he’d probably let her go.
  Then Rusty remembered there was still mom. He smiled to himself. The fun wouldn’t be over quite yet!
He rolled out of bed and began to unlock the chain on Marissa’s collar.

“Time to rise and shine, my little honey!” he said cheerily. “I’ll give you another shower, then we’ll go downstairs for breakfast. I’ll even let you have hot water this time!”

Marissa remembered being washed down with the cold water from the garden hose the day before. She didn’t want that treatment again!

Rusty and Marissa entered the kitchen, Marissa looking all cleaned and scrubbed. The men all gave her approving looks.

“So you, ummmm, have a good sleep last night, Walker,” Morris asked as he fried bacon and sausages on the stove.

“I had the best one ever!” Rusty smiled.

“I’m sure you did,” said Austin sarcastically. “I’ll bet Marissa didn’t get too much sleep, though!”

“You didn’t think we couldn’t hear you up there?” asked Kent. “What happened to sharing?”

“Hey, I’ve shared her plenty! And it is MY place, you know! I should get a few extra benefits,” said Rusty.

“Well, just sit down, everyone,” said Morris. “Breakfast is ready.”

The men sat down at the table and dug into their breakfast, which was pretty much the same as the day before. Marissa was given another bowl of porridge to lick up like a little dog. But Rusty did give her a little extra this time. He also threw her a few breakfast sausages.

Breakfast was finished and the dishes cleaned up.

“So, what games do we have planned for Marissa today?” asked Kent, rubbing his hands together.

“I was thinking we’ll pay Mom and Dad another visit out in the barn,” answered Rusty. “Carlito’s  probably missing his little hot-ass daughter. He’ll want to see her take some more cocks again.”

“All right!” whooped Zach. “Hey, we gonna do Mom today?”

“We’ll give it some thought,” said Rusty with a coy smile.

It was going to be another hot, sunny Arizona day. 

Kent and Zach had to help Marissa walk as they headed out to the barn. She was very sore from the abuse she had suffered the previous day. Halfway to the barn, she stumbled and fell down.

“I guess if she doesn’t want to walk, let her crawl like a dog,” said Rusty.

Marissa was made to crawl the rest of the way. This time when she entered the barn, she lowered her head in utter shame. She couldn’t stand to look her father in the eye, after what he had witnessed the day before.

“Hey mom, hey dad, how was your night?” Rusty inquired.

Carlito and Eva glared at Rusty with open hatred. If looks could kill, Rusty knew he’d have been a dead man. He directed Austin and Morris to untie Carlito and Eva and let them stand up. Then they were re-tied to the posts, the same way they had been the day before.

  Marissa was pushed down on her hands and knees in front of Carlito.

“This morning, dad, we are gonna show you how well Marissa takes cocks in ALL her holes… the same time!“

Rusty had Austin translate for him. Carlito and Eva’s eyes grew big as Austin explained what was going to happen to Marissa.

“NOOOOOOO!” yelled Carlito. “Leave her be, you animals!”

“Don’t worry, dad! You’ll get over it,” Austin smiled as he patted Carlito on the cheek.

Rusty had Morris take his shorts off, then lie on his back in the straw as he made Marissa straddle him. Morris let out a loud sigh of pleasure as Marissa settled down onto his hard cock. He grabbed her hips as he felt himself slide inside her.

“Yeah! I like this!” said Morris.

Marissa felt something wet on her ass and whipped her around. Rusty had spit on her abused bum hole and was preparing to push his engorged cock into her.


“Shut up and take it!” was all Rusty said as the head of his cock was forced inside her.

Marissa wailed in pain. She couldn’t believe this was happening all over again! Her body twitched and shuddered as the cocks began a simultaneous invasion of her holes.

“Austin!” Rusty yelled. “There’s an open hole! Use it!”

“Okay,” smiled Austin as he freed his hard-on from his shorts and pushed it towards Marissa’s mouth.

She tried to turn away but it was futile. Austin grabbed her by the hair and wrenched her head back towards him, forcing his rod between her lips.

“Come on, my little wetback princesa! Suck!”


Marissa was not prepared for Austin to shove his cock in her mouth so forcefully and she choked. He pulled back and began fucking her mouth more slowly, revelling in her warm lips wrapped around him.

Marissa was in a world of pain with three cocks pounding away at her. She wasn’t sure why, but Rusty and Morris seemed to be having a contest to see who could fuck her the hardest. Rusty would ram into her ass as Morris pulled back. Then Rusty would pull out of her ass and Morris would thrust up into her cunny.

  Marissa was being mercilessly bounced back and forth as the two cocks sawed in and out of her. She tried to scream but was muffled by Austin working his meat in and out of her mouth. Carlito was mortified at the scene displayed before him as his daughter was made into the meat of a fuck sandwich between the three men.

  Eva would have been mortified too, had she been able to actually see what was happening to her daughter. But Kent and Zach were keeping her rather pre-occupied. The two men were standing on either side of the shapely Mexican woman.
   Her bra was pushed up under her armpits and her large tits were fully accessible to their roving hands and  tongues. Eva was twisting and pulling at the ropes that bound her. Marissa could hear her desperate wails as her skirt was pulled up and the men took turns pushing their hands into her panties.

  Marissa and the three men were drenched in sweat from their workout. It wasn’t the first time Rusty had participated in a triple-fuck like this, but this was certainly one of the best. Marissa’s tight little shitter clamped around his cock and drove him wild. He could see the other men were also supremely enjoying the working-over their cocks were getting.

“Can’t hold back anymore!” Morris yelled. “My balls are gonna explode!”

“Then let ‘er rip, man!” Rusty replied.

Morris’ hips thrust up against Marissa as his cock fired a jet of sperm into her abused pussy. Marissa knew, with all the sperm these men had pumped into her, getting pregnant was almost a certainty! It sickened her, the thought of carrying one of these gringo mens’ babies.

Not much more than a minute later, Austin let out a gasp as he came in Marissa’s mouth.
“Oh…..oh….oh yeah!” he panted.

It was a big load and Marissa let some of it dribble out of her mouth, not being able to swallow fast enough. Rusty kept pumping, pacing himself to make it last longer. But a couple minutes after Morris and Austin had spent themselves, he also erupted into Marissa’s bowels, his cock jerking and twitching inside her.

He pulled out of her, his cock making a loud SCHLORP! A thin string of jizz still clung to the tip.

“Okay, Kent and Zach,” said Rusty. “I don’t care what you do to her, She’s all yours.”

“I call dibs on her pussy!” yelled Zach.

“That’s fine with me,“ said Kent. “I’d love to give this little hottie another tonsil bath!“

Marissa was helpless as Zach mounted her from behind and began to pound her doggy-style.

The sound of his body slapping against Marissa was loud in the barn. She was letting out little gasps of pain with each thrust. That was until Kent knelt in front of her and inserted his fuckrod into her mouth. Once again her body was rocked back and forth by two cocks.

  Carlito was beside himself in despair, watching his teen daughter being used like a common street whore. Every time he would try to look away, the man that spoke Mexican would yell at him to keep watching. And on top of seeing his little girl being violated, his wife was also being molested and terrorized.
  Rusty, Morris and Austin stood back and watched Marissa take Kent and Zach’s dicks. From seemingly out of nowhere, Rusty had produced his mini-cam and was busily recording the action.
  “I didn’t know you had your camera with you,” said Morris.

“Yeah, I grabbed it before I left the house,” said Rusty.

  The three men cheered on the other two as they fucked the poor Mexican teen in her mouth and pussy. Kent yelled out that he was getting ready to cum.

  “Just hold on, I got a plan!” said Zach.

He was also preparing to orgasm and he pulled out and moved around to kneel in front of Marissa. He began to furiously stroke his cock, aiming it at Marissa’s face. Kent smiled as he realized what Zach was up to. He began fucking Marissa’s mouth faster. The men came at almost the same time, Kent spurting into her mouth and Zach spraying across her face.

“Excellent!” Morris whooped as he clapped his hands.
Kent pulled out of her mouth and let the last couple spurts of his spooge also hit her in the chin. Marissa felt like the lowest of the low, as the slimy stuff dripped off her face.

As Kent and Zach stood up from her, Kent gave her a shove. Marissa collapsed to the floor, sobbing and trying to wipe the cum from her face. She tried to get up on her hands and knees but just fell down in a heap, totally exhausted.

  “I would say that cunt is worn out!“ Rusty laughed. “We have fucked her seven ways to Sunday!“

“Marissa! Marissa!“ Eva cried out.

The men, as usual had brought some cold beer with them. Now they sat on some hay bales, drinking their beers and discussing their next move.

“Yes, really too bad,” said Austin. “But, hey, we certainly got our fun out of her!”

“That, and THEN some!” said Kent as they all clinked their beer cans together in a toast.

“Well, guys,” said Morris thoughtfully. “We still have some pussy that isn’t worn out. Or have you all forgotten about mom?”

Rusty looked over at Eva. “No, Morris. I haven’t forgotten about mom! Anybody in the mood for round two?”

“Sonuvabitch! I thought you’d never ask!” Zach exclaimed as he jumped to his feet.

“Then let’s get to ‘er!” said Rusty. He felt his cock growing hard again.

Morris and Kent walked towards Eva, animal lust in their eyes. Eva began shaking her head from side to side in panic.
“NOOOOOO……OHHHHH……NOOOOO!“ she began to sob.

Her arms and legs were untied and she was pulled out into the middle of the floor where Marissa had been raped earlier. Pushing her to her knees, Kent pulled her wrists behind her back and tied them securely with rope.

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And now it's Momma's turn!

“I think she has a pretty sweet mouth!” said Morris. “I think we oughtta give it a workout.”

“I think you’re right,” said Rusty. “Morris, you do the honours!“

Eva’s eyes grew big as she saw Morris pulling his hard dick out of his shorts. Rusty held her head as Morris pushed his cock towards her mouth. She tried to twist away but Rusty turned her back.

“NOOOOOOO!“ yelled Carlito.

Austin slapped him across the face.
“Shut up dad! Just watch while your whore of a wife takes cock down her throat!“
Morris had his cock pushed into her mouth, her lips wrapped tightly around him. She made gagging and choking sounds.

“What‘s the matter, mom? You never had a cock in your mouth?“ Morris sneered.

“Oh, I’ll bet she’s sucked lots, right Carlito?” Rusty said.

Eva pleasured her husband a lot with her mouth. But that was a part of the sanctity of marriage. Having strange men force her to do so, was not!

Morris pumped in and out of her mouth, pushing to the back of her throat, then pulling back. Eva’s face turned red as she fought to breathe. Rusty kept his hand on the back of her head so she couldn’t pull away.

“Oh yeah……that mouth feels good…….really good!” Morris moaned.

“Leave my momma alone!” Marissa cried.

Zach turned to look at her where she was still lying on the ground.

“What should we do with her?” he asked Rusty.

“Well, she ain’t going anywhere, but what the hell? Tie her up where Momma was and she can have a better view,” said Rusty.

Zach and Kent dragged her over to the pole and hoisted her to her feet. The ropes that had bound her mother were used to tie her arms to the pole. Marissa was now forced to watch as Morris continued fucking her mother’s mouth.

Morris had pushed himself all the way in, Eva’s cheeks puffed out, as he gave a loud grunt and sprayed his load into her throat. Eva coughed and heaved as she fought to swallow.
 Swallowing cum was something she NEVER did. She might give her husband oral sex but he didn’t dare cum in her mouth! After Morris pulled out, Rusty took his place.

“Mom’s got an all right mouth,” said Morris.

“Okay Marissa, I know your mom doesn’t understand too much English. So I want you to tell her to bath my cock with her tongue,” he said.

Marissa hesitated. She could not do such a degrading thing to her mother.

“DO IT!” yelled Rusty. “Or we’ll throw you back on that hay bale and fuck you ‘til you pass out!”

“Okay, okay!” said Marissa. “Momma, you must lick Senor Rusty’s……penis… must lick it with your tongue. Or…..or….they will rape me more!”

Eva could not believe that these wicked men were making her daughter do something so demeaning.

“I…..I will!” she said to Marissa.

Eva took hold of Rusty’s shaft and began running her tongue all over it, bathing it in gobs of saliva. She stroked and squeezed it until Rusty motioned for her to put it in her mouth. She looked up at him as her lips wrapped around him.

“Your daughter has those same eyes,” Rusty muttered.

Eva began sliding her mouth all along his rod. Rusty suddenly grabbed a fistful of her hair as he jammed himself into her mouth, forcing his way back to the entrance of her throat. Her body stiffened and she gagged as he held the hair on either side of her head. Rusty jerked her forward and back, moving her mouth up and down the length of his shaft, cramming himself into her over and over.
"Urrggg ... urr ... urr ... uuurrrrgggggg!" She gagged on the invader in her
mouth as tears traced paths down her cheeks. She felt her stomach turn and
fought down the urge to vomit.
"Oh, shit! Oh, shit this feels so good!" he moaned in pleasure.

 The warm wetness of her mouth, her soft moist lips sliding up and down his cock. Heavenly!
"Mmmuurrrr ... uurrr ... uurrgghhh ... uurrgghhh!"

 Her gagging and choking excited him still further. He moaned
deep in his throat as he felt his balls start to tighten. Rusty grabbed Eva
by the back of the head and pulled her to him, crushing her face against
his stomach as he pistoned his hips, brutally fucking her mouth.

She retched and her body stiffened as he filled her throat with thick, hot cum. She felt as if she were drowning. Rusty pulled out, his dick dripping with slobber and cum.

“Who’s up next?” he asked.

“I am!” Kent announced.

Eva was still trying to catch her breath. She looked over at Carlito, tears in her eyes. He could only look back at her, despair on his face.

Kent jammed himself into her mouth.

 "Mmmuurrrr ... mmmuurrrr ... MMMUURRR!" she screamed around the thick,
throbbing member that filled her mouth. She twisted her body, arching her back as he forced his meat deeper into her. Kent grunted, pressed harder, and finally forced his way into her throat.
Eva felt panic rising in her as she realized she couldn't breathe. His dick in her throat was suffocating her. She fought harder against the ropes tying her wrists, her body jerking and bouncing as she tried to pull back from him.

Her struggles were a turn on to him. Especially exciting was the feeling of her throat constricting around his cock every time she gagged. It felt as if she were milking him. He forced his way deeper into her, pushing his way into her until her lips were at the base of his cock and he was
completely buried inside her.

“Yeah Kent!” yelled Zach. “Fuck her face, man!”

“Please……stop!” Marissa whimpered. “My….my momma… are killing her!”
Eva fought in vain to draw in air around the swollen piece of meat
that filled her throat. She was gagging and choking as her body tried to
expel the invader. He was holding himself inside her, letting the
constrictions of her throat work on him.

"Oh shit!" he groaned as he squeezed her head between his thighs.
Still he held her face pressed tightly against him as she fought to free herself.
His breathing was rapid and shallow as his excitement grew.
Her lungs were burning now and she could hear the blood pounding in her
ears. She felt light headed from lack of oxygen. She felt herself drifting
away. He squeezed her head more tightly between his thighs.
  Finally he came, holding himself in her mouth until his balls were drained.
Pulling out of her mouth, he watched her as she greedily sucked air into her tortured lungs. Panting and sobbing, she slowly recovered from her ordeal.
"God," he moaned, "that was fantastic."

Zach stepped up for his turn, stroking his rock-hard cock.

"Please...please leave me.... leave me ... alone. ... No ... more. ... Please."

Zach stroked her cheek with his fingertips.

"Of course there will be more, silly woman. There are things we haven't done yet."

Eva’s blood ran cold as she contemplated what other things were going to happen to her.

The men gathered around in a semi-circle to watch Zach and then Austin continue to face-fuck Eva.  They made sure Carlito and Marissa had good views of the Mexican woman as she was forced to take more cock into her mouth and throat.
  Slobber and cum ran down her chin and onto her chest. Tears made streaks in the dust on her face. Her lungs ached from trying to breathe with slabs of meat stuck in her throat and her jaws felt like they were going to fall off her face. Eva knew though, as long as they were doing this to her, they were leaving her daughter alone.
  Austin was the last to have her lips wrapped around him. He pumped in and out of her wet mouth until his balls spurted yet another load of cum in her throat. Eva grimaced at the musky taste in her mouth.

   Austin pulled out, a satisfied grin on his face. “Aye caramba! That was fine!”

“Now let’s give mom’s cunny a good pounding!” said Morris. “I’ve been waiting for this moment!”

Not even giving the woman a chance to catch her breath, Kent and Zach pushed Eva backward onto the ground. She let out an agonized scream as she realized what was coming next. They grabbed and tore at her long skirt, ripping it off her body. They also pulled her sandals off her feet and then yanked her legs wide apart.

“NOOOOOOOOO, MOMMA!” Marissa sobbed.

“Shut up,” snarled Rusty as he pulled Marissa’s hair. “Maybe we’ll throw you down beside her and fuck you again too!”

Marissa immediately went silent, not wanting to incur anymore of the wrath of Rusty and his friends.

Morris was kneeling between Eva’s meaty thighs. She was not fat, but had a very voluptuous, curvy body. Rusty estimated her at around 145-150 lbs. Eva didn’t have the flat, firm stomach and slender hips of her daughter, but he could see she had a body that was made for hard riding. And he and the rest of his buddies intended to do just that!

  Morris had separated Eva from her bra and plain white cotton panties. He and the others were admiring Eva’s pussy, with its dark, hairy bush. Like her daughter, she was not shaved.

Overall, Eva was a very attractive middle-aged woman and Rusty’s heart pounded at the prospect of giving it to an older woman. Usually, around Bisbee, he and his friends chased after the younger 18 to 25 year-old women. Rusty, himself, was only 24.
  The oldest woman he had ever fucked was 30 and that had been two summers ago when he was 22. Morris didn’t know about it, but it was HIS older sister, Helen. Rusty blushed to himself as he thought back to that night. She’d been a great fuck!

  Rusty came out of his daydream as he heard a loud shriek. Morris had just buried himself balls deep in Eva’s sweet pussy. She bucked and twisted her body as he began to fuck her with solid, hammering thrusts.

  Eva was devastated! She came from a very conservative, Catholic family and her father had not even allowed her to date until she was 18. Carlito was the first and only man she had ever had sex with! To sleep with another man was absolutely incomprehensible.
  Now she had the cock of a strange man inside her, being fucked with violence and brutality. Morris’ body slapped against her with a loud FWAP FWAP FWAP! His hard meat felt like a steel rod inside her.

  “Goddammit, Marissa! Your mom… a…..good…..fuck!” Morris grunted. “I can……see where……..get it……from!”

Marissa ignored him as she tried to look away from the brutal assault of her mother. Morris was glad he had already blown a load in Eva’s mouth. It enabled him to spend more time in her wet, comfortable pussy.
  Morris grabbed her tits like big handles as he prepared to cum. He slammed his body against her as his cock jerked and twitched and deposited a load of cum inside her. Eva wailed and sobbed as she felt his semen pollute her insides.

  Eva knew though, she had one small victory over the men. She could not get pregnant, hadn’t been able to since Marissa was born! But she wouldn’t let them know that.
  Morris pulled out and looked at Rusty.

“You take a turn on her, dude! She’s awesome fuckin’! Not too bad for an older chick.”

“Yeah, this is gonna be fun,” said Rusty, dropping his shorts. “First the hot daughter, now the hot momma!”

March 25, 2017, 10:53:16 PM
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Offline vile8r

Bracing his feet against the floor and holding Eva’s shoulders, Rusty propelled himself inside the squirming woman.


Her large breasts jumped and bounced on her chest as Rusty rocked her body with powerful thrusts. Yeah, she certainly wasn’t as tight as her hottie daughter Marissa, but she still had lots of good miles left in her, Rusty figured. He imagined when she was a younger woman in her 20s, she was likely a prime piece of ass.

“Carlito!” he yelled. “How did a fuckin’ wetback dweeb like you end up with a hot wife like Eva here?”

Austin repeated it to Carlito, who screamed something back in Mexican.

“What did he say?” asked Rusty.

“He said you are the devil!”

Rusty laughed out loud. “That’s good, because I plan on fucking the HELL out of his wife!”

Rusty continued to plow his cock in and out of the screaming woman. Just like Morris, he used Eva‘s tits as leverage to jam his rod deep into her as he came. Rusty kissed her on the lips as he pulled out.

It was a very satisfying feeling, knowing he had now dumped loads in both daughter and momma. It was a first for Rusty. He had fucked sisters before, but never a mother and daughter!

“Can I go next?” asked Kent excitedly.

“Sure,” said Rusty. “I’ll trade you spots.”

Rusty took hold of Eva’s leg and Kent pulled down his shorts to expose his turgid shaft. He took a moment to wipe some excess cum off her thighs, using her skirt, then stabbed his cock into her.

“Uhhhhh……nuhhhhhh….nuhhhhhh……nooooo…..please! No more….please! I beg you!” Eva pleaded and whined.

“Shut up, cunt!” Kent snarled.

He slapped his hands back and forth across her meaty tits as he fucked her. They made a loud SWAAACCKK SWAAACCKK SWAAACCKK! sound. Kent took a whole nipple in his mouth, sucking and biting on it as Eva screamed and bucked. Her hips slapped up against Kent and turned him on even more.

Kent’s tool powered in and out of Eva’s sopping hole, making wet squishing noises. When he came, his hips shuddered and shook as he unloaded more dick batter into her.
  He held himself inside her a bit longer, feeling her pussy involuntarily milk his dick. Finally Kent pulled out, wiping his slimy member across Eva’s stomach. He stood up and switched places with Zach.

“Do ‘er, Zach!” he said.

Zach pulled his shorts down and knelt between Eva’s outstretched legs. Leaning down, he sucked one of her large brown nipples into his
mouth. He took his dick in his hand, swollen and

 "Oh, no! D-don't! Please don't!"

“Ahhhh, come on, mom!” he said. “You oughtta be pretty used to it by now.”

He lowered himself onto her, allowing his entire weight to crush her to
the ground. He could feel her trembling beneath him as he guided himself to
her slit and pressed against her.

"Nnuuhhh ... nnuuhhh ... nnuuhhh" she moaned as he forced his way into her,
spreading her open to accept him.

 "Oh, no! Oh ... nnuuhhh ... no! St-stop!”
She felt him moving on top of her, felt him gradually forcing his meat
deeper into her. Zach was in no hurry. He slowly fucked his way deeper into Eva, penetrating her a little farther with each thrust of his hips.
  “Ohhhhhhh  yeahhhh!" A long moan of pleasure escaped his throat as he finally sunk himself completely into her. God she felt so
good! Warm and wet, feeling like velvet wrapped around his organ.

Eva was squirming and twisting under him, tears running down the sides of
her face and into her hair. She ground her teeth together and whimpered as
he continued raping her. He ran his hands through her hair, that same gorgeous dark hair like Marissa’s.

He took two fistfuls and twisted as he clamped his mouth to hers and forced his tongue between her lips. She moaned in helpless frustration as his tongue intertwined with hers.
  He started stroking into her faster and harder, squeezing her breasts as he did. The pain ripped through her as he roughly twisted her nipple, causing her to jerk and bounce. He reached under her shoulders and grasped the hair on each side of her head. She screwed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth as he used these improvised handholds to jerk her down onto his dick as he
thrust it up into her.
Zach couldn't believe how good she felt! He felt his balls tighten,
felt his dick begin to throb, and then he jammed himself into her as he
shot a long stream of cum deep into her body. With a sigh and a shiver, he collapsed on top of her, panting for air.
He allowed himself to soften inside her, then gradually pulled out of her
and got to his knees. He watched as sperm slowly drained out of her and
ran down into the crack of her ass.

“Looks like she’s all yours now, Austin,” Zach said.

“Fuck ‘er good!” said Rusty.

Austin was excited to finally have his turn with the Mexican woman. He pulled his pants down, gazing at her naked body on the floor of the barn. Her wrists tied and helpless, her legs spread wide for him. Squirming, twisting, pleading.

“Please!“ Marissa cried out. “Please just let us go! You’ve done enough!”

“Have we?” asked Morris with a chuckle. He walked over to Marissa and gave her a little pat on the cheek. “I think we’ll decide that!”

Austin had sunk his thick cock into Eva.

"Oh, shit!" he groaned in her ear. "Oh, shit, you feel so fucking good!"
She was moaning and twisting, her trembling body jerking
each time he drove into her. Now she was crying out. Crying out each time
he pounded into her depths. Her head was snapping from side to side.

"No MORE! ... nnuuhhh ... nnuuhhh ... nnuuhhh ... I can't ... can't TAKE ... anymore!
... nnuuhhh ... nnuuhhh ... Please! ... Please! ... nnuuhhh ... Nnuuhhh …“ Eva was crying out in Spanish.

Austin decided it was time for something he had been waiting to do for a long time. He pulled out of Eva and moved up so he was straddling her chest. Seeing what he was up to, Rusty and Kent let go of her legs. They began to cheer and clap.
  Austin squeezed her big, round tits around his wet cock and began sliding it back and forth. Eva was totally revolted by this new humiliation. However, she was completely helpless as her breasts were used like toys by Austin.
  Faster and faster, his shaft moved between her tits. Gobs of sperm shot from the tip of his cock and coated her chest. He saw the sick look take over her face and felt her body stiffen as she felt the heat of his sperm on her skin. His dick continued to spurt until his balls were completely drained.

Her body was limp now. Her head was turned to the side, her eyes closed.
He could hear her sniffling.

“That was awesome, dude!” yelled Rusty as he clapped Austin on the back.

“Whoa! What a workout!” Austin whooped  as he stood up. He was wobbly on his feet. “I need a beer!”

 "I'll go get some," said Rusty. “I’ll be right back.”

Rusty was back in a few minutes with cold beers for the men. He was even nice enough to bring some water for Marissa and her parents.
  Eva had crawled over to the beam where Carlito was tied up and was curled in a ball at his feet.

“What? You figure your hubby is gonna save you?” Rusty sneered.

“Your old man has been pretty useless the whole time he’s been here,” laughed Morris. “Couldn’t stop us fucking his little girl OR his wife!”

“Yep, and the show ain’t over yet either,” said Rusty as he walked over to Eva. “Kent, I need that hay bale again.”

March 26, 2017, 02:31:00 PM
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Time for Multiply mommy, she'll scream as she's creamed!

March 29, 2017, 08:09:51 PM
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Offline vile8r

And now for the twisted conclusion of Family On The Run!

Kent dragged the hay bale over in front of Carlito as Eva was pulled over to it. Rusty pushed her facedown onto it and knelt behind her. He began to knead and squeeze her round ass cheeks.

“I’m bettin’ mom’s never had a cock up the shitpipe,” said Rusty.

“I’ll bet you’re right!” Morris agreed.

"Don't! Oh God, please DON'T!" Marissa screamed out.
Morris gave her a hard slap across the face and she shut up.

Eva groaned as Rusty pressed the head of his dick against her rectum. She ground her teeth together as he slowly forced her open and started to enter her. She couldn‘t believe the nightmare was continuing.

"Nnuuhhh ... nnuuhhh ... uurrrruuuhhhh ... nnuuhhh ... nnuuhhh ...!"

He felt her jerking and twisting beneath him each time he drove into her. Rusty fucked his way deeper into her with hard, vicious thrusts of his hips. Each pounding took him deeper into her, each pounding tore another whine from her. Then, pulling back, he prepared to impale her with one final, massive thrust.

"AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHH!" she cried out and her head snapped back as he finally drove the entire length of his shaft into her bowels.

Eva had never felt such pain in her life. Her body went stiff and quivered at the horrendous invasion of her depths. Tears streaming from her eyes, she buried her face in the bale while he buried his dick in her ass.
  She begged for mercy from the one who mercilessly pounded his swollen, stiff cock repeatedly into her bowels, driving deeper into her than she would
have believed possible. She felt as if she were on fire, as if he was
ripping her insides.
"Oh, shit!" Rusty groaned in her ear. "You've got a great ass! A really great

  The other men cheered him on. Marissa and Carlito helplessly cried and wailed as they were forced to watch more abuse heaped on Eva.

“OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!" she moaned and her body snapped taut as she felt him shoot a great wad of thick, hot cum deep into her bowels. She felt the heat spreading through her as he repeatedly sprayed her insides with his foul liquids while continuing to pound brutally into her.

"Oh fuck!" Rusty groaned when his balls were finally drained, and collapsedon top of her. He lay there panting while she cried softly underneath him. Her body continued trembling as she felt him gradually softening inside her. After a few minutes he raised up from her,pulling out of her as he did. She could feel the cum leaking out of her.

Rusty used her ripped skirt to wipe the blood and shit off his cock.

“Wow, I think her ass was even better than yours, Marissa!”

“Well, let me see for myself,” said Morris as he prepared to mount Eva from behind.

Morris elicited more howls from Eva as he corkscrewed his hips against her, his cock making its way inside her tight ass tunnel. Eva pleaded and begged for him to stop.

“Sorry, bitch, I don’t speak wetback,” Morris said.

He ignored her pleas and continued with the vicious assault. Withdrawing
from her until only the head of his dick was still inside her, he would
then brutally drive back into her bowels with as much force as he could
muster. Over and over he pounded into her in this manner. Each time her
body would jerk and she would strain against the ropes binding her wrists.

Her brow was furrowed and her eyes were squeezed tightly shut. She ground
her teeth against the pain he was inflicting on her. How long was he going
to keep doing this? How long could she stand it?
  Eva knew the other three men would all want turns as well. She didn’t think she could survive. But she knew she had to. If her daughter could do it, then she had to be strong and defiant as well.

Morris slapped Eva’s meaty ass cheeks and laughed as he watched the flesh jiggle and shake. His hands were dug into her curvy hips as he continued his violent ass rape.
  He finally came, smiling as he felt her ass muscles clamping down on him. His cum spurted into her in gobs. Morris slipped out of her with a wet SCHLORP!

Kent walked up, ready to be next. He let out a loud grunt and buried himself in Eva’s ass in one powerful penetration. One of his hands wormed it's way under her chest and cupped a breast. He was squeezing her breast as he pistoned in and out.
"Ohhhh... ohhhhh ... ohhhhh ... I am ... gonna fuck... this ass ... so HARD!" Kent said as he fucked away at Eva’s butt.

He was driving into her faster now. Faster and harder. Driving as deeply
into her as he could. He felt his balls tightening. Felt the tingling sensation
in the head of his dick that foretold orgasm.
  Kent slammed Eva’s hips hard against the bale as he came inside her. He wiped sweat from his face as he stood up, panting heavily.

“Okay, someone else can pound her now,” he said.

“You want to go?” asked Zach to Austin. “You had last turn on her cunny.”

“Nahhh, you go ahead,” said Austin. “I don’t mind being last.”

Zach knelt down and drove effortlessly into the sobbing woman. Her ass entrance was well broken in now. He began humping away at her, revelling in the feeling of her pooper tightly wrapped around his rampant shaft.
  Marissa might have had tighter, firmer ass cheeks, but her mother was still damn good too. Zach’s balls slapped against the back of Eva’s ample thighs as he fucked her hard. He came sooner than he expected, but the tightness of her ass channel was just too much for him.

   Zach pulled out and let himself spray across her back. He looked down with satisfaction at the puddle of white jizz pooled on the smooth skin of her back.

Eva’s body was covered with perspiration, and she felt the cooling effects
as it slowly evaporated. She was exhausted from the exertions that had
been forced on her and felt lightheaded. Later on, she would never know if
she had drifted off to sleep or passed out.

She just remembered that she suddenly came to, and another cock was invading her ass. It was Austin! Eva’s eyes bulged in their sockets as he tried to cram his full length deep into her bowels. Her body snapped taut with the pain and speed of the unexpected assault. With a new reserve of energy, she kicked her feet uselessly in the air and snapped her head from side to side as he pounded into her with pile driving force.
   She felt as if her very sanity were being torn from her. He had to stop! He had to! But he didn't. Austin felt the tightness of her anal passage squeezing in around his swollen organ.


Austin loved how deeply he was driving into her. It was a fucking that she would never forget. He did like Zach and when he was ready to cum, he pulled out and furiously stroked his dick, watching the spurts of his white goo deposit themselves on Eva’s back.

Eva collapsed on the bale, her insides on fire. She panted, trying to catch her breath. Rusty handed out cold beers and the guys all relaxed in the cool shade of the barn.

“Man, we worked that ass good!“ said Zach.

“Fuckin’ right we did,“ said Rusty.

“Turned that ass into a train tunnel,“ laughed Morris.

“I liked her pussy too,” said Kent. “Maybe not as tight as little Marissa, but still damn good!”

“What’s next?” asked Austin.

“Shit, I don’t know,” Morris replied. “I’m damn near fucked right out.”

“Me too,” added Zach.

“Then we’ll make them do some work,” said Rusty. “I got a couple little ideas brewing in my head. We can still have a bit more fun before we let them go.”

Finishing their beers, the men approached the Mexican family. Eva was still curled in a ball on the floor, blood and cum oozing from her abused ass. Rusty reached down and untied her wrists. At the same time, he instructed someone to untie Marissa.

“Okay, Marissa, crawl over to me!” Rusty barked.

Marissa slowly crawled over to Rusty. She looked up at him pleadingly.

“Wh-what do y-you want, Senor Rusty?”

“I got a little job for you. Poor ol’ dad’s been tied up here all this time and watching us play, I figured maybe we should let him in on some action. I just know the fucking pervert’s probably been checking you out. He’s been liking this, seeing his teen daughter’s hot little naked body!”

“Now I want you to unzip his pants and pull his cock out!”

“OH NOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOO! I cannot do that, senor!”
Marissa began to bawl.

Rusty grabbed her by the hair and dragged her closer to her father.

“FUCKING DO IT!” he yelled.

Tears running down her face and her hands trembling, she reached up and unzipped Carlito’s pants. She was made to pull them down past his knees along with his underwear. Then she reached up and took her father’s cock in her small hand. Carlito closed his eyes and looked away in humiliation.

“Look!” shouted Morris. “Fucking perv is liking this! He’s getting hard!”

“Dad! You should be ashamed of yourself, she’s only 15!” laughed Zach.

Marissa could not believe this was happening. This was THE ultimate degradation!

Austin grabbed Carlito’s head and made him look down at his daughter kneeling in front of him.

“You watch her, dad! Watch your baby girl suck your dick!”  Austin ordered him in Spanish.

“Now,” said Rusty as he pushed Marissa’s face closer to her dad’s crotch. “Start sucking!”

Marissa shook her head vigorously back and forth. NO! There was no way she could do this! NO!

“Are you refusing? Are you disobeying me?” Rusty snarled.

There was a sudden flurry of movement and Rusty whipped his 9 mm pistol out from the waistband of his shorts. He placed it against Carlito’s temple.

“Goddamn Marissa! You start sucking him or he dies! I mean it!”

“Whoa!” said Austin. “Where the hell did the gun come from?”

“I brought it with me when I went to grab beer,” explained Rusty.

He pushed Marissa toward her dad with his other hand.

“Get to it!” he snapped.

Marissa looked up at Carlito with tears flowing down her cheeks. Slowly, she reached out and tentatively wrapped her hand around his shaft. She felt a slight tremor pass through the warm flesh. Slowly, she began to move her hand up and down along the length of him. As she did so, the veins began to pulse a little, as blood started to flow and harden him.
    The look on Carlito’s face was priceless as the stimulation of Marissa's hand was beginning to work.

"Fabulous," said Rusty. "Now take him in your mouth."

Marissa leaned forward, her whole body trembling, and closed her lips over the head of Carlito's semi-hard prick, letting her hand slide down to cup his balls gently. She slid her lips as far down Carlito's shaft as she could manage, then sucked hard and slid her mouth back up again. A shiver passed through Carlito's body and she could feel him become fully hard as she slid up and down.

  Her father's penis was now hard as a rock and sticking its full seven inches straight out from his body. Carlito let out a moan of helplessness as he was forced to watch his pretty teen daughter lap and stroke his shaft.
  Rusty continued to hold the gun to Carlito’s head as he also watched Marissa service her father’s cock.

“That’s it, honey,” he said. “Give daddy a really nice hummer. I know he wants it!”

Marissa made small gagging sounds as she slid Carlito’s cock to the back of her throat. She held it there for a few seconds, then pulled back. She rolled her tongue around the tip then dipped her mouth down onto him again.

Perspiration rolled down Carlito’s face and dripped off his chin. He was trying his best to not display any kind of sexual arousal. As he felt his cock bump against the back of Marissa’s throat, he fought the involuntary reflex to let out a loud moan of pleasure.
  Marissa carried on, working her dad’s shaft around in her mouth, gripping it with her soft hand and stroking.

“Okay,” said Rusty. “Now Marissa, I want you to look up at daddy and ask him to cum in your mouth. And Carlito, I want you to tell your little girl here, that you’ve been dying to cum in her mouth for ages!”

Austin repeated to Carlito what Rusty had just said.

Tears streamed down Marissa’s face like a river as she looked up at her father with her big brown eyes.

“D-daddy……pl-please cum……in….in my……mouth…..please?”

Carlito was also sobbing like a baby as he was forced to reply.

“I-I……I want to……c-cum in……your m-mouth……Marissa! I h-have……wanted to……for a…..l-l-long time!”

“You’re a real asshole, Rusty!” Kent laughed.

“Heh! Don’t I know it?” Rusty replied.

Marissa was forced to slip her mouth over the tip of Carlito’s cock and begin vigorously sucking at it again. The Mexican man could feel his balls swelling and suddenly, with horror, realized his daughter was making him orgasm. He tried to hold back, God knows he did! But it was just too much for him to bear.
  Between her warm, soft lips and her tongue sliding along his saliva-coated shaft, Carlito had to submit to his base desires. He suddenly let a guttural moan escape from his throat as cum raced up his shaft and sprayed into his daughter’s mouth. Marissa clamped her lips around him tightly as she fought to swallow as much as possible.
  She wasn’t able to take it all and some oozed out and ran down her chin. Rusty gripped her by the hair and pulled her head back. A long string of cum dangled from her lips.

“Sonuvabitch, that was hot!” Morris exclaimed.

“You can’t tell me he didn’t enjoy that!” Zach sneered. “Probably been dreaming for years about getting his dick in her mouth!”

“Is that right, Carlito? You a fucking pervert who dreams about your daughter?” Austin asked him.


Marissa had crawled over to her mother and was hugging her as she sobbed. Eva glared at the men with pure hatred in her eyes. How could they impose such degradation on a teenage girl and her father?

“Oh, is Mom jealous she hasn’t got to do anything with Marissa?” asked Morris.

“I think she is,” chuckled Rusty. “Well, in that case, let’s let her have some fun then.”

Still holding the pistol, Rusty yelled at Eva to lay down on her back and spread her legs. Eva complied and then Rusty forced Marissa to turn around and straddle her mother’s body. Her head was pointed between Eva’s legs and her ass and pussy pointed towards her mom’s face in the classic “69” position.

Kent and Zach helped position her so her ass and pussy was directly over her mom’s face and Morris pushed her face down towards Eva’s hairy pussy.

“Okay, you two! Start licking each other’s twats!“ Rusty ordered.

Knowing he still had the gun, Eva and Marissa knew they had to comply. They had no idea if he would actually use the gun, but coming from a place like Mexico, they knew that anyone with a gun was dangerous!

Eva’s tongue snaked out and began to gently lap at the outer folds of Marissa’s pussy. At the same time Marissa closed her eyes and pushed her mouth closer to her mother’s glistening slit. Marissa let out a shocked gasp as she felt her mother’s tongue push inside her.
  The teen girl slowly and tentatively lapped at the older woman’s sex. It was a musky, salty taste, and at first Marissa felt like retching. But as she continued, she became more accustomed to it and found herself plunging her tongue into her mom’s fuck channel.

  She could still taste the residual cum left over from the mens’ rape of her mother. Eva had her hands on Marissa’s tight little butt and was pulling her down harder onto her mouth. Marissa blushed as she felt a wave of warmth wash over her body. Her mom’s tongue inside her was actually feeling good!

Eva was totally humiliated being forced to do such things to her teen daughter. This type of behaviour was absolutely taboo as far as the older woman was concerned. And yet, she too, couldn’t help but feel slightly light-headed as she felt Marissa’s soft teen tongue explore inside her. The only tongue she had ever felt inside her was her husband’s!

The men stood in a circle around the two women on the ground and cheered and clapped. Carlito was so angry that these….these….ANIMALS…..would get so much pleasure from the way they had demeaned him and his family.

Rusty finally called a stop to Marissa and Eva’s little lesbian soiree. He pulled Marissa’s face up from Eva’s sopping crotch. Pussy juices glistened on Marissa’s chin and lips.

“I think that’s enough, I guess,” said Rusty. “You get all that, Kent?”

“You bet, dude!” said Kent as he clicked off the video camera. “That AND Marissa gobbling her dad’s meat!”

Marissa realized, with a sinking sensation, that she had been filmed yet again! The things she had been forced to do would be on video for anyone to see at any time!

“Good job!” said Rusty.

He looked over to Zach and Austin, who were going through the family’s suitcases still leaning against the wall of the barn stall.

“What are you two idiots up to?” he asked.

“Looking for souvenirs,” said Zach.

From one suitcase, they pulled out several pairs of skimpy panties that obviously belonged to Marissa.

“Yeah, let’s take these!” said Austin. “There’s a pair here for each of us!”

“Well, don’t forget I already got a pair,” smiled Rusty.

“Oh yeah,” said Austin. He threw a pair each to Morris, Kent and Zach.

Rusty had untied Carlito and he slumped to the ground, completely exhausted from his ordeal.

“Okay, my little wetbacks, as much as I hate to say it, but the party’s over! I’m going to suggest, that any of your friends you run into, you tell them about what happened here! And tell them that the next ones who try to hide in my barn will get the same treatment! Especially if they got a hot daughter….OR daughters….like Marissa!”

“Yeah, right on!” whooped Morris as he high-fived with Rusty.

They marched the family out of the barn, Carlito and Marissa helping Eva walk. The three Mexicans were made to climb into the back of Rusty’s old Chevy farm truck, minus clothes of course. Carlito had also been forced to strip naked before they left the barn. Their suitcases were thrown into the back of the truck too.

Rusty drove them out across his pastureland and dropped them off just a couple miles north of where they had originally been dropped off by the smugglers. He forced them out of the truck, along with their suitcases. Rusty was even nice enough to leave them with several bottles of water.

“Wh-where are w-we supposed to go, Senor Rusty?” Marissa whimpered.

Rusty walked up to Marissa and planted a sloppy kiss on her lips as he slapped her on the ass.

“Well Marissa, with that sweet little body of yours, you shouldn’t have ANY trouble finding a ride somewhere!”


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Ah too bad they didn't have Marrissa eat out Eva while being fucked from behind by Carlito

Great story even without it!

March 31, 2017, 02:26:28 AM
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Another great one Vile!   ;)