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I'm a-waiting Emily!

As are a few of us for you to continue Halloween party!
sorry this isn't the right place to say that!

June 21, 2017, 09:53:33 AM
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Sorry you guys! Writer's block has been a cruel girl! :(

I did start writing a bit more today, so hopefully that'll help a bit!

July 10, 2017, 10:38:58 AM
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By the time that Santana had finally regained consciousness, she was no longer in the basement. Her eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room for a few moments before she realized that she was in Jane’s bedroom. She couldn’t remember how she had gotten there, and when she tried to stand up, she was shocked to find she couldn’t move – there was something restricting her wrists and ankles.
Santana began to panic, thrashing about in an attempt to do away with the bonds holding her tightly in place, but it was no use! She wasn’t going anywhere, and that horrifying realization had just begun to set in. The teenager struggled for a few more minutes before tiring herself out. As she tried to regain her composure, she called out to the darkness that surrounded her.

“H-hello? Is anyone there?” Santana stuttered.

Not a sound except for the drone hum of crickets chirping outside in the night.
“Hello!” She screamed this time. “Hello! Is anyone there! Please… is anyone there?” She was trying, and failing, to fight back her tears.
Santana went dead silent and tried to listen for something, anything, that she could. Some sign of another person to figure out what in the world was going on. Why was she naked? Why was she tied to some kind of bench? And why in the hell was she in her best friend’s room? She tried to recall the events of the evening that had led her here, but everything seemed so hazy, obscured like rain falling heavily against a window.
Just then, she heard a sound from the room next door. It sounded like moaning or crying, she couldn’t be sure, but Santana thought that it might be Jane. She took a deep breath, and held in for as long as she could, trying her best to silence as much of the background noise as she could. Santana only heard one, clear word: “Stop.” It was Jane’s voice, that much she was sure of.
The bound girl suddenly felt a cold chill as her mind slowly began to fill the gaps. She couldn’t remember what had happened earlier in the evening, but she knew it wasn’t good. She was stark naked and tied up, after all. Santana began to sob again, thinking for the first time that she may have been raped. It was only it that moment of clarity that she realized the same thing could be happening to her best friend right now. She renewed her struggles and fought as hard as she could against her bindings, but it was no use – she wasn’t breaking free.
Santana once again stopped fighting, and began to listen yet again. Other than the ambience of the room, she could hear faint noises coming from next door still. She couldn’t discern what they could possibly be, but she did hear her friend’s voice pleading through loud sobs. Her heart sunk as she thought about what was happening to Jane, and the poor teen grew incredibly anxious wondering what was in store for her.
As Santana’s mind could only wander endlessly as to the events of next door, the poor girl’s worst nightmares couldn’t compare to what her best friend was enduring.
Jane, too, was completely naked. She was bent over the edge of her brother’s bed, with her arms stretched painfully wide, tied tightly to opposite ends. Around her tiny ankles were steel cuffs, as to where they came from, she could only guess, but they were of little concern to the teenager in her current predicament.
She winced in incredible pain as she felt her brother’s hand rub her ass gently. She saw flashes illuminate the darkness of the room in front of her as he did – Ben was taking pictures of the damage he’d dealt. She could only imagine what her bottom looked like right now. He’d been beating her for what seemed like hours. First it was just slapping, but then he got creative.
At first, it was his leather belt. It was such a cliché, but for good reason – it was painful, effective, and left such beautiful, red welts on her delicate flesh. After he grew bored of that, he started beating his younger sister with a steel chain. It was incredibly painful, smacking her skin with heavy, crushing blows. Jane wasn’t sure how much she could endure. Her mouth was dry, her knees were weak, and her bottom felt as though it were set alight.
The worst part of the ordeal was the flashes. Each bright, fleeting burst of light captured the ordeal forever. They were pictures that Ben would hold over her for a long, long time. All of the physical scars would soon disappear, but those images would remain forever. Jane saw only two outcomes – either obey and be her sadistic brother’s slave, or disobey and have the world see her in such a horrific manner.
Predictably, Jane choose the latter option and remained in place, taking every cruel beating with a “Thank you, Sir,” followed by a number. The number, as you may suspect, signified each strike of whatever torturous instrument he used upon her.
The count ended at thirty strikes as Ben cracked the chain between her legs. With perfect accuracy, the chain clashed against the folds of her smooth lips, causing Jane to cry in agony. The poor girl didn’t think the pain could get worse after thirty strikes, but she was so, so wrong.
“Exactly thirty strikes. Well done, Sis. I’m impressed. Your friend didn’t last nearly that long before she passed out from the pain.” Ben mused as he rubbed her raw ass gently.
He squeezed gently and Jane winced, then he smacked her hard.
“You should learn to love the pain, you’re going to be experiencing a lot of it from now on.” He resumed rubbing her bottom again.
“You have such a pretty ass, Sis. You really do, and it looks even better all marked up.” Ben laughed, as he slipped his fingers between her cheeks and rubbed her tight, pinkish anus.
“Please,” Jane muttered through deep breaths. “J-just stop this, please, Ben. I promise, I won’t tell Mom or Dad or anyone. Just let me go.”
“Let you go, what whore?” Ben smirked.
Jane, defeated and broken, replied in the most convincing tone she could conjure. “Please let me go, Sir.”
Ben smiled. He knew she was lying, after all, it only been a day since he had raped her. Even at his age, he knew it would take a lot longer to break her completely. Still, he decided to play along and toy with her. He knew how sweet and compliant she would become if she had some assurance there was going to be a light at the end of this dark, sickening tunnel.
“Tell you what, Sis.” Ben mused, sliding his finger into her hole with a little resistance. “I’m going to go next door and check on our little friend. In the meantime, if you can come up with something you’d be willing to do for me, I might just consider letting you go.”
She was weary of such a proposition, but nevertheless, in her current state, she had no choice but to take a chance and agree to his terms.
“Yes, Sir. I’ll c-come up with s-s-something.” Jane stuttered.
“Good girl. I know you’ll please me, Jane. You always do.”
Ben knelt down to bring his face on level with hers. She looked so beautiful in this state, he thought. Beautiful, exposed, and completely vulnerable. She flinched as Ben gently brushed his fingers across the smooth skin of her cheek, rubbing them softly up and down.
“Do you have any idea how perfect you are, Sis?” Ben asked, still caressing her cheek with one hand and rubbing the small of her back with the other. “Especially,” Ben’s hand slid down to her ass, and slipped his middle finger between her smooth cheeks, “your perfect little ass.”
“Ben, don’t…” Jane protested softly.
Ben ignored his sister’s pleas completely. He let his hand fall lower and began to rub her delicate mound. Jane closed her eyes and moaned lowly in pleasure. She hated how her body so easily betrayed her. Her mind didn’t want any of this, yet her body was soft clay in her older brother’s rough hands. Ben nibbled on her ear lobe and whispered to her, “Do you know what the best part is?”
Jane was non-responsive, save for her quiet moans of pleasure at her brother’s continued assault of her cunt. Ben continued to nibble at her ear as he whispered again.
“The best part is that all of you, every perfect inch of your flawless body, belongs completely to me now.” Ben chuckled as the words escaped his mouth.
Ben pulled his fingers from between his sister’s legs, and stood up. He reached over to the end table beside his bed and grabbed a roll of duct tape. Ripping a piece from the spool, he firmly secured the tape across Jane’s pouty lips.

“Now you be a good girl and wait here. Try and think of something you can do for me to buy your freedom back in the meantime.” Ben stated harshly as he left the room. Jane could do little but sob and try to cope with the immense pain she felt between her legs due to the brutality of her brother and that steel chain.

As she pondered about what was going to happen next, she heard screaming from the room next to her. Her heart sunk. She could only imagine what her bastard brother was doing to her best friend. Jane blamed herself for getting Santana involved in this even if the onus was completely her brothers.
Jane struggled against her bonds in vain as the screaming got louder and louder then suddenly, she saw Santana thrown roughly on the bed in front of her. She looked horrible. She was naked, her wrists and ankles bound just as hers had been earlier in the day, and she light bruises and welts covering her body. She tried to scream out at Ben, to plead for her friend’s safety, but her gag effectively muffled any such attempt.
She watched in horror as her older brother began to quickly undress, and climbed into bed with Santana. He began kissing her, his hands running all over her body, and to Jane’s shock, she wasn’t resisting. She was almost eagerly kissing him back as thought she wanted this. Her mind couldn’t even begin to process what he had done or said to her to make her so malleable to his assault.
Ben and Santana kissed for a few minutes before Ben broke it off. He jumped out of bed and left the room without an explanation. He returned just moments later with something in hand that neither Jane nor Santana could quite make out. He fumbled in the darkness opposite the bed for a minute when a sudden, bright flash of light illuminated the wall behind it, as well as the two naked teenagers. As Ben climbed back in to the bed with Santana, both girls saw the red light of a camera recording on the dresser directly across from them. Ben was going to film Santana’s rape.
Jane watched in anger as he slid his body underneath Santana’s and picked her up. Ben positioned her best friend on top of him, with her battered bottom just a foot or so away from Jane’s face. He intended to make Jane watch the entire ordeal. It was, in Ben’s mind, his way of making her understand how truly owned the two of them really were. She and Santana were his property now, and neither of them had any right to disobey or protest his actions.
She watched on in horror as Ben’s cock began to slip into Santana’s reddish cunt. Ben smiled as Santana whimpered in pain. It was obvious to everyone in the room that the intense pain that was radiating over this young beauty’s body was due to Ben’s earlier punishment – thirty-seven hard lashes with his belt, applied directly to her precious lips. Santana’s once pale vulva, was now painted an opulent shade of crimson.
As the final inch of Ben’s shaft disappeared into the young girl straddling him, he reached around her with his hands and cusped her buttocks. Ben gave them both a firm squeeze, before pressing Santana closer to him. To an outsight observer, it seemed a sign of love and compassion, but to Ben, ever the cruel sadist, it meant his thorny pubes would rub against her course, raw labia.
Ben relished this moment, finally realizing his dream of capturing his sister, and as a bonus, her best friend too. Everything was going perfectly. Two young teens, captured and in control, not yet broken, but certainly on their way easily enough. As Ben began to pound Santana with all the vigor and speed of a horny dog, he tried to imagine anything that he could to stop himself from climaxing. He didn’t want to finish, not this quickly, he wanted her first time to be as painful and humiliating as it was lengthy.

For all his victims that came before Jane, most were over all to quickly. Ben simply had no choice but to take the opportunity that was presented to him at the time. Maggie and Gillean, for example, were just such cases. The first time was over too quickly for any real tangible sense of enjoyment. He could not punish them, or hurt them the way he truly desired, not like he could with Jane and Santana.
Jane especially who, after all, lived under the same room and with whom he had countless chances to be alone with her for long periods of time. She was the one who would truly be his slave. He had an entire year before starting college to make it happen, and he would waste no time in that endeavor. The crown jewel of his desires was within his grasp, and she would be broken in by those wicked, tainted hands.
Ben opened his eyes, trying to think less of the coming days, weeks, and months. All of the times he would spent destroying every ounce of resistance in his fourteen-year old sister’s mind and body. Thinking so fondly of her, Ben’s eyes wandered down to the end of the bed. His sweet sister was still bound and gagged, and although she was sobbing at her best friend’s rape, her eyes remained open and aware. It was a good sign. One that meant Jane would be relatively easy to mold. She knew to watch it, to not close her eyes, and she didn’t. Not even for a single, fleeting moment did she shut out the brutal rape of her friend taking place just inches from her own eyes.
Ben smiled at her, and then kissed at Santana’s neck. He bit gently at her tender flesh, tasting of sweet coconut. In Ben’s sick mind, she had prepared herself for this. For him. He began to thrust harder into her virgin canal as he felt himself edging close to an immense and pleasurable climax.
“Get ready, Santana.” Ben whispered into the delirious teen’s ear.
Ben kissed her.
“Is this how you imagined it? Your first time. Tied up, beaten, and raped by your best friend’s big brother.”
Santana began to cry and plead in between another kiss.
“I bet you’ve thought about it before, huh? It’s okay to admit it, lots of girls your age have.”
Ben pulled his cock completely free from Santana’s defeated body, before slamming in hard again.
“Tell me, whore. Tell me about your fantasies. The dreams you have at night. The thoughts that you bury. The images in your head that you explore alone at night.” Ben teased.
“I… I…” Santana stuttered, her face painted countless shades of red.
“You what, cunt?” Ben whispered as he pulled his cock from her again. Ben knew she was close to her first orgasm from a man, and although she hated it, some part of her buried deep wanted to let go.
“Well,” he teased, rubbing his bulbous head up and down her moist slit. “Tell me, Santana. Beg me for it. I know you’re trying to fight it, but don’t. Just let go. Just let it happen. I promise you’ll love it, baby.” Ben whispered lovingly.
He knew she was just moments from breaking, and he intended to keep her riding the closest edge of that wave that he could. He could feel her body quivering in his hands, ready to explode like a supernova of sexual energy. As he stroked against her delicate lips, he heard the sound he had waited all evening for.
“Please… Ben, I…” Santana trailed off, humiliated and defeated.
Ben slipped his head in gently against her vulva and slowly rubbed against her. This fourteen-year old girl felt like heaven.

Ben was never one for all that ‘church shit,’ as he would put it, but if there was a heaven – he was now sure that it was a fourteen-year old girl’s cunt.
“Please what, Santana? Say it, and remember your manners.” He warned.
Santana burst into tears, but her desires had defeated her. “Please, put it back in… Sir.”
Ben halted his agonizingly slow penetration of the teenage girl atop of him. “What was that, San? Put what in where?”
Santana looked down, her beautiful eyes avoiding his at all costs. “Please put your dick in my…”
“Your cunt, Santana. Say it.” Ben commanded.
“Please put your dick in my cunt, Sir.”
“Good, girl.”
Ben suddenly fucked the poor girl as though he was a man on death row, being gifted with his last meal – a delectable little virgin teenager. The two teenager’s bodies tensed as they both climaxed together. Waves of immense pleasure and shame crashed over Santana as she could feel him shooting deep inside of her.
Santana collapsed on Ben as she lay motionless, panting desperately for breath. She felt sick as Ben’s rough hands rubbed her bottom and back firmly, caressing in a manner that showed dominance and ownership. She rested her head on Ben’s chest, and she looked over at the camera lens. It had captured everything. Her first time, her rape, and worst of all, her begging for it. The poor girl began to cry, her warm tears falling down her cheeks and onto Ben’s hairy chest. She felt his semen flowing from her cunt, as Ben called it, and down her thigh.
Captured by the lens of the ever-recording camera, she knew her life would never be the same. She couldn’t process how in that moment, but she knew it all the same. Santana closed her eyes and let her mind drift to the infinite blackness.

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God damn well worth the wait Emily. Get writer's block more often if this is the result!

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God damn well worth the wait Emily. Get writer's block more often if this is the result!

Haha, thanks! This was absolutely hell to finish and post so I'm glad you like it! I must scrapped a good twenty, few-page drafts in the process. Now, I'll see if I start a seventh chapter in a reasonable amount of time.

*Edit: So I'm apparently in a super writing mood right now, because I'm currently four pages into a draft of Chapter Seven! Woo!

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Ben had finally done it. He had raped Santana. More importantly, he had raped her before his baby sister’s very eyes. And not only that, but the little vixen actually begged for it. He thought it take a monumental effort to break her, but in the end, it took little more than an evening of painful beatings and rape for the young teen to give into her carnal desires. He had lit a fire in her, a burning passion that could be so easily manipulated by his vile fingers. Santana was now his, but his sister still offered resistance.
With Santana’s near-lifeless body collapsed on top of his, Ben began to caress her tender skin. Every inch of her perfect figure felt delightful under to the touch. He looked down at his sister, staring coldly into her brown eyes as he did, evoking fear into the heart of Jane. He intended to make her beg like Santana did, to completely own her body and will, and she knew it. Not a word was spoken between the two during this exchange of glances, but they both knew what it meant.

Ben pushed Santana aside, her limp, naked body falling gently on to the bed, still bound tightly by her restraints. If not for her slow, shallow breaths, you would almost think she was dead. He chuckled at the sight of her defeated body before jumping from the bed.
Like a shark circling its prey, Ben stepped behind Jane and stood in silence. He watched amusingly as her body danced in subtle movements, it was clear to any observer that she was lightly struggling against the cuffs on her ankles and the ropes clinging impossibly tight to her wrists. It was cute really, to see her testing those bonds yet again, thinking that maybe Ben wouldn’t notice. He did notice, of course, and he planned an appropriate punishment for his darling sister. She was cute as she was stupid, he thought to himself.
“Stop fighting it, Sis. Those are steel cuffs around your ankles. Just face it, you’re not getting free until I say so.” Ben stated coldly.
Jane stopped struggling, instead tensing up as her brother’s coarse hand began to brush the inside of her milky thigh. Her mind raced back to the night before, when he raped her, and she suddenly began to struggle again, much harder then before.
“I said stop that you stupid slut!” Ben screamed, removing his hand from her thigh and smacking her with great force across her bottom.
Jane began to cry, trying to scream through the tape that sealed her lips, but she never stopped fighting. She tried to pull harder at the ropes securing her hands and for her troubles, she received a hard smack to her already battered cunt.
“When are you going to learn?” Ben asked, as Jane stopped for a moment to cope with the immense pain radiating between her thighs. “I swear you want me to beat you.” He continued, lightly smacking her bottom a few more times.
“Is that, Sis? Do you like the pain? Because you’ve felt nothing it, if you really want to keep this up, I can make you hurt in ways you’ve never thought possible.”
Ben walked towards his dresser as he spoke, Jane tried to turn her head to see what he was doing, but it was too dark. She could only see a silhouette of his large frame fumbling for something.
“Ah, here they are.” Ben mused, slamming his dresser drawer shut, just as a way to create more fear in his captive sister. “I know you know what these are, Sis.”
Ben presented before her eyes a mouse trap. It was obviously brand new, the steel clean and unmarked, lined with sharp ‘teeth’ like jaws. It wouldn’t prove fatal for say, a teenage girl with an attitude problem, but it would be absolutely painful if applied to certain ‘sensitive areas.’
For effect, Ben slowly pulled the trap-jaw back and clicked it in place, again just an inch or so from Jane’s eyes. He could see the fear in them, and he intended to use that fear to instill a more malleable state upon his new slave.
“How do you think these would feel on say, those little pink nipples of yours?” Ben laughed for a moment, then his face looked dead serious, “How about we find out?”
Jane tried to scream again through her gag. Watching her face twist and contort in equal parts fear, agony, and humiliation was a beautiful thing. Ben ripped the tape from her lips, tossing it to the floor below.   
“Ben, please! Don’t fucking do this to me! Please, please, please! I beg of you, just stop!” Jane pleaded, a hundred words per second spitting from her mouth.
“Tell me then, cunt.” He roughly squeezed her jaw between his thumb and finger. “What will you do for me to avoid the pain?”
Jane looked away for a moment, until increased pressure on her jaw from Ben turned her gaze back to his. “I’ll stop fighting it, please, I’ll stop! I’ll be good, I promise!” She pleaded frantically as if doing so for her own life. In a cruel way, one might suppose she was.

Ben loosened his grip on her jaw, and smacked her across the face firmly. “You forgot your manners, whore. I am your Master now.”

Jane immediately realized her mistake, and fearing another retaliatory strike, she corrected herself. “I’m sorry… Master.”

“That’s better my little slut.” Ben replied, “Now, what will you do or me to avoid the pain? Because it makes me very happy to hurt you, Sis.” He slapped her cheek again.

Jane knew she had to play it smart, to appease him, if she wanted to reduce the pain. She wasn’t stupid, she knew either way he’d be hurting her, but she figured it all about degree – how badly he would, or wouldn’t, hurt her.

She gathered every ounce of strength she had and looked her brother straight in the eyes. “I’ll do anything, Master. Anything.”

Ben didn’t say a word, he just smirked at her, released her jaw, and left the room. Jane’s mind was filled with a thousand thoughts. Did she please him? How was she going to get free? Where did Ben go? Was Santana okay? She didn’t have time to come to an answer for any of those questions before she heard footsteps behind her as Ben entered the room again.

Jane breathed deeply and rapidly in fearful anticipation as her brother said not a single word, and instead loomed over her from behind. A quiet moan escaped her lips as she felt something warm and wet hit her skin, beginning to cascade from her back down the cheeks of her bottom.

“What are you doing Be-” She stopped, realizing her mistake. “What are you doing, Master?”

Ben remained silent, instead opting to allow his actions speak for him. He kneaded his hands in to the ripe flesh of her ass, coating her bottom in massaging oil. Every so often, he would slip his fingers in between her cheeks and coat her perfect pink rosebud. He worked the oil in deep, slipping his fingers from between his sister’s cheeks to her delicate mound. He smiled as he heard her cooing and moaning at every touch and insertion. She could act like she didn’t desire this all she wanted, but her body was telling a different story. Just like Santana, he knew she truly wanted this, deep down.

After all, if she didn’t truly desire this, would she whimper and moan at the slightest touch? Would she be pushing her bottom closer to his fingers, as though a bitch in heat? In Ben’s twisted mind, all of the signs were there. Even if he couldn’t separate them from the very fact that it was simply her body reacting to sexual stimuli, and not as he would put it, a sign of her desire for him.

Regardless of where her feeling came from, Ben knew one thing for certain – that he would exploit them in order to reign over his newly acquired slave. He would take from her the only thing he truly desired in life: control.

“It sounds like someone is enjoying themselves. Tell me slave, how does it feel? Having your most private of places touched and probed?” Ben asked amusingly, his finger slipping into her tight anus.

Jane’s face has red with embarrassment. She wanted to deny it, she wanted to scream at her brother and tell him that she hated it. But she didn’t, and she couldn’t. She, whether her mind accepted it or not, was enjoying her assault indeed.

“I… Yes, Master.” Jane whispered, utterly defeated.

“What’s that, slut? You’ll have to speak up, the camera over here needs to hear it too.” Ben teased.

She didn’t think she could feel more humiliated, but Ben proved her wrong. She repeated her words, this time audible enough that the whole room could hear – including the ever-recording camera. Jane tried her best not to think about it, how horrible what it captured was, but every time she let a moan escape from being fingered by her older brother, she could think of nothing else.

“That’s a good girl. You’d do well to keep this up, Sis. The more obedient you are, the less painful it will be for the three of us.”

“The three of us, Sir?” Jane asked.

“What are you stupid, cunt? Did you forget about your little friend over there?” Ben pointed to Santana, still bound and naked, and wholly unconscious.

“Please, leave her out of this, Ben! You had your fun, just let her go and keep me.” Jane pleaded.

“Awe, isn’t that sweet. Sacrificing yourself for your best friend. Sorry, Sis, but it doesn’t work like that. I have you both here, and I intend to keep both of you for a long, long time.”

Jane’s heart sunk upon hearing his last few words. She still clung to some hope that he would change his mind, and let them both go free and forget this nightmare ever happened. But Ben’s words could be taken in no other context then she and Santana being ‘owned’ by him for the foreseeable future. As Ben continued to finger her ass, she thought that her only option was not to fight it, that maybe like Ben said, it would be less painful. She didn’t want to face the belt again, or the chains, or that awful rat trap.

“Yes, Master.” She replied submissively, her voice sounding dead and defeated. She had, slowly but surely, started to give up
fighting it and begin accepting her new role in life as her brother’s slave.

She remained silent, save for the occasional moan or grunt, as her brother continued to finger her ass, having now worked a second finger inside of her tight hole. The only solace in all this was that the oils made it exceptionally less painful than it needed to be. That fact was not lost on Jane, and it only reinforced her trust that obedience equaled pleasure.

Though she felt shame at her compliance to such an act, her body simply acted on instinct, betraying her and thrusting outward to meet Ben’s fingers; to try and bury them deeper inside of her. Jane hated it, not understanding that it was simply her body reacting mechanically, and she started to wonder if her brother was right. Was she enjoying this? Was she the whore her brother said she was? Would submitting to his will bring more of the kind of pleasure she felt from being anally fingered?

Jane closed her eyes and let the pleasure begin to wash over her, feeling pure ecstasy as two fingers were buried deeply in her anus, and as Ben used his other hand to roll and pinch her clit, with the occasional finger slipping inside of her wet lips.
She felt an immense sensation begin to build, slowly creeping over her, like a needle prick to every inch of her tender flesh.
Ben’s fingers were magic to the inexperienced teenager, with every finger stroke bringing her ever closer to explosive pleasure. He was good at this, and even Jane would have no choice but to admit that. He had lots of practice after all, having raped so many of her friends over the past year.

He had raped Maggie twelve times. Gillean only twice, and the Burrow’s sisters, Emily and Hannah, he had enjoyed only once. Then there were two one offs with Grace and Jenny. He had always tired off them so quickly, except for Maggie – she was a source of pleasure for quite some time. Ben couldn’t decide if it was because she reminded him of Jane, or that she became so docile and submissive, or that it simply was that she was the first girl he raped.

It didn’t matter now, he supposed. He could use any of them again if he wanted too, holding such powerful blackmail over the head of teenage girls was a sure thing, after all. As Jane moaned and shook, mere moments away from orgasmic bliss, he thought about making a visit to the Burrow’s household again. Fourteen-year old Emily was a hot piece after all, but her twelve-year old sister, Hannah, was a whole different ballgame. To this day, she was still the tightest girl Ben had ever fucked, maybe next time he would taking her anal cherry.

“Oh, don’t stop… Please…” Jane begged through rapid breathes.

Ben smiled. “What was that whore?”

“Please… don’t stop, Sir.”

Ben remained still inside of her, but halted movement.

“Please don’t stop, Sir!” Jane begged, more audibly this time.

“Sorry, Jane, but I just don’t think you’re sincere enough. Why don’t you try a little harder to convince me?” Ben laughed.
Jane’s body began to act on instinct yet again, trying to illicit pleasure from her brother by shaking her bottom for him, trying
to work his fingers in deeper.

Ben felt her move around his fingers and laughed. “Jesus, you really are a slut, aren’t you? You’re loving this. Well, I have something even better for you.”

Jane felt her brother’s fingers slipping out of her anus, and she whimpered, wanting desperately to finish. She was past the point of no return. She needed this, badly. And of course, her brother was more than willing to oblige her lust. Ben’s hands spread her cheeks wide across, revealing her tiny hole, still ajar, and used one hand to guide his cock into her.

Jane gasped loudly, as suddenly her orgasm overtook her. Her whole body tensed up, contracting and expanding, with every thrust from her brother giving her a wave of pleasure more intense than the one that became before it. She had never felt anything like it in all of her fourteen years on this planet. Any feeling of shame or humiliation she once felt was pushed out of mind, and replaced by an intense crash of pleasure like a thousand waves crashing against the rocks of the beach during a storm.

All of this only served yet again to reinforce to Jane that she was enjoying being mistreated. To Ben it was a simple orgasm, but for his sister, it was a confusing mess that made her only more pliable to submission. Like Santana only minutes before her, she was begging for it, and the worst part was, she wasn’t being forced or even coerced. No, Jane had begged for this of her own free will and that truth planted seeds that Ben could easily nurture and grow over the coming months.

Ben was smiling the entire time. Thrusting harder into his sister with each stroke, bringing loud moans from the young teen’s mouth every time. He couldn’t believe how tight she was, or how quickly had given in. Good girls like Maggie still fought it to this day, even after a dozen rapes, but Jane and Santana gave up in less than a day. They were truly the whores he had always thought them to be.

Feeling himself approaching climax, Ben slammed his cock into her bottom harder and faster than before. He knew he was hurting her, but that was fine with him. The immense pleasure wave she was riding would balance out that pain, giving her a delightful mix that would confuse her further.

Ben gave one final push, his shaft lodging as deeply as possible into his young sister’s tight ass. He held her hips firm, pulling her closer to him as he grunted and began to deposit his load inside of her. Though Jane wanted to feel disgust, she couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling of his warm, gooey seed painting her anal depths.

Jane felt Ben’s weight shift to her back as they both panted for air, both physically exhausted from an act of forbidden incestuous passion. She felt humiliated and confused after all was said and done. She tried to reason that she didn’t want it, but found it difficult to counter the powerful orgasm she had received at her brother’s assault.

With her face pressed firmly into the sheets of the bed, panting for breath with her brother’s thick cock still buried deeply inside of her, she could only struggle with one question that was haunting her mind: was it rape? 

July 12, 2017, 06:09:38 AM
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Okay, you can like stop making the rest of us look bad, jeez! :)

July 12, 2017, 06:40:18 AM
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Just a quick note to the readers: I will be taking a bit of a break from this story to start work on something I've always wanted to do, which is a Fantasy-Erotica featuring many PoV characters. I will be returning to Family Matters, that much I can promise you, but for now, my time will be spent working on putting a couple of chapters out for my new series.

Thanks for reading, the kind words, and your time! :)

July 12, 2017, 12:52:51 PM
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THANK YOU for coming back to this story, Emily! So happy to see more of it posted and like G said, well worth the wait!

I love the development of your characters.

July 12, 2017, 01:39:09 PM
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What just when you make her doubt her feelings you're leaving!, BUT I JUST GOT OVER BLUE BALLS! Oh well  guess i just have to reread all of it (Like that'll be a hard task!) Can't wait until you post your new story!

July 13, 2017, 12:21:12 PM
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What just when you make her doubt her feelings you're leaving!, BUT I JUST GOT OVER BLUE BALLS! Oh well  guess i just have to reread all of it (Like that'll be a hard task!) Can't wait until you post your new story!

Luckily for you then, my blue friend, that I'm going to work on chapters in between my new story. Because I want to do a lot of planning (character dev, world building, etc.) for a High Fantasy setting, I figured I'll still work on this in between planning stages. For example, I'm working on an Eighth Chapter as we speak.

Also, would anyone be down to work as an Editor for me? I tend to be a slowpoke of a writer, so it wouldn't be a difficult job. I'd just email you a secondary draft of a chapter, you read it a few times , scanning and correcting any spelling mistakes you notice with the exception of American English (changing Colour to Color, for example.) and replacing missing words in broken sentences. I've noticed a few things in my old chapters that I've gone and corrected. (eg. John wanted to speak her) becomes (eg. John wanted to speak TO her.)

I can promise you cookies, smiles, and the occasional bit of Karma thrown your way. :) Maybe some boobies, too. :P

*Edit: I'm also debating doing rewrites of the first four or five chapters, too. I honestly feel like they don't compete quality wise with the last few I've posted. That's probably just me being crazy, or getting a bit better and more confident as a writer, but I don't know. What do you guys think?

July 13, 2017, 06:13:37 PM
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Jane’s body felt numb as her brother slipped his penis from her, feeling the vague sensation of fluids cascading down her inner thighs. Her breaths, once rapid and deep, had become slow and shallow. Her head rested lifelessly on the sheets, her blank expression staring off at the distance of the window.
She didn’t even twitch as her brother’s hand rubbed between her legs, his oily fingers slipping between her slit. Something that once seemed pleasurable to her just moments before had turned to indifference. The teenager felt little but emptiness as her brother fingered her, even occasionally dipping into her gaping anus, still freshly dripping with oil and semen.
The traumatized girl continued to stare out of the window, thinking of escape, her mind somehow trying to cope with what had just happened to her. She blinked as she saw tiny white flashes in the window. Ben was behind her snapping away on his phone, capturing the damage done to his broken sister. As Jane blinked, tears slipped from between the folds of her eyes and rolled down her cheek and unto the bed. Never in her worst nightmares could she have imagined what her own brother was truly capable of.
Jane remained deftly still, even as the camera flashes ceased, and even as her brother slipped inside of her yet again, this time in her cunt. He spared his sister no pain, hammering away like a jackhammer against concrete. For the first time, Jane wondered if she might be pregnant. Ben wasn’t using a condom, and she wasn’t on birth control. She hadn’t even been so much as felt up before, let alone been sexually active with boys.
She wondered too if her friends had felt the same way, or if Santana had felt it before passing out. The emptiness, the pain, the confusion, and the mixed feelings. They were the worst of it for her. Knowing that she should hate what happened to her, yet not being able to ignore that what Ben did gave her pleasure the likes of which she had never experienced before. Why did she enjoy it? Why was she enjoying it?
Jane felt nothing as her brother fucked her at that moment. Not pain, nor anger, nor anything else with the exception of a tingling she could not explain. She felt the same thing just minutes ago before her own body betrayed her and exploded in a wave of intensity. Was Ben right about her? Maybe she was just a slut, one who felt pleasure at being abused by her kin.
Her mind ran awry of such thoughts, continually, in a cycle caught between denial and acceptance. She felt denial as her brother continued to penetrate her, but then it switched to acceptance as that tingling became something slightly bigger every few moments. As she felt another wave building inside of her, those thoughts of denial slipped away as quickly as she did. Jane closed her eyes and tried no longer to fight it. She let that wave rise and build, until it came crashing down upon her, remaining still even as her brother shot yet another load inside of her.
She sobbed quietly into the sheets as her brother withdrew from between her legs for the second time in minutes, feeling more semen roll down her legs. As her orgasm subsided, so too did her feelings of acceptance. She struggled with nothing but the pain between her legs, having been forcefully taken in both holes by her well-endowed older brother.
“Tell me, Jane. How was it for you?” Ben asked, his fingers probing between her legs yet again, slipping inside of her freshly fucked hole and feeling his own seed boiling within.
Jane remained silent, the only sound escaping her lips were sobs.   

“No answer, huh? That’s okay, I can tell you enjoyed yourself. Right about now you must be wondering why that is, huh? Do you want to know, Sis?” He asked, rubbing her slit with his middle finger gently.
Again, she did not speak, but instead he saw her head bobbing up and down – she was nodding.
Ben smirked and slipped another finger into her. “Good girl,” he replied, “I knew you would. Well, honey, it’s because you’re a slut. Think about it, would any normal girl enjoy being raped by her big brother?”
Jane shook her head gently.
“No, they wouldn’t. You’re absolutely right, Sis. But you did, didn’t you?” Ben led her closer to the answer he needed.
Jane nodded.
“And what do you think that makes you?”
“A…” Jane trailed off, still fighting it; still feeling that sense of denial she clung to so desperately.
Ben slapped her ass with his free hand, and fingered her deeply with the other. “Say it, Sis. Everything will be easier once you admit it to yourself.”
Jane sniffled, and finally replied. “I’m a… a slut, Sir.”
Ben smiled as she broke down crying, continuing to stimulate her with his fingers. He may have been young, but Ben was a master manipulator. After all, you don’t rape that many girls, most of whom are friends with each other, and not have one slip of the tongue from any of them. He was a pure sociopath, not caring of the feelings of others for he simply had no capacity to. It wasn’t love nor hate that drove him to do what he did, but simply that he desired control over something – and these young girls became that something, thanks entirely to his baby sister.
His baby sister who, having only been raped three times now, had already broken down and given him his in. She had admitted it openly, that she felt pleasure in such a terrible act. That all of this abuse stimulated her, and that even now as he fingered her, she felt nothing but bliss. She admitted that she was a slut; a whore; a filthy piece of flesh suitable only for copulation. The seeds were sown, and now if cared for rightly, they would produce a bountiful harvest.
Ben continued to finger his sister for some time, the entire time working Jane into a frenzy. He continuously edged her, bringing her close to a crash before stopping and resuming just as she came down. It was a fantastic technique that never failed to produce begging. He had first tried this on Maggie, making her edge for nearly an hour before she gave in – begging like a bitch in heat for Ben to give her an orgasm, a request to which he happily obliged.
Unlike Maggie, however, he did not plan to give her what she would soon be begging for. It was a lesson for Jane, the first of many to come, and the lesson was that he was in charge. Of her orgasms, of her words, and of everything. She was his plaything, and he wanted her to learn that quickly. As he used her, he spoke to her in degrading ways, making her associate the abuse with her own pleasure.
“You love this. You love this. You love this.” He repeated, making sure the words sunk in.
“You love this because you’re a whore. Because you’re my whore.”
Ben slipped a third finger between her lips, with his other hand rubbing her cum-soaked thigh, massaging his seed into her skin.
“I know you feel it, Sis. That build, that sensation between your nasty legs. Stop fighting it. Stop fighting it. Stop fighting it.” He again repeated himself.
“You’re such a good girl. Such an obedient girl, and you’re making your new Master very happy. Does that make you happy, baby? To know you give me pleasure?” Ben taunted her.
She simply nodded, audible sobs escaping her lips as she did.
“Good girl.” Was all he said, painfully working a fourth finger inside of his darling sister, relishing in her restraint.
He knew how much she was hurting, and he knew there was still some resistance in her, but that would soon subside. Tonight, he would break her. Experience told him that Santana was far more malleable, and because of that, he decided to leave her for now. The blackmail and sheer embarrassment would be enough to stop her from talking for the time being. If she woke, he would deal with her accordingly for tonight, his attention would not be divided. His focus was on Jane, and that’s were he intended to keep it.
“How does that feel? Four fingers inside of you? Maybe I should make it a fifth, or maybe my whole fist.” Ben teased. “I bet you would love that, wouldn’t you?”

Jane felt yet another climax approaching as her brother not only molested her, but verbally degraded her. Why was she getting off on this? She wanted to so badly an answer to that question, and to why no matter how deeply she denied it, she did want it. So much so that she found herself nodding to her brother’s sick hypotheticals.
Unfortunately for her, it was no hypothetical as she felt herself being stretched painfully as Ben’s thumb pushed past her lips. Jane should have been in pure agony at such an assault and yet, she felt shame as tiny moans escaped her.
Jane closed her eyes, attempting to hide the pleasure emanating between the folds of her pinkish lips. She gasped as she felt another incredible orgasm approaching, and just as she neared completion, Ben withdrew his hand and backed away from her. He watched amusingly as she pushed her bottom outwards, attempting to lure him into pleasuring her.
Ben did not, of course. Instead, he stood cruelly above her shaking body, watching it writhe pathetically. She looked so cute, though. Even Ben had to admit that, his darling sister attempting sadly to make him abuse her further.
“What’s a matter, Sis? Can I help you with something?” Ben mused.
“Please, please, put them back in.” She begged.
“Put what back?” He teased.
“Your… fingers, Sir.”
Ben laughed, even through all of this she remembered her manners. This was going to be easier than he though.
“Please, Sir.” She begged again.
“No.” Ben replied firmly.
“Please!” She screamed, trying to grind her crotch into the blankets to keep herself riding the wave.
“No, slut. Final answer.” Ben stated coldly.
Jane then did something he did not expect. She began to sink her head into the sheets and sob in to them, still brushing her mound roughly against the sheets. Ben had never seen such desperation before, at least, not so quickly.
He knew that it was a mistake, but Ben couldn’t help it at that point. He knew he was going to give her what she so craved. The sadistic teen could not have imagined that his sister would do this to him. She was his property, his slave and yet, he found himself giving into her demand to be fucked.
Ben’s body moved seemingly of its own accord as he walked to the side of the bed, ignoring his sister, and scooped Santana into his arms. She was still completely naked, and bound. Ben grabbed the duct tape from the end table and left the room with the little vixen.
Santana remained unconscious as he brought her to Jane’s bedroom, and tossed her on the bed. He made sure to tighten the ropes around her wrists and ankles, not wanting her to escape, he flipped the girl on her back, and adjusted the ropes to tie her painfully tight. No doubt she would wake soon, and spend the night in a great deal of pain, but that was of no concern to him. As long as she couldn’t move, he was content.
Ben have her ass a soft squeeze before leaving the room and returning to his sister. He shook his head, seeing her still thrusting against the bed.
“Stop that, cunt!” He commanded, slapping her hard on the ass.
Jane immediately ceased her actions.
“Good, girl.” Ben praised, “So, you want to be allowed to cum, huh?” Ben asked rhetorically.
“Yes, Sir!” She replied, nodding her head erratically.
“Well,” he said, his fingers brushing her hair, “Maybe we can come to some arrangement.”
“Please!” Jane begged in desperation, “I’ll do anything!”
“Be careful with that word, Jane. Anything. There are so many things that you and I are going to do together sweet sister.” Ben rubbed her cheek with his other hand. “There are going to be so many rules, so many tasks, and so many pleasures for you to discover as my slave.”
Jane swallowed and nodded in agreement.
“Good girl.” Ben praised. “It’s good to see that you understand because if you don’t, I’ll make you understand.”
Jane looked up at her brother’s face fearfully, his face was cold and unforgiving.
“And if you fight it or think about tattling about what we’ve done together,” Ben wrapped his fingers around her throat and squeezed. Not hard enough to kill her, but enough to make her understand the penalty for disobedience. “Then I’ll kill you, understand?”
Jane sputtered and shook, gasping for breath as she nodded endlessly until her brother released his grip on her. She coughed and coughed, crying as she realized the true depths of her brother’s depravity. She did not know for certain whether his threat was empty or true, but she was not willing to find out. Jane simply resigned herself to obeying him, knowing that whatever lie ahead could not be worst that death.
“I’ll take your silence as agreement.” Ben said, stroking her cheek with his fingers. “I don’t want to hurt you, Jane. How much pain you receive, well, that’s entirely up to you fortunately. Be a good girl and obey, and you’ll be rewarded with pleasure but if you’re a bad girl, well, let’s that let it come to that.” Ben grinned, and Jane could see in his eyes that his threats weren’t merely hot air.
“I… I understand, Sir. I’ll be good, I promise.” Jane replied.
“Good. I’ll hold you to that promise my little slut.”
“Yes, Sir.” She replied meekly.
“Now,” Ben said, kneeling down beside his sister, “How about we get these bonds off of you and you can show me how grateful you are by joining me in bed?”
“Yes, Sir.”

Ben started to untie the ropes from his sister’s wrists, and as her hands came free, she rubbed them on the skin of her wrists. They were red and sore, burned by her prolonged struggles against them. They served as further proof of her brother’s claims – that fighting begets pain.

He then picked up the key to her cuffs, which he had left on the floor earlier, and removed the steel shackles from her ankles. Jane was no longer bound, but she no freer than before. Her brother still held all of the cards, and she knew better then to play a hand. Instead, she stood up meekly, with her arms hanging loosely beside her, not making any attempt to cover herself – she no longer saw the point.

“Leaving yourself bare, not running or screaming, not trying to attack me. Well, Jane, I must admit you’re not as stupid as I thought.” Ben complimented, although to her, it was more of an insult.

“No, Sir.” Jane replied. “I want to please you.”

She struggled with saying that aloud, and to Ben, it was the most adorable thing in the world. His naked, little fourteen-year old sister telling him so submissively that she desired to please him. It was almost too good to be true. Almost.

“Good, and you will, Sis. Now, on your knees.” Ben commanded.

“Yes, Sir.” She replied, quickly falling to her knees.

“Spread your legs wider.” Ben commanded again, kicking her legs open at the knees and watching as her pussy lips parted ever so slightly.

“Now, put your hands on your knees.”

Jane obliged, placing her hands upon her knees.

“Good girl. Now, remain still.”

“Yes, Sir.” Jane replied.

Jane’s eyes followed her brothers every movement in the darkness of the room, watching him fumbling in the same drawer as earlier. He returned after a few moments of searching, with a large collar in hand. It had looked like one of Max’s collars, it was thick, made of black leather, and very heavy.

“This is your collar now, Jane. You’re going to wear it at all times. At home, at school, when you sleep and shower, and even when we fuck. How you explain it to Mom and Dad, and your friends, is up to you, but you will wear it, got it?”

“But, Sir. That’s a dog collar! You can’t seriously expect me to wear that!” Jane protested.

Ben slapped her across the face hard. Her cheek stung greatly, but she didn’t once remove her hand from her knees to rub it.

“What’s the problem? It’s a dog collar and you’re my bitch. Sounds like a perfect fit to me.”

Jane remained silent, looking up at her brother with pleading eyes. Her brother stared deeply into them, making her believe that he was truly considering her pleas, before wrapping the collar around her neck and buckling it tightly. Around the buckle was a steel loop, made for a tag, but Ben had another idea instead. He fastened a heart-shaped padlock through the loop and closed it shut, effectively making the collar impossible to remove without the key, which he tossed on the dresser behind him.

“There, I think it looks wonderful on you.” Ben said, pulling her from the floor by her wrist. “Now, why don’t you come to bed with me, Sis?” He asked, but she knew it wasn’t a question. It was an order. And she followed him.

Ben led her by the hand to his bed, and tossed her gently upon it. He climbed in beside her and pulled his sister’s naked body on top of his. He let his hands wander the corners of her body, so delicate and smooth, belonging now to him and him alone. He wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close, and slipped his other hand between them.

Jane felt his hand brushing against her bare pussy as Ben lined his cock against it, and gently pushed, slipping with little resistance. She felt shame wash over as he fucked her slow and tender, almost as a lover, and certainly nothing like the monster she thought he was. She struggled with her emotions as he kissed her lovingly, nibbling on her bottom lip, with his hands caressing her body as they fucked.

It was strange, being treated with care and love after all that transpired over the past two days, and Jane was feeling as confused as ever by it. Did he care about her or not? Did he love her? Her mind struggled with a clear answer for several minutes before she felt another powerful orgasm building, as it approached the front, she let go of her doubts and let it envelop her. The last thing she recalled before drifting peacefully to sleep was her brother’s final words, repeating over and over on loop in the darkness.

“Obey. Obey. Obey.”

July 13, 2017, 06:59:34 PM
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Volcanically hot Emily, great to see him break her but would love to see Jane rebel a bit!

July 13, 2017, 07:05:08 PM
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Volcanically hot Emily, great to see him break her but would love to see Jane rebel a bit!

There's still a whole loooot of story left, gscmar! Plus, we have Santana entangled in this mess who's going to be the fighter (basically flipping Ben's perceptions that his sister would be hard and that Santana would be easy.) Plus, we'll be delving into the past a bit to revisit his other victims such as the two sisters mentioned in Chapter Seven. The next chapter is going to be very story heavy, and light on action, but I'm going to try my best to keep it hot with Ben and Jane discussing the weekend with their parents over dinner, Ben laying down some rules for Jane and Santana to follow, and maybe a bit of shower fun in the morning. Hopefully even without the sex, you'll love it! :)

July 13, 2017, 07:09:11 PM
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How are you such a good writer?! Like, I'm super jealous. Oh well, at least I'm prettier than you. :P

July 13, 2017, 07:09:49 PM
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Can't why I wouldn't Emily. A good story doesn't always need sex scenes to keep someone's  attention. Character development, plot development is just as important for a reader! Looking eagerly forwards to read more!

July 13, 2017, 07:13:25 PM
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Can't why I wouldn't Emily. A good story doesn't always need sex scenes to keep someone's  attention. Character development, plot development is just as important for a reader! Looking eagerly forwards to read more!

This one's got the right idea, Em! :)

July 14, 2017, 04:27:45 PM
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When Jane finally woke up, it was no longer night. She looked out the window, seeing a beautiful twilit sky; dark and yet, illuminated by the first traces of the sun dancing on the horizon. She had no way of being sure of the time, but it was early in the morning, that much she knew.
The poor teen was dreading the day ahead, knowing that her parents would not be home until at least noon. Even assuming the best, she knew that they were several hours away and that Ben would be making the most of the remaining time they had alone.
Jane wasn’t sure how much more she could take. She prayed that her parents would be home early, or that her sister would suddenly appear. She wished for someone that could act as a barrier between her and the monster beside her. A monster who slumbered in the same bed as she did, who was naked alongside her, and who had defiled her in so many ways over the past night.
Even though Ben’s body wasn’t in contact with hers, she could feel him on her skin. Even now, she could feel his fingers running through her hair, brushing her thighs, and even inside of her. She felt sick, and wondered if that feeling would ever truly leave her. Ben was a ghost that would haunt her eternally, even when she was alone in the safety of her own bed, she would feel his presence.
Tears begin to well in her eyes, as she tried to fight off the thoughts creeping in the back of her head. The very same thoughts she had last night, remembering how she didn’t fight him and merely accepted it willingly. She wanted to scream and fight, to cry or do something, but she instead remained silent. She reasoned it was all necessary to survive, but even still she wasn’t so sure. She tried her best to keep herself from crying, in an effort not to wake her brother even a moment earlier than he would wake himself.
Unfortunately, her silence was all for naught as she felt fingers begin to part her lips and slip inside of her. She closed her eyes and remained silent and still, pretending to be asleep, hoping he would leave her alone.
“You’re wet already. Shit, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were waiting for me to wake up, huh?” Ben whispered, kissing her neck as he continued to finger her.
Jane kept quiet, and Ben thrust a second finger into her abused hole.
“You know, Mom and Dad called me last night.” Ben whispered between kisses, “Said they are going to be a little late getting home. Seems like we’ll have the whole morning to ourselves, once we get rid of your friend in the other room, that is.”
Ben pulled her closer with his free hand and began grinding his crotch against her bottom. She felt that sickness again as she could feel his cock growing hard against her. She thought that he was about to rape her anally yet again.
“Don’t worry slut, we’re going to have a nice, relaxing day today. Nothing too hard or painful, I know you went through a lot last night so we’ll take it easy for today.” Ben said, placing a loving kiss on the collar still secured tightly around her neck.
Jane wondered why he was being so nice to her of all sudden. He had raped her last night, beaten her, made her experience the worst pain and greatest pleasure she’s ever felt before and yet, she saw an entirely different side to her brother now. She saw a more caring and loving person. She wondered if he regretted what he had done? Or was he simply trying to make up for it by showing concern and care?
“Talk to me, Jane.” Her brother suddenly said, rubbing her clit as he fingered her. “Tell me what you’re thinking. If this is going to work, we need to communicate.”
“I, uh, I…” Jane struggled to find the right words.
“Come on, Sis. It’s okay, you can tell me. I’m your big brother, I’ll love you no matter what.”
Jane swallowed. “Why are you acting like this?” She asked.
“Acting like what, slave?” He replied.
“Like you love me.”
“Because I do love you.” Ben replied matter-of-factly.
“Then why did you rape me? Why did you beat me, torture me, and film it?” She asked, fighting tears back.
“Because you belong to me. I love you, Sis, I really do, but in order to make you best girl you can me, I have to be rough with you, to break you in.” Ben explained.
Jane then felt his fingers being extracted from her body. As Ben then climbed out of bed, she turned to face him. “Let’s go, Sis.” He ordered, “We’re going to take a nice shower together.”
She remained silent, knowing better to disobey, but remaining cautious to this new side of her brother. She slowly crawled from his bed and stood up, stretching her arms widely as she yawned. Ben suddenly pushed her to the ground, falling hard to the wooden floor below.
“Ow!” She winced, “What was that for?’
“It was for being a bad girl. First off, you’ve been forgetting that I am your Master,” He explained as she remained on the floor, “And as such, I have many rules for you to follow. One of which is that when we are home alone, you will remain naked on all fours. This means crawling, not walking. Understand, Sis?”
She simply nodded and brought herself to her hands and knees, following behind her brother like a mutt as he walked to the bathroom. As he stopped, so did she, and he turned around to face her.
“Sit.” He commanded simply.
And sit she did, resting her bottom on the cold of the tiled floor. He smiled, kissed her forehead and left the room. Before he and his sister could enjoy their alone time, there was still one problem to be dealt with – Santana.
What a sight to behold she was as Ben entered into his sister’s room. Santana remained hog tied on the bed, she was struggling and moving, trying desperately to escape from her bonds. It was futile, of course, and he wondered how long she had been awake trying.
“Good morning my slave.” Ben greeted cruelly, as he walked towards her and sat on the bed beside her. He let his hand wander the small of her back, rubbing her battered bottom for good measure before slipping his hand between her legs and caressing her cunt. Her lips were smooth, with the tiniest patch of fuzz above them. It felt like a peach to the touch.
“Here’s the deal.” Ben began to explain, “I know you’re probably thinking of reporting me to the police or telling your parents about what I did. Well, you can do that if you wish. However, you should know that if you do, I have certain ‘safeguards’ in place.”   
Santana looked up at him, her eyes were full of anger and hate, and he knew she would fight and scream had she not been bound and gagged so tightly. Unlike his docile sister, she was a real fighter. And never one to shy away from a challenge, Ben eagerly looked forward to breaking her down piece by piece.
“So, if something were to happen to me like, say, I’m arrested. Well, then my friends on the internet are going to share all of those pictures of you we took last night.” He slipped a finger in the crevasse of her smooth twat. “And those videos, too. I’m sure you remember those. How would you feel if your friends, family, hell, the whole world saw those?”
Ben watched happily as that fire in her eyes did not diminish, but he now saw consideration upon her face. He knew that she was struggling with it, just like so many girls before her. Many of whom were her friends.
“Now you think about that. In the meantime, I’m going to untie you. You’re going to get dressed, and you’re going to go home.” Ben commanded, “And if you think of fighting me, I’ll kill you, understand?”
Santana nodded. She did not like submitting to him like this, but the promise of escape was too great to ignore. She knew if she could get out, she could tell someone about what happened. But then all the pictures from the night before came to mind. What if he was serious? Would he actually show the world her exposed in such a way? She couldn’t bare it, but she knew she had to escape first, so she nodded in agreement and allowed Ben to untie her.
“Now go downstairs, get dressed, and get the fuck out. And remember, if you tell anyone, the whole world will know.” Ben threatened, watching the teen run as fast as she could from the room and down the stairs.
Santana hurriedly dressed, but with her bra and panties no where to be found, she slipped her shorts on and her tank, and rushed out the front door, slamming it audibly shut and leaving Ben and her best friend alone together at last.
As Santana had dressed, Ben returned to the bathroom, finding his sister still obediently sitting in place for him. He patted her head as he walked past her, turning the faucet in the shower. Jane listened as water crashed from the tub, splashing drops of hot water on her back.
“Stand up, Sis.” Ben commanded, and she obeyed. “Now, get in the shower.”
Jane stepped into the shower, wincing at the sheer heat of the water that cascaded down her body. It was especially painful on her cunt, still raw and sore from both the beating and rape she had experienced earlier. Ben then climbed in behind her, and pulled the curtains closed.
Ben wasted no time, grabbing a shower gel bottle from the rack and squeezing a copious amount into his hands before dropping the bottle on the floor. He began to massage his sister’s smooth body, lathering her in soapy suds that made her only that much more delicate to the touch.
Eventually, his soapy hands found their way between her legs, lathering her mound in such a way that she found almost pleasurable. The smell of coconut filled the air, and Ben couldn’t wait to get her out of the shower so he could taste it on creamy, smooth skin. He started to kiss her, and to his surprise, she kissed him back willingly. There was no fight, no resistance, it was wonderful – just pure submission.
Suddenly, he broke their kiss and pushed Jane to the floor of the shower, on her knees. He rested his cock on her forehead, it was thick and growing harder by the second. And while Ben wanted nothing more than for his sister to take it in her mouth, he had another idea that was much more humiliating.
He noticed his balls, hanging lowly upon her face, and down to her lips. She was looking up at him the entire time, and while she was submitting, he could see the resistance that remained in her. Ben would enjoy taking that from her, too.
“Lick my balls, Sis.” He commanded.
She seemed hesitant, looking up at him pleadingly.
“I said lick, cunt.”
“Yes, Sir.” She whispered.
Jane stuck her tongue outwards and began to slowly lick his sack. It was large, like two eggs contained in a bag of flesh that was wrinkled and hairy. Ben smiled down at his sister, relishing what was an incredibly hot sight.
His fourteen-year old sister, with a collar around her neck and completely naked, on her knees with his cock on her forehead, eagerly lapping away at his balls like a hungry kitten. Ben regretted immediately that he did not bring his camera or phone with him to capture such an image, but made a mental note to do this again in the future.
“Good girl,” He moaned in pleasure, “Now, why don’t you start sucking my cock, Sis.”
   She stopped licking and nodded, Ben’s cock falling from her head to her mouth as she did. Jane opened wide and nervously took her brother’s shaft in her mouth. The taste was horrible, covered in the juices of the two girls, his cum, Jane’s ass, and that taste was left to marinate over night. She almost vomited, but like the good girl she was becoming, she fought it and sucked her brother the best she could.
“Oh, fuck.” Ben moaned through gritted teeth. “You have no idea how good you are, Jane. You’re a fucking natural! I knew you were born for this!” Ben sang her praises as he felt himself just moments away from an orgasm.
“I’m gonna cum, Sis. Keep sucking, and you better swallow every drop!” He yelled as his sister sucked harder.
She bobbed her head slowly, working her tongue around his head and shaft as if she were a little pro. Ben grabbed the back of her head, forcing his cock down her throat, and grunted loudly as he unloaded his cock, shot by shot, in his sister’s stomach.
Jane tried her best to swallow it all, but it was too much. She ended up coughing, spitting some of her brother’s gooey seed on to her lips and chin. She immediately realized her error, and began to apologize to her big brother in fear of being hurt.
“I’m so sorry, Ben! I tried, Sir, I really tried! Please don’t hurt me!” She pleaded, licking the cum from her lips in an attempt to please him.
She expected her brother to berate or, to raise his hand and strike her at least, but he instead stroked her cheek and praised her. Jane couldn’t believe it, especially after an evening of harsh punishment doled out for the most minor of infractions. But now he stood before her, and brushed his fingers against her cheek lovingly. It was like he was a totally different person.
“You did good, Sis.” Ben sang her praises, turning his back to her and turning the faucet off. The water slowed to a gentle crawl before stopping altogether as Jane remained on her knees, the cascading fall of water wiping her skin free of soap and leaving it fresh, smooth, and aromatic.
“Okay,” Ben said, grabbing her by the collar and pulling his sister to her feet. “Let’s go downstairs, shall we?” Ben beckoned.
Jane stepped out of the shower and remembering the rules, dropped to her hands and knees. She heard her brother chuckle behind her, and felt his hand gently smack her on the bottom. Without so much as a word spoken, she knew what he wanted. Jane proceeded to crawl from the bathroom to the hall, and to the top of the stairwell before stopping.
“You may stand, Sis.” Ben said. “We wouldn’t want you hurting yourself, now would we?” He said unironically.
Jane couldn’t believe he had said that, especially given how much he’s hurt her already. But she kept quiet, stood up, and slowly descended to the living room. As she came to the bottom, and saw the living room, she had a flashback from two nights ago, when this nightmare first began. It all happened in this very room, on the same couch that Ben had been leading her to once again.
Ben carefully stepped around her and laid on the couch. Jane watched his every movement carefully, nervously taking a seat in front of her brother when he patted the surface of the couch.
“Lay down, Jane. I want to show you something I prepared last night after you went to bed.” Ben smiled.
“Yes, Sir.” She nodded, laying down in front of her brother. Went to sleep she thought, that was a funny way of putting it. She then felt his arm wrap around her waist, holding her tightly to him and feeling her chest heave gently as she waited for whatever was to come next.
“That’s a good girl,” Ben moaned in her, nibbling the lobes gently, “You’re going to love this.” He stated confidently.
Ben reached over to the coffee table and grabbed the remote, pressing play before tossing it aside. He couldn’t wait for his sister to see what he made, no, what they had made. This was as much hers as it was his. He smiled as the title screen appeared. It was a black screen, with large, white letters saying ‘Family Matters.’
Jane became uneasy as she watched and after the title screen appeared, she knew what he was about to show her. Her suspicions were confirmed as the title card faded to black, and she saw her full name listed in a ‘Starring’ role. She tried to scramble from the couch, away from her brother, but he held her firm.
Ben whispered in her ear, “Now, now, Sis. We’re going to sit and watch a movie together. Just like we did that first night. You’ll like this one, I promise.”
“Ben, please… I don’t-”
He clasped his hand over her mouth. “Quiet. I worked hard on this, and if you don’t finish it, then you can spend the day in the basement for a little attitude adjustment. It’s your choice, so pick.”
“I’ll watch, Sir.” Was all she said.
“Good, girl.”
The movie continued on without interruption as Ben fingered his sister the entire time, bringing her to orgasm twice in between a few edges. As the scene changed to Jane’s anal deflowering, Ben slipped his cock into Jane’s glistening mound, thrusting deeply, but slowly. He didn’t want to hurt her, at least not today anyway. No, today was designed to screw with his poor sister’s head – to make her think for a moment that Ben could be caring. Showing her both sides was of paramount importance, and would only assist in breaking her sooner.
Ben degraded her the entire time he fucked her. He knew she got off on it, and he would do his best to bring her at least one more orgasm before the film ended.
“Tell me how much you love this, Sis.” Ben commanded.
“I love this, Sir.” She cried.
“You love what, slave?”
“I love it when you… when you fuck me, Sir.” Jane struggled to hold back the sadness in her voice.
“I know you do, and do you know why you love it so?” Ben asked.
“No, Sir.”
“It’s because you’re a slut. Sluts love fucking, you love fucking. That makes you a slut, right?”
“Yes, Sir.” Jane nodded, unsure if she really agreed with him.
“Then say it.” Ben ordered.
“I’m a slut.”
“I’m a slut!” She yelled.
“I said louder!” Ben barked, slapping her on the ass as he pounded away between her legs like she was a cut of meat.
“I’m a slut!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.
“Yes, you are!” Ben agreed, giving one final push, burying himself deeply inside of her womb and depositing a hefty load within. He wondered if she was pregnant, and if the same thought had crossed Jane’s mind yet – he was sure it had. After all that had happened, how it could not of?
The sad truth of it was that it hadn’t yet, not even now as he came inside of her. Jane was too busy trying to figure a way out of this mess and struggling with her mixed feelings about her brother and the things he did to her. Right now, she wondered how the next few hours would pan out, counting every second until her parents arrived home.

She knew it wasn’t a solution, that it was only a temporary fix to a permanent problem, but for her, that respite was enough. She looked at the grandfather clock on the far side of the room, it was a quarter past seven in the morning. It would be at least seven or eight more hours before her parents arrived home, she thought. Jane closed her eyes to try and detach from the world. She then felt her brother’s penis slip from her parted lips, beginning to instead probe the crack of her bottom. She felt it slip inside with little resistance and started to count under her breath.

“One. Two. Three…”

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Nice show tenderness after terror, getting her really confused. Would love to view the interior picture in your mind as you're writing this!

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Well over 5000 hits on this story! Wow, y'all are amazing! Just letting you know that this story is on hold, but I may end up returning to it eventually.