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This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real events or people, with the exception of the character Jane, whose real-life counterpart gave permission to appear and who inspired this tale, is purely coincidental. That said, I also do not condone the violent, reprehensible, and illegal acts found herein.

This story is not yet completed, as it is a work-in-progress, new chapters will be posted as I complete them. I don't have an idea as to how long this series will be, but I do have an ending in mind that I'm building towards. Thank you for reading, and I truly hope you enjoy my story as much as I did writing it. I would also love to hear you, the readers, feedback and criticism. It only helps me improve the story and as a writer in general.


Family Matters is a full-length novel that tells the story of Ben, a troubled teenager who struggles with incestuous fantasies about his fourteen-year old sister, Jane. As a way to cope with it, he begins to rape her friends, one by one, coming to the realization that they are not enough for him. Seeing an opportunity at enslavement while his parents are out of town for a couple of days, Ben sets in motion a chain of events that will change he and his sister's lives forever.

Teen Male, Teen Female(s), Incest, Non-Consent, Bondage.


[Pg. 1, Pst. 02] Chapter 01: DEFLOWERED
[Pg. 1, Pst. 03] Chapter 02: THE MORNING AFTER
[Pg. 1, Pst. 04] Chapter 03: OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS
[Pg. 1, Pst. 10] Chapter 04: SEVEN MONTHS
[Pg. 1, Pst. 11] Chapter 05: BEST FRIENDS, ENSLAVED
[Pg. 2, Pst. 22] Chapter 06: THE CAMERA EYE
[Pg. 2, Pst. 25] Chapter 07: WAS IT RAPE?
[Pg. 2, Pst. 31] Chapter 08: BROKEN
[Pg. 2, Pst. 37] Chapter 09: HOMECOMING, PT. I


Chapter 10: HOMECOMING, PT. II

The parents return home from their trip. Jane has some explaining to do over dinner, discussing the weekend and her collar. Ben begins to officially lay out the rules. Jane gets an unexpected visit from her brother at night.

Chapter 11: REUNION

Jane gets a break from Ben courtesy of a volleyball tournament. Ben kills the time by going to a party. Ben meets a familiar face and decides to relive the past. Ben gets caught in the act, with unexpected results.

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Jane awoke on a quiet, cool autumn day. The early morning light danced in a fiery way across the hardwood floor. The fourteen-year old rubbed her big brown eyes of morning grog and stretched her arms up high, yawning widely. As the drowsy teenager lay up against the wall behind her, she was shocked to discover that she was topless. She quickly clung to her white sheets and pulled them up to cover herself.

The bewildered teenager peaked under the covers curiously and was further shocked to discover that she was missing her panties too. She was completely naked! Her eyes darted quickly back and forth across her bedroom in an attempt to assess the situation.   

Seeing nothing quite out of place or otherwise strange, she decided to investigate further. Jane slipped out of bed and walked over to her dresser. She opened the top drawer and pulled out a pair of white and black striped panties.

Dropping them to the floor, she slipped her legs through and pulled them up and around her narrow hips. Jane then opened the center drawer and grabbed a white tank top. She quickly slipped it on and decided she was adequately dressed and ready to investigate.

The first thing the snooping teenage girl searched was the laundry hamper at the foot of her bed. She picked through her dirty laundry like a crow through trash, searching for her undergarments from the previous evening, but they were nowhere to be found.

Next she looked around her bed, peaking under it as well, but found nothing some dust bunnies and an old sock. Jane reached under the bed, grabbed the sock, and tossed it in the hamper.

Jane was dissatisfied with the results of her finding and decided to keep searching. Next she looked at her nightstand. It was filled with magazines, phone cables, and headphones. She rummaged through all the junk and found nothing. She did however, find something shocking in the trash bin at her feet.

With shaky knees, she bent over and reached into the trash can. Confirming her initial suspicion, it was a torn condom wrapper with no trace of the actual condom to be found.

"Where in the hell did this come from?" She whispered in a low, shaky voice.

Jane tossed the wrapper aside. She quickly dumped the garbage all over her floor and fell to her knees. Her hands clawed through it furiously in search of the condom. The frightened teen was panicking as she tossed bits of trash everywhere.

After tossing an old chip bag across the room, she noticed something hanging out of it. On her hands and knees, she crawled quickly across the cold, wooden floor and looked closely at the bag. Inside of it, tucked away deeply, was the condom.

Her hands shaking, she reached out and grabbed the bag. Giving it a few good shakes knocked its contents loose and the condom fell to the floor. She saw it was filled with a white fluid and the previous night’s events came suddenly flooding back to her in an instant. She began to sob quietly as she remembered it all. Every little horrifying detail.

It was about ten o' clock last night when it all began. Her parents were gone on a trip out of town, and her older brother, eighteen-year old Ben, was 'babysitting' her for a couple of nights. She had been laying in her bed, trying her best to fall asleep, when her brother pushed her door ajar.

"Hey, Sis? You awake?" He asked quietly. Hearing nothing back, he asked again, "Jane? You up?"

She turned over slowly. "What is it, Ben?"

"I'm watching a movie and I just ordered some pizza? Do you want to join me? I know it's late, but I figured we might as well enjoy having the house to ourselves.”

She thought about it for a second. Jane reasoned that it was better than laying alone in the dark. She nodded and replied, "Okay. I’ll be down in a bit. Just give me a minute to get up, okay?”

"Alright, just come on down when you're ready. Don't take too long or the pizza will be cold! Or gone." Ben chuckled.

The room went dark as her brother shut the door behind him. Jane heard the sound of footsteps as he returned back to the living room.

The restless girl turned to her left, then to her right, and finally on her back again. She starred up at the ceiling, her chocolatey-brown eyes looking up at the twisted shadows of trees creeping in through her bedroom window.

She took a deep breath. With all of her strength, she managed to pull her tired body out of bed and sat at the edge of it. She rubbed the grog from her eyes and peered at the alarm clock. It was late, she thought, but it's not as if her parents were home. They wouldn't be back until late tomorrow evening, so she could even cut class if she wanted too.

Jane, clad in only a white camisole and panties, stood up and walked towards her dresser. She opened the middle drawer and took from it a pair of grey sweats. She quickly slipped them on and opened her bedroom door.

The groggy young teen crept slowly down the stairs where she found her brother sitting on the couch. She yawned widely and walked over to the couch.

“So what’re you watching?” She asked.

“We.” He corrected her.

“Oh, sorry. What are we watching?” She asked once more, sarcastically.

“I… Don't know actually. Some cheesy horror movie or something. Why don't you take a seat, Sis?”

Jane watched his hand pat the couch cushion beside him. She climbed over the back and crashed her fine behind on the couch next to her older brother. She smiled at him as he pointed towards the table at the pizza and soda.

Jane reached out and grabbed the glass nearest to her. She downed it in two big gulps. She belched which caused her brother to laugh, and her to giggle back at him.

“Sorry.” She apologized half-jokingly.

“No worries, Sis. Do you want me to get you another glass?”

“Yeah, if you don't mind?”

“Not at all.” Ben smiled.

Jane continued to watch the movie as her brother left the room. He was right, she thought, it was kind of a lame movie. She laughed quietly to herself and waited for patiently for Ben to return.

He did after a few minutes and handed her the glass. She smiled, thanking him, and grabbed the glass from his hand. Jane took another big drink and sat the glass, half empty, on the table. She felt her brother’s hand around her shoulder, and she leaned in close to him and continued to watch the movie.

About a half-hour later, Jane was feeling extremely tired. But not as if she had to sleep, instead she felt disoriented and confused. She tried to stand on her wobbly legs, but instead found she could hardly move a muscle. It was like she was paralyzed, and the teenager was terrified. She tried to scream or cry, but could do nothing. Nothing but lay there helplessly.

She felt a pair of hands on her legs and her twitching eyes darted down. She watched in horror as her sweat pants were being pulled slowly off of her. Jane saw her smooth, white thighs reveal themselves as the sweats were pulled completely off.

“I…” She gasped, tried to form words in her drugged state.

“Shhhh.” A voice whispered, a finger hushing her sweet lips. “Just let it happen, Sis.”

Jane then realized it was her brother speaking. She could hardly make out the words, but she heard him say ‘Sis.’ She knew it was him. What was happening, she wondered.

Her thoughts were interrupted by fingers rummaging around her stomach. Her vision blurred as she felt a sensation of fabric on her face. Her camisole was being pulled over her face. She felt the cool air hit her tummy first, and then her bare breasts.

“You have great tits, Sis. Damn, I always knew they were big. But seeing them like this is a whole different story.” Her brother laughed.

“Puh-plea…” She begged hazily in a low voice.

Jane heard nothing but silence in response as she suddenly felt her brother’s moist lips suckling on her tender nipple.

Jane gasped as she felt her brother's rough hands knead her well-rounded breasts. They were large for her age; a wonderful 36C cup.

Her nipples were being squeezed between her brother’s fingers. Manipulating soft moans from Jane as she was being molested by her own brother. Her cloudy eyes watched his every move. As his fingers pinched, his hands groped roughly. Jane fell limply on the couch as she watched Ben stand up and climb atop her limp body.

Ben leaned in closely, and Jane’s eyes darted rapidly watching his face stop directly in front of hers. She felt his lips press against hers, and his tongue darting in her mouth. It was the first real kiss the fourteen-year old girl ever had. And it was with her sick, rapist brother.

Jane felt his tongue explore the depths of her mouth for several minutes before she felt something even more shocking. His fingers had slowly crept into her panties and he began to touch the folds of her smooth mound. She cooed softly, her body clearing her.

“Oh, you like that, do you, Sis? I knew you would.” She felt his finger slip inside of her. “Oh, and you’re soaking wet, too. You must really want this.”

A single tear rolled down her cheek as she lay still. Her brother's finger penetrating her, and his lips still pecking at hers. She could taste the alcohol on his breath and somehow, Jane felt sicker than before.

Her brother’s lips finally pulled away from hers. Jane sighed in relief, but that sense of relief quickly vanished as she felt her brother’s finger pushing its way into her mouth.

She could taste her own sweet juices and almost vomited. Her brother must have felt her gagging, because he removed his finger suddenly and forced it back into her tiny cunt.

He leaned down and whispered in her ear again. “Oh, Sis. I’ve wanted to do this for so long…”

She felt a second finger enter her. “Do you want to know the first time I thought about this?”

Jane now felt his two fingers sliding in and out of her sopping cunt. As much as she hated her brother right now, she couldn’t help but feel a small wave of pleasure slowly rolling over her.

“Remember last year? In the summer, during Joe’s birthday? You were walking around in that tiny little bikini. With those fat little tits of yours bouncing about.”

The dopey teenager felt a third finger force it’s way inside of her.

“You went to get changed after the party. I walked in the bathroom and saw you there, naked. You didn’t slam the door in my face. You didn’t scream at me. Shit, you didn’t even try cover up, at least, not immediately. I knew right then you wanted me to fuck you.”

Jane tried to protest her older brother’s claims. She didn’t want any of this. It was sick. Losing her virginity to her older brother! She wanted to die. At least then she would be spared this hell.

There would be no such relief as she felt a fourth finger stretching her tiny cunt as far as it could. It felt as though it was going to rip. Jane was in complete agony and yet her face bore a blank, almost lifeless expression.

“I’d bet you like my whole fist inside you, huh?” She heard her brother whisper again as she felt his fingers slip out of her cunt.

“We’ll save that for another day, Sis.”

Jane suddenly felt something being peeled down her slim legs. Her vision obscured, she looked down and noticed her brother was removing her panties. She realized she was completely naked and it had somehow made her even more fearful than before.

She watched on helplessly as her brother’s lips kissed her tender flesh. He sucked and licked her erect nipples, before planting kisses down her stomach and just above her wet cunny. She felt his tongue lapping at her tender lips and she moaned softly in pleasure.
Her cloudy eyes stared coldly down at her brother. He made her feel disgusted, and her own body betraying her made things infinitely worse. She knew it was only further feeding his horrible fantasy.

Jane breathed in silent relief when her brother stopped his tonguing. She watched him stand up and slip out of her sight. Jane wondered what was happening, and where had her brother gone. Both questions were answered when her brother returned with something in his hand.

She watched nervously as her brother approached her. When he was directly in front of her, she could finally make out what it was he had been holding… it was a camera! The sick bastard was taking pictures and filming this.

Instinctively, Jane tried to turn her head out of sight, but she couldn’t do more than a slight shake. Suddenly, her brother forced the camera in her face and started to whisper again.

“Oh, no, Sis. I want to capture everything, including that stunning face and those adorable doe eyes… You’re going to become a little starlet! Well, if you’re bad and tell anyone about this that is.”

Ben laughed as the camera continued to roll. He made good on his promise – he captured everything. Every delicate feature of Jane’s young body, from her breasts to her tiny anus. And she was completely helpless to stop any of it.

When her brother was satisfied filming her so closely, he set the camera down beside them, still recording of course, and pulled his phone from his back pocket. Jane was blinded by each flash. Every single time she squinted, she knew it was another horrible picture of her.

After dozens of camera flashes blinded the dead-eyed teenager, they ceased all together. All she could hear was the ramblings of her brother, commenting on what she guessed were all the lewd and insidious photographs of her naked.

A picture is worth a thousand words they say, and these were of no exception. Beautifully shot, high quality images of a fourteen-year old girl, drugged, naked, and completely against her will.

Jane’s dead gaze stared simply on at her brother’s blurry frame. His fingers swiping across his phone with bestial lust. She swore she could see him smiling and her mind ran awry with thoughts of all that such photographs could contain, and worse yet, what her brother’s intentions were.

She imagined pictures of her bare breasts. Of her full nakedness on display for anyone to see, with her face present in every clear shot. Her brother had the power to destroy her life contained within the palm of his hand. He knew it. She knew it.

Lost so deep in thought, Jane didn’t even notice when her brother had set his phone aside and began to strip completely naked. She could see little more than jagged shapes and blurred lines, but she could discern what she knew was his penis. It was big. The young teenager was a virgin, and only knew what she had seen in porn online, but even by those standards he appeared to be well endowed.

The poor fourteen-year old virgin wondered what it would feel like. Losing her virginity, no, having it stolen from her. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she watched her brother climb atop her yet again and she could feel his flaccid cock resting between her bare breasts.

“You like that, Jane? Can you feel it?” Ben said, before leaning into Jane’s ear and whispering, “I know you’ve always wondered what it would be like.”

Jane felt her brother kiss her salty cheek and whisper again.

“You want to know how I know? I’ve read your diary, Sis. It’s a great read, really. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve read about that Adam kid.”

Ben laughed as he could clearly see the incredible discomfort spread across his baby sister’s hazy face.

“I bet you thought he’d the one on top of you, huh? Maybe kiss you tenderly, and tell you that he loves you?” Ben laughed again. “Too bad for you that nobody’s first time is a fairy tale. It’s about time you grew up and realized that.”

“I-I… Uh…” Jane tried to protest, unable to do much more than mumble a few incomplete words.

As she tried, and failed, at protesting her brother’s advances, she watched in horror as he stood up. She felt his warm hands sliding under her back and grasping her tightly. Suddenly, she felt her body being lifted from the sofa and carried across the room.

Her body shook with every step Ben took, eventually reaching the stairs. Step by step, she felt herself being carried higher and higher, until they reached the second floor of the house.

The only thing Jane could see in the dark hall was the light of the bathroom. It was straight across from her bedroom. The teenager felt herself moving again as Ben carried her into a room and threw her roughly unto a bed.

Jane peered over and saw a shadow enveloped in light. She knew it was her brother, and she knew it was the bathroom. She was in her own bedroom. The place she was supposed to feel safe in was about to become the room she’d never forget.

She felt the bed shift as her brother climbed on top of her. The young girl then felt her brother’s hands fumbling in the dark between her legs. After a few seconds, she felt it. Her brother’s hard member nestled between the smooth, delicate folds of her labia.

Darkness enveloped the young teenage girl as she closed her brown eyes. She winced in pain, and then passed out. The last thing she experienced was her brother’s cock burying itself deep inside of her. As she experienced her final few seconds of consciousness of the night, she heard a whisper in the dark. It was her brother. 

“Tonight, Sis. Tonight, you become a woman.”

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Jane sat on the floor of her bedroom, fully illuminated by the scarlet hue of the rising morning sun. She sobbed quietly for several minutes, trying her best to process what had happened to her the night before. She was raped. By her own brother.

The fourteen-year old girl’s mind was filled with an endless number of emotions. She felt angry at her brother. She felt helpless and alone. She was confused about what she should do.

Should she tell her parents? What would they think? Would they even believe her? Ben has always been a perfect little angel in her parent’s eyes, as was she. Maybe she could tell a friend? Surely Santana would believe her. Or even Emily, maybe.

Jane knew there were a million different things she could do, but for the life of her, she couldn’t focus on just a single one.

“Maybe I should call Bon.” She muttered to herself. Surely Bonnie, her elder sister, and closest sibling, would understand and believe her.

Gathering all the courage she could muster, that’s exactly what she did.

The traumatized teen scrambled across the cold, hardwood floor of her bedroom to her nightstand. She reached up and grabbed her cellphone. She punched in the numbers, having to redial several times due to her shaking hands and tear-soaked eyes.

Eventually she got the number right and sat in nervous suspension as the phone rang and rang.

“Come on, pick up, pick up…” Jane sobbed.

After several seconds of ringing, the phone went to her elder sister’s voicemail. Jane, distraught and in shock, dropped her phone to the floor and curled up against the edge of her bed.

She began to sob quietly into her hands. Jane felt completely alone and broken. Every time she touched her hands to her skin she could feel him there. The places he touched, groped, and kissed. She felt filthy.

Jane started to freak out, and she stood up and hastily removed her clothes. She threw her panties and tank top into the garbage can that was scattered about the floor and ran into the bathroom.
The teenager shut the door firmly behind her and slid the door to the shower open, stepping inside. She left the door behind her slightly ajar and with trembling hands, began to turn the faucet.

A torrent of near-scalding hot water began to envelop her delicate, teenage body. Jane sunk to her knees and curled up against the shower wall and began to sob.

The water left no smooth flesh behind, as it enveloped every single curve and fold of the young girl’s body. It flowed between her legs, down her breasts and against her nipples. Her skin was physically flawless and clean, but she still felt dirty. She cried hard into her knees as she wondered if she’d ever feel normal again.

Jane wasn’t sure how long she had been in the shower, and she didn’t care. She was so in shock that she had hardly noticed when the water began to run colder and colder.

She shivered, still crying on the shower floor and rubbing her body furiously in an attempt to wipe herself clean of her brother. But as hard as she tried, she couldn’t. He was still there, and she grew increasingly anxious and horrified at every second that passed.

The teenager began to think about what had happened that night. She didn’t want to, but she couldn’t help it. Thoughts about how stupid she was to take that drink. But she couldn’t have known that her brother would do something so horrible… could she?

“Was this my fault?” She thought to herself.

She scrubbed her legs harder, feeling her nails claw into her flesh and began to bleed.

She started to believe it. That it was her fault. She should have done something, anything, to stop it. Not take that drink, or a second one, or tried to fight back. She just lay there and let it happen to her. This was her fault. It was all she could think about. And then suddenly, her cell began to ring.

She stopped scrubbing and was breathing heavily, lost in her own thought and in the midst of an anxiety attack. Her phone rung a few more times before she finally jumped out of the shower and grabbed it from the floor.

Jane looked at the screen. It was Bonnie! She immediately pressed answer and put the phone to her ear.

“Sis, I, uh…” Jane trailed off.

“Hey, Jane. Is everything okay? You sound, I don’t know, off.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tired I guess.” She lied.

“Yeah, it’s early. That will do it.” Bonnie laughed. “So, what did you need?” Bonnie probed. Jane knew she could tell that something was wrong. There was never anything she could hide from her older sister.

“It’s nothing.” Jane could barely say.

“Okay. Look, Jane, you know if something is wrong, you can tell me, right?”

“Yeah. I’m fine really.” Jane replied.

“Alright, if you say so.” Bonnie replied in an unconvinced tone. “Look, just call me if anything’s wrong, okay?”

“I will.” Jane replied again.

“Okay, I’ll call you later. I love you, Jane.”

“Bye.” Jane said and quickly hung up the phone.

“Fuck.” Jane cursed as she dropped her phone on her clothes below her feet. “Why couldn’t I tell her. What is wrong with me?”

Jane looked down at her hands. They were shaking uncontrollably. She curled her hands tightly into two fists and squeezed. Her hands trembled still, and she could begin to feel her entire body tremble.

The young girl felt as though she was going to pass out. Then, suddenly, she vomited in the sink. Jane placed her hands firmly on the porcelain of the sink and looked at herself in the mirror. She was an absolute wreck.

Her beautiful eyes, once filled with life and wonder, were now reddish, sore, and empty. Her long brown hair was no longer straight, it was now a tangled, sordid mess. Her pinkish white flesh was marked and bruised, a constant reminder of what her sibling did to her. She had been raped, and she would never forget it.

Quickly gathering her clothes and phone, she turned the shower off and ran back into her bedroom. She, still wet and naked, jumped into her bed and hid under the covers. Jane cried herself to sleep and her dreams, well nightmares really, were filled with the events of the previous night.

She awoke not an hour later to the notification sound of her phone going off several dozen times. Wiping the grog from the eyes, she reached over and grabbed her cell and swiped to forty-seven messages from her brother!

Jane had flashbacks to her assault as she swiped up through the messages.
They were photos. Everyone of them. High quality, well shot images of her rape. She wanted to vomit again as she looked at herself being fucked, pictures of her brother’s penis resting on her face and inside her mouth. Dozens of sick photos of her face, naked body, and violation at the hands of her brother.

Then she received another text from him. This time it was a text message, and not more pictures. After reading the message countless times, the poor teen wished it had just been another photo.









She couldn’t believe what she was reading. Was this sick, psycho serious?! Was it not bad enough that he had raped her, but now he was blackmailing her into more. At first, Jane was adamant and thought there was no way he would ever do that to her.

Unfortunately, insecurity won as it always does. She couldn’t take the chance of him doing it. The young girl resigned herself to her new found fate and with the text sent three minutes ago, she dressed herself in a pink tee and grey sleeper shorts.

Jane opened her bedroom door and crept slowly and nervously down the hallway until she reached her brother’s door. She took several deep breaths and put her hand to the knob.
Before she could twist it open, she felt it move and found herself standing in front of her rapist. Before she could even process what was happening, she felt his hands squeezing her bottom tightly and his lips pressing against hers.

He broke their kiss, obviously dissatisfied with the lack of vigor from Jane and said, “Gee, that’s no way to greet your big brother now.”

“Fuck you.” Jane muttered.

Ben laughed as he ran his hands under her shorts and squeezed her bare bottom firmly. “You will be doing just that, believe me, Sis.”

Jane just stood with her arms at her side in silence. She looked at the floor, unable to stare into the eyes of the monster before her. It was a surreal feeling to hear her own brother say these things to her. It didn’t feel real, but it was.

After a short groping of her firm buttocks, Ben grabbed his sister firmly by her wrist and threw her towards the bed. Jane landed on the sheets; her breasts bounced delightfully beneath her shirt. It was clear to Ben that his sister wasn’t wearing a bra. He smiled and closed, and then locked, the door behind him.

The frightened teenage girl lay helplessly on the bed. She looked at her brother with pure contempt as she watched him begin to strip. Ben showed no reservation as he removed his jeans and shirt, until he stood only in his boxers. Jane wanted to look away, but she couldn’t help but sneak a quick peek at the large, growing bulge in her brother’s briefs.

Ben noticed and smiled, causing Jane to immediately look away. He chuckled and spoke, “Like what you see, Sis? You sure did enjoy it last night.”

“Y-you…” Jane stammered.

“What’s that?”

“You raped me. I didn’t enjoy any of it you sick bastard.”

Ben smiled. “Oh, Janey. You must be one hell of an actress then. You were practically begging me for it, don’t you remember?”

Jane shuffled back against the wall as her brother sat down on the bed next to her. His hand rested on her creamy white thigh, squeezing firmly enough to make her understand who was in charge.

“Bullshit. You raped me! I didn’t beg for anything!” Jane spat.

Ben smacked his sister across her face hard. Jane began to cry and curled up against the wall.

“Listen her, slut. I own you, and you don’t get to talk to me like that. Not unless you want those pictures out there. I’m sure your friends would love to see them…” Ben’s voice trailed.

“No, please, Ben. I’m sorry.” Jane sobbed.

Ben knew she wasn’t being completely sincere, but she would be soon enough, he thought to himself. “Now, sis. Get off the bed and strip.”

Jane nodded and slowly climbed off the bed, passing her brother as she did. His hand smacked her firm ass hard along the way. She stood in shorts and a tee before her rapist brother. She didn’t want to do any of this, but she knew she had no real choice.

She swallowed hard, and began to strip.

Jane removed her shirt with trembling fingers and pulled it over her head. Her beautiful breasts and conical pink nipples appeared from underneath. Ben was right, she hadn’t even been wearing a bra.

“Good girl, no bra. You should get used to that. Now, shorts next, and I hope for your sake you’re not wearing panties either.”

Jane nodded as tears fell from her cheeks. With trepidation and shaking hands, she slowly rolled her panties down her milky white legs. They fell to the floor, contorted around her ankles, and she gently kicked them aside. She now stood naked before her older brother and she hated every single that his predatorial eyes gazed upon her.

"No panties. I'm impressed, Sis. It seems like you're a natural whore." He laughed. "Well, that means I won't have to punish you at least."

Ben patted his crotch, she could she his cock outlined through the fabric of his boxers. It looked huge, but then again, she hadn't even really seen one before last night. And last night was a haze. But this, this was crystal clear. She could see it and she knew what he wanted.

"Get on the floor, Jane. I want you to take my boxers off."

Jane slowly nodded. She dropped to her knees and reached out towards her brother's lap. With the fabric of his briefs in hand, she slowly pulled them down as her brother shifted his weighton the bed. She gasped when she pulled them past his thighs and his cock bounced out as if it had a life of it's own.

Jane knelt, her gaze transfixed upon her brother's semi-rigid member. She didn't remember it being so big. But then again, she could barely remember anything of her rape the night before.

"Like what you see, Sis? Go on, touch it. You two are going to get really well acquainted in the foreseeable future, so don't act so scared."

Jane took a deep breath and reached towards his twitching cock. She gently wrapped her shaking fingers around the shaft and squeezed it. She heard her brother moan, and she knew that she was doing something right. The teenager twitched when she felt her brother's hand run through her hair, almost petting her as though she was the family dog. Which, in her brother's eyes, she esentially was now. She was his. They both knew it now.

She looked up at her brother and his eyes were shrewdly looking down at her. She knew what he wanted, and she gave it to him. Jane started rubbing her hands slowly up and down the length of his shaft. Still looking at each other, her brother smiled at her. God, he was fucking sick, Jane thought to herself.

"Good girl, Jane." He whispered. "Keep on rubbing it, just like that, but a bit faster."

She obeyed and began to pick up the pace. Her brother's continued moans and insults made her sick. But she knew what he would do if he disobeyed him. She couldn't live with herself if anyone saw those pictures or that video. She had to get his phone somehow, that much she knew. If she could, she could delete them, or destroy the phone. She got so lost in thought that she stopped jacking her brother.

Suddenly, she was brought back to her horrible reality by a painful slap across her face. Jane cried out and whimpered, falling from her knees onto the floor below.

"You don't stop unless I tell you to!" Ben screamed angrily. "Now get back on your knees and open your damn mouth! It's time to suck my cock, slut."

"Ben, please, I don't wa-" Jane tried to plead but was struck again mid-sentence.

"I can see we'll have to do this hard way." Ben said as he pulled his younger sister to her feet painfully by her hair. "Now stand there and don't move or I'll hit you twenty more fucking times."

Jane knew she fucked up, and didn't move so much as a single muscle. She stood there completely still as she watched her brother leave the room and return a minute later with rope, probably from the family camping stuff in the garage, in his hand.

"Since you won't obey me, we'll have to teach you a lesson in submission first." He said, grabbing her wrists out and laying the rope flat against them. He pulled them around and tied them tightly. She struggled against the ropes, but found herself unable to slip free. Instead, the young girl was rewarded with carpet burns on her wrists for her trouble.

Ben then pushed his sister to her knees, her chest laying against the side of his bed. He pushed her head into blankets, and kicked her legs apart. Then Ben knelt between them, and rubbed his hands upon her hips and thighs.

Jane whimpered at his touch, afraid that he was about to fuck her again. She was not so lucky, however, as what he wanted was something worse. He spanked her ass a few times and backed away from her.

Still on his knees, he pulled her legs together, and binded her ankles. Jane tried to fight him, kicking and screaming, but a few hard smacks to her ass and pussy reminded her quickly that disobedience was punished very painfully. He tied the rope around her ankles as tightly as he did her wrists, making sure that she was unable to move or fight him now.

Ben pushed her from her knees to the floor. "See? That's much better isn't it? You know, I tried to be nice, but you just won't listen, will you? You're going to have to understand something, Jane. You belong to me. I fucking own you. So when I tell you to do something, you do it. Understand?"

"Yes..." Jane whispered, defeated and humiliated.

"Yes, what?" Ben asked.

Jane remembered his text message from earlier. She replied submissively, "Yes, Master."

Ben smiled. "You remebered. Good, cunt. Now, I'm going to punish you. Well, not you, per se."

Ben sat down beside his sister's pretty face. He rubbed her cheek, feeling the moisture still present from her incessant sobbing. Such a beautiful girl my Sister is, he thought to himself.

"I know you know that I've always wanted to fuck your little friend, Santana. You're going to deliver her to me." She watched as he pulled out his phone. "Her number, now."

Jane cried, pleading for him to punish her.

"Too late for that now, Sis. You made this choice, now you'll have to live with it. Now, tell me her number or else."

Jane sobbed harder but gave in. "872-9166."

"Good, cunt. See, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

Ben punched in his sister's best friend's number into his phone and sent her a text. He explained that she got a new number and phone, and that she wanted to know if she could spend the night tonight. Of course, she would be spending the night with Ben, but she didn't need to know that. The girl, ignorant to reality, texted back almost immediately saying that she would be over a bit later.

"Well, Jane. Looks like your friend is coming for a sleep over." He stood up and walked over to his desk. He pulled a roll of duct tape from it and approached Jane again. Ben tore a few pieces from the roll and pressed them over his sister's lips.

"You're going to stay here for a few hours, Sis. I have to go out and get some things to prepare for tonight. You and Santana and I are going to make a fun little home movie. You two are going to be little starlets! I know how much you want to be an actress, Sis. Your dream is finally coming true!" Ben laughed and left his sister alone, bound and gagged, on his bedroom floor as he left for town.

Jane wept as she stared at the locked door in front of her. An impossible obstacle in her current state. She knew that her life was over now - and that brother was an unforgiving monster.

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Offline Emily


Ben strolled happily along the long, winding driveway of their secluded, countryside home. As he rummaged through his pockets, looking for his car keys, he smiled to himself in satisfaction. He knew that Jane was truly powerless now. She was gagged and bound, on the floor of a locked room, in an empty house. The nearest neighboring house was a few kilometers down the road and almost no one ever drove the roads out this way. Not to mention the plethora of ‘evidence’ he had looming over her head. Like it or not, she had no options remaining but to obey and hope for the best.

Lost in thought, Ben stopped for a moment. He turned to face the house and peered up at his bedroom window. He felt his crotch stir just thinking about the situation his baby sister was currently in. For a moment, he almost felt bad about what he had done. Not just to his sister, but to her friends, too. He knew Jane must’ve seen the pictures on the wall just above his bed.

There was a picture of her best friend, Santana, and obviously, one of her too. But then there a few other pictures, each of which had a thick red X crossing out the girls faces. The pictures were of her friends Emily, Gillean, and Maggie. Ben had raped each of her friends before getting to her, and the last girl on his list remaining, Santana, would be his in just a few hours.
As Ben continued forward to his car, he couldn’t get images of the first girl he raped out his head – Maggie. She was thirteen, almost fourteen, when he took her. It was just less than a year ago and it seemed like only yesterday. He hopped in the driver’s seat of the car and pulled his cock out of his pants. Ben began to rub his shaft firmly as images of that day came flooding back to him as if he were watching a movie at the theatre.
He was in the upstairs bathroom, which overlooked the back yard and the family pool. The door was locked, and under the guise of a shower, stood in the tub and was jerking off to his sister and her friends. Although he had been with plenty of girls his own age, there was something these budding young teens that did more to him than they ever could.
Even to this day, Ben could never figure out why he decided to rape Maggie. He knew he was attracted to his sister, but he also figured that it would be too difficult to fool around with her without their parents finding out or Jane ratting him out. That’s how she caught his eye. Maggie looked so much like his darling sister, from the long brown hair to her brown doe eyes. Her breasts were tiny compared to Janes, but he could make do. Ben rationalized that it made her look even younger and to him, that was more than okay.
He just had to figure out an angle. He racked his brain as he watched Maggie disappear into the house below him. Ben removed his hand from his cock and placed it against the shower wall to support his weight. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and it almost caused Ben to slip and fall in shock.
“Is someone in there? I need to pee!” A female voice urged from the other side of the door.
Ben knew that voice. It was Maggie! Opportunity knocks, as they say. Not one to waste such a chance, Ben immediately turned off the faucet and told her that he’d be out in a minute.
Not even drying himself or getting dressed, he hastily rushed to the door and unlocked it, opening it slowly. He peered out at Maggie, clad in a beautiful white bikini that left little to the imagination, her nose buried in her phone. She didn’t even notice him. How perfect, he thought to himself. Ben quickly grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the bathroom. He easily threw her to the floor and slammed the door shut, locking it behind him.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” She asked, clearly trying to act tough when she was in pain.
He chuckled when he looked down at her. In her pain, she hadn’t even noticed her bikini had ridden up and her left breast was exposed. She didn’t have much to show, but her cute nipple and mound of flesh was enough for him. Opportunity knocks twice, thought Ben as he grabbed his phone from the counter and began snapping a few pictures of the exposed teenager before him.
“Ben, what are you-“ she asked, only just noticing that her top was partially removed. “Ah! What the hell, Ben!” She screamed as she wildly tried to cover up.
“Damn, Maggie. You look way hotter with your top off. Care to take it off all the way?” Ben teased.
“Screw you!” She screamed, her hand still covering her breast.
“Yes, you will.” He joked, laughing.

Maggie stood up and tried to grab his phone. “You’ve had your fun, now delete those pictures!” She demanded.
Ben held it up high, just out of her reach.
Maggie jumped up to try and grab it, but she was far too short compared to Ben.
“Knock it off!” She grunted, clearly irritated.
“Tell you what, Mag. I’ll give my phone to you and let you delete them yourself on one condition.”
“And what’s that?” She asked sternly.
“Give me a blowjob.” He replied bluntly.
She looked down and noticed his large cock, it stood out menacingly. It was incredibly large, and thick, too. “No way, that’s gross you freaking perv!”
“Well, I guess I’ll just have to send those pictures to a few of my friends. I can’t promise they won’t send them to anyone else though.”
Ben began to scroll though his contacts as Maggie watched on in horror knowing that her life would be ruined by any single press on that screen.
“Wait.” Maggie whispered in a defeated tone.
“I’ll do it.”
“Do what?”
“You know what.”
“I do, but I want to hear you say it.”
“I’ll give you a blow job.”
Ben smiled. “Good girl.”
Maggie watched as Ben walked over to the toilet and sat down. He stretched his legs out wide, giving the teenager girl plenty of room to work with. Ben motioned and she knew what he wanted. Maggie slowly approached him and sank to her knees, fitting snuggly between his legs. Her gaze was transfixed on his cock. She had never been so disgusted and yet intrigued in her entire life.
“Start slow, okay? Just wrap your fingers around it and rub it up and down.” Ben instructed.
Maggie nodded. Although she was compliant, one look into her brown eyes was proof that she wasn’t enjoying it. It was fine by Ben of course, as long as she did what he asked, he couldn’t care less about how she felt.
“That’s it…” Ben moaned as he felt her dainty fingers slowly envelop his throbbing shaft. She began to rub up and down, very slowly and softly, just like Ben said. Maggie was too terrified to do anything but obey his specific instructions.

“Fuck, you’re good at this, Maggie. You must have done this a few times before.”
Maggie didn’t answer.

“Well? Answer me. Have you done this before?”




“Why don’t you work it a little faster. Let’s see how good you really are.”

Maggie swallowed and began to move her hands gradually faster. Her thumb was pulling his foreskin down with each stroke and he felt her bare skin brush against his delicate tip. Ben knew that this girl had no idea what she doing, but she was still doing everything right, and naturally with zero instruction. She was gifted, although, he was fairly sure that she wouldn’t see it that way.

Ben’s breathing became shallow and rapid. He knew he would cum soon, but he didn’t want to waste it on her hands. He quickly pushed her hand from his cock and tried to regain his composure.

“What’s wrong? Did I mess up?” Maggie asked, seemingly afraid for her life.

“No, you were great. Real great. I just need a second.”

Maggie remained on her knees between his legs. She waited nervously, hoping that her ordeal would end right here. The poor kid couldn’t have been more wrong. This was only the beginning of their fun together. Well, fun for him. It was hell to her.

“Alright, Maggie. It’s time for you to suck me.”

“Okay…” She stuttered.

“Do a good job, and we’ll delete the pictures and forget that any of this ever happened. Deal?”

She nodded.

“Good girl.” Ben smiled, and rested the head of his cock against her soft, pink lips. “Now, open wide and suck me.”

Maggie contemplated her options for just a moment. Could she punch him and run? Or maybe bite his cock and steal his phone? The teenager thought of a thousand different scenarios in which she could escape, but none that offered her a guarantee except for simply submitting to Jane’s sick brother.

Resigning herself to a terrible fate, she slowly opened her mouth and felt the first few inches of Ben’s penis slip inside and down her throat. She felt a gag after about four or five inches, but she fought it and she felt him stop, allowing her a moment’s reprieve before she began to suck his large cock.

As much as she hated it, Maggie had to admit to herself that it thankfully didn’t taste as horrible as she thought it would. She knew he had been in the shower before all of this happened, and although she would never admit it freely, she was thankful to him for that at least.
Maggie continued to diligently swallow his cock for a few minutes with little complaint or guidance from Ben. She figured she must be doing something right. She was happy at that thought, because it meant that it would just be over that much sooner. Maggie closed her eyes and continued to suck him for another minute or two before she opened them again and stared up at Ben.

Instead of Ben’s face, she was greeted with his phone’s camera lens, quietly recording God knows how much of what she was doing to him.

Maggie pulled her mouth from his cock and screamed. “Ben! What the fuck!”

He covered her mouth firmly with his hand.

“Shut the hell up! Do you want the whole town to hear you?!”

Maggie nodded and Ben placed his phone on the counter beside him. He cursed to himself, not wanting to be caught or otherwise have his fun prematurely end because this stupid girl couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

“Are you going to be fucking quiet?”

Maggie nodded.

“Good, because I’ll hit you if you’re not.” Ben threatened, removing his hand from her face.

“What the hell were you doing? You said if I sucked you, that would be it. We would delete the pics and forget about this.”

“I said I’d delete those pics, yeah. But I never said anything about a video.”

“You fucking lied!”

“Half truth. There’s a difference. Lesson learned the hard way for you I guess, huh?” Ben chuckled.

“I…” Maggie had no clue what to say.

Still in a mild state of shock, Maggie watched as Ben stood up in front of her and slapped her in the face with his shaft. He laughed at the scene almost too comical to be real.

“Alright, that’s enough foreplay. It’s time for the real thing. Stand up and get that bikini off, Maggie. I don’t think I have to remind you what happens if you don’t.”

“Wait, you can’t be-“ She was interrupted by a firm slap across the face.

“I am, now get the fuck off the floor!”

“Okay, just don’t hit me…”

Maggie stood up, her legs wobbly and felt as though they could give out at any moment. She reached behind her and untied the string of her bikini, letting her top fall to the floor. Ben obsessed over large breasts, like any teenage boy did, but he had to admit that even he was falling in love with Maggie’s tiny mounds of flesh.

She still clung to the hope that he wouldn’t really go through with this, but when he began to raise his hand again, she knew for certain that this was happening. Not wanting to anger him further, Maggie quickly slid her bottoms down her legs and kicked them aside. She began to sob as she watched Ben’s eyes scanning every crevasse and fold of her exposed body.
The young teen winced in horror when she felt his hand cup her mound and his middle finger sliding up and down her virginal slit. Ben could feel how soaked she was and he smiled at her. Maggie hated herself for feeling any semblance of pleasure at her assault, but she couldn’t help it. She was simply a young girl who had no clue that it was natural, and that it wasn’t her fault. Ben telling her otherwise certainly didn’t help clear up the confusion either.
“Jesus, you’re like a god damn dripping faucet down there. Someone is clearly enjoying this.” Ben taunted.
“Fuck you…”
Ben slipped his finger inside of Maggie.
“Stop, please just stop it.” She pleaded.
“Not a chance, Mags.”
“Please, I promise I won’t tell anyone what you did.”
“I know you won’t. That’s why I’m going to fuck you.”
Maggie began to sob, knowing that arguing with him was pointless. She thought again about fighting him, but she knew he was far too physically imposing for her to have any good chance at a victory. She could scream or run, but he could share that video or those horrible photos with the world before she could make it down the stairs. The poor girl came to the same realization that she had concluded earlier – that she truly had no other choice but to have sex with Ben.
As she resigned herself yet again to such a fate, she could feel Ben’s finger slip out of her and his hands gripping her narrow hips tightly. She was shocked when suddenly he lifted her from the ground and she did something out of pure instinct that she instantly regretted, as she felt herself leaving the ground she wrapped her legs around Ben and her arms around her neck. Her instinctive clinging was born from the danger of falling, but to Ben, it was another sign that she wanted this.
“Oh? Someone’s eager to get fucked I see.” Ben laughed.
Maggie’s face went red.
“Well,” he groaned, quickly moving his hands to the globes of her bare ass. “Are you ready to become a woman, Maggie?”
The poor girl wanted to scream or fight, but she couldn’t even say so much as a single word. She just broke down and began to cry.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” Ben taunted.
With Maggie still clung to him tightly, Ben carefully climbed into the shower. He bent down, turned the faucet the furthest to the left it would go, and pointed the shower head away from them. The water was going to be scalding hot, but the hot water would create lots of steam, and Ben figured that would be far better.
Now that the shower was prepared adequately, Ben gently allowed Maggie to stand on her own two feet in the shower. She could feel the piping hot water at her feet, and the steam beginning to rise as she stood motionless watching Ben climb out of the shower and over to the sink. She watched in horror, but didn’t protest in the slightest, as he propped his cellphone against a bottle of shaving cream. She knew he was going to record this.
“There we go,” he said, finally getting his phone lined up with the shower. “That should be perfect. I’ve always wanted to make a home movie like this.” Ben laughed as he walked towards his young prize.
Maggie offered little resistance as Ben climbed into the shower and pressed her firmly against the tiled wall. She stood there deftly still as his hands began to roam up and down her body. She could feel him squeezing and pinching at every inch of her bare skin as well as the ceramic tiles pressing into her back.
Ben then began to kiss her passionately, not from love or infatuation, but from simple, carnal pleasure. He was as an animal possessed fixated on his prey and that alone. Ben didn’t care if she enjoyed any of it, just that his own desires were adequately sated.
As they kissed, Maggie felt his cock’s bulbous tip began to nestle between the delicate folds of her cunt. Ben, too distracted with kissing her, struggled to find his mark. He broke their kiss for a brief moment, peaking between their naked frames to find his prize. He quickly did just that and slipped his cock inside the girl with little resistance.
Just as quickly as Maggie had been drug into this nightmare, so too was Ben’s cock completely lodged inside her formerly virginal cunt. She was the first virgin Ben ever deflowered, and she would be the first many on his road to taking his little sister’s flower.

As the two fucked in the shower, the camera lens captured everything for several minutes until the steam had fogged the lens to the point of the video being undiscernible. Ben didn’t care however; he had captured enough, including planting his seed within the formerly virgin thirteen old year girl. More satisfying than that though, was the last two minutes of clear footage he captured. Gorgeous, high quality video of his cock slipping into her tight ass while Maggie cried and begged for him to stop the entire time.
He never did though. Not through all her pleading, crying, and struggling. Ben raped the poor girl until she was completely spent – physically and emotionally. After he finished, he left her alone in the bathroom. Naked, sobbing on the floor of the still-running shower. Maggie curled in a ball and sat there for what seemed like an eternity, the hot water running down her skin, yet some how she felt increasingly filthy with each passing second.
Maggie never told anyone about that day. Whether it was due to shame from the assault, or fear of the videos that loomed over her head leaking, no one could say. All that Ben knew was that he was still a free man today, sitting in his car watching that video for the thousandth time, his baby sister naked and bound on the floor of his bedroom.

Later tonight he would take his sister’s best friend in front of her, and film that assault too. As he put his phone down, his penis in his pants, and the keys in the ignition, he pulled out of the driveway and peeled off down the road to began preparations for the night ahead.

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Even better reading all the part at once as it was reading then individually.

April 05, 2017, 09:44:03 PM
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Really love this Emily! You are a master storyteller!

April 06, 2017, 05:36:07 AM
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Great job Emily, looking forward to more

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Even better reading all the part at once as it was reading then individually.

Glad to hear they actually flow better when together! I was actually a tad curious about that given the long period of time it took for me to write each part. Working on an outline of the next couple chapters right now, so I'm hoping to at least start a rough draft by next week some time.

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Really love this Emily! You are a master storyteller!

Thanks vile8r! Hearing stuff like that always helps me get motivated to write! (Something which I admittedly struggle with at times.) :)

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Great job Emily, looking forward to more

And I do look forward to writing more! :)

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I'm enjoying . . .can't wait for more!

April 07, 2017, 02:47:26 AM
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I'm enjoying . . .can't wait for more!

Thank you very much! I'll try and write more regularly, haha. :)

*Edit: So it's super early, I can't sleep, and I feel like writing. Hello, first draft of Chapter Four that I'm a page and a half into writing. Woo! :)

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Offline Emily


Ben couldn’t stop thinking about all of the events of the past year as he drove along the empty highway. Part of it was boredom. A never-ending road lined with emerald trees and the occasional passing car offered little in the way of entertainment after all. However, boredom was only one small part of it. Ben’s thoughts were sated by obsession, one that he thought would end when he raped his sister, but for some reason, it didn’t. He still felt empty and numb, and those feelings coupled with confusion slowly boiled into a quiet anger.
The teenager felt like this after each of his victims. His first time was with Maggie, and although the acts themselves excited him immensely, by the time it was over, he felt as though she was just a poor substitute for his sibling. By the time his plans bore the fruits of several other young girls, that feeling continued to worsen; and then came Jane.
Finally putting the better part of a year’s worth of planning and pent up emotions turned cruel into action and taking her, he thought he would feel something entirely different. As thought it would change him somehow, but it didn’t, at least not in any noticeable way. That night and the past few hours made him feel alive, but as he drove now into town, there was nothing of it left.

Ben reasoned that maybe it was because she was unconscious for her rape. It wasn’t particularly how he wanted the first time to be, but it was necessary; it was safe. And to his credit, it worked spectacularly. Jane was his now, and as long as he continued to be careful, she would be for a long time. As empty as he felt at this moment, he knew that tonight would be far better than the one before, and if all went well, he would own both Jane and Santana. Two best friends enslaved together. What could be better?
He felt like pulling over and rubbing one out to just the thought of those two teenage girls, so young and naïve, naked and bound in his room serving him in such broken, docile, and submissive states. He was, however, interrupted by the ringing of his phone. With one hand on the wheel, he reached into his pocket and pulled his phone out. He looked at the screen it was Bonnie – his eldest sister. He pressed to answer and put the phone on speaker, resting it on the dash.
“Hey, Bon. What’s up?” Ben asked casually.
“Hey, umm, have you spoke to Jane today? She called earlier and it sounded like something was wrong but she didn’t say anything and ow she won’t pick up the phone.”
Ben’s carefree demeanor quickly cracked. “Uh, yeah, I spoke to her this morning and she seemed fine. She’s probably went back to bed, she had some friends over last night and they stayed up pretty late.”
“Okay, yeah, maybe. Could you tell her to call me whenever she gets up? I know it’s probably nothing, but I just want to make sure.”
“Yeah, sure. I’m actually heading into town at the moment, but I’ll be sure to let her know when I get back. Well, assuming you don’t hear from her before then, that is.”
Ben smiled at that last sentence. She wouldn’t be hearing much of anything from Jane anytime soon. Especially when her darling little sister was bound and gagged, naked, resting on his bedroom floor.
“Okay, thanks. I owe you one.” Bonnie chuckled.
Ben chuckled too and replied, “Yeah, you do.” He then whispered under his breath, “All of you do.”
“I’ll be back home in a few weeks so figure out what you want and I’ll see if I can make it happen.” Bonnie joked.
“I’ll hold you to that, Bon!”
They both laughed. “Well,” Ben said, “I’m almost to town so I have to let you go. I’ll try calling Jane when I park and I’ll tell her to call you.”
“Okay, thanks, Ben. I’ll see you later, k?”
“Yeah, see you, Bon.”
Ben disconnected the call and threw his phone on the passenger seat. He put both hands back on the wheel and took a deep breath as he saw the town begin to appear just past the tree line. As he saw the town draw closer with every passing moment he tried to put together a mental list of everything he had to do. He only had a couple of hours to get everything, get back home, and prepare for Santana before she arrived. He contemplated fucking Jane again before she did, but he decided against it, reasoning it that would be a long night and there was plenty of time to fuck, but only so much time to prepare.
He decided the hardware store would be the first stop. It was just outside of town, off the next exit. He thought about going to the Home Depot in town, but figured the local store would be more ideal. Given that the owner knows him, and wouldn’t think twice about the things he was buying. After all, Ben had done some minor repairs and construction work for the owner last summer. He would probably figure that Ben was simply doing some odd jobs around town as he often did.
Ben turned off the exit as he approached it and slowly drove the dirt road looking past the trees in every direction for the road to the shop. He never could remember where exactly where the turn was. After a few minutes of driving, a few stops, and a u-turn, Ben spotted the sign and pulled off the road and into the pebbled driveway.
He parked the car and turned the key in the ignition. Ben sat for a moment to calm himself. He was feeling strangely excited, more so than he usually was before claiming another victim. Maybe it was the knowledge that Jane, his darling sister and object of his twisted desires for so long, was finally in his grasp, or that he was about to claim with along with her the whore’s best friend. He thought too about how much different tonight would be than any of the previous ones. Two girls, a whole night with no chance of being caught, and the ability to inflict whatever tortured fantasy he could conjure upon them.
There were so many possibilities. So many things he could not do before due to a myriad of external factors. All of those were gone now, and all that remained were two young teens and an empty house in the country where he could enact his darkest thoughts. Before there was still some doubt hidden, some semblance of guilt for the things he had done, but after Jane, it was all gone and seemed but a distant memory. Ben knew what he was. And he knew there was no looking back.
With a mind clear of conscious, and now filled with a horrible, singular purpose, Ben climbed out of his car and walked confidently towards the shop. He opened the door and entered.
As Ben stepped inside the shop, he was greeted by the owner, a man named Wallace. To tell the truth, Ben was never too fond of Wallace, although he would never tell him that directly, but he paid well for jobs that most people wouldn’t let a teenager do, so maintaining such a façade was at least beneficial for him.
In fact, the relationship was so ‘beneficial’ that Ben had taken it upon himself to make the man’s granddaughter, Jane’s friend, Gillean, his second victim. One of best things about his second victim was a singular picture, taken by Wallace himself. It was Ben, nicely dressed, standing with his arm around the man’s own granddaughter on the night of the school’s Valentine’s Day dance.
Ben hadn’t cared a single ounce about the girl, but merely saw a great opportunity that he just couldn’t ignore. She was an easy mark in such a crowded place, and the irony of what should be a day filled with love and admonishment becoming a day of trauma and horror was too good to pass up as well.
He recalled how much more thrilling it had been than Maggie. With her, there was only a small chance of getting caught, but raping her in the school bathroom was something else entirely. It was a high the likes of which no illicit drug could ever hope to produce.
It started off with a humble, but daring plan. Ben got his hands on some GHB from a friend who shares his ‘tastes.’ He slipped it into a glass of punch, watched delightfully as Gillean drank it greedily down, and waited for it take effect.
Shortly after she finished her drink, she became less and less aware of her surroundings, and started to stumble. Ben happily carried her through the swarming crowd of gleeful teens, unaware that this poor girl was about to be raped. Ben stopped in the crowd just before reaching the exit door in the back of the gym. He quickly checked to see if anyone was watching them, and to his delight, not a single person was.
He reached down and his hand crept between the young girl’s legs. Ben felt a delightful blend of her smooth skin, soaked in sweat from a combination of the drugs and the sweltering heat in the packed gym, and her silky dress brushing against his hand. Ben grasped her panties and slowly peeled them down her moist legs, letting them fall to the gym floor.
Making sure his other hand was gripping her wrist tightly, allowing no escape, not that she could do such a thing in her impaired state, he bent down and picked her panties up and stuffed them in his pocket.
Ben then stood, grabbed Gillean’s firm ass through her crimson dress, and whispered in her ear.
“I’ll save those for later. Come on, Gill, let’s go to the washroom. You must be feeling awful. I’ll help you, babe.”
“O-okay.” Was all she managed to say in response.
“That’s a good girl.” He replied, planting a kiss on her cheek.
He then pulled her forward and out of the exit door. Ben’s excitement grew exponentially as the pair walked closer and closer to the bathrooms, located in the freshman building. He purposely chose the bathrooms in the freshmen class building for a few reasons.

Firstly, they were the farthest washrooms from the gym, and he knew Maggie used them everyday at school Lastly, they were virtually guaranteed the privacy required for what he had planned due to their lack of proximity to the gym and that no student would risk being suspended for something as pointless as going there. All of the staff were in the gym, so he figured he had ample time to fuck the young vixen, take some photos, and get the hell out of there.

As sure as he was they wouldn’t cross paths with anyone on the way, Ben still remained cautious, peeking around corners, being as quiet as possible as though he were breaking in. In a way, he technically was, although he was here to do something far worse than steal a test answer sheet or to partake in some elaborate, juvenile high school prank.
About halfway to the freshman building, just outside of the library, Ben had to stop for a moment for a quick breather. He was, after all, carrying nearly a hundred pounds of dead weight. Not that he minded, she would pay him back one-hundred-fold soon enough.
Ben shoved her against the wall and pressed his weight against hers to keep her from falling to the ground. His right hand began to grasp her thigh, feeling just as smooth and delicate as Maggie did the first time he raped her. Gillean whimpered as she felt Ben’s hand slide higher under her dress, and then his fingers brush against her labia majora.
Ben slowly rubbed her, as he kissed her neck, nibbled on her ear lobe, and whispered to her the entire time.
“Fuck, Gillean, you’re so beautiful. You’re way hotter than that stupid friend of yours. All she did was cry and beg, but you… you really want this, don’t you?”
Gillean stood almost lifeless as he continued to assault her.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” Ben laughed.
He then slipped a finger inside of her and was surprised to find that she wasn’t a virgin. Or at least, her hymen was torn. Maybe she fell of her bike when she was a kid, or maybe she broke it herself accidentally. Or maybe the little slut wasn’t as innocent as he thought.
“What’s this? He pushed his finger in to the knuckle causing Gillean to writhe pathetically against him. “You’re not a virgin, are you? I should’ve figured. Stupid whores like you never can keep their legs closed for long, can they?”
He fingered the poor teen for a few minutes before he knew he just had to take her immediately. Ben forcefully pulled his finger out and slung Gillean’s lifeless body over his shoulder. He was too excited to care about being caught and was now solely focused on one thing – raping Gillean.
Unfortunately for her, even with Ben being as loud and as hasty as humanly possible, they never once caught the attention of another person the entire way. Now they were here. At the open entrance to the freshman girl’s room, the place that, even in such an inebriated state, Gillean knew she was about to be raped.
She wanted so badly to struggle. She tried with every ounce of her being to hit him, or bite him, or even to scream for help, but she couldn’t. She felt as though she was trapped within her own body, like she was aware of everything, but she had no function or control. She blamed herself for thinking that a popular boy like Ben would want anything to do with a middle-schooler like her.
Gillean had little time to ponder such things as she watched every crack between the grimy bathroom floor tiles pass, knowing that with each crevasse in the floor, she was one moment closer to her own assault. Her eyes squinted as she saw faint glimmers of dew falling to that same floor; she realized that she was crying.
Suddenly her vision shifted to a colourful blur, her eyes taking several seconds to process what had happened. She stared across the bathroom, looking at the back wall of the nearest stall. Gillean knew she was propped upon the sink, feeling the faucet digging uncomfortably into the small of her back.
She tried one last time to plead for Ben to stop what ever he was about to do, but she couldn’t. Instead, what came from her mouth was little more than incoherent babbling. Ben was, however, quite amused. It was clear to her, even in such a sorry state, that he knew exactly what she was trying to say.
The inebriated teenager watched as the room around her became a blur, her eyes closing against her own will. Maybe it was the drugs, or maybe it was her mind simply attempting to detach itself from her present reality. Gillean couldn’t be certain of anything, other than she was about to be violated.
Before her world faded into unconscious blackness   , she felt her dress being removed. The straps being pulled from her shoulders, her body being lifted ever so slightly by Ben’s hands as her dress was pulled from her body. She could see the crimson garment fall to the grungy floor as it made her increasingly aware of the fact she now almost naked.
She moaned quietly in her last moments of awareness as her bra was torn from her chest, and her panties, too. The now stark naked teen felt the cold air swirl around the room, caressing her young figure with it’s icy embrace. Her beautiful skin exposed, covered in goose bumps, was trembling in a mix of fear, anticipation, and a carnal desire that the poor girl was trying desperately to hide.
Gillean’s eyes finally shut completely, and as her last few seconds began to slip from her, she heard nothing but the ambience of buzzing fluorescent lights until Ben’s voice began to dance into her head.
“Shh. That’s right, Gill. Just go to sleep and it will all be over before you know it. I just want to fuck you. Then I’ll take you home, and we can forget this ever happened. It’ll all seem like a bad dream.”
She could feel his fingers dancing along her skin, through her hair, and finally, creeping deep inside of her young body. The last thing she could feel before everything went dark was Ben’s cock slipping inside of her. He pumped in and out of the young girl as her mind finally slipped away into the void of unconsciousness.
After more than an hour of abusing the poor teenager in every way imaginable, and some you couldn’t, Ben finally redressed her and carried her then semi-conscious body out of the school, into the parking lot, and tossed her in the trunk of his car.
Gillean never told a soul about that night. Not that she could remember much of anything. And she wouldn’t for a long time. Not until a few months later when Ben wanted her again, and he forced her hand with pictures and a few home movies they made together. Slowly, it all started to come back to her after that and her life hasn’t been the same since. Her grades have slipped, she’s become isolated and withdrawn, and worst of all, she became pregnant with Ben’s child.
Ben saw her around from time to time over the following summer, and she still looks just as beautiful as that Valentine’s Day. Her little belly looks as though it was just about to burst, and being seven months into her pregnancy, it would soon do just that. As he was greeted by her grandfather in the shop, all Ben could think about was her giving birth to, and raising, his child. Her life was already over, and it was about to get worse, but to Ben, things could not have been better.

He smiled and greeted Wallace as he walked towards the counter, thinking the entire time about the man's whore of a granddaughter who's life he had destroyed. He then thought about his sister and her friend, and about how he would soon do the same to them. Although this was different than Gillean. This was his own flesh and blood, and she wasn't going to be a one-and-done the other girls, he intended to enslave her for the foreseeable future. Ben almost became entirely swept up in fantasy as Wallace began to speak.

"So, sonny, what is it you need today?" Wallace asked.

Ben handed the man a list, one he had hurriedly jotted down whilst still in the car.

"A work-horse bench. Some pliers. Rope. Several, varying lengths of steel chain. A wire spool. Alligator clamps." Wallace recited. "Alright, son, let's go see what we can do."

Ben smiled and agreed. Everything was going according to plan so far. The night was fast approaching, and he knew Santana would arrive at the house soon. Ben looked at his phone, it was still early. Plenty of time to hurry home and get a little 'dungeon' set-up in the basement.

Tonight was going to be the greatest night of his life, and the beginning of a new existence for his younger sister and maybe, just maybe, for Santana too.

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The drive home was longer than Ben could have ever imagined. In truth, the entire trip took no more than ten minutes, but to a horny teenager who had more or less succeeded in enslaving his younger sister, and had the house to himself for an entire night, those few fleeting moments seemed as though an eternity.
By the time Ben had pulled his car into the driveway, the sun was just beginning to set over the cape, and it cast a beautiful, crimson hue overhead. To watch a beautiful sunset fade into the dark of the night reminded him strangely of his sister, and by extension, all of her friends. He looked up at his bedroom window as he turned the ignition of the car. As he began to unpack his ‘party supplies’ for the evening, he pondered about what his sister was enduring in that room.
It was perhaps somewhat poetic that Jane, too, was peering up at that very same window. Though for her, it was a symbol of the escape she desired, and the escape she was incapable of obtaining. She had, what seemed to her hours, struggling against her bonds and screaming for help through the duct tape that acted as a very effective gag.
Jane’s shoulders were in agony, as her wrists were bound behind her back. Her ankles were also in a similarly sorry state, covered in agonizing burns from her futile struggles. By now though, she had given up all hope of escape and instead resigned herself to watching the light disappear slowly from the window as the space around her became enveloped in a thick blackness.
She had all but surrendered herself to this terrible fate in which she found herself entwined. Or at least, she thought she did. Her struggles renewed and her fiery will was rekindled when she heard footsteps stammering loudly through the house. She knew Ben was home, or rather, whatever was left of the loving brother she thought she knew. This man looked like Ben, and even spoke like him, but there was something different about him, something evil. Surely, he would never do something so horrible to anyone, let alone his own sister. Jane was trying to grasp at any explanation she could to cope with what was happening between them.
Truth was there wasn’t anything ‘evil’ or otherwise supernatural about him. He was what he was; a monster. Perhaps she knew it all along and simply chose to ignore it, or maybe she truly was blind to it all those years growing up together. It didn’t matter in the end. He was a monster and he was going to do to her what monsters do to the vulnerable and weak; consume.
This realization dawned over Jane as she heard the door creak open just behind her. She immediately began to struggle and buck about in attempt to escape him, but there was no escaping it now. She was his, and deep down, she knew it, although she would never freely admit it.
Fear stabbed through her heart like a hot knife through soft butter as her brother began to speak.
“Well, Sis. Glad to see you haven’t tried to do anything stupid like escape. I really would hate to have all your friends at school see your sex-capades.”
Jane screamed angrily through the tape, but remained incoherent.
“What’s that?” Ben mocked. “You’ll have to speak up.”
Again, she screamed.
She felt Ben kneeling down behind her, his knees touching her legs, and felt him smack her hard on the small of her back. This caused the poor girl to illicit a muffled cry through her gag, and Ben watched the handprint fade into her skin; an amusing proof of ownership.
Jane began to sob uncontrollably, thinking she was about to be raped yet again. She shocked when Ben instead stood up, and suddenly left the room without a word. Somehow the waiting and helplessness of her isolation in this room was far worse than anything her brother could actually do to her. Maybe that his intention, but of that, she couldn’t certain.
Suddenly, she heard loud noises coming from downstairs. It sounded like someone was moving furniture. Bound, gagged, and immobile, she did the only thing she could do which was turn her head and press her ear to the floor.
She listened intently and could hear what sounded like chains rattling. She wondered what in the world he was doing down there. Unfortunately for her, Ben was carrying his chains through the living room, along with the work bench and all of the other toys he had picked up for tonight’s festivities.
Ben had moved the work bench down into the basement, which was little more than a large, empty space dotted only with a washing machine, a dryer, and some old boxes under the stairs. He arranged the work horse in the middle of the room, along with some large flood lights in a corona surrounding it. He then moved an end table from the living room downstairs, placing the rope, clamps, and pliers on it. The last thing he prepared was a tripod and the family camcorder, which he mounted it to, and pointed it directly across from the work horse, just a few feet away – the perfect distance for capturing everything.
The basement looked like something out of a horror movie. It is the stereotypical lair of a depraved rapist, and Ben loved everything about it. Well, almost everything. There was one thing he had forgotten about in his fervor, a particular itch he had long wanted to scratch, but had saved it especially for his sister. He ran upstairs and found a few of their dog’s old collars. They were leather, thick and heavy, and would be the perfect accessory for an enslaved younger sibling like Jane, he thought.
Ben was still in awe at how well, and flawlessly nonetheless, his plan had come together. A year of preparation and practice with Jane’s friends had given him the courage to finally do what he had been fantasizing about for years – enslaving a girl. The fact that the girl in question was his own sister, just fueled the fires of sadistic desire that much greater.
He still did have reservations about Santana though. Taking her in such a manner was always a thought of his, but he hadn’t initially intended to rape them together nor to enslave the two of them. But in Ben’s mind, the only scenario better than an enslaved sister is an enslaved sister and her best friend enslaved, too. Best friends, enslaved, he thought. It would make an excellent title for their first home movie he thought amusingly.
His reverie was interrupted by a sudden door bell that rung through the house. Ben knew it had to be Santana. It was unexpected, her being this early, but it was at worst a minor inconvenience. He sprinted to answer the door, and as expected, was greeted by a bubbly teenage girl with long, black curly hair and icy blue eyes. She bore a smile that could thaw even the coldest of hearts.
“Hiya, Ben!” She exclaimed.
“Hey, you’re here to see, Jane, right? She actually just went out for a walk, but she’ll back soon if you want to wait for her?”
“Yeah, that’s okay!” Santana replied, sealing her own fate as she stepped out of the approaching darkness and into the house.
“Take a seat.” Ben pointed to the couch. “Do you want something to drink? Water? Soda?”
The trap was laid, and she took the bait happily. “Soda, please!” She happily answered.
“Okay.” Ben smiled. “One soda coming right up!”
Ben walked into the kitchen, out of the Santana’s sight, and grabbed a glass from the cupboard. He reached into his pocket and fished out a small vial. In it was clear fluid that was both tasteless and odorless. It was the same drug that he had given to Jane the night before. Handy stuff, that GHB.

Ben hastily removed the cap, and poured the vial’s contents into an empty glass. He then grabbed a can of soda from the fridge and poured it too in the glass. Giving it a quick stir with a spoon, and slipping the empty vial pack into his pocket, he returned to the living room where Santana was sat waiting, her nose buried in her cell phone.   

He handed her the glass, and at first, she didn’t see to notice his hand just inches from her face.

“Hey, earth to Santana.” He joked.

“Oh, sorry! I was just texting my Mom. She’s so lame. She always wants me to text her where I’m going and when I get there.” She reached out and took the drink, sipping at twice before continuing. “Like, I’m fourteen. I’m not a kid anymore, I can take care of myself, you know?”

Ben chuckled internally. How wrong she was, talking of being able to care for herself, when she was currently sat alone with a rapist, sipping at a spiked drink, and was but a few minutes away from what would no doubt be the worst night of her entire life.

“Oh, I know.” Ben related. “My parents are the same way, even now. Constantly worried about every little thing, always getting pissed if I come home drunk from a party.”

Ben was lying through his teeth. His parents were actually really understanding and ‘free-range,’ giving him space to make mistakes and trusting him enough to let him party on weekends. He just needed Santana to keep talking, and more importantly, to keep drinking.

“It sucks, right?” Santana agreed. “I mean, they could at least trust me enough to walk over here without worrying about whether I made it or not. As if it was so far.” Santana playfully laughed.

“Oh, well.” She stretched her arms high in the air, yawning, and inadvertently forcing her chest out. Ben’s eyes watched her every tiny move, as her small breasts heaved along with her every breath.

“What are you gonna do, right?” Ben finished her sentence.

“Exactly.” She giggled. “Hey, so, do you like, wanna watch something while we wait? It’s kinda boring just sitting here and talking. Uh, no offense.”

“None taken.” Ben replied. This was going better than he thought, she had almost finished her drink, and now she wanted to watch some TV. It was playing out just as it had with Jane the night before. “I was actually going to suggest the same thing.”

“Cool!” She giggled, but with a slight tone of intoxication. It was slurred in a subtle way, and Ben knew the drugs had set in.
Ben grabbed the remote and turned on one of the movie channels. He had no idea what was on, though it looked like some cheesy action movie, and he didn’t care. All he cared about was goading this naïve girl into finishing her drink and raping her. He was about to suggest she finish her drink, but to his delight, it was unnecessary, as he watched her down the rest of the glass in one, big gulp.

“That’s a good girl.” He whispered under his breath.

The two continued to watch the movie for all of ten minute before Ben began making moves. At first, he would pretend to shift his weight and move slightly closer to Santana. She didn’t seem to notice or even care, so he got bolder. He slid right next to her and put his arm around her shoulder, pulling her tightly to him.

Ben looked down at her face, she looked drugged beyond belief. More so than Jane, or Gillean, or any of the other girls he had raped over the past year. He panicked for a moment, thinking that maybe he had given her way too much, but he gripped her chin between two fingers and pointed her head towards his.

Looking directly into those cerulean eyes, he saw that she was very much alive and conscious. She was extremely inebriated, mind you, but alive and well at least.

Deciding to test the waters as it were, Ben boldly squeezed her left breast through the thin fabric of her white tank top. Not hearing a sound from her, nor any attempt of a struggle or protest, he smiled, knowing she was going to easy. He liked them to fight sometimes, sure, but having a girl as docile as Santana was in this moment was so much better. For Ben, he took it as acceptance on the girl’s part and proof that she wanted it. He was wrong, of course, but monster’s rarely see beyond the surface of such things.

Ben climbed off the couch and scooped Santana’s tiny body into his arms just as he did too his sister one night ago. Instead of carrying the drugged girl upstairs and into a bedroom, he chose to take her into the basement where he decided a photoshoot was in order. He had, after all, plenty of time to fuck and torture the two girls, and figured that his ever-expanding collection of photographs could use some new material.

Before he could do so however, he needed to set-up a little ‘space’ for the shoot. Ben carried Santana’s limp body over to the work horse, and lay her on her stomach, with her arms and legs hanging lifelessly over each side. Santana’s dead face peered at the stairs to her right. The only thing she could see was the light that emanated from the top of them, and even then, it was little more than a blur. She hadn’t the faintest idea as to what was happening, or even where in the world she was.

All the poor girl could focus on was the light above her. She grew anxious as nothing moved for a long time. There was no shift in the light, no voices, no nothing. She couldn’t concentrate, and she tried her best to focus her eyes in the dark, but found herself unable to. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, there was a shift in that very light, as though a shadow was cutting through it. It was small at first; microscopic, but then, it grew larger as she began to hear the faint sound of footsteps approach her.

Santana was freaking out, but her mind couldn’t connect the dots. She was filled with a hundred different thoughts and feelings all at once and her mind was overloading. Her flickering eyes followed the shadow as it floated throughout the room. It stopped in the corner opposite of the light, and it remained there for some time, constantly moving and shifting, but never leaving that spot.

After a few minutes of staring intently at this shadow in the room, she was suddenly blinded by an immense ray of light pointed towards the shadow. She now saw only white. A white ray of light, a white wall, and a figure of someone approaching her.

A single tear crept across her cheek and fell to the floor below her, falling through a crack in the concrete foundation. Santana watched as the figure began to approach her, and then stopped beside her. The figure’s arms lifted her up with seemingly no difficulty, and she watched on as the white, illuminated wall seemed to get closer and closer. Then, just as quickly as she had been lifted in the air, she was dropped to the ground. But instead of rough concrete, she was met by a soft, silky white sheet of some kind. She lay on the ground, motionless, on her side with her legs sprawled and her head to the side, facing towards the immense, white light and the figure. Then, she heard the figure speak in a familiar voice.

“Fuck me, you are one hot piece, Santana. I mean, I always knew you were, but up close, it’s something entirely different. Let’s relieve you of those clothes, you must be so hot down in this muggy basement?” Ben grinned as he spoke.
He proceeded to walk towards her, and with one quick motion, tore the tank top from her chest, revealing her small breasts enveloped in a cute, lime green bra.

“Kinda small, huh?” Ben mocked as he bent down and kneaded and squeezed her breasts. “But that’s okay, I like them. I don’t judge you know, you’re still a growing girl after all.”

His hands then left her chest, and ran down her flat belly, he could feel her shallow breaths as his fingers crawled lower to the hem of her shorts. He slid slowly under them, and rubbed his hand against her pantie-covered snatch.

“You’re wet, Santana. They always are.” He chuckled as he withdrew his hand, and tugged her shorts down her legs and pulled them roughly off, leaving the exposed girl in only her undergarments and shoes.

“You’re almost as perfect as Jane, Santana. Almost.” He teased as he pulled his phone from his pocket and began to snap dozens of pictures of her.

She felt her body being constantly being moved and shifted; as though she was being purposefully positioned for some reason. Unbeknownst to the young teen, she was having some extremely sensitive pictures taken. The kind that, if revealed to the wrong person, could cause a lot of problems for a young girl. Blackmail was cliché, but it was tried and true, and still used so heavily for just that reason. It worked. Surely Jane, Santana, Maggie, Gillean, and all the rest of his victims who were suffering in silence still to this day were a testament to that fact.

Ben continued to snap away at his latest prize with no remorse for his actions. Growing bored with not seeing the whole picture, he stepped towards Santana’s lifeless body yet again and this time removed her shoes, and then her socks, tossing them aside. Then, he forcefully tore the bra from her chest, and proceeded to do the same to her panties. They were unwearable, now torn and tattered from such forceful removal. But that was okay, Ben thought, it’s not as if she would be needing them anytime soon.

Now exposed completely, Ben began to repose the young girl, first sitting with her back to the wall, her head slung to the side, and her legs wide open. He took several shots before shifting her into a different position, this time she was laying on her tummy, with her bottom facing Ben. He captured dozens of images of her puckered anus and couldn’t wait to have his cock buried deep within when she sobered up and could feel every inch of it sliding within her.

Growing bored again after a few hundreds snaps of her naked body, he wanted to have some fun with the toys he had purchased earlier in the day. He fitted her tiny nipples with the alligator clamps, tied her wrists, fingered her, and more. He captured every moment of sadistic abuse with his phone and the camcorder. Not a single moment was going to be wasted tonight. Ben intended to take full advantage of the time he had with these two young whores.

And that’s exactly what he did. The night was still early, and Santana’s photoshoot had only just begun. Then he would do Jane, and then the two of them together. Hopefully, Santana would be less ‘under the influence’ by then. He wanted her to fight him, if only to make breaking her that much sweeter. Ben could hardly wait to fuck them both in his sister’s bed.

But he was getting ahead of himself, he thought as he picked up Santana and carried over to the work horse yet again. Only this time, he bound her wrists and ankles with the rope, and tied her securely to the bench. He then proceeded to snap more pictures from every angle imaginable.

The photoshoot went on for nearly an hour. By the time he was finished, Ben had taken a staggering number of pictures, totalling just north of one thousand. He connected his phone to his laptop, sitting in the dark of the basement with Santana still bound to the bench, and created a new folder, in which he copied all the pictures and videos of both Jane and Santana to.

The folder, now filled with more than a thousand images of two, naked fourteen-year old girls, was already the favourite among his large collection. He right clicked, selected rename, and titled the folder: ‘Best Friends, Enslaved.’

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The buildup has been so fantastic that I dying to read his satisfaction in enslaving then to him!

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Sorry for the several weeks of absence from this story, but I've just been super busy. Hopefully going to finish up Chapter Six this weekend as well as start Chapter Seven too. Thanks for the patience! :)

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Nice job Emily, glad we have you around here.

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Yes, I agree with Jed!

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I'm a-waiting Emily!

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I'm a-waiting Emily!

Sorry for taking so long! I'm currently working on the first chapter of a new story, but after that, I'll begin working on Chapter Six of FM! :)

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It's tough to know which one I want to see first!