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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.

Family Business


Alexis looked at herself in the mirror noting that she was still beautiful despite the comments from the directors and producers these last couple years.  Was she really an old hag at 32?  Maybe things had gotten a little saggy, but you could hardly tell.  In retrospect, the boob job may have been a mistake.  She had been a decent C-cup, but had paid a lot of hard earned money to turn her breasts into double D’s.  Getting the tattoos was something she also regretted.  One or two small ones would have been OK, but she had large ones on her belly, left thigh, back and both shoulders.  They had commented that she didn’t have the look they wanted any more, and she knew they meant young and innocent.  They said it was hard to make her out as a shy pure girl about to be taken for the first time, when she was covered in tattoos.  Her face was also a little haggard, but then if you had been doing porn essentially non-stop for well over a decade, you would look tired and worn out too.

Alexis wasn’t her real name, but then no girl in the industry used their real name.  She had led a very hard life, and it wasn’t looking to get any better.  It started out really bad.  She wasn’t sure when her dad left, but it was before her earliest memories.  Around the time she was 11 her mother moved them in with some guy she had been seeing.  It was his house, and her momma was glad to have a nice place to stay.  He had hurt his back at work and was collecting disability, but Alexis didn’t recall him having any problems lifting heavy things, even with that fat belly of his.  He was a drunk, but momma didn’t see most of that because she worked nights as a waitress until 2AM.  By the time she came home, he was asleep.  She could hear them having sex about once a week, always in the morning.

It started happening when she was 12 and her breasts had begun popping out.  As she looked at her expensive DD’s in the mirror now, it seems ironic that when she was 12, she hated getting breasts.  Maybe if she had never gotten them, he would have left her alone.  The first few times he came into her room to touch her, she shoved his hands away.  Eventually she just lay there stiff with her eyes tightly shut pretending to be asleep waiting and praying for him to be done.

He didn’t just touch her breasts; it was down there too.  He would whisper awful things to her about how wet she was getting, how much he knew she loved it, and that he knew she wanted him to do more.  He even put his face down there, and did what she thought was shocking at the time, and licked her.  He would come into the room, pull the covers down, shove her night gown up past her head and yank her legs apart for the molestation.

Eventually the touching wasn’t enough, and he made her touch him.  She remembered being surprised that first time pulling on it, when it spurted right in her face.  He always wanted it to shoot on her, particularly in her face.  After he left, she would clean it up with tissues, then a wash cloth, and then she would take a bath and scrub herself.  It didn’t matter, she could never make herself feel clean after it happened.  Each night he got more and more insistent about the groping and her jacking him off until the inevitable happened, and he raped her.

She couldn’t recall now if she had turned 13 yet when he raped her the first time.  She remembered the pain of his entry and huffing and puffing on top of her with the crushing weight of his fat body, followed by that spurting inside her instead of on her skin.  He threatened her that if she ever told anybody, he would kill both her and her momma.  She believed him.  There was some blood on the sheets, so he changed the bed and threw out the sheets.  She should have pulled them out of the trash and left them where momma could find them for proof, but she didn’t think of that.

After the third rape, she finally found some courage.  He was out, so she approached momma at the kitchen table and just blurted it out, “Momma, when you are at work, your boyfriend rapes me.”
Momma looked at me really intensely for a full minute, and then slapped me very hard across the face and said, “Don’t you ever tell any filthy lies like that ever again.”
So I didn’t complain any more.

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Poor girl. And kind of hot! Please more

September 15, 2016, 07:40:52 PM
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A great start to another Jed story! Look forward to more!

September 15, 2016, 07:42:14 PM
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As I think on it now, it was weird he didn’t make me blow him before he raped me.  I think maybe he didn’t know he was going to take it to that level until it just happened, and he figured as long as it was just touching with hands, him me and me him, it’s wasn’t really sex.  And then it wasn’t really bad or illegal, but it was anyway.

As long as it went on, I never really liked it, even when I came.  I would try not to cum, but turns out I’m easily aroused.  I still cum easily.  Fighting it and hating it happening with him just made me cum harder.  His laughter at me cumming made it worse.  He would make me masturbate for him to get me wet enough to get inside me.  I always hated masturbating for someone, then and even now on camera.  He began drinking less and even got less verbally and physically abusive from not drinking so much.  But then I realized he drank less to be able to get it up more times.  It was to fuck me more.  I heard momma commenting that he got nicer.  Sure, considering how often he was getting barely teen pussy, no doubt it put him in a better mood.

From the start he liked trying all sorts of crazy positions.  I would ride him facing him and facing away.  He would take me from behind bent over everything in the house.  We’d be sideways on the couch or lying flat on the kitchen table.  It became hard to eat off that table for me, even if I did clean it after.

It wasn’t just fucking by now of course.  I was blowing him constantly too.  The first time he came in my mouth I got sick and vomited.  I soon learned to just swallow it down as fast as possible to get the taste out of my mouth.  Besides, he slapped me around if I spit.  Sometimes he’d be sitting on the couch watching TV, and I’d blow him for what seemed like forever.  Other times he would grab my head and basically face-fuck me.

He was the first guy to get a cock into my throat, long before I was in the industry.  He watched a lot of porn and made me watch too.  He liked the deepthroating scenes, and told me I had to learn how to do that.  So, I did.  I didn’t know it then, but neither the guys in those videos nor him were average in size.  When I first saw a pecker of about 4 or 5 inches, I almost laughed, but then I felt sorry for the guy thinking it was some sort of disability.  Now that I think on it, it’s impressive a girl around 12 or 13 handled one twice that size taking her virginity with only one scream and some crying.  I got used to his size quick.  I had to.

He started taking pictures at some point, and then making videos.  He had a tripod for both of those.  The first ones were grainy, rough, poorly executed and not very good, but he got better at it.  He took a lot of pictures and videos, and I wonder now how much money he made selling those.  Being in the industry now, I still have this anger I didn’t get paid for all that.  While my body may have matured enough to possibly pass for at least 18, anyone looking at my face knew I was underage.  I heard years later pictures of just my face were being passed around law enforcement offices and even posted in public places in an attempt to find me and free me from the abuse.  There was even a couple of social groups specializing in exploited children that were looking for me.  They called me Little Janey, as in showing my picture and saying ‘Help us find and rescue Little Janey’.  It was from Jane Doe I assume, as that’s not my real name either.  They never found me.

He never used a condom.  He kept a calendar of my period.  I was really regular, so when I was ovulating, I spent those days on my knees doing a lot of cock-sucking.  Sometimes around that time, but not on the most dangerous days, he would fuck me but pull out and cum on my belly or back.  He was careful, but not careful enough it worked out.  When I was 14, I missed my period.  I think we both figured it out around the same time, but we didn’t talk about it.  It was still sex every evening, except he threw away the calendar.  Somewhere around 3 months pregnant, momma figured it out.  She said I was my father’s child and a whore, and I needed to get out.

Momma never liked her sister, but I always thought she was cool.  I went to her, and she took me in.  She was 11 years younger than momma, so I think about 22 at the time.  I wasn’t in her apartment but a few days before she told me what she did for a living.  She had been doing porn for 4 years.  Maybe now you are starting to have a vague idea why a washed up aging porn star is calling her story Family Business?

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Thanks cath, vile and Plaything!

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Of course auntie was proud of the porn videos she made and showed them to me.  I saw her watching my face when she deepthroated a guy in one of them, and could see the disappointment in her eyes when I didn’t say ‘wow’ or something like that.  She looked annoyed and asked, “Did you know girls could do that?”
“What do you mean yes?”
“I did that with him.”

I just shrugged uncaringly, but she got up and went rummaging around in some bin of sex toys.  When she came back, she handed me a long flexible rubber dildo with a fake set of balls on the end.  I examined it and estimated it was about as long as him or about 10 inches.  It didn’t take a genius to figured out she wanted me to prove what I said.  So, I opened my mouth and pushed it in, relaxed my throat, and worked it into my mouth and throat until the fake balls were on my chin.  Her jaw dropped in astonishment for so long, I’m surprised she didn’t end up eating bugs.

My life got really boring for a while.  Auntie was out a lot, sometimes working and sometimes partying with friends.  She came home with a guy some nights, and I could hear them in her room.  I mostly sat on the couch and watched TV while my belly got bigger and bigger.  Not long after I turned 15 the baby came.

Stuck in the apartment all the time with a crying baby I got nosy and looked through aunties things.  She had tons of sexy skimpy clothes, and I asked about them.  I mean there were so many frilly panties and such.  She said she needed them for work.  Based on seeing porn I knew the girl would often have something on at the start, but not on for long.  Whatever she had on at the start would be sexy, but the underwear would be really sexy of the Victoria Secret kind.  I found some catalogs and saw this stuff was not cheap.  I asked if the studios paid for it since it was for work.  Auntie looked annoyed but not annoyed at me and said, “No, we have to buy all that stuff ourselves.”

One day she asked if I wanted to go with her to work.  I was so bored, so for sure I did.  There was an older woman across the hall that was delighted to watch the baby and didn’t even charge me.  At first I was really disappointed.  I guess I expected a glitzy huge studio and all with tons of fancy movie stuff.  It was just someone’s house with two cameras set up with a few lights, first near a couch and then later by a bed.  It was a large open room, and the bed didn’t seem like it belonged where it was, but it was set up to look like a bedroom.

Auntie was there in a sexy dress sitting with a man in a suit.  They made out for a while on the couch until auntie took some clothes off down to a pair of those sexy panties.  He took his jacket off and his shirt was unbuttoned.  She had the guy’s fly open and reached in pulling it out stroking him.  She blew him there for a while on the couch, and he worked his pants off to his ankles.  That’s when she got up and headed to the bed.

Everything just stopped at that point, while they moved the cameras and lights.  Auntie even put on a robe to wait.  The guy took the rest of his clothes off and waited too.  When they finally seemed to be ready, auntie took off the robe and fixed her hair getting ready.  The man looked down at himself.  I could see he had gotten soft during the setup near the bed.  He looked up and around, and then stared directly at me.  That’s when the strangest thing happened.

I mean I think I looked good in my yellow sun dress, but nothing was showing.  I had on a plain white bra and panties under the dress.  Here I was dressed, and my auntie was naked and waiting for him, but this big naked guy came over to me?  I stood there wooden and confused while he approached.  He put his hands on my shoulders pushed me down to my knees.  He then lifted his semi hard thing and aimed it at my mouth.

He seemed so confident in what he was doing, and I had never been allowed to refuse to do it before, so I automatically opened my mouth and let him force it in.  I sucked on his cock feeling it getting harder in my mouth.  That’s when the second really weird thing happened.  Less than a minute after he made me blow him, and just as soon as I got him hard, he pulled it out of my mouth and walked quickly over to auntie.  That’s when I saw auntie was laughing with hands over her mouth.  The director told her to cut it out, so she composed herself with some difficulty, and they did the scene.

She was sucking him again, and then he began fucking her.  I don’t remember it well because I stayed on my knees for what must have been 10 minutes completely baffled by what just happened.  I understood I was on the set of a porn movie, but I just couldn’t figure out why I ended up blowing a guy and for less than a minute.  While they were switching positions, I finally got to my feet and then found a chair.  The scene went on maybe 45 minutes.  Even after they were done, this guy that made me blow him however so briefly never once looked in my direction again.  I remember being annoyed about that.

Auntie the robe back on chatted with the guy some and a camera man, but then came over to me.  I still must have had a befuddled look, and she started laughing again.  I guess she could tell I needed an explanation, so she said, “He thought you were the fluffer.”
“Fluffer?” I replied still puzzled.
“Sometimes there’s a girl around on sets to help get a guy hard when he’s needed in a scene.  Can’t have any limp dicks in a porn movie.”
“That’s a real job?”
“Well sometimes.  I mean it’s not all that common to have a fluffer, but it does happen.”

Auntie excused herself and headed for the bathroom.  She didn’t have to say why.  I saw the guy cum on her face.  She may have toweled it off, but she would want to wash her face.  Back with momma’s boyfriend, I would scrub my face for a very long time and still not feel clean.  While I was sitting there fidgeting, a man came over and pulled a chair up across from me.  He immediately put his hand on my bare knee.

I stared at his hand getting uncomfortable, and he asked, “You’re not in the industry?”
I figured he was asking if I did porn.  I thought of all the pictures and videos momma’s boyfriend made me do, but still replied, “No.”
“I didn’t think so.”
He waved the hand not on my knee up around his face and continued, “It’s your makeup.  Girls learn to do a much better job that.”
He was pointing at my face now, and then he got a strange look and asked, “How old are you?”
“Woah, yeah I’m not going to prison putting any jailbait Traci Lords wannabe on camera.”

He looked disappointed, but there was also a glint in his eyes I recognized from momma’s boyfriend.  The hand on my knee had moved up until his fingers were just under my dress.  I knew where this was going to lead and looked around for auntie.  He stood and pulled me to my feet.  He gave a tug on my hand until I stumbled and began walking with him.  He pulled me over closer until he had his arm around me.  I was very aware of his hand touching the side of my breast.  By the time we got to a door, he was cupping my breast.  It was some sort of office with a large leather couch.  He sat on the couch and with a wave of his hand ordered, “Take off your clothes.  I need to see the goods.”

This was just like with the guy in the porn movie.  He seemed so confident, I couldn’t figure out how to say no.  It was that and saying no didn’t matter to momma’s boyfriend, so I expected all men to be that way.  I undressed for him and just stood there stiff while he looked at my naked body.  He stood and walked around me touching my body.  Almost like being at the doctor, he was business like when he squeezed my breasts mumbling, “At least a C-cup, nice.”

They had gotten bigger lately because of the baby.  I was breast feeding, so a squeeze made some milk come out.  He grinned and used a finger to scape it off my tit.  I watched as he actually licked it off his finger.  He smiled and commented, “Well, we know you are no stranger to cock.  Since you have a baby, I bet you could use some money.”

He continued to fondle me and then he brushed his hand on my pubic hair and commented, “A natural blond.”
I didn’t know if it was a question, but nodded yes.
“That bush will need some trimming, but we won’t wax it yet.  I like a neatly trimmed blond bush.  We’ll need someone to teach you how to apply makeup better too.”
He sat back down on the couch and said, “I can’t put you on camera until we can prove you are 18, but I may be able to give you a job.”
He began opening his pants and continued, “You can consider this your interview.”

Just like with the male porn star, I had to get on my knees and blow him.  The main difference was he didn’t run off after he got hard.  I remember being determined to show him I knew what I was doing.  Hearing his grunt of surprise when I got all of his cock in my mouth made me feel proud for some reason.  Soon he had his hands in my long blond hair and was forcing my face down on it.  I worked on him for several minutes until there was the familiar warm salty slimy gushing of his cum into my mouth.  And that’s how I became a fluffer on the sets of porn movies at age 15.  Along with my auntie, I was in ‘The Industry.’

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Auntie got paid a lot more for doing scenes, but I was actually around the sets more.  I understood from day one my job was to get the actors hard if they needed help.  Having a young pretty blond teen girl available for this task seemed normal to me.  It was funny, but they actually rarely needed that task from me.  The male actors usually were fine with the girl actors keeping them hard.  Just because I didn’t have to perform as a fluffer very often didn’t mean I wasn’t having much sex.  The producer got me on birth control, so at least I didn’t have to worry about another baby.

As I think on it now, I was gorgeous in both face and body.  I had learned to apply makeup to make me look even more beautiful, but still keeping that fresh innocent look they all liked, instead of too much makeup and looking slutty.  I’m sure every heterosexual male there would have fucked me as often as possible if given a chance.  However, the producer that ‘interviewed’ me made it clear I was his property.  I was doing what he wanted all the time.  It wasn’t just him and being a fluffer; other guys were fucking me too, but only when he allowed it.  I found out later he preferred underage girls and knew how to stay out of trouble and still get them, and especially to manipulate them.

He made out at first like he was helping me with my future career in porn by showing me what to do with him.  I suppose he did help with that, but what if I didn’t want to be in porn?  It’s not entirely his fault.  Momma’s boyfriend was really the one that pushed me down that path.  The producer found some of the pictures and videos with momma’s boyfriend.  He made me watch them.  I hadn’t really saw them much before, and I saw how careful momma’s boyfriend was to never show his face in them.  I looked so young in them, well I was young.  I didn’t want the producer to show those to anyone, so I did whatever he told me.  I still had the problem that it all turned me on, and I would easily cum for him and the others too.  It seemed like the more humiliating the things they made me do, the more it got me aroused.  And I still hated being laughed at for cumming.

Usually if they did need me as a fluffer, some flunky staff member would bring me over.  One day it was the producer saying I was needed and led me over to the actors.  I looked at the guy in confusion.  He was rock hard and obviously ready to go.  I tried not to look at the woman with her legs spread wide seemingly aiming her crotch directly at me.  I could tell she was staring at me.  It was the producer that forced my head around to look at her.  She seemed to breath hard just as I turned towards her, and she stared at me intently.  That was when the producer said, “Not him, her.”
“Lick her pussy you stupid cunt.”
“Do what?”

He impatiently grabbed my neck and pushed my face directly between her legs and ordered me to go down on her.  Actually both him and the woman were both yelling at me to do it, so I did.  They stopped yelling, but the woman began giving me instructions.  She had fistfuls of my hair thrusting her pelvis at my face, and I got really scared she was going to smother me.  Abruptly, she started gushing liquid right into my mouth, and I began choking on it.  That’s when the producer pulled my head off her and said, “She’s ready.”

He meant I had got her wet enough.  The woman on the other hand seemed extremely disappointed he had stopped me.  I looked around wiping my face on my arm and saw some of the men on the set had been stroking themselves through their pants.  The male actor had no trouble keeping his hard-on too from watching me do it.  I never understood why the girl on girl stuff turned men on even to this day.  I’ve done it of course.  All girls in the industry do at some point, but I have always detested being made to lick pussy no matter how much I was being paid.

They did the scene, but the woman stared at me the whole time she was getting fucked.  I was near the camera, so she seemed to be looking towards the camera with that aroused look on her face.  So, it worked for the scene.  I could tell how turned on she was, but I also knew it wasn’t the guy fucking her that was doing it.  It was me unfortunately.

Why unfortunately?  While she may have faked an orgasm during the scene, she didn’t have a real one yet and was still really turned on.  She was bigger than me and probably twice my age.  I could tell she had a thing for girls, but it turns out she liked them really young.  She got a good grip on my wrist and demanded I finish what I started.  I whined and tried to twist away from her, but then the producer said I had to do it.

He pulled my dress over my head and pushed me onto the bed with her.  He usually didn’t want me to wear underwear, so now I was naked in front of the whole crew.  They all came over to watch.  It was so awful and disgusting.  The actor had cum inside her and on her thighs, and the producer told me I had to lick that off her and eat it.  Once I cleaned her up with my tongue, I started licking her pussy again.  She got really worked up and again and was getting close.  That’s when her contractions for the approaching orgasm made more cum bubble out right in my mouth.  He saw and told me I had to eat that too.  It was like that guy hadn’t cum for a year there was so much inside her.  Suddenly with a good hold on my head she was bucking against my face and screaming out her orgasm.  I thought she was going to suffocate me as it went on for a full minute.

Gasping for air and a little disoriented I managed to prop myself up on my knees and elbows and look around.  Everyone was smiling and laughing at me including the woman.  That’s when the producer magnanimously announced that anyone that wanted me could have me.  I’m not sure how long I was on that bed naked on my hands and knees getting drilled at both ends, but it must have been hours.  I think it was 8 men that took me, and I know all of them went at least twice.  I just remember a seemingly endless number of cocks being forced into my mouth, and I had to go down on the woman again.  Eventually I could barely keep my mouth open let alone actively suck them off.  I don’t even remember them stopping.  I think I lost consciousness and maybe they just kept fucking me.

I woke in the fouled bed sometime around dawn.  All the cum had dried, and the sheets were sticking to me all over.  I had to peel them off my body.  I was in a daze.  I fell back down on the bed three times before I was able to stand.  I somehow made my way to the bathroom, and saw my haggard face in the mirror with my hair matted with cum.  I wasn’t able to stand in the shower, so I crouched in the bottom of the tub with the water spraying on me trying to clean my body and get the cum to go down the drain.

I thought I had got myself mostly clean and let the tub fill to soak for a while.  My whole body hurt but especially my crotch and mouth.  I could see stuff floating in the tub, so I drained it hoping this time all the cum would go down and filled it again.  This time soaking in it, the water seemed clean, but just like when I was younger with momma’s boyfriend, no amount of scrubbing could make me feel clean.  I seemed to be coming around, but that’s when I realized I never made it home and began screaming for my baby.

The producer came in the bathroom yelling about the noise I was making.  When he got me calmed down, he told me my auntie had called asking about me, and he told her I was staying over.  She had already got my baby and was taking care of it.  I nodded relieved about that, and let him dry me off.  He took me to bed to sleep some more.  But since I woke him, he fucked me before going back to sleep.  After all those others, it hurt really bad and I was crying the whole time.

Later that day it was business as usually and even auntie was there to do some scenes.  All these people that had gang-raped me the day before were bustling around doing their jobs.  They barely acknowledged I was there except for a few winks and a couple jokes at my expense.  I had been working there only a month or so when all that happened.  As I think on it now, what the fuck was wrong with them?  I was still barely 15 for fucks sake!

October 01, 2016, 12:38:48 AM
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Momma’s boyfriend never tried anal with me.  Maybe he just wasn’t into that or it didn’t occur to him.  However just as soon as the producer started doing me, he was sticking fingers in my butt and commenting about how he needed to get me opened up for anal.  I don’t think he had any particular fetish about anal in particular, otherwise he wouldn’t have bothered taking a couple weeks getting me used to things in my butt.  He would have just raped my ass and been done with it.

He liked to humiliate me about it though.  When he started making me wear a plug in my ass, he would make me put it in while he watched.  I hated having to do that.  Once to punish me, he made me wear a plug with a real fur dog tail on the set.  The only thing he let me wear other than the doggie tail butt plug was a half t-shirt that barely covered the bottom of my tits.  Guys were grabbing the tail and tugging on it all day and barking at me.  I didn’t cry out loud, but was wiping away tears the whole day.  They were also commenting on my blond bush; this was before I starting to wax.

And he loved fucking me with a plug in my ass.  I know it made me feel even tighter than usual, as it made him feel huge.  Not long after he let the crew gang-rape me, he did take me anally.  I remember screaming and crying during it, but now I know it could have been much worse.  The producer was packing about 7 inches.  That’s a decent size normally, but if it had been momma’s boyfriend with his ten inches and girth or any of the male porn stars around that size, it would have been excruciating.  Maybe that’s why momma’s boyfriend didn’t do it; he was afraid of killing me.

Now I can handle just about any size cock in my ass and do regularly, but back when I was 15, I cried every time.  The producer didn’t do it that often, but some of the people he gave me too were into anal.  Back then I didn’t have to fuck the crew very often, but porn movies need investors.  Funny thing about men investing in porn.  They aren’t really trying to make a bunch of money.  They just want to be around when the filming is going on and hopefully get themselves some tail, and the younger the better.

The other thing about men investing in porn is they are about the sleaziest, nastiest and ugly men you are ever going to meet.  Old and fat are other commonalities you’ll find with these men.  They are so disgusting, the only way a porn star is ever going to let these sleazeballs anywhere near them is if there’s a huge pay check coming along the order of $25,000 or even more.  It turns out, stupid 15 year old blond girls with a baby and desperate for money come a lot cheaper.  I don’t know how much the producer got for selling me, but it surely was a lot more than he gave me.  I barely got enough to give auntie some rent money and buy baby food and diapers.  I tried to eat whatever food was around the set to not go hungry myself.

My stomach still churns thinking about those investors.  There was one the producer gave me to who liked to sit at a desk and watch the scenes.  Guess who was kneeling under that desk blowing him?  It wasn’t easy to do either, as I had to force my face under his fat sweaty belly a little sideways to get my mouth in there.  My whole face would be mashed against his folds of fat trying to please him.  After he would cum, and that took a whole lot of work to get done, he would make me lick his nasty balls.  They were so hairy it was like licking a furry animal.  Hairs would break off and get stuck on my tongue feeling awful, but if I tried to pull back and use my fingers to try and get the hairs off, he would force my face back on his genitals for more licking and sucking.  But all that wasn’t as bad as what happened when the filming was done for the day.

This investor would order a ton of food for everyone to eat after a long day.  I was always hungry, so I was grateful to get some of that, at least the first time.  That gluttonous obese man would shove an ungodly amount of food into his body.  This always had the same outcome of him needing to excuse himself.  He would seize my wrist in his pudgy fingers and make me go with him to help.  I remember seeing one of the really young girls that just starred in some scenes watching him lead me away that first time with a look of extreme sympathy, and I wondered what she knew.

It seems his short arms couldn’t reach back far enough to wipe himself very well, so he made me do that disgusting task.  I did it as quickly as possible doing my best not to touch him.  Admittedly I didn’t do it very well, but I didn’t know what an awful mistake that was.  This gross man really liked young girl’s tongues on his body, and he told me I had to finish cleaning him with mine.  I refused and began trying to get the door open to run out, but he grabbed my struggling body and wrestled me to the ground.

I still remember screaming as he lowered his enormous fat ass on my face.  His butt cheeks were like two huge sweaty pillows descending on me.  He aimed his crack right at my face.  He told me I had to lick him clean otherwise we were staying there until I did.  I couldn’t breathe.  I mean, I said the girl that made me lick her was smothering me, but this fat man really was doing that with his fat ass.  I was terrified I was going to die, so I started licking.

His ass crack was even more hairy than his balls.  The butt hair was matted with, well you know what.  I remember being extremely regretful I didn’t clean him better with the tissue paper.  I was choking and gagging at the taste and the stench, but he wouldn’t lift his ass of my face until he was sure I had cleaned it.  I could tell the producer knew how bad it was, because he gave me $150 that day when I usually got around $30 or $40.  I tried to run out of the house the next time that obese man showed, but the producer started locking the door from the inside.

Believe it or not there were worse things investors and others the producer gave me to made me do, but now I think I’ll tell about something really weird that happened after I had been there about 3 or 4 months.  It was one of those rare times I performed as an actual fluffer.  The guy was big, and his cock really big.  He was nice enough about it and even said hi to me before he shoved his dick in my mouth to get him hard for the next scene he was in.  I remember seeing auntie with her hand over her mouth laughing.  Other than the first time this happened she didn’t laugh anymore, so I wonder why me sucking this guy’s dick was funny.  He went over to do the scene, and auntie wasn’t in it, so she came over and asked, “You never met your dad did you?”
“Well, you just did,” she said laughing again.

I didn’t think it was funny at all.  I confronted him later, and he was a little embarrassed about what he just did with me.  We talked for a short time, and he told me momma threw him out when she found out he was doing porn and got a restraining order so he couldn’t see me.  He seemed nice enough, but I noticed he didn’t ask what I was doing there or try to get me out of it.  I noticed two others things then too.  Momma liked guys with big cocks, however she only wanted that cock once a week or so, but the guys with those cocks wanted it all the time.  The other thing was that my family seemed to be in porn.  By that time, I knew it was inevitable I would be doing porn movies too as soon as it was legal.  It was when I started thinking of the industry as the family business, my family business.

October 08, 2016, 01:22:01 AM
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Offline Jed


I had been with the producer maybe about 8 months, when I walked into his office to discover he was not in there alone.  Standing in the doorway, I was a little dumbfounded to see a tiny Hispanic looking girl kneeling between his knees going down on him while he sat on that couch I was very familiar with.  If it weren’t for her developing breasts, I might have thought she was pre-teen.  She didn’t look like she was even 5 feet tall, although with her on her knees like that it was hard to tell.

She was naked, and a tiny blue dress and a plain white bra and panties were hung over the arm of the couch.  I stood there for about a minutes watching her work on him.  I could tell she was no stranger to sucking dick.  Her hands had skillful moves on the base of his cock, as her head bobbed up and down on it.  She was taking most of him in, but not all of it, and I could see a slight heave when she got about 5 or 6 inches in.  She couldn’t get it all in, but she was trying.  I knew I was better even at 14, but this girl might not even be 14 yet.  I felt really weird and even a little jealous wondering if I was being replaced.

At some point she saw me in her peripheral vision and abruptly stopped blowing him and turned towards me opened mouthed with a shocked look on her face.  I could see her face turning bright red with shame.  I was very familiar with that kind of shame, and I could feel my face turning red too.  He grabbed her head and forced her face back around and back on his cock.  He motioned for me to come over and sit next to him.  I didn’t want to and just wanted to leave, but as usual I did what I was told.  I waited until there was a very familiar grunt by the producer.  The little Latina didn’t seem surprised, and I saw her swallowing.  Her eyes were closed tight, and her face got even redder.  I knew it was because she knew I was watching.

The producer had me take her to get something from his fridge to eat.  That was strange since I never was allowed to do that before.  While we were walking together I noticed how really tiny she was.  I’m about 5’5” and 110 pounds, but this girl probably wasn’t even 5’0” and maybe less than 90 pounds.  There was no mistaking her for a pre-teen though.  I didn’t get a good look at her tits while she was blowing the producer, but afterwards it was clear she was a decent B cup or at least approaching that.  Of course this was way before my surgery, so I was bigger than hers with C’s, just not way bigger than her yet.  She told me she turned 14 a couple months ago.  I was nearly 16 at this point.  It was while we were eating, she just started talking and telling me about what happened to her.

She had an older brother she idolized from her first memories.  He was 4 years older than her, and always protected and cared for her even better than her parents, who always seemed to be working.  When he was 15, they were wrestling and playing and she felt something hard rub against her from his crotch.  She said she knew it was wrong, but could not contain her curiosity.  She asked him if she could see it knowing he couldn’t refuse her anything.  Once she saw it, she wanted to touch it.  She said she was fascinated feeling it grow in her hand.  That’s when he asked her to suck on it with her mouth.  She let go of it, and said no way she would do that.  That’s when the nicest and best older brother suddenly was not so nice any more.

He made her do it saying he would tell everyone she had wanted to see it and touch it.  She was afraid and had always done what he said before, so she started doing it.  It didn’t seem too bad, but then a noise scared them both and they stopped.  She thought that would be the end of it, but it wasn’t.  He came into her room that night saying she had to finish what she started.  She didn’t know what else to do, so did it.  This time he came, and she was completely unprepared for that, sputtering and spitting and mad at him thinking he had peed in her mouth.  He was back the next night, and the night after that.

Both their parents worked evenings coming home around midnight, so no one was around to catch them.  She wanted it to stop and thought maybe he would eventually get bored with it, but he didn’t.  She soon learned how to please him and make it go faster.  It just became the routine every night, and a few mornings too.  As she got older and developed, she was terrified he would want more.  She still thought of herself as a good Catholic girl, and placed a great deal of importance on maintaining her virginity.  She made him promise he would never try any ‘real’ sex with her, and he did promise.  In fact, he never tried to grope her developing body.  He did grip her head hard and thrust at her face sometimes as part of the blow job, but never touched her lower.

He was good in sports, so girls liked him.  He usually had a girlfriend, and she knew he was getting these girls to do things for him, and still it didn’t stop.  She knew when he had fucked his girlfriend, because that night she could taste the latex on his thing from the condom.  A couple times it wasn’t latex she was tasting, and she thought that was so gross.  It went on for 3 years until her brother joined the Marine Corps at age 18 and went away.

One night maybe a week or so after her brother left, she was woken in the night.  Big rough hands seized her head and forced her face over to it.  Groggy from sleep, she reflexively opened her mouth taking it in.  Something was very different though.  It felt different and smelled different.  As she became more awake, she realized it was not her brother.  It was her dad.  He never said a word, and just made her do it until he was done.

Her dad was back the next night after he came home from work.  It was like before with her brother, except for a very important difference.  He did touch her body, squeezing and pinching getting more aggressive each successive night.  He would pull her night gown over her head and touch her all over before putting it in her mouth.  One night he forced his hand between her legs rubbing her grotesquely while she sucked him.  Right after he came in her mouth, she felt him rub her crotch hard and whisper, “This is next.”

The next morning she packed a bag and ran away from home.  She said she could not stand the idea of losing her virginity, especially to her own father.  She said some girl she met on the street brought her to the producer.  This made me wonder who that might be.  Much later I began to suspect he had paid informants on the street looking for vulnerable pretty young girls to recruit them before the pimps found them.  As if being with a pimp would have been worse?

A couple hours later he had us both in a room, except this time it was me he was touching.  I always hated that I would respond to him, and well any man that touched me just right.  He made the Hispanic girl watch.  He had me naked and moaning for him.  By the time he entered me, I was more than willing to be fucked.  I was moving under him and started cumming almost immediately.  I was red with embarrassment and saw the Latina was as well.  He wasn’t done with me and made me cum a second time before he finished.  I knew that it was all a show for the new girl to manipulate her.

The ‘show’ didn’t really work to seduce her.  She was willing to blow him, but said absolutely he could not take her virginity.  Trouble was as she soon found out, he didn’t take no for an answer.  I felt really bad for doing it, but I helped him hold her down and secure her with straps and cuffs on her wrists.  He told me to stroke her face and tell her it would be alright, so I did that too.  He put one of those ball gags in her mouth due to the screams.  He was licking her pussy, and told me to play with her nipples.  She was trying to close her legs, but the straps had the spread very wide.  Her nipples did get hard, but not as fast as mine would have.

As soon as he got her wet, he moved up between her legs.  She was shaking her head, screaming into the gag and trying to move her crotch away from it.  She wasn’t successful of course.  He got it a little inside her and jerked his hips forward.  It was heartrending to see her back arch off the bed in pain and anguish.  Her face was soaked in tears while he fucked her slow and easy.  He was almost gentle at first but soon was pounding it into her body.  He stiffened above her, and I know she could feel his stuff shooting inside her womb.  She moaned in misery and wept even more.  She tried to run away that night, but all the doors were locked from the inside.  He beat her bare ass with his leather belt to punish her for trying to leave.

It didn’t take long before he had her broken, and she didn’t resist any more.  I think once her virginity was torn from her, she didn’t feel like there was anything left to protect anymore.  She was a soiled dove in her own mind.  I had to teach her to deepthroat cock, and really that didn’t take long.  She was a natural at learning that, but then she’d been blowing her brother for years.  I’m sure he got his cock as least partly in her throat many times.

It was inevitable her last virginal hole would soon be taken as well.  The producer actually made me insert the butt plug the first few times.  She cried and pounded her fists on the bed when I did it.  He threatened her about removing it, and made her wear it all day for a few days in a row.  I was there when he took her anally for the first time.  The screams will haunt me for the rest of my life.  I will also never forget the first time the obese investor pulled her towards the bathroom.  I felt really bad for her, but also relieved it wasn’t me.

It was seeing him utterly destroy that young girl and turning her into another one of his fuck toys to be used and handed out for others to use as well that finally made me decide to leave.  That I had been a part of it was particularly disturbing for me and something I just couldn’t handle.  I had just turned 16 and knew I could find some other way like in fast food to earn money to support my baby.  I had had enough of being handed around to whoever to use and abuse me in any way they wanted.  I refused to go to work with auntie.  I soon found out leaving was not so easy.

October 20, 2016, 06:59:23 AM
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I think it was a Wednesday, when I first refused to go to work.  I was putting in job applications everywhere within walking distance, mostly fast food, but anything I thought I might get.  On Friday afternoon the producer showed up.  He didn’t even try to talk to me about it.  I tried to fight him, but he had me face down on the carpet and tied me up and gagged me.  Auntie, that bitch, actually helped him.  He fucked me there on the carpet face down.  I think that was to show me I still belonged to him, but maybe it was partly that the struggle turned him on.

They carried me out to his car and put me in the trunk.  It must have been outside LA he took me, as the car drove smooth for a long while and then bounced on rough roads for what must have been over an hour.  I tried to get loose during the drive, but just ended up with rope burns on my wrists and ankles.  The car slowed at some point barely moving and then came to a halt.  I could hear voices, and then he popped the trunk.  There were two men around 40 looking down at me tied up in the trunk, and one said they’d have to see me better.

I was pulled out of the trunk and then stripped naked, my shirt and bra hanging on my roped wrists behind my back and my pants and panties around my ankles.  I was used to being naked in front of men, but somehow this was terrifying.  The two men looked at each other for a few seconds.  This was when I concluded they were brothers, as they looked almost identical to each other, not twins, but so close to almost be twins.  There were no words spoken between them, but the same one that said they had to see me better said it was a deal.

The producer held out his hand, and I watched with spiking alarm as the only one that spoke so far began counting one hundred dollar bills into his hand.  I had known for a while the producer was selling me to men.  I would get some of the money afterwards, but I always figured the producer kept nearly all of it considering how little I got.  However, he never let me see the money change hands.  I felt a chill go through my whole body knowing something really bad was going to happen to me if he didn’t care I was seeing him get paid.  They counted out $2500.  That seemed like a lot, and I knew then it was going to be really bad.  The producer pocketed the money and turned and left never giving me another glance.  Again, the whole episode was petrifying.  There was a finality to his actions that made me think that I would not see him again, and maybe I would not survive whatever was going to happen to me.

The two men replaced the ropes with elaborate leather cuffs linked by chains for both my wrists and ankles.  I could walk, but just barely due to the short chain.  I knew this was to keep me from running.  It turns out the men were sadists.  They got sexual pleasure from causing pain.  This wasn’t some pretend bdsm session, where the girl enjoys what is happening too.  They certainly had no interest in me enjoying anything.  They fucked all my holes too, but to get aroused they first needed to cause me a great deal of pain and to utterly humiliate me.

The whippings and beatings were bad, but probably the worst was being electrocuted in sensitive areas.  I’d seen nipple clamps before and different sorts of dildos and probes, but never clamps and probes designed to deliver electricity to a human body.  The pain was unbearable.  The clamps would not just be put on my nipples, but my labial lips too.  And the probes were insert into my pussy and my ass to give me jolts there.  It turns out when you are given shocks in those areas, you lose all control over your bodily functions and soil yourself.  That was just one of the many humiliating things I was subjected to.

When I passed out, which happened with great frequency, they would hit me with a hose of cold water.  This wasn’t normal out of the facet cold water.  It was near freezing.  They hosed me off with the same biting freezing cold water when I soiled myself too.  I would eventually be turning blue, shaking uncontrollably and lose any feeling, which of course was not acceptable to the sadist.  When I got too cold to react to their torture, they would dunk me into a hot tub of water that felt like I was being boiled alive.

I became convinced they were going to eventually kill me.  I thought often about my baby, and that I had to live to be back with my baby.  While some may have given up and wanted to die to escape the pain, I kept telling myself my baby needed me and just endured all that they were doing to me.  At some point though I became convinced I wouldn’t make it.  The pain was too great, and I became sure I was going to die.  I would remember the finality of the producer’s actions, as if he was giving me over to them to dispose of me.  I soon had marks all over my body, whips marks and other welts, bad bruises, some cuts and burns from various sources such as hot water, electric shock and even from actual fire such as from their lighters.  My whole body was red like a lobster from the hot water at times.

In between me screaming from whatever pain they were inflicting upon me, there would be sex.  I was desperate for the pain to stop, so whenever a cock was shoved in my mouth, I would suck on it to the best of my ability frantically hoping I could get them to stop the pain by pleasing them with my mouth.  It didn’t work, but that didn’t seem to matter.  As soon as the torture briefly stopped, I would be eager again to try and please them to make the pain stop.

It seemed like weeks had gone by, and I felt like I was near death.  And then the producer showed up.  I didn’t know it then, but it was only Monday morning, and I had only been there since Friday afternoon, so not quite 3 days.  When I saw the producer, I began crawling over to him.  I was actually limping while crawling if you can imagine that?  I got to him trembling terribly and leaned up.  I struggled to undo his pants, but it was really hard with my hands shaking so badly.

I remember being so relieved to finally get his pants open and his cock in my mouth.  I wanted so anxiously to please him, so he would take me away from the bad place and the two men.  I was sucking on him with all the enthusiasm I could muster looking up at him hoping for some sign of approval, and then he spoke, “Are you ready to come home and be a good girl.”
I felt joy flow through my body, nodded my head and sucked on him even harder.

There were a few things I didn’t know then.  The first was the brothers had been told they could not do anything that would leave a permanent mark.  I thought I had been mutilated for life, but they were careful about not doing that, even if it took over a month for everything to heal.  The producer still had plans for me to be in porn and wanted my skin to remain flawless.  The second thing that happened at that moment the producer came back for me was I lost anything resembling freedom.  I was now locked up in his house with him just like the Hispanic girl and not allowed to leave unless I went with him.  I was a prisoner.  Threats that he would always catch me if I tried to leave and give me to the brothers again were enough that I never tried to run away.

It turns out the Hispanic girl was taking care of my baby that weekend, and I was so grateful to her.  We lived in his house and did whatever and whoever the producer told us to.  The Hispanic girl was followed by a curvy brunette about my height around 5’5” and just 15.  She was followed by another curvy brunette nearly as short as the Hispanic girl at about 5’1” and only 14.  And then there was a short almost tiny blond, maybe 5’0” at best and also 14, but with even bigger tits than either brunette.  I sort of noticed a trend of him going more for the smaller girls.  Every few months there’d be a new one.

I was well past 17 by the time the short blond showed up.  The Hispanic girl and taller brunette had both just turned 16 around then.  He did all of us depending on his mood, but the newest and youngest girl usually got most of his personal attention.  Sometime after the first brunette showed up he began having parties.  I assume the men that came paid money, as we got some of that money, but not much.  The men could do whatever they wanted with us, and they did.  I was the big sister to the other girls comforting them when needed, but I was also the one teaching them to deepthroat and forcing the butt plug in while they cried.

Unlike me and the Hispanic girl, the new ones had no clue about sucking cock when they showed up and needed a lot of instruction.  The little brunette in particular was bad at it and didn’t want to learn.  I would force a dildo in her mouth until the gagging turned into vomiting.  She would whine and cry about not being able to do it, so I had a wooden paddle I used to beat her bare ass red and raw to convince her she had to learn.  It took a couple of months, but eventually she was getting all of the producer’s cock in her mouth and bigger ones too.  She still gagged, choked and heaved while doing it for a while after that, but the vomiting stopped.  Turns out the men actually liked all the fuss she made about doing it, and when I finally beat her ass into submission, I think they were at little disappointed at her complete surrender and obedience.  When ordered, she would drop to her knees with barely a whimper and open wide as soon as it was being aimed at her mouth.  I never understood why I enjoyed breaking her spirit, but I did.  She still whimpered and fussed about anal though.

I thought it rather strange that I was the first, so I asked a camera man I knew had been around a long time what was up with that.  I threw him a piece of free tail once in a while, so he was inclined to answer even if he looked a little worried about it.  He told me there were girls before me.  It seems one of them committed suicide by throwing herself off the roof breaking her neck.  He got rid of the other girls that day, but the police had lots of questions about why a pretty 15 year old runaway was living with him and killed herself.  They had him under scrutiny for more than a year.  It was only after the heat died down, and then I showed up with auntie, that he decided to start up again.

I had been living with the producer for 2 years when my big day came.  I had turned 18 and was legal.  It’s not every girl that can say they completed five full length porn movies on their 18th birthday.  It was a very rough 11 hours of shooting.  I may have been used to lots of sex, but not necessarily lots of sex with guys hung as big as your typical male porn star.  My crotch and ass were so sore I could barely walk, and my throat so raw I could barely talk, but I was officially in the industry for real now.  I was extremely popular right from the start.  Despite all I had been through, I still had the look of innocence so desirable to the directors and viewing audience.  I was soon working every day, and very tired all the time.  I remember begging the producer for just one day of rest, but he said we had to strike while the iron was hot.  Within weeks I was trending as one of the most popular girls in porn.  Even auntie was jealous, and my dad showed up one day saying how proud he was of me.  I had finally made it!

October 20, 2016, 08:49:16 PM
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Offline angelrose

Love this story!  :)

November 23, 2016, 12:03:24 AM
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wow. Very good. I liked it.  :D

November 23, 2016, 06:56:51 AM
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Offline Jed

Thank you angelrose and Ladybug.

I have more of this written and will get back to it soon.

January 10, 2017, 05:42:53 AM
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Offline Jed


I hadn’t been doing porn for more than a couple weeks when the producer booked me for a series of movies with a bbc theme.  bbc does not refer to a British news organization; in the porn industry it stands for ‘big black cock’.  Now there’s something you have to know about me.  While I may be a native California girl, I came from a rural and rather redneck all white town.  Let’s just say the part of California I’m from was not known for educated and tolerant views.  I always believed I didn’t share their racial intolerance, but that didn’t mean I was comfortable around black people and especially black men.  In actuality, large black men terrified me.  They were the stuff of my nightmares, huge angry violent black men raping small innocent blond girls like me.

It was the innocent blond girl with big blue eyes getting it from large black men that they wanted for the movies I made those couple weeks.  In the first one, I was dressed in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit.  It seems I got off the bus at the wrong stop, and looking confused and vulnerable.  Two black men over a foot taller than me wearing gang colors ask me if I was lost.  I told them that I was and need help.  They say they could give me a ride home, but first they needed to go to a friend’s house.  And I of course needed to go with them.  This was followed by me in an apartment with now three large black men.

The three black men told me I needed to do some things for them to get the ride.  I act bewildered, unsure and couldn’t seem to say no as they begin touching and pawing me.  I was shaking and afraid.  Soon the squeezing and kneading of my body leads to them pulling my clothes off.  I keep saying how unsure I am that this is OK in a quivering terrified voice and give some resistance, but soon I’m overwhelmed by them.

The thing is, I really was terrified of these black men.  I was not acting afraid for the scene, and they knew it.  They interpreted my fear as racism.  I wanted to tell them I didn’t really hate black people, that I was just afraid.  They began whispering things in my ear while groping and fingering my holes that were not part of the scene.  One said, ‘Gonna hurt you bad white ho’ and another said, ‘Lil blond bitch is gonna bleed’, and they kept that up as they were getting ready to fuck me.

By the time they had their cocks out, I was crying with tears streaming down my face and trembling in terror.  They had stripped me naked and I was on my knees in front of them.  I began begging them not to hurt me, and I could see both the director and the producer nodding to me and looking pleased, but I wasn’t acting.  I quickly began blowing them moving from one huge menacing black cock to another swallowing them down as far as I could go.  I was desperate to please them, so they wouldn’t hurt me.  Massive black hands were pulling hurtfully on my blond hair as they face-fucked me.  It wasn’t long before my throat was raw and sore.  I tried to push on their hips to tell them it was too much, but they ignored me.  They’re not supposed to do that in the industry.  If it’s too much for the girl, they’re supposed to ease up or stop, but these black men didn’t, even though they know they were supposed to.

Watching it later, I did look like a little innocent white school girl being forced to perform by threatening scary large black thugs.  After blowing them all on my knees for a few minutes, they pulled me onto a bed and one of them entered my pussy roughly making me squeal.  Soon they began passing me around from one to the other fucking me.  I was on my hands and knees on the bed as they took turns, with usually a huge black cock in my mouth too.  At some point one of them lay on the bed and pointed at his cock for me to mount him.

Rapidly the whole innocent thing became a bit of a stretch, as it’s hard to really believe a small blond girl is unsullied when she’s riding one huge black cock and then only winces and lets out a small gasp of pain at a second huge black cock being shoved in her ass.  That and immediately after she is skillfully deepthroating a third big black cock.  It was the first time I got triple teamed.  I tell you it was really hard to concentrate on deepthroating while it felt like my ass and pussy were being ripped to shreds.  Let’s just say the sweet little blond Catholic schoolgirl never made it home and is not so innocent any more.

I did a couple week’s worth of the bbc scenes and was terrified the whole time.  Each movie was billed as my first interracial.  Yeah, all 20 something movies with the black men were my first interracial?  They did the same back then for movies where I did anal, calling 20 or so of those movies my ‘first anal’.  The black men in the bbcs eventually got nicer.  I think it was because I kept cumming for them, and they knew that was real and me not acting.

The constant orgasms became an issue, and one of the directors finally quizzed me about it.  He told me my orgasms for the camera looked great, but that I should hold off on having them and maybe just have one at the end instead of two or three during the scene.  I was embarrassed to confess I wasn’t acting.  He got a surprised look at said, “Well as long as your orgasms look real on camera, I guess it doesn’t matter if they are real.”

It was part of my popularity, that I would obviously cum for the guy and the viewing audience.  I was very popular for a couple years, but I soon understood why the producer said we had to strike while the iron was hot.  My popularity peaked at 18, maybe 19.  Sure, I was still popular into my early twenties, but even then I could sense the slow slide in my career.  By the time I was in my mid- twenties, it was obvious things were going downhill.  When I entered my late twenties, I was getting desperate about my financial situation.

I guess I haven’t mentioned it before, but the child I had with my momma’s boyfriend is a girl.  Because of what happened to me, I’ve been crazy protective of her.  I never let guys come over and watch her like a hawk.  This is why I became so alarmed when she hit puberty at barely 11.  I was 12 when I started to bleed and my breasts developed.  I did what I felt I needed to.  I took her out of school at 11 saying she would be homeschooled for now on, and I found a place outside of Los Angeles for us to live.

Where we ended up living is on a small ranch owned by a former character actor in mostly B-movie Westerns, although he had minor parts in a few well known movies.  I love living here.  It’s out in the country but no too far to go to work or the store.  It a former guest house on the ranch with all I need and great views form the porch.  There’s a barn and horses, which is really nice.  It was not a cheap place to stay, but I made arrangements for the rent to ‘take in out in trade’ as it were.  About 3 times a week he calls down to the guest house, and I go up to the main house and do whatever sex acts the old pervert wants.  He’s old and really disgusting, but by this time and all I’ve been through, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about that.  Well, I care a little.  He’s not real nice about what he gets from me.  He has got to be at least 70 now after us living here for 3 years, and he gobbles Viagra like skittles to get it up repeatedly to get it in me.  I keep simultaneously worrying he’ll stroke out and die and hoping for that.  But then I don’t want to be homeless, and I know I’m not in the will.

So here I am at 29 just barely getting by with the few low paying porn roles I get now.  I’m not sure how I’m going to keep things together.  I’m watching my daughter now so innocent and vivacious laughing as she’s feeding one of the horses a carrot.  Unlike me here fretting about money, she doesn’t have a care in the world.  I can’t believe how that girl has developed, so beautiful and voluptuous with gorgeous flowing blond hair and stunning blue eyes.  She’s even prettier than I was at that age, and at 14 only a year younger than me when I began making a ton of money for the producer.  Wait!  What?

January 15, 2017, 09:38:45 AM
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She tries to hide it, but I know what momma does for a living.  She makes movies where she has sex in them.  I knew it before I had to leave all my friends and come here.  I don’t know why grownups think we kids don’t know what’s going on, but we do.  Weren’t they kids once too?  I think I know what sex is, but sometimes I’m not sure.  I know men have these things, but I never saw one.  The men rub their things around on that part of a girl between her legs that has some hair.  I heard sometimes a girl kisses the thing, but that seems really gross.

I remember when my body started to change and for some reason it freaked momma out.  I remember when I was 10 and my breasts started to bulge.  It was so annoying.  They both hurt, and the boys would comment on them.  I felt like everyone was looking at them all the time, but momma said that was only because of how sensitive they were.  Maybe I was self-conscious of them, but the boys were looking at them a lot.  The hair down there started to grow too back then, a blond curly fuzz.  I just felt weird all the time, and then one morning just after I turned 11, I woke and I was bleeding.  I was terrified and ran to momma.  She just seemed to be annoyed, and said had she’d hoped that would wait a while.  That’s when momma freaked and we moved here.

While I was 11 and 12 my breasts kept getting bigger and bigger.  By the time I turned 13 momma said they were bigger than hers were.  I thought she meant at 13, but she said before the implants.  I sort of remember that, I think I was 5 or 6 when she got those.  I still don’t know why.  Having them so big makes me feel so weird, almost like I’m going to fall over.  I’m 5’4” and 112 pounds, so I’m not a very big girl.  My waist is slim, so sometimes I feel like I’m all breasts and butt.  Momma says I’m 36-21-33.  I have wavy blond hair like momma.  I haven’t had it cut in a very long time, so it’s almost down to my butt.  It takes me a long time to brush it, but I like doing it.

I touched myself some when I was 11.  It made me feel funny all over, but in a good way.  I remember getting wet down there too.  At one point I was moaning and my hips were moving against my fingers, but it scared me so bad I stopped.  I told momma about it, and she told me it was good I stopped and not to do that anymore.  She said it was bad for me to touch myself.  I heard her mumble something about not wanting me horny and getting into trouble.  Horny?  I didn’t know what she meant, but I remembered not to touch myself down there ever again.

It’s not so bad here on the ranch.  I have my friends the horses and the barn cats.  I just wish we would go places more often.  Sometimes we see a movie in town or go to the diner for some pie.  I wish I had friends again, kids my own age.  When we are in town the boys and men look at me.  At first I thought they were looking at momma, and sometimes they were, but then I figured out they were mostly looking at me.  Momma glares at them until they stop.  I asked why are they looking at me, and momma said the men and boys are not nice and want to do things that are not nice.  I think she means the things she does in the movies.  Thinking about that would make me feel funny and even get wet like when I touched myself, but remembering how momma said that was bad, so I tried not to think about such things.

The worst thing about the ranch besides no kids as friends is the nasty old man that owns it.  Whenever he thinks momma isn’t looking, he tries to talk to me and even touch me.  He squeezed my butt once and almost squeezed my breast once too, but I dodged his hand.  He’s always watching me with a not so nice look on his face.  I turned 14 last month, but we didn’t do anything like we did the last birthdays.  Momma tried to make it nice, but we just had two cupcakes.  I think she worries a lot about money right now.  I can tell it’s a problem.  We barely have enough food sometimes.  I don’t know what we’re going to do.

Early last week we went to the doctor.  I didn’t feel sick, so I don’t know why.  The doctor looked at me down there.  It was really embarrassing.  Strange thing is momma got some pills that I’m supposed to take every day.  If I’m not sick, why do I need to take a pill?  It wasn’t the only strange thing.  I went to go to bed tonight and I couldn’t find any clean panties to wear.  My drawer was empty, and when I asked momma about it, she said they were all in the laundry and just wear a nightgown.  I know that’s not true.  I had at least 5 pairs of clean panties this morning.

It seemed to be some sort of nightmare, but no it was real.  I had almost gotten to sleep when momma and some man came into my room.  I was confused but momma was whispering everything was going to be OK and took my hands and put them above my head.  I heard clicks and looked up seeing momma had put handcuffs on me like out of some cop TV show.  They were around the metal bed frame and I couldn’t pull my arms down.

Momma and the man were on opposite sides of the bed and pulled the covers down.  I could feel my night gown riding up, and I struggled and wished I could push it down so the man wouldn’t see anything.  That’s when I opened my mouth to scream, but momma seemed to be ready for that and shoved some sort of ball in my mouth.  I tried to push it out with my tongue, but momma seemed to be strapping it behind my head.  Momma kept saying everything was going to be alright.

I was really scared and kicked at the man, but he got hold of my ankle just as momma grabbed the other one.  They pulled my legs wide apart making my night gown ride up even more.  They put more cuffs on my ankles and then to the bottom bedposts.  They weren’t done and got some sort of straps and pulled them behind my knees until my legs were spread so wide it hurt.  It was still a little dark in the room, but I was afraid the man could still see it.  I wasn’t wearing panties, and my nightgown was barely covering it.

I was struggling against the cuffs.  They had some sort of velvet on them, or otherwise they might be cutting into my wrists and ankles.  That was when the unthinkable happened.  Right in from of the strange man, momma took the hem of my night gown and pulled it quickly up and over my head all the way to my wrists.  I was so shocked at being completely naked in front of this man, that I stopped moving and just froze.  That was when momma spoke again, “I’m sorry about this sweetie, but momma couldn’t think of anything else.  It’s going to be alright though.  Momma has a plan.”

“Damn Alexis, you weren’t kidding about how hot she is.  I’m not going to ask how old she is, cuz at least she looks over 18.”
“Sweetie, this is Tommy.  He’s going to help momma get you ready to make us some money.”
That was when the man pulled his shirt off over his head.  He was unbuckling his belt and asked, “Turn on the overhead light will ya Alexis, I wanna see this little hottie better.”
“Yeah, sure Tommy.  Thanks again for doing this.”
“It looks like it’s going to be my pleasure,” the man said and dropped his boxers to the floor.
“Here, put this towel under her butt in case she bleeds.  I don’t want a stain on the bed.”

I was still stunned by what was going on and the overhead light blinding me didn’t help.  The naked man was covered with tattoos, and he and momma pulled a towel under my butt.  I was so scared, especially now that momma said I might bleed, bleed from what?  He crawled up over one of my legs, and that’s when I saw it.  His thing was waving around between his legs, and it was bigger than I expected them to be.  I could hear myself whimper wondering what he was going to do.  He was on top of me his face really close, kneeling between my legs.  He brushed my long blond hair out of my eyes and said, “Those are some gorgeous blue eyes she has.”
“Yeah, they seem a deeper blue than mine.  Get on with it Tommy, make her cum first to relax her.”

I wanted to scream at them and ask what was going on.  It was all so crazy.  Then the man with both hands squeezed my breasts.  He acted surprised and said, “Whoa, these are real?  With that tiny waist, I figured they had to be silicone even if they looked real.”
“Yep, she’s all natural and staying that way.  I wish I hadn’t got mine when I did, but then I wasn’t as big as she is.”

He kept squeezing them like he was playing with two toys.  It felt weird being touched like that and was making me squirm.  He played with my nipples, and I could see and feel them get hard.  I was moving all around and couldn’t stop myself.  It was like he was controlling my body by touching me.  That got worse when he putting his mouth on my nipple and sucked on it.  I hated it, but I it also seemed like I liked it too.  Momma was stoking my face and whispered, “Just relax sweetie.  Tommy is going to make you feel good.”

I didn’t know how he could make me feel good.  It didn’t make sense.  He stopped sucking on my nipple and began kissing down my belly.  He briefly let go of my breasts, but them put his arms under my thighs and gripped both breasts again.  I thought things had gotten so crazy, but I was not expecting what happened next.  He licked it.  I felt like a jolt of electricity going through me, and then he licked it again and again until he was tonguing me right there where I pee.  Momma said I shouldn’t touch there, but now she was letting some strange man lick me all over in that same special place.  His tongue was driving me crazy and I couldn’t stop moving.  Momma was whispering non-stop too, “Relax baby and let it happen.  Momma is jealous and wishes it was me Tommy is licking.  It feels good doesn’t it?  Just let it happen baby.  I need you relaxed for the next part.”

I didn’t know what all this madness was about, but I couldn’t stop wriggling and moaning.  His tongue licking me was creepy and disgusting, but I couldn’t help liking it too.  Momma was stoking my face and still whispering, but I couldn’t hear her any more.  What the man was doing was all I could sense.  It was the most intense thing I ever felt.  It was like electricity running through my body and there was such tension all through me, and it felt like my head was going to explode.  And then it did.  I could feel my body rocking against his face, and I was moaning loud through the thing in my mouth.  Waves of something were washing over me.  It was both awful and wonderful all at the same time.

I was still wriggling and moaning when he stopped and spoke, “That didn’t take long.”
“Yeah, she’s like her momma.  I cum fast too, especially back when I was young like her.  Fuck her now while she’s relaxed.”

I heard momma say that, and the man was moving up.  I looked down seeing him gripping his thing.  He was pressing it between my legs where my folds are.  It was then I realized he wasn’t going to rub it around on the outside; he intended to try and push that huge thing inside me.  I stated to struggle trying to move my place away from him, but he got the tip in and seemed to be steadying himself.  That was when momma began whispering to me again saying, “Momma had to handle one slightly bigger when she was even younger than you baby.  It’s part of why momma picked Tommy.  He’s around 9 inches or so, and he didn’t expect to be paid.  Just relax sweetie.”

The man pushed hard, and I could feel my back lifting up at the searing pain.  He was tearing into me and pushing deep.  It hurts so bad.  I was trying to scream at him to stop, but only noises were coming out.  He kept shoving it in me over and over.  Momma was still talking to me and brushing my cheek.  It was hard to follow.  I tried to listen and was catching some of it hearing her say, “Momma is so proud of you baby.  You’re all grown up now and gonna make so much money for momma.  Try and relax and get used to it.  You’re gonna have to and other stuff too.  Tommy, hurry up will ya.  There’s no reason to hold back, and go ahead and cum in her, she’s on the pill.”

Momma stopped talking at that point and just watched.  The man was grunting as he shoved it between my legs, and I could hear myself moan in pain each time he thrust into me.  I don’t know how long it lasted, but it seemed a long time.  At some point he was grunting and jerking against me, and then he stiffened and stopped.  I could feel something wet inside me.  I wasn’t sure, but I think it came from him.

I was so sore from what happened and crying.  I could hear myself moaning and sobbing through the thing in my mouth.  The man pulled his thing out of my body, and they both looked down there.  Momma took the towel and dabbed me between my legs, and I saw some blood.  It made me really scared, but momma ignored me and began using the towel to wipe the man’s thing.  She dropped the towel and was stroking his thing with her hands, and then she said, “That was so hot watching that.  Come on Tommy, I need your cock now.  We can let her loose later.”

With that, momma pulling on the man’s thing led him out of the room.  They didn’t let me go, and they even left the light on.  Not long later I could hear momma moaning.  Not long after that momma screamed, but it didn’t seem to be in pain.  The moaning happened again, and another scream and then it got quiet.  They must have forgot about me, because nobody came back to let me loose.  My crotch hurt, and my legs went numb.  The light was blinding me even when I turned my head and closed my eyes.  I lay there for hours, but I couldn’t sleep.  All I could think of was what momma had that man do to me, and I kept wondering what she meant about me making money.  That didn’t sound good at all.  I’m so scared.

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Yikes! That was hot. Nice twist to. Cant wait to see where you go from here.

February 02, 2017, 10:01:23 PM
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Another Masterpiece!  Love the twist.