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September 13, 2018, 01:29:57 AM

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(Set a few years after emancipation in the Caribbean/west-indies)

She was beautiful. Delightful cocoa skin, her hair lightly curled like many of the women of the west indies. Mostly African in heritage, she appeared to have some Indian and Latin in her. She was born a slave, but had been freed during emancipation and now lived with her family in the shanty towns on the poor side of the island where the former slaves had settled, now working as poor labourers.

She was bathing in the river, clothed as most people did. As she walked out, her skirt and blouse, clung to her youthful figure perfectly as the water drained from her. She was a teenage girl, young, and innocent looking. I couldn't help but imagine myself ravishing her.

Watching her, I saw her standing on the side of the river that was on my property. I watched from a distance, as she proceeded to walk through my land, oblivious to the fact that she was on MY property. I watched curiously, to see what she was doing. She walked gingerly through the trees, her bare feet padding gently along the ground as her buttocks pumped rhythmically as she walked along, making her way through the trees.

She paused as she walked, every so often and I saw that she was picking roots from the ground...on my land! I watched her closely, seeing what else she would steal. She gathered some herbs, then some other vegetation, before approaching a mango tree and selecting a few ripe ones. Gathering them in her skirt, held up in front of her, I saw her delightful brown skinned legs, as she walked, unaware of the fact that she was not alone.

"Hey!" I bellowed, as she yelped and dropped all the goodies she had gathered.

"Who the hell do you think you are stealing from my property", I demanded as the young girls mouth opened in fear and denial.

"Your property??...Sir, I swear, I thought this was public land" she insisted. In fairness my property line was not really marked, but at the township land registry the line clearly started at my side of the stream.

"Liar!" I snapped, pointing a finger at her. She stuttered for a moment, looking for words to say but I grabbed her arm hard, yanking her in the direction of the house.
"I'll have the local authorities deal with you"

That comment struck fear into her heart. Yes emancipation had passed, but former slaves were not treated kindly by the established class, and thievery by former slaves was dealt with harshly.

"Oh god please sir, no!" She begged "They'll put me in jail! I can't go to jail. My parents need me to help feed my brother and sister" She looked at me, her teary eyes imploring.

"Jail? You'll get more than jail. I'll have them whip you first, and then I'll make sure that no farm or dock will hire any single member of your thieving family"

She wailed and collapsed when I said that. her mournful cries echoing through the woods as she sobbed on her knees.

"Please sir...I'm begging you. PLEASE!! Don't do this! I beg you!". As she sobbed on her knees, I got a half decent look at her cleavage and didn't exactly mind what I saw. She was young, but nicely formed.

"Stand up!" I commanded. She complied on unsteadily legs. Looking at her, I gave her a quick one over. She had a nice figure. Slender, with nice curvy hips and a nice ass. Her breasts were neither too big or too small; just perfectly sized for her body and nicely formed.

Thinking of a better idea, I spoke sharply. "If you don't want the authorities involved come with me!...and pick up the food you collected"

She breathed a sigh of relief and then quickly gathered the various fruits and vegetables she had gathered, holding them in her skirt as she walked, giving me a glimpse of her nicely toned legs. I lead her along the path, heading towards the barn as she followed silently, wanting to get out of this without being harmed.

I walked to the barn and opened the side door, and gestured for her to step in. She paused for a second before I spoke "Let's go!". Not wanting to push her luck, she stepped through the door and walked into the barn. When I closed the door behind us she seemed nervous, as though uncertain what would happen.

"OK, put the food down on that table" I spoke as she complied quickly.

"Untie your hair...let it down". She looked at me quizzically, not fully comprehending.

"I Just want to see your hair hanging down around your shoulders, now do it!"

With nervous fingers, she reached up and undid the tie in her hair, allowing her curls to drop around her shoulders. Stepping in close, I reached out to touch her face as she nervously pulled her face away.

"Don't be afraid; I won't hurt you." I spoke as my fingers touched her cheek. Her nervousness was evident though, as she must have pondered whether or not it was such a good idea to come in here with me. Of course she really had no choice, but she must have been tortured by the knowledge of how one little mistake had gotten her into this situation.

My fingers traced her cheek, and then her neckline, following down to her chest as she seemed to slightly pull away.

"Undo your shirt." She seemed to blink, almost as though in disbeleif.

"Sir...I....." she muttered, shaking her head.

"Oh for crying out loud girl, I just want to take a look at you. Nothing more....we can always just get the authorities involved"

Reluctantly, with shaking fingers she reached up and undid the top button of her blouse and then slowly worked her way down, allowing her brown skin to become visible, as my own heart started beating harder in excitement at the sight of this pretty girl opening her blouse, the power I had over her and her fear.

Once it was open, she revealed two nicely rounded breasts, well shaped. She didn't have a bra; couldn't afford one. Stepping in close, I reached out and grabbed one with my palm, as she seemed to shrivel away from me in humiliation and fear. I started mauling her tits, feeling them as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Ok, raise your dress up"

"Sir...please no..." she begged, "I'm not that kind of girl...I've never..."

"Look, I just want a look at you. I won't go too far, now pull it up or let's just get the constabulary!"

Whimpering, she reached down and started pulling her dress up, revealing two nicely toned legs, her soft brown thighs looking delicious as I licked my lips in anticipation.

"Pull down you undergarments" I commanded. She shook her head, sobbing;

"Sir I can't. I've never been with a man......I can't afford to have a baby...please sir....please" She whined.

"Baby?" I said with exasperation, "Who said anything about a baby? How far do you think I want to go here? I certainly don't want a baby either. I just want to explore you a little, have some fun and then you can be on your way with your food. No harm in that is there?"

My assurances that she would leave here a virgin caused evident relief, as she nodded, and then slowly reached down and lowered her underpants to the floor, stepping out of them. She was still scared and vulnerable, but at least relieved at the belief that I would not rape her.

Stepping up close, I stuck my finger in my mouth and then pushed it between her legs, seeking out her cunt. Sliding it along her crease, I saw her face tensing up nervously. Finding the opening, I slid a finger in and made contact with a barrier, assuring me that in fact the pretty black girl in my barn was a genuine virgin. She seemed to be standing on her toes to alleviate the pressure of my finger against her maidenhead.

"Turn around". She looked at me and tentatively turned to face away from me.

"Feet apart and bend down over the table". She hesitated, looking back

"Come on for crying out loud! I just want a better look" I commanded. She didn't look terribly comfortable with this but she moved her feet apart, and then leaned forward putting her hands on the table.

"Face down" I command, as I push on her back, making her lay down on the table with her butt sticking out and her feet apart as she yelped from the roughness.

Lifting her dress up from behind, I got a good look at her nicely rounded ass. Running my hand up her thigh, I glided it over her buttocks.

Kneeling behind her I got a close up view of her pussy, as her body quivered in fear and humiliation. I placed both hands on her butt cheeks and pulled them apart, causing a gasp. Then placing a thumb on each side of her pussy, I pulled it open, causing her to whimper at the crude violation. She was nice and pink on the inside, and her hymen stretched nicely across, just inside of her, only a slight opening in the barrier to her womanhood. Such a delicate little barrier that protects her girlhood, and without which she becomes a woman.

My cock was straining against my pants as I licked my fingers and then smeared the saliva over her pussy, flicking her clitoris, which caused her thighs and buttocks to twitch.

"Can I please go now....please" she whimpered in a frightened girlish voice that turned me on even more as I molested her body.
"Just another moment, hold on" I reassured. With me squatting behind her, and her face on the table, she could not see me fumbling with my pants, opening them. I wanted to fuck this little dolly here and now.

Standing, I allowed my pants to drop as I stood, and then in an instant I was on top of her, my chest against her back as I pinned her down with her face against the table.

"Oh my god......NO...PLEASE!" she squealed..."You promised...oh god ...Stop! Please" as she struggled desperately to get me off of her back, but given the size and strength differential, and the fact that she had no leverage her efforts did nothing but turn me on.

I had to hold her still, so I grabbed her hair and yanked it back viciously, craning her neck painfully as she screamed. Holding her tightly in place, my legs kept kicking hers apart as I grasped my cock in one hand and guided it to her unused portal. Touching the head to her virginal cunt, I pressed forward, pushing hard, opening her as my cock slid in, stopping only when it hit the barrier of her innocence. She cried out from the discomfort of being so roughly stretched open, while I delighted in the feel of her lips clenching around my cock head, trying to resist the penetration.

Then with savage ferocity I jammed my hips forward, splitting her virgin barrier apart as I drove a considerable length of my manhood into her virgin portal. The sudden tearing of her virgin flesh caused her to scream a high pitched girlish scream. It's never a fun experience for a virgin to feel that skin tearing. After her scream, her mouth remained open in a silent scream as she scrunched up her face to deal with the pain of the violent penetration. Before she could recover I drew back a bit and then slammed my hips forward again, forcing more of my length into her virgin quim, causing another high pitched scream.

"Stop!......Please!...Ple....aaaiiiiiiii.." her words were cut off by her own scream as I slammed forward again, this time burying almost the whole length inside her. One more powerful thrust, couple with a high pitched scream from the girl and I had her fully impaled. My manhood was deep inside her womanhood as her insides gripped me tightly, squeezing as though they wanted to force me out.

I love the feel of a virgin. So tight, so innocent, and those big scared eyes. My wife was a virgin, but I had to at least make some effort to be gentle. I did manage a few rough thrusts, feigning apologies when she whimpered that it hurt, but for the most part I had to make some effort to consider her feelings and not just pound away in lust. This former slave however....I could fuck the hell out of her pussy and not worry about how it feels for her. She had no rights. She didn't matter.

Not waiting for her to adjust I start fucking the little brown skinned female, nice and hard. Pining her down with firm hands, I pound my pelvis into her from behind, my hardness plowing into her depths as she cried and struggled. I couldn't get enough of her tightness, grasping my flesh and sliding over me, milking me as I fucked her like a cave man, real savage and raw to the sounds of her screams echoing through the barn. This was not lovemaking or sex...this was brutal violent fucking...this was rape and I was showing my little conquest no mercy as I split her tender flesh wide and ploughed a hole deep into her with my battering ram!
As I punished her with my cock, her screams died down to sobs, with only the occasional yelp as I pummeled her gripping fucktube in a show of dominance, reminding her who was in charge. I don't know how long I fucked the crying girl, but it did seem like some time before I felt the tingling sensation of an impending orgasm.

Realizing I was almost done, I started really putting the cock to her with savage force, making sure she would remember her defloration forever as I fucked her deep and hard, causing her to start crying out again at the violence of the thrusts that battered the inner depths of her womanhood. Then a few moments later I came hard, the orgasm coursing through my body as I planted my shaft deep within her body, sending my seed deep within her womb as she cried out in anguish at the knowledge of what was happening.

Holding it there for another moment as the spurts receded, I pumped my cock into her a few more times to milk any residual semen into her as she sobbed, gasping for breath.

Then slowly I pulled out, satisfied by the sight of blood on my cock. When I stepped back, she slid off the table into a heap on the ground, crying with deep powerful sobs as she tried to come to terms with her lost virginity, the humiliation and violence with which it happened and of course the risk of pregnancy.

Grabbing her hair, I yanked her face towards me, and showed her my cock.

"See that blood? I popped your cherry real good. I took what no man will ever be able to take from you". She buried her face in her hands and screamed in anguish, her whole body shaking as she sobbed.

Doing up my pants, I looked down at her. "OK time to get going"

Looking up at me tears in her pain filled eyes she spoke;

"You promised, and then you ....raped me" she sobbed. "You lied to me"

Raising my hand in a sudden threatening gesture I yelled at her.

"You fucking trespass on my property, steal from me and then dare to challenge MY integrity!!! You're god damned lucky I don't still have you whipped an arrested!"

I could almost see her shattered soul through her eyes, as she looked at me, her face a mess of tears.

"What if I get pregnant.....I.." She paused, looking at me in desperation

"So fucking what! It's not my problem. Try telling someone. You think anyone will take your word over mine?"

The harsh reality of her world hit her like a train at that moment, as she tried to compose herself while standing.

"Now, get the hell off my property before I change my mind"

She turned slowly, and reached to pick up the food I had promised she could keep.

"What the hell are you doing?" I barked!

"You said I could....." she fumbled for words.

Losing my patience, I grabbed her hair hard, causing her to cry out and yanked her towards the door of the barn, almost causing her to stumble as I dragged her along. Throwing her out the door, she landed in a heap, with a cry.

As she struggled to get up, I gave her a kick in the behind, causing her to cry out again.

"Hurry the hell up and get off my property thief!" I yelled, "And don't ever let me see you here again!"

She stumbled away as quickly as possible, her face buried in her hands, as she tried to muffle her sobs, walking awkwardly, perhaps due to the rawness between her legs.

Once she was out of sight, I smiled and decided to head in to the house, have a nice bourbon, and figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my day.