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The Author of the following does not condone violence of any kind against women. Kidnapping, rape, forced confinement  are all crimes punishable by years in prison. If you don't understand this concept then seek professional medical help before people in the legal professions seek you!
All characters are over the age of consent.

The car came to a stop on the darken shoulder of the country road, little moon light penetrated the dense foliage of the Maple trees  “Oh just fucking great, the middle of nowhere and I’ve got to be to work in the morning!” Slapping her hands on the steering wheel as she reached to pressed the OnStar button

“OnStar, Carol speaking how can I help you tonight Miss Blacque?”

“I was on my way back from Sherbrooke when my car engine just died?”

“No problem Miss Blacque I can contact the closest RCMP detachment  and send a tow truck to assist you!”

“That’s great!”

“Oh and I’ll stay on the line with you until help has arrived!”

“Thank you!”


“... until help has arrived!”

“Thank you!”

Yes thank you indeed! Triangulating the OnStar signal in relation to me, fist pumping when it comes back only a mile from me. Old Carrow Road two hundred yards before Carriage Place. Starting the engine I’m on my way before Onstar can even get through to the detachment. Five minutes and my headlight are cutting through the back windshield of the small Toyota Prius, pressing the red button on the signal jammer I block her contact with Onstar.

As I pull up in behind her, I wave my headlights in her mirror to alert her. Out she get, no coat needed on this warm night, the closer to the truck she got the more defined she became to my eyes. She was roughly five foot five, no more than one hundred and fifteen pounds at most, from what I could tell she was either flat chested or wearing very deceptive clothing.

I roll the window down as she comes abreast of the door “Damn never knew how efficient OnStar service was?” She was wearing a white shirt tucked into a navy blue mid thigh skirt.

“Well we aim to please!”  Opening the door after turning the signal jammer off and grabbing hold of the switchblade knife I carry to ensure that I get what I want. “So what seems to be the problem?”

“The car just upped and died as I rounded the shoulder!” That’s when I notices as she turned back towards her car how the beam of the headlight  seemed to make her shirt seemed transparent. I notice no tell tale signs of a bra, no straps, no outline! In my mind I was thinking score!

Around front to the elongated nose of the hood we walked, through the lowered passenger window I hear “Miss Blacque, Carol of OnStar we seem to have lost your signal! If you can hear me please say something!”

As she goes to open her mouth I wrap my arm her upper chest,slide the blade of the switchblade across her throat, whispering into her ear “Answer them and I’ll slit your throat ear to ear!” Slowly I open the button of her shirt.

“Miss Blacque Can you hear me?”

Barely above a whisper Miss Blacque answers me “P-p-p-p-p-l-l-l-e-e-e-a-a-a-e-e-s-s-e-e d-d-o-o-n-n-t-t- h-h-u-u-r-r-t-t- m-e-e-e-e-e!”

Whispering “Cooperate and I won’t, now slowly take off your shirt and drop it onto the hood of the car!’ pressing the blade’s edge a little harder into the skin of her throat. With her hands shaking like a leaf, she obey, laying the shirt across the hood. Moving my hand I feel for a bra, only finding the warm flesh of her small breasts  “Ummm! just how I like them, like a teenage girl just budding!” Rubbing my hand over her right breast and nipple,
Whispering into her ear once more “Tell me are you like a budding teenage girl?

My hand travelling over the smooth skin to the top of her skirt’s waistband. Her only reply was a trembling all over her body.

“Miss Blacque are you still there?” the OnStar broad’s voice sounding like something through a loudspeaker in the evening’s quiet.

My hand slides under between the waistband and her skin, down the front of her mons pubis, which was covered by a thong “Now I want you to take off your thong!” As my hand encountered something on the surface of the skin which confused me. Again her hands shaking as she obeys and strips her thong away “Well what do I feel down here?”

“A-a-a-a-a peric-c-c-c-ing!” My fingers tracing it as she barely speak “A-a-a-a s-s-s-t--u-d!”

“How funny cause your about to have another stud in you!” Pulling my hand back out of her skirt, then drawing the back oh her skirt up, exposing her trembling white ass cheeks. I step back so I can get a good look at her ass, Just like her breasts, it reminded me of a teen girl just beginning to bloom. My mouth watered at the thought of what it was both hiding between there and what was in front of it.

“Miss Blacque are you experiencing trouble?” The OnStar voice asks “Shall I send medical help?”

Pressing the blade to her throat once more, whispering “Say anything and I’ll tell her to send a body bag!” Spreading her legs wider with my left leg. “Lean on the hood!” After I take the blade away, she lowers her chest onto the fabric of her shirt, turning her face so her left cheek is on the collar, her eyes as I unzip my pants.

My hard cock springs out, contacting the flesh of her right ass cheek. “P-p-p-l-l-e-e-a-a-s-s-e-e!” Cutting her off before she could finish.

“Oh you’ll be pleased alright!” Guiding my hardened cock to the opening of her pussy.

“Miss Blacque, Miss Blacque. MISS BLACQUE CAN YOU HEAR ME?” Getting louder, covering the gasp  and soft sobs that I heard as I pushed into Miss Blacque’s pussy!” “MISS BLACQUE MEDICAL HELP IS ON THE WAY, THE RCMP REPORT THEY ARE A HALF HOUR FROM YOUR POSITION!”

Lowering my chest onto her back and whispering “Too bad no one will be here when they get her to greet them!” Thrusting hard and fast into her semi dry passage “Damn!”  I grunted a bit loud!

“HELLO IS SOMEONE THERE?” OnStar voice sounding concerned “IS MISS BLACQUE ALRIGHT?”

Ignoring the voice I concentrate on fucking the pussy I was buried deep into. The sound of human flesh colliding barely drowned out the plink plonk of the aluminium hood pressing in and out. Miss Black sobbing with each thrust in weakly cries “W-w-h-h-y-y!”

“Oh why not!” leaning in and kissing the flesh of her shoulders “Don’t you like to fuck in the outdoors under the moonlight?” I tense up inside her, as I hoped I would. She realizes and cries out loud!

“No not in me!” Getting louder “PLEASE NOT IN ME!”


She loses it as I unload my balls into her “HE’S JUST CUMMED IN ME!”

“WHO?”  Seconds past then “WHO IS HE?”

Before she can reply I grab her hair, wrenching her head up off the hood, then I slam her head back onto the hood, indenting the hood with the impact, splitting the skin above her ear, stunning her into unconsciousness. As she slowly slide off the hood, I reach out and catch her by the shoulders, lifting her to my shoulders and carrying her back to my truck, opening the door, gently placing her on the seat.

While she’s still out I retrieve all our clothing, OnStar continue her extra loud questioning. “MISS BLACQUE THE RCMP CRUISER IS CURRENTLY HALF A MILE FROM YOUR LOCATION PLEASE TELL ME ARE YOU ALRIGHT?”

A half miles at this time of night will be covered in less than three minutes.Rushing back to the truck I put it in gear and peel out gently all the while looking in the rear view mirror for the tell tale headlights. Seeing none I make for Carriage Place and the way to the highway. Taking time to stop and to secure my prize with tire chains and padlocks. Making my way back to Sherbrooke via Highway Ten then onto Highway Four Oh One, then  plotting  my escape from Quebec to Ontario with “Miss BlacQUE”


“Dispatch MP435, Are you sure OnStar said there was a lady being sexually assaulted here?”

“That’s what she said?”

“Well outside of a empty car there is no sign of any one every being here!” Moving to the car flashlight beam roving over the interior “Hello OnStar this is Officer Derrek Dumond of the RCMP ?”


“Not sure there isn’t a person within a mile of here!” Turning off the flashlight “I’ll have the car transported to out impound lot, If you can contact the owner relay the message to her!”

                                                              TO BE CONTINUED

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Part two:

Five minutes after leaving Carriage Place I hear the tire chains rattle and Miss Black finally moan. Good for a minute I thought I had a possible corpse on my hands. “So you decided to rejoin we living people have you?” reaching over to pinch a nipple .”So what is your first name?”

Soft sobbing starting almost immediately “R-r-a-a-y-y-a-n-n-e-e!”

“Well Rayanne you can call me Sir!” my right hand sliding down the flesh of her left side “For this moment on I own you outright “I’m about to say something else when a strange sound starts “What the fuck is that?” A sound like birds chirping which kept getting louder by the second.

Rayanne weakly speaks up “My phone!” Cowering as I turn my gaze onto her “It was in my skirt pocket!” Fucking great and I threw her clothes into the back, pulling to the shoulder of the on ramp to Highway Four-Oh -One!. Turning in my seat searching for the blue piece of fabric, finding it then extracting the still ringing piece of plastic looking at the screen a name Diana W  a cute redhead

“Who’s Diana W?” holding the phone where she could see the screen.

“Diana, Diana Winters, my friend attending College in Sherbrooke!” 

“Answer it! Say anything I don’t like and they‘ll find your body her with a new smile. Pressing to activate the phone  Regina takes a deep breath to get herself under control

“Hey Diana how are you?”

Sobs through the speaker “Ray I’m broken down on Rue Anjou, tell me your still in town?” Looking to me  i give her the thumbs up

“Yes Diana I’m just about to leave, had a problem getting my motor started !” Looking to me , I’m making driving motion and she understands what i’m conveying. “The tow truck is still here why don’t I send him to help you?”

“Oh G that would be wonderful!” She give her location and I instantly recognize it as the outskirts of Sherbrooke which we’re just approaching.  With my open scanning ahead I spot the small car with it’s flashers going, old fashioned road flares going  ten yard behind the car. Into my high beams I see her, about five foot five, a good one and thirty pounds. Can’t tell much about her body, a full length coat covered it, but I could make out the lush growth of flaming red hair

Wonder if the drape match the curtain? A bit of drool escaping the corner of my mouth on the right side. As I take a Kleenex from the box on the dashboard I wipe my mouth as I hear

“Please she’s my best friend don’t hurt her!”

“Oh I’m not going to hurt her, just going to persuade her to come along with us!” Opening the glove box, taking out a small black plastic rectangular object. Regina eyes widen as  crackling sounds and a blue flash jump from one side to the other on the object. She tries to shrink away from the object as i move it closer to her “Relax you’re going nowhere!” opening the door “ If you call out or alert your friend in anyway you’ll get first hand view privilege of watching as i stop her heart with this!”

Opening the driver’s door, getting out i call out “Hello are you Diana Winters?” Getting closer so I can see that the coat isn’t done up, revealing cleavage sticking out like a mountain slope when compared to Rayanne back in the truck. “I’m Cartier,  I help out your friend Rayanne earlier this morning!”

“Great I don’t know what is wrong with my car!” Turning her back to me, why do they make it so easy! Getting closer I can smell her perfume ‘White Lily’, she takes the coat off and toss it inside the small Kia  If i pop the hood can you take a look?”

Oh I’ll take a look alright  but verbally I say “Of course that’s why I’m here!” The hood releases and I lift it up and hook the arm to hold it up. As I bend over the open engine compartment my right peripheral catches a swash of red coming towards me. Making like I was checking the distributor cap, I watch her come beside me.

God she was sweet looking, red hair about five foot six and what a chest easily a 34c cup high and proud on her chest. A quick glance and I get an impression that she not wearing anything under that red dress, there was no telltale signs of panties, a slip nor a bra. Now I knew more than ever that I wanted her as much as I wanted Rayanne!

Hoping she was a typical female i start my line of bull “Okay here’s you problem!” Lifting the distributor cap “You power isn’t making contact with the other circuits in the engine!”  Moving so my left hand so the stun gun was able to touch her side I strike. Here can you hold this while i reset the cap in place?”

As she closes her hand on the top of the device i trigger it, making her tense up as 1000 volts courses through her. When I sure she out, I easy up and  catch her before she falls to the road. As she lays draped over my arm I scoop her up and carry her back to the truck. Gently leaning her against the side of the truck, opening the passenger door i hear

“What did you do to Diana?” I didn’t want to say so I press the stun gun to Rayanne’s bare leg. When she’s lying there out I unchain her , then i undress Diana my eyes going wide as I get my first true look at her bare breasts. Damn it I couldn’t resist I took a long lick of both breasts, god what a taste! Looking down her body, she shaved and once more i couldn’t resist working a finger into her pussy! Taking it out, sniffing it then licking it clean.

Resisting the urge to fuck my new prize I load her onto her friend, her leg straddling  Rayanne’s head and Rayanne’s legs straddling her. Chaining them together  I get back behind the wheel and start the five hour drive in silence. Every now and then stealing a glance at my new toys planning how I was going to fuck the hell out of both of them, while turning one against the other!

Then I heard it, the sound I’ve come to love, when one of my toys groans as they return to consciousness between the legs of another. “Hrmmppp!”
“Go ahead and get some, before long you’ll be begging for a girl between your legs!” Taking my eyes off the road long enough to see Diana trying to move her head from Rayanne’s. “Enjoy yourself or I’ll stun Rayanne so long her heart will stop forever!” Diana’s eyes widen as my words sink in.

“MYMOM KMMMMINGM” Oh I’ve heard that many times in the past and knew what she was trying to say

“No I’m not kidding!” As we pulled up to the red light, taking the stun gun off the dashboard, bringing it to life. Making like I was going to press it against the pair of them “So if i were you I’d start with the tongue action!”

Diana’s tongue parts her lips and Rayanne’s pussy lips  in a single thrust out. Looking further towards the other side of the cab I see Rayanne’s eyes shot open as she feel her friend’s tongue enter her sex. “Just go with it Regina, hell return the favor or I’ll stop Diana’s heart in an instant!” And immediately Rayanne’s tongue darts from her mouth into Diana’s pussy.

And of course that’s when the light turned green and the car behind me started honking its horn at me. Returning my eyes to the road ahead, I drive into the night making my way back to Mississauga and the freedom that affords me. All the way there my eyes would divert from the road to them eating each other to the red light on the cab camera to make sure. I may not have time to watch the show now but at home…..!

                                                                To Be Continued

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Part Three:

After five hours of driving, listening to my two new acquisition eating each other to multiply orgasms, I finally pull into the wide concrete garage that I had built onto the house years ago. As the garage door shut tight I get out, leaving the truck door open, the first thing I did was bolt to the bathroom just off to the left of the door into the house. Leaving that one open also I let fly with a long stream of hot piss into the waiting bowl “Ah fuck that feels partially better!” Taking my clothes off, walking back to the truck my cock starting to harden with the thought running through my head.

Once more my hand grabs the stun gun and applies a healthy shock to each of the bound beauty before untying them from the other. Rolling Diana off Rayanne, I hoist Rayanne onto my shoulders, carrying her petite frame over to one of several steel cages i used to keep my acquisitions, laying her on the floor I spread out a flannel blanket inside the cage before placing Rayanne inside. Locking the door then going  to get a bowl of water and a bowl of salad greens for when she gets hungry and thirsty!

Going back to truck, Diana now on her stomach her breasts looks so irresistible But I knew what I really wanted after their little show. Lifting her up putting her over my shoulder I carry her from the truck to the door of the house, deliberately leaving the door open, taking my prize to the futon in the den a door away from the garage door.

Placing her on the floor, opening the futon full out before placing her on the bed, handcuffing her to one end. My god I was getting even harder seeing her like this, once more my eyes centered in on her breasts only difference, this time there was nothing holding me back from sucking on them.

Climbing onto the futon, laying on my left side I flick my tongue out to the nipple of her right breast. Just one touch and I knew that this was going to be the one I try to turn. Taking her nipple into my mouth, I hear her groan, finally coming around from her sexual exhaustion and my stunning her. “Wha?… Where?… Ray?...”

“Well, well, well so my newest girl is coming too is she?” Getting up on an elbow  “So are you ready to begin your new life?”

“N-n-n-ew Lif-e--e-e?” I didn’t notice early this morning how sexy her voice could be. Even with a look of fear on her face she was a stunning natural beauty, which in my eyes made what I wanted from here even the more perfect. “W-w-w-here is R-r-ra-a-y, What-t-t-t have you done with her-r-r-r?” Bingo Now I knew how i was going to assure that i got what I wanted anytime from her.

“Oh Rayanne’s is safe, trust me nothing will happen to her as long as you please me!” Getting up off the futon so she had a full look at my face as I issued her my ultimatum. “From this point on, if you try to bite me, hit me, kick me or attempt any king of fight back against me and your friend won’t live to see the next hour mark!” Climbing up  onto her, straddling her waist looking down to her “Do you understand me?”

“Y-y-y-y-e-s-s-s-s!” Her eyes showing the fear even better than her voice.  “P-p-p-p-plea-s-s-s-e  Don’-t-t-t Hurt-t-t-t Rayy-y-y-y!”

“Do what I want and I won’t!” Reaching down grabbing her breast and squeezing then like they were stress relief balls. She winches the more I squeeze and to move then up and down. Unlike Rayanne, it was easier manipulate her breast together so I could slide my hard shaft between them. Seven times I slide my cock up and down before I decide to start her training.

“Time for you to prove hto me how good you are with that mouth!” The look on her face would have been classic if I wasn’t serious, moving up further on her chest  reaching out grabbing her by the back of her neck,lifting her head up  so her chin was basically resting on her upper chest.
Moving me hips forwards, the tip of my cock touching her lips.

She tries to turn her head but my hold prevent it from happening “Open up or I’ll open up Rayanne’s throat!” Lips trembling they part and I enter her mouth. On her face a look of revulsion as the tip passes and part of my shaft enters. “Suck it or Rayanne will suck the barrel of  shotgun!” Either she was too scared of what I would do to Rayanne or she never had a cock in her mouth before!

“Oh for fuck sakes. Lick it like you would an ice cream cone!” A shaking feeling comes to my shaft and tip that makes me feel that the later was true, making me wonder what else would be her first time this morning? It was time I found out, reaching back with my right hand touching her pubis mons “So you ever have a man in you?” The look in her eyes told me my answer.

Pulling out of her mouth, “Answer me!” her head shaking , her lips forming the word no and i couldn’t leave it at that “So you’re a virgin!” The wide smile on my face giving her the idea of what was going to happen as I moved off her.

“Pleas-s-s-e-e-e I’l-l-l-l suck you c-c-c-c-ock!”

“Sure!” Winking at her, “Right after I fuck your pussy!” Hearing that she kicks out trying to prevent me from getting a grip on her. I let he kick out a few times before I once more threaten Regina’s safety  “That’s it kick out, connect just one time and I’ll bind Rayanne on the floor and stomp on her throat!” Immediately Diana stops looking at me

“No!!! I’mmmm Sorry-y-y-y-y!

“Prove it open your legs!’ She does  and i get between them, planting my mouth on her inflamed red gash “Fuck just how many times did Rayanne bring you off?” Not waiting for a reply I put my lips onto her pussy lips , licking them like Rayanne did. Goddamn she was already wet with some of the sweetest nectar I’ve ever tasted. For five minutes I tease her pussy with my tongue and fingers making her super wet “Ready for a true man between your pussy lips?”

She doesn’t respond to me as I move up aligning my cock to her wet opening!


Meanwhile in the garage Rayanne was coming to finding herself in the steel cage Looking around as she eyes adjust to the light . Quietly calling out
“Diana are you alright!” Waiting for a reply, none coming, calling out a little louder “Diana talk to me!” Grasping the cage door, shaking it, hoping to find it unlocked, hollering out “Diana if you can hear me what’s happening to you

A scream replies to her “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Then the sounds of metal bouncing and “FUCK IT HURTS!
“DIANNAAAAAaaaaaa!!!” Collapsing onto the floor of the cage, knowing what was happening to her friend and by who!


Just before I thrust home into Diana I hear “Diana if you can hear me what’s happening to you?” God what a moment to hear that as i thrust my hips forward spearing Diana’s pussy with my hard cock making her scream out!


I didn’t care if I was hurting her, in the days ahead I planned to fuck her in every position I could. For fifteen minutes I fuck her pussy with long hard strokes, never caring if she was enjoying it, my only concern was to break her to my will! Tensing up, i don’t cry out instead i just  flood her pussy with all the cum that my balls produced.

As I pulled out, she’s got a dazed look in her eyes, tears on her cheeks, her lips moving and a quiet “he cummed in me” being repeated over and over. Getting off her, I release the handcuffs and once more pick her up, taking her back to the garage laying her on the bare floor in front of Rayanne’s cage

“You bastard what have you done to her?”

“Me! I’ve made her a true woman!” Cuffing her left hand to the cage Rayanne  occupied, then returning to the house to fetch a bowl of water and salad greens. After I return I prepare a cage for Diana laying down three thick blankets before going to collect her and depositing her inside along with the bowls Looking to Rayanne “I’ll bet you two have a lot to talk about so I’ll leave you both alone now!”

Going back into the house closing the door behind me, taking a shower then going to bed.

                                                                     More To Follow

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Part Four

Almost a half hour has passed since that bastard caged Diana after raping her. No matter how I tried to get her to speak to me all my efforts are met with sobbing. I had a clear view of Diana in her cage, lying there her knees up to her chest, a shattered look in her eyes. It was breaking me heart to see the girl who was so sexy in my eyes like this “Diana  I swear to you we will get out of this!”

Finally a reaction, she looks at me “You will get me out of this?”  She shift in her cage, her fingers gripping the cage turning white “You will get me out of this!”  a pause “You’ve the reason I’m here to begin with!” Her words cut me to the core because in reality they are the absolute truth!
“If you had of sent someone else I wouldn’t be full of that bastards cum right now!” Tears flowing down her face “I wouldn’t have been raped by that bastard!” I go to say something only for Diana to shut my mouth for me “I hope he fucks you as hard as he did me!”

Turning her back on me as I whisper ‘I’m sorry’ to her!


The clock on the stand to my right has 1:59 pm in giant numbers when my eyes open. A pressure on my bladder makes me get up and go to the washroom. As the stored piss drains I can’t help but think of what is waiting for me in the garage.  Coming back into the bedroom I go to the Security DVR, rewinding it until I see myself leaving the redhead in her cage. Starting the recording I fast forward until i notice them talking. Returning the recording to normal speed I hear the whole conversation of accusation.

Think back on the events, the redhead was damn tight but she didn’t know how to fuck back to really pleasure me like I really wanted from her.Now her friend on the other hand  fucked with experience, which had me wondering if her ass is as experienced as her pussy is. That’s when I get a wicked idea to find out.

Making my way to the kitchen, filling two bowl with fresh water then going to the garage. Putting one down I open the door, “So who wants some fresh water to lap?” neither reply to me as I open Diana’s cage to set the bowl inside.

Turning to Rayanne’s cage I unlock it!, “You! Out and stay on your hands and knees!” She doesn’t move at first, So I threaten her in such a way that she will do what I say “Either you come out or I drag Diana out of her cage and teach her something new!” The look on her face tells me she going to do what I want as she crawls forwards out of the cage.

As she clears the cage she looks to me then pass me to Diana. As she comes equal to me I pull her close and force her head down to the floor. “Stay in this position or Diana will pay!” Going to a metal cabinet, getting out a harness and something long and hard I make my way back to Diana.  “So you think Rayanne is the cause of all your problems do you?” Motioning her out of the cage. “Why don’t you proved it by taking your revenge out on her little ass!”

Diana’s face drains of all colour as I drop the harness and dildo in front of her. Looking to them then back to me “I can’t do that to Rayanne!” I reach in and grab a handful of her hair, pulling her out of the cage.

“Well let me make sure you understand!” Pulling her up by the hair “Either you fuck her in the ass with that or I fuck you with with mine!” Letting go so she could decide for herself. A quick look at Rayanne proves that she heard me as she is trembling at the thought of what going to happen

“D-d-d-iana!” daring to speak without permission “Do what he want!”  Lifting her head up “F-f-f-fuck me in the as-s-s-s-s!”

Diana lifts the harness and dildo, assembling it so it looked like a true male anatomy. Her hands shaking as she slides the harness up into position. Looking me in the eyes, then to Rayanne, Diana moves to go behind her, I follow closely stopping her before she sinks to her knees. Whispering into her ear “You better prove to me that you really do blame her for your being here!”

Diana sinks behind Rayanne, reaching out to lift her hips up a slight higher. With her right hand holding the dildo, she look at me “What about lube?”

“Use your spit to lube her!”

Diana’s eyes widen as she works her her tongue around her mouth to produce enough saliva to coat Rayanne’s asshole. Reaching out to part Rayanne’s ass cheeks, Diana deposits a fair size ball of spit onto the hidden sphincter opening. “Ray I’m so sorry!” Aligning the tip of the dildo to the opening, pushing her hips forwards,the tip barely penetrating the opening before Rayanne cries out.

“Diana, do it fuck my ass so he doesn’t fuck yours!” Diana keeps pressing forwards making a quarter inch of the dildo to pass through, Rayanne cries out at the intrusion, Diana sobs gently, me I move behind Diana and plant a foot on her ass, thrusting her forwards so the didlo rushes deper into Rayanne’s ass.

Rayanne’s head leaves the floor with a long cry of “It’s tearing me aparttttttttttttttttttttttt!” Moving to her front, grabbing a handful of her hair

“Did I say you could take you head off the floor?” My cock rock hard from seeing her ass stuffed with that dildo. “That’s twice you disobeyed my instructions!”  Before she could say anything “Open up and accept your punishment!”

Diana pales once more as she hears what i’m going to make Rayanne do. Trying to pull out until I stop her “You pull out even an inch and I’ll ram my cock so far down her throat that she dies of suffocation!” Diana understands and once more starts to move her hips back and forth.

Rayanne opens her mouth and I thrust in as deep as I could get “You better fuck her as hard as I’m going to fuck her throat or there will be hell to pay!” Diana watches and begins to match me thrust for thrust, making Rayanne whimper in pain from her brutal bookending.

Diana, tears flowing down her cheeks, “When can I stop?”

“When I’ve cummed down her throat!” Deliberately holding every few thrust to prolong her debassment.

“I can’t do this to Ray any longer!” Reaching out with my free hand I grip Diana by the throat, squeezing it

“You keep fucking her as or I choke you to death!” Rayanne whimpering in pain, most of it muffled by the thickness of my shaft that was buried in the top of her esophagus. Diana complies so I let go of her throat. Sobs, groans of pleasure and muffled whimpers of pain dominate the air until I call out

“Gonna blow down your throat and you better take it all or someone going to get taken in front of you!” With that i unload rope after rope on hot cum into her throat. I see her struggling to take it, soon some is coming out of her nostrils, running down her face. As I pull  out “Give her a couple more hard deep thrusts then you can pull out of her!”

Diana does and as she pulls out Rayanne collapses to the floor, coughing up cum and vomit. “Well for that! You can have the pleasure of cleaning up that mess before getting back in your cage!”

Diana goes to get a mop and bucket but I stop her “On no your coming with me!” Grabbing her left arm and forcing it up behind her back

“But I did what you wanted and fuck Rayanne’s ass!”

"And I told her she better take all my cum or someone was going to get taken in front of her!” Forcing Diana to walk over to the cabinet, i get out a pair of handcuffs, then i force her to the side of Rayanne’s cage. Handcuffing her so her stomach is against the cage, I turn to Rayanne

“Her anal cherry will be history when you back in your cage, so get busy or I’ll…..!”

                                                                    To Be Continued

August 21, 2018, 02:37:46 PM
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And Now The End

Rayanne moved slowly, her ass throbbing from the fuck Diana gave her. Getting a steel handle mop and bucket she returns to see Cartier groping Diana. His left hand squeezing her breast, his right hand on her pussy. Diana shaking as her body is abused, crying out as two finger penetrate her inner passage.

“Hurry up whore!” Letting go of her breast “I just dying to get this slut a feel of my cock in her ass” Rayanne moves as fast as her abused body would let her comfortably, coming close enough the she could start the clean up. Cartier seeing this smiles leaning in close to Diana “Oh yeah I’m going to finish making you a true three hole girl!”

“No please anything but that!” Squirming against the side of the cage as far as the handcuffs would allow. Cartier laughs at her attempts to prevent his sodomizing her, grabbing the sides of her hips holding her in place as he lines up his cock with the crack of her ass.  More begging from Diana as he starts his hips forwardsm parting her ass cheeks with the tip of his cock.

Rayanne cringed as she watched out of the corner of her left eye.  The mop lifting off the floor, going horizontal then coming around as fast as she could swing it. Cartier is struck at the base of the skull, the handle bending around his neck, his head snapping up  before he sinks to the floor like a puppet with it’s string cut.

Rayanne just stands there dumbstrucked, not believing that she just prevented her friend from being fucked in the as by their abuser. Dropping  moving to the side of Cartier, swinging the metal bucket fast , smashing it down onto the head of Cartier, hoping to knock the bastard out. Going to Diana, “Are you alright Diana?”

Shaking like a leaf, trying to pull the handcuff off the of the cage “Find the key before that bastard comes too!” motioning with her head over towards the metal cabinets. Rayanne moved to them pulling drawer after drawer until she finally found a set of keys on a small ring. Returning to Diana’s side, going through nine of the ten keys before finding the right one.

With Diana free, the both drag the limp body of Cartier closer to the cage, cuffing his left arm to the structure. The door of the house stands opens so the girls rushes in making there way to the bedroom hoping to find suitable clothing that would cover their nudity. Neither spoke as they searched the closet and dresser drawers. Rayanne finding an Argo jersey which acted as a dress on her frame, coming down to mid thigh. Diana a blue jean shirt and a pair of grey sweatpants.

But a gleam comes to Diana’s eyes, a gleam that both scared Rayanne and at the same time excited her. “Diana what are you thinking?”

Turning to Rayanne, “Thinking!  Why I’m thinking that we have a chance to get even with that bastard for what he did to us!” Leaving quick, making her way back into the garage, Cartier lowly moaning in pain as he was coming to. Walking over the the cabinet, pulling open the drawers until she found what she was
looking for. Taking out a ten inch solid ebony dildo.

As Rayanne finally made her way into the garage “Diana, why don’t we just leave him here and take off before something happens and he gets loose!” Trying to appeal to Diana’s reasoning “Let’s go to the police and let the courts get revenge for us?”

“The courts!, the COURTS!, THE COURTS!” Diana getting louder with each repeat “THE COURTS DON’T CARE ABOUT GIRLS LIKE YOU AND ME RAYANNE!” Making her way over to the prone Cartier “Tell me when girls who don’t want men was ever given revenge on a male by the courts!”

“whaaaa!” Cartier moving his head as Diana sank onto his legs, forcing her knees into his lower thighs. Using Two fingers Diana parts Cartier’s ass cheeks, exposing the brown eye to the overhead light. Her left hand rears back and swings forwards ramming the ebony dildo hard against his asshole. The tip slowly penetrates the sphincter ringed muscle, making Cartier cry out in pain


Only a quarter inch below the tip was inside before Diana was up off him. Standing straddling his left leg she reared back with her right foot, then delivered a kick to the dildo, driving it in deeper into Cartier’s asshole. Sinking down onto her haunches she pulled it back out slowly, then standing once more to deliver a kick once more. She repeated this ten times before becoming satisfied.

Rayanne was shocked to watch her girlfriend treat the person who basically raped her like this! Sure it was deserved by Diana was usually a very reserved girl. All Rayanne could think was that being raped has turned Diana into this raging monster in front of her.

Diana, taking notice of Rayanne “What do you think i’m being too mean to this bastard?” Walking back over to the cabinet, removing another dildo “If you do you haven’t seen anything yet!” Walking back to Cartier Grabbing a handful of hair, yanking his head back. “Get over here and help me Rayanne!”

Rayanne hesitates but as Diana turns her head to her the look in her eyes scared Rayanne into doing what she wanted. As she came along side her “Take this and when i force his mouth open you ram it into his throat!” Diana grabs Cartier’s lower jaw pulling it down, opening his mouth “Well are you just going to stand there?” getting angrier by the second “Start stuffing it in already!”

Against her better judgement Rayanne drops it into the cavity. When it’s hard against the back of his throat Diana let’s go, walking to the overhead door, pulling it up and continues out to the street. Rayanne in shock at what she just witnessed followed a few steps behind her friend.

Making our way to a strip mall, finding a phone booth and a set of Yellow pages, we learn that we were in Mississauga, Ontario. Calling 911, asking for the police, Diana reports what happened to us and where the person responsible could be found. We stay by the booth silent until the police cruiser pulls up to us, our ordeal over for the present.


Three months later

I’m back in Sherbrooke for the first time since i was abducted and raped by Cartier. Diana returned to her studies a changed person. For the first month we barely spoke, Diana still blaming me for what happened to her at his hands. Me, I accepted part blame. The second month I received a call from Diana saying that she was sorry for blaming me. Unfortunately neither of us could get out of commitments to see each other.

Finally I got a weekend off so I decided to call Diana and let her know that I was driving up to see her.  As I approached the spot where I was taken from, the memories returned and I started shaking. Pushing my foot harder on the gas pedal I sped away, experiencing the same thing again as I came to where Diana was taken from.

Eventually I made her place, knocking on her door, hearing “Come on in Rayanne, I’m in the bedroom!” Thinking nothing of that I enter and go to the room I’ve been in many times before. As i’m passing the frame I’m grab and spun to the bed, landing on my back. Before i could recover a weigh is on me, my hand pulled up above my head, something cold and metallic feeling closing on my wrists. No i’m being cuffed to the headboard.

Looking up I see Diana “Oh Rayanne you have no idea how I been since I got back!”  She naked Smiling down at me “I’ve wanted you so bad, wanted to do you like I was forced to do by that bastard!” Her right hand rubbing my pussy through the material of my thong. My god she wasn’t planning to get me any choice if we slept together. Taking my thong off , rolling my top up, exposing my sport bra, rolling that up off my chest.

Bending down she licks my nipples while her right hand continued rubbing my pussy lips. She had me responding against my wishes, squirming under her touch “Oh your getting wet Rayanne, is this how you want it too?” I want to scream out no but my body told me mind different, as my mouth open a weak ‘yes’! escaped my lips!

After that it was a night i’ve never experienced with Diana before. Her tongue was like a heat seeking missile, finding areas of my outer and inner body like never before. Forgetting I was cuffed I tried to reach out for my lover. Multiple times she wringed orgasms out of me with her fingers and tongue

Just when I thought it was over Diana brought out a harnessed dildo. Uncuffing me, turning me over onto my stomach, in my mind images of what Cartier made me do to me came back to the forefront. Instead of my ass she took my pussy, took it like a possessed demon. Thrusting  deep and fast, alternating with long and slow strokes when i started moaning low in my throat.  It was like I’ve always a\wanted with her but for some reason she held back

She wasn’t holding back anymore as she brought me to climax for the eight time since she started controlling me. As she collapsed besides me on the mattress she was glistening with sweat, her hair plastered to the sides of her face, drops falling from her chin, as perfect match for my sweat covered body!

“Oh Rayanne I’m sorry for how I acted just now!" Moving closer to me. Licking the sweat off he cheek before kissing me “Can i make it up to you?”

I look at her kissing her back “Sure, let me use the cuffs and harness next!”

                                                                          The End

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Fantastic ending. I love the twist. This was an incredible story gscmar64.

August 21, 2018, 07:30:39 PM
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very glad you liked it Dirty Serenity, there's time i feel you are the only one reading my writing!