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The men took the girls out of the room, marching them down a long dank hallway to a waiting elevator. The girls were shoved into the elevator and the men crowded in beside them. They could feel the elevator as it began to move downwards.

Inside the elevator, the man who had grabbed Sandra had her pushed against the back wall of the elevator. He was tall, bald and very muscular, with a very nasty scar running across his face. The man squeezed and groped at Sandra’s small breasts.

“MMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPH!” she screamed underneath the hood.

“Quiet, little slut,” he growled. “Ol” Spence was right, you four ARE something else! Gonna have some fun with you tonight!”

“Roger!” snapped another of the men. “Leave her alone. Remember what Farmer said, no funny stuff until they’re processed!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” said Roger. He let Sandra go but leaned down toward her ear.
“You and me later, sweetie. I’m gonna rip your tight little cunt to shreds!”

“MMMMMMPPPPHHHHHH!” Sandra squealed in terror.

The girls were all scared to death. What the hell was going on? Who were these men and where the hell were they? And even more importantly, what was going to happen to them? They had all seen stuff like this in horror movies or true crime shows on TV. They’d never imagined in their worst nightmares, it would be happening to them!

The elevator came to a stop and the terrified girls were pushed out into another hallway. They were herded down the hallway and into another room. The girls still had the black hoods over their faces and could see nothing, but the room smelled of disinfectant as though they were in a hospital.

Colleen felt a set of rough hands grab the front of her tank top. She gasped as she felt cool air hit her skin and realized it was being cut off her body with a large knife. It sliced through her bra and the hands moved down to her denim shorts.

“AAAAAIIIEEEEEEEE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Colleen screamed out in panic.

The man cutting her clothes grabbed her around the throat and squeezed hard.
“Shut the fuck up bitch!” he hissed in her ear. “Or I’ll use the knife to play Xs and Os on your face!”

Colleen wept uncontrollably as she felt the knife slice through the fabric of her shorts and panties.

“Fucking whore has a sweet body!” exclaimed the man with the knife. “Can’t wait to have it impaled on the end of my cock!”

Colleen’s throat was dry with fear. She didn’t know who these men were, but it was obvious she and her friends were going to be raped!

Colleen shivered in the drafty room as she listened to the frantic screams and cries of each girl as they were forcibly stripped of their clothes.

Next, she felt herself being pulled along across the room. The handcuffs were taken off her and she was pushed down onto her back onto what felt like a doctor’s examining table. Her legs were spread wide and her ankles strapped into stirrups. It was like she being given a gyncecologist’s exam.

The hood was yanked off her head and finally she could see her surroundings. They were in a fairly large room, the walls and ceiling painted white like in a hospital. There was six examining tables, three along one wall, three along the opposite. She and her friends were all on tables, their legs spread obscenely and strapped into stirrups.

Maya screamed out as the hood was taken off her.

The man in black tending to her, placed his large knife under her chin.
“Silence, slut! Or I’ll gut ya!”

The other girls remained quiet, too scared to move or make a sound. Colleen looked up at the man standing beside her table. He was tall, over six feet, and his head was completely shaved. He had no facial hair either. His arms looked like small tree trunks and he had the physique of a bodybuilder.

A man entered the room in a doctor’s white coat. He was tall and thin-looking. His narrow, wrinkled face made him look like a vampire, Colleen thought. He looked old, probably in his early 60s. He had a woman with him, she looked to be in her late 20s. She was wearing white nurse’s scrubs and her long blonde hair was in a bun. Colleen couldn’t help but wonder what bizarre kind of place they were in!

“Well, well, new meat, huh boys?” he asked.

“You got it”, replied the man who had tried to molest Sandra earlier. Colleen could see now, his scarred face.

Over the next while, all four girls were given humiliating medical exams by the “doctor” and his blonde assistant. Instruments were inserted into them and the gross old man examined their most private of places. They were asked various questions concerning their medical and sexual histories. Their names, their ages, were they on birth control, were they pregnant, had they ever been pregnant, etc., etc.
  They were taken off the examining tables and weighed. Body measurements were taken.

Finally, after all four girls had been examined, red ball gags were placed in their mouths and strapped in tightly. Next, metal shackles were attached to their wrists and ankles. The shackles were attached to each other with thin chains. Then other chains were connected from the wrist shackles of one girl to the next one in line, so soon the four girls were chained together.

The scar-faced man barked out an order. “All right cunts! March! Time for ya to meet Farmer!”

The line of pretty college girls shuffled out of the white room and back into a hallway. The four men with them yelled at them to move faster. They tried but it was difficult with the heavy metal shackles on their ankles.

As they shuffled down the wide hallway, they ran into other people who stopped and leered at them. They were all dressed similarly, in black t-shirts and cargo pants.

“Wooo-hoooo! Check out the new cunt!” one of them yelled.

One of the guys grabbed at his crotch and walked alongside Maya.

“Hey sweetie, you got one fuck of a body. I’m gonna get all up inside you, baby!”

To the girls, paralyzed with fear, it seemed like they were in a prison. Tears ran down their faces as they all realized the horrors these men had intended for them.

One of the men herding them along, whacked them on the backs of their thighs with a short wooden baton.
“Come on fuckmeat! MOVE!”

They soon entered a door into another large room. This one had plain concrete walls and smelled dank. It was dimly lit by fluorescent lights in the ceiling. The girls were made to stand in a line in the center of the room. They could see dirty mattresses arranged along one wall.

  A door opened at the far end of the room and in walked an obese man in denim coveralls. To the girls’ horror he was wearing a grotesque pig mask. He walked up to the line of college girls.

“Ahhhh,” he said in a deep booming voice, distorted by the mask. “The new girls! Well, I can see I definitely have some money makers in this bunch. Spence did good. I will see to it he is properly…….rewarded.”

The man walked in a slow circle around all the girls before he stopped.

“Welcome to The Farm! My name is Farmer and these are my men!” he announced. “ You are probably wondering how you came to arrive here and what is going to happen to you. It is immaterial as to how you ended up here, you just did. What is going to happen?
   Well, you have been brought here for one reason and one reason only. The use of your fuck holes to make me money! Men will pay me, and pay me well, for the privilege of sticking their dicks in you!”

“I have read the reports of your medical exams and am pleased to see you are all very clean. That is good! I know your names and your ages. Colleen, Lisa, Sandra and Maya! Just so you know, this is your new home. I don’t know where you came from, don’t know where you were going and……don’t care! All you need to know is, I now own you!”

He grabbed Sandra by the hair and yanked her head back.
“MMMMMMPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” came a muffled squeal of pain.

“You will learn to obey and surrender your bodies and your minds. Your bodies will be used in anyway we see fit and if you disobey us or make us angry, severe pain will be your punishment! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” he roared.

The girls all frantically nodded, although mortified at the realization they were all becoming  sex slaves.

“But tonight, “ said the large man, “is orientation night. You will find out what purpose it is you are here for  and my men will show you what useless cunts you really are!”

He motioned to the men to unchain the girls and take their shackles off. The ball gags were left in their mouths. They huddled together in a group as the four men leered at them. They jumped as the door opened, and six more men entered.

The man known as Farmer laughed, a loud raucous laugh.

“Allow me to introduce the men who, over the next little while, you will be getting to know very well.”

The four men who had brought them there were introduced as Roger, Colin, Lance and Mick. Roger was the one with the the horrible scar on his face. The other six were Gomez, Dave, Carl, Tyrell, Eddie, and Fuji.

“Gentlemen, when you are done with these four, they had better not be walking!”

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Vile is being so good to us with another addition! 

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“Don’t worry about that, Farmer,” said Roger.

“Then get to work. I’ll be back in a bit.”

The girls looked around with wild fear in their eyes. The large group of men were surrounding them. Sandra was so petrified she began to pee herself.

“Look, the little girl is scared!” laughed Fuji.

Fuji was Japanese, about 5’ 10”, which was tall for a Japanese man and very muscular. His face had the look of a shark.

The men pounced on the hapless girls who had nowhere to escape. Roger and Colin grabbed little Sandra. Fuji, Gomez and Dave went for the luscious Latino girl, Maya. Lance, Mick, and Carl latched onto long-legged Lisa and Tyrell and Eddie, scooped up Colleen.

 Tyrell was black. He was about 6’ 4”, and 230 lb., but not much was fat. The man was a battleship! His black shirt barely contained the rippling muscles in his chest and arms. The bulge in his pants looked like he was carrying a piece of pipe in his underwear.

“All right!” he whooped. “I likes me some white cunt! ‘Specially a sweet blonde!”

Colleen squealed in terror as she was carried to a mattress and thrown down hard onto her back. Eddie pinned her arms down as Tyrell slapped her legs apart and whipped open his pants, exposing his thick ten-inch long dick. The head glistened with pre-cum and looked like a small fist.

Maya was also thrown onto her back onto a mattress. Gomez prepared to mount her as Fuji held her arms and Dave helped pry her legs open. The men could see she had a sweet, tight-looking cunt with just a small triangle of dark pubic hair.

Gomez was Latino too, growing up on the tough streets of Mexico City. He did not have the same athletic physique that many of the other men had. He liked his beer and cheeseburgers too much. He was 5’ 10” and around 250 lb. Gomez had a large gut.
  As well he had shaggy, greasy dark hair and a moustache. He was rather repulsive, to be honest.

“Take out that gag,” he told Dave. “I want to heer thees hot beetch when I seenk my cock into her!”

Dave pulled out the ball gag. Maya spit out a stream of cuss words at the men.


Gomez let out a snide chuckle.
“A fat fuck, huh? You leetle college slut! Do I repulse you, HUH? Do I fucking repulse you????? Because eef I do, that ees is good. I want you to hate me, beetch, when my cock ees deep in your hole!”

With that said, Gomez dropped his heavy weight onto Maya. The head of his thick cock ripped her open and his thighs made a loud slap as he drove into her.

Her painful screams reverberated through the room.

Roger and Colin had Sandra on a mattress on her stomach. Roger was pounding into her doggy-style. He was pulling back and slamming in so she could feel the entire length of his long cock with every thrust. Little, petite Sandra looked so tiny and helpless under Roger’s muscular bulk.

She had no opportunity to scream as Colin had forced her mouth open and was feeding his schlong between her lips. Tears rolled down her face as her body rocked back and forth between the two savage men.

Colleen tried to look for Lisa. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Lisa pinned up against a wall. Lance and Mick were holding her arms and Carl was between her spread thighs, slamming in and out of her.

Then Tyrell ploughed his huge cock into Colleen and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Gomez fucked Maya hard, enjoying the feeling of her tight, young body squirming and twisting underneath him. Her stomach was so flat and toned as he ran his hands across it and up to her firm breasts.

Maya continued to scream with each powerful thrust of Gomez’ hips.

“I weel fuck you hard, beetch! Harder than you have ever been fucked!” Gomez said as he grunted and panted.

Maya felt like she was being split in half and Gomez’ heavy weight pressed her into the mattress making it hard to breathe. To make matters more difficult, Fuji began to shove his gross cock into her mouth.

“No teeth slut! Or we rip’em all out one by one, then throat fuck you ‘til you choke to death on our cum!”

With Gomez still humping away on her, Fuji began fucking her mouth.

Roger had came hard inside Sandra, twisting and yanking on her little pink nipples until she almost passed out from the pain. Now Colin had her pinned down and fucking her hard. She screamed and cried like a little kid.

Carl had finished in Lisa and now Lance had pushed her onto a mattress and was burrowing deep into her ass. Lisa’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as he held her long hair like the reins of a horse.
  Mick quietened her screams by jamming a thick cock into her throat.

That was the scene of the next two hours as all the girls’ orifices were invaded and brutally assaulted by the sadistic men. There was no mercy and no sympathy shown to them. After Gomez came in the terrified Maya, Dave had mounted her exquisite body and fucked her like an animal. Fuji had spurted a load down her throat and was later replaced by Gomez.

Roger and Colin finished up on Sandra and moved over to Colleen. She had already been brutally raped by Tyrell and Eddie.
Eddie was a disgusting older man, about 58 years old. He was bald like most of the other men, and had a wiry, leathery physique. He had been particularly savage to Colleen telling her she reminded him of his old high school sweetheart who had cheated on him.

“I oughtta fuck you ‘til you fuckin’ die, you cheap bitch!” he yelled!

Now Colleen was in a whole new world of pain as Roger decided her cunt was too pounded, and he needed a new hole. Colleen almost blacked out from the pain as Colin held her by the hair and Roger invaded her tight ass.

Colleen heard fresh screams as Tyrell and Eddie descended upon Sandra. One in her mouth, the other one with his cock in her ass.

Gomez , Fuji and Dave were holding Lisa down on her mattress and riding her like a rollercoaster.

Gomez had his cock up her ass, Fuji was fucking her sore reddened cunt, and Dave was driving in and out between her jaws.

It was a scene out of Dante’s Ten Circles of Hell!

Later, Roger and Colin watched as Gomez finished fucking Sandra on her back.

Gomez pulled out and spurted his load on Sandra’s belly. It joined the large puddle of cum already covering her flat tummy. Her face and hair was also matted with dried cum.

  All the girls looked like that. The men had pulled Maya, Colleen and Lisa over together on one mattress. They were messes, looking barely human. Cum dripped from their faces and chests. Their tits were masses of black and blue bruises. The girls’ thighs were all blood streaked and bruised.
  None could talk except for unintelligible muttering and their eyes stared vacantly into space. Little Sandra was practically unconscious as Gomez climbed off her and wiped his cock across her cheeks.

“Fucking limp bitch,” he snarled. “Just laid there like a piece of dead meat. What a useless cunt!”

He kicked at her with his foot.

“Well Gomez, you get fucked like we did to these girls, and you’d lay there like a piece of dead meat too!” laughed Eddie.

“Whew, sonuvabitch, I am all cummed out!” said Lance.

“Yeah, I haven’t good fuckin’ like this in a long time,” said Fuji. “Man, that Maya is one prime piece of cunt!”

“That little Sandra was my fave,” said Roger. “I can’t wait to spend some  more time with her!”

“Ain’t no one spending any more time with these girls for the time being!”

The men turned to see Farmer stride in. He didn’t have his pig mask this time. He surveyed the scene before him.
“Goddamn, you fellas worked these girls good! I can’t even see their faces! I guess we can say they’ve been properly broke in then?”

“Oh yeah, Farmer, they’re broke in,“ said Colin. “That, and then some!”

“Well, take them down to the showers and get ‘em hosed down. Then take them to the infirmary. They’ll have to spend a few days there and recuperate. Then I’ll decide if I’m gonna keep all four.”

Farmer watched as the four girls were pulled up off the mattress and taken out of the room, each one carried by two men. The girls were barely capable of supporting themselves.

Farmer checked out Maya’s curvy body. He knew he would have to spend some private time with that one for sure! And the petite one, Sandra, wow, what a cutie!

And so that was how our four college girls, Colleen, Maya, Sandra and Lisa were introduced to their new lives at The Farm!


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Nice twist dying to read what's next.

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That last comment was supposed to post somewhere else.

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Too incredibly sexy. Please say there is more to the story!!

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There is more coming!

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Really I can't wait!!

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Yes, I would also love more of this ;)

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This is definitely one of my favs . . .

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Love it! Very well written, good concept.

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Still waiting on more Vile . . .haha . . .I know you have been super busy . . . ;)

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This is just a short little chapter I did as a request from my good friend, SaraJ2003. It's not very long but I hope you enjoy it.

Black Friday At The Farm

It was going to be a busy day at The Farm. It was the day after Thanksgiving…..Black Friday, the busiest (and craziest) shopping day in the nation! Farmer decided this year he was going to begin cashing in on the Black Friday craze as well.

If it worked for WalMart and JC Penney’s, why the hell couldn’t it work for him too?
The word had went out to his many clients, that the Farm was offering a Black Friday sale. Any three girls, any age, for the price of one! And for double the time!

So, where usually a client might pay $500 with one girl for two hours, with the Black Friday deal, you got three girls for $500, for 4 hours!
It was a big hit! Clients had to pre-book, no walk-in business. Within a week before Black Friday, every revenue room, and every RT room, was booked.
Farmer also had a half-price deal on all the theme rooms, and every one of them was booked up as well! Something that didn’t happen very often.
The Lounge was packed that day with clients, all watching various football games being broadcast on the big screens around the room. Some screens carried college football, others featured NFL games.

The waitresses were kept hopping, serving drinks and food to the hungry, horny customers. On stage, girls were dancing in their sexy, skimpy little outfits.

Farmer walked through the Lounge, with a very contented smile. The money was rolling in today! The Black Friday idea was paying off. He saw two young women and a man entering the lounge. He recognized the three and walked over to greet them.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Steve! And Sara and Bri too! Glad to see you made it today."

"We wouldn't have missed it for the world, Farmer," Sara, a pretty 23 year-old brunette replied. She was wearing a tight, black dress and knee-high boots. The dress was very short, barely covering her gorgeous, round ass, and also very low-cut, allowing a great view of cleavage.

The other girl, Bri, was a cute 19 year-old, with long reddish-blonde hair, and a tight, athletic body. She was wearing a white leather skirt and thigh-high black boots, along with a pink halter top.

Steve was in his late 30s and a very fit, good-looking man. It was no wonder he had no problems at all, attracting younger women. He looked at least ten years younger than he actually was.

All three were regular clients at the Farm. Sara and Bri enjoyed the young girls and had several favorites.
"I'm looking forward to today," Steve chuckled. "These two are horny like you wouldn't believe. You'd think it was Christmas!"

Farmer also laughed. "I'm happy you're partaking in the Black Friday event. It's exceeding all my expectations. What time is your room booked for?"

"We have a 4 p.m. reservation for room 14B," Sara answered. "Will the girls be ready?"

"Now, you booked Lacey, Jasmine, and Nikki, right?"
 "Yes, we did," Sara replied.

"They're ready and waiting for you. But I see it's only 2:30, so you might as well find a seat and enjoy a few drinks. The usual?"

All three nodded. Farmer smiled. "Okay, I'll let them know up at the bar and get them delivered to you."

When Farmer gave the three drink orders at the bar, one of the waitresses standing nearby, looked around excitedly. "I know who those drinks are for! Where are they sitting, Farmer?"

"Camille, settle down," Farmer said.

"I'll deliver them," the very attractive, dark-haired woman said. Camille had been at the Farm close to four years. She was considered an old-timer, even though she was only 26 years old, as most girls didn't last that long at the underground sex slave operation. Most were worn out by that time, or sold off to other brothels.

Camille, with her large tits and talented mouth, was a client favorite and she had learned how to adapt to life in the brutal place. She and Sara and Bri, had spent time together in the past, and she really liked the two young women.

She spotted them sitting at a table in a corner and rushed their drinks to them. Sara and Bri both jumped up when they saw Camille approach.
"Baby!" Sara cried out. As Camille set the drink tray down on the table, Sara flung her arms around Camille and the two engaged in a deep, passionate kiss. Sara's hands moved down to squeeze Camille's cute butt under her way-to-short skirt.

"And there's the little brat," Camille giggled, also giving Bri a sensual kiss, their tongues playing in each other's mouths.
"This is my new boyfriend, Steve," Sara said, introducing him. "Steve, this is Camille."

"Ooooh, baby, I like him," Camille said playfully. "Does he have a nice cock?"

Sara winked. "Of course!"

"Well I better get back to work," Sara said, in a hurry. "We're just slammed today! Never seen it so busy!"

Sara sat back down beside Steve, taking a sip of her drink. "She wants to fuck you, you know?"

"Do you want me to?" Steve asked.

"Yes......fucking hard too! That bitch can take it!"

The time went by slowly, but Steve, Sara, and Bri, kept themselves occupied. They had some more drinks, watched some football and also enjoyed the girls dancing. Sara and Bri even made out at the table for a little while, their hands exploring each other under their clothes. They sat on each side of Steve and pulled his cock out of his pants, taking turns stroking it and getting it hard.

"Can't wait, sweetie," he said. "I've wanted to fuck Lacey for a long time."

"I can't wait to see you do that, either," Sara agreed.

"I want Nikki's tongue inside me," Bri said, quietly.

A muscular young man stepped up in front of their table. Sara recognized him as Corey, one of the many workers at the Farm, who helped look after all the girls.
"Okay, you folks are in 14B? It's all good to go! Here's your key!"

"Right on," Steve whooped.

They quickly finished their drinks and headed out of the Lounge. They made their way down a long corridor, until they were in another hallway, lined with doors down both sides. It looked like a hallway in a big hotel, but they knew it was where the revenue rooms were located.
"Here is is! 14B!" Bri said, like jumping up and down.

"Okay, okay, let me get the door open," Steve said, unlocking it.

They entered the room and smiled as they saw the three naked young women sitting on one of two big king-sized beds in the room, waiting for them. There was a very pretty blonde, Lacey, who was 23. Beside her was another younger blonde, Nikki, who was only 17. And the other girl was a striking brunette hottie, Jasmine, who was 18.

"Hi girls!" Sara beamed. "Are you all ready?"

"Yes, ma'am, we are," Lacey replied obediently.

Steve, Sara and Bri all proceeded to get undressed. Sara looked over to see Steve stroking his hard 8-inch cock. It was very thick and she knew he would be able to pound all three of the girls hard.

Steve climbed onto the bed and laid on his back beside Lacey. "Okay, slut, ride me!"

Sara and Bri felt themselves gettting wet as they watched the hot blonde mount Steve and settle herself down on top of his throbbing cock.

"Oh fuck, baby! You're nice and tight!" he murmured, as her moist pussy wrapped around him.

As Lacey began to gyrate her hips on top of him, Steve reached up to grab Lacey's tits and squeeze and pull on them, making her cry out.
Sara and Bri laid down on the other bed, instructing Jasmine and Nikki to join them.

"Come here, kitten," Sara said to Nikki. "You're going to make me cum!"

Bri and Jasmine embraced, their arms and legs entangling, kissing and tasting each other's bodies.
Sara made Nikki lie on her back and she straddled the teen girl's face. She arched her back and moaned loudly as Nikki's soft, wet tongue lapped at her sopping pussy lips.

Steve had rolled Lacey over onto her back and was fucking her hard, bouncing the bed like they would break it. He held himself above her with his arms and pumped himself in and out like a machine, like some form of nasty fucking machine.

“Oh…my….god!” he shouted, “I’m cumming, you little bitch! Take my cum!!”

Stream after stream of his hot sperm was being pumped into Lacey as he came and came. He had a lot of cum built up in him! It dripped down her pussy and onto her ass as it overflowed from her cunt. Steve quickly pulled out, and while he was still cumming, held his cock over Lacey's open mouth to leave the last couple of shots in her mouth.

Sara brought Nikki over to the other bed and soon had her face down between Lacey's legs, sucking and licking all the cum out of her.

"Come on, Nikki!" Sara urged her on. "Get that pussy clean!"

They could hear moans and screams, and looked over to see Jasmine with her face buried in Bri's crotch. Bri had handfuls of Jasmine's long dark hair and was jamming her face into her pussy.

"Oh God.....OH GOD! Yessssss! Make me cum Jasmine, you fucking little cunt!"

When Bri finally let Jasmine up for air, they could all see the river of Bri's pussy juices running down poor Jasmine's chin.
"I'll get you hard again, baby," Sara said to Steve, kneeling in front of him and rolling her tongue around the purple head of his dick. "Nikki, get down here and help."

As Sara licked and sucked on the head, Nikki took each of Steve's large balls in her soft, wet mouth, She sucked and tugged on them with her mouth. Sara took more of his shaft in her eager mouth. Steve looked down, and he was in heaven, having his cock being serviced by the gorgeous Sara and the obedient little cutie, Nikki.

Soon he was hard again. Sara stopped and looked up at him. "Bri....I want you to fuck Bri, and Jasmine and Nikki will suck your balls while you do it!"

Bri was on her hands and knees on the bed as Steve mounted her from behind and started a series of hard, hammering strokes in and out of her. Jasmine and Nikki took turns licking and sucking on his balls as he fucked Sara's friend.

"Damn, Bri, always so fucking good!" Steve panted.

Sara got on the bed and laid down in front of Bri. "So your tongue isn't doing anything right now.....get licking my pussy, baby!"

Bri gave her a coy smile and dived her face down into Sara's soaking pussy. "OHHHHHH shit yeah!" Sara yelled out.

Her friend was very good with her tongue, pushing and probing inside Sara's sweet cunt, rolling her thumb around her hard clit. Steve continued fucking away at Bri's tight pussy, his body slapping against her. And the two teens, Nikki and Jasmine servicing his balls, to the point they were ready to explode. Lacey came over to the bed and joined in too, her soft pink tongue running across Sara's tits, turning her nipples into hard little rocks.


Farmer sat in his office at his computer, scanning through the feed from all the video monitors stationed in the revenue rooms. He paused and watched the action in Room 14B for a little while. He smiled and rubbed his hard cock in his pants. Damn, he thought. That Sara and Bri are hot little bitches! They sure know how to have a good time!

Yes, he was very satisfied with the turnout he'd gotten for his Black Friday sale. He'd definitely be doing it again next year.

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Very nice . . .been waiting on this for awhile!  You don't disappoint!

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