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“Kiss it!” ordered Farmer.
  Brittany slowly shook her head back and forth.
   “I-I can’t!” she said tearfully.

  Farmer put his hand on the back of her head and shoved her face into his crotch.
“KISS IT, BITCH!” he roared.

   Brittany closed her eyes and slowly placed her lips against the pulsating shaft. She kissed it softly.
   Farmer pulled her head back. He looked down at her, his dark eyes glowering.

  “You see? That is your new master, bitch! Anything and everything you do from now on will be for the appeasement of the cock! Whether it be mine or someone else’s, the only reason for your existence from this day forward, will be to provide pleasure to a cock. Your body will be a receptacle for the release of that pleasure. Am I understood?”

  Brittany slowly nodded. “Y-y-yes sir!”
Farmer’s face broke into a wide grin. “Smart girl. It may not take much to train you, but we shall see.”
“Open your mouth!” Farmer said flatly.

  “OH GOD! NOOOOOOOOOO!” Brittany shook her head back and forth vigorously.

  Farmer gripped the hair on either side of her head and pressed the large head of his dick against her lips. Reluctantly she was forced to open her mouth. As she did, Farmer pushed his hips forward, his thick shaft entering her mouth.
"Uurrhhh ... uurrr ... rrrggghhh ... uurrr ... uurrhhh!" She gagged on the dick
that slid into her mouth, moving ever closer to her throat. She
strained against her bindings, feeling the tightness of the cuffs around
her wrists. Her body twisted and jerked involuntarily as he
slowly raped her mouth.

"Serve your master!" he moaned as he continued the slow, steady
thrust of his hips. The thickness of him forced her jaws wide open as his length penetrated into her throat, choking her and cutting off her air flow.

   Her face turned a reddish-blue and slobber oozed out of her mouth and ran down her chin. Farmer gripped her head tightly as he moved her mouth back and forth along his cock. His obese gut pushed against her face.
  “Urrrrggghhhh….gaccckkkk….gaaaccckkk….urrrrgghhhh!” she continued gagging and retching.
   Farmer saw her struggles increase, saw her body trembling and jerking under
his continued assault. He could see she was near blacking out as he
pushed deeply into her throat. And then, without warning, he jerked back, pulling
his meat out of her.

  “Not bad, not bad,” he said as Brittany violently coughed, trying to catch her breath. “I had about nine inches in there. Next time though, you’ll take it all.”

Farmer reached down and undid the cuffs on her wrists. He pulled Brittany back up to her feet and dragged her over to what looked like a large metal table about four feet wide by six feet long. It was attached to a set of triangular metal legs in the center of the table so it pivoted up and down like a teeter-totter.

   Right now the table was locked in place, sitting at an upward angle. Leather cuffs were attached to the four corners of the table. Farmer attached the cuffs to Brittany’s wrists and ankles. Another broad leather band about a foot wide was strapped across her mid-section. She was now fastened facedown to the surface of the table. She was positioned so her head hung about a foot over one end of the table.

   Farmer walked around to the front end of the table and placed a large circular basin on the floor. It was about 2 feet deep and about 3 feet in diameter. He walked over to a metal cabinet along one wall and removed a large glass container from the cabinet. The glass jug was full of a clear liquid and had a large skull and crossbones label on the side. Opening the container, Farmer carefully poured about half the contents into the basin. Acrid vapours rose from the liquid.

   Brittany watched him working, her eyes wide with terror.
  “Wh-wh-what are y-you d-doing? Wh-what is th-that stuff?” she cried.

  Farmer smiled as he sat down in a chair beside the table.
  “You cannot see it, Brittany, but there is a small metal cable attached to one end of this table. It runs up towards the ceiling and through a pulley, then down to a large metal ball. The ball is full of sand and acts as a counterweight,” he explained as though he were a science teacher in school.

    “There is a small plug in the ball. I am going to remove the plug and unlock the table. When I remove the plug, the sand will start to run out. As the sand runs out, the ball will become lighter. As it becomes lighter, it will rise, allowing the other end of the table, the end where your head is, to lower. If it lowers far enough, your head will be dipped into the basin. The basin, for your information, contains sulphuric acid.”

  “OH MY GOD! NOOOOOOOO! LET ME GOOOO!” screamed Brittany. She pulled and tugged at the leather cuffs on her wrists.

  Farmer let out a small chuckle.
   “Scary, huh? I always seem to get that reaction from girls when I mention ‘sulphuric acid’!”
  “PLEAAASSSSSE! DON’T DO THIS!” she sobbed.

  “Oh, I don’t want to do it,” Farmer said. “But its part of the game.”

  He walked over to the metal ball attached to the end of the cable. It was about two feet in diameter and was suspended about a foot off the floor. He unscrewed a small metal plug in the bottom of the ball and watched as sand began to dribble out into a container placed underneath. Farmer then walked over to the table and released the lock holding it in its upward position.

  Brittany screamed as she felt the table slightly move downwards. Farmer laughed.
  “It will take a while” he said. “I like to prolong the inevitable!”
  “Why are you doing this?” Brittany pleaded.

  “Why?” replied Farmer rhetorically. “I’ll tell you why. You know that I want to fuck you, to steal away your precious virginity. And you know, if I was a real bastard, I would just take it! I could have taken it the minute we stepped in this room. Hell, I could have done it hours ago! Just thrown you down and fucked you hard like the little slut you are.”

  Farmer paused for a minute then began speaking again.
  “But I don’t want it to be that way. When I was younger, that is what I would have done. But now I realize, that was the easy, lazy way to do things. It is your virginity. I think it is only fair that you ask me to take it from you!”

  “A-a-ask you t-to fuck m-me? How s-sick is th-that?” Brittany said incredulously. She let out another frantic squeal as the table tipped forward a little more.
   “Oh well, I guess it is very sick,” mused Farmer. “But then again I’m a very sick man. But if you think that way, well, I guess you can have a little face-dunk in some acid!”

  “NOOOOOOO!’ she wailed.
  “THEN SAY IT!” yelled Farmer. His face turned a bright shade of purple.

  “I want to hear you beg me to shove my cock inside you. I want to hear you say you want to be fucked!”
   Brittany let out another shriek as the table moved again. It was almost completely horizontal now, her face about three feet above the basin.

  “I-I WANT YOU!” she pleaded. “FUCK ME! PLEASE!”

   “You call that begging?” mocked Farmer. “Didn’t sound very convincing to me.”
  The table lurched downward. Brittany noticed as the ball became lighter, it also began to rise quicker. The weight of her upper body was overbalancing the table and causing it to tip down towards the basin of acid.

  “PLEASE! STICK IT INSIDE ME! FUCK MEEEEEEEE!” Brittany pleaded hysterically.

  “Meh! Kind of pathetic, if you ask me. I’ve heard better,” smirked Farmer. “I’m hungry. Think I’ll go to the cafeteria and get something to eat. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Hope you’re still here when I come back.”

  He turned and began to walk out of the room. The door closed behind him.

  Brittany looked down, the basin of acid barely less than a foot away from her face. The vapours were beginning to burn at her nostrils. Her hair dangled down only inches from the surface of the liquid. Brittany was frantic. This was it! In only a matter of a few minutes she would feel the acid as it began to burn into her face. She would die a horrific death and never see her sister or her family again. With one last reserve of strength, Brittany shrieked at the top of her lungs.


  The table suddenly stopped moving, her face less than 6 inches from the acid. Slowly she felt the table being hoisted up. She could hear Farmer laughing maniacally.

  “You didn’t seriously think I’d let something like this happen to someone as pretty as you, did you? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. It made you beg for my cock and you don’t know how horny that gets me when a hot girl begs for me to fuck her! I told you earlier your fear would enslave you and now you see that I am right!”

  Brittany had never felt so humiliated and degraded in all her life.
  He pulled the table back to its upright locked position and began to undo the leather cuffs. Brittany’s whole body shook and shuddered and she realized she had wet herself on the table. She could not stop crying.

   Farmer pulled her away from the table and dragged her over towards the large bed. He threw her roughly face-down on the mattress and climbed onto the bed straddling her body.
   “It’s time!” he said, his voice heavy with excitement. He grabbed a couple large pillows and, lifting her by the waist, shoved them under her hips raising her off the bed.

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Good golly!

That Brittany really should be gagged with something...

She's a squealer!


December 23, 2015, 11:00:19 AM
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 Farmer pushed her slender legs apart and shoved the white dress up around her waist. He wedged his large frame between her thighs. He looked down to see her body spread out before him. The long blonde hair fanned out over her back, the roundness of her buttocks, the curve of the legs spread wide.

   Looking down between her legs, he could see the bright pink slit of her virgin pussy. She was completely shaved. What a turn on!
  Her body tensed as Farmer took his thick shaft in one hand and ran it up and down along her labia.

  “Uh, uh!” Farmer snarled. “None of that bullshit! Remember, you begged me to do this!”
 Lining himself up at the edge of her pussy, Farmer lifted her by the hips and dropped his weight onto her.
  “SAY FUCK ME, MASTER!” Farmer bellowed. “SAY IT!”

  “F-F-Fuck me…..m-m-master!” Brittany whimpered, tears running down her face.

     The massive head of his cock drove into her with savage force, shredding her hymen and coating Farmer’s cock with blood. His full ten and a half inches drove into her in a single thrust, the thick shaft ripping and tearing at the tight walls of her vagina.

  Brittany pushed her face into the mattress, wailing at the top of her lungs, her body feeling as though it were being cut in half down the middle. Farmer felt the head of his cock bottom out. He pulled out completely and smiled contentedly seeing his shaft glistening with bright red blood. He re-positioned himself and slammed his length into her again, Brittany’s body jerking forward.

  His fat gut pressed against her as his enormous weight pinned her to the bed, completely immobilizing her. Each time his hips drove forward, the air was forcefully expelled from her lungs.

  “NUUUUUHHHHHHH!……NUUUHHHHHHH…..NUUUUUHHHHH!” she moaned painfully. Slobber ran from her mouth as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

   Farmer’s body was bathed in sweat and he grunted and moaned with exertion. He dug his knees into the mattress for better leverage as his giant cock drove up into Brittany’s incredibly tight cunt. The bed shook and groaned under his weight.

  He reached under Brittany and grabbed the front of the dress with both hands. He ripped it open and yanked it down. Shoving his hands underneath her, Farmer squeezed and mauled her tits as he pumped in and out of her.

   Farmer continued to fuck Brittany savagely, more like an animal than a human. He emitted loud grunts and slobber dripped from his mouth onto her back. He was approaching orgasm and he sped up his thrusts, his flabby buttocks shaking and quivering. His thick cock hammered in and out of Brittany, her pussy tightly gripping it along its length.

   Farmer let out a low guttural moan as his cock stiffened and then unloaded its large load of cum into Brittany.

  Farmer gave a huge shudder as he pulled out of Brittany, his cock making a wet sucking sound. His huge shaft glistened with cum and blood. The large man collapsed on the bed beside Brittany as he struggled to catch his breath.
  Brittany lay completely still, her legs still spread apart. Her whole body ached and hurt and she could still feel the sweat from Farmer on her skin. Tears ran down her cheeks.

   “Oh, my Brittany! That was….superb!” Farmer said breathlessly. He rolled over and ran his hand along her thighs and across her buttocks.
   He hoisted himself up off the bed and went to wipe himself clean and get a drink of water. Brittany was still in the same position when he came back.

  “Get up, sow!” he barked.
  Brittany stirred a little as she tried to lift her head.
  “I said….GET UP, SOW!” Farmer repeated. He reached down and grabbed a handful of Brittany’s blonde hair. He yanked her up and roughly dragged her off the bed.

   “Can’t stand it when bitches don’t listen!” he growled as he dragged Brittany, sobbing and wailing across to the center of the room to a wooden pillory. Farmer shoved her down on her knees and put her head and arms in the bottom half of the pillory. He clamped the top half down effectively holding her head and arms in place.

  “I want you to watch a little movie,” Farmer said as he turned on a large flat screen TV that hung on the opposite wall. As the TV came to life, Brittany could see a room similar to the one she was in. She realized it was the RT room she and Lacey had been taken to by Larissa.

  Her blood turned cold as the TV suddenly showed the large bed in the room. There on the bed was her sister, being brutally raped by Mike Rogers. She closed her eyes, not being able to watch the horrific scene. Farmer slapped her face.
  “Eyes open! Or I’ll fuckin’ wire them open!”

   Brittany was forced to watch as first Mike Rogers and then the other large bald man viciously raped her little sister. She saw Rogers as he knelt in front of Lacey and pushed his erect cock into her mouth. Witnessed her being whipped and stretched out on the torture table, then her mouth being raped by the big bald man and Rogers raping her again. Brittany felt like vomiting as she watched them leave Lacey stretched out on the table and leave the room.

  “Well, it looks like Lacey has been having her fun, does it not?” chuckled Farmer as he shut off the TV.
  “Y-y-you’re all a-a-animals!” spat Brittany.
  Farmer spun around and slapped Brittany hard across the face.

  “Watch your mouth, bitch! Or I’ll arrange to have you fucked by real animals!”
  Farmer walked over to a small table and picked up something. It was a metal ring with two small leather straps attached to it. He dangled it in front of her face.
  “Do you know what this is?” he asked Brittany.

  She slowly shook her head. “N-N-No.”
 “It is called a ring gag,” explained Farmer. He shoved the large metal ring between her lips, forcing her mouth open. The leather straps were pulled around and secured behind her head.

  “UUUUNNNGGGGGGGG……UUUUUNNNGGGGGG….UUUUNNNGGGG!” Brittany tried to scream but all that came out was a gurgling sound. Slobber and saliva ran from her mouth and down her chin.

  Farmer stepped back for a minute and looked down at Brittany, her mouth wedged wide open with the ring gag.
  “Excellent,” he said.
  His mammoth cock was growing hard again, jutting out from under his sweaty gut. He pushed his large swollen cockhead up to Brittany’s mouth.

  “Stick out your tongue, bitch!” he ordered.
  Brittany slowly pushed her tongue out through the ring. Farmer rubbed his cockhead back and forth across her moist tongue. He moved closer and gripped Brittany by the sides of her head. Jamming his hips forward, he forced his giant member past the ring and into her mouth. Brittany’s eyes grew big and a string of snot blew out her nose as she felt the large head push into her throat, cutting off her air supply. She tried to pull back but was immobilized in the pillory.
  “This time you will take it ALL!” Farmer grunted as he felt his ball sac press against Brittany’s chin. Farmer pulled back about halfway, then rammed his cock deep in her throat again. He began to fuck her throat as though it were a vagina.

   Brittany frantically tried to pull in air through her nostrils each time he pulled back. When he thrust forward his fat gut would completely cover her face. The smell of his body was almost overwhelming.

  “GUUUUUUHHHHAAACKKKK……..GUUUUUHHHHHAAAACCKKK!” Brittany made loud slobbery gagging sounds as Farmer pumped back and forth in her mouth. It seemed as though his cock was tearing apart the muscles in her throat. The room spun and Brittany felt like she was losing consciousness as her body screamed for oxygen.
  The pressure on his cock as it slid through the ring gag, added to Farmer’s arousal. He knew his balls would be ready to release a load soon. He increased the tempo of his thrusts into the blonde woman’s mouth. He let out a loud groan as his  thick stream of semen blasted into her throat. Brittany felt the warmness running into her stomach. The strong musky taste of his seed filled her mouth and she had to fight the urge to vomit.
  As Farmer pulled his cock out, Brittany gulped in large mouthfuls of air. Her face had turned a light shade of purple. Slobber and cum oozed out of her mouth.
  “I said you would take it all,” sneered Farmer. He brought over a bottle of water and poured some in Brittany’s mouth.
  She looked up at him appreciatively through blurry, teary eyes.
  “Don’t thank me too much, bitch,” Farmer said with an evil grin. He gave her another drink.
 He walked over to where he had taken off his coveralls earlier. He picked them up along with his boots. He glanced over his shoulder at Brittany with her arms and head still in the pillory and the ring gag in her mouth.
  “I need a shower,” he said. “ And a little rest. You can take five too.”
  He let out a loud guttural laugh as he left the room.

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Wow we need#2 onthis lol part

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I'm gonna have to go rub one off!  This story just gets hotter! 

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Lacey's Ordeal Continues:

 “Time for Lacey to learn another lesson, Mike!” Roger beamed. “When someone cums in her mouth, she swallows! ALL OF IT!”
   Roger pulled his pants back up. He grabbed the ball gag and shoved it back in her mouth, re-tying it. Then he grabbed Lacey by the hair, yanking her off the bed. She reached up, trying to pull his hands away. He ignored her, pulling her over to the large wooden frame I had seen earlier.

  Pulling her to her feet, he pushed her up against it face-first. He motioned to me to come help him. I hurried over, still buttoning up my pants. I held her arms up as he tightly wrapped the leather cuffs around her wrists and did up the metal buckles. Then we did the same to her ankles, fastening her spread-eagled to the frame, with her face pointing towards the wall. She twisted and squirmed, fighting against the cuffs holding her in place.
   Roger walked over to the rack holding the assortment of whips. He selected one. A long jet-black bull-whip, it must have been about 8 feet long. He handed it to me.

  “Here you go Mike! She gets ten lashes. That’s her punishment for not swallowing all your cum. Next time it happens, it’ll be twenty!“
  I took it from him. The leather handle felt comfortable in my hand. But I’d never used one of these before.
“You just give it a good snap with your wrist, okay?” explained Roger.
  I held it about shoulder height and snapped my wrist forward. The whip struck Lacey across the lower back, just above her ass. CCCRRRRRRAAAAACCCCCKKK!! Her whole body went rigid and her head flew back.


  I marvelled at the bright red welt stretching across her back.
  I let it fly a couple more times, this time across her upper back near her shoulders.
  Again she screamed. I had never done anything like this before and the feeling of power was incredible!
  I continued the lashes, making a criss-cross network of bloody welts across her back.

  “Eight!” Roger called out. FFFFWWWAAACCCKKKK!!



  I was panting with exertion, sweat running down my face. Roger clapped me on the back.
  “Good job, man! That’s the way it’s done! Go over to the fridge and get yourself a water.”
  I walked over to a small fridge by the door and got myself a bottle of cold water. I drank about half and poured the other half over my head. It was very hot in the RT room.

  Roger was over by the rack with Lacey.
  He had a handful of her hair and had yanked her head way back so she was looking straight up at the ceiling.
  “NOW, the next time someone sticks their cock in your throat, you WILL not waste their time, and you WILL swallow every drop of their cum! Do you understand. Bitch?” he yelled.

 She feebly nodded.
“GOOD!” Roger continued. “Cuz if they wanted it to go on the floor, they’d just shoot it there themselves! You are a useless cum receptacle, and that’s why you are here. If you fail to obey, the next time you’ll get twenty lashes!
  He let go of her hair and her head slumped down.
  “I think she needs a bit more positive reinforcement, Mike”, Roger said as he began to undo the leather cuffs on her wrists. “We’ll put her on the stretch rack for a bit.”
  We took her down from the wooden frame and dragged her by the arms over to the large wooden table with the rope winches. Once again we fastened the leather cuffs to her ankles and wrists. She was stretched out, spread-eagled on the table. Then Roger, grabbing the handles on one of the wooden spools, began turning it,  the ropes pulling on her arms. He motioned to me to start turning the other one her ankles were attached to.

Slowly, we began stretching her body across the length of the table. Her eyes began to grow big as the pain and pressure on her legs and shoulders increased. I heard a few of her joints make a faint popping sound. She let out a muffled groan of pain.
   “Okay, that’s good right there”, said Roger with a tone of satisfaction.

 “She’s stretched out just enough, we ain’t dislocating anything, yet. But she is gonna be PRETTY damn sore after a little while.”
  Roger stripped his pants off again, his large erection jutting out.
“And now it’s time for some fun!” he said with an evil grin.

  Climbing on top of the table, Roger straddled her body, his knees on either side of her upper chest, his big cock hovering over her face. He untied the ball gag and took it out of her mouth.
  “P-p-please s-s-stop! I-I-I’ll do wh-wh-what-whatever you w-want me-me to.” she pleaded, her voice quavering with pain.
 Roger glowered down at her.

  Roger backhanded her brutally across the face nearly knocking her unconscious. “Sluts only speak when spoken to!“ he yelled.
  With that he grabbed her face in one hand and squeezed her jaw, forcing her mouth to open. He thrust his hips down, pushing his cock into her mouth. Holding himself up by his arms, he positioned himself over her face and began raping her mouth. She gagged violently as he slammed his hips down, forcing his cock right into her throat.

   “You…..are…..going….to….learn….to suck…cock….even if…it…kills you!” he grunted between thrusts. Lacey’s chest heaved as she fought for air, the large cock completely engulfing her mouth, her lips stretched around its girth.
  It only took a couple minutes.

    “Ugh! Ugh! UGGGHHHHH!” he groaned in ecstasy as he felt his balls release again, a flood of semen shooting into her throat. I could see Lacey’s throat muscles frantically working to swallow it all, lest she incur the wrath of Roger again. I felt my own cock turning hard again, the sight of the large muscular man raping Lacey’s face making me incredibly turned on.
  Roger slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth. He looked down at her, smiling.

  “Well, you’re a quick learner, slut. Very good! Swallowed every drop! We’ll turn you into a championship whore yet. But there’s cum all over my dick. Lick it clean!”
  Lacey slowly ran her tongue along the length of Roger’s big shaft as she licked the slimy residue from his cock.

  As he climbed down off the table, he said to her, “Now, I want to hear you say, I’m having a good time pleasuring Master Mike and Master Roger like the whore that I am.”
  Lacey hesitated. Then tears running down her cheeks, began to speak, her voice just a whisper. “I-I’m having a-a-a good t-time pleasuring M-Master M-Mike and-and M-Master Roger.”

  “Good little whore!” said Roger as he patted her on the head.
  While this was going on, I had also climbed onto the table. Looking at Lacey’s firm body stretched out like it was, I couldn’t help myself. I needed to feel myself inside her again.
  “AHHHHHHH!” I groaned pleasurably as I plunged balls deep into her cunt once again. I began slamming into her with long forceful strokes. With her legs pulled tight and spread-eagled, it seemed like her cunt gripped me even harder this time. I leaned down and clamped my mouth over hers, my tongue driving between her lips. She screamed into my mouth,”AAAAGGHHHMMMMFFFFFF!”

  Reaching underneath her, I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her up against me as I pounded her like a madman. Her smooth flat stomach felt so good against mine. I shoved my tongue deep into her mouth as I drove my hips into her again and again, feeling my balls ready to explode once more.
  At the last minute, though, I pulled out. I quickly moved up her body and straddled her chest. Grabbing both of her tits, I pressed them together tight around my cock. Her vaginal juices still lubricating my shaft, I began to slide it back and forth, tit-fucking her. Man, I was in heaven!

   I couldn’t hold back any longer and before I knew it, a thick jet of cum erupted from the end of my dick. It shot out, spraying across Lacey‘s upper chest. Some of it hit her chin, neck and lower face. I climbed down off her, completely spent.
   Roger was laughing. “Awesome man! Great touch at the end there, giving her the tit-fuck and the facial!”

   We looked at Lacey, her teary eyes staring vacantly at the ceiling in silent humiliation, gobs of cum dripping from her chin.
   Roger clapped me on the back.
  “What say we get dressed and get something to eat? I’m hungry as hell?”

  “What about her?” I asked.
   “Where the hell is SHE gonna go?” laughed Roger. “Ain’t like she’s gonna get up and run away on us! Don’t worry about her! We’ll be back!”

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We went back out to the hallway, walking towards the lounge. Before we got that far, though, we stopped at another door. Roger pressed a button on the door and it slid open. It was an elevator!
  “ There are four underground levels,” Roger explained. “We’re on the second level. The first level is living quarters and the cafeteria.”
  “You have a cafeteria here too?“ I asked.
  “Well, yeah!“ replied Roger with a grin. “How the hell do you think we eat?“

  I just shrugged my shoulders. He had a good point. We stepped out of the elevator and into a large cafeteria. There was people sitting at tables scattered throughout the room.

   We walked up to a long buffet counter. The cooks were setting out breakfast. I didn’t realize it was that time, but I looked up at the clock on the wall. It read 6:10 a.m.! Holy crap, I’d been up all night!

    Roger noticed me looking at the clock.
    “Time just flies when you’re having fun, huh?” he laughed.
    “Uh, yeah!” I replied.

     There was quite a spread set out for us. Scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, sausages, waffles, hash browns, fruit, muffins, bagels, toast, cereal, porridge, coffee, tea, juice, milk. Or you could order an omelette, prepared fresh by the cooks with whatever ingredients you wanted.

   “Wow, you guys eat like kings here,” I commented to Roger as we walked to a table, our plates heaped.

   “Damn right, we do!” said Roger. “Rapin’ and fuckin’ works up quite an appetite!”

    We both shared a good laugh as we dug into our breakfast. I was ravenous!

   “Just out of curiosity,” I said as I shoved a large slice of bacon in my mouth, “but what do all the women, er, bitches, get fed?”
   Roger chuckled to himself as he gnawed down on a chunk of waffle dripping in syrup.

   “What? They need to be fed? Isn’t a bellyful of cum everyday enough?”

   I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly. “I guess so!” I replied.

   Roger smiled then turned a bit more serious.

   “No, we feed them. In spite of what you might think, they actually eat pretty good. Not as good as we do, mind you, but Farmer doesn’t starve them. He likes to keep them in fairly good shape. Clients want girls with a bit of meat on their bones, not some anorexic-lookin’ thing!”

   “Farmer mainly feeds ‘em some kind of goop. It looks like hell and don’t smell that great but apparently it has all the nutritional requirements they need. Once in a while, as a reward for good performance, a few will get brought here for a decent meal. On the other hand, if a girl needs a bit of discipline and they get stuck in the D&R section for a few days, they get fed ‘slime’!”

   “Okay, what the hell is the D&R section and what is, uh, ‘slime‘?” I asked. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to know the answer.

   “D&R stands for “Discipline & Rehabilitation,” Roger explained. “It ain’t a very nice place. You’ll get shown it later. And “slime”? Well, the best way to describe it, it’s the grossest shit you could imagine!

   "The cooks take half-rotten food, garbage, whatever they can get their hands on and mix it up in a blender. A lot of times they’ll jack off in it, spit in it. I swear to God, and this was pretty damn gross, but I saw it myself. One time I even saw one of the cooks SHIT in the damn stuff!”

  I coughed a bit and had to suppress a gag.

  “Sorry about that,” apologized Roger. “But it’s all true. “Slime” is pretty horrible gook. AND they make the girls eat the WHOLE damn bowl of it, too! Sometimes that’s all they’ll get to eat for 3 or 4 days!”
   I attempted to change the subject.

  “So the girls get, um, performance reviews?” I asked.

  “Yeah,” said Roger matter-of-factly. “The clients fill out a form when they’re done, sort of a “customer satisfaction survey”. The Farmer reads them all and knows what girls are doing a good job. Ones that don’t perform up to par will get some time in D&R or Farmer puts them up for auction.”

   “Auction? You mean like, to be sold?”

  “Yeah. Just a regular auction,” Roger continued. “Farmer knows white slavers and brothel owners all over the world. Mexico, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, even right here in the States! It’s like an online auction, almost kinda like Ebay. He advertises the girls and has pics of them and these guys from around the world bid on them. Then Farmer packs them up in crates and off they go, never to be seen again!”

  “They could end up anywhere from Sao Paulo, giving five-dollar blowjobs on a street corner, to being some rich Japanese businessman’s personal whore in Tokyo!”

  “Wow!” I said.

   “Heck, just last week, some guy the Farmer knows from Venezuela was here! The guy owns some kind of a mine out in the jungle and all the workers stay in this big camp. They’re like a hundred miles from civilization, so this guy keeps a brothel right there at the mining camp. The workers get horny, they can go bang some whores!”

   “He bought about a dozen girls from Farmer. All between about 16 to 25, and ALL of them blonde! Said he had some South American and Asian girls there too, but the workers REALLY go for them blonde American girls!”

   “Christ!” I remarked. “This place is almost like a Wal-Mart for whores.”

   “Yep, pretty well,” said Roger as he finished wiping syrup and ketchup off his plate with a piece of toast.
   We looked up as three other men approached us across the cafeteria.

  Two looked to be in their 30s. The third fellow, probably around his mid-40s.
  Roger waved to them.
   “Dave! Carl! Gomez!” he called out. “What’s up?”
   The three men sat down at the table across from Roger and me.

  Roger introduced the three of them to me. Dave was 35, about 6 ft. tall, 220 lb.,  and very muscular and fit. He was bald like Roger and sported a dark-coloured goatee. Carl was also 35, a bit taller at 6’ 2” and also around 220 lb. He wasn’t bald but his blonde hair was in a Marine-style buzz-cut. He too was very muscular and fit.

  Gomez was the one who didn’t really fit in. He was 47, about 5’ 10” and around 250 lb. He was balding, with black greasy hair and a black moustache. He had a large gut and looked more like a Mexican cab driver than a professional rapist. His black coveralls were half -open, exposing his broad, hair-covered chest.

  “Ah, the newbie!” Gomez said, flashing a smile that showed several missing teeth. He spoke in a thick Latino accent.

  “Senor Mike, you breeng very beautiful blonde beetches to Farm, no?”

  “I’ll say!” spoke Dave. “We spotted them when you brought them in earlier tonight. Can’t fuckin’ WAIT until that younger one is in GP!”
  “Oh yesss!” grinned Gomez. “My beeg Mexican dick, it like fuckeeng de young gringo blondes!”
   Carl looked at Gomez and smirked.

   “Gomez , your big Mexican dick likes fucking ANYTHING with a hole!”

   “All I know is, I wanna shove my cock down that little honey’s throat.” said Dave.
   “You guys sure sound like you have fun around here,” I said.

  “Mike, you don’t know the half of it!’ smiled Carl. “We’ve had some epic times, I’ll say that much!”

   “Remember dose college girls, get lost and show up here? The ones weeth beeg teets?” asked Gomez.
  Carl’s eyes lit up.

  “Oh shit, yeah!” he exclaimed. “About 6 months ago, Mike, ya shoulda been here! A car-load of four college girls showed up at the farm up top, middle of the night. They were horribly lost, on their way home from spring break or something, I guess. Were almost out of gas. All four of them, smoking hot!”

   “They got some rooms in the farmhouse for the night. But that was just the beginning. Old Spence, the guy who runs the farmhouse for Farmer, he drugged them up and a bunch of us went and got them. We disposed of their car and brought them down here,” explained Dave.

  “Farmer let about 10 of us loose on ‘em! Man, did we have fun! A couple of them had THE most gorgeous tits I’d ever seen!”

   “Eet was sooo much fun!” said Gomez, licking his fat lips as he reminisced. “One of dem called me ‘fat fuck’! NO one call Gomez ‘fat fuck’. Eespecially gringo whores. She had real beetchy attitude. I fuck her SOOO hard in ALL her holes, showed her what a fat fuck can do!”

   Gomez reached inside his coveralls and pulled out a tattered photograph. It showed a group of four very attractive college girls.

  “Here!” said Gomez as he pushed the photograph across the table to me. “Thees a peecture of da girls. I find eet een one of dere cameras. De girl in blue, Maya, dat da one I fuck sooo hard! She had soooo hot body and reeely tight cunt. And she scream VERY loud! She NOT like getting fucked by me!”

   The other men all laughed heartily as I looked at the photo.

 Yow! Those girls WERE seriously hot! Especially the girl, Maya, that Gomez was talking about. I felt myself growing incredibly hard and turned on, thinking about the pretty young college student, squirming and screaming, pinned down by the fat Mexican as he savagely raped her. His large cock driving into her tight cunt!

   “Wasn’t it kinda dangerous grabbing four girls at once?
 I asked.
   Dave shrugged. “It’s not something Farmer tries to do too often, but the opportunity presented itself perfectly, so Farmer decided to go for it!”

  “It was the middle of the night, no witnesses, and they said their cellphones weren’t working, which out in this area happens quite often,” added Carl.

  “Farmer has very good ways to make girls dees-appear,” said Gomez. “And no one ever finds dem again! We took dere car and dump it over cliff about 20 miles away. Police just theenk dey dees-appear into de forest.”

 “So, these girls still around?” I asked hopefully.
  Dave looked at the photo.

  “Ummm, yeah. Maya and Sandra, they’re both in GP. Both quite popular with the clients, too. As you heard Gomez say, Maya had quite a potty-mouth. But it wasn’t nothing a week in D&R couldn’t fix!

Unfortunately, the other two are no longer with us. Farmer decided to put them up for sale. I believe they both went to a buyer in Thailand.”

  I felt a twinge of sick excitement as I looked again at Maya and imagined her choking down a bowl of ‘slime’ while sitting in a cell in D&R.

  “I sure hope I get to meet this Maya,” I said as I handed the photo back to Gomez.
  “Oh, I’m sure you will,” said Roger. “I’ve done her a few times. And Gomez is right! She has a SERIOUSLY tight body! She’s one of Farmer’s favourites.”

  “Speaking of hot girls, let me show you THIS pic, Mike!” said Carl as he also pulled a photograph out of a pocket. “TWINS for God’s sake! Been here about 2 months now.”

I let out a low whistle.
“Sweet God! Those two are goddesses!” I said, my cock jumping to attention. “How old?”

  “They’re 18 now!” exclaimed Carl. “They and their parents stopped here on a little weekend vacation about a year ago. The girls were only 17 then, when this pic was taken. Spence scouted them out for Farmer. Farmer wanted them BAD and started making plans to ‘acquire’ them. It took a little while before it happened, but we finally got them, like I said, a couple months ago.”

  “Why did it take so long if he wanted them so badly?” I asked.
  Roger spoke up.

   “Farmer is a consummate professional. Patience is VERY important in these matters! The timing has to be ABSOLUTELY perfect. There can be NO risk in getting caught! If that means waiting, then that is what Farmer will do. Be it 6 days or 6 months or even a year. Farmer will WAIT!”

  I shrugged. Made sense to me! In a business like this, you didn’t want to be taking unnecessary risks! I thought back to how long it had taken before we had finally been able to make our move on Lacey and Brittany.

  “Their names are Teri and Tenille,” continued Roger. “I remember well the night they were brought here! Fucked them both so goddamn hard, thought I was gonna pass out.”

  “Teri had never sucked cock before, but after THAT night she was well-trained, wasn’t she, boys?” asked Carl with a sly grin.
  “Well, after doing about a dozen of us, she SHOULD have been well-trained!” chuckled Dave.

  “Ohhh, but her sweet young mouth feel soooo goood dat night!” grinned Gomez.
“Best part of the night, though, was when Farmer made Tenille wear that 12 inch strap-on and rape Teri in the ass!” said Roger as though he were talking about old high school memories.

  “Yep, that WAS a wild night!” mused Dave. “They’re two of Farmer’s biggest money-makers now. He’s got clients on a two-week waiting list!”

   “Farmer was telling me the other day, he’s got some more big plans for those two,” said Carl as he put the photo back in his pocket.
  “Oh? What’s that?” asked Dave.

  “Says he wants to take them to the studio and make some movies with them. He’s gonna be looking for extras. So if any of you guys are interested…..”

  Hmmmm, I thought. Making pornos with insanely hot 18 year-old twins. Sounded like fun to me!
  “But that ain’t all!” said Carl.

  “What else?” I asked.
  “Well, there’s an old bugger comes here once a month. His name is Edgar Wentworth. Been a client at The Farm for probably close to 40 years! He’s filthy rich. Owns Wentworth Industries.”

  I had heard of Wentworth Industries. They were a huge conglomerate involved in manufacturing, mining, shipping and real estate, not to mention a lot of other stuff.
  “Anyways,” continued Carl. “Old Man Wentworth is having his 75th birthday in a couple weeks. Farmer wants to give him something special for his birthday, so he’s considering giving him Teri and Tenille for a whole weekend, GRATIS!”

  “What the hell is a 75 year-old man gonna do with a couple 18 year-olds?” I asked. “He probably can barely get it up!”
  “Hey, I’ve seen Edgar Wentworth in action,” said Roger. “The old fart is a machine! Hung like a goddamn horse too! And ever since they invented Viagra….shit! He’s like a goddamn 20 year-old again! He puts men half his age to shame.”

  “I hear Senor Wentworth like to hear girls scream! Eet gets heem hard!” said Gomez.
“Yeah, fuckin’ the hell out of some woman ain’t the worst of it,” said Roger. “The old guy is quite a master sadist, from what I’m told. Very adept at the art of torture! He’ll give those two a going-over they’ll NEVER forget!”

 “Will he kill them?” I asked.

 “No,” replied Carl. “Wentworth just likes to watch bitches suffer. Although, I heard a story once where he DID kill someone. It was about 20 years ago. He had a secretary he found out was stealing from him. He had her brought to The Farm.

   Farmer said the old bugger spent TWO whole days in one of the RT rooms with her. He finally came out, covered head to toe in blood, and told Farmer he was done and had a body to dispose of. Farmer said he went into the RT room and almost threw up! It takes a LOT to make Farmer sick. Said of all the dead women he’s ever seen, THAT one was messed up the WORST!”

  “I wonder if it’s true that Wentworth helps Farmer? I heard once he uses his ocean freighters to transport women for Farmer,” said Dave.
  “I wouldn’t doubt it at all,” stated Roger.

  “Hey!” I said to Roger. “Shouldn’t we be getting back to Lacey?”
  “Oh shit! Yeah!” laughed Roger. “She’s probably getting a little stiff and sore in the position we left her.”

   “Been nice talking to you guys,” I said as Roger and I got up from the table.
  “You bet!” said Dave. “Welcome aboard! Look forward to working with you!”

   “He’s a fast learner!” smiled Roger as he slapped me on the back.

  “Do not wear her out!” said Gomez. “Tell her my beeg Mexican cock ees waiting for her!”
   “I’ll make sure to tell her that, Gomez,” I said with a grin.
  “Come on! Let’s go,” prodded Roger. “Fun awaits!”

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I'm addicted to this story!! More!!

January 05, 2016, 09:12:04 AM
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Offline vile8r

 The two men entered the elevator and hit the ‘DOWN’ button.
  “We’ll have to get some living quarters set up for you later,” said Roger. “Farmer’ll get something set up for you.”

   “Speaking of Farmer, I wonder how he and Brittany are getting along?” I asked, with a twinge of excitement.
   Roger smiled to himself. “Oh, I have a feeling little Ms. Brittany is in a whole world of pain right now. Farmer has likely given all 3 of her fuck-holes a good workout by now. I just hope she co-operated. As you saw earlier, Farmer has a terrible temper!”

  “Yeah, so I noticed,” I commented drily. I thought back to earlier, when I had witnessed Farmer dragging Brittany down the hallway by her hair.

   The elevator door slid open and we stepped out into the corridor of the RT section.
  “So, what are you gonna do with Lacey when we get back?” Roger asked.

“Well, I’m dying to fuck that sweet ass!” I replied.
“That’s good, but remember, that little tramp disrespected you BAD! Didn’t you say you had a score to settle with her?”
  “Yeah,” I replied. “And that’s why I’m gonna pound her ass hard!”
   Roger turned to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

  “Mike, I need to explain something to you. The Farm ain’t JUST about fuckin’ chicks! Yeah, it’s mostly what we do and we make good money at it, but it isn’t everything.
  It’s also a place where WE, the men, show the bitches, where they stand in life! We teach them when they get here, that they’re nothing!

   They might think they’re the sexiest, most high-class bitch in the world, but when it comes right down to it, they’re really just three fuck-holes and two tits held up by a couple of legs, to be used by men as cum depositories and make money. And the sooner they learn that, the better! Life gets pretty miserable around here for them if they DON’T learn that.”

  “You need to work on breaking her spirit,” continued Roger. “I can see it in her eyes, she’s still a defiant bitch! She still hates you and she has no right. You need to get inside her head and fuck her up. It ain’t all about cunt-raping and ass-raping, Mike! You also have to rape her MIND! You understand what I’m saying?”

  “I-I guess so,” I answered.
  “Okay!” Roger clapped me on the back. “Let’s go then. I’ll help you along. Sometimes this part of the game is the best! You’ll see. Shoving yourself inside their brain can be just as fun as shoving yourself inside a tight cunt!”
   We headed towards RT #3 and Roger slowly swung the heavy door open. My heart began pounding as I saw the naked form of Lacey stretched out on the torture table, just as we had left her.

   Her chest was slowly rising and falling and as we walked up to her, she turned her head to look at us, her eyes red and blood-shot from crying. The muscles and tendons stood out in her severely outstretched arms and legs. I could still see the streaks of dried cum on her face and chest. Her smooth inner thighs were covered in dark bruises and smears of dried blood, attesting to the brutal pounding her cunt had recieved.

   “P-p-please t-take me off of h-h-here!” she pleaded, her voice a hoarse whisper.
  Roger let out a little chuckle as he began to loosen off the tension on the ropes.
  “What’s the matter, honey? You didn’t like that so much? Probably made you a couple inches taller! Dontcha know? Everybody likes girls with long legs!”

   We grabbed her by her arms and pulled her up off the table. Her legs were unable to support her and we had to hold her up. She grimaced in pain.
   “Take her over there,” commanded Roger, nodding towards the metal bed spring against the wall.
   We dragged her over to it and fastened the leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles. She was now fastened spread-eagled to the bedspring.

“Wh-what are y-you g-going to d-do now?” she asked, panic in her voice.

    Roger walked over to the small fridge and brought out a bottle of water. He held it up to Lacey’s lips and poured some in her mouth. She swallowed it thirstily.

  Roger pulled it away from her and proceeded to pour the rest over her body. She shivered and gasped as the cold water ran down across her breasts and stomach. The water glistened on her skin and made her nipples stand out.
   He picked up a small plastic box attached to a thick black electrical cable. I noticed the end of the cable disappeared into the wall with the cables attached to the bedspring. There was a single small red button set into the box.

   “When I tell you to,” Roger explained, “ press this button. Just for a second or two! We don’t wanna fry her, we just wanna give her a nice little zap!”

  Lacey’s eyes suddenly grew big with wild terror.
  “NOOOOO!” she cried out, panic in her voice.

  “SHUT UP, COW!” bellowed Roger. “From now on you will address us as Master Roger and Master Mike! Do you understand?”
 He walked over to her, his hands clasped behind his back, like a schoolteacher speaking to a recalcitrant student.

  “Lacey, I realize this whole experience has been very traumatic for you. I apologize for that, but it was a necessity! You greatly disrespected Mr. Rogers here, and for that you must be punished. Severely!

   This is now your new home and we are your masters. Mike is going to ask you some questions and you are going to answer them. You WILL give him the answers he wants to hear, or……well, you’ll find out!”
   “Now, will you co-operate?”

  Lacey slowly nodded her head.

  “Good!” barked Roger.

  “M-may I ask a-a question?” Lacey asked. Then hurriedly added, “um, M-master Roger!”

  “Go ahead,” said Roger.
  “Is Br-Brittany all r-right?”
   Roger was silent a moment before he answered. “I can’t tell you that. I’m sure if she has behaved herself, Farmer has taken very good care of her. If she hasn’t, well……that’s another story. But you need to worry about yourself, Lacey. You will learn here at The Farm, YOUR survival is your #1 priority. Everybody else’s….is their problem!”

  Lacey’s eyes welled up with tears as Roger turned back towards me.
  “Okay, Mike. She’s all yours!”
   I walked up closer to her. I could still smell the sweet perfume on her body.

   “Why did you report me to the police after I raped you in the laundry room?” I asked. “AFTER I told you NOT to do that?”
   Lacey looked at me, like I was crazy.
  “You r-r-raped me! That’s why!”

  “Wrong answer!” snapped Roger. He motioned to me to press the button. I pressed the red button, quickly releasing it.
ZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Small blue and white sparks shot out from the bedspring. Lacey’s entire body violently spasmed, her eyes rolling back and an inhuman scream bursting from her lips. Her wet skin intensified the electrical shock.

  “I’ll ask you again,” I said. “WHY did you go to the cops?”
  “I-I D-DON’T KNOW!’ she cried out.

  “Do you realize the trouble you got me in?” I asked. “I could have went to prison because of you. You’re lucky I had a good lawyer!”
 I hit the button again. ZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTT!

  She screamed as she was hit with another shot of electricity.
 “Now, that night, were you or were you not dressed like a little slut?” I chuckled to myself as I realized I sounded like a cop in an interrogation room. How ironic!

 “I w-was w-wearing shorts and a-a t-shirt!” she sobbed. “That’s n-not dressing li-like a s-slut!”
  “WRONG answer again,” yelled Roger impatiently.
  I hit the button again. ZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTT!

  Lacey’s body jumped, shaking the whole bedspring.
  “STOPPPPPP!” she screamed.
  I just laughed. This was fun!

   “Well I say you WERE dressed like a slut” I snarled. “And being that you were dressed like a slut, wouldn’t it stand to reason, somebody would want to fuck you? Hmmmm?”

  “I guess so! YES!” she answered quickly as she watched my finger hovering over the button.
  “Okay!” I said contentedly. “Now we’re on the same page. So, if you were dressed like a slut and I wanted to fuck you, why would you want to accuse me of rape? I was just giving you what you wanted!”

  Lacey’s face was drenched in sweat, tears running down her cheeks. She looked at me, her eyes pleading.
  “Just stop, please?” she whimpered.

  ZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTT! Her head flew back, her mouth opening in another painful shriek.
  “I WANT a fucking answer!” I yelled.
  “I-I’M SORRY!” she cried hysterically.

   “So am I,” I quipped. I pressed the button.
  Lacey’s body arched and the muscles stood out in her neck as her head snapped back again. She shrieked.
   “Now, I heard in court that you tried accusing other people of rape too! What kind of a person does that?” I asked rhetorically.

  “I-I was scared at the time. I th-thought I w-w-was pregnant! I panicked!” Lacey sobbed.
   “So you decided to destroy the lives of two young men? Devastate their football careers? That’s unacceptable, bitch!” I said as I gave the button another press.

   “That is why you have been brought here, Lacey!” I yelled at her. “You want to be a little slut who yells ‘RAPE’? Well here, you will get raped ALL you want! You will be a whore for Farmer! A WHORE!”

  Roger walked up to me.

  “Okay, Mike. You’re doing great. But we’ll take her down for a little while. I’ve got some other fun for her.”
   Lacey’s head hung to the side, her eyes only half open. Her body was drenched in sweat and her bladder had let go, creating a small puddle of urine on the floor.

   We undid the leather straps holding her to the bedsprings and carried her limp body over to the large wooden chair in the center of the room. She was set in the chair and we strapped her wrists to the arms of the chair. Then Roger strapped her ankles to the legs of the chair. I noticed the seat of the chair was vee-shaped so Lacey was sitting with her legs slightly spread and nothing between.

  Roger also wrapped a wide leather strap across her forehead, holding her head back tightly against the high back of the chair. She looked like a criminal awaiting electrocution.
  Roger produced what looked like a large black dildo with a piece of electrical wire dangling from it. At the end of the wire was two small metal clamps like you see on a set of automobile booster cables. He reached down and pushed the thick dildo up into Lacey’s vagina. She gasped in pain.

  The clamps were then fastened to the posts of a car battery I noticed sitting under the small table beside the chair. I also saw small wires running from the battery posts to a small switch set in the side of the table.
  Lacey looked down at the dildo shoved inside her and the wires leading to the switch. She immediately knew what was going to happen.

“NNNNOOOOOOOOO! OH GOD! NOOOOOOOOOOO!” she suddenly screamed, her arms and legs pulling and straining  at the leather cuffs.
   Roger grinned as he flipped the switch.

Zzzzzzztttt! Zzzzzzztttt! He gave her two short zaps. It was not as pronounced a sound as the electrical current coursing through the bedsprings.
    Lacey’s eyes rolled back into her head, the tendons in her wrists and thighs standing out, as the jolts of electricity shot up into her vagina.

   Roger leaned in close to her and ran his tongue across her cheek.
  “Mmmmmmm! You taste so gooood, Lacey! I’m so happy you’ve come here to The Farm. Everybody wants to meet you. My friends Dave, and Carl…and Gomez….and Hog…..and Larissa…..and oh, let’s not forget Farmer himself!”

   “You’ll provide hours of pleasure! And then there’s the customers. Oh! When they see you, oh, you’ll be one popular, popular girl. But then, you’ve always liked being popular, haven’t you Lacey?”

  Roger flicked the switch again.
 Lacey’s body bucked in the chair.

   “I know your type so well. You know you’re young and pretty and desirable. You dress so sexy and revealing. But you know that only certain men will ever get to touch you and enjoy your body. The rest of us will only get to look and dream and fantasize! Isn’t that right?”

  Before Lacey had a chance to reply, Roger hit the switch again.

  “And that’s not really fair, is it? Why should just certain men be allowed to fuck you and the rest of us have to masturbate into a Kleenex, wishing it was us?”
  This time he allowed Lacey to speak.

  “I-I don’t know!” she whispered hoarsely.
  Roger flipped the switch.
  “I’ll answer that question!” growled Roger. “It’s because girls like you are bitches! You are little cows!”

   He flipped the switch.
Zzzzzzttttt! Zzzzzzzztttttt! Zzzzzzzztttttt!

  Roger continued flicking the switch on and off several times. Lacey’s body violently bucked and arched as if in a seizure, her vaginal muscles wildly contracting and expanding around the dildo as the electrical current shot through her lower body. She ceased screaming and her mouth just hung open, slobber running down her chin. Suddenly, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her whole body went rigid as she collapsed into unconsciousness.
   Roger looked at me and smiled.
  “We’ll let her have a little nap. Let’s grab a drink.”
  We walked over to the small fridge in the corner and each got a bottle of cold water. I took a large swig. It was very refreshing.
   “This is fun!” I exclaimed.

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This is really a good one Vile!

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Cant wait for more.....

January 09, 2016, 09:49:57 PM
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Thank you Plaything and Shannyfries.

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I check everyday for more it has me hooked! Excellent job! As always I cannot wait for more.

January 10, 2016, 04:50:09 AM
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 “It is, isn’t it?” Roger grinned back. “Mind-raping is a lot of fun! Slowly making them realize they’re nothing but cunts to be fucked and abused.”
   “I wonder how Farmer is making out with Brittany?” I asked as I took another swig of water.

  “We’ll find out soon!” said Roger. “Farmer doesn’t normally broadcast stuff that goes on in his private quarters. But he still tapes it and shows it to us later.”
  “Speaking of that, has all this been on video?” I asked sweeping my arm across the room.
  “Fucking right!” said Roger. “We haven’t seen what’s happening to Brittany, but I’ll bet you anything, Farmer has made her watch Lacey! The whole place has been watching us.”

  I looked around and for the first time noticed the small video cameras installed in each corner, giving a full 360 degree sweep of the room.
   We heard a small noise and noticed Lacey waking up.
  Roger walked over to her and slapped her hard across the face. Her eyes flew open, wide with terror. She tried to scream but it only came out as a hoarse whimper, her throat wore raw from all the screaming she had already done.
   “So bitch!” Roger said. “You’ve had enough?”

  Lacey slowly nodded, her body trembling.
  “Figured you had,” Roger chuckled. “But like I give a shit! We’re gonna have some more fun now. Mike, I believe you said something earlier about wanting to ‘fuck a sweet ass’?”

  “Damn right, I did!” I replied, my eyes lighting up with excitement.
  “Then let’s do it!” said Roger.

   We undid the straps holding Lacey to the chair. Roger pulled the black dildo out of her pussy and we each grabbed one of her arms and lifted her out of the chair. Her legs were weak and we had to drag her over to the large wooden sawhorse.
“N-n-nooooo! N-not this! Oh G-G-God, noooo!” Lacey feebly pleaded.

  We draped her over the sawhorse. There were more leather cuffs attached to the legs. We fastened her wrists and ankles with the cuffs. She was fastened in a bent- over position with her ass up in the air just a little below waist height, perfect for maximum penetration. Her legs were spread wide.

   I stood behind  her and slowly stroked the backs of her thighs. She trembled as my hands traveled upwards, squeezing the cheeks of her ass. I could see the tight little rosebud of her anal entrance between them. I let my eyes play over her helpless form, from her strawberry blonde hair hanging down over her face, down over the curve of her ass and over the length of her legs. Her back showed the crisscross of  bright red welts she had received from her brutal whipping earlier.

"Well, you gonna fuck her ass or not?” snapped Roger, pulling me out of my reverie.
  “Yeah, yeah!” I  said nodding. “Just, uh, admiring the scenery.”

Tears filled her eyes and ran down her cheeks.
"Please, no! Not ... not like this. Please!" she continued to plead.

  I pulled my pants down, my hard cock practically leaping out. My heart was in my throat, pounding with anticipation.
 Lacey let out an agonized groan as I pressed the head of my dick against her rectum. I slowly forced her open and started to enter her. Her anus gripped the head of my cock like a vise. It felt incredible!
"Nnuuhhh ... Nnuuhhh”

  Lacey was making sounds like a wounded animal.
 “UUUURRRRRRRRRRHHH" she squealed in agony.
I felt her jerking and twisting beneath me as I drove into her. She pulled against the leather cuffs as I fucked my way deeper into her with hard, vicious thrusts of my hips. Each pounding took me deeper into her, each pounding tore another squeal from her. I was causing her to bleed and it provided lubrication for me to push harder. Then, pulling back, I prepared to impale her with one final, massive thrust.

"AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHH!" she cried out and her head snapped back as I finally drove the entire length of my shaft into her bowels. Her body
went stiff and quivered at the horrendous invasion of her depths.

    I looked down to see tears streaming from her eyes.
   "Nnuuhhh ... nnuuhhh ... nnuuhhh ... It ... it HURTS! ... uuhh ... uuhh ... nnuuuhhhh ...
Roger had grabbed a short whip off the rack. He whacked her across the shoulder blades.
  “Shut up, cow!” he yelled. “We never gave you permission to speak!”

  I began to mercilessly pound my  swollen, stiff cock into her bowels, driving deeper into her than I would have believed possible. The sensation of my cock enveloped by her tight anal passage was wonderful.

  As much pain as I was causing her, she tried to keep quiet, only allowing painful gasps to escape from her. Roger loomed over her with the whip, ready to administer more punishment if he thought it was necessary.
"Oh, shit!" I groaned. "You've got a great ass! A really great

  Withdrawing from her until only the head of my dick was still inside her, I  then brutally drove back into her bowels with as much force as I could muster. Over and over I pounded into her in this manner. Each time her
body would jerk and she would strain against the cuffs as I rammed into

  My hips slapped against her making a loud FAP...FAP...FAP sound.Her legs banged against the sawhorse.
I was driving into her faster now. Faster and harder. Driving as deeply
into her as I could. I felt my balls tightening. Felt the stiffening  of my shaft foretelling  the oncoming orgasm.
“OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!" I moaned and her body snapped taut as she felt me
shoot a great wad of thick, hot cum deep into her bowels.

Lacey felt the heat spreading through her as I repeatedly sprayed her insides with my
cum while continuing to pound brutally into her.
"Oh fuck!" I groaned when my balls were finally drained. I stood there panting while she cried softly underneath me. I was drenched in sweat.

Her body continued trembling as I felt myself gradually softening inside
her. After a few seconds I pulled out, watching as the cum leaked out of her.
   “That was great man!” Roger whooped as he slapped me on the back. “You owned that little slut’s ass!”
  “Well, have a go yourself!” I said breathlessly as I stepped back away from Lacey.

  Roger was around behind her in a flash, his pants down around his ankles.
Lacey’s body was covered with perspiration. Roger’s massive erection jutted out from between his legs, aimed straight at her bleeding, tortured ass.

  Roger sunk his fingers into her firm ass cheeks as he literally threw his weight against her, his whole ten-inch shaft disappearing inside her in one brutal thrust.
 Lacey screamed. A piercing ear-shattering shriek that even made me jump.
I watched as he pulled back, his cock covered in bright red blood, and he plunged into her again.

  “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” he roared. He began to fuck her ass with rapid savage thrusts. The sawhorse, although it was firmly bolted to the floor, was shaking and creaking. Lacey’s eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth hung open in a rictus of agony. She looked as though she were ready to slip into unconsciousness when Roger pulled out of her and let his load spurt down across her back.

   “Sweet fucking ass!” he said. He slapped her across the buttocks as he pulled out of her.
  “Wow, that was something!” I said.
   “Damn right that was,” Roger agreed. “There ain’t nothing like breaking in a bitch’s virgin ass!”
   “So what do we do now?” I asked.

  “Well, I don’t know about you, but I need some sleep,” Roger replied tiredly. “I think we’ve worked Lacey over pretty damn good! What do you think?”
  “Yeah, I could use a good sleep too,” I said yawning. “It’s been a long fucking night.”
   “Okay then,” said Roger. “I’ll call someone and they’ll take her to a cell. She’s gonna need a bit of a break too. We both deserve a good rest.”

  Roger walked over to the phone by the door and spoke into it. In a matter of a couple minutes two people showed up. One of them was Larissa. They walked over and began undoing the leather straps holding Lacey to the sawhorse. Larissa shook her head as she glanced at Lacey’s blood-smeared thighs.

  “You men just love a good ass-raping, don’t you?” she sneered at Roger and myself.
   “Hey, it’s what asses are made for,” retorted Roger. “They all need it!”

  “Just like you thought about me, huh Roger?” said Larissa with a sarcastic grin. “I showed you, motherfucker!”
  There was an awkward silence as Roger slowly ran his finger along the scar on the side of his face. He blushed. I didn’t know what had ever transpired between those two, but it couldn’t have been pleasant.

 “Come on, Mike. Let’s get the fuck outta here and I’ll find you somewhere to sleep.”
   Larissa and the other man dragged the limp, sobbing Lacey between them  out of the RT room and down the hallway towards the cells. Roger and I headed in the opposite direction to the elevators and up to the living quarters on Level One.

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This is my favorite story so far. I really hope there will be more soon.

February 09, 2016, 02:01:23 AM
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I like this too! I check back often to see if anything new.

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This new chapter is not a continuation of the action at The Farm. It is sort of a prequel, in that it takes place before Lacey and Brittany show up at the Farm. It concerns a part in the story where several of Farmer's men are talking about a time when four college girls fell into their clutches. I included that part as sort of a prelude to the chapter, which I have called "The Lost Girls".

“Mike, you don’t know the half of it!’ smiled Carl. “We’ve had some epic times, I’ll say that much!”
   “Remember dose college girls, get lost and show up here? The ones weeth beeg teets?” asked Gomez.
  Carl’s eyes lit up.
  “Oh shit, yeah!” he exclaimed. “About 6 months ago, Mike, ya shoulda been here! A car-load of four college girls showed up at the farm up top, middle of the night. They were horribly lost, on their way home from spring break or something, I guess. Were almost out of gas. All four of them, smoking hot!”

   “They got some rooms in the farmhouse for the night. But that was just the beginning. Old Spence, the guy who runs the farmhouse for Farmer, he drugged them up and a bunch of us went and got them. We disposed of their car and brought them down here,” explained Dave.
  “Farmer let about 10 of us loose on ‘em! Man, did we have fun! A couple of them had THE most gorgeous tits I’d ever seen!”

   “Eet was sooo much fun!” said Gomez, licking his fat lips as he reminisced. “One of dem called me ‘fat fuck’! NO one call Gomez ‘fat fuck’. Eespecially gringo whores. She had real beetchy attitude. I fuck her SOOO hard in ALL her holes, showed her what a fat fuck can do!”
   Gomez reached inside his coveralls and pulled out a tattered photograph. It showed a group of four very attractive college girls.

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  “Here!” said Gomez as he pushed the photograph across the table to me. “Thees a peecture of da girls. I find eet een one of dere cameras. De girl in blue, Maya, dat da one I fuck sooo hard! She had soooo hot body and reeely tight cunt. And she scream VERY loud! She NOT like getting fucked by me!”
   The other men all laughed heartily as I looked at the photo.
 Yow! Those girls WERE seriously hot! Especially the girl, Maya, that Gomez was talking about. I felt myself growing incredibly hard and turned on, thinking about the pretty young college student, squirming and screaming, pinned down by the fat Mexican as he savagely raped her. His large cock driving into her tight cunt!

“Wasn’t it kinda dangerous grabbing four girls at once?
 I asked.
   Dave shrugged. “It’s not something Farmer tries to do too often, but the opportunity presented itself perfectly, so Farmer decided to go for it!”
  “It was the middle of the night, no witnesses, and they said their cellphones weren’t working, which out in this area happens quite often,” added Carl.
  “Farmer has very good ways to make girls dees-appear,” said Gomez. “And no one ever finds dem again! We took dere car and dump it over cliff about 20 miles away. Police just theenk dey dees-appear into de forest.”

 “So, these girls still around?” I asked hopefully.
  Dave looked at the photo.
  “Ummm, yeah. Maya and Sandra, they’re both in GP. Both quite popular with the clients, too. As you heard Gomez say, Maya had quite a potty-mouth. But it wasn’t nothing a week in D&R couldn’t fix!

Unfortunately, the other two are no longer with us. Farmer decided to put them up for sale. I believe they both went to a buyer in Thailand.”
  I felt a twinge of sick excitement as I looked again at Maya and imagined her choking down a bowl of ‘slime’ while sitting in a cell in D&R.
  “I sure hope I get to meet this Maya,” I said as I handed the photo back to Gomez.
  “Oh, I’m sure you will,” said Roger. “I’ve done her a few times. And Gomez is right! She has a SERIOUSLY tight body! She’s one of Farmer’s favourites.”


Down On The Farm: The Lost Girls

   The four girls were slowly awakening and taking stock of their surroundings. As far as they could see they were in a small room with bare concrete walls and a concrete floor. It was small, only about ten feet square with a nine-foot high ceiling. There was a single light bulb, illuminating the room with its dim glow. There was a heavy steel door set in one wall of the room.

“Wh-where the fuck a-are we? What the hell is g-going on?“ asked one of the girls, a tall blonde by the name of Colleen.

She looked around the tiny room at her friends sprawled on the floor. The four of them were all extremely attractive college girls. There was Lisa, Maya, Sandra and, of course, Colleen.

Seventy-two hours ago, the three girls had been partying it up on the beach at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They had travelled down there for spring break. And what a time it had been! A whole week of nothing but parties, drinking, hanging out on the beach, parties, hot guys, and oh did I mention, parties! They’d had a blast! But all good things come to an end and the girls had to start making their way home.

However, on the way home, they became lost. They had turned off the wrong exit on the interstate and ended up on another highway which they realized, after they had drove for about 50 miles, was taking them in the wrong direction. It had started getting dark and and they were also low on fuel. On top of that, it started raining. Then they had seen the sign, advertising the Stoney Valley Holiday Farm Resort!

  They figured it would be a good place to stop for the night. In the daylight they could get their bearings again and find out where the hell they were. All four were tired and hungry and just needed a nice, hot shower.

They pulled into the farmyard. It was quite impressive. There was a huge antique three-storey stone farmhouse, surrounded by large trees. Several hundred feet away was a massive barn that also looked at least a hundred years old. Old antique farm equipment and tractors were scattered around the property.
  There was no other vehicles in the yard but a small neon sign lit up by the front door of the house indicated it was “open”. The girls ran quickly through the rain and up onto the wide veranda of the house. They jumped as suddenly the front door had opened and a grizzled old man in his 70s, in denim jeans and a plaid farmer’s shirt, had ushered them in.

“Come on, girlies, come on! Get in here out of the rain and the cold! Ya ain’t dressed to be out there!”

They had all realized that he was right as they sheepishly looked down at the denim cutoffs and skimpy tank tops they were wearing. The old man had introduced himself as simply, “Spence”.  He informed them he was the proprietor of the place.

The girls told him they needed rooms for the night and a hot meal if  he could manage it. He told them it would not be a problem.

Rooms were arranged for the girls and he sat them down at a large table in the dining area. A big stone fireplace radiated heat throughout the room. He brought them large steaming mugs of hot cocoa and told them to just wait there as he went upstairs and made sure their rooms were in order.

That was the last thing Colleen remembered. Now here she was, along with her friends waking up in what appeared to be a concrete cell!
Maya looked over at Colleen. She was shaking her head, her eyes had a glassy stare, like she was stoned on something.

Maya was the prettiest of the four, although they were ALL super hot! She stood about 5’ 6” and weighed 120 lb. She was Latino with long brunette hair, brown eyes and a very pretty face. She had a tight, toned athletic body, conditioned from playing volleyball and lacrosse.

Colleen was no slouch either. She had long blonde hair, that fell halfway down her back and pretty green eyes. She was a bit taller than Maya, at 5’ 8” and weighed around 115 lb. She too had a slender, athletic physique topped with perky 34B breasts. Her facial features made some people say she sort of resembled Cameron Diaz. Colleen was not so sure about that, but hey, she could do worse than being compared to someone like Cameron Diaz!

Both Colleen and Maya were 20 years old.

“What h-happened?” stammered Maya. “God! My head aches!”

“I don’t know!” said Colleen. “I don’t even know where the hell we are.”

“I think that old man put something in our cocoa,” muttered Maya. “Sick old fuck! What’s he doing to us?”

Sandra and Lisa began to stir.

Lisa was the tallest of the group. She was about 5’10” with long brunette hair and the body of a bikini model. A flat, toned stomach and long legs. She had just turned 21, celebrating her birthday during spring break.

Sandra was a cutie. Her pixie-like face and sparkling smile made her look more like she was 16 than 21, which she actually was. She was the shortest and most petite of the girls, at 5’ 4” and 110 lb. Like the other girls, her body could also be described as “rockin’!” Athletic and toned with curves in all the right places. Sandra had done a lot of gymnastics and cheerleading in high school and was now on the college cheer team.

“Oh my God! Wh-where are we?” Sandra cried out.

“We don’t know,” Colleen said impatiently.

Lisa was closest to the door and she started to pound on it, yelling at the top of her lungs.
There was no handle on the inside of the door. She turned to the other girls, a look of panicked terror on her face.

“This is not good! I’m scared, you guys! This is like a horror movie. I knew we shouldn’t have stopped here. The place gave me the creeps the minute I saw it!”

“Shut up, Lisa,” Maya snapped. “You’re always such a drama queen.”

“Stop it, you two,” said Colleen. “It’s not gonna do us any good jumping down each other’s throats. We have to try and get out of here.”

“Well, no duh!” said Sandra sarcastically. “But good luck on that! There isn’t even a door handle!”

Lisa began to pound on the door again. She gave it about three good hits when suddenly it opened inward. She jumped back in surprise.

Four large men burst into the room. They were all dressed in black, military style clothing. Lisa was the first one to be grabbed, being closest to the door. One of the men slammed her against the wall and pulled a black hood down over her head as she screamed. She was shoved to the ground facedown as her wrists were roughly pulled behind her back and handcuffed.

The other three men did the same to the remaining girls, all of them screaming and bawling in terror at the sudden brutal assault.

“Come on bitches! You’re coming with us!“ one of the men said.

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Oh nice . . .

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