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November 06, 2015, 08:55:33 AM

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WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy. 

This story contains gangrape, oral, anal, bondage and torture.

An original story by Vile8r.


The cute blonde headed towards the basement laundry room. It was late at night. Perfect! I followed her at a distance. She didn't know
I had been watching her for a couple weeks now, ever since she had moved into my building. Lacey was her name. She lived in 4A with her older sister. I was right across the hallway in 4D. She was only 21. I was old enough to be her father. She was very friendly. She told me she was going to college. Wanted to become a school teacher. Well, tonight she would be the pupil. I was going to teach her some lessons about being a cockteasing little slut. Always wore the tightest jeans and shortest skirts. My cock just raged everytime I saw her. Tonight she was wearing a pair of green gym shorts and a white t-shirt. On her feet was a pair of white sneakers with no socks.

She was in the laundry room now. She had started a couple of washing machines so it was quite noisy in the room. She wouldn't hear me enter. Her back was to the door. No one else was around. Good. Usually at this time of night there was no one else down in the basement. I came up behind her. She was busy sorting out the laundry that was in her basket. I reached down and grabbed a t-shirt. I wrapped it around her head, blocking her vision. She struggled, flailing her arms around, trying to hit me. But she couldn't see what she was doing. Her screams were muffled by the t-shirt over her mouth. I dragged her towards the door going into the utility room adjoining the laundry room. I pulled her inside, slamming the door shut behind me.

I pushed her down onto the floor on her stomach. Keeping the t-shirt wrapped tight around her head with one hand, I yanked her shorts down over her ass and part way down her hips. She was wearing some pink bikini panties with little roses on them. How cute, I thought sarcastically. My sweats were down in a second, my thick 8 1/2 inch cock at attention. I laid my weight down on her. Her firm, athletic body felt good as she squirmed and bucked underneath me. I pushed her panties to the side and guided my cock up to the edge of her pussy lips. With a savage grunt, I thrust inside her. She was dry but I entered her with little resistance. I gasped at the sensation of her tight pussy wrapping itself around my rigid cock.

She squealed like a wounded animal. I began slamming in and out of her. I held her down firmly, her face mashed into the concrete floor. My thrusts made her whole body shake and quiver. My thighs slapped against her ass as I fucked her hard and relentlessly. She tried to kick but her legs were restricted by the shorts around her hips. I could feel the pressure building in my balls. Damn! I didn't want this to end yet. Oh well. My hips bucked and shook as my cock spasmed inside her, shooting thick gobs of cum inside her. It felt so tight and so good! I laid there for a second, revelling in her tight cunt around my cock. She was still wailing and bawling. I told her I was getting up. She was to stay on the floor and count to 500. If she told anybody what had just happened, well, she'd be sorry.

I slowly got up, pulling my pants up. I pulled her shorts back up, but left the t-shirt still wrapped around her head. I stepped back towards the door and was gone in a flash. I don't know how long she stayed on that floor but I was back in my apartment in a matter of a few minutes. I watched TV and ate a bag of microwave popcorn. Ahhhh, I like apartment living.

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Vile, remind me never to move in next to you! *gasp*

XOXO Britney

November 07, 2015, 09:11:17 AM
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The little bitch didn’t keep her mouth shut! I told her to, but she didn’t listen to me. The next day the whole building was in a big hub-bub. “That poor young girl in 4A, she was RAPED last night!” “IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM! “ “Who could have done such a thing?” “The building just isn’t safe anymore!“
The police came around. Since I had a prior record, I was automatically a suspect. Didn’t help, either, that I lived right across from the victim. I assured them I had nothing to do with it. I don’t think they believed me, but I didn’t give a shit. They said to stick around, they’d be getting back to me. A few days later, the police knocked on my door. There were 3 of them.

“You’re under arrest for the rape of Lacey Donovan!” they informed me.

Apparently, it didn’t take them long to make a positive DNA match on the semen they found inside her as I was already on the national sex offender registry from my last offence.
I feigned mock outrage, of course, but I submitted to them peacefully as they snapped the handcuffs on me. I had been through this dog-and-pony show before. My neighbours were standing out in the hallway watching the whole thing. I just smiled as I was led past them. Lacey’s sister Brittany was standing outside her apartment. She launched herself at me, slapping and screaming at me.

“You fucking bastard! You sick pig! I thought you were a nice guy! I hope you rot in hell!”

I just blew her a little kiss as she was pulled off me by one of the officers. Fucking bitch! I thought. Maybe I should have done you too.
Down at the police station, they put me through the usual wringer. I was allowed to phone my lawyer and then they interrogated me for about an hour. I was put in a holding cell for the night. My lawyer managed to get me released on bail the next day.

However, when I got back to my apartment I was met by the landlord who served me with a 24 hr. eviction notice. He didn’t want no “fuckin’ rapists” living in his building he told me. Fine, I thought. You fat, hypocritical slob! I figured he was probably just mad that I had done what he had always wanted to do himself. I saw him in the hallways before, staring at the young women’s asses as they walked by. Sick old prick probably had hidden cameras in all their apartments. I could just picture the fat fuck sitting in his apartment in his underwear, jacking off while he watched all the young women in the building undressing.

Anyways, I called my brother and he came over and helped me move my shit. He said I could live with him for a while.
The trial happened a couple months later. I had a damn good lawyer and we ripped little Miss Lacey to pieces on the stand. Yes, they found my semen inside her and there were signs of forced penetration, but there wasn’t much else on her for signs of rape. I claimed it was consensual. She had hit on me in the laundry room, I said, and we went into the utility room and had rough sex. Which, I testified, she initiated. She wanted me to blindfold her, so I wrapped the t-shirt around her head. There were no witnesses and no security camera in the laundry room, so basically it was her word against mine. She couldn’t prove me wrong. I said she was just yelling rape because afterwards she probably felt bad about being a loose, little slut.

During cross-examination, she had said she wasn’t afraid about getting pregnant because she was on birth control. She also admitted she had had a few beers that evening before she did her laundry. But then the big clincher! Kudos to my lawyer, he had done some great private detective work, looking into her history.

It was revealed that two years previously she had made another accusation of rape. She claimed two college football players had raped her at a spring break party. Well, it turned out she had had sex with another guy a few weeks before and had a little pregnancy scare. She didn’t want to look like a slut to her family, so the spoiled little bitch told her parents she had been raped by these football players (who also just happened to be black). Her father, a well-known surgeon, was suitably outraged and had had the two men arrested.

But under further investigation by the police, it was discovered that one of the men she claimed had raped her, wasn’t even in the country at the time. He was down in Mexico for spring break! The only reason she had thought of accusing him was that he had asked her out on a date before and she had turned him down. So she figured police would look at that and think he had a motive for wanting to rape her. Unfortunately, like her college studies, she didn’t do her homework and first make sure the guy was even in the same country when it was supposed to have happened. In the end she had to break down and admit it was all a big story. Also turned out her pregnancy scare was a false alarm too.

In the meantime, she almost wrecked two young men’s college football careers. While all this was going on, they were suspended from the football team and almost expelled from college. She had never even had the decency to apologize to them afterwards.
Well! When the jury heard this, it blew ALL her credibility out of the water. Not that she had had that much to begin with. You should have seen the look on her face when my lawyer began asking questions about all this. She spit and sputtered and began to bawl. It was classic!

The DA tried to point out I was a convicted sex offender with a prior record. But, my lawyer argued, that had been 10 years ago. I had served my sentence (and got to know some great future partners), had taken counselling (not that it did much good), and since my parole had ended, I had kept my nose clean. (Well, not completely clean! I had just not been sloppy and had kept from getting caught, until now. But what my lawyer or the jury didn’t know wasn’t gonna hurt them. Hehehe!) I had found a good job and was making an effort at being a somewhat useful member of society. My lawyer maintained what had happened was some half-drunk, horny, young college girl had thrown herself at me in the laundry room because she wanted to have rough sex with an older, attractive man!

So, anyways, to end my story, the jury decided she was unreliable and if anybody was a victim, it was me! They acquitted me on all charges and I was free to walk! I flashed the sobbing little bitch a nice smile as I got up from the defendant’s table. She looked damn good that day in her nice white skirt with a light blue button up blouse and a matching white jacket. I felt like throwing her down on a table in the courtroom and fucking the shit out of her again!

She just averted her gaze from me. Her sister and brother and her parents were there. Oh, they called me all kinds of names and were gonna kick my ass, blah, blah, blah. Like I hadn’t been called names before nor had threats made to me.

Back when I raped that girl 10 years ago, I had blown her a kiss as I was led off to jail. Her father had had to be tackled by two bailiffs. He came right over the railing, he was so mad. It was pretty funny.

Today, I just walked on out of the courthouse and went down the street to a bar. But not just to have a few celebratory beers with my lawyer. No, I was making plans. Pretty little Lacey was going to be sorry she had not kept her mouth shut when I told her. She was going to pay and pay hard! And the amazing thing was, my lawyer was going to help!

When all this had started, I had explained to my lawyer that I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay him. He had been very highly recommended to me by a friend, but Christ! He wanted five grand just for a retainer fee! He said, yes, he was very expensive, but he got results. I had expected him to kick me out of his office when I said there was no way I could pay that. Instead, he had said he knew a way whereby HE could help me pay! My friend who had recommended him to me, was one of his former clients. My friend had told him I was a fellow who could be trusted to keep my mouth shut, so the lawyer confided in me.

My lawyer said he knew…..a guy. He never told me his name. My lawyer said he was just called “The Farmer” and he had a place way out in the country called, surprise, surprise, “The Farm”! But he didn’t raise farm animals or grow crops. He kept a different type of animal in his barn. WOMEN!
Some he had collected himself, some were brought there by others. Apparently, he had a whole network of people working for him. He kept the women in an underground bunker beneath a big old stone barn. It was like a brothel. Guys would go there and pay him a fee for some quality time with one of his many girls. And you could do absolutely ANYTHING you wanted!

My lawyer was apparently one of his regular clients. He said The Farmer had quite a varied selection too.
Runaways, prostitutes, someone’s wife or girlfriend they had wanted to get rid of, random girls off the street or out of a shopping mall, high school girls, drunken college girls out of a bar, someone who had gotten lost and wandered into his yard looking for directions, just all kinds! From all walks of life and all ages too.

My lawyer’s suggestion to me was we grab Lacey and take her to “The Farm”. The Farmer would pay good money for a fresh-faced young girl like her, he had said. I wanted to have my revenge on her myself, though, I had protested.
“You can!” my lawyer had explained. “ You can keep her there and do whatever the hell you want with her. It’s just that “The Farmer” will want some rent. So then what you do is you get other guys to come out and fuck her and you charge them. The Farmer takes a cut like about 10-20 percent. You keep the rest.”

“Oh, so that’s how I’ll pay you, then! You’ll take the money I make from whoring her out,” I had said.
“Well, I’ll maybe take some. But the way you can really pay me back is letting me fuck her anytime I want for free. God, she is a hottie! I don’t blame you for raping her. A guy like me doesn’t get young women like that unless I pay for it!”

I remember looking him up and down and thinking to myself, yeah, you ain’t much of a ladies’ man, are you? My lawyer was around 55 yr. old, pushing about 250 lb. Not to mention he was balding and had about 3 chins. Yeah, George Clooney he wasn’t! He liked his food too much and likely the only way he’d ever see the inside of a gym was if a Burger King opened in one. So I could see how a place like “The Farm” would appeal to him.
“The OTHER way I was thinking you could pay me back”, he had said with a sly grin, “ is using the studio out at The Farm.”

“The studio?”

“Yeah, he’s got a room set up out there, it’s like a little film studio. He takes girls in there and films them, makes his own movies. Any kind, guys fucking girls, girls on girls, animals fucking girls, gang-rape, snuff, torture, whatever! He takes the movies and sells them on the black market, on the internet, wherever. Makes a killing on them! Sometimes he gets special requests from clients and makes a movie just for them. And he lets other people use the studio too. Not just anybody, but he knows me well. I know he’d let me use it. We could make a movie with Lacey and put it on the web! Man, I’m telling you, it would SELL!”

So it was decided. I was going to grab Lacey somehow and we were going to take her to The Farm. This place really had me intrigued. I couldn’t wait to go out there.
I was going to get my revenge on the little bitch and my legal bills would be taken care of. Not to mention my lawyer was also going to be a very happy man! A win-win situation for everyone involved!

That is what we were making plans about as we sat in the bar after my victorious court trial.
“Goddamn, she looked hot today, didn’t she, Mike?” my lawyer said. “ It was hard to concentrate when I was cross-examining her on the stand today.” He chuckled.

“Kept catching myself wanting to stare at her tits. Can only imagine what it’s gonna be like to have those beautiful lips wrapped around my cock! When she was describing the things you did to her, fuck! I was hard as a goddamn rock! When we stopped for a recess, I had to go to the can and beat off!”

“Yeah Bill, she WAS looking DAMN hot,” I replied. “I’ve seen some of her naked but it’s gonna be great to see her whole body. Especially when she’s hanging from a hook from the ceiling!”

We clinked our beer glasses together as we made a little toast to the good times that were coming. Tomorrow, the plan would be put into action.

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It had been two weeks since the trial. I was growing impatient. I had been watching for Lacey everyday after work and on weekends. The only thing I had been able to do was find out her sister had moved to a different apartment building. I had parked outside the building and had seen her sister, Brittany, but so far hadn’t seen any sign of Lacey. I wasn’t even sure if she was still living with Brittany, and the worst thing was, I had no idea of how to go about finding out if she was.
One night in frustration, I phoned my lawyer, Bill.

“Fuck man!” I said. “This is turning out way harder than I thought it would be!”

“I was afraid of this”, said Bill. “I think we need some professional help. I’ll talk to The Farmer. He’s got people who’ll be able to help us. He’ll ask for a fee, though.”
“How much is that gonna fucking be?” I asked, exasperated.

“It won’t be that much. More than likely he’ll just up his take from you until it’s paid off.”

“Oh, well, I guess I can let him do that,” I said. “That’s no problem. But, yeah if he’s got people who are experts at this business, let’s get them involved. I’m getting impatient. I want that little bitch!”

“Okay then,” said Bill. “I’ll call The Farmer tonight and get something set up. But Mike, I need you to listen to me now.”
“Yeah, sure. What do you need?” I asked.

“The Farmer’s people will contact you. They will want you to do things for them. You must give them your full co-operation, no questions asked. If you want their help, you must do exactly as they tell you.”
“Gee Bill”, I said. “Almost sounds like you’ve done this before!”

“No comment!” he replied. “Just please pay attention to what I’m saying. The Farmer hasn’t been in business for as long as he has from being sloppy. He is very good at what he does and demands the same efficiency and attention to detail from anybody who works for him. So just do as they tell you!”
“Okay, okay, I get it!” I said.
I hung up the phone and sat there on the couch, thinking to myself. This “Farmer” dude sounded like he was quite a piece of work. I couldn’t wait to meet the guy.

The next few days went by uneventfully. I just went to work and came home, nothing special. I had been staying at my brother’s place for a while, but shortly after the trial, I went out and found myself another apartment. I didn’t have quite as nice-looking neighbours this time around, but it was an all right place.
I was tempted a couple times to drive past the other apartment building where Lacey was supposed to be, but Bill had told me to stay away from there. The Farmer’s people were at work, he said. Things would be taken care of.

Then, the next Friday, it happened. I had stopped in with a couple buddies at my favourite strip club, “KittyKatz”, something I always did after work on Fridays.
I was just in the process of getting a nice little lap dance from a hot blonde (as you’ve probably already figured out, I have a weakness for them), when I heard my cell phone ring. Who the hell could be calling me? I was going to just let it go to voicemail when a little bell went off in my head. Holy shit! I thought. It could be The Farmer’s guys trying to call me!

I quickly shoved the blonde skank off my lap and dug my phone out of my pocket. She gave me an ugly scowl as she walked away. Fuck off bitch, I thought. If you only knew the people I’m talking to, you wouldn’t DREAM of giving me a look like that! I headed outside so I could talk where it was more quiet.
I answered the phone. “Hello?”

There was a second of silence, then a voice spoke.
“Is this Mike Houston?”

“Yes! Who is this?”

“Someone YOU need to listen to. Why did it take you so long to answer your phone?”

“Well, I-I was ki-kind of b-busy,” I stammered.

“That is immaterial!” the voice barked. “When WE phone, YOU answer! In the future, if you allow your phone to ring more than three times, we will hang up and you will never hear from us again. Is that completely understood?”

“Yes!” I replied. “Yes! It is very well understood!”

“Very good, then.” There was another short pause. “This is what we require of you, Mr. Houston. At exactly 10 p.m. tonight, you will leave your apartment. You will walk to the corner of Maple Street and 60th Ave, exactly 4 blocks east from your building. There will be an empty blue and white taxi parked there beside the curb. There will be a disguise lying on the front seat. A hat, glasses, wig, and a beard. You will put them on. You will also find a cell phone. Turn the cell phone on!

You will drive the taxi to Ms. Donovan’s apartment building and park directly in front of the main entrance. You will go inside and buzz the apartment. It is number 3D. Inform them their taxi to take them to the airport has arrived. You are waiting downstairs for them.”
“ ‘Them’?” I asked. “I thought we were only grabbing Lacey. And why are they going to the airport?”

“Please do not interrupt, Mr. Houston. Our surveillance team has indicated it would be difficult to separate the two of them. In order to ensure the success of this operation, we must take both of them together. Brittany Donovan….will be considered…..collateral damage. Don’t worry. The Farmer will not charge a fee for her. He will take her off your hands. As for why they are going to the airport, that is no concern of yours, Mr. Houston. Just do as we tell you!”

Hmmmm, I thought. This was turning out not bad! Brittany Donovan was actually pretty hot too. I wouldn’t mind raping her at all. I was kinda getting a two-for-one deal here. My sweet little Lacey AND her hot sister!
“Yeah okay, okay!” I said.

The voice continued. “You will disguise your voice so there will be no possibility of being recognized. You will assist them with their luggage. Once in the taxi, you will ensure the glass divider between the front and back seats is closed securely. You will begin to drive north towards the 158th St. Bridge. As you approach the bridge, the phone will ring. You will answer on the FIRST ring. If the phone is allowed to ring twice, the operation is over! Police will receive an anonymous 911 call that a stolen taxi is on the 158th Street bridge carrying two kidnapped women. And you, Mr. Houston will be on your own. Once the phone is answered, you will receive further instructions. Do you understand these instructions I have just given you, Mr. Houston? They must be followed to the LETTER!”

“Uh, yeah, I do!” I said.

“Very well! Any deviation from this plan will constitute a breach of the formal agreement you have made with The Farmer and will result in your termination. The Farmer leaves no loose ends! And get out of “KittyKatz” immediately! You must be sober and clear-headed for your work tonight! Good-bye sir.” The phone went dead.

I sat there for a minute. Holy fuck, I thought. These people of The Farmer’s sound like tough customers. I have a formal agreement with The Farmer? That was news to me. Must have been something Bill had arranged. I hadn’t even talked to this Farmer guy yet. And if I fucked up they were gonna kill me? Well, I guess I better not fuck up then! Then I looked around suspiciously. How in hell did they know I was at “KittyKatz“? Obviously, I was under their ‘surveillance’ too. This was starting to freak me out.

I went home and decided to phone Bill to let him know what was going on.
“Hey”, I said when Bill answered. “They called me today! Everything’s a go!”

Bill paused for a second before he spoke.
“You mean The Farmer’s people? They phoned you today?”

“Yes!” I said. “I was at “KittyKatz” and they called me.”

“Did they tell you to call me?” asked Bill.

“No, they didn’t. I just wanted to let you know. I’m excited. Things are finally happening.”

“Then get off the goddamn phone and DO NOT phone me again!” snapped Bill. I was taken aback. I had never heard Bill this mad before. “You wanna fuck this all up? If The Farmer’s people didn’t tell you to contact me, then don’t! THEY will call ME when the time is right. Get off the phone and STAY off the phone! Just in case they need to call you again. Good-bye!” Bill hung up before I even had a chance to respond.

Jesus Christ! Why was everybody so uptight about this? I wondered. Well, if they want me to stay off the phone, I’ll stay off the goddamn phone. But they can’t say anything about me watching the TV. I looked at my watch. It was 6:30 p.m. Still had 3 ½ hours to kill.
I plunked in a porno DVD and started watching it. Figured I might as well get myself in the mood for the night’s activities.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I jumped. Who the hell is here now? I opened the door and there was standing some pimple-faced kid holding a pizza box. His hat read, “Luciano’s Pizza”. It was the place I always ordered pizza from.

“Here’s your pizza, sir,” the kid said.
“Um, I don’t recall ordering any pizza.” I said. I looked past the kid and down the hallway. I didn’t see anybody else out there.
“Well, I was told to bring this pizza to Apartment 5E and this is Apartment 5E, is it not?”

“Yes, it is”, I said. “But I didn’t order any fucking pizza and I ain’t paying for a pizza I didn’t order! You take it back and tell your boss he made a fucking mistake.”

“The pizza is already paid for, sir!” the kid said.
I paused for a minute. Someone was sending me a free pizza? Well, who was I to refuse? I took the pizza from the kid and closed the door.
I walked over to the couch and opened the box cautiously. Yep, there was a pizza inside! And even my favourite, the house special-loaded. This was bizarre, I thought. Then I saw the note taped to the inside of the lid. It read: “Enjoy the pizza, Mr. Houston! Courtesy of The Farmer. DON’T FORGET! OPERATION BEGINS AT 10 P.M. SHARP!”

I wondered how long those bastards had been watching me to know what kind of pizza I always ate. But then I just shrugged my shoulders and started eating.
The night dragged on. It didn’t seem like 10 o’clock was ever going to come. I ate the pizza, watched some more pornos and had a short one-hour nap, making damn sure I set my alarm clock. Finally it was almost time!

I had a quick shower, changed my clothes and put my shoes and jacket on. I watched the clock. Right at the stroke of 10, I was out the door and on my way! Operation: Grab Lacey had begun. I knew from here on out, there was no turning back!

November 10, 2015, 09:24:06 AM
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Offline vile8r

It was a warm spring evening outside. I headed down the street towards the corner of Maple and 60th. It didn’t take me long. A couple times I had the distinct feeling I was being followed, but every time I turned around and looked, I saw no one.
Soon I was at the corner, and there I saw it, parked by the curb. The blue and white taxi, just like they said. I looked inside. Yep, there was the stuff on the seat. A pair of fake glasses, a black curly wig, a fake black beard, a red & white hat with the logo of a Canadian NHL team on it, and a cell phone.

Getting in the taxi, I began to put the disguise on. The beard made my face kind of itchy, but I figured I wouldn’t have to wear it too long. I looked in the rear-view mirror. I let out a little chuckle. Perfect! I certainly looked the part of a scuzzy cab driver, fresh off the boat. But how was I gonna disguise my voice. Then I got an idea.

When I was in prison, I had made friends with a fellow who used to work for the Russian Mafia. Yuri was his name and he had a really thick Eastern European accent. Over time, I had learned to emulate his accent and I could talk just like him. Yuri had always got a kick out of it when I would use his accent as a joke.

“Well, I vill be good American taxi driver!” I said out loud in my best Russian accent. Hmmm, not bad, I thought. It should do the trick.

Then I remembered just as I pulled away from the curb, I turned on the cell phone. I turned onto 60th Street and headed towards the apartment building where Brittany and Lacey lived. It was only about a 10 min. drive, although it felt like an hour. But soon I was there. I pulled up to the curb and parked in front of the main doors, just as I was told. I took a deep breath and got out of the taxi. As I walked up to the building, I realized my heart was pounding and I was beginning to sweat. Cool it, asshole, I told myself. This is not the time to be getting a case of bad nerves!

I walked into the downstairs lobby. There on the wall beside the elevator was the intercom and the list of all the occupants in the building. I scanned down the list. ‘Brittany Donovan-3D’. That was the one!
I pressed the buzzer button with a shaking finger and waited. No answer. I was just about to hit the button again, when a sweet feminine voice came over the speaker. I knew that voice. It was Lacey!

“Hello? Who is it?”

I cleared my throat and put my Russian accent to work.
“Hello! It is taxi. Come to pick you up for airport.”
“Oh, yes!” the voice replied. “Okay, we’ll be right down in a few minutes.”

“Very goot!” I said. “I vill vait for you in lobby.”
I stood waiting in the lobby for what seemed to be like ages. That’s all right girls, I thought. Take your time. Take one last good look at your apartment. Because I’ve got a feeling, you ain’t ever gonna be seeing it again!

Suddenly I heard the elevator door opening. My heart jumped into my throat. There she was coming out of the elevator. Lacey! She was looking even hotter than the last time I had seen her, which hadn’t been since the court trial.
She was dressed in a short denim mini-skirt and a white t-shirt with the name, ‘HOLLISTER’, printed across her tits in bright red letters. It was very tight and form-fitting, beautifully accenting the curve of her breasts. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail, making her look even younger than her twenty years. She was wearing white and pink tennis shoes and white ankle socks.

I could feel my cock instantly hardening as I watched her step out of the elevator. I thought about the first time I had had my cock buried in that sweet tight cunt, and how good it was gonna feel to do it again….and again….and again!

Behind her came Brittany, also looking damn good. She was a little taller than Lacey, who was about 5 foot-six. Brittany was probably almost 5 foot-ten. She also had long blonde hair, hanging down around her face as she struggled with her suitcases. She was wearing a pair of white denim shorts and a purple tank top. The tank top had spaghetti straps and a v-neck which showed off a bit of cleavage. She was also wearing tennis shoes and white ankle socks. Damn, I thought. Nice fucking legs!

I spoke up. “You girls look like you go to warm place! No?”
“We’re on our way to Cuba!” Lacey beamed. “It’s gonna be awesome!” She flashed me a big smile.
Yeah, make sure you do lots of smiling now, I said to myself. Very soon, you ain’t be gonna doing ANY smiling!
I walked towards the two girls. “I help vit heavy suitcases. You girls too small for such big things!”

“Thank you very much, sir,” said Brittany.
I picked up two of their suitcases and carried them out to the waiting taxi. Holy shit! These things were fucking heavy! That’s women for you, I thought. Always have to pack way more than what they need. The ironic thing was, where they were going they wouldn’t be needing any luggage!
Making two trips I got all their luggage packed in the trunk.

“Okay, we go?” I said to the girls as they stood on the curb.
Lacey and Brittany looked at each other.
“I guess so. You got everything you need Lacey?” asked Brittany.
“Yes, I do!” she replied. “ And you?”

“I guess we’re ready then!” said Lacey. Then she wrapped her arms around Brittany, giving her a big hug. “Thank you so, so, so much for setting up this trip, sis”, she said. “After all that’s……happened….over the last while, it’s going to feel really good to just get away and relax! I don’t know how to thank you enough.”

Brittany smiled back at her. “You can thank me by promising me you’re gonna have a great time, okay? I want to see lots of smiles. I want to see the old Lacey again, okay?”
“You will, I promise! You’re the best sister anybody could ever have!”

Ugh! Gag me! I was gonna throw up listening to all this maudlin crap. “Come on, girls!” I finally said impatiently. “We must be going, yes? It is long way to airport. I have busy night!” They had no idea how busy my night, and theirs too, was going to be.
They got into the taxi and so did I. I glanced over my shoulder. Glass divider was shut, check. Precious cargo in the back seat, check. Cell phone on and ready, check. I kept the phone in my hand. No way was I going to miss the call when it came! I put the car in gear and pulled away from the curb. I had them! The girls were mine!

It was about a 10 block drive to the 158th Street bridge. Soon I could see the dark hulk of the bridge looming ahead of me. I was about a block from the bridge when the phone rang. In a flash, I hit the talk button on the cell phone.
“Hello!” I almost yelled.

It was the same voice on the other end who had spoken to me before.
“Mr. Houston, I am impressed. So far you have done an excellent job. But it’s not over yet. Look down to your right. You will see a small red switch to the left of the radio.”
I looked. Yes, there it was. A small red switch beside the radio.

“Yeah, I see it”, I said. “What about it?”
“You must flip the switch into the ’up’ position now!”
I reached down and flicked the switch up. Immediately I heard a small hissing sound.
“What the hell did I just do?” I asked.

“Not to worry,” replied the voice. “You are filling the backseat with gas as we speak.”
“Poison gas?!” I exclaimed.
“Don’t worry. It’s not poisonous. It will merely incapacitate your passengers for a few hours”, explained the voice. “By the time you reach the other side of the bridge, they will be out cold.”

I snuck a look over my shoulder. The backseat was engulfed in a whitish cloud of gas. I could just make out the flailing forms of the two women, their hands grabbing at their throats in the classic pose of someone fighting for air, their eyes bulging with terror at the realization they had just entered a trap.
“Now listen for the rest of your instructions,” the voice barked. “When you get to the other side of the bridge, you will come to an intersection. You will turn left and drive two blocks. You will then see an alleyway to your right. At the entrance to the alley, there will be a man sitting on the curb. He will flag you down. You will stop and roll down your window.

He will ask you for money for a bottle of whiskey. You will tell him to fuck off. He will say to you, ‘No, you fuck off!’ That is the sign that the alleyway is clear and THEN and ONLY then, you will make a right turn and enter the alley. If he does not flag you down, KEEP driving and await further instructions. When you enter the alley, you will see a black van parked at the far end. You will park behind the black van and wait until two men get out of the van. They will give you the okay to get out of the taxi. From there on, you receive your instructions from them. Is this understood?”

“Yes,” I answered.
“Good. The operation is progressing very well so far!” Before I had a chance to reply, I heard a click as the person on the phone hung up.
I was almost to the end of the bridge. I glanced into the back again. The white gas cloud had dissipated. Both women were out like a light. In her struggles, Lacey’s t-shirt had pushed up, exposing her flat, firm stomach. Her skirt had also ridden up, showing a great view of her tanned thighs. I felt myself growing hard again. Soon, I told myself, soon.

I rolled down the off-ramp from the bridge and immediately ahead I saw the intersection I had been told about. The light turned green and I quickly made the left turn and headed down the other street. I slowed down as I approached where the alleyway was supposed to be. Ahead I saw a form sitting on the curb. That must be the man I was supposed to see. As I came closer I could see the alleyway running between two warehouses. The man stood up and began walking into the middle of the street. He was dressed up as an old street bum.

I stopped and rolled down the window. He walked up to the car.
“Hey Mac, got a couple bucks so’s I kin get some whiskey?” he slurred.
“Fuck off!” I blurted.

The old “bum” gave me a sneer and said,” No Mac, you fuck off!” He took a kick at the door of the cab. That was my go-ahead signal, so I made a right turn into the back alley. I could see the shape of the black van about a hundred yards away at the far end of the alley. As I started down the alley, I looked in my rearview mirror. Just as I suspected. I could see the “bum” talking on what looked like a two-way radio. I pulled up behind the van and parked. The van was completely black, no back windows, no other markings. It was just a……black van!

I shut the car off and sat there, exhaling a huge sigh of relief. I knew the operation wasn’t completely over just yet. We still weren’t at this “farm” place, but at least the hardest part was over. I had the women!
The front doors of the van opened. Two men, well I think they were men, stepped out of the van. They were dressed all in black. Black pants, black jackets, black gloves, black balaclavas, black shoes. One began to open the back doors of the van. The other walked towards the car. He began to pull something out of the left pocket of his jacket. My heart leapt into my throat. Was he pulling a gun?

He pulled out what looked like a small TV remote and pointed it at the car. I heard an audible click and suddenly realized, he had unlocked the doors of the car! What the fuck? I thought. The doors of the car had been locked the whole time I was driving? I had been, in effect, locked in the car, unable to get out? They must have done it after I left the apartment building because they weren’t locked before that. But how? These fucked-up bastards! I thought.

The guy with the remote device motioned me to get out of the car. I stepped out slowly.
“Mr. Houston, take off the disguise, leave it in the car, and get in the van!” he barked. I did as he said.
He and the other guy went to work pulling Brittany and Lacey out of the car. There was what looked like two big black duffel bags lying on the floor of the van. I suddenly realized what they were. Body bags!

They brought the limp form of Brittany into the van first. They told me to hold one of the bags open as they pushed her inert body inside it. Then they zipped it closed. I noticed there were several small air holes punched in the top of the bag. Next they brought Lacey to the van and also stuffed her into a body bag.

While I was watching all this, I didn’t even notice what was happening with the taxicab. I suddenly saw a large door had opened in the wall of one of the warehouses beside us. Two more men, also dressed all in black, were pushing the car through the door. They disappeared inside the warehouse and closed the large door behind them.
The two men at the van closed the back doors and got in the seats. The driver started the van and we began to back out of the alley. The guy on the passenger side, turned around and held a gloved hand out to me.

“Excellent job, Mr. Houston! The Farmer will be very pleased.” He nodded at the bags on the floor of the van. “You have an excellent taste in women!”
I reached out and shook his hand. “ Uh….thank you,” I said. I couldn’t think of anything else to say.
After about 15 minutes of driving through city streets, the van finally turned onto the freeway leading out of the city and headed for the countryside.

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I like it! Can't wait for more!

November 15, 2015, 09:43:17 AM
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Offline vile8r

Bill Morrison was just settling down in bed when suddenly his bedside telephone began ringing. He looked at the clock. It was 11:30 p.m. Who was calling him at this time of night, he wondered? Some idiot needed him to post bail down at the police station again? Usually when he received phone calls at this time of night, that was what it was about. Someone was in trouble with the law and were making their “one phone call” from the police station. Oh well, it was part of his job as a criminal lawyer. Or it could be the other call he was expecting.

He picked up the receiver. “Hello?”
There was a short pause, then a voice spoke.
“Sir, we have the packages in transit. ETA at the farm - 1 a.m. “
“Excellent! That’s good. I’m glad to hear the operation was a success. I’ll be out right away. No one does anything until I get there. Make that very clear to Mr. Houston! He has a tendency to get a little….overeager.”
“We’ll let him know that, Mr. Farmer, sir. We’ll see you when you get here. Good-bye.”

We drove for at least two hours. I couldn’t see anything from my spot in the back of the van. It was dark out anyways, so there wasn’t much to see. The two guys in the front were silent, although I noticed after we got out on the freeway, they removed their balaclavas. I still couldn’t get a real good look at them though. They would say something to each other every so often, but I could never hear what it was. They had turned on some music. Mostly heavy metal: Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth, stuff like that. My kinda tunes! Got me even more in the mood for some good rape action.

I looked down at the two black body bags on the floor. The two sleeping beauties contained inside them had NO idea what ordeals they were about to go through, I thought. I began thinking about what friends I would invite to come and fuck Lacey. It was almost as exciting thinking about watching other guys rape Lacey as it was thinking about myself doing it!

After a while, I nodded off for a short time. I was woken when I felt the van hit a large bump in the road. I peeked out through the windshield. We were on a gravel road. Tall pine trees surrounded us on both sides.
The driver noticed me.
“Yep, we’re almost there, Mr. Houston. Won’t be much longer. Getting excited?”

“Y-yeah, I guess,” I said.
“Well, you should be”, said the guy in the passenger seat. “You’re gonna love the farm. For guys like us, it’s like going to Disneyland!”
“Yeah!” laughed the driver. “Except Goofy’s giving it to Minnnie Mouse up the ass and Cinderella’s getting throat-fucked by Captain Hook!”
“Oh, and the seven dwarves are running a train on Snow White!” added the other guy. The two of them burst into laughing. I found myself joining them. I guess these guys were capable of a sense of humour!

All of a sudden, though, they were back to business. We had came to what looked like a dead end. The road came up to the edge of a large hillside. The driver spoke into a CB radio in the van.
“Bluejay One, this is Bluejay Two. We’re coming back to the nest.”
The radio crackled to life as a voice replied on the other end. “Roger, Bluejay Two. Did you go to TacoBell for burritos?”

“Negative,” said the driver. “TacoBell was closed. Went to Dairy Queen for cherry sundaes.”
Obviously these guys were talking in some kind of code. The hillside began to move! A large entryway was opening, exposing a dark tunnel going under the hill. The van entered the tunnel and continued driving on. We drove for another several minutes and then came to a stop.
The driver turned around and looked at me. I finally got a look at his face. He was totally bald but had a dark coloured moustache and a matching goatee. He had a nasty looking scar that ran down the left side of his face from the corner of his eye to his chin.

“We’re here, Mr. Houston!” he said.
He and the other fellow got out of the van and came around to the back. They opened the back doors and I climbed out. We were in what looked like a big garage. There were 5 or 6 other vans parked along one side of the garage. All of them identical to the one we had just arrived in. I saw three cars, four-door sedans, also painted black. At the one end of the garage I saw a small John Deere tractor with a front-end loader. It’s green paint seemed strangely out of place amongst all the black.

The van driver noticed me looking at the tractor.
“Hey, what’s a farm without a tractor?” he said.
I shrugged my shoulders. Yeah, I guess he was right.
He held out his hand. “By the way, the name’s Roger. And you’re Mike, right?”

I shook his hand. He had a grip like a steel vise.
“Yeah, Mike Houston,” I said. “Pleased to meet you, Roger.”
“ And this is Colin,” he said jerking his thumb towards his partner. Colin had the body bags open, inspecting the girls. He looked up and gave a little wave. Colin was also completely bald but he had no facial hair like Roger. He did however, have a tattoo of a Chinese dragon across the back of his scalp and neck. Both men appeared to be younger than me, probably in their early to mid-30s.

“Hi, Mike!” he smiled. He zipped the bags up again. “Goddamn, those two are gonna be a whole lotta fun! I can’t wait to dig into the young one.”
“Hey”, I said. “That one’s MINE! Ain’t no one touching her until I have MY fun first. Her and I have a little unfinished business.”
“Yeah, yeah, don’t worry, Mike“, Colin said. “You’ll get to settle your score with her. But after The Farmer puts her in GP, she’ll be open to anyone!”
GP? I thought. “General Population“? Hadn’t heard that term since I’d been in prison!

“No one will be doing ANYTHING to them until Farmer says so. Understood?” a voice snapped.
We spun around at the sound of the voice. Two men approached, each pushing a four-wheeled freight cart. Both wore black coveralls and military style boots and had short military style brush-cuts. They both looked to be in their mid-20s.
The two men walked up to the back of the van. One held his hand out to Mike.

“Hello sir. My name is Lance.”
“Uh, my name’s Mike,” I sputtered
“Well, Mike, Farmer will be here soon. In the meantime, we’re to get the new arrivals prepared for inspection. They’ll be waking up soon.”
He and the other man dragged the two body bags out of the back of the van and set them onto the carts. They began wheeling them away. Colin, Roger and I followed them across the garage to a set of double doors.

We passed through the double doors into a long low-lit hallway. Roger turned to me and pointed to a door to our left. “We’ll go this way,” he said.
The men with the carts continued on down the hallway as the other two men and I pushed open the heavy steel door and entered another long hallway. This one was a little more brightly-lit than the first one. As I looked around, I had a flashback. I was in a prison block! Or, at least, it resembled a prison block.

Running down both sides of the hallway were heavy steel doors. Each door had a small window with metal bars across them and each door was secured with a heavy duty padlock.
“This is the GP section,” Roger explained stopping in front of one of the doors.
I looked in through the window. Inside I saw 6 women sitting or lying on mattresses on the floor. All were naked and all looked to be between the ages of 18 to 25.

In one corner of the room was a small flush toilet and a sink and mirror. In another corner, suspended from the ceiling was a small flat-screen TV.
“Yeah, The Farmer lets them have TV,” Colin said. “Of course there’s only one channel. FarmerTV!” He and Roger both laughed out loud.
“What do you mean, FarmerTV?” I asked.

“Farmer runs a video feed from all the RT rooms to the cells. The girls get to watch what’s happening to all the other girls! A little bit of Farmer’s psych torture. He runs video from the rev rooms too.”
“What the hell are RT rooms and “rev” rooms?” I asked curiously.

“RT stands for rape-torture,” Roger replied. “I shouldn’t have to explain what goes on there! ‘Rev’ stands for ‘revenue‘. The rev rooms are where Farmer whores out the girls to whoever. In other words, the whorehouse, the brothel, whatever you wanna call it!”
“That’s just for the guys who want a straight fuck,” added Colin. “ Farmer rents out the RT rooms for clients who want…..a little more. ‘Course that costs a whole lot more too!”

“Wow!” I said. “What a place!”
We continued on down the hallway. Roger explained some more about The Farm.

“All the girls are classified according to age. They get older as we get to the end here.”
“What’s the oldest here?” I asked

“Farmer has one cell of 60 year-olds. That’s the oldest. There’s clients for them, too. A couple of them ain’t got bad bodies, actually! You know, those baby-boomer women look after themselves pretty good nowadays.”

We walked past another shorter hallway to our left that was also lined with cells. Colin pointed and said, “That’s “the kindergarten” block.”
“Kindergarten?” I asked.
“All the girls under 18. After they turn 18 they get moved here to GP. Some real little cuties down there! Farmer uses them in the studio a lot for makin’ movies.”
“Jesus!” I said. “You mean kiddie-porn?”

“Hey,” answered Roger. “Whatever pays the bills. One of Farmer’s biggest money-makers! You not into that stuff, Mike?”
I shook my head. “Fuck no!” I exclaimed. “I may be a rapist and I do like young ones, but not THAT fuckin’ young! Strictly 18 or over for me!”
“Well, I feel the same way, Mike,” said Roger. “But there’s a pile of people out there who don’t. And a lot of them come here! Ain’t that right, Colin?”
“Hey! I can’t help it if I like the young ones,” Colin said defensively. “If they’re old enough to go to the store themselves, they’re old enough to get bred!” He laughed.

Soon we were at the end of the hallway. I saw another door to my right painted pink.
“That goes to “Neverland”, said Roger. “You can probably guess what that’s about?”
“Um, let me see. Young boys?” I said hesitantly.

“You bet!” said Colin. “We get clients looking for them too. We don’t have too many. Maybe 10 or so. Farmer ain’t into that personally, but hey, he’s a businessman! He sees a consumer niche and he takes advantage of it.”

We walked through another set of double doors and into a large room. It looked like a kind of lounge. There was a bar along one wall. Scattered throughout the room were several couches, recliner chairs and tables. I could see several big-screen TVs on the walls. In the center of the room was a small circular stage with a chrome stripper’s pole. There were several very scantily-clad women walking around serving drinks to men sitting on some of the couches and chairs.

“This is Farmer’s Lounge!” said Colin. “This is where we relax when we ain’t working….or doin’ other things. Clients hang out here too when they’re waiting for a room to open up. All the girls have to work shifts in here. We dress them up to work as waitresses, make ‘em put on shows on the stage. We got TVs to watch sports and movies, a music system. It’s a blast!”
We sat down in some recliner chairs. A slender dark-haired woman wearing a skimpy pink skirt, black knee-high boots and nothing else came over. She looked to be in her mid-20s.

“What can I get for you gentlemen?” she asked politely.
“Three beers,” barked Roger. “And make it fast or I’ll beat yer ass, bitch!”
“Yes sir,” she said as she scurried back to the bar.

“That’s Camille,” he said. “Ain’t she a sweetie? Believe it or not, Mike, she used to be a med student from Chicago. Until her car broke down on the highway one night and me and Colin came along, But we gave her a good home, didn’t we Colin? ”
“The best!” said Colin with a big grin.
“You’re some sick fuckers,” I chuckled. “But I’m starting to like you!”

“We might be sick, but we get results. And as far as Farmer is concerned, that’s all that matters!” laughed Roger. “And by the way, motherfucker, who YOU calling sick?”

“Yeah, I guess you‘re right!” I agreed, watching Camille as she brought our beers to us. Her large 36D breasts bounced up and down as she hurried across the lounge.
“Here you go, sirs,” she said.

“Camille!” snapped Roger. “This is Mike. Say hello.”
Camille turned and smiled at me. Before I knew what was going on, she straddled my lap, grinding herself down against my crotch. Her hands went under my shirt and slid up my chest. My cock went instantly hard.

“Hiiii Mike,” she cooed in my ear. “Nice to meet you. Do you like me? I hope you’ll fuck me later. I’m a slut and I love to be fucked, in every hole too! Farmer says I’m really good.”
“Uh-uh…yeah!” I stuttered. “Sure….I can fuck you…later.”
“Great!” she said as she got up off me.

“Hey!” Roger grabbed her arm and pulled her over to him. “Am I chopped liver, you sloppy-cunted sow?”
“No!” Camille said. “I-I’m sorry Roger. Of course you’re not!”

“Then show me how happy you are that Farmer has allowed you to live as long as you have! If you belonged to ME, I’d have tossed your sliced-up ass in a dumpster long ago!”
“O-o-okay, sir!” she whimpered. She dropped to her knees in front of Roger and right there, pulled his erect cock out of his pants and slipped it inside her mouth. He grabbed a handful of her hair and thrust his hips up into her face. Her head began moving rapidly up and down on his thick shaft, making noisy slurping sounds as she sucked him frantically.

“See?” said Roger. “Told ya she‘s a sweetie! She’s good! Been here 2 years now. Very well trained! Someday, those two you brought will be trained just like this.”
I sat there, my cock as hard as granite, as I thought about Lacey being trained to be a slave. Trained to serve me and whoever else, in any way we demanded. I continued to watch Roger receive what looked like an intense blowjob.

I cracked open my beer and took a big swig. I didn’t realize how thirsty I was. The cold beer tasted good!
As I set my beer down on a table beside the chair, Roger's cellphone beeped.
“OH!” said Roger excitedly, smiling at me. “I think our new arrivals have just woken up!”

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Offline vile8r

My heart gave a jump in anticipation. I guzzled some more of my beer. Roger’s mouth fell open, a small dribble of slobber running down his chin as he finally came into Camille’s throat. She eagerly swallowed it all.
  He yanked Camille off his dick and pushed her away.
  “Get off me, cow!” he growled.

  “Didn’t I do good?” she asked timidly.
 “You’ll know in the morning,” Roger said as he zipped up his pants. “If you wake up and you ain’t in a crate on your way to Thailand, you did good! But tonight we got two fresh cunts  to break in. And they’re HOT! So you never know! By tomorrow, you might be redundant.”
  Camille got back to her feet and slowly walked away, tears streaming down her face.
  “Fuck man!” I said. “You are hardcore!”

  “Nahhh!” said Roger with a wave of his hand. “I say that to all the bitches here. Keeps them on their toes if they always think they’re on their last day. Truth is, it’s Farmer got the last say what happens to ANY of the girls here. Now grab yer beer and let’s go see these prime hot-tays you brought to us!”

 The three of us got up from our chairs and left the lounge, going out through a door on the opposite side of the lounge than where we came in. We entered another hallway, this one also lined with doors like the GP section, but not as many. These doors had no windows and were each numbered, RT-1, RT-2, and so on. Hmmmm, I thought, my heart beginning to race. I knew I didn’t need to ask where we were going. ‘RT’ said it all! We were in the rape-torture section!

   We came to an intersection of two hallways. We had to stop as two men went by leading a group of 5 girls down the adjacent hallway. Each girl had metal shackles on their wrists and ankles and were chained to the girl in front and behind. They were all naked. One, looking about 19-20 years old, with short reddish hair, green eyes and gorgeous small tits, glanced over at me.

  I made eye contact with her and immediately she averted her gaze to the floor.

  “Come on, cunts!” yelled one of the guards, jabbing one of the girls in the ass with an electric prod. “Move! You have clients waiting!”

  They shuffled off down the hallway. I assumed they must be heading to the ‘rev’ rooms. We continued on a short distance until we stopped in front of another set of double doors.

  “Well, here we are!” said Roger as he pushed the doors open. We stepped into a long, low room about the same size as the lounge, but much different décor. The room was very brightly lit. Along one wall I could see a couple of examining tables with metal stirrups, like the ones you would see in a gynecologist’s office. Along another wall were several hospital beds.

  Colin saw me looking around. “This is the med ward,” he explained. “All the new girls are brought here for medical exams. Make sure they ain’t got any diseases, or they’re pregnant. Doc also checks to see if they’re virgins or not! He performs abortions here too when girls get knocked up during…… you know. And sometimes, if we have to, we bring a girl here to recuperate after a bad session in RT.”

 I nodded. “Hmmm, I see. So you guys have a doctor?”

 “He’s an old friend of Farmer’s,” said Roger. “Got fired and lost his medical license at some hospital in the city, so Farmer hired him to come work here.”
  And then I saw them! There in the center of the room stood Lacey and Brittany! They were both stripped naked and positioned so they were facing each other.Their arms were pulled up above their heads, their wrists shackled and connected to chains suspended from beams in the ceiling.

 Each girl had a metal collar around their neck and a chain ran from the collar down to another set of shackles around their ankles. Red ball gags were inserted in their mouths and tied off behind their heads. They were also blind-folded, tears running out from beneath the blindfolds and down their cheeks. They were suspended just far enough off the floor that they had to stand on the balls of their feet.

   My God! I thought. Lacey was exquisite! Her long blonde hair fell down around her face and shoulders, halfway down her back. Her body was so slender, so tight and firm, so tanned! I let my eyes move across her body from the slim lines of her calves, to her athletic thighs, her tight ass, shaved pussy and then up her flat, firm stomach to her sumptuous, 34B tits. She had beautiful, small pink nipples. Her tits moved up and down as her chest heaved with nervous terror.

    And Brittany, well, she was something else too! Her skin was a little paler than Lacey’s, but she had long straight blonde hair just like her sister. She was also a bit taller and maybe just a little heavier. Lacey was lucky if she weighed one-ten soaking wet, Brittany I estimated to be around 125 lb., maybe 130 at the most! But that was all right. Just made her that much more voluptuous and curvy. And speaking of curves, oh, did she ever have some nice hips and legs! She had a very athletic body, I could tell she did a lot of working out at the gym. She had beautiful abs! Her face was very pretty, full red lips that looked just made for sucking cock. Unlike Lacey she was not clean-shaven and had a small, neatly trimmed triangle of light-blonde pubic hair.
  Roger, Colin and I circled around the two girls, admiring them as if we were looking at a new car on the lot. Roger let out a low whistle.
  “Motherfucker, Mike!” he said ogling Lacey. “And you’ve raped that once already? Why the fuck didn’t you hang onto her when you had her the first time?”

  “I don’t know, Roger. That is a good question. But don’t fuckin’ matter. She’s here now and this time I ain’t lettin’ her go! Gonna fuck that little body hard!” I said.

   Lacey could hear my voice but she couldn’t see me. She knew she was in a world of shit! Muffled screams came from her gagged mouth.

  “Oh, boys, it sounds like she’s a screamer!” said Colin. “You don’t know how much I like screamers. Makes me so hard when some bitch is screaming bloody murder!”

  Just then, the set of double doors we had entered, opened. In walked one of the most bizarre sights I had ever seen. Two people entered. A thin older man, about 60, in a white doctor’s coat walked in. That wasn’t so unusual. It was his companion who was odd.

   It was a man about my height, right around 6 ft. He was quite fat, probably around 250-300 lb., with a huge round gut. He was wearing denim bib coveralls like a redneck out of a bad ‘B’ movie. He looked like he was wearing nothing under the coveralls. The front of the coveralls barely contained his thick hairy chest and ample midsection. He had leather work boots on his feet. But what was the weirdest, was what was on his head. He was wearing a grotesque latex rubber pig mask. It had a big snout and floppy ears. There were two black holes where the eyes would have been. Two plastic tusks curled up on either side of the snout. It looked like something out of a horror movie.

   “It’s Farmer!” exclaimed Roger. “And Doc.”

  The….pig-man…walked over to where we were standing. He held out a fat sweaty hand to me.
“Mr. Houston! Glad to meet you. And congratulations on a job well done. Keep up the good work. I may let you come to work for me!”
  His voice was distorted by the rubber mask, making it sound more deep and ominous than it actually was. As he breathed under the mask, he sounded like Darth Vader.

   He took a look at the two helpless girls. “Ahhh, what DO we have here? Looks like two VERY fine specimens of rape-meat!”
  He walked up behind Lacey. Reaching around and grapping her by the thighs, he roughly pulled her legs apart and thrust his hips up against her, like he was dry-humping her. She threw her head back, a muffled scream of terror escaping from her mouth.

  “Oh yes!” Farmer said. “I like the feel of your tight little body. Fucking you will be a lovely experience, Lacey!”

 He stepped over to Brittany. Getting down on his knees, he shoved his pig-snout up to the crack of her tight ass. He made a grotesque snorting sound as his tongue snaked out and circled around her anus. She wiggled and twisted her body, pathetic whimpering noises coming from her.
 Farmer stood back up and ran his hands up her sides and over her breasts, then back down again to her ass. He gripped her ass cheeks in both hands and squeezed, emitting a muffled shriek from Brittany.

  “I’m so sorry, Brittany, that you had to be brought into all this” he said quietly. “You are what we call collateral damage. Mr. Houston could not get your sister without taking you as well. It was just the way it had to happen. But now that you’re here, I’m not regretting it in the least! You will provide much pleasure…..and profit for me.”

   The man in the doctor’s coat handed two pieces of paper to Farmer.

   “ Here are their exam results, Farmer. Both girls are clean as a whistle. No sign of any diseases and neither one is pregnant. In fact, I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised with Brittany’s report.”

   The Farmer scanned over the two reports. Suddenly he straightened up as if someone had poked him with a needle. He whipped around to face Doc.

  “Is this true? You’re ABSOLUTELY sure?” he demanded.

  “As sure as I’ve ever been! I checked and double-checked,” Doc replied.
  “Brittany is double ‘A’ status!” the Farmer whooped. “Fucking awesome!”
   I looked at Roger, puzzled.

   “Double-fucking ‘A’!” he also yelled. “She’s a goddamn virgin, Mike!”
A virgin! I couldn’t believe it! She was like 24-25 years old! I knew, because she had told me once how old she was. How could a hot girl like that be a virgin? It just didn’t make sense.

   Farmer was beside himself. “A VIRGIN! So well-developed and mature and NO MAN HAS EVER FUCKED HER! You do realize the money we can make here? Do you men have any clue what I can ask on the international market for a beautiful blonde, American virgin! Every goddamn sex slaver on the globe’ll be beating down my door with big sacks of money. I could make a killing!”

  Farmer stepped around in front of Brittany. He began to untie her ball gag.

  “Now listen, slut!” he ordered. “I’m taking this gag out of your mouth and there’ll be no screaming, you understand? You’re going to tell me how it can be that you’re a virgin!”

   He pulled the ball gag out of Brittany’s mouth. Her chest heaved as she gulped in air.

  “Start talking, bitch! Or get a whip across your tits!” Farmer snapped.

   “I-I-I’m a l-l-lesbian,” she stammered. “I made a vow t-t-to myself, wh-wh-when I was a te-teenager to not have s-sex until I-I was married. Th-then I star-star-started to realize I-I like girls b-b-better. So I’ve n-n-never had sex with a-a man.”

  “Well doesn’t that just beat all?” remarked Colin. “This is what I call supreme irony. She don’t even like men, and yet dozens of them are gonna be falling over themselves to fuck her!”

   “Yes! Supreme irony is right, Colin,” said Farmer. “And that is why she is not going to be sold!”
   He reached out brushing the hair away from Brittany’s face. She flinched, trying to pull away. He began to stroke her cheek.
  “I could make a TON of money, a TON! But for once, I’m not going to let greed dictate my decisions. I’m going to indulge in my own self-enjoyment! Saudi sheiks and Mexican drug-lords be damned! This one is MINE!”

 Farmer stepped around behind Brittany and slipped his hands around her waist pulling her back towards him. He moved his hips in a slow thrusting motion against her, as he placed his pig-snout near her ear.

  “In all the years I have been operating The Farm, I can probably count on my two hands the number of times I have come across a virgin over the age of 21. Oh yes, lots of the younger ones are virgins, and that’s understandable. But to find one of this age, and of such high quality, that is TRULY remarkable! Brittany, you and I will have THE MOST SPECIAL time together. I will be proud to be the man to take your chastity!”

  Brittany, obviously repulsed at having the large man so close to her, tried to twist her body away from him. He reached up and grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair, yanking her head back towards him.
  “And you WILL make it enjoyable, you cunt! Or I will strip the flesh from your bones, ONE inch at a time!”
  As if to emphasize his point, Farmer slammed himself hard against Brittany one last time. He held himself there, grinding his body against hers, allowing her to feel the throbbing erection inside his overalls press against her.

  “P-please mister, just let us go!” Brittany pleaded.

  Farmer grabbed her by the hair again and growled in her ear.

  “That’s a free one! I don’t recall saying you could talk, princess! Next time you open that cock receptacle, it better be because I’ve said you can, understand?”

   Brittany gave a small nod. Farmer let her go and turned to look at us. I couldn’t help but notice the massive bulge he now had jutting out of the front of his overalls. The obese man was really hung!

  “Roger, Colin! I want you two to get RT #3 ready for Mr. Houston and Lacey.  Make sure the refreshment fridge is full. Lord knows, a man gets pretty thirsty sometimes when he’s busy!” Farmer let out a big gut-busting laugh. For some reason, that laugh sounded very familiar to me. But I couldn’t put a finger on it.

   Then Farmer looked at me. “ And you, Mr. Houston, please come with me. We have things to discuss.”

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Really enjoying this one Vile . . .as usual!   ;)

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 I pointed at the girls. “When do we get to do our thing with these two?”

  Farmer laughed again. “Oh, don’t worry yourself! Very soon, Mr. Houston, very soon. There is no hurry here at The Farm. I can assure you Lacey and Brittany AREN”T going anywhere! You just have to learn patience, my boy.”
“Uh, one other thing I need to ask you, Farmer….sir,” I said.
  Farmer looked at me curiously. “Do you, by any chance, have a cunt, Mr. Houston?”
  I looked back at him with a puzzled frown. “Uh, no!” I replied.

  “Then you don’t have to call me sir,” he chuckled. “ The only people who have to call me that are bitches and sluts.”

  I shrugged my shoulders and grinned. “Okay, sorry Farmer. But what I wanted to ask you about was Mr. Morrison. Bill! You know, the guy who originally contacted you about Lacey. He said he wanted to be here too.”

  “ Oh yes! Mr. Morrison! I know him well. Don’t worry, Mr. Houston, he will be here. He has been contacted and is on his way!” said Farmer.

  Farmer turned back to the two girls.

  “We are leaving for a little while. But we WILL be back, and when we are, the party will begin. Now, I’m going to also remove Lacey’s  gag. You two may talk amongst yourselves while we are gone. Perhaps discuss what kinds of things you can do to keep me and Mr. Houston happy. But there’ll be NO crying OR screaming, you hear me? If I hear ANY of that crap, I’ll be back in here with a bullwhip faster n’ you can say ’slut’, and one of you will go on the rack for 20 lashes! And the other one gets to watch! I trust I am well understood?”

   Both Lacey and Brittany nodded. Farmer reached over and untied Lacey’s ball gag, removing it from her mouth. A small string of slobber ran down her chin. Leaving their blindfolds still in place, the Farmer turned and strode back toward the double doors we had entered. I  turned and followed him. Roger and Colin had already left.

  Farmer and I walked back down the hallway through the RT section until we came to the point where it inter-sected with the hallway leading down to the rev rooms. As we turned to the right, we heard a commotion coming from one of the rooms.

   A man was shouting, “Goddamn, you little bitch! I paid good fuckin’ money for you! SUCK MY COCK! NOW!”

   We paused as we heard a small female voice bawling and pleading. “No, I-I can’t! Not any-any more. I-I c-ca-can’t. I’ve h-had e-e-enough!”

   As Farmer and I stood there listening, another man came rushing down the hallway from the opposite direction. It was Lance, one of the guys I had met in the garage.

   “That sounds like it’s coming from # 4,” Farmer said to him. “Who’s in there right now?”
   Lance stopped and looked at a clipboard he was carrying with him. “Uh, it’s Mr. Hollis and….. let me see….uh, Kelsey!”

  Farmer frowned. “Kelsey, huh? She was one of those college cheerleaders we picked up a couple months ago, isn’t she?”
  “Yes, she is, Farmer!” replied Lance.
  “Go get her out of there and get Mr. Hollis another girl! On the double! And then take Kelsey to RT #5. Tell Hog he has some re-educating to do tonight!”

“You bet, Farmer!” said Lance as he headed down the hallway toward the rev rooms.
  “That little troublemaker”, muttered Farmer, shaking his head. “ If she keeps up this shit, she’ll be finding herself on a boat to Brazil!”

  We continued down the hallway to our right for another few feet. There was a large door with the name “THE FARMER” on it in big gold letters. Farmer pushed the door open and we entered a large opulent office.

  There was a huge oak desk that must have been close to 10 feet long at one end of the room. Behind it was a large leather office chair. Arranged in front of the desk was a big leather couch and a couple recliner chairs. Along another wall was a large flat screen TV and a bar. Also behind the desk was a large bookcase filled with books and various knick-knacks. The entire room was finished in dark wood panelling and the floor was carpeted. If I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought I was just in the office of a CEO of a major corporation.

   I saw on the wall directly to the left of the entrance door, several rows of framed pictures. There must have been close to fifty. They were all pictures of women. Farmer noticed me looking at them.

   “Ah yes! My Wall Of Fame! Those are some of the more memorable women who have been guests at The Farm over the years.”

  I scanned the rows of pictures and suddenly one caught my eye. It was a strikingly beautiful blonde girl in about her late teens to early 20s. I recognized her from somewhere, and then my memory clicked in.

  “That’s Misty Sullivan, the pop star! Had a platinum record when she was like only 16! Was in a couple movies too. I remember her back in the ‘90s, she was a real hottie! Everyone said she was supposed to be the next Mariah Carey!” I exclaimed. “But….wasn’t she killed in a car accident? I remember it was a pretty big deal in the news for a while. The story was she was drunk at the time, crashed her car into a ditch. Car started on fire and she was burned to death! She was only 19!”

   “That’s what the media told you!” chuckled Farmer. “But I’ll tell you the real story. Her manager had allegedly raped a 16-year-old girl, another client of his. Can’t tell you who, but nowadays she is a big star herself. Misty found out about it and had threatened to go to the police.

 Was gonna get him in some major trouble. Her manager was a friend of mine and a regular customer here at The Farm. He arranged with me to help fake her death and “dispose” of her . The girl in the car was actually one of mine. Bribed the county medical examiner to say it was Misty. In the meantime we had her brought here to The Farm.

 After me and the boys spent what can only be described as two VERY unforgettable days with her, I sold her for fifty grand to an Arabian oil sheik old enough to be her grandfather! My highest price ever! He was pretty excited. Couldn’t believe he was going to get to fuck a famous blonde American pop star!”

  “Holy crap!” I said, a look of utter amazement on my face.

  “Boy, you should have heard the screaming the first time I fucked her,“ smiled Farmer. “If you thought she could hit the high notes when she sang, you should have been there when I popped her ass cherry!  And the look on her face when we put her in the crate and told her where she was going? Priceless! That was about 10 years ago now. I’ve often wondered about what ever became of my little Misty. Ahh, good times!”

   The Farmer shrugged his shoulders and walked around behind the desk. He sat down in his chair. I still had my back turned to him as I looked at the pictures on the wall, so I didn’t see as he removed his pig mask. He wiped the sweat off his face with a cloth.

   I turned around……and I’m sure my jaw came about an inch from hitting the floor.
  “BILL?! BILL MORRISON?!” I yelled incredulously. “You’re…..THE FARMER!!

   Farmer sat in his chair with a big shit-eating grin on his face.
  “The one and only!“ he replied. “Frankly, I thought you might have figured it out earlier. Didn’t you think it odd that I would know so much about someone so supposedly mysterious and secret?”

  “Y-y-you just said you were one of his clients. I really didn’t have a clue! And then, with that mask! I-I couldn’t recognize your voice,” I stammered.

“By the way, Farmer, what the hell is with the mask?” I asked.
  “I never let any of the girls see my face when they first come here,” he explained. “It helps to maintain the mystique of The Farmer! You know, this fat, gross guy who doesn’t show his face. And when they see the mask, it increases the horror factor too.

They think they’re gonna be fucked by some half-animal, half-human monster. Really gets them squealing sometimes!
   “I have other masks too. A bull, a goat, a  dog, a space alien, some kind of lizard. That one REALLY freaks ‘em out!”

  “But technically speaking, I am a client of The Farmer!” laughed Bill. “I make use of the women here just like everyone else. I just don’t have to pay!”

   “Fuck!” I exclaimed. “This just blows me away! I had no idea. How long have you been doing this?”

   “Mike, my boy. Get yourself a drink. Then sit down and I’ll explain it all to you.”



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I went over to the bar and mixed myself a rum and Coke. Stiff! After what I’d just learned…I NEEDED a drink. My lawyer…Bill Morrison! That was why that laugh I’d heard earlier sounded so familiar. HE was The Farmer! I came back and plopped down in one of the big recliners in front of Bill’s…er, Farmer’s desk. I started talking immediately. I had a million questions to ask him.

   “This place is amazing! How did you get it all started? And how do you keep from getting caught?”
   Bill laughed again. He held up a hand.
  “Mike, one question at a time, okay? I know this place is a lot to comprehend all at once. Everybody who comes here for the first time is like you! I guess I’ll get started by saying that The Farm has been around for a long time. Hasn’t always been in this same spot, but it’s been around in one form or another since the 1930s.”

  “The 1930s?! Holy crap!” I sputtered.
  “Yes, it was my grandfather who got it all started,” Bill continued. “It was during the Great Depression. There were a lot of families struggling to make ends meet. A lot of them were big families, with simply too many mouths to feed. It was not uncommon for fathers to marry off their teenage daughters as early as possible just to get them out of the house. Once they were married, it was their husband’s responsibility to support them. Some girls were married off as young as 14 or 15 to men 10, 20 or even 30 years their seniors!

   My grandfather hit upon a plan. He began going around to families, particularly ones with lots of daughters. He said he worked for an employment agency and that he would pay money for their daughter or daughters and in return he would take them to the city. There he would find them jobs. The girls would be able to send a portion of their salaries back to their families. Dozens of families, in dire need of money, took him up on the offer.

   He took them to the city and found them jobs, all right! Put them to work in brothels. Even shipped a few overseas to places like China and Japan. He was into white slavery years before it came into vogue!

  Sometimes the families would come looking for their daughters after they hadn’t heard from them in a while. My grandfather would just concoct some story that their daughter had ran away or found a husband and he hadn’t seen them since.

   He did this for several years. Then he decided to cut out the middleman and rather than pay for the girls, he just began to take them! In the 1940s, during the war, his business thrived. He would prey on women whose husbands and boyfriends had headed off to join the army. Sometimes he would be able to get his hands on a young woman who had joined the military herself and was far away from home for the first time. He would masquerade as an enlisted man himself to gain their confidence and before they knew it, they were in a secret whorehouse somewhere, never to be seen again.

   As my grandfather grew older, my father took over the business. Through the 1950s and 1960s, things really boomed. Especially in the ’60s, when all the hippies were out hitch-hiking along the highways, looking for “free love”. Dad made sure they got lots! As the business got bigger and more sophisticated, my father began to search for a place where he could operate without fear of the law. Prior to that my grandpa and my dad had operated out of a number of old warehouses and root cellars. In the late ‘60s he started The Farm.”

  “What the hell is this place, anyway? ” I asked, enthralled by the story Farmer was telling me. “How did it get here? Did your dad build it?”
  “It was here already,” said Farmer. “It was originally built back in the 1940s by the OSS, the Office of Strategic Services, predecessor to the CIA! They used it as a secret training facility for spies during World War II. They also brought high-level Nazi POWs here for interrogation. It was still used for a few years after the war, then the government abandoned it in the early 1960s.

   My father served in the OSS during the war. It was good experience for learning how to do things secretly and clandestinely. Through some of the many government connections my father had, he offered to buy this facility, with the intention, he said, of building a fallout shelter for use in the case of nuclear war. Over the years, he made extensive renovations to the place, turning it into what has become….The Farm!”

  “I gotta ask you, Farmer”, I said as I finished my rum and Coke and stood up to get another. “Why is it called The Farm?”
   Farmer smiled and leaned back, his heavy frame making the chair groan under his weight.

   “Well, above ground, there IS a farm! There’s a big stone barn and a big-ass farmhouse. The place is about 150 years old. The facility we’re in is around 100 feet underground, below the barn! The house has been converted into a 10-room bed & breakfast inn. The barn has been turned into an antique store. The place is a bit of a local tourist attraction. And it‘s all completely legit!”

  “Don’t tell me,” I said. “You use the hotel to lure guests into The Farm!”

  “Well, not exactly”, replied Farmer. “ If too many guests started disappearing, it would bring the wrong kind of attention to the place. But we are able to collect information on them. Where are they going? Who are they travelling with? Postal and email addresses, phone numbers, that kind of thing. Makes them easier to track down later, if I decide I want them.

  “Sometimes, we get a woman travelling by herself, or a carload of college girls who are lost. They are easy to make disappear. And usually they do!” Farmer let out a big laugh.

  “Well, we came in through a tunnel tonight”, I said. “How do people find the farm above?”

  “Oh, easy!” said Farmer. “ There is another road farther down the highway from where you turned off. That’s the public entrance!”
   “So what all kinds of shit goes on here?” I asked.

  “Oh, all kinds of stuff!“ beamed Farmer. “Pretty well anything you could imagine, and some that you can’t! We’ve got the RT rooms and the rev rooms, which I know Roger and Colin told you about. We’ve got the film studio which is our biggest money-making enterprise. And we’ve got the fantasy rooms!”

   “Fantasy rooms?” I asked. “That sounds interesting!”

   “Yes, they are very interesting. Introduced them about 15 years ago. They’re much more expensive than just a basic rev room, but still very popular. We have 6 different ones. There’s one all decked out to look like a school classroom, complete with desks and a chalkboard; another one that’s like a restaurant; one that looks like a living room; one that’s a high school locker room; a hospital room; and one that looks like an executive’s office. You can rent a girl or several and have them dress up and act out your fantasies, whatever they may be!”

   “Sounds cool,” I said.

   “Yes,” continued Farmer. “The schoolroom has been VERY popular. Especially for those who like the younger girls. Why, just a few months ago, I had two clients rent it for 8 hours, along with 10 girls, enough to fill all the desks. They had them all dress up as Catholic schoolgirls and cheerleaders. Christ, between rental for the room, the 10 girls and all their costumes, I think their bill came to about 18 grand! That, of course, was after they received my 10% good-customer discount. Afterwards, they told me it was the BEST goddamn 18 grand they’d ever spent! One of the guys told me he’d have rather used the money he spent on his daughter’s wedding for THAT, instead of the wedding.”

   “Well Farmer”, I said. “You have got quite the operation going here. AND you work as a lawyer on top of it!”
   “Yes, it does keep me busy”, said Farmer. “But it was money from The Farm that put me through law school. When my father wanted to retire, there was no question that I would follow in his footsteps. I haven’t regretted it a bit. It’s been awesome! And I have a lot of good people working for me.”

  “Which brings me to the little matter we must discuss now before we deal with our new guests, who I am sure are patiently waiting for us.”
  “What’s that, Farmer?” I asked.

  “Well, you do remember that you owe me in excess of about 25 grand in legal fees, do you not?” Farmer asked matter-of-factly.

   “Yes, I know,” I replied, not wanting to be reminded of that. “But we were going to get that straightened out by bringing Lacey here, weren’t we?”
  “Yes, we were. But what I need to ask you, is this. Rather than have you pay me a portion of the money you will make from Lacey in the rev rooms, why don’t you come to work for me? I’ll just keep ALL the money Lacey makes, and you will get a monthly salary. I DO pay very generously and the perks are….well, as you can see for yourself…very nice! Just imagine, all the fucking you could ever want, from ANY girl you want!”

   I scratched my chin as I gave it a thought. Hmmm, working for The Farmer? It certainly beat any other 9 to 5 job I could think of. Kinda like a dream come true.
   I walked up to the desk and held out my hand. “Farmer! You got yourself a deal!”
  He stood up and vigorously shook my hand.  “All right, then! Well, we’ll go over the finer details of your employment contract later. Right now, I think we have a party to go to!”

   “Speaking of which, Farmer, you guys have got Lacey all stripped naked. I was kinda hoping I’d be able to…..well, you know….do that. It’s sort of a turn-on to me when I rape a girl, if I get to rip the clothes and stuff off her. Would it be possible for you to put some clothes back on her?” I asked.

   “Of course!” said Farmer. “All their luggage has been brought here. We go through it, see if there are any valuables. Money, jewellery, that kind of thing. Then we save all the clothes to be used for things like the fantasy rooms or when we get requests like yours or for the girls to wear when they’re working the lounge. You can go and pick out an outfit for her. She can be dressed exactly the way you want her to!”

   “Awesome!” I said. “And another question I had. When I get Lacey in the RT room, are there any ground rules I need to follow. What all am I allowed to do?”
   Farmer walked around from behind the desk and slapped a big hand around my shoulder.

  “Mike, my boy, the only ground rules we have around here, is that there are NO ground rules! You can go as far as your sick and twisted imagination will take you and then some. It’s YOUR time with her. She cannot escape you, she is totally at your mercy! As I always say to people, GO WILD! If you get a little TOO carried away, and something drastic happens, don’t worry. We can dispose of the body quite easily.”

  “You mean, if I kill her?” I asked incredulously.

  “I know you won’t go that far, Mike,” said Farmer quietly. “But sometimes, in the heat of the moment, accidents DO happen. If it does, like I say, don’t worry. It won’t be held against you. It happens a lot around here, quite frankly, both accidentally and intentionally. You just have to remember, for every one that dies, there’s a thousand more out there to replace them!”

   Well, I was a rapist, not a killer! I’d maybe sometimes felt like doing it, but none of the girls I had ever attacked, had died.
   “Don’t worry Farmer,” I said. “I want Lacey around for awhile. I want her to suffer. Killing her would be TOO easy. I could have done that myself without bringing her here! I’ll “go wild”, as you say, but I’m going to make sure she’s around long enough to enjoy ALL the pleasures of The Farm.”
  Farmer slapped me on the back. “That’s my boy! I’ve ALWAYS liked the way you thin

    We left the office and went back out into the hallway. Before we did, though, Farmer had grabbed his rubber pig mask off the desk.
  “By the way, Farmer, what the hell is with the mask?” I asked.

  “I never let any of the girls see my face,” he explained. “It helps to maintain the mystique of The Farmer! You know, this fat, gross guy who never shows his face. And when they see the mask, it increases the horror factor too. They think they’re being fucked by some half-animal, half-human monster. Really gets them squealing sometimes!

   “I have other masks too. A bull, a goat, a  dog, a space alien, some kind of lizard. That one REALLY freaks ‘em out!”
   We turned to the right as we exited the office. We walked almost to the end of the hallway and then entered another door. This time we were in a large area that looked like some kind of storage room. There was a wide aisle that went the length of the room. Along the sides of the aisle were rows of shelves. On the shelves were large open-ended storage bins. I could see the bins were full with all various types of clothing.

   To the left of the door was a long table. There were some suitcases lying on the table. I immediately recognized them as Lacey and Brittany’s luggage. Two people in black coveralls were going through the contents of the suitcases and the girls’ purses sorting out the clothes and personal items.
   I didn’t notice right away but then one of the people stopped from their work and looked up at Farmer.

  “Hey Farmer! Got some good stuff here!” the person said.
   That was when I realized it was a woman. She appeared to be Latino, about 5 foot 6, with dark hair down to her shoulders and very pretty facial features. Kinda reminded me of that actress, Eva Mendes, but without the mole on her cheek.  Her coveralls hugged the curves of what looked to be a fairly athletic body.

   I was a little taken aback. With this being such an anti-female place, I didn’t expect to see a woman working for The Farmer, except as a slave.
Farmer motioned towards me.
  “Larissa, meet Mike Houston. He’s the fella who helped bring in the two new girls tonight.”

  Larissa walked over and extended her hand out to me. I shook it, making a mental note that it was the strongest female handshake I’d ever received! This woman was strong!
  “Ah, Lacey and Brittany! I was over at the med ward earlier checking them out. Couple of pretty little divas,” Larissa smiled. It was a cold smile, like you’d get from a shark just before he bit your head off.

“Rumour going around is Brittany’s a virgin AND likes pussy. That’s what I like to hear. Can’t wait to have a go-round with her, Farmer! Ass-rape that bitch with my 15-inch strap-on! And that Lacey is a real cutey too! Gonna have to introduce her to some hard-core cunt-licking.”
   Farmer laughed as he slapped Larissa on the shoulder.

  “My girl! Yes, the rumours are all true. And after Mr. Houston and I are done, Brittany and Lacey will be fair game for you!”
   Larissa gave that cold smile again. It made me shiver.
  “Now,” said Farmer,“ the reason we are here is to pick out a few clothes for our new guests. Mike wants something he can tear off Lacey and I want something too for Brittany. Something to set the mood for our special night!”

   Larissa pointed at the piles of clothes on the table.
   “There they are! “ she said. “Take your pick.”
  Farmer and I began to rummage through the piles. Damn, Lacey had some hot clothes! Skirts, short shorts, bikinis, a couple mini-dresses, tank tops, halter tops. I was getting hard just looking at this stuff and imagining it being on Lacey’s tight body.

   As I dug through a small heap of underwear, I spotted them. A pair of panties just like the ones she had been wearing the first night I raped her! They were a little different. Instead of being white with little red hearts, these ones were black with white hearts. But they were the exact same style. My mind went back to that night, thinking about when I pulled her shorts down and saw how tight they hugged the curves of her ass.

  I took them and a black bra. Then I selected a short pleated denim skirt and a cute pink and white striped tank top with spaghetti straps. For Brittany, Farmer picked out a pink thong and a tight white mini dress with a plunging neckline. He also found a pair of red 4 inch heels.

  “Check this out, Mike,” he said. “I can just picture that cockteasing whore wearing this dress to a nightclub. Dressed to kill, but any guy who came close to her would get shot down like a B-17 over Berlin! It’ll be the perfect outfit for what will be her less-than-delicate deflowering.”
   We both laughed.
  Farmer handed the clothes we had selected to Larissa.

  “Take these and get the girls dressed,” he ordered. “Then bring the two of them to RT #3. Mike and I will be waiting there. Oh, you can take their blindfolds off while they’re dressing but put them back on before you bring them to us.”
  “Yes sir, Farmer!” Larissa curtly replied. She took the clothes from Farmer and headed out the door.
   I watched her as she left, admiring the tightness of her coveralls on her ass.

  “Wow!” I exclaimed. “That’s nice! I have to say, I’m a little surprised to see women working down here. Seems a little….out of place.”
“Yeah”, Farmer replied. “But Larissa‘s not your ordinary woman. Used to be in the Marines. Came home after 2 years in Iraq and found out her 30-year-old husband had left her for a 19-year-old Hooter’s waitress named Brandi. Through some friends in the military, she found out about The Farm and contacted me. We helped her get rid of her deadbeat husband and brought the Hooter’s girl here.”

  “Larissa worked that poor girl over pretty good! Shoulda seen some of the things she made her do! I thought I was a sick motherfucker! Hell, she even had six of her Marine buddies come here one night and run a train on Brandi. When she was all done, she had me sell the little honey to an Iraqi businessman. Told the girl if she wanted to fuck other women’s husbands, she could do it all she wanted in Baghdad! I was quite impressed with Larissa, so I offered her a job.”

  “Whoa, cold-blooded AND hot! I like that in a woman,” I whistled.
   “Don’t even think of trying to touch her, Mike,” said Farmer. “The last guy that did, the doctor’s still trying to surgically remove his testicles from his throat! Since her experience with her late husband, she has become a dedicated ball-busting lesbian! She would just as soon rip off your dick and shove it up your ass as to have sex with you!”

  “Okay then!” I said. “Guess I’ll make a note to myself to tread carefully around that one.”
   “Yes, it would be well-advised,” chuckled Farmer. “Now let’s go.”

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We went back out into the hallway and headed towards the RT rooms. As we rounded the corner past Farmer’s office, we saw a huge hulk of a man standing in the hallway in front of RT #5. He was massive!

  Standing at least 6 foot 6, he was built like a brick shithouse. He had to have been at least 250 lb., but not a drop of flab on him anywhere. It was ALL muscle! His goddamn wrists looked as big around as my biceps. He was completely bald, like Roger, but had a jet black fu Manchu moustache. The tips of it came right down to his chin. He was wearing a pair of black military style cargo pants and boots.

   His upper body was bare, his muscular chest covered in tattoos of weird Chinese symbols. Just above the waistline of his pants was also tattooed a lone Chinese symbol. His face and upper body was drenched in sweat. I noticed him holding a long nasty-looking cat o‘ nine-tails, the end of which had fresh blood on it. He was smoking a cigarette.
   “Hog!” barked Farmer as we walked up to him. “Put out that cigarette! You know the rules, no smoking except in the lounge or your personal quarters.”

   “Uh, sorry boss!”  said Hog sheepishly. “I just needed a smoke bad.”
  He snuffed out the cigarette in the palm of his hand and stuck the butt in his pocket.
   Farmer motioned to me. “Hog, I’d like you to meet Mike. Mike, this is Hog. He’s one of my “enforcers“. Helps keep the girls in line. He has some very creative ways of making them behave.”
 “Mike’s going to be working for us, Hog. He helped bring in the new girls tonight.”

   “I heard about them! One’s a virgin? Fuck man, I wish I was in your shoes, boss,” Hog said enviously. “I ain’t fucked a virgin in ages. Have fun, man!” He clapped Farmer on the shoulder.
  Then he looked at me. “Welcome to The Farm, dude! We’ll have to get together for a beer soon. Trade some stories!”
   “Yeah,” I said. I didn’t think this looked like a guy you wanted to say no to. “Nice to meet you, uh, Hog.”
   Farmer then nodded toward the door of RT #5.

   “You have Kelsey in there?” he asked.
   “Yeah”, said Hog in an exasperated tone. “Holy shit, she’s a defiant little cunt! Got a real potty-mouth on her, too. You heard she bit Mr. Hollis tonight, didn’t you? Gave him a pretty nasty one right on the you-know-what!”
   Farmer’s face grew dark. “WHAT?! That little whore! Nobody told me that!”

  “I’m dealing with it Farmer, don’t worry,” Hog said calmly. “I just finished giving her twenty lashes. Then she’ll be going in the box in the lounge for 24 hours. By the time she’s done she’ll have had so many cocks down her throat, she’ll never think about biting ever again! And after that I’m going to give her some time in the wet-room. We’ll get her broke, Farmer.”

   “Okay, Hog. Sounds good to me. But you tell her from me, THIS is the LAST time! If something happens again that she needs a re-education session, she will be thrown in a crate going God-knows-where! You tell her she DON’T want that to happen!” snarled Farmer.
   “What the hell is ‘the box‘ and ‘the wet-room’?” I asked.

  “Oh, you’ll get to see later!” said Farmer. “Come on, you and me have got dates. You know how women don’t like it when you keep ’em waiting!”
  Hog let out a deep boisterous laugh.
  “Farmer, you kill me sometimes!”
  “By the way, Hog. Before we go, how is Mr. Hollis?” asked Farmer.

  “Oh, he’ll be okay. Wounded his pride more than anything. Doc looked him over, wrapped up his ‘owie’ for him. Didn’t need stitches or anything like that. Lance gave him a credit for the next time he wants to come back.”
  “Good!” said Farmer. “ Gotta keep the customers happy.”
  We carried on down the hallway to RT #3 and stopped in front of the door.

  “This is the place, Mike,” said Farmer. He pushed the door open and we entered. The room was about 30 feet by 30 feet, very well lit.  It had just a plain concrete floor. The walls were padded for soundproofing. In the center of the room, metal shackles hung from chains attached to beams along the ceiling. Throughout the room I noticed several large metal rings bolted to the ceiling and the floor.

   There was a large wooden high-backed chair bolted to the floor. It had leather cuffs attached to the arms and front legs. It kinda reminded me of an electric chair in a prison. Standing beside the chair was a small stainless steel table about 3 feet square. Arranged on the table was a whole assortment of nasty looking tools. Knives, a small hand saw, an electric drill, screwdrivers, pliers, a corkscrew, an electric sander, a hammer, a ball gag, and some other things I couldn’t quite identify.

  In one corner of the room was a queen-sized bed with metal posts at each corner. Leather cuffs on chains were attached to each post. The bed contained a mattress with a plain white sheet. In another corner I saw an old metal bedspring standing upright against the wall. Leather cuffs were attached to it as well at the top and bottom. I could also see what looked like electrical cables attached to the bedspring. The cables snaked across the floor and disappeared into the wall behind the bedspring.

   Along the wall opposite the bedspring, was a large wooden frame built out of 4x4 and 2x4 pieces of lumber and bolted to the wall. Leather cuffs were also attached to it by short pieces of chain. Hanging by hooks on a rack beside the wooden frame was an assortment of whips and batons.
   Also in the center of the room was a large wooden sawhorse, and  what looked like some type of medieval torture device. It was a long wooden table about 10 feet long and about 3 feet wide. It stood about waist height. At each end was what looked like large wooden spools with ropes wound around them. Each spool was the same width as the table. At the ends of the ropes were attached leather cuffs. At one end of each spool was a big metal wheel for turning the spool.

   I looked around the room with ominous wonder.

  “Jesus Christ, Farmer!” I said with awe. “It looks like I’ve went back in time to the Middle Ages!”
  “Yep, the RT rooms are pretty intimidating to see for the first time. To me, it’s like walking into a playground,” sighed Farmer.
  The door opened and Roger walked in. “Everything’s ready to go Farmer!” he said.

  “Okay then”, said Farmer. “Roger, I want you to stay in here with Mike. Give him a hand if he needs help with anything. That all right with you Mike?”
  “Sure,” I said with a shrug. “That’d be fine.”
“All right!” said Farmer as he started putting his pig mask back on.
“Roger, go tell Larissa to bring Brittney and Lacey here. Let’s get this party started!”

   Roger headed out of the room. I felt sweat beginning to form on my forehead and my palms and my heart started to pound a little harder. For Pete’s sake, I thought. I feel like a high school kid about to get fucked for the first time. But, I had to admit, for me this was like a dream-come-true. Never before had I raped a girl, and then ended up getting another opportunity to rape her again.

  And I was going to be able to enjoy it even more this second time around! It wouldn’t have to be just wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am and then get the hell out of there before someone came along. This time I could do things slowly, enjoying every inch of her sweet, tight body. I could let her scream and cry and beg  as much as she wanted and noone, absolutely NOONE, would be there to help her! A feeling of supreme power began to sweep over me, like I had never felt before in my life.

   Then the door opened and Larissa entered, with the two girls behind her. She was leading them by their shackled wrists, both of them still blindfolded. Roger brought up the rear.
   Lacey was wearing the short denim skirt and pink and white top I had picked out for her. She was in her bare feet, I hadn’t cared if she was wearing shoes or not. Larissa had done Lacey’s hair back up in a cute ponytail.

  Brittany looked like a million bucks in her short white mini-dress and high heels. Her luscious tits were barely contained by the thin material and the plunging neckline showed off her cleavage beautifully. Her long blonde hair was combed straight and hung down over her back. I could see Larissa had put makeup on both of them, the bright red lipstick glistening in the light. They were both wearing some kind of delectable perfume, the scent filling the room as they walked in.

  As Larissa unfastened the chain attached to Lacey’s wrist shackles, she pulled her towards her and gave her a little kiss on the cheek.
  “Don’t worry baby-girl! “ she said. “After these monsters are done with you, you get to spend some time with Auntie Larissa.”

   Roger grabbed Lacey by the arm and pulled her over towards me. Then at a signal from Farmer, Larissa pulled off Brittany’s blindfold. Roger pulled off Lacey’s at the same time. It took their eyes a minute to adjust to the light. Then suddenly, Brittany jumped back a couple steps, recoiling in terror as she saw Farmer. Lacey did the same but Roger pulled her back hard against him by her arms.
  “Wh-who are you people?! Where the hell are we at?” whimpered Lacey.

   “Just what you said, dearie” rumbled Farmer. “As far as you’re concerned, you ARE in hell!”
   He walked towards Brittany. She tried to pull back, a look of horror etched across her face.
  “G-g-get away from me!” she screamed.

  Farmer grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him, mashing his body against hers, his hot sweaty face right next to hers.
  “That’s no way to talk to the man you’re giving your virginity to,” Farmer growled. “I think before you and I do ANYTHING, we’re gonna have to have a little talk. I will need to lay down a few ground rules. And YOU will need to obey them, especially if you want to continue to live or see your sister again!”
   “Okay,” Farmer said as he took hold of Brittany by the arm. He looked at me and Roger. “It looks like everybody’s set to go. Mike, Roger! Good luck with the luscious little Lacey there. Miss Brittany and I shall be retiring to my personal quarters. For some very private and intimate time together.”
  He turned towards the door, pulling Brittany along with him.

  Brittany looked over her shoulder at Lacey, her eyes brimming with tears. “I love you, Lacey! Be brave!”
  Roger wrapped a muscular arm around Lacey’s throat holding her back.

  “Shut the fuck up, slut!” he ordered. “You’ll see your sister again. Don’t worry!”
   Brittany and Farmer were almost out the door, Brittany crying and trying to pull away from him. Farmer suddenly let go of her arm and, without a word, gave Brittany a wicked backhand across the face. She flew backwards across the hallway, crashing into the opposite wall and falling to the floor, dazed. Farmer reached down, grabbing big handfuls of her blonde hair in both hands. He began dragging her down the hallway by her hair, Brittany kicking her long legs, her screams echoing down the hallway.

  Larissa began to leave the room, closing the door behind her. She looked back at me, with a stern glare. 
  “Have fun, you two. But make sure you don’t hurt her TOO much! I still wanna have fun with her too!”
I nodded my head and said, “Uh yes, yes, ma’am!”

  She continued the glare. “You call my mother ma’am! You call ME Larissa!” The door closed with a slam.
  Roger chuckled. “Hey man, you don’t wanna get on her bad side! She’ll fuckin’ rip you a new asshole!”
  “Farmer has already given me the heads-up about the lovely Larissa,” I said.

  “Yeah, well nobody did that for me,” said Roger drily. “I had to learn it the hard way.” He rubbed the nasty scar on the left side of his face.
  “Holy shit! She’s the one who did that? What happened?” I asked incredulously.
  “A long story,” answered Roger. “I’ll tell you later. Right now, let’s get down to some business!”
   I stepped around in front of Lacey as Roger held her by the arms.

  As I looked her up and down, she glared at me and spit. “Mike Houston, you are a piece of shit!” she screeched. “You will pay for this!”
   I wiped the spit from my cheek where it hit me and then grabbed her hard around the throat. Her eyes began to bulge as I squeezed, cutting off her air.
   “It looks to me like you’re the one who’s doing all the paying now, you fucking bitch! I told YOU to keep your cake-hole shut but you never did. You tried to get me in a world of shit. Back-fired on you, though, didn’t it, you lying little cow? NOW, you’re in a world of shit!”
  I let go of her throat and stepped back. “Let’s get her clothes off her, Roger.”

  I walked over to the small table with all the tools. I picked up a large butcher knife with about a 10 inch blade on it. The sharp edge of the blade gleamed in the light.
   I walked over to stand in front of Lacey again. I held the point of the blade just under her chin. She looked at me with a panicked look in her eyes.
   “Wh-wh-what are you going to do?” she stuttered. “Please don’t k-kill me!”

  “I ain’t gonna kill you….yet,” I said. “I have too many plans for you. Remember that night in the laundry room? Well, that was just the preliminaries. Ever since the first time I fucked you, I been thinking about how good it would be to do it again. Tonight, I’m going to find out. And Roger here is gonna find out what a sweet pussy you got too. We are gonna make you SCREAM!”

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Lacey gulped nervously, sweat beading on her face. “Please let m-m-me g-go!” she pleaded. “I won’t tell anyone. I PROMISE! Ju-ju-just l-let me and B-B-Brittany go!”
   “You talk too much, cunt!” growled Roger. He picked up the ball gag off the table and jammed it in her mouth, tying it off around the back of her head.
  “Rule #1 Mike,” Roger said impatiently. “The bitches only talk unless spoken to! I can’t stand listening to them whining. You gotta teach them right off the bat, only thing their mouths are made for is being cock receptacles! NOT for talking!”
  “Okay,” I said. “I’ll, uh, remember that.”

  “Now she’s quiet. Let’s get those clothes off her,” snapped Roger.
  I grabbed the front of her tank top and slid the knife blade down the middle as Roger held her. I was surprised at how sharp it was! The fabric separated like butter, exposing her bra and flat stomach. Hands shaking, I slipped the knife blade under her bra and gave it a little twist, the two halves of the bra, falling away, exposing her bare breasts. They were beautiful!

   Dragging the knife lightly across Lacey’s stomach, I slipped the knife behind the waistband of her skirt.  Her chest was heaving, her eyes wide with terror as she watched the knife move down her body, feeling the cool metal against her skin. I began to slice her skirt off. Soon she was standing there with just her pretty black panties on. I was rock-hard. Her body was so tight and firm and curvy.

  I set the knife down and began to run my hands down her sides. I cupped her ass cheeks in both hands and pulled her tight against me. She began to squirm and twist. Her body felt good against me.
   I buried my face in the side of her neck and took in a deep breath of her scent. Then I ran my tongue down across her chest and over her gorgeous perky tits, taking one of her nipples in my mouth and biting down on it. She jumped and squealed.

  I got down on my knees in front of her and began to slide her panties  down her slender thighs, exposing her shaved pussy. When I got them about halfway down her legs, I ripped them off. I pushed a hand between her smooth inner thighs and inserted two fingers into her. Oh yes! Soooo tight!

 I looked up at Roger and said, “I gotta fuck her now! And I mean like right now!”
  Roger smiled. “Of course, Mike! Whatever you want. You wanna fuck her now, then fuck her now!”
  “Over there,” I said, pointing towards the bed in the corner. Roger unlocked her wrist shackles. I grabbed her arms and dragged her towards the bed. She was twisting and kicking.

  “MMMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHH!”she tried to scream through the ball gag.
  I threw her on the bed on her back. I grabbed her by the throat and held her there, as I quickly unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down, my erect cock springing out of my underwear.

  Roger grabbed her arms, pinning them down above her head. I grabbed her thighs and yanked her legs wide apart. I dropped my weight down on her as I took my cock in my other hand and guided it up to her honeyhole. Still gripping her by the throat, I slammed my hard cock inside her in one savage thrust.
   Man, it felt GOOD! She was so tight and warm. Just like that night in the laundry room!

   I pulled back and slammed into her again, the whole bed shaking.  Lacey arched her back, kicking her legs frantically.
  “NNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!” she screamed in agony, throwing her head from side to side.
  “I wanna hear her scream!” I said to Roger between grunts.
  Roger untied the ball gag and let it fall out of her mouth. At the same time I grabbed her by the hips and drove my whole weight into her, lifting her ass right off the bed.


   As I continued to pound in and out of her, Roger leaned down and ran his tongue across her cheek.
  “You taste good, slut,” he whispered in her ear. Then he clamped his mouth down on hers, forcing his tongue between her lips.
   “Mmmmppppfffff!” she squealed.

  The pressure in my balls began to build, as the sensation of her tight cunt around my shaft became too much to bear. With one final thrust, my cock violently spasmed as I sprayed a deluge of cum into her. I pulled her hips hard against me and held her there as her vaginal muscles contracted around me. Roger pulled his tongue out of her mouth and a loud “NOOOOOOOOOO!” erupted from her.
   I pulled out of her, cum still dripping from the head of my dick. Roger looked up at me.
   “Right on, man! Way to go! Ya slammed the bitch hard!” he said, giving me a high-five. I was drenched in sweat as I got up off the bed.
   I nodded down at her and said, “Wanna have a go, Roger?”
  “Do I?!” You fuckin’ bet I do!” he excitedly replied.

   He began to pull down his pants. Now I’m not gay, but all of a sudden I could not pull my eyes away from Roger’s dick. The man was half-horse! He must have been at least 10 inches long and thick! Fuck, I’d never seen a cock so thick in my life. When I was in jail, I’d seen black guys in the shower and thought they were huge. Some of them didn’t have anything on what Roger had hanging between his legs!

  Roger saw me looking and and smiled. “It’s something, ain’t it? The girls sure love it! Not that they have much choice. Haha!”
  He climbed on the bed. Lacey seeing the muscular bald man and his huge member, screamed in horror. She tried to slide across the bed away from him. With one hand, he grabbed one of her ankles and with the other hand grabbed her long blonde ponytail. He flipped her roughly over onto her stomach.

   “Come here, you little princess!” he growled.
  “NOOOO! NOOOO! NOOOO!” she pleaded, panic-stricken.
   Roger laughed as he gripped her by both hips and began to force the thick head of his cock between her pussy lips. He pulled her back against him, impaling her with his huge dick. She threw her head back, her eyes rolling up towards the ceiling.
  She shrieked like a wounded animal.

 “Fuck, you are tight, babe!” Roger grunted breathlessly. He looked down to see her cunt wrapped tightly around his thick blood-streaked shaft.
  “All right, I’m making her fuckin’ bleed!“ he said proudly.

   I got back on the bed in front of her. Watching Roger pound into her like a battering ram had got my cock hard again. She was just opening her mouth to scream.  “AAAAIIIIIEEE-MMMMMPPPHHH!” It was cut short by my cock being shoved between her lips.
  Grabbing her by both sides of her head I forced my cock into her mouth. She began to gag as I pushed it in until it hit the back of her throat. Her warm, moist mouth felt exquisite on my cock.

   “Start sucking, bitch!” I yelled. I grabbed her ponytail and used it as a handle as I began moving her head back and forth. Her eyes bulged out and her face turned red as she fought for air!
 Roger continued his relentless pounding of her cunt. His huge shaft slid effortlessy in and out of her as he held her tightly by the hips. I could hear his balls slapping against the back of her thighs with each thrust. Every time he plowed into her, her head would drive forward, and her mouth would tighten around me. It was GREAT!

  Roger looked at me, sweat running down his face.
  “You almost ready,dude?”
  I nodded yes.
  “Okay, at the count of 3,” he said. “One….two….THREE!”

  I slammed my cock to the back of her throat and let another load go, a flood of cum shooting down her throat. At the same time, Roger lifted her legs right up off the bed, holding her by the hips. I saw his whole body go rigid as he drove his monster cock into her up to the hilt. He let out a beast-like howl as his balls emptied into her, stream after stream of hot jizz.

  “Uuuuuuunnnnggggghhhhh! Uuuuuuunnngggghh!” She was making gagging sounds as I held my cock in her mouth, forcing Lacey to swallow my cum.
  “You swallow ALL that cum, slut!” ordered Roger. “If you allow even ONE drop to fall out of your mouth, you will fucking get it!”
  “Too late”, I said. “Look at this!”
  I pulled back, letting my cock slip out of her mouth. Roger looked over her shoulder and saw the small puddle of cum that had oozed out of her mouth and dripped onto the bed sheet. He backhanded her across the back of her head, knocking her down onto the bed.
“AAAAHHHHHH!” she yelped in pain.

 He slid his cock out of her. It made a loud slurping sound. Her inner thighs were smeared with a mixture of blood and cum.

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Mmm... this chapter got me a little hot and bothered!

Lacey certainly got the business! What ever will happen to poor.. Britney? :)


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Mmm... this chapter got me a little hot and bothered!

Lacey certainly got the business! What ever will happen to poor.. Britney? :)

Ohhhh you'll see my dear!

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 The Breaking Of Brittany
   Farmer strode down the hallway, dragging the blonde woman behind him by her hair. Her hysterical screams echoed off the walls. Brittany’s long legs kicked out behind her, causing one of the heels on her shoes to break off. It felt like Farmer was going to literally rip her scalp off.

 “PLEASSSSE! LET ME GOOOOOO!” Brittany squealed in terror.

  They rounded a corner and stopped in front of the door to Farmer’s office. He turned around and grabbing her by an arm, hoisted her to her feet. Still not saying anything, he opened the door and pulled her into his office. He dragged her across the room and through another door.

  As he slammed it behind them, Brittany looked around. It was a room similar to the RT room they had just left. But this one was about twice the size and had a large circular king-size bed in the center of the floor.
  Farmer whipped around and pulled her close to him. He clamped his mouth down on hers, sliding his fat tongue between her lips. He gripped her ass and lifted her feet off the floor, grinding his crotch against her.

  “MMMPPPPHHH! MMMMPPPHHHH!” she tried to scream.

  Farmer pulled Brittany over to where a set of leather cuffs hung suspended from the ceiling by a thick chain. Farmer pulled her arms above her head and strapped the leather cuffs around her wrists. She stood now, her arms above her head, her feet just touching the floor.

   He walked around behind her. Brittany tensed her body as she felt his large gut press against her. His hands came around to the front of her and slid up her thighs. He slowly pushed the white mini-dress up around her waist. Farmer’s rough meaty hands slid up and down along her silky thighs.
  He placed his mouth next to her left ear. She felt his hot breath on the side of her neck.
   “Oh Brittany, my little fuck-sow!” he whispered. “It will feel soooo good. Just think about it. My cock driving into your tight cunt. Invading you, ripping you apart, spreading you wide, filling you with hot cum! Mmmmmmm! It will be exquisite.”

  Brittany clenched her eyes shut, trying to drive the foul man’s voice out of her head. Her stomach roiled with terror.  “It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed the pleasures of a pure woman. To have one as beautiful and mature as yourself, well, I am truly blessed! And to explore the other pleasures of your body, like your sweet, soft mouth. I wonder how far you’ll be able to take me in your throat?”

  Brittany’s whole body trembled as she listened to the horrific ramblings of Farmer.
  “I’ve died!” she thought to herself. “Surely, I have died and went to hell!”

   His hands moved under the dress and pushed down into the lace panties Larissa had dressed her in. He kicked her legs wide apart. Wrapping his fingers around the waistband, he ripped the panties from her body. Farmer lifted them to his nose and inhaled deeply.

  “Ahhhhh, I smell your fear!” he sighed. “I love the smell of fear. A woman’s fear is the greatest aphrodisiac of all. Fear will make you do things you would never do in a rational state of mind. I can use that fear to enslave you!”
  Brittany felt two of Farmer’s fingers trace along the outer lips of her pussy. He forced them inside her, causing her to gasp in pain.

  “Ahhhhhh,” he moaned in her ear. “Tightness! Sweet tightness!”
  He pulled his fingers out of her and placed them against her lips.
  “Suck your taste off my fingers,” he said. “I want you to taste your fear!”

  Brittany hesitantly opened her mouth and allowed Farmer to push his fingers into her mouth. She ran her tongue along his fingers. The taste of his sweaty fingers and her own muskiness made her feel like retching. Then he pulled them out of her mouth.
  Farmer backed away from her and walked over to a small rack holding an assortment of whips. He selected a short riding crop. Coming up behind her again, he suddenly struck her across the backs of her thighs with the crop.
 “AIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!” Brittany shrieked.

 “You will now pledge your allegiance to your master!” Farmer barked out. “Repeat after me! ‘I, bitch, am a piece of useless meat!’”
  “I, bitch, am-am a-a useless p-piece of meat!” Brittany called out.
 Farmer struck her across the thighs again, laughing as Brittany’s long legs jumped.

  “I am on this world to serve the grand master! That master is the cock! My vagina is a slave to the grand master!”
  Brittany once again repeated word for word. Farmer slashed her legs again with the riding crop, smiling evilly as he saw the red welts forming. Brittany’s body jumped and danced as she felt the crop rip across the soft flesh of her legs.
  “I offer my chastity to the grand master, that he may make me his humble slave!”

 Hesitantly, Brittany repeated after Farmer, “I offer my-my ch-chastity to the grand…..master, th-that he may make me……..his hum-humble slave!”
  “Too slow, bitch!” Farmer yelled. He struck her twice this time, both across her buttocks.
   Brittany arched her back in agony and screamed.

 “THE COCK IS MY MASTER!” bellowed Farmer. “SAY IT!”

  “TH-THE COCK IS MY M-M-MASTER!” yelled out Brittany as loud as she could muster, desperately hoping Farmer would cease the brutal punishment.

   He gave her another hard whack across the legs, eliciting another squeal of pain from Brittany. Then he stopped. Farmer dropped the riding crop and walked over to a refrigerator in a corner by the door. He took out two plastic bottles of water.
   Drinking from one, he put the other bottle up to Brittany’s lips.

   “You had better have something to drink,“ he said quietly. “We’ll be here a while.”

  Brittany drank deeply from the bottle as Farmer tipped it up. Then he took it away. He walked over to a table and picked up what appeared to be a small remote. As he pressed a button on the remote, an electric winch attached to the ceiling hummed to life. The chain attached to the cuffs around Brittany’s wrists unwound from the winch.
  The winch continued to lower until Brittany was on her knees.

   Farmer walked towards her. She could see her face was right at the level of his crotch.
  “OH GOD! OH GOD! WHAT ARE YOU GOING T-TO DO?” she cried out.

   He undid the straps on his coveralls, letting them fall down to his ankles. He stepped out of the coveralls and kicked them off into a corner. He removed his boots and socks. He now stood before her completely naked. Brittany recoiled at the sight of the obese man, his large sweaty hair-covered gut hanging down in front of him.

  A massive erection jutted out from underneath the folds of fat. It was close to ten and a half inches long and nearly as thick around as a beer can. Thick purple veins entwined themselves along the shaft and the large bulbous head was a dark red colour. The shaft had a slight upward curve. Brittany had not seen many penises in her life but this, without a doubt was the most grotesque one she had ever seen.

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