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Brynn made a double check to make sure she wasn’t going to forget anything.  She felt arms slide around her waist and leaned back, melting into her husband’s chest.
   “Got everything?” He purred into her ear.  She nodded gently and sighed.
   “Yeah, I can’t think of anything else I’m gonna need,” she responded.  She turned into his embrace as he bent down find her lips.  Brynn was flying out to Mexico.  Her friend Wendy, had married a Mexican personal trainer a few years ago and two days from now, was  their fifth anniversary.  Brynn had known Wendy for years. They’d been friends since College.  Wendy’s husband, Alphonso Cortez, had hit it off with his wife’s friends, including, Brynn.  Brynn was going to enjoy a short week long, vacation in Mexico.  Her husband, unfortunately, had just gotten a promotion.  The unfortunate part, was, along with more money, because of his responsibility at work, he couldn’t go with her right now.  They decided their three daughters would stay here with their dad, so Brynn could have some away time, besides, the oldest daughter was starting second grade and her middle was starting kindergarten.  Her husband, Jordan, Jordy to his friends, took one of his wife’s suitcases and head toward the car.  Brynn slung her computer bag over her shoulder and her carry on.  He shoved her suitcase into the back seat and stepped back into the house, where she was getting her shoes on.  He carried her carry on, out to the car, her following with her computer bag.  Her father in law was laying on the couch downstairs.  He came up to see her off.
   “Bye Brynn.  Have a safe flight and a wonderful trip,” he said embracing her.
   “Thanks,” she said, returning the embrace.
   “Take a lot of pictures,” he said.  Brynn laughed, that laugh that her husband found irresistibly cute.
   “Okay, I will.” She turned and bounced upstairs where her husband was waiting.  She grabbed his right with her left and pulled him into another kiss, which he happily obliged.
   “We better get going or I’m gonna miss my flight,” She said.  After another quick kiss, they headed out into the cold pre dawn Canadian morning.  Jordan and Brynn lived about a 35 minute drive from the airport.  The drive was quick as there was little traffic at 5:30.  Jordy knew he would hit traffic coming home.  They chatted as couples in love that were going to be separated for a week, tend to do.  They arrived at the airport.  Jordy went as far as he could.  When she arrived at security, they shared a long, passionate kiss, giving a promise of what was waiting when she returned.  Jordy waited until she was out of sight.  His dad would get the kids up and to school, so he called him as he was leaving the airport.  Brynn, meanwhile sat in a hard, uncomfortable plastic chair, near an outlet, so her laptop was plugged in and she was tapping away.  She had a long wait, and they boarded late.  When they achieved cruising altitude, she retrieved her laptop and sent Wendy an email saying she would be late.  It was a five and a half hour flight, so lunch was eventually served.  Brynn was glad, as her stomach had been growling for almost an hour, after which, she dozed off.

Brynn woke up as the plane started to drop, breaking the clouds.  She closed her laptop and organized her stuff.  Final approach always made her feel queasy, as the plane would drop, but she was finally back on solid ground.  She pulled her thick dark hair into a messy ponytail.  As they disembarked, the heat hit them.  It was like walking into a sauna.  After retrieving her luggage, passing through customs, she found a pay phone bank.  Fumbling through her computer bag, she found Wendy’s number.
   “You must have made time in the air.  The shuttle left a few minutes ago.  It’s going to be an hour before the next one.” Brynn sighed.
   “Okay, I’ll have to wait,” Brynn said.  She didn’t have any choice but to.  The shuttle was the safest way to the resort with a deadly war between two rival cartel having erupted, with civilians being caught in the middle.  Brynn made her way to a restaurant in the airport.  She sat at the bar sipping a coffee.  She’d left the house without one this morning.  A tall handsome man approached her, taking in her curves, her pretty, gentle face, her long legs, showing off in her shorts.  He sat down next to her, ordering a black coffee, and turned to Brynn.
   “Hey there,” he said, “Welcome to Mexico.” Brynn smiled.
   “Thank you,” she said a little shyly .  She tended to be a little shy, but her husband was outgoing so she was nowhere near where she’d been years ago, but still struggled with it.  This man just walked into a conversation.
   “Hector,” he said, extending his hand.
   “Brynn,” she said, taking his hand.
   “Pretty name, for a pretty girl,”  he said.  Brynn smiled and blushed. She held up her left hand, the sun, catching the gold band encircling her finger.
   “I’m married,” she said, sensing what his motives were.  The man scanned the crowded room.
   “He here?” Brynn didn’t much like the direction this conversation was going.
   “No, he’s not,” Brynn said, her discomfort growing by the second.
   “Then he’ll never know,” The man said.  Brynn couldn’t stand it anymore.  She slapped him and stalked away.  A small group of women moved towards Brynn and started acting as if they were her friends.  They had seen the exchange and sympathized.  He wouldn’t want to approach an entire group of friends.  Finally the shuttle arrived and Brynn was relieved that Wendy was on board.  The man from the bar smiled and snatched his cellphone. 

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Brynn settled into the seat next to Wendy with a tired smile.  The dark eyed, dark haired beauty was tired but excited to be back in Mexico, with her friends.
   “You didn’t have to come.  I could’ve taken the shuttle back myself,” Brynn said.
   “Yeah, I know.  I just couldn’t wait to see you.  Too bad, Jordy couldn’t make it,” Wendy said.
   “Yeah, he couldn’t get the time off.” Their chat turned to more mundane things, and catching up with each other’s new, and lives.  The shuttle slowed and came to a stop.  There was a police road block.  An officer approached the door and the driver opened the door door.  Without warning, he drew his gun, fatally injuring him.  Chaos ensued.  An armed guard drew his weapon but was shot in the back by a second guard.
   “Everyone off the bus,” the shooter shouted over the noise, “Quietly.” The exit was far from quiet, but was quieter.  As everyone exited the bus, a hood was placed over their heads, their wrists, tied.  Brynn winced as her bare knees hit the hard ground.
   “Ladies and gentlemen, you are prisoners of the Santos cartel.  Welcome to Mexico,”a voice from the darkness beyond the hood said.  Brynn heard several people being pulled to their feet, before she was as well.  She flinched when gunfire erupted.  There were screams as the shooting continued.  Then, there was silence.  There was a bit of shouting and laughing.  Someone grabbed her perky breast and she recoiled.  There was more laughter and she felt herself getting lifted and hoisted over a shoulder.  A hand was placed on her ass.  She was carried a few feet, before being dumped onto something hard.  She slid a little bit when it began moving.  It took a few minutes for her to figure out, she was in the bed of a pick up.  The terrain was covered with potholes and bumps, so by the time they stopped and pulled her out, her torso and abs were sore.  Two men took her by her upper arm, one placed his hand in the ‘V’ where her bound wrists met.  She was taken through a door.  It was cooler, as it was covered, out of the hot, Mexican sun.  When she was outside she could see shadows and images through the hood over her head, but now, she was blind.  She stopped and a hand next to her knocked at a door.  She heard a Spanish word from the other side of the door.  It must have been “come” or “enter”, because the door was opened and she was dragged through it.  She heard the door close behind her.  She was seated in a hard wooden chair.  Her wrists were unbound but yanked behind the back of her chair, and tied there.  A rope was wrapped around her knees anchoring them in place, and one under her breasts, securing her to the chair.  She winced as her hood was removed.  She sat in front of a large Mexican behind a large mahogany desk.  He put down his pen and looked at her.
   “What’s your name girl?” He asked.  Brynn was too terrified to answer.  The guard on her right, slapped her face.
   “Hector, be gentle.  Can’t you see she’s terrified?” The man said.  The man, evidently called Hector, snorted.
   “B-B-Brynn,” she stammered.  This wasn’t happening, it was a nightmare.  She’d wake up, next to  Jordy any minute now.
   “Brynn, that’s Welsh yes?” Brynn nodded
   “I-I think so,”she responded.
   “You’re married I see.  Do you have any kids?”  He asked.  Despite the situation she found herself in, she snapped.
   “That’s none of your business.”
   “I would advise you to hold your tongue,” he said, “These questions will help us determine your future,” Brynn wondered what he meant, fearing the answer.

Everything hurt.  Brynn had been stripped naked and blindfolded, before being taken to another room.  It was cool, making her pert little breasts stand up hard which, she suspected, was the point.  Her wrists were pulled behind her back.  A latex bondage sleeve from her wrists to her elbows kept her arms secured.  She also had big gloves on which would keep her from picking at her bindings.  She was wearing a harness of sorts that strapped over the top of her head and around the sides all of which met just below her nose.  A small clip clipped her harness to the cold cement floor.  The posture she was in, was painful a huge strain on her back, shoulder, and neck.  She was kept in the dark, cold, silent room, in the painful position for 36 hours.  She was kneeling in a small puddle of her own urine when they came for her.   They took away the harness, blindfold, gag, and bondage sleeve, and she was taken to a restroom with shower.
   “Baby, you smell like shit,” her ‘escort’ said with a laugh.  Brynn was allowed to use the restroom and take a shower.  She spent fifteen minutes or so, sitting in the bottom crying.  She was committed to her husband and kids, and she was being abused and treated like a piece of meat.  She stood up, still sobbing, and cleaned and washed her hair.  Finally, she washed her face, turned off the water. Some folded clothes were on the counter, she wrapped one of the fluffy towels around her body, and one around her hair, as she investigated the clothes.  She’d been given a white tank top and matching panties to wear.  She was thankful for the clothes. They took her to a room with a table.  The table was laden with fruits and cereals and meats.  Her stomach growled.  She hadn’t eaten in almost two days, since the plane.  The man she’d seen behind the desk the day before, was sitting opposite her.  He beckoned at the seat in front of her.
   “I would imagine that you’re hungry?” He asked as if a question.   Brynn was a little confused, sure this was a trick, the food was poisoned.
   “The food is good, it’s safe.”  Brynn eyed him suspiciously, “If I wanted you dead, I’d’ve executed you with everyone else on the shuttle.   Because your friend, Wendy, was so forthcoming about you, she was given a quick, painless death.”  Brynn’s knees buckled and wailed.  She was a prisoner of a sadistic, savage cartel and now her friend was murdered.  She was gently lifted and helped into the chair.
   “You’ll feel better when you eat something.”  He said.  In spite of herself, she ate.  Did feel better after she’d eaten.  When she was finished, her wrists were shackled behind her, and she was led across the facility to what appeared to be a machine shop.  Behind it was another shop.  It was actually a blacksmith.
   “For horse shoes and the like.” She was told.  The blacksmith, a pretty Mexican woman, put a measuring tape around her neck.
   “Bring her back tomorrow,” she said.  The man nodded.  He took Brynn back to the main house and up four flights of stairs into a small room with a small table and a door past it.  Brynn shook as she saw who was sitting across the table
   “Hey baby, ready for that fuck?”  The man from the airport bar said.

Brynn  wept, and the man grunted as he shot his load deep into her.  She’d been a virgin, when she got married.  She had little trouble getting a boyfriend, as she was always a beautiful girl, growing into a beautiful woman.  The man who was riding her wasn’t gentle.  In fact he had specifically stated, he would try to hurt her.  He’d succeeded.  He was kneeling, his knees straddling her stomach.  A cruel smile crossed his lips.
   “SMACK!” Brynn cried out and her left cheek, radiated pain.
   “That was payback,” he said.  Then slapped her again, “ that was just fun,” he said, before slapping her again.  He just kept hitting her.  Brynn only knew pain as her head snapped from side to side at the repeated strikes.  Finally he stopped and crawled up until he was dangling inches from her lips.
   “You know what to do.  If I feel a single tooth,I’ll remove each and every one, with pliers, if you don’t do a good job. I’ll remove every single one with pliers,” he said.  Jordy wasn’t into blowjobs and the idea of it, turned her stomach.  Of course, now there was one in her pretty mouth.
   “You want your teeth removed, fine,” he said.  Brynn instantly started to kiss, lick and suck, not having a sweet clue, what she was doing.  Brynn gagged at her first taste of semen.  He seemed to be enjoying himself.  Finally, he pulled out, and grabbed his jeans.  When he was dressed, he looked down at her and, with a cruel smile, spat in her face.  He left her anchored to the bed by her wrists.  Presently, she was released.  She was forced into a room with a bed and nothing else.  The room had one window, covered with chicken wire.  The door closed and she heard a click.  She tried the door anyway, but her suspicions were confirmed S the knob turned but the door didn’t budge.  Brynn collapsed on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

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Brynn woke to a hard slap and a groan.  There were two men, she’d never seen.  One was a fat, little, greasy, balding  man, who reminded her of a pig.  The other man was taller, but still short.  Brynn thought he was good looking.  She would never cheat on her husband, but, on another life.  The “pig man” grabbed her thick, lustrous dark hair and lifted her head off the pillow with his left.  He slid a a leather collar around her neck, cinching it like a belt, locking it behind her neck with a padlock. 
   “Tomorrow, you’ll get your permanent one,” he muttered.   
There was a steel loop on the front of the collar.  Her wrists were bound behind her back with a zip tie, and a leash was attached to the steel loop.  She was taken through the facility like a dog on a leash.  She was led into a large room.  As with earlier, she was in a room with a table laden with food.  However, she was led to a room with about twenty five men and eight women.  She looked around the room at the assembly.  The only person that she recognized, was the man from the airport bar. 
   “We’re going to play a little game.  The rules are simple.  You gotta’ get everyone in this room off before you eat.  If you spill any, you don’t eat, if you fail, you don’t eat, if you pass out, you don’t eat.”  Brynn had only given a blow job for the first time earlier, now she had to give twenty five, men one.  How could this get any worse.  Then it got worse, one of the women, Rosie, stepped forward. 
   “All of us want you to eat us out.  Same rules, as appropriate.” Brynn stood there for a moment.  The woman who’d just spoken, stepped in and slapped her.  She grabbed a handful of Brynn’s hair and yanked her head back.  She put her lips next to Brynn’s ear.
   “I hate you.  You think your too good for us.  You think that your husband and kids deserve you.  You’re not going home, you’re a little slut, and it’s time for you to accept it, because wether you do or not, that’s how your going to get used, for the rest of your life.  Maybe I can convince them to sell you to me. I’ll torture you for a week, then skin you alive.” She harshly shoved Brynn towards the group.  One of the men, grabbed her hair and pushed her onto her knees.  Brynn kept her mouth shut.  He just grabbed her exposed right nipple, crushed and pinched.  She screamed in pain, giving him easy After access to her mouth.  Desperately, Brynn sucked as she took her tongue and teased the end of his pole.  He swatted her face.  He wanted to give her a stinging slap across her face, but not while in her mouth. 
   “Eyes up here.  Always look up at your Master’s eyes while he’s in your mouth,” he said.  He smiled at the sight.  A beautiful woman, on her knees, crying eyes on his uncaring, brutally fucking her face.  He pinched her nose between his index finger and middle finger, placing his thumb on the tip of her nose.  Brynn struggled to breathe, his girth allowed very little room to suck air.  Darkness began to descend over Brynn’s eyes.  Fortunately, for Brynn, the sight of her down on her knees, was too much for him, she got a mouth full, instinctively, she swallowed but the stream was still running.  She gulped it down.  While she was still swallowing, another cock replaced the first one.  Her cum laden tongue found his cock. 
   “Bitch,” he snarled, “don’t lick my cock with someone else’s cum.” She took her tongue off. He immediately shot her load deep into her mouth.  She gagged, coughing up a large mouthful. 
   “Guess the bitch isn’t hungry,” he said to the laughter of the crowd. 

Everyone had been treated to Brynn’s mouth…twice.  She didn’t know her tongue could hurt that much.  She’d collapsed into a puddle of cum and spit.  One of the girls, couldn’t have been older than twenty one, had dragged her to a small room with several shower heads, where she was hosed down.  She’d been dumped onto the cold tile floor, not moving until the water was almost cold.  She was given a small towel.  She was delivered to a large room, overlooking the Gulf and off to the North, towards home, her husband, who must be sick with worry.  There was a full, private en suite, shower stall, bathtub, both had body wash, so, shampoo.  There was also a toilet and double sink.  The sun was low in the west making the water appear like blood.  Brynn sat in front of the window, staring North.  She heard the door behind her open.  She turned expecting to be grabbed and dragged away to be abused, humiliated, or raped, or, possibly, all three.  She didn’t expect to see another woman, in her twenties.  She was an Asian beauty, the simple white panties and bikini top, contrasted beautifully against her dark caramel coloured skin.  She gave Brynn a shy, timid smile and placed the plastic shopping bag down on the bed.  She gave a small nod and left the room.  There was a note pinned to the bag. 
   “Have a shower, brush your teeth, come your hair, put this on.” Brynn pulled out what she was asked…told to wear.  It was a little black dress.  She didn’t know what their game was this time.  Everything they’d done to her so far was humiliating, rape or abuse.  The only reason they would give her clothes would be to torment her, in some way.  Nevertheless, she took the shower, found a comb and brush for her naturally thick, curly dark hair.  She went back to the room.  She discovered, they hadn’t provided her with underwear, neither bra nor panties.  She dressed and waited for further instructions.  She didn’t have to wait long.  The door was opened and the tall handsome man from earlier was standing.  Without a word, using a zip tie, he tied her wrists.  He also produced a classic chain handcuffs and slipped one bracelet onto her left wrist, but didn’t link it to her right.  As he slipped his arm through hers, as if this was some kinky date night between two lovers, he looked her up and down. 
   “I must say, you are a beautiful woman,” he said.  Brynn forced herself to smile. 
   “Thank you,” she said, accepting the compliment. 

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 The man led a bound Brynn to an elevator and they descended a long way down.  They disembarked and took her across a small courtyard to a gym.  They took her to a small, private room.  It was almost perfectly octagonal.  There were panels most of which were one way glass on the inside.  In the middle of the room, was an iron pole from floor to ceiling.   Her ‘escort ‘ pulled her over to the pole, attached the handcuff dangling from her left wrist.  He then produced a knife, cutting her dress away.  One slash under each shoulder strap and it fell around her feet.  He took it away and left the room for a few minutes.  He came back, with a pair of black pumps.    Brynn stood in front of the pole she was shackled to.  She had no illusions about what was expected of her.  She’d never been naked in front of anyone else, besides her husband.  There was a whirring sound coming from behind on of the windows and a red light over one mirror came on.  She didn’t know how to pole dance, but she knew that was what she needed to do.
   “What are you waiting for you miserable cunt?  Dance bitch,” a voice said.  It was a very mechanical voice like a computer speech program.  Brynn took a deep breath and pulled herself around it, so it was between her and the open window, though, because of the one way glass, she couldn’t see who it was.  She stared into the mirror, licked her lips seductively and, hating herself, danced as seductively and sexually as she could.  She’d never worn heels, before, even her wedding, so she was unsteady, feeling as though she could trip at any point.  Her movements were anything but graceful and her feet were sore, the pressure from the heels on her calves, and upper thighs all the way up her back.  She also didn’t know what to do, her dance was making sure her assets were on display, that her, ass, and breasts were accentuated.  Every so often, she’d give a sultry smile or lick of her lips.  She was thankful that there was only one patron.  Brynn had no idea how long she’d been dancing.  It felt like hours, and she wouldn’t have been surprised if it were.  There was a soft ding, and the whirring sound as the red light went off.  Brynn sagged she collapsed on her hands and knees, to relieve the pain in her legs and back.  She looked up in horror, as there was the whirring sound, and the red light came back on.
   “Again bitch,” the same electronic voice said.  Brynn pushed herself to her feet and began grooving and grinding the pole.

Brynn slumped to the floor in exhaustion.  The cruel patron had demanded three dances.   Her feet were sore from the shoes, her calves and back were sore from the heels.  She’d often wondered how some women could avoid breaking their necks in those things.  Right now though, Brynn wanted to crawl into bed and not get out until the end of the world.  She wanted to hug her kids, feel safe in the embrace of her husband.  The door opened and she turned her head to see the patron.  It was the man from the airport bar again.  He sauntered over to her.  He gave her a hard kick to her side.  She groaned, rolling over onto her stomach. He kicked off his sandals placed his left foot in front of Brynn’s face.  Brynn, submissively kissed his feed, gently, pressing her lips to his foot, placing kisses up and down his foot.  For his part, he enjoyed the beautiful woman kissing his foot.
   “Lick between the toes, too bitch,” he said.  Brynn gagged but continued licking and sucking between his toes.  When she finished with the last toe she was told to do the same on the other foot.  She licked between every toe on his right foot, then planted kisses all, over his entire foot.   Brynn hoped he was done.  He sat down next to her and lifted his foot. Presenting her with the sole of first one foot, then the other.  Brynn dutifully kissed, and licked his feet.  He rose, placing his left foot on the small of her back so she couldn’t get up.  He smiled.
   “Look up here,”he barked.  When Brynn looked up, she got hit with a big spit, “My spit on your pretty face is a good look for you.  We will have to use it often.” He left without another word.  Brynn broke down, crying.

Brynn grunted and wept as the two cocks hammered into and out of her in tandem.  She was on her knees, her wrists bound to her collar, so her elbows were supporting her weight.  This position put her face below her rapists cock.  Rather than sit or make It easy for her, her grabbed a handful of her hair, tangling his hand in it.  He used her hair as leverage pulling her head forward and back, on and off his head, putting incredible strain on her neck.  The one behind her had had by the hips pulling her on and for him, rocking back and forth on her knees.  The rocking back and forth on her knees was also painful.  Unless she was in her room, she was being abused, humiliated, or raped, often more than one at any given time.  She was here for pain and suffering.  She didn’t know how long she’d been here.  The thirty six hours, in the dark room when she’d arrived had already screwed up her sense of timing.  Was it morning yet?  She knew it was evening when she’d been up in her room.  She’d been taken to the pole dance, and then back here for the tortures she was now enduring.  She’d lost everything.  Her old life in Canada, her family, she’d been raped in all her holes, including the one that was reserved for her husband exclusively.  She’d been collared with a leather collar, that was to be replaced with a steel one.  Her whole life was now a eternity of suffering simply because these people could make it so.  Brynn was almost relieved when she felt her anal rapist release a stream of baby batter into her innards.  Her pulled out and Brynn heaved a sigh of relief.  Finally, mercifully, the guy on her mouth came.  She was taken to her room for the night.  Sleep overtook her quickly
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Brynn had always slept well.  Once she was asleep, she could sleep through most anything.  When she had their kids, she discovered, that a train blaring through their bedroom wouldn’t wake her, but the smallest whimper from the kids would send her racing into the adjacent bedroom to make sure all was well.  Now that she was a prisoner, any sound would wake her.  All the new sounds and the constant fear and pain woke her, so when she woke up the next morning, she was surprised as last night’s sleep was the best she’d had since being taken and plunged into this hell.  The aches and pain had subsided a little as well but moving too much, hurt.  She was famished.  She’d eaten once since her ordeal began.  She’d never been big, she stayed active, playing soccer, riding her bike, hiking in the summer, hitting the gym often in the cold, Canadian winters.  But she felt as though, she’d lost weight.  She wasn’t surprised. The tortures she’d received virtually non-stop had played a part in that too.  Sighing, she decided to take a shower.  She knew, they would come for her, eventually.  She had a date with the blacksmith.  When she exited the shower, her bed had been made, and a bag was placed on it, with instructions.  At the bottom of the bag was another toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste, and a small bottle of mouth wash.  Did they have plans for her mouth, or did they just want her to have fresh breath.  She figured that after kissing feet and having a cock shoved into her mouth, they wanted her mouth clean.  She was glad for it.  The nasty taste in her mouth was gone, replaced with a minty fresh one.  The clothes, she was given to wear were picked out to accentuate her form.  A denim mini skirt, tight black -shirt and a thong instead of panties and no bra. A pair of black strapped sandals completed the ensemble.  A  pair of handcuffs were in the bag as well.  She nervously fingered them.  The door was opened and the same man came in, taking the cuffs from her.  He stated for a moment.  Brynn was always told by her father, husband and friends, that she was beautiful, her positive self image, mocked her now.  Her beauty was being used against her.
“Put your hands behind you,” he ordered.  She did so, and a few moments later, her wrists were shackled behind her back.  He attached a leash to her collar, before taking  her to the elevator again.  The man who seemed to be in charge, who’d taken her to the blacksmith the day before was waiting for them.  Brynn was handed over and she was taken to the blacksmith.  Her leather collar was removed and the blacksmith removed a steel collar.  It went around Brynn’s neck.
“This is permanent.  You’ll never take it off.”  She whimpered as he closed it around her neck and locked it with a padlock.  As the padlock clicked closed, it sounded, to Brynn, as though a prison door slammed shut, or the gates of Hell had closed.
“Now, I imagine you’re hungry?”  Brynn nodded.  Other than a bellyful of cum, she’d not eaten since the breakfast yesterday.  He took her leash and led her to the main house and into the room where the food was, again, plied on the table.  A few people were sitting at the table enjoying the food.  Brynn noted under the table were a few slaves, their mouths encasing the man’s cock.  She wondered if that was the ‘food’ she’d be eating.  She was led through the room and into the kitchen, where there was an industrial size oven and stove top.  A tall, narrow, stainless steel pot, with matching lid sat on the stove.  Brynn could tell the contents inside were bubbling.  Using oven mitts, he removed the lid and, using a ladle, he stirred the mysterious contents.  He removed the mitts, grabbed Brynn’s face in a vice like grip and planted a hard kiss on her lips.  He broke the kiss, staring into Brynn’s beautiful eyes.
“On your knees, bitch,”he said, even as his hand lingered on her cheek.  Brynn submissively sank to her knees. He retrieved a bowl from a large cupboard.    He ladled it into the bowl.  Brynn was so ravenous, she could’ve eaten a horse, but the smell was foul.  He placed the bowl on the floor, knelt in front of it and peed into it.  He pushed it in front of Brynn.  The smell was revolting.  She looked up at him, misery written all over her pretty face.  He grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved her face down stopping just over the bowl.
“You don’t have to eat it, but you won’t get anything else until tomorrow,” he said.  Brynn might have smiled at the same thing she told her kids when they didn’t want to eat what she and Jordy put on their plates.  With tears running down her face, she buried her face into the disgusting admixture.   She fought the urge to vomit.  The smell itself was nauseating.  She swallowed her vomit and started to slurp and lap at the contents, of which she could only guess at, but didn’t want to think about.  The filth clung to her face, the smell less than an inch from her nose.  Suddenly she grunted, partly in shock, partly in pain.  He had grabbed her ass cheeks and, without any regard for her comfort or concern, he drove himself right inside her, and started hammering.
“When I’m done, you’re done,” he growled.  Brynn whimpered and cried as she was brutally fucked from behind.  She’d been an anal virgin when she’d been taken, now she’d lost count of how many times she’d been taken from behind.  Her humiliation got worse as he began swatting her ass.  The closer he got to his orgasm, the harder and more frequent, the blows that landed.  Finally he came.  Brynn’s face was pulled away from the bowl.  He unlocked her hands and made her crawl on all fours.  Brynn was taken to her room for a bathroom break, shower and to brush her teeth.  She was taken to the garage and loaded into the back of a Hummer.  There were three men in the Hummer, besides the driver.  A security guard riding shotgun, a guard in the back and the apparent head of this particular cartel.  The Hummer drove for nearly an hour.  Finally it came to a stop in the middle of the desert.  What where they going to do to her.  Surely they wouldn’t have her brush her teeth and shower, if they were just going to drive her out to the desert and kill her.  Any alternative her mind could come up with, were worse.  Still they seemed to be waiting for someone, or something.

September 24, 2018, 10:52:30 PM
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I love this archon! One of your best!

September 25, 2018, 04:48:02 PM
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Im trying to wait patiently for the next part, but its not easy.

October 01, 2018, 05:15:11 PM
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Offline archon

It felt like hours before a car pulled up in front of the Hummer that Brynn was in.  As soon as the car was in view, Brynn was blindfolded.  There were in fact, three vehicles.  A limousine, and two pickups.  Four men exited the rear of each pickup, and three men exited the Limousine.  One of the men was clearly in charge.  He was well dressed in a perfectly tailored, dark  suit, despite the desert heat.  The man in charge in the convoy, Brynn was in, got out to meet him.  Brynn wished she could hear them, as she was sure, they were discussing her.  As it turned out, they were.  He called out and she was led, shackled, blindfolded, gagged and naked.  Her collar was in it’s place,  affixed to the leash as she was pulled along like a dog.  The beautiful woman was paraded in front of complete strangers, and these same strangers, were shifting their position to hide their tents in their pants.  The leash was handed over and just like that, Brynn was sold like a piece of meat at the market.  She was shocked, kidnaped was one thing, and as bad as that was, being made into a possession to be bought and sold, was much worse.  She was shoved into the limousine and she was off to her new life.

At least when she was a prisoner of the Santos cartel, her prison was a penthouse over looking the Gulf of Mexico.  Her new cell was a small cage in a small room with no windows and a single heavy wooden door.  Her shoulders touched both sides of the cage and her shoulder blades and breasts also touched front to back.  There was literally no room to move.  She could shift her position, but beyond that she was almost stationary.  Her legs were already sore and it had only been a few hours.  Worst of all , the chains attached to the back and front of her collar, were affixed to the floor.  They were too short to allow her to stand upright, forcing her knees to bend slightly.  Her heels and knees were both touching the bars of the cage.  She had worked as a waitress, and a bank teller, both of which required her to stand, but she could move about, sometimes.  Here she was stuck in one position, knees bent which was done with the sole reason being, to cause her discomfort.  She was left alone with her thoughts.  She couldn’t stop the tears.  She knew her husband would move heaven and earth to get her back, he would be desperately trying the Mexican Embassy at least once a day.  She hoped against hope, that the army would raid the cartel’s base and free her.  With her multiple rapes, would she be able to go back to her previous life?  She desperately loved her husband, and knew he loved her as much, but was she able to pick up where she left off.  This was all academic, of course; she had to get free first.  The heavy door opened with a heavy ‘CLUNK’.  She looked up as a petite redhead approached her.  She looked kind but sad.  Maybe she could appeal to another woman and help each other.
   “Please, can you help me?” Brynn asked her.
   “If they catch us talking, they’ll punish us.”
   “What’s your name?” Brynn asked, dropping her voice.
   “Meghan.  Yours?”
   “Brynn,” she answered.
   “I gotta go,” Meghan said, “I’ll try to come back later.”  It wasn’t until Meghan left that it struck Brynn as strange, that she would come in then leave.  Brynn’s brain was tired from the games they played.  She was still in the uncomfortable position, several hours later.  The door opened.  Brynn hoped it was Meghan.  It was a short fat, greasy man.  He was flanked by two tall handsome men.  The two men were so similar, they could’ve been produced in a test tube using a single DNA sample.  Without a word, Brynn was released from her cage.  A savage blow to her back dropped her.  She hit the floor hard.  Something was dropped on her head.  She pulled it off, dropping it front of her.  It was a pair of panties.
   “Put them on,” the short man snapped.  Brynn complied.  She was grateful for the clothes, but knew it was only given to her so they could use it against her and once their game was over, whatever it was, they would take it away, leaving her naked.  She stood.  Her wrists were bound behind her back, and a metal contraption was placed around her chest.  It was a strange metal bra with a battery pack.  One of the men stepped forward and pulled back the elastic of her panties, and placed a small egg in her panties against her slit.  The egg and the bra started vibrating together and she gasped as an orgasm immediately appeared on the horizon.
   “You’re going to give us a dance.  If you stop, we’re cutting out your clitoris, and piercing your nice titties.”  Brynn was terrified at the prospect of being maimed that she gave them the most erotic dance she could conceivably come up with.
   “Tell you what, if you can go for ten orgasms, we’ll skip the amputation and piercings.”  Brynn nodded having her first.  It was so violent, it nearly knocked her off her feet.  She didn’t think she’d be able to get through nine more. 

October 12, 2018, 11:48:15 AM
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Offline archon

Thank you for those who've read and reviewed this depraved tale.  I'm glad you enjoy it.  Still taking suggestion on Brynn's ordeal.

Brynn had lost count of how many orgasms she’d had.  All she knew, was she had to keep going to make sure she reached her ten.  Eventually, however, she made a misstep and her body crumpled to the floor, in a puddle of her own love juices, exhausted.
   “Thirteen, not bad little bitch,” the fat man chuckled.  She was stripped of the metal bra and soaked panties.  She lay in the puddle moaning.  The man waved dismissively at her, and walked away.  The two men looked at each other, smiling.  One grabbed her by the ankle and dragged her away from the puddle.  The woman was caught by surprise.  She was dropped a few feet away.  He dropped his pants and lay on the ground, the other man picked her up under her arms and between the two of them, Brynn slid onto his cock, her knees outside his legs.
   “Fuck yourself dumb cunt, and you better do a good job,” he growled.  Brynn was tired,  her legs hurt, and her pussy was sore.  She tried to satisfy him, but he wasn’t impressed.
   “You’re worthless, cunt,” he griped.  He gave her a hard shove.  She collapsed backwards, her legs bent backwards.  He was on top of her in no time.  He speared her pussy, causing her to cry out in pain.  The other man, grabbed her hand and wrapped it around his own cock.  His hand eclipsed hers.  He forced her to masturbate him.  The endurance of both men was enormous, and Brynn suffered the whole time.  Finally the man inside her, came shot after shot of baby batter poured into her.  She was pulled up onto her knees.  His cock, tapped Brynn’s lips.  She licked and sucked him clean.  He pulled out of her mouth, wiping his cock, on her face.  A minute later, the other man, the one who was using her hand to masturbate with, exploded, pouring his own on her pretty face.  Brynn closed her eyes in shame and humiliation, but the tears didn’t start until she felt a stream of water hit her face.  Before it stopped, a second stream hit her.  Before both streams ended, her face, chest and hair was soaked in foul smelling urine.  A bucket of cold water was poured over her.  She was pulled to her feet and shoved to a small door she’d not seen.  Inside was a shower stall, toilet and sink.  She was told to shower, brush her teeth and get dressed.  Sure enough, when she stepped out of the shower, there was a bag, sitting on the counter.  She wasn’t really happy with what came out of the bag.  It was a French maid outfit.  The back had a wide ‘V’ that ended at the middle of the small of her back.  It didn’t have any underwear or bra with it.  Different owners, same head games.  She realized she’d thought of them as ‘owners’ without thinking.  She sighed as she got dressed.  It was tight fitting and a little small.  She brushed her teeth and exited.  The two men had returned.  Her wrists were shackled behind her, and a ball gag completed the ensemble.  She was taken to the limousine from earlier.  The short fat man smiled.  She was forced in and the two men were in the front, one drove.  Brynn wanted to ask where they were taking her.  The gag made it difficult, plus she wasn’t really sure, she wanted to know.  The limousine drove out of the fenced in compound.  They drove for quite a while, Brynn was becoming more frightened as they continued. It was around 4:30 when they got in the car, and it was now just past 6:00.  As they continued to drive, Brynn noticed the neighbourhood was becoming more rundown and decrepit.  The limousine being more and more out of place.  The limousine finally stopping in front of a cantina.  The man practically dragged Brynn out of the limousine, the moment it stopped.  The leash attached to the collar held with pride.  The barkeep saw them when they entered and picked up a microphone, cutting off the music.  Brynn’s Spanish wasn’t that great, but she could figure out what was said, and the crowds reaction seemed to confirm what she suspected.
   “Ladies and gentlemen, the entertainment for the evening, has arrived.” The crowd cheered and more than a few leered at Brynn.  She felt sick.
   “You all have your numbers, and the rules.  No permanent damage, no mutilation, no killing.  Who’s the first to pound this hot pussy?” Her new owner said, looking around the room.  A fat, inebriated, man stepped up.
   “I got dibs first,” he said.  Brynn was grabbed by two pairs of hands and slammed down on a table.

Brynn was never surprised at the depths of depravity that these men were capable of.  She was currently on her knees, wrists still bound behind her back, being spit roasted by two men.  Bouncing back and forth on both cocks.   Her anus and mouth both felt like they were stretched beyond repair.  Both men came at roughly the same time.  The man plugging her mouth, gave the same order, and threat, that she’d heard a dozen times already, with little variation.
   “Swallow it all, or you’ll wish your mother kept her legs closed.”  Brynn was dropped like a piece of trash, used and discarded.  She was forced to stand, her body covered in cum, piss and spit.  She was dressed in her cum stained, torn, dirty maid uniform, ball gagged, and a bondage hood, before being tossed into the limousine.  The driver pulled out of the cantina parking lot and headed back to the compound.

October 18, 2018, 06:13:03 PM
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Offline archon

Brynn was returned to the tiny cage, covered in sticky cum, and piss.  She cried all night.  All she wanted was to be at home, with her husband and kids and her friends and neighbours.  She wanted her life back.  She missed her husband, missed her kids so much, it hurt.  She could feel a physical pain beyond her tortured body.  An ache to hold and hug her children, to hold, and be held by her husband, to feel safe, wrapped in his arms.  She was almost glad he hadn’t come, otherwise, he’d likely be dead as well.  She didn’t know how long she stood in the wretched cage, cold and miserable, before two beautiful women entered the room and pulled her out of the cage.  She was pulled to the bathtub in the room.  She was treated to a luxurious bath, attended by the two women.  A warm face cloth was used to clean her face, a sweet smelling shampoo was used after her bath, to wash her hair.  They fussed over her for nearly an hour.  She was surprised to see the beautiful woman that had left Canada a week ago staring back at her from the mirror.  Was it a week? Longer?  Shorter?  She smelled a damn sight better than the woman who’d been shoved into the cage last night…or whenever that was.  Her wrists were shackled in front of her, and she was taken to a room with a table.  The two women were silent the entire time.  There were bowls of fruits and nuts, cold cereal and a small pot of coffee on the table.  She been so miserable and in so much pain, she’d forgotten how hungry she was.  Her brain told her, that they were feeding her so she wouldn’t die and they loose their plaything, but her stomach screamed at her to eat.  She didn’t think they would pamper her, only to poison her immediately after.  She had some dates and nuts, before some fruits and melons and some fresh coffee.  When she finished, she was escorted to a small study or den.  Her shackles were removed, and she was given a little shove inside.  The fat, bald man was sitting at the desk, on his lap top.  He said nothing, barely acknowledging her, except to point over his shoulder, at the plush couch against the back wall of the room.  She sat down, wondering what was happening.  The man seemed oblivious to her presence.  Finally, he pulled a bag out from under his desk, and tossed it in her direction.
   “Get changed,” he said.  She opened the bag, taking out the clothes one piece at a time.  It looked like a Catholic Schoolgirl uniform, knee length tartan kilt, white, button up white blouse, white socks, black loafers., no bra or panties as usual.  She didn’t want to enable their sick fantasies.  She had to accept, that she was sitting naked, something she wouldn’t have conceived of just a few weeks ago, was equally bad.  She was raised in a fairly conservative family.  Her parents had two sons, but, Brynn was the oldest, and only daughter.  Even though she was older than either of her brothers, her brothers, particularly the older one, vetted anyone who wanted to date her.  Now, she was at the mercy of a sadistic Mexican drug cartel, sold from one to another like merchandise, like she was sub-human.
   “Face the wall, lift your kilt, and bend over.” The command was like a slap to the face, for Brynn.  She did as she was told, burning tears running down her face.  The man smiled appreciatively, at the woman’s naked ass.  He placed his hands on her ass, squeezing and kneading her cheeks.  The only man to ever touch her ass, was her husband.  She heard his pants drop, and hung her head in humiliation.  She didn’t think she’d ever get used to her ass being raped.  He grabbed her hips and gently pulled her towards his cock.  She was surprised at how gentle he was being.  After the near constant abuse and pain she had been forced to endure, his gentleness was a little surprising.  He entered her, and she grunted.  There was still pain.
   “Damn bitch, you’re still tight,” he said with a laugh.  Brynn felt her face burning.  He slowly increased his thrusting, her grunting and his balls slapping her ass, were music to his ears.  It wasn’t long before he pulled her in and held her as spurt after spurt of his baby batter flooded her ass.  He held her there until he was drained, before pulling out and walking around to face her.
   “You’re a great ass fuck dear, now, on your knees,” he said.  Brynn felt sick.  She didn’t want to suck him, especially after he’d been buried in her ass.  Nevertheless, she sank to her knees.
   “Grab your ankles, eyes up here, and open wide,” he said, grabbing her chin, roughly.  He forced himself in, and Brynn gagged at both his size and taste.
   “That’s you, you’re tasting bitch,” he mocked, tangling his fist in her hair, and beginning a slow rhythm, his balls slapping her chin.  Brynn didn’t know if it was the shame, or what, but she bit down, hard.  He shrieked, pulling out, and slapping her hard.
   “Bitch,” he snarled, cupping his manhood.  Two guards rushed in, grabbing Brynn each grabbing her arms.  He punched her in the stomach a few times.  She would’ve doubled over, had she not been held upright.

A small crowd had gathered, curious to see what would happen to the beautiful woman staked, naked on the ground.  Four stakes were pounded into the ground, a rope tied to each one, was bound to one of Brynn’s ankles or wrists.  Most of them didn’t know why she was staked out.  The crowd buzzed with probable causes for her punishment.
   “WHORE!” The vile names hurled at her, stung.  Occasionally she was pelted with garbage.  They called for horrible things to be done to her.  Some called for her to be raped to death.  To be given a gruesome death.  Almost all calls were for her blood.  She was in hysterics.  This seemed to be a sadistic execution method.  The sun had set, so maybe they would let some night critters feed on her, maybe…she didn’t want to think of the possibilities, as none of them were particularly pleasant.  She tried to slow down her breathing.  After twenty minutes or so, the fat man, who she bitten, made his way through the crowd.  He shouted in Mexican, most of which she didn’t understand.  He finally raised his hands for silence.  He signalled for someone to step up.  A young woman in capris and a tank top, handed him something.  He turned toward her.  It was a ball gag.  He fastened it in place.
   “Our Father in heaven…” Brynn didn’t know what to do so she tried silently praying.  He turned to the crowd.
   “Let’s begin,” he said to the crowd.  There was some clapping, cheering and cat calls at his words.
   “Make her scream,” someone called from the crowd.           
   “She will, Alphonso, she will.”  There was some more cheering.  and clapping.  Brynn wanted to shout.  Why did they hate her so much?  What had she done to them?  He leaned over to near her ear.
   “Are you ready to begin my pretty little bitch?”  Brynn could only shake in fear. 

October 18, 2018, 08:25:12 PM
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Online DirtySerenity

Looking forward to seeing what happens to her.

October 19, 2018, 03:07:12 AM
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Offline archon

Brynn was active, she played soccer, she ran, she biked, she loved hikes as well.  Right now, however, she was sure, she was going to have a heart attack.  The fear of what was happening, to her.  Around her were five torches spaced fairly evenly apart, so the crowd could witness, and enjoy, her punishment and degradation.  The night was cold and her naked breasts were hard and standing up proudly.  She looked around at the crowd.  The same woman came forward, carrying an unmarked bankers box.  She set it down near Brynn, near where he was standing.  She turned and looked down at Brynn.  She smiled and spat on Brynn’s pretty face.  The look of misery on Brynn’s face was so pathetic, that she spat on her face again.  She turned and left looking over at Brynn with hatred and loathing.  She flipped her hair, as someone in the crowd clapped.  A few others joined in.  The man raised his hand for silence.  He got it and turned.  He also spat in Brynn’s face.  He leaned over and removed some things from the box.  One of the first things he removed, was a large candle and a small handful of smaller ones.  Using one of the torches, he lit one of the small candles.  Brynn wondered what he was going to do.  Surely, if he was going to burn her to death, there were easier ways than a small collection of candles.  The man standing over her, slowly rotated the candle in his hand.  It dawned on Brynn, what was happening.  A small dribble of hot wax dropped from the candle, landing on her toned stomach.  She cried out behind her gag.  Another drip of hot wax landed, this time, higher up on her stomach.  He kept his promise to Alphonso.  She screamed in pain and agony.  He knelt next to her, planting a kiss on her lips.  There was no love, no passion, no warmth in it.  It was what he could take from her.  It was hard, crushing, rude, and animalistic.  He turned the candle upside down and held it over the quivering girl.  More burning wax dripped on her flesh.  The more she screamed and writhed in pain, the more the crowd jeered and mocked.  He pressed the candle to her belly button.  She screamed long and loud.  The pain was excruciating as the candle was snuffed on her belly.  He tossed it away, and Brynn took a sigh of relief closing her eyes.  When she opened her eyes, the nightmare was far from over.  He was standing over her with a second one.  He lit it, again using a torch and continued the torture.  Brynn screamed, and cried, much to the delight of the crowd.  After this candle was snuffed on the sensitive upper, inner thigh, he reached into the box and retrieved a set of alligator clips attached by a small wire.  He affixed one to each of her nipples.  The pressure and sharp “teeth” of the clips were agonizing on her sensitive nipples.  As he was fiddling with this, Brynn heard a car approaching.  The horn honked and the crowd parted.  Brynn turned to see it. An old junker, without a hood, and missing the driver side door pulled the up next to her.  All the glass was smashed and chassis was damaged and rusted out, in more than one place.  She fearfully followed the cord to the car battery that her tormentor was trying to start.  He revved the engine, and Brynn was sure, her heart stopped beating for a second.  The pain in her chest was intense.  Every time he would rev the engine, the pain would flood her body, and every time, she swore her heart stopped and every time it did, she was terrified that it wouldn’t restart and she would die in this god-forsaken lump of dirt.  What gave this man the idea that his desire to own her as a slave  more than be marrying the man of her dreams and their three young daughters.  She didn’t want to live as a slave, but she didn’t want to die, either.  Right now, she felt like she was going to die.  The pain was unbearable. Her chest was on fire and she felt like her heart was beating irregularly, breathing hurt to.  She didn’t think she’d be able to go through another round.  As the shocks continued, mercifully, darkness fell over Brynn’s eyes.

Brynn woke choking up water, cold and wet.  She was still staked to the ground.  The girl from earlier was the only one left standing there.  The crowd had dissipated.  She smirked down at Brynn, tossing the pail away.  It clanged and clanked as it landed a few feet away.
   “You’re no fun when you no scream.”  She knelt down and removed the ball from Brynn’s mouth.  Brynn tried to close her mouth but found she couldn’t.  The woman grabbed Brynn’s cheeks keeping her mouth open.  She spat into Brynn’s open mouth. Brynn’s stomach turned as she felt the woman’s spit, land in the back of her throat.  She followed up by giving a hard, crushing kiss on Brynn’s lips.  She stayed straddling her victims chest and shoulders.  She planted a kiss on Brynn’s forehead.
   “You are cute,” she said poking the end of her nose, which Brynn had done to her daughters many times.  She stood and walked toward the box that was still on the ground.  She picked something out, a few things, and hid them behind her back.  She sat on Brynn’s chest again.  The first thing, she produced, was a roll of duct tape.  She secured several lengths over Brynn’s mouth.
   “It is too bad I have to cover your pretty lips,” she said.  She then blindfolded Brynn before standing up.  She stood between Brynn’s splayed legs.  She viciously pulled up on Brynn’s hip and slipped something cold into Brynn’s tight sphincter.  Brynn moaned, bringing a smile to her new tormentor’s face.  If Brynn could see the woman putting on a monstrous strap on, she’d have had more to moan about.
   “Tell me bitch, have you ever been with a woman?”  Without waiting for Brynn to shake or nod her head, she sank her strap on into Brynn’s tight snatch.
   “I’m going to fuck you as long as I want.  Don’t you even think about cumming.  If you do, tonight will seem like a fun night.” She said with a laugh already beginning to pound into the captive beauty.
Still taking suggestions.  What should happen to Brynn?

November 01, 2018, 01:51:06 PM
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Offline archon

Brynn’s beautiful body was drenched in sweat, despite the relatively cool night, her body shook as she fought against the orgasm she’d been warned against having.  This was about her tormenters pleasure and if Brynn suffered, even better.  She didn’t know how long she’d been pounded into, but despite the pain, her body seemed intent on betraying her.  She’d been warned if  she did cum, what she’d endured up until now, would be like a walk in the park.  She conjured up the worst possible image she could comprehend and tried to disassociate from her life as much as she could.  She tensed and strained, but her tormenter was not about to let her get away with not climaxing.  Somewhere in her mind, she knew she would make sure Brynn came to have an excuse to torture her even more.  She stood up took a step forward and collapsed to her knees.
   “Clean it off you worthless little shit,” she snarled.  Brynn cleaned the dildo running her lips up and down, swirling her tongue around it.  Brynn gagged at the taste of her own arousal, unwanted as it was, and some blood, but continued until the woman was done.  She stood up and kicked Brynn in the side.  Brynn moaned in pain.  She brought her foot down on Brynn’s stomach.  She punched, kicked struck Brynn, until she passed out.  She turned and spat on Brynn’s pretty face which had escaped the abuse thus far.  She gagged Brynn and made sure she was securely tied.  She couldn’t resist spitting on Brynn again, before turning and walking away.  Brynn hurt everywhere.  She’d been warned that her punishment would be more severe, but she was gagged, spit on and left tied in a spread eagle on the cold, hard, ground.  She didn’t know how long it would be before she was released.  Perhaps that was her punishment, to be tied hand and foot for hours.  Alone with her thoughts, Brynn became acutely aware, she had to pee.  She couldn’t close her legs, so she gritted her teeth and held it.
A savage slap across her face woke Brynn.  She was thankful that she still had the urge to pee. So, she still had a vestige of her dignity.  The young woman who had tortured her was back.  Brynn feared this was the worse torture, she’d been warned about.  Wordlessly she untied Brynn and helped her to her knees.  She slid her wrists into zip ties and pulled her to her feet.  As they walked toward the large house, Brynn was aware that the sky off to her left was grey and a faint pink was beginning to appear just on the horizon.  Dawn was approaching.  She’d been out there all night.  She was pulled into a smaller house and down a flight of stairs.  There was a cage in the corner, but this was full size, floor to ceiling steel bars.  Two sides were the concrete walls and two sides were the bars.  There was a cot and a toilet.  Fortunately the toilet and cot were as far from each other as possible, given the size of the cage.  Next to the cage, was a metal frame, that could adjust it’s size.  At the four corners, were metal cuffs that could also adjust the size.  Brynn was taken to the frame and fastened into it.  She tried to look around.  A hard blow to the back of her head caused her to rethink her course of action.   
   “Eyes up front, bitch,” the woman hissed.  Brynn did as she was bidden, hot tears burning her eyes.  Her eyes were suddenly covered by a heavy blindfold.  She heard something get picked up.  The terror was far worse, as she couldn’t see what they would do to her.  The contact of her ass with the, what turned out to be a bamboo cane, made the dark haired beauty, scream into her gag.  The second strike fell as soon as the first scream died.  The blows continued raining on her ass.  Her ass was a mass of angry red welts, even some blood.  She was taken down and tossed unceremoniously into the cage.  Moving her legs hurt, moving anything hurt.  She couldn’t lay on her side or back, she couldn’t sit, standing hurt.  She was aware, that she no longer needed to pee, though she wasn’t aware of releasing her bladder.  She forced herself onto her stomach, and, despite the pain, cried herself to sleep.

She awoke some time later, to a gentle touch on her ass, which was still on fire.  Another woman was sitting next to her, running one hand in Brynn’s thick hair and rubbing some ointment into her torn ass.  The cooling ointment relieved some of the pain, but she knew it was a long time before it healed.  Her wrists were sore but not bound, her gag and blindfold were gone as well.  The woman stood and took a step and stood in front of Brynn.  She knelt down, tenderly kissing Brynn’s lips, Brynn, moaning, in spite of herself.  Brynn was never the slightest bit interested in women, but the tenderness after the brutal abuse, she’d been subjected to, was nice, kind, soft, comforting, and warm.  Abruptly, she stood.
   “I must leave, you need your rest,” she said heading for the door.  She closed it and ascended the stairs, leaving Brynn alone, in pain and eventually, in the dark.  Sh lay there and cried.  The light clicked on and the fat man came down the stairs.  He entered Brynn’s cell, and without a word, chained her wrist to the cot’s leg.  Brynn continued to cry as he brutally and savagely raped her. 

November 05, 2018, 11:32:39 AM
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Offline archon

Brynn didn’t know how long she’d been a slave.  She had settled into her new life and, unhappy though she was, she’d accepted it.  She didn’t cry as much as she used to, even when she thought of her husband and kids.  She didn’t want to think about the pain they were going through at missing her and never knowing what had happened to her.  She soon learned, that good behaviour  resulted in certain freedoms, while bad behaviour resulted in ruthless abuse and suffering.  Sometimes, she would be raped and abused multiple times by multiple men, and even, sometimes women, and sometimes she would get through the day with only one.  The wounds on her ass from the bamboo cane, were healing, and she was learning her new role.  She didn’t really have any other option.  One day, after being there for sometime, she wasn’t sure, because she didn’t know how long she’d been there, she thought she’d missed her period.  She didn’t want to carry her owners baby, wasn’t sure if she’d have to abort it, wasn’t sure if she would end up dead.  Would it be worse if she didn’t tell him, and he found out when she started to show?  Every day, the young woman, who’d applied the ointment would visit her, and they’d become friends.  At least as close to friends as you could have in this awful place.  Brynn decided to tell her.  Her name was Rosa.  Rosa laughed.
   “That is good news miss Brynn,” she said, “Senior Raul will treat you better, if you give him a child.  He will treat the mother of his child better.  His wife can’t give him a child.”  Brynn didn’t know how to take the news.  She was glad that Rosa thought she’d be treated better, but better than what?  She could be treated worlds better and still suffer terribly.  She’d accepted, she was a slave.
   “You must tell him when he comes,” She said.  She approached the bars, reached through, grabbed a tangle of Brynn’s hair, and pulled Brynn’s lips.  She broke the kiss and left.  Brynn was left with her thoughts.  This was supposed to be Jordy’s kids, not some stranger who’d impregnated her with rape.  It was possible that she wasn’t pregnant and she’d miscounted or was possibly just late.  What would happen if she wasn’t pregnant.  If Rosa was right, her Master wanted a child, what would happen if she got his hopes up she wasn’t going to be able to give him a child.  She didn’t have long to wait, maybe an hour or so.  He came downstairs, heading towards the cell door.  Brynn took a deep breath and stood.  She slowly told him of her suspicions.  He smiled and left.  He returned a few minutes later with a set of shackles, and some clothes, which he tossed through the bars.  With shaking hands, she, put the clothes on, and affixed the leg shackle, and, knowing her wrists were to go behind her back, shackled her own wrists behind her.  When she was done, he opened the door and led her, with his right hand around her left elbow.  He led her to the elevator and through the street, flanked by several bodyguards, to a large building.  They were met by a tall, handsome black man.  He led Brynn to a large room.  He was a doctor and, did work for the cartel. He conducted an exam. Brynn was a little taken aback.  This was the first time she was treated as a human being since being ripped away from her husband and kids and everyone who loved her and forced into a life of suffering and sexual servitude.  The exam done, it was determined, she was indeed carrying a baby.
   “I could have peed on a stick,” Brynn said to herself.
   “Yes, but it could have…how you Americans say…a false positive.”  Brynn jumped at his words, causing him to chuckle.  She wasn’t aware she had actually spoken out loud.  She was taken to the cage, ‘the cell’, as she called it and left there.
   “Tomorrow, Rosa will show you your new room,” he said as he left.

It was late when Brynn woke.  She was never allowed to sleep late.  She was usually slapped awake to face abuse, or more often than not, a brutal rape.  Her stomach growled.  She didn’t know what time it was beyond ‘late’.  She waited for Rosa, sitting on her cot, hugging her knees to her breast.  She had mixed feelings about being pregnant.  Part of her, was strangely excited about bringing another life into the world.  Her husband and her had three daughters and always wanted to have more.  Have more with her husband, not some other man who thought he could possess her for no other reason, then he wanted her.  Far from a tease, she knew that she often got looks from men, but was totally devoted to her husband, her family.  The longest she’d ever been without a boyfriend, was after she broke up with her last boyfriend and began dating her husband.  They were together for two and a half years before they got married.  Her thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Rosa.
   “Congratulations Miss Brynn,” she said.  She unlocked the door to her cell.  She took Brynn by her hand and gently led her to the elevator and ascended to almost the top.  The entire floor was an opulent suite, better than the penthouse in her original owners building.  She was shown to her room.  It had a King size bed and everything an expectant mother could want, or need.  There was a a pile of parts that, on further investigation, proved to be a crib, that was yet to be assembled.  The closet was empty, of course, a slave wears what her master has her wear, including going naked if he chooses.  Even after the abuse, the beatings, the endless pain and rapes, she was still beautiful.  Her father and husband had told her that, so her self image was healthy, so she could admire her figure.  Rosa smiled and turned to leave.  As she stepped onto the elevator, and the doors slid shut, the smile vanished.  She plucked her cell phone from her pocket.
   “Yeah.  The stupid bitch doesn’t suspect anything.  I wanted to slap that grin off her stupid face,” Rosa hissed into her phone.

November 12, 2018, 08:40:24 PM
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Offline archon

For perhaps the first time since being abducted, Brynn was given a date.  December 16.  It was the first day of the Posadas.  It was the alleged wandering of Mary and Joseph looking for lodging in Bethlehem, which runs for nine days, the 16 to the 24.  Her middle daughter’s birthday, was on the 18, it helped with her identity how long she’d been a slave.  On the day of her daughter’s birthday, she came from the shower to find clothes laid out on her bed.  She was hesitant to put the, on, but she did.  She looked at herself in the full length mirror and smiled a little.  If she wasn’t sitting, the red thong, they had her wear, wouldn’t show beneath her mini skirt.  Her shirt was nothing more than a sports bra.  She was uncomfortable and worse still, her collar was starting to chafe on her shoulders and neck.  She wished she could get it removed, but it was welded shut.  She was perpetually exhausted, which was typical for the first trimester, and above all, she was miserable in general.  She wished she could be miserable at home, surrounded by people who loved her and she loved.  She rubbed her belly.  She wasn’t showing, it had only been a month or so.  The door to her room opened and a tall Mexican man stood in the doorway.  He looked Brynn up and down.  He chatted at her in Spanish, Brynn wished she was better at Spanish.  She didn’t understand most of what was said.  She caught ‘baby’ and assumed he wanted to know about her baby.  She instinctively placed her hand on her belly again.  He began to repeat his question.  As Brynn tried to figure out his question, he began to yell at her.  Brynn wasn’t prone to outbursts of anger, but her exhaustion and fear, exploded and she screamed back at him. 
   “I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU WANT!” her knees buckled and she fell to her knees, sobbing.  The man looked down at the beautiful woman on her knees at his feet.  He gently lifted her to her feet.  He looked down the hallway, and kicked the door closed with his foot.  With a savage backhand, he sent Brynn sprawling on the bed.  Taking advantage of her stunned state, he flipped her over, onto her stomach.  Grabbing both her wrists in his hand, he yanked her T-shirt back, pinning her arms there, he pawed at her skirt and thong.  By now, Brynn was aware and began to scream.  Grabbing a handful of her hair, he shoved her face into the bed, effectively gagging her.  He lined up with her ass crack, and slammed into her ass, causing her to scream.  To his delight, and surprise,, the bitch’s ass was still tight.  He pulled her head up a few times so she wouldn’t suffocate.  She finally felt him empty into her back end and into her colon.  He wiped himself off on her ass cheeks before using her thong, which he stuffed into her mouth.  He opened the door.  The strike caught him off guard.  Two gun toting men dragged him away, while the other man, Brynn’s owner, and father of her unborn child, rushed forward and pulled the thong from her mouth and helped her stand.  He led her by the hand to the shower.
   “When you’re finished, come meet me outside,” he said, and turned around and walked away.  Brynn wanted to curl up in the shower and die.  Nevertheless she washed and dried.  There were clean clothes laying on the bed.  She was surprised at how conservative the clothes were.  A pair of black shorts and matching tank top, and flip flops.  She opened the door to the bedroom.  Her owner was waiting for her and extended his hand.  She took it.   He held her hand as lovers would and led her into the blinding sunlight.  Around a corner and to the field that her room overlooked.  The man who had just raped her, was kneeling on the ground, under the watchful eyes of the men who’d dragged him away. 
   “What did you think you were doing?  She is my property, not yours.” Brynn didn’t flinch when she was referred to as property, a possession, not a person.  Her owner continued. 
   “You could have damaged her or my baby.”  He drew a gun and shot him between the eyes.  The two men dropped him.  The man holstered his weapon, and turned to face her.  Brynn was forced to watch the dismemberment of her rapist.  The hypocrisy wasn’t lost on Brynn.  Her owner had raped her, given her to others to be raped, but when this man raped her, he was executed.  After his dismemberment, Brynn was seen by the doctor.  The fetus had fared better than it’s mother.  It was on the way back home that it hit her, she was a breeding cow, nothing more.  Was she going to keep her child, would she ever be allowed to see him or her?  She feared the answer.  When they arrived at the house she was taken to her room.  A meal was brought to her.  She wasn’t hungry.  She just spent the rest of the day crying and sleeping.  She shouldn’t be here, she should be surrounded by her husband and kids.  She should be looking through wrapping paper, to make sure nothing else was thrown out with it.  She should be showing her daughter how to use her new toys, building her LEGO tower, or…whatever it was, Brynn wanted to be there, with her sweet birthday girl.  She woke up, hours after the sun had set.  She showered, and tried the TV, but could only get an English Channel part of the time.  The rest it was static’s snow.  Right now, it was snow.  Eventually, she cried herself back to sleep. 
What should happen next?  Should her suffering end or last a little longer?

November 12, 2018, 11:28:25 PM
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Online DirtySerenity

I say make her suffer a little longer before you end it. I love how the story is going

December 01, 2018, 09:43:29 AM
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Offline archon

It was a little more than a year after being kidnapped, Brynn had a healthy baby girl.  She wanted to have her and name her but she knew that what she wanted, didn’t matter.  The girl was placed in her arms and she smiled as the beautiful girl slept.  The doctor took her after only a few minutes and It would be a long time, before Brynn saw her again.  She was named Isabella.  A week after Isabella was born, Brynn was awaken, early.  Every day she hoped she’d see her daughter and every day she was denied.  She’d gotten angry with her owner the night before and was slapped and left laying in a crumpled mess on the floor.  She was surprised as she was served breakfast in bed. She felt like a queen, a captive queen, mind you.  Over the past year, Brynn had earned some freedom.  She could go anywhere in the compound without escort.  The last time she was raped, when she was pregnant, her rapist had met a grisly end, so nobody even dare to touch her.  Her owner, on the other hand, visited her every night.  Often, he would take her.  She still considered it rape.  She didn’t want to be with him, she still loved the man she had sworn to be with till the day one of them died.  She strolled through the throngs of people in the open market, being given space.  The smells and colours all meant to entice her to spend money.  She didn’t have any.  As much as she was known to be a favourite of the big boss, they thought they knew her position.  She was property.  The illusion of freedom she had was to show off his beautiful possession, nothing more.  Christmas had long passed and winter turned to spring.  Her youngest daughter…with her husband, was turning one in April.  April came and went, then May.  Her  husband’s birthday was in the end of June.  July passed by, and Brynn was becoming uncomfortable.  Growing up in Southern Washington, then, moving to Canada, when she got married, she was unused to Mexican summer heat.  The end of July and she learned that she was pregnant again.  Three more months of exhaustion and the worst morning sickness she’d ever had.  She’d had three kids in five years with her husband, and now two within a year and a half. She didn’t want to give her owner, rapist, baby daddy, anymore kids, but the child wasn’t his daddy and shouldn’t be responsible for the sins of the father.  This pregnancy was particularly difficult.  In mid April, on her birthday in fact, Brynn gave birth to a baby boy, Juan.  Again, she  was only allowed to hold her little boy for a few minutes, before he was taken away.  A few days later, she was dragged out of bed.  She was slammed face down, her wrists were pulled behind her and shackled.  A ball gag was crammed into her mouth and a bondage hood was pulled over her head.  The front of the hood had a  metal ring in the bottom and it was locked to the collar.  Brynn grunted as a long hard plastic dildo was forcibly inserted deep into her anus.  She was dragged by a hand under each shoulder down the elevator.  She was taken to the frame, next to the small cage.  When both ankles and wrists were shackled, she heard several people leave the room.  She was left gagged with a bondage hood on, bound spread eagled.  She groaned as she felt a clothespin snap on her left, and again when she got one on her right.  A hand reached into her labial lips and gently, began teasing her little nub.  Brynn couldn’t stop the unwanted pleasure from building inside her.  She began shaking as she neared an orgasm.  The hand withdrew and footsteps retreated, leaving Brynn, teetering on the edge, of an orgasm.  She would’ve used an object to get off.  Slowly, over the next hour or so, it dissipated.  Soon after, a person entered the room, and approached her.  A hand, probably the same one, though, Brynn couldn’t be sure, began to play with her again.  This went on for hours, each time, she would be toyed with, until teetering on the edge, at which point, they would leave, only to tease her again when she’d come down again. This cruel game went on for hours.  Brynn didn’t know anything right now, beyond needing to cum, nothing more.  The game stopped abruptly.  The teasing, the frustration, it stopped.  After hours of being teased to the brink of an orgasm, she was still horny as hell and more than a little on edge.  She actually managed to doze off.  The sleep didn’t last to long, maybe an hour or so, as she was pulled out of slumber,  by a laugh, echoing through her prison.  The hood was pulled off.  Bright light blinded her as she’d spent much time in complete darkness.  A loud siren began at the same time as a vicious assault on her senses.  Brynn was plunged into instant agony.  She couldn’t cover her ears and even with her eyes closed, the light still blinded her.  All at once, the assault stopped.  Brynn waited for it to start up again, but it didn’t.  As stars started to disappear, and her sight returned, a figure began to emerge and take form.  Then came the gentle, soft voice.  Rosa.  “Good day Miss Brynn.  I hope you are enjoying our hospitality.  I must thank you.  Your children are beautiful, just like their mother,” she said slowly circling around to Brynn’s face.  “I’m the wife who couldn’t conceive.  The surrogate is no longer necessary, so...” she let her sentence trail off, but produced a sharp knife.  Brynn tried to beg through her gag.“Should we begin with the end of your cute  nose?  Maybe one of your pretty eyes?  What should we take first?”  She stepped back and looked down, smiling.  “I have an idea,” she said, sinking to her knees, between Brynn’s knees.  Brynn passed out from fear. 

December 01, 2018, 11:26:39 AM
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Online DirtySerenity

You have me on the edge of my seat! I can't wait to read more. I love this story.

December 12, 2018, 02:16:38 PM
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Offline archon

Rosa rose to her feet, grabbed a handful of her hair, and slapped Brynn across the face three times.  It only took one to wake her up, but Rosa enjoyed slapping Brynn.  She knelt again between Brynn’s legs and jammed her middle finger between her lips, gently stroking her little nib.  Brynn shivered at the intrusion, and partly because she was aware of how close the knife was to her love button. 
   “Little slut likes it, I think,” Rosa said with a dark chuckle.  Brynn blushed in shame.  Rosa gently flicked it, she blew on it, all the while, unwanted pleasure was growing in Brynn.  Rosa was quickly bringing Brynn to the edge, and Brynn hoped, prayed that Rosa would let her cum, finally, mercifully.  Abruptly, Rosa stopped.  Brynn sighed in frustration.  Rosa gripped Brynn’s shoulders and brought a knee up into Brynn’s pussy, making Brynn scream into the gag.  She smiled and reached around Brynn’s head, unbuckling the ball gag. 
   “I love the sound of a woman screaming, when she’s taking a knee to her muff,” she said, punctuating the last few words with another knee for each word.  Brynn’s mind couldn’t comprehend the pain in her crotch.  She didn’t realize that she had pissed herself.  Rosa hadn’t missed it though. 
   “Little bitch,” she growled giving Brynn a solid slap followed up by a backhand.  She repeated the process three more times.  Brynn’s face was stinging, her crotch was no longer giving her pleasure but registering only pain, her wrists and ankles were chafing as her body was being struck.  She was reeling from the blows.  Finally, Rosa released Brynn from her bonds.  Brynn collapsed, too weak, and in too much pain to stand.  Rosa grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her into the cage.  Using the toe of her boot, she flipped Brynn onto her back.   Brynn moaned in pain.  Rosa smiled down at her, then, rather abruptly, left, the cage door open.  Brynn noticed that.  Did Rosa forget?  She determined that it was some kind of mental torture.  Oversight or not, she had to try.  Brynn rolled her aching body over onto her stomach, and pushed her body off the ground, and onto her hands and knees. 
   “Wonderful presentation, baby,” a voice came from the direction of the door, “I’m taking that pretty little mouth, anyway!”  Brynn looked toward the voice.  Eight men were walking toward her.  The terror grew in the heart of the dark haired beauty. 

Rosa leaned against the wall, watching the horrible scene, with a sick sense of glee.  Brynn was on her knees.  A cock was in her mouth, one was in her rectum, two more men, were getting a hand job of their lives.  Brynn was choking and gagging as the offending pole was thrust into and out of her mouth.  Another man was just standing over the kneeling beauty, jerking over her head.  The man in her mouth groaned, and grabbed the back of her head, and pulled her head forward.  Her nose was buried in his pubes, his balls were knocking on her chin, and his pole was at the back of her throat and down her throat.  She tried to pull her head away, but she wasn’t strong enough, to get away.  The revolting baby batter rolled down her throat.  Normally, she would have vomited, but after months of this treatment, disgusting as it was, she didn’t feel the need to be sick.
   “Clean well bitch,” he snarled.  She pulled her head back trying to take a breath.  He stepped forward and slapped her face with his manhood.  She slid her lips around his pole and swirled her tongue gently around his head.  He was in heaven, having a beautiful woman with her lips and tongue attending to his cock.  The man who jerking off over her head, came and his cum splattered on her head and ran down her hair and face.  She hung her head in humiliation, making it run down her face.  Her humiliation was deepened as the men and Rosa cheered and applauded.  Some called to hurt her, some, for deeper degradation.  Some just laughed, mocked and jeered.  They loved the sight of the beautiful gringo bitch being humiliated and degraded.  The sight of her getting a cum, shower, was more than the man in her ass could take, he blasted his load into her anus.  The two men getting hand jobs came soon after.  Brynn collapsed on the floor, but two of the other three men stepped in and forced onto her hands and knees.  The two men got a rhythm between them, the gringo bitch choked and gagged, but they didn’t care, the fact was she was a beautiful woman being used for their pleasure.  The men who had just used her, cheered them on.  Brynn was already humiliated, but now even more so.  It was beyond what she ever thought possible.  As she was used like a common whore, her mind wandered to her husband, the love of her life, and her kids.  Eventually she got another mouthful of cum and even more dumped in her anus.  The last man was laying on the bed.  She was lifted onto his erect manhood. 
   “Fuck yourself bitch,” he said.  Brynn was forced to bounce up and down on her knees on his manhood.  Brynn wept as she felt her pussy filled with his manhood.  She still continued to work herself on his manhood.   He wasn’t happy at her attempts. He reached up and slapped her hard across her face bringing more laughter and applause. 
   “Your not jumping rope, you stupid whore.  You’re fucking me.  Get to it,” he roared.  With a frightened whimper, she redoubled her efforts.  She focused on what she knew her husband liked, as well as what she’d learned from her captivity.  The man under her moaned and came deep into her.  He shoved Brynn off of him.  She tumbled back landing on the floor and lay there motionless, moaning softly.  She was left laying there as all the men filed out after calling her degrading and humiliating names.  Rosa entered the cell.  She walked to stand above Brynn, her legs spread.  Brynn felt warm piss hit her face, but she was in too much pain to really care.  Some of the cum, which had long cooled and dried, flaked off.  Rosa knelt over Brynn’s mouth. 
   “Dry me off bitch,” she said.  Mechanically , Brynn opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and licked and lapped anything she could.  Presently, Rosa stood and produced a fool of duct tape and, using three pieces, gagged Brynn tightly.  She shackled Brynn’s wrists behind her. 
   “Try to get some sleep, my pretty little toilet, you have a long, hard day tomorrow.”  With that, Rosa closed the cell door, turned off the lights and closed the main door.  She crossed the floor and into the garage.  She got into a Hummer with a driver and two armed guards and headed out of the small sleeping town.  She was a little sad she wouldn’t be able to witness Brynn’s torture and humiliation the next day, but she had other duties to attend to. 

December 12, 2018, 09:15:20 PM
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Online DirtySerenity

I love this story more and more with each part you add