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June 15, 2015, 10:46:48 AM

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Hello. What's up? This is my second story, guys. Check this out.

These days the close friendship between a girl and a guy is no longer a big thing. However, there’s still some reluctance around it. Boundaries also need to be set in this kind of relationship and it is usually stricter than with same-sex friendship.

It was a heavy rainy day and I continue running from the library until i am at home. I said to myself “Wow, I am lucky that I only get a little wet.” I have the whole house for myself to relax. My father and mother has all gone to their friend’s wedding for the entire weekend. I stay at home alone. My older brother supposes to be here with me but now he’s still at his girlfriend’s house. He always think I am a big girl now and can take care of myself anyway. I guess he's right, I don't want to be babysit by him anymore. I am 18 already. I guess he will not be back today. I rush to the bathroom to change my wet clothes. I turn on the massage music to soothe myself. The warm shower runs down my entire body. Oh my god it feels so good. What a wonderful feeling! I feel so relaxed. I wear my lovely pink bathrobe and get to my bedroom. I love wearing just my underwear and my bathrobe and go to sleep. It’s more comfortable that way. Nobody gonna judge me today anyway.  Hooray! Long live my freedom!

Suddenly, I no longer hear the music. Did the battery die out? I left my bedroom and go to check the thing. Where is it? I thought I put it here. I go all around the house look for it and check all the doors carefully. The doors are all locked. What’s happening? I suddenly feel scared. Suddenly I hear the music again, I go to the source of the sound and I am surprised. My close guy friend from college, Nick is standing there. “What are you doing here?”. I asked. “I stop by to check on you”. He replied and stared into my eyes. A sudden shiver goes through my body. “How did you get in? I locked all the doors”. I said that and looked at him half fearful half confused. “Well, a pretty girl like you should not let her back door open and stay alone all by yourself”. I forgot to lock the back door earlier because of the damn rain. Nick already came to my house several times so he could move around the house with no problem. He came closer toward me. I tried to run away but he caught me. “Let go of me”. I tried to fight my way out of his grab. “Keep fighting, baby”. He said that and dragged me to my bedroom. Nick is just taller  than me for about 2 inches but he is a young guy. He could handle a girl like me with no problem. He put me down the bed and tries to kiss me. I kick him in his stomach and try to escape. However, as soon as I ran to the door I got blocked by 2 more guys. It’s Nick’s friend, Jake and Tony. I freezed myself when I saw them.

Nick handcuffed me and put me down the bed again. Now I am at his mercy. “I will punish you for being such a cock tease, welcome to the party guys”. Nick said and smirked at me. “I am your friend, Nick.” I begged. “Friend?” He laughed. “Too bad I am sexually excited by you”. He looked closely at my face and said it. I get scared and try to stay away from him but he doesn’t let me slip one bit. Now I remember he keeps looking at me all the time. I feel uncomfortable but I just keep silent and ignore it. Why was I so naive and didn't figure out his intention? The guys start to undress themselves and all are naked. Nick start to kiss me roughly and put his hand on my chest. I start to cry and beg “Please don’t do this to me, please stop”. Nick tear my bathrobe off and expose my tender breast into cold air. The guys all ogle at my breasts. Nick start to lick my nipples and suck hard on my breast. I bite my lip to hide my arousal. Tears coming down my cheeks. I am half angry at myself for being aroused by this and half ashamed for being exposed. I feel like dying. I am exposed like a meat already. There’s point of no return now. He moves his hand slowly down my underwear and yank it away. He lick my pussy hard and finger me roughly. I moan. I can’t control myself anymore. “That feels good huh? I know you like getting fucked by me” Nick said excitingly. “She is really tight, we’ll get good fuck tonight”. He exclaimed and withdraw his finger out of me. His cock already hardens and tease my pussy with his tip. “Get down on your knees”. Nick said. I get down on my knees and he tries to put his cock inside my mouth. “No, don’t”. I said. “Do you like to get fucked in the butts?” Nick asked. I shake my head. I cry and start to fill my mouth with his cock. He fucks his cock inside my mouth slowly and then faster. Jake and Tony stroke their cocks and their hands touch my breast. Finally he pulls out of my mouth and tell me to lick Jake’s and Tony’s dicks also. Nick throws me on the bed again. He start to slap my ass hard. I scream because it hurts badly. My ass cheek is all red with his spanking.He wants to fuck me doggy style because my ass turns him on the most. He positions himself between my behind and puts his cock in position. “Ok, where do I put my cock? Is it here?” He presses his thumb into my asshole and I scream loudly “No, please”. “Ok, vagina it is. I am a nice guy”. Nick said. I feel relieved when he said that. He slide his cock into my wet vagina. I already feel his cock deep inside me. He start moving his cock. Oh my god, this angle is too intense. He starts moving faster and faster. I feel like being torn apart with each hard thrust. I don’t know if I moan out of pain or pleasure anymore. He also slaps my swaying breast and keeps fucking and fucking. Finally he cums inside my wet pussy.

“It’s my turn now”. Jake said. Jake pulled me out of bed and stood me in front of my mirror. He goes behind me, put one of my leg up on his arm and slide his cock inside me. He fucks me while standing. His hand caress my breast while fucking me. His eyes look into the mirror as he does his act. “You look like a pornstar now. Look at yourself in the mirror”. As I look into the mirror, he fucks me harder. “Beg me to fuck you”. He said. “Oh yes, yes, please don’t stop”. I obeyed his order. He gets more excited and fucks me harder. He puts me down and jerk his semen onto my stomach. Tony tells me to get on top of him. He is so turned on so he doesn’t want to fuck while standing because he may not last long. “Ride me, you hot bitch”. I slowly ride his cock, his hand roams around my breast. He sits up to lick my breast. He moves his hip faster and faster. He is very pleased seeing my turned on face and my curvy body moves sensually to his rhythm. He pulls out of me and pills his semen onto my face. He cums faster than I thought.

 “That’s a nice party, isn’t it?” Nick asked. I lay on the bed helpless, tired, full of semen all over my body.  I feel betrayed for trusting Nick. He seemed so nice and gentle, that's why I decide to be a close friend to him. I never would have imagined him to do something this terrible to me. I feel like being stabbed deep in the heart. I feel so painful physically and emotionally.  I want to commit suicide. I get up and try to run to bang my head onto the wall to die. I don’t want to remember this for the rest of my life. However, the guys stop me and shove me down the bed again. “Where are you going? We just take a little break. We still have the whole night partying, baby”. Nick remarked and they all laughed. Suddenly I feel dizzy, things are going around and around. “What is happening to me?” I think to myself. The lights grew dimmer and dimmer and then it’s all black. I pass out cold on my sweet warm bed.

June 15, 2015, 11:35:27 PM
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This was a great story! Thank you.