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Offline Cleo

Chapter 1: The Homecoming

I had been away at school for the past few years. When my father suggested the boarding school I was thinking it would be one of those modern-day boy/girl schools. But boy was I wrong. It was an all girl school. Sure it was nice, the student body got along great. I had some good friends but I missed my time at public school where I had both girl and guy friends.

Now it was Christmas break and I had gotten a letter to come home. But it wasn’t to the home that I was raised in. After my mother passed away when I was ten years old, my father became my sole guardian. He only wanted what was best for me.

After watching me grow into a teenager, my father had been having mixed feelings for me. He saw how much I was looking more and more like my mother but he kept these emotions to himself. Seeing how the boys in my school were looking at me, he knew then and there that he had to get me out of public school and into the boarding school. It had been a few years since I had been at the school, having left when I was 13 and only coming home during school holidays and summer break. I was 18 now, but I had to repeat a grade due to losing my mother and not taking it well. Then I received an email from my father telling me he had built a home out in the country.

Having grown up with asthma, I thought that was the only thing he cared about. Getting me out of the city with the smog and air pollution. But I had grown out of my asthma and it surprised me to learn about what he had done.

So here I was, in our chauffer’s car being driven to the new house that would be my new home. I had graduated mid-semester and my father had suggested I take a year off from school to decide whether or not I wanted to go off to college. I was still underage so he still had custody over me. If only I knew what he had planned for me.

I didn’t know he had built the house to seclude me from my friends and family. No one really knew where he built the house. No one really knew I was coming home from school. He had been planning this for awhile. He had set everything up. He had always dreamed, since I started blossoming into maturity to have me as his little-girl slave. He had always read stories about men kidnapping girls and even fathers making their own daughters into ‘baby-doll’ slaves.

They would always dress the girls (usually teenagers) as little girls to keep them ‘young and innocent’. They would have wardrobes for the girls with dresses too small for them that accentuated their figures. They would have them do little girl things such as coloring in books while their ‘daddies’ cooked for them. Sitting on their laps when their daddies were watching TV or surfing the internet, their cunts always panty-less and their legs spread as their daddies fingered them or they would be straddling his naked thigh and grinding their pussies up and down on it as he fondled their breasts.

One story even had a man who kept another girl in the basement and while he was playing with her, he kept his little girl slave strapped to a dildo impaled to a kitchen chair and had her sucking on a pacifier as she was forced to listen to the other girl screaming as she was tortured and raped. While she was at the table, he had placed coloring books there and had set a number of pictures for her to color as he tortured her friend. Sometimes he even set a sippy cup on the table in front of her full of his cum that he always kept on hand, storing it for her and told her that if she didn’t drink it all by the time he returned, he would make her life miserable.

Eventually, he had to go back to the place he was working but he had always had one of his friends come over to ‘baby-sit’ his precious little girl and make sure she didn’t get into any trouble.

Another story had the little girl being her father slave but he had decided to marry her. Moving her someplace where no one knew them, he signed the papers to legalize the marriage since she was still too young and trapped her to him that way. Eventually he had impregnated her and during her pregnancy, he had developed a liking for the breast milk she had produced, bottling it up and storing it in the refrigerator for his personal use. He had then trained his son to be like him and was pleased to find out that his ‘wife’ had gotten pregnant again, this time with a little girl who he and his son trained to be like her mother.

Yes, all this turned my father on. He had planned it out so delicately while I was away at school. He had designed a room for me to be pink and frilly with stuffed animals, a king sized bed with pink and purple frilly satin sheets, a closet stuffed with outfits that he had picked out for me. One of those outfits was a version of my cheerleading uniform from back when I was in public school, only too small that would show off my cleavage and cunt to him.

He had put in things he had only dreamed of. A pool with a waterfall and lagoon running into it at the far side of the house. A dance/gymnastics studio where he could watch me ‘practice’ to get him in the mood to fuck me. Several furniture that had dildos impaled on them in different rooms where he could have me sit for hours on end as he worked on some other things. He was an artist, and enjoyed drawing. He knew that with some of the furniture he had designed would make me the ultimate model for him to base his drawings on.

In the kitchen was the chair he had imagined from the story he read but there was also a high chair for just in case his little girl got all fussy and needed something to hold her down as he fed her. Things of that sort were all over the place. If only I had known all about this I would never have gone home.

As the car pulled up the driveway, I looked up at the huge house he had designed and widened my eyes. I had no clue how well he had been doing with his business. I hadn’t seen his art in a long time and had no clue that now he was working on an adult comic series focusing on a man raping his daughter and making her into his sex slave. Of course, he was selling this on the ‘black market’ to people that ate that sort of thing up.

Looking to the chauffer I smile as he takes my hand and pulls me from the car. I had known the chauffer since I was a little girl. He had a variety of jobs. He was my father’s chauffer, bodyguard, butler. Sort of a jack of all trades. Watching as he pulled my suitcase from the car, I smiled and nodded at him “Thank you Robert…”

Watching him as he nodded to me, he put out his arm, and I smiled taking it as he guided me up the stairway to the front door. Pushing open the door, he told me that my father would see me in a little while and there would be a party later on. Taking me to a room that I thought was my own, it being done in my favorite shade of lilac and having everything a girl my age could ask for, I looked at him and said “A party? But I don’t think I have anything to wear.”

Seeing him smile, he motioned to a dress that was already laid out and I smiled as I saw my favorite shade of crimson with silver inlays. “Thank you Robert…tell him that I will be down shortly.”

Watching him leave the room, I sighed and spun around the room. I couldn’t believe that my father had done something like this. Opening a door to the other end of the room I was in, I smile seeing a bathroom setup with a vanity and everything. I knew I didn’t have to take a bath since I already took one before leaving the school, I picked up the dress and walked into the bathroom.

Stripping out of my jeans and t-shirt, I looked at my figure in the mirror. I am Japanese-American and had a nice taut figure due to my training with gymnastics and dance. Turning to look at the full frontal view, I saw that my breasts had grown and developed into full figured D breasts that were hugged by the white cotton bra I was wearing.

After doing my hair into a sort of up-do with ringlets circling my face, I smiled and look in the mirror again before turning and stepping into the dress. It hugged my figure nicely and had an easy to reach zipper. It was strapless and showed my toned arms nicely.

Turning and looking in the mirror, I saw some shoes that matched the dress and stepped into them before leaving the bathroom. Taking a final look around the room I thought was mine, I walked out into the hallway and down the stairs to the floor below.

Looking around and seeing the main room adorned in holiday decorations, I smiled at the huge Christmas tree. Walking into the main room, I saw Robert carrying in a tray of drinks. Smiling at me, he handed me a drink. Taking a sip, I smiled at him “When will Dad be down Robert?”

Smiling at me, Robert waited for the drug in the drink to take effect as he raised an eyebrow “He will be down soon Cleo…he had some things to settle.” Holding the tray he watched my actions before he set the tray down on the table. I hadn’t noticed that it was empty.

Nodding, I sighed and turned, looking out the window. After a few minutes of drinking the fruity concoction, I started to feel woozy and suddenly dropped the glass as I touched my forehead “Oh…I’m sorry Robert…I’m dizzy.”

Smiling at my reaction but quickly hiding it, Robert hurried over to me and took me by the arms to hold me up “It’s all right Cleo…I’ll clean it up…you must still be exhausted from the trip home…” Helping me to the couch, he watched me pass out there then smiled as he ran his hands down my shoulders, caressing them gently before slipping his hands under my dress and fondling my tits, massaging the nipples.

Remembering what he was ordered to do, Robert pulled his hands away and smiled as he saw my nipples poking through the fabric of the dress. Walking to the foot of the couch, he remembered being told to see if I was a virgin. Pulling my dress up to my waist and wasting no time, he thrust a finger into my cunt and smiled as he met resistance. Pulling his finger out and smiling at how wet I was starting to become, he replaced my panties and patted my slit through them.

Walking over to the bar that was set up at the other end of the room, he pulled out some sturdy ribbon and walked back over to me. Picking me up and pulling my dress off, he let it pool around my feet and picked me up, kicking the dress away. Winding the ribbon around my body securely, he took time to use excess ribbon to bind my ankles together. Going up my body in a spiral, he winded the ribbon around my panty and bra-clad body and bound my wrists behind me.

Laying me back on the couch he walked to the Christmas tree and laid out several cushions. Walking back to me and picking me up fireman style, he carried me over to the Christmas tree and laid me under it on top of the cushions and turned to see you standing in the doorway “She’s ready for you, Carlos.”

Stepping into the room and seeing me laying there, Carlos smiled and nodded “Good job Robert. Now would be kind enough to get the smelling salts?” Walking to where I was laying, he knelt next to me in his satin smoking jacket that covered his bare chest and black pants then watched as Robert waved the smelling salts under my nose.

Watching me stir and wrinkled my nose, I shook my head then looked up to see you staring down at me with a strange smile on your face. I had seen that smile on many boys’ faces before I left for the boarding school. Lust, I believed it was. Noticing I was almost nude and tied up, I struggled with the ribbon binding me “D…dad? What’s going on?”

Smiling at my confusion, he reached down and stroked my face with his finger. “I have been waiting a long time for this princess…and now the day has finally arrived to make you into a woman. Robert has told me you are still a virgin…and I am happy about that…but that is about to change. Your life now is to serve me as my baby-doll slave. I will always keep you young and innocent princess…”

Saying that, he kissed me tenderly on my lips as I gasped out and thrust his tongue into my mouth then motioned to Robert as he stood up. “Dad…what are you…”

Crying out, he shocked me by turning and slapping me full on in the face “It’s Daddy, little girl…from now on you are to call me Daddy!” Walking away from us, he motioned to Robert again, who smiled down at me and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me that way followed my father up the stairs as I started sobbing. Shaking my head, I felt Robert fondling my ass as he carried me before finding the opening between the ribbons and thrusting his finger between my ass cheeks and inserting his thick finger into my anus.

Shrieking out, I shook my head as he continued doing this, following my father to the room he had laid out for me. Setting me on the bed, he stepped back as my father stepped up to me and knelt down, running his fingers up and down my bound smooth legs. I had always been funny about cleanliness and almost every two days, had shaved my legs and armpits bald. Just recently I had been doing my pubic hairs after hearing what could settle in there as well when a girl was sleeping.

Letting me take in the room that was pink and frilly, with shelves lining the walls filled with stuffed animals, a table in the corner with a tea set from when I was a little girl, a doll house in another corner, a door in the final corner which he told me led to yet another bathroom, he finally spoke up. “This will be your room, princess. A perfect room for my perfect little girl. You will be sleeping in here when you are not sleeping with Daddy. Robert will always be here to make sure you behave yourself, and of course he will have my permission from time to time to use you. But for now he will only use your ass and your mouth. Your pussy is mine and mine alone.”

Taking in the rest of the room, I saw a TV on the bureau that was hooked up to a camera pointing directly at the bed. Looking around, I saw other cameras pointing at other angles at the bed saw them moving with each little movement and knew they were motion detected. They would follow me wherever I went. That was when he told me there were more cameras in the bathroom to record me in there too. In fact there were cameras everywhere in the house and that eventually he would be all too willing to sell the videos he made of us together to online customers and I would be his budding porn star.

Smiling at the look on my face, he looked at Robert “I believe it is time to unwrap my Christmas present.” Taking the knife Robert handed him, he gave me another smile as he heard my father ask him to hold me and took me by the shoulders and picked me up so he could sit on the bed with me on his lap. Widening my eyes, I watched my father cut the ribbon from my body and unwind it.

As he was doing so, he laid little butterfly kisses along my skin as my Robert held me in his lap, massaging my shoulders and kissing my neck. Feeling my father stop at my pelvis, he trailed licks and kisses around it before continuing on to my stomach. Licking my stomach, he thrust his tongue into my belly button and tongued it as he looked up at me and watched Robert undo my bra. Feeling my father continue to tongue my belly button I cried out as he reached up and massaged my left tit as Robert played with the nipple on my right tit.

Shaking my head, I bit my lip as this continued then whimpered out as Robert turned my face to his and thrust his tongue into my mouth. Raping my mouth, I heard my father telling me what a good little girl I was as he finished unwrapping the ribbon from my body.

Narrowing my eyes at them, I shook my head again then heard Robert laughing as he lifted me to my feet and placed me between my father and him. Reaching into the nightstand, he pulled out several cuffs then attached them to the bed frame. Standing there in my panties, I widened my eyes as my father undressed in front of me before feeling myself pulled down to the bed.

Struggling against Robert, I screamed out as Robert cuffed my hands to the upper bed posts and ran his hand along my chest, tweaking my nipple before standing again and pulling off his own clothes. Looking at both men as they were nude now, I shook my head and whimpered as I saw my father reach over and click on a remote control before setting it on the night stand.

That’s when I heard my yells in surround sound and realized there were speakers hidden around the room. Looking to the big screen TV that was situated above me, I saw myself on the screen and also realized I was being recorded. “No…Daddy…please don’ can’t…”

Smiling at me Dad traced his fingers over my as he lay next to me “Oh princess…haven’t you realized yet? I can do anything I want. I’m so glad you saved yourself for me.” Smiling at me, he nodded to Robert who lifted my body up as he slid under me.

Tensing and feeling his cock tense beneath my thigh, I shook my head fervently “No…no…you can’t…” But my cries were cut short as Robert turned my head and thrust his tongue back into my mouth.

Laughing and watching the both of us, my father crawled between my legs and put his face up to my panties. Taking in my scent, he closed his eyes and smiled a little “Mm…you smell so good darling…just like a virgin should…” Saying that, he ripped my panties off of my pussy and plunged his mouth into it, licking and sucking on it, causing my juices to flow. “Mmm…tastes just like honey…”

After several minutes of this, he looked up into my face then started kissing his way up my body again, finally stopping as he rested his cock against my slit. “Oh god baby…" Licking and sucking on my neck, he finally thrust into me causing me to scream out.

Stopping for several seconds, he smiled down at my face “I guess you’re not a virgin anymore sweetie…and now to take care of your other virginity.” Nodding at Robert, I shook my head as Robert licked my neck and lubricated himself in the juices that flowed between my ass crack. Plunging himself into my ass, my screams rent the air as my father and Robert fucked me simultaneously “Oh baby girl…you feel so warm…and just think this is Robert’s payment for being so faithful all these years.”

Feeling them both pump into me I looked up at Dad pleadingly with my eyes and shook my head. “Oh god…Dad…Daddy…it hurts…please no more…" Realizing what he could do and that he wasn’t wearing any condom, I shook my head fervently “Please Daddy…don’t cum in me…I’m not taking birth control…”

Smiling at my plaintiveness, Dad grinned and sighed “That was already taken care of. It was in the drink Robert gave you princess…but eventually you will come off that birth control…and then I will give you a baby…then you will have a choice to marry me or have a bastard child. It’s your choice baby girl.”

Hearing his evil plan, I shook my head “Oh god…I hate you…I…” Cutting off there, I widen my eyes as he started playing with my clit. Feeling my cunt and ass squeeze reflexively around them both, I heard both men moan out in pleasure “N…no…don’t…I don’t…”

Moaning out as my father continued worming his finger around my clit, he smiled as I cried out, cumming for him “Oh god…mmmmm…” Whimpering as I came down off my climax, I whimpered as I heard both men moaning as they licked my shoulders and neck as they came in me at the same time.

Sobbing out, I whimpered as my dad rolled off of me and put his arm over his face as I lay there. Feeling Robert pulling out of me, I was turned onto my side so he could slip out from under me then smiled at my father “Thank you Carlos…now…I believe I have other duties to attend to…but first…don’t you think Cleo better clean us off?”

Widening my eyes and looking at my father, I shake my head then see him smile “It’s only fair darling…” Feeling Robert turn my face to him, I whimper out and clench my teeth shut but felt my father kneel on my other side and put his hand up to my nose and held his finger over my nostrils firmly.

After several seconds, I opened my mouth to gasp out and gagged as Robert thrust his cock into my mouth. Pistoning in and out of my mouth, he moaned out “Oh god….she’s a natural cocksucker Carlos…” Feeling my throat tighten around him, I wrinkle my nose as I tasted the shit and cum on his cock and licked him instinctively till his pulled out.

Tapping me on the cheek with his cock, he smiled “That was fantastic Cleo…now it’s time for you to do the same to your dad.” Holding me for dad, Robert smiled as you plunged your cock into my mouth “Oh man…she IS fantastic…you’re right Robert. Oh baby girl…I’m so glad you’re home for

After several minutes of being fucked in the mouth, I gagged as I tasted my juices on his cock mixed with my virgin blood and his cum then whimpered as he came once again, this time into my mouth. Holding it in my mouth, I whimpered and tried to pull away.

Pulling me down till I was on my lap, Robert started massaging my throat as Dad kept in my mouth “Swallow honey…”

Refusing to swallow, I shook my head then whimpered out as Dad closed his hand over my nostrils again firmly “Baby…swallow…” Sobbing and growing red in the face, I whimpered out as I started to lose air and swallowed the cum. Pulling out of my mouth he patted my head as Robert stood up and gathered his clothes, leaving the room and my father and I alone.

Laying down next to me and resting his hand on my thigh he smiled at me “Next time, I expect you to swallow on your own. Now come on sweetie…I think it’s time for us to get some sleep. You’ve had a long introductory day today and tomorrow we start your training. But first…I think we better have a bath.”

After uncuffing me from the bed, he pulled me up to my feet and pulled me into the bathroom which had a shower, a bathtub that could’ve passed as a Jacuzzi and several other amenities. After washing me, and when I say washing, he didn’t let me do anything. He soaped me up, washed my hair, did everything, he pulled me from the shower and towel dried me.

After patting me dry, he picked me up and carried me into the bedroom “You are going to be such a good girl baby…but tonight I think I better collar you to the bed.” Pulling out a collar that was pink with silver studs done in letter saying 'DADDY’S LITTLE CUMSLUT-PRINCESS' he fastened it around my neck and locked the little padlock so I couldn’t remove it.

Fastening a leash to the collar and tying it off to the bed frame, he smiled at me as he climbed into the bed with me. “Now this is only for tonight baby…don’t expect Daddy to sleep in here every night. Most nights you’ll sleep in the big girl’s bed which is in Daddy’s room but tonight I want you to get used to this.”

Reaching over me, he grabbed the cuffs that he set there and fastened them on my wrists “I also want you to get used to holding me but for now, you’re going to lay against Daddy’s chest as Daddy warms his cock in your cunny and we’re going to watch the nice movie you made for him.”

Smiling at me, he lifted me up so I was sitting on his cock and lowered me down causing me to moan out. Propping himself up on the ample pillows behind him, he pulled me up so I layed my head against his chest as he rested his cock inside of me.

Feeling him lengthening in me, I started crying as he petted my hair and turned on the video. I could see Robert laying down on the bed and Dad laying me on top of him with my cunt open to Dad. The video played two times with the surround sound as Dad ran his fingers down over my hips and ran his fingers over my labia.

Eventually thrusting his fingers into me, he started moaning out then started thrust up into me “Oh god baby…this is such a good movie. And just think it’s only your first video of your first time. There will be plenty of movies.”

Sobbing and listening to his words, I felt him continue to thrust into me before grabbing my hips and starting to raise me up and down on him “Oh baby…ride Daddy…that’s right…squeeze Daddy with your cunt…oh baby…” Hearing him sigh in contentment, I felt him flooding me again then lay back and pull me down on top of him.

After several minutes of me resting on top of him and him getting his breath back, he smiled at me and kissed me deeply on the mouth “Baby girl…welcome home…and welcome to your new life…now let’s get some sleep.”

Saying that, he took my cuffed wrists and unfastened them long enough to force me to wrap my arms around him and cuffed my arms tightly. Laying us both on our sides, he pulled the blanket over us and held me tight. Thrusting his cock into me, he nuzzled my neck and smiled “Mmm baby…your cunny is so warm and welcoming…I can’t wait to fuck you more when we wake up in the morning.”

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Offline Cleo

Chapter 2: Cleo's First Morning

Waking up the next morning to find his face in Cleo’s shoulder, Carlos smiled and kissed the birthmark on it then felt his cock twitch. It was still buried in her cunt and it felt pleasant to him. Looking down at her face as she appeared to be sleeping peacefully, he smiled again and leaned down to kiss her on her lips then moved his hips a little deciding to wake her gently that way.

Whimpering a little and feeling something on my lips, I open my eyes and find myself face to face with my father kissing me. It all comes rushing back to me from the night before. Coming home, getting dressed for a party only to be drugged and knocked out. Waking up to find my father kneeling in front of me and telling me how he’s always wanted me as his little girl slave. Robert picking me up and carrying me to this room. My being raped by both him and my father. Being made to watch the video of that rape.

Feeling my father rock his hips back and forth and feeling his lips on my neck, I turn my face away as tears roll down my cheeks. I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was all too much.

Seeing his daughter starting to cry, Carlos smiled and licked away the tears “You’ll get used to it princess…and I won’t let anyone hurt you. You’ll always be my precious little girl. But right now….it’s time to please your Daddy again…” Saying that, he started pumping in and out of me again, feeling my cunt squeeze around him instinctively milking him. “Oh baby girl…you feel so good and your cunt really wants me.”

Feeling him continue to pump in and out of me I whimper then turn my face away as he tried to kiss me again. That’s when I feel him lower his mouth to one of my nipples and suck it gently into his mouth. Licking it and rolling it around with his tongue, he moaned into it, causing the vibrations to make it harden before turning his attentions to the other nipple and doing the same to it.

Hearing him moan around the nipples caused my breath to hitch as I shook my head “Oh god…Daddy…please don’t do this…this is wrong…” But my protests were to no avail as he chuckled and tilted my head to look up at the TV on the ceiling “Look princess…don’t you look pretty being fucked by your Daddy? Oh baby girl…I know several men who can’t wait to see this…Let’s make it a little more interesting for them shall we?”

Saying that, he uncuffed my hands from around him and jostled our bodies around till I was sitting on his lap. “Baby Girl…you’re going to ride Daddy now. Or else Daddy’s going to send this video to all your friends emails. Just imagine all the boys that will want to fuck you then.” Saying that, he began to raise and lower his hips, urging me to fuck him before taking my hips and raising me up and down “Here…let me help you get started.”

Stopping after a couple of seconds, he smiled and said, “Now you do it…” Sobbing and remembering his warning I started to ride on him up and down as he had me facing the TV on the bureau “Okay Baby Girl, tell the camera how much you love fucking Daddy…go on now…remember my warning.”
Sobbing, I shook my head and said “Oh Daddy…I love fucking you…you’re so big and thick inside of me…exactly what I need.” Raising my hips up and down, I continue “Please keep fucking me Daddy…I need it…”

Hearing him laughing, I saw him smile through the TV and said “I know you do Baby Girl…and guess what…I was never going to send this video to your friends…they don’t deserve the privilege of watching your beautiful body fucking me. I just wanted you to do this.”

Knowing that I would start to fight him, he pulled me down on top of him and rolled till he was on top of me again and started hammering into me “Baby Girl…you’re so fuckable…I love it…” Thrusting his mouth onto mine, I cried out as his tongue intermingled with mine.

Hearing the door open, he looked at it and smiled, seeing Robert enter with a tray of food “Thank you Robert…I appreciate that.”

Smiling at my father, Robert nodded then looked down at me with lustful eyes “And how is Cleo doing today, Carlos?”

Grinning, my father looked down into my eyes “She’s doing well Robert…I just had her riding me moments ago after I threatened to send the video to her friends. And I got her to say she loves fucking me. Isn’t that grand?”

Nodding, Robert smiled and walked to where I was laying and ran his hands through my hair “She is indeed precious, Carlos. Now…would you like to eat in here or on her veranda this morning?”

Thrusting one final time into me, Dad smiled and looked at Robert “I think we’ll eat in here today. And at lunch I’ll bring her downstairs.” Looking at me, he raised his eyebrow “Princess? Don’t you think you should thank Robert? Of course you do.”

Not getting a choice in the matter, I cry out as he opened my mouth and Robert who had already unbuttoned his fly thrust into my mouth “Oh sir, her mouth is heavenly….maybe for flavoring I should put some cum into her eggs?”

Smiling a little at me as Robert continued to pummel my mouth, I felt my father start to thrust into me again, milking the rest of his cum into me “Sure Robert…she’s going to have to get used to the taste sooner or later…just make it a little cum though.”

Nodding, Robert smiled as he came in my mouth. Making sure I swallowed most of it, he turned to our tray of food and pumped the rest onto my eggs then mixed it up with a fork. Looking at the sausages, he smiled as he thought of something. “Sir, may I show you something I learned from a story I read?”

Nodding, my father smiled “Of course Robert…go right ahead.” Pulling out of me, my father smiled and pulled me up to sit on his lap.

Smiling, Robert nodded and picked up one of the plumpest sausages and spread my thighs “You may want to hold her sir…” Watching my father grab my thighs and keep them spread wide, Robert smiled and thrust the sausage into my cunt and pumped it in and out of me “I read in a story that the man who had kidnapped the woman had pumped a sausage into her like this and then made her eat it. Eventually she learned to adore her cuntal juices on the sausages…now let’s see if the same can be said here…”

Saying that, he raised the sausage to my lips and my father forced my mouth open. Tasting the juices on the sausage, I was made to bite into it and my mouth was held shut until I swallowed it. Gagging on the taste, Robert smiled and stepped back “I hope you enjoy yourself today sir...” Saying that, he turned and left the room.

Sobbing, I looked at my father and he picked up his fork and casually started to eat his breakfast. Looking down at my cunt, he raised an eyebrow. “Hm…I wonder how that tastes…” Looking at my expression, he smiled at me and spread my thighs again “Remember darling….there’s nowhere for you to go so you might as well not fight me.”

Sighing, I lay against him and winced as he thrust another sausage into me and pumped it in and out a few times. Finally pushing the full length inside of me, he smiled and kissed my cheek “How does that feel Hun…does it feel as big and warm as the real thing?”

Laughing and pulling it out, he bit into it “Why…that’s a delightful taste…mmm…it’s delicious. I think I’m going to ask Robert to add your juices to the food from now on…it will be our own secret recipe…”

Smiling down at my face, he thrust the final sausage into me and raised me up to sit on it. “Now baby girl…while you eat, I want you to fuck that sausage like you were my cock just a few minutes ago.” Picking up a forkful of the cum soaked eggs, he shoved it into my mouth “You need your protein darling so eat up.”

Being forced to swallow spoonful after spoonful of the eggs, I whimpered as I fucked the sausage, only wanting it out of me. After the eggs were gone, he pulled the sausage out of me and had me bite into it. After my two bites, he finished it. “That is delicious. Mmm...And you’re learning so fast how to please your Daddy…I’m so proud of you Baby Girl.”

Laughing at my hate-filled eyes, he pulled me up “It’s bath time now sweetie…come on.” Taking my collar and leash off and leading me into the bathroom, he set me in the Jacuzzi style tub and started the bubbles. Slipping in behind me, he picked me up and set me on his lap facing him. “Now…I want you to take that bar of soap and wash me good…better yet…let Daddy show you something…”

Taking the bar of soap, he rubbed it up and down my breasts and around my nipples. Now, take your breasts and use them to rub my chest. Massage my
nipples with yours. Looking defiantly at him, he pretended to pout and pulled me to him “Here…let Daddy show you.”

Laying me against the side of the tub, he took my breasts and rubbed his chest against it, massaging his nipples against mine. Breathing hard, I rolled my head to the side and shook it but heard him say “There now…doesn’t that feel good? Now…Daddy has to soap up your cunt or it’ll start to stink…” Feeling him move his hand with the soap to his cock, he soaped his cock up then thrust it into me. Pumping me several times, he moaned and bit down gently on my neck “Oh god…that feels good Baby Girl….but Robert said your ass was dirty too…I have to wash that as well..”

Widening my eyes and hearing him I remembered the pain I was in as Robert fucked my ass and started fighting my father. Looking down at me, Dad smiled and said “Aw…is my little girl being naughty?” Flipping me over while still impaled in my cunt, he smiled and bit my neck again while sucking on it “You forget baby….you don’t get a choice in these things…”

Saying that, he pulled out of my cunt and suddenly thrust into my ass “Oh no…Dad…NOOOO!!!!” Screaming out and clawing at the tub, I sobbed out as he pumped in and out of my ass.

Smiling down at me, he held still inside of me “Daddy doesn’t want to hurt his baby…but you have to get used to a man being in your ass. So why don’t you sit on Daddy’s lap and let the bubbles play with your cunt?” Moving to sit down, he lowered me till my ass was completely impaled on his cock and spread my legs so the jets were hitting my clit and labia “There….isn’t that much better?”

Licking and sucking on my neck, he pulled me back “Relax Baby Girl…relax your ass…that’s a good girl…” Feeling my ass slowly relax, he smiled and started jabbing into me “Gotta make sure you’re all nice and clean…good thing Daddy soaped up his cock huh?”

Laughing at my discomfort, he moaned out and came in my ass “Oh Baby…you’re so good to your Daddy…having you like this will make every day be like Father’s Day to me…” Pulling me off of his lap, he smiled “It’s time to get dressed now…I’m sure you can’t wait to see what Daddy has for his little girl…”
Saying that, he patted me dry and led me into the bedroom and sat me on the bed. Opening up the closet, he pulled out a plaid skirt and a red top. “Come here baby…it’s time for Daddy to dress you.” Pulling me to him, he held me to him and wrapped the skirt around me. Fastening it on me, I could see it was way too short, and showed part of my cunt to him. Picking up the top, he had me stick my arms into it and tied it in a knot to show off my tummy. The top was two sizes too small and showed off most of my cleavage.

Turning me to look at him, he smiled but didn’t say anything as he sat me down at the vanity and brushed my hair then pulled it into two pigtails. Pulling me to my feet, he looked me up and down and hugged me to his body “Oh honey…you look so fuckably adorable!!!” Feeling him thrust his hand into my cunt from behind he smiled and sucked on my neck, leaving a mark on there finally. “There…that’s to let everyone know you’re mine…”
Looking into my eyes, he smiled and said “Now…we don’t want your little pussy to get all lonely do we?” Reaching over to a drawer, he pulled out a dildo and knelt down. Raising my skirt a little, he started sucking and licking on my twat then ran the dildo along the slit. Collecting the juices, he thrust the dildo into me and fastened the strap to keep it in me. Putting the key to the strap in his pocket, he smiled at me as he stood up “There…that’s not too big…but not too small…that will keep your cunt in shape for me…”

Twirling me around, I gasped as I felt the dildo move inside of me and bit my lip “Oh god…”

Hearing me, he smiled “Just be glad I don’t do your ass like that…yet. I’ll let Robert decide if he wants that to happen to you.” Scooping me up he smiled and kissed my mouth then said “Baby Girl, you’re going to have to entertain yourself for a few hours. Daddy’s got some things to do. You have your little doll house there…and there’s your stuffed animals. There’s some coloring books too.”

Pulling me to the table, he showed me the coloring books. Most of them were done by his hand and showed people fucking. Showing me one in particular, I took in the scenes that portrayed the father fucking his daughter. “Why don’t you color me some pictures so I can hang them in my bedroom? You’d like to see your art in Daddy’s bedroom wouldn’t you?”

Smiling at me, he said “I’ll lock you in here. I don’t want anything bad happening to my sweet angel so you have fun.”

Saying that, he smiled and patted my ass then turned the TV to another channel to show some cartoons. “You enjoy your cartoons and play nicely. I’ll be in to check on you later.” Turning he strode out of the room and left me standing where I was.

Sobbing out, I lay down on the bed and curled up into a ball as I thought about everything that had happened.

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Offline Cleo

Chapter 3: The Meet and Greet

After a couple hours in my room alone, my father returned and smiled at me as I appeared to be sleeping peacefully on my bed. I had cried myself to sleep. Reaching down and picking me up, I whimper as he nuzzled my neck “Did my good little girl have a good nappy? Well now…it’s time for lunch…”

Remaining sleepily in his arms, I looked around as he carried me through the hall and down the stairs into the kitchen. Robert had gone out to do something and our food was already on the table. Shifting me to one arm, Dad reached up between my thighs and unfastened the dildo.

Feeling him pulling it out, I grunted a little then looked at him helplessly. What else did he have planned for me? Seeing him smile at me, he tugged one of my pigtails gently “You’re so pretty baby girl…and after lunch Daddy is going to go surfing on the internet. I want to show you some sites that I think you will like Angel…but for now, let’s get you into your chair so you can eat.”

I was getting irritated with the baby talk and it was evident on my face but Dad simply smiled and pulled me over to a chair. Taking it in, I bit my lip, seeing the butt plug and dildo attached to the chair. Smiling at me malevolently, my father spread my thighs and picked me up “Now baby, let’s make sure your ass and pussy are above the right places.”

Moving my hips around, he pushed on them and I squealed out as I was impaled on both the butt plug and the dildo at the same time. Sitting back in the chair, I whimpered as I looked at my Dad and he smiled patting me on the head “There now…aren’t you cute? Daddy’s going to take some pictures now so hold still.”

Watching him pull out a camera, I looked plaintively at it as he snapped a few pictures of my face then pointed it down to my pussy and snapped a few of it then my ass to show how full they really were. “Now baby…this chair is special…hang on…”

Looking at him, I watched as he pushed a button on a remote control. The chair started moving up and down, causing my hips to raise up and down on both the butt plug and the dildo “There now Angel…this is to get you used to riding up and down on Daddy…just like a carousel horse…”

Ca-Chunk…Ca-chunk Ca-chunk….Ca-chunk.

Grunting as the chair continued to move slowly I whimpered as I looked at my father as he smiled and picked up a tray. “Now we don’t want you falling off the chair so we go…” Fastening the tray to the chair, I realized that I was in a high chair made for adults. Looking up at him, he smiled as he leaned down and licked my cheek.

Sitting down beside me, he pulled the two plates of food to us and I watched him cut my food up. “Now I don’t want Baby to choke…so these are going to be bite-sized…here you go…” Saying that, he laid some food down on my tray “Here’s some for my big girl…now eat up.”

Smelling how good the food was, I bit my lip then sighed and picked up the bits of food and started eating it like I was supposed to. His eyes never left me as he watched me being fucked by the chair. As he finished eating, he dabbed at his chin then walked to the sink and washed the dishes.

I was in pure hell as the chair continued to pump both the dildo and butt plug in and out of me. But eventually, I started moistening up. That’s when I heard them. The tell-tale moans. And they were coming from my mouth! I couldn’t believe that I was getting turned on by all of this. This was wrong…disgusting! I was being forced to do all this by my own father! I shouldn’t be turned on by it!

My father must’ve heard the moans too. Seeing him turn and walk over to me out of the corner of my eye, I felt him lean his body against mine and untie my top. The ties were now hanging down, exposing my breasts over the tray of the high chair. Feeling the kisses on my neck, he smiled “Mmm…is my baby girl getting turned on by all this? I knew you would…”

Groaning out, I felt him take both my breasts into his hands and massage them, flicking my nipples with his fingers before they hardened. After they hardened, I watched as he pulled the tray off the chair and lift my tiny skirt up “Here…let daddy help you…he wants you to cum for him.”

Shaking my head, I moaned out as I felt his fingers curl around my clit as he started to roll it around while licking and sucking on my shoulder. “That’s my good baby…” Pressing my head into his shoulder, I was blushing fervently as he continued to roll my clit between his fingers and massage my breasts with the other.

“Cum for daddy baby girl…you know you want to.” Sobbing I listened to his voice as he chuckled and licked my neck up to my mouth before plunging his tongue into it. I felt him massaging my tongue with the flat of his as he moaned into my mouth.

Whimpering out into his mouth, I cried out and came for him. Opening my eyes and looking at his face, I saw him smiling down at me then rubbed his hands up and down my body. “Mmm…such a good girl…I’m proud of you…”

Chuckling again, he placed his hands underneath my arms and lifted me from the chair. Whimpering and feeling the dildo and butt plug leave my body, I panted out as I leaned against him. Straightening my skirt back over my pussy, he then tied my top back around my middle and patted my head. “Come on now…I believe I wanted to show you something on the computer.”

Taking my hand, he led me to his den and sat down in the computer chair. Looking around for another chair, I heard him laugh then say “Honey, there’s no other chair…so you’ll just have to sit on Daddy’s lap.”

Sighing I looked at him. Would this torment never end? Patting his lap, he waited for me to move over to him. Sitting down on his lap with my back pressed to his chest, I had my legs to one side. But no, that wasn’t good enough. “Hm…baby girl…I think you know the way I’d rather have you sit…but hold on a minute…I want to be more comfortable.”

Having me stand, I turned and watched him stand and remove his trousers then boxers. Smiling at me as I took in his cock, he smiled and stroked it then removed his shirt. Sitting back down on the chair, he patted his leg “Straddle my leg baby girl…”

Biting my lip, I did as he said, feeling my bare pussy jut out from the skirt and rub against his bare leg. Pulling me back into him, he smiled and undid my top again, this time pulling it off all the way. Massaging my breasts and getting my nipples hard again, I watched him log onto his computer.

Pulling up some websites, I saw that some of them were rape role play sites. My god! Was that what he did while I was away at school?! He was so disgusting! Chuckling at my expression, he nodded “You guessed it baby…I love to role play rape scenes…” Reaching down and playing with my cunt lips, he gave me a kiss then smiled “And this is the ultimate rape scene of them all..”

Pulling up another website, I saw that it contained girls my age dressed as little girls, fucking men older than them. “This, my little one, is where I got my idea to make you into my little girl slave…do you like it? Most of these girls on here are about your age…and most of the men they are fucking are their own fathers! So now you know you’re not alone…”

Chuckling, he clicked on a few links in the website and I grew startled as the pictures and video from the night before came up. “My friends on here were delighted when I told them I finally made you my slave. They love the pictures and video. They want us to make more…”

Leaning forward, he smiled at my face and raised an eyebrow “But first, I think you better turn me on…why don’t you rub your pussy along my leg and stroke my cock while you’re at it?”

Seeing the incredulous look on my face, he growled and slapped me “That wasn’t a suggestion bitch! Do it now!” Reaching for my hand as I gasped out at the slap I felt him wrap it around his cock and made me stroke him several times before stopping “Now you do it…and get to rubbing your pussy on my leg!”

Sobbing, I did as he wanted, wrapping my fingers around his cock gently but firmly and pumped my hand up and down his cock while moving my hips back and forth. Feeling my pussy lips envelope his leg I whimpered but continued rubbing him. Eventually my pussy started to moisten as I continued riding his leg.

Settling back in his chair, he smiled a little and started clicking on some links showing sexy outfits and toys. Stopping at a pink double dildo, he studied it and grinned “Can you just imagine fucking one of your friends with that? Or maybe I can get one of the daddy’s on that website to bring over his little girl and we could have an orgy all our own? Would you like that baby girl?”

Smiling at my reaction, he grinned and rubbed my shoulder before lowering his mouth to suck on my neck. Stopping on a link which showed some edible underwear, he smirked a little “Oh look sweetie…your favorite flavor…Chocolate Caramel. Wouldn’t you like me eating that off of you? Maybe they make some underwear for men in that flavor and you can eat it off of me…of course we would have to make sure it’s fat free! I don’t want you gaining a pound! You are so sexy the way you are.”

Watching my face, he could tell I was close to cumming again and smiled. “You’re close aren’t you baby girl? Tell Daddy the truth…”
Looking at him, I whimpered then nodded “Y…yes Daddy…I am…”

Smiling he nodded then motioned to his cock “Hold on baby…I’ll help you…” Grabbing my thighs and spreading them wide, he clicked on the mouse to show that he had been recording everything with his webcam.

Growing startled I saw it was playing live for the website he showed me. Seeing several men watching in different screens with their own girls on their laps, I heard hoots and hollers “Mm…yeah Carlos…she is a hot young thing…fuck her now man!!”

Chuckling and hearing the men, my father looked down at me “You heard our audience baby…” Reaching down to unfasten my skirt, he pulled it off of me then lowered me onto his cock. Crying out at the intrusion, I whimpered and bit my lip as he thrust his hips up and down “Here you go guys…a live show…meet Cleo. Cleo..these are my friends…like I said, I might have to have them come over to meet you ‘face-to-face’.”

Hearing the laughter from the men and the moans from their girls, I whimpered as my father lowered me up and down on his cock. “What do you think guys? Should I make her pregnant? Greg…I know you did that with Melody last month…how is that coming along.”

Seeing the man who my father was talking to pick up his daughter, I saw she was a blonde haired blue eyed beauty. Smirking and setting her down on his cock, he looked at her “What do you think Melody? Do you want to tell them?”

Looking plaintively at the screen, Melody sighed as her father pumped into her “I am pregnant with his child…maybe twins…and Daddy wants to marry me now…the wedding date is set for next month and you all are invited…”

Laughing at his daughter’s words, Greg continued to pump into Melody “Yeah…we found out it could be twins…found out that her sister had twins. Her TWIN sister…so it could play out for Melody that she should have twins. Do you want to see her sister?”

Panning the camera out a little, he showed another man, about 25 years old, massaging a 17-year-old girl’s stomach as he squeezed her body to him. Greg got into view again and smile “That’s their older brother, Robert…and that’s Ginger. They had their wedding a few months before she had their twin girls.” Smirking a little, he looked at Melody on his lap as he sucked on her neck “You know what they say…if you want to keep it pure, keep it in the family.”

Laughing a little at his words, my father nodded “Too true…” Gasping a little, he groaned out as he came in my pussy and pumped me up and down a few times then had me rest on his lap, with his cock still impaled in me “Don’t want any of my little swimmers falling out of there do we baby?”
Nodding to the men on the screen, he smiled “We’ll be at the wedding Greg…can’t wait to see you all there. Congratulations Melody…” Smirking a little, he signed off the web chat then smiled at me and sucked on my shoulder “So you see baby…you’re not the only one being used by her father…and you’re going to meet some of them at Melody’s wedding…aren’t you excited?”

Laughing, he settled in his chair as I sobbed, holding me close to him.

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Offline Cleo

Chapter 4: Getting Ready for a Wedding

It had been 2 months since my father raped him. I couldn’t believe it…I was starting to like it even though I was still fighting him. Subconsciously, I was finding myself expecting him to rape me and was actually anticipating it…I couldn’t believe it.

Today was the day of the Super Bowl and he was reclined back in one of the chairs, only in a satin robe and boxers, drawing in a sketch pad. I was impaled on a dildo jutting out from a pedestal with my arms tied behind my back.

He had gotten up once to adjust me, lifting my arms above my head and sketching me that way, looking helpless in a school girl outfit with the skirt rolled up around my hips to reveal my shaven cunt and my top down on the floor next to me. My breasts were tied semi-tightly with velvet rope, making them appear even larger and there were diamond nipple rings piercing through my nipples.

That wasn’t the only piercing though. Dad had held me down as Robert pierced my clit and left a diamond stud there. Inserted in my mouth was a pacifier gag and my hair was done in two pigtails with pom poms attached to them. I had started to drowse off as I shifted slightly to release the tension in my body when I felt two hands envelope around me.

Opening my eyes and looking sleepily up, I saw my father smiling down at me before he leaned down and sucked on my neck before inserting his fingers into my cunt and playing with the stud. Moaning and tensing a little, I felt my pussy grip onto his fingers and bit into the pacifier. I couldn’t believe it…I was actually getting turned on!

Chuckling, my father smiled and pulled away “Looks like my little girl needs some attention…” Saying that, he slowly unstrapped the pacifier from my mouth “There now…isn’t that much better?”

Working my jaw loose, I looked at him and nodded “Y…yes…Daddy…” But my words were cut short as he plunged his tongue into my mouth and rubbed my nipples.

Tensing and crying out into his mouth, I felt him unfasten one of the rings from my nipples and smiled as he saw some milk trickling out of the nipple. Leaning down and licking around it, he looked into my eyes before he took the nipple into his mouth and took a long draw from it. Whimpering and feeling the milk flowing out of me, I tensed a little. It didn’t hurt. It was more of a relief. I wasn’t pregnant…not yet…but he had given me some milk injections to make my breasts bigger and he enjoyed drinking the milk, sometimes milking me and keeping it in bottles in the fridge like he kept his cum in sippy cups to embarrass me.

Pulling away from my nipple, he smiled “Mmm…honey, your milk tastes so good from the tap…I think it’s time for you taste some…” Saying that, he reached over and grabbed the milk pump.

Attaching the cup to my breast, he squeezed it a few times, letting the milk drain out of my breast and into the bottle attached to the pump. After filling it midway, he started on my other breast and finished filling the bottle. Attaching a bottle nipple to the bottle, I realized that it was a baby bottle. My God….would this humiliation never end?

Unstrapping my arms from where they were strapped behind me, he massaged the blood pressure back into them and gave me the bottle. “There now, you drink on that while Daddy gets you down off this pedestal…I’m sure you could use some lap time…but we can’t do it too long…we’ve got a wedding to get to.”

Oh no…I remembered that today was the day of Melody’s wedding. The poor girl that I met online was a slave to her father and he had gotten her pregnant. Today he was forcing her to marry him just like her twin sister had to marry their brother.

Moaning out as Dad pulled me off the pedestal, I let him pick me up as he carried me to the recliner and placed me on his lap, removing his cock from his boxers. Feeling his hard on against my thigh, I whimpered as I sucked on the bottle and felt him spread my legs slightly to start to massage my pussy.

Laying back against him, I kept my legs spread and looked away, sucking on the bottle. The Super Bowl was still going on, but the commercials were not the same that I remembered. He had the Super Bowl tuned to a special channel where the commercials were mostly for new porn movies coming out. There was the occasional, Daddy/Daughter movie but then there were bondage ones and kidnapping. They looked horrible.

Feeling him sucking on my shoulder, he smiled a little “The game is terrible honey…but the commercials are great…oh look there’s a new Daddy/Daughter Bondage/Slave/Rape one coming out to the Pornasium….we should go see it this weekend.”

Shuddering and remembering the theater he had taken me to, I remembered seeing several people having a group orgy there. Dad had taken me to a special section where all the Dads were with their Daughters. Several of the Daughters were tied up as they were forced to have sex with their fathers.

That was my first group orgy. Dad had kept me to himself for a half hour but then his friend, Greg came in with his son and daughters and Dad traded me to Greg for a chance with Melody and Ginger. Greg and his son, Roger had shifted me to another chair where Greg had reclined back to allow him access to my pussy while Roger raped me anally. They got bored with this and decided to get creative.

They both inserted themselves into my pussy, Greg from underneath and Roger from above. It was a tight fit and after several tries, Roger had finally managed to fit himself above his father. Apparently they had done this with Melody and Ginger before.

Dad decided to join us and Melody and Ginger both began kissing their father and brother and even Dad as Dad pummeled my mouth. The girls then began kissing each other while running their hands over my body as I was fucked. They had apparently been turned into bi-sexuals over time, learning to love both men and women.

After Roger, Greg and Dad all came into me, they let Melody and Ginger ‘play’, pulling me up between them and pressing their bodies into mine. I was disgusted and tried to pull away but Ginger pulled my hair back and kissed me forcefully while Melody held me.

Snapping back to the present, I moaned out as my father forced me onto his cock and started jutting up into me. “Mmmm…honey…your pussy’s still so tight…but I hate to say this, we had better get ready to go.” Pulling out of my pussy, he smiled as I looked at him disdainfully, pulling me to my feet before throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me upstairs.

Sitting me on the bed, he smiled and rifled through the clothing in the closet and pulled out a short dress and sweater combination. It was revealing, but still somewhat conservative. Walking over to me, he laid the clothing out and grabbed the wash basin.
Walking into the bathroom and quickly filling it with warm water, he reentered the bedroom and had me stand up. Finishing stripping me, he ran the warm sudsy water over my body and then dried me off. Reaching for the clothing, he pulled the dress on over my head and settled it on my body.

Looking down, I could see it hugging my form and barely covering the middle of my thighs. Wrapping the sweater around me, he smiled a little “We wouldn’t want you to get cold would we?”

Tugging my hair out of the pigtails, he had me sit down and brushed out my hair before fastening a simple glittery barrette into it. Telling me to do my makeup, I applied only a little as he dressed in a suit and tie and grabbed something from around the bed post.
Turning to me, I could see it was the collar from the first night I was with him. Seeing the words ‘Daddy’s Little Cum-Slut Princess’ glittering in diamonds, I bit my lip as he fasted it around my neck. Turning me to look in the mirror, he leaned down and kissed the top of my head “There now, don’t you look pretty? Now come on, we don’t want to be late.”

Smiling, he fastened the leash to it and led me out of the bedroom and down the stairs. Grabbing my purse, he smiled and slipped in a couple dildos, anal beads and other toys then zipped it up. Turning me around, he smiled and pulled out what looked like a pair of underwear. Stooping down, he smiled and pushed a button and out popped out a dildo and a butt plug from secret compartments.

Telling me to step into the underwear, he smiled and pulled them onto me then grabbed a remote control. Pushing a button, I yelped a little as I felt them both start to vibrate inside of me. Biting my lip, I watched as he opened the door and led me outside and down the steps to the car.

Opening up the passenger’s side door, I gaped open as I saw what looked like a harness attached to the door. Pulling me toward the harness, I felt him strap me into it then pushed a button. Widening my eyes, I felt the harness slide into the car, till it had me directly in front of the driver’s side in front of the wheel.

Watching my father get in, sliding in front of me, I felt the harness slide me down till I was under the will. Seeing him slide his cock out of his trousers, I realized that the harness was for holding me down to suck his cock as he drove, I whimpered as he thrust into my mouth and patted my head “Now remember sweetie, no teeth.”

Whimpering around his cock, I felt the car start up as he pulled out of the driveway as he turned on the radio. We were on our way to the wedding.

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Chapter 5: The Wedding

Being tugged toward Melody's house, Cleo felt her father's arm rest around her hip. "Now I want you to be a good girl. You'll do everything I want you to do...won't you? You should know by now what the consequences will be if you don't."

Looking at her father, Cleo sighed. Her father never really hit her with a whip or anything of the sort but he did cane her on occasion. His main punishment for her would be locking her up in the smallest room in the house. The room he had put her in the first day she was being 'trained'. She hated the room because it was so small. She never was good with enclosed spaces.

Looking down, she nodded "Yes Dad...Daddy...I know..." Pursing her lips, she saw him out of the corner of her eye as he smiled then gasped out as she felt a tug on her panties. Her father had tugged on them just to remind her of the dildo inserted on them. He could flip it on whenever he wanted.

Smiling and ringing the doorbell, Carlos waited with Cleo and almost instantly the door opened. On the opposite side stood Roger, Melody's brother and kneeling next to him was his wife...and sister...Ginger. "Carlos...glad you could make it...Ginger...welcome him!!!"

Slowly the girl at his feet raised up onto her haunches and hugged Carlos around the middle, rubbing her cheek against his groin "Hello Daddy Carlos..." After doing so, she knelt back down and looked away as Carlos grabbed Cleo and thrust his tongue into her unprotesting mouth. Pulling away, he smiled "It's good to see you too Cleo...come on in and have a seat. I'm sorry we don't have seating for everyone...most of the men are having the girls sit on their...laps..."

Smiling malevolently at me, my father guided me into the living area "Oh I'm sure we can make do..." Sitting in a plush sized chair, he pulled Cleo down onto his lap. Kissing her neck, he smiled as he settled into the chair comfortably.

After chatting with the other fathers and fondling his daughter, Carlos and the others heard the music starting. Staring with rapt attention toward the doorway, he smiled, pulling Cleo more deeply into his lap. Grinding his groin against her short-skirted ass, he knew that she could feel his hard on through her panties and pressed even harder, driving it up onto the area where the dildo was attached, causing her to gasp out as the dildo was driven deeper into her.

Reaching down and switching on the panties, he chuckled as he heard her gasp while the dildo vibrated inside of her. Looking around herself, she noticed that some of the other daughters (some new) looked uncomfortable like her. It seemed that it was tradition to make them wear panties like this to ceremonies. The fathers looked almost...nonplussed as they watched Melody walk into the room wearing nothing but a white bra and panty outfit. Around her neck was a white collar producing a chain. Along the panty line it said BRIDE.

Biting her lip as she walked down the aisle to where her father was standing with his hands in front of him, Melody looked down as he took the chain and pulled her to him, wrapping his arm around her.

Feeling her father shifting under her, Cleo gasped as he reached under her skirt and started fondling her slit through her panties. Chuckling, he reached forward and started sucking on her earlobe "Getting wet my dear? Well don't worry...we'll be done here soon...and then Melody and her father will be going on their...honeymoon. Then we can go home more. And don't worry...there's a surprise waiting for you there."

Almost terrified of what her father had planned, Cleo bit her lip as he dug his fingers against her clit.

After the ceremony, Melody's father turned to the other gentlemen and smiled. Turning Melody to face them, Cleo gasped as she saw for the first time, Melody's stomach protruding slightly. Placing his hand on her stomach, Melody's father chuckled "'s official. Just like Ginger had. Now while I'm away, Carlos has been gracious enough to check in on Roger and Ginger from time to time and for that I thank him. Melody, don't you think you should thank him too?"

Sighing almost dejectedly, Melody walked over to Carlos and sat on Cleo's lap, forcing Cleo deeper into her father's lap...her ass crack almost against her father's clothed cock. Smiling a little wistfully at the younger girl, Melody raised up Cleo's skirt and pulled her panties to the side. The dildo stayed inserted in her but Melody's objective was clear.

Reaching behind Cleo, Melody unzipped Carlos' pants and produced his cock. He was wearing no boxer or underwear so it was easy. Stroking his cock several times to get it hard, Melody leaned around Cleo and sucked on her earlobe before kissing Carlos on the mouth. "Thank you Daddy Carlos..." Saying that, she took his cock and lifted up slightly, pulling Cleo with her then spread Cleo's asscheeks and setting her gently on Carlos' cock. "I wish I could give you a proper lapdance to thank you but since Cleo is already there I think she should be the one to do so."

Looking at her father, Melody stood and rejoined him at the altar as Carlos smiled and placed his hands on Cleo's shoulders, forcing her down onto himself gently and making her cry out. "Well, she's right you know...and since your pussy is'll have to be your ass."

Hearing the other men laugh, Melody's father clapped his hands and announced "Let the festivities...commence!!!"

For the next few hours it was nonstop orgy fest. All the men used the time to fuck their daughters. Cleo knew she should be used to it, but she couldn't help trying to fight it slightly. Whimpering as her father came in her pussy for the fifth time, the panties cast to the side and pinning her to the carpet, he smiled as he licked her neck then thrust his tongue into her mouth "And just think darling...once you are pregnant with my will have no choice but to marry me."

Laughing into her horrified face, he thrust into her hard and fast, building up to his next orgasm.

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Chapter 6: Daddy's Little Surprise

After the wedding, Carlos drove Cleo to a lingerie/sex toy store. It was a lingerie/sex toy store...but there was something...different...about it. After swinging the harness with an sobbing Cleo out of the car, Carlos smiled and patted his daughters hair. "Now need to get all hysterical know what you're just pleasing your daddy...that's all. It's only natural since you love your daddy. Now...we're at my favorite store because daddy wants to spoil his little be good in here now."

Unfastening her from the harness, he cleaned up her face, clearing away all the cum that was on there then dragged her to the back of the car. Opening the trunk, he fished around in it and pulled out a small teddy-baby doll outfit. Turning to his daughter, he pulled her to him and held it out to show her what it looked like. It was small all right, barely covering her cleavage if at all, and it most certainly wouldn't cover her panties. On the front was a silhouette of a woman sitting thrusting her chest out and over the woman in curvy letters it said "Booty Call".

Smiling at her, Carlos nodded at her horrified expression. "That's right darling...we're going in there and you're going to be dressed in this." Reaching around her and pulling her dress off of her, he slipped the lacy teddy over her head.

Pulling out a hair brush, he let her hair down and brushed it out then pulled out a matching bag that matched the teddy and slipped in a couple of vibrators and a dildo. Handing the bag to his daughter, he smiled a little then took her leash and guided her into the store.

Hearing the bell ring, he looked around and smiled, waving to the man behind the counter. The man was a muscular, young man...about mid-twenties, early thirties...he had an almost Lex Luthorish type of look to him Smiling and slipping out of his seat behind the counter, the man smiled and hugged Cleo's father like they were long lost brothers " great to see you!!! And is this Cleo? My God...she's grown gorgeous...and you weren't kidding about what you were planning on doing huh?"

Smiling and stepping to Cleo, he looked down at her "Hi sweetie...I doubt you remember me...I believe the last time I saw you you were about 8 or 9. I'm your dad's best friend, George. We grew up together...he just got ahold of me after he found out I was opening this store." Wrapping his arms around her he smiled and sucked on her neck "He and I like to...share...still... 'toys' in specific." Grinding his hips into her groin, he smiled and thrust his tongue into her mouth. Lowering his hand around her hip, he raised her skirt and slid his finger under her panties to her ass hole. Smiling and feeling her clench down on him, he smiled and pulled away, still hold her with one arm draped around her shoulder, his hand on her ass "You weren't kidding...she's hot as hell..."

Laughing and slapping her ass, he walked away from her "So...what can I get for ya Carlos? We got some new stuff in costumes...anything you want."

Smiling at his daughter's reaction, Carlos led her by her collar around the store "Oh I'm just looking around...I might get some ideas on what to get Cleo. I heard about your little girls section..."

Clasping his hands, George smiled and ushered them through a curtained room "This place has it even has rooms where you could live out your fantasies, and see if you like what comes up." Pulling the curtain back, Cleo gasped as she saw a big toyroom that, had it not been in a sex toy shop, would delight any little girl.

There were teddy bears, doll houses, tea sets, little table and chairs....everything. But there had to be certain things that were hidden in these toys...after all...they were in a sex toy shop. Smiling and grabbing Cleo's hand, George pulled her to a table and chair set where another girl...around her age...was seated, looking miserable. "Cleo...this is Cassie...she's my own daughter and she was just getting ready for a tea party. Why don't you join her while your daddy shops?"

Laughing at the incredulous look on her face as she saw the chair he wanted to seat her in, a dildo protruding from the seat with ...what looked like a tank under it and a hose leading ominously into the dildo, Cleo looked at her father who was already pulling his cock out of his pants and thrusting his hand over it, placing it above the tank. It was evident what this dildo was meant for. Watching her father cum into the tank as she was forced onto the dildo, Cleo shook her head as he smiled a little. "George...does what I think it does?"

Grinning, George nodded "It pumps your cum into her and it stays in there, issuing the cum so when you're not fucking her and you want her to...stay will continue pumping your cum into her. It's a sure way to get her pregnant if that's what you want. We also have a bed version for when it's time for her to sleep and you're too exhausted to take her or you have to have a... 'baby-sitter' watch her." Reaching down and fastening her legs to the chair, he pulled her back and fasted a seat belt around her waist "There now...we don't want you falling off do we? Oh...and if you think you can unfasten yourself...think again." Taking out a key, he locked the seat belt and chuckled at the look on her face.

Groaning and cumming into the tank again, Carlos smiled at his daughter and kissed the top of her head as George switched on the chair "There girls have fun..." Watching George cumming into his own daughter's chair-tank, he heard his friend say "There we go..Cassie needed a refill....have fun with your new friend sweetie...Daddy is going to go have a talk with Cleo's daddy."

Laughing and patting Cassie's head, he turned and placed his arm around Carlos' shoulder and led them away from the two miserable girls.

After about an hour, Carlos came around the corner, helping George lug in what looked like a rocker. Looking at his Cleo and Cassie, he smiled "Did you girls have a good talk? I'm sure you did...well, guess what? Cassie, your dad just got in a new shipment of supplies and this was in one of the boxes. We decided to bring it in here and test it out. You girls are going to have so much fun with this..after all, you girls like to rock don't you?"

Chuckling, he and George walked over to Cassie and Cleo then unhooked them from the dildo chairs. Pulling Cleo up off of the dildo after turning it off, Carlos smiled as he watched some of the cum drip out of her cunt. "You messy girl...ah well...don't worry...we have something else to keep that cum inside don't you worry."

Pulling Cleo over to the rocker, he sat her down on one side as Cassie was seated on the other. Fastening the girls' feet on either side of their hips, Cassie and Cleo realized they were scissoring each other. Looking up horrified at their fathers, they saw George produce a double ended dildo. "Here your girls are...this'll keep the cum in." Spreading some lubricant over it, he slowly slid one end into Cassie then the other end into Cleo. Turning on a remote, he watched as the rocker started rocking back and forth.

Squealing out, the girls gasped out as they felt the dildo sliding back and forth in and out of them as the rocker moved. Clearly the gravity from the rocking was making the dildo fuck them both. Grinning and sitting down in one of the chairs to watch the action, Carlos smiled and produced a box containing some things "Look what Daddy got for his precious angel..."

Pulling out a vibrator, he smiled and dangled it in front of Cleo's face "Aww look sweetie, isn't it cute? You see this end goes into your cunny...and see this thing here? It's shaped like a bunny!!! That's to play with your little clitty as the dildo fucks you!!!" Grinning at Cleo's terrified face, he smiled again then continued "And George told me he has to go on a business trip...therefore he needs a baby-sitter."

Looking malevolently at Cassie, he smiled "You'll be coming to stay with us in a few days sweetie....just think of all the fun you and Cleo can have then!!! Aren't you excited? Why don't you show Cleo how excited you are?"

Looking at him spitefully, Cassie shook her head. Her spirit had evidentally not been broke yet and she was somewhat fighting everything much like Cleo was. Crying out as she felt her hair gripped, she felt her head jerked up. Looking up at her father, she gasped "That wasn't a suggestion bitch...kiss her!!! Saying that, he thrust her into Cleo's face.

Crying, Cassie thrust out her lips and kissed Cleo's face then thrust her tongue into her mouth.

Chucking George released Cassie's head "Awww...they're good girls...they just need some guidance."

Laughing, the two men left Cassie and Cleo rocking in the rocker as they went to load things into the car.

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Chapter 7: It's All About Exercise

Sighing and checking the front door a final time, Cleo frowned. Damn was locked...and the only way to get out the door was to know the code to it. Furrowing her eyebrows, she looked down at her outfit. It was a leotard made to look like a leotard when she was younger, squeezing her form tightly. Below that was a pair of shorts that left nothing to the imagination.

She was headed down to the gym to get a workout in. Her father was now letting her access throughout the house, but was making sure any and all doors leading to the outside were locked. He allowed her in the kitchen but he made sure any sharp knives that she could use were locked away out of her grasp.

Now she was bored. She thought that the only way to cure her boredom was to go for a workout in the gym. Walking toward the gym, she felt her leotard and shorts squeeze her form. She hated being dressed like this but it was the only kind of leotards in her closet. All of her leotards from the school were removed and either locked up or trashed. Her father said he was seeing to modifying a few of them for his own liking.

Pushing open the door to the gym, she took a deep breath. She couldn't believe what it looked like in here. It was gorgeous. It had a gymnastics studio on one side with a balance beam, parallel bars, trampoline, trampoline track, and an area for her to do her floor exercises.

On the other side was a dance studio where she could practice her dancing. She had an area where there was a bar and a wall-length mirror where she could stretch and do her exercises. The rest of the area was open where she could practice her leaps and everything.

Walking over to the bar, she hung her towel and set her water bottle down then walked over to the stereo. Her father wasted no money. It was a state of the art system, that much was sure. Cranking up the music and listening to the beat of a song that featured Sex in it. Biting her lip, she started going through all the tracks and screamed in frustration. They were all about sex.

Finally settling in on Chris Brown's 'Sex' song, she turned and walked to the bar and started her stretches. It wasn't preferable...but at least it had a beat.

Shawty, come here
I wanna grab your body, lay you on the sofa,
And as I pull your hair,
I'm gonna stroke your body make you bend over for me,
And you've been waitin' patiently for me to break you off,
And girl your clothes still on but Imma rip 'em off with my teeth yeah, yeah, yeah
And girl Imma whisper this into your ear.

Sighing, she shook her head as she started going into the floor routine. As much as she hated having to listen to something like this while working out, she couldn't help but feel herself getting wet between her thighs. Biting her lip, she tried to focus on the routine more than to the lyrics.

Closing her eyes and lifting her hands above her head, she turned a cartwheel into a backflip then a tuck. Landing on her feet, she threw her hands up into the air as she continued listening to the beat more and more.

How deep do you want me to go?
Do you want me to speed it up, speed it up or go slow?
Start from the bed, now we out here on the floor,
Girl you're really in for a treat now, but don't fall in love cuz,

We just havin' sex,
I'm gonna get you wet,
We not makin' love tonight.
Hickies all over your neck,
Kissin' all over your body, babe,
Girl you gon' get it tonight.
When we have sex, sex, sex,
When we have sex, sex, sex,
When we have sex, sex, sex,
When we have sex, sex, sex,
When we have sex.

Turning around, she continued her floor exercises then ended in a split. Walking over to the parallel bars, she threw herself up onto them and for a minute, everything fell away. She wasn't going through what she was going through with her father. She was flying away from it. Smiling contentedly as she spun herself faster and faster around the bars, she felt the leotard and shorts squeeze her thighs and bit her lip. Damn it...there was no way of escaping from what was going on.

Getting angry, she landed on her feet then walked over the balance beam and lifted herself up onto it in a hand stand. Spreading her legs into an upside down split, she touched her head to the beam then gently, slowly flipped her body up to land on her feet. With catlike agility, she sprang across the beam with ease, landing on her feet then spinning around.

Lookin' at my baby,
Sleepin' like a baby,
Body so amazing drive me crazy,
I'm about to wake you up,
Girl I wanna sex you up,
I know how to go about this,
Cuz I gotta do something,
Kissing and the touching,
Ain't no rushing,
When it comes to sexin',
Slow and easy does it
You gon' think you dreaming about me licking you.

Ending the beam exercises, she thought about going to the trampoline track, but decided against it. Lifting herself up onto the big trampoline, she rolled to the center of the trampoline and flipped herself up into the air. Coming down, she lit out with a left side kick. Aside from doing her gymnastics and dance at school, she was also working on martial arts and self defense. The trampoline helped with that. It helped her hone her kicks into the right direction.

Girl you can thank me in the morning.
When you wake up feeling hella good.
Feeling like you want me.
I didn't realize how much I made you scream, yeah.

We just havin' sex,
I'm gonna get you wet,
We not makin' love tonight.
Hickies all over your neck,
Kissin' all over your body, babe,
Girl you gon' get it tonight.
When we have sex, sex, sex,
When we have sex, sex, sex,
When we have sex, sex, sex,
When we have sex, sex, sex,
When we have sex.

Biting her lip as she continued her exercises, she didn't hear the door to the gym open. She was too absorbed in the music and her exercises to focus on anything else. Landing on her feet, she turned then stopped and gasped seeing her father standing there smiling at her. "Perfect form honey...I'm so proud of you." Seeing her looking rapidly around, he laughed and motioned to a camera in the corner of the room "Of course I was watching. I was in Cassie's room, preparing it for her when I thought to check on you...I know that you were checking the front door. No need to worry though...everything's locked up nice and tight."

It's gon' be the best,
Best you ever had,
I can promise that, baby,
I lay you on your back,
Then between your legs,
I can make 'em spread, baby.

We just havin' sex,
I'm gonna get you wet,
We not makin' love tonight.
Hickies all over your neck,
Kissin' all over your body, babe,
Girl you gon' get it tonight
When we have sex, sex, sex,
When we have sex, sex, sex,
When we have sex, sex, sex,
When we have sex, sex, sex,
When we have sex.

Pulling himself up onto the trampoline, he smiled, taking his own shirt off and bounced in place "What do you say to a little game sugar? I catch you, I get to have sex with you in a place of my manage to get away from me and to the door...well, I don't get to have you for about 2 hours tops...what do you say honey? Come on...I'm nice and horny...but I don't have near your athletic ability..."

Sighing, she glared at her father and prepared to try to get past him.

Watching Carlos bounce close to her, Cleo gasped and spun away, trying to avoid his grip. They played this way for several minutes. He would back away and let her flip toward the corner of the trampoline before moving in and blocking her, never touching her. Finally he had her trapped in the middle of the trampoline.

Quickly grabbing her shoulder as she was getting ready to bounce away from him, she cried out as she tried to roundhouse him then cried out with an oof as she landed on her stomach with him sitting on her back. Leaning down and licking her neck, he smiled at her frustrated expression. "Hmm...looks like I win to have sex with you? I think you look comfortable right here."

Saying that, he flipped her over so she was looking up at him hatefully and settled himself on her hips, leaning down and rubbing her breasts through her leotard. "Daddy's so glad you like his leotards. He made them especially for you. But guess what sweetie? It's time to take it off..." Saying that, he ripped it easily from her chest. "Uh oh...oh well...we can always make more where that came from."

Saying that, he leaned down and started suckling on her nipples. " you are so tasty...and look! Milk is starting to leak out..might as well not waste it." Saying that, he lowered his mouth to her nipple and took a long draw from it. "Mmmm....tastes so good from the tap." Lowering his hand to her midsection, he tugged her shorts then the bottom half of the leotard off of her.

He was already naked...he preferred to walk around that way. After all, it was his house wasn't it? Moving in between her thighs, he rubbed himself between her cunt lips "Oh're so wet....but wait...there's a secret to this trampoline you don't know." Lifting her hips up, he reached over and flipped open a compartment. Pulling up a dildo, he smiled at her then settled her hips over it, shoving it up into her cunt. "Now...let's see if you can take two cocks into your cunt....if you can that'll open up your ass and make you more versatile."

Laughing, he slowly slid his cock into her as she cried out. Oh hurt and she felt so full. Grunting, he sucked on the side of her neck "Oh baby...I'm almost in..just a...couple...more...inches!!!" Groaning out, he finished thrusting into her and smiled, feeling the dildo rubbing against his cock "Mmm...that does feel weird but I'm sure you like it...don't you baby?"

Glaring up at him, Cleo snapped at his nose and shook her head "No I don't...I hate're sick.." Crying out as he slapped her, she sobbed out as he thrust in and out of her "Well you'll get used to it sooner or later baby girl..."

Licking and sucking on her neck, he raised his face and thrust his tongue into her mouth, mingling his tongue with hers. Pulling away, he felt the trampoline bouncing up and down under them then groaned out into her mouth as he thrust one final time into her, cumming long and hard there. Wrapping his arm around her hip, he smiled at her and sucked on her shoulder. "Baby...maybe we should watch the video while I leave my cock inside of you...don't want my little swimmers to escape do we?"

Grinning, he raised her off the dildo then dragged her over, his cock still inside of her and sat on the cushioned bracing of the trampoline, with her fully on her lap. Pushing a button on a remote, he smiled as a large flatscreen lowered from the ceiling of the gym and grinned as the video started playing, showing the game they played before he started raping her.

Pulling her backwards so her back rested against his chest, he sucked on her shoulder again as his cock jutted up into her. Watching the video with her as she watched with horrified expression, he smiled and lowered his hand to her cunt lips. Shoving a couple digits in, he rubbed her clit rapidly as he felt himself slowly hardening. " feel so good..."

Feeling her tighten around him, he smiled and raised his hips up as he lifted her chin up and kissed her deeply "Aren't you glad you're daddy's little girl? Now...why don't we clean up?"

Saying that, he watched as the video ended then felt her just about lift off of him but he smiled "Let me show you another way baby..." Saying that, he rolled onto his back with her still embedded on his cock then slowly rolled them both off of the trampoline. Hearing her cry out from the sudden movement, he smiled and lifted her thighs, turning her so she was facing him, and wrapped her thighs around him "Just like old times with me carrying you isn't it sweetie?"

Laughing, he carried her still sitting on his cock through a doorway into the swimming pool, carrying her over to the waterfall area. Resting under the waterfall, he smiled as he sat with her on his lap, rest his back against the wall and slowly lifting and lowering her onto it "You're so tight baby...I love it."

Taking her hair and slowly washing the sweat off of it, he grinned "Just think...this'll be our honeymoon spot...isn't this place so...versatile? Romantic...great place to fuck..." Reaching around and rubbing her clit, he smiled as she tightened around him then cried out cumming hard for him "Mmmm baby...that's comes more of Daddy's cum..." Groaning out, he thrust his hips up and kissed her as more of his semen spurted into her. "Tell Daddy you love him...he wants to hear you...tell him that you want his children..."

Sobbing, Cleo covered her eyes knowing it was the only way to get him out of her "I...I love you daddy...I want your children."

Chuckling he smiled and sucked her neck "I know you do baby...and soon we'll have to do that pregnancy test."

Finishing washing the sweat off their bodies, Carlos smiled a little, just thinking about something. Lifting her back up with her still embedded on his cock, he carried her back into the gym while she sobbed into his shoulder. She couldn't believe this was happening. She hated him so much. Smiling a little and patting her back, he chuckled "Now now sweetie...I know how much you want to please your daddy....but you can just lay back now. You've had your it's time for Daddy to have his. But don't'll still be apart of it."

Laughing at her expression, he carried her over to the weight lifting machines and sat her down on a seat like chair that had her laying down, scissoring one of the machines. This one would be where you pull the straps above yourself to pull yourself up and down on tracks, doing pull ups...but he had thought of something better. While he was doing his pullups, he had stationed the chair she was seated on, so when he pulled it, not only would it raise up upwards, it would also pull her down onto his cock.

Strapping her into the chair and moving some clamps to open her pussy up wide, he smiled then lay down on his portion. "Now you just sit there and let Daddy do all the work." Saying that, he pulled on the pull up strap above him and smirked as she cried out, feeling his cock slowly go into her. "You see? Instant fuck machine...the perfect workout..." Laughing, he continued doing this for 50 more reps then rested, resting his legs underneath him and keeping himself positioned inside of her. Sitting up and thrusting his tongue into her mouth he grinned "See...isn't this the ultimate way of doing pullups?"

Letting himself slip out of her, he grinned "How about 50 more reps?" Not giving her a choice, he started the reps and smiled as she shifted uncomfortably in her chair "Mmm're so sexy when you move like that...and it just makes your pussy tighter around my cock. Now...25 more reps to go..."

After the final 25, he lifted the sobbing Cleo off of his cock and guided her to another machine. Seating her in a chair much like the one she was in before, he sat just underneath her and pulled up on the strap, pulling her seat down onto him. "Oh yeah...this rocks....not only am I getting a workout...I get a reward...." Pulling down on the strap again and lowering her back onto him, he kissed her fully on the mouth. After 48 more reps, he kept the strap pulled down as he came into her and grinned, sucking on her neck. " we've got 50 more reps..."

Slowly letting the strap raise up, he smiled and then opened another compartment underneath her showing another dildo "Let's give your ass a workout too shall we?" Smiling, he pulled her down, hearing her cry out as not only his cock entered her but the dildo slipped into her ass. Screaming out from the intrusion, he smiled and kissed her deeply "Oh tight in both areas..." Grinning and doing this 49 more times, he raised an eyebrow "Oh god...that felt great...but I think we better go get ready for Cassie."

Laughing at her, he pulled her off the chair as she melted into his arms and carried her up the stairs to his room and the bathroom there.

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Chapter 8: The Houseguest

After bathing Cleo, taking his time this time in the whirlpool-like tub with her on his cock, Carlos smiled and licked his daughter's neck as he looked at her in the floor-length mirror. Curling his fingers through her hair, he smiled as they fell in little ringlets around her shoulders as he let her take in the outfit he slipped onto her. It was a see-through pink baby-doll camisole that came with a pair of string pink underwear. The cami only cut off at the top of the panties and left nothing to the imagination. Smiling and cupping her pussy through the panties, Carlos smiled and took her hand "Come on princess...our guest will be here soon and I'm sure her daddy will want to have some time with both of you before he says goodbye."

Guiding her down the stairs, he smiled as a few minutes later he heard a knock on the door. Guiding Cleo to the door and wrapping an arm around her, resting his hand on her ass, slipping a finger into her anus, he heard her gasp and grin as he pulled open the door. On the other side stood George with Cassie. "Hey George, come on in. Hey Cassie sweetheart..." Moving his free arm around Cassie, Carlos pulled her to himself and stuffed his tongue into her mouth " taste so good....I bet you can't wait for your little sleepover with Cleo, can you?"

Laughing at her discomfort, he let her be pulled back to George who was carrying in a small suitcase. "Hey Carlos...I know that a lot of the outfits that Cleo has will fit Cassie so I packed lightly. There are some toys in there that she just 'couldn't' part with..." Smiling, he pulled up the skirt of her tiny two piece school girl outfit and showed a double ended dildo strapped into both her cunt and ass "This is one of them."

Smirking a little, Carlos nodded "Of course, I totally understand...come on, I'll show you where Cassie will be sleeping...when she's not with me and Cleo in our room of course." Guiding them up the stairs, he showed them a vintage pink and black room perfect for any little girl with the usual stuffed animals and dolls. On the walls were quotes written in calligraphy such as "Little Girls Grow Up to Be Slaves" and "Girls Rule, Daddies Drool...Over Their Daughter's Pussies".

In the center of the room was a big round bed with hot pink and black satin covers and sheets. On the walls surrounding the bed were two mirrors which reflected the bed and on the wall on at the end and front of the bed, and above it were three plasma flat screen TVs in Hi-Def which could show when Cassie was being fucked...Positioned on either side of the bed, at the end, in front of and above the bed, mounted to the walls and ceiling were hi-def cameras that would capture any and all positions.

Sighing, Cassie was apparently used to this sort of thing as she looked away. Cleo was by now, used to it as well. Smiling, George leaned down and kissed his daughter's neck then looked at Carlos " about a goodbye fuck before I leave? I mean, I won't see my little princess for two whole weeks...sure I'll have a girl with of the other dads lent me his daughter that's more behaved than Cassie and is a little bit older so noone will be suspicious when they see us together in public. But it won't be the same..."

Smiling, Carlos nodded then looked back at George "How about a foursome? Me and Cleo could join you..." Seeing George smile at the idea, he looked at Cassie then went to the bureau and pulled out a strap on dildo and tossed it to her. She seemed a bit more trained than Cleo and so he trusted her to do what he wanted. "How about this Carlos...we'll do a train...I'll get under Cleo and fuck her pussy at the same time that Cassie is fucking her...Cleo's shown that she can take two cocks there at the same time...then you can fuck Cassie up the ass or in the pussy as well. That dildo I just gave her has another dildo that will be fucking her at the same time that she's fucking Cleo so she'll be stuffed full just like Cleo is."

Biting her lip and looking down at the dildo, Cassie sighed and slowly undressed herself, showing a full cheerleader's body. Looking away from everyone, she slowly pulled on the harness, strapping the dildo onto herself. Letting out a sharp gasp, she felt the other dildo entering herself as she slowly strapped it on.

Smiling at Cassie's actions, Carlos pulled Cleo to himself and pulled off the camisole and underwear before he and George started to undress. Pulling out a butt plug, he smiled "Now Angel, we don't want your ass to get all lonely while I'm fucking your pussy do we? No we don't.." Saying that, he leisurely tossed another butt plug to George and they both spread lube on them before stuffing them into their daughters.

Laying down on the bed, he pointed to Cleo, whose discomfort was really showing on her face and pointed to his cock "You know what to do sweetie..." Sighing and looking away, Cleo slowly climbed onto the bed and straddled her father's cock before lowering herself onto it. Gasping at the intrusion, she bit her lip as he wrapped his big hands around her tiny waist and slowly pulled her down onto himself. Resting her fully onto himself, he felt himself swelling inside of her then nodded to Cassie.

Following his signal, Cassie sighed resignedly then slowly climbed ontop of Cleo and started stuffing her pussy from above, slipping the dildo above Carlos' cock. It was a tight fit and hearing Cleo gasping, Cassie couldn't help but worry she was tearing the girl's insides apart. After a few more thrusts, she finally rested inside of Cleo then felt her father following along behind her, kneeling behind her and sliding his cock into her pussy above the dildo stuffed into it. Flinching and gasping out a little as he slowly slid into her, Cassie tightened up then cried out as he finally thrust all the way into her.

Feeling her father's actions, caused Cassie's body to fuck Cleo which in turn caused Cleo's body to fuck Carlos. It was a chain, body slapping against body, causing everyone to fuck everyone else. As George pulled his body away, Carlos raised his hips to fuck Cleo which caused her to fuck Cassie, which caused Cassie to fuck George.

Reaching over and flipping a remote's button, the cameras started to record their movements, playing on the tvs. Turning Cassie's and Cleo's faces to the mirrors, George and Carlos smiled at their expressions before stuffing their tongues into their daughters' mouths. Sometimes turning their daughters' faces to each other, they ordered them to french each other. Eventually, Carlos paused and turned Cleo's body, still impaled on his cock to look at Cassie's body and smiled as their breasts rubbed against each other, causing them to moan out. Sucking on Cleo's neck he moaned out "French her princess....let her stuff your mouth with her tongue."

Sighing, Cleo felt her head being gripped as Cassie obeyed what the fathers wanted and stuffed her tongue into Cleo's mouth, rubbing her nipples against Cleo's as Cleo returned the sentiment.

Moaning after an hour of thrusting, pausing for a few seconds to prolong the orgasms and then thrusting again, Carlos came into Cleo as George came into Cassie. They had reached down, and around the dildos in their daughters' pussies started to rub their clits. Hearing both Cleo and Cassie moaning out, they came together a couple seconds later, dragging their fathers' cum into them deeper and grinding their hips into each other.

Chuckling, Carlos and George pulled out of Cassie and Cleo. Looking down at Cassie, George kissed her deeply "I have to go now darling...but I'll see you in two be good for Carlos and Daddy'll bring you home a treat." Wrapping Cassie's legs around Cleo's waist and Carlos, doing the same to Cleo, they fastened the girls' legs around each others' waists then wrapped their arms around each other and handcuffed their hands there so they were forced to hold each other, the dildo and butt plugs still deep inside of them.

Forcing a double ended dildo cock gag into their mouths and fastening it around their heads, Carlos looked at George as they descended the stairs "Have a good trip George...see you in two weeks." Smiling and watching his friend leave, Carlos went into the kitchen to prepare a meal for the two girls and himself, plans already forming in his head of what to do with them for the next two weeks.

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Chapter 9: The Birthday Girl

Whimpers could be heard from the toy room where a chair was rocking back and forth. The chair was actually a rocker with two bench like seats fastened to it. On the seats, Cassie and Cleo were seated with their legs on either side of each other's hips, fastened to the other bench they were seated across from. They were seated on dildos that were attached to two tanks underneath them, slowly pumping in cum into their pussies. If that wasn't enough, there was the ever-present double dildo fastened by a belt around their hips. Suffice to say their pussies were stuffed full. In their asses were two butt plugs fastened onto the rocker. The rocker was rocking back and forth electronically over slowly, causing the girls discomfort yet pleasure. Moaning softly, Cleo whimpered as she shuddered around the dildo inside her pussy, cumming for the fifth time.

Gritting her teeth around the double dildo fastened into her mouth, she looked into Cassie's eyes as Cassie shed tears of frustration. Cleo's father had left them fastened onto the rocker, telling them he had to get a surprise ready for Cleo. Cleo was frightened to know what he had planned. Hearing footsteps up behind them, Cleo looked out of the corner of her eye and whimpered as she felt sudden fingertips engulfing her nipple. Leaning over and licking her neck, Carlos smiled "Are you having fun with your friend darling? Don't worry, this won't be the only thing you're doing today sweetie...just half an hour more." Looking down, he saw the tank almost open and raised an eyebrow. "And it looks like I got here just in time...looks like you need a refill..."

Saying that, he chuckled and pulled his cock out of his pants then wrapped Cleo's hand around it, slowly jerking it up and down as he lowered his head, taking one of his nipples into his mouth. Flicking it around with his tongue, he moaned around it, sending vibrations through the nipple then shuddered as Cleo tightened her grip around his cock "Oh that's right know how Daddy likes slowly continue doing that as I give Cassie a refill as well." Saying that, he pulled out a container containing George's cum and lifted the opening of the tank to Cassie's dildo and slowly poured the cum into it as he looked into Cassie's eyes "Your daddy wants you pregnant, hopefully by the time he gets he left me some containers of your cum." Seeing the tears in her eyes, he leaned over, closing the tank and licked them off of her cheeks "There there's all for the best ya know?"

Shuddering against Cleo's hand, Carlos quickly pulled his cock away from her hand and laid it over the tank underneath her, cumming into it then opening up one of the other containers containing his own cum. Pouring the container into it, he tapped the tank and smiled at Cleo "That topped it off, didn't it? Now you and Cassie have fun while Daddy finishes his preparations..." Smiling he kissed Cleo's forehead as he pushed a button on the tank to cause the dildo to start pumping her a bit faster, causing her to cry out in surprise "You girls have fun now." Laughing he left the room.

After 45 minutes, he came back and smiled at the exhausted looks on the girls' faces then looked down at the tanks. Sure enough they were empty. "My were hungry little girls weren't you? least your pussies were..." Walking over to Cleo, he massaged her stomach and sucked on her neck "And think of it, my seed is all in your tummy now honey...doesn't that make you happy? Pretty soon you'll have Daddy's's that sound?" Unfastening their legs, he let them lower them to the rocker, groaning a little in discomfort "Now come on you's time to get ready for a party."

Seeing the look of surprise on her face, Carlos smiled malevolently and then unstrapped the dildo gag from both their mouths and watched them work their jaws loose. Slowly pulling the two girls off the dildos, he pulled them both into the bathroom and into the shower. Looking at the two of them, he sandwiched himself in between them " two wash me...rub some soap on your breasts and use them as sponges." Watching the two girls do as he said, he smiled then lifted Cleo up and ran his hands up and down her body, massaging away the tension before doing the same to Cassie. Lifting Cleo up, he told Cassie to wrap Cleo's legs around his waist before he stuffed himself into her pussy. Thrusting into Cleo, he kissed her fully on the mouth then told Cassie to kneel down and lick his nutsack while playing with her clit. Doing as she was told, Carlos continued to thrust into Cleo repeatedly, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.

Cumming fully into Cleo, he smiled in satisfaction as he heard Cassie moan and grind her body against his leg as she continued licking his nutsack and massage her clit. Lowering Cleo to the floor of the shower, Carlos picked Cassie up and smiled thrusting into her as she moaned and wrapped her legs around him, thrusting her waist up to meet his thrusts. As they both continued thrusting into each other, Cleo looked down as she closed her eyes. She was still continuing to fight what was going on, as it appeared on her face but she knew better than to try to run. As Cassie and Carlos came with each other, Carlos smiled and lowered her to the floor then pulled Cleo up "Come on girls...time to get ready for the party."

Putting an arm over each of their shoulders, he felt like the luckiest man there was, having two beautiful young, his best friend's daughter, and the other, his own beautiful daughter. One was all too willing to fulfill his wishes...the other was still fighting against her was the best of both worlds. He enjoyed sharing his time with Cassie but he also enjoyed forcing himself on Cleo.

Walking them into his room, he sat Cassie down on the bed then guided Cleo to stand in front of the wall length mirror. Reaching into the closet, he pulled out a thigh length white dress and laid it on the bed. Sitting her down in front of the armoire, he ran a brush through Cleo's hair after blowdrying it dry then told Cassie to apply some makeup to Cleo's face. Watching her apply the makeup he laid out, he smiled as it made Cleo look still more innocent yet sexy and sultry.

Lowering a pair of panties to the floor, he told Cleo to step into them then slowly pulled them up over her thighs. Telling her it didn't look right to him, he took a pair of scissor and slowly, carefully cut a hole into them just under her pussy. Smiling and reaching through the hole in the panties, he thrust his finger into her and pulled her to him, kissing her cheek "Mmm....much better'll give me much better access to your cunny..." Spinning her around to look in the mirror, she would see a white pair of tight thong-like underwear with the hole cut out. Biting her lip, she looked away as he picked up the dress and slipped it over her head. It hugged her form tightly and showed the tops of her thighs along with the top of her panty-covered pussy.

Pulling out another short, filmy blue dress that was slightly see-through, he turned to Cassie who had already did her makeup and hair and handed it to her. Watching her slip it on, he smiled as it snugged her form as well then turned back to Cleo and took both their hands. Leading them from the room and down the stairs, he heard applause as they walked down the stairs. It looked like most of the men that Cleo knew were her father's friends were there. What could be going on?

Walking Cleo and Cassie into the front room, her eyes grew huge as she saw what looked like a wedding altar. Turning to her father, she saw him smiling as Cassie fastened a veil to her head "Happy Birthday baby....guess what special thing we have planned?" Chuckling, he felt her slightly struggle against him then gripped her forearm and led her to the altar. Placing an arm around her tightly, he smiled at one of the fathers who was also a minister and nodded to him.

As the wedding finished, he turned Cleo to the wedding certificate then grabbed her hand in his and guided her hand across the parchment, making her sign it then finished it with his own signature. Turning and kissing her deeply, he smiled "Looks like it's official now're mine forever and always."

As the night continued, Cleo was passed from man to man as they gave her 'welcome fucks'. As it ended he nodded to one of the other fathers who said they would take Cassie so Cleo and her father could have their 'honeymoon'. As they watched Cassie leave with the man, Carlos pulled Cleo into himself and kissed her fully "Mmmm honey....forever and always you're're welcome to fight...but just know there's no breaking this marriage." Laughing, he scooped her up and carried her upstairs to his...their...bedroom for a long night of fucking.

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Wow, that was a pretty long story! But hey, who am I to talk? A lot of my stories are very long too. This was really good, Cleo, and I loved reading it! I liked all the different characters.

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Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it!

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Great story! I'll have to finish it later but I enjoyed what I have read so far.

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Thank you all! I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

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Will you be adding to this soon? I really enjoyed reading this story of yours.

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Awesome story. Hopefully more to cum

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I'm only through Chapter 1 & 2 but my panties are wet! Great story!  :)